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Adam's Week in Briefs: July 6 - 13, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

THR: Adam’s Next Album: All 80’s Covers?
MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: Adam Is Seriously Owning Jazz Hands

AWOP: Epic analysis by maddie of Shirley's THR article w/editing notes [maddie's subsequent twitlonger was a HUGE hit]
Ryan Seacrest: Adam Lambert May Do ’80s Cover Album: 5 Songs He Should Consider

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Living Proud
Instinct Magazine: Adam Lambert Joins "Glee"
THR: "Glee" Books Idol Alum Adam Lambert
NewNewNext: Adam Lambert Joins the Cast of "Glee." Best. News. Ever.
E!Online: Adam Lambert Joins "Glee"
Broadway World: Adam Lambert Joins GLEE's Fifth Season
TV Line: Glee Recruits American Idol's Adam Lambert
EW: Adam Lambert joining 'Glee'
Buddy TV: 'American Idol' Singer Adam Lambert Joins 'Glee' for Season 5
Reality Rocks: ‘Glee’ Goes Glam: Adam Lambert Joins the Cast
Just Jared: Adam Lambert Joining the Cast of "Glee"
Celebrity Gossip: Adam Lambert Joins "Glee" This Fall!
The Backlot: Adam Lambert Joining Season Five of "Glee"
Portalfamososbr (Brazil): Adam Lambert Entra Para O Elenco Da Nova Temporada Do "Glee"

BBC: American Idol singer Adam Lambert to join cast of Glee
Revistaquem: Brazilian site on Adam-on-Glee
Idolator: Adam Lambert To Join The Cast of ‘Glee’
CNN: Adam Lambert is joining ‘Glee’
Broadway Buzz: Five Roles We’d Like to See AI Adam Play When He Joins Glee ’Glee’ Goes Glam: Adam Lambert Joins the Cast
TwitLonger: mmadamimadamm’s Glee media cycle as of 7:00 pm EDT listed alphabetically
Idolator: Lambert’s Best Covers: Why The Pop Singer is Perfect for ‘Glee’ (with videos)
Rolling Stone: Adam Lambert Set to Join ‘Glee’ Cast (and gets some facts wrong)
The Backlot: HILARIOUS - Backlot suggests what character Adam should be on Glee
AWOP: Screencap of Shoshanna being coy on twitter about more to come

Advocate: Q&A: Adam Lambert Sees a Future When They ‘Get Over It’
Tom And Lorenzo: Style Analysis: Adam Lambert in West Hollywood
Star Magazine: Adam Lambert Joins the Cast of Glee (with A++ picture)
THR: Adam Lambert Walks Away from RCA (Exclusive) ... The letter Adam wrote Shirley about walking away
AWOP: Shirley Halperin's response to MJ about events of this week ... and Screencap
Reality Rocks: Lyndsey Parker: Adam Lambert Refuses to Do Covers Album, Splits From Label

Twitlonger: Post from AO mod about waiting until Monday to know what will happen to AO
Twitter: Screencap of Shoshanna trading tweets with the Associate Director of Charts at Billboard
AWOP: Lyrics to Shout (80's cover song!) take on new meaning
Billboard: Adam Lambert Leaves RCA Records After Turning Down Covers Album
Metronews: Cover albums: American singer Adam Lambert says no
MSN: Adam Lambert Splits With Record Label
Towleroad: Adam Lambert Walks Away From RCA Contract After Label Demands 80s Covers
Instinct: Adam Lambert Leaves RCA Records Over Their Demands For 80's Cover Album
Hitfix: Adam Lambert Leaves RCA Records
PopCrush: Adam Lambert Reveals RCA Records Exit in Open Letter
HuffPo: Adam Lambert Leaves RCA Records, Citing 'Creative Differences' Over '80s Covers Album
Idolator: Adam Lambert Parts Ways With RCA, Says “My Heart Is Simply Not In Doing A Covers Album”
LiesAngeles: “Exclusive”………………………..A Present For The Glamberts {Adam out w/guy on Friday}
The Backlot: Adam Lambert Dumps RCA, Prepares Glitter Rocket For Relaunch {The RCA dog looks sad}
gctrl: Email from ALF: Adam Lambert - July 19th Tickets Moved to Will Call
Rolling Stone: Adam Lambert Leaves RCA Over 'Creative Differences'
NewNowNext: Adam Lambert Leaves Record Label After They Demand 80s Cover Album
Celebuzz: Adam Lambert Doesn't Want To Be An 80's Cover Artist, So He's Leaving His Record Label (Report)
Twitlonger: mmadamimadamm’s Glee media cycle as of 9:00 pm EDT listed alphabetically

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** @lordemusic loving your songs!!!
** @Queen_Slytherin I have a great internal compass
** DEFRIENDED by @beck is some magical trippy shit

** RT@elilieb: Exclusive premier of my new music video 'Young Love' on @outmagazine! We love Out mag :) My first screen Kiss!! ... young-love
** I'm so excited!! ;) “@MrRPMurphy: I am thrilled to announce that the super talented Adam Lambert is joining the cast of Glee this fall

** ... rca-584714

** BOW DOWN {Picture of Queen}
** @nilerodgers RUN FORREST RUN {responding to Nile's tweet w/Forrest Gump quote}

From Others:

** @adamlambert says he doesn't need a map OR a GPS. "What is it with men and asking for directions?" -Dory ;)

** Rollingstone gave Trespassing a higher critical score than Adele's 21. Trespassing wasn't a flop. Music isn't just fucking fame and money!
** @shirleyhalperin AHA! It's a Queen album with a few new tracks that MJ/Mercury wrote and never recorded. I have sources too. ;)
** PHOTO: @adamlambert, owning jazz hands and facial hair perfection: ... nds-photo/ (#duh)

** When Adam said "Jump Jump" did he mean "to farfetched conclusions"??
** .@adamlambert partnered w/ AT&T to support the Trevor Project in Hollywood! #LIVEPROUD ... S1&index=1 ... -39940652/
** adamlambert Hey, A! It's gonna be HOT in may need a pair of these!

** I am thrilled to announce that the super talented Adam Lambert is joining the cast of Glee this fall.
** ...we'll now be known as the Gleeberts
** can blaine hurry up and go to college so i can read whateveradam'scharacteris/blaine fic?
** BEST. NEWS. EVER. @adamlambert has joined the cast of @GLEEonFOX. We're gleeking out. ... re_twitter
** And when he was out with Darren Criss?!?!? Something was cookin??????
** I love that Adam is getting on the show after they rejected him years ago. Score!
** Omg so excited that @adamlambert is going to be on #Glee this season! I hope he's with me in NYC! #GleeSeason5
** So @adamlambert is joining the @GLEEonFOX cast, no big whoop. ... 56316.html #aaaaaaghghghghghjkhiudyfiuvxgvcn
** not only will we have shows to watch, and songs, but also filming to follow, and show promo, and mags and photoshoots if he's a regular
** @adamlambert this isn't another one of those singing shows is it?
** literally if you're not excited for Adam Lambert to be joining glee you need help. He's a god.
** I just want him to sing all his songs on Glee they're all so perfect okay adam lambert song marathon time
** In honor of Adam Lambert being on Glee, I'm listening to his music. I forgot how much I loved his voice.

Joaquin Sedillo
** adamlambert welcome to the show! #glee #joaquinthegleedp
** SO SO SOSO happy to announce that Adam Lambert will be joining the cast of Glee for season 5! AHHHHH. Welcome to the team!
** Glad to hear you're all excited for Adam Lambert to join the Glee cast!
Whats your favourite Adam song?
** @MrRPMurphy Love this!! He's such a sweet guy. Can't wait to see him again.
** Gotta get my beauty sleep tonight for our #GleeSeason5 photo shoot tomorrow! SO excited! Can't wait to see everyone! #BerryIsBack
** I think the Glamberts have exploded......
** American Idol singer @adamlambert to join cast of @GLEEonFOX
** They just talked about it on acess hollywood jane lynch was excited :)
** Jane Lynch being interview on Access Hollywood Live- thrilled Adam Lambert will be on Glee!! (She didn't know!!!)
** Get ready to Gleek out! @adamlambert is joining the cast of @GLEEonFOX this fall! Get more details here: ... 56316.html
** Just listening to EW radio and they were talking about Adam & Glee. Said it was a smart smart move for Glee. Also said he could still be
** A judge on idol while doing Glee and gave some ideas including that Fox might want to for cross promotional purposes.

BradBessey {OMG!Insider executive producer ... and big Glambert}
** .@konaflower Well..I'm picturing an overall @FOXTV deal fir @adamlambert that includes @GLEEonFOX & @AmericanIdol (my guess, not confirmed)
** .@adamlambert heard about your new gig on @GLEEonFOX. I had such an amazing experience, and I know you will too :) xo
** @adamlambert puppybert
** "Go on and pack up your thingses And the crazy train is ready to roll" >>> All aboard!!!!!
** So Adam can you just make an 80s cover album? ... t.gif.html
** LOL. SO much 'berty caps lock in my feed right now. ;)
** Now I'm joining the squeeing, because Darren is my Adam, berty as I may be. I stan HARD for Hayes. So nice to see the support!
darrenhayes [Frontman of Savage Garden]
** Totally support and admire @adamlambert for sticking to his guns and not rolling over to make a covers record. Artists gotta be artists.
** "My heart is simply not in doing a covers album." @AdamLambert Walks Away from RCA (Exclusive) via @THR
** @adamlambert whoa. Way to be bold. Great job mister ;)

** @adamlambert Yo Adam, you're one of the most amazing singers I've ever worked with! "And that's all I have to say about that"~Forrest Gump
** RT@adamlambert: @nilerodgers RUN FORREST RUN < Ha. See you soon my friend. You are KickA$$ & awesome. Hitting high Eb's without a wince >
ahampp {Billboard reporter}
** Even more news coming Monday RT @THR: EXCLUSIVE: @AdamLambert Quits RCA Records in Protest of Covers Album
jasonlipshutz {Billboard reporter who wrote the label split article}
** Just a reminder that Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” is an excellent album.” He wrote the Billboard article on label split
** @AmberBoc @adamlambert Proud of Adam for holding strong. He still has a lot to say as an artist.
.@adamlambert fans I see you! ;) I'm not surprised at all that Adam will be on @GLEEonFOX! As always I'm MOST proud! xoP

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Concert Videos -
YT: AT&T Live Proud Event If I Had You
YT: AT&T Live Proud Event DA/Shady
YT: AT&T Live Proud Event OOL/ITL
YT: Wayback Machine: Manchester Idols Live WLL

Other Videos -
YT: Soundcheck video from Del Mar w/Adam and his dad (and digging in his leather manbag)

Other Videos –
Vimeo: "Cuckoo" Remix Video

Download -
Mega: "Cuckoo" Remix Video

Concert Videos -
YT: This date last year: 1st Adam+Queen London show – WWTLF

Other Videos -
YT: Wayback Machine: Sue’s Corner – Sneaky Gays

Concert Videos -
YT: This date last year: I Want to Break Free -- the ripped pants version from Queenbert London #2

Other Videos -
YT: A Day in the Life of a Glambert (12)

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Chest gifs by Lilybop ... and more
Eyes baby eyes
SB1965's pictures from the Del Mar Fair ... and One of SB1965's Photos
SB1965's ATT LiveProud pics on Smugmug
Other candidates for Maddie's Brief Macros were ... one ... two ... three ... four ... five

Adam with Markus M's little doggie Bella at Bootsy Bellows Estate #doggieinbliss
Paper Says No (gif)
Adam reading through the bullshit (gif)
shhh… calm down (gif)
Keep calm and love Adam Lambert (macro)
OMG! (gif)

Screenshot of Adam's EW cover on a table on PLL episode
Picture of the Week from The Backlot, "presented without comment." (scroll down page a bit)
Adam is papped grabbing lunch to go at M Cafe - photos from fashionmagazine247 ... and same group at Adam Pictures
screencap worldwide Trend: Adam Lambert
Tumbler w/collection of photos of Adam with "Glee" cast members
From MTV: Adorable gif of Adam embracing Chris Colfer

Oldie gif: Kids reacting when Adam enters the room

Adam's recent pap pictures turned into a gif
Adam in action during Dragon Attack Queenbert London 7/12/12 posted today by photograper
New doll ... Adam and Bella the dog
No I Can't gif
maddie's marco w/quote from Adam's letter to Shirley Halperin

Adam's BOW DOWN Queen instagram
Adam's future is so bright he got to wear shades:)
Adam out Friday night with "unknown male friend" who is ... Eli Lieb


BeckDefriended: Beck's blog w/Defriended ... and direct link to Soundcloud
YT: Lorde is a16 year old from NZ
YT: Beck Reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision"
Cherry Tree Records: Great fit for new label for Adam! {connected to Interscope/UMG}
YT: Jim Cantiello's YT Glee recaps
YT: Charice’s Glee Audition
A relevant picture taken in LA from maeve94
Wikipedia: Explains what a Publicist is
Edge Publicity: Shoshanna Stone's PR services company

Author:  glammax [ Sun Jul 21, 2013 5:51 am ]
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Adam knows us ... Image and Adam loves us ... Image

So here's to Era 3 when the entire world will ... Image

In the meantime, let's pass the time IN ADAM'S BRIEFS ... Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: July 14-20, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Corporationwiki: Adam's companies ... More is More LLC and Glambert Inc
JustJared Adam Lambert Steps Out with Ex Sauli Koskinen ...
Brianmay: Translated from German to English: Queen has two shows coming up ...Vegas and London

DailyMail: Adam Lambert Spotted with Ex-Boyfriend Sauli Koskinen Night After Stepping Out with Mystery Man
Billboard: iHeart Radio Music Festival 2013 Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry Lead Line-Up
AdamLambertFans: Adam with Queen in the USA Finally (Fiannly)
Spin: Adam Lambert Still Fronting Queen as of iHeart Music Festival 2013
Music.Yahoo; Approx 3:28 Angie talks about Adam in Lyndsey's Idol Tour rehearsal interview
TwitLonger: Account of a Queen fan becoming an Adam Fan after seeing Queen+AFL

MidStateFair: Allison and her band Halo Circus will be opening for Adam on Friday
Ryan Seacrest: Adam Lambert Talks iHeartRadio Festival, Cory Monteith’s Death
Twitlonger: Terra's recap of all of H.A.'s comments on MJs
AWOP: Recap of H.A.'s comments from josielord

E!Online: Heidi Klum Breaks Into Adam Lambert's Closet, Steals One-Of-A-Kind Glittery Rattlesnake Suit
The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: The Next Chapter
OK! Magazine: Glee Grabs An Idol (article scan)

Alexander Morner: Fabulous blog post about Adam ... and Follow up post
SanLuisObispo: Article rating Paso Robles fair acts (writer way uninformed on Adam’s audiences)
AdamLambertLive Another fan site spin-off from MJ’s
PopCrush: Popcrush names Top 10 Adam Songs

Ticketmaster: High price point for iHeartRadio concert has been reduced
Today: Hair-raising trend? Young celebs continue to go gray

iheart: Official contests to win tickets
New Times SLO ET Weekly: Scan of picture w/caption from the other day

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** My deepest sympathies go out to friends and family of Cory Monteith. Such tragic news.
** leecherry's photo

** I'm performing with @QueenWillRock again! But now here in the USA at the iHeart Radio Festival. So excited!
** 4 years ago I auditioned in San Francisco for @AmericanIdol. Insane. It's back again this week...#BeAPartOfIt

**RT@MKSOfficial: A perfect evening with the one and @only @adamlambert #MKSinLA
**@MKSOfficial I'll stuff some socks in the toes so ya'll can walk. Hahha {responding @MKSOfficial: @adamlambert Like wise babe!!! We'll be around your house at 7am to borrow your shoes ! ;-)}
** @MKSOfficial I love u all! Such down to earth, smart, real ladies!! What a pleasure!
**Oh and since I was kickin it w the OG Sugababes @MKSOfficial ... I wanted to letchoo LamBrits know how obsessed I am with @Skins
** Red Light Special- ALL thru the night. @OhFerras @SarahHudsonuvs
** RT@AllisonIraheta: If you haven't followed my new band @HaloCircus yet, give it a try. If you haven't seen us, see us with Adam Lambert THIS FRIDAY!!!

** Riff and his Godparents! @alisanporter
** RT@SarahHudsonuvs: Life is too short & too valuable to surround urself w/tools & people that LIE to themselves-real people, real energy, real love. that's it.

** Donate! ... o-campaign
** mdmolinari's photo

** RT@brianmaycom: TIX ON SALE TODAY #Queen + @adamlambert @iHeartRadio MUSIC FESTIVAL. INFO: (See Live in Kiev

** brianlondon's video
** Just posted a photo
** RT@TommyJoeRatliff: Hotel room shenanigans with @ashleydzerigian & @adamlambert directed by yours truly.!jwuJcab

From Others:

** @EvaLongoria is off the market and is @AdamLambert going to tour with #Queen? find out with @rumorfix on #yourweekend with @jimbrickman!
** @gleeks Glamberts from around the world send support and love to all the Gleeks. #ripCoryMonteith.
** SD Pride day 2 less chaos more hangovers @adamlambert
** @MileyCyrus and @KeithUrban stop by @GMA tomorrow with a very special announcement you won’t want to miss!

** So this year it's a Top 11 instead of Top 10. If it had to be a Top 10, who would you kick out?
#IdolTour2013 @IdolTour2013
#Dreamers #Glamberts Let's Make This Happen! Sign This Twitition to Get Angie Miller on Adam Lambert's album!
** “@jasonlipshutz: The iHeartRadio Fest lineup is here, with JT, Katy Perry and Queen + Adam Lambert. Holy shit. ... ce=twitter” :))
** “@Cattituude: @adamlambert @DrBrianMay @shoshannastone Queen trended in the US! \o/” love it!!
** ****Queen + Adam Lambert LIVE in Las Vegas this September!****
Queen will be joined by Adam Lambert and guests... ... 0ed0593ab3
RyanKFollese {Member of Hot Chille Rae}
** @adamlambert I might have to come see this!!
** @adamlambert We're excited to have you perform at the #iHeartRadio Music Festival! See you in Vegas in September! :)
** @adamlambert @QueenWillRock Going to be AWESOME!! See you in VEGAS!
** @adamlambert is leaving RCA cause he doesn't want to do a covers album. Who can blame him? Details at 8pm ET tonight on #FuseNews
** “@adamlambert: leecherry's photo” ...RIDIC. Get ready
** JUST IN: Adam Lambert will be on Virgin Radio tomorrow afternoon to chat about Glee passing of Cory Monteith.”
** @adamlambert Can you please Vine your shopping list? Does it include Ice, Drano, Onions, & Listerine?????

** Elvis Duran on Kathie Lee & Hoda just announce lineup with special emphasis on Queen with Adam Lambert! :DDD
noangelpf {Read from the bottom up}
** Ryan: "totally talented kid. and has a good time doing it"
** "Revisit my rock and roll roots again. the things that made me audition for idol"
** "I'm writing music like a crazy person. I like rock and roll again."
** Adam said he met Cory "in passing"
** Asking abt Glee. No detail yet. He's met with Ryan M and "brainstormed a bit". No details on when he'll start filming.
** "i'm just bribing them under the table. I wanted them to like me" lol
** Like a family vacation w your grandparents. your cool uncle and your cool granpa
** Only 10days of rehearsal for Q shows last yr
** THis is us reprising the best moments of that set (from London)
** And EMAs
** Talking abt singing w Queen on idol
** #Glamberts #Dreamers GUESS WHAT?! Titanium just passed 1 MILLION views! Good job @angiemiller @adamlambert ... nf&index=1
** Adam Lambert has parted ways with his label RCA Records and is taking his fans with him:

** @adamlambert I love him and you Sewwww much! {in response to: @adamlambert: Riff and his Godparents! @alisanporter}
** Great song today boys it's going to be a big one @adamlambert @jamiehartman @HouseofAndy
** TICKET LINKS/INFO - iHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL on sale Sat 20 July @DrBrianMay @adamlambert - ... 13.html#44
** .@adamlambert @RCARecords Walking away from RCAncient is the best decision you could've made. @xtina, love, please take note.

** Nice to see @adamlambert tonight again after five years! The years have treated him well! :P #smallworld #stud @WHconfidential #SunsetStrip
** On my way to team DMG :)))
** Listen to @adamlambert discuss his upcoming performance at the @iHeartRadio concert with @RyanSeacrest:
** Leave it to Adam Lambert to even break up with a record company and still remain besties

** Jojo Lopez will be talking to Adam Lambert today during 5 o'clock traffic jam with Flashback ... 88b101b458
** Production of @GLEEonFOX has been postponed until early August. Season 5 will now premiere Sept. 26. #RipCoryMonteith
** En Route to see one of my beasties for YEARS @adamlambert in Paso Robles, CA! @LoriAndJava & I are…
** I'm getting super stoked to see my super talented friend @AdamLambert perform... I haven't seen him perform since...
** @adamlambert you are so fucking talented boo.
** Wow! Just left starbucks-blocks from venue-heard @adamlambert singing Chokehold clear as a bell!!
** Guy shooting professional video...he said vids will be up on fair's website after the show!
** __CrazyLove: Just shook his pelvis right in front of me...i gave him OK sign and he gave it right back with big beautiful eyes. O_O
** Giving sound guy shit. BIG hand gestures :0
** It's like he's progressing from era 2 into era 3 tonight!

** Leila ran down the center aisle to dance during Fever and security tried to stop her til she yelled "I'm his mom!"
** Y@adamlambert You can sing ANYTHING, but you were born to sing rock! It's time to show them what you're made of . . . the stuff of legends!
** My friend realadamlambert adamlambert is a fucking superstar
** @adamlambert This is too cool that you did this!
** @adamlambert Best time to sneak out of the hotel is at 10:00 when all your fans are trying to get tickets to #iHeartRadio concert in LV.

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Concert Videos -
YT: This date last year: Somebody To Love from TALC

Other Videos -
telly: GMA iHeart Radio Music Festival preview on GMA w/Miley spilling the beans
YT: Queen + Adam Lambert iHeart Music Festival promo

Audio -
Soundcloud: Ryan's interview with Adam from @Scorpiobert

Downloads - Ryan's interview with Adam

Other Videos –
YT: "Time for Miracles" as used on "America's Got Talent"

Paso Robles Souncheck Videos -
Instagram: WWFM
Instagram: Chokehold #1 ... and Chokehold #2
Instagram: Kickin In
Instagram: Dragon Attack #1 ... Dragon Attack #2 ... Dragon Attack #3
Instgram: Shady
Instagram: Purple Haze
Instagram: AYGGMY
Instagram: PTL #1 ... PTL #2
Instagram: Cuckoo #1 ... Cuckoo #2 ... Cuckoo #3

Audio -
Soundcloud: Radio interview: WiLD 106.1 - July 19, 2013

Paso Robles Concert Videos -
YT: Bayoylady's Paso Robles playlist
Ustream: Lambertlust's recorded concert stream
Telly: Eric M's videos
Vimeo: Beginning of IIHY from official California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles
Ustream: Butternife's recorded concert stream
YT: Jadell's Paso Robles playlist

Other Videos -
YT: Tommy's keep of Adam and Ashley dancing

Audio -
Soundcloud: Paso Robles Concert @ California Mid State Fair w/download link

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Adam and Markus
"@aliaut and @scarlettcherry listening to @realadamlambert new sheeiitt!"
Proud Eber and Adam's AT&T poster at SD Pride
Adam Pictures: Adam Lambert Steps Out with Ex Sauli Koskinen
Very pretty picture of Adam and Sauli

Adam and Dr. Bri
iHeart Radio Festival Friday Night Line-Up
Idol Promo - What's Your Journey?
Adam and Sauli Moving gif

Trust a Fox
Adam out on Monday with MKS ... and Another picture complete w/party smirk and HOT boots
LARGE versions of pictures with MKS here ... and Here
Adam's Red Light Special

Riff and his godparents - tweeted by Adam!
New Photo from Adam's Official Facebook Page
Screencap from of "Adam showing stunning vocal ability on this number" TSMGO at London #3

laynie provided a pretty picture to help us wait for news

Adam in action at Paso Robles

Happy!Adam! on stage :)
FOA Rhea Litre's picture of his friend AFL the fucking superstar!
Stage set list
Cute screencaps of Adam from Brain's Arts and Crafts instagram video
Adam and the band at Paso Robles from Rick's instagram ... source
Fom a sexy beast to an arts and crafts cutie ... and Full size sexy beast picture
Quote from Adam w/picture
Adam and Ashley dancing ... gif from Tommy's keek


THR: Cory Monteith who played Finn was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room
LA Times: The future of Glee
Tinhat gif
Ask: What does it mean to wear a tin hat
Nile Rodgers: Nile Rogers and CHIC in the Hamptons
EOnline:Kelly Osborne Engaged to Matthew Mosshart
SetList: Set Lists from iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012
HollywoodLife: Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance
NY Daily News: Cory Monteith's death may delay fifth season of 'Glee' until November
Contra Costa Times: AI San Francisco tryout draws small, but hearty crowd ... w/interesting quotes from Ryan
Tv Critics: August 1 is when Fox announces details of next season shows
buzzfeed: 20 Signs You Are Obsessed with Your Celebrity Crush
Ustream: Recorded stream of Allison/Halo Circus concert at Paso Robles
TicketMaster: For future reference ... find a local TM retail outlet near you
TVLine: Interwith w/Ryan Murphy about the next season of Glee after Corey's death

Author:  glammax [ Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: July 21 - 27, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

EW: The Week's Best Sound Bites
AWOP: Adam in a Japanese Magazine, courtesy of Maddie
TorontoSun: The Debate Over Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie (with Adam mention)

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Prime Time Powerhouse

E!online: Fergie invited Adam to her baby shower
THR: ‘Idol' Judge Update: Jennifer Lopez, Will.I.Am Among Contenders (includes Adam mention)
Digitalspy: Casting Freddie Mercury: Who should play the Queen frontman?
Livestream: Plan ahead for Adam+Queen @ IHeartRadio Livestream from Lambertlust ... sign up here.[

AWOP: Recap of an interview with Dr. Brian from a German site via IDF ... no London TV show

TCW Central: From Time Warner Cable ... Better than Bieber: Young Stars Behaving Well (Adam #4)
PreppiesOfTheApocalypse: Morgan Richter is back with Video Analysis: Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”
AWOP: Great story about an Adam mention by KC from KC & The Sunshine band at a concert tonight

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Yay @BonnieMcKee

** RT@lyndseyparker: Exclusive: @AllisonIraheta & @HaloCircus sign a record deal! Congrats! (cc: @manimalvinyl) ... 02011.html
** @Slash happy Birthday!
** Waning Buck Moon

** Hahahahhah hilarious {"Blurred Lines" parody video}

** leecherry's photo
** leecherry's photo

** I gotta say... I'm gettin pumped for whatever @ladygaga is brewing. The new imagery is gorgeous.
** And word on the street is that @katyperry 's new music is stellar. The charts are gonna explode this fall!
** @Moonwind213 not this fall... {in reply to @Moonwind213: @adamlambert: *** and will u b droppin an album in the fall as well Adam???? :) ****}
** @GregGagaKills where did the slang "Stan" come from? I get what it means but I don't get where the D went. Lol {Adam is VERY clueless about fandom stuff ;)}

From Others:

** Butch Stole My Look @adamlambert ... 91/photo/1
** Lmafao he went to a jungle themed event in his everyday wear and Ofc was still in theme and was the most clothed xD
Chris Salvatore [He's a hottie]
** @adamlambert just so you dont forget....i totally won HORSE last night. DM me
** I AM OVER THE FUCKING UNIVERSE RIGHT NOW!!! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for adamlambert this just…

** I made it through the wilderness w/ @RheaLitre + realadamlambert #johnnywujek #junglefever
** #AdamQueenMovie for the first time ever Freddie is rocking ten layers minimum
** #AdamQueenMovie twitter wonders why that guy from maroon 5 has been cast to play Freddie

@adamlambert going to @EVITALosAngeles tonight? I think ya should. ;)

** .@adamlambert Thank you so much for sharing our video! <3
** .@adamlambert is amused, @MrT is rebellious + more in Celebrity Tweets of the Day

** Oh my goodness I must go to the I heart radio concert. They have queen with Adam lambert and special guest DAVID BOWIE!

** It's Friday! It's Rumor Day! I've got the latest whispers on: Lady GaGa, Adam Lambert, "Major Crimes," Marion Ross, Superman,
** they used @adamlambert WWFM and Trespassing as background music on Voice of China tonight

** @adamlambert Adam? Are you stopping by @GayWeHo for the @cher appearance & @ChadMichaels1 performance tonight?

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Concert Videos -
YT: SB1965's Paso Robles videos ... Dragon Attack/Shady ... Kickin In ... AAGGMW ... and Trespassing
YT: Videos from @cos2mwiz

Other Videos -
Instagram: @SydneyGlambert got a video message from Adam through Marco Marco's instagram

Other Videos -
FoxNews: Adam mention ... Auditions for 13th season of 'American Idol' are under way
Instagram: Terrance heard NCOE in a grocery store and made video of his reaction

Concert Videos -
YT: Paso Robles concert in its entirety, courtesy of Butterknife

Other Videos -
Instagram: From @davidelaffe ... new/old video Adam and Sutan at Evita LA earlier this year
YT: Same video on YT

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Adam and cowboys
SB1965's Paso Robles pictures
Adam went to a birthday party at a roller rink in Glendale, CA ... and here ... and here
@GeorgeKotsi --- Butch Stole My Look @adamlambert
Sexy dancing gif... and another ... and more
Adam, Terrance, and George K (from Fashion Police) at jungle skate party
More dancey Adam from a different video gif ... and another ... and one more

Adam with Rhea Litre and Mike Munich at Johnny Wujek's party

New Bali/Gilli vacation pictures... #1 ... #2 JACKPOT!!! Adam sunning himself :) ... and #3 {originals deleted, these from faux fan club:)}
Cropped enlarged versions of vacation pictures
Doll of Adam sunning himself

Photo collection #1 from Del Mar concert from Cindi Carter
Photo collection #2 from Del Mar concert from alikat
Shopped painting of Equestrian!Adam ... and link to the original work
Adam and Allison Iraheta backstage at the Mid State Fair, Paso Robles
Life Ball - Alek Sandar: "In the Private Jet with Adam Lambert and Yasmine Petty"
Picspam featuring photos from Del Mar, Queenbert London, and AT&T Live Proud concert
Queenbert London photos from ArtistSupporter
AT&T Live Proud concert photos from alikat
Concert photos from AT&T Live Proud and Mid State Fair

From Lee Cherry: Titans of Talent Ty Taylor and Adam ... and Full-ish moon Zodiac family get togethering
Adam performance picture from FB post from Hennessy Artistry VN
New pic from Life Ball – Freckled arm and see-through shirt ... and More Life Ball pictures for Alexander Haessner

From Sam Sparro's instagram: Bitches be like...
Adam on the cover of About Magazine
The Wayback Machine ...

Four gifs from the Adam/Raja at da club video


AWOP: Urban Dictionary definition of Butch
Buzzfeed: 25 Things Way More Exciting Than the Royal Baby
Deadline: Sacha Baron Cohen Exits Freddie Mercury Biopic Over Creative Differences with Queen
Spin: Borat Bites the Dust - Sacha Baron Cohen Quits Freddie Mercury Biopic
HuffPo: AI Racism Lawsuit: 10 Black Contestants Sue Fox Hit For $25 Million Each

Author:  glammax [ Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: July 28 - August 3, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Twitlonger: Awesome tinhatting from IDF over a rumor that Adam AND Katy Perry will both AI judges
People: People article says Adam did go to the baby shower
Farfetch: Adam's shirt from the baby shower

DigitalSpy: Avicii Teases Adam Lambert Collaboration - It's Very Disco
PressParty: Avicii Enlists Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers for New Song
Starcrush: Adam Lambert Almost Stole the Show at Fergie's Star-Studded Gayby Shower
Popjustice: Listen Now: Avicii's Done a Very Disco Song with Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers
LessThan3: For His Next Trick, Avicii Will Make Disco
Reality Rocks: Adam Goes EDM - Hear Lambert Sing on New Avicii Track

Gigwise: Listen: 'Lay Me Down' by Avicii with Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert (uses great picture!)
Repertoire.bmi: Info on new songs Adam wrote ... Warpaint ... and Stay Right Here
Queerty: WATCH: Gay Porn Stars Sing Car Karaoke To Adam Lambert
Twitlonger: From IDF ... Queen+AFL mentioned on Elvis Duran's radio program
Ryan.KIISFM: Neil Patrick Harris brings up wanting Adam to be AI judge at the 4:30 mark

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Call Me Gayby
Gigwise: 100 True Facts About Music (Adam mention at #92)

Amazing Waiters: Adam Lambert to Star on Glee!

Lillybop2012: Some Lay Me Down Lyrics by Malcolm

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Gemini's

** @Avicii & @nilerodgers : ... _0.twitter
** daniellestori
** Just posted a photo
** Hangin w fergie jakeshears ladyfag and friends at Fergie's Gayby Shower
** Good shoes happen to good people. daniellestori
** For those askin: boots are Louboutin, shirt is Saint Laurent, jacket is Margiela and jeans are Diesel.
** Yes @katyperry this is crazy!! Love it!

** @BonnieMcKee
** This @robinthicke album is SOOO good!
** @Lusting4Adam Wanda! Come on girl! There's room for ALL music. It's my life so I share with you all what gets me movin! ;)ur iPods got room {Screencap of tweets ... the account has been suspended}
** RT@brianlondon: we go. We're gonna do it. MUSIC VIDEO! I believe we can all do this together. @TommyJoeRatliff ... ian-london

** Has everyone pre-ordered the upcoming @Avicii album #TRUE ? I co-wrote and sang "Lay Me Down"! Excited for you all to hear it!

** Throwback!

** Twitter Party! (from adamholic/Bani)

** Made To Love by John Legend! So good!
** Love this song so much @Jessie_Ware Wildest Moments.

From Others:

** #YOLO. “@mrtimchan: You guys, @KathleenNB just got caught in a Justin Tranter and Adam Lambert dancing sandwich!”
** Celebrities at Darren's party: Chris Colfer, Chord Overstreet, Adam Lambert, Justin Tranter, Lucy Hale & Sebastian Bach.
** hey @chriscolfer @adamlambert's hair is taller than urs step it up
JOAQUINSEDILLO {Glee's director of photography ... and a huge bert!}
** @adamlambert Wonderful meeting you last night! See you again soon!

** TAKE A LOOK AT THIS TWEET BACK FROM MAY 17 LOL RT @Avicii "Lay me down in darkness - and tell me what you see"
** We're all artists trying to GROW. Yes, I hooked up @AVICII, @AdamLambert & @weareking. When we get it right we get a hit-but we always LEARN
** RIP Kidd Kraddick. Funny guy! Insisted on putting me on air from backstage during his show so he could pepper me with sibling questions.
** A *new* Avicii song "ID" featuring Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers has surfaced as well. #newmusic #discolives
** Guess what #Glamberts?! @adamlambert deservedly landed on this year's Top 10 Hottest Jewish Men list! #JILF
** A tween in the store just pointed at a magazine and asked if the man on the cover was Adam Lambert. It was Elvis. I weep for our future.

** AVICII NEWS: B105 (Most Popular Australian Radio Station) Just played a 5 second preview of "Lay Me Down" by @Avicii, Adam & Nile!
** @adamlambert Thanks so much, boo! You're my boo, boo. You're bootiful. Heard you're playing w queen in Vegas! I wanna see that! Xox
** Love how KatyPerry announced her record – Love even more that AdamLambert was the first to see it!
Facebook: Courtney Act [Adorable pictures included]
** There was a pap that climbed a tree to get some snaps at Fergie's Gayby shower, so Adam, Simon and I decided that a pregnant Courtney Act was a good decoy. Unfortunately only a Russian blog took the bait.
** @Avicii Feat. @AdamLambert - Lay Me Down is getting really big before it even get a good quality preview! #TRUE #BigHit #17thSeptember

** @adamlambert Appreciate the kind words.
** Adam Lambert On When People Say "That' So Gay" :) 15% Off Tees w/ Code "LoveWins" @ PHOTO:

** @4evrmomof4 don't think so - need to make it about singers & show - I like @AmericanIdol stars idea starting with @adamlambert
** In with U! “@saweetmaryc: @BradBessey @AmericanIdol Fresh & New. Adam Lambert on the judging panel please. Lets get the ratings up!!!”
** From @FOXTV honcho re: @AmericanIdol @KeithUrban locked @JLo talks confirmed @adamlambert @JenniferHud rumors 'hold water' @omgInsider
** To clarify: @adamlambert and/or @IAMJHUD are STILL possible. @JLo is 95% done & @KeithUrban is confirmed @AmericanIdol @omgInsider
** Brace yourselves my @adamlambert friends. I just heard from a VERY INSIDE source @AmericanIdol judges: @JLo @KeithUrban & @iamwill @FOXTV
** #ThrowbackThursday A spot w/ Adam Lambert. Possibly the most famous (outside of Bway) guy we've ever randomly spotted
Reilly: KeithUrban will be back on #AmericanIdol. No deals for other judges have been finalized, tho #Fox is still talking with J Lo #tcas13
** Adam Lambert #Idol judge conversations seem to have stalled, according to Reilly. #TCAs13
** @kms15423 neither. he said there were scheduling conflicts with Lambert & J. Hudson that led them to look at other options, in so many words
** #Idol story updated w/ Lambert quote: "There were availability issues in trying to line up what felt right." - Reilly
** Ahh man! Adam isn't doing Idol? Damn. That was the only way to expand his fan base to the 50+ crowd, which has been sorely lacking
** @adamlambert ever considered writing a song titled 'I dodged a bullet' ?

** RT for @adamlambert
** I have one Queen+AL ticket upper section listed for sale on StubHub. Would rather sell to fan for my cost. DM me 4 info.RTplz
** Adam Lambert is the next... EDM star? Lambert stars in Aviici's new track: TRUE. What do you guys think? Is it going to work?...

Facebook: Nile Rodgers
** Thanks to the 100's of thousands of fans who've come out for us so far. See you in the Hamptons Aug 19 w CHIC, Adam Lambert, funny man Russell Peters, Chromeo, Prince P, Mystery Skulls, and a secret super-headliner !
** @adamlambert thank u Adam! We love you in our family xx
** Their (Cherry Tree Records) artists are releasing great edgy pop - don't think they're as limited by label as the big ones are
Facebook: Adam Lambert Fan Club {Editor's note: This is not an official fan club ... grain of salt tinhatting alert :)}
** Pic by @LAMBERTLUST: I did a photoshop with Adam Lambert & Cherry Tree Records (THIS IS JUST RUMOR MILL)

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Interview Videos -
Devenlane: RIP Kidd Kraddick ... His interview with Adam from 2012 ... and From 2010

Other Videos -
YT: Part 1: Adam Lambert Throughout the Years: Burning Man
YT: Part 2: Adam Lambert Throughout the Years: Drag/Dress up

Concert Videos -
YT: First Captured Audio of Lay Me Down at Bravalla Festival in Sweden ... and Another
YT: Full Avicii Bravalla concert - best sound
YT: And another full Avicii concert video
YT: Lay Me Down - best audio so far!

Interview Videos -
MyBliss: Wayback: Gets Chatting with Adam Lambert from April 2010

Audio -
Soundcloud: Avicii feat. Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert - Lay Me Down

Downloads -
Zippyshare: From Terra: Bravalla Festival LMD

Concert Videos -
YT: Yet another "Lay Me Down" (pretty good sound!)

Concert Videos -
YT: New Paso Robles playlist, improved audio
YT: Wayback: VERY HOT Strut

Other (Wayback) Videos -
YT: Adam's Behind the Music
Devenlane: Adam's Idol Confessionals
YT: From Canada: TV interviewer gets taped to Adam

Other Videos -
YT: Fan interviews from the Queen & Adam Lambert Concert Hammersmith Apollo concert (July 2012)
YT: Video of Adam's twitter feed flying during twitter party

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Saturday night Darren Criss' Party - Adam and Chris Colfer and Justin Tranter from Semi Precious Weapons
Adam and Justin on the dance floor
Wayback: Adam in Drag
Baby shower Pics!
Buttoning his jacket on the way inside
Jacket unbuttoned and with Danielle
A set of 13 pictures of Adam and Danielle
Another shower photo ... and another ... and another
From Kelly O's instagram

Adam and Danielle at Fergie's Baby Shower - Body Contour Shot
Moving gif of Adam and Danielle from Fergie's Baby Shower
Gayby Shower Wave
Zimbio: Adam Lambert Photostream from Fergie's Baby Shower
Hangin w fergie jakeshears ladyfag and friends at Fergie's Gayby Shower
Lay Me Down - Illustrated
Just Jared: Inside Fergie's Baby Shower
Adam with Glee's Director of Photography Joaquin Sedillo

Candid photo of Adam and Danielle at Fergie' gayby shower
Adam Pictures: All pictures from gayby shower

FCKH8 tee shirt design: Adam Lambert On When People Say "That' So Gay" :)

Adam's very distracting Thursday Throwback picture

Fan made cover art for Lay Me Down
Epic picture of AFL from WAG tour (I think)

Adam and Neil are looking more alike these days
Old/new picture from backstage at Chinese Idol


EntertainmentWise: Avicii Snubs Singers LIke Chris Brown and Rihanna For More Talented Artists
AWOP: Screencaps of relevant tweets from Nile and Avicii
VEVO: Ten Great EDM Festivals for Summer 2013
Metrowize: The World's Biggest EDM Festivals
Wikipedia: Avicii background ... and True (Avicii Album)
HuffPo: Jennifer Lopez 'Rejected' From 'The Voice' (VIDEO)
Us Magazine: Simon Cowell Expecting a Baby With Friend's Wife Lauren Silverman
The Wrap: 'American Idol' Faces Judges Decision: Inside the 'J. Lo or J-Hud?' Diva Dilemma (Exclusive) American Idol 2014 Judge Search Update[/quote]
What a cat thinks about talks with JLo, “Are You Fucking Kidding Me?”
InsideTheBox: Recap of Idol judges situation: No JLO yet, Keith returning
Deadline: …Randy Jackson “Will Be Back in some Capacity.”
ETOnline: Fox Pres Talks 'Glee' Plans For Cory Monteith
Deadline: TCA: “Glee’s Cory Monteith Tribute Episode Will Address Drug Addiction”
EdibleEastEnd: From June: ATFEE Dance Music Concert on August 19 Will Feature Chic and Avicii
AFTEE: Buy tickets to Nile's Dance Party benefit for All For The East End here
Wikia: LaStupenda found a great description of Cherrytree Records in this Lady Gaga wikia

Author:  glammax [ Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: August 4 - 10, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

AWOP: WITIAL ... Adam on Vashon Island in WA partying with Katy Perry and John Mayer for DMG founder birthday

NewNowNext: We are LIVING for @adamlambert new facial hair
Celebrity Gossip: Adam Lambert: Late Night in Hollywood

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Leather & Lovelace
Starcrush: Details on Adam Lambert's Role on 'Glee' Season 5 Revealed
Likes: More Ugly Duckling Celebs
NewNowNext: Week in Gleek: Returning To The “Glee” Set, Adam Lambert’s Role, More

TMZ: Adam and Jason Collins “Who Would You Rather?”
Twitlonger: PH from Wed night about Glee nemesis story
Twitlonger: PH from Thursday about Hooray Henry’s opening w/ Adam mention
WCBSFM: Interview with Nile and includes story about AFL recording LMD “Hit Record” with hangover
The Home Planet: Adam as a … Nemesis?
Eonline: Bitch Stole My Boot! Adam Lambert vs. Lenny Kravitz in Christian Louboutin's (w/poll)

IContact: Avicii is officially on the poster for Nile's AFTEE concert

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** At the Lovelace premiere. Suit by Dolce & Gabbana, shirt by McQueen

** RT@Sia: Please please please take 20 seconds to sign this petition condemning Russia's anti-gay laws. QUEERS ARE AWESOME.
** Yes @ivylevan ... nomobile=1

** “@JonManuel: WATCH: @Jessie_Ware confesses love for @adamlambert in new interview >>” aww
** I love this!

** Yes!!!!! I wanna hear u Roar!!!!! #roar @katyperry
** ... full-song/

From Others:

leszoccer13 (Soccer lesbian)
** Adam Lambert makes me question my sexuality
** Emma Stone isn't a natural ginger. Adam Lambert is. #GingerFacts
CarolineMcFuzz {Pretty certain this is a Lambert/Levine confusion sighting}
** Just walked past Adam Lambert onthe street with Megan_Rogue... #NYC
** @sandymct nah, he's a pleasure. The time consuming part is the amount of media coverage on him constantly.

** @adamlambert Great meeting you today.
** @adamlambert Just got the best promo for "Lay Me Down" from @nilerodgers on Good Day New York! Can't wait to hear it live!
** Nile mentioned Adam a few times, they put up the "Shady" studio pic! He said "Lay Me Down" is a SMASH <3
** Adam Lambert is performing with Nile and Chic! August 19th! Right here on the East End!

Avicii Official
AVICII BREAKING NEWS: According to Universal Music Studios (Avicii's Album Company) @Avicii's Next Single Will be Revealed! Lay Me Down????

** #ChrisColfer just said on Live w Michael and Kelly that #AdamLambert will play his "nemesis" on #Glee
** "I'M gonna get that part! i will crush you! muahahaha!!! ... omg i really do want you to realize your dreams tho ///:DDD"
The Spindleshay
** hope they don't have a sing off. someone will get crushed. iykwim
** Kurt will finally have a rival that is worthy!!!!! And I am happy they are giving Kurt a storyline!!!! Ryan and writers did something right
** We like Adam Lambert's suit at the #Lovelace premiere, but we can't with the hair and the whiskers:
** Haha! Havin fun with @adamlambert & @whoisjohnnyrice @TheAbbeyWeHo crazy night! ... 24/photo/1
** @adamlambert yusss back atcha! mizz yew hunty booboo!

** I so wanted to challenge @adamlambert to a singing competition. But it's probably for the best that didn't happen.
** ** @adamlambert great meeting you last night. Enjoy!
** Wow @adamlambert fans love you! Getting lots of hits and RT! Time to do a whole interview !

** @adamlambert Thank you so much for sharing! Watch what we did - the petition went to Olympics HQ:

** If you could be invisible, what would you do? — Probably Adam Lambert

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Other Videos -
YT: Adam introducing Robyn at the 2011 NewNowNext Awards

Other Videos -
MyFoxNY: Part 1 of Nile's Fox NY morning show interview w/Adam mentions ... and Part 3 w/another Adam mention
YT: Lovelace RC pap video ... and One more ... and Yet another

Other Videos -
YT: pap vid ... Adam and Eli getting out of the car
Access Hollywood: Official interview video from Lovelace red carpet

Audio -
Soundcloud: Nile's interview with Larry Flick ... Adam is mentioned mostly at 6:17 and then a couple more times

Other Videos –
YT: On Kelly and Michael Chris Colfer announces Adam Lambert will play his "nemesis" on Glee

Other Videos –
Vimeo: Mashup of WWFM and Wake Me Up
YT: thekarelshow covering Hooray Henry's opening night ... Adam at 6:15
101.3: John Manual's radio interview w/Jessie Ware ... Adam mention at 6:36

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Fun Picture - Fever Stripped
Some were hoping this picture is new ... but it is not ... and Same shirt, different event
A bigger reward... From Maddie

Screen from Nile's Fox NY interview showing picture of Adam and Nile working on Shady
Adam on Lovelace movie premiere red carpet ... and Professional red carpet pictures
Screencap of Smiling!Adam! on RC
Lots of pictures and gifs from Lovelace RC

Adam Pictures has all the red carpet pics
The ring Adam was wearing and one of Josh/Puja's reasonably priced items
lilybop blogspot – many beautiful pics and gifs here
Adam Pictures: After party pictures ... first stop ... and Here with Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl!
Some more pretty gifs of Adam being all smiley and happy on the red carpet
Adam with no socks will always remind me of this… and many gifs!
Adam posted this picture from Lovelace premiere on instagram

Adam: Then & Now
"Why Yes, He Is Wearing Large, Sparkly Leather Angel Wings. Is There A PROBLEM?"
Photo from May: Rickky Johnson, Johnny Rice & Adam at The Abbey
Large, cropped, Adam-only version of the photo tweeted by Rickky Johnson

Adam at opening of Arquette/Markus M's new club Hooray Henry's
Adam Pictures: Adam arriving at Wed night's Hooray Henry’s opening
Winky Dink's faves for Heavily Made Up Adam: Exhibit A ... Exhibit B ... and Exhibit C
Adam with Jason Collins at Hooray Henry’s opening
Adam Pictures: More from Hooray Henry’s opening
At Hooray Henry’s opening with shaved Markus ... and Bigger version
Eyes baby eyes (from Wed’s opening night)
Adam vs Lenny Kravitz in Christian Louboutin's

Gamlien's cute take on Adam and Jason Collins at Hooray Henry's
Gif made from pap pictures of Adam arriving at Hooray Henry's
Family friendly (mostly) gif of Adam laying on the stage;)
Awesome fan art Adam tweeted
Blasts from AFL's past from open2it

Wayback from Winky Dink ... Adam Pictures: Adam arrives at recording studio 6/09 having trouble keeping his pants up ;)
Fan art of Adam as Pharaoh
2 screencaps: email announcing Avicci's appearance from AFTEE and Trespassing spin on B104


HarveyNichols: McQueen turtle print shirt Adam wore on RC
TrueReveal: Avicii's album announcement will be made next week
Techno: From Budersnookie: Interactive charts with various types of EMD and how one type relates to another
Instagram: Skingraft’s leather kilt pants

Author:  glammax [ Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: August 11 - 17, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Digital Journal: Adam Lambert cast in 'Glee' and to perform with Queen in fall

NileRodgers: It's Party Time
StevenSalvatoreShaw: How Adam Lambert Saved My Life

THR: Interview with new Idol producers 'Den of Thieves,' with Adam mentions
The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Pocket Sized
NewNowNext: Adam Lambert Will Be Back, Is Our Favorite Contestant

UnrealityTV: YES! Adam Lambert Returns to the Studio for New Album!
Pressparty: Adam Lambert returns to the studio Roger Taylor mentions Adam in this interview “The Show Must Go On”
ATOPIA: Post by the guy who did the CCMRemixes

AWOP: Grammafan's recap from Paso Robles
Facebook: From Adam Lambert Fan Club: information on the passing of Gale Chester Whittington
AWOP: Maddie's background information from the Brazilian guy who made the new remixes w/links
Boston Globe: Angie Miller interview w/Adam mention
Wikia Glee: Adam's page ... with info from Adam's official Wiki updated by Shoshanna

OUT: Challenging Whats Sexy in Russia (Adam #1 sexiest performer) ... and Article from Russian Peoples Magazine
Billboard: From June 2012 ... possibly the source of the Russian article

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** On dat Polly.
** Mine are touching @ladygaga great single.
** mdmolinari's photo
** @iconapop @briyunlee "ALL NIGHT" is my workout jam! Gets me goin!

** @RockMafiaArmy this is fun
** yes @sam_sparro SING girl.

** Just posted a photo
** @sarahhudsonuvs, Vapor, and Me.

** Glamberts: I wasn't smoking. It was a VAPORENE. No nicotine, no smoke- Just vapor. They're harmless. But I appreciate the concern ;)
** Just got home from the studio. Recorded vocals to a great song! It's coming along!
** RIP @galechester. Thank you for being such a bright light! You will be missed.
** Happy birthday @madonna ! All hail the O.G. QUEEN of POP. All stems back to you!!
** Bam!

** Thirsty?
** RT@michellevisage: WHY does the media have to pit @katyperry and @ladygaga against each other? Can't they both release songs and just BE? WTF?
** @michellevisage I agree! There's room for all! It's music not a contest. The fan "wars" are so silly too.
** RT@Avicii_News: In 2 day's time,Nile Rodgers,Adam Lambert & @Avicii are going to drop Lay Me Down together Live at ATFEE
** @JanelleMonae ditto!! {responding to @JanelleMonae: "@glambertkitten: @JanelleMonae what do you think of Adam Lambert? :)" love Adam! He's sweet}
** @ColtonRudloff @ItsMidnightRed break a leg!!

From Others:

** Heard Adam rehearsing through the wall the other day, wanted to knock on his door but didn't want to disturb him. @rhondac23 @adamlambert

** @adamlambert wut
** Your awesome realadamlambert @Jessica3737 @monicaollander #sundayfunday #brightcolors
** VIDEO: @adamlambert & @nilerodgers "Whataya Want From Me" #LIVE -

** #Glamberts, #AmericanIdol producers love them some @adamlambert. He could be a judge next season. *screams*
** Just confirmed by Exec Director of AFTEE. Adam, Nile, Avicii will perform LMD live for 1st time at Nile's Dance Party for AFTEE on Monday.
** The local radio station is going to record Nile's Dance Party.

** “@adamlambert: Just posted a photo ” back hard at work in the studio!!! :))))))
** BNB VIP tix give access to performer's lounge. And YES!! they said Adam will be there and part of the M&G.
** A bit of a departure from my usual Dance/House remixes, there's the 2nd edition of my #PopGoesLive project... ... P-oQ253ARR
** ... featuring acoustic versions of Pop songs, drawing influence from indie/folk/country genres on some tracks. ... P-oQ253ARR
** @adamlambert its a dragon attack {re Vapor Instagram posted by Adam}
** I stan an eye fucking dragon. Okee dokee {Also re Vapor Instagram}

** Such sad news about the passing of @galechester. He was always such a great supporter. His big heart and enthusiasm won't be forgotten.
** Adam getting lots of love on Fashion Police! :D

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Audio -
Soundcloud: The official studio version of Love Wins Over Glamour posted by the producers Beat4Feet

Downloads -
Zippyshare: Download for studio version of LWOG

Other Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert with Markus Molinari & Friends enjoy a night out at the Chateau Marmont

Other Videos -
YT: New fan video -Adam Lambert: These Boots Are Up The RCA!

Interview Videos -
YT: PopStopTV: “Exclusive! Lea Michele and Adam Lambert Dish On GLEE!

Audio –
YT: CCMRemix for Aftermath (Acoustic)
YT: CCMRemix for Trespassing (Acoustic)

Downloads –
sendspace: mp4a Downloads for CCMRemixes
sendspace: mp3 Downloads for CCMRemixes

Other Videos -
YT: From coralmermaid: Adam Lambert Lenny Kravitz Fashion Police (Bitch Stole My Look)

Audio -
Soundcloud: BTIKM (14 Stems Pack) w/download link to tracks

Other Videos -
YT: From PopCandies TV: pap video of Adam arriving at Bootsy Bellows ... and Leaving with his entourage

Audio -
Soundcloud: BTIKM raw vocal track

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Hennessy collage by ScorpioBert
Wayback at Party City

Nile and Adam
Screencap from Chateau Marmont Pap Video
Adam Celebrity Gossip: Lambert Checks In at Chateau Marmont
Adam Walking Toward Chateau Marmont
Adam Pictures: Chateau Marmont Outing
Out of Control Hair
Chateau Marmont Walking gif

On dat polly
The awesome Adam Lambert and friends

”Back hard at work in the studio” Posted by Adam
”@sarahhudsonxx, Vapor, and Me” Posted by Adam

Screencap of vapor picture w/Adam clearing up the smoking ~concern
Adam and the macaw via Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week from Socialite Life
Bam! Adam's new twitter header picture ... and Adam's new twitter profile picture
From Zimbio ... Adam Lambert Shops in West Hollywood
Adam by his car ... and BIGGER is better
Close up photoshop by scorpiobert

Close up Adam shopping in Weho gif
Gossip Center: Adam out at Bootsy Bellows Friday night ... and More from Adam Pictures
Adam looking fiiiiine on Friday
From lilybog2012: Screencaps and gifs from pap Bootsy Bellows videos
Fully clothed AFL wins as sexiest performer in Russia over naked Adam Levine


All Access: Paul McCartney Joins Lineup of iHeart Radio Music Festival
Ustream: Vistadiva will be streaming the good parts in the AFTEE concert
Grengoscience: Info on G-Pens
Lyst: Adam's new t-shirt with how to roll a joint graphic on back
Wetpaint: Glee casting spoilers/rumors
Instagram: Victor Valdez - possibly the guy in pap video w/Adam
THR: Andy Cohen Boycotting Miss Universe Pageant in Russia, Saying It's 'Unsafe' for Gays
The Guardian: Russia hints at visa obstacles for western pop acts after gay row

Author:  glammax [ Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: August 18-24, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Facebook: Comments on the Adam's new private FB profile pic

TVLine: Glee Exclusive: Demi Lovato Poised to Join Season 5 Cast for Major Arc as Rachel's {spoiler]
EOnline: Demi Lovato Set to Guest Star on Glee
MTV: Act-Off! Demi Lovato + Adam Lambert Literally Act-Off on Glee

Digital Spy: Avicii, Adam Lambert, Nile Rodgers play new song – picture
NewNowNext: Adam Lambert Debuts New Song “Lay Me Down” With Avicii, Sounds Amazing: WATCH
Idolator: Adam Lambert, Avicii Play Nile Rodgers’ Fundraiser: Watch Lambert & Rodgers Cover David Bowie
ClizBeats: Glee Said To Rebound New Season With Demi Lovato Adam Lambert And More!
Dans Papers: 10 Magic Moments from AFTEE’s Nile Rodgers Dance Party East End
NewNowNext: Bonnie McKee Talks “American Girl,” Katy Perry & Her Love For Adam Lambert: WATCH
Adam Lambert Fans: Nice overview of AFTEE from ALF ... including the Adamcam video of Adam dancing to Chic's last song

About: Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers Cover David Bowie's Classic "Let's Dance"
The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Lay Me Down
Ryan Seacrest: Adam Lambert Surprises Fan Who Won iHeart Radio Music Festival Tickets
The Home Planet: New Music, Rydam and Finnish People On Skates. Dancing. Shit Just Got Real

Twitlonger: From @mmadamimadamm: Info from IDF on the Psy beer ad featuring IIHY
Tvline: Article by Slezak “10 Bold … Randy Jackson-Free Fixes to Revive Season 13” Adam mention at #4
Eonline: American Idol Rumors: We've Had Enough! (incl Adam mention)

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Soho. 3am. Gettin REAL. #pippin “@rebeccaaaa: "Acrobats tho." - Adam Lambert
** What a mess!
** @nilerodgers thanks for dinner man!
** NYC taxi flow
** @nilerodgers haha! Damn right!

** @nilerodgers haha! Damn right!
** @ddlovato I just heard the news! Excited to sing w you girl!
** @ddlovato *IF the rumors are true! Lol
** Wow! Had an amazing time performing alongside @nilerodgers, Chic and heard our new tune spun loud by @Avicii "LAY ME DOWN"!

** Legend: @nilerodgers
** RT@Avicii: So happy to be a part of such a great cause! Thanks @nilerodgers for havin me, and great to finally meet @adamlambert
** Boogie Shoes
** For those askin- outfit last night: copper jeans by Hugo Boss and shirt by McQueen

** hilarious yet poignant coming of age story bout teen angst & bullies. Confessions of a Hater. @capricecrane
** Reminder: pre-order @Avicii s upcoming album #True coming out Sept 17th. I sing 'Lay Me Down' written w @nilerodgers
** @1027KIISFM back atcha! {in response to: @1027KIIS: Okay seriously we just LOVE YOU @adamlambert! You are amazing!}

** Throwback
circa 2006

** Finally read thru my copy of AURA. Thank you all so much for your heartfelt memories. I create to make you all happy! I love out GLAMILY.
[selfie :)]
** RT@Avicii: Amazing 3 days in the studio with @nilerodgers @adamlambert @MysterySkulls ! 3 brand new songs that are sounding insane !

** Hacked. Lol hold on [screencap hacked tweet]
** @shoshannastone @Popjustice the REAL secret is to just work out! Hahah I have been taking Pilates and work w a trainer. ;) {in response to: @shoshannastone: @Popjustice @adamlambert crisis PR alert! My artist just told everyone they are fat!} ... [Conversation here]
** "Start a Riot" by Jetta. Sick track
** Excited to go to the VMAs tomorrow !

From Others:

** @adamlambert I'll see you tonight for dinner. I've been up all night writing, maybe we can do this one together in a couple hours too :-)
** @adamlambert at Cafe Luxembourg August 18 2013 ... 64/photo/1
** @adamlambert That new song is still in my head. Good stuff. See you tomorrow. I love our saying: "It all started with a tweet"
**So cool to see my friend realadamlambert posters and pi oc of live performance at the arena here in…
** I mean... one of the walls at the #MercedesBenzArena #Shanghai #China. #TalkAboutIt #ItsHappening…
** @Meterbert Hey remember me its Melvin
** Omg Adam Lambert is so cute! I forgot how much I loved him! thank you youtube recommendation gods! He's got so much fab

** The sun is out in Riverhead. What a glorious day for Adam to Lay Us Down.
** The girl that got her pic w A went up to him and said ARE U ADAM LAMBERT? He said YEAH! She said WHAT R U DOING HERE?
** @SusieFierce are they any Glamberts going tonight and filming it?
** @shoshannastone Yes, women behind Talc vids have coordinated with AFTEE organizers and they will get priority positioning for official vids
** Another production by yours truly! Aviccii tonight 9pm!! We winning as usual!!!
** We are SO CLOSE. I can see his chest hair!!! He looks sooo goooood. Just wait until you guys get HQ pics of these leather pants, lmao
** Nile's stage mgr just told us Nile is tired. Probably no lmd. Sorry guys.
** Adam and Nile. Adam and Aviciii. Adam and Demi. Adam in Glee. Adam in the studio. Adam with grabby gorgeous boys! Adam and his legs!

** @adamlambert iHeart, iHeart, iHeart!!
Cant wait to sing with you again @adamlambert ... 60/photo/1
** Just watched your performance of 'Trespassing' @adamlambert @nilerodgers - amazing!!! Xxx
**Shiny thighs of wonder {accurate description of ‘pull me up pants’}
** @adamlambert and @MysterySkulls in the studio w me and @Avicii

** I shot an emotional @adamLambert through the glass of the vocal boot. We had a great day recording w @AVICII
** @AdamLambert Chilling Between Takes - I'm having a Kick A$$ time writing and recording w him and @Avicii
** We just cut a crazy A$$ Song! @adamlambert me and @Avicii
** @adamlambert Thank you for reading it! You made my week! xo {in response to: @adamlambert: hilarious yet poignant coming of age story bout teen angst & bullies. Confessions of a Hater. @capricecrane}
** Adam on @1027KIISFM!!
** Okay seriously we just LOVE YOU @adamlambert! You are amazing!
** We surprised one lucky #Glambert with a phone call from the one and only @adamlambert. Listen: ... prises-fan
** She is telling him how much she loves him!she has pics w mom dad never met him he will arrange a meet n greet w her! Omg
** @adamlambert Sweet as always wants her to get meet n greet told her she was part of the glamily .
** He was only on for a minute @adamlambert said he was just getting ready to go into the studio
** LOOK: @adamlambert covers Bowie, sees debut of new dance collaboration ... lp00000003
** Blasting #Trespassing on the way home and my dad is falling in love. He's calling @adamlambert a musical genius! #success ;)

** Just helped @adamlambert at Starbucks #mademyday #lookedsooglamorous
** Hanging with @Avicii and @adamlambert!
** Soribella and Adam today at our United Club she was thrilled and Adam so cute as always @Cecycat1

** Played 2 yr old a new song this morning and he goes 'cuckoo'. I mean, how clever ;)
** I guess I'm not going to get ANY sleep so I'll say goodbye to East Hampton in a bit. This week's been life changing. Thanks EVERYBODY!
** .@RtPunkyGirl Adam as Batman? No. Sutan? Abso-fucking-lutely @adamlambert @sutanamrull {in response to to @RtPunkyGirl: @milestougeaux I always said Adam would make a great batman! As Mr.Paul Ursula is my friend. His bro is a top screen producer for Batman:-)
** Maternal: Jewish, 4th gen Romanian/Russian; Paternal: 6th gen American mutt (Norwegian,Irish,English,French) {in response to @UberBert: @milestougeaux What is Adam's ancestry, if I may ask?}
** Amazing 3 days in the studio with @nilerodgers @adamlambert @MysterySkulls ! 3 brand new songs that are sounding insane !
** How AHHHHMAZING is this?? We have now Glee fans, Lovato fans, Avicii fans, Adam fans, ALL UNITED!! YESSSSSSSS
** Just got an email from the one and only @adamlambert saying that he checked out my album. And liked my music. :) #adamlambert #lambert
** @adamlambert great hanging @SmashStudios ; let's lay down vocals on Game Changer & get the moves w/ Brooke @brookesauce75
** @adamlambert we love your peeps #lamberttough #carynokey #gamechanger
** from @SmashStudios @CaryNoKey @adamlambert @brookesauce75 Great having you all here! Look forward to the next session! #carynokey #rocks

** Our base camp for the last week was The Inn at Windmill Lane @Innatwindmill - It's an amazing spot
** Look whose seat I found at #VMAs rehearsals! He's presenting too. Hooray @adamlambert!
** @My_intuition69 @josirose your itineraries aren't really my thing {in response to entitled whining}
** lol she sounds so excited ... 8853436416
** “@adamlambert: "Start a Riot" by Jetta. Sick track” @jettaofficial Thanks for the love, sweet thing. Your voice is beasty

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Concert Videos -
YT: Wayback: Amsterdam and joints
YT: Adam's SSB performance from the Broadway Bares DVD

Interview Videos -
YT: Bonnie McKee is asked about Adam by Tony Knapp

Other Videos -
Vine: From @rebeccaaaa: "Acrobats tho." - Adam Lambert ”

Concert Videos -
Vine: AFTEE Soundcheck {editor's note: vine vids are behaving badly in some browsers}
YT: AFTEE Let's Dance Soundcheck
YT: AFTEE WWFM Soundcheck
Instagram: Adam, Avicii and Nile
Ustream: Lay Me Down recorded from stream

Downloads -
Sendspace: Download w/good sound for LMD

Concert Videos -
YT: HD Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers - Shady - AFTEE - Martha Clara Vineyards
YT: Good times with the Adamcam with sound that doesn't make your ears bleed
YT: Adam dancing to Avicii
YT: Lay Me Down"Avicii Nile Rodgers Adam Lambert - AFTEE
YT: AVICII feat Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert "LAY ME DOWN" at AFTEE Riverhead, NY 8 19 2013

Downloads -
ZippyShare: Download of LMD by terra_zephead

Concert Videos -
YT: TALC's AFTEE videos
YT: Playlist of all AFTEE videos, compiled by bayoulady1
YT: "Trespassing" at AFTEE, notable for including the gorgeous introduction by Nile Rodgers
YT: NightBirdsObsession: "Trespassing"
YT: NightBirdsObsession: "Whadaya Want From Me"
YT: NightBirdsObsession: "Shady"
YT: NightBirdsObsession: "Let's Dance"
YT: NightBirdsObsession: Adam during "Good Times"

Audio -
Soundcloud: Adam Lambert Surprises Fan Who Won iHeart Radio Music Festival Tickets
Picosong: Tiny snippet of "Lay Me Down"

Other Videos -
YT: LMD with clear audio & lyrics – by @lilybop2010
YT: ”Clearest version of LMD yet” – which was borrowed from Glambert’s vid below ... which is here
YT: IIHY featured in Psy Korean beer ad

Concert Videos -
YT: HD Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers - Trespassing (Updated to include Adam's Intro) - AFTEE

Concert Videos -
YT: Updated Best Live Performances playlist from melang924 (The Spindelshay)

Interview Videos -

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Adam changed his private FB page profile picture
Adam is really liking the g-pen ;)
From @LeoMoctezuma: Adam concert posters in saw in Shangai at Mercedes Benz Arean ... and Another one
He's got legs, and he knows how to use them ... and Bigger is better
Another Adam/meerkat edits by the same fan ... and one more
@nilerodgers -- @adamlambert at Cafe Luxembourg August 18 2013
From Adam: What a mess!
From Adam: NYC taxi flow
From Adam: @nilerodgers haha! Damn right!

Adam Walking into Bootsy Bellows on the Night of Grabby Boys
Adam with Fan at NYC Hotel before AFTEE Event ... and Another, With a Young Fan
Adam at AFTEE Soundcheck in His Giant Sunglasses
One More Soundcheck Picture
Adam in a Golf Cart
Adam with an AFTEE Person
Disco Shoes
Adam Shakin' His Groove Thing
Adam Backstage with Two Guys ... and Adam Backstage with Two Other Guys
Adam, Avicii and Nile
Adam and Avicii
Backstage Pic ofAdam, Nile and one of Nile's friends
Adam, Nile and Avicii On Stage ... Blurry, but Worth It
Happy Adam!
Adam signing for fans after AFTEE show and another shot of Adam/Avicii/Nile
One More Nile, Adam and Avicii
Fist in the Air Adam

Pro pictures from Contact Music ... Same set from Adam Pictures
Gifs from @illuxxia
From Trespassing, @_ninni again
Another set of hot gifs
Pull them up, pull them up, pull them way up!!
Looking mighty fine
Great pictures here
Adam posted this one on his Instagram
Aww, fantastic Adam, Nile, Avicii
UNF, pull me up pants! ... and UNF, pull me up pants, bigger!
Adam, Nile, MysterySkulls in the studio with Avicii

An "emotional" Adam Lambert in the recording booth, as captured by Nile Rodgers
Pic!Spam from Adam's friend Xander's birthday party, with links to more pics
Complete collection of @_ninni's AFTEE .gifs
SmileyCupcake!Adam on stage at AFTEE ... and complete set of photos
Pretty photos of Adam at AFTEE - offstage solo, and onstage with Avicii ... and link to the complete set of photos)
gif of rotating photos of Adam at AFTEE
Comparison shots of the AFTEE audience during Adam's set and during Avicii's set
Adam "chilling between takes," as captured by Nile Rodgers
Collection of AFTEE photos by Akikat1323
Photos of Adam onstage at AFTEE
As tweeted by Nile Rodgers: Adam, Nile and Avicii after cutting "a crazy A$$ Song!"

Adam in the studio, by @vegas 1024
”Throwback circa 2006” posted by Adam
Adam & Nile “he’s a genius, he’s amazing, one day the world will understand” ~ Nile Rodgers
AFTEE Collage by GlamNika81
@FOLAMI post “Hanging with @Avicii and @adamlambert” … and scroll down for Arm Porn and Eyes Baby Eyes
Lots of beautiful photos of Aftee concert by Scorpiobert on flickr ... and Three beauties from above ScorpioBert pics
Wow! Adam in a halo -- angelic! -- scroll down for Adam+fan at LA airport
From Devenlane's blog: Three candids with Adam at airport flying back to LA

Adam's blue eyes are big and beautiful in this selfie he tweeted

GIF SHADY JACKET OFF lilybop and more of her other AFTEE gifs
Adam's seat holder for VMAs .... and Nile's seat looks close by
Adam changed his FB profile picture ... a hot one from AFTEE
From lisaloopner's collection: Adam and Raja ... the higher the hair, the closer to God


Vaportini: New type of vaporizer ... "new way of consuming alcohol"
NYtimes: Ecigs are in vogue
HuffPo: Lady Gaga Calls Out Perez Hilton On Twitter, Accuses Him Of Stalking
Official AFTEE Dance Party T-Shirt
Susan L's Beautiful Sister at AFTEE
AWOP: A collection of tweets from @capricecrane, gathered by murly
AWOP: Email from GLAAD re asking studios to include more LGBT characters in film
YT: Mystery Skulls EP
** It's official! @TheXFactorUSA's @ddlovato will be joining the cast of #glee for Season 5! #DemiOnGlee
Fox News Latino: Jennifer Lopez Wants Justin Bieber’s Manager To Join Her On ‘American Idol’
Murly's begging kitty gif
Cynthia Daniels: The ninjas found the probable recording studio in the Hamptons
Cary Nokey: Their website with links/information
Soundclound: Cary Nokey's soundcloud stream
Artist Direct: Interview with Cary Nokey
MTV: VMA live stream
YT: Eber posted this in response to Adam's new FB picture: David Johansen - Funky But Chic

Author:  glammax [ Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: August 25 - 31, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Nile Rodgers: Nile's newest blog "Good Times" - It Flies Pt. 1 w/new pictures of Adam
The Backlot: Recap of "gayest VMAs ever" w/nice comments about Adam's look
American Blues Scene: From interview w/Tommy Joe just the bits about working with Adam ... Source
Starcrush: Six Degrees of Separation: See Kristen Stewart’s Unexpected Connection to Adam Lambert

THR: Adam Lambert Defends Miley Cyrus' Racy VMAs Performance
ALF: ALF overview of Adam at the VMAs
Buzzworthy MTV: There's So Much Beauty In Katy Perry + Adam Lambert's Photo, We Can Barely Look Directly At It
Pop Sugar: Justin Timberlake Compares Miley to Britney pretty much echoing what Adam tweeted

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Moon Man
Rolling Stone: #1 on Rolling Stone's Playlist: "Lay Me Down"!
EQ Music Blog: LGBT Equality Or Just a Really Good Show? The Macklemore VMAs Debate (w/lots of Adam love}

Just Jared: Adam Lambert & Ed Sheeran: Night Out at Hooray Henry's!
Rolling Stone: Even Rolling Stone thinks Adam should be on the short list for the 3rd AI judge slot
whatculture: Avicii True review, includes mention of Adam and LMD

HuffPo UK: Avicii 'True' Review: 'Wake Me Up' DJ Teams Up With Chic, Adam Lambert For Unique Debut Album
Yahoo TV: Reprinted from The Wrap: Why Aren't Jennifer Hudson & Adam Lambert Good Enough for 'American Idol'?

Rolling Stone: Full page scan of current issue Playlist w/LMD as #1

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page
**NEW** ... realadamlambert on tumblr

From Adam:

** "Start a Riot" by Jetta. Sick track
** Excited to go to the VMAs tomorrow !
** Got my Lanvin suit all pressed and ready to party! @mtv #VMAs
** @NASHOVERSTREET u guys coming?

** was out last night w friends after awards and we left one bar and randomly rolled up on another and who was performing l?! MFing PRINCE!!!
** It was FATE. I was floored. He was incredible.
** Me and my grill, katyperry
** @emelisande and I. What a kind, sweet spirit! And the talent ?! Great energy!
** Red velvet diva iggyazalea I had to snap a shot...
** How good was @BrunoMars last night? Damn!!
** @KellyOsbourne @e_FashionPolice me!!!! ;) {responding to @KellyOsbourne: Who is watching our @e_FashionPolice #VMAs special tonight?}
** The most adorable ever twitter convo between Adam and Kelly O ... screencap
** @Kell_Rebelde69 oooh shade. Lol {person got slammed by the mommies for being ~rude and deleted account}
** @leo_2_r as in wheat? Lol {tweeter used word bulgar vs. vulgar ... tweet deleted}
** @mileycyrus looked like she was having a ton of fun. Y'all need to relax and lighten up. It was meant to be funny. Leave Miley alone!
** And listen if it wasn't ur cup of tea--- all good but why is everyone spazzing? Hey - she's doin something right. We all talkin.
** But @BrunoMars was the winner for me last night. VOCALS!!!!!
** Also- the @macklemore performance was really heartfelt. Right to the heart. So glad this message is being spread in the mainstream.
** @GeorgeKotsi @e_FashionPolice @LANVINofficial @Prada @BrooksBrothers @baumeetmercier @YSL lookin great George!!
** @jtimberlake was a true showman as usual. @ladygaga 's was chic and polished. @katyperry was more raw and real than I've ever seen her. A+
** @MyGirlCandy hahahahhah amazing. {in response to: I don't care how gay @adamlambert is, I would sit on his face and make him love me with his sweet mouth til he forgets all about dudes!!}

**RT@ean_nae: WTG #SG! RT@herworldPLUS @adamlambert wears Singapore label @DEPRESSIONcomsg shoes at the VMAs. #VMA #AdamLambert
** Hold up! I didn't actually state whether or not I liked @MileyCyrus performance. I merely said she was having fun and to cut her some slack
** Whew folks are all heated bout this. Hilarious. I can't help it that I'm a contrarian -- just another healthy debate.
** Meanwhile: @nilerodgers @Avicii ... ertainment
** FLY “@nilerodgers: Pharrell Williams and me in Saint Laurent sequin jackets at the MTV VMA's ... a218f871f8
** @IGGYAZALEA @MTVBuzzworthy you seriously looked so editorial eating that cake. Matched ur lips...

** Adam Lambert and Jared Leto …
** terrysdiary: Me and Adam Lambert Thierry Richardson and I …
** If I hear the word 'twerk' one more time.....
** I just hope the next fad ain't 'tweaking'
** @JaredLeto jelz of your Saint Laurent b&w leather pants
** I just used the phrase 'jelz'. Eeew. Who am I?
** From @RollingStone : avicii @nilerodgers
** RT@sutanamrull: @adamlambert "the best thing about Paris!!" Diana Vreeland rules!!
** Re-watched some of the VMA performances. Diff on tv than in the crowd obviously. @ladygaga's intro was pretty iconic. Very Liza with a G
** @raspherries only when u complain. Lol {in response to: adam do you ever tweet fans anymore}
** @SamuelLarsen Happy Birthday!
** @mengonshalder GOING crazy? I got there a while ago dear. ;) {in response to: my bestfriend said that you're going crazy. Is it true? Are you mad? Lol}
** RT@Avicii: Via @RollingStone @adamlambert @nilerodgers

** Fan Art
** iamnataliakills's video
** RT@xtina: …and another thing… This one is just for you :) #LetThereBeLove
** Congrats @Fergie and @joshduhamel !! What a great name! AXL!

** RT@saulikoskinen1: ... 0511477559

** @Lavernecox U are EVERYTHING. {She is in the cast of Orange Is The New Black}

From Others:

** “@adamlambert: "Start a Riot" by Jetta. Sick track” @jettaofficial Thanks for the love, sweet thing. Your voice is beasty.
** @adamlambert Thank you so much, Adam, for taking a picture with my flight attendant daughter, Kelly, on your way to NYC tonight!
** Adam Lambert all classy on a Waverunner.
** @adamlambert @MTV sounds so sick
** @adamlambert NOOOO. Annoyed bout it. Haha. I'll be in BK tomorrow tho {in response to Adam: @NASHOVERSTREET u guys coming?}
** And Of COURSE @adamlambert is rockin @LANVINofficial ! Always killin it, and I'm a liiiiittle jealous
** .@adamlambert can you please make a good @MTV #VMAs moment and pinch @AustinMahone right on the tush?
** #AdamLambert @adamlambert looking #HOT at #VMAs mtv's photo
** Adam Lambert 2013 MTV Music AWARDS Red Carpet - @adamlambert #vmas #adamlambert #maximotv
** Dang, @adamlambert looks good! ... 16/photo/1
** Says @adamlambert: "I have to go read something now."
** Almost time to present with @adamlambert #ArtistToWatch ... It's in your hands!
** We have @adamlambert presenting @AustinMone the Artist to Watch award. Seems fitting. We watch @adamlambert a lot. #VMA
** Yayy @adamlambert is so pretty tonight #vmas
** Lol @adamlambert and @emelisande got their hair done together ... 00/photo/1
** @adamlambert looking hawt! Rawwwrrrr! #VMAs
** AHHH! @adamlambert!!!!!! Yay! #vmas #glamberts #newalbumsoon
** Wait. @adamlambert squee break! SQUEEEEEEEE! #VMAs
** .@adamlambert ON THE #VMA STAGE! OXYGEN MASK PLEASE! #cantbreath #noair #formyentertainment
** Well hello there @adamlambert - maybe next year you can perform at the @MTV #VMAs #TheVMASpin
** Across the world millions of #Glamberts are currently screaming just to see their leader @adamlambert. And we may be too. @MTV #VMAs
** yup yup! @adamlambert getting crazy LOVE at the #VMAs
** Adam Lambert looking good!!

** M'kay. @adamlambert's face during that acceptance speech is KILLING me. Rewinding. A few times.
** @bevysmith I have a crush on @adamlambert It's deep and it's real lol. So talented and handsome. #callme
** Oh hai @adamlambert being babely! #VMAs
** @adamlambert happy to have directed you to that private @3rdeyegirl show, hope you enjoyed!!
** RT@JakeRocksOff: lmost 5 hours of Prince and special guests at City Winery tonight ;)
tomandlorenzo {they didn't like Adam's VMA RC look}
** For the record, Adamfettes, we love him and said so TWICE in person. : ) L #AdamLambert
** Mary Lambert and Adam Lambert could do a song together and confuse the world. Maybe have Miranda Lambert as backup with Adam Levine
** @adamlambert @cody_lancaster I can't believe it! At one point I got lost backstage! Such a great night!
** I definitely went to a private PRINCE concert/party with @cody_lancaster and @adamlambert last night, SURREAL...#SOREAL
** Remember that time we thought the night was almost over and then rolled up on PRINCE!?! In-sahn. @johnchandlerr @adamlambert
** RT IF U THINK @adamlambert SHOULD BE A GUEST JUDGE ON @RuPaulsDragRace I Mean He Is Besties With @sutanamrull !!!! #RupaulsDragRace #WERKIT
** Adam caring about his 20 year old friend being torn apart in the press etc b/c of her silly VMA antics is so totally precious I might cry.
** @adamlambert you too!!! Forgot to text! LOOOOOOVED your look last night. You looked fantastic. What was it?
** @adamlambert you're the realest, Adam! Miss you at RCA.

** Thank you @adamlambert for this pic of @IGGYAZALEA eating cake/photobombing @harrystyles at the #VMAs: #multitasker
** OMFG! Royal Kween @IGGYAZALEA eating cake AND chicken wings IN HER SEAT at the VMAs! THANK YOU, @ADAMLAMBERT
** @MTVBuzzworthy @adamlambert Lmao
** @adamlambert is a gracious soul. Thank you for allowing me to snap your portrait!

** @AdamLambert & #CHIC onstage ruling in #Riverhead before @Avicii killed it!
** @adamlambert You and us both, pal ;) {in response to: If I hear the word 'twerk' one more time.....}
** @adamlambert I wake up in the morning and get in my car to get twerk.
** Thanks for the follow @adamlambert! We have to say, this is our absolute 2nd favorite version of @rihanna's #Stay ;) ... SY6Pz3kxeY

** Not only talented but very sweet @adamlambert ... 20/photo/1
** Erryone thinks Miley was first. I been twerkin for years!! :) @AnoopDoggDesai @adamlambert @KrisAllen @dannygokey
** @kariuhalobanova I think it was "more monitor" but that could be wrong {in reply to: @milestougeaux What is the first word said Adam as a child?;)}
** @adamlambert Your 'Guide' misses you and I'm learning how to Tweet! #handsome ... 56/photo/1

** Judging by the people looking at me on the train I am listening to this a bit loudly but it's sooo good I can't help it! 'L-l-lay me down'
** Had fun working on bg vox w/ @Avicii @nilerodgers & @adamlambert on Lay Me Down, just voted #1 on @RollingStone!
** Hey #glamberts @avicci just closed out electric zoo with Lay Me Down @adamlambert, awesome closing. Took video. #ezoo5

** @adamlambert you are everything. I heart you. #adamsingsdown {responding to Adam's fanboy tweet}
** Yo #glamberts the video is up! @Avicii closing out day 1 of #ezoo5 w Lay Me Down @adamlambert @nilerodgers ... {really bad sound}

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Other Videos -
YT: Updated lyric LMD video from Lilybop w/better audio
Dailymotion: Adam Lambert 2013 MTV Music AWARDS Red Carpet

Other Videos -
YT: From ex-JadellEJ: VMA playlist w/all available footage of Adam before, during, after
YT: 26 minutes of Adam in the VMA talent lounge waiting to present

Downloads -
sendspace: Adam presenting in HQ by @_ninni

Concert Videos -
YT: As tweeted by Island Records - Adam's "Stay" from Seoul

Other Videos –
YT Memories of AI S8: Matty G twerking and AFL crumping

Audio –
soundcloud: Bryon Cooke’s Adam Lambert I Love You Game (AFL’s giggles the best part!)

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

@MissionMotoSptss -- Adam Lambert all classy on a Waverunner
Remember the Paris photoshoot
VMA Red Carpet Adam walking down the stairs
VMA Adam talking with an interviewer
Red Carpet screencaps from Alikat - One ... Two ... Three ... Four ... Five ... Six
Adam and JHud on RC from Getty
From MTVVoices instagram ... We pretty much all just fell for Adam Lambert
Adam Pictures: 2013 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS
From Adam Pictures ... and bigger
And another ... and also bigger here
@LOARS_Music --- #AdamLambert @adamlambert looking #HOT at #VMAs mtv's photo
Beautiful Red Carpet Smile
Adam on RC from Shirley Halperin ... and another ... Adam going backstage to present
Cute picture from RC
Bored? And look at the woman checking him out!!!
Prepping to go on stage
From @ElvisDuranShow --- Lol @adamlambert and @emelisande got their hair done together

New picture of Adam and Nile at Cafe Luxembourg in NYC
Adam snapped in his seat at the VMAs ... his smize is in good form :)
Adam and his grill Katy Perry at after party :)
Close up of Adam and Emeli Sande
UNF! Chest! Adam on VMA RC

Black and white gifs of Adam smizing on the RC
Looking great on the RC
Edit of ‘!’ Picture from Scorpiobert
Adam and Jennifer Hudson RC gif
Cute alert
Speaking of hella sexy

Courtesy of Nile Rodgers: Adam and CHIC rule the stage at AFTEE
Adam and Jared Leto at VMA Afterparty
Gorgeous VMA photo prominently featuring a significantly unbuttoned shirt
For chest exposure comparison purposes - Adam on the Red Carpet at the 2011 Grammys
AFTEE Pic!Spam - photos by @Merrycello

Adam and @kaseyosbourne at Hooray Henry's on Wednesday night
Adam Pictures: Outside Hooray Henry’s ... and one of the pics very big!
Reverse Duck Lips!
On the streets of NYC with @mrkingalexxx; and Adam with “Guide” @rosiescanlon (from AFTEE?)
Set of AFTEE pics by @tuke18

From Scorpiobert ... 2nd set of picture from AFTEE ... and Awesome picture of Adam and Nile


** Dr. Luke Officially Joining American Idol as 3rd Judge via @eonline
Tumblr: Twerk to end all twerks gif
Vulture: A Blow-By-Blow of Last Night's Secret Prince Concert: Dancing Until Dawn
** Dr. Luke Will Not Judge 'American Idol' ... dge-614543
Jezebel: Group Think ... Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance
Think Progress: Miley Cyrus’ Performance At The VMAs And How Ratchet Culture Became The New Implied Bisexuality
YT: Neil tweeted this video on appropriation of black culture by young white artists ... ie. Justin B and Miley
NY Daily News: VMAs 2013: Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke performance draws negative reactions from fellow celebrities
Sexologist: A sexologist’s two cents on the 2013 MTV VMAs
Fashion Photography Blog: Advertising vs. Editorial photography
Rolling Stone: Was Miley Cyrus's VMA Performance a Parody?
HuffPo: Miley's Not Racist, Not a Whore, and Not Your Punching Bag
YT: Miley Cyrus Covers Dolly Parton's "Jolene"
Glamour: Why Miley Cyrus Got Her Gay Marriage Tattoo
CharityBuzz: Charity Auction for iHeart Radio Music Festival Tickets Sept. 20 & 21
Photo: Miley Cyrus or Thanksgiving Turkey?
YT: Gender swap Blurred Lines parody video by Mod Carousel
MTV: Miley's Tongue Is Misunderstood, Says The Mind Behind Her VMA Performance
Daily Mail UK: JLo got a raise
Daily Mail UK: Robin Thicke finally getting some bad press
** EXCLUSIVE: Harry Connick Jr. lands third #AmericanIdol judge slot
For Sauli fans ... gif of him brushing his teeth not wearing much:)
Catholic Vote: From some very clueless person: “Same Love” Ain’t About Love

Author:  glammax [ Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: September 1 - 7, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Musicfashionland: LA Street Style: Adam Lambert in Maison Martin Margiela and Diesel

Tom and Lorenzo: From 2011: Adam Lambert in West Hollywood ... and All their Adam fashion articles
ALGlamHistory: Adam Lambert Glam History - World's Deepest Rabbit Hole

The Backlot: Is Harry Connick Jr. Enough To Save “American Idol”? ... w/lots of love for S8!
TwitLonger: chunkeymonkey81's ninja tea leaf reading rationale on Adam's part on Glee

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Twerk It

purisimage: Blog/Essay: “Who is Adam Lambert to the Music World?”
Hollywood: 5 Debut Albums to Get Excited About This Fall

Urban Dictionary: The official definition of WITIAL ... LOL :)

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page
realadamlambert on tumblr

From Adam:

** @SamuelLarsen

** Always Listening
** The new Eminem track is nuts! I love the Billy Squire sample!!

** .@DangerousMuse : Love the RED EP guys!! ;)
** @Nick_Hutchinson, @mdmolinari u cut off my boots! Lol that was so fun! {Screencap of conversation}
** @GlitterSkies right!?? The 1975 are great!
** This @johnlegend album is so vibey! Yes!!! Smoothness
** @XanderJFarrell double Infinity man! ;) {in response to: @adamlambert congratulations you are my 88th follower, how does that make you feel? whats up man?}

** RT @QueenWillRock: Happy Birthday Freddie! Send him a birthday present by donating to @The_MPT @ ... hor_donate

** Double Trouble

** RT@Avicii_News_: AVICII NEWS: Thoughts on Official Preview of Lay Me Down feat.Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert? It Sounds Fricken Amazing! ... aac.ep.m4a
** RT@JordanMeehan:Oh my god. LIVING for this snippet of "Lay Me Down"!! Slay me, @adamlambert. My body is ready. ... ambert-and #LayMeDown[/quote]
** Sangin

From Others:

** Adam Lambert is brunching next to me so concerned and scared for my life
** @samjayers brunch got real aggressive when Adam lambert showed up #ROBBYDANCEFORUS
** katyperry we thinkin bout you hunty <3
** THESE ONES #divafromthedeep @ The Standard, Hollywood

** honestly Im surprised I didn't wake up in Vegas! Anyone? @MDMOLINARI @adamlambert

** It's done. @AmericanIdol @HarryConnickJR joins @JLo & @KeithUrban as judges. No @adamlambert, drats! No deal for

** @adamlambert thanks adam! {in response to: .@DangerousMuse : Love the RED EP guys!! ;)}
** It's that time of the week again: #HumpDay. It's ok, though. We've got @AdamLambert to help you get through it.
Facebook: Music Center Spotlight Awards {picture included}
** OK, throwing it back to 2000!! Now we know that all years are fabulous, but this group in particular was pretty amazing! Adam is just a big ol star. Jennifer is with ABT, Lindsay is starring on Broadway. Check out what all are doing on our website: ... ht/Alumni/ (continues)
** @adamlambert thanks man! {responding to Adam’s tweet}

** SO CUTE @johnlegend @adamlambert :)))))))) {responding to Adam & John L’s tweets}

shoshannastone {deleted after she got what she needed}
** Glamberts. Does anyone have a link of Adam mentoring contestant on American idol, and then another if him performing with angie?
mobadee {deleted ... after Glamberts attacked maybe?}
** I still don't understand why Monte pittman isn't more famous as Adam lambert... seriously

JOAQUINSEDILLO {Glee's Director of Photography}
** @adamlambert just counting the days, mr.!

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Other Videos -
YT: From 2012: Adam Lambert is getting ready to perform with Queen (and he's so adorable he will melt your heart)

Concert Videos –
YT: Oldie from Feb 25 2013, NCOE from Nagoya, Japan, source for hair gif in Photos

Audio –
beatport: Digital Glitter - Oh My Ra (Deep Mixes) {includes purchase option)
beatport: Digital Glitter - Without U (Fonzerelli Top Gun Remix) {includes purchase option}

Concert Videos -
YT: Flashback Friday: Adam Lambert - Come Home - Upright Cabaret 12/31/08

Audio -
Mediafire: 30 second LMD snipped w/download link
Apple: 1:30 LMD snippet!!!!
Mediafire: Longer snippet w/download link

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

ScorpioBert has posted a new set of Aftee pictures .... including this one
Montage of Adam's fashion from Musicfashionland
A picture from Cherry Soda Studios ... and another link
Adam and Markus at brunch thinking about Katy Perry :)
Divas From The Deep pool party picture ... and Another picture!

Green Shirt Worn Two Ways and Flames Coming Out of My Frickkin Head in the Green Shirt gif
Green Shirt circa 2010-ish
Green Shirt Out with Drake
Green Shirt Being Interviewed in Canada
Green Shirt Montage
Four Favorite Photos from Buder
Adam, Nile and Avicci in the Studio
Zodiac Show gif
Lilybop's new Zodiac gifs
Amazing Photobuckets full of Adam from ... Mezmirized ... Gelly ... and Illuxxia

Always listening
Whoa, thighs!
Facebook photo album: Adam Lambert @ Nile Rodgers Dance Party 2013

glammax's favorite AFTEE photo from the Backstage Bloggers photoset
maddie's favorite AFTEE photo from the Backstage Bloggers (Perfect Profile Alert!)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes...Queenbert Photo
Gamlien drawing of Adam and Sauli

Cartoon: “Adam Lambert Again?”
A Thursday Throwback
Last Year’s Fashion Week look (scroll down a little)
Amazing sexy orgasmic gif!!! Even his hair has sexy moves Source: NCOE in Nagoya, Japan

Flashback Friday: Screencap of Adam's THR w/bb Adam in his highchair
Adam is double trouble!
Lay Me Down fan art :)


Livestream: Livestream for the iTunes Festival
iTunes Festival: Itunes Festival Lineup
Instagram: Pool party info
CBS: Electric Zoo - Drug-Related Deaths Lead to NYC Concert Cancellation
Buder's Amazing Photo Files
THR: Idol's dream team is for "the show's key older female demographic"
Buzz Feed: What It’s Like Being The Oldest BuzzFeed Employee

Author:  glammax [ Sun Sep 15, 2013 8:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Just some hugs from Adam this week ...

Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: September 8 - 14, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

at40: Adam Lambert Believes Freddie Mercury Would Approve of Queen Collabo

IX Daily: Adam Lambert Lays Down Some Vocals For Avicii
Biggestleeker: When real news doesn’t leek fast enough…SPOILER ALERT! Adam Lambert's role on GLEE leeked

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Silver Screen Hero
PopWrapped: Glee Exclusive: Adam Lambert's Second Song Revealed ... and Previous article revealing first song

Brian May: Brian May blog post on his Queen/Lambert twitter poll
MJs Big Blog: New thread on MJ about Glee songspoilers
News.iheart: iHeartRadio’s Throwback Thursday: Adam Lambert’s ‘Idol’ Audition {made the rounds of iHeart stations}
Spin: Spin Magazine review of ‘True’ (quick mention of Adam)
Fuse: Listen: Avicii Recruits Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers for "Lay Me Down" (includes link to listen)
AlbumConfessions: Blogger on LMD: “I'm going to be honest, the track is perfect” (includes audio)
The Home Planet: Chunkey Monkey walks us through the emotions of hearing LMD

HuffPo Entertainment: Adam Lambert, Avicii Premiere New Song 'Lay Me Down' (LISTEN)
White Raver Rafting: True reivew w/A++ comments about LMD inc. Grammy talk
Dancing Astronaut: Another great True review w/more Grammy talk for LMD
Brian May: Brian's blog: SUGGESTIONS FOR SONGS WITH ADAM ... and he's packing!!

EDM Tunes: Avicii – Lay Me Down (ft. Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers) ... review from September 9
MTV UK: Avicii Blows Roof Off The Roundhouse At iTunes Fest
Brian May: QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT ... includes YT of London #3 show from last year
Twitter: Scan of letter iHeart winners received: Queen+Adam will be Friday finale "with a few special surprises"

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page
realadamlambert on tumblr

From Adam:

** RT@JordanMeehan:Oh my god. LIVING for this snippet of "Lay Me Down"!! Slay me, @adamlambert. My body is ready.… #LayMeDown
** Sangin
** @crazyforadam all the time ! ,) {responding to: @adamlambert did u ever wake up and think.."Wow, I have a realllly coooool life!!" :)}
** RT@leecherry: New @jasonyangviolin @daftpunk medley video. Shot by me @CherrySodaStdio all natural light. share/like/fav/rt!

** @BoyGeorge: Vote Boy George

** Join me and take the @TrevorProject #TalkToMe pledge today! Watch and share
** The @capitalcities album is soooo fresh.
** RT@nilerodgers: You can do everything better in a @Dior suit - but if you can't it sure fells better
** RT@IslandRecords: Become the "ambassador" of your favorite track from @Avicii's new album "True"! Full details here -

** .@jodieharsh
** Rumors are funny, pesky lil things.
** What I'm sayin is- the rumor mill warps the facts. Be patient lil Glamhoppers: wait and see. ;)
** @DrBrianMay hahaha. ;) {responding to Brian's tweet about rumors: @adamlambert Yep. Bumholian things. Bri X}

** shehashadit's photo

** ... 1814573056 {LMD tweet from Official Charts}
** FRIDAY THE 13th! Yaaaaaas
** Support indie artist @misterwillett{responding to requests from help w/project}
** @SeanWalshMusic thanks man. Was fun! {responding to: Just had the pleasure of recording @adamlambert... I mean.. Dude can SING. #goosebumps” WOOOT !!}

From Others:

** Check out 'lay me down' by @Avicii feat @adamlambert and @nilerodgers at no. 4 on @hypem
** 'Lay me down' by @avicii feat @adamlambert and @nilerodgers at number 2 on @hypem twitter chart
** no.1 on @hypem @Avicii feat @adamlambert and @nilerodgers
** @adamlambert Have you ever stood infront of the mirror and you were like 'bitch please,I'm fabulous!!'? lol

** @adamlambert Oh, you adorable thing! So sweet! x

** @AdamLambert has major swagger. He would make a great judge on one of the music shows
** @adamlambert Thanks for your support Adam! #TalkToMe #TrevorTalk

** That time a few weeks ago when I was in the Hamptons and found @adamlambert on a studio couch chillin'.
**@JaredLeto as Adam Lambert @adamlambert as Jared Leto This is Weird, Funny, Scary!!omg!
** Adam Lambert is going to be singing Gaga's 'Applause' on Glee. I think he just broke the Internet.
** I see a lot of bitching re: Adam/Glee/Song selection. If you want, he can go back to doing nothing...
** OK, guys, let me open a whole new can. WHAT would you like to see Adam Lambert sing with Queen next week? Bri @manekinekohere @adamlambert
** Wow ! Thanks for a great and informative response to Queen/Adam Lambert songs you wanna hear. I'll tell you what you voted for most ..
** OK. Way out in front WWTLF. ( 20%) Then TSMGO. (10%). Then KQ, AOBTD, WATC, UP all at about 6%. Then DA, STL, IWTBF, Gaga, WWRY, IWIA, FBG.
** About 90 songs got at least 1 vote, I think, in all. Amazing. But the winners were surprising to me. Well, THANKS ! Keep suggesting ! Bri
** We'll have a think, and maybe throw in something surprising. I note a lot of desire out there for David Bowie to join us. T'would be cool.
** And for Adam to split his pants. Well, that's showbiz ! ;-) Bri
** FYI, in the car I'm a rockstar. I've got my drum set (steering wheel), air guitar, & a voice like Adam Lambert. Boom.

** “@adamlambert: What I'm sayin is- the rumor mill warps the facts. Be patient lil Glamhoppers: wait and see. ;)” soooo worth the wait ;)
** @Popjustice yes Peter pop. Lots.{responding to: @shoshannastone @adamlambert Is something good happening?!}
** DMG replied “I have not heard any of those rumors! We have him in the studio working on his record! ” adam is working hard on his record
** WELP, it's midday disco dance party o'clock: Listen to @Avicii's "Lay Me Down" ft. @adamlambert and @nilerodgers
** #tbt #bff my boy! realadamlambert #wicked days
** The episode 4 of Glee season 5 (with Adam) is the 7 NOVEMBER
** JFC, he saaaang the shit outta that song while hungover lol. That's rock star illuminati shit right there lololl.

** #tbt Partying it all All the way up at some party with Mr. POV( Prince of Darkness) himselF
ben_hebert {The guy who wrote the White Raver Rafting review of True}
** Adam Lambert fans found my review and Grammy prediction. Now going crazy sharing. The world is good to me today.
** .@bmoschetti @scorpiobert @14gelly Powerful stuff from your boy @AdamLambert on that track! Wasn't paying attention before, now I have to.
** OMG Avicii played Lay Me Down on BBC Radio 1 just now and he said "It's the last song I did for the album and IT'S MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!!!"
** Avicii also said "I am amazed from the feedback this track got!!!!!!!" He listens people!!!!!! He knows!!
** Avicii choose "Lay Me Down" as the essential new tune on BBC Radio 1 and said it was his personal favorite from his new album #True !!!
** First radio 1 play for #laymedown @adamlambert @Avicii @nilerodgers - and avicii tells them its his favourite track on the album :)))
** So last night...who's lurking in the dark at warehouse dj party? Adam Lambert...wearing metal arm braces.

** More @iHeartRadio tickets for sale if you have $$$$! via Floor even! $395-$3,350 -
** The @adamlambert / @nilerodgers collaboration on the @Avicii album #True is disco FIRE! The rest of the album is pretty juicy, too! :)
** AVICII FACT: If @Avicii's favourite track on #TRUE is Lay Me Down that means it's definitely going to be a HIT and possibly the next Single
** Queen + Adam Lambert 2 be the finale act for night 1 of the #iHeartRadio festival. Concert set to go till midnight but typically runs long.
** For those asking how I know, it was on my itinerary emailed from the folks who are coordinating travel/rooms/tickets for contest winners.
** Lots of new music to play at @Metro411Kzoo 2nite! New #KatyPerry #Avicii #AdamLambert and much more! Kicking things off at 10pm! #Kalamazoo

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Download -
sendpsace: LMD Ringtone

Other Videos -
YT: From May 2013: Collection of clips of some of Adam's live performances
YT: From January 2013: "Va Va Voom" – the man can move!

Other Videos –
AdamLambertObsession: Adam's AI Performances: Live vs. Rehearsal

Other Videos –
smugmug: Lilybop's newest LMD lyric video (and tons of gifs)

Audio –
tumblr: Glamberthu posted LMD on Tumblr
YT: LMD HQ audio
Soundisstyle: Entire True album stream

Concert Videos -
Mediafire: LMD from iTunes Festival (w/download option)

Audio -
BBC: Avicii podcast: LMD at approx 1:01:00 w/Avicii saying LMD was essential track and his fave!!!

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Adam changed his profile picture on his Albert Mada FB page ... and Also changed his timeline picture to fanart
'Lay me down' by @avicii feat @adamlambert and @nilerodgers at number 2 on @hypem twitter chart

Too Pretty - Needs an Encore
New Photos from Labor Day Pool Party
WITWIAL fan art!

Chrome Ash Platinum realness from the Blonds Spring 2013 show at Milk Studio in New York
Adam and Brad Wete, a features editor at Billboard, as tweeted by Brad
This is all kinds of wrong...Adam as Jared Leto, Jared as Adam
Patience, Glamhoppers...

Adam and Spencer “#Wicked Days” posted by Spencer
Gif of Adam twirling, AKA maddielistening to LMD
lilybop’s gifs from 2009 Elle photoshoot (includes video)
A choice gif from Elle photoshoot
Awesome Mashup of Adam’s face with Gaga’s in Applause makeup ...and direct link in imageshack

Throwback Thursday from Johnny Rice: Adam and Johnny at Halloween 2010 (?)

Adam's new FB profile and timeline pictures


Glee Funny Girl Marquee
YT: Parody video by William Belli, Detox, and Vicky Vox - "Blurred Bynes"
1iota: Seat fillers needed for iHeartRadio Festival
Billboard: Avicii: The Billboard Cover Story
YT: Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal
Pulse Recordings: Info on Sean Walsh
Lavo: Avicii's Album Release Party - Tuesday 9/17

Author:  glammax [ Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: September 15 - 21, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

WinStar World Casino: Announcement Adam's New Years Eve Gig ... and Link to Purchase Tickets
Rolling Stone: TRUE review
MTV: Avicii Wanted to Work with Nile Rodgers Way Before Daft Punk
Atopia: Queen + Adam Lambert Rehearsal Report

Newsday: Avicii's 'True' review: EDM that crosses over
Mmyy9LJ: How to listen to iHeartRadio US Stations / watch live stream while you are away from the US
HitFixMusic: Avicii's new album, 'True,' expands far beyond EDM's borders: Album review
MJSBigBlog: Glee Season 5: Adam Lambert Spoiler Update (Changes Have Been Made)
BeatDrop: ‘True’: Avicii’s Genre-Defying Album [Beatdrop Review]

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: The Unveiling
MTV Buzzworthy: ... September Should Just Be Renamed ADAM SEPT-AMBERT! (PHOTOS)
NY Times: Review of "True" by Jon Caramanica, featuring positive Adam mention

AWOP: Winky brought over spoilers for Queen+AL set w/link to source Review of True with mention of LMD as “absolutely perfect track”
brianmay: Brian’s post that their iHeartRadio slot will be 35 minutes
huffingtonpost: Adam Lambert Will Sing Lady Gaga's 'Applause' On Upcoming 'Glee' Episode
Gleekoutbr.tumblr: Song spoiler for Glee episode 4 (Hint: Marry the Night)
Billboard: Fun. to Perform With Queen at iHeartRadio Music Festival (Updated)
ONTD LJ: Glee spoiler: “Glee to capitalize on manufactured Katy/Gaga feud in an episode”

PopDust: Let’s Break Avicii’s Debut Album “True” Down Into Musical Math Problems!

News Observer: Old school rules at iHeartRadio music festival {This AP review is getting picked up everywhere}
Billboard: iHeartRadio Music Festival Friday: Katy Perry Roars, But The Old School Soars
LV Sun: Review LOVED Queen kind of meh on Adam "Lambert grew a moustache in honor of Mercury."
iHeart: Seven things that sparkled at the iHeartRadio Music Festival day on ... #3 Adam Lambert's ravishing shoes
Rolling Stone: Queen and Adam Lambert Dominate Night One of iHeartRadio
THR: Adam Lambert, Queen Bring the iHeartRadio House Down
Rolling Stone: Major berting from Brian May in an article about how Queen hooked up with fun.

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Adam's super secret Facebook page
realadamlambert on tumblr

From Adam:

* #Artpop
** RT@BenPT_s: @adamlambert @Avicii Lay me down is so good! I want to dance! #True
** RT @adrinaglambert: The(True) album with a song from @adamlambert is number #1 in 44 iTunes countries
** First day of rehearsal w @QueenWillRock for our iHeart Radio set on Friday. What a treat to once again share the stage w Rock Royalty. #WWRY

** "We all bleed, bleed the same. If you get the picture leave it out of the frame"

** @PattiHum "GOING IN" check urban dictionary gurl ;)
** @PattiHum then... "TASTY LUCK" {Screencap of Twitter lyric discussion}
** Let's keep pushing Lay Me Down up the chart Glamberts! You're all so passionate! Thank you. ;)

** @MotleyCrue !
** @nilerodgers HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
** @yanismarshall yes diva! Your videos are BEYOND! Liiiiive {responding to: @adamlambert is following me on Twitter!!! How Crazy is this bitches!!! #LoveAdamLambert}

** I can't wait for #IHeartRadio tonight to sing with @QueenWillRock! Livestreams at:, starting at 7pm PT! We r on @12!

** #iheartradio #queen #rockaintdead (he deleted picture; fans already saved lol)
** #queen #iheartradio #gettinhandsy #lovemyfans
** #fun. #queen #gettinchummy #hydrating
** #queen #iheartradio #openmouthedsmilefordays #timeofmylife
** #queen #iheartradio #feelinitdeep #saintlaurent
** #queen #iheartradio #discoballdrama
** #queen #iheartradio #brianmayisarockgod

From Others:

** define adam lambert
** @CheekySmoshyPie adam lambert: the nicest and funniest gentleman on american idol season 8 with a...
ohnonotjussi {From Friday 9/13}
** @adamlambert wanna go get tatted tonight!?

** @3ku1 @adamlambert working on a fun future project with Adam too. Stay tuned!
** LOL guy at Winstar said they have had calls all day long about Adam. had no idea he was that big.......he does now ;)

** Excellent first day rehearsing in Las Vegas with the stupendous voice of Adam Lambert. Wow. Somehow the timing feels good. Bri
** AHHH! @adamlambert we LOVEEEEE your new song w/ @Avicii #rockstar
** This @Avicii record kills... love hearing @adamlambert on "Lay Me Down." Nice job, homie!
EBUNC1 according to twitter bio, music director for B96 radio
** I would agree! RT @ColtonLHaynes: The stand out song on @Avicii 's new album is "Lay Me Down" by @adamlambert ...what a killer track
** SORRY FOLKS Audio & Video feed for @iHeartRadio Festival - @QueenWillRock @DrBrianMay #RogerTaylor @AdamLambert - US Australia & NZ only
** Who wore it better? @ladygaga or @adamlambert
** Just had a great lunch with my boo @adamlambert now I have the pleasure to be in rehearsal with #queenbert and @FUN #rockandroll! #queen!
** Sorry @FUN is just in the same rehearsal hall my bad but my best friend @adamlambert has one of the best voices ever in the world. #wow
iTunes Music @iTunesMusic
** @Avicii closed a booming #iTunesFestival set with "Lay Me Down." Find it on True, our #EditorsChoice.

** Skip to 6:29 to hear @Avicii saying that Lay Me Down is Definitely going to be a single! ... ew/s-8yz2X
** Elvis Duran just went NUTS for Lay Me Down on his morning show!! Played a bit of it and just gushed- yippee!!!!!!!! @adamlambert
** @Cattituude lol. Oh Glamberts / Glamhoppers, you are funny. Not fretting about rumours anymore then? ;)
** #NP "Lay Me Down" by @Avicii, @adamlambert & @nilerodgers. Great pic by IG user @adamlambertpic!

** Adam Lambert & Queen's Roger Taylor backstage after Motley Crue premiere
** Adam Lambert will perform with Queen this wknd for IHeart radio festival at MGM
shirleyhalperin 3m
** For those @adamlambert fans wondering what time he + Queen will hit the @iheartradio stage, my sources say 11:59pm on Friday night!
** More @iHeartRadio news: @adamlambert + @QueenWillRock + @OurNameIsFun's Nate Ruess are scheduled to play for 35 mins >> sad trumpet
** Lay Me Down! RT @Avicii - What's your favourite track from the album #TRUE? #favTRUEtrack
** It's funny when some little blogs write nonsense then other little blogs pick it up
** @SweetReunion22 if we haven't confirmed it, don't believe it
** @Chande87 all nonsense...
** @Cattituude he was never asked to do drag. So silly. Completely made up. And the song info is wrong too. In reply to: @shoshannastone I'm gonna take a wild guess it's the same little blog I tweeted you about yesterday.…
** @purpIegirll ha! And complete rubbish ;) In reply to: @shoshannastone but I like how Adam got the show to entirely re-write their script to his liking right before filming started -thats clout!
** Sound check @iHeartRadio Las Vegas today with @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert
** Took one for the team and just peeked in the Pink P. Someone just posted Shosh's tweets with "Let's see if this makes it past the mod" LOL
** Her Highness's response to that first Shosshhh post - deleted it and "Edit: not when you're an ass about it" BWWAAAHAAAHAAA!
** Good Seeing you and Roger...RT @adamlambert: @MotleyCrue !
** Fun.'s Nate Ruess to Join Adam Lambert for Queen Performance at iHeartRadio Fest
** Our music teacher played us Adam Lambert's Trespassing from YouTube to show us good live performers... I like him even more
** Aftermath remix now playing at MGM pool! @adamlambert
** At 35 mins, Queen +@adamlambert's Friday set is longest of the @iHeartRadio festival. Paul McCartney, Elton John, Timberlake play for 30.
** Watching Adam lambert and queen do their sound check for iheartradio. Sounds amazing
** Oh man. You guys are really going to enjoy this queen / Adam Lambert show. I'm one of the official photogs. I'll get lots of pics for you
** So, ultimately, @aloeblacc, @nilerodgers, @adamlambert, etc. all agreed on the "no featuring" credit with @Avicii.
** Call MGM right now, they're releasing tickets.
** OMFG just heard @adamlambert and @QueenRockBand rehearsing thru the arena doors & I am one big goosebump!

** Reportedly ??? @iHeartRadio ... c-festival … …
** @adamlambert All we need is Radio Gaga... break a leg, Bud!
** @CissatrixShow yes I heard Adam Lambert is doing it I'm so excited! He's very talented and perfect for the song cause he's glammer
** Vegas bound!!!! I <3 radio here we cum!
** Omg Radio 1 are playing LMD!!!!!
** Avicii – Lay Me Down - September 20, 2013 at 09:56PM
** Vegas baby.
SheckyGreen {Jonathan Shecter, Dir.of Programming Wynn Las Vegas Nightclubs}
** -#NowBlasting this @Avicii X @nilerodgers collabo 'Lay Me Down' <- Disco groove with a modern touch, just as we hoped!

** . #iHeartRadio @officialellenk @adamlambert @elvisduran
** T minus one #iHeartRadio hour - @adamlambert + Queen's Brian May meet up in a backstage hallway htti://
** Loving you, Lambert! With @MyUncleJohnny, @AlexCsi, @drunkjimmy13 and @adamlambert. #iHeartRadio
** Katy talking about Adam!!! Saying he has an amazing voice!!! :DDDDDDDD
** Adam Lambert really seems to have grown into the role of Queen's singer. #iheartradio
** Like this conservative, all-black look on Adam Lambert, like a cross between Elvis & Robin Thicke. #iheartradio
** @adamlambert's voice right now! Are you hearing this?! Freddy would definitely be proud! #LIVEatMGM #iheartradio
** @adamlambert SING, muthafuka!!!!
** Quite possibly the best version of Who Wants To Live Forever heard it sung tonight @adamlambert @QueenWillRock
** Who's the radio contest winner singing Somebody to Love?
jasonlipshutz {Editor at Billboard who wrote the fabulous review}
** Queen and Adam Lambert open with "Bohemian Rhapsody" intro then "Another One Bites The Dust." Lambert sounds FANTASTIC live
** It's just unfair to confine this Queen/Lambert performance to 35-ish minutes.
* Already a fan of @adamlambert, but this performance with Queen is NEXT LEVEL!!! #iHeartRadio Music Festival”
** oh god and baby Jesus...@Queen + @adamlambert+iconic pop voice blowing roof off #mgmgrand #iHeartRadioMusicFestival
** When Queen picked Adam lambert to sing for them, I knew it was perfect. people hated it. Now he's trending cause all those people are in awe
** The BEST I have seen Adam Lambert look Ever. And sound? Well then... Adam got some of his due tonight. Long time coming. #iHeartRadio
** Also Adam Lambert is KILLING it right now performing with Queen! And his Swarovski crystal high heel boots are a YES. #iheartradio
XSP4 {D.J. Hoge, Clear Channel executive}
** Queen fronted by Adam Lambert was an awesome way to end day #1!! Adam Lambert's voice is simply ridiculous. #iHeartRadio
rcapnelson {was on Adam's RCA team}
** @adamlambert I hear you stole the show at iHeart. Happy to hear that!
** RT @shoshannastone: ... rs-but-the love this review @adamlambert {Get down Adam. This such a strong review}
** ....last night was pure Magic!!! U KILT ITTT @adamlambert!!! We love u. Xoxo, the Fam @QueenWillRock #iHeartRadio
** Just a little heads up 4 all u men out there: 1. Don't ever have your picture taken with @adamlambert 2. Don't EVER sing on the same song!
Andy {Andy Cohen}
** obsessed w/ the @avicii @adamlambert @NileRodgers song. what's not to love?
** The new Avicii ft. Adam Lambert "Lay Me Down is unbelievable. Wow!
** @QueenWillRock @DrBrianMay @adamlambert my New painting dedicated to legend of music Adam and "Queen"#fanart

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Concert Videos -
Mediafire: Lay Me Down at iTunes Festival courtesy of alikat1323

Audio -
Juicefm: Avicii radio interview with LMD/Adam section

Audio -
Soundcloud: Elvis Duran discussing Avicii, "True" and gushing over LMD
Soundcloud: In Demand UK interview with Avicii - LMD discussion @ 6:29

Concert Videos -
YT: Queen + Adam Lambert: iHeart Radio Music Festival Full Show in HD
YT: WWTLF Queen plus Adam Lambert from artistsupporter
YT: iHeart videos from riddle601b

Interview Videos -
iHeart: Pre-show interview with Queen: Adam has one in a billion voice!!!!

Audio -
soundcloud: Queen + Adam Lambert ft. Nate Ruess- 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram

From ShuiYe
There's a new picture possibly from last night
Much bigger .... a new tattoo thing maybe? working on his tattoo sleeve? ... source

Adam in his ARTPOP wig ... and Another
Bringing Back....Dragon Attack

"We all bleed, bleed the same. If you get the picture leave it out of the frame"
Pic from Saturday at the disco
Another pic from Saturday at the disco
Funny fan art

Flaily!Adam gifspan in celebration of Avicii declaring that LMD will be the next single
Adam photo collage tweeted out by @TheAMAs
gif of Adam dancing in lovely tight red pants
Google search results: "twirly adam lambert gif"
Another twirly Adam gif

”The Three Amigos” and scroll down for Backstage at Motley Crue concert Wed night
”Trust a Bitch”
From Atopia ... Far away shots of rehearsal and soundcheck @ MGM
Pics from the rehearsal and soundcheck

Photographer who took this picture is taking BTS pictures at iheart
To get us ready for tonight: Adam with Brian and Roger ... and Dramatic Queenbert gif ... and Pic/gif-spam ;)
Leaked set list for Queen+AL

Pre-show interview and other pictures plus screencaps from Queen+AL rehearsal video
Brian and Adam in action during iheart
Pre-show cupcake; Joy Boy Perorming; Badass Mofo; post show snarl! ... and Getty Images source
Adam Pictures: All professional pictures from iHeart Radio Music Festival
Slide show from iHeart ... picture relevant to our interests
Adam and Brian in a stare off! ... and bigger is better!
Full size Adam and Brian
Beautiful posed shot of Adam .. iHeartRadio also posted on their instagram
Nic9701 dares us to stop looking at this gif!
iHeart pictures from Zimbio
Fan art of Adam and Brian May


Visual aid w/seat location snagged by Mary and boys3girls0 for the iHeartRadio Music Festival!
Instagram: LaStupenda’s winning LMD video in the Avicii Song Ambassador contest
Amazon: Brian May will be signing copies of his book Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell in Oct in NY
AWOP: Cupcake brought over some of MJ's epic meltdown about debunked Glee rumors

Author:  glammax [ Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: September 22 - 28, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

USA Today: Brian Mansfield's "review" of IHR #2.
Twitter: Someone capped convo w/Shosh re possible future Queen+AL concerts
THR: iHeartRadio Fest: 10 Things Seen and Heard on Night Two

iheart: Adam Lambert Re-Unites with Queen and Closes the iheartradio Music Festival
The Backlot: Adam Lambert and Queen Rock the iheartradio Festival
Twitlonger: Compilation of tweets from @peacevehicle regarding the Elvis Duran interview
AWOP: Screencap of twitter convo w/Shoshanna re Queen+AL

Twitter: Brian talks about hearing Adam sing WWTLF for first time in Russian interview {Source: Adam Official}
Twitter: Brian answers question of how Queen came to perform at S8 finale in Russian interview!
YahooVoices: Top 10 Pop Singers of 2013 – Adam is #1! (fan written article)
AWOP: Source unknown but awesome comments from Queen fan about Adam
NME: A+ comment left on Queen article that focused on Nate vs. Adam

davidatlanta: Staying 'True': Avicii Opens Up About His New Album
The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Queen of Hearts
iheart: Top 25 Moments of the iHeart Radio Music Festival
iheart: Queen calls Adam Lambert's voice "one in a billion" at the iHeartRadio Music Festival
CWTV: iHeart Radio Music Festival on The CW with a link to help you find your local CW station
RequestAdamLambert: Queenbert songs available for request on Top 40 stations!

TVGuide: 6 Reasons to Get Pumped About the New Season of Glee (Adam and Demi are #5)

DailyStar: Wake up call for DJ Avicii ... {just the bits about Adam thanks to Boca Babe}
Daily Mail: Lea Michele's pictures from set made it to the UK
SomethingElseReviews: ‘He has this tremendous charisma’: Queen’s Roger Taylor showers praise on Adam Lambert

BroadwayWorld: Sexy Sneak Peek Of GLEE's Lady Gaga 'Applause' Tribute
AWOP: Queen+AL iHeart Radio recap from glitterbert
AWOP: Queen+AL iHeart Radio recap from SB1965

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Adam's super secret Facebook page
realadamlambert on tumblr

From Adam:

** #eltonjohn #duckface ... His Vegas show is soooo good.
** @keshasuxx and co. are putting on one hell of a show!!!
** terrancespencer's photo
** RT@LoveMrSpencer: Oh shit Vegas
** Fam and Friends!
** For anyone who missed it: #iheartradio @QueenWillRock in Vegas!
** #shafted
** terrancespencer's photo
** drbrianmay

** My happy place.... Where I feel the most like Me.
** @samantharonson hahah thanks girl! {responding to: @adamlambert nice ass}
** @MileyCyrus performance of Wrecking Ball at the iHeartRadio festival was fantastic. Just watched it online.... Real emotional connection.
** @alexanderdeleon well thank you, handsome! You're pretty talented yourself. {responding to: watching iheart festival videos. @adamlambert is way too good at singing. leave some talent for the rest of us! geez.}

** RT@NayaRivera: Happy glee day! Heading to work with @adamlambert @ddlovato @msleamichele @chriscolfer now!
** .ddlovato, @chriscolfer, @NayaRivera, and @missleahmichele #gleeseason5 #newfriends

** @nilerodgers YO! Show ya all the moves I know! {responding to: @AdamLambert I'm going all the way to Calico. I hope you're well. Avicii, says yo. Nile}
** Sassafras Saloon

** RT@SashaAllenMusic: FUN.... adamlambert

From Others:

Andy {Andy Cohen}
** obsessed w/ the @avicii @adamlambert @NileRodgers song. what's not to love?
** The new Avicii ft. Adam Lambert "Lay Me Down is unbelievable. Wow!
** OMMMMMMG @jtimberlake just shook @adamlambert moms hand!!!!!!!! #iHeartRadio
** Hanging w @adamlambert @iHeartRadio #iHeartRadio backstage. Love him!!!!
** Heyyyyyyy lookie who I saw at #iheartradio #nobigdeal
** LOL. I happened to have captured Adam and mom in my JT clip. Now uploading in 30 mins. :D
** :))) negativeneil's post on Vine: via @YouTube
** Sexy #meninblack @adamlambert w the homie @coltonlhaynes #afterparty #vegas #goodtimes #vip

** Massive thank you @adamlambert! You tore it up at the iHeartRadio Festival. And, as always, you gave great interview. Xoxoxo
** Attention Glamberts! @adamlambert VIP Packages will be available for NYE! More details coming Wednesday at 10am!
** OMG Insider just did segment on Queen & Adam Lambert & Yahoo Music's @lyndseyparker said Adam was highlight of #iHeartRadio "He Killed It!!"
** PHOTO OF THE DAY: @adamlambert rocks the #iHeartRadio Music Festival with @QueenWillRock
** On way home now & heard Nikki Six's radio show on local station...told everyone that Queen came to see them in Vegas..with Adam Lambert! \0/

** @adamlambert u sharing this photo my mom & I took with that caption means more then u will ever know! That night was so special! Luv u so!
@adamlambert Hey! Mario Lopez just gave BIG compliment to U and Queen! Yup another clip! #ResistanceIsFutile!!!
Adam Fan @rockgoadam
** @adamlambert Please listen to NY Rock station tonight, Carol Miller to play Queen / Adam between 8pm - 10pm

** Moment of silence for all those recordings Adam has done that we will never hear. :'(
** Adam, what are you singing here? The lyrics are a bit muffled!
** 1 of the 3 New Songs done between @Avicii, @adamlambert & @nilerodgers is about 'going down on a girl' AND Adam co-wrote & sang it to DEATH!
** The song is called "Lady Lunch" lllllolol
** I need to hear Going Down For The People (Even Tho it Ain't My Thing) NOWWWWWWW
** Next album: Tongue Diving 2.0

Facebook: LYNN CAREY SAYLOR {Source}
** Adam was very sweet and truly acts interested in meeting you and gives you great eye contact. My friend politely asked for a photo with him at the same time as someone he knew distracted him that he talked to for a bit. But right after he was done talking to that person, he came right back over and said to her, "I'm back to take a picture with you". The fact that he remembered and came back to her was very cool. Makes me know he is very grateful for his fans and wants to leave them with a good impression of him. Brian is the same way with his fans, also.
** The community of Adam Lambert fans ("Glamberts") is absolutely amazing. He definitely creates the kind of loyalty among fans that someone like Elvis did. When you meet him in person, you totally get it, too. He is as charismatic and charming as he is a phenomenal singer and entertainer.
** Adam is one of the sexiest people I have ever met in person. It's wild how much charisma and sex appeal he exudes. It practically leaps off his body at you! LOL. I could care less what he prefers in bed, seriously doesn't make him ANY less sexy!!
** Excited. Adam. Glee. And we're off!!!
brookelipton {associate choreographer at Glee}
** I am in love!!!!!! @adamlambert
** True confession: I've never had a Queen album until the (signed!) collection Adam gave me last year. (But Leila did)
** @konaflower I watched and cried at home {responding to @milestougeaux Did you make it to Vegas Fri night? Awesome to hear it live! Saw an older guy in a Queen t shirt crying after WWTLF, sweet!} ... convo on twitter
KalanaFalana {Glee's behind the scenes content person}
** It's official. We are all in love with @adamlambert. #glee #glamberts

** @TrespassMyAss So good! So sweet! So cute! Nothing but positive things to say. He's such a great fit for glee. Love that he's there.{responding to @KalanaFalana How was Adam?}
** @TrespassMyAss great. He's a natural. No surprise. {responding to @KalanaFalana Actually, how was his ACTING? :)}
** @AdamLambert I'm going all the way to Calico. I hope you're well. Avicii, says yo. Nile
** @adamlambert It sounds so F-ing GOOD! I miss you and hope you're well. Let's link next week if you're avail. N {responding to @nilerodgers YO! Show ya all the moves I know!}
** @adamlambert "I'll do it for the people!!!" Haha. See ya soon
** lol irl if "I'm going all the way to calico, I'll show you all the moves I know" are lyrics to their new song haha. Nice euphemism ;)
** aww Ricky Martin on instagram "congrats Adam! Send the gang a big hug!" #cute
** @nilerodgers @adamlambert he always does! {responding to Nile's tweet to Adam about it sounding to F-ing GOOD}
. @THR I saw @adamlambert perform a great song yesterday. {Naya doing twitter Q&A for THR}
** @adamlambert & @cfritz7 #twocoolguys

** @StaceyHallman @adamlambert is fantastic as a dude and to work with!
** “@StaceyHallman: @adamlambert So excited to see him on Glee!” You'll love him! Cast & crew fell in LOVE w/ him IMMEDIATELY! <3

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Concert Videos -
YT: From fiercealien: iheart part 1 ... and iheart part 2
Google: Great video in HD from ScorpioBert (watch or d/l)

Other Videos -
YT: Neil's vine video staring Elisse and Adam

Concert Videos -
YT: Repeat posting of iheartradio playlist from bayoulady1 (much more has been added)

Other Videos -
Yahoo: Behind the Scenes Video from iheartradio Music Festival
YT: GMA Queen+Adam Lambert at iheartmusic Radio Festival 2013
YT: OMGInsider - Lindsey Parker on Adam

Audio -
Soundcloud: Short Clip from Elvis Duran Radio Show, Talking with Adam
Soundcloud: Queen with Adam Lambert -Iheart Medley - Q104.3 9 -24 2013

Concert Videos -
YT: SB1965's iHeart WWTLF from nosebleed seats

Audio -
Mega: HQ audio from Vegas from @dancygeorgia

Concert Videos -
YT: SB1965's iheart vid of FBG

Other Videos -
YT: PopCandies TV: Adam Lambert enjoys a night w/friends at Hooray Henry's in Weho
YT: PopCandies TV: Adam Lambert plays Peek a Boo with Paparazzi at Hooray Henry's in Weho
AdamPerformances: Five years ago today Adam was getting shoes thrown at him at Upright Cabaret :)

Other Videos -
YT: PopCandies TV: Adam Lambert greets fans while w/friends at Bootsy Bellows in WeHo

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram

@how2girl hanging w/Adam backstage
Adam, Jared Leto, and Rebel Wilson backstage
@lyndseyparker w/Adam backstage
Adam and Elton backstage at Elton's Saturday Vegas show
riddle601's picture of JT going up to Adam and Leila in audience
Gif from Neil's Vine Video
Another picture of Adam, Leila and JT
He didn't need the drawn-on "bone structure."
Fam and Friends
Sexy Men in Black: Adam, Terrance and Colton Haynes
Awesome pix ... Look for the boots!

iheart Laughing gif ... and How is this my life version
Adam + Queen Fan Art No. 1 ... and Number 2
Photo Set from iheart by lilzy ... Some Best in Show photos from this set
Captioned Photo Quoting Dr. Bri
From Screencap - Adam Goes Hard
Performance Photo - from the Rear
Adam Intense Stare
Photo of Adam's Boots - or Something - likes his pants?
Adam at iheart Side View ... and The Same Photo, in Close Up

My happy place.... Where I feel the most like Me
Those pants should be illegal. NOT!
Adam's 2006 post on Tribe -- one of the accounts he forgot to shut down before he went on Idol
Cord skip gif by Lilybop!
Click to make it bigger, but take a breath first!! Happy hot skinny bitch!

Adam gives us a dramatic stare during the iHeart Queenbert performance...with a macro'ed version by maddie!
2 gifs from iHeart - Brian/Adam onstage and Adam backstage telling us all to stay hydrated!
Jumbo sized version of our banner pic...yes, size does matter!
Sexy hip swivel and tongue action gif from 'Dragon Attack'
Two gorgeous Queenbert!Adam performance pics with links to ginormous versions of same!

Brian, Adam, Brian's friend/collaborator Lynn and her friend
Adam shaking it at iheart gif
New set of awesome pictures from iheart ... open2it likes this one ... glammax likes this one
Adam on the set of Glee from JustJared ... Lea Michele's version

Screencap of Adam' instagram Glee cast picture w/Ricky Martin's comment
3 Screencaps of pap video w/good look at Adam's new ink
From pap video ... gif of Adam peeking out HH's door and Rufus outside
Clean shaven pretty Adam w/another guy at HHs

Adam snapped on Friday night by Niko Takes Hollywood
Another picture from Bootsy Bellows ...close up
Adam backstage at iheart w/Tom Poleman President Programming - Clear Channel Media & Entertainment
Gossip Center's pap pictures of Adam leaving BBs ... and good look at his new tattoo
Adam and Sasha Allen .. FOA and she was on The Voice
4 views of Adam's new tattoo sleeve
Adam-Pictures: outside Bootsy Bellow's in Weho ... dude where's my car!!!


HuffPo: Is Daniel Radcliffe REALLY Going play Freddie Mercury in Queen Film?
Alex Deleon from The Cab also posted THIS
Daily Mail: Bieber fans queue for 50 DAYS his Rio concert for best front row spots
AWOP: Listing of possible streams for Glee
YT: SB1965's iheart vid of Elton performing Benny and the Jets ... and 17 seconds of Brian May's guitar playing
Adam's hella pricey YSL stretch black denim pants ... and ditto for the YSL skinny belt
AWOP: Info about iheart being shown on CW w/link to source
AdWeek: Bertolli Makes the Most of Barilla Chairman's Anti-Gay Comments Pro-gay posts in social media
YT: Blues band Adam/Rufus (?) saw at the Sassafras Saloon - Reverend Tall Tree & The Blackstrap Brothers

Author:  glammax [ Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: September 29 - October 5, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

AWoP: Queen+AL iHeart Radio recap from Boys3girls0

Queenonline: Queen + Adam Lambert on iheartradio Festival Highlights Show AGAIN Tonight
iheart: Screencap from email with TV Listing Showing Queen + AFL on Both Nights

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Bootsy Bellows and Sassafras Saloon
Wet Paint: Glee Season 5 Spoilers! Everything We Know: the New Characters — UPDATE
Gigwise: Queen & Adam Lambert: Look, They Really Like Each Other, OK?

PressParty: David Arquette talks Adam Lambert lap dance: "He's a beautiful man" w/audio YT of Howard Stern show
Rolling Stone: Article about Nile ... with extended telling of the LMD story
Celebrity Gossip: Adam Lambert Brings Some Style to Beverly Hills (includes Brian May comments)

Tom+Lorenzo: Adam's perfect Beverly Hills shopping look passed muster ;)
MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: BREAKING! Adam Lambert Looks At His Calendar, Realizes It's October! (PHOTO)

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Adam's super secret Facebook page
realadamlambert on tumblr

From Adam:

** Whew that Breaking Bad finale! Bam! So good.
** Check out my collaboration w @QueenWillRock for @iHeartRadio TONIGHT 8/7c on @CW_network: (different than live stream footage)
** RT@iHeartRadio: SING IT! "We are the champiiiiiiions!" - @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert at the #iHeartRadio Music Festival on @CW_network Wow! What a voice!

** @JOAQUINSEDILLO ;) thanks man! {responding to: @adamlambert Nice job, Tiger... The man comes prepared again.}
** Ooooh @sam_sparro 'a new EP is 90's House Fire! Werk
** From new photoshoot @leecherry @cherrysodastdio (changed it to color!)

** @ActorAllanLouis stars in stage play @AllAboutEsther! ;)

** @HAIMtheband - the Wire. I'm obsessed w this song!
** It's OCTOBER already!
** FIASCO magazine #tbt.
** @JoJoistheway thank u doll! {responding to: @adamlambert Loving the facial hair on u. This profile pic...So sexy !}
** @kirstiealley you have Lemurs? That sounds fascinating. ;) {responding to: @adamlambert Hello Adam! Come see my lemurs sometime.. not a pickup line...although ;)

** @belindaofficial great running into you gorgeous goddess!

** WOW! madonna looks amazing in this terry_world shoot. @lipsnlockslv.
** .@elilieb: NEW COVER!! 'Wrecking Ball' by @MileyCyrus… #WreckingBall #MileyCyrus @YouTube
** @NancySinatra yes a pleasure meeting you the other day as well sweet lady! " Get ready boots"

From Others:

** @adamlambert Big Morning Buzz Live with @CarrieKeagan returns tmw 10am!! when are you coming back?? @VH1 #VH1Buzz

** I heard from friend who works at Clear Channel..."they were all talking about how Adam was amazing" at i Heart. :DD
** Adam Lambert's pants are tight as fuck man I can physically see his balls crying"
** fuck i didnt know adam lambert could sing like that! he a beast"
** i found out how to get more white friends.......praise adam lambert! lol they love him!

Facebook: QUEEN
** Tonight you will see the Queen + Adam Lambert and FUN performance of 'Fat Bottomed Girls'
** my mom just threw my door open very hard and screamed, "WHO'S ADAM LAMBERT?!"
Transcript of iHeart Festival backstage with Queen
** Adam Lambert is going to make a man very happy. He's hot.
** Wow @adamlambert is so hot to me right now. Rocking on that stage. Oh my....

** @adamlambert David Arquette on Howard Stern talking about your beauty and your big d*ck! It's a good day. :)
** @ActorAllanLouis (creative director @adamlambert ) stars in new play @AllAboutEsther
Facebook: Cheyne Hauk
** L' SkooL Hollywood Crew 2009 — with Lucas Martin, Cheyne Hauk, Billy Burgess, Matty Pipes and Adam Lambert.

** @adamlambert <3 {responding to Adam's #tbt tweet}
** realadamlambert like a quick rodeo pump moment
Kirstie Alley
** "@adamlambert: @kirstiealley you have Lemurs? That sounds fascinating. ;)"
beyond! I have many..when back in LA come for dinner and fun!
** @adamlambert sweet dreams
** @Anndrea 13 Yes, they will start with 504 but a couple spots (for Adam & Demi) will come out first. {responding to: @KalanaFalana are you still doing behind the scenes videos for glee? We haven't got one yet!}

** So cool to meet @adamlambert on my way to yoga!!! Happy weekend!! Xx
** If mature womeNancySinatran ran Hollywood, Adam would be the biggest star around. Charmicide.
** So Grandma Nancy Lambert @NancySinatra FINALLY met her neighbor, grandson @adamlambert today for a nice elevator ride!
SharonNicholals {newly minted and berting like a mofo!}
** @adamlambert OK you totally blew us away at #iHeartRadio! GREAT performances
**@adamlambert Now, I get why you have a cult like following from watching #iHeartRadio You're just that good! #AdamLambert
** @MalsDoxy @adamlambert I honestly didn't get Adam's huge following til #iHeartRadio performance, but I honestly hadn't seen him sing B4 WOW!
** @purpIegirll YES that's what I saw which changed my opinion of #AdamLambert I just didn't get him be4 I guess? He's super versatile really {regarding singing with Queen}

** Thank u @adamlambert for the amazing company at dinner tonight and even more so for the advice about men! Time to move on bitch lol ;-)

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Concert Videos -
YT: Fiercealien's vid of WWTLF from the iHeart Radio concert

Other Videos -
YT: Carrie Keagan gets her kiss from Adam at 5:50

Concert Videos -
Billboard: Friday Performance Highlights Featuring Adam Lambert, Queen and Some Other People
YT: iheart Broadcast on CW Courtesy of Scorpiobert

Other Videos -
telly: iheart backstage filmed off TV ... and Another ... and One More

Concert Videos -
YT: New HDTV version of complete iheart QAL w/feedback and loss of vocals fixed!!!
YT: Kaetsa's rip of the latest/best by far, iheart stream

Interview Videos -
CWTV: Brian and Roger being interviewed at iheart ... Very berty indeed
YT: Same backstage interview with Brian and Roger

Downloads -
Wiki: Terra_zephead: 320kbps MP3s of the complete iHeartRadio performance

Audio -
MediaFire: Audio only - BRI ROGER RE ADAM IHEART.mp3

Concert Videos -
CWTV: Full episodes of both nights of iHeart

Other Videos -
YT: Rehearsal footage and FBG performance from iHeart, as aired on the CW

Audio -
Mediafire: David Arquette on giving Adam Lambert a lap dance - as well as Adam's, er, physical attributes;)

Other Videos -
YT: From Terra: iH3art Music Festival 2013: Queen + Adam Lambert Rehearsal & BTS Footage

Concert Videos -

Interview Videos -

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram

Mary, Boys3girls0, and Glitterbert Photobomded Photo
Mary, Glitterbert, and Boys3girls0 photobomb-less version they put in the top left corner of the background montage
View from Mary and Boys3girls0 seats
Looking for another kiss Carrie?
Fault photoshoot gif ... and tons more here

iheart Backstage gif

His smile!
The brothers Lambert & Schmoopy over this backstage scene - gif

Pic!spam #1 - new Twitter avi from Lee Cherry photoshoot, new Twitter banner and a "gangsta" Bootsy Bellow pic
Pic!spam #2 - three photos from Bootsy Bellows, 2 of which including Samuel Larsen of Glee
Another Bootsy Bellows pic

Gansta hat pic cropped to the essentials
It’s October already!
FIASCO Throwback Thursday
Quick Rodeo pump moment -- mostly Markus w/Adam off to the left
Adam goes shopping with friends ... 2 of the UNFY perfect pictures!

Shopping picture collage
Shopping walking gif

Screecap from the BTS of final iheart QAL rehearsal/soundcheck
BTS gif ... Adam and Roger being goofy w/Brian observing


Dailymail: Re: the new tattoo: IMO, there IS a bridge too far!
The New Yorker: Night Club Royale - EDM in Las Vegas
Gawker: The 10 Most Depressing Parts of The New Yorker's E.D.M. Article Ranked
NPR: Adam likes HAIM, sample here
Ssense: Adam's Paul Smith shirt he wore out shopping
Amazon: You too can create collages - there's an app (of course there is!)
AWoP: A Maeve Musing: When a wave comes, go deep

Author:  glammax [ Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: October 6 -12, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

MJsbigblog: Adam's Glee spoilers ... MJ still pushing the drag thing!

fyeahgleeclub: Glee Season 5: Episode 5 and 6 Song and Title SPOILERS!
OMG Insider: Eli Lieb’s Wrecking Ball vid with Adam's picture and tweet

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Shocktober!

Entertainment-Focus: Adam Lambert in new Glee promo ... w/quote from Adam
ALF: First Look at Adam on Glee

MyPortisWaspSays: Adam Lambert shows us How to Sing a Lady Gaga song whilst swinging from a Chandelier

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Adam's super secret Facebook page
realadamlambert on tumblr

From Adam:

** RT@sutanamrull: @manilaluzon @adamlambert et moi at #Giorgio #standard #weho

** Happy Birthday @LoveMrSpencer !

** ... ement-walk
** his boy can SANG @iamjameskenney congrats on X factor
** RT@JustJared: Lady Gaga: 'Aura' Lyric Video - Watch Now!: Check out @ladygaga's new lyric video for Aura....

** Oh kirstiealley! Lemurs!!
** RT@ladygaga: 2ND SINGLE #VENUS Worldwide Release OCT. 27 2013. Descend your discoballs. #TAKEMETOYOURPLANET #TAKEMETOYOURLEADER #TAKEMETOYOURVENUS

** So excited! @GLEEonFOX
** Oktoberfest
** #glee #starchild

From Others:

** Loved seeing @adamlambert at @standardhwood for Disco night! Danced the night away with the hottest queens in town
** “@Maliha_Sallah: @kirstiealley I adore how u acted like a fangirl when tweeting @adamlambert :3” no acting involved . I'm a fan
** Adam Lambert : Mama ..Just killed my fans ..Put a tanktop on and then ..They saw my picture , now they're DED ..

** .@elilieb We're featuring U on #omgInsider @adamlambert RTed it. <3 him <3 it <3 you.
** @adamlambert thanks boo!! Muah! (in reply to Adam's Birthday Greeting)
Ryan Murphy
** Adam is really cool and has great ideas. I love him. {responding to: Has it been fun working with Adam Lambert?}
** Yep {responding to: Please tell me Chris and Adam sing together}

** @adamlambert U Rok my friend. Nice meeting you :). Don't forget the custom Jewelry piece I'll make for you too!
** Aquarian conversation w/ @adamlambert my moon brother ... 56/photo/1

** msleacolchele Yep. {in reply to: @meleacolchele: @MrRPMurphy Please tell me Chris and Adam sing together. Just one song. Please. I'm literally begging on the ground.}
** @adamlambert Thank you brother I feel the SAME way about you! :) {in reply to: This boy can SANG @iamjameskenney congrats on X factor}

** Adam has gone from floorbert to airbert! lol

** ... Glee trailer for Adam Lambert's first episode. Check this out!!

** Nice to see @adamlambert supporting my girl @taylormomsen at the show tonight! #PrettyReckless

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Other Videos -
YT: More disco realness ... a YT from a vine vid

Other Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert BWE Preview
YT: Adam Lambert Leno Mistletoe Skit
Photobucket: VH1 Divas 2012 Opening Skit w/NeNe Leakes

Concert Videos –
YT: Wayback Machine: Purple Haze and WLL, Nov 2010 from open2it

Other Videos –
Fox: ”Glee” trailer for Adam’s first episode!
YT: YouTube version of “Glee” trailer

Audio -
YT: Howard Stern on Adam and Queen

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram

Saturday night at the disco
From Sutan's instagram: Adam, Sutan and Minila at Giorgio on Saturday
Video screencap
Adam and Eli ... and and w/o Eli

Stiped Tank Two Ways
Striped Clothing (and a pillow) Collage
Stripes Since 2008
Striped Pants Shot from Artistic Angle
Oldie but Goodie - Nearly Naked at Burning Man

Moody, liquid, gorgeous eyes, I want you to “Stay
U Rok my friend ... Nice meeting you @lorettalive
Pic spam, handsome man!
@adamlambert my moon brother @ivylevan
I dare you to try to get thinges done macro
Beautiful profile!
More picture spam of the handsome man
New pic via Georgio's

Side-By-Side, Tank Topped, Giorgio's Gorgeousness!
Another version of the It Oughta Be The New Banner Pic pic!
NSFW Fan Art of Nekkid!Floorbert
Just For Comparison...Clothed!GNT Floorbert

Adam fully clothed – every bit as sexy as Adam naked
Two photos and a gif we could look at all day
Screencaps from Adam’s “Glee” trailer
Glee Promo Gif-O-Rama

Glee screencap collage - Aerial!Adam!
Collage of pap shots of Adam at Hooray Henry's Thursday night
More pap pics from X17online
Adam Pictures: All available Thursday pap pictures
Full size ... Adam, Artem and random guy
Adam giving somebody the side eye and then looking incredibly handsome w/links to bigger is better versions
Adam wore the same shoes at the VMAs
Adam and woman at Russian restaurant Mari Vanna
Ryan Seacrest's tumblr is very berty ... Glee pictures, gifs
Adam giving us some JFK Jr. realness and Adam, Artem, and another guy at Russian restaurant in Weho

Adam at Hooray Henry's collage of handsome
Adam got papped at LA Hard Rock ... UNF
Supposedly Just Jared article about Glee, but really just excuse for Adam's LA Hard Rock pictures :)
Adam Pictures: All available pictures from LA Hard Rock


** #Russian owned @LiveJournal IP blocking 'gay content.' Am closing account in protest. #Respect #Equality & #Freedom are #HumanRights. #NOH8
NileRodgers: Today I Experienced Real Fear
Twitter: The view from Craylandia

Author:  glammax [ Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: October 13 - 19, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

SFLA Wish: Adam is confirmed for a charity appearance in Miami on November 2!

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Codename - Starchild
Blogspot: Devenlane's media from the Bridegroom Premiere
WATE: Adam mentioned as an attendee at an LA Fashion Week event
Facebook: Screencap of Allison Iraheta's post on Adam's Facebook page thanking him for his support

SFLA Wish: Make-a-Wish benefit bio for Adam
Edge Publicity: Shosh’s bio for Adam
Socialite Life: Adam…[takes] in Marco Marcos Drag Queen Spectacular at LA Fashion Week

Fontainebleau: Private concert November 30, 2013

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Adam's super secret Facebook page
realadamlambert on tumblr

From Adam:

** What a weekend! Saw @taylormomsen and The Pretty Reckless on Friday night at the HOB. She was great!!!
** Last night I saw the mighty @Pink. Her concert was soooo good!!! Fully inspired.
** Did everyone catch @AHSFX Coven this week? Soo good!!
** @XanderJFarrell @AHSFX hahahaah {Responding to: @adamlambert @AHSFX Yes Ad I did and then had to watch friends after... #baby #scaredandalone #wetmyself}

** Hey Glamberts. Love u. ;) just wanted to say so.

** @ActuallyNPH @HedwigOnBway OMG I can't wait to see this.
** mrrpmurphy's photo woohoo!
** Congrats on a sick fashion show @AshtonMichaelLA !

** RT@Cecycat1: NEW PIC via. roen_mcq: #FashionWeek with my #Husband @adamlambert #LAFW #AshtonMichael #Balmain #RickOwens...
** @Cecycat1. @roen_mcq: #FashionWeek #LAFW you forgot #Mugler, #Givenchy #Dior ... Nice to meet u fashionisto!
** Mom and I at the @ashtonmichaelLA show. #LAFW
** Humbled to be part of this beautiful film! Much respect to @ShaneBitney 's bridegroommovie

** Kiss Boys walking at Marco Marco Show.
** @BonnieMcKee
** RT@instagram Today people are posting Instagram photos of themselves wearing purple for #spiritday in support of LGBT youth
** … @friendmovement
** Glamberts! What are you dressing up for this year??

** Happy Birthday @TommyJoeRatliff !!
** I want to see pictures of u all in your favorite Halloween looks. I will retweet my favorites.

** Adam did RTs for many of the Halloween costume tweets fans sent him!
** Hold your horses
** @lissiemusic

From Others:

** @adamlambert nice to meet you :)
** I can't even ;) ;) @adamlambert
** @adamlambert @Pink life changing moment! The concert, the Treehouse Gang w Adam. No words. ... 33/photo/1
** @adamlambert you will never know how truly thankful I am that you are the person you are, you make me proud of myself !

JOAQUINSEDILLO {Glee's director of photography}
** @voiceworkstk either Ian Brennan, @adamlambert or the lovely @brookelipton {Responding to who came up with idea for Adam to swing from chandelier and rope}
KalanaFalana {Glee's BTS content person}
** @MrRPMurphy Watching @adamlambert's raw interview right now and he is SO charming and adorable and articulate. Thank u for hiring him!

** Count down to Make-A-Wish Ball starring Adam Lambert
** @michaelcapponi Adam Lambert live performance confirmed for Make A Wish
** @adamlambert @ActuallyNPH can't wait to see you there! bring some glitter xxx
** @adamlambert soo handsome ... 68/photo/1
** Excitedly waiting in the theater for the premiere of my friend @ShaneBitney's @BridegroomMovie. (Fan girl moment: Adam Lambert's here...)

** Omg @adamlambert & me! Finally!!!!!! ... 40/photo/1
Facebook: Integrated PR {picture included}
** Blush joined Hollywood's A-list tonight at the Bridegroom Movie premiere with everyone's fave, Adam Lambert, who donated the quintessential song to the award-winning documentary — with Nacho Danjo, Jihae Lee, Adam Lambert, Alisha Budhrani, Angeli Flores, Victoria Chan and Blush at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences/ The Oscars.
** The @PHXFashionWeek team is live at stylefw + look who was spotted at the show: adamlambert!…
** Loving adamlambert's studded #Louboutin boots sitting front row at stylefw #stunner #streetstyle…

** PHOTO OF THE DAY: @adamlambert spotted at the Bridegroom premiere in Beverly Hills
** Hey @adamlambert, now that you and @NancySinatra are neighbors/buds I'm bringin a couple of her album covers next visit. Just sayin...

** @DrBrianMay just said he loves @adamlambert on NYC radio :D They are so cute.
** @lm2718 yes :D Brian said Adam is very cool. He sighed..
** @Canadian_Paula I think in the next episode. {Responding to when will Adam be back on set}
** Adam Lambert was an answer just now on Jeopardy! Something bout *who was the flamboyant AI contestant & said Glam Nation Tour!!
** @adamlambert @ConstantineM Love that I just heard you both were answers on @Jeopardy - very cool. Luv ya both!!! (missed who else was on)

** Son is walking round the house pretending to be on the phone. When you ask who to he says "Adam and John Legend". Lol. Whoops.
** Thanks @adamlambert for coming to our Show!

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Concert Videos -
YT: Way Back Machine: PTL at Winstar

Interview Videos -
DailyMotion: Red Carpet interviews at Bridegroom premiere (Adam @ 1:25)
DailyMotion: Adam Lambert's Glee at Guest Role

Other Videos –
YT: Pap video: Adam & friends arriving at Hooray Henry's

Downloads –
adamwiki: HD Downloads from IHeartRadio Adam+Queen ... scroll down page

Other Videos -
Instagram: Adam's Jeopardy question

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

**NEW NAME** Pictures! Adam's Instagram

Adam went to see Pink last night! And his hair was all floofy ... and source
Adam at Pink concert ... and with the gals sitting behind him ... and one more - changing lives!
God Making Adam Lambert

Glee! .. tweeted by Ryan Murphy
Adam with MileyMyWifee_
Adam at Ashton Michhael’s fashion show with his Mom
Fashion Week with my #Husband @adamlambert ... and source

Getty Images photos from the Bridegroom red carpet
Adam Pictures: All pictures from the Bridegroom premiere
Adam and Leila front row @ AshtonMichaelLA fashion show
Adam being interviewed on the red carpet at the premiere of Bridegroom
Beautiful photo of Adam @ the Bridegroom premiere, courtesy of the OWN
Adam and fan @ZTM86 at the Bridegroom premiere
Perfect face is perfect at the Bridegroom premiere
Adam interviewed on the Bridegroom red carpet, with his mom looking on
Leila with a slightly WTF? look on her face, sitting next to Fierce!Adam at the AshtonMichaelLA show
Picspam: Adam w/fans at Bridegroom premiere ... and this one has comment about OOL being in movie
Adam and Fran Drescher greet each other at Bridegroom premiere ... and then they hug it out (lucky bitch!)
Hot Skinny Bitch on the Bridegroom red carpet
Adam with the @PHXFashionWeek team at stylefw
Up close and personal photos of Adam's Louboutin studded boots! - courtesy of @FHXFashionWeek

3 good ones: from Red Carpet, Marco Marco fashion show, and The Grammys Photo of the Day
Adam and his entourage at Hooray Henry's
Arriving at Hooray Henry's from isopix w/mega watermarks
Adam Pictures: all available pictures of Adam arriving and leaving Hooray Henry's
Adam with William & Detox … and... Promo: Adam will be joining Markus to host Bootsy Bellow's Halloween party
2 beauties: screencaps from pap video outside Hooray Henry's

Pap pictures of Adam leaving Hooray Henry's made into a lulzy gif
From @Kardamdoll - Happy Halloween ... and new/old London picture

Buder's Adam in costume picspam
Adam's hold your horses picture
Adam, Bonnie McKee and unknown guy at LA fashion show
From a pap vid ... Adam beckoning people into Hooray Henry's ;)


AWoPers Who Can't Go to Chicago
Invitation to Ashton Michael’s fashion show – FOA
HuffPo: 'Glee' Ending After Season 6, Ryan Murphy Confirms
Instinct Magazine: Oprah's OWN To Broadcast 'Bridegroom' On Special Night On 'Being Gay In America'
Adorable twins in costumes tweeted to Adam!
Blogspot: Jason In Hollywood: The eye-catching horse sculpture on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood...

Author:  glammax [ Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: October 20 - 26, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Wbig: Brian May talks A LOT about performing with Adam. Also, possible tour!
3rdigalleries: The guy in the picture with Adam and Bonnie is Chris Saunders ... long time FOA and artist

Nostaticav: Testimonials of Adam from the people who provided sound and video for Adam during the AT&T benefit
Futoncritic: Presss release for Glee 5 x 04: A Katy Or A Gaga
tumblr: linksis.gleekto: Song spoiler info for Episode 7

tumblr: From daxterdd: Glee Episode 4 Plot Summary Spoiler
The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Hold Your Horses
Windy City Media Group: 'Bridegroom' Subject Talks About Film and Marriage Equality w/Adam mention
MTV: 'Glee' Cast Chooses 'A Katy Or A Gaga': Get A Look At Their Costumes

Twitter: Screencap of recent tweet indicating Adam might be filming Todrick Hall's new parody video
AWoP: Brian's berting in new interview w/link to source
Blogspot: From Lilybop: Lance Bass Poll - People want to be stuck in an elevator w/Adam Lambert ... gifs and video
AWoP: Info on Adam's Halloween party sponsored by Ciroc Vodka w/link to source

EW: Inside TV: Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room ... w/Glee quote and spoiler from Adam

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr

Adam's super secret Facebook page
realadamlambert on tumblr

From Adam:

** bonniemckee and I at Marco Marco's show
** RT@Strut__LaadyJill: aww great! <333 RT @funkNNsoul: Outlaws of Love by @adamlambert was the last song in @BridegroomMovie - so inspirational.
** More RTs of Halloween costumes from fans
** hope you are having a great Sunday!

** RT@NASHOVERSTREET: Had fun chillin w @adamlambert @Nikkileonti @PaulJolleyAI12 @LukeEdgemon at #WSundayJazz @StationHW last night
** @Iam_KayRenee so proud of u!!

** “@couchlover12: Loving the steals and great competition on the voice @adamlambert”. Wrong ADAM. Again. Lmao.
** Hahaha @NayaRivera @GLEEonFOX this was hilarious

** @NayaRivera lo, lo ciento

** ... angel-food
** RT@MarcSnetiker: Just chatted with @adamlambert about his Nov. 7 #Glee episode 'A Katy or A Gaga.' It's gonna be huge, y'all!
** badgalriri's photo OMG this is stunning
** badgalriri's photo obsessed
** Snakes! From FYE video.
** Last years Halloween

** Halloweenie Genie
** So much fun last night!! Halloweenie Genie ...

From Others:

** Just met Adam Lambert randomly. He is gorgeous LOL!!!

** Look at these beautiful people I'm with! Such a great night! @Nikkileonti @adamlambert @LukeEdgemon @NASHOVERSTREET
** @adamlambert ... 24/photo/1
** @adamlambert So fun seeing your face again last night. You are too sexy for life.
** I met Brian May at the book signing. Very sweet ! Says" there's a possibility Queen and Adam will come to NYC .In talks."
** Brian asked me "Where in NYC did I think they should perform." I said Madison Square Garden or The Barcley Center!"
Dr. Brian May
** I'm thankful grateful and blessed that I can stand here one more time. Bri

** @TimoteoStudio @LanceBass @adamlambert @LadyShawsters @Terrellmusic @CSalvatore @jairodriguez will be at #Halloweenie
** @adamlambert it was my finest moment. Thinking of retiring now. Lol
** VIP package is back at Fountainebleau, Miami Beach, @adamlambert concert. The rep told me to spread the word because going fast!

** Errmm @Avicii and Nile Rogers Lay Me Down #nowplaying. I die, its EVERYTHING what a track!!!
And @adamlambert you've the voice of an angel!
** So its confirmed! I'm playing The Sayers Club on the 29th, and at my dear @adamlambert 's HALLOWEEN party at Bootsy Bellows the 31st!
** The musical performances in 504 are FANTASTIC!!! <3 #joaquinthegleedp

** Tonight Jessica Alba, Khloe Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Carly Rae Jepson, Adam Lambert, and Katy Perry's parents walked past me lol
** Elliott 'Starchild' Gilbert (@adamlambert!) wears @pleaser_shoes boots in 'A Katy or a Gaga' on #Glee

** You like Adam Lambert? I'm in love. Wanna hear a cool story about Adam Lambert?
** @LanceBass @adamlambert Lance will be live on @DirtyPopLive during the event! You can listen in with Adam interview also."
** On set with Adam Lambert and LIVING. #turntup #obsessed #talentcrush @ Sunset Gower Studios

** @adamlambert. Genie comes out of his. Bottle @GMCLA Fred and Jason's 8th Annual Halloweenie event.
** @adamlambert Thank You for supporting and attending @GMCLA Fred and Jason's 8th Annual Halloweenie Event
** Methinks I'm a little underdressed next to @adamlambert. #halloweenie @LogoTV

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Interview Videos -
YT: And yet more berting from Brian ... starting a bit after 9:00 mark
Oprah: Adam Lambert Exclusive: Bridegroom Premiere Red Carpet Interview
YT: YT version of Bridegroom red carpet interview

Interview Videos -
YT: TheWorldmonitortv: pap vid of Adam on Halloweenie red carpet ... interview at 1:40

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram

@YearoftheChamp - met the gorgeous Adam Lambert
Adam with Bonnie McKee
Crop from scrorpiobert
Old picture (circa 2011) of Hans, Chris, Adam, Roxie
He's Perfect
Adam on LA Fashion Week red carpet

At Fashion Week Party from Paul Jolley
Adam's instagram of him and Bonnie w/her #babieslater comment
Pap Photos from Night Out at Chateau Marmont
With Devin Velez
3 pictures of Adam w/same pretty girl at LA W Hotel Fashion Week party
Report of Adam Performing at W Hotel

From scorpiobert: Scantily clad BurningMan!Adam joins in to "Roar" w/cast of Glee! LOL!

Nominations for next banner pic 2 versions of "Sultry in Stripes" and "Smiles in Torn Jeans"
3rd nomination "JFK JR" ... and Close-up, cropped version of JFK JR nominee
4th nom: "Joy!Boy!"
Posted by Allan Louis: “Opening Night @ ‘All About Esther’”
New Starchild performing picture from a Demi fan ... and Full size from Brazil Glee spoiler site

Starchild edit
Adam on set????

Adam Pictures: 10-25-13 FRED AND JASON'S 8TH ANNUAL HALLOWEENIE HOLIDAY EVENT ... and some pics here
Adam on red carpet: #1 ... and #2 ... and #3
RC pic of Adam/Bridger (and unknown guys) brought out the twitter relationship trolls this lovely Saturday
From Lance Bass: @adamlambert Garth Wayne @officialjairodriguez #Halloweenie2013
Adam's instagram Halloweenie Genie
A few of the shopping pictures ... plus Genie!Adam! at Life Ball
Adam was a bad boy and was #handcuffed & #terminated at #halloweenie;)
Adam's cropped version is his FB profile picture


Wikipedia: Luke Edgemon
kmov: Queen's Brian May Releases "Devilish" Stereoscopy Book
Far Fetch: Adam's distressed jeans he wore recently cost $795!
YT: Adam needs to sing all the songs: Heart's "Dog and Butterfly"
YT: From Britain’s Got Talent “Attraction” Shadow Act
YT: Beyonce doing Haka Dance – traditional New Zealand dance/chant
YT: Beyonce pulled off stage
Amber Riley News: Clip of Amber's song in Todrick Hall's new video
YT: Playlist of Todrick Hall's parody videos
Angel Food: Organization Adam tweeted about

Author:  glammax [ Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Weekend MUPdate

2014 Adam's Week in Briefs!!!

December 29, 2013 - January 4, 2014
January 5 - 11, 2014
January 12 - 18, 2014
January 19 - 25, 2014
January 26 - February 1, 2014
February 2 - 8, 2014
February 9 - 15, 2014
February 16 - 22, 2014
February 23 - March 1, 2014
March 2 - 8, 2014
March 9 - 15, 2014
March 16 - 22, 2014
March 23 - 29, 2014
March 30 - April 5, 2014
April 6 - 12, 2014
April 13 - 19, 2014
April 20 - 26, 2014
April 27 - May 3, 2014
May 4 - 10, 2014
May 11 - 17, 2014
May 18 - 24, 2014
May 25 - 31, 2014
June 1 - 7, 2014
June 8 - 14, 2014
June 15 - 21, 2014
June 22 - 28, 2014
June 29 - July 5, 2014
July 6 - 12, 2014
July 13 - 19, 2014
July 20 - 26, 2014
July 27 - August 2, 2014
August 3 - 9, 2014
August 10 - 16, 2014
August 17 - 23, 2014
August 24 - 30, 2014
August 31 - September 6, 2014
September 7 - 13, 2014
September 14 - 20, 2014
September 21 -27, 2014
September 28 - October 4, 2014
October 5 - 11, 2014
October 12 - 18, 2014
October 19 - 25, 2014
October 26 - November 1, 2014
November 2 - 8, 2014
November 9 - 15, 2014
November 16 - 22, 2014
November 23 - 29, 2014
November 30 - December 6, 2014
December 7 - 13, 2014
December 14 - 20, 2014
December 21 - 27, 2014
December 28, 2014 - January 3, 2015

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