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 Post subject: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:14 pm 
this is the big dream

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs

Index: week of
Aug 19 - Aug 25

Jan 01 - Jan 07
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 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 2:54 am 
...hold me in my arms...

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Address for fanmail:
Adam Lambert
c/o 19 Entertainment
8560 Sunset Boulevard
Suite 900
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Adam does sign fanmail but because of the volume it could take months for the return of your item.

19 Entertainment
(310) 777-1940

Media Contact:
Adam Lambert:
Roger Widynowski
(ph) 310.461.1788

LYRICS to songs on FYE album lovingly compiled by Lambosessed TY!!!!!

 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:17 am 
...hold me in my arms...

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Sept 20 - 26

Jim Cantiello: MTV. Adam Lambert Album Update: More Producers, More Tweets
Final total from DonorsChoose: $223,000 Letter to Fan Groups
A consolidated post of all the places Adam's album is available for pre-sale(TY, Kaetsa!!)
Adam's album is fianlly (TM Adam) available for pre-sale on Amazon US!!!

Adam in review of Pink concert
Adam in review of DonorsChoose
Adam in Emmy recaps: here and here
Adam makes EW's 20 Fall Albums We Can't Wait to Hear
Adam in the LA Times Fall music preview
Adam is famous: The Fame Game: Life in the Spotlight
Adam makes Sean Daly's (St. Pete Times) list of 10 intriguing albums being released
Max Martin cut confirmed for the album?
Adam has a brief mention in the Denver Post

Monday - general discussion about the release of Kris' single, general opinions (like it, don't like it), the whole 'competition will never be over' in the Idol blogs, the general batshittery of Kris-stans and their diss-ing of Adam, and how nice it will be as Adam moves out of the AI bubble.
Tuesday - some discussion about apparent lack of promotion of Kris so far by 19E/Jive (is it lack of confidence that he can sell out a venue, is he being used to promote The Script), possible info on Strut here and here from a poster on Pulse, possibility that USA Today, etc. have Strut but it is under embargo, some clarification on electronically produced sound with Pro-Tools vs. Auto-Tune, more yeas! than nays! for Imogen Heap and comparative sound, Adam is still in Denver and attending an Autolux concert according to tweet sightings.
Wednesday - discussion on the music business and how a record release works from radio play (including “repressing” the song to generate hype) to release on iTunes, the different kinds of treatment Adam, Allison and Kris are getting (noting Kris seems to be getting "not-as-much" or "not-as-good"), outlook for the other Idols like Sarver and Matt. Sadly, the board LOL'd at how it forgets about 3rd-place finisher Gokey – not intentionally – but shit happens! Also, much discussion regarding the Countdown to 2012: the Largest North American Media Roadblock Ever Executed Total Television, Online and Mobile Viewership Projected to Reach Over 140 Million – no specific mention of Adam in any of the news stories but since most of the MUPpets expect his song to be part of the movie and the media event, there was much flailing about his song reaching 140 million people.
Thursday - Early morning discussion continued over Rickey's Wednesday night dis of Kris. Members brought out popcorn and Dr. Pepper to watch the Idol blogger drama unfold between Rickey and MJ, a noteworthy post, Lil Wayne's album release has been pushed back to 12/15, celebratory posts over the DonorsChoose final total of close to a quarter million dollars being raised, Adam MAY be featured in Walmart Soundcheck interview, possible hint at the Adam Storm coming Monday, and the evening ended with a little discussion, based on recent tweets by songwriter, Aimee Mayo, on whether Adam's first single is "Strut" or is still to be chosen.
Friday - general discussion on Kris’ inability to answer questions articulately, show enthusiasm during interviews, or “do” excitement, hopes/dreams/rumors about Adam’s new single and release date, some squeeing about rumors from elephant1212 at IDF, who is considered a "reliable source", about Adam's first single which may be decided tomorrow or early next week, and how UNF-y Adam is in his plaid shirt. Late night discussion on why Kris/19E/Jive didn't decide to change up the arrangement on LLYD.
Saturday - We began a game of WITWIAL? Apparently Adam was spotted at "The Bourbon Pub" in New Orleans, some discussion on building a fan-base outside of AI as the key to success, and the pros and cons of hype, possible info on Adam's first single, and it's not "Strut," it appears that the AI bloggers are getting snubbed by RCA in favor of the larger media in regards to Adam album info, interesting discussion about idolettes as paper dolls here and here, Adam's WLL was played at University of Alabama game 90K people in the stands!, and #AdamStorm trends twitter.
Sunday - The very reliable "elephant" source says to expect TFM in the 2012 TV Roadblock on Oct. 1, lots of squeeing taking place :), may have an extended version of the 2012 Roadblock after the official televised runs, official launch of MUPpet House's "Adam's Week in Briefs" and a wonderful listing of our Adam offerings, some members are downloading iTunes 9.0 in case Adam has an enhanced digital album (note: the download takes over an hour and the new version does not have popularity bars), fun and excitement with the release of pre-sale rankings of THE album in Japan, Germany and US, it quickly became #1 on Amazon US's Movers and Shakers in Music, discussion that Adam pre-sales appear to have given Kris's album pre-sales a bump on Amazon, and Adam finished the night second on Amazon US's Bestsellers and Hot New Releases Lists to Barbra Streisand and he maintained his #1 spot on Amazon US's Movers and Shakers List.

from Adam:
In Denver recording w Ryan Tedder!!! Get ready for your Sonic Lobotomy!
Final numbers for Donors Choose Charity fan group competition will be posted Wednesday! Thank you to all who participated!!!!
Denver Tedder sessions were major! Looking forward to working with the fantastic Dr Luke and Claude Kelly tommorow!
I know it sounds corny, but this album is a dream come true. I am lucky to be working with the BEST producers & writers in the world!
Get ready to shake yo asses!!! There be some beats a comin!
I knooooow, right? RT @KrisAllen4Real: Something is definitely wrong when you get excited doing the dishes. It's been a long time.
Go listen to @KrisAllen4Real 's single, Live Like We're Dying Go Kris!!! :)
@ClaudeKelly is amazing! Honestly one of the most supportive and reassuring guys I've ever had the pleasure to record with!
And the good dr Luke is gonna spin that session into GOLD! (as he does) :)
Big Easy is the JAM
Home sweet home!

from Others:
Alison Porter: Alison Porter: small twitter party
Aimee Mayo– songwriter and OTT about Adam: too many tweets to post – check her twitter site when you have a good chunk of time to spare!
J_SKINS: Just got done doing a track for Allison Iraheta today. Adam Lambert is finishing up vox in Denver with Ryan Tedder right now.
ClaudeKelly RT @adamlambert Denver Tedder sessions were major! Lookin forward to working with the fantastic Dr Luke & Claude Kelly 2moro <=YAY!cant wait
miles_siggins @adamlambert met your old drummer today...dave? brit...nice guy, likes you a lot...! hope alls well, miles X
LESSTHANHERO About to leave and go work on this record for @adamlambert.
ClaudeKellyYO! @adamlambert sang his ass off!!! What a talent! the session was a success. Yay!!!!! *confetti falling in my head*
thedoctorluke I can only make keyboard beats in the key of C....[in response to Adam's tweet]
ClaudeKelly#FF my peers fightin 4 creative integrity @adamlambert @TheRealJordin @BengineerChang @breabstar @rayonrichards @bennyblanco @epiphanygirl - basically "recommending" these people for "follow friday'.
Allison4Realzzz RT @AlleyLovesNickJ: @Allison4Realzzz allison, who out of all the idols do you miss the most?? I miss em all!! But mostly te gals.. Megan
Lil, and Adam hahaha
@omgcassieeso 15 mins ago or so, on japan amazon, adam's album was ranked 2000. now it's 900. UMMMM.
ChristyLaBry @MrLaBryFYP and @adamlambert...enjoyed NOLA! Great to see Sam again!! Travel u both...xxxooo

Kris and Matt buskin' in Syracuse. They made $7.
Montage of Tour Footage from Kris Allen's iTunes Pass
Adam Lambert - Our 2009 Summerboy
2012 Movie Trailer #3
Libracat’s Channel has new uploads for the Manchester concert.
Adam Official Tour Interview Part 2 same as previously seen on AI site
Ending of Flash Forward note: the lone figure left standing when the Earth went still looks eerily like Adam Lambert!
New Adam montages posted in the Montages Thread
Adam Lambert- Early Days with Citizen Vein
2012 comcast link

Kris Allen: Live Like You’re Dying– first single released Monday, September 21, 2009.
Kris Allen: Live Like You’re Dying: Slezak’s review
Lyndsay Parker: talks about Chris Sligh’s blog
Michael Sarver: interview (generally, positive comments from the board on this)
BSC Fans: article– note to self, “don’t be one”
Rickey reports that Kris' album in "in trouble" and everyone is all WTF? and *pass the salt*.
Kris on Ryan’s radio show talking about LLYD
Billboard’s review of LLYD
iTunes Top 1,000 Songs Chart RSS feed for anyone interested. (thanks LaStupenda!)
Matt Giraud on GMA Mon., 09/28
New MJ release will not be sold as a single, only as part of a 2 disc album

INCOMING ADAM NEWS: Addictomatic organizer set to Adam Lambert posted in the Fun & Games Thread
Funny parody of Live Like You’re Dying from MJ’s.
chunkymunky makes an appearance
TWOP People who need their own reality shows
@SEEBALLIN - tweets from music producer C. Ballin who was working in a studio next to Adam – he got inundated with twats after he mentioned Adam’s name!
Shawn P. Sullivan: Dad learns he:Adam Lambert what Lambert:Kris Allen
Are we a cult?
Adam Lambert Fan Quiz posted in the Fun & Games Thread
Did Adam perform for a private party in NOLA and make $60k?

 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:40 pm 

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Sept 27 - Oct 3

Adam's Debut album beating Madonna in sales, weeks before release, NY Post.
People Magazine notes Pre-Sale Surge for Adam Lambert's Debut CD.
Adam Lambert Thanks Fans For Charity Donations.
Adam burns up the pre-sales album charts in EW Music Mix news.
Adam is NOT this generation’s Elvis or Michael is a great read.
Adam rolls over Madonna in pre-sales in Project Q Atlanta. The magazine tweeted Adam: ProjectQAtlanta @AdamLambert We posted the news about your Amazon pre-sales, and you became most popular post of today in 30 minutes. We love us some Adam!
Adam inspires $229K in Public School Donations MTV news reports.
Adam is featured on in a video to thank fans.
Adam's AI journey will be featured in a soon to be released book for children on Amazon.
Release date for Adam's single set for 10/12
Adam vs Susan Boyle debut poll
Amazon Meters on AI Album Sales.

Adam mentioned in Ryan Teddar Interview.
Adam in MTV weekly recap.
Adam #9 story in Yahoo Music > Music Blogs > That's Really Week

Monday – the calm before the storm? recent pics from NOLA showing Adam with “new” facial hair-do spawned a lively discussion and pic-spam (see pg. 110 – 113) resulting in much UNF. Some knollish discussion on Kris’ AI win and presales of his album. Mostly, the board expressed impatience with all this waiting! After moving down a bit, Adam’s album ends the day back in the #2 Bestsellers spot at
Tuesday - Members anxiously awaited news, leaks, anything, yet in the end, we were all left with following the album pre-sales numbers: Barnes and Nobles #7, Best Buy #2, Amazon UK #50, and finally Amazon US #1!! An amusing game of what “Adam and I have in common...” started with the most common answer being “we both like guys!” Discussion of how the release date of TFM would align it for Oscar consideration, the incredible security surrounding Adam's projects as there have been no leaks since the cover photoshoot, and how the slow build up of anticipation has been perfect. An awesome video was made of Adam's live vs rehearsal clips for comparison and should not be missed...equally noteworthy is a pair of SL videos in differing keys on the same site. If you are able to sync both up you will hear Adam sing in harmony with himself (TM Maddie :)). Adam made the front page of Barnes&Noble as top Newsmaker!
Wednesday – the storm is approaching…discussion on ”numbers” of previous Idols’ first releases and grammy nominations. There was much excitement from the Information on AO regarding a Special Deluxe Edition of Adam’s album. Adam is still #1 at
Thursday - Discussion on purchasing single vs waiting for album. Most support the ”Buderschnookie Strategy” of buying the single as it comes to “a millionth of a cent per 'gasm!!!”. Tenny locked the thread at TOB because she didn't want to deal with the Adam storm, Sony senior art director, Fuko tweeted in Japanese that she is fighting for original cover art for Adam, talk continues about the 2012 Roadblock tonight and sadly there was no TfM featured in the ad. Dave Kokoki of the AI tour band had a live chat, summary here, Adam is nominated for Gay of the Week, very important suggestions on radio song requests, and we received news that the Lady Gaga/Kanye tour has been canceled, which sparked some dreams...
Friday – everyone is recovering from the lack of Adam storm this week, settling for being satisfied with a few old pics and some new tweets. Thankfully, the monotony of waiting was broken by the appearance of a few new board members. Some light conversation regarding the difference between Jive’s treatment of Allison vs Kris, whether or not a Gaga/Adam tour would be a good plan, Adam’s positive view on life and the all-important question: WHEN-ARE-WE-GOING-TO-GET-SOME-INFO-ON-ADAM’S-SINGLE? Buderschnookie provided some excellent relief with a RL extraordinarily funny Adam moment, but then it was back to waiting.
Saturday - The 2012 Soundtrack quickly became #1 on Amazon's Movers and Shakers List. It rose to #40 on the Bestsellers List while Adam's album wobbled to #2 but regained its #1 position by the end of the night. The 2012 soundtrack is rumored to be score with 2 tracks: Adam's TfM and one by The Fillers. TfM would play during closing credits. There was discussion about release dates for TfM and the new single, the Adam Thread from TOB being moved to the Old Products section and it appears that Tenny was left behind. Please control your tears of sadness at this news. Tweets alerted us to a possible music video shoot which Adam's own tweet later confirmed (see Twitter section, below). The Glamberts of AO trended #AdamIsWorthTheWait to #1 tonight.

from Adam:
Headin into studio w Linda Perry!!!
In studio w @Greg_wells album is cookin up reeeeeally reeally nice!!!8 minutes ago from Echofon
Retweet #WeLoveGaGa ! :)
Shooting Time For Miracles Music Video!!!! Long day, but we are getting amazing footage!

from Others:
**Can't wait for people to hear this stuff!!!
**Mr. Lambert in studio today
**Rekkids on fiyah - Adam's music sounding incredible!
Alisan Porter Writing sesh with the Kings. Whole Foods eating Spree. Amazing song writing explosions and then finally get to see my Madame! Yay!!!!
michelleozbourn Sooooo excited! Incredible news about my guys Ryan Tedder and J_SKINS and Adam Lambert. Patience is a virtue.
**isnt adam lambert on here? if he is, why the freak am I not following his modern day Bowie ass?
**thank u all for directing me to @adamlambert Look at his background! I wish I could do a crazy Burtonesque shoot w/him,he's stunning
**@shinyspecialone adams looks remind me of bowie. His voice? It smells of Queen and Steven Tyler
**@Voluptuousgirly his voice eclipses his looks...which says A LOT. I like my gay boys win win
**@adamlambert Thank u 4ur new twists on my old favs on idol, a show I never would b caught dead watching b4 u! You're my modern day Bowie ; )
Aimee Mayo again with the over-excitement - check her twitter for entries.
Exchange between AimeeMayo and AWoP’s ella22
**Beginning work on @adamlambert track and live set for @imogenheap tour. Locked in!
**@adamlambert has one of the most beautiful voices i have ever heard

Adam thanks fans
Adam Lambert's Album is #1 on Amazon (Showbiz Tonight) news video
Yahoo Music News Adam is the 2nd story.
the best YouTube Channels. thanks to glammax for posting
AWoP’s playlists. and thanks to kaetsa for all your hard work.

The Zodiac Show got their own IMBD The Zodiac Show: Metamorphosis
Alision Ireheta's album is up for pre-sale on Amazon, currently #1 on Movers and Shakers. The release date is 12/01.
Kris wins Relly; Regis and Kelly Award
Allison’s single to leak on Monday but you can hear a snippet today!
AWoP has its own photobucket account, login ID: mediawop, Psswd: muppet
This week in Twitter with Jim C. from MTV No Adam mention, but every segment has chuckle-potential.

Flash Forward secrecy on the set
The Adam Cycle (TM ElephantYam)
Adam wins Gay of the Week again!
Tour clothing on sale at e-bay. Buy Gokey’s red shirt – current bid is $511.02!
Adam’s media contact, in case we need it.
J.ScottG resurfaces. Surprise song by A Guy Singing Some Song with Another Guy
Gokey still doesn't learn the lyrics before performing.
Latest Starbucks TV commercials for instant coffee. Voice = Cheeks. A short form and a longer one. GoCheeksGo!
Cat takes a bath!
New Adam Quiz Game from sahabo of IDF
Final ebay sales of AI tour clothing. Adam's Levis jacket went for $2000!

 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:11 am 
...hold me in my arms...

Joined: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm
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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Oct 4 - Oct 10

Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert to tour?
Adam surpasses 200,000 twitter followers
AdamOfficial announces Stay Tuned for "Question of the Day" Videos with Adam!
Adam Lambert CD Hits Big With Pre-Orders in TVGuide Magazine; a scan of the print version can be found here.
Adam Lambert cover wishlist
Adam is building about new album and 2012 soundtrack
Adam Lambert: Question of the Day video
LEAK! Time for Miracles
Slezak article on :29 TfM leak
Lindsay Parker Blog about TfM
Pre-order link on Amazon for TFM single
Brian May blogs about ADAM LAMBERT AND 2012. And, don't miss this funny macro on fanboys Meat Loaf and May.
Nice review of TFM preview more here

Adam mention in Rolling Stone: Album Sales Down in 2009 Despite Huge Jackson, Beatles Numbers
Adam mention in After Elton:New Music Monday! Kylie, Adam, Mika, and Who the Heck is Sliimy!
Blog mention of Adam It Happened this Week-ish: Pregnant Angels, more drama from The Hills cast, Twilight bitchiness, Adam Lambert loses to Babs and more
Brief Adam mention in Blake Lewis: The interview.


Sunday: a rather slow but happy day – topics discussed included the rules for the ‘Best Original Song’ nominations for Oscars (thanks KayTang999), and general Adam UNF-ness as well as (*sadz*) the need for new music.
Monday: most of the discussion today revolved around the news that the new mod closed the Glittery Alien From Planet Fierce thread at TOB, and around comments from posters at other boards, especially regarding jacket-gate, aka denim-gate, aka swastikas on the DSB denim jacket. Some AWoP-ers are anxious about the “lack of single” by Adam via RCA, but most are patiently and happily awaiting the Adam “flood” (coined by glammax) whenever it comes. In the meantime we busied ourselves with chit-chat about other idols, sales of current releases (Babs, Mariah) and LOLing at Adam’s tweet about Tokio Hotel (because, you know – he Luvs them Germans LOL).
Tuesday - A very slow day in Adamland. Adam Official posted about the Daily Adam Q&A videos, Adam's MW was used on Canada's SYTYCD (cadillacjackie capped it for us download here) and Christiana Applegate tweeted a WITWIAL.
Wednesday - It was a fine morning as we woke up to new pics of Adam looking fierce and clean-shaven. Talk centered around top “singles” sales for the week, sales that are “poorer” than expected, the awesome list of producers working with Adam on his new album, and Adam’s and ‘other’ new music expected in the next month. The day continued with good things including the new AO Adam Lambert: Question of the Day video, confirmation that Adam will announce the AMA awards Oct. 13 (this will be televised) , and a cute KidsDay interview where Adam was interviewed by kids. Spirits were lifted with all these good things as many feel the Adam storm is beginning (*cue music “raindrops are fallin’ on my head”*) Oh – and the best news PennyRoyal delivered $32,000 to MusiCares after selling around 800 pendants!
Thursday - Excitement over Adam announcing the AMA nominations continued, a little concern over Adam mentioning wanting a faster metabolism in the Kidsday interview, disappointment that the new mod at TOB seems far worse than Tenny, some discussion on the difference in the way Jive is treating Kris and Allison (quick output for fear of losing fanbase) vs. RCA's "state secret" (TM Fez) treatment of Adam (slower output and possibly confidence in fanbase), someone from IDF claims that an RCA executive let her listen to Adam's single on his iPod when she attended This Is It MJ movie, she said "that crap was killer," most members choose to believe this with a bag of salt. Flailing rounded out the day after Adam's tweet about a full string orchestra!! A nice review from a preview of 2012 yet no mention of TFM. Finally, someone who attended a 2012 preview tonight tweeted that TFM was "beautiful and hopeful."
Friday - the day started out quiet with brief discussion about Adam’s new music, some old but new videos of Adam before Idol and during the tour, and then around suppertime ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE when a snippet (:29 to be exact) from Time for Miracles was leaked – followed by a full-out 1:26 video from AOL. Needless to say there was much *flailing*, *shaking & crying* and crying for real! Hoopla starts at page 176. The rest of the day/night/life was TfM-related.
Saturday - Flailing continues!!! #timeformiracles twitter trended all night to #1 in the morning, we enjoyed non-AI fans blogging about Adam and TFM, Adam made the front page of Yahoo again, the AOL TFM video clip has over 350,000 views in 1 day, and we amused ourselves with a gif-war. Start here but don't miss these earlier ones. ;)

from Adam:
**New Blake Lewis album out tommorow! I dug the last one, can't wait to hear what he's dreamt up this time
**Tokio Hotel album is out too!!! Love them Germans!
**@Pink I adore you. :)
**Have you all heard Allison's single?! I can't get it out of my head!!! Call ur radio station and request!!! 'Friday I'll Be Over You"
**Check out OneRepublic's new single "All the Right Moves" on iTunes!!! It's a great song!
At Capitol studios observing full string orchestra recording for one of my songs!! It's amazing!!!!!
Last studio day w Rob Cavallo! Can't wait for everyone to hear our glam rock!!!

from Others:
JoeyL196I guess your supposed to write interesting stuff that happens to you!! I saw Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert eating dinner together! HOTTNESS
**Something I NEVER expected to see but it was really cool! They looked like they were having fun.... Clays more attractive =D
Aimee Mayo – "enthusiasm" as usual, you can look it up.
** RT @adamlambert: New Blake Lewis album out tommorow! I dug the last one, can't wait to hear what he's dreamt up this time. (thx brotha!!!)
**Wow today has been intense so far. Thanks for all the love with the new album. Thanks to @adamlambert for the shout out too. Much love!!
christina applegate
**Just saw adam lambert at xwalk drinking a bottle of water! See,stars are just like us. They hydrate and obey jwalking law!!
**Who's adam lambert?!Have u been lving under a heterosexual rock?he won american idol!oh he uh lost..he lostamerican idol. Mving on
**I loved adam lambert! Who do you think threw that enormous bra up on stage? Yeah I know. It wasn't me....but I wouldve!!!!! :p
more tweets from Aimee Mayo and OhFerras here
JaredEng@adamlambert @paulaabdul & @snoopdogg will announce the nominees for the 2009 American Music Awards on October 13 at Beverly Hills Hotel
DishOfSalt (Laura Saltman)Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will be announcing the AMA noms on Tuesday. Hoping they will send me to do intvs. fingers crossed everyone.
**I think all the crossed fingers are working. its looking good for Tuesday
One RepublicWe love our friend @adamlambert RT Check out OneRepublic's new single "All the Right Moves" on iTunes!!! It's a great song!
pennyroyal Headed to the Grammy offices to give MusiCares the $32,000 check! Thanks to everyone who bought the @adamlambert pendant design last month!
**Right around 800 total! RT @sydnittarius @_Pennyroyal Our pleasure! So how many of the pendants were created in total?
Irishgal719 @adamlambert good review here on TFM....RT @ThatChrisGore: @Irishgal719 Yes. It's beautiful and hopeful. Very fitting.
capitolstudios @adamlambert Our pleasure having you Adam. Sounds amazing.
cassidyhaley wow. i got chills...home run @adamlambert dear
RyanSeacrest lotta people been waiting to hear this...clip of @adamlambert's "time for miracles"...listen
SonyPictures RT @AdamLambert: At Capitol studios observing full string orchestra recording for one of my songs!! It's amazing!!!!! #2012 #TimeForMiracles
jambajim OMG! Just got home & my Corey Clark CD was waiting for me. Heh. Sorry Corey. Apparently an @adamlambert vid is waiting 4 me online. He > u.
**Gahhh I'm out to dinner and apparently there's an @adamlambert #timeformiracles video clip up?!!! Sorry for not reacting but I'm w/ friends!
Claude Kelly RT @gknee87 Adam Lambert has CRAZY vocals. Any writer is probably going NUTS to work with him<==YUP, HE'S PRETTY DAMN INCREDIBLE =]
richardrushfield: Yet did I never breathe its pure serene Till I heard @adamlambert speak out loud and bold. The single snippet is here!
OhFerras @adamlambert cant wait for everyone to hear our song witch!

Voodoo Child: Adam Lambert Montage by AWoP’s Peridot
Adam Lambert: Day in the Life of a Rock God
Full Frontal Disco. Adam sighting @ 1:45.
MeatLoaf in the studio; mentions Adam.
AO Adam Lambert: Question of the Day video
Grandma Loves Adam – too cute!
YouTube version of TfM (1:26) leak
JabbaWockeeZ and Super Cr3w-VMA performance – We are the Champions, Adam remix.According to MJ’s

Allison’s new single debut on PopEater
Sad news from TOB – Glittery Alien From Planet Fierce was locked indefinitely by the new mod.
Jason Castro postpones the release of his album
Michael Sarver may have upcoming album news, a shot from his photoshoot

Pollpidgeon: How do you feel about Adam Lambert with facial hair?
Dress up like Adam for Halloween: for the couple look, add Kris Allen.
New TweetBeat from Jim C at MTV – no Adam but pretty funny.
New Kradam Thread at AO

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:02 am 
...hold me in my arms...

Joined: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm
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Location: Fire Nation
Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Oct 11 - Oct 17

Adam and Drake “fight” makes the gossip circuit
AOL Moviefone Listeners Get Their First Listen to Adam Lambert's 'Time for Miracles,' Theme From Columbia Pictures' '2012'
Adam Lambert's 'Time For Miracles': First Reactions
Adam in Russian Rolling Stone courtesy of IDF
Rolling Stone on 2012 TFM
Nice recap of Adam's interview on Ryan's radio show and download.
ET Interview
MTV article and video
**A detailed list of all media from Tuesday's AMA nominations
Adam Lambert Says Leaked Album Photo Looked 'Silly' Out Of Context
Adam Lambert: The Jewish Mother Interview
Sneak a peek at the ''American Idol'' fave as he records his debut album and tells us how it's going
Interview from AMA Press Conference
Adam featured in print edition of EW 10/23/2009
News that TFM has been leaked!
Lindsey Parker on TfM
Yong Chavez interviews Adam at the AMA press

Adam is mentioned in Fashion Trends in Elle
Associated Content, Adam Lambert V. Kris Allen: The American Idol Fan Sites Have Become a Mad World of Fighting
Adam in Italian Vogue
Official Press Release on Adam reading AMA nominations
Adam's picture is on the Japanese 2012 poster!
Reuters AMA Press Release '2009 American Music Awards' Nominees Announced
Parade magazine mention
Adam Lambert’s Time for Miracles to Debut before Jackson’s ‘This is it”.
Blab Blab Blab: Adam Lambert's Less Pretty Now?
Chatting With Adam Lambert, Ice-T, and Joe Francis at Star's Magazine's 5th Anniversary Bash
Adam mention in blog about "Shades of Luz"
Former Pussycat Doll Says Adam Lambert Opened Up Glam Rock
FW DailyNews Adam Lambert not suffering after 2nd Place finish... Star Tracks: Chance encounter at 7-11
Adam mention in a Wall Street Journal online blog.
IMDb article on Adam’s album release
Adam in Out.
Adam Lambert Digital Downloads
Triumph the Wonder Dog bit about Adam on The Conan O'Brien Show

Discussion began with concern that Adam's single has not been chosen yet, whether or not RCA has a plan and supporting Adam. A brief interlude of celebration for the opening of our new thread occurred and then discussion resumed. Talk centered on if it is even possible to compare Adam to other idols considering the current music market and current music scene, and the relevance of the current political shift and social landscape, see RainbowWarrior's very insightful post. Another grain of salt blog claimed that Adam would be on SNL,
MJ’s blog Post 8626 – IDF – posted by Blue*Rose says TfM will be released on Friday, Oct. 16 and available to buy Tues. Oct 20. The identity of Michael B. aka NYMichael has been uncovered. Some discussion on the evils of smoking (Drake/Adam just stop!), twitter-gate, or the fact that Adam’s graciousness via twitter is not being returned by his Idol family, and the sudden appearance of new “old” pics of Adam “all dressed up”. By the end of the day the twitterverse was alight with all kinds of “teases” about BIG NEWS coming from Adam at/during/after the AMA announcement on Tuesday. The board ends the day on pins and needles…
Serious flailing as the first bans of the Adam Storm made landfall. Members huddled together to listen to Adam's early morning phone interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. Adam made the official announcement that he would be performing his yet to be selected single from his album on the AMAs. He hopes to debut with dancers, costumes and fire. He described his album as Pop Glam Rock. About an hour later, Adam joined Paula and Snoop Dogg to announce the AMA nominations. With his hair parted on the other side and steampunk fashion, Adam looked beautiful and poised at the podium. A selection of pictures from the day can he found here and here. The actual scoop of the day came from Lyndsey Parker's interview where Producer Rob Cavallo Exclusively Discusses Adam Lambert Album!! This is a do not miss interview!! He discusses Adam's range, and song titles!! Another bit of news was from an MTV article about the 2012 TFM Music Video. Stated somewhat ambiguously, it seems that Adam's video will "run before the upcoming documentary "Michael Jackson's This Is It."" Is Adam going to be on Oprah? We're not sure but her site is asking for questions and people from the Chicago area!!
Wednesday: It was the sweetest (Adam Storm) hangover…la, la, la, la la! The day started with attention to the TMZ photos of the car-kiss and minor *flailing* over Adam’s jacket, and disappointment in the comments on the TMZ site. (see LOL section: Adam Lambert Sucks Face to Save Face). There was also lazy (in a relaxed way), pleasant, and speculative posts about the Adam/TPTB relationship on Idol and when exactly Adam’s superstardom fate was determined. Some good convo on the judging - or lack thereof - other Idol contestants, and on the general fuckery of the AI process. Since Adam’s stint on Oprah was announced a few AWoP members have ‘applied’ to attend and we are all “fingers-crossed” that we will be represented on that glorious day! As much as we *squee* for all things Adam, we are are all taking time out to send positive thoughts to Scarlett and her family. AWoP's Rainbow Warrior has AMA tickets! Yay!
Flailing took place over the In the Studio pictures from EW online. A little more discussion continued about AI, and then how some posters at MJs were calling the EW pictures staged. We all loved Fez's awesome rebuttal. It appears that other artists set to release on the 24th are now releasing their albums on the 23, and Adam may do the same. News trickled in on the Oprah Show. Adam will appear via skype for Q&A on a Reality Shows segment where she let the viewers choose who they wanted on her website. A tweet from Randy Jackson indicated he may be on the show as well. Good news from the above posted Examiner blog, Adam will be attendingthe 2012 premiere on Nov. 4 and he confirmed he will have 2 singles out at the same time! The board was full of praise for the new News community set up at ontd_ai, hooplamagnet. Everyone seems confused on release dates for TFM. The 16th? The 18th? Unfortunately, we learned the Walmart Soundcheck is just an interview with Kradison. But, then the EW print article (see above News section) arrived late in the evening with all kinds of awesomeness! Songs titles plus descriptions!! Here is a nice little list of songs we know so far. And, this delightful post from maddie nicely sums up what we have to look forward to in the coming days, weeks!
Today was supposed to be the Time for Miracles day but as the minutes and hours passed it became clear that there would be no Miracles today. *sadz-all-around* for that. But, as we have learned, Every Day is Adam Lambert day and instead of getting to hear Adam’s new song we got to hear a lot of other very good things. Murly brought us an Excellent post by MamaDeb at TOB, who subsequently joined our group (*waves to MamaDeb*), we got to LOL at the Rolling stone poll on Whose Album you’re most excited about, we got a Recap of Adam on Oprah from the “others” who went to the Oprah taping and we got a “teaser” (see VIDEO section) from ET for Monday’s show on the cover-shoot for Details magazine – LaStupenda provided excellent screen caps, BTW – also in the VIDEO section. In between all of that there was good convo on Adam’s identity crisis and musical direction, excitement from industry insiders and top music peeps (see twitter entries) and all around excitement of the many things to come including Adam’s very hetero but racy Details spread. In many ways we got our Miracles today despite the absence of the song, Time for Miracles.
TFM to be released on 10/27 from Amazom to coincide with This is It! opening, TFM first became available for sale at iTunes Italia, All TFM media is posted in our Media Thread for your convenience. Thank you, newland21!! Of course, there was flailing, tears and over all complete love for TFM!! Lyrics!, nice timeline of expected Adam Storm, discussion of Adam's "boy-next-door, your grandmother would love him" aura, of course, Buderschnookie says it best!, 11/1is the date for the Walmart Soundcheck interview, In Style Magazine piece transcript (thank you, glammax!) And, just when we didn't think the day could get any better: the Details Magazine is HERE!!. Our very own cadillacjackie summed the day up for us!

from Adam:
**I cant get @KrisAllen4Real and @Allison4Realzzz singles out of my head! ...such a good thing! I miss my Idol family!
**My favorite holiday is coming! I think i shall rock Halloween as a GLAMPIRE. What are you going to dress up as?
**RT @SkinGraft: our fashion week show is tomorrow. some pre-show press for you:
**RT @pujasays: " can not become successful. You can only be successful." -Tolle
**@michaelsarver1 thanks Michael!! How's life?! :)
**@PaulaAbdul: It IIIIS early Paula! So excited to see you!!!!! It been a hot minute.
**This was my morning. Flanked by Snoop and Paula. My life is surreal.
**Workin w Howard Benson tonight!!!! This album is gonna be Siiiiiiiiiiiick
**Thanks to @ali22san and @ohferras for coming to the studio and lending their voices to the song we wrote together!!
**RT @MrLaBryFYP: - New work
**I'm going to be on the cover of the November issue of Details Magazine. The photoshoot got pretty racy- you all are in for a surprise.
**In studio w Dr Luke

from Others:
Jim Cantiello tweeted two versions of Adam's ACICC in honor of the equality march/rally
# Wait, I like the live version better. Equality for all
# For all my friends marching in Washington today.
GoCheeksGo @adamlambert Curses!! Now I have to think of something else!
greg_wells Mr. Lambert blew my mind today on the microphone.
DA4Real: Just heard snippet of @adamlambert single (he gets better everytime).. Listening to Allisons now.. I'll buy both albums 4 sure! (Kris Allen's brother)
Michael Sarver: So I finaly got to hear #timeformiracles. What a song and what an artist. @adamlambert I'm very proud of u man. Way..To..Be!!
NegativeNatalie Tomorrow - 830 am pst @AdamLambert w/ @ryanseacrest - Adam will have some news... Yay!!!!!
jambajim I very rarely wish I lived in LA. But considering an MTV crew is covering the AMA noms w/ @adamlambert, tomorrow is 1 of those days. #NYFail
DishofSalt: Heading back to LA from Atlanta. AMA nominations tmw and you know what that means..... Adam!!!! All those fingers and toes crossed worked :)
SadaoTurner Confirmed. 8:30AM PST. RT @AINow: @SadaoTurner Can you confirm @adamlambert will be on air with @ryanseacrest tomorrow?
AINow @SadaoTurner Thanks Sadao. And he'll have a "big announcement"? Same to assume it's about his single?
SadaoTurner: @AINow Yes, big announcement. Nothing's safe to assume...muhahaha...
AINow @SadaoTurner Oh your such a tease. :) But a helpful tease none the less.[/quote]
OfficialAMAs @Mellynnette there will be coverage in the afternoon by all the major media outlets. Look 4 a big announcement regarding Adam
7hofmhobart #music Sneak Peek: Adam Lambert's Song in 2012: As Hollyscoop previously reported, Adam Lamb.. #7hofmhobart (Australian radio station)
greg_wells Have. Never. Worked. With. A. Singer. Like. This. (we are sure he means Adam!)
PaulaAbdul just woke up. Its soo early! Gotta do Pre AMA press for the nominations. I am presenting with mr. Adam lambert. So fricken excited!
jim cantiello made quite a few Adam/AMA tweets, see his homepage.
Josephuliano wrapping up the new Adam Lambert shoot for 2012 and putting the final touches on KISS
OhFerras @adamlambert yay!
ali22san (Alisan Porter)
**@OhFerras @adamlambert @elythecreep. Double yay!
**History Tonight!!!! and a dream coming true for me. I love you music gods.
**In the studio, dying. He's killing. And you all know what I'm talking bout.
elythecreep (Ely Rise) RT @ali22san: @OhFerras @adamlambert @elythecreep. Double yay!...Not sure if I should shit my pants, cum, or puke...dying
Allison4Realzzz @adamlambert it is!! He da' Man.. And he's straight Gansta'!!!
_kimcaldwell (Kimberly Caldwell) Adam lambert performing at the AMAs!! Yes! Much deserved! Hung out w his super producer Rob Covallo today! He says the album is gonna b bomb
Jai Rodriguez
**@adamlambert hey kid I'm the ama preshow host this year. See you in few
**The alwys adorable @adamlambert reading nominees
**Trying to get a pic with @adamlambert but we r both getting pulled around doing interviews. Grrr
**Awesome times w @adamlambert he's gonna be amazing on the AMAs!!!
**I had the best day. hosting the red carpet show for the AMAs! Hung out w @Adamlambert for a bit this am. was a good day
CelebSightings: RIGHT NOW: Ice-T hanging with Adam Lambert @ StarMagazine anniv party @ Bardot. Brody Jenner lurking also. (Tue 11:21pm)
**Partying amonggs ice t and adam lambert. Lol.
**Ugh adam looks hot
**SERIOUSLY adam lambert looked amazing. The girls at the party squeeled as he walked past them - and they were celebs themselves.
darimarder: - Adam Lambert pic courtesy of Abby
BRETTALANNELSON Bardot with @Jannab23 @MissSkylerSky @OhFerras @adamlambert @lisadamato @Coreybsaunders @MDMOLINARI @GregoryMichael @JohnnyWujek
4everBrandy(Brandy, the singer)
**Ok so I'm in 7 eleven buying candy and sh*t and I see this punk rock looking dude- he turns around and its @adamlambert!!! WTF- heart drops
**Me and @adamlambert @ 7 eleven:) --- What were the paps doing out this late? I loved being seen with him:) My fav Idol!
OhFerras (Ferras AlQaisi) We love u! RT @adamlambert:Thanks to @ali22san and @ohferras for coming 2 the studio and lending their voices 2 the song we wrote together!!
Ali22an (Alisan Porter) @adamlambert hell ya baby! Its gonna soar just like u.
elythecreep (Ely Rise) @adamlambert heard the song is amazing....couldn't sleep at all last night, just trying to imagine how awesome it turned out..still dying..
jambajim (jim cantiello)
**Adam Lambert kissing a beard: ZOINKS!
**@adamlambert Um, I'm available to sing backup, too. My reel: [Miley Cyrus rant + cover song around the 2:15 mark]
Dr Luke/Lukasz Gottwald
OK gonna work on this Adam L track tonight and put some old vintage synths on it.... bring some history to it.....
from Alisan Porter twitter party:
briarswt @ali22san describe song you did with @adamlambert
ali22san @briarswt huge rock ballad.
greg_wells File under "tease" but I can't wait for people to hear Adam's record. Starting to hear final mixes today and it's exciting.
Evan Bogart at The Writing CampAmen: RT @greg_wells: File under "tease" but I can't wait for people to hear Adam's record.
jambajim (Jim C from MTV): Someone I know got a sneak peek of a certain photo spread that will be in Elle Magazine soon. And it is spectacular!!! #JimsATease
Brad Bessey, who is the executive producer of ET:
**Looking at some super-sexy Adam Lambert footage and stills from Details Magazine for ET on Monday. Some of it is too hot for TV.
**@B0redNow & other Adam Lambert Fans....I'll tease the sexy shots Adam calls very heterosexual in ET tonight. So watch for an early look.less than 20 seconds ago from web
brianrayguitar, Paul McCartney's guitarist:
**off to a session w/Adam Lambert and Abe here in LA today. psyched. 4 minutes ago from web
**the session for AdamLambert w Abe Jr was AWEsome! Welcome to my new friends here. AL ROCKS! [So does my boss, Paul McCartney].
AimeeMayo @suebrody1 the song with @ohferras is getting played for other artists. It is really amazing but wasn't what Adam needed. Everything's good.
OhFerras @adamlambert yay! Can't wait 2 see that shit! Xoxoxo
ali22an (AlisanPorter)@adamlambert 's songs are on repeat in my head. Dying to bump the record in my car now!!!!!!
shananaomi' btw, details won't be @adamlambert's only (gay) men's mag cover this fall... hunkering down this weekend to get my piece written. about 2 hours ago from Tweetie
Tweets about Oprah from mindchanger
ElleHiggins ONTD_AI member who attended Oprah
**Didn't get to ask ?, adam was kitten adorable on skype, no news - very funny story about the day will type when we get home
**Nothing epic. I repeat, nothing epic. Still cool. Full story in three hours.
**RT At the very end Adam fell back into the couch he was sitting on like “ahhh done”… So precious26 minutes ago from web
**Last thing. His intro clip was BTBW. Huge cheers for him before he got to sick high notes at end of clip lol. BB is a rock star
**RT When asked about being on again when album is out he said “I hope so!” no qs from audience42 minutes ago from web
**“I feel let down cuz i was told i could ask a question. And it was kind of short but i have a rain check for when he is on again!”
# i cant tell you anything else . you'll see the photos on Monday. im sure it will be online everywhere AND then watch AH for his reax to it.5 minutes ago from TweetDeck
# yes, both he and paula in my wknd segment RT @BdwayDiva1: Hey Laura, is your interview with Adam gonna air on Access Hollywood Weekend?7 minutes ago from TweetDeck
# now doesn't that photo (albeit blurry, lol) of us from Tuesday make more sense to all my Adam fans?8 minutes ago from TweetDeck
# I have the first reax from Adam when he sees the cover/photos for the very first time. like he said, its racy... and it will cause a stir.10 minutes ago from TweetDeck
# Now that the secret is out about Details (which I wasnt allowed to reveal until he did) ill tell you what's coming Tuesday...13 minutes ago from TweetDeck
Dr Luke/Lukasz Gottwald @adamlambert great job tonight!!!! :-)
Jim Cantiello
**The verdict: AWESOME. Perfectly OTT for a big disaster flick. Altho Jess despised it. "He's just screaming." Hmm. Will non-Lamberts like it?
**GAH! If only there was some kind of Idol batphone in my apartment. I slept through the Belgian premiere of Time For Miracles? [facepalm]
**Also, the several-page (awesome, flail-worthy) photo spread will be in the DECEMBER Elle issue, hitting newsstands in November.
**Personally, I think this song will be just as big as Aerosmith's ballad. Time for Miracles > I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. Yay @adamlambert
**Jess is now hiding under the bed. Haha. Chillax, friends. Everyone's entitled to their own (wrong) opinions.

Please note: LaStupenda's old youtube channel was taken down,please use this one
Lady Gaga performs her rendition of Imagine at the HRC Dinner in Washington, DC
sendspace download link of Adam's interview on Ryan's radio show
youtube Adam's early morning phone interview on Ryan
LaStupenda uploaded the day's videos on youtube for us, please check her channel. Direct link to 2 major videos from today:
**AMA Nominations (10-13-09)
**Rob Cavallo's interview
Producer Rob Cavallo Exclusively Discusses Adam Lambert Album
Dish of Salt Interview
Shoop (You Make Me Wanna) New sexy Adam montage
WalMart Sound Check with Adam, Kris and Allison.
AMA Press Conference Interview with Julie Moran and Jai Rodriguez
Adam Lambert - Lambry Kiss (TMZ)(10-14-09) [131MB VOB]
LaStupenda's screencaps to the above video can be found here.
YouTube Channel for Walmart Soundchecks
A new place for videos, recommended by northernlight:
ET teaser of Adam’s “Details” photoshoot: on YouTube.
LaStupenda's screencaps of ET Teaser
Adam’s question of the day at AO
new Starlight video from 2nd night in Long Island
Full length TFM on youtube
Another full length TFM on youtube
Adam Bombs TMF video
TFM video with studio pictures
Slowed down E! clip set to TFM snippet!
Final Fantasy TFM

Part of Michael Jackson's new song was leaked.
Robbie on X Factor
New Michael Jackson song
Britney's not releasing on Nov 24 anymore.
Lady Gaga has posted her tour dates: Kid Cudi will be the supporting act for the entire tour.
Michael Sarver announced via twitter an upcoming Christmas Tour with former Idols Alexis Grace, David Hernandez, and Gina Glocksen.
Kris’ gig for the American Cancer Society: posted in our Other Idols thread
Interview with Brian Ray: Brian Ray on Playing with Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Etta James and His Upcoming Album
Brian Ray on Playing with Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Etta James and His Upcoming Album

I click on the link at the bottom of the page to Amazon, AWOP receives credit for what you order for the day.
Brizzonculent: new word coined by Jim C @ MTV “I had to make up a word there, because I'm fairly certain there's no string of letters that could properly convey how awesome he sounds.”
Get your shock and awe: List of the 2012 Release dates
Michelle Collins blog
Adam Lambert -- Sucks Face to Save Face. This is the 'kissing' video/pic.
TMZ - Adam Lambert "Gay" story. It seems to be tongue-in-cheek - hard to tell with those guys!
Take One at WalMart. We believe this is the HiFi Recordings release of Adam's early music - formerly Want/On With the Show. Not sure if it's LOL - it's definitely DNW!
Susan Boyle's album cover announced
skipper found that if put "Adam Lambert" into the search bar in the Itunes store, and an "Adam Lambert Trivia" iphone application comes up!
Adam Lambert "Glampire" joke on Jimmy Fallon according to twitter Thursday night.
Twitter-follower stats from Buderschnookie

link to ontd_ai Adam News group hooplamagnet You must be a member of ontd_ai to join.
Beautiful wallpapers also posted in the Fan Art thread

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...hold me in my arms...

Joined: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm
Posts: 2404
Location: Fire Nation
Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Oct 18 - Oct 24

American Sex Symbol (yes! It’s Adam!)
Random Musings: worthy comments/blog on Adam in Details
Adam is an international superstar from Yahoo Viewing Stats
Preview of Adam music by Lyndsey Parker at Yahoo's Reality Rocks
AI NOW: First Single has NOT been decided
A higher quality version of TFM video on Adam's official youtube (this is also posted below under video).
HQ TFM video posted on

News story of stalker-man and Diva-Adam:News That Is Either Bogus, Not News for Months or Both
TfM Debuts Early, from RS
Slezak’s review & poll: TfM.
Adam Lambert “Straights” it up in November Details from Best Week Ever!
'American Idol' Adam Lambert kisses a girl in 'Details
TfM in NY Post
TfM leaking 1 week early. From Billboard
Adam Lambert's 'Time For Miracles' Looks Back When It Should Be Looking Forward
Adam’s Album: For Your Entertainment. available at Amazon.
Adam Lambert And Allison Iraheta Album Titles Revealed from MTV.
Ann Powers: Snap judgment: Adam Lambert's 'Time for Miracles' begins his triumphant ascent
Movieline: Adam Lambert Croons in the Apocalypse with 2012 Love Theme
Adam Lambert Confirms Collaboration with Lady Gaga in MTV News
RS latest on Adam/Gaga
TFM music video debuts exclusively on MySpace Music on Wednesday according to Reuters.
Slezak in EW on Lambert/Gaga Collaboration
Details Magazine will do a month long countdown of Adam's favorite eight
Laura Saltzman's new interview records Adam's reaction to the Details photoshoot
Lyndsey Parker's Review of TFM video
Lead story @ MSNBC
Rolling Stone Daily
Adam and Lady Gaga - Superstar Collaboration from MTV
Best Week Ever on TFM
BACKSTAGE: Ex-local Lambert debuts on Details cover, first single sells big
Michael Slezak on TfM video
The Adam favorite of the day at Details
Adam on Glee? Maybe? From EW
Adam Lambert's 'Time For Miracles': A Fiery Video For A Classic Power Ballad from RS
Jewsih Journal Hollywood Jew on Details magazine
MTV article on TfM video running before This is It Adam's Favorite # 6: Drink.
Question of the Day
Daily Metal blog about Adam
Gideonse Blog: Can Adam Lambert Succeed?
Adam article from Hispanic news
Details Number 5 Fav.
Adam Lambert: The Hottest New Sex Symbol

Whose Haircut Is Kate Gosselin's Most Like? Vote And Send In Your Pics
Review TfM @ RS
Perez runs Details story
Adam at Star Magazine 5th Anniversary bash at Bardot
Adam mention in The Party Report scroll to bottom.
Huffington Post on the Details photoshoot
E!Online on Adam kissing women
Positive blog by Perez on the Adam/Gaga collaboration
Adam on the front page of MySpace Music
Adam on Comcast page"Adam Lambert Unveils New Video"
Article about 2012 maybe being eligible for an Oscar...
SF Chronicle with Notable LGBT Jews
A recap of an interview with Ryan Teddar where he mentions working with Adam
A short piece aboutTFM on Ryan Seacrest's website
AfterElton article on the Adam Lambert publicity blitz
Another AfterElton piece on Adam
2 brief mentions in US Weekly
Adam in a blurb in Woman's Day. blurb about the Idols/Adam at AMAs
Adam mention in RS
Adam mention in Popeater
Dish of Salt's pick for best Halloween costumes.
Official episode announcement for Oprah
Hollywood Nation mentions TFM video
TFM is listed on Cleveland Plain-Dealer's Tracks to watch

The day started with discussion of Adam’s courage (as opposed to fearlessness -thanks newland21 for the excellent quotes) and then moved on to discussion about Adam’s self-consciousness about his body. These discussions were prompted by the Details shoot which was leaked Sat. night. LaStupenda gave an excellent analysis of the photos from a photographer’s perspective saying that the photos highlight his face – and (in some shots) purposely the imperfections in it - and not his body. There was general conversation about Adam’s “lack of filter” - some people thinks he lacks filter and others think he just filters when appropriate and will sometimes – even purposely “unfilter” as Law Mom pointed out in her post referring to the Idolatry 5 interview. We also (finally!) got - with a grain of salt - some info about the NOLA party from a few weeks back.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! There are no words to describe the storm that made landfall today! The day started out like any other: Rickey is a douche (for re-reporting the Diva story), TfM is fantastic, la tee da! Then - without warning, Wham! The first wave hit - and after that wave after wave crashed into us...and just as we would recover from one surge of Adam-storm, another would descend upon us - barely time to breathe in-between. There are lots of news and reviews of TfM (see News section) and a few tweets from friends talking about the weekend release of the song - then WhAM! a stray twitter saying Adam was in the studio with Lady Gaga!. Then BAM! TfM is used for an EPIC sports event, followed by general *flailing* thinking about TfM being used at other - no ALL - sports events. Then BAM! A new (very distracting) banner pic, then BAM, BAM - ET "adam segement" airs, followed by an AH segment - then BAM TfM is on iTunes - BAM! TfM is on Amazon! Then Adam twitter-spams us confirming the album title, the gaga-gig, and the release on iTunes and Amazon. Sadly we suffered some casualties through this part of the storm and expect a few members to be *ded* tomorrow. The ADAM STORM continues! It's going to be an exciting week!
Adam Without Pity • Edit post
In the wee hours, TFM shot to #40 POP after only THREE HOURS!! In between the major squeeing as we watched TFM on the charts, there was some discussion on the album title, For Your Entertainment. Via twitter, it appears that the recorded segment of Adam on Oprah will air on Thursday, Oct. 29. Also, according to Reuters, Adam's TFM music video will debut on MySpace midnight Wednesday. Breathtaking pictures from Details photoshoot. Chart-watching filled the day as did some disappointment that neither Kris nor Allison have tweeted Adam about the release of TFM, (Kris's dad did, and Matt and Michael responded to fan requests), RCA at AO smacks down those who want to remove the Kradam forum from AO, and Finland wins the race of getting Adam's TFM to #1 POP first (#2 overall)!! TFM quickly became #1 MP3 download on Amazon!! Discussion continued on the album title with some thoughts that it was a nod to Roxy Music album “For Your Pleasure” or Queen's "Let Me Entertain You." (Scarlet's BIL is showing some improvement.) Most enjoyed Dish of Salt's video of Adam's reaction to the Details shoot, especially his adorable little blush! Adam is listed as the #1 Most Popular Artist on VH1. ET premiered a clip of the 2012 MV, squeeing and analysis of this new Adam look took place. Well before midnight, MySpace Music posted Adam's very first music video!! Major flailing took place!! TFM ending the night at #11 US iTunes Chart and #9 US iTunes Pop Chart.
Wednesday Wednesday was "discussion" day - in between various Adam news stories and reviews of TfM and a little chart watching and of course listening and watching TfM again and again we discussed the AWESOMENESS that is Adam Lambert - how Adam can make you’re your panties go poof (tm Buderschnookie) and how there are no words to describe Adam - so we’ll just have to start making up our own, like Lindsay Parker did in her blog as she tried to describe the Adam songs she heard. There was also discussion and some concern regarding fan-wars (jealous fans of other Idols and trolls) ageism in the fandom (are you ever too old to be a fan??) and whether or not we would actually "like" Adam's new music - of course we will - In Adam We Trust. In other words, bb's got this! Oh, and TfM cracked the Top 10 and ends the day at #8 on the US Pop Chart and #9 on the US Music Chart on iTunes.
Members marveled over the stats for a youtube TFM as well as the over 500,000 hits for TFM on myspace. Discussion then turned to the implications of Lyndsey Parker's review of 3 Adam songs. It appears that the English language does not have adequate words to describe Adam's music and therefore they must be created. Lyndsey also said she heard a fourth song but could not discuss it. As we speculated that this must be the single, an AI article stated that a single has yet to be released. The board had a slight eruption over the sensitive topic of Kris discussion on AWOP. (Please keep Scarlett and her family in your thoughts/prayers/positive energy as sadly her BIL had another heart attack.) TFM had a position of 11 on iTunes Top 100 US and was # 10 on the Pop Chart.
A new “high quality” version of TfM was released by AO on a new YouTube site late last night so the early part of the day was spent exchanging comments on how much we enjoy watching High Quality Adam. Via twitter we learned that today is the day the tracks for Adam’s Album will be decided! The rest of the day was spent discussing little “mentions” of Adam in all kinds of print news and the positive comments and reviews he was getting from the public and from media/industry insiders. A lot of members reported that they had picked up their Details, InStyle and EW copies – and others still wait patiently for the proper Adam editions to arrive in their areas. There was some discussion on the topic of “an openly gay man being accepted on the radio” in response to a blog introducing that topic, and some night-time discussion on the Idol process and the pull TPTB has on the show and beyond. The night ended with the nite-owls on pins and needles STILL waiting for the announcement of the track list for Adam’s album.
While we are anxiously awaiting news on Adam's single, skipper offered some wonderful insight into the whole process. In terms of new news, in the AH Making of TFM video, Adam explicitly states that TFM was written for the film, which makes it eligible for Oscar contention. Discussion then revisited some concerns over RCA's Adam treatment/timetable, old comparisons to Clay, and the importance of radio spins. These were countered with lists citing the recent media blitz, and statements which show RCA's unprecedented support for a new artist. Interesting information about Adam's demographic posted by Q3 at MJs. A game of WITWIAL began when a makeup artist tweeted about Adam and dancers in FL. Private party? Burger King in Miami? The Vault? Kris with him? Singing with fangs? Some people are making stuff up but we can only hope for pictures!!

From Adam
**It's official! My debut album, dropping November 23rd will be called "For Your Entertainment"
** Yes it's true: I spent yesterday in the studio w the insanely talented and creative Lady GaGa recording a song that she wrote! I love her.
**"Time For Miracles" from 2012 Soundtrack now on sale on iTunes and Amazon.
**Gaga wrote the song a while ago and she thought it would be a good fit for me. It's a solo track. I feel so honored and lucky to be asked.
**GaGa just gets it, ya know?
**@Pink jealous. I want to do the yummy too. (In reply to Pink: mmmmmm. layed in bed all day. what a yummy thing to do.)
**adamlambert @KrisAllen4Real I love the canyon. That view is sick. How'd your rehearsal go yesterday? (In reply to KrisAllen4Real Did a little running and this was the reward at the top.

from Others:
ruthanne353, Ruth-Anne Cunningham so inspired by my friend jeff, just dropped into his session with lady gaga&adam lambert, sounds amazin! its the year of the jeff peoples!
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV Adam Lambert w/ a naked lady in Details mag. I bet Danny Gokey is very, VERY confused.
** I'm digging "Time for Miracles," but will it confuse non-Lambert fans? My blog: (NOT my headline, by the way...)
DishOfSalt Be sure and check out @accesshollywood tonight. we will be teasing the Adam Lambert Details magazine stuff for tmw. full intv online tmw
lindsayparker RT @adamlambert: Yes it's true. I spent yesterday in the studio w/Lady GaGa recording a song that she wrote! <-- OH. MY. F**KING. GAWD.
Ann Powers
**Okay, Glambert interlude over, now I go back to contemplating The Rock Hall.about 4 hours ago from web
**Adam Lambert climbs this song like it's freaking Iwo Jima, made of spandex
BradBessey Adam Lambert Flash: ET has your first look at his new music video - "Time for Miracles" from 2012. We go behind the scenes tomorrow night!
leecherry: @adamlambert perfect
Alisan Porter #ForYourEntertainment. Woop.
MDMOLINARI: CAN't Wait! RT @adamlambert It's official! My debut album, dropping November 23rd will be called "For Your Entertainment"
OPRAH Thurs. Oct. 29 Christian Siriano (music by Brad Walsh) and Adam Lambert! SET YOUR DVRs!!!!
ChristyLabry @adamlambert I love your "TIme For Miracles"! Lyrics rang true for me in my life...very cool! Im very proud of you sweetie. Congrats!
arianahall I sang back up vocals on Adam Lambert's (Amer Idol) solo album today, comes out in Nov!! Singing soprano on the tune: Aftermath. Great song!
OhFerras Just watched my bud Adam Lamberts "Time For Miracles" video. I think I died. Wowowowoowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow
Kimberly Allen (Kris’ mom)@adamlambert Love the song....Love the you! Absolutley beautiful!
IMMattGiraud (Matt Giraud) @adamlambert Hey great job on the video, man! And thanks for letting me be in it! (I was in one of the cars)haha btw where are the pancakes
KrisAllen4Real Hey guys go get time for miracles by @adamlambert because he sounds so good on it.
ali22san I love Time For Miracles, there will never be a thing that @adamlambert does that I don't love. He's a genius.
Allison4Realzzz Sup hooomieess been a bit crazy lately!! Buttt man today was awesome saw mi hermano Adam today.. Missed him much.. Just finished rehearsin'
elythecreep11:11. Time for Miracles
ali22san I can't breathe. Just tell me, yay or nay.
AimeeMayo I heard they are choosing the track list today- I need every prayer and positive thought I can get. Pleeeeeeeeeeease.... "Sleep Walker"
OfficialAMAs: Breaking News - American Idol Stars set to perform at 2009AMAs - KELLY CLARKSON, CARRIE UNDERWOOD and DAUGHTRY join ADAM LAMBERT on roster
AOLRadio: We got the Adam Lambert song "Time for Miracles" from the movie "2012"...find out where we're playing it in just a bit...
_pennyroyal - I made some "Eye Of Horus" stud earrings for a couple people who requested them. Email me if you're interested in
AOLRadio Hear Adam Lambert's "Time for Miracles" on the New Pop First, Pop Idols (Pop genre) and Movie Tracks (Soundtracks) stations: aolradio.comaboutAOL Player.
lisa_presley (yes! Elvis' daughter)
**Like @ddlovato @jonasbrothers @taylorswift13 @jonhcmayer @ashleytisdale @selenagomez @adamlambert @katyperry and more!!about 1 hour ago from web
**Wow! The new teen singers have so much talent! http://ddlovato.hi5.comabout 1 hour ago from web
OhFerras Still no song update. Prob know on mon. Killing but that's life.4 minutes ago from UberTwitter
Dish of Salt For my Adam Lambert fans... Be sure and check out @accesshollywood wknd show. Something you havent seen from our intv will air.
AimeeMayoGot the new Details magazine with AL it feels like torture waiting to know- still nothing...........
Ely Rise @MissGolightly22 thank you...the song is pretty damn amazing...but I'm sure all the songs he's recorded are..
Monte Pittman sitting at the computer figuring out "Time For Miracles"...and so it begins...

Adam Lambert's Details Magazine pics to Outkast
ADAM LAMBERT - PLANET FIERCE: UPRISING – Muse. YouTube vid by skylarvon.
Video Interpretation: Christina Aguilera-Ain't No Other Man" brought to the board during conversation of misheard lyrics.
TfM used for Video: Kentucky Derby 2009 ... 50-1 longshot Mine That Bird comes from last place to win by 6 lengths in my hometown!
Adam Question of the Day., from AO.
Screencaps] by LaStupenda of ET Oct. 19 segment (Details photo shoot)
Access Hollywood Teaser, Oct. 19
HD download of ET segment thanks to LaStupenda
Video clip of ET premier of 2012 music video
AwardsShowNetwork put out a little extra Adam video from the AMA
TIME FOR MIRACLES MUSIC VIDEO (same as posted above in News)
LaStupenda's HQ download of TFM MV TY, La!!!
Adam question of the Day 10.20.09. Adam is out of the bathroom!
Question of the day from AO.10.21.09
MTV News' James Montgomery and Jim Cantiello review TfM Video
Adam's Detail shoot on the Popeater podcast starting at about 4:35 ... mbert_adam
footage of the Details shoot from a Finnish site (since many members had difficulty getting it to play, La made a download TY, La!!!
E News Now: Adam kisses and tells
A higher quality version of TFM video on Adam's official youtube
More downloadable TfM in different formats
New YouTube Channel for Adam-Fans
from NewZealand: Another news video of behind the scenes of Adam's Details Photoshoot:
Adam – Question of the Day from AO 10.23.09
From the AMA's: Glambert Alert!
HQ TFM video posted on
Access Hollywood: Making of TfM Video

Daniel Allen’s summer video: TBerry & BWaller Series Part 2 Ft. American Idol Kris Allen & Adam Lambert
jambajim. JimC @ MTV Kris Allen is deciding on his final CD tracklisting today. I hope that one song I drunk-messaged him about makes the cut. [embarrassed face]
from Tim at PennyRoyal
**Another exciting bit of news... E! is doing a segment on Pennyroyal! Shooting Monday morning.
**Just finished filming the E! segment with @iamcattsadler. I'll let you know when it airs!
Allison’s CD cover and Slezak’s words - he's big on Allison, remember?
Lindsey Parker and her Kris Allen Reality Rocks Listening Party
Complete track list for Kris’ album from Slezak (note: Heartless is a ‘bonus track’)
Kris Allen: The Album Part 1 Lindsay Parker interview/video
Kris Allen: The Album Part 2 Lindsay Parker interview/video
New version of Cassidy's Whiskey In Churches

A return to Steven Fudd: Adam Lambert is Best Ever American Idol
AO/RCA response to kerfuffle over Kradam Thread
Kradam Thread added to
Win a photoshoot with Adam
Update from AO on the controversy of the New Kradam Thread:
Adam Lambert's Skeleton Rocks to "Let's Dance"
The puppy rolled back over
Two LOL’s From print Entertainment Weekly:
**in The Bullseye": Adam Lambert's new single "Time for Miracles". Rejected title: "Kris Allen is Going to Need a Miracle to Outsell My Album."
**In The Shaw Report: In - Adam's CD , Five Minutes Ago - Allison's CD, Out - Kris' CD
Adam on a Soap? GH plays MW.

Online poll What do you think of TfM?
Info on Amazon “rating”
People’s Choice Nominations! Vote for Adam!
iTunes Chart - Top 100
Rate TfM at MySpace (you need an account)
new Negative Neil post
Quick Cut Info on spins
Summary News site for Adam news
Time for Miracles Lyrics

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Oct 25 - Oct 31

Adam tweets on Wednesday:
***Debut single is called "For Your Entertainment" get ready to shake yo asses to this song. It'll make ya dance for sure. :)***
Lehigh Valley Review of TFM {warning: not a positive review}
Official Statement on "Live the Life" by J. Scott G
Adam's Favorite #4 from
QOTD from AO
AI Now states that Adam's single is "What do you want from me?"
DJ from Cincinnati saying Adam's single is the Pink song
Details Magazine: Adam's favorite #3 Condoms plus underwear bonus!
Album cover at RCA!!!
Lyndsey Parker's opinion on the cover
EW(Michael Slezak) and Cantiello{not positive} weigh in on the cover.
Popeater with poll on the album cover
USA Today w/ poll
Michelle Collins on the cover.
E!Online with poll on the cover
Autstraddle Senior Design Director weighs in on Adam's cover
Access Hollywood at TII, Adam about the album cover
The Houston Chronicle likes the cover
***the BEST QOTD yet***
Album cover makes homepage of MSNBC
ABC News on the cover
Reuters: Lambert still out to shock favorite #2: Room service meal
MTV/Cantiello on The Cover
E! Adam defends his cover.
Adam on Oprah at (video)
E! Online RC/FYE Interview
Adam @ TII, Detroit News
TfM = #50 on Billboard Hot 100!
BB is in the news in CHINA
Adam’s #1 Pick from Details
Adam Defends Album cover on
Extended Version of Adam on Oprah
Brian Mansfield from USA Today on FYE
LindsayParker review of FYE
NYMichael weighs in on Adam’s Star Power
Perez FIRST to put the single up
Ryan Seacrest Blog on FYE
Wall Street Journal blog on FYE
FYE Review from PeeP
Ann Powers article on Glam Adam
Michelle Collins from Best Week Ever on FYE and autotone
EOnline introduces FYE
Rolling Stone on FYE debut
Happy Glamoween from MasterClass Lady
Hollygossipwood blog: Adam Lambert is Pure Entertainment
Entertaining Reuters blog:
Another MTV article
Hispanic Business News on the FYE debut.
Adam Lambert FYE. From
FUKO’s Blog (she’s the Album Cover designer).
Hispanic Business on FYE
Adam and Drake split, from Just Jared

“InStyle” Online gives a teaser of what is in the print edition
Blog on Details photoshoot
Ryan Teddar interview in Denver Post
Interview with Lady Gaga. She mentions Adam toward the end around 11:05.
Adam confirmed to be at the TII premiere.
Tim from PennyRoyal mentions Adam. This video also shows the process of making a pendant.
Adam made Yahoo News as Glampire at Party City
Reuters on Party City
Wall Street Journal on the album cover
NBC LA mentions the cover
Adam and Katy Perry picture made BBC News coverage of TII
Elvis Duran Poll on Adam's album coverage of TII red carpet, short sound bites from Adam
Warner Bros. coverage of TII
UK Daily Mail, mostly about Katy Perry
interview with Jacob from TOB about AI
Album cover on msnbc
CNN on Adam's album cover! Star Tracks on TII
About the Album cover from Contact Music
About the album cover: Woman's Day
Adam and KP @ TII, in People Pics
Wall Street Journal - live blogging Oprah, comments on Adam
Adam in Tigerbeat
Adam mention in
FYE going for adds next Tuesday according to All Access
Comments from the crew at Queerty
Rumors from HooplaMagnet:A little bird just told me that Adam's Ellen appearance will air 12/1 and that he'll also be on Letterman, to air 11/25.
Orianthi shares Jackson's spotlight, steps into own She’s a ‘guest’ on Adam’s album.
RS Rewind the Week More from RS

The board was amazed and upset that Amazon/B&N are selling the bogus Adam CD “Take One” from HiFi. Here is a track listing. A new poem/songfrom laynie! We love it!! Someone from ontd_ai is saying that an ELLEN appearance is slated for Nov/Dec. Did Adam have an impromptu Twitter Party? Was he hacked? These were the questions buzzing around the board as MUPpets broke into Team Hacked/Not Hacked. Meanwhile Adam(?) contemplated jet skiing or a massage out loud on twitter and FL board members flailed that Adam was in their vicinity!! Some members also gifted TFM tonight in an effort to give it a bump on iTunes.

The day began with discussion of reviews. Most want to see all reviews, even the negative ones. Everyone was pleased with Lady Gaga's mention of Adam in her iinterview with Kid Kraddick. Speculation began whether it would be THE single, if RedOne was called in or if Dr. Luke was the producer. Glammax thinks she has it all figured out! ;) Two pictures of Glampire Adam surfaced. These were taken in Boca Raton, FL at Party City's annual Halloween Bash & Industry Awards on the 24th to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. So it would seem, Adam's twitter was not hacked; he was just in a tweeting mood yesterday! Just when we were all excited that the Gaga song might be THE single, someone reported that a DJ in Cincinnati is claiming that the Pink song will be THE single! LOL. Isn't it fun being an Adam fan? freethinker summarized the board activity as we anticipated THE single. LOL.

Talk began about Adam on the Red Carpet tonight at the premiere of TII, another Glampire picture appeared, track lists began floating around the internet, and was it TMI to learn Adam's favorite condom? Opinions varied. Via tweets it seems that the song Adam, Ferras, Alisan and Ely wrote made the album! YAY for them! Opinions again span a wide margin on the album cover. An excellent perspective was brought over by ella22. Another total surprise: Adam attends the premiere of TII with Katy Perry. A first interview on the Red Carpet and the first picture. More pictures from the Red Carpet. Grain of Salt: An anonymous poster on Datalounge claims Adam is People's "Sexiest Man" for the November 18 issue. Last in: HQ pictures from the Red Carpet.

Everyone is still dealing with the album cover. Some interesting comparisons are floating around, this from gossipcandy, this from Sister Europe and this from hooplamagnet. More pictures from the Red Carpet here and here. Thanks, ella22 for the pretty! A beautiful first post by gami that offers a wonderful perspective! Welcome, gami! (eta cadillacjackie's macro to go with gami's post--beautiful, CJ!!) As we struggled with some of the pure hate that exists outside our safe haven here at AWOP, some wondered if it is the same groups that do not want an openly gay man to succeed, or people that resent reality show stars that are making the rounds at the usual sites. The 2012 trailer before TII is the first short version with Adam singing but no screen time. First week sales #s for TFM. Debate centered on whether these were good or bad #s for a song with no radio play. More Glampire singing pictures. An excellent blog reminds us that this is Adam folks! And a whoa! post. The news that a Muse song will be on Adam's album generated much excitement!! And, we finally get the name of the new single: "For Your Entertainment." Some concern on whether the cover will put off 20-something straight males. There is an unconfirmed report that TFM made the Billboard Hot 100. A very interesting quote about David Bowie's Hunky Dory album was brought over by catzmadam; sounds familiar indeed! ;)

Early week news regarding Adam’s album cover & the name of the new single had the board still on cloud nine. The day started with continued discussion on the Album Cover with commentary from AWoP’s Buderschnookie’s TOB entry and comments on how the “controversy” which subsequently put bb on the front page of literally every single news story and every single media outlet was actually a brilliant move. Paps videos of Adam/Ferras dining out provided a good distraction while waiting for the EPIC Oprah interview via Skype. Naturally bb looked fantastic – the whole “journey” was nicely wrapped into a concise post by WinkyDink which aptly explains why Adam’s karma is so good. (hint: he’s a mensch). With so much to discuss and flail about you’d think the board would’ve just about been spent – and then the BEST NEWS EVER ARRIVED – Adam tweeted that he would appear on Seacrest’s show in the morning and debut his new single! WOW! By the day's end the O-Effect had been executed and Adam's album ended Thursday in the #1 position in Pop, Rock and the General list on Amazon! What a week – and it aint over yet!

Another wild day in the Adam Storm – it was the day for the debut of Adam’s single For Your Entertainment! Buderschnookie provided us with a link to This first post at IDF which contains the most comprehensive info about FYE the Album – songs, producers, etc. (thx Buder) The EPIC event took place at 7:00 pacific time – early for the west-coasters – not early enough for those on the East Coast Shortly before 7 LaStupenda dropped off a BIG HQ copy of The Single’s Cover It is beeeyouteeeefullll! and elicited responses like “Yes!” and “That’s what I’m talkin’ about” indicating that the Single Cover is more in line with what many expected from Adam (for the album). But the discussion on the cover was short-lived because FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT was coming! Needless to say there was so much *flailing* it is impossible to summarize. Relive the excitement of the release of Adam's first single, For Your Entertainment, starting at page 163. The *flailing* and subsequent search for downloads and best versions last for about 10 pages. Discussion on FYE, Adam’s album, reaction to Adam’s album and upcoming events (like AMA) continued merrily for the rest of the day.

It was a happy day as the board continued their praise of FYE and the brilliance of the single CD cover, the music, the lyrics and all that is Adam Lambert. Comparisons to Clay were discussed as were comments from TOB and other "not-us" places - but none of the naysayers and haters had much of an impact on the media attention or on the MUPpets. Late day discussion focussed on Adam's twitter-happiness, and the H-Peens comment in response to Kris' "I like H-ween" tweet! Oh Adam, never change! Late night breaking news about the Lambry-no-more scenario left a bit of a cliffhanger - but that's the life of an Adam fan - always waiting for the next news story...

From Adam
#@reticent3 But I love your profile pic. You are beautiful. !!
#@reticent3 Oh sweety, I was only speaking of the strange few... Why must u generalize? You seem clever....{in response to @reticent3 Gaga wouldn't call fans "entitled" nor "smelly". Yes she gets it. @adamlambert does not.}
#@adamissexable I try to stay smelling pretty good. :) {in response to: @adamlambert So...we think you smell too. JS. :D}
#@number8gurl The "epic rock kick"? hahah that was so crazy. Someone threw a dildo at my leg! It was so distracting... now? funny as hell. {in response to: @adamlambert EPIC 'The Rock Kick'}
#@MandyHere_ believe it girl, believe it. :) {in response to: I don't believe @adamlambert tweeted that.}
#Happy birthday Deeksha! {in response to:ashylambert25:@adamlambert Can you please say happy birthday to Deeksha? She's my best friend. AND it would make my life that you saw this. PLEASE REPLY!}
#@paaattty yeah this "take one" thing is basically "on with the show" re-tooled. Now this is ALL material recorded in '05 not written by me. {in response to:@adamlambert wtf with that album "Take One"?}
#My debut, official album "FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT" will be released Nov 23rd. The SHOULD be out next week. Sorry to keep you guys waiting!
#*the Single SHOULD be out next week...
#At a resort in Boca Raton. Cant decide on a jet ski rental or a massage... mmmm... Life is tough. :)
#One of my two BRILLIANT vocal coaches on Idol has an CD out on CDBaby and Amazon. His name is DORIAN HOLLEY. He has a beautiful voice!
#@mmmfelicious hilarious. :) Im not HACKED... whats w the conspiracy theories guys?? {in response to: @adamlambert Oh bb, did you get hacked again? Ilikethetop is not a good password, JSYK.}
RT @keshasuxx: RT @DavudVitalis @keshasuxx trash is the new glam <3
**@ali22san: My girls music.
**Album cover revealed on Glam is back!!!
**On my way to the THIS IS IT premiere w my lovely date Miss Katy Perry!! We are Dressed!
**Thank you to those who appreciate and understand that the album cover is deliberately campy. It's an omage to the past. It IS ridiculous.
**For those that don't get it: oh well... Glad to have gotten your attention.
**androgyny. Rock n Roll.
**@PerezHilton I haven't appologized. :)
***homage. When's Twitter adding spell check?
**Thanks guys! :) Well here's some more album info for you guys! The upcoming single was produced by Dr Luke!!
**There is also a song called "Soaked" written by Muse! Also a tune called "Music Again" written by Justin Hawkins of the Darkness!
**I also wrote on four songs on the album. "Strut", "Aftermath" "Broken Open" and "Down the Rabbit Hole" (iTunes bonus track)
**I'm so excited for you all to hear it!!!!
**Oh and "This Is It" was totally inspiring!! I loved seeing the showmanship and hard work of MJ documented for us all.
**Debut single is called "For Your Entertainment" get ready to shake yo asses to this song. It'll make ya dance for sure. :)
**@thatboistevs yeah I am. Her new song 3 is hot.
**OMG Space Cowboy's "Egyptian Lover" is so siiiiiiick
**@EdenEspinosa 6:55AM. Sorta early...
**Gonn be on Seacrest tommorow morning to debut single "For Your Entertainment" on the radio!30 minutes ago from Echofon
**@TheRealJordin you are a very sexy vampire!!!!!32 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to TheRealJordin
**RT @TheRealJordin: "I vant to suck yourrr bluuuduh' Yeeees Jordan!33 minutes ago from Echofon
**@YO_RANDYJACKSON thanks Randy!!! I'm glad you dig it.
**@scarlett_cherry yay!!! Twat? :)
** My new single is for sale on my website! also: you can pre-order the collectors edition of my CD with a photo book!
**"don't trip off the glitz that I'm gonna display" ;) thank you all for your support!! Glad you like the track!!!
**Hope you're gonna wanna blast it while you're gettin ready for Halloween!! Then at the club!!!about 6 hours ago from Echofon
**Just got up! I'm so excited!!!!!! U ready?? Turn it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**Your’re reading my mind for that video, honey. (in response to ONTD_AI’s asouthernthing’s tweet: I think this song requires a sweaty club video with half dressed people of all genders and orientations.
**RT @coreyschmorey: If you ever come to Holland (say yes), please be aware that 'Peen' is Dutch for carrot. You'd get a kick out of that.
**My album cover is dressed up as Dave Navarro for HalloPeen.8 minutes ago from Echofon
**Reminder: you can download my new single on my website Dontcha wanna blast that sh**t for Halloween?!?4 minutes ago from Echofon
**@KrisAllen4Real HWeen? I like HPeens.16 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to KrisAllen4Real "What's everyone gonna be for H-Ween? That's right I said H-Ween!"
**@katyperry: yeah get on it diva. See you tonight!!!! :) protect Yo neck.18 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to katyperry
**@ImMattGiraud "I wouldn't...."22 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to ImMattGiraud
**RT @fureyyyy: RT @DangerousMuse HAPPY HALLOWEEN! RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: minutes ago from Echofon
**@OhFerras fairuza balk was my idol in the craft toooooo! "I bind you Sarah!!!!"

from Others:

InStyle From his favorite nail polish to his biggest splurge @adamlambert tells all in our November issue, on newsstands today!
AnoopDoggDesai Dorian is the TRUTH RT @adamlambert One of my two BRILLIANT vocal coaches on Idol has an CD out on CDBaby and Amazon--DORIAN HOLLEY.
gclingman: @adamlambert My mom is the blonde lady staying next door to you in Boca right now! I am so freaking jealous of her :(
J Scott G I am not releasing anything with Adam Lambert until the beginning of next year as agreed by Adam and I. {please see his homepage for more tweets about Adam and "Live the Life."}
**By the way... I'm going to be on E! tomorrow talking about my jewelry and MusiCares and stuff. Check your local listings for "The Daily 10"
**Yes. I talked about the success of the design and design process in the interview RT @Lindajean139 @_Pennyroyal Will you mention Adam?
KimKardashian Hey @RyanSeacrest Kris Allen was at the game today & Adam Lambert was on my flight home! Luv American Idol! Can't wait 4 next season!
gagadaily Lady Gaga describes the song she wrote for Adam Lambert in a radio interview today: "It's a total hit smash record".
Perez Hilton @AdamLambert Hot!
negativeneil Adam's Details spread: Add "suckling tits" to the list of stuff he can do better than me. Or, at least, people will pay HIM to do it.
brianrayguitar @ladygaga all the best to your dad … I played the guitars on the @AdamLambert song you wrote. Its a frikkin' hot song!
**@glambertloverrr Uptempo- rock/pop- SMASH!!! His voice sounds so sexy it sends jolts of electricity through me. Visual lyric- killer beat..
**@OhFerras Do you know anything about list. I swear I am having chest pains.
elythecreep/Ely Rise
**Wow, this is like the best movie ever....the suspense is just awesome...we are hours away people....heads or tails??
**Ummmmmmmmmm @#±»÷}>]
Alisan Porter
**"Hrs away", @elythecreep.
**Sitting dying.
**Were all hearing the best record to hit the universe in quite a while. Whatever you think your gonna get from @adamlambert. Times a million.
**GOOD!! (in response to this question mmadamimadamm @ali22san Why? Tell me you're dying 'in a good way'!!!!!G)
**I can't guys I love you so much!
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV So @adamlambert & @thedavidcook will be at the THIS IS IT premiere? Good thing MTV is airing a live red carpet special tomorrow night @8:30!
ClaudeKelly RT @yeyo818 Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" is going to be sick!! <==ur damn right its gonna be SICK!!!!! WEE!!!
AINow NEW!!! Adam Lambert’s Single, “What Do You Want From Me,” To Radio Premiere By Next Monday (@adamlambert #idol)
Cincinnati DJ @ToniJabroni it is called "What ya want from me?" I haven't heard it but I spoke with people at the label that have heard and they loved it. (our very own Buderschnookie!!)
Lee Cherry Adam's shit is gonna kick your ass and slap your momma!!
CassidyHaley not saying a word about what I'm doing but it is awesome.
elythecreep/Ely Rise
**11:11 wishes come true
**U guys r I dreaming??
**The leafs finally WON their first game of the season tonight...I feel like them...Tails....haha
**Kareoke celebrating w @mdmolinari @ilseyj @ohferras & @ali22san killing it on the mic as usual. Love.
**i just wanna call my mom
**ps, i had the craziest dream last night...we made it on the adam lambert record and everything.....oh wait....hmmm...i still dont believe it
Lee Cherry What an inspiring night!
Parkings/Parker Torres just listened to adam lamberts new tracks at his fab new how.....holy inspired!!!!!
GoCheeksGo Entertained, to say the least.
IlseyJ What a night. So happy for the people I love. This year is bringing so many blessings. It's all about change. Creating a movement
Alisan Porter
**@adamlambert. Iloveyou tonight was surreal.
**We did it. Goodight I love you, I believe all your prayers worked. You are all sweet beams of light and u get it. I'm humbled.
**fyi my track "NEVER EASY" was written by me and @adamlambert......forever ago....who would have thought.
**@JEANNINEE9 no I'm just so thrilled for him this record is gonna blow minds.
**@runawaysu. LOVE! So fucking Bowie stardust Glam love.
keshasuxx @adamlambert GLITTER IS THE NEW BLACK
** Thank you all for your prayers positive vibes and love! We golden.
**@AimeeMayo CALL ME i don't' have your number new phone
Alisan Porter
**I love Adams cover. He's an artist with an open mind. Its not your dream its his. Who gives a shit about a picture its the music that counts
**Music Again is the best song in the UNIVERSE!!!!!
**@adamlambert @ohferass @elythecreep. Good god we wrte a hot one!
lindsayparker I like Adam Lambert's cover in case I was unclear. I knew it'd raise eyebrows but shocked at the reaction! But hey, he gets people talking!
tedy1966 @adamlambert Saw One Republic tonight. Ryan Tedder said he was "channeling his inner Adam Lambert." Man, he can sing!!
negativeneil holy shiiiiit. Adam's album cover is an interdimensional gateway to a much cooler galaxy.
PerezHilton @adamlambert: No apologies! And, at the end of the day, it's all about the music. Your first real single has to be AMAZING. xoxo
TheWritingCamp So did I :-) EKB RT @adamlambert: I also wrote on four songs on the album including "Broken Open" & "Down the Rabbit Hole" (iTunes bonus)
TheEllenShow I'll call Adam up and ask just for you, @ButterxFly. Keep watching.
RyanSeacrest when do we get it? RT @adamlambert: Debut single is called "For Your Entertainment" get ready to shake yo asses. It'll make ya dance
**“For Your Entertainment” is seriously a musical ASS-WHOOPING! @TheDoctorLuke outdid himself. prepare to be to entertained. =)
** *confetti falling in my head*
elvisduran @adamlambert bring it in! Gaga was talking very highly of you. {pls note: unable to verify on twitter}
MDMOLINARI/Marcus Molinari So excited 4 dinner with my boo's @katyperry @ohferras @shannonwoodward @johnnywujek @miamoretti @adamlambert who's starting the food fight?
shananaomi this is a contoversial & yet obvious thing to say, but: @adamlambert is so much gayer than freddie mercury, you guys. {she is writing the piece on Adam in OUT magazine}
Justin Hawkins RT @adamlambert There is a song called "Soaked" written by Muse! Also a tune called "Music Again" written by Justin Hawkins of the Darkness!
DishOfSalt i thought it was daring. he is who he is. bold. RT @Kradison4life: @DishofSalt What do you think of Adam's album cover? Did you see it?
**SLEEP WALKER is ON THE RECORD!!! I've been walking around in circles outside looking at the stars-crying laughing and THANKING GOD!!!!!!!!2 minutes ago from web
**This is 100% proof of having a dream and going for it even when some days it's hard to BELIEVE. I am in shock i think. thank you everyone!!!less than 10 seconds ago from web
**The music business has broken my heart a thousand times but this put it back together. BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**@Mitla96 It's my all time ever fave CD cover. My husband said it looked like I designed it- the stars ****** IT LOOKS LIKE A CLASSIC COVER.
MDMOLINARI: @adamlambert Sooooo Goooood to see you last night! I missed you! I love that the dj played your single at @thehwood !!!
**@adamlambert yes my love!!!! I will listen in. What time?
**@adamlambert ummm I'm not gonna lie. I love you but that might be a little too early for me. I'll try. Xoxoxo
Elythecreep aka ElyRise: RT oh shit..its starting... @adamlambert: Gonna be on Seacrest tommorow morning to debut single "For Your Entertainment" on the radio!
RyanSeacrest: 6:55 am pst - stoked!! RT @AdamLambert Gonna be on Seacrest tommorow morning to debut single "For Your Entertainment" on the radio
cassidyhaley: RT @adamlambert Gonna be on Seacrest tommorow morning to debut single "For Your Entertainment" on the radio! *Woo hoo! Do it boy
IlseyJ aka Ilsey Juber Hahahahaha @adamlambert you were so cute on Oprah (Alisan's bandmate)
RYAN’S PRODUCER NegativeNatalie: @tracie312 he's calling! but still excited.
Allison4Realzzz RT @BethanysPlace: @Allison4Realzzz do you like Adams album cover? Heck yes !!
shananaomi: saw sneak peek of my @adamlambert piece today. there'll be a (much) longer q&a on the website look for it middle of next month (she’s writing for OUT)
DishofSalt i thought it was daring. he is who he is. bold. RT @Kradison4life:@DishofSalt What do you think of Adam's album cover? Did you see it?
scarlett_cherry: Just saw Adam on Oprah....My heart is too big for my chest... and I have a pretty big chest.....
Billboarddotcom @adamlambert Congrats on your debut! No #21 on the digital chart
OhFerras Yes!!! RT @NefetiriSian: @OhFerras @AdamLambert 's ALBUM IS #1 on AMAZON in ALL CATEGORIES!!!!!! !CONGRATS!!
**@AdamLambert You were fucking with my servers! Ha. Too many people were trying to listen!
**Grrr. Adam Lambert single link working now. Listen HERE 3 hours ago from web
**Listen to Adam Lambert's new single, For Your Entertainment, HERE Thoughts????
** @AdamLambert I like the new single cover!!!
RyanSeacrest in case you missed @adamlambert and i world premiering his new song, got audio here: ... Still in my ponch uniform
jasoncastro just searched out adam lamberts new single, finally found it! and yes, it does make me want to DaNcE!!! haha
Alisan Porter
**@JessyBR love duh. But the first song on his album is my fav!!!!
**@beautifulsoul29 its the best song in the universe.
negativeneil why isn't #foryourentertainment trending? You people are slacking.
**Adam Lambert "FYE" single is out & it RULES. Sounds like nothing on radio. Crank it up here, read my thoughts -
**To clarify I said Lambert's "FYE" sounds like nothing on radio because w/exception of Timberlake ,few males make mainsteam pop these days.
peoplemag Adam Lambert streams his single online - check it out!
DishofSalt aka Laura Saltman Thanks all. Looks like its unanimous. Everyone loves @adamlambert 's new single. Congrats to him and cant wait to see the AMA spectacle Ok. What does everyone think of Adam Lambert's new single?
Jim Cantiello
**For Your Entertainment needs to have a music video like NOW. #foryourentertainmentabout 2 hours ago from UberTwitter
**Shooting the Tweet Beat. I feel totally energized and jazzed thanks to FOR YOUR MOFO ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!! Just wait til y'all see it...about 3 hours ago from UberTwitter
**Get rough with me, @adamlambert! Fun single!!!about 4 hours ago from UberTwitter
**HE SOUNDS LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON, YES/NO?about 4 hours ago from UberTwitter
**Longest....commercial break...EVERRRRR.about 4 hours ago from UberTwitter
**#AdamEntertainsUs It's about time Top 40 Radio got exciting. @adamlambertabout 5 hours ago from UberTwitter
**Raise your hand if you think this SICK single cover should have been the album cover. Damn that's cool. Iconic. Slick.
**RT @adamlambert Gonna be on Seacrest tommorow morning to debut single "For Your Entertainment" on the radio! // I'M TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP!!!
InStyle The first single from his debut album is out! @AdamLambert tells us what's on his mind in our November issue.
AOLRadio: Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" is now playing on the New Pop First station. Visit and click on the New Pop First link.
KimKardashian: Have u guys heard Adam Lambert's new single? I heard @RyanSeacrest played it today on kiis fm! LOVING IT!
MDMOLINARI:Adam Lambert!!! #ForYourEntertainment NUMBER ONE!!!!! Retweet!!!
shananaomi, writer @ OUT as usual @annkpowers perfectly articulates how i feel re @adamlambert. "for your entertainment" is a "resurrection":
CHRIS_Daughtry@adamlambert We're blasting it on the bus right now:)
thespindleshay: RT @KatZimm: @adamlambert - Is the mole an omage to Matty G?
[]Elle_Higgins[/url]: @adamlambert Is that your evil twin? ... Can I have his number?
OhFerrasHappy Halloween world! Going to meet up with @katyperry @mdmolinari @shannonwoodward @adamlambert @miamoretti and the gang! BROOMS UNITE!
** - @ohferras and @adamlambert Halloween 2009 about 3 hours ago from TwitPic
**@ohferra says to me and @logandoesntweet " You guys are so Hollywood!" We like "TRUST!" about 5 hours ago from txt
**UR RUDE! wouldn't you wanna know rather then assume he was cheating?!?! RT @argeneau you're a bit of a c**t for announcing ... about 6 hours ago from web

Download of ”Details” photoshoot, AH Weekend edition
Montage: Can't Get No Satisfaction
Adam Lambert's Halloween Dance
Japanese 2012 trailer featuring TFM
TV Guide on the Details Photoshoot
An interview from the premiere of TII
Another interview from the Red Carpet
Screencaps of Red Carpet
Lots of pictures at Gossipcandy from the Red Carpet.
Adam Lambert - U-Stream Interview (This is It Premiere)(10-27-09) [17MB AVI] see La's post for screencaps
LaStupenda's dl of Adam's MTV interview and screencaps Tkx, La!
Red Carpet interview
some raw footage of Katy Perry and Adam on Red Carpet
Montage with Red Carpet pictures
Oprah preview for tomorrow's show.
Another Red Carpet interview from TII, nothing new, by SBARTSTV.
Demo of Soaked or Demo of Soaked on utube
Adam Lambert - Interview (Oprah)(10-29-09) [573MB MPG]
DEMO - If I Had You - Claude Kelly
DEMO~ Fever (Lady GaGa) this one’s on Adam’s album
Jim C's Tweet Beat
TIME WARP and SWEET TRANSVESTITE. appropriate for Halloween
WalMart Sound check Nov. 1, 2009
DOWNLOAD Adam’s TfM video, from 2012 site
Adam Lambert – THRILLER

Interview with Kris Allen
Kris Allen To Debut New Songs This Sunday
An acoustic version of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi
Alisan Porter's first solo album
Jason Castros inging at the annual Domain Christmas Tree Lighting in Austin
Kris interview w/ Billy Bush
Orianthi - According to You (iTunes FREE Single of the Week)

Lyndsey Parkerdoesn't miss a chance to mention Adam
A "creative" take on The Cover
Jim C from MTV: craziest album covers
Take One with pic posted on
Maggie Rodriguez of CBS News dresses as Adam Lambert for Halloween.
Adam Lambert Pumpkinhead
Jambajim aka Jim C @ MTV: Kris Allen: What's everyone gonna be for H-Ween? Adam Lambert: HWeen? I like HPeens. Me: THAT REALLY HAPPENED!

Live stream for TII Red Carpet
Vote for TFM on radio
People’s Choice Nominations! Vote for Adam!
iTunes Chart - Top 100
Rate TfM at MySpace (you need an account)
Zodiac Show has a new front page of their website with Adam front and center
FYE available for pre-order on
Interview with Claude Kelly no Adam mention but his philosophy is interesting.
Interesting, substantive discussion @ Adam Official about androgyny in our society.
PennyRoyal offering Eye of Horus earrings for a short-time only!
NEW OLD PICS surface post 19053
Vote to have TFM played
Confirmed Track List
FYE Lyrics
- new poll on the RS main page "Do you like Adam Lambert's album cover"
Vote for Adam for People’s Choice Awards
Need Adam on Z100 in NYC, please vote

 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:14 pm 
...hold me in my arms...

Joined: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm
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Location: Fire Nation
Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Nov 1 - 7

Don't forget to vote in People's Choice Awards voting may have ended
***Don't forget to review your FYE purchase on iTunes and give the maximum amount of stars!***(Tkx, glammax)
Adam’s Face: 2 halves make a whole
Adam and Ferras: Halloween Hotties Adam and Drake call it quits.
NY Post blog on FYE

“FYE” on the RADIO
more Adam on the Radio
Adam’s ~ADD’s
AOL New Music
NYC Z100 request
Adam and Drake split – Usmagazine
Adam and Drake split – Buzznet
Adam and Drake split Entertainment News FTE review NYPost
Adam in People
MTV article on “TfM” video
Adam’s TV appearances as per AO
Fang You Very Much Adam’s Boca performance
MTV: 5 Miracles contained within TfM
RS – FYE review

FYE single for sale on Amazon
Randomize ME has streaming of the snippets and tracklist
MTV Review of snippets!
RS's Review on snippets
Houston Chronicle
Yahoo/Lindsey Parker

FYE on iTunes today!
I plan to date on tour from
Adam Lambert Feels 'Honored' To Be On '2012' Soundtrack
Official FTE Track Release from reuters
FYE in Wall Street Journal Speakeasy
Adam Lambert: Cool, calm and eclectic by Ann Powers

Official FYE PR Press Release
Ann Powers article/interview - excellent!!
Adam Official - make radio requests

Adam in TV Guide
EW‘s What’s Hot
USA Today on “FYE”
Media base “FYE”
HDD on FYE: RCA has high hopes. . .
Glee star wants Adam(get in line, sister!)
Billboard Photos of the Week (Adam/Katy/RC)
bb Breaks into Asia
Scanned photos AND copied article from ELLE
Glee' Star Lea Michele Is Determined To Land Adam Lambert Cameo
'2012' Stars John Cusack, Amanda Peet Talk Adam Lambert's 'Miracles'
Adam’s A&R man lured away from RCA.
Reposting Ann Powers: Adam Lambert, Cool, Calm and Eclectic– because of the new pic.

TV Guide News
Philippines Inquirer: Flamboyant Idol likes to make fans feel sexy THIS IS AN EXCELLENT INTERVIEW, new stuff. Part 1 of 2. eta: Part 2
Adam hits Asia


Variety Adam performing at Spielberg fundraiser.

Adam to perform Dec. 9 honoring Spielberg

MTV/Cantiello Review of snippets
Best Week Ever
NY Post weighs in
How Hollywood Dresses for a Disaster see Adam in his sparkly jacket.
Adam AMA performance mention:
Adam mention at about 1:20 on the Kidd Kraddick RADIO PROGRAM

RollingStone mention of FYE’s popularity on Amazon
AfterElton survey: “Why do women like gay men?” Adam in Details got its own question!
Lady Gaga loves working with Adam
EW's must have list

Brian Mansfield – Adam mention in AI8 track downloads
Adam mentioned by Roger Taylor of Queen

More Disco than Elvis
The Greatest Gay Icons of All Time/Huffington Post


The day started with speculation and then acceptance of the Adam/Drake split and discussion on Adam’s relationship with Ferras, his connection to his old friends, and his Halloween Party and Costume. There was continued *flailing* for FYE and good feelings all around for the weeks to come: hearing Adam on the radio, seeing Adam on the AMA’s and –as many expressed – hopefully hearing Adam sing the National Anthem at the Superbowl. Oh – and #foryourentertainment starts trending and hits the top spot before the day ends.

It was a day of “spins” discussion with everyone reporting in when FYE had played on their station – and on radio contests pitting FYE against other songs. Laynie inspired us all with her heartfelt poem about Adam’s journey which ends with the lines “Look deep inside, just let it be, You fit right in your skin” (*sigh*) There was also a funny translation of FYE in snooty English. Some MUPpets offered their views on the Adam/Drake split and the possibility of Adam and Ferras dating – but mostly the day was spent watching spins and charts and having tingling feelings from experiencing Adam’s first plays on the radio.

Radio stations seemed to put Adam's FYE into battle early on. Good news is Adam seems to be winning, with a lot of guys calling in support! Then, just about everyone spent the day flailing, crying and LOVING as we listened to preview clips of FYE, the album (TY, Zerika!!!). A beautiful photoshop of the single cover was brought over. Discussion ranged from marveling over the fact that preview clips were getting reviewed to angst over the apparent lack of adds on the radio. Our very wonderful Buderschnookie provided us with lyrics to the song clips! (TY, Buder!!) We got news that Adam will be interviewed for a very popular Israeli TV program today. We then got all excited with the possibility of a live stream interview of Adam on the Red Carpet at the 2012 Premiere in LA, only to be scorned. A glimpse of our beautiful Magical Unicorn Prince had to suffice...until these beauties from 2012 press arrived!!!

Today’s discussion centered around Adam’s FYE radio play and whether to compare the spins/sales with established artists like Britney, or with new artists like Jay Sean, interrupted by Amazing new pics of Adam from a great website. Some “concern” regarding the launch and subsequent ‘pullback’ of FYE play on the radio. But a well-timed reminder from Buderschnookie, AND Fez, AND jerseymom kept everyone on the bright side of fandom. The rest of the day was spent talking about radio spins, sharing info on how to call radio stations and what stations to call. There were plenty of video snippets (see Video section) of Adam’s red carpet events for TII and 2012, and of course, we all love Adam’s attire. As our own princessazula said: “I think he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...” to which cj (who is just a teeny bit sluttier than the lovely princessazula) added ". . .and no, I can't stop thinking about f*cking you, bb" LOL!

The completest in many of us want Take One which is actually doing well on Amazon but, the hope is someone will rip it so that HiFi does not make $$ off Adam. Radio play then became the major focus of discussion. The iTunes charts were screwed up as FYE, the single, was charting as an album. So, we missed the fun of watching the climb as we did with TFM. Anonyme brought over an excellent explanation of the importance of a song charting on Billboard's Top 40, Freethinker made a succinct point about the importance of song requests, and many members proactively hit the request lines (see below for links, Other) all illustrating that MUPpets certainly did our part to build some Adam buzz. (Impressive, guys, seriously!!!) Just about everyone's creep-o-meter went off as 2 IDFers attended Danielle Stori's show (Danielle is Adam's BFF). Of course, they had no idea Adam would be there! A collective eye roll and many pictures later, we just wanted them to own their cray-cray. BocaBabe had an excellent post over at TOB in defense of Adam's celebrity and achievements. The lovely WinkyDink found Adam's 2012 Black Carpet jacket and Buderschnookie got her Eye of Horus earrings from pennyroyal. Everyone continues to be baffled by the popularity of SuBo but pjd used it as an interesting reference point to hopefully good FYE sales. And, we all fell a little deeper in love (AGAIN!!) with the MUP after reading Ann Powers's article, le sigh...

Once again todays discussion revolved around radio play, spins, who heard what on what station and where FYE was/is on the charts. Of course that information changes from board to board and from hour to hour so it’s a great topic which spans the day. We were disappointed that there was no Adam mention in People’s 100 Sexiest Men even though they used his picture as a teaser and many of the MUPpets (yay! us) wrote to People mag to complain. Good news came around mid-day when we heard that TPTB (whoever they are now) are actually going to promote FYE next week. There was plenty of *flailing* when this pic from TV guide was discovered, and tons of naughty but nice fun in the early-evening Macro wars. Start here to catch the action. Another Friday = good times!

The MUPpet House tried to recover from the previous evening's Macro Wars and was greeted with the news that Ryan replayed Adam's interview on AT40. While he did not play FYE, he did direct people to his website to listen to it. So, it was nice that Ryan showed a little Adam love. We did grow antsy about spins and numbers again. Elybe gave a 3-part easy to understand explanation (part 1, part 2, and part 3)of how the numbers work and eased our minds that FYE is indeed getting off to a great start. We then celebrated the happiness that Adam must be feeling in seeing a dance class dancing to FYE, which he tweeted about. CJ, concentrated on another dance video. Ella22 also made an excellent point on how huge the AMA performance is for Adam and how important it is to enjoy this wonderful ride with Adam F. Lambert. The evening ended with a little a folk-punk concert, of course!!!

From Adam
**On my way to the 2012 Premiere.

**Woah don't know what's happening w my twitter13 minutes ago from Echofon
**"for your entertainment" single is now on ITunes!!33 minutes ago from Echofon
**Sorry. Strange Twitter glitch. All back to normal now :)

RT @MattsFTLs: @ImMattGiraud @DannyGokey @allison4realzzz @KrisAllen @AdamLambert haha

**@ohferras The tabloids think we're dating. Haha! where do they get this sh**t?!
**Sh*t. Yeeeeeaaah it's early poeple! Give me a break in reply to @KrisAllen4Real yes sheet. (that's the fake Kris)
**@McGillPaul You too buddy!!! :)
**@McGillPaul oh and congrats

Loving this:

from Others:
MDMOLINARI@adamlambert Had so much fun last night! The party bus was the best part! Wink!
greg_wells: I did 5 songs with Adam...3 are on the physical CD, #4 on the iTunes deluxe version, and #5 is on the UK and Japanese CD.
RiversCuomo: This is an amazing song and Adam sang it greatlWeezer fans will love.RT: “Pick U Up” has been passed on to adamlambert
KaraDioguardi watch for the song ” Strut” on @adamlambert ’s new album For Your Entertainment!
michaelsarver1RT @glambert2038: @michaelsarver1 what you think of adams new song? Looove it. Actually heard it for the first time this morning. about 6 hours ago from Echofon

**@exclusiveee OH YES, HE MADE MY DAY! He´s so grounded and grateful for what he has accommplished! Great vibe!
**@exclusiveee Yes I Did!
**Waiting for Adam Lambert!
TheEllenShow: @kaceelyn It’s true! Can't wait. Set your TiVos America. RT There's a rumor that Adam Lambert will be on your show on Dec 1.
**#musicmonday ; @adamlambert - #4yourentertainment
**RT @sgjools don't know who's behind the lyrics for #4yourentertainment but they couldn't b more perfect!<=THANX! GLAD U LIKE EM, MEANS A LOT
**i get excited about good music. its all #4yourentertainment *wink*
McGillPaul: #4YourEntertainment #4YourEntertainment #4YourEntertainment #4YourEntertainment #4YourEntertainment #4YourEntertainment #4YourEntertainment

**So I woke up to pee..then had to check my twitter for 1 second, turned into half an hour..& now I think I can't get back to bed..excitement
**So happy you all love #Aftermath wait for the full probably will need diapers...just a suggestion...
**@KiddKraddick yessir...been waiting my whole life for this...let's push it for the 3rd single...ha....when u in la next???
RCAMusic: Want the latest @adamlambert text updates? Text 'lambert' to 66937!
**Guys!!!! How did u hear it!!?? I'm so excited! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!
LeoMoctezuma: Just listened to snippets of @adamlambert album #foryourentertainment Go 2 {Pink's dancer/choreographer}
AmericanIdol: We are interviewing @AdamLambert this afternoon. Post your questions for him here:

@ClaudeKelly: OK @adamlambert fans - #4YourEntertainment is officially on ITUNES. GO BUY IT NOW and make it #1! NOW!!!!!!
PerezHilton@AdamLambert Oh, do you know what you got into? Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do? 'Cause it’s about to get rough for you! (Loving it!)
bwerede: Cant wait to hear new adam lambert. new pr release: "... contributions from Lady Gaga, Pink, Muse, The Darkness and Rivers Cuomo" #billboard (editor at billboard)
thezodiacshow Adam's Single #4yourentertainment now available on ITunes! http://thezodiacshow.blogsp...


OhFerras@adamlambert I know lol! Waiting for "Ferras, with a new advance in science is pregnant with Adam Lamberts child" to hit the blogs. Baha.
**I thought you were looking a lil round in the tummy @ohferras . @adamlambert The Virgin Ferras minutes ago from web
**excited for dinner with @lightaaron tonight @thehwood . Who else is in @rihanna @PerezHilton @TheEllenShow @adamlambert @GregoryMichael ?16 minutes ago from web
**FUTURE @ohferras !!! RT @PerezHilton So bad yet so good yet really disturbing! minutes ago from web
**Get in line honey! HA! RT @meidecastro Who is @RickMalambri and where has he been hiding all my life?29 minutes ago from web
**Good meeting you last night! Hope you had fun! @RickMalambriabout 3 hours ago from web
**I fathered Golden Brooks baby, I'm also dating @ohferras RT @adamlambert @ohferras The tabloids think we're dating.about 3 hours ago from web

Markus Molinari lets see ur best @AdamLambert For Your Entertainment choreographed dance video!!!
Paul McGill @adamlambert Thanks for letting me listen to your SICK album. Great stuff on there. Loved seeing you too. EVERYONE HAS TO BUY THIS ALBUM!!!! {the account has since been deleted.}

Adam and Ferras at Nobu on You Tube
Upgraded TfM for download with screencaps posted by LaStupenda
Adam posing on the Red Carpet at TII
Links to Markus’ Halloween Pics
Adam on the Red Carpet @ TII
I Shake I Move Adam tribute: Look deep inside, just let it be, You fit right in your skin
ADAM LAMBERT fan video RUSH by Ferras
Adam Lambert Fan video: Take my lips by Ferras
Downloads of FYE snippets here and here
2012 Red Carpet silent video of Adam
2012 Red Carpet interviews from ET
Brief interview with MyFoxLA11
another brief interview from the 2012 premier
Adam interviewed by China TV
More 2012 Adam interviews
Gallery of Pictures from 2012 Black Carpet
2012 interview
Really cute 2012 Interview Some people were experiencing difficulties viewing this with QuickTime. Youtube version here or Download here
“2012” stars talk of TfM
Amanda Peet & John Cusack, re: Adam
Short 2012 Trailer with Adam singing
mp4 and mp3 downloads of excellent quality Ford Day videos

Jason Castro engaged see pic at Castrocopia. Post 3589.
Michael Sarver is signed AINow reports he signed with Dream Records/Universal Music Group.
From – Kris’ upcoming appearances: Nov 8 - Live at the Vineyard, Napa Valley, CA , Nov 13 - Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Nov. 17 - Good Morning America, Nov 18 - Regis and Kelly, Nov 19 - Ellen Show taping (not sure if this is when it will show or what)
Christopher Walken performs Poker Face
KrisAllen Kris changes his twitter name from @KrisAllen4Real to @KrisAllen
Tokio Hotel EMA performance of World Behind My Wall
Danny Gokey’s new single on YouTube
positive review for Danny’s single

Completely OT – Extreme Sheepherding amazing! And funny!

Pre-order Adam’s album (Kris’ and Allison’s, too) from WalMart
Elvis Duran – vote for Adam on the radio
Vote For Adam – People’s Choice
Radio Stations near you
Relevant radio stations and contact numbers
Rate the music A site where you can – what else? Rate the Music.
Area Radio Stations in/near Houston
Register on Rate the Top 40 Music
Send Adam's name to Hit Predictor
KISS FM request line #: 312-591-1035
z100 request line
Eye of Horus earrings will soon be added to the pennyroyal website, $55+$8s/h=$63
Understanding radio spins
radio locators
radio playlists
Handling criticism of the person you stan

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:15 pm 
...hold me in my arms...

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Location: Fire Nation
Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Nov 8 - 14


VOTE now and VOTE often for Adam in People's Choice Awards: Breakout Musical Artist!!!
new widget to make voting easier: vote for Adam in PCA

Part 2 of the Philippines Interview (Part 1.)

MTV article on Adam and FYE
Update from NYMichael

Rockstar Weekly
Adam's #1 on iTunes pop charts
Adam Lambert wants to act? What should he do?
Adam Lambert speaks: Our initial impressions from our interview
Transcript of new Adam article in RS (will update this link with print version when available)
Hotly Anticipated: Adam Lambert's New CD TV Guide 11/16

OT - IMPORTANT New Policy on illegal download links.
Hofstra Chronicle review of FYE
JustJared – has just nice things to say about Adam
Slezak reviews FYE – finally!
Leaked RS article
Print copy of TV Guide article
Adam Lambert the Demons and Dance Behind FYE
E-online – Adam Lambert: Dating, no – Clubbing, yes
Spin magazine – short review posted by maddie

An edited article at Randomizeme with the longer snippets of 5 songs
MTV Shopping List
Article in November 26 issue of RS
Adam featured on AOL Kid site
30 sec clips now added to Amazon US
New Wall Street Journal Interview
TVGuide: Adam Lambert: Hot Entertainer
Elle online poll Adam Lambert’s Hair and Makeup

Choose your favorite Adam look. From ELLE
OUT – cover, index and article – screencaps
REVIEW OF FYE, Detroit News (same guy as twitterparty review)
Adam Lambert is set to work with director/choreographer Jamie King for upcoming tour

Adam on the cover of OUT 100


NPR on Idol CD Releases

Adam mention in Chicago Trib article on Kris’ single
2012 movie review, Adam/TFM mention:

Hey Queen, the Lambert thing isn't gonna happen
PopMuse on FYE

Adam mention in just a sighting – of Adam “hiking”?
Adam Lambert – HotList Hunk in
Adam mention inOK Magazine

A little info on Adam's music video
Brunette Is the New Black
TV Squad mentions Adam's MW use on General Hospital
Adam honored at the TV Guide Hot List Party

Hottest Stars in Hollywood from USA Today. NPR blog discussion Lengthy program on American Idol, with a portion about Adam. (Adam part extracted in the Media thread).
Adam #23 in InStyle “Style” 100 list
Teaser about the OUT article

Adam is one of top 20 SNL Dream Hosts
AMA ad print in EW
Newsweek article on gays on television note: not the most positive mention of Adam
Afterelton response to the above Newsweek article
Jamie King to direct Adam Lambert's upcoming tour note: the use of tour is unclear, it could mean promotional tour.
David Cook interview/article small Adam mention.


Apparently some Adam fans caused some annoyance of Billy The Kidd (a dj at 106. 1 KIIS FM) by spamming his email with FYE requests. It was later noted that the dj is the Program Director of the biggest and only Top 40 radio station in Dallas. Yikes! But, some soothing tweets seemed to mellow the guy out. Fez offers a good perspective on the discussion of the decline of radio. Laynie provides us with a new poem (scroll down a bit--it mentions THIGHS!!!). As cj suggested, laynie needs her own section for these treasures! Don't miss RainbowWarrior's awesome post! While Adam went to the movies, we were left wondering what "big news" Ryan's producer was tweet-teasing about.

The big news of the morning – via Ryan Seacrest – is a Kradison concert scheduled for Feb – you can vote for your favorite city – the city with the most vote gets to host the concert. See the official rules ADAM, KRIS AND ALLISON IN CONCERT for details. Discussion ensued in a "WTF? is Adam still doin’ with Idols" mode, but overall everyone is happy to have another chance to see Adam live! Discussion continued on FYE’s chart placement and radio spins. zombini made a comparative chart with other AI debut singles ITunes positions to follow the airplay comparative charts and MamaDeb’s post called "Lyrical Mission" which analyzes the lyrics to FYE, gave the MUPpets much to discuss. Overall it was a rather quiet day in the MUPpet House. But it's still an Adam Storm, so although today we got the 'calm within the storm' we expect tomorrow to be hurricane force Adam Winds with new radio stations spinning FYE and Album presales numbers coming in.

Major flailing as we watched FYE fly up the iTunes charts: #1 POP, #10 overall. The run on albums helped FYE, the single, peaked at #16. Kaetsa explains about illegal downloads and torrents. Very informative and eyeopening! (TY, kaetsa.) FYE got 11 adds this week! Glammax found a nice convert comment; it's always nice to read those! Most members got excited that Adam wants to play Judas in the upcoming JC Superstar remake.

First, please read the new policy on illegal download links. Now that the “housekeeping” is out of the way – WOW! There was lots to talk about today. Did I say “talk” – I meant *flail* – but I’ll start with the morning. Princessazula posted the HOT PICS of Adam as thumbnails - ty princessazula for providing the first bit of *flail* for the day. Other points that made the board were: Buderschnookie got published – check it out! FYE enters Billboard at #82 (not bad!), Is LindsayLohan really a lesbian (not likely), LaStupenda is positive (OK – that one was really post-worthy!) and some information on AutoTune. posted by Glitterbug. We’re collecting a list of words not to use when describing Adam – for now, we’ll keep it in a new thread, but watch out internet and twitterverse – we’ll be sending it out there – soon the MUPpets will control your vocabulary MWAH HA HA HA! And finally – LONGER VERSIONS of Adam’s songs were released – not all the songs, only 5 but that’s probably all we could handle anyway. Talk about *flailworthiness*. They’re posted in the Video Section below. maddie posted the lyrics (*waves at maddie*) Oh - and congrats to glammax on the new job! Whew! What a day!

Failing continued over the longer snippets. Spin talk angst was counterbalanced by talk of Adam's greater buzz and the possibility that he is being promoted in a new way. Fez's calming words sum it up nicely. Some new TV Guide HQs pictures were posted. Magnoliafan provided a thought provoking post that is noteworthy. There was annoyance over the Kradison gig in the sense that it creates needless fanwars. And, Ozzie was our first MUPpet to hear TFM in the theater! Elbye then provided a very informative comparison of a few first single chart rankings. The day was rounded out by some fun--LOL at some of the comments to the WSJ article!

Discussion this morning centered around adds and spins and spins and adds and on whether or not Adam is getting proper treatment from RCA (he is) and on the difference between promotion for the releases of a ‘single’ or an ‘album’. Late day *flailing* ensued when AO announced that anyone who purchased the pre-sale version of FYE could download two new songs! Everyone rushed to their email and promptly downloaded. The rest of the day was spent discussing/flailing/discussing What Do You Want From Me and Master Plan – both Adam-centric – both EPIC. The vote is split on which one is “better” but in the end no one really cares – all we want is All Adam, All the Time – so yay! for 2 new songs to listen to.

The beauty of the OUT pictures were juxtaposed to the stark honesty of Adam melted everyone. Debate was spurred by the wording in the OUT article, has Adam been in love once or twice prior to Drake? A really nice review by a vocal coach was found on AO. A depth of discussion that we haven't had in a while surfaced on Adam and social and cultural shifts. It is truly worth reading these thought provoking insightful blogs, starting here, of varying points of view. New, old Bradam picture.

From Adam
**Meetings and more today. Planning AMA performance to For Your Entertainment. So hot, out the box
**My debut album, "For Your Entertainment" is now available for pre-order on iTunes Thanks!!!!!

**Thank you all for making my album #1 on the itunes pop chart and #10 in general music. I'm so thrilled you all want to hear it!!!
**OMG The new BAD ROMANCE video by Lady Gaga just melted my brain. I ADORE it.

**@samantharonson so great to hang out last night!!

**FYE on I-Tunes pre-order---WITH EXTRA SONGS AND STUFF!


from Others:

Paul McGill @adamlambert that is brilliant. it's happening. :)
SadaoTurner (Seacrest's online producer)
**Hey @AdamLambert fans that are following me...the surprise I promised u months ago will be revealed tomorrow. Its big. No glitter necessary.
**@rhibrew it'll be both on radio and on twitter
**LoveLifeDC both...prob ryan first though
**@MichelleHunter8 lol..just check twitter around 7am
cosmicstar1: Spotted, Adam Lambert in the concesion stand, Common & Solange Knowles in the main lobby of ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood!

elythecreep/Ely Rise @MissGolightly22 tedder w the master plan...but u might already know that
**Just got done shooting @adamlambert with @kristinburns . He is the nicest! Can’t wait till I’m shooting music video…
**@4evrmomof4 we were just shooting an interview today
Monte Pittman headed to rehearsal: day 1
AimeeMayo I just saw SLEEP WALKER is #11 on the track list of Adam's CD. That is my lucky #. Our anniversary is 11/11. My fave #!!! woooooo hooooo
spotlightonidol Adam Lambert and Kris Allen on the list for the TV Guide Party tonight in Beverly Hills. Let's see if they show.
TVGuideMagazine Adam Lambert signing autographs and posing for photos with fans outside the Hot List party in LA.
pr0b0t Adam Lambert at the TV Guide Hot party:

nicolinaroyale: met @adamlambert last night!!!! Ahhhh :DSo nice, such a hottie & I got a pic- I will post soon!!
samantharonson Just met @adamlambert, what a sweetheart. Can't wait to hear his record!
alexanderdeleon: Iam supposed to tell @claudekelly that Adam lambert says "whaddup whaddup." adam is actually a really nice dude. talking about music.
Busyphilipps25: Just had an amazing interaction with Adam Lambert. He knew he knew me from somewhere but couldn't place it. Amazing.
TheInfamousPJ: Adam Lambert looks great and is so sweet @adamissexable @canyon_of_light @vote4adam He is having a great time.
jessetyler: @adamlambert how has ths not happened yet? gd running in2 u 2nite. srsly so happy 4 U! I count myself as an uber fan!
ChadDarnell: So much fun at the TV Guide party! Met the cast of GLEE, Adam Lambert and so many others. Great pics too with Pauley and Adam.
junkyardmessiah: @ChadDarnell Adam Lambert!? Squee!
Monterrific today's rehearsal was very ... entertaining...[/quote]
**pretty damn sure the Adam Lambert fans r die-hard supporters. For Your Entertainment is rising on Itunes...u guys rock! lets shoot for #1!
**ClaudeKelly RT @alexanderdeleon I'm supposed to tell @claudekelly that Adam lambert says "whaddup whaddup." <==Tell Adam i said "Howdy!!!"
MegMasters: Also, for the record, @adamlambert is one of the nicest, most sincere people I've ever had the pleasure of interviewing.
michaelsarver1 This video brought tears to my eyes and made me miss my friends so bad. Wow! Very moving.
** - A look behind the scenes during my interview with @adamlambert
**Shout out to @adamlambert for the dope interview

Ray_Kay Prepping two videos. Pushing it far!! Look forward to Adam Lambert's and Shontelle's vids soon :)
misskatiekay: @adamlambert met with your stylist today, sent you over tons of fun stuff! hope you love.
**Adam Lambert (American Idol) will be shooting his music video at the Alexandria on Sunday. Exterior & interior performance & playback.
**@suebrody1 I have nothing to do with the video, I just saw the filming notification and realized it was at the Alexandria {eta link: thealexandria}
Patricia Sheridan
**What a super great day- talked to a really diverse trio- Jesse Ventura, Adam Lambert and Wayne Newton. Totally awesome interviews
**Patricia Sheridan's Breakfast With...Adam Lambert interview will run first - Nov 23 Monday at with a podcast to listen to
**I will say this about Adam Lambert - he is charming, candid and has a comfortable confidence- you can't wait to hear the interview :)
papermagazine Just added -- pic of Adam Lambert at Paper + Svedka's Mr. Black party at Bardot -
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV "Did this Clay Aiken CD come out before or after he turned into a catty old bitch about @adamlambert?" - @adamcmurphy. Quote of the day.
Adam Graham
**About to peep this Adam Lambert record
The entire tweet review is here with the question/answer session.

jambajim (JimC): Guess who will be posting EXCLUSIVE video from the “Idol” Elle photoshoot later today? Hint: The answer is :) 6 minutes ago from UberTwitter
negativeneil: just listened to the album for the first time. I am beside myself. 8 minutes ago from web
grahamorama - twitterparty review of FYE (album)
shananaomi(gaybird) also tweeted that a longer Q&A and better quality photos will be out next week. I think online
lyndsayparker A photo on the wall of the Royal T cafe...hey lookie who's been here before...

**no twitter acct given**Adam Lambert is filming a video on Sunday at 501 S Spring St., Los Angeles.
OpenHouseParty Oh yeah, Idol fans...tonight national radio debut of new Adam Lambert song! Open House Party rocks.
negativeneil Second listen to Adam's album: prepare to have your asses blown out. Seriously.

snippet from Israeli interview; also posted on youtube
2012 interview from Finnish website
FYE review on Clever TV (youtube)
New Question of the Day Nov. 9, 2009 at AO 11/09/2009
BlueRose's link to AI studio versions and performances
Really nice interview from 2012 by Roxanna Bina
Question of the Day at AO 11/10/2009
Snippet from 2012 interviews: Things he would save
Nice collection of Adam interviews, newest one is Hollywood 411 (TV Guide)
HOT PICS from the TV Guide thing
Collider.comVIDEO INTERVIEW WITH ADAM – must see!
YouTube American Idol Season 8 tribute tweeted from Sarver.
Part 3:Larry Klein – AMA producer
Part 4: Larry Klein – AMA producer
ADAM’S SONGS – longer snippets IIHY, MA, PUU
ADAM’S SONGS – longer snippets SW & WDYWFM
Mega-uploads of the snippets (tkx, WinkyDink)
If I Had You
Music Again
Whattaya Want From Me
Pick U Up
Commerical for the AMAs
New fan-made Montage
Adam's MW featured in General Hospital commercials
Question of the Day at AO 11/12/2009
Hollywood Television with Ron Pod
“2012” “Hollywood Television” Interview /Video
QotD, Nov. 13 Where Do You See Yourself in a Year?
Behind the scenes at the ELLE photoshoot.
Preview of Take One Album on youtube
Adam Lambert--Ain't No Other Man montage
Zodiac cast members cheering Adam back in April

Webrip for Kris Allen (the album)
30 Second clips of Allison's albumKnow Your Meme: Auto Tune with "Weird Al" Yankovic
DL of Carrie Underwood's CMA Performance
Kris Allen EW Album Review
Kris Allen To Present An Award At AMA's
Eye Of Horus" Earrings Available Now!
Katy Perry - EMA Performance 2009

Baby 'dancing' to FYE!
FYE on youtube: (Tkx, WinkyDink!!)
***Batman and Robin
***Kirk and Spock
***Headless Chick
***Psych and Shassie
***Penny Singing FYE
Wanda Sykes new show references Adam: Start at 6:10. Adam at about 6:33 Actually, it’s not that funny.
Maximo TV's clip vote 4 Adam in PCA
Adam Lambert and Samantha Ronsons Night Out LOL! Just, no.
video of different Adams as Chippendale guys
WSJ comments from women answering the question, Y we think UR Hottt?
Jim Cantiello from MTV singing karaoke

FYE T-shirt on ebay
MTV European Music Awards Performances 2009
MUSE is coming to Oakland on December 11th!!!!
Give FYE some listens on this station
Another station give hits by listening to FYE
Fact or Fiction: Adam already working on 2nd album?
People’s Choice Poll – see who’d gonna win!
What do you want from me
Review of 2012 no Adam mention
TAKE ONE, Album Preview
CONTEST FOR A CONCERT! ADAM, KRIS, ALLISON: vote to have the concert in your town.
Vote for Adam: PCA Breakout Artist
Streaming 2 new songs
Galaxy Dress
2012 doing well

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...hold me in my arms...

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Nov 15 - Nov 21


VOTE now and VOTE often for Adam in People's Choice Awards: Breakout Musical Artist!!!
new widget to make voting easier: vote for Adam in PCA

Lambosessed lovingly compiled LYRICS TY!!!!!

Adam Official will be offline Sunday morning (10am and 3pm) to launch the new site ahead of the AMAs.

FYE will be available for purchase on MONDAY, 23rd in NEW ZEALAND at THE WAREHOUSE!!

List of Live Streams for AMA's.

The Rest of the Story
UPCOMING TOUR” Director Jamie King Confirmed

Adam Lambert Shooting A Music Video
Adam Lambert’s Music Video
Adam Lambert – OUT 100 Cover
Village Voice Blog About Adam’s management and how they “control” his “gay”
Letter to the Editor from OUT – the piece the Village Voice blog is based on.
Lindsey Parker weighs in on Out-gate

Out interviewer responds
Village Voice criticizes Adam
AfterElton weighs in on OUT (+ piece towards Adam)
Is Adam Lambert Not Gay Enough for the Gays?
Question of the Day 11/17/09
Yahoo: Glam, kitsch, rock: Adam Lambert is out to entertain
US Hot Party
USA Today interview

Lambert to OUT editor: it’s not that deep from the Advocate
People Magazine – Sexiest Man Alive: Adam is #10
MTV’s take on Adam’s Band
Blackbook Mag. On FYE
MSNBC on the whole OUT business
Slezak on the whole OUT business
GMA presents FREE Adam Lambert concert
EW Review of FYE the album
WTF Is Going On With Adam Lambert's Album Cover?
An Open Letter To Adam Lambert From The Lesbians
The Herald-Dispatch – IDOL blog FYE review.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reviews EYE.
New Q&A with Reuters
The Houston Chronicle review of FYE 3 1/2 stars/4
The Chicago Tribune review of FYE 2.5 stars/4 stars
AP review of FYE: Finally, a True `Idol' Emerges in Lambert
AfterElton Review of FYE
The Idolator Interview: Adam Lambert
Album review: Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment'
EW exclusive: Adam's Response to OUT
AInow: whole bunch of tidbits on Adam/AMAs

Out Magazine Responds To Adam Lambert's Response!
Want An Autograph From Adam Lambert, Kris Allen Or Allison Iraheta? Enter MTV News' New Contest!
Adam Lambert: The Billboard Cover Story & Video
Is Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' too over the top?
Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment Is Your New Clubbing In Space Soundtrack Michelle Collins from BWE.
EW interview with Adam
Adam Lambert is here 'For Your Entertainment' Newsday
Reviews Say Adam Lambert’s Album Is an Absolute Winner
"Idol" Wild Child Adam Lambert Readies First Album.

Huffington Post's Joe Vogel Reviews FYE: An Instant Classic
Understanding the Appeal of Adam Lambert
AfterElton: Adam Lambert's Big Year is Just Getting Started
the Independent Gay Forum in support of Adam in Out-gate


RCA “ADAM” Homepage
DCook mentions Adam


EW mad-max beyond gaydome


US Magazine Hot 100 Party. article plus video.
Pictures from US Magazine Hot 100 Party of bb
Adam looking for love
Adam Attending Up in the Air Premiere
LA Times blogs about Adam's AMA Rehearsal
Hot Hollywood

Adam to be on Alexa Chung
19 looks forward to AMA’s 19E update
mentions Adam closing AMA’s
Provocative performances lined up for AMA’s.



Adam’s ears or rather the big holes in his ears got some attention today and I guess we’re all wondering if he’s planning to continue to make those little holes bigger – it looks like he’s got expanders in, but actually we don’t know (most MUPpets DNW! giant ear-holes). Discussion continued on spins/adds for FYE and the possibility of WDYWFM being released as it is currently available as a single at AO. How did that happen without us knowing about it? Another EPIC work of poetry by laynie. New Sebree pic Post from one of the IDF video-shoot stalkers Pics from the Video Shoot And another bee-U-tee-ful press pic of Adam which was good for a little (OK, a lot of) UNF.

Repeat from yesterday - DNW big-ass holes in your ears, Adam! There was the usual discussion/angst about spins/ads/sales and general things related to how RCA is marketing Adam’s CD (single vs album focus). The OUT interview Part 1 caused a lot of *flailing* - and the OUT interview Part 2 caused some sadz because he mentioned relationships and how he sucks at them (foreshadowing the Lambry split). To add the to drama of the day, the Editor of OUT wrote a letter to Adam in which he accuses Adam’s handler of “requesting” that Adam not be “too gay” in OUT. All of those things together gave us plenty to discuss! Other things to note today, . Buderschnookie got published. and Adam tweeted a picture of his band– CAN.NOT.WAIT! The day ended with Adam's album livestreaming on myspace and the crowd when wild (*arms flailing in the air*).

Flailing over live streaming of album on myspace and facebook. Rage and concern over the OUT editor's letter. A day wouldn't be complete without concern over spins :) and reassurance over spins :)

The board was very busy today and not always in a good way as the mods had to step in on a number of occasions to remind people to play nice in the sandbox. I guess that means that the topics of discussion were controversial – hmmm. Here they are: OUT-gate, the relation between sales and radio spins, whether or not there are underlying “homophobic” reasons why radio stations are not playing FYE, why both FYE and WWFM are being released, whether or not RCA is failing because they don’t know shit about how to promote a record by a gay artist, the lyrics to FYE and specifically whether or not there are any overt reference to gay anal sex and to what extent we should take the artists perspective into account when we’re enjoying the art. Oh, I C the potential for controversy and there was plenty. You can read it intermittently throughout the day starting at pg. 131. princessazula is keeping track of Adam’s spins, etc in the Adam by Numbers thread and we got pics of the awesome gloves and accessories from Nicolina Royale And a couple other points of interest – RCA told the Glamberts at AO to STFU about RCA & the way they're promoting Adam, and the best news of all - AWoP’s WinkyDink will be attending the free Adam Lambert concert at GMA next week!

List of Adam's band members; send some positive energy to our very own purist who is requesting an interview with bb!!! Just about everyone put on a 'tinhat for the day' and wished for an Adam hug of their own. Of course, we all giggled at Adam's special ring! Yes, Adam, please never change! Scarlett noticed that Adam was wearing the necklace she sent him!!! And, of course we were filled with pride at the articulate way Adam responded to the OUT editor. You tell 'em, bb!!

Holy shitstorm Batman! What a day! We were spanked silly by the Storm that is Adam Lambert. Take a look at Adam’s upcoming schedule! And that’s just the stuff we know about! We got a detailed account from someone who “knows things” - she was at the AMA rehearsal. We also found out that the one and only Mr. Ashley Newton is Adam’s A&R rep. Flagellation rippled through the group as one-by-one the MUPpets announced that their “special edition” CD’s had arrived in the mail and we were treated with a barrage of “inside” pics and lyrics. Discussion centered around Adam’s provocative video, his eloquence in interviews (see video section for the many examples), the excitement we all feel for Adam’s Pimp Spot at the AMA’s Sunday night, and a hundred other Adamgasmic things. At the end of the day we were all *spent* after drooling over bb’s captivating um, pose. Now all we’re waiting for is THIS. But that's for the future. In the meantime we are all enjoying our post-coital virtual cigarettes as we patiently wait to be banged harder and harder, again and again by the Adam Storm.

As cadillacjackie requested a synonym for 'flail,' Buderschnookie provided us with LOLZ. WinkyDink's local paper printed the AP Review and added this wonderful praise for bb!! Unfortunately, there are reports of some Walmarts selling FYE early. These sales are labeled street date violations and while they do count toward total sales, they do NOT count toward first week sales. We watched as some MUPpets ran to their mailboxes and came back holding their shinny new FYE cd complete with picture booklet while other MUPpets were scorned by USPS or UPS. SusanL is hosting a dance/fundraiser inspired by Adam's Donor's Choose campaign--what an awesome MUPpet!!! AO's planned #AdamsEve trended on twitter! The mama bear in all of us needs to channel love and positive energy to Adam at this amazing time, because sadly there is a lot of hate out there from other idol fans. And, we are sooooo excited that our very own littlestar and RainbowWarrior will be attending the AMA's on Sunday!!!! Way to represent, MUPs!!! Give bb extra kisses from us!!!

From Adam
**FYE on I-Tunes pre-order---WITH EXTRA SONGS AND STUFF!

** out my guitar player's cd!!!
**My band and I on set! Lisa on keys, Monte on guitar, Tommy on bass, and Longineu on drums. These musicians are the best!!!

** out my guitar player's cd!!!
**My band and I on set! Lisa on keys, Monte on guitar, Tommy on bass, and Longineu on drums. These musicians are the best!!!
@adamlambert Sweet, did you pick the band yourself, Adam? Can't wait for your album xxx
**@Vida15 yeah i did! :) Held auditions and these were the BEST!
**@zulugirl13 Yes! that IS Orianthi on Sleepwalker!
**Cant change bio!!! For whatever reason, once one becomes "verified" all info is locked...
** Another band shot. Lisa was getting styled and this beautiful extra got in the shot... Look at her abs! JEEZ
**Just learned my album is streaming on Myspace! Go check it out!!! Tell me which song is your favorite?
@adamlambert is Gaga singing on Fever?
**@finney4 no. just me. She wrote it.
**@adrianajohnson I wrote Strut w/ Kara Dioguardi and Greg Wells
@adamlambert Why can't the boys be in stripper heels? :o lol
**@adamissexable HAHA Sometimes they are... *wink
**Goodnight dear Twatters! :)
**oh yeah! buy Kris Allen's Album on iTunes!!!!
**Planet Fierce responds to A. Hicklin's "Open Letter to Adam" : thank you to the writer! YOU get it.
**The big Art show! @MrLaBryFYP
**Dear Aaron, it's def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine.
**(cont.) Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications' agenda onto my career.
**On my way to rehearsals for the AMA performance of For Your Entertainment. My band and dancers are siiiiick

**Hey guys I’m doing a live concert on Good Morning America Wednesday 11/25 at the Hudson Theatre in New York City!
**If u wanna come, Please arrive at the Hudson Theater on 44th street between Broadway and 6th Avenue by 6 AM on Wednesday 11/25. about 6 hours ago from Echofon

Happy Birthday @Scarlett_cherry ! I luv ya!!!!

from Others:

Cazana78 (stalker)
** Libra n Lori back at shoot but im heading home. gr8 day! pix of outfits in 2hrs!!
** Bondage girl, studded leather. Hot!
less than 10 seconds ago from mobile web
** Ooo Nearly naked male extras greased and gorgeous! Ungh
** TheJudalina Its for the single "For Your Entertainment" and its all black, Goth, club, 80s punk rocker themed. #adamlambert
less than 20 seconds ago from UberTwitter
**Fugly striped lawnchair, cherub pedestal, champagne, buddhist statue. Artsy!
1 minute ago from mobile web
**FYE playing. Super spiky hair, modern black edgy clothes boots. 2 minutes ago from mobile web
**Adam is about to film in womens bathroom decorated w/ lawnchairs, sand, plants. 5 minutes ago from mobile web
**Ran upstairs when security was distracted by extra wearing nothing but bondage. Adam on in 30 min 15 minutes ago from mobile web
**The set design is destroyed ballroom. looking for wardrobe. 23 minutes ago from mobile web
**Ok Im upstairs. lol Theyr filming girl, Fye Playing. Awesome!

omgwtfannie (stalker)
**Sorry coulnt take pics of the paps' pics, they were reluctant to show us. The trenchcoat was covering Adams costume but he had pants
**lol i got kicked out of there 4 times. i was so scared they were going to arrest me the 4th time
**here's the "that's entertainment" sign
**@argeneau no, they were all freelancers... we talked to a few of them and they said they use agents and stuff to sell their work
**Here's one I missed earlier, just a long shoy of the dancers in the ballroom
** OMG a pap showed us his pics of Adam. His hair was really high, he had cool metal/leather gloves and he was wearing a long black trenchcoat
**It totally pays to befriend the paps. Hsklshdja Adam looked so gorgeous I can't believe we didn't see him :( k we're going back now
**They're blastig his song upstairs. Omg how to get up...

**Tuxedos and blasting music. They're on the 2nd floor but i'm waaay not tipsy enough to go inside. But other ppl have tried
**Adam on the street in a grey trench coat. Such pretty hair
**Too far away for pics by a loooooooong shot
**More mimosas.... Adam is inside again
**]@kjavsu Last day of tour hair or Out cover hair?
**@laughincryin out hair but spikyish
**Papa got pics earlier..... We saw a few
**Talked to rando pa... They're taking Adam out thru the underground garage so we're leaving before it gets dark
**Walked inside one last time... You can hear fye thru the floor boards!!!
ashelyjkrick It's 5 am...time to go make a video for @adamlambert about 3 hours ago from web
**Dancer for Adam Lambert’s video or AMAs RT mikemunich Rehearsal and bondage wearabout 1 hour ago from web
**@cassie_simone: Watchin @justcallmehorse run this adam lambert rehearsal like it's his job…oh wait. It is. about 12 hours ago from Echofon

shananaomi thx @mjsbigblog & others who have been said such nice things all over the place about my adam interview. part 2 goes up tmrw at 44 minutes ago from Tweetie in reply to mjsbigblog
LisaJay_LJ With #AdamLambert & band on set for his 1st single "For Your Entertainment" - it's going to be hot!
TheJudalina Hello #adamlambert tweeps! Check out @LisaJay_LJ - she played the hot bikini girl in Adam's vid on Sunday. :)

**My initial thought: "Um, was his CD cover too frat-boy? Also, he's on the cover of OUT, not Maxim." But like I said, sleep 1st, dish later.
**I'm a tad...perplexed? Need to have a good sleep and weigh in w/ a clear head tmrw. @mariabintexas thoughts on Out editor's letter to Adam?
shananaomi @adamlambert touché. thanks for your candor & for boldly being your bad-ass self. (& for this amazing album. well done.)
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV I love that @adamlambert is like Kandi from RH of Atlanta. "I fly above all the haters!" YES! Those Tweets were AMAZING. [Raises his fist.]
aaronhicklin It's tough when 10 billion Glambert fans hate you.
negativeneil 2012: awesome. Woman outside saying, "I'll have to see it again to make sense of it." : drown in the coming tsunami please.
DolanClothing Showed up to random art show, saw Adam Lambert w/ mom (in a Skin Graft leather jacket). Los Angeles, you never cease to surprise me.
Orianthi @wheresmyradar I love the tune-@adamlambert's voice sounds AWESOME x
in response to:

jambajim This just in. I will be interviewing the one and only @ADAMLAMBERT on Tuesday. [steps away from computer, happy-dances, passes out, dead.] 3 minutes ago from web
**@FoxVegas and I ran intop @adamlambert last night!!!! Twice in 10 days!!!! :) he's such a doll! He was wearing my belt buckle!!
** - Finally I found my camera usb cord....@Adam lambert & @nicolinaroyale from last tuesday..,,,lucky me got to see him last nite too - hehehe : ) : D

jambajim. Jim C @ MTV
**I don't think you understand, Idoloonies. MTV News has a Kradam INTERVIEW from last night's US Weekly event. Begin flailing........NOW.
**Sorry.Our work day doesn't start til 9:30am.The Kradam video won't be on our site for awhile. Go to bed, international friends. :)
elvisduran Z100 @adamlambert in-studio Tuesday morning!!!
At @adamlambert AMA rehearsal. Set and dancers look amazing. Looking forward to what tricks he has up his sleeve.
SteveKembleChat Just watched a 2 hour rehearsal for 20 persons by Adam Lambert- AMAZING!
**glambert is rehearsing!
**Adam Lambert was just reharsing - he sounds amazing... make sure you stay tuned for a surprise coming up on our page...
**Is ADAM LAMBERT too hot for TV? My spies say his AMA performance is beyond on leashes...the whole 9 yards. Yikes.
**@qtpiekimber I can't give up too much...but...dancers, leather, pyro...JT move over ADAM's REALLY bringing sexy back.
**Adam Lambert fans...because of your interest...I'm having my team at post a little Adam AMA action by 9:30PM EST. Love you
BillyBush Inside AMA rehearsals....checking out seating chart. @jlo is 2 away from Eminem in front.Lambert best Idol seat. Power ladies up front
Whitney Pastorek
**Glambert interview completed. no time to ask any of your very good questions but OMG I LOVE HIM NOW
**if I get another interview Sunday night, many of your questions will be on the list. promise.
**unfortunately, found use of "gay-gay" unavoidable. stay tuned for Glambert's great answers over at my place of business.
**RT @EWMusicMix Adam Lambert responds to OUT mag scandal in our exclusive Q&A: 'Not every gay man is the same gay man'

cgdancer612The choreographer I'm working with for ama's is the ballerina in the Helena video by my chemical romance, thought that was pretty cool :) 8 minutes ago from UberTwitter

TheJudalina @zaneology Yup!! I'm going to be in the Adam Lambert music video (which might) air on Sunday at the AMAs.
Alisan Porter @adamlambert. Fuck. Holy shit. I love you. I can't wait for tomorrow.
glambert2038: @ali22san do u know inside stuff regarding adam's performance at the AMAs?!?! how SICK is it gonna be?!?!?!?!
ali22san: @glambert2038 yep.
qtpiekimber: @ali22san , your not gonna give us any details .. Are you ?
ali22san: @qtpiekimber nope. ;)
BradBesseyET Kevin Frazier will be backstage at AMA's tomorrow night. What do yu want to ask Adam? I'll pass along a few questions 4 fun
Negative Neil @adamlambert huh. I'll see what I can pull together
scarlett_cherry @adamlambert Thanks baby!!! luv u back!!! We will save you a piece a cake!!! Get rest 4 2morros AMAs.. show em whats up!!!!xoxo
AimeeMayo @adamlambert are you singing Sleepwalker cause if you are- I'm flying to NYC. xoxoxo
OfficialAMAs @adamlambert Adam, how pumped are you for the AMAs? Let us know!
jairodriguez Most excited to see @adamlambert s performance!!

AWESOME montage to “Ain’t No Other Man”!
FYE Album "review" by "Kristen the Yellow Lab
Video of goings on at The Alexandria where Adam’s video is being shot.
Teletubbies dance to FYE
TONS OF PICS from Imagebam
bunch of HQs of the pictures from the making of the MV
SOME PICS from the video shoot video of Adam auditioning his dancers for the AMAs
Adam’s Album Notes
OUT cover video shoot
GIANT CD COVER SCANS ... bum004.jpg ... bum003.jpg ... adam22.jpg ... amfye1.jpg ... dam002.jpg ... ytail1.jpg ... 010290.jpg
US Weekly 100 Top Party
Adam Lambert, Kris Allen On What Makes Them Sexy
Jim Cantiello outs himself as a Glambert with a tickle fetish
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Video of AMA Rehearsal
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AH: On the Set of Adam's Music Video
Adam Lambert - OUT Magazine Controversy (Extra)(11-19-09) [68MB VOB]
ET: Adam's AMA Rehearsal Clips & Interview
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ALL THE PHOTOS from AMA Rehearsal, NO WATERMARKS (PP. 134-136)
YT of the Extended AH interview
Sexy Boy montage
Adam talks about AMA’s
Adam Lambert AMA rehearsal at the Nokia!
TV Guide YT sexiest guy video with pics
Pics from the deluxe edition CD on Imageshack
Rehearsal footage from AMA now on youtube chats with Adam about his AMA Performance

MTV article on Kris’ Album
Will Young
Kris Allen interview
Review of KA cd
Adam mention in Arkansas Times
Interview: Claude Kelly - Songwriter Extraordinaire
Johnny Depp: Sexiest Man Alive

Another young man dances to FYE on youtube
Jenna Fischer starstruck
Overheard in New York ....what you won't find on the internet

VOTE FOR ADAM as PCA “Breakout Artist”
Message from RCA on AO regarding over-enthusiastic calling to radio stations.
The Rock God site
Perez on Out
Possible inside info on the OUT kerfuffle
live stream for z100 for Tuesday
Z100's request form, WWFM is listed already
The names of the other 2 bonus tracks from Neil's playlist?
Makeup: eyeliner tips from MUPpet board members, and here.
MUPpet Calendar area
VOTE NY for the Kradison Concert
Watch Idol here:All of Season 8
Watch Idol here:A second season 8 source
Watch Idol here:Season 8 from the Adam Lambert Reference Center
Metacritic site that takes critics' rankings and compiles them into a score.
American Idol Season Eight Tell All Book
The David Bowie Sublimation T-shirt that Adam was wearing can be found at Amazon or TY, Sister Europe!!!

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Nov 22 - Nov 28


VOTE now and VOTE often for Adam in People's Choice Awards: Breakout Musical Artist!!!
new widget to make voting easier: vote for Adam in PCA
Lambosessed lovingly compiled LYRICS TY!!!!!

Newly updated AdamOffical site.

RS Survey of Best Album

Online petition being circulated in support of Adam

Hot Topic is sold out of CDs.
Rate FYE at Z100.

KDWB-FM Minneapolis(Top 40) Live stream of Adam's album
Another live stream of the album by kiss108

Review of FYE
SFGate Review of FYE
Brian Mansfield Review of FYE
5 star review of FYE
Rolling Stone AMA Adam Review
Adam Dazzles—Wall Street Journal
Adam Lambert Shocks 'Em
Adam says censorship would be discrimination
Adam speaks about his AMA performance

Ann Powers Weighs In.
ArjanWrites: A Few Words About Tonight's American Music Awards
Lambert says man-on-man kiss at AMA happened 'in the moment'[
Adam Assures America That There Will be NO SEX in his Letterman Performance.
Adam Lambert Ready to Shake up Pop World With CD ABC News
Adam Lambert AMA Performance – Ken Tucker
Adam Lambert Lets the Entire Country Pleasure Him Michelle Collins
What The West Coast Missed On The AMAs
Adam Lambert's AMA Performance Divides Critics: From 'Ultra-Lewd' To 'A Delight' MTV News
Why He Struck A Nerve Where Madonna, Britney Didn't NY Daily News
Full Frontal Glambgasm RS Rock Daily
Adam Lambert AMA’s Simulated Fellatio Slezak @ EW
To the extreme: Adam Lambert's AMA performance shocksWashington Post article
Adam @ AMA’s from Popeater
J-Lo falls, Swift wins and Lambert steals AMAs from HamptonRoads
Six Reasons Why ABC are Hypocrites, and Why Adam Lambert Is On Your Gossip Mill Today
RS Review of FYE the Album
Adam Lambert Outrage: Not that shocking from AZ Central
Adam Lambert's AMA Performance: The 'Idol' Experts Weigh In
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The Meaning of Adam Lambert Good read from a Ballerina Blog
Adam Lambert Breaks Down AMA’s Controversy from RS
EW – track by track review
Proud to be an American NY Times artsbeat blog
It's a Sexy Job, But Adam Lambert's Gotta Do It! from EOnline

ABC Good Morning Cancels Adam Lambert Concert
Adam Lambert And The Role Of The FCC
NY Times on the cancellation
Salt Lake Tribune review FYE B/B+
Lyndsey Parker on the cancellation
CBS loses no time promoting Adam on The Early Show
Reuters: Fallout begins but album soars!
Adam Lambert is AOL's Kid's Artist of the Month!
Adam Lambert and TV scandal: A match made in rock heaven
Liberty Counsel Files Complaint with the FCC for Indecent Acts of Adam Lambert
Another good review of FYE
Adam vs. ABC
Homophobia in popular culture
Billboard article on album numbers for next week, including Adam's
The kiss makes Australia news

Adam made the BBC headlines
Adam Lambert Q&A from
Dear Adam Lambert, We're sorry we asked you to be too gay for GMA: from Gawker
Adam Lambert Answers Critics Viewer/Public Comments from CBS News
Slezak on The Early Show appearance
CNN story on the Early Show appearance.
After Elton weighs in on The Early Show appearance.
Adam Lambert responds to critics on CBS Early Show from
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The Adam Lambert Brouhaha Resulting In A Sales Winner the LATimes Blog
How Adam Lambert Is Hurting Gay Marriage Huffington Post
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GLAAD Had Talks With GMA About Rescheduling Adam And Applauds CBS
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CBS itself would so completely and thoroughly prove Adam's point about discrimination. from Perez
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I'm hoping people were entertained
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RS Blog – blow by blow of the AMA’s

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Perez Blog about GMA board link, not Perez site link
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Exclusive: Adam Lambert Visits Logo! Discusses the AMAs, GMA & Gay Stuff! Plus, Watch His New Video!
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The Murdoch-owned conservative Herald Sun, in Melbourne runs a story on the kiss

Wednesday essay on the bruhaha and homophobia:

GMA books Chris Brown
Reuters Article on GLAAD Getting Involved With GMA and the Early Show.
Australian news: GMA drops Adam and books Chris Brown instead
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American Idol first week sales (comparison)
American Idol encores compete for our attention: The St. Pete Times.
Adam’s Dad talks AMA’s
Nov. 24 top pop album sales.
Celebs we’re thankful for. MSN wonderwall

FYE video is on
Support from Blake and Anoop


Our Asian MUPpets reported the exciting news that the Time for Miracles video is being played on MTVASIA! This news and the pimp spot at the AMAs gave us hope of widening Adam's fanbase. The entire board was filled with anticipation for Adam's AMA performance. We eagerly watched the Red Carpet live stream to see quite a few shoutouts to Adam by various guests. At the very end of the RC there was a brief interview. Some sweet gifs: here, lots of shots of Adam in the audience. The AMA announcer repeatedly touted “...and a performance by Adam Lambert that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.” Well, he wasn't kidding!!! LOL. Adam Lambert became a #1 trend on twitter as yes, everyone was talking about leashes, a crotch grab, the stimulated bj, the finger, and the hot steamy lip-lock Adam laid on Tommy. And, whether you were on team dropnroll or tripnfall, you were in a tailspin by all the madness. ABC cut the stimulated bj but kept the kiss for the West Coast. A few pictures from the night.

There are NO WORDS to describe this day, but I’ll try. It was a freakin’ monster of a day full of media all worthy of discussion. At first we were pounded, pummelled, punched, and punished with bad reviews of Adam’s AMA performance. Obviously it was too racy for some; downright obscene for others. But eventually the cool people showed up and we were caressed, comforted, smoothed and soothed by countless members of the media who appreciated bb’s bold, daring and downright Lambertian performance. The MUPpets had mixed feelings - some thought he might have lost a great opportunity to highlight his best skill - his vocals, as was expressed in this post by Fifth House Sun @ MJ’s She didn’t care for the performance. But others thought it might have been part of a bigger picture as MamaDeb commented re:the RCA rollout & branding of Adam & FYE – the album She says it’s a MasterPlan that went awry – but will be successful despite the awry-ian start (OK – I made that word up – but you know what I mean, right?). We were also at odds on the choreography with about 50% for tripNflip (aka he fell) and the rest for dropNroll (it was part of the choreography). A lot of people picked up their copies of FYE today and they are still busily petting the pretty pics and framing the cello-wrap. MadTex gave us an updated version of the lyrics to Down the Rabbit Hole and princessazula brought us “insider info” from Adam’s performance on Letterman. As I said, it was a freakin’ monster of a day to start a monster of a week. Crash helmets are in order for this part of the Adam Storm.

1500 complaints out of 14 million viewers seemed like an insane reason to cancel the GMA Performance, yet that is exactly what happened. Adam was quickly picked up by CBS's The Early Show. The actual cancellation notice statement by ABC only fueled the fire that drove Adam fans to twitter where #ShameOnYouABC trended the entire day, along with Adam Lambert (26 hours). FifthHouseSun weighed in on the cancellation and Fez put things into perspective. Then to top the insanity The Parents Television Council released a statement that ABC is overreacting. WTF? Jazzhands made an excellent post on the hypocrisy of ABC. We also learned that ABC did not inform Adam about the cancellation until after he did the Barbara Walters interview for fear he would pull out of the interview. In happier news, KIIS added WWFM!!! Oh, the irony as Adam was named AOL's Kid's Artist of the Month! And, everyone just about died after their first glimpse of the FYE video. Yes, it's that hotttt!

It was a day of massive media as the Adam Storm continued. Media that was shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable and in some cases downright nasty. Again, there was no lack of discussion as topic after topic presented itself: Are ABC execs really asshats, or are they just jerks? Did Adam ruin the gay marriage movement? (yes, I’m sure he single-handedly did that) See Glitterbug’s response to the HuffingtonPost article on why Adam is hurting gay marriage – go Glitterbug – you tell ‘em sistah! We started to wonder if Adam was OK - but seeing the videos and articles in which he responded to the controversy we can say "yes" – he's OK. Adam’s Early Show performance was exquisite and we were all impressed with his vocals and his poise with the interviewers and the fans. The way he has handled the fallout from the AMA controversy has endeared him even closer to our hearts. And, oh yea – one by one the MUPpets are jumping on the new “ship” – that is the Tommy/Adam ship - which doesn't have a name yet, although Atom and Lambliff seem to be the frontrunners - or is it Adommy or Ratbert? The storm continues...

Adam looked and sounded absolutely gorgeous on Letterman. LaStupenda provided us with a beautiful cap! (TY, La!) Many MUPpets celebrated the US Thanksgiving holiday and we learned that Adam was spending Turkey Day with his mother and brother in NY. Despite the slow news day, Adam mentions were prominent and pretty constant as The NY Times weighed in on the double standard, GLAAD got involved in the CBS censorship, and the general outraged over GMA booking Chris Brown after canceling Adam (see above News). Quite a few MUPpets reported Adam discussion around the Thanksgiving table, more good than bad, but making it clear that bb has totally permeated pop culture!

It was a wet and wild week with our writhing creature with the otherworldly voice and Mary needs a break. In fact we all do! MUPpets spent the day reviewing the news stories and catching up on videos and interviews from earlier in the week. Adam’s AMA performance was 5 days ago and he is still the headline in the news and still a snippet on almost every Entertainment show. And if he isn’t, the “controversy” of the outrageous performance, boys kissing boys, blurring the boy-kiss pic, or #shameonABC is. It is an Adam storm of EPIC proportions that shows no signs of slowing down. Well, since Adam is Jesus we can expect this storm to hit the entire planet and change the way we see ourselves and the world around us. OK - I admit, that’s going a bit too far – and no one really said that. But someone DID say that Adam was Jesus. And that’s definitely worth more than one line. Adam has a busy schedule next week so MUPpets are spending the weekend resting and fueling up for the next leg of the Adam storm, except kaetsa who is busy trolling the internet for voting sites where we can request and vote for Adam's songs to increase radio-play and make sure his singles get the best shot at burning up the charts.

Apparently, Adam, Mombert and Neil with to The Box in NY. Adam got peed on. Yep, see his tweets for detailed explanation on tyranny pee. LOL. Performance art. Okay, moving right along. CNN ticker: Adam Lambert’s album sells well amongst the controversy. The CNN ticker? Really? Wow, bb is a star. Today was one of those days where quite a few still needed to work through their feelings about the AMA performance. In the end, no matter what Joselord really summed everything up the best: “I have mixed feelings about the performance but none whatsoever about the performer. Love him.” Kaetsa led us on a productive path as she championed voting, Open House Party requests, and radio on demand. Thank you, kaetsa for moving us forward!!!

From Adam
**Big day!!! AMA s on abc. Tune in! I'm closing the show!!!!

**All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity. :) fans: I adore u. 3 minutes ago from Echofon
**Hope u had fun tonight! We did. 5 minutes ago from Echofon
**@PerezHilton but I had a blast and am looking forward to my upcoming performances. 4 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to PerezHilton
**@PerezHilton Thank you for the support. It WAS a bit pitchy. Don't know what was goin on with the sound. Same thing always went down on idol 5 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to PerezHilton

**My video "For Your Entertainment" is now up on!!!!
**Site crashed following announcement of video debut. Should be back up shortly

**@JustinHawkins that'd be nuts. So epic
**@JustinHawkins thank YOU for the amazing song Justin!!!! :)

Happy T Day! I'm thankful for all the amazing opportunities and for all of my passionate and loyal fans. Wouldn't be happening w/o u

**Demand a FREE Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta concert at - Top city wins! #ryanrockmytown"
**I love New York!!
**@TommyJoeRatliff Hey glitterbaby!

**Juliet is the sun
**The Box puts on a great show!! Thanks guys!
**RT @Meganjoysings: - yaaay got some back!!! Awww so cute
**@Meganjoysings hey lady miss u
**@Pink thank you again for writing such an amazing song. I can always connect to "Whataya Want from Me"
**@Longineu yes we will!
**@csiriano @bradwalsh nice meeting you two! Fake tranny pee is quite the way to start a show. Jeez!
**Tranny pee: performer rigged device to make it seem like he was peeing on front row during show. It was a funny trick. We all freaked!
**@IamCarmit Aww thanks carmit

From Others:

Kristen McNamara
**At SIR on Sunset. Rehearsals ! Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta are two talented friends of mine you really need to go buy their music!!
** @Adamlambert @Allison4Realzzz Love YOU Guys! Great seeing you today, music sounds amazing and you look great. ROCK it out!!!! love you. xo
** – new gloves made for @adamlambert look for them tonite or comming up!!!
**Look for @adamlambert momma she may be wearing her own custom bondage glove and carring my croc clutch @ the AMA's :)
PerezHilton Chatting with Adam Lambert and his mom.
MDMOLINARI Good luck @adamlambert ! Looking forward to your performance at the AMA's the most! Twerk! Work! Pump!
scarlett_cherry All our love to Adam, and Monty... Looking forward to an obliteration!!!!!!!!! There should be massive destruction...AMA's TONIGHT!!
Alisan Porter @Monterrific monty!!!!!! Kill it tonight. We are all sending u so much love and fire!!!!!!! Yaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! Rock it.
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV @adamlambert BREAK A LEG!! Cannot wait to see what you unleash on stage in your epic awards show debut! Tonite the AMAs, tomorrow the world!
lyndsayparker Seems like a lot of people didn't like the Lambert performance. Surprise surprise, I dug it.
**OMG! Adam Lambert WENT FOR IT!!! So impressed!
**Who doesn't love crotch-grabbing??? Go Glambert!!!!
Blake Lewis Thought @adamlambert was great as closer. Don't know how it sounds or looks through the tv but it was epic live
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV Epic blog coming tomorrow about Adam Lambert's performance. Stay tuned, friends.
Rolling Stone Adam Lambert tells RS the keyboard player he kissed on the American Music Awards is a straight guy. #amas #adamlambert
Jason Castro
**that was disgusting. eww
**for the record, i'm a modest guy that believes in decency. i dont think people should be groping and making out in public, thats all.

TommyJoeRatliff My phones dyin! Thanks so much everyones you guys are amazing! Ill "tweet" when I get to ny, werre gettin of the plane
allisoniraheta So damn proud of @adamlambert.. Oh hermano !! How I love your crazy amazing ass!!
@ClaudeKelly: Whether you loved it or hated it, y'all are talkin about it. So guess what? ADAM wins. *wink*#ForYourEntertainment
Monterrific Soundchecking for Letterman. It airs Wednesday. That's the latest that I've been told. It's freezing in here!!! 33 minutes ago from TwitterBerry
** - I'm loving @AdamLambert for this! It's vintage Ziggy antics but god bless him!
**@theboygeorge Bothered by a male kiss but not by Afghanistan!
John Mayer Lambert: Controversy: man-kiss. Gaffe: pending. Triumph: American Idol Superstar.

ReneeIdolPI Samantha is the audience coodinstor at GMA. Not rumor - definately cancelled! less than a minute ago from UberTwitter Retweeted by LyingDelilaah
**Breaking! Sources confirm to me that ABC has cancelled Adam Lambert's performance on Good Morning America tomm
**#ShameOnYouABC #GMAfail
**Update! Glambert will be appearing on ANOTHER morning show tomorrow So this will only help him! More press for him!
**@AdamLambert Great news Glambert fans! Adam is going to be on @TheEllenShow this Monday, I just found out!
**GMA is still on! Didn't get canceled :) Letterman went great, we had a lot of fun!!!
**Ok I'm REALLY sorry for the mix up!!! I JUST found out that we are not playing GMA. We ARE playing The Early Show!
lyndsayparker PS: Kudos to CBS' The Early Show for stepping up and doing a last-minute Lambert booking. #ShameOnYouABC
Kris Allen Congrats @adamlambert on the new album! Everyone go get it.
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV
**Dear Disney, Miley Cyrus on a stripper pole is ok, but @adamlambert grabbing a vajajay at 10:58pm is not? Does not compute. Love, Jim
**@adamlambert Thanx for the interview. Your honesty rules. Ninja roll for the win! Follow me & Ill post that FYE/Gypsy/Our Hit Parade perf :)
**Woot! Great Adam interview on the way. Details on Suburban Decay (OMG), bonus tracks, RedOne, and the MIDDLE FINGER.
**Much more Lambert to come. Eight - yes I said EIGHT segments about his MUSIC are on the way. (We did one segment for each Gosselin child.
Negative Neil
**Really hoping FYE outsells Palin's book. I need this.
**Met this guy named monte. He's a guitarist, playing music again tomorrow on cbs.
Worried because he keeps telling me the monster is coming.
Monte Pittman
**@negativeneil it's Montster. and yes. I've also been told the Montster is in your mom.
**@monterrific do u think u guys will do any the citizen vein stuff live? Cause id be a happy kid.
**@catcherofdreamz sounds good to me but not my call. probably not anytime soon.
Bill Werde, Editor Billboard Adam lambert also tracking well, maybe above 200k; same for Gaga's new EP. Complete roundup of new hotness at
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV @adamlambert I <3 that we discussed the Glambulge in our i/v today. In your face Barbara Walters! (Altho don't really put that in her face.)
**@ADAMLAMBERT's New music video for FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT just arrived to our NY ET office. We'll play some tonight on ET.
**My spies at The Early Show tell me Adam will do 2 songs & take questions from the audience. Love it! @etnow @adamlambert
**I hear @AdamLambert will perform Whataya Want From Me & Music Again on The Early Show tomorrow.
106.1 BLI Tomorrow on BLI In The Morning: Adam Lambert calls! He'll answer questions about his new CD the American Music Performance and more! Listen in at 6:40 & 8:40!
Michelle Collins, BWE inty w/ @adamlambert was amazing as expected. look for "martini minute" on tomorrow! boarding plane for miami "ttyl"
Cassidy Haley @adamlambert OMG you bitch. Your video is too good. ;)
OhFerras @adamlambert FYE VIDEO Rocks. FUCK YES. U killed it. x
Scarlett @adamlambert HOT!!! xo,s
EWMichaelSlezak We'll be sitting down with Adam tomorrow. VERY excited! RT @TaraJean Will there be a Realite interview with Adam Lambert?

kiddkraddick would love to! RT @nolaglitter: @KiddKraddick Please have Adam Lambert on your show...u won't be disappointed!!! 3 minutes ago from TweetDeck
solangeknowles multiple tweets in support of artistic freedom.
**Hey what should I ask @adamlambert? GOOD questions will get props during the interview! about 5 hours ago from Twitterrific
**@adamlambert on OHP with Kannon this Sunday! about 8 hours ago from Twitterrific
JustinHawkinsYay! @adamlambert thanked me in his album sleeve notes! I love Adam's Music Again, that song has gone to a good home. Thank YOU Adam. 15 minutes ago from web
lyndseyparker RT @JustinHawkins: @adamlambert We should write together sometime! :) (<-- PLEASE START A BAND CALLED LAMBSKINS NOW, GUYS)
aimeemayo adamlambert you looked hot & sounded perfect!
**So proud of Adam right now i could cry. We should all be so grounded and real. wow. What a lesson to love ourselves as we are. amazing. about 11 hours ago from web
**now this! is what IM talking about! ... nContent.0
ScarlettCherry My dear @adamlambert, So proud of the way you are sparring with the best of have our love & support always...wwwweeerrrkkkk...

Kellie Pickler
**Adam Lamberts new CD is F-ing KILLER. I love "Music Again"...he reminds me of Freddie Mercury.
**@aimeemayo Jamming out to "Sleepwalker"-Congrats on the Adam Lambert cut!! I hope your beaming from ear to ear!!************
Ryan Seacrest just played FYE during his show on Virgin 96 Montreal at 9h14 l and Adam should be on Smash or Trash at 10:00 PM EST

monterrific@catcherofdreamz sounds good to me but not my call. probably not anytime soon. 7:02 PM Nov 25th from web in reply to catcherofdreamz - @monterrific do u think u guys will do any the citizen vein stuff live? Cause id be a happy kid. 7:01 PM Nov 25th from txt
TommyJoeRatliff@adamlambert hey hey there babyboy :D I'm jealous I wish I was still in NY

sarah lewitinn
**At the Box with @bradwalsh @joshmadden @csiriano @kerinrose @kathycacace @adamlambert.
**Omg! @adamlambert just got peed on at the Box. He threw a drink on the dude in return. It was performance art.
**Hahaha @adamlambert called me "a lucky girl" when @bradwalsh told him about some of my conquests. Mmmmmmhmmm.
**I went to the Box (a burlesque club) with glambert and some
**I went to The Box... A tranny that was performing peed on the front row... Glambert was sitting in front row. He threw drink. Was hilarious.
**Re the peeing... it was fucking hilarious. Everyone was laughing. @adamlambert included.
MelodicParadox RT @DBTH: Little birdy reports "w/ bankers who just dropped 5k for table at Juliet. Adam lambert is here". So happy were not. Gn
Christian Siriano @Adamlambert hope you had a fun night tonight it was crazy at the box
kerinrose that's right twitter, a tranny DID pee on @adamlambert at the box. @joshmadden @ultragrrrl @kathycacace @csiriano & @bradwalsh can verify.
Joshmadden Yes, your honor, I was at The Box with @bradwalsh @csiriano @kerinrose @kathycacace @adamlambert and yes I witnessed the "pee pee incident".
kathycacace I have been inundated with @adamlambert fans. Guys, it was just some tranny pee. Calm down.
Brad Walsh (Christian Siriano's bf)
**really glad nobody cares about my life the way they care about his. jeeeeezus
**lol "so hot out the box." GROSS MOM GO TO BED RT @thespindleshay: @bradwalsh hilarious.
So hot out the box. That tranny is no lady.
**i think a tranny just peed on everyone. i met adam's mom and then a tranny peed on everyone two seconds later. leaving the box.
**@adamlambert that gives me an idea... think grammys.. curtains open... tranny walks out...
NessieCCullen Loo what i found in the new rolling ston
Monte Pittman @adamlambert oh no! you went there! I got pulled on stage when I went. And I was with Tommy Victor... I had no idea what was going to happen
Carmit Bachar @adamlambert So proud of u consistently slaying the perf & handlin the media! The train has left, no stoppin da whirlwind now baby! Luvu xo
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV
**@adamlambert I fully expect tranny pee in your next awards show performance. That'll DEFINITELY put Dick Clark in the grave. Do it. DO IT!!
**Whoops. Lost a few followers there. Obviously I don't REALLY want Dick Clark to die. Ok... Just sending safe food tweets from now on. :/
**1 of the coolest things @adamlambert told me is that he wishes people didn't take him & his art so seriously. Let's all remember that, yes?
Negative Neil @neilambert what makes you think I was spared in The Great Urination?

Adam slideshow on Yahoo
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What The Buck AMA review Adam speak starts at about 9:52
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At the Airport after AMA. Pics from Just Jared
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Lots of pictures from TES
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an interview with Kimberly Locke (Season 2, 3rd place) on watching the AMA's
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Melinda Doolittle, Nikki Blonsky (?) and Adam's creative director at the AMAs giving him lots of support and love

Justin Hawkins MySpace has his demo for Music Again and Suburban Decay!

LOL TLC show King of the Crown
The background for Perez Hilton's page is now all FYE
Take One Review
TAKE ONE sells 11,000

So, because some sites are providing FCC links, here are the FCC definitions of obscene.
ABC Fields Adam Lambert Complaints - Compliments
link to contact ABC
CBS feedback ... l_form.php
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Examination of Alexa stats for Adamofficial
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:53 am 
...hold me in my arms...

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Nov 29 - Dec 5

VOTE now and VOTE often for Adam in People's Choice Awards: Breakout Musical Artist!!!
new widget to make voting easier: vote for Adam in PCA
Lambosessed lovingly compiled LYRICS TY!!!!!
Newly updated AdamOffical site.
Rate FYE video VH1
Vote for Adam's FYE video on VH1 Top 20!!! You have to scroll down, then drag his name to the #1 spot and hit Submit!!!
FYE video was added to MTV's Just Added Videos and needs some love!!!


HDD #s
-- 3 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 195,974

Forget the Blowjob: Adam Lambert's Album is Good AND Selling Gangbusters from Queerty
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Today we received another lambertastic song by laynie. Laynie – you are the poet laureate of the MUPpet House! Discussion centered around the positions and airplay of FYE the album and FYE and WWFM the single. Adam was great in the Sirius radio interview so we spent some time rehashing that – which was difficult because we were all distracted by the visual. OHP (Open House Party) – resulted in pretty good spins but the OHP experience was disappointing all around. There was discussion on how if Adam gets a single in the Top 20 he would be the first “out” artist to accomplish that feat! Non-Americans are still shaking their heads at that one. America is first at everything – why last at that? WTF America???

Today we started out by trying to figure out the anomaly that is SuBo and her incredible sales. Oh well. No sense trying to figure out the spending habits of America. She’ll top the charts much to the dismay of the MUPpets who would prefer a certain glittery alien who actually likes to “top” to end up on top. Mostly, the day was spent on radio talk – spins and ads and the fate of FYE and WWFM. A couple of emo tweets from Adam brought some sadz to the MUPpet House as he thanked everyone for their support and said that he needed to rethink the way he presents himself and focus on the music. ABC is still on his case – or maybe the FCC is on theirs – but they just will not let the AMA thing go. Adam-media, with lots of negative comments, is picking up giving the MUPpets a lot to discuss – gay rights, double standards, and as usual the ever awesome, fascinating, incredible, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful Adam Fucking Lambert. Oh - and we were sneak-peekin' at the Ellen Show on her live cams trying to catch a glimpse of Adam and the band taping for the show later in the week.

Adam continues to support other idols. Most would like to see some of that same support shown to Adam, and more promotion as at this point Adam's December Calendar seems a little bare. Fez always seems to know how to put things in perspective! We came together to celebrate the great performance on Ellen; bb looked beautiful! He sang perfectly! Excitement flooded in at the adds of Conan and Kimmel to Adam's appearances in December! WWFM jumped 50 spots on iTunes today and Rod Stewart told the ladies of The View--it's all Rock 'n Roll! There was disappointment that TFM would not qualify for Oscar consideration. WWFM was the fourth most added the week of Nov 25th. A little confusion resulted at the observation that the Kimmel Concert was taken off Events at AO. (Little did we know what was about to happen.) We then played a rousing round of 'what's your porn star name!' based on Adam's instructions: your first pet's name and your first street name. The winner, as declared by our very own Bootsie, is Queenie Deep Valley Trail!!! (Congratulation, MadTex !!! Your movie contract is in the mail, you gonna be a star!)

Today we received seriously UNF-worthy pics from People Magazine posted at IDF and we found out that the Outdoor Jimmy Kimmel event for Dec. 17 – cancelled. How dare they scorn the MUPpets! *shakes fist* Probably be rescheduled – hopefully he’s not banned from ABC. But alas the day ends with fucked-up fuckery as Adam is B& from ABC and will not perform on Jimmy Kimmel or the Rockin’ NYE special. We have no other information. MUPpets express all sorts of emotion, all of which can be described as the kind of feeling you would have after the worst gut-punchery in all the universe. Everyone has a lot to say, but ultimately we have no words but these: @adamlambert Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love #AdamBringsChange (trending @ #5)

Tommy and Adam are both sick, just saying. ;) There was some discussion on whether or not Adam should apologize, collective disappointment in the GLAAD statement, and a recap of The View, as Adam was once again discussed. Adam did quite a few interviews. The most pertinent information we learned is that the carpet does not match the drapes!!! THAT coupled with THIS? **volcanoes exploding** Here's an even larger version of our Prince when all that glitter comes off! **howling @ the moon** Adam moved from giving interviews to presenting his AI finale KISS outfit to the San Diego Hard Rock Cafe. He was reportedly very sick with the flu, running a fe-fe-fever yet amazing as usual with all the fans that showed up. (See links in Video and Pictures below) Ozzie brought over Darkguardian's comment from TOB. getoverit, Boca Babe, and Adamamado will attend the Dec 13 at the Tampa Bay Jingle Ball! (Have fun and take lots of pictures!!!) Perez was on Joy Behar defending Adam! Purist received exciting news about the marketing for Adam in Australia. Hopefully she will get that interview! WWFM shot up to #57 on the pop chart. It was #63 at the start of the morning (YAY! Its 21 adds started to show up in spins!) Adam is now hosting another Jingle Ball ...Minneapolis on 12/6. And, from another interview we learned that Santa won't visit Adam, but "Hannukah Harry" will. Craig Ferguson mentioned Adam in his monologue.

Everyone is still in a funk over ABC/FCC and all other fuckery that is related to Adam being B& and we are still exchanging opinons and articles about the many issues brought about by the AMA aftermath. But taking Adam’s cue to be positive Fez made a list of all goodies belonging to Adam. The lesson is – don’t fret – he’s doin’ great! We also got Boca Babe’s review of What Adam Did in 2009 And although we are still have “feelings” – harsh ones at that - about the banning, we are very thankful/proud/ecstatic for all that has happened for Adam in 2009 and we are looking forward to great things - so we give a big FU to those giant asshats at ABC/FCC/GLADD/LibertyCounselCrapsters and whoever else wants to bring the heat. We're lovin' the Adam-Storm! We're with you bb, for the entire journey!

Very late Friday we received news directly from Adam via twitter that he would be performing on The View on Dec 10! Time stood still, MUPpets gasped, this post summed things up perfectly. Finally there was cautious celebration. Apparently Barbara Walters has some massive pull. LOL! Media on this latest development rained in. GLAAD issued a third statement, this time in support of Adam (they say they have supported him all along. O. I. C. GLAAD! I really do! NOT!) We worried over what the implications of what “taped” meant in terms of Adam appearing live on ABC. It does seem to be due to Adam's schedule but there is still an underlying uneasiness and concern. And, then on Joy Behar's show it came to light that reporters at rehearsals reported on the crotch move (see one AP reporter's article where he did mention the head to crotch move was done during rehearsals,) and it seems the only thing Adam actually surprised ABC with was the intensity of the “grind” and the kiss! Did ABC fuck up the censorship and lay all the blame on Adam? It would seem so. Poor, bb—ever the gentleman. MUPpets are growing excited at the possibilities of Adam appearing on Leno. The time slot is actually better and Leno has been extremely supportive (he has dressed up as Adam and Tommy). We hope it will be an epic boost for Adam. Elybe reported that Boston Kiss 108 station where Adam was thoroughly trashed in a podcast for his AMA performance played WWFM! We examined Adam's ears, continued to vote for PCA since the deadline draws near and began a new voting campaign as the FYE video was added to VH1 and MTV sites (see top of post for links so that you can vote, too!) Some of us day dreamed about a repeat of Adam at the Upright for NYE after the Upright tweeted Adam (see below: tweets, other). OHP played WWFM twice!!! RainbowWarrior made some excellent points. And, WWFM had its best day ever: #56 on Pop with 135 spins on Pop! Our Texan MUPpets celebrated the Longhorns going to the National Championships. Congratulations, guys!


**I'm learning. :) 1 minute ago from Echofon
**Don't worry friends: I'm still gonna be me. Always. W/o appologies. Just gonna experiment differently w how I present myself. 2 minutes ago from Echofon
**ellen:airing 2m.Singing 'whatya want from me'! AMA performance was a one time event. Goin in a new direction now. Focus back on the music. 4 minutes ago from Echofon
**Oh and please go get both Allison iraheta's and Kris Allen's videos and albums on iTunes! So proud of you both! 9 minutes ago from Echofon
**And thank you all for your kind and supportive tweets. Means more than you can imagine. It was a looong week. :)

** Aah fond memories of summer! Go get Allison Iraheta's ALBUM ya'll!!! Its SO GOOD
**deleted You have a great smile. Caught my eye as I was reading the twats. :) how's Florida?
**deleted Woops. :) buuusted. guy who caught Adam's eye ...
**For Your Entertainment music video! Avail on iTunes on 12/15
**@TheEllenShow thank you again for giving me so much warmth and support yesterday. It was sooo great to finally meet you.

**Thank you to everyones support of my album! Came in last week at #3! about 3 hours ago from Echofon
**It'll all blow over. Let's focus on being positive! :) about 4 hours ago from Echofon
**I AM doing Leno though. And lookin into something for NYE. about 4 hours ago from Echofon
**Yes, sadly friends, ABC has cancelled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE. :( don't blame them. It's the FCC heat.

**Good morning San Diego
**@perezhilton : allisons a rockstar! Just because the record didn't sell a ton, that doesn't mean it's not great! (cuz it's reeeeeally good)
**@allisoniraheta can outsing any of the other teenagers in the recording industry right now. Like, sing circles around them
**RT @VEVO: The signed @adamlambert CD's are up for auction! Proceeds go to @donorschoose. Enjoy, from your friends @VEVO
**Wow eminem mentioned me in a song?! I must be doin something right!? Even if he used the f word.... Whtev
**Oh he says "fake it" my bad

**Hey friends! I will be performing and hanging w the ladies of ABC's The View Thursday the 10th!
**Also look for me on Barbara Walters' Ten Most Fascinating People of 09 the night before also on ABC :)


From Others:

TommyJoeRatliffHowdy guys:) I totally forgot I still had this in my phone. Its REALY blury. Its from the david letterman set less than a minute ago from UberTwitter
**you guys like the @adamlambert promo where he says if I'm good he'll give me a kiss?! LOLOL 20 minutes ago from web
**@OpenHouseParty Listening to WWFM on your station. It's awsome! Any chance of a second play tonight? (via @adam2china) I gurantee more! about 1 hour ago from Twitterrific in response to AWoP’s kaetsa!
**Adam Lambert and Taylor Lautner...tonight on OHP. Nice, huh?lol 18 minutes ago from Twitterrific
**Alright @adamlambert fans! U ready?! about 1 hour ago from Twitterrific
Alisanporter. @adamlambert. Just missed your call. Gimmi a chance when u got a call. Hehehehee. 17 minutes ago from UberTwitter
Joey Barnes The new Adam Lambert album is the best album since the new Lady GaGa album...get 'em both and experience the future of music and art. 4:31 AM Nov 25th from txt (he’s a member of Daughtry's band)
Luisalicious: At abbey with @xandertarigo, nicolas, @adamlambert and the girls about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry
AdamFSoybel Chart is up! @adamlambert debuts, plus @CHRIS_Daughtry and @taylorswift13 tie for Biggest Mover...

lisaharriton (Adam's keyboard player)
**Adam!!! I am twittering! i am down with the twat!!! woooohoooooooooo! 23 minutes ago from web
** Hello Everyone!!! What a response! There are 156 tweets in the last 2 minutes! I feel so loved! xoxoxoxo 31 minutes ago from web
**Where is Adam on this Tweet thing? 37 minutes ago from web
**Holly Cow!!!!!!! I have gotten 100 Tweets in 1 minute!!! My phone is vibrating like crazy! 37 minutes ago from web
**Wow i tweeted to the tweet! I am an official tweeter! about 1 hour ago from web
**Tweedlee dee tweedlee dum! Is this thing on???? about 1 hour ago from txt
michaelsarver1 @adamlambert your a good person bro!
scarlett_cherry:@adamlambert Love u...proud of u
alisanporter: @adamlambert proud.
leecherry:@adamlambert Same here. Proud
perezhilton:@adamlambert The whole package is important. Music + performance
**@adamlambert btw...loving ur cd! u kept me awake driving back from my 24 hour black friday shopping! i'll be watchin Ellen tomorrow!! muah.. 1 minute ago from web in reply to adamlambert
**@adamlambert it's all about living & learning! I'm 45 & still learning!! life lessons never end but it's ok...they build character! xo 4 minutes ago from web in reply to adamlambert
**@adamlambert cd kept me awake while I drove home after my black Friday shopping! I was awake over 24 hrs & had to drive i-10!! about 3 hours ago from Echofon
OpenHouseParty@adamlambert fans! What did you think of the Kannon Open House Party interview last night? We'd love your feedback! Much luv Glamberts 5 minutes ago from Twitterrific
Tweets from the Ellen Show
TommyJoeRatliffJust got off the stage... The ellen show went great!! it airs tomorrow 1 minute ago from UberTwitter
Monterrific That felt like a good performance! Don't miss Ellen tomorrow! 1 minute ago from TwitterBerry

AimeeMayo @adamlambert do you know how freaking HAPPY i am to be on your record? i LOVE that CD! I have a different fave every day. thank u so so much
popglass - Shooting commercial with Adam Lambert...glamorama fun!
Any @adamlambert fans out there? We're working on something very special for u ;)
thezodiacshow @Adamlambert, @Monterrific & co. Rocked The Ellen Show!!! Boo-YA!

JAGOfficial too many tweets to copy - related to Adam’s ABC cancellations
**@radiosophie is still giving away passes to see Adam Lambert. Listen and win. about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck
**Adam fans every1 who won a Pass today has guaranteed entry tmrw. Pending capacity, public will b let in 1st come/1st serve. Very limited. about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck
**Adam Lambert has A LOT of die hard fans! We will begin notifying Backstage Pass winners SOON! Thank you! about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck
**Adam Lambert is bringing a special gift to Hard Rock SD tomorrow @ 3pm! Wanna see him? RT for chance to win a backstage pass!
lindsayparkerspoke to someone at ABC, was told they're working on an Adan Lambert/Jimmy Kimmel make-up concert for the new year. I have no other info.
AJintheMorningAdam Lambert in studio 2morrow morning at 7:15 on Star 94.1. RT this for a chance to join him! (5 random people will win) about 4 hours ago from Tweetie
**The weird world of commerce & government doesn't always have room for common sense and artistry. But @adamlambert ends his tweets with a :) about 2 hours ago from web
**RT @adamlambert Yes, sadly friends, ABC has canceled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE. :( don't blame them. It's the FCC heat. about 2 hours ago from web
AimeeMayoWhen Somebody shows you who they are- believe them." ABC - you've shown me. #AdamBringsChange
scarlett_cherry I believe in FREE SPEECH...I believe in MAKING OUT ON STAGE...I believe in THE FIERCE REALNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PerezHilton@adamlambert Damn, girl. You're the new Janet Jackson!
michelle Collins
**@michcoll Loved the Martini Minute interview w/ @adamlambert. His interview and the whole concept. Looking forward to seeing more!!
**Alls I know is I come home after a joyous holiday party to 1 million @me's stating #adambringschange. And I really can't argue with that.

@adamlambert Damn, girl. You're the new Janet Jackson!
liveonradio @adamlambert and just like that, hundreds of glamberts change their first name to "san diego".
BonnieHuntShow @adamlambert, it's me Bonnie Hunt, (4reals) love to have you on my show, u r my Elvis+Prince, we have best stage, sound, crew, cmon! BH
@lucia_rio do you miss Adam? -Oh please, he's famous. Not dead.
**Said his finale boots have been taped together, painted by hand, they have lived the life! Pants r his own too.
**Adam is wearing amazing rhinestone studded boots. He looks AMAZING!!!
**"They simulated the Glambuldge!" :) :)
tracie312 Adam in SD signing! Told him that all of us on twitter love and support him--he said " I know, U guys are grea
OutlandoGirl attended event; see her homepage for pics and tweets
Jay Leno Adam Lambert is booked to appear on the show December 21st.
utstreet Here you go, Glamberts. Photos and video of @AdamLambert at @HardRockSD today.
jambajim. Jim C @ MTV Wow that's pretty current for Em. Usually he's like 18 months late w/ his pop culture references. U made him step up his game!
Allison4Realzzz love you so much!! You really are THE shit Adam...look up to you bro!!

AlisonIraheta@adamlambert love you so much!! You really are THE shit Adam...look up to you bro!!
Jo23siePW@ehasselbeck It's about to get rough for you ..can you handle what hes about to do? @adamlambert on ur show :)
TVGuide Adam Lambert to perform on The View

ooipau Singapore HMV!! Woohoo RT @pinkmartinipink: - was at HMV, and @adamlambert is No.1 on the Rock & Pop Charts now!
UprightCabaret Adam Lambert always has a NYE gig at Upright Cabaret. I am certain we could find someone to film it and share it with the world.
schufly @adamlambert did you know that in South Africa Adam’s FYE single is now No 1 on radio pop chart – thousands of requests are coming in!

Watch Adam Lambert's 'For Your Entertainment' Video & Watch Him Discuss His AMA Performance On MTV Buzzworthy
New Adam interview on MySpace.
Adam Lambert - Kradam or Adommy? Showdown montage: dun dun duuuuuuuuun!
mp3 of Letterman from Blue*Rose at IDF
mp3 of the Early Show from Blue*Rose at IDF
Adam Lambert - Music Feed Interview on YouTube
Download link for Myspace interview
Réalité - Parts 6 to 12.mp4 Download
Slezak interviews Adam Part 6 – 12
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Ellen)(12-01-09) [444MB TS]
Slezak interview with Adam: All 12 segments in one zip file
Slezak interview with Adam: All 12 in one ipod compatible file:
Ellen Show pretaped interview and song
WWFM – Ellen - YouTube
Interview - Ellen - YouTube
Radio station interview adorable/funny
5 questions with Adam
5 questions with Adam youtube
Adam Hosting NewNowNext Pop Lab
FYE Video is now on VH1 site Fresh New Videos: Adam Lambert!!!
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Ellen)(12-01-09) [136MB AVI]
SophieRadio interview
VH1 interview
Toronto Virgin Radio interview
Star San Diego 94.1 interview (video & photos)
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PHOTOS from the Early Show
PHOTOS of Adam returning to LA from NY, Nov. 28
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Because Fez is shallow! LOL! Me, too!
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more pictures from the SD Hard Rock presentation

Katy Perry - Interview (MTV Unplugged)(2009)
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If you place your cursor over Adam's shirt, it brings up the brand. Follow that to its price! (Thanks to WinkyDink's detective skills: it's "hand-made Italian", and costs $175!) ... s-a-cutie/
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...hold me in my arms...

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Dec 6 - Dec 12

Lambosessed lovingly compiled LYRICS TY!!!!!

Rate FYE video VH1
Vote for Adam's FYE video on VH1 Top 20!!! You have to scroll down, then drag his name to the #1 spot and hit Submit!!!
FYE video was added to MTV's Just Added Videos and needs some love!!!
Adam is up for a LOGO award: Next Gay Icon 2009

@adammshankman is producing the Oscars.
He tweeted: Curious: what and who do u wanna see on the oscars? What would make u watch?



62 53 ADAM LAMBERT Whataya Want From Me 485 237 248 5.354
top 40 chart at 50
58 50 LAMBERT, ADAM Whataya Want From Me RCA/RCAMG

#36 on the Global Album chart.


Adam is performing on SYTYCD
Preview of BW interview: No Regrets after a tumultuous 2009
Adam Lambert to perform on SYTYCD Finale TV Guide
Adam Lambert Returning To FOX For ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Finale AccessHollywood
Breaking News: Adam Lambert to Hit the "Dance" Stage
Adam Lambert to Perform During Primetime ET Online
cnn reporter chris morrow wants adam to sing his 2009 recap on her countdown video! update: adam to read for children! from vickiluvsadam@ao

TIME magazine Top 10 songs of 2009: 10. “Mad World” by Adam Lambert
HDD second week figures for FYE

Ask Don’t Tell: Get One Thing Straight About Adam Lambert from SFBGuardian
YouTube and Universal’s VEVO Launch Party Packed and Star-Studded
Adam Lambert on eminem’s Elevator dis @MTV with a little video
Adam Lambert Curses at Designer @

Adam Lambert Tells ‘The View’: ‘It’s Not ‘American Idol’ Anymore’
Adam Lambert on 'The View': 'Protect your children, people!'
Skiing or Mexico? Adam Lambert's Holiday Plans Undecided
NYE concert information

TLKFusion site – Tickets for Adam’s NYE gig
Press Release for Adam’s NYE gig – posted by Entermediamusic @ IDF first
BW owes Adam & the gay community an apology from the josh&josh blog.
Indecent certainly, but Lambert’s logic is impeccable from

Adam doesn't even perform, yet he's the headline???
News of the World UK Hot Project: Adam Lambert


Mudblood of Magical Homosexuality
MSN Year in Review

Minneapolis Jingle Ball Review from StarTribune
Random Adam mention in HometownAnnapolis
Allison defencds adam in
Adam on Glee? from eonline.

MSN Entertainment News: Twitterverse to Oscars: Adam Lambert!!!
The Wrap: Fox Asks Adam Lambert to 'Dance'
TV Guide: Our Favorite Reality Show Singers #10 Adam Lambert
Adam @ gay bar Splash in NYC
Adam Lambert Goes To A Theater Queen Bar!
ABC rebounds from giving Adam Lambert the heave-ho
E! Online reports on Adam's night out
Preview of BW Special: Adam Lambert 'No Regrets' After AMAs ABC News
Article about Rob Marshall Adam mention page 4
VEVO: Rocking it with Adam Lambert
Bono: Vevo is Rebirth of Music Industry
VEVO brings out the stars

Adam on Power Rotation @ MTV Hits
Adam to be on Chelsea Lately, Wed. 12/16
Adam Lambert Sales Plummet, Carrie Underwood Stays Top10 from USA Today
Adam at VEVO @ justanonlineminute

Adam Lambert Talks Tiger Woods, Simulatiogate
Lambert at the Oscars?'s Marquee Blog: Adam Lambert returns to ABC on 'The View'
TMZ calls out BW for airing Lady GaGa's girl/girl kiss last night but not Adam's boy/boy
Interesting article comparing Lady Gaga's VMA performance with Adam's AMA performance
Another TMZ article on ABC not showing Adam's BOB kiss, yet showing Gaga's GOG kiss
Lambert on The View: Tongue in Cheek, Pelvis in Check
whose picture did CNN use to headline their story on BW's Most Fascinating?
MIchelle Collins: "Ladies of “The View” Fall Victim to Adam Lambert’s Charmicide"
Boston Globe: More Glambert
Huffington Post blog


Mention of Adam's performance of the SSB at the ADL
no mention in article but cnet includes a picture of Adam in their article about VEVO
Adam afraid fans won't buy his music


Insightful information to help understand dynamics of Adam's AMA performance from inside the Nokia. kismet tells us that Adam is finally on the radio here in NZ!! They played FYE!! Access Hollywood Weekend named Adam their biggest "reality star to celebrity star" of 2009 and he made their "2009 It List." pumpkin shared exciting news about the Chinese Glamberts getting help from some glamberts in the US to buy FYE from B&N. Over 200 CDs were shipped to China! Discussion about the Jingle Balls: why added now at what appears to be the last minute, what is the purpose, and will they be effective? Conclusion seems to be that they are payola gigs in exchange for some play. catzmadam's clever find and laynie's latest awesome poem!!!

The best news ever gave us cause to *flail* in the morning – Adam will be on the SYTYCD finale! There are many MUPpet fans of SYTYCD and we all had fun sharing our dream choreographers/dancers for Adam and his music, even though we’re pretty sure there will be no choregraphy or dancing. Sadz for that! Lambosessed’s Adam Lambert Obsession Quiz brought some fun later in the day – so far the high score is MadTex with 200, but according to the quiz, we’re all a little OTT when it comes to Adam – so w/e – we wave our Adam Obsession flags high. We're loud and proud Adam fans! The Band (sans Adam) had a twitter party – crazy Glamberts were sending 100 tweets a minute, but again we benefitted from lurking in their batshittery because we found out that there are sekrit plans for NYE. Can’t wait to find out who, what, where, when…Oh, the mystery! Adam was out and about tonight. He made a splash at Splash in NY - but he only stayed a little while because he has to get up early to meet the bitches at the View. Even though it was a rather slow day by Adam-land standards, there was no lack of things to talk about. The Adam Storm moves on - leaving a trail of glitter and fabulosity (and a few scorned!naysayers) in its wake.

Well, the day finally arrive: the last day to vote for PCA!!! There was concern over bb going to do The View, happiness because we got 6 top 40 ads, and pleasure that 2nd week sales were approximately 50K!! We got a tweet picture from Tommy (**sigh** love) of Adam and Band backstage @ The View. There was amazement at what the VEVO ebay auction of FYE CDs were going for and then--the biggest surprise of the day!!!!! Our very own WinkyDink's firsthand account of **gasp** The View!!!! She calmed our fears and brought us an awesome Adam quote!!! YAY for MUPpets!! We then settled in for the evening's surprise A-list party for the VEVO launch.

It was another beautiful Adam-fan day as we talked about the mystery that is SuBo sales, Jingle Balls and Adam’s SSB performance, for which we got but a mere glimpse. We are waiting (im)patiently for the full performance – it looks awesome and SS himself said that Adam is one of his heroes. We had to repeat that numerous times throughout the day. We got a pic of Longineu in the tub!And we learned that Adam’s appearance on LKL is cancelled No one knows why – but everyone is generally happy that Adam won’t have to spent an hour with suspender-man talking about the AMA performance.

Discussion on idol as a competitive spot, should it be or not? What does that say about humanity? It still hurts that there is the nasty desire for Adam to fail by fans of other idols on other sites. SoBo sales numbers continue to confound us. WWFM has a chance to move into the Top 40 before the holiday freeze, see hoppy7's post. The View interview actually was positive and bb sang beautify! He apparently is a magical person as Lizzie was practically flailing. Some board members became confuzled at the thought that THEY felt almost warm and fuzzy toward Elizabeth! Nooooooo! But, it was nice that after all the AMA discussion, his work with DonorsChoose was mentioned. We saw some movement of WWFM on the iTunes chart. Adam's appearance on LKL was canceled by Adam (see tweets, other). There was a Mod post at AO re: album sales #s. Most of us are not sure what we think of the Gridlock NYE gig. Katy Perry headlined it last year. Note that no official announcement has been made from Adam/Adam's camp. The night ended with talk about hot Adam kisses!!!! Yeah!

Is Adam’s NYE Gridlock gig confirmed? Yes/No? It seems yes – but wait, it might still be no. Although some media have confirmed the gig – and at least one other artist has twittered delight to be playing NYE with Adam - no OFFICIAL announcement has come from Adam’s camp. We took a little time to watch an awesome YouTube video - base jumping to Pick U Up – it’s wicked scary but wicked awesome just the same. Adam has a big weekend of media and appearances coming up starting today with a brief radio interview. Looking for the station, getting the livestream and waiting through crap Top 40 crapfest radio about drove the MUPpets mad – Sister Europe summed it up best with this comment: “#$%@&*(@#%^&*$%^#@#%%&*#$%!!!”We learned from legers that Int’l delivery of FYE is $50!!! Scorned!foreign fans! But we also learned that – Adam might be travelling to Brazil! AWoP’s maddie will be our rep for the EPIC event, no doubt.. Adam was at the Jingle Ball at MSG – he looked great but didn’t sing. Sadz for the not singing but we’re always happy to see Adam out with other celebs (and got some great pics, too – see video/pic section).

Still in the Z100 pix afterglow, we concentrated on doing our part to increase spins at the Open House Party--emails, tweets and call-ins were made. Most MUPs are in amazement—not! that Kris' family want the Kradison concert in LR! There is frustration that a video of Adam's ADL SSB has not surfaced, nor has the VEVO site posted bb's commercial. LaStupenda gave a peep talk re: album sales. Many MUPs are upset with Kris' comments in the OK Magazine article. Some even going so far as putting themselves in a corner--with Vodka and Latkes!!! We suffered through OHP again for one spin! (yet, 3 Fire Flies! WTF?) Adam was a guest at the Miami Jingle Ball tonight and did sing a little bit of WWFM acapella.


**Listening to: Miike Snow: Plastic Jungle. This song is beyond perfection.
**Which two new ones?! (he meant to @reply Megan, she tweeted him about her songs)

**Hey friends! Check out Michael Sarver's new single on iTunes available tommorow! :) 44 minutes ago from Echofon
**@TheRealJordin you too beautiful! You sounded amaazing tonight![/

**Good Morning!!! In NYC waking up to tape THE VIEW today!!! ...sad to hear Whoopi's not going to be there :( I love her.
**Hey this is Adam Lambert!!! Elizabeth is lettin me tweet from her phone!!! Me and Liz! Whaaat? :) {this was posted via Elizabeth Hasselbeck's twitter}
**@samantharonson hey hey! Istanbul huh?! Niiice. Hope you're entertained.
**@keshasuxx hey I didn't get your number cutie!!!!! :)

**Ooh I guess Bill K and I both like Dior Jeans. 19 minutes ago from Echofon
**Amazing, inspiring evening. Sang our National Anthem for Anti-Defamation League's honoring of Mr Steven Spielberg! fights hate. 37 minutes ago from Echofon

Why is everyone so obsessed w "Cheetah" Woods' personal life?

** Break a Leg tonight @KrisAllen!!!

**Miami here I come!!
**I'm in Miami biiiiitch

From Others:

**@adamlambert did you listen to my two new ones?!
**@adamlambert go to my myspace! Feel love and Incomplete! And I finished 8 others!
OpenHouseParty @adamlambert will play in the first 15 minutes tonight on OHP!
Longineu He'll yeah !!!!! I am going to be in new York tomorrow more tv performances to come!!!
**Hair down. Sexy. Dressed in black. Did cute english accent when intro j sean.
**Adam talked about going on the view. Funny. He says it will be fine.
**Set up for next act. Not enough adam! He was only on stage for a minute so far.
Monte Pittman RT Time is quickly ticking away for winning the People's Choice Award for Adam. Only 3 days left!!!!Vote now
**@adamlambert I better see you mister!!!
**TheRealJordin Look who I found!! :)
EmilyHansonnn - @adamlambert is so smiley!! : )
AdamCastMedia Dave Ryan asked Adam what's next on agenda. He said The View and going to NYC Tomorrow.
burningSunset aww how cute!! @adamlambert hanging in the lounge at jingle ball :)
adaminsatiable Wish my phone would take better photos. Adam came out again & talked about Justin & intro Colbie. He is great MC.

Jordan @adamlambert yaaaay! It was really good to see you! :)
Eugene Lovendusky of New York City
**Adam Lambert just walked into SPLASH!!!
**JUST TALKED TO ADAM LAMBERT FOR A WHOLE MINUTE! So sweet and funny and shook his hand. AAH!!!
Twitter account from a girl whose cousin was at Splash in NY with Adam she's a multi-tweeter, so head over to her twitter page.
The Band (sans Adam) had a twitter party from which we got GREAT NEWS...
Monterrific@glambert_1481 oh yes. big, big plans. It's going to be so much fun 4 minutes ago from web in reply to glambert_1481
glambert_1481@Monterrific Any plans yet for New Years Eve for Adam and the Band? 5 minutes ago from web in reply to Monterrific

Monte Pittman...On the set of The View. Looks great. I'm excited!
** - Cruising around istanbul checking out the city and listening to @adamlambert
**@adamlambert well, your album is called "for your entertainment" and it is just that :)
Melissa4Adam Spoke 2 woman who saw Adam, said he talked mostly abt AMAs.Sang beautifully!!#ScrewUtheView 4 not filling empty seats
**Psst... @adamlambert was here today and we're going to have EXCLUSIVE footage of him with @ehasselbeck! Stay tuned and pass the word!
**Watch @adamlambert and @EHasselbeck backstage before the show! Adam tweets from Elisabeth's phone! See here:
I'm back after a few days off with my family. @AdamLambert wants kids he tells @BarbaraJWalters for her 'Fasinating" special 12-9.
Neil stayed away from The View lest I murder Hasselbeck. Would not be good PR.
**Unseen footage of @adamlambert getting his rock star on at a shoot with @vevo. Full clip coming shortly...
**@ashtash baby gaga and adam are both here. I saw Gaga sound check and adam just walked past me
**RT @davidaKaplan: Adam Lambert will take the stage, so hide your eyes, kids. #vevo
bwerde Billboard editor
**Glambert taking stage to perform. "Prepare to have your face humped" jokes ensue.
**Glambert onstage: whaddaya want from me.

SherriEShepherd: Pre-taped Adam Lambert. He's a really nice guy. We talked b4 he went on. I respect him & he respected my views. Plus loved that eyeliner
michaelurieLeaving the Out 100 party. Very fun night! Chris Seiber, Dustin Lance Black, plus photos of @jessetyler, @gavincreel and @adamlambert! 4 minutes ago from Echofon
**Saw @adamlambert going backstage with his entourage. He is wearing a black suit with his hair up >>it's always about the hair! 3 minutes ago from TweetDeck
**Adam sang beatifully. He received standing ovation from every table 1 minute ago from Echofon
**To everyone who asked: Adam is at ADL Steven Spielberg's event. Kirk Douglas is presenting now. He can barely talk
**Adam has already sang and he is sitting at one of the tables now
**glaminatrix: @msnila yes, I see him sitting with Lane and his other handlers
**Steven Spielberg just said that @adamlambert is one of his heroes.
**He also said that his kids will be most impressed that he met @adamlambert tonight
**Steven Spielberg thanked Adam for singing tonight and said that @adamlambert has an amazing gift
Longineu Parsons
**thats all i am allowed to say about 4 hours ago from web
**we will be playing a show on new years about 4 hours ago from web
**we have very special plans for new years :) about 4 hours ago from web
**one year on new years eve about 4 hours ago from web

Travis Wall @adamlambert everyone wants to know when I'm choreographing For you....... Lemme know : )
J_Lambs Adam on RolingStone Japan, January-2010 issue.
A post of cute Adam/View tweets right after his performance
kingthings/Larry King
We're hoping @AdamLambert will reschedule with us. He said he's cutting back on interviews so he can focus on his music again.
**Adam Lambert is here getting his hair done, he is really nice!
**My friend Abreea does Adam Lambert signature hair style, you should come in to see her here at Fusion Hair - 310.657.8911
**Adam Lambert here at Fusion Hair
**Adam Lambert is here is West Hollywood
**Adam is just sitting in the chair getting his hair cut, he hair is being done by Abreea here at Fusion Hair.
**@IBRITADAM33 - He is on his phone, but as soon as he is off I will tell him you said hello!
**I will download a pic Adam Lambert in a min
**Ok, he is on his way out
**Got a cool pic with him, he is on his way to a plane for here.
**Adam Lambert has a fresh cut and just left, his stylist is Abreea at Fusion Hair, come see her!
** - Me and Adam Lambert
**WE JUST ADDED ADAM LAMBERT TO THE list of talent... purchase your tickets now before it sells out!!!

longineu parsons He Wants Light Sticks – see his twitter for the begging and flailing.
Thanks @AdamLambert for the shout-out on @TheViewtv! We appreciate all you've done to help schools!
Z100NewYork Sweet! We love having you both at Z100's Jingle Ball! #Z100JBNYC @msgnyc RT @adamlambert Break a Leg tonight @KrisAllen!!!
svmreiter/Susan Reiter - Adam with some Paramount peeps!
@HunterPR: Backstage at Z100's JIngle Ball, can't wait to see Taylor Swift and Adam Lambert perform!
semicharmedericJust ran into Adam lambert at a club. Hot!
jaredeng Just Jared
**@adamlambert just arrived in leather and spiky hair. Lots of makeup per usual! about 15 hours ago from UberTwitter
**@adamlambert talking to press. He said his fears r that ppl won't buy his album. New years reserv is to b positive

misswill (Kelly Will, NYC’s gossip girl)
**000H I'm standin 3 ft frm Glambert. Greg's super excited!!! #adamlambert backstage fun at Z100 Jingle Ball.
**Hanging with Adam Lambert - normal day! Lol! He gave me a cpl good quotes and he is super friendly and nice to the kids who r loving him!
**Oooh greg got a photo w #adamlambert sexy!!!
**Mayer is performing and I'm not even paying attn. It's all abt Glambert here. He's intro ing Taylor.
**Adam Lambert abt to intro Taylor Swift and crowd of tween girls is deafening!
janellvh1 (Janell Snowden, VH1 News VIP)
** @AdamLambert has entered the bldg! I'm interviewing him next. We have on the same nail polish & I think I have eye makeup envy. #goglambert
**Of course #Glambert notices my shoeless feet & says he can relate to the pain of heels. Said he just bought some YSL heeled boots...4 men!
**So #adamlambert's super sweet. Seems humbled by AMA backlash. Says if he had 2 do it all over, he'd sing better & stick 2 rehearsal script.
**Hey #AdamLambertfans, he admits he's addicted 2 Twitter & has accidentally tweeted DMs. Says he reads msgs abt himself, tries not 2 obsess
**Last #Glambert tweet of the nite: he says he LUVS that moniker, finds it fitting! Snapped a pic of him 4 ya!

Jim C from MTV
**En route to the Jingle Ball press room. Yep, I'm covering the epic tonite!! #KrimShowOnMonday #NoTweetBeatTonite See u soon, Idols! Woooot! 11 minutes ago from UberTwitter
**Tragedy: Adam Lambert is not doing press tonite, ruining my career goal of scoring a KRADISON interview. #BrokenOpen
**Spotted: @calevis24 @allisoniraheta & @krisallen hanging out backstage. Thanks for the catering invite, kids! Wish I could join y'all. BOOO. 35 minutes ago from UberTwitter
**ADAM'S DOING PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**Woooot! Adam Lambert interview was a BLAST!! We spoke forever. He makes me sweat. (I told him that.) He also said he likes my Twats. #Dying
**Bummed that Boys Like Girls' band name is so heteronormative. Some boys like boys. Some girls like girls. Some girls like boys who like boys[/quote]
**@glambert696969 LOL yes I did tell Adam to follow you. He was a little put off by how many 69's you have in your name, though. :p
**The paparazzi just had a collective orgasm thanks to Adam Lambert entering the press room. Bam!! They are all now pregnant w/ Glambabies

tlkfusion We will be giving away tickets next week to the gridlock new Years eve party with Adam Lambert headlining!!!! Keep following us for details
Anthony Rapp When do you get here? Come see Rent! All of us in the cast would love to meet you. We're through tomw. RT @adamlambert: Miami here I come!!
TATTOO50 Good morning VEVO people. Quick question-why is the view counter on Adam Lambert's FYE video stuck at 4 views? Many more have watched
VEVO @TATTOO50 Morning! Yeah I know, it's taking a long time to update but we're on it
**Here is a pic of @monterrific's guitar that was stolen, so you guys know. His phone wasn't letting him twitpic about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter
**RT @Monterrific: - This is a security camera pic of the guy who stole my guitar. Seen him?
Fred Held, former executive Mattel and McDonalds
@adamlambert Keep it up Adam. You are a star, you are well known and your productions and singing are fabulous.
JanetCullen ... G_0718.jpg @adamlambert at JB . Thanks to my sister who's at JB now without me :'(
**@adamlambert is SO NICE! It's his 1st time in miami & he said "I did the pouty pout 4 u in the pic, hope u like it"
**@adamlambert also told me he's introducing LMFAO and leaving miami tomm morn. He's performing at the paramount lot for new years!
**I just took a pic of @adamlambert holding up a pair of pink panties haha love it. Have to upload later...
**@adamlambert at hard rock's opium club. He told me he's in LOVE with @keshasuxx bc "she knows who she is & that's a rarity in the industry'
engelani84 - @adamlambert - at the Y100's Jingle Bell ball (Bank Atlantic Ctr,Miami)- Dec. 12 ..that smilee... X_X
@happy_1225 He looked adorable in the hat... He was on for like 30 secs to introduce LMFAO & he screamed I'm in Miami bitch @adamlambert just sang litle bit of whataya want from sounded really awesome
insomniac19: RT EliMelville: My friend just sent me a text @adamlambert sang a capella for a minute at jingle ball miami....
pollyness: @adamlambert such a tease!singin'; acapella huh?now ul leave the JB audience quivering in anticipation for a full song! ur wicked,baby!! :)

VH1-2009: That Really Happened!?!
Adam at Minnesota Jingle Ball (12-06-09)
Adam at Minnesota Jingle Ball (12-06-09) *CLEARER
a bunch of St Paul Jingle Ball clips
Adam videos from the St Paul Jingle Ball
KDWB Jingle Ball - Big D / Adam Lambert Video Blog!
The View Ladies talk about Adam
Adam on NewNowNext on Logo
Look what Ellen found in her Guest Chair: something Adam left behind
ViewTube – Barbara W on Adam
Down the Rabbit Hole – LDS Trip?
Down the Rabbit Hole – Atom
"Down the Rabbit Hole" on LSD trip
Down the Rabbit Hole ATOM...
Adam Lambert - Interview (PopLab)(12-07-09) [281MB VOB]
Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment (Music Video) [199MB VOB]
Adam backstage MN JB practicing handshakes
adamlambert getting his rock star on at a shoot with @vevo
Behind the scenes VEVO commercial
Another Logo Interview
Rocking Out with Adam Lambert Adam throwing the TV
Music Superstars Unite ET Online
VEVO Interview: on AMA performance
Interview with GLAAD’s Barrio on Lambert, etc
Adam Lambert: Music is My Dream. I’m Just Trying to Follow It
Adam Lambert Starstruck over Bono
Another BW teaser
Adam on Morning Madhouse in NewZealand
Adam on BW on YouTube
Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People + Adam on The View Commercial
Barbara Walters talk to Bill ORLY? about Adam
Fox News about the ADL Dinner with a little Lambert
Adam Lambert - Interview (Barbara Walters' Top 10 Most Fascinating People)(12-09-09) [449MB TS]
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (The View)(12-10-09) [144MB AVI]
Adam's exit interview after The View he apologizes!
Adam Lambert- Backstage Interview on The View (12-10-09)
Adam and Gaga's BW interviews
Adam's interview and performance on The View
Brief appearance of Adam NY JB
Another AMA rehash by Leno
Adam's picks for the best songs/albums of the Decade
Adam Lambert -Whataya Want From Me (The View)(12-10-09) [461MB TS]
Adam Lambert - Interview (The View)(12-10-09) [974MB TS]
Some delightful gifs from cj
Singing a bit of WWFM A Capella
Adam Introduces LMFAO
Adam Lambert - Interview (The View)(12-10-09) [187MB AVI] thx LaStupenda!
Adam Lambert- Backstage Interview on The View, YouTube version (12-10-09)
Brief look at Adam’s SSB performance at the Spielberg event
Joy Behar Interviews Margaret Cho and they talk about Adam.
Adam on 93.3FM FLZ Tampa radio
TMZ piece on Adam, Gaga & BaBaWaWa
Adam Lambert on Y100 Miami radio interview YouTube video Z100 Jingle Ball Interview with Adam Lambert
Adam Interview @JingleBall MSG with FoxNow

Picture of the Day
wireimage pic.s arrival @ VEVO party
Getty pic.s arrival @ VEVO party
pic.s w/o watermarks {follow this post for more pictures from the VEVO evening}
collection of videos and pictures from the VEVO party
Just Jared pictures from VEVO Party
Pics of Tommy kissing a girl
Photos of Adam and others from VEVO launch party
Pics from VEVO from Just Jared
Rihanna, Adam Lambert, Taylor Swift, More Attend VEVO Launch Party
Adam Wants to Be A Dad Some Day *HD cap
Pictures from ADL
More pictures from ADL
Even more, plus a couple of performance pictures
Truly gorgeous pictures from the ADL
some pre-idol pic.s
More pre-idol pic.s
Adam running for office?
First picture from backstage at the JB
More pictures from NY JB
Adam’s Photo Gallery @ Z100 Jingle Ball, Dec 10 @ MSG
ScreenCaps of Adam on The View
Adam pics from CelebrityGossipNet

Rivers Cuomo (Pick U Up) was injured when the group's tour bus skidded off the road into a ditch.
Gaga at Vevo
Perez Hilton gets slammed by TV anchor
Idolator interview with Ryan Tedder
Katy Perry - Grammy All Access Interview w/ Katie Couric (Part 1)
Katy Perry - Grammy All Access Interview w/ Katie Couric (Part 2)
Kris Allen makes Father Beck’s playlist: he thinks it should make the Vatican playlist.
leah turner’s my space She’s (apparently) appearing with Adam on NYE at Gridlock
Go Cheeks Go! A Cheektopian Revolution article from MissionBuzz
Photo Gallery of the Z100 Jingle Ball performances @MSG Dec.11
Metallica – Dec. 9 Anaheim posted in the Other Music Thread

Kitties with Adam Accompaniment
Lambosessed’s Adam Lambert Obsession Quiz
Singapore Idol Top 3 group song- 12th Spectacular: FYE
TMZ Defends Adam Lambert
TWEET: xXWolfLuvVampxX just got a ticket for having music to loud. Friend and i were driving and had the adam lambert cd on full blast. haha
The Ultimate Carrie Prejean A fine Cheeks performance.

Adam Lambert Fan Magazine Coming Valentine's Day from Rock Star Weekly
Another meaningless poll: Which American Idol alum has the best album?
A pic of Lady Gaga singing for the Queen
Joy Behar's ratings rise
Earlier part of the view program where it's live and whoopi is around, Adam mention/Whoopi disses ABC

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:17 am 
...hold me in my arms...

Joined: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm
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Location: Fire Nation
Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Dec 13 - Dec 19

Lambosessed lovingly compiled LYRICS TY!!!!!

Rate FYE video VH1
Vote for Adam's FYE video on VH1 Top 20!!! You have to scroll down, then drag his name to the #1 spot and hit Submit!!!
FYE video was added to MTV's Just Added Videos and needs some love!!!
Adam is up for a LOGO award: Next Gay Icon 2009

@adammshankman is producing the Oscars.
He tweeted: Curious: what and who do u wanna see on the oscars? What would make u watch?

vote: Z100 Poll


Chelsey Lately is repeating Adam's appearance this week (Wed.) on the 24th of Dec.
62 53 ADAM LAMBERT Whataya Want From Me 485 237 248 5.354
top 40 chart at 50
58 50 LAMBERT, ADAM Whataya Want From Me RCA/RCAMG

#36 on the Global Album chart.

21 30 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 45,825 -10%

Amazon: $7.99 ONLY 'For Your Entertainment' Audio CD by @AdamLambert

Adam Lambert Celebrates Spielberg in

Adam Lambert Makes Plans for NYE – Reality Rocks
The Tree and the Apple- Eber Lambert talks about Adam. Originally posted at AO - A MUST READ!
Report from Jude’s Mom @ IDF after meeting a Radio Station Manger at the JB in Tampa
Adam Lambert draws fans at 'Jingle Ball'

AV Club review of FYE
Jed Central Review of FYE
Jim Cantiello's short Adam article/video
twitter trending topics of 2009
Review of FYE music video by Ann Mason at the Hubpages

Adam Lambert Wants that Old Time Rock and Roll with 2 audio interviews

Photo shoot for EW (captions contain upcoming tour info from Adam)
TOP 9 MEN OF THE YEAR #3. Adam Lambert
Billboard Reader's Poll: FYE is #4 on Albums of the year and #6 on Albums of the decade
EW spread

Adam Lambert ~ For Your Entertainment Music Video Review by Ann Mason
Withers: Feeling Bad? Blame Adam Lambert in
Let Them Watch Cake: The Class Problem With Kids-Only Broadcast TV
RockStar Weekly Adam Special – scheduled for Feb
Washington monthly
Does Adam Lambert deserve to be MTV’s Man of the Year.

Adam Lambert and Tiger Woods: A Tale of Two American Idol Scandals


The dawn of a new day of sexual liberation is upon us @Vancouver Sun

Sometimes it works out just fine to be second best
Lambert, Bieber, Meester reflect on backstage at JB from RS
Williams: Fascinating? Not so much Adam mention in this blog about BW’s Top 10 most Fascinating.

Kris Allen Says Adam Lambert is Finally Showing His True Colors
'American Idol': A Retrospective
'Dance' finale expects a well-behaved Lambert
blog from a Bill O'Reilly fan ....Adam Lambert's A Patriot, Bill O'Reilly's A Pinhead

Adam one of 10 Breakout Stars of 2009,
Adam mention in ‘fastest rising’ youtube searches in Nov.
Adam mention in Time Magazine: people who mattered in 2009
Adam mention in New Music Monday @AfterElton
Adam mention in Coming out in droves @AfterElton
Best CD’s of 2009
Adam Mention re: Album Sales on Idol Chatter
Adam on Jay Leno, Monday. Dec 21

Someday Adam Lambert will be on ALL the channels
Queerty on Adam's SYTYCD performance
EW named Adam one of their "Entertainers of the Year"
Adam Lambert Steals The Show On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Finale
Spielberg ADL honors
Adam Kissed A Girl and He Liked It
Jesse McCartney Wants To Work With 'Amazing' Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert Takes the 'So You Think You Can Dance' Stage...and, Oh Yeah, Someone Wins
Adam got a jeer from TVGuide for his AMA performance
The Adam Lambert Problem(warning: very negative)
'American Idol's' Adam Lambert on 'Chelsea Lately': Acid trips, being fat and all gay men love each other
American Idol's Adam Lambert is Back! Fox Performance Brilliant

Adam scan from Buzz magazine
EW Best and Worst of 2009 Adam mention
Adam mention in Seizmic Episodes of 2009 –
TWoP's Top 10 People We'd Never Heard of Before 2009 - of course Adam is #1

Adam makes another year end "list" - Hollywood Gossip at #5, together with LG


It was a leisurely day at the MUPpet house. Skipper weighed in with thoughts on adams vocals – re an article posted earlier in the week with Opera Experts’ Reviews of FYE saying that on FYE it’s likely the production masking the essence of the vocals rather than the vocals themselves being different. Discussion on perfect pitch and absolute pitch was educational for the non-vocalists – thx Mad Tex and MamaDeb. We finally found a video of SSB @ ADL posted on YouTube. 1:17 of pure ecstacy – the kind that only Adam can cause! We read FifthHouseSun from MJ’s thoughts on the significance of Adam’s presence at the ADL event and we all expressed dismay, disappointment and !horror! at the news that SuBo will be singing the National Anthem at the superbowl…Nooooooooo! Just No! In the evening Adam was at St. Pete’s Jingle Ball looking as fine as ever. Glamberts outnumbered all other M&G people. The crowd to see Adam was so big the handlers would only allow group pics! That's our bb! He doesn't have to do anything special to be the crowd pleaser!

It was a very modly day at the MUPpet house with the mods stepping in to guide the convo multiple times as posters seemed to stray off of the topic of Adam and on to the topic of “not Adam” too often. Around all the red posts, MUPpets spent the day eagerly awaiting Adam’s appearance on Conan biding their time with small chit chat about Dadam in the article: The Tree and the Apple- Eber Lambert talks about Adam. - ty lordez for bringing that over – WWFM spins and chart positions, the iTunes release of FYE the video and how great Adam looks in brown. The Conan performance was perfect – bb showed off his vocals and Conan seemed to be overly attentive to Adam – despite missing an all-important Adam-initiated handshake (who wouldn’t want to shake bb’s hand – shame on you Conan! jk – you were awesome, but only in small letters as all caps AWESOME is reserved for Adam) the performance was worth staying up for!

Excitement continued over Adam's Conan performance; just about everyone needed repeat viewings because they kept getting distracted by the PANTS! We discussed capemom's continued “support” **cough*stalking*cough** behavior, and Kris' lack of communication skills. Overall the day can best be recapped by saying the FYE music video hit #1 on iTunes in less than 24 hours in the US and Canada!!! Adam was named #1 Artist of the Year 2009 on a voting poll at RS, 45k+ sales, 18 Pop adds, #4 Most Added on Pop and #3 on twitter trending topics of 2009! Cute story out of the mouth of babes, many reports of gushing between commercials on the set of Conan by people on other boards that attending the taping, lots of ads, spins and all around good news. Sadly, the Adam Bombs (TALC) youtube account has been suspended. And, don't miss getoverit's recap of the Tampa JB!!!

Today we had another awesome post by buderschnookie explaining expections, time factors, and the bright light that is Adam’s future. Since MUPpets have been running around the internet voting their MUPs off we have a new sticky – ONE STOP SHOPPING FOR VOTE FOR ADAM POLLS thx Fez – so keep voting everyone. There was some talk about Adam being on Glee, about how nice it would be to have a CD of the upright performances, snd some extended discussion re: who buys and does not buy digital (iTunes) singles/albums vs who buys and does not buy physical CD’s. But the real joy of Wednesday was Adam’s performance on SYTYCD – he killed it, of course. And looked damn fine doing it! Jazzhands said it best: "Who else can deliver a vocal master class, heavy social commentary, a sense of fun and a deadly serious counterpoint…all at the same time? No one else, that’s who. Oh - and he also laughed up a storm on Chelsea Lately (a favorite of many MUPpets) - and had a cameo on Leno.Wednesday evening was about as close as we could get to All Adam, All the Time!

We were still loving the epic SYTYCD performance of WWFM and the Chelsea Lately interview. The night just got hotter with the new photoshoot pictures from EW!!!!! Legs for days and hot as Hades and of course, a macro can always be thought of with Adam! The smaller venue tour talk from Adam made many happy! EW named Adam one of their "Entertainers of the Year" instead of sticking him in their "Breakout Stars of 2009." Lots of giggles at the mj posters who have a problem with Adam sitting with his legs wide open on The View and Chelsea Lately! Adam was #1 on the Z100 countdown today! And, only our very own Buderschnookie would make THIS catch! Adam did a very short appearance on JoJo Wright's radio show in Hollywood. Surprise!— video of Adam and JoJo was posted by JoJo, who was crushing on Adam. So, was that thing on Adam's shoulder an aiguillette? Buder thinks so!

For a Friday it was pretty quiet. There were no tweets at all! None from Adam (r u ok, bb?) and none “to” Adam (hey – were’d everybody go?). We need to mark this day in our calendar as the “day with no tweets” brb while I get over this unlikely turn of events. THINKING, THINKING, THINKING - WUT? NO TWITTER? IDK, IDEK! We had another beautifully scripted poem by laynie and some discussion about running to Target and finding or not finding Adam’s CD and if you do find it and it’s not in the right place then you should move it into the right place (aka the Best Sellers section). Late at night Adam made a surpise appearance on JoJo’s show again to answer Glambert questions and let us listen to his lovely voice. He believes in the universe *sigh* and we believe in him.

Well, there was a tweet from Adam on Friday, but we won't tell cj that, ok? Ok. (Pst, I posted it under Saturday so as not to mess up her awesome summary and macro)**See what happens when I'm actually studying for a change!!!** Voting for Ryan's On Demand Concert is over! And the winner is NEW YORK!!!! BB even made the congratulatory video!!! Take that LR! Mediabase Top 40 radio daily report, which is a ranking based on #of spins, has WWFM at now #37! Musings on whether the WWFM video will telegraph Il Pagliacci. 5HS via MJ's about the Kradison concert. Some discussion on whether Adam's AMA notoriety gained him fans or lost him fans. Possible news about a pay-per-view internet deal for the NYE Gridlock concert. The subject of Adam's Jewishness was being rehashed over a mjs apparently. And, most MUPpets enjoyed Muse's appearance on SNL and hope we will soon see Adam guest host and sing on the show. The night ended with some Holiday Cheer--Silver Pants!


**@keshasuxx performed tonight at Tampa's Jingle Ball. This bitch is fo' real! Great entertainer, great spirit. Looking forward to the album
10 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to keshasuxx
**@IDOLLILROUNDS I miss u Lil!!! about 2 hours ago from Echofon in reply to IDOLLILROUNDS
** 25 minutes ago from Echofon
**Arg I can't spell. People 29 minutes ago from Echofon
**@marcandrewsmith True Blood all the way! 31 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to marcandrewsmith
**Oh and got some love from Leighton Meester. Yes, Blair, poeple. I adore her. :) 35 minutes ago from Echofon
**Jingle ball in Miami was great last night! Hung w JoJo and Jason Derulo at afterparty. **Got some undies from LMFAO and saw my girl Brandy! 36 minutes ago from Echofon
** from event we performed at a few months ago about 1 hour ago from Echofon

**I'm going to be on Conan O'Brian tonight!! Check out me and the band doing "Whataya Want from Me"!

The "For Your Entertainment" music video is now up on iTunes!

**Excited to perform on the So You Think You Can Dance Finale tonight!!!!
** Hey friends. Look for me tonight on Chelsea Lately and for those on the west coast who haven't yet seen, So You Think You Can Dance!

@adamlambert Vote for RYan Rock my Town! I'd love to perform in NYC!


** Gridlock NYE 2010
**@fannypak Yay! Can't wait to see you guys do yo thang
Bubble tweet made by or for Adam: it's cute but he didn't send it

From Others:

IDOLLILROUNDS I MISS U TOO ADAM!!!! :) 10 minutes ago from web
exclusiveee Just got in. Waiting on adams line
Luzeel LONG line to see Adam in Tampa
** In the celeb club waiting for Adam. He has a huge line of people. No one in any of the other lines. It's pretty funny.
** @RAND0MTHOUGHTS Best pic I could get. There are a bunch of people behind us, too.
allen_kimberly @adamlambert I love that video. I miss you kid. Give your mom a hug from me when you see her.
keshasuxx I really know how to molest a room and apparently I look like a dude @adamlabert used to make out with
Alisan Porter@adamlambert ok now I'm jealous! Everytbing else I can handle but gossip girl. Now that's where I draw the line!
Various tweeters from the St. Pete’s JB:

oliverleiber@Fianlly SFW was definitely written specifically for Adam. We knew no one else would ever sing those lyrics if he didn't record the song! 3:59 AM Dec 13th
flygirl814 @adamlambert is all the way in Iraq. (Adam fan deployed in Iraq got her CD!)
SusieFierce at the Conan Show
**Seats were great. Fourth row, middle rt. Directly in front of band. They sounded incredible and looked great. Show was very fun. Great time.half a minute ago from Echofon
**Gunmetal leather pants; brown leather jacket. His voice was HUGE in studio. He just glowed. Conan brought him 2 couch 4 goodbyes.7 minutes ago from Echofon
**Adam killed. Emo. Beautiful. Happy. Improvised on WWFM. Awesome!!!11 minutes ago from Echofon
**How many times for "great" in last tweet? #wordfail Tom Arnold = manic and nuts. Brought Adam over for promos. about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**Hee! I'd be jellus too. He looked stunning. He and Conan just chatted away during commercial. Cheryl Hines and Adam all touchy as usual. about 1 hour ago from Echofon

JojoWright FYI: This week Chris Brown in the studio! Also I'm gonna intro yall to @TheStunners AND @adamlambert may drop by (not confirmed yet)
When J-14 met @adamlambert at Jingle Ball we forgot to point out that the singer IS on the cover of our January issue! Look again, Adam ;)
michaelsarver1 Just heard @adamlamberts song Whataya Want From Me on the radio. Tooo freaking cool to hear my friends on the radio! Very proud!
**Great interview with adam on chelsea
**Emo hair black jeans sleave vest combo black shirt happy lots of smiles

monterrific: We are doing So You Think You Can Dance tonight and it's live! So watch it
**Goin in early to finale today to watch rehearsals for finale! Lambert, Leona, Mary j, and j lo!!! Saw jans #. freaking awesome and all star special guests!! I'm so excited.
** Just watched Adam lambert rehearse. He tears it up!!!!
chelsealately Adam Lambert is on the show for an interview tonight. Take that, ABC.
**off to @BCBG to get some gear then to Mrs Cherry's to get ready!!!! STYTYCD Finale to see @adamlambert kick ass. See u soon boo
**Looks like 1st runner ups are the new Winners.
DerekSheldon I am out but will have some breaking @adamlambert NYE TV coverage information when I return! about 2 hours ago from UberTwitter
chriscolfer: @ijennaush and I just met @adamlambert! :)
ScarlettMi: RT @Fianlly: LOL someone said that Adam Lambert was wearing the shriveled, blackened testicles of ABC executives on his shoulder.
ImMattGiraud Hey What up @adamlambert Great job on SYTYCD. The album is great, my friend. Thanks for keeping in touch! and keep it up! hang soon.
lindsaylohanfor this xmas i want to be in @adamlambert s next video!!

JoJoWright Jojo 102.7 KIIS FM Top 9 @ 9
**Just got confirmation, gonna talk with @adamlambert tomorrow, any questions for him? Hit me up! Gonna be Good Times!
**Big Day Today: Talking with @Timbaland, @AdamLambert, @TheStunners - AL Fans get ready, gonna talk hours about the AMA's...NOT! (relax)
Thanks for the shout-out, @AdamLambert. Nice photos: @EW @hbo #trueblood
TRAVIS WALL Finally met @adamlambert last night! He's super super super nice! Hopefully one day I will choreograph for him! It's possible


Just saw Adam Lambert & crew going into Sunset Sound.

Adam Singing a bit of WWFM A Capella from JingleBall Miami
Adam Introduces LMFAO @ JingleBall Miami
HD version of the WWFM @ the Early Show on YouTube
HD version of MA @ the Early Show on YouTube
Behind the Scene @ Ellen – Adam is at the 4:00 mark
Alice in Wonderland & DTRH Mash Up
Adam sings SSB at ADL 12/9/09 on You Tube
SSB at Sendspace thx Northernlight!
You Tubes of Adam’s various Jingle Balls.
Snippets of Adam working on the album: from FYE Deluxe iTunes
Adam Lambert recording in the studio – recording FYE
A Special Video Message from Adam posted on AO
Adam at the JB in Tampa – short vid – Boo! For no singing
Videos from the JB in Tampa
Adam on Conan Dec. 14.
Adam on Conan – alternate with “chair” part
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Conan)(12-14-09) [167MB AVI] thx LaStupenda!
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Conan)(12-14-09) [528MB TS]
Adam's Cameo on Leno
Adam Lambert - Interview (Chelsea Lately)(12-16-09) [127MB AVI]
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (So You Think You Can Dance)(12-16-09) [424MB TS]
Adam Lambert - Interview (Chelsea Lately)(12-16-09) [375MB VOB]
Two audio only short clips: Adam's musical influences
promo video for the Rock Your Town event from
promo that aired before Chelsea Lately
JoJo Wright radio interview KIISFM
Adam mention at the very beginning of that SNL holiday show
video of Adam with JoJo Wright DJ for KIISFM
Jay Leno's Christmas Present for Adam Lambert
the Singapore Dance School students who did a dance to FYE now dance to FEVER!
JoJo and Adam
Short version of JoJo and Adam interview
JingleBell Recap from 93.3 flz
Broken Open – firefighters saving cats
Adam and Kiss save Santa.
Outtakes from JimC’s interview with Adam.
Adam Lambert UNOFFICIAL CD Release Party at the Avalon in Hollywood on 12-17-09.
Adam interviewed by JoJo@ kisfm. Dec. 17 & 18
Gridlock NYE event promo using FYE song
Adam Lambert Holiday Cheer: Silver Pants

pics from JingleBallMiami 12/12/09 @justJared
LOTSA PICS from St. Pete’s JB 13.12.09
Photos – Adam on Conan
SCREENCAPS of Adam on Conan.
more Screencaps of Adam on Conan
Set of FYE video gifs
Adam at JB Tampa. Check out pic 34 & 35 to see MUPpets with bb
More Photos from shoot used for Time mag. Postded at IDF
Vevo Launch Party w/ Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, Ciara and more!!
Screencaps from Chelsea Lately
Unbelievably beautiful extra glam picture from People photoshoot
Screencaps Whataya Want From Me (So You Think You Can Dance)
Screencaps from Chelsea Lately
Adam photoshoot in Entertainment Best and Worst Entertainment Weekly

Taylor Lautner on SNL
Lady Gaga live @ Vancouver December 10 2009 Alejandro
Daughtry singing SSB at the NFC Championship Game, Jan 06
Never Listen to Céline? Radio Meter Begs to Differ article about who listens to radio.
NikkaCosta - Get Off My Sunshine
NikkaCosta - Nothing
Nikka Costa - Out Here On My Own
Britney Spears - You Drive Me Crazy (Mall Tour)(01-29-99)
Lyndsey Parker speaking at length about the AMA performance
Carrie Underwood - Cowboy Casanova (Carrie Underwood Holiday Special)(12-07-09)
Mika - Grace Kelly (Music Video)
Mika - We Are Golden (Music Video)
Bowling Tommy from myspace
Daughtry to play New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. posted in the Other Idols thread.

The Gay Bar Song from The Armstrong and Miller Show
ann_kp: RT @OhFerras: Was just singing @keshasuxx to @kelliepickler.
Kelly goes: "what’s her name again? Ketchup?". Hahahaa about 2 hours ago from web Dec.14 1:18 a.m.
Your Hit Parade at Joe's Pub tackling FYE
Planet Fierce ...a Adam song parody thread
Adam if He Were a Chunky Middle-Aged Woman but Thank the Fates that He is Not
A First Tonight Show Appearance for Adam? Was it Adam? Was it?
male go-go dancers dancing to Music Again
Matt and Danny Bubbletweet

Z Awards 2009: Best New Artist VOTE, VOTE VOTE!
Recommendations for Xmas presents:
Aliqua - All I Want
Mistletoe and Wine CD
Freebie: Coventry Carol
Comments about Adam’s vocals from
More comments about Adam’s vocals from
Simon Fuller is announcing a huge new project
Press Release on Simon Fuller's new show
The Futon Critic, So You Think You Can Dance had an audience of 7.03 million
Kid Cudi has been kicked off as the opening act for Lady Gaga's tour
"Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented. . ." quote actually by Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love.
Facebookers rage against Simon Cowell's Christmas juggernaut
Christmas when you're broke w/no job
The American Idol Season 9 area is now open here at AWOP
Cassidy Haley fan street team info

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:26 am 
...hold me in my arms...

Joined: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm
Posts: 2404
Location: Fire Nation
Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Dec 20 - Dec 26

Please see Fez's One-Stop Poll Shop to vote in the latest polls!




Jewish Mother Interview from Tour Please note: This is not new, but it appeared that a few MUPs missed it.
World Wide Album sales: Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment 321000 321000
Adam Lambert Riding High On Canadian Charts

Adam Lambert named as one of EW, MTV’s top entertainers from the SanDiego NewsNetwork

Accordin to AO:
Fox will be using the song "For Your Entertainment" in upcoming promos for their January program line-up; apparently it is already being used in Asia as a promo song for Newscorp’s STAR TV.
There was an increase of a million viewers over the previous Monday for Jay Leno
Adam Lambert Reveals His Favorite Albums And Songs Of 2009
ADAM LAMBERT’S ALBUM HAS “SOMETHING FOR EVERY MOOD” Hollywood Outbreak short audio interview


FYE FOX Commercial airing in Asia


Twitter brought the news that long-time and dedicated Adam fan, glitteraquarius was killed by her ex on Christmas Eve. RIP glitteraquarius


A Guide to the Sexy Hollywood Jew Guess who made #6?
James Franco pulls an Adam Lambert on SNL Skit
Adam mentioned in Sporting News Please note: This is not new, but it appeared that a few MUPs missed it.
Adam in the New York Magazine Year End issue
Adam is mentioned three times in After Elton's 2009 Visibility Awards:
"honorable mention" in the "Men of the Year" category, Musician of the Year and under TV Musical of the Year.
Star Magazine Best and Worst of 2009

Adam mention in NY Magazine: Pop Fools and Cool Kids: The Best Music of 2009
Adam mention in PopWentTheYear from The
Adam mention in Chart Highlights @Billboard.
Adam Banner on RCA “Merry Christmas” message
EW Gallery – new outtake photo with Adam quote

Billboard's Top 20 Music Moments of 2009
NY Post PopWrap's Entertainers of the Year

Adam spotted out and about
Lyndsay Parker – The most awesome new artists of 2009

Best Concerts list from Madison: Adam Lambert (not the Idols--heh) at Alliant Energy Center.
Pic Post: The Year in Glambert and Gaga!
LA Times The 42 most memorable pop music moments 2009: Part IV
Stars without makeup in Star Magazine included Adam

Adam’s FYE in MARIO TARRADELL'S TOP 10 ALBUMS, Dallas Morning News
Adam is MTV’s #3 Man of the Year

San Antonio Express
AOL's headline number 9: Adam's interview with Leno and the infamous "plucking" joke
National Enquirer Adam Packs On Breakup Pounds
Photo slideshow: Adam Lambert, Kate Gosselin, Lady Gaga make 'The View' Top Moments of 2009


Hanukkah or Chanukah? MamaDeb has the answer. Pop and HAC spins gave MUPs something to smile about: Adam got his first triple-digit increase in the middle of the freeze! Laynie's latest works of art CANNOT be missed!!!!! ***You are incredible, laynie!!!*** There was excitement as tweets alerted us to the filming of WWFM music video.

There were lots of topics on the board today ranging from Protocol at MJ’s and other boards… to a lot of congrats to newland21 for receiving a lambertlicious gift from Adam. (and SO SORRY that they sent you some photo Adam addressed to some random ho named BETH! tmTXArchitect). There was also discussion about the Adam/Jakob (sytycd) connection and what a great ship that would make except for the concern about the age diff: 27 – 19 even though some of our members have bigger spreads (just don’t go there, OK? You know I mean age-wise!). Adam on was Leno - the tweets started coming in early so there was *flailing* over the tweets – thx twatters for standing in line 13 hrs so you could keep us updated. – and then a lot of squeeing but mostly deep adoration for Adam’s eloquence in the interview (yeah Jay, we think you were slightly upstaged, js) followed by comments on how THIS version was the best yet of WWFM!

Adam is now listed on a TV listing site--very impressive! Glammax found a citing as to why Adam wanted to clarify the Dad rumor on Leno. Sleepysleepsleep gave a very nice insight to producing TV commercials as we anticipated the arrival of Adam's new WWFM music video. Skipper gave a very informative lesson on earpieces. We are so lucky to have such professional MUPpets that know things!!! We saw quite a bit movement of album and WWFM on itunes after Leno. And, guess what??? Adam brought in an extra million viewers for Leno last night!!! [url='s a little more[/url] interesting info on the Leno stats. Pjd reported that Adam is ALL OVER Vevo: from the "Most Popular Today" banner to one of the large rotating banners to the #1 video of the day!!! :) Ceci2009 reported that WWFM was #1 again tonight on Z100 top 9 at 9. Last week, it was #2 on Thursday and #1 on Friday.

OMFG!!!! Adam is straight. Oh wait. Tommy is gay – no, bi. No wait, um…well, it was quite a day at the MUPpet house as pics from both the gaga concert and the SYTYCD party surfaced. There were rumors of Adam making out at both events – at SYTYCD he was rumored to be making out with Jakob, but no pics. At the Gaga Concert he was rumored to be making out “all night” with Tommy and despite the many pics, no makeout pics. But it’s fun to speculate and the board did plenty of that – the hoopla starts on Page 22. Early in the day we were received a real treat – a high def and beautifully clear pic from the Warwick Saint Album shoot. And later in the day more info on ear-pieces from our resident expert skipper. ty skipper, we really enjoy your posts.

We had a Spin update, couldn't help but YAY! over Adam topping SuBo on Walmart MP3 album dls, and a French lesson regarding "Fever" lyrics. Planet Fierce made a sweet Merry Fierceness Tree. Adam is doing so well on the Canadian chart rankings: Top 100 Albums in Canada: #33, and Top Digital Downloads: #29 (FYE single).
Our beloved Laynie gifted us with a Holiday Poem. Happy Holiday, MUPpets!!!

There were lots of MERRY CHRISTMAS! wishes extended by MUPpets dropping in for a quick hello and sharing various pics and stories about their own Christmas celebrations. purist offered a personal account of including Adam in the Christmas celebration. Sir Adam Lambert – First Earl of Fabulous, indeed! murly found a reference to Adam in the 2010 Wish List in the SaltLake Tribune. The wish was to “give Adam Lambert some saltpeter before his next TV performance". Buderschnookie tells us that saltpeter was given to men (various times/places) to curb libido. HDU SaltLake Tribune! HDU! Don’t forget to keep voting @Fez’s One-Stop Poll Shop. With so many end-of-year retrospectives on the radio it’s easy for the new songs to get lost – so let’s make sure Adam’s songs stay in the running for end-of-freeze.

Elybe helped up keep our perspective about WWFM's progress. And, sadly we received news that a very dedicated and adoring Adam fan had been murdered by her ex on Christmas Eve. No words, really, just the stunned silence in the wake of the lost of such a beautiful woman and mother, Terri Sanvicent.




Aaah so excited to see GaGa tonight!!!!

**GaGa was amaaazing. She sounded, played and danced beautifully and the visuals were nuuuuuuuts. Such a great show.
** Haha about 4 hours ago from Echofon
** @keshasuxx congratulations!!!


**RT @IlseyJ: Btw the new moon board game is unplayable, it should have a disclaimer saying "IQ's 180 and up" riiiiiiight?!
**@alisanporter I had fun too. Get any good presents?!?! :)

**My thoughts are with the children and babysitter of Terri Sanvicent. Terri had so much joy to share. Light and love to her memory.

From Others:

**working on Adam Lambert's music video all night. should be very interesting lol
**Yes all you Adam Lambert fan's, it's the video for WWFM
**At the Adam Lambert video shoot, shooting a club scene and of course it's outside, freezing cold...i want my bed
OHP @adamlambert fans...I got u tonight. It seems we have a little understanding these
**What a Sunday. Shooting the Adam Lambert music video tonight!
**JuliannaMilton Wow, looked at my inbox and have an influx of followers! From the music video post. Can't wait to twitter what goes on tonight :)
**Adam Lambert fans!In the music video I'm playing a girl who's to young to get in the club.Just got makeup.Waiting on set.Keep you posted ; )
**Adam Lambert looks beautiful in a black suit/tie/snake leather shoes
** Here he is! And I'll upload a good video later too.
**And the Mexican food on set is delicious too. Gotta love LA.
**Adam says he's been on set since 7am, it's all getting shot today. It's going to be an "intense" video.
**Adam says the video is from his lover's POV and some fighting. He's wearing this cool ass skull ring and skull buttons on his collar.
**Just Adam, band's not there for the outside of club part.
** You should watch my latest video on #vidly
DOUGASAURIS the boss is here in rehearsal and man can he belt it out! {This is apparently Adam/band's sound guy, we're not quite sure.}
**On set working on @adamlambert's video for "Whataya Want From Me". If you haven't heard the song, you must! Its dope!
**Adam getting ready to shoot!

TommyJoeRatliff@atomicdawn oh hahah.... i told jay that he looks good with my hair :)[/
MichelleCollins @adamlambert hilarious as yoozh on Jay Leno. Funnier than the host for God's sake. Then again, Leno's falsetto sounds like angels LOLing. less than 20 seconds ago from web
JuliannaMilton multiple tweets from the WWFM video shoot.
**Saw tommy leave in white firebird. He waved...we screamed. about 1 hour ago from txt
**We sang and danced during the whole song. Adam seemed to like it about 1 hour ago from txt
**Adam talked about "safe plucking"...don't ask. Lol about 1 hour ago from txt
@adamlambert was awesome on leno! about 1 hour ago from txt
**He wore a layered coat/cape. Big snake necklace. Adommy moment awesome!!! about 1 hour ago from txt
**Talked about neil alot. He said he smelled like coffee when he worked at starbucks...smelled like manure. Lol about 1 hour ago from txt
**We stood, he sang towards us. Stood whole time he sang. No make up line for adam. Mombert here. Talked about his early years at starbucks. about 2 hours ago from txt
**Adommy moment!! Adam looked beautiful. Black coat, big lapels. Cool hair, swirly.emo, in his face. about 2 hours ago from txt
**We got guaranteed tix. Everyone else got standby. Me, jo, ali, mei are all in. about 11 hours ago from txt
**Got tickets!!! Only five tickets were given out! They said tix were limited because of adam! about 11 hours ago from txt
**The line is growing! Lots os adam fans. Some fans were the same as at conan. about 11 hours ago from txt
**About ten people here now for @adamlambert on jay leno. It s sooo early! about 13 hours ago from txt
**Here waiting for leno show tix. 2nd in line. about 13 hours ago from txt
**I love my bff. She is amazing and gorgeous and she is sooo greattt 31 minutes ago from Echofon
Brb eating thai food and fainting 34 minutes ago from Echofon
**Adam is so warrrrm! And nice. And my sister said he's nice and he has a good voice! And the bff just downloaded his album on her phone! 35 minutes ago from Echofon
**They didn't talk on air but after and the sex joke was about plucking. It was a really good interrview about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**And jay talked to Tommy for awhile! And Adam wore pointy boots! And adam had a friend there w hi mom who was cuuute about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**I love my bff for going out w the head security guard for me. I owe her a boob flash. about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**My sis is laughing her head off about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**He couldn't get us pics but he took us back to say hiiiiiiii and he is warm and tall and intense eyes about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**Ohhh! And they talked about Neil! And Leila had jeans w wings on the butt about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**Going backstage now about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**Um that is I ended up sitting next to her about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**Interview, emo hair, long coat, sex jokes, sat next to his mom about 2 hours ago from Echofon
**Going in now. So phone is going off about 4 hours ago from Echofon
**Sister, I love you. But if you don't get here right the fuck now, I'm going to go into Leno without you. about 5 hours ago from Echofon
**I am bringing 2 different dresses w me. I literally can't decide. about 6 hours ago from Echofon
**Adam looked so hot on leno and sounded amazing as always adam&tommy moment so hot!!!
**Interview was awesome! Adam talked about neil! Adams outfit was so hot! Grey coat was sexy!
**Probably my fave whataya want from me yet! Interview was long and interesting and wasnt short at all! So much fun!
**We got tickets!!! about 11 hours ago from txt
**In line 4 leno!!! about 13 hours ago from txt

Negative Neil Everything @adamlambert said on TV was true, especially about knowing a lot of things (and making sure everyone can tell).
brianlondon On the way to the Gaga show with Adam Lambert and @Iamcarmit.
Show was great!!! Love Gaga!! Miss miss miss u!!! Thanks @adamlambert and @iamcarmit for a great time!!! Headed back to Adams hse get car.
**Adam had a pink drink w him and sitting (standing) next to Tommy
**They walked in when the arena got dark to start concert - walked in the aisle right by me. Hard to get photos. Got Tommy & zodiac guy
** I'm standing in the row behind adam's....fuck the gaga concert! I'm a freakin stalker now
**Adam's drunk - going crazy dancing! Just took jacket off!
**Bumping & grinding w Tommy & the zodiac dude!!!!!
**Fuck! Adam got escorted out during gaga's last song!
**@xbadxromancex no they were all escorted out together. Adam looked like he didn't wanna leave.
**@insomniac19 Ill try. Driving home now. Danielle Stori was also there w them. 6 of them got escorted out 2getha
**Don't expect too much. The pics aren't that great. I did the best I could. Got Adam & Tommy 2getha
See here and here for more tweet pix and more tweets.
TommyJoeRatliff Lady gaga is amazzzzing!!! :-)
rachnest 15 people just started following me...? adam lambert and his BOYFRIEND are OUT OF CONTROL
alisanporter Omg Twitter!!! I missed u. GAGA slayed everything life love and magic. No Words. I love the family I choose. I have the best friends.

IamCarmit Had a frickin blast watchin @ladygaga kill it w/Zodiac fam @adamlambert @brianlondon @scarlett_cherry @alisanporter @leecherry & Allan Louis
chriscolfer: You know you've been to a great concert when it made you deaf, lose your voice, and have nightmares
ColtonSings adam lambert says to me, "your gonna have to check that shell at the door!" hahaha i cant deal about 5 hours ago from mobile web
MULTIPLE TWEETS FROM GAGA CONCERT alleging that Adam and Tommy "made out"
check the following twitter accounts as once the Glamberts descended, well, let's just say it turned into a 24-hr saga.
rachnestThe girl sitting behind Adam and his friends.
juliekimx3 this person has now protected her tweets, but LaStupenda has been in touch
JohnKranz he’s friends with @rachnest, brought on board to confirm the "makeout" story.
**yes, yes, he had blond hair. about 10 hours ago from web
**i saw adam lambert making out with this guy yesterday about 11 hours ago from web
heartnnsoul the girl who bought tickets for all 3 concerts because she "knew" Adam would be at one, and who left her husband in the 4th row to stalk Adam & friends in Row 30.

Alisan Porter Can't wait for Xmas eve dinner with my little monsters! @adamlambert @ilseyj @mrharrison31 and @myamazingfamily.

IlseyJ - @adamlambert I mean, I kinda feel dumb now...but those playing cards were hottttttttttttttttttttttttt haha
alisanporter: @adamlambert. Last night was so fun. I love your mother. so glad you guys came

OhFerras New Years Resolution #1. Only date gay or bisexual identifying men. No more str8 boys who like to flirt. Who's w me? @mdmolinari ?

Adam Montage set to Gaga's Speechless
Slowed down Adam/Tommy kiss from AMAs
Another slowed down Adam/Tommy kiss from AMAs
Sound check video 1 (no singing heard) of Adam at CBS Early Show
Sound check video 2 (no singing heard) of Adam at CBS Early Show
Short tweet video from the WWFM MV credit: AlyxxDione
Adam reads part of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmasfrom CNN iReport.
YouTube of part of Adam’s WWFM video shoot
More WWFM video shoot – just 19 seconds
Adam Lambert behind the scenes – CD cover photo shoot.
ADAM ON LENO from RandomizeMe
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Leno)(12-21-09) [131MB AVI] Download from LaStupenda (ty La!)
Adam Lambert - Interview (Leno)(12-21-09) [162MB AVI] (ty again La!)
Leno Website Video
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Leno)(12-21-09) [416MB TS]
Adam Lambert - Interview (Leno)(12-21-09) [754MB TS]
New paps video Adam Lambert hits Voyeur Night Club
Compilation of Jakob Karr and Sleepwalker
Comcast "Lambert Debunks Rumors"
right click/save as ON this link for the Hollywood Breakout interview
Deck the Balls montage
E! Thu, Dec 24, 11:00 PM Chelsea Lately
E! Fri, Dec 25, 2:30 AM Chelsea Lately
BANNED Adam and Eve, the gay version from Adam’s tweet
Adam stuff something yummy in his mouth
The Daily Noise: Adam Lambert Talks Glam, Gaga
2009-10-22 Adam Lambert's Details Photoshoot with Even More Extended Footage
The Year of Adam Lambert video
Letterman snippet posted - Adam Lambert Xmas Carol
Adam Lambert Christmas Tree
Adam Lambert - Crazy at Art4Life *IMPROVED VERSION* ty Lambosessed!
Top 10 Adam videos of 2009
Lambosessed’s blog – Mad World Comparisons: ty maddie for reposting!
Faces of a new Generation with Master Plan and Speechless from ontd_ai

Beautiful Wallpapers by Essell of Adam
Adam with Monte's daughter
Repost of the HQ JB photos – Adam with hat ty princessazula for putting them in our photothread.
Posting of Conan Photos in AWoP’s photo thread
Pics of Adam on Leno from AP
SCREENCAPS from Leno from LaStupenda
SCREENCAPS from Leno Interview from LaStupenda

Some giant pics from the EW shoot – sorry, they’re on livejournal – too big for me to get.
GIANT PIC ONE – FULL FACE on livejournal

3rd Grade Adam Hint: Check the back row to the left.
Starbucks Adam
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Leno)(12-21-09) Screencaps
Adam Lambert - Interview (Leno)(12-21-09) Screencaps
essell posted this cleaned up version of the autographed DonorsChoose TY picture
essell wallpapers; new ones!

Muse's Starlight from SNL
Negative Neil has some new posts
CD review: Three artists' CDs failed to dazzle buyers this is about Kris, Creed, and MCarey (read comments for updated info)
Ferras Sings WWFM
Digital Music Overload: the devaluation of music in the digital age
Join AWoP’s purist and her radio show friends on Twitter @joythemeparty, or read their blog at
Lady Gaga’s performance @ VEVO Launch
Faces of a New Generation:ONTD_AI tribute to MasterPlan

Funny skit about men getting sick
A Thanksgiving Prayer Funny spoof from the POV of 8yo about Adam's AMA performance.
Psychic Concetta on 2010 mentions Adam first!
MADtv skit that Peridot imagined ABC execs were thinking about Adam. :)
The emotional guideline for all things Adam
DentonBiety –Ha! My buddy is a photog from so you think you can dance and the xmas party was debaucherous.
Jacob making out with Adam Lambert {we have to say Pics or it didn't happen}
Post at AO "Why I Believe Adam and Tommy are Lovers - The Male Point of View"
Adam’s biggest fan sings WWFM
JimC from MTVHappy Xmas! And if u don't celebrate Jesus' "birthday," then Happy Going To The Movies And Eating Chinese Take-Out Day!
Gossip Candy Top 10 peen moments

Brittany Murphy Has Died
Another article on Brittany Murphy
$10 year's subscription for EW
The Problem With Music An article that illustrates how the costs to artists are staggering.
FYE now available on UK iTunes
LiveStream for Leno
The Futon Critic definitely lists Leno as 5.84 million for last night
The Adam Bombs have a new youtube channel and they are reuploading concert vids
AI8 re-air schedule
Fez posted a great explanation of radio airplay in a thread called Everything You Wanted to Know about Radio Airplay
the Kinsey Scale
Moscow Cat Theater
Canadian Music Charts
iTunes Chart feed - albums
iTunes Chart feed – singles
Amazon chart info
Barnes and Nobles chart info

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:11 am 
...hold me in my arms...

Joined: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm
Posts: 2404
Location: Fire Nation
Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Dec 27 - Jan 02

Please see Fez's One-Stop Poll Shop to vote in the latest polls!


AO summary post of Gridlock



Post from IDF on a Psychology Today Article – How to Win American Idol
Adam Lambert Visits the View. Info and pics from Dec. 08
Adam Lambert uses American Idol Fame in Fight Against Domestic Violence
'American Idol:' Adam Lambert mourns loss of fan with web community
Adam Lambert loses a loved one on Christmas Day

Can Adam Lambert succeed? Notes on the ontological homophobia in popular culture originally posted on October 23, 2009 reposting
(ty kaetsa) because it is relevant to what’s happening now re: radio play.

Post from Planet Fierce on Japanese Sony pre-order for Adam's FYE
Japanese Elle talks about Adam
WWFM debuted on Billboard's HOT 100 Chart at No. 72 The asterisk next to the number 72 indicates that Adam's single is one of the titles with the "greatest airplay and sales gains this week."

Viewer’s Blog on the taping of Adam on Leno.

Updated information on the The Terri Sanvicente Funeral & Child Benefit Fund
An American Idol Mom A lovely NEW interview with Mombert!!!
examiner article saying Gridlock sold out!
Lambosessed has posted her WWFM comparison
Adam Lambert goes wild at Paramount Studios for Gridlock 2009 in Los Angeles
Lambosessed has posted her WWFM comparison

Adam Lambert Gets Boozy @ NYE gig from LATimes blog
Reality Rocks NYE Interview with Lyndsay Parker (also has video)
LA Times article: Adam Lambert lights up New Year's Eve at Gridlock party
Adam, Adom, Adommy w/e end up at Perez’s site
Gridlock reviews from people who attended:

Adam Lambert played to his adoring fans at Gridlock's New Year's Eve party



Adam mention in Dave Barry’s Miami Herald column
Adam mention in Popeater’s Top 45 Celebrity Images of the Decade – he’s #44

Two Adam mentions in this USA Today article of 2009 television reviews

Queerty article on Wales rugby captain coming out
Advocate article on Best TV of 2009
MTV: Adam Lambert, Christina Aguilera, More Host New Year's Eve Parties
Rolling Stone Meltdowns and Blowups: The Decade's 50 Wildest Rock & Roll Moments
2009 Was Great For Taylor Swift, Adam Lambert, Twilight Stars
AO post saying that Adam's Mad World is being used again for General Hospital
Vanity Fair: 15 Songs to Ring in 2010
Adam is nominated in two categories for HMA Hit FM Music Awards China 2009 See this post if you want to vote.

Reflections on a year (and a career) covering the arts Adam mention in
Adam mention in Lisa Tucker (AI4 contestant) interview
Adam mention in MTV article re: album sales
Adam mention in Brian Mansfield’s Idol Chatter
Details:Most buzzed-about men in sports, music and entertainment. Adam is first!
People’s Choice Blog re: new category – Musical Phenomenon of 2009
Adam mention in entertainment 2009 Year in Review
Houston Chronicles: A decade of Idolworthy Albums
Adam mention in NYTimes Arts in 2009 – he’s #25

MetroNews Toronto Memorable Moments Adam is #4
50 Things We Learned in 2009 Adam #24
#3 for Best Male Artist of the year on MTV Hitlist
Adam Lambert Ruled 2009
Adam's New Year's tweet gets a mention in WSJ's Tweets of the Week!
4th Annual Gridlock New Year's Eve Bash


UK press on Pammy wardrobe malfunction and Gentleman Adam
Adam Lambert Rocked A Performance At The Gridlock On New Year’s Eve
People magazine's tongue-in-cheek predictions for 2010 see #3
Bil Browning's "Top 10 LGBT Stories of 2009" see #10


There were many topics of discussion that came and went throughout the day. Buderschnookie started with info on inventory counts at various music outlets. boca babe offered comments about the comments made at MJ’s regarding Idol bloggers. Everyone expressed dismay at all the crap music getting airplay – ke$ha’s tic tok is @#1 on Billboard and her new album has been leaked. No idea if that helps or hurts radio play, but still. SuBo selling millions with no airplay at all – WTF? SuBo continues to be a mystery to all. MUPpets are encouraged to read theairplay cheatsheet posted by Fez if they need help understanding what’s what it in radioplay these days. And thanks murly for posting the info on how to use twitter properly. LaStupenda copied a twitter exchange in which Adam DM’d a fan who was complaining about not being able to attend his show (scroll past the pic) and Nomee posted an update on the fund collection for #RIP Terri. Fans reaching out to fans – that’s making a difference!

It was a typical holiday-type Monday with comfortable chit chat about radio spins, voting on the various polls and what to wear for the next musical encounter whether it be Gridlock with Adam or a concert with Gaga. The rule of thumb is to be comfortable, and do NOT be afraid to glitter-it-up or glam-cesserize.

fact or fiction: Adam singing @ the Grammy's? Spin info!!! WWFM's POP audience is 10 million! Rumor that Kris is not attending PCA but La saw a guest list and Adam was not on it. So, we have no clue if he won. :( We all wished newland was our aunt with the awesome gifts she gave her nieces, especially our beloved non-religious MadTex who received Christian-themed cookie cutters from her aunt. :P At least, she didn't get a SuBo CD, right? The win goes to Downeast, who wondered: "what happens when you bite off the head of Baby Jesus..." LMAO!!! {You MUPpets are priceless!!!} HDD news about MORE SuBo sales expected made our collective heads explode. Who is buying this? Concern over her presence or BNA at the Grammy's next year was rationalized that the CD is not hip but one of covers, and she has no industry cred. La pointed out that most often the BNA nominee album's Metacritic score must not be below a score of 65!!! Here's hoping you're right, guys! We marveled at Adam's ability to retain close friendships with his ex's as per his tweet of seeing Avatar with his "close friend," Drake. Adam's CD/DVD combo was #39 on Amazon Japan's Overall Music Bestseller List with NO promo. WWFM was #1 song tonight on Z100's 9 at 9.

More talk on spins and sales with Adam’s +62,000 weekly sales bringing lots of joy to AWoP. There are also lots of rumors about Adam appearing on various “shows” like the Grammy’s and the Brit Awards but we take all of those with a grain of salt until we hear confirmation. Still, it’s fun to speculate and make a dream list of what a performance would be like. *sigh* Some discussion about Take One sales taking off (no pun intended - well, OK it was! LOL!) – along with Adam’s other music. There are lots of ways to acquire Take One – anyone interested in finding out what they are should pm other MUPpets and not discuss it on the board as per the AWoP Policy on Illegal Downloads. We also got updated info on the fund for Terri via ONTD_AI regarding where to send money. The fact is, there is no on-line donation system set up to allow funds to be donated directly to her family – yet - so if you want to donate money directly to the family please check in with ONTD_AI first, or pm a MUPpet who's a member to get the updated info. The night ends on a real WTF?? note as we have 3 unusual AND unconfirmed Adam Lambert sightings - one in Chicago, one in LA and the other in St. Martin's. WITWIAL! bb always keeps us guessing!

Neil's early morning tweet had us wondering if he was punking us. But, it seemed the Lambert Brothers had a plan to bootleg Adam's first concert for his fans. Yeah, we all fell deeper in love, is that possible? Many of us are finally getting to where we can view the constant negative spin at other sites with humor. It has been difficult and frustrating over the past year, but as the year comes to a close we are shrugging our shoulders and smiling with a twinkle in our eyes. We know 2010 is going to be Adam-epic and we are so grateful to have AWOP as our home. Sadly, some people over at AO were scammed on the Gridlock Concert. It wasn't about money but dashing people's dreams of seeing Adam in concert. Many scrambled around at the last minute to rearrange plans to still be able to attend, while others without the necessary resources just had to accept the cruelty of the scam. :( On a much happier note our very own glitterbert and her daughter are attending the Gridlock Concert!!! As we shared her excitement she put on her leather and liner!!! And, we all flipped when someone tweeted that Monte hinted they would be doing DTRH!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! In the midnight hour the AWoP board was shivering with ANTICI---PATION as Gridlock and Adam’s first real solo concert got underway. Some MUPpets stayed up way past their bedtimes and others napped early in the evening and set their alarms to wake up in time to watch the livestreams of the concert. Alas, various kinds of technical difficulties prevented a full summer-tour-like-craptastic-cell-cast. Even Neil had to give it up at one point and just d.a.n.c.e. Still, little snippets of songs here and there kept the MUPpets shivering and anticipating the soon-to-come YouTube vids, which started to show up shortly after the concert ended. The day was full of discussion on Adam’s NYE performance especially the awesomeness of his voice in songs we’ve never heard him sing live, like Soaked and Sure Fire Winners! Thx kaetsa for making this awesome playlist which includes videos from almost every videographer of the night. Other topics of the day included Jason Mraz’s facebook Notes: With Liberty and Equality for All thx newland21!, performances of others (see Non-Adam section of the briefs) questions on Adam/Tommy kissing and other antics, and general New Years good wishes and hopes, especially for Adam’s upcoming 2010 concerts -! Oh – and congrats to RainbowWarrior and glitterbert for surviving the high-fives of Mr. GlammyMcBulgerson tm glitterbert @ the NYE bash without getting poked in the eye!

MUPpets spent the day reviewing/sharing favorite performances from Gridlocked[tm Adam] as more were found on youtube and the video magicians worked their magic merging good video/poor audio with good audio vids. Sleepwalker and Soaked were just spectacular performances. There was as much confusion as to whether it was a sold out crowd as to whether Tommy is straight/gay/bi/bi-curious. We squeeed and celebrated with Lambossed who was mentioned by Eber himself!!!! Q3@Planet Fierce weighs in on the Gridlock crowd. Portlandia has a wonderful perspective on Gridlock. There was some concern since the FYE music video was not on the VH1 countdown. Was it pulled by RCA, low viewer count or Glamberts running out of steam? Fez and Kaetsa championed us to focus our energies on the ever important radio spins. And, bb was very happy with his performance!


**@johnnie50 sir I appreciate your concern, but w/ all due respect, you have no idea what you're talking about. I am doing what I want :)
**RT @jambajim: AI fans are donating to this Houston shelter tonight in memory of Terri Sanvincente starting at 5 CST
**@negativeneil Sherlock holmes? No???! Could it be? 2:09 PM Dec 26th from Echofon in reply to negativeneil


**Lovely dinner w @Lisa_Veronica @reevecarney @ilseyj @alisanporter then Avatar w my close friend @mrLabryfyp. My Heart is full tonight.
**Yes Avatar was great. Especially in 3d. I love how relationships evolve and develop and shift in unexpected ways. Connection is the truth.


**RT @negativeneil: Heads up: I'll be at Adam's concert tomorrow. And broadcasting live via my phone.
**Happy New Years Eve everyone!!! End of the Decade!!! Tonights gonna be wild!
**@LeoMoctezuma haha we're babies in that picture!! {in response to these pictures sent by his friend Leo}
**@ImMattGiraud I wouldn't....
in response to Matt's @adamlambert you know what??! I wouldn't... Put your bag on the couch... I'm at an arena without all u punks 4 the first time!


**@scarlett_cherry yaay! Had so much fun w you the other night!
**@Glambertize happy birthday!
**Happy New Year Everyone!!! The Gridlocked event was amazing This year is gonna be crazy!!

From Others:


**Sherlock Holmes was baaaaad. 9:26 PM Dec 25th from twidroid
**Really wanted it to be so bad it was good, but it was just a half-baked atrocity.12:21 PM Dec 26th from twidroid
**@adamlambert bummer, right? And I was so excited to see it. about 3 hours ago from twidroid in reply to adamlambert
**@adamlambert Produce ONLY PG-13 & better.(forever)nothing else.Guaranteed to W-O-R-K ! about 1 hour ago from web
**@adamlambert Maybe switch recording companies.This company is leading you everywhere but up. about 1 hour ago from web
**@adamlambert Adam,I've been watching your musical career. I know you're a better man than that. about 1 hour ago from web
wcruz73@adamlambert hi baby, sending lots of love your way. Be good to yourself! Xx
noh8campaign Hey @ladygaga & @adamlambert you guys inspired this great video! ( Thanks @lovingrevenge ) #NOH8 22 minutes ago from web
AimeeMayo This year is coming to a close, another chapter of my life written. I have seen a major dream come true, one (cont) (Adam mention in AimeeMayo’s twitlonger message)
**@negativeneil Happy Birthday Bud. Love ya.
**@eberlambert People should know that you are NOT Eber Lambert


WTF is anyone listening to Z100?! the DJ just said adam is performing at the Grammys next month... whaaattt?!
Lisa_Veronica: BEST vegan nachos date ever with @Reevecarney @Ilseyj @Alisonporter and @adamlambert <3 <3
IlseyJ So much love at dinner. XO. @reevecarney @ilseyj @adamlambert @Lisa_Veronica (via @alisanporter)
Alisan Porter
**oh and this @adamlambert
AINow Yay! Just got the go ahead for our @ReneeIdolPI to hit the red carpet to cover @AdamLambert at Gridlock NYE
Monterrific I'm headed to rehearsal now

Monte Pittman@JessyBR long and hard. but it was fun. tomorrow is going to be the best show of the decade (in response to Jessy's tweet:@Monterrific montee... how was the rehearsal yesterday?)
3 unconfirmed Adam sightings - the first in Chicago, the second in LA, the 3rd in St.Martin's
ZoePolk: Apparently @AdamLambert was just sitting at the table next to me at Gibsons. Good to be back in my city.
KCLumiSo Adam Lambert was sitting in our resturaunt tonight, being emo-gay. I don't know who he is, but apparently it was a big deal to my mom.
combatclam (aka Clair Boman) saw a large man in drag rubbing up on Adam Lambert in a restaurant in St Martin's, singing a perverted rendition of "Don't Worry Be Happy." about 1 hour ago from web

Negative Neil
**Heads up: I'll be at Adam's concert tomorrow. And broadcasting live via my phone.
volcom_star: @negativeneil r u just teasing? but if ur not...broadcasting live from ur phone to...where?
volcum_star: @negativeneil maybe i'm just suspicious...but do u just tweet stuff to watch ur replies fill up and see how much crazy sh** comes in?
**@volcom_star not gonna lie, sometimes that's exactly the plan. This is legit though
**Broadcast courtesy of
**Addendum: I'm a bit nervous about how a show captured via smartphone will turn out. here's hoping, I'll do the best i can!
**I gotta get some sleep, we have a 8am load in and we don't go on till midnight. I'll see some of you tomorrow
**Truck is loaded for tomorrow's gig. We are ready to rock!!!!
tlkfusion for nye tickets. Only a few left
matt quillen watching Adam lambert soundcheck right now before loading in our gear. "surreal" seems like a fairly appropriate word
CassidyHaley RT @pollyness a knee-jerk reaction perhaps on the part of @ABC. too bad Adam had to take the shit first, BUT AT LEAST HE OPENED THE GATES {see this article}
Monte's wife, Lisa lisa_pittman
Just got home from soundcheck for the show tonight. Sad that I'm going to miss it, but glad the girls and I got to see something :)
Cazana78: We're having whip throwing tryouts in the car.
**follow @justcallmehorse. he runs our show and does keys also. AND he plays in Korn!
**HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! That sounds very futuristic. I'm off to go play our first show and the first show of the decade. See you there
kjavsu Some women paid $1000 per person to go backstage to meet him. I feel kind of bad for him. Libracats was in that group

IdolTracker Do I look like a firework? That was my motivation" -Adam Lambert
**Happy New Year !!!!! Watching Adam Lambert sing his ass off... He sounds perfect ... Hitting notes that are freaking me out!!!!!!!
**Standing in my socks under the full moon... Under the same sky I wished into just saw @adamlambert SING Sleepwalker!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!
zeppelin_tweets: RT @/LambertLights2010VIDEOS: Adam Lambert - "Whole Lotta Love" Short Vids
OhFerras: @adamlambert ---To say that you were incredible last night would be the understatement of the new decade. Awed.
plus many mulitple-twitterers for NYE gridlock:
IDFList of Twitter-People @Gridlock

randomizemeWP Listen to Full-length remixes of @AdamLambert's For Your Entertainment!

Firefighters Rescue Cats to Adam’s Broken Open reposting in case some people missed it last week.
Adam Lambert & His Cat Fans "Strut"
JibJab 2009 - FYE cover art at 1:43-1:45
Top 9 Stars of '09 on Access Hollywood #5 Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert - Can Can by suz526 at Planet Fierce
FYE review from a Singapore News Channel
Adam’s Billboard Interview from earlier in Dec.
Adam’s FYE being used to promote FOX tv
I just love you: Adam montage
Happy New Year 2009!!! New Years message in multiple languages with TfM
fan video of Adam's year using Pop Goes the Camera
Adam on the Red Carpet NYE @
YouTube version of Interview
Adam red-carpet interview @ Gridlock. MaximoTV
JLo pushed a guy’s head into her crotch at NYE bash – from JustJared
Adam, Kris and Allison NY videos @ Billboard
Reality Rocks NYE Interview w/Lyndsay Parker
kaetsa's awesome playlist which includes videos from almost every videographer @Gridlock
FoxLA news Red Carpet
EvanescentMoments is uploading the combined alreference video and sfljroller's audio
intimations youtube channel
Hear clips of FYE remixes by Fonzerelli, Bimbo, and Walsh
WLL encore performance ck if added to playlist
Very good MP3s of NYE songs
dowload links of FYE remixes

Old new pictures of Adam and family (a few from Neil's 21st birthday)
SYTYCD Adam performance photos
Adam's friend Leo Moctezuma, one of the choreographers for P!nk's Funhouse tour, tweeted these
Imagebam: Untagged Images of Adam @ Gridlock NYE
6 photos – all untagged and nice – of Adam’s NYE performance
Pictures from the Red Carpet begin with this post.
Adorable pictures of Adam at Alisan Porter's house Christmas Eve
New old photos

Ann Powers Commentary: Artifice and artfulness displace 'authenticity' in pop music in the new millennium
Kelly Clarkson 1st solo tour YouTube video: Love Takes Time
Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone (Album Version)
Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone (Radio Edit) DOWNLOAD
Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone (Brit Awards 2006)
2009 Metromix biggest flops – Kris, Taylor Hicks, & Jordin Sparks mentioned
Jason Mraz’s facebook Notes: With Liberty and Equality for All
Pamela Anderson’s Gridlock RedCarpet Entrance on YouTube
Allison @ Fox NYE bash singing ??
2012 Sets Box Office Record in China
Tommy Speaks! And then makes out with his “future girlfriend”.
Kris singing LLWD @NYE bash in LV

Merry Karma tmWinkyDink Gene Simmons sued over alleged attack @TMZ & Kiss: do snubbed rockers belong in R&R Hall of Fame?
Lambliff Chipmunks!!
Adam in Recycling News
Adam fans, including yours truly, the princess, couldn't resist this bate ;) Yes, I sent The Kiss using various email addresses
@gloria0322: Dick Clark requesting pics 4 Times Square jumbotrons. Email @adamlambert pics instead of ur own to
Tommy's "Real" Job Includes "Training Dolphins" ff to 1:44

Ilsey Juber's myspace and twitter. One of Adam's crowd of friends often mentioned in tweets/dinners. A little more information.
NPR segment on TV collective viewing audiences of today and online fan communities
Amazon Japan Music Bestseller List
site buying Japanese versions of CD's
Eminem won't be singing about Adam when he heads to the UK
AI8 Rebroadcast schedule
commercial that ran this holiday season about the guy who makes a homemade card for his girlfriend/wife This reminded some MUPs of Adam making the card for his mom <3

 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:22 am 
...hold me in my arms...

Joined: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm
Posts: 2404
Location: Fire Nation
Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Jan 03 - Jan 09

Please see Fez's One-Stop Poll Shop to vote in the latest polls!

kaetsa's awesome Gridlock Playlist

OHP - Open House Party Information
Listen Live.
To request:
Email -
Phone - 1-800-669-1010
Tweet - @OpenHouseParty
A list of OHP stations


Jan 15 - Adam will be a presenter at the Critics Choice Awards

Worldwide Album Sales Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment 462000

Adam Lambert’s NY Resolutions from SanDiego NewsNetwork
Highlights of a Fan Experience @Gridlock from HooplaMagnet
Message from AO: Adam disqualified from OHP voting because of “mass voting”
Adam Lambert wins weight battle from OK Magazine
Adam Lambert – Shiny and Fab for NYE Gridlock

Reuters has a bunch of Billboard CD reviews up, including Adam
Contest: AINow.Org is giving away a signed poster from the [9/14/2009] Kradison Soundcheck interview, courtesy of Suave!
Idolator: the complaints submitted to the FCC regarding Adam's AMA performance
RockStar Weekly's Gridlock Review

Adam getting O show? From NY Post
Perez pushes the Adam on O agenda. Positive Perez, for once!
Read some letters to the FCC about Adam’s AMA Performance @WhyNotGlambert?
Adam’s AMA complaint letters posted online: article in RS

"Rock My Town" concert attendees get chosen tomorrow, notified 1/13
Another article on the FCC complaints

American Idols Adam Lambert: It’s time to get some leverage with Fuse interview snippet.

Adam Lambert 'Excited' and 'Nervous' for Oprah Appearance
FYE mv front page of RCA UK


gossip grain of salt: Lady GaGa Defends Adam Lambert From Homophobe
Al Gore Blames Adam for Global Warming

Adam mention in Scottish Newspaper
Donor’s Choose, Adam BD section
2012 BluRay DVD features Adam’s TfM video
Adam part of the rolling headline @ MTVAsia

Leighton Meester Parties, Performs Her Way Through Hollywood And Hooks Up With Adam Lambert Is Reporting the Same Leighton/Adam Story
OPRAH!!!! Calling ALL Adam Lambert Fans!!!
Recording industry uber philosopher Bob Lefsetz's newsletter
Michael Slezak: 28 Top Tunes From Idol Grads
New ‘Idol’ season should learn from last year
Exclusive! Your Guilty-Pleasure Songs of 2009, Admitted in 2010

Adam TOPS worst songs of 2009
Adam TOPS worst albums of 2009
Adam TOPS worst artists of 2009
Adam TOPS worst live musical performance of 2009
Adam TOPS worst male singers of 2009
Adam mention in Australian news: Gaga defends Lambert
FYE mention – 24 Essential Albums of 2009
Top 20 Autostraddle Icons of 2009: The Future is Bright For Our ‘09 Favorites Yes! Adam is one of the faves!
Mention re: Adam on PCA’s
Album Sales: We all fall down. From USA Today

Thursday "Caught in the Act" Mention of Adam's spa visit.
The Onion A.V. Club’s Top 45 Indelible TV Moments of 2009
Billboard Top 200 albums this week Adam – TW36/LW29
Danny Gokey, the Glasses Guy, talks Adam Lambert and ‘American Idol’
'Idol' 'edgier' for ninth season
Gawker on the FCC complaints
Queerty on the FCC complaints
Hispanic Business on the FCC complaints
FCC complaints are themselves lewd
MTV on FCC complaints

DCook’s comments on Adam’s AMA performance from Jan.7
George Michael talks about Adam in People mag Part 1
George Michael talks about Adam in People mag Part 2

Possible rumor: Adam Lambert to duet with Susan Boyle
Rolling Stone on AI9 with Randy Jackson
More from Randy Jackson
Another Adam mention by Randy


Giggles over the Glamboner post over at tontd_ai, concern over negative spin numbers, and determination to get OHP to play WWFM twice tonight filled the early hours. As more Gridlock videos rolled in we amazed with the live performance of Soaked. And, we were somewhat satisfied that WWFM had 2 spins on OHP!

Oh noooos! We were informed by RCA via AO that Adam was disqualified from OHP because of Glambert overenthusiasm! Murly’s lament about being an Adam fan was echoed by others. What’s a fan to do? IDK, IDEK! But Adam tweeted and once again all is well in the world. As MaggieMay says: “Oh Adam. We're freaks. But thanks for loving us, You're doing it perfectly”. Another bout of EPIC from laynie showing some Dylanesque tm Murly tendencies. Brava laynie! You truly are the shit! And speaking of the shit, 10 adds today! Everyone thought that was good. It is. It is. And more great news, Adam wins Z100 Best New Artist. Hooray! It was a roller-coaster of a day and by the end of the night Adam was making out with Ke$ha! That’s our Adam – always full of surprises (but pls bb – after that, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat - and don't forget to grab a handful of those condoms!).

Today we discussed the pros and cons of Ke$ha tour/promotion with Adam, and celebrated positive spins! Yet, the news that Adam would be on Oprah again was the highlight of the day! No real details. There was also a call out to SuBo fans, so questions were raised if the Adam and SuBo would be on together or separately. Tweets seem to suggest a January 13 taping date. We enjoyed a new Negative Neil post. yet felt defeated at the news that Demi Lovato would be attending the PCA. There is still, no news on Adam attending. WinkyDink did a fabulous Gridlock information recap {thank you, WD!!! <3} and we got final HDD numbers with Adam coming in at #34 this week. Most found it interesting that Lisa played keyboard for Ke$ha on Ellen today. And, bb got lots of adds, 26!!! PennyLou noticed a Dadalus comment over at Neil's site. And, congratulations go to our beloved, Lambosessed!!! Justin Hawkins retweeted the link with her edited version of Music Again from Gridlock!!!!! And, KayTang999 announced that TFM and FYE are in TOP 40 chart of a radio station in Thailand number 10 and 22 respectively! YAY!

Thx buderschnookie for the post from Dan G @ Pulse re: adds & such. Message to all - don’t worry – everything (ads & spins) will return to normal on Jan. 18. In a rare Glambertian mood, the MUPpets attempted to name the Glambulge. Note: The name “Bob” was not recommended. Tweets regarding Monte’s upcoming solo promo and Lisa’s appearance on Conan with Ke$ha led to speculation and discussion on how the band members’ “other” gigs might impact Adam. Great news arrived mid-afternoon with a mystery tweet – OK not a mystery – it was from an exec at EXTRA – that indicated that Adam was going to get a full 1-hour Oprah show! Can you imagine! But until we get confirmation we will quietly *flail* about Adam being on Oprah with/without SuBo, who’s record sales are still a mystery here and probably a lot of other places! There was some angst & disappointment over the new Kradam AI9 Promo as most ppl don't want to see the AI8 'winner's announment' ever.again! PCA's were a real yawner. Adam didn't attend; congrats to Lady Gaga on 2 awards, one that was in Adam's category. And Adam tweets: W.W.G.G.D. to Alisan. A new life mantra - what would gaga do? And the entire MUPpet House sends {{hugs to LaStupenda}} today.

Buderschnookie gave us a firm slap! What was all this angst due to, you ask? The projected Ke$ha album sales, Lisa playing keyboards for Ke$ha, Monte taking solo promotions and the latest AI9 promotional commercials. Meanwhile, new people ARE discovering bb and they sound pretty darn excited! It seems they have already begun working on the Oprah appearance, and we got good news in the spin department! Q3 over at Planet Fierce is hinting that something BIG is coming up for Adam (yes, that sentence was structured that way on purpose :P). The board spent a bit of time throwing out wishes and guesses. Grammy appearance? JCSuperstar role? Boot song for AI9? Glee appearance? We got a nice 4 and a half minute preview of the Fuse interview. And, Adam used twitter to once again do rumor control: no Glee, but yes to Oprah and AOL sessions!!!

It was a fairly off-topic-y day today with Adam being so busy. Discussion was a little o' this and a little o' that: spins and sales, rumors and info from other boards like PF and MJ's, what Kris is up to, what a few other Idols and music-people have been up to, Adam's friends and their Sat. night show (that's Alison & Ferras along with Lucas Rossi), and what Adam might do in the future. Overall, it was pretty quiet. Two bits of good - no great - news: Adam did a photoshoot this morning so we should be getting new awesome pics soon, and he recorded 5 songs for his AOL session today. Kris's and Allison's AOL sessions are being held up by "legal" issues - no one know 'why' but think it might be related to Jive - so MUPpets hope that Adam's set (RCA-related) will be available first.

The spins were briefly discussed. We found out the five AOL sessions songs will be WWFM, Fever, Strut, If I had you, Soaked. Some people expressed disappointment that there was no PUU or Sleepwalker. Some wondered if the "he" in Fever would/should be changed for it to get radio play here in the lovely USA. Meanwhile, others celebrated the song choices and believed that Adam would never change the "he" in Fever because of artistic integrity! Elybe brought us the great news that WWFM is a Breakout song on this week's AT40! Aftermath is being used for promo of Finnish Idol giving us hope that FYE is the international single. Adam showed up at the Alisan Porter Project Show. Twitter reports that Cheeks, Cassidy, Drake, Danielle and Lindsey Lohan were there.



**Oh and so you all know, upon hearing this news, I laughed so hard. Y'all are nuts and I adore you for it. :) about 5 hours ago from Echofon
**FYI. That doesn't mean to stop requesting!! Just try not to do it 30 times in one day.... Just Cool it on the redial/resend kick. :) about 5 hours ago from Echofon
**Woohoo!! Thanks to all who voted for the Z100 best new artist!! I'm honored :) about 5 hours ago from Echofon
**I really appreciate your passion and dedication to getting my music on the radio, but don't drive the stations crazy! :) thanks friends! about 5 hours ago from Echofon
**... It understandably upsets them. Stations can track over-use of requests and fraudulent requests and I would hate to lose their support. about 5 hours ago from Echofon
**Open House Party is a great supporter of my songs, but when there is an organized group of fans calling stations nonstop, about 5 hours ago from Echofon
**Happy New Year guys!! I love that you want to support my music and call in requests, but please be mindful of how often you do so...


**@alisanporter: W.W.G.G.D. about 4 hours ago from Echofon
**@keshasuxx love your Album!!!! Congrats! about 4 hours ago from Echofon
**RT @bradwalsh remix video of 'For Your Entertainment' (remix avail soon...)

**Glee guest star rumor: it's a rumor. Sorry guys.
**Oprah: def true!!! :) also filming 5 songs tommorow for AOL Sessions. :)
**If I had to pick a show to guest star on I'd loooooooove to be on True Blood. Or Weeds.
**Those shows are amazing. Prob need some major acting classes though first. The casts of both those shows are first rate.
**@alisanporter can't wait to hear you sang Saturday night!
**Oh yeah. I'd love to be on Gossip Girl too! Leighton is amazing. I should be blairs shopping buddy. Hahah

**@lindsaybsacks if it's truly glamping, glitter must be involved. about 2 hours ago from Echofon in reply to lindsaybsacks = Others


From Others:

PerezHilton Damn, @AdamLambert is packing some heat! Impressive!
DanielleStori I hope u all respect my friendship with Adam as much as I do:) Everyday is someone's bday and I can't ask him 2 tweet hbd everytime it is

z100MoBounce People are accusing me of fixing our Z awards... all I did was Re-Tweet @adamlambert tweet. Ppl need to chill... DAYUM! this is hilarious!
JustinHawkins@adamlambert Kicking ass on NYE. Yes!
SadaoTurner Eclectic mix of people just got a pinch of glitter..Adam Lambert, Perez Hilton Jojo all fighting for elbow room in this 100 pers capac bar 5 minutes ago from TweetGenius
HarMarSuperstar: I just watched Adam Lambert and Ke$ha make out for the on-lookers. #beards
OhFerras So much fun with @mdmolinari @keshasuxx @jojoistheway @adamlambert and @perezhilton!!! Love u guys!!!! Congrats Kesha!!! Xoxoxoxo 5 minutes ago from UberTwitter

PerezHilton @adamlambert You honestly made my night when you said I looked so skinny! #Win
SadaoTurner Eclectic mix of people just got a pinch of glitter..Adam Lambert, Perez Hilton Jojo all fighting for elbow room in this 100 pers capac bar
Negative Neil New post: On Ms. Noonan (
Michael Sarver whats adam lambert like in person???
Classy, friendly, and fun. {He also said that WWFM is his favorite song from Adam's album.}

extrajoe There is buzzzz that oprah is gonna do a full hour with Adam lambert! No date yet.about 2 hours ago from Echofon (Sr. Television producer-writer for the entertainment tv show EXTRA)
skerdypants Sads. RT @AINow AI Now confirms @AdamLambert WON'T be attending the PCAs tonight. AINow.Org half a minute ago from web
AINow RT @ashleyrockstar @AINow is that from @adamlambert s people? - Yup! 4 minutes ago from yoono

BambolaBambina @adamlambert @mdmolinari @dafashion Oh I wish I could dance and sing with you boys allll night long! Ding Dongs
DAFASHION @BambolaBambina @MDMOLINARI @adamlambert @ohferras Were All Super Sweet It Was So Nice To Meet And Dance With Everyone XO
justcallmehorse time to rehearse for AOL
Smallz_Raskind description says photographers: website link
**Working with Adam Lambert tomorrow. Anyone have any questions for him? Maybe I'll ask...
**@pollyness its alright to ask but not alright for e to say at the moment. Sorry.
**I'll try to ask him 1 or 2 of your questions and let you guys know. And inform u of where to look for the photos when the time is right. :)

theoprahshow: Hi nrichPins! Yes, Adam Lambert will be on the show airing on January 19th!
**He was singing along to the Beyonce that u all suggested. The photos are awesome! Ill post them as soon as I can.
**To the Adam Lambert fans that r now following. He loves u guys and was glad u guys were talkin w/ me last night.
**On the way to the studio for the Adam Lambert shoot. Got a great playlist ready thanks to his fans. Thanks 4 the help guys.
lindsaybsacks aka Lindsay berger sacks
**@adamlambert but of course - it'd be a fantastic waste of time without glitter! about 2 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to adamlambert
**@adamlambert glamping = 3 days/nights fully stocked bar, clean cabins, housekeeping, planned yummy cookouts, showers,75 of ur closest pals..(she seems to be a friend – maybe of Danielle)

**It's been a long day shooting 5 songs for AOL
**WWFM, Fever, Strut, If I had you, Soaked
**And an interview
O_Magazine Who's excited about seeing @AdamLambert live on the @Oprah show later this season?
getbacktothat Wait, what? They're using Aftermath in the Finnish AI9 promo? Um. Any @adamlambert on my tv = A+, I guess. LOL
**set order for tonight...Alyssa Suede - Kurtis/Ely - Ferras - Lukas/Ely - Alisan Porter/Ely - Jarvis/Ely - Ferras/Alisan/Ely ??
**Just spoke to Hotel Cafe...its going to sell out...get there early people!!
@ohFerras @Alisanporter RT ILoveDinosaurs **finnish American Idol commercials have Aftermath playing on the background!! @elythecreep.
TrueBloodHBO Wink! Heart this. RT @AdamLambert If I had to pick a show to guest star on I'd loooooooove to be on True Blood.
**@TommyJoeRatliff I didn't know u posted them... We need a make over night with Adam... I'll let you do my make up now!!
** - Hot bitches!
** - Who wears it better me or TJ? @TommyJoeRatliff
**@argeneau Oh, did I post those or did he? I'm a retard sometimes...
**@TommyJoeRatliff So now that you are known for wearing make up can I show all your fans that pic of us in lipstick from the Halloween party?
TommyJoeRatliff That was jesterday getting ready for AOL sessions.
CoralMermaid Adam emo hair and Leno jacket! {see her homepage for more tweets}
SusieFierce Too close; can't take pic would look like epic geek. Emo, spikey. Heavy makeup, rings. Black jacket. {see her homepage for more tweets}

sendspace links to Youtube's alreference original video recordings from Gridlock
Timesmasher's Soaked download Ty kaetsa!
The Sims 3 - Music Video Music Again by Adam Lambert
Music Again ~Improved by Lambosessed
Adam Lambert- The Pelvic Thrust
Bill O'Reilly responds to Adam on Leno
"Tommy Tommy, we're leaving!" A little Lambliff from NYE
FYE: Brad Walsh remix
If I Had You from Gridlock. Edited and Improved.ty lambosessed.
YouTube version of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland @ Down the Rabbit Hole
Kradam AI9 Promo
La uploaded the Fuse interview Preview onto youtube
Another Teaser for Adam’s Fuse interview
FYE & some kids dressed up and dancing
Link for Adam’s AOL Sessions
Adam Montage – Take it Off
Adam Lambert WHAT'S UP Hollywood Week 1 Rare HQ Full video
The Finnish commercial for AI using Aftermath

A pretty from Gridlock Red Carpet
Awesome gifs from northernlight
NewYear’s Eve pics from friend of LadyLucius
New/old picture
Open Live Journal post that contains pictures of Idols NYE perfomances, including 227 of Adam
Beautiful pictures of bb from the soon to be aired Fuse interview
2 new Lambliff pictures from NYE performance
A macro to make you smile

Review of Ke$ha’s lp from
The Prayer by Anthony Callea of Australian Idol in 2004
Ke$ha - Tik Tok (Live on Alexa Chung)
Ke$ha - Blah, Blah, Blah ("Live" on T4)
Ke$ha - Party At a Rich Dude's House ("Live" on T4)
Ke$ha - Dinosaur ("Live" on T4)
Cobra Starship - Good Girls Gone Bad (ft. Leighton Meester)
Leighton Meester - Somebody to Love (ft. Robin Thicke)
Ke$ha on Ellen w/ Lisa on Keyboards
Scarlet's new Zodiac video Adam is listed as make-up artist!
Lefsetz says: (scroll to see all the fax) Radio is dying
What is a 360 deal?
Better explanation of a 360 deal
SuBo breaks down on US tour. From Nov. 27
People’s Choice Awards Results
Tweets regarding Monte’s upcoming solo prom
Randy Jackson interview with Billboard
Kara’s Billboard Interview
Kelly Clarkson - Because of You (Echo Awards 2006)
Gaga losing money with MonsterBall Tour
The Alisan Porter Project
Ke$ha's Strip Club Confessions
Buy Zodiac Club Clothing
Kris playing at BB King House of Blues Las Vegas, Friday Jan. 8
Lucas Rossi (appearing with Alisan
The NAMM Show: Monte, TommyJoe, Longineu & Lisa will be there
Lady Gaga and Polaroid
GoCheeksGo Read Cheeks’ tweets re: going to the Grammy’s
Idol's New Judge Will Lose Middle America
Hits DailyDouble – looks like Ke$ha will debut at #1
SuBo Cements Position as Superstar by Appearing on Oprah
Kris sings SSB @ NBA Final
Daughtry sings SSB @ NFC Championship Game 2007
LucasRossi videos (6 in total):
Sampler Rise Electric
Playboy Cleavage
Bittersweet Symphony
Crave Me Rise Electric
Sunrise of a Digital Sun-Stars Down
two young girls singing IIHY

ontd_ai post on the Glamboner
Sabrina Love Does Adam Lambert
NegativeNeil: look, we need to talk
LOL! More from Neil. bb Bro you are hilarious!
keshasuxx - My keytarplayer VOLCANIC VULVAfeaturing her CLEAR PANTS!! (click at your discretion)
ImMattGiraud Chillin (literally) in Chicago for another night. I missed my train home! I told them I know @adamlambert.. Didn't work... This time.
Glambert Guests on Glee As Big Bro **Adam tweeted that this is rumor**
Straight For A Day - Ode to Adam Lambert
Joe Cocker singing "With a Little Help From My Friends"

A way to grab video off youtube
Best 25 Billboard Hits of 2009 Mashup
Guidelines: How to join ONTD_AI
kiss108 request form
NY Times article on Ke$ha
This article discusses the negative and hateful comments some readers left following the obituary of a long-time U.S. journalist.
Information on NYE ratings
video from purist's friend who attended Burning Man
link to Planet Fierce's Donor's Choose celebration of Adam's upcoming 28th birthday
Donor’s Choose Main Page
Interesting Article from Melbourne news re: the relation between radio play and CD sales
Musiqtone Websiteappears to be one that has a bunch of polls.
People poll: What TV show Adam should be on.
purist posted an article about radio play and its relationship to CD sales

 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:32 am 
...hold me in my arms...

Joined: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:57 pm
Posts: 2404
Location: Fire Nation
Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Jan 10 - Jan 16

Please see Fez's One-Stop Poll Shop to vote in the latest polls!

kaetsa's awesome Gridlock Playlist

OHP - Open House Party Information
Listen Live.
To request:
Email -
Phone - 1-800-669-1010
Tweet - @OpenHouseParty
A list of OHP stations


Jan 15 - Adam will be a presenter at the Critics Choice Awards


Account of Hotel Café from IDFfrom Libracats
Account of Hotel Café from IDFfrom jacci
a little more from jacci
Account of Hotel Café from IDFfrom hollygo72
Adam wants a boyfriend huh?
Adam speaks to OK magazine about Oprah

Lambert Praises Liberal Parents from
NY Post short video and Adam Lambert Exclusive
Adam on the front page of
On the Meaning of Adam Lambert in Wordpress
Chicago Times: Adam on Oprah

40 41 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 10,983 +39%
We learned that MTV can write an entire article on a 20 second music video clip :P Actually it's a very nice article!
Canadian MUPpets can enter to win a Get Glam with Adam Lambert Contest.

Adam Lambert, Sarah Silverman May Wreak Havoc at Critics' Choice.
Adam Lambert out at Roscoe’sdl pdf link for article.
Adam Lambert 2nd video clip from RS
WWFM video clip from
Adam Wins TwitterWall Best American Idol Ever

Adam/Oprah top story @ People-online
Video comment from Jim Cantiello Video here.

Jim C from MTV: Review of WWFM Video
Slezak’s review of WWFM video
EOnline review of WWFM video
LyndsayParker Reality Rocks review of WWFM video
AfterElton preview of Adam’s interview with Oprah
RS review of WWFM video
AfterElton review of WWFM video

Chicago radio interview Adam says he is sorta kinda seeing someone, but not really. :D


Adam mention in Detroit Free Press on Sunday
Diplomat Adam? from JustJared
Adam mention in: Intrigue Over Idol is OffStage in NY Times

Adam mention in Article on New Idol Season from
Info about Adam’s Birthday project at Donors Choose

Towleroad's article on Adam's Fuse Interview
Joshua Miller's blog about Adam's WWFM MV

Adam mention in article on Critics Choice Awards

An editorial from The Advocate: Nips, Uncle Toms and Unequal Marriage
Ryan Tedder interview

Adam mention in
Critics Choice Awards Tweet Bubble

Blog on WWFM from Louis Peitzman who did a nice interview with Adam during the Idol Tour
Adam was noted as a fashion winner from CCA
An article from proclaiming Adam a fashion winner at CCA
Associated Content article mentions SS's skit with Adam


Today Adam was ever the diplomat dealing with fans at Hotel Café – Read WinkyDink’s comments for some short but sweet lultz. Most of the talk today centered around Adam’s BSC fans who follow him around and sit at his table and think he “asks for it” because he tweets where he’s going – and they hang out with his friends and exes and think they know him and well – around here we don’t like it. No! We just don’t like it at all. But yeah, we read their accounts and watch their stalkerish videos and copy their pap-like pics. But they’re not our heroes and they even scare us a little. Great news today - Adam's going to sing 2 songs on Oprah – that is definitely squeeworthy news! There was also some talk about Adam’s band playing for other people, like Lisa played for Ke$ha on Conan the other night and there was a pic of Tommy with a guy from Korn named Zac who we’re supposed to call horse or some damn thing who is also playing on Conan. MUPpets wonder if there’s some kind of band pool, but nobody seems to know. Oh, and we found out that it's true - Adam doesn't tuck. Whew! We're glad we got that cleared up!

Even though it was a rather quiet day, there was lots of good news. Adam tweeted that his WWFM video would premiere on VH1 this Friday from 6 - 10 a.m. He also clarified his tweets from yesterday regarding BSC fans crossing the line saying he lurvs us all, but there are a "few" (lookin' at you people who think they can just invade his privacy - oh - you don't even "go here" LOL!) that go overboard. MUPpets praised his awesomeness, yet again. That's a daily thing here, but we approve of his calling out the cray-cray anyway. We also learned of an AWESOME BIRTHDAY GIFT for Adam our sisters in China have prepared (good job sistahs!). We also got the Fuse Interviews Parts 1, 2 and 3 Fianlly! All parts are excellent BTW and even though there's no real "new" info, it's always EVERYONE's pleasure to sit around and watch Adam talk for a full half-hour! Adam twitterfested thru the night sending random tweets, asking for 'favorite lyrics' and basically tweet-twatting the night away. Favorite exchange came from little sis Allison who said: allisoniraheta RT @adamlambert: GaGa for GaGa. Show me your Twats." Careful u might just get pics of vaginas sent to ya!!!. Allison, we see you've met the cray-cray! LOL!

Maybelline or Maple Leaf vacation? Adam's impromptu twitter fest answered the question. Spins are showing an increase yet there was concern about WWFM's position and the lack of POP Adds. As our beloved Fez said, just keep repeating "Oprah, Oprah." Everyone is hoping that appearance will give the single a boost to shoot up the Billboard's Hot 100. Really interesting post by the mod @ AO. Apparently RCA had dibs on Adam. Flailing began at the first teeniest clip of the WWFM video!!!!! BB is hawt!!! BB is beatiful!!! Of course, we all fell in love with him AGAIN!!! And, then a second clip emerged!!! Nice blog that contains both clips of WWFM video And, AI9 recap of AI8 actually said "a new star is born" while showing Adam. Laynie gave us another epic poem! {How does she do that? We love you, laynie!} Discostick summed things up for us nicely: "So during the Idol season premiere, Adam's rehearsing for Oprah. Sweet. :)" We found out that Lisa was not playing with the band on Oprah (WTF??? Where's your loyalty to bb, Lisa???) but the guy from Korn, justcallmehorse would be instead. Adam, of course, was out and about tonight! It appears he made his way to Roscoe's. And, it was nice to see that Fever is streaming on Roscoe's website!

Not sure what happened today in the board’s cornflakes (cue guy pissing) but the a.m. mood was dour, dismal, dreary and just plain down. Something about ads & spins and fear for Adam’s future. WTF MUPpets? Why so !sadface? Mega- thx to Fez for being the voice of reason and to turambar, too for bringing common sense back to the MUPpet House. For the day, besides the !sadpandasalestalk, the board continued to show !happyfaces at yesterday’s WWFM vid clips and commented on Adam’s (underestimated?) acting skills. We can't wait to see more! Newcomers should check out cj’s post for newcomers with links to interesting/relevant threads at AWOP. Late night *crying and shaking* happened for two reasons: 1) Adam went twitter-happy again clarifying lyrics for fans, and 2) FUSE uploaded 5 more Adam-vids to their website. OK, *crying and shaking* is an understatement. It was more like keyboardsmashingOMGOMGOMG kinda talk. Adam needs someone to take care of him (GTFO Glamberts), he likes kissing girls (GTFO Glamberts) and alcohol fires up his Aries Moon (GTFO Glamberts with your bottles of vodka). All good points in our book, bb. Lots of {{{hugs for Haiti}}}. Send thoughts/prayers/money.

A few recaps of the Oprah taping here and here. It sounds like Adam was endearing and warmly received. Adds, and Elbye's post to calm all our twitches. SusanL succinctly summarizes the confusion some people have in their expectations of Adam. Skipper gives insight into the contractual obligations of band members in general. Adam changed his twitter picture and background to the WWFM screencaps!!! Super gorgeous! And, pretty much everyone was just holding their breaths in anticipation of the music video release early Friday morning! Happily, getoverit, received an email from her co-worker in Haiti letting her know she was alright. {{hugs, bb}} Then, the WWFM music video leaked!!! Yes, the rest of the night was spent flailing and watching and re-watching ans staring endlessly at gifs and caps...he's gorgeous and angsty and perfect!!! Of course, it was taken off of youtube but then MTV put up the unwatermarked official version--so enjoy! Also, see below, PHOTOS, for caps and gifs.

Oh what a beautiful morning,Oh what a beautiful day,I've got a wonderful feeling, Everything's coming up GAY! Yes! It was a very beautiful morning as the MUPpets woke up to the VH1 release of WWFM: the music video. What did we think? THERE.ARE.NO.WORDS to describe the beauty that is Adam Lambert. If you don’t believe me, look here!.This video reveals an Adam we haven’t seen before, but are all too willing to crawl into bed with (before you glambertize me, watch the video and you’ll get why I say that – srsly!). Boy can act! For most of the day MUPpets dropped by to add their OMG’s and jkdjfieoj (that’s a keyboard smash) to the already extensive list of comments. Again THERE. ARE.NO.WORDS! There will never be enuf said about this video – we may have to come back to it tomorrow! Next up – the Hotel Room Trashing VEVO commercial starring Adam Lambert, TommyJoe Ratlilff, a middle-aged lady crying with her mascara running down her face, and some hot chicks. Lambliff shippers were all, like “they're so easy to ship!” and "one can hope! LOL!" even though Tommy was actually choking Adam. Nevertheless they all look shiny and pretty and it made for more convo during the day. But that was not all the day held. Adam attended the Critics Choice awards where he presented an award with Sarah Silverman. More *flailing* ensued (emo hair, skinny, sparkly tux, lultzy award-show banter about penises, A-list celebs! lots of afterparties) and more pics were posted.

So, opinions varied on the CCA skit and eyes rolled as FOO discussed whether Adam had hair extensions or not. Seriously, he likes to change his look--when will those people move on from their anti-Adam obsession? We got excited as WWFM showed a little movement up the iTunes chart (#34). Austintoo and getoverit explained how Pandora Radio works. Here is a beauty from CCA that just must be seen! Adam is 500 copies away from hitting 500,000 worldwide!!! A priceless letter to Dr. Laura about hypocrisy which actually became the impetus of a West Wing episode! That is an incredible find there, glitterbert! Catzmadam gave us an awesome theory/interpretation on the WWFM video. We speculated on who Adam meant by "Not really, no, I'm kinda sorta casually but not really" dating. LOL. We totally understood that, Adam!!! Adam has truly been the face that has launched a 1000 ships! What is this shipping, you ask? Well, PennyLou and murly explain! We then learned via Markus' tweet that Adam was headed for a high profile charity event, TheArtofElysium. We spent the evening squeeing over RC pictures of Adam in his Feelin' Good suit! Oh, what a beautiful man!


**I'm a bit disturbed by certain fans' choice to report my every move. Who I spoke to, who I sat with etc. Do I get aaany privacy?
**Hahah you guys are right. Guess it comes w the territory. :) still creepy and invasive but a fair trade
**Haha RT @_mmmbop: @adamlambert Why did you shift in your seat at 11:43 pm? 12 minutes ago from Echofon
**Ha so true RT @watkins70: @adamlambert WELL, YOU TWEETED WHERE YOU WERE GOING!!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT????? LOL 28 minutes ago from Echofon

**(i even spelled it right) (dictionary) 4 minutes ago from Echofon
**"Twats": really bizarre tweets. (Adam lambert dictionary) 5 minutes ago from Echofon
**What are your fav lyrics on my album?? I really wanna know which phrases stick in your head. 4 minutes ago from Echofon
**GaGa for GaGa. Show me your Twats. 12 minutes ago from Echofon
FREE BITCH BABY 13 minutes ago from Echofon
**@feedmyspazheart Yes. I'm a FREE... BITCH 19 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to feedmyspazheart
**Seriously can't spell. I'm more of a talker. 33 minutes ago from Echofon
**Oprah!!! about 2 hours ago from Echofon
lovely afternoon w @alisanporter super green shots and vintage shopping. Then **@mrlabryfyp dropped off a beautiful painting of his 4 my home about 2 hours ago from Echofon
**Ah I spelled people wrong again??! about 2 hours ago from Echofon
**I know!! Im looking forward to it!! RT @turquoise_bliss: @adamlambert needs to come to europe :D :D :D about 2 hours ago from Echofon
**I whole heartedly agree!! RT @gludwig396: @adamlambert By sheer talent alone, Alisan & Ferras should be huge stars. Hope it happens!! about 2 hours ago from Echofon
**Wow just about 300,000 followers. Cray cray!!! :) thanks for the support poeple!!! about 2 hours ago from Echofon
** about 2 hours ago from Echofon
**Check out my homegirl Scarlett's website. Http:// @Scarlett_cherry about 2 hours ago from Echofon
**@katemthompson hey lady!!! Muah about 5 hours ago from Echofon in reply to katemthompson
**@KiannaFierce hey girl! about 6 hours ago from Echofon in reply to KiannaFierce
**I would not be on this journey w/o the dedication and support of so many of you! I am grateful and honored. about 6 hours ago from Echofon
**Lets get one thing clear: I loooove my fans!! My comments yesterday were for a select FEW who continue to cross the line. (u know who u are about 6 hours ago from Echofon **Whataya Want From Me music video set to premiere between 6am-10am on Friday morning on VH1. about 6 hours ago from Echofon

**Girl it's make believe @ibevita I like the Maybelline vacation part from Strut. Everyone's always giving shout outs to Maybelline in songs.
**@ibevita but that's such a better lyric. :)
**Hello Chicago!
**@MightyKatrinka yes!!! Gaga insisted that be diff then the first verse. Good ear!
in response to: @adamlambert Re: lyrics in 'Fever': after "you, me, and the stars" it really sounds like you are actually singing "menage etoile". Are you?
**Please, everyone donate even the smallest of what you can. We are so fortunate. Let us give where truly needed.

**Hahahah RT @adamsladyfriend: I have, many leather-bound books...and my apartment, smells less than a minute ago from Echofon
**@xbadxromancex Voodoo is a dark industrial disco tune written w the fabulous Sam Sparro. Will be on international release of FYE. 30 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to xbadxromancex
**@angelbaby000 hit me with a Night C. (night cap) 32 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to angelbaby000
**@pollyness no visit to manila on the books yet. Dunno where the rumor is comin from. Would love to visit someday soon! 33 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to pollyness
**@glambertislove you stole my so and so 34 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to glambertislove
**@GlamGirl1139 I think it's a computer voice... Hahha. We must ask the producer Jeff B 38 minutes ago from Echofon in reply to GlamGirl1139
**@Mitla96 cat nip and honey. about 1 hour ago from Echofon in reply to Mitla96
**@glitteronmyeyes you are correct?? about 1 hour ago from Echofon in reply to glitteronmyeyes
**Back in LA!! Next up is Vh1s Critics Choice Awards on Friday! I'm presenting an award!! about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**RT @scarlett_cherry: I texted "Haiti" to 90999...such a simple way to help.. about 1 hour ago from Echofon
**@jentattrie yes she is! about 7 hours ago from Echofon in reply to jentattrie
**No plans right now... Dunno where that rumor came from. about 12 hours ago from Echofon
**No plans right now... Dunno where that rumor came from. about 2 hours ago from Echofon
**In Oprah's greenroom. Excited to meet her. Watch the show on Tuesday, Jan 19th. about 2 hours ago from Echofon

**RT @planetCOCky: dear @adamlambert, if yew ever want women .. give me a call . i wud have yewr seed any day *licks face* . love -Carmen Ling
**Woah Carmen! Cold shower! :) (but thanks for the offer) hahah
**@TheOprahShow: - Sneak peak of @adamlambert and @Oprah. Watch Tues 1/19 to see the interview and performance!
**Wow!!! This is beautiful!!! WWFM!!
**Great video!!! @cassidyhaley
**@katemthompson good morning starshine... err afternoon technically. They twinkle above you. They twinkle below...
**@greg_wells aaww Ella! How are you Greg?!!!
in response to:
Greg Wells I love my dawg

**Sony Brazil confirmed that they are releasing my debut album "For Your Entertainment" on Jan 25, 2010.
**Rio here we come!! Fiesta!!!!!!!!
**@greg_wells in LA. :) busy busy!
in response to:
Greg Wells: @adamlambert hellooooooooo! I'm good! Where are you now?

**Oh! Ya learn somethin new everyday! RT @antoniosabenca: @adamlambert Brazil loves you, but we speak portuguese, not spanish! it's FESTA!!!
**@katemthompson thanks sweet thang. Whatcha up to!!!? Headress making?
in response to:
Kate Marie Thompson {she designed Ke$ha's headdress}
@adamlambert woohoo! congrats m'dear!

**@ladygaga I'm sure they will understand. You are a glam warrior! Get some rest diva. Sometimes ya gotta listen to your body.
in response to:
Lady Gaga I've been crying for hours, I feel like I let my fans down 2nite. An hour before the show, I was feeling dizzy and having trouble breathing

**@jrhodes85 that's up to your imagination! :)
in response to:
jrhodes85 @adamlambert what are you yelling at the camera in the WWFM video?

**@cb4db64 yes darlin. It will most likely be included on an upcoming remix ep for FYE and WWFM avail in a couple months.
in response to:
cb4db64 @adamlambert Will there b a chance for us lovers of DARK, INDUSTRIAL VOODOO to get it in the USA?
**So it leaked. Oh well :) big old watermark in middle of frame though. Will be on vh1, MTV etc tommorow and on my website on Monday. :)
**Omg I spelled tomorrow wrong again... From now on it's 2m
**@kaarina4adam takes a while for iTunes to upload videos. A couple of weeks probably.
in response to:
kaarina4adam @adamlambert What about iTunes?

**Teddys!!! 33 minutes ago from Echofon
** check out the commercial I filmed for Vevo!! about 11 hours ago from Echofon
**I'm so thrilled the video makes you all THINK! What a lovely payoff! :) about 12 hours ago from Echofon
**RT @jambajim: Whataya think of @adamlambert's (GORGEOUS) "Whataya Want From Me" video? My analysis article + video: about 12 hours ago from Echofon
**Thank you!!! :)RT @lyndseyparker: Watch the new Adam Lambert "Whataya Want From Me" video + read my thoughts - about 12 hours ago from Echofon
**The video will be on iTunes January 26th :) Thanks for your support!! about 13 hours ago from Echofon
**The Whataya Want from Me Music Video has premiered! Please check it out on Mtv, Vh1, Logo, an Nick and their online counterparts. about 13 hours ago from Echofon
** Thank you M. Slezak for the perceptive and positive review! :) about 13 hours ago from Echofon
**Goodnight all! Till 2m about 24 hours ago from web

@krisallen Neil says bubbletweet

From Others:

dimior: 'Alisan was begging him to join them on Aftermath but he kept saying no and sat on the floor. He wanted 'em to have their own moment. Sweet.
lindsav: 'Alisan begged Adam to sing with them. He threw his sparkly boots on stage instead.' Hee!


MichelleCollins Stay tuned... has an exclusive preview clip from @adamlambert 's "Whataya Want From Me" video coming up later today!!
Tommy Just landed in chicago:)
Monte Just made it safely to Chicago
[url=[url=]MiaTyler[/url] - I think if me & @adamlambert had a kid she would look like this & we would name her Lelu
Negative Neil haha my face is the first thing you see on the AI premiere. Eat it, America.
SheriSalata (Executive Producer-Oprah)
**helllllooooo....Adam lambert's in the house.!! Will report back with the scoop.
**watching the hot. adam's eyeliner particularly fab.
**1/19 RT @MonthlyManner: Tuning in for sure! When will it air? @SheriSalata watching the rehearsal...adam's eyeliner particularly fab.
iamtimyap just got word now that adam lambert-kris allen and jabawokeez are coming to manila feb 5 to perform at mckinley hills and feb 6 in cebu. YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT:) ADAM LAMBERT is coming out to Manila too im here with the producers&they re thinking of making Adam the finale
{NOTE: could be rumor}
Alisan Porter @Dragonfly194 he looks so hot! Wait till u guys see it!! Its sooo goood!
in response to:
@alisanporter Adam's clip of What Do You Want From Me - prepare yourself people for heartbreak & sobbing
@alisanporter I can hardly wait -let's see 2 1/2 more days -fingers drumming tabletop impatiently -Thanks for confirming what my heart said

nicholas Adam Lambert is eating dinner at Ping Pong in Chicago.
craiglet (Amy Coleman, Supervising Producer at The Oprah Winfrey Show) adam lambert has left the building.... until tomorrow. i loved his hoodie sweater!! great rehearsal ..he does not disappoint!
vanewpc At roscoes w/ @sutanamrull my love And @adamlambert and jade from rupauls is @ the bar loves

theoprahshow @Jason4evrMyIdol - the episode with @TommyJoeRatliff will be airing on January 19 - be sure to tune in!
Tweet-people from Ophra show:

jambajim. Jim C @ MTV
**@adamlambert Ugh, so sorry for that @PlanetCOCKy tweet, Adam. I knew it was a bad idea to show my mom how to use Twitter.
**Guess who's watching the (gorgeous!) full video for "Whataya Want From Me" right now? Hint: his name rhymes with Tim Pantismello. #BeJealous
**@adamlambert Congrats on the WWFM vid! Just got to watch the full thing. STUNNING. Final shot gave me chills! Look at u, u little actor!
unidentified twitter account: Adam Lambert conquers another Billboard chart. His single "For Your Entertainment" debuts at No. 41 on Hot Dance Club Play.

BWEtvMichelle: Sad news @adamlambert ran by the red carpet but theres still the pressroom! The show was starting he had to go.[/quote]
kristinbensonTomKat leaves. Adam Lambert arrives. This party was supposed to be over at 10. Not happening. This is INSANE. 11 minutes ago from txt
cassidyhaley@adamlambert needless to say you look GORGEOUS in your new video!!! many would kill to be given those angry glares by!

Eva Amurri, Susan Sarandon's daughter Amurri-Lambert better WERK
**Ummm not drunk RT @xandertarigo: At Teddys with @bambolabambina and @adamlambert drunkkkk
**I'm an oldy and a goody...haha RT @xandertarigo: Love reuniting old friends @adamlambert @blakemcgrath
sweetsexysean @adamlambert FINALLY, a way to write you and not have it in just 140 words or less. LOL Now I dont know what to sa (cont)
jenyamato Like zomg, Adam Lambert's elbow just brushed my boob. It's crowded up in here.
**@adamlambert What are you wearing to the @TheArtofElysium charity dinner ? Christian Dior? Proenza Schouler? Gareth Pugh? Rodarte? (Target)?
**In the car with @adamlambert headed to the @TheArtofElysium Gala. SHe is a very pretty white heavenly lady!

Adam’s interview on Israeli TV – interview from Oct, but reposted/reaired in Jan.
Adam’s Finale interview – with Japanese subtitles
Fan video (montage) with PUU
Piano cover of FYE
Post with a bunch of different covers of FYE ty sleepysleepsleep
WWFM teaser clips at AO soon
TFM Being Covered in Asia
Fuse Interviews Parts 1, 2 and 3
LaStupenda's awesome caps: (please note the different versions to choose from, see this post if you need help viewing videos)
Adam Lambert - Interview (FUSE On the Record) [1GB MPG] *Part 1
Adam Lambert - Interview (FUSE On the Record) [224MB MPG] *Part 2
Adam Lambert - Interview (FUSE On the Record) [735MB VOB]Adam Lambert - Interview (FUSE On the Record) [735MB VOB]
BWE's preview of WWFM MV
Second clip of WWFM MV
A star is born clip from AI9
Adam on the radio in Chicago
Sendspace] DL of Adam’s radio interviewtyLaStupenda
NEW FUSE INTERVIEW CLIP:Zodiac Signs/Aquarius/Aries
WTMX Chicago radio interview
MTV unwatermarked WWFM music video
Adam Lambert’s VEVO Hotel Room Party
Adam’s interview with Finnish radio station
WWFM downloadty LaStupenda
VEVO Hotel Party download
VEVO Hotel Party download HQ
Live Feed for Critics Choice Awards
Oprah preview
Adam Lambert & Sarah Silverman - Presenting (Critics' Choice Awards)(01-15-10) [230MB VOB]
Video of Adam at the Elysium Art Gala

Photos from Hotel Café
Hotel Café Hunk
More photos from the Fuse interview
Lots of Photos from VEVO performance
AWESOME BIRTHDAY GIFT for Adam from his Chinese fans – scanned to IDF – everyone encouraged to retweet to Adam
La's screencaps of Fuse interview
More La's screencaps of Fuse interview
Airport pictures
New Wicked video!!! Fiyero Adam!!!!!!
A couple of pretties from the WWFM short clips
Caps and gifs from leaked watermarked WWFM music video:
3, gif
Screencaps: WWFM
Getty Images: Adam at Critics Choice Awards
SCREENCAPS: Adam Lambert & Sarah Silverman – Presenting
Pics from JustJared
Lots of pictures from CCA from jadedoptimist
Pictures from the Red Carpet for the The Art of Elysium Charity Event:
4, HQ

Alisan & Ferras singing Aftermath
Lukas Rossi @ Hotel Café singing Empty City
Clay Aiken - Invisible (directed by Diane Martel)
Clay Aiken - The Way (directed by Diane Martel)
"3" Director's Cut Version
Website for Diane Martel’s Work – she’s doing Adam’s video, apparently
Diane Martel’s Wikipedia Page
Katy Perry before she was Katy Perry – hint: she was Kate Hudson
LiLo’s driver & paps – trouble brewing after getaway from Hotel Café @ TMZ
PerezHilton Adam Lambert's brother being a dick - publicly - to one of his fans! Ouch.
Transcript of Jim Cantiello’s live chat at MJ’s
Jim C@MTV jambajim Ooh - to clarify one of my statements at MJ. When I said I was "relieved" about Adam's success, I was worried the AMA drama would hurt him. I was worried that during Adam's "album promo press tour" he had to address AMAs instead of talking about his killer new album. That's all. this is a follow-up twitter to clarify comments in the chat
It’s Official. Simon’s final year
More on Simon’s final year and new X-Factor
Why Simon is quitting Idol
Katharine McPhee Tells Idol Hopefuls To Stay In the Closet bitch! tm LaStupenda
Kris’s single: LLWD goes gold!
Best Week Ever has been cancelled!
Blake McGrath - "Body Language" Solo (SYTYCD S1)
Blake McGrath - Dancelife Solo

Funny twitter exchanges:
DOUGASAURIS@justcallmehorse Can't wait to see what wardrobe has done with you. E-mail me a pic
justcallmehorsedressed in black, heart attack. get up lets go, off to the oprah show

Adam Lambert RT @scarlett_cherry: I texted "Haiti" to 90999...such a simple way to help.. 4 minutes ago from Echofon
heatherlorinxox: @adamlambert can i borrow $5 so i can donate money to it tooooo? less than 20 seconds ago from web
DamienFahey Nothing against Ke$ha, but if I have to hold down the "shift" key to spell your name, you've already lost me.
Cute lolz recap of WWFM video

Autographed Skin-Graft Jacket for auction (Donors Choose) on ebay
AO info about donating a CD to Music Can Cure
Comments from Oprah from people who want to see Adam
RCA mods at AO respond to confusion about radio requests
Watch the Radio Adds at Mediabase
Haiti text donations to Red Cross pass $5M
Simon Fuller Exiting 19E
Rumors are abounding that Elton John might be replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol as the "truthful one". Simultaneously, rumors are saying EJ turned Idol down. Adam’s Diet
Book Review: You are not a Gadget
More voting @ musiqtone
The Art of Elysium site

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kaetsa's awesome Gridlock Playlist

OHP - Open House Party Information
Listen Live.
To request:
Email -
Phone - 1-800-669-1010
Tweet - @OpenHouseParty
A list of OHP stations


Debunking latest "Idol" false numbers game
An Australian article: Adam Lambert’s debut album For Your Entertainment is released in Australia March 5

Adam in on Simon leaving
Adam takes over the studio all week from 7-8pm, spinning his favorites. 104.3MYfm You can listen here:

41 34 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 12,923 +18%
AdamOfficial is now starting a series of mini interviews with Adam about EVERY track on the album: Music Again
Information from the MOD @ AO on the 700k sales question
article on the Oprah interview
Oprah Clip on E! Online

Gay People’s Choice Favorite Male Musical Artist @AfterElton
Adam Lambert runs into Ex(es)

Streetpulse sales forecast
Review of FYE by Barnes and Noble site (extremely positive)

FYE Review from Barnes & Noble via IDF
Adam/Drake rumor is debunked on,
allmusicguide endorses FYE – from Nov. 09

Dish of Salt interview


Katy Perry, Russell Brand And Adam Lambert Turn Heads At 3rd Annual Art Of Elysium “Heaven” Gala
Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson And Adam Lambert Will Rule 2010
The Art of Elysium: Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, Kirsten Dunst party in a paved paradise
Inside the Golden Globes Hottest Pre-Party: The New York Times Style Magazine bb is on the celebrity A-list!
Afterelton reports on the negative ABC executive comments on Adam

Ryan Seacrest Rock my Town
RCA promo UK states that Adam has sold 700,000 worldwide.

Ke$ha mentions on her iTunes Celebrity Playlist this week
The Zodiac Show: proud of their boy!

USA today Weekly Album Sales Gains:Adam Lambert, Kris Allen

Article on Hati Relief mentions Adam's PSA
Adam will be performing for Ellen's Birthday Bash article on Randy's career advice for Adam and Kris {YAWN}

Adam mention @Axe-Static-Process, the website celebrating Madonna’s musicians
Adam Mention in Tommy Thayer’s (KISS) Interview

promo for Ellen's Birthday episode
Nice write-up on Adam's Oprah appearance on axestaticprocess, Madonna the musician site. You need to scroll down, there is no direct link.
LA Times blog on the RC
Access Hollywood blog SAG Awards
15 4 Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment SBME/ RCA 121.9%
SAG Award Winners 2010 Hold No Surprises


RainbowWarrior made a post on international sales that is an excellent read. We had lots of RC pictures to squeee over. Now, whether you liked the white suit or not, or wanted the fingerless gloves to stay or go; all agreed it was bold move on Adam's part. Fez gave us an explanation of bullets and PF warned that KA may get a bump in sales from AI9. RCA seems to be pushing different songs in Korea (TFM, Soaked), and many wondered if they will they push FYE in the UK and Canada. Sadly, there was no play Saturday night on OHP. To continue the strange saga of OHP, the Sunday DJ tweeted that he would play WWFM and he did. So apparently the Saturday DJ is unprofessional for some reason. The play Newland21 has been tirelessly working on won best overall production and they are heading to the Regionals in May! {Congratulations, newlie and best of luck!!! We <3 U and appreciate all you do here at AWOP!} The best and most exciting news of the day came from Elybe!!! Apparently, Miley Cyrus fell and went recurrent in the Pop Chart! Giving WWFM a bump from #33 to #31! And then when a bunch of songs got purged from Hot AC, WWFM went from #39 to #36! YAY! And, we learned from the Aussie article, not only will Adam be marketed there but he is more than occasionally getting laid!

We thought Adam's earpiece from Saturday night was some kind of communication device connecting him to Planet Fierce, but we found out today that it was just jewellery from PUJA – that guy Adam tweeted about last summer. bb is supporting his friends again! There was a lot of discussion regarding Ryan Seacrest’s Rock my Town mostly as a big, big WTF? because the date's not exactly confirmed and it still seems to be for only 600 people and the venue is "sekrit" O_O! There was also banter about how Ryan will benefit – based on a post by 5th House Sun a while ago that we sadly didn’t keep in our Repository of Awesome Posts. Adam hosted a Full Hour of radio play on 104.3MYfm – and yes! He can DJ, too! Awesome job bb. And we loved your playlist! A nice mix of old & new for kids of all ages. {{{call out}}} to Mushishi – our guy-friend we haven’t heard from in a while. We miss you!

Let the flailing begin!!! It was Oprah Day! Flawless vocals, and gorgeous looks--we saw Oprah singing along like a fan girl! BB was adorable, articulate, beautiful! We then watched in amazement as the Oprah effect took hold of album sales. The day just kept getting better-er: Adam had 3 of the top 5 videos on VH1 site, FYE reentered the top 10 on Amazon album sales (FYE showed a 200% increase on sales in the past 24 hours on their site), and he was listed in the top ten Most Popular artists list on VH1!!! We received information from the MOD @ AO on the 700k sales question to help clear the sales numbers confusion. kdale3 brought us a sample of the awesome promotion from a local FM station in Cebu, Philippines. And, then we settled back to listen to “Adam is InControl” @ 1043MYFM as he DJ ed again (playlist). The night ended with Adam’s video for “For Your Entertainment” as the #1 video on today’s viewer’s choice program on FUSE. Yeah, it was a great day!!!

OPRAH *FLAILING* – more *OPRAH flailing* – more *oprah flailing*. Did I mention that Adam was on Oprah yesterday? There is no way to exhaust the excitement and sheer pleasure of seeing Adam on Oprah. Today was filled with talk of how great Adam was on Oprah – and how much people on other boards have nothing but ‘meh’ things to say about the effect Adam’s appearance on Oprah will have on his CD sales – but we don’t even care because ADAM WAS ON OPRAH and he looked and sounded great and we’re all awaiting the Oprah bump for sales. So … yay! yay! and double yay! And STFU to all those naysayers on other boards. Oh – and Randy Jackson is a douche and ADAM rocked Oprah! And to top the day off perfectly – Adam was on the radio again with a kick-ass playlist that everyone loved! He could be a DJ – but nawwwww – he’s a better rock star!

Lots of Aussie promotion!!! Our beloved purist shared a recap of Adam's interview on JOY FM (Melbourne community radio). We found out bb had tried out for Glee!!! {But, didn't get the part! How rude!} Many then wondered out loud whether Adam would be included in the the George Clooney Help Haiti telethon, what he would discuss with Ryan on his show tomorrow morning, and what the Oprah bounce would be. Talk then began about the possibilities presented by Fashion Week 2/11 – 2/18, and the Kradison concert which is on the 12th, all being in NYC. Everyone was hoping that Adam/Strut would be featured (Christian S. uses his boyfriend's music for his shows; Brad Walsh's mom is a big Adam fan; Brad did the remix of FYE--see how our minds work?) The feathers that were still ruffled by Randy's coattail-riding-irrelevant comments about Adam's album were somewhat soothed by WWFM MV's #7 placement on the VEVO front page. Spins and Bullets were posted. Everyone LOL at the hair in the new Track by Track AO series!!! Yes, bb you ARE beautiful!!! The weird location of the filming was also reminiscent of the Idol Tour Question of the Day videos—remember those? Where it looked like they were filmed in the bathroom??? Tweets broke the news that Adam would be appearing on the Ellen Show on Tuesday, January 26, for her special birthday celebration…and we ended up with an impromptu Ellen cam watch party as the segment was taped!!! Unbelievable news about album sales, and the sales forecast came in. Poor TXArchitect is still longing for an official Adam Lambert T-shirt! And yet, another night of listening to DJ Adam (playlist here) left us happy!

It was a bonus start to the day as Adam spent some time with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. Ryan was a giant *fail* for interview questions and for the first little while we had a lot more fun looking at sekrit pics of Adam sitting in the greenroom than we did listening to Ryan’s lame-o questions (yes, Ryan – we’re fans – we know all the answers to those questions already….) AND listening to actual Top 40 spins (can this stuff really be that popular? WTF?). But fianlly, they talked about WWFM and Ryan gave it a spin, and then they talked about the Grammy RC gig WooHoo! So all the good news got us through the “callers” who couldn’t get more than “I love you Adam” out when they finally had a chance to ask him a question. Discussion on whether or not Adam covering the RC was a good or bad thing…and the board seems to be split on that, but w/e – we all like to do two things 1) look at Adam, 2) hear Adam talk. We can all do both of those things while he’s on the RC so it’s a WIN! for us! Oh and WWFM @ #26 is the highest charting single for an openly gay artist since 1996 – and that’s saying something – M I right America? There were lots of reports from the Haiti telethon, and it was the last night of Adam’s stint as DJ for 104.3MYfm. (yay! he played Purple Rain! And boo no full playlist was posted) From the horse’s mouth (ps - he's not a horse) Adam spent the day relaxing in bed watching a movie, has a new gf (Ke$ha), took a nap and then had a bunch of spelling fails on twitter. A typical day for Adam. We can’t wait until tomorrow.

Information about spins and bullets began our day! WWFM debuted @ #11 on VH1's video countdown!!! A post was brought over from PF about fan expectations as well as some interesting stats for AO. WWFM was still at #23 on iTunes and held steady throughout the day! Unfortunately, there was some fan drama from over sensitive Glamberts with Larry Flick (sigh, bb apologized) and probably had major second hand embarrassment like all of us. There was then some discussion—is it fans/worsters/foos who continue to make the trouble? Probably all three. That's why we can't have nice things. Newland21 made some awesome observations based on her work in the media thread and Hathor explained about voting bots. We then learned via twitter that Adam would be attending the SAG Awards! And, suddenly we were treated to a short RC interview and lots of pretty pictures (see below, Pictures). WinkyDink gave us a nice summary of the magazinesAdam is featured in. Elybe saw promo that Adam would be on ET Canada on Monday! Exciting news for our lovely Canadian fans!!! We then spent the evening guessing what could be the “big news” ET's Brad Bessey tweeted about—Fashion Week? Or the ET Grammy corespondent gig? Our dedicated kaetsa brought over important information about VH1 music video voting. There has been some confusion about voting in the VH1 Music video competition. You can just vote for bb, it is actually better for WWFM's placement. She also informed us that WWFM is now a premium song and will be played this week on any syndicated shows that Clear Channel offers for Top40 stations. So, it was a pretty darn good day!



**@katemthompson LOVE those headresses~! about 1 hour ago from web in reply tokatemthompson in reply to this pic:

**@michcoll hahah love the blow by blow commentary! (even if there was no blowing)
{ @adamlambert Haha thank you! You are seriously dazzling the Queen of Daytime TV... Save the blowing for late night, like a gentleman.}
**# adamlambert Hey guys. The dj gig was pre-recorded a couple weeks ago. I picked songs from a list that I liked. Not taking requests :) enjoy!!!
** - I love fan art!!!! This is genius.


Gonna be on Ryan Seacrest tommorow morning at 7:30am (west coast)

**Watch Hope for Haiti now! My guitarist Monte is playing w Madonna! about 3 hours ago from Echofon
**@negativeneil oh good. Happy drinking. :) about 3 hours ago from Echofon in reply to negativeneil
**Shoot! Entertainment TONIGHT! not weekly. Hahah post-nap haze got me all stupid. about 3 hours ago from Echofon
**Correspondent. Spelling. My specialty. about 3 hours ago from Echofon
**More good news: I will be Entertainment Weekly's Red Carpet Coorespondant for the GRAMMYS! "Who are you wearing?!"
**Plus haven't you all heard? Kesha is my new love. We are very happy together. It's sparkly.
**Oh jeez. More rumor mill: Drake and I are not back together. We have allowed a great friendship to grow since our split.
**Love rainy days in bed w a movie! :) 38 minutes ago from Echofon

**@KrisAllen congrats on your #1 spot on video countdown my brutha!
**@LarryFlick we know we dig eachother Larry!! Sorry for the any fan drama! Hope you're stayin warm in NYC

From Others:

Julie Meise @adamlambert Great to meet you last night darling! Loved your silver blue-tooth accessory ;)
IamCarmitKids get ready! @thezodiacshow is planning a fundraiser 4 Haiti... Stay posted 4 details, it'll be an amazing show w/lots of surprise guests
OpenHouseParty @adamlambert fans I promise we'll play it tonight! Lol wow
oliverleiber, one of the writers for SFW
**@DebbeDiva thanks kid! fingers crossed it'll be a single...xoxo
**BTW... ran into Adam Lambert at Ke$ha's release party at jumbo's clown room!! he was very sweet-what a nice dude!
**@Fianlly SFW was definitely written specifically for Adam. We knew no one else would ever sing those lyrics if he didn't record the song!


MuchMusic Did I mention that Adam Lambert is here on Monday?! Cause he is. {This is the Canadian version of MTV.}
SonyMusic alright @adamlambert fans...his turn on @oprah (EST). he oozes stardom. how lucky are we that he's on sony??
RCAMusic What did you think of @adamlambert's amazing performance on @oprah? Send '@lambert' plus your message to 66937 or tweet w/ tag #adamlambert!
BradBesseyET @adamlambert Just met him...sweetest rock star in the world. He's on our set doing a PSA for Haiti. Humble, handsome and full of heart.
TheOprahShow Need more @adamlambert? Check out his exclusive performance of "If I Had You" from after the show!
MichelleCollins Flawless performance, as always, but I secretly was rooting for some more inappropriate make outing on ABC. Bc I'm sick. #adamlambert #oprah
alisanporter My blue turbin was on oprah! @adamlambert baaahahaha {possible reference to the clip Oprah showed of the 10 Commandments}

New fan tweets:
MissPrincessTee Me? New Fan? Im watching @Oprah and @adamlambert is a guest. He is EXTREMELY well-spoken. I feel impressed..even inspired, when he speaks =)
Rose_bee @EdenQueenBean Listening to Adam Lambert's album - saw a clip of him performing on Oprah today, made me want to go hear the rest
missymoran enjoyed Adam Lambert's interview on Oprah today. I wanted to buff his make up down (just a bit) but other than that, delightful! Wow! #fb
iamjessmess After watching oprah today I totally am loving Adam Lambert-he is just so well spoken,open,humble. And he has great teeth -very important!
Karlashao aaaah i cant believe im gonna say this! IM GONNA BUY ADAM LAMBERT'S CD! there i said it!

Hollywoody = Woody Woodbeck , Emmy Nominated Producer, Casting Director, Publicist, WriterhollyWOODY: My life ON THE WAY to the D-List!
**I don't want it to be true but I met Adam Lambert last night at Mr Black & well; he was a douche; sad cause I adore his music. #fail (twitter-exchange with Littlemtate)
**@Littlemtate I love him 2 but last night he was a jackass & I was totally surprised Maybe he was having a bad night but I wasn't impressed!
**@Littlemtate what did he do! Lol! about 8 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply Littlemtate
**@hollywoody aaahh yeah I don't see adam being a deliberate ass. You are probably right. about 8 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply to hollywoody
**@hollywoody oh we love adam!!! about 9 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply to hollywoody
stevearcos: Adam lambert is soooo at st felix right now
gabbybangbang: At Mr. Blacks with pamelafrancesca, xandertarigo, adamlambert, and Maddie (she’s a designer of witch’s clothing)
LAstylin: @adamlambert I see you at bardot!
ATPnecessary: adamlambert I see you.
xandertarigo: At Mr Blacks with adamlambert gabbybangbang pamelafrancesca vogue vogue vogue
rafflesvanexel (European actor, music consultant and producer)
**Hold on wait a min. Adam wants my phone. He's telling me that I don't give him enough attention. Tweet once in the car. xoxo about 13 hours ago from txt
**OMG I have to be up at 8am. I will let Adam drop me off and the driver will drop him off. about 13 hours ago from txt
**Finally our food has arrived. Pancakes, wipcream and edd white scramble eggs wheat toast. And adam eats like a pig LOL ;-) about 13 hours ago from txt
**Adam Lambert and I just entered IHOP. IHOP in West Hollywood. Come on by, early breakfast is on me ;-)t about 14 hours ago from txt
**Wow, not one to many!!!! A couple to many. Its time to call for a car, bet your Life. Me nor Adam will be driving. about 15 hours ago from txt
**At a club in North Hollywood with Adam Lambert. Bringing the club down.
scarlett_cherry: ...finding glitter everywhere!!!! ...signs of an amazing you @iamcarmit @alisanporter @adamlambert @daniellestori, and Alanna x
alisanporter alisanporter My blue turbin was on oprah! @adamlambert baaahahaha
Broken_Pixie When Kesha was on MOD she said her crush is Adam Lambert and that he's more fun than any straight guy she knows lmao
JustJared:Adam Lambert hung out for Tuesday’s Mr. Black night at Bardot, Hollywood. He sat on the patio and sipped a vodka while saying hello to guests. He was also seen getting quite close with a mystery fella…
MTVAftershow: TONIGHT ON THE AFTERSHOW! Heidi Montag, Adam Lambert. John Mayer, & Much MORE Check it out TONIGHT
BradBesseyET @cynthilu @watkins70 @adamlambert. OK Guys, Adam's PSA airing tonight on Entertainment Tonight 4 sure. Yes, we'll use Time for Miracles.
AliceRadio: In honor of Adam Lambert on Oprah yesterday, look back at Jayn's interview with him! (scroll down)
ShannonElizab: Just saw Adam Lambert-I got so excited!
JessicanHunter FINALLY met Adam Lambert last night at Mr.Black party...Jessica peed her spanx and Hunter creamed his Diesels. Died. He's supes HOT.
Randy Jackson is a HACK and @jambajim is a biased wimp for not defending ADAM. They should go on an island somewhere & be douches together.
justcallmehorseok ... changing gears. umm, "strut"?? hmm. 29 minutes ago from web

jambajim. Jim C @ MTV
*Interesting...* Just heard from a designer friend of mine. The "Idol" world might be represented at NYC Fashion Week in February. HMMMM.
**The Kradison Concert will be held 2/12 at the Highline Ballroom! Good luck winning tix. That place is tinier than Kris! #INeedNewMaterial
Monte Pittman On my way to New York. Playing with Madonna Friday for a Haiti telethon. Stay tuned. No pun intended.
NegativeNatalie @adamlambert in studio w/ @ryanseacrest tom at 7:30 am - listen on @1027KIISFM or online - !
**going to be another good one
**we are going to rock a new song
@Dougasauris With Monte in NY with Madge. Who is playing guitar today on Ellen? :)
**Tommy on guitar
**@GlamUlli we have been very close for many years, we worked Madonna together
** We have both known Adam for about 4 years now
**@catcherofdreamz we is monte and I
** I know nothing about Canada or touring
**@libracatz I'm sure the website is right
** can not release any NYE videos. The music is not mine to release. Monte set up my you tube acct and posted the Led Zepplin song.
**@cb4db64 no lights 4 those shows, I was Monte's guitar tech for those
**@GlamUlli no singing or playing, I do the production side of the show and see that the band gets everything to ROCK IT!!!
**@cb4db64 I worked Violent Femmes 22 years off and on and Poison, Metallica, McCartney, Madonna, and 2 many more 2 list
** I love working 4 Adam because he's such a great guy, what you see is really him. No ego, no attitude, just a genuine nice person
** When he walked on that stage NYE in 2 seconds he OWNED it
**@AwesomeGal4evr Yes he is the real deal, well put
justcallmehorse So, to explain - "strut" is all keyboard bass. So, since we didn't have Monty 'round Tommy played gtr. & I rocked the bass synth. Felt sexy
ADAM_SIGNAL WWFM Music Video is now available for purchase on iTunes in Australia, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, &Switzerland (expected on iTunes US 1/26)

1027KIISFM.@AdamLambert in the KIIS green room! 4 minutes ago from web
NegativeNatalie - Ok here u go!!!! @adamlambert in the green room!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so cool. I LOVE him. So nice.4 minutes ago from TwitPic
alisanporter @adamlambert SICK!!!! Yeeee
OhFerras @adamlambert dope!
negativeneil @adamlambert I'm gonna be Brooklyn's coorspondent this evening. 24-pack's sitting in the fridge!

Dougasauris @anthrogeekPF she said "he's good looking on tv but in person he's SO handsome." {response to someone asking what his wife thinks of Adam}
z100NewYork Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta at one show...our tickets all weekend on Z100!
LarryFlick And if you actually LISTEN to my show, you'll know that I play Adam CONSTANTLY. So, please re-evaluate yourselves and your reaction
**Guess who's expected at SAG Awards tonight? @AdamLambert!
**At SAG after-party: @AdamLambert looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
**No pics allowed at SAG party, so a play-by-ply will have to do.
**Adam's talking to one of the Glee guys.
**Crap, Adam just left. He was mostly being gracious and taking pics with people.
AfterElton Adam Lambert just did a photoshoot for Flaunt Magazine. Will be watching for the pictures.
@adamlambert at The SAG Awards with Cojo talking Fashion!
@FlauntMagazine Adam Lambert got fabulous for our next issue today and tonight he's Flaunt-ing it (on E!) at the SAG awards!!
**@AdamLambert just made a big announcement - l'm so exited I can't tell you! I'll tell you soon when I can break it on ET.
**Home from the #SAG Awards...Great moments with Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson, Meryl, Glee stars & a star's birthday surprise.
**@AdamLambert will have to tell you himself - OR you can watch ET on Monday. Here's your hint - what are two things Adam knows a lot about?
**Adam lambert is 2 tables from me at SAG Awards. I really want to hug him.
**@adamlambert come to HBO party at Spago! We love you! And some of us our pissed that we lost $$ in Idol pool.
NikkiGossip Adam Lambert sitting @ my table. Cuter irl

Backstage footage of Gridlock WWL
Adam leaves Critics Choice afterparty
A locked post at ontd_ai on the Oprah Show taping
The Best Arts are using Adam's ACIGC for a support Gay Marriage video It's very beautiful.
Adam interviewed on Malaysian Radio
Adam interview on Nova100.3 fm
Simms Version of WWFM.
Tommy & Mandy Perkins Kissing YouTube video
Download. NOVA 96.9 AUSTRALIAN RADIO FROM 1-18-10
Download X17 PAP CLIP AFTER CCA 1-15-10
Playlist from Monday Night 104.3MYfm
Download from Megaupload. Adam Only: Monday Night 104.3MYfm
Download. Mediafire.Adam Only Monday Night 104.3MYfm
Download. From Megaupload. Full Show Monday Night 104.3MYfm
Download. Mediafire. Full Show Only Monday Night 104.3MYfm
If I Had You video on Oprah's site (please make sure you give her site hits for bb)
Above on youtube
WWFM on Oprah's site
Backstage interview from the Oprah site
on youtube:
A heartbreaking video with images from Haiti, set to Adam and Noa Dori singing "The Prayer."
P1 Oprah Interview
P2 Oprah Interview
P3 Oprah Interview
Part 1 Oprah
Part 2 Oprah
Part 3
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Oprah)(01-20-10) [131MB AVI]
DJ Adam + Music
DJ Adam only
Randy Jackson Slams Kris Allen & Adam Lamberts Albums – Video series, includes info on S9
Adam’s PSA for Haiti
DOWNLOAD Adam’s PSA for Haiti
Adam’s PSA on YouTube from EW
Adam Lambert - Interview (Oprah)(01-19-10) [1GB RAR:DOWNLOAD] *Part 1
Adam Lambert - Interview (Oprah)(01-19-10) [863MB RAR:DOWNLOAD]*Part 2
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (01-19-10) [363MB TS]
DOWNLOAD Full clip of Adam’s 104.3MYfm IN CONTROL, Wednesday, Jan. 20:
DOWNLOAD Adam’s Parts - 104.3MYfm IN CONTROL, Wednesday, Jan. 20
The After Show, a Canadian MTV show
A podcast from Australia Hot 30 countdown on the FOX radio network (this is different from the JOYFM)
AO Track by Track: FYE single background
DOWNLOAD:KIISFM Interview 1-22-10 MP3 Format ty maggiesgirl
If you prefer, here are youtubes instead
YT:Adam Lambert On Air With Ryan Seacrest 1/22/10 (Part 1 of 3)
YT:Adam Lambert On Air With Ryan Seacrest 1/22/10 (Part 2 of 3)
YT:Adam Lambert On Air With Ryan Seacrest 1/22/10 (Part 3 of 3)
Adam’s Top 3 vids on VH1
YT of Adam’s Interview with Andy & Adrian – Australian radio show.
Australia's JOY FM radio interview with Andy and Adrian on youtube
Singapore radio station interview
SAG RC interview
Paps video of Adam shopping
x17 Vid of Adam getting swag
102.7 Radio Interview 1-19-10
Late addition: download links for Oprah IIHY

{TY, maddie and MyJacket!}

A vest pictorial from ontd_ai
Wireimage Adam arrivals at NY Times Style Magazine pre-party for the Golden Globes Awards
Adam Lambert- Whataya Want From Me sims 2
The King in a white suit
More pictures of Adam on the RC in white
Pictures CCA after parties, awesome mirror shot
screencaps from Oprah
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (Oprah)(01-20-10) [131MB AVI] Screencaps
Adam Pics in Life Magazine
Screencaps from the Ellen cam
pretty eyes
RC SAG Awards
More RC SAG Awards
Lots of SAG RC Awards

Coachella 2010 will include Jay-Z, Muse, Thom Yorke, Pavement, Faith No More, Phoenix and others @latimesblogs
HeyYa (from Adam’s radio playlist tonight) with the Peanuts Gang
Zac Baird from Korn – Adam’s new keyboardist – video
Axe-static-Process Website, celebration of Madonna’s musicians, including Monte Pittman
Madonna & Haiti from Madge-tribe
Remake of We Are the World – info @ newsstory
List of Stars appearing/working @ Friday’s Benefit for Haiti
Madonna - Like A Prayer (Hope for Haiti)(01-22-10) [312MB TS]
screencaps Madonna - Like A Prayer (Hope for Haiti)(01-22-10)

Runway pix of Bill Kaulitz, an mention Adam :p

Another POLL – JimmyFallon, Fave American Idol Contestant of all time
Fuse replaces FYE with WWFM – PLS VOTE
Ke$ha interview
Help Haiti Telethon Press Release
Simon Cowell Plans Haiti Benefit Single
For Haiti, from one of Adam's favorite designers, Nicolinaroyale
Quincy Jones To Remake 'We Are The World' For Haiti
3 fans' MVs (FYE) Music MOD contest entry
Cosmopolitan magazine with tiny picture on sale @ ebay
A commercial for Swedes thanking them for paying their broadcasting fees. They are "heroes".

AO links recommended by nds575
Voting for all things Adam @AO
On-going events and links to the "good old" stuff

The Band playing at that NAMM conference
Longinue is inviting people to party with him in NY

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kaetsa's awesome Gridlock Playlist

OHP - Open House Party Information
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To request:
Email -
Phone - 1-800-669-1010
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A list of OHP stations

BUY WWFM on iTunes NOW

discostick and Elbye suggest we seriously participate in Rate the Music as it is a tool actually used by radio stations and will help a song's climb.


Adam and JT hit it off at SAG party


34 20 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 20,860 +61%
AO Track by Track WWFM
Toronto Sun Adam Lambert as Wild as Ever

Adam Lambert works at getting beyond 'the kiss'
Adam Chronology in SanDiego News: Adam Lambert – Get the Birthday Cake Ready
Satirical Blog on Adam’s New Line: Shock: Adam Lambert’s new clothing line exposes genitals srsly – it’s LOL!

IDOL CHIT CHAT: Adam Lambert in Canada
AO Track by Track video: Strut
Product sponsorship: IOION, the Italian fashion craze of innovative, waterproof watches
Aquarius_Girl designed pendant and Tim at PennyRoyal Silver made the gift for Adam from AO

HB Adam from
HB Adam from
Adam wins Slacker-Chick-of-the-month
Lambert Mania hits Fantasy Springs Casino
Birthday Message from Adam Lambert fans in Brazil

Transcript of maddie's interview with Adam for Serafina, a Sunday magazine of one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil



Latest email from Ellen – Adam mention
Adam mention (pic, too) in Australian tabloid – Winning Style
Adam with JT on front page of
Adam mention in Press Release for Vevo commercials.
Adam in V-Man magazine – coming out Thursday

The front page of People.comhas a picture of Adam and Carrie for the Quiz: Are you an Idol AllStar"
Celebrity Gossip Adam Lambert Photo Gallery

Shaun Proulx mentions Adam: The 4:20 – The Meaning Of Matthew Shepard + Adam Lambert

American Idol:' Adam Lambert skyrockets on Billboard chart; Kris Allen falls
How to Win American Idol from Psychology Today
Randy once again talks about Adam

Adam mention in MTV article: Lady Gaga Took A Fast Track To Fame And The Grammys

RuPaul, Wall Street Journal interview
Grammy Awards Day 2. The style.
Adam Lambert makes Grammy Fashion Predictions
Adam Lambert joins ET for the Grammys
Adam Lambert Grammys red carpet debut at Staples Center: American Idol new correspondant for ET
DRAKE, Ferras, Lohan, and Ronson at Adam's B-day Party
Adam Lambert - The Fourth Talisman of Musical Hope
Alessandra Torresani leaves Adam Lambert's birthday party at the Mondrian hotel in LA
An article about the Grammy rehearsals
Adam Lambert: Right Star, Wrong Decade?


As days go all that can be said about today is “Slow day is Slow”. There was some early discussion about ageism which stemmed from a post on Sat. night. The consensus seems to be: DNW labels like frau, cougar, or other age-related nicknames – and people of all ages “should know better” when it comes to manners & rudeness. The rest of the day was mostly spent flailing about Adam's SAG appearance & his hobnobbing with the bigshots and more flailing about the pic that emerged with Adam & JT! Keep on hobnobbin’ bb – you’re doin’ it right.

Oh Canada! Or should I say O CanAdam! eh? Today was Adam in Canada day and the whole country shut down for this EPIC event. Not really – maybe next time, though. Judging from the crazies attending Adam’s MOD session, a lot of people gave up their day to see him. Great reception and a lot of lulz in the audience! Actually MOD - was a combo of screaming, *facepalming* and :D. . No singing, tho? Lots of comments about the Q interview - best ever - best Q's (ha ha!) and Adam was – as usual – articulate and interesting. There were lots of radio interviews (see Video/Audio section) - all good & interesting and MUPpets commented on all. Other events of the day? The mystery of the shoulder thingy on SYTYCD was solved and posted by ToxicLED1309 and murly made a request for people to help finish off a DC project – hold my keys, please MUPpets to the rescue. As expected, the project was completed verrrrry quickly – Yay MUPpets! Overall, it was a bonus Adam day marking the beginning of Adam’s International promotion. One thing is for sure - CANADA AGREES WITH ADAM. Note: there's a lot of media from Canada - to much to add the links here - please check the Video section for the Canadian interviews and pics.

FYE is reportedly Gold in US and Canada! He just needs that #1! The spins and bullets are here. We finally got to see Adam's performance for Ellen's birthday--Strut! It was an awesome and playful performance! Adam gave Ellen an autographed framed picture for her Help Haiti Auction. Adam included a signed pair of Ellen Briefs! And, yes, cj and I are waiting for our gift from you, maddie ;) brought us news about the Japan FYE release--MP, DTRH, NB and VODOOOoo!!!! It also contains the Making of FYE and WWFM music videos??? (Get yours for roughly $30) And, the lovely and talented cj presented us with a very organized Adam's Canada Media Summary Post from Monday, Jan. 25. WWFM, the music video, quickly rose to #1 on iTunes USA and Canada! He got 15 POP adds! Hathor is going to the Kradison concert!!!! So happy for you, bb!!!

Wednesday morning started with some discussion about the fallout from the AMA’s based on Adam’s candid Canadian interviews and esp. the TO News article.. We will probably never know the true fallout – and nobody wants !sadpanda Adam. Still, it was interesting to hear new deets from Adam about that event that we thought we’d heard enough about. We also found out that Adam is going to the UK in April Yay! for all the Lambrit MUPpets! There were also some interesting comments about America with a real WTF America?? feel! Oh – and without explanation I can just add that there’s a consensus on the board that Constantine Maroulis can STFU –y’all know what I mean, right? And we want to be friends with Shaun Proulx from a gay-press Canadian who conducted a 2-part interview with Adam and seems to have been quite taken with bb blogging later about bb’s relevance in today’s society. And great news! WWFM is in Power Rotation for 4 weeks! Yay!

Unfortunately, it seems Adam's AOL Sessions will be held up. Here are the spins and bullets and a nice #s summary. Should we look for WWFM to rise in the charts? A source from the Pulse, thinks so. SusanL. gives us a nice recommendation about putting all things into perspective: Adam the International Superstar[/url]! TY sweet Susan, we love and need you! And, to help us prepare for the naysayers, PennyLou researched "what makes a hit" song! A Making of WWFM music video popped up on a Canadian site!!! US fans were scorned! Our very own northernlight came to our rescue, ripped it and put it on youtube!!! Our hero!!! Major flailing took place as we got a behind the scenes peak of Adam at work, interacting with the others onset WWFM, seeing his BARE CHEST!!! rose to #1 in Pop and #2 Overall on the Canadian iTunes!!! SB1965 will be attending Adam's casino gig!!! {Have fun and bring back the deets!!}

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM LAMBERT! Although the birthday bash didn’t start until evening, MUPpets were quick to add their birthday wishes to the first BD wish of the day sent by the band’s TommyJoe. laynie came through with another beautiful poem – this one with a special birthday message. You always rock laynie We were treated to a cool birthday message from a male fan @ IDF and of course, lots of tweets from Adam’s friends. Congrats to SB1965, open2it, and socalgirl2424 for scoring tickets to the Fantasy Springs gig in Palm Springs – lucky, too because that joint will be sold out in no time – as SF keeps telling us via twitter. Adam’s party location was “leaked” via twitter and MUPpets were all DNW drama/trauma & paps at the party. But for the ‘arrivals’ there didn’t seem to be any media – wanted or unwanted. Congrats to Lambski – after 6 years of waiting she has finally heard her FAVORITE ARTIST on KISS FM in Chicago. Of course we all know who that favorite artist is! It must be that guy who’s been trending on twitter for almost 24 hours #happybdadam! And did I mention what the universe gave Adam for his BD? It’s just like “It’s a Wonderful Life!”

The spins and bullets for WWFM were examined. It was then time for flailing, tears, and squeeeeing as WWFM took the number one spot on VH1's countdown! SusanL's post summed up so perfectly the day and our wishes for Adam's birthday: "I hope Adam felt lots and lots and lots of love all day yesterday. The #1 Video, the Twitter trending all day, the Donors Choose donations, the beautiful necklace, all the fanvids, truckloads of cards and letters I'm sure, rapidly selling concert tickets....what wonderful gifts, and all so appropriate. It felt great to be able to give back to him in some small ways." AO fans donated $57,889 to DonorsChoose for Adam's birthday!!!
There has been some talk around the other boards of possible Citizen Vein work based on Monte's tweets (see below, Tweets, Other) and a rumor of someone who attended Gridlock. WWFM is #2 on the Top 10 rated Pop songs on Rate The Music! But the most spectacular news of the day was from our very own and much loved maddie!!! She shared with us her exclusive interview with the one and only man of our dreams, Adam Lambert!!!! (Read her transcript here and a few extra, very touching, thoughts here.) {Congratulations, bb and thank you for sharing it with us! We love you!} And, Mr. Fierce attended Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala looking beautifull!


Toronto!!! I'm here! 30 minutes ago from Echofon

**@keshasuxx when are you taking me to dinner lover?
**@rosemcgowan with a gorgeous gorgeous woman! (in reply to last night's tweet from rosemcgowan)
**Toronto: call into Kiss 92.5 if you wanna hear from me!! 416 870 8888
**Thank you @sarahmaytaylor and @jessegiddings for being so sweet to me today on MOD 25 January 2010, 7:44 PM, PST

Happy Birthday Ellen!!! I will be on her how today singing and droppin it to STRUT! Tune in! 3pm (pst)

**RT @DonorsChoose: Happy Birthday to Adam Lambert, who turns 28 on Friday! His birthday wish is at

Check out Matt Giruad's new single "You Don't Know Me" available now on iTunes and Amazon!

**@TommyJoeRatliff thnx Glitterbaby!!! from Echofon in reply to TommyJoeRatliff
**RT I feel u @HelloJonte: Going to bed! doing a crazy shoot for PAPER MAG @ 8am lol. I should keep on my hair&make and arrive already beat.
**28?!?!?!? Is it a full moon?
**@negativeneil: NYC: My friend MADE a documentary! premiering TOMORROW @ IFC Center. Trailer here: 10:02 PM Jan 28th from Echofon
**RT @negativeneil: Facebook event for Off and Running 10:02 PM Jan 28th from Echofon


From Others:

**is doing adam lambert's nails this tuesday in Toronto for a press release!
**i'm doing adam lamberts nails thid tuesday in the T dot for a press release! woot*
rosemcgowan: Two pretty, pretty boys @mdmolinari & @adamlambert

keshasuxx @adamlambert For ur birthday after ur spankings kitten: ) in response to Adam’s “when are you taking me to dinner lover? “
raevotta Why this job is awesome -- just got a sneak preview of the @adamlambert @aolsessions sizzle reel. The staff shot some beautiful footage! 6 minutes ago from Seesmic
lyndseyparkerFirst @AdamLambert went glitter, now he's officially gone gold! Congratulations to him.

Jessie, Canada's MTV After the Show Hey glambert fans! Glam Squadders? Meeting Adam Lambert today- obviously gonna wear sequins and fingerless gloves... but what should I ask?
lyndseyparker "Next Adam Lambert" my ass. There is only one.

**@smg2m Adam is having a huge birthday bash in LA with probably 150 people there. "I'm going to celebrate big time!”
**@adamlambert The interview will air online at 5:10pm EST tomorrow on xS about 2 hours ago from web
**@adamlambert Wonderful meeting you yesterday & glad you thought my questions were "cerebral"! xS about 2 hours ago from web
**listening to @adamlambert do an interview. God he's briilliant at interviews. Actually interested and excited about everything!
**what a lot of laughing for an interview! I am laughing just listening to them! 3 minutes ago from web
**@outsideorg i totally agree! A proper popstar, and sooo lovely! 4 minutes ago from web in reply to outsideorg
**@outsideorg yes, he was actually just talking about him
19News: Watch @adamlambert performing "Strut" on @TheEllenShow
ConstantineMLove sum @adamlambert jus wish the approach on the record was a bit different. Had the world in his palm...coulda been 1st Daughtry BIG!
idolsnow: Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me" rockets up Billboard Hot 100! Last week #55, this week #37
BradBesseyET What’s even more brilliant is….It was his idea! I love that he does what he wants..makes his own rules..has fun. Great guy.

FantasySprings {their website}
**Guess what #americanidol we have coming on Feb 27th? ... @ADAMLAMBERT !!!!! Tickets go on sale tomorrow
**Update 2 site regarding @adamlambert will B up shortly. U all found out mins after we did. Tix online, ovr phn, or in person at box office
Sony UK promotion people:
shoshannastone: So @NirvanaDC has spent the morning in the company of Adam Lambert doing his first UK press shoot. First of 3 billion.
NirvanaDC: so just spent the morning with Adam doing our first UK shoot. I have to say one of the nicest, most professional and down to earth people
**@AdamLambert's birthday is tomorrow. We just shot our #Grammy promo with him & surprised him with cupcakes. about 1 hour ago from web
**@timesmasher - Not Live. He'll be on Sunday night & ET Monday night. Best & Worst dresssed. He says he won't be mean. 10:59 AM Jan 27th from web in reply to timesmasher
Alisan Porter Looks like I'm wearing a bra and an angry face to @adamlambert bday. So far, not so good. Praying to the fashion gods
Megan Joy working with Nikki and Rich right now... too cool. Then its off to see the Used THEN tomorrow is Adams Birthday party!!! YAAAAAAY!!!
ainow @AdamLambert will be a special guest on VH1's Top 20 Music Video Countdown on February 20th

tommyjoeratliff@adamlambert Happy birthday, baby boy!
jambajim jambajim @adamlambert Welcome to the 28 club, friend. By now u should be over your quarter-life crisis but starting to dread the big 3-0. IT'S FUN!!!
JoJoistheway #HappyBDayAdam !!!!!!! @AdamLambert you sexual vanilla pudding pop!! Lol xoxo
michaelsarver1 Happy Birthday to my friend @adamlambert. I hope u have an incredible day surrounded by peolple u love. Love ya buddy!
KrisAllen @adamlambert happy bday buddy! I'll see ya tonight
ImMattGiraud Hey boy hey! @adamlambert have an awesome birthday! Wish I could be at the partay!! Thanks for plugging the tune my brotha!! I wouldn't...:) 43 minutes ago from txt
BradBesseyET#HappyBdayAdam - So happy we'll be celebrating Adam's B'day weekend with him at The Grammys for ET. Promo runs tonight. Love that guy.
WehoDaily RT @RobertKovacik: #WeHo: Heavy security 2nite for #AdamLambert birthday bash at Mondrian Hotel on #SunsetStrip
thezodiacshow Happy Birthday @adamlambert!!! It's safe to say your Change Has Come!! ... rcAWtVhb0c
GigiSutton RT @blueskiesandsun: Heard Slash giving an interview on radio today. He was gushing over @adamlambert #Happybdayadam
THEsaragilbert: i knew i had the same birthday as oprah but now i see i share it with @adamlambert. could this day get any better?
JBoJasonBowers Adam Lambert just asked me for a cookie. That's not a euphemism.
gocheeksgo @adamlambert Happy Berfday! Just got ur gift. As I was checking out, ur bday interview came on the store radio. What is this reality?! Xo
lindsaylohan @adamlambert BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!!!! about 2 hours ago from web in reply to adamlambert
**happy birthday 2 U, happy birthday 2 U, happy birthday dear @adamlambert , happy birthday 2 U! #happybdayadam !!!
**@t4miracles we sang 2 @adamlambert this morning :) Good thing u can't hear our voice over twitter-there's a reason we work behind the scenes[/quote]
**getting pretty for a birthday party! what to wear? @adamlambert wants fierce and festive...ill see what i can do. lol.
**I call it cowboy greaser in the 23rd century. the secret is the baby blue undies hiding underneath
**#HappyBdayAdam All hotel packages 4 your show have been sold out & tickets are going fast!
**Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, UK, Massachusetts – People all over the world are buying tickets to see @AdamLambert here @FantasySprings 2 minutes ago from TweetDeck
**@adamlambert sighting at @thegrammys styling lounge !!
**@adamlambert just took my one of a kind 3 piece navy bensherman tux and looks sexy!!

**And now samantha ronson is spinning 'welcome to the jungle' w slash in the house
**Alisan iraheta in the old is she again??
Jai Rodriguez Adams bday party was so fun. Very familiar group of wonderful peeps. Bday boy looked adorable!!!
Leo Moctezuma
**Its going Dzown at @adamlambert Bday party. So happy for him. Fly sexy people havin a good ol'time. Shot Shot Shot Shot! I love my friends!
**Fanfuckintastic Night! As much as I wanted to do the after hours party... I Am Spent.
Monte Pittman
**Me and @lisa_pittman had a great time at @adamlambert 's bday party tonight.
**@rather_sail at first, I asked Allan Louis who he thought was the best singer in LA because I think the "Zodiac/Club Makeup" singers...
**are the best in the world. I told him I was starting a band and wanted the best singer. He told me about Adam.
**I kept trying to find him and @leecherry had him in to do the Zodiac show.
**Adam and I were like "hey, I think you're the guy everyone's been telling me about"
**and he was like "hey, I think you're the guy everyone's been telling me about". That was the beginning
**@OutlandoGirl he did Glamorize all by himself. Music, production, everything. I guess we have more than 23 songs then...
@maggiestorm - My and my boys @negativeneil and @adamlambert... I love you two so much it hurts. I'm not a fan of the buzzkill {This is Adam's aunt}
thebigpa At Adam Lambert's birthday party.Samantha Ronson is DJing, Lindsay Lohan is stalking and Slash is walking around looking cool.
Travis Wall @adamlambert HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sorry I'm not in LA for ur party! I'm stuck in Ohio!
Darren Hayes work-out playlist:
Kathy Griffin Well, I was just told 2 go talk 2 Juliana @ E! 4 Grammy red carpet tomorrow, not Ryan:) I like her. She's nice. For ET...ADAM LAMBERT! YES!! {this is not a verified account}
xandertarigo @adamlambert amazing bday party last night. Loved meeting your mom she’s fabulous! Bon Voyage on your world tour…

Adam on Oprah – IIHY.mp4
Adam on Oprah – IIHY.flv
website for MUCH ON DEMAND, where we expect Adam’s vid to be posted after his appearance on Monday
YouTube fashion review of SAG with a little Adam
SAGs 2010: Adam Lambert of American Idol
SAG RC, Adam at 2:58 (2 secs)
Adam taking pics on the RC @ SAG
Adam – MUCH on DEMAND Part 1 on YT
Adam – MUCH on DEMAND Part 2 on YT
Adam – MUCH on DEMAND Part 3 on YT
Adam – MUCH on DEMAND Part 4 on YT
Adam – MUCH on DEMAND Part 5 on YT
Adam in Studio with Virgin Radio’s Billie
YT Adam’s Chum interview part 1 of 2
YT Adam’s Chum Interview part 2 of 2
Adam’s Q interview Part 1 of 3 on YT
Adam’s Q interview Part 2 of 3 on YT
Adam’s Q interview Part 3 of 3 on YT
DOWNLOAD Adam’s Q interview
YT Adam on Kiss FM 92.5:Part 1 of 2
AYT dam on Kiss FM 92.5:Part 2 of 2
MAN IN A BOX with Adam
680 News Rudy Blair interviews Adam - yt vid
Adam on ET Canada - yt vid
Virgin96 Radio Interview
ETonline: Adam and Cojo Talk Grammy Red Carpet, youtube version
Adam Lambert - Strut (Ellen)(01-26-10) [414MB TS] {TY, La!}
{TY, maggiesgirl for the above rips!!!}
AO Track by Track WWFM, on youtube
The full ET-Adam-Grammy's RC announcement
Adam on eTalk, youtube
Adam on eTalk, download
Help Haiti vid Using MadWorld
YouTube Help Haiti Video: A Prayer for the People of Haiti - Adam Lambert and Noa Dori "The Prayer"
Shaun Proulx’s interview with Adam
Jan. 26 - Adam Montage on Idol
Chinese Fans give Adam EXCELLENT Birthday Wishes
Adam’s Vancouver Virgin Radio interview from Tuesday Jan. 26
The Adam Interview
Part 1
Behind the Scenes/Making of WWFM music video
Download {TY, northernlight! This is a better quality dl from our very own nl!}
the Proud FM interview
Adam Lambert interview on PopEater
The Slice Interview Part 2
Adam Spills Birthday Secrets with ET
Adam on Cash Radio – Interview Jan. 29
COLLECTION OF Happy Birthday Videos @ AO
ET Promo for Adam’s RC gig at the Grammy’s
Adam’s Daily Fix Promo
short Adam interview by boytoyjesse21 -
Adam Lambert - KIIS FM Grammy Interview
52nd Annual Grammy Awards - 104.3 MYfm w/ Adam Lambert
Paparrazi video outside the hotel of guests leaving Adam's bday party
The complete Zodiac Show "Change Is Gonna Come"

Pics from the SAG Awards
ADAM @ SAG from JustJared
Some candid Adam photos on this Blog
cj's SuperLaserEyes Adam Woos You with his MAGIC! gif
cj's Man-in-a-Box Finger licking good gif!
Adam Lambert - Strut (Ellen)(01-26-10) Screencaps
HUGE HQ versions of the VMan pictures
Gorgeous screencap from VMan video {TY, maddie!}
Adam Airport in TO pics
Celebrity Gossip Adam Lambert Photo Gallery
More Shawl pictures
Photo Diary of Adam with ShaunProulx @
Adam in FACES you have to click to see it!
larger version of the screencap of WWFM bare chest Adam
Adorable "nope" gif of Adam
Grammy Studio photos.
Twitpic of Adam and RandyJackson
Twitpic of TopazHolly’s BD Art for Adam
A picture from Adam's bday Party
Picture of Adam, his aunt and Neil
Screencap of WWFM #1 on VH1's homepage
Birthday picture with Jackie Thon
Pictures from Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party
More pictures from Pre-Grammy Party
Even more gorgeousness from the evening

Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris - Hallelujah ( Hope For Haiti Now - Telethon ) HD / HQ
Adam Lambert -When you look at me. Montage dedicated to Adam Lambert's older fans
youtube of Matt Morris & JT on Ellen
Kelly Clarkson on MUCH on Demand
Gale Harold's (from Queer As Folk) shoot for Flaunt (HAWT!)
Logineu planning to meet up with fans for a bd party: possibility of giant *facepalm*
Johnny Weir – Ice Skater
Carrie Underwood to sing SSB @ SB
Instant Gratification by GoCheeksGo

funny twitter exchange
AmericanTop40: Aside from the nominations - who's gonna have the best performance at The Grammy's this weekend? 23 minutes ago from web
gradam1 @AmericanTop40 Well he's not singing so just watching Adam Lambert breathe will be the best performance for me during the show. 15 minutes ago from web

** - airplane studio coming tgthr. almost ready 4 long flight 2 venezuela. hrs of inflight programming
**Caracas w/ koRn
Ke$ha's Valentine Performance in NYC Will Adam show up?
An article from Brazil that needs translation, maddie is working on this.
A quote to honor the passing of J.D. Salinger, {it reminded MadTex of Adam}
“An artist's only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else's.” J.D. Salinger
Lady GaGa honoring Sir Elton John 2/11
CBS Considering Airing Gay Dating Site Ad During Super Bowl
Info on AOL Radio and other “streams”
Recipe for Rubio's Fish Tacos {TY, Winky!}
The Lessons of Lady Gaga
Latin American happy birthday Adam video

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:19 am 
...hold me in my arms...

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Jan 31 - Feb 6

Please see Fez's One-Stop Poll Shop to vote in the latest polls!

kaetsa's awesome Gridlock Playlist

OHP - Open House Party Information
Listen Live.
To request:
Email -
Phone - 1-800-669-1010
Tweet - @OpenHouseParty
A list of OHP stations

BUY WWFM on iTunes NOW

discostick and Elbye suggest we seriously participate in Rate the Music as it is a tool actually used by radio stations and will help a song's climb.


PR on Fantasy Springs Resort site for Adam's February concert.

maddie’s post & article displayed at IDF!
Info About Adam’s fan mail from AO

20 38 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 14,361 -31%
LA Times: Adam Lambert celebrates his birthday and the Grammys in style
Lyndsey Parker's interview: Adam Lambert, the front porch interviw, Part 1
WWFM got 10 Top 40 Adds

AdamLambert: What have you done to me – blog
Adam Lambert – the new face of glam rock from timesonline UK

Shaun Proulx's Adam Lambert Interview

Fantasy Springs hosting a Glamily Reunion
EBAY – Adam’s Undies sold for $8500
Adam Lambert no totally gay.
Shy Adam Lambert comes to town – in MacLeans (Canada)
Link to SCAN of MacLeans article: Shy Adam Lambert Comes to Town

Mod post from AO about WWFM and a new single Adam Lambert escapes the wintry weather Friday, touching down in Mexico
China's biggest Top40 station, For Your Entertainment is #1


Adam and Jordan designing pendants with Penny Royal for Haiti
TMZ Grammy Fashion Grammy photo gallery

EW Grammys Style Poll
Adam mention in LATimes: Grammy Fashion
More Adam mentions in NYTimes Grammy Fashion News
Adam mention in Concert Sales update from SanDiego NN
Adam mention in AirPlay Gains from USA Today
OMG! Report on Grammy Fashion

Lindsay Lohan didn't ruin Adam Lambert's Birthday
Guess Who’s (Possibly) Coming to the Oscars? {It's laughable but it is the NYTimes!?}
Anna Kendrick mentions Adam, but doesn't say she will be asking him to escort her to the Oscars

Adam mention in EXCLUSIVE! ‘American Idol’ Makeup Artist Mezhgan Hussainy Reveals Her Top 5 Favorite Idol Makeovers
Adam mention in an Interview with Dilana from RockStar Supernova

CMT is annoyed with Adam's criticism of Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert's Grammy frocks
blog from mid January from the woman who did the Citizen Vein videos and photos Adam's guilty pleasure
Adampicture with birthday mention in print People magazine
Lee Cherry blog and pictures of Adam's birthday party

Terrific Twitter Trio: Spin Magazine – Adam is one of the three
Adam tops list of all-time great AI performances

Philippines mention in Kris concert article
Jim Cantiellos' Tweet Beat


The spins and bullets. Yes, there is a negative bullet probably due to the unsavory Saturday OHP DJ. On a brighter side, many woke up to the awesomeness of maddie's interview and began a second round of flailing! (The transcript is here, in case you missed it.) WWFM is #1 on Tunes Canada!!! And, apparently Adam posted a baby picture on his birthday! Fierce, even as a baby! There was some debate over venue size for Adam concerts, wishes for a Vegas show, a sighting of a promo for E! programming using Brad Walsh's remix of FYE in the commercial, and then a return to flailing as Grammy RC photos began to appear. BB looked stunning! BB was adorable ! But, just when we thought we couldn't go wild about anything else, news came in that WWFM is #23 in Top 40
#31 in HAC !!! Will Adam ever win a Grammy? annab's research is quite interesting.

WOW! Another interesting Monday! The board is still flailing over all the weekend epic - bd party, swag, pre-grammy, grammy - and of course all the epic of seeing bb on the ET RC interviewing everyone. Plus he made a lot of best-dressed lists - which caused more flailing. Reminder from AO about sending fanmail - if you've sent him a note and expect to hear from him not to worry. His rep at 19E says might take several months but he will do it. We are still getting interviews from Canada - there are lots of positive comments here - there - everywhere - on bb's interviews from the Great White North. Insightful, entertaining and not-to-be-missed. (go, go, go to the video section for downloads!) maddie's article is making the rounds - she's our hero!

The bullets and the spins for #22!!! That's right, WWFM is #22!!! Adam's ET segment was even better than most were expecting, almost a television commercial for bb and they used Strut! Talk centered around what the next single should be. Many would love Fever but are concerned about radio play because of the male pronoun. The bids on Adam's photo and underwear are up to $7605 on eBay. Scorned PUU got a little attention in the Lyndsey Parker interview (Part 1) and we learned there was another photoshoot! :)

Today we got the release of Part 2 from Reality Rocks - Lyndsay Parker's front-porch interview. Just say words Adam, keep saying words and your fans will be happy! There is still more HILARITY from Canada. Who knew that Adam was good at game shows??? Anyone? And DUCK HUNT! lol! bb knows that? When he said he will surprise us he wasn't kidding! Adam tweeted that he is taking a holiday - and what a coinkydink - Tommy has vacay, too! Are they going together? This little twit-bit cause lots of speculation and even more shipping which led to extended discussion on who hates Tommy. Inevitably when shipping starts there is mention of Kradam - the question of the day "why so much Kradam" on the other boards today? Um, duh - not too hard to see why! We didnt' miss it - we just don't talk about it here. FS Casino says they’ve never had tickets sell so fast as they have for Adam's show and they confirmed that Adam will have an opening act. Week by week totals for WWFM from PF were posted. Finally the ONTD_AI donors choose chat with Adam is happening – soon! Oh, and BTW, in case you didn't know, Adam looks pretty on the radio

FYE is the single in the UK and the UK promotion seems to be an awesome roll-out. The bullets and spins Everyone loved the pictures that have been released for Adam's birthday party. MadTex offers some insight on the friends-with-exs and the LBGT community. {TY, bb} Elbye answers concerns about WWFM radio play and progress.

Today we got a new Adam pic from Album shoot ty laynie There was also skepticism about the glamily reunion that FS Casino announced. MUPpets thought it might bring out the BSC (of course it will) and there was some talk of whether or not it was questionable profiteering? I mean, FS didn't even confirm that Adam would be there. I guess we’ll see as some MUPpets are planning to go – gl girls. And the holiday speculation from earlier in the week spawned a discussion on FanFic and some MUPpets thought we should think about starting a fanfic thread at AWoP. In the end our Fearless Leader pointerspoint decided against the idea but it was interesting to read the MUPpets comments on fanfic and Fantasy-Adam nonetheless. There’s a call for British fans to start a movement for when Adam gets there – they want mass hysteria – come on lambritts (I know everyone doesn't like that name - first decision is do you guise want to be called that?) anyway, mass hysteria! – you can do it!

WWFM mv dropped to #2 this weekend on VH1, so try to do a little more voting if you can. Spins and bullets, all of which Elbye helps us make sense. WWFM MV was #1 HOT VIDEO on MTV today. An AO mod post not verifying the Fantasy Springs Concert caused some concern but socalgirl2424 reassured us that this was kind of common practice for RCA. After the picture of Adam, Tommy and Sutan was posted most of the discussion focused on personal likes/dislikes/peeves about the possibility that Adam and Tommy could actually be a couple. Legers made a beautiful and thoughtful post. Chicago's WKSC (Kiss station) played WWFM SIX times today and apparently the OHP dj gave WWFM a spin tonight.


**Grammy day!!!!
**Grammys were a blast, but after my bday Friday and Clive's party... I'm gonna actually skip the parties and sleep for a change. Responsible!
**Id also like to thank everyone for my bday gifts!! Both at my party and to all the amazing fans who sent me treats!! This was the best bday!
** This is me exactly 28 years ago!

**One of the Top Highlights of my night! Katy Perry is amazing!!
**RT @kalifashion - @adamlambert looking a bit bi curious about 5 hours ago from Echofon
**Due to my duties on the carpet w ET yesterday, I missed the three divas' performances on the Grammys. I youtubed Gaga, Beyonce and Pink... about 12 hours ago from Echofon
**All 3 performances were stunning. I wish I'd been able to see them live! I did, however get to rate the fashion of the night! ET tonight! about 12 hours ago from Echofon
**ET is on at 7pm pst. Tune in for my red carpet coverage!!

**Saw Semi Precious Weapons last night at the Roxy. This band is in fire. Mr Tranter inspires!
** @EdenEspinosa happy birthday!
** @AnnaKendrick47 congrats on your Oscar Nom!! Craaaaazy! So so proud

**adamlambert: ciao!! Vacation!!!!




From Others:

**@AdamLambert arrived at #Grammys - we're ready to role!
** #LadyGaga's look left @AdamLamert gaga on the red carpet - more Rose Bowl Float than dress and she could barely walk. But hey - go for it
** @Pink and @AdamLambert talking fashion right now.
**Ringo on our ET Platform right now with Adam Lambert - priceless moment!
**Glee's Lea Michelle has musical note tats on her shoulders - @AdamLambert notes they're blue like her dress.
** - Adam Lambert interviewing Katy Perry
** - Adam Lambert interviewing Jennifer Hudson
**@JamieFoxx with Adam and Kevin - he's shoot flip video...oh Taylor Swift - she's so cute!
KevinFrazier Working with Adam Lambert today should be Priceless...
: JBlovesCNorris Just saw adam lambert on the red carpet. Bahaha <Holy. Crap. Batman.>
JKsDish1528 Just got off the phone w my screaming mother, who's watching the red carpet and saw The Situation & Adam Lambert.
AutumnAlston Adam lambert!!!!! He just arrived at the grammys! Hott as helllll!!!
rafflesvanexel Adam Lambert is interviewing some of the Stars & he is doing a heck of a Job. He's good at it, full of smiles. #Grammys
kenbakernow Glambert supes looks like elvis
JudsonAikens Most beautiful makeup job on the Grammy carpet so far? Definitely Adam Lambert. Definitely.
CNNTwits On the Grammy red carpet: Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert were two of the standouts at the awards.
Billboarddotcom Ohh Pink strategically placed shiny stripes may not save you from angry letters to the FCC. Somewhere Adam Lambert is LAUGHING. -@anndonahue
alyankovic - Oh, snap! My wife just got out-sparkled!
ShannaMoakler - I feel like a stalker... Atiana took this.. Adam lambert/ Clive Davis... Lol
leecherry Colbert plugged Lambert (no pun intended) gaga &sir elton, green day musical looks hot!

stephenfry@adamlambert Having dinner with Bryan Singer - trying to persuade him to be on Twitter. He says he knows and loves you. As do we all x about 1 hour ago from Tweetie in reply to adamlambert
lyndseyparker Sorry, just being silly. New Lambert interview up tomorrow. It's a good long two-part interview & it's all about music. Hope you like it!
FantasySprings:ticket sales update
**@fantasySprings im trying to buy tix to see @adamlambert on your website but the site seems to not be working. are tix still available?
**@Squiggles621 We're sorry. The flood of web traffic and phone calls is crashing out system. Tickets are still available.
**Our website is now back up and able to fulfill all ticket purchases for Adam Lambert. #FB about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck
**Also looks that there is a contest to win 2 tickets: Please RT - Our FB contest to win 2 @adamlmabert tix ends 3pm PST this Friday
BradBesseyET @adamlambert I hope you love it when you see it. We loved having you. Not only are u an uber-superstar but fun & pure joy to work with.
Miranda_Lambert Ahhhh! Back to reality. I'm in the boonies drinkin a beer watching the Grammy fashion wrap up. Adam (cuz) I love u and you eyeliner anyway

kaviscope Ha Adam Lambert is here
RikiRachtman Standing next to Adam Lambert ha never expected to see that on my Twitter.
spandexkitty Adam Lambert just gave me a kiss on the cheek...
berkorules standing next to adam lambert in @theroxy VIP. he's pretty IRL
theroxy Ooooooo! @wehodaily dont get too excited. Hi Adam!! RT @berkorules: standing next to adam lambert in @theroxy VIP. he's pretty IRL
UncoolRockstar Adam Lambert rockin out to semi @preciousweapons with us. Front row! Oh yeah
wehodaily: if anyone messes with adam, there will be 100 queens clawing their eyes out and smashing their skulls with their heels before u scream MARY!
marksando New music seminar opening party a success. Adam lambert getting down with his bad self. Much skinnier than expected.
RyanSeacrest Talked to @annakendrick47..shes been buds w/ @adamlambert since 18. She might take him to oscars..
E!'s new commercial/campaign using "For Your Entertainment"/Brad Walsh remix

NirvanaDC Everyone should check out the @adamlambert feature in tomorrow's UK Times Newspaper. It's going to be amazing!
TommyJoeRatliff Vaycay! Woooohoo! ;)
WehoDaily @adamlambert good morning Adam! sorry about messing with your fans, I just can't help myself!! They are quite a bunch.
Official Audrina aka Audrina Partridge: @adamlambert have fun in mx!!!! hopefully it stoped raining, wish we were there at the same time!!
perezhilton: @OfficialAudrina Way to blow up his vacation destination! Now the paparazzi will be all over that place in Mexico you were just at! Haaa
glambert696969 aka Jim C
**Tommy just ran to a Pizza Hut Xpress. Fingers crossed he doesn't make it back to the gate in time for takeoff.
**My neck is so sore, too! Adam thinks it's from last night but it's really from me neck snapping at Tommy all day. #GoAway #WayToCrashMyVacay
**Aww, you guys, Adam is consoling me. He just bought me a present at a gift shop. So considerate
**NO, airport security lady. I will NOT show you my new piercing. That's for ADAM'S eyes only. Also, way to ruin my vacation surprise. Disast!
**ciao!! Vacation with Adam!!!!


negativeneil Why do GaGa and ke$ha get this dj's attention? Who's missing, Mr. Up and Up?
tommyjoeratliff HI! :)

Sutan Amrull enjoying a glorious morning in Cabo!
Markus Molinari @ohferras says " I love guys that have tattoo's, wear make-up and smoke." Bwahahaha @adamlambert SAME!

RC Video from TV Guide
RC Video from E!
quick cap of Adam in the audience @ the Grammy's
The first of Adam's red carpet interviews at ET Online

Adam Interviewed Re: RC @ the Grammys
Adam’s RC Interviews @ ET Online
YT: Adam doing the RC for ET @ the Grammys Part 1
YT: Adam doing the RC for ET @ the Grammys Part 2
YT Canada Interview: Jessi Cruikshank Interviews Adam Lambert
YT: Adam Lambert on 97.3 The Wave pt 1
YT: Adam Lambert on 97.3 The Wave 1-31-2010 pt 2
YT:Adam Lambert on 97.3 The Wave 1-31-2010 pt 3 of 3
yt – from Canada: MTV Live Paul the intern and Adam Lambert

San Diego "AJ in the morning" radio Interview
WPLJ Radio interview

Dave&Jimmy radio interview with Adam from Jan. 29
Adam interview from on Vimeo
Adam’s Chat with Lyndsy Parker of RealityRocks: Part 2
YT - After Show 2-3-10 extended interview with SplitPantsGirl
DOWNLOADS {ty maggiesgirl}
Interview Front Porch P1 2-2-10 MP4
Interview Front Porch P2 2-2-10 MP4
AO Track by Tracks Soaked 2-3-10 MP4
ET Grammy's P1 1-31-10
ET Grammy's P2 1-31-10
ET Grammy's P1 2-1-10
ET Grammy's P2 2-1-10
Interview 1-25-10 MP4
Interview MTV Canada with Paul the Intern 2-2-10 MP4
Interview 95.5 WPLJ after grammy's 2-1-10 MP3
Interview Jessi Cruickshank MTV After Show JAN 2010 MP4
Interview The Daily Fix P1 of 2
Interview The Daily Fix P2 of 2
Old Kradam but a little bit longer clip MP4
MTV After Show 2-3-10 MP4 and IPOD compatible extension of interview with SplitPants girl

DL of Shaun Poulx Interview
Scan of the UK article in print
behind the scenes AOL Sessions

YT vid of Adam’s Interview on with Jian Ghomeshi Q TV (Toronto)
yt - Adam Lambert interview by Daily Fix ½
AOL Track by Track - A Loaded Smile on AO
Suburban Decay DEMO– the Song Adam thinks is perfect for Twilight
DOWNLOADS: {ty maggiesgirl}
AO Track by Tracks A Loaded Smile 2-5-10.mp4
Interview Q Canada 1-25-10 video.mp4

"Daily Fix" video part 1
"Daily Fix" video part 2

cj added a little glitter to baby Adam
Grammy's Red Carpet pictures
More pictures
Good source for Grammy RC pictures
HQ RC pictures
More old Bradam pictures surfacing
Glorious NEW Bradam Pics
Adam (and others) in the NT Times Grammys slideshow
JadeOptimist Photobucket – pics of Pre-Grammy party & Grammys
Adam & his birthday cake
AutoStraddle – pics and even macros from the Grammy’s some Adam, some not
Nice Pic of Adam on the Radio
Gorgeous Birthday pictures of Adam
more Bday pictures
Birthday pictures
A photobucket account with Birthday pictures
New Adam pic from Album shoot
Adam, Sutan (his makeup artist friend), and Tommy in Mexico

Jordan Sparks' pennyroyal pendant for Haiti fundraising
Matt G. on the RC
Matt @ the Grammys
Matt and his date, Danielle J Ryan form YOBI TV
More than a few deaf moments for the Grammys
Brad looking suave at the Grammys
MattyG looking hobo-suave at the Grammys
Roger – trendsetting @ the Grammy’s in his blue hairclip
Ann Powers from LATimes Blog on The Grammys: it’s not just about the music
Grammy’s Now Measured in Face Time
Butch Walker, Taylor Swift "You Belong with Me" Grammy and Studio Version
Stars Gather to cover We Are the World
AC/DC’s Brian Johnson on Public Displays of Philanthropy from Huffington Post
Gay-Straight friendship contract {uses Kradam pic}
Allison's AOL Sessions!!!!
Monte Pittman: the Circle on YT

On Amazon,dance mix cd for sale with FYE the #2 track ...but check out the dance mix clip of SuBo in Wild Horses--sped up she kinda sounds like Madonna {TY, glammax}

Pink performing "Me and Bobby McGee" at Songwriters Hall of Fame
New Music Seminar, apparently Adam attended the opening party.
Contest from Z100 – win meet & greet passes & concert tickets
VOTE FOR ADAM – billboard’s sexiest person in music
Taylor Swift's label on her performance
Kelly Clarkson's response

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...hold me in my arms...

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Feb 7 - Feb 13

Please see Fez's One-Stop Poll Shop to vote in the latest polls!

Don't forget to check out newland21's wonderful Media Room where she has all the collected videos from the Rock My Town Concert that have been posted.

Lambosessed: celebrated Adam going gold with an HQ Gridlock edit of Soaked; from blog:

OHP - Open House Party Information
Listen Live.
To request:
Email -
Phone - 1-800-669-1010
Tweet - @OpenHouseParty
A list of OHP stations

BUY WWFM on iTunes NOW

discostick and Elbye suggest we seriously participate in Rate the Music as it is a tool actually used by radio stations and will help a song's climb.



Adam Lambert to Attend The Blonds Fashion Show — EXCLUSIVE @JustJared
Adam Lambert comes to Town – from Macleans repost from last week
Adam before Idol from NYPost from April 2009

38 46 ADAM LAMBERT 19/RCA/RMG 13,467 -6%
Fantasy Springs Casino Concert is officially listed at AO

Adam Lambert VH1 Acoustic “very intimate” concert – looking for people to attend
RockStarWeekly – the Courage of Adam Lambert
Ticket giveaway for Adam concert on 2/15 – but we don’t know what it is???
Andrew Garcia & Adam Lambert: an discussion between Jim Cantiello and Glambert 6969696

Adam has a new concert scheduled: River Rock Casino Resort, April 9th Richmond, BC
Annoucement for the Monday, February 15 concert in NYC

UK track list for FYE – new song “Can’t Let You Go”
Cantiello's interview]Kradison Interview by Jim C @ MTV

Billboard Chart Rankings
Sad news about the Python Boots



Adam dominates 2 charts in Philippines
WWFM #7 in HK up from #17 last week


Adam mention in Kara DioGuardi talks AI rumors and Lambert effect

Adam Lambert is Golden and Has "Effect" on American Idol Contestants
Billboard's Sexiest Men in Music


Blog on the Rock My Town Concert
Jim Canteillo's review of the Kradison Concert There was a nice spin update!
Lindsey Parker's review of the Kradison Concert
Adam Lambert Glamfans, Word Press Blog with video from concert
Slezak Review
AI Now's Renee Snyder attends VH1 Acoustic Recording


Spins and bullets---#21!!!!! Elbye has the words for those still full of angst. According to Marlaploise the Australian publicity has started!!!

Great news for Monday - WWFM entered the Top 20 Yay! A lot of early talk was about the Superbowl commercials which seemed to be full of butt-slappiness & man-stuff? Not even funny. DNW! DNW! Where's the fun stuff - the REAL fun stuff? We also got some Some pretty Adam ty murly OMG! and new FYE pics from AO OMG x infinity! Best news ever -FYE OFFICIALLY goes GOLD! But how can we have excellent news (Top 20 hit and Gold album) without a little LOL from the mods at AO - and why can't we have nice things like radio play? See the LOL section for why the mods at AO have to keep talking to the glamberts! So, in summary it was a day of pics, more pics and yet more pics interspersed with convo about DNW football commercials and WTF? Adam-fans and let's look at freckles again! All around it was a very good day!

Spins and bullets----WWFM is #19!!!!!! UK Promotional Tour will be March 20 -27. AO Mod said all the snafus with Adam's AOL Sessions have been cleared and should be out shortly. The AO Mod also said that the DJ/Radio problems are very real. The AO Mod is apparently in a chatty mood, now with info about WWFM. CJ and her macros are infamous; although anonymous had to defend her honor.;) Lambosessed treated us to a new HD Gridlock edit of Soakedto celebrate Adam going gold!!!! {TY, bb: We love you and your mad skills!!!}

Why was Adam on Oprah again? Oh yea – she likes him, he’s into the Secret stuff that he’s into and He’s Transformative. Well, that's what we talked about this morning. But wait! OMG! OMG! There's a rumor about Adam hosting SNL in March – just a rumor but OMG! OMG! Did I say OMG? Remember our funny opening skit from back in Aug? Well, it's still funny! And thursdaynext thinks Jim C might ~go here because his article is a lot like the early-day convo here at the MUPpet house.(he did it a lot funnier - but some MUPpets didn't like it AT.ALL!).

The spins and bullets. The ontd_ai DonorsChoose chat with Adam has been postponed. Sadly, fashion designer, Alexander McQueen committed suicide. He was one of bb's favorite designers. Adam has a new concert scheduled for April in Richmond, BC. A lot of happiness on the board for these casino shows. There are conflicting reports on whether the AOL Sessions will come out tomorrow or Monday. A few paparazzi pictures turned up of Adam in Cabo. Yes, he's definitely been hiding something under all those layers of clothes lately!!! Like the MOST. HOTTEST. CHEST. EVER!!!! And, on top of that, Adam won the Billboard's Sexiest Men in Music poll!!!

FRIDAY - this could have been the BEST.DAY.EVER. If not, it was very close. Adam's AOL sessions were fianlly released. They are beautiful, gorgeous – OMG SOAKED! Mostly - there are no words to describe his voice. There was quite a bit of convo on the he/she pronoun on Fever - which one do you hear? Friday night was NY Rock My Town – Adam was glittered out in well, tons of glitter and black lipstick. Early reports say he let people touch the glamboner – and yes, some people fainted.
Adam’ setlist was excellent and the night was topped off with Allison, Adam and Kris doing a fun rockin' version of Gnarles Barkely's Crazy! Check out the Video section for playlists and YouTubes. And finally - ty Downeast[b] for this RL evidence that Resistance is futile! LOL!

Well, today was a day for the red pen! The conflicting reports about Glambulge-grabbage caused lots of opinions and some MUPpets had to have some gentle reminders on how to play nicely. [b]Fez
's post about bb and performance art really puts things in perspective. We did have MUPpets in the audience for the concert and we got recaps!!! maeve94 reports here and Hathor, here. And, do not forget to check out newland21's wonderful media room which has all the collected videos from the concert. {THANK YOU, newlie---we really appreciate your hardwork!!! } BB was back to #1 on the VH1 Top 20!! We need to keep WWFM there for next week when Adam hosts, so vote, vote, vote!!! Gorgeous picture from last night! Awesome recap of the VH1 taping! A long recap from a dude over at Planet Fierce of the Kradison Concert. And, yet another account of the crotch grab. :)


Really fun interview from recent trip to Toronto

**Hey guys!!! I looooove the support and Passion you all put into your radio requests, however Canada's Z103 is being...
**...pestered by too many "pushy" emails. Let's make sure we don't bother them to the point where they don't wanna play my music!! Thanks!
**Goodnight dear friends!!! Looking forward to rehearsing acoustic arrangements of a few of my songs 2m. Sweet Dreams!

**Thank you Lamb Skanks International for your donation of $1535! It has been forwarded to the American Red Cross (LA Chapter) for Haiti.
**@TommyJoeRatliff so purdy! Goes with that two-toned hair so nicely {in response to TommyJoeRatliff's tweet: My shiny new toy! Ain't it purdy! :) }

** @TommyJoeRatliff so purdy! Goes with that two-toned hair so nicely

**So excited for New York!!! Concerts, fashion week and friends!!!
**Rip McQueen
**@dawsonkim sooo looking forward to meeting you when I come to the UK!! Thank you so much for all your support... and drunk tweets :)
**So excited to share the stage w Kris and Allison 2m night!!! It's been too long!


**I LOVE NEW YORK! Thanks to everyone who made it to the Highline Ballroom show last night! The band and I had a great time!
**RT RCAMusic Check out @adamlambert's AOL Sessions performance- 5 songs incl. Whataya Want From Me, Q&A & More!

From Others:

idolsnow Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" continues to surge on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart, this week jumping 25-19
scarlett_cherry ...maybe if @adamlambert was singing the national anthem...I could be into this superbowl stuff..I might even wear a bejeweled helmet...

**@adamlambert Just had the pleasure of sharing the same row on a flight and was sooo impressed with your down to earth polite attitude!!!
**@adamlambert Thank you for sharing your gift of music with the world I wish you Laughter always and continued sucess.....
MarioLopezExtra Interviewing Adam Lambert today... fellow San Diegian. He's a very cool, nice guy. I'm gonna try to get him to sing! 10 minutes ago from web
FantasySprings FantasySprings A little less than 3,000 @adamlambert tix sold - only 500 left. Buy now

LambertUK Sony confirm Adam Lambert will be visiting the UK from the 20th-27th March
**Wow, if you could hear what I hear right now
**@islasands yes, a golden voice, or even better yet platinum
**what a great beautiful flowing voice
TommyJoeRatliff @adamlambert and with the tan from "DE BoAAT... BOA... BOA!!!L haha:D

GlamRockGodUK: @ReneeIdolPI It's Namoi's survey not mine. She forwarded to Adam He said go for it and is waiting for our our answers. about 12 hours ago from web in reply to ReneeIdolPI] Related to this survey:Adam Lambert Whataya Want from Me Survey
justcallmehorse have not made it NYC yet. 1 more day of rehearsals. the hopefully the airports will open
extrajoe: you guys gotta watch adam lambert on our show tomorrow night (extra!)
extrajoe: @adamlambert breaks some news tomorrow on EXTRA![/ have not made it NYC yet. 1 more day of rehearsals. the hopefully the airports will open
**@satanicfloret I mean, I work here, & I don't know if I am going to get a ticket! I think they're being inundated w reqs, so odds arent good
**Esp bc I haven't even gotten a ticket yet! RT @satanicfloret @adamlambert is doing an acoustic concert for vh1? @michcoll will wet herself.
** Let us preface this by saying we have never had the kind of response we've received from @adamlambert fans. So we went to bat for you"
**It was hard, and this has never happened before, but we found a way to get all 600 attendees together. Now it's 1 big party!
**It will be in the lounge and the mezzanine that connects to the lounge. One huge space for everyone. No one is split up.
**Pls let everyone know - The Official Glamily Reunion at Fantasy Springs is one big 600 person party. Only 100 tix left
**Close to 300 tix left for @adamlambert concert. 100 left for party. And going fast


katrinaszish: Adam Lambert is going to be at Christian Siriano’s show tomorrow! YAY!!!!
shoshannastone had: a great night with @adamlambert tonight. Great food, great company.
NirvanaDC: fab night with @shoshannastone and @adamlambert worth getting snowed in NYC for
michcoll: @adamlambert New York and its terrifying icy slush sidewalks from hell welcome you. Have a blast tomorrow night!
DKNY: Sitting with @HilaryAlexander. She's giving me the goods... Adam Lambert, Kelly Osbourne r walking. Victoria Beckham &Duchess of York here.7:30
MMADAMIMADAMM: Adam is walking the runway tomorrow night!!!!!!
**guys attention all GLAmmlies : The DKNY show is at 1 p.m. tomorrow. adamlambert will be on the catwalk
**guys adamlambert will catwalk for : The DKNY show is at 1 p.m. tomorrow

**Guess who's getting an EXCLUSIVE Kradison interview? Hint: his name rhymes with Bim Pantibello. O.M.GGGGGGGGG. I love my job.3 minutes ago from UberTwitter
** Really, Glamberts? Really????
briancrowley: Sooo many old people...and no, not cougars...more like grandparents...who knew thes idols had such elderly fans?
Elle_Higgins Also thrusted at tommy tommy smiled adam did a karate kicks then girl literally passed out omfg oh noioooooo adam was like omg get halp
**During Fever, Adam grabbed Tommy by the hair. Couldn't hear the music over the sound of all those panties droppin'.
** Some dude in a red boa (Not Kris) feeling up Adam's crotch. Adam stole the boa now.
** WLL. He hit on the sound guy putting the mic pack in his back pocket.
**He was wearing blue and green lipstick and a hoodie so we didnt recognize him
donnerdont "He doesnt want to stick it too far in. Thats my job." –Adam
kickstarting: Omg he smeared his makeup
peacefrogdesign Camera licking, crotch groping, pelvic thrusts, hair grabbing.....someone's a naughty boy this evening
shoujokakumei Why is Tommy humping an amp
twistofmusic06: Holy god I feel like I just went through a sex wind tunnel . Adam Lambert , u put on a Hell of a show
GlamGirl1139 he smeared his make up and pulled pants down a bit....u could see
JuneauXena: Ke$ha was at @adamlambert's concert tonite
etharei: WLL WAS BABY, apparently
kissoffools: Adam totally just licked some girls camera Lmao Wtf
ranam19: Adam just licked my camera while I was videoing last song.
iownyourheart: I touched his dick... I was forced to lmfaooooooooOo
xxlobirchxx: Another grl passedout in front of me
hellocarrot: Wait Tommy puked when he got off stage. Oh lord I hope he's not pregnant
JJonZ100: Allison is onstage and @adamlambert is singing along from the restroom!
rsp – aka Ryan Seacrest Productions: Adam is in the green room warming up his voice. The notes he's hitting are unbelievable!
twistofmusic06: Holy god I feel like I just went through a sex wind tunnel . Adam Lambert , u put on a Hell of a show
taragru: he groped himself the entire time. Then let the audience do it too. He also kicked a lot. And sang the best he everrrrrr has.
rcadrian Great performance from Adam lambert tonight @highline. Say what ya will, but the dude can sing his ass off and is the consummate entertainer
iownyourheart he came to the edge of the stage & let everyone feel him up for about 30 seconds.. then he came back & did it AGAIN.. i think he liked it
**Getting ready to go out and jam with Adam, Kris and Allison.
** great show tonight! some people had to leave in a Glambulance! You heard it here first!

douglassonders Photoshoot with American Idol Adam Lambert on Monday
8112studios Good to be back on the east coast. Looking forward to @douglassonders shooting Adam Lambert on monday #americanidol #adamlambert #photoshoot
justcallmehorse Yeah, it's the dwn time before we do an unplugged set for VH1. Cooled down versions of glam songs.
**Just went in. 3 rows of seats, tiny bay grand, 2 acoustics, bongos.
**Michelle collins right near me! Shes a giant like me :) and so hilarious in person.
**Setlist music again, mad world, wywfm, broken open, dtrh. He is not real. U guys r gonna dieeee when u see ...
Monterrific We just finished taping VH1 Unplugged. It was fun the FINALLY play some acoustic stuff with Adam. Sounded great. Not sure when it airs
**Oh my god. Amazing. Music Again. Mad World. WWFM. Broken Open!!!!!! Down the Rabit Hole.
**Forgot words to Music Again. Adorable.
**Emo hair, light eye makeup, pink lips, totally hungover.
**Tight shiny black jeans with silver accents, black t-shirt, black hoodie sweater, plain black leather boots. Teased us with taking them off
**It was amazing. The band was sick. His voice was amazing, esp considering last night. He said it was the vocal equivalent of a bloody Mary.
**Silver Alexander McQueen leaf necklace, black leather fingerless gloves, tons of silver bracelets. Gave the mic a handjob during DTRH
**He and Tommy sang Tik Tok to each other!!!!!
**'pedicure on my toes toes'
**Had to start WWFM 6 times before they got a full take. One time they stopped Monte 3 bars in and Adam said they were 'such a cock tease'
**He then apologized for having no filter this weekend. We said it was okay.
**@adamsheroin Zach, he was awesome
**Tik Tok moment was throwaway banter after Adam said he wouldn't take his boots off because he didn't have a pedicure. Cue Tommy singing.
**Wasn't full performance of song. Doubt it was filmed.
**Band warmed up playing Imperial March, Theme from super Mario bros., and Pantera. Also one of Monte's songs.
**Also, when Adam introduced Tommy he called him glitterbaby. Just reporting the facts.
**He spilled his tea during one take of WWFM - steamed all over the place. He said well, I wanted a fog machine, but it wasn't in the budget!
**Acoustic guitar and bass for Monte and Tommy, bongos and cymbols with mallets for LG, baby grand for Zach
**Tommy just sang-spoke the one line from Tik Tok. Monte was the only band member who sang backup, and that was only very occasionally.
kathygriffin Ok, yes I'm negotiating 2 get Lambert AND Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) together (unexpected, yes?) 4 an ep of D List "Kathy's with the band"
Brad Walsh I'm at a super tiny @adamlambert acoustic show! haven't seen him sing live yet, very excited. mom with me, also very excited
scarlettcherry @adamlambert, I just finished watching/listening 'Soaked" on aol sessoions...REALLY?? I am a complete mess..BRAVO & HOLY F**k!! luv uu..xo
Jared Eng (Just Jared) @keshasuxx performing at webster hall! @adamlambert is supposed to be in the crowd, she told me earlier

BTS of the FYE Cover Shoot (Extended Version) [98MB MP4]

Adam Interviews with Malaysian radio station
Adam Interviews with Malaysian radio station – YT version
Multi-links on Radio banning of songs – re: Adam and Beiber – thx kaetsa

YT Canadian interview e-talk20 in two parts

El Chico Del Momento – Adam on Argentinian TV on YouTube

Adam Lambert on Extra 2.11.10
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (HD Music Video) [235MB MPG]

Adam's AOL sessions!!! US version
Adam's AOL sessions!!! From AOL Canada
Adam on Extra from Feb. 10
ADAMCAST for NY Rock my Town concert
Livestream VidCast of Adam’s performance @ Rock my Town
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
AOL Sessions - download here
MP3’s of the AOL sessions
FULL SET including allison @ RANDOMIZE
MEDIA ROOM @ AWoP muchas gracias to newland21 for collecting & posting ALL THE EPIC
Kradison “Crazy” on YouTube:
by EvanescentMoments
by ravenpandora
by k2186
by overth3moon
by mlwpeace
by peanutty
twitvid by ranam19
Songs & other stuff
Adam’s set

Adam wearing McQueen talking about McQueen

Screencap from extended BTS FYE Cover Shoot video
More screencaps from extended BTS FYE Cover Shoot video
The latest drawings from topazholly90
More pretty
Birthday Pics
Candids from Adam's Cabo vacation
More candids from Adam's Cabo vacation
Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me (HD Music VideoScreencaps)
Three paparazzi photos of Adam's vacation in Cabo
Twitpic of Adam in a Teen Magazine
Adam on the Banner @ AOL Music
Right before Adam licks the camera
Pretty from Kradison Concert
Adam bending down to the crowd, clutching hands
Nice shot ;)
Closeup of the "glitter tears"
Consolated post at AO with pictures from the Kradison Concert
Professional pictures from concert
Crotch grab!
Crotch grab! larger perspective
Z100 Idol's Rock my Town pictures
More pictures

Kris’s AOL sessions
very clever and funny parody of Tik Tok
Katy Perry on VH1 unplugged
YouTube video of girl picked to go to VH1 concert
Recorded Stream of Allison’s set @ NY Rock my Town

AO MODS responding to Glambertyness – again!
AND THE PARTY CONTINUES FROM THE MODS AT AO! With examples of the hassle emails from Adam fans – really glamberts? Really?
one-liner posts from the AO mod that will make you chuckle
Drunk off his Noodle: Adam goes clubbing in NYC
Fainting at the Concert

Pulse Music Boards
Info on 360 Deals
Info on VH1 Storytellers – we think Adam might be on this re: Saturday acoustic session
Info on VH1 unplugged
Photos of terrible weather downunder - ty purist - to contrast all the snow in the US

Dougasaurus had a little twitter party, and we learned that Tommy plays multiple instruments:
@x_serenade yes he can play the drums, I witnessed it today and he rocks the cowbell too!
@AyanEva guitar, bass, drums, cowbell, whats next? Tomorrow he will probably show up with a banjo, a trumpet and a harmonica.
@Woobies I don't play anything, just all work and no play
@Clear_Liqueur yes, Tommy can sing - TOMMY AND HIS NEW BASS
Monte, Tommy and LP hanging out in the rehearsal studio

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:18 am 
...hold me in my arms...

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Image Adam's Week in Briefs: Feb 14 - Feb 20

Please see Fez's One-Stop Poll Shop to vote in the latest polls!

kaetsa's awesome Gridlock Playlist

Lambosessed: celebrated Adam going gold with an HQ Gridlock edit of Soaked; from blog:

BUY WWFM on iTunes NOW

discostick and Elbye suggest we seriously participate in Rate the Music as it is a tool actually used by radio stations and will help a song's climb.

z100 playlist of the iheartradio videos


Long & Detailed recap of the VH1 shooting from no_detective @ lj
Info about the club-slut who says he made out with Adam
Adam on VH1 Countdown Feb. 20
Excellent recap of VH1 shooting from mistressscurvy @ lj

Review of Friday’s RockMyTown from Planet Fierce
Review of Adam @ Rock My Town from The Meaning of Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert loves sexy s**t
MTV Kradison interview
Adam Lambert (Sorta) Talks Ellen DeGeneres, Anna Kendrick and Phones
AO Mod instructions on REQUESTS needed
Q102 interview

Brian Mansfield's Soundscan numbers
Adam & his claw make the front page of
Performance of "Music Again" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Kelly vs Adam Right & Wrong ways to be famous
Adam Lambert is too nice
NY magazine: Adam Lambert would like to see Chace Crawford in the Next Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign
New York Magazine/Fashion:Adam Lambert Watches Models Stumble in Spiked Glitter Corsets at the Blonds Adam Lambert, John Legend Sing G-Star's Praises During Fashion Week
Bill O’Reilly Hearts Adam Lambert
Adam: I missed the 80’s


Adam Lambert hand-delivers supplies to needy school
MTV article on Adam’s love of fashion
FYE - Officially Gold In Canada
Site to see Gold Certification of FYE
Fantasy Springs is SOLD OUT

WWFM is #1 on VH1 Top 20 Countdown
Scan of the Daily Star, the UK article




Caught! All eyes on Adam Lambert and Ke$ha


"phonegate" got a segment on ABC news
KRADISON REVIEW BY XENA Note: most board members has trouble reading though this "purple prose"
Douglas Sonders Blog on photographing Adam
Interview with Christian Siriano
Article on the five top viral videos this week

Adam mention in mistresscurvy’s blog @ livejournal
Adam again on front page of Best Celeb quotes
Adam mention in More with Adam Lambert, Johnny Weir and NYC Fashion Week

Adam Lambert: Ke$ha 'Tasted Like Goldschlager'


Today was a pretty quiet day – we were still a little knocked over by the Rock My Town concert on Friday, I think. We had another EPIC poem by laynie – honey, we love your work – especially when it’s extra smutty like this one: Ode to the Chest. Adam was at a photoshoot today, he’s always busy – but doing what he loves! Some MUPpets are worried about WWFM and we always welcome Elybe’s reassuring words about spins & shit. It seems to calm everyone down. There were rumors that Adam was out clubbing – so we macro’d it – why not? On the board we’re still getting a fair bit of red mod ink! Can we please play nice everyone?

Not sure what this means but it sounds literary and smart – so yeah! We all agree! LOL! Today there was lots of discussion about the Mike Ruiz pic – WTF? Adam in red! With slicked back hair looking like a Ken doll! Or a Wax Figure? Or not. There is another rumor that someone who ~knows things was told by someone who ~knows things that Adam will tour in June and be the opening act & it will be just like he’s been saying with dancers and such Adam's sekrit and intimate session @At PC Richard & Son Theatre in NY was the talk of the night - OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Stripped WWFM! Beautiful MW! OTT Fever! and more! BEST of all Adam calls out some beeotch for talking on the phone while he's singing! "This ain't Dominoes, honey!" LOL! Perfect!! There was also an interesting convo re: Adam's style of music whichstarted with skipper's observations.. Not everyone agrees with the original post, but judging by the interest & comments it's a topic long overdue for discussion.

Spins and bullets getting back on track. Still reeling from the acoustic WWFM, some MUPpets tried to explain their desire for the transcendent quality of Adam's voice to transfer to recordings. Adam will be going to Japan sometime in March. FYE is already being spun on radio there. The rest of the iheartradio performances won't be officially released until March 9, meanwhile Z100 played the acoustic WWFM today! Unfortunately, Adam/FYE did not make the top 50 on the HDD list this week. TXArchitect gives a very interesting analysis of Adam and Gaga. The AO mod informed peeps that "If I had You" was originally planned for the iheartradio concert instead of "Fever," but Adam was coming down with a cold and didn't want to force his voice.

Today we got confirmation that Adam will be on Leno after the Olympics. Most people think this is good. Mike Ruiz pics start to surface – it’s Adam from the 40’s. Through the discussion it appears that WWFM is doing great – note: this news changes every day and causes much board angst…so today it’s good. I repeat: WWFM IS GOOD! Since Adam will be singing Music Again on Leno some think it will be the next next single. That wasn’t good news for everyone as – many DNW MA next. Adam’s week @ fashion week – is causing pics galore to show up (see photo section). Adam is playing at RiverRock casino in Vancouver and there are problems buying tickets and lots of complaints. Oh well. They should’ve asked us how to roll out those tics. We know everything.

Spins, bullets and adds. WWFM is at #31 on Billboard Hot 100. While some peeps wondered out loud if Adam would be invited to perform on AI9, others expressed sadness over Adam's liking of fur. Yet, everyone was excited about ontd_ai Donors Choose live chat coming up this evening. We received information on the UK promotion. Meanwhile, scalpers cracked the ticket selling software on Ticketmaster, BC concert tickets are now appearing on ebay for an outrageous amount of money. Adam stopped at Belvedere Middle School in East LA as part of the Donors Choose thank you. He brought Monte along and performed with the school band. The children played with instruments donated by the fans; totally precious! And, we got acoustic WWFM early on iheartradio's youtube account! Lambosessed presented us with an alternative to the iheartradio FEVER video; IT IS AMAZING!!! And, Susan L.'s question was answered on the live chat!!!! Congratulations!!! Adam was ADORABLE on the chat--a gorgeous, sexy, and funny dork. :)

Today there was continued squeeing about the Adam’s Donor’s Choose chat. Dadam seems sto have made comments about expensive gifts – and some MUPpets agreed – don’t encourage fans to send expensive gifts. There was quite a bit of talk of Johnny Weir & the medal outcome at the Olympics last night. There was also talk of the Adam going on tour and his upcoming trips outside the US. Maybe he's going to Brazil (ICU *flailing* maddie). Oh - and isn't Adam wonderful? Why yes, he is! Oh and new BRADAM pics surface. Not New-Old pics like we usually get – they’re actually New New pics! First time we've seen them together since before Idol! *sigh* Oh - and Adam's Fantasy Springs concert is SOLD OUT! Congrats to all MUPpets with tickets! We're anxiously awaiting your reports, reviews and pictures!

WWFM was #1 on VH1 and Adam was the guest on the countdown! YAY, all our voting paid off!!! Discussion about the possibility of IIHY being the third single. Laughter erupted as statements over at MJs were being made that promoting Adam internationally is a sign of his failure. Obviously, those folks over at the pink site forgot RCA/19's initial press release stated Adam would be promoted internationally. Elbye gave a pep-talk on WWFM's progress. FYE is doing great on the US dance charts, reportedly at #8 on Billboard's Dance Chart. WWFM saw some movement in iTunes , reaching #17. Catzmadam shared some NZ numbers! BB is sooo loved!


**Twat. Valentines. 28 minutes ago from Echofon


**@CHRIS_Daughtry thanks brutha
**Happy birthday @longineu & @justcallmehorse thanks for being part of the sickest band out there!!!
**Yesterday's performance footage & photos are up this morning on
**RT @Monterrific on the plane, I look over and a little girl is now sitting next to me. She says "why did you paint your nails". I said "work purposes"
**@danwootton ooh la la la
**So GAGA. Sickening as usual... yet so unusual. Inspired!

**adamlambert: Home Sweet Home. :)
**Loving Rihanna's new Rude Boy video. So fresh.

Thank you ontd_ai and for settin up the fan chat!! So much fun!

**Tigerheat was amazing last night! Loved seeing the kids dance to FYE. Even saw a couple making out to it. Made my night.

**"Whataya Want From Me" LIVE ACOUSTIC at iheartradio
**Happy birthday @Rihanna! Thank u for always being so sweet and real :)

From Others:

twitter exchange between AlezSagz and PerezHilton regarding Adam making out at a club on Friday night:
AlezSagz: @adamlambert so a kiss & then poof?
PerezHilton @AlexSagz You made out with Lambert???
AlexSagz: @PerezHilton no no no @adamlambert kissed me...
PerezHilton: @AlexSagz Did he get lots of makeup on your face? Ha ha ha
AlezSagz: @PerezHilton haha some glitter here and there...
PerezHilton: @AlexSagz I'm disappointed in your ability to seal the deal, though. I thought you were a better starfucker than that, Saggy!
AlexSagz: @PerezHilton haha! I was simply taken advantage of. You know me and alcohol
@adamlambert How many boys did you make out with last night? Score! Ha! Happy V-Day! xoxo
@AlexSagz Now I know what I need to do next time! Bwa ha ha xoxo

mikeruiz1: Excited to be shooting Adam Lambert today!
JaredEng @adamlambert is at a top secret photo shoot right now. He came out to support @keshasuxx last night & I have some funny news abt them soon!!

DanWootton To all those diehard Adam Lambert fans out there, I hung out with your boy in NY last week. He rocks. The iv will run this Sunday. about 7 hours ago from Twitterrific
Q102Philly Nic the Web Chick is interviewing Adam Lambert tonight! We need ?'s for him! Give name and where you're from! :)
**OMG Adam just came around to say hi
**Holy crap that was amazing. WWFM acoustic--entire crowd fell silent. No one was even singing along. So beautiful
**Have video of everything. Will post later
**At PC Richard & son theatre. You know why. 10 minutes ago from Seesmic
**Adam just stopped in the middle of a song and told some bitch in the audience to hang up her phone. So proud.
Z100MoBounce @adamlambert and I didn't get to talk for long, but he wanted me to tell you ALL that he appreciates and loves you! Very cool guy!!
SeeTheBlueOcean: "This ain't Dominos. It's a live show, honey."
**They left now back. Encore maybeee
**Once more for cameras. Wwfm
** - @adamlambert did 2 extra songs and was amazing. PC Richard & Son theater is a great venue! @Z100NewYork.
** - @adamlambert is on fire! He is doing an amazing Stripped version of "Whatya Want From Me". Amazing!
StephDitman "Sorry I was sweaty and had to get all pretty to come back out... I'm such a f-a-g! Hey, a little vanity never hurt anyone..."- Adam Lambert
Lindajean: Keep in mind that all the footage from tonight will be on tomorrow morning.
moveshakelevate: So exhausted from amazing weekend ready for Adam Lambert photo shoot tomorrow just need sleep.....finally!!!

CHRIS_Daughtry @adamlambert Lovin the new single bro!!
milestougeaux @adamlambert Dude your band kicks ass,,, do whatever it takes to keep them together
**On set with Adam Lambert and Ke$ha
**Wow you guys are awesome, they're doing a photoshoot for a cover of a mag, separtely though
**I can't say which mag but here's a pic
**Adam has left the building... about 2 hours ago :(
JJonZ100 The backstage chats with @KrisAllen @Adamlambert and @AllisonIraheta are at
popstarmagazine - @adamlambert at the G-star fashion show!
papermagazine Adam Lambert just walked in to G-Star
reyalfashion At the @GstarRaw show, @adamlambert just walked passed me.
DAMstyle Adam Lambert just walked in. #gstar
DoryLarrabee: At G-star fashion show! Saw Adam Lambert, John Legend, Kelly Osborne, Mena Suvari, Liv Tyler, Estelle, Robert Buckley +++ I heart @jaredeng
JaredEng @adamlambert at g-star wearing a-morir with @kerinrose & @bradwalsh. He's leaving tomm "I'm getting out of this snow"
moveshakelevate Paper Mags Beautiful people Shoot complete success today thank u Adam lambert david karp David agbotjikall beauty!!
VioletKanian Omggggg holy mother of god @adamlambert is in the friggin building!!!!!!! #nyfw
HeatherPark Just left The Blonds backstage, where Adam Lambert caused quite the paparazzi frenzy. #nyfw
AllLacqueredUp Backstage at The Blonds & I just saw Adam Lambert, who my mom calls the next Elvis. Called to tell her & am deaf from shrieking #nyfw #fb
ConstantineM Cinema Society event at Mr Chows for "Happy Tears" with Demi and Parker... Me and @adamlambert too! Pix soon! Rock. @rockofages yeahhh!!!
dkny Angela Lindvall, Dan abrams, Russel Simmons, Noah Mills, Julia Stiles, Mira Sorvino, Maggie rizer, Adam lambert all at Mr. Chow

alisanporter - Just saw. @adamlamberts face on someones nail
**@joeyguerra Happens every time one of my blogs gets on the Yahoo frontpage. Depressing.
**Dear people leaving homophobic comments on my blogs: Please go spew your hate elsewhere. Signed, Lyndsey. Goodnight.
**Pls RT: Due to small # of @adamlambert concert tix left, it is best to call the box office for purchases 800-827-2946 about 18 hours ago from TweetDeck
**@MoonchildCA Less than 20 tix to Reunion left. about 18 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to MoonchildCA
**ok, official word from @fantasysprings box office... approx 120 tix left for @Adamlambert @fantasysprings. Different report out earlier :P 4:03 PM Feb 15th from TweetDeck
Autostraddle Queering Fashion Week: Tasha Tilberg’s Gay-Married, Freja Beha’s Busy, Glambert’s in the front row with a boy...
**# Just found some people from the UK who got presale tickets to the Adam Lambert show here. Wow. about 1 hours ago from Tweetie
**Dear Adam Lambert fans from the UNITED STATES who snatched up all today's presale tickets: WAIT FOR YOUR OWN GODDAMN SHOW IN YOUR OWN CITY. about 1 hours ago from Tweetie
**@redhawtchick Given how fast presale went and how small the venue is, tomorrow's going to be the same deal. about 1 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to redhawtchick
**@redhawtchick Tomorrow is going to fucking SUCK and I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with none. about 1 hours ago from Tweetie
**Did anyone get Adam Lambert presale tix or is Ticketmaster just being slow at releasing them? I got on at 9:59 and couldn't even get ONE. about 1 hours ago from Tweetie
**I have NEVER seen a presale sell out this fast. about 1 hours ago from Tweetie
**Looks like Adam Lambert presale tickets sold out in half a minute... about 1 hours ago from Tweetie
mikeruiz1 More Adam from our photoshoot!!!
**Fierth Magazine's @IAMBRIANMILLS with Adam Lambert at The Blonds Fashion Show After Party
**@adamlambert. Nice meeting you last night doll
iheartradio RT @TwizzyUK @AdamLambert's iheartradio phone video is #1 -YouTube Most Viewed (Today) - Music – Global
negativeneil Bill O'RLY has been waiting to fill the Sane Voice of Fox role for a while now. That's why he's so happy about Beck.

**At Belvedere middle school in East LA awaiting the arrival of @AdamLambert!
**Adam is performing with the kids who are all playing new instruments donated by donorschoose - his fans made it happen, you should be proud!
**The kids will perform WWFM with @AdamLambert
**Fan donations at work!
**Kids performing an original tune as Adam looks on
**He's doing an amazing job flying by the seat of his pants!
**Q&A with the kids
**Adam brought copies of FYE for everyone! "Play it loud," he told the kids.
**Omg, WWFM on flutes!
**They played Satisfaction for him
**Adam handing out new notebooks. He rules.
**Class picture!
Carlos_Saucedo: at an East LA middle school about to interview Adam Lambert after he performs #FB
**Thx to @adamlambert fans, Adam just delivered music resources to an LA middle school!
** - Another pic of @adamlambert after handing out music composition notebooks to the kids
Monte Pittman Just got through joining @adamlambert at a middle school full of talented kids for Donors Choose. They have a great music program.
Negative Neil calls out the creepers LOL:
**PSA: twitter people who follow my RL friends because I do are creepy. Stop it.
**looking at you, @hollywilleatyou @DMSith8456 @Glam_poodle @Sandy618 @adamissexxxxy @messedupmal @pollyness
**I found these people by searching "adam" or "glam" on my friends' followers pages. That's how easy it was.
**@lannymad what blows my mind is that no matter how much of a dick I am, the follower count just keeps going.

phillipeblond i had the best FASHION WEEK EVER!!!! adam rocks my WORLD! he is MAGIC! <3 about 9 hours ago from web
@adamlambert AHHHHH!!!!!!! ANYTIME BABAY!!!! :)) 12:09 PM Feb 17th from web in reply to adamlambert
@adamlambert can I just say I'm pissed at u 4 taking Terrance away my first week back to the show? Can I also say u guys r gonna hve a blst!
DishofSalt yes RT @4evrmomof4: So was Access on site for Adam Lambert donation of musical instruments for DonorsChoose & be featured on Access on Tues
ricky_martin @adamlambert dude you rock. thanks for supporting peace. #rmfhaiti
Oh.Em.Gee. Killing me softly w/ cuteness. RT @spreckles Hey did u see this vid of @adamlambert singing with kids?
Does it get any cuter than @AdamLambert rocking out with school children? I think not!
Adorable footage of Adam Lambert jamming with music students, if you've not seen yet -[/quote]
The boss just arrived to rehearsal, on time too![/quote]
ChrisNeven I just met @AdamLambert!!!! He hugged me.
NSianN hahaha i just got a text from one of my friends that they saw Adam Lambert in weho an hour ago. funny that they knew to tell me about Adam!
JakeShandy Holy crap. Just spotted @adamlambert ... Like... I was 3 feet away. That was surreal.
phillipdiangelo Ahhhh I was literally about an inch from adam lambert !!!!!
itsAdrian_C Omg i just met adam lambert. I got a hug. And he said he liked my hair. Luvsss it
joeymartinortiz I love u @adamlambert thanks for showing up baybee<3 club tigerheat hollywood ca
_sergihoe @adamlambert I wish you woulda said hi to me at tigerheat. :(( i was trying to say hi to you but your team pushed me away!


Short, cute video of Adam in Toronto – on how polite Canadians are
9-second video of Adam arriving at the Highline
DOWNLOAD of Adam’s poor snake boot
Adam’s Hoopla Magnet interview from Summer ’09 – a trip down memory lane!