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 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:36 am 
Adam! As in Lambert!

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Adam's Week in Briefs: January 13 - January 19, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

AfterElton: Morning Meme: Adam Lambert Leaves 19 Recordings
Billboard: Music's 10 Sexiest Men 2012! Adam is #1
FemaleFirst: Adam Lambert - Defying All Expectations [Adam must have liked this one because he tweeted it]

THR: Adam Lambert and 19 Recordings Part Ways ... Updated with nice comment from 19E representative
Groupcard: Link to Group Birthday Card for Adam

epaper.dfdaily : Article on Adam in Chinese paper
Twitlonger: From @hcluless: Translation of Chinese article on Adam
Thanhniennews: English article from Vietnam news organization ... American Idol star wows music fest in HCMC
GossipCenter: Adam Lambert Attends Step Up Vine on Opening
JustJared: Adam Lambert: Step Up on Vine Grand Opening!

GLAAD: Adam gets a GLAAD Media Award Nomination for Outstanding Music Artist ... and Award dates
Reuters: Article on GLAAD nomination
People: Article on GLAAD nomination
Advocate: And another article on GLAAD nomination

HuffPo UK: Music that Rocked 2012, written by Lulu

WeAreFamily Foundation: Tickets for 2012 Gala Celebration 2.0 featuring Unity Award Honoree Adam Lambert
Idolator: Christina Aguilera’s “Just A Fool” Was First Recorded By Adam Lambert
RyanSeacrest: Seven Fearless Fashion Fads of Adam Lambert

NileRodgers: Planet C blog: American Idols!
AWOP: Susan L shared her DM from Nile after she won the Divas charity auction benefiting Nile's foundation
Twitlonger: Translation of information on Music under Sky festival in Estonia on 6/29 where Adam is listed as performing

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** RT@HelloJonte:Photo: Who wore it best @johnnysanford @devinschmevin @adamlambert @hellojonte ? #JOKING lol. Join the club...
** ... 74658.html
** @MissKellyO your gown is soooo pretty! You look divine neighbor!

** FIERCE - (JOSH PEACE MUSTACHE REDUX) by @AZEALIABANKS via #soundcloud ... t=https:// …
** Ladies and Gentlemen, please follow my dear friend, and trusted creative consultant @ActorAllanLouis!

** @Davidburtka great chatting w u last night!
** RT@milkywayfairy: @adamlambert @NileRodgers SHADY #np on @energy150778 UK. It’s Soooooo GOOD on the radio!! \o/
** @lenadunham every single time {in response to: When your butt tenses up because a creepy man shuffles too close to you}

** I'm so grateful to be nominated for a @GLAAD Media Award! It was a great year! Congrats to my fellow nominees- great company to be in.

** Perfect 4 420 . Xxx [screen cap of deleted tweet]
** Watching @AmericanIdol - the judge panel is PERFECT. credible, entertaining, and balanced! fab! LUV this First episode! #idol13

** @MissKellyO how was the hula hoopin?
** listening to Nikka Costa "Cantneverdidnothin'" this song is sooooo punishing!
** Ain't this lush?
** Just posted a photo
** Just posted a photo
** 2:22, 2:23 XIIV
** Just posted a photo
** @xAdamsEmpire ;) {in response to: Isn't that Egyptian God Bastet ...or is it Pasht? x)}
** RT@OnAirWithRyan: Leather, silver, and fur -- Seven fearless fashions of @AdamLambert #Glamberts
** @lulushouts thanks for the mention! You're so lovely!
** Oooh cool!! “@yukihiedi: @adamlambert Isis the God of goodness :D

From Others:

** Screencap of deleted tweets from and to Shoshanna regarding album #3 and RCA
** 'Exploration' is such a typical Adam word.
** @oriharakaoru it will be good, I think. Gives him more freedom to make his own decisions without involving 19.
** LMAO! So, GG at emjays thinks Shosh knows nothing cuz she is in the UK! The butthurt never ends! #muststayaway
** Is there a special internet troll award for being the first to leave negative comments about an artist you hate & yet know everything about?
** @adamlambert I love you!!! Thank you<3

** I have just seen an amazing picture that is coming your way later today. Wow. The whole thing is wow. [Don't really know if this was about Adam]
** @adamlambert Yes! Let's do it again really soon!

** Will @DarrenCriss follow in @AdamLambert's footsteps as #VH1Divas host? A spoiler pic from #Glee makes us think so...
** @adamlambert Congrats Adam! #glaadawards
** Congratulations to @JaneEspenson @DrewZachary @ScottAllii @adamlambert @AlecMapa & @chrisgeidner on their #glaadawards nominations! :D
** Wooo!! Ryan said "Idol legends" and they showed @adamlambert walking into his audition!!! #flailing

** @lilybop2010 i re tweet any media who write great things about out artists. If it bothered Adam, that would be different....{in response to request not to RT PH because he is mean to Adam}
** Trespassing is back up to 139 pop! No idea what's driving these sales but YAY :D
** Are you an Adam Lambert fan? Celebrate his 31st birthday by helping him bring music into classrooms!
** @adamlambert #rude not picking up my call! do you want to come do this fun work out class upstairs with me? they have hula-hoops...
** To @shoshannastone and all the rest of the @adamlambert fans out there in the world, it's so great to share our laughter with you all :) <3

** @adamlambert hey nice elevator hang! Lol. So funny @BryanSinger and @MissKellyO and I were just mentioning u!
** @devenlane @SusieFierce Difference between Adam+Bieber's fandoms. Beiber gets high their upset, Adam's fans wanna know if it's good stuff?
** We Are Family Foundation to honor @AdamLambert on Jan 31 - This may be our biggest gala celebration ever! ... 6321348922
** @Mickilyn @AdamLambert is the 2nd Unity Awardee! It's a very special award typically given to artists who've used their art to unify people

** Last week I saw Tomasina Abate in Scorsese! She is Amazing! Also, caught up with Adam Lambert. He's pretty good too. ;)
** @bornaglambert I've got to run but @adamlambert is genuine good person, I could feel it from the way he treated a fan who rolled up on us.

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Interview Videos -
YT: New Bali Interview

Downloads -
Sendspace: From Terra: Bali Interview

Other Videos -
YT: MTV promo of the Hennessy gig for Shanghai TV

Other Videos -
YT: Brief video of AI intro w/Adam shown when “Idol legends” are mentioned

Interview Videos -
YT: Interview with CityBeat (China) dated Nov 12

Other Videos –
YT: 2BlackGeeks Behind The Scenes: The Adam Lambert Virus

Other Videos -
YT: Mark LaDuke: Road To Hollywood Interviews - AI S12 ... he is VERY berty :)

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Adam really wearing the spiked shorts the best INROCK Magazine

Screencap from Bali Interview
Neck porn, arm porn, chest porn ... perfect Bali Interview gif

Chinesebert fan art!
Montage at Atopia ... 198 faces of Adam! Nobody seems to know who made it
Adam at Step Up event
New old picture from ScorpioBert
Getty pictures at Vine Grand Opening
Picture from Just Jared
Adam-Pictures HQ pictures

Behind the scenes pic from the Fiasco shoot tweeted by Shoshanna

Gif of Adam laughing his butt off
The Adam Lambert Virus … Are You Infected?

New picture of Adam out and about in LA last week
New (?) Photoshoot from Australia ... platinum perfection

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Atopia: Sauli's Hollywood 1/18 blog HOT WEATHER, FRIENDS AND GOOD FOOD! w/pictures and link to source
Atopia: Sauli's Hollywood 1/19 blog HAPPY WEEKEND! w/pictures and link to source

Fan made montage of new modeling pictures Sauli posted on his official blog

Family, Band and Crew

** @adamlambert @yukihiedi She married her brother and gave birth to Horus, the God of War... so there is a sordid side. {in response to: “Oooh cool!! "@yukihiedi: @adamlambert Isis the God of goodness :D”}


YT: Bowie - Where are We Now?
YT: The Profession of a Sound Engineer ... tweeted by Brian May
YT: Video from Step Up Charity Event Attended by Adam on Tuesday: Bill Clinton & Kobe Bryant Speak

 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:26 pm 
Adam! As in Lambert!

Joined: Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:59 pm
Posts: 21806
Location: Right Here ... Namaste
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Adam's Week in Briefs: January 20-26, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

OnTheMeaningOfAdamlambert: AURA the Adam Lambert Tribute magazine is coming
TheRealSteveGray: The scoop on Aura (Neil is on board with this explanation)
AWOP: New Twitter follows for Adam and ... more information here
MTV: Wayback Machine: Audrina Patridge talking about being friends with Adam when he was on Idol

TheRealSteveGray: On the Meaning of Shady Behavior
MusicDNews: The rumor began here ... Adam Lambert May Collaborate With Cyndi Lauper

AfterElton: 7 Underrated Superstar Versions of the National Anthem (Adam #4)

Popdust: 19 Pictures of Adam Lambert Working His Diva Hand
JustJared: Adam Lambert: Let's Sell Out Tokyo! [Adam got papped in LA]

SocialiteLife: Adam Lambert Got A Birthday Lap Dance From David Arquette Last Night [PHOTOS]
NileRodgers: A Magical Night!

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** #fitness
** #liberationday
** @scanner_junkie Goldfrapp. Most especially their dreamy downtempo stuff. Really beautiful. {in response to: who's stuck permanently on your IPod?}
** RT@JawnRedcorn: @sam_sparro urban outfitters {in response to Sam's tweet: Can anyone explain this trend of bands of white people dressing and singing like they live on a farm in 1900?}
** ... [ Pull Me Down - Official Video by Mikky Ekko]

** RT@nilerodgers: Thanks much to @Sam_Sparro for coming to get down with CHIC & @AdamLambert for @WeAreFamilyFdtn gala! #shady #goodtimes

** Arigato, Japan! 2 sold out Tokyo shows & last one is close to selling out! Let's sell out Tokyo by this weekend!
** @paramore "NOW" is So good! I cant get that chorus outta my head!

** This episode of #californication is HILARIOUS. The writing is perfection. Genius casting. YUMMY TV
** #AmericanHorrorStory!!!! So good.
** Jessica Lange! Tears. Unbelievable.
** RT@BCJean: Check out my friends new song or else!!!!I'm so intimidating I know ;) Hot Chelle Rae - "Hung Up" (Audio) … via @youtube

** OMG saw the guy sing IIHY on Idol... Hilarious! Gotta admire all that choreography right? :)
** @OLIGEE1 haha. {in response to: Everybody sitting outside at the Oaks Gourmet is soooo cooool}
** @BonnieMcKee this video is so... YOU. i love it!
** RT@VinceRimoldi: #ProgressiveRealityTvShows Who Wants To Tax A Millionaire

** Scarlett, Carmit And I
** mdmolinari's photo
** RT@JoshPeace: The paradise people..... @sam_sparro @AdamLambert @JoshPeace =)
** Yup... This happened
** Just posted a photo
** Lap dances all around!
** Just posted a photo
** Just posted a photo
** Just posted a photo
** Just posted a photo

From Others:

** @adamlambert good meeting u officially tonight. @MDMOLINARI is the ultimate connector but I'm glad we cemented our relationship without her!
** 3 pics with "Stalker Sarah" :) ... 7235_h.jpg

** @tof075 Yes crazy fun night. Doing music arrangements for @AdamLambert & recording guitar with #ÉtienneDaho
** Thanks much to @Sam_Sparro for coming to get down with CHIC & @AdamLambert for @WeAreFamilyFdtn gala! #shady #goodtimes

** With Adam Lambert at Los Globos Maximum Hedrum.
** Just wrapped our shoot with Adam Lambert for the anti-bullying ad campaign... "The Friend Movement"! What a blast!!! Who's next today? Hmmmmm.
** So thankful to @adamlambert for being such an amazing #FRIEND Together we will prevent bullying! Stay in touch
** CHIC, @nilerodgers, @AdamLambert and I have some special surprises coming for @WeAreFamilyFdtn next week in NYC!
** Hey @Sam_Sparro, I just had a great convo w @AdamLambert and it's gonna be insane. We gonna throw in a birthday bash too! Thx man

** Great comparing our ink today @adamlambert Thank you for being a#FRIEND You are loved. Safe travels!!
** @adamlambert Your infectious laughter on the phone instanly had me cracking up too. I'm thankful for this wonderful new day. Peace, Nile

** @adamlambert So. Um. Ok. I love you. That's all. Even before I knew that you liked the show. I mean it. {Star of American Horror Story responding to Adam's love of the show}

** Of all the celebrities I've worked w/ or 4, Adam Lambert is by far the most fun & down to earth. What a great guy
** @adamlambert “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”Let me be ur magical guide tonight!
** Liiiiiving with my boys for @adamlambert 's funky fresh birthday! We love u diva!
** At @adamlambert's b'day party with @sam_sparro. #Surreal
** Dancing at @adamlambert birthday with @alcoholharmony
** FYI @adamlambert mom is hot and @brendanvaughn doesn't age
** Amazing time at @adamlambert bday party w/ @sam_sparro @ActorAllanLouis @IamCarmit
@ShutUp_CHANEL @stfunacho =)
** @sam_sparro and I have decided we're DJing @adamlambert's bday party next year. :-)
** The paradise people..... @sam_sparro @AdamLambert @JoshPeace =)
** There are probably very few things better than an Adam sandwich.
** had a blast at your b day last night @adamlambert thanks bud!! (Link to Colin’s Twitter profile pic)
** Here's 1 from last night w/ @DavidArquette giving @AdamLambert a b day dance
** A note from Joseph, who realized his dream of meeting Adam Lambert with FRIEND MOVEMENT. He was bullied and... (Adam photo included in link)

** What did you do last night? Because I don't know if it was as good as what @AdamLambert tweeted
** This is too FUNNY! "Shady" Session @adamlambert "Hi I'm Shawna RCA" "Hey, I'm Nile NRP" "And this is Ray MTV"
** A Magical Night! - #blog #music @adamlambert @sam_sparro #wearefamily #celebrate #goodtimes #shady #blackandgold
** David Arquette gives Adam Lambert a birthday dance #davidarquette #adamlambert
** @adamlambert ha have you ever gone to Nowhere bar for Latino Lap Dance here in NYC??? Filth. Amazing.

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Interview Videos -
YT: New old AP interview .... from London in June '12

Other Videos -
Keek: Adam's Workout Video
YT: Diamond mash-up with Rihanna
YT: Wayback machine: Fresno TV report on Adam and his SF audition

Interview Videos -
YT: The Mix - New/old interview from the day of the Cyndi Lauper concert

Interview Videos -
YT: New/old interview ... Adam talks about single, turning 30 and fans

Other Videos –
YT: Director Peter Farrelly talks about Adam

Other Videos –
YT: Ellen name checks Adam on her birthday show (complete with Adam lookalike!)
YT: AI Audition with Chris “Mushroom” Barthel ~singing IIHY (featuring Adam’s version at the end)

Interview Videos -
YT: Wayback Machine: Touré's Fuse TV interview with Adam

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Lisaloopner's screencap
Screencaps from @xWhenLoveFails
Adam with fan/stalker Sarah
New Zodiac Photo
Adam with Audrina Patridge and unknown woman

Safe plucking gif

Adam with Mike Sand23 at Los Globos Maximum Hedrum
Pictures from behind the scenes at the Friends Movement shoot!
More pictures from the Friends Movement shoot
Adam met Joseph at Friends Movement photo shoot

Pic of Adam with Joseph
Fan art; Adam got papped yesterday
More Adam pap pics
Very large and very pretty picture of Adam taken by the paps

Adam and Joseph
Adam at Joyrich HQ

Adam and Sauli @ Bootsy Bellows for Adam’s birthday party
Adam and two Care Bears (?) at Adam’s birthday party
Cropped version of Adam/Care Bears pic
Adam with @alcoholharmony (Durand Bernnar) at his birthday party
Drunk!Adam and friend at birthday party
Adam with singer/performance artist Jessica Jean at his birthday party
David Arquette gives Adam a birthday dance in his undies! ... and Another picture of this
Adam looking uber hot w/Sam, Josh ... and Cropped version w/Adam looking uber hot alone
Adam, Joseph, and the FRIENDS film maker
Old photo of Adam and Neil

Birthday party pictures of Adam with Scarlett and Carmit
Birthday Party Pic Spam from Adam's instagram
Another party picture from Jeni, the GNT makeup artist
Adam w/fire eater from Bootsy Bellows and her instagram comments
Birthay Party Picture Collage!

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Atopia: Sauli's Hollywood 1/24 blog UNIVERSAL STUDIOS AGAIN w/pictures and link to source
Atopia: Sauli's Hollywood 1/24 blog LA ZOO w/pictures and link to source
Atopia: Sauli's Hollywood 1/26 blog PHOTO SHOOT! w/pictures and link to source

THIS hotness is hard to deny!


Cracked: The seven most unforgivable Grammy snubs
TelegraphUK: Why I Walked Out of Les Miserables
Maddie and Maeve met in Manhattan!
Facebook: Guy must be a Bert?
TheFriendMovement: Background information and the film on Joseph is imbedded
The Atlantic: Growing Up Gay in 2013

 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:34 pm 
Adam! As in Lambert!

Joined: Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:59 pm
Posts: 21806
Location: Right Here ... Namaste
Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: January 27 - February 2, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

ChinaDaily: Good writeup in China Daily on Adam's upcoming appearance in Shanghai
THR: Adam Lambert Donates Birthday to Charity

BedlamFanzine: Addressing the AURA situation in An Open Letter
Starcrush: Adam Lambert Again Celebrates His Birthday With Fan Philanthropy
TheMeaningOfStuff: The Aura Furora translated with piccies!

CelebrityGossip: Adam Lambert’s Early Birthday Outing
AfterElton: 31 Reasons Why We Love Birthday Boy Adam Lambert!
MTV Buzzworthy: Happy 31st Birthday, Adam Lambert! Please Enjoy These Birthday-Worthy GIFs!
JustJared: Adam Lambert: 'OMG Officially 31'!
4Music: Gallery: Adam Lambert in pictures
Crushable: Let’s Celebrate Adam Lambert’s 31st Birthday With Some of His Craziest Fashion Favorites
VH1Celebrity: Happy Birthday, Adam Lambert! Check Out 25 Ways He Puts The “Glam” In Glambert
NewNowNext : Our Favorite Adam Lambert Stories
Celebuz: Happy Birthday, Adam Lambert: A Tribute to His Outrageous Style
Google: Results for search of Happy 31st Birthday Adam Lambert

Atopia: Translation of nice Chinese article about Adam
Forbes: Top 10 Earning American Idols of 2012
Fault-Magazine: Fault Magazine Collaboration with Adam Lambert in Aura Magazine
OnTheMeaningOfAdamLambert: Update on Project Aura
Vh1: VH1 and VH1Music tweeted SNL their suggestions for host/musical acts. Adam is #2 on their list!
MyFoxChicago: Adam Lambert in Talks to Judge Idol Next Season

NextMagazine: Matt Breen, editor of Advocate magazine on why they went back to a print edition ... Adam's fault :)

AllieIsWired: Adam Lambert Honored by We Are Family Foundation
YahooMusic: Reality Rocks: Adam Lambert, Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro Join Forces for “Shady” Show
Press Party: Adam Lambert Joins Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers Onstage
4Music: Adam Lambert Receives Unity Award
HuffPo: Adam Lambert Honored With We Are Family Foundation’s Unity Award in New York[
AWOP: maeve94’s recap of the WAFF gala concert
Shalom Life: Adam Lambert Receives Award at We Are Family Gala
AdamQuoteDaily: WAFF post with videos and photos
MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Smizes Directly Into Our Souls (PHOTO)

AfterElton: Pic Post! Adam Lambert Honored In NYC, Gets "Shady" With Sam Sparro
20x24Studio: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders photographs Honorees at the We Are Family Foundation Celebration Gala 2.0.

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Glamily! I’m so proud to partner with @WeAreFamilyFdtn for my birthday this year & help empower teens everywhere!
** xandertarigo's photo

** RT@nilerodgers: Please sign the World's BIGGEST Birthday Card to @adamlambert to celebrate his 31st and support @WeAreFamilyFdtn

** OMG officially 31!
** RT@KharleneCraze: A local radio station just greeted @adamlambert a happy birthday on air and played WWFM. :))
** @BonnieMcKee aww thank you!!! U are so insanely talented. I'm thrilled for your upcoming music to debut!!! #sleepwalkerbonnie
** @BrunoMars hit that ginger!!!
** @BrunoMars haha
** @BrunoMars that's shitty.
** @nilerodgers thank you Nile!!!! ;)
** RT@nilerodgers: You Guys Are AMAZING! Passed 31k. Sign The World's BIGGEST Birthday Card to @adamlambert ** Happy Bday to you **
** @LarryFlick thank u Larry! :)
** @VinceRimoldi thanks!!!
** @MichaelOrland thank u!!!!! :)
** @lyndseyparker thank u!!! ;)
** Happy Birthday to my Godson @riffcherry!
** @EdenEspinosa yes girl!! ;) haha.
** @EdenEspinosa ;)
** @LoveMrSpencer back at u TT! Always there w a smile! ;)
** Thanks for all the tweet love today Glamberts!!
** RT@sam_sparro: Heading to New York to sing with @adamlambert and @nilerodgers + CHIC to support @wearefamilyfdtn Excitement!
** @PaulaAbdul thank you! You are a legend!!!
** @thecharlbrown yes!!!! So excited for you Charl!!
** @BoyGeorge thank you sir!!!! Much respect!
** @KrisAllen rub it in!!! ;) thanks man

** @MTVstyle @kokontozai @asvpxrocky ha! it ain't no competition! It's just a sick piece of fashion! :) great minds (and stylists) think alike
** This new Walk the Moon Tightrope EP I real good
** @nilerodgers bringin his signature funk to Shady. Great rehearsal today.!c31cbab
** RT@sam_sparro: Me and @nilerodgers @adamlambert adamlambert at rehearsal for WAFF Gala!! #shady
** @milestougeaux hahahha did I do that? Lol

** @WeAreFamilyFdtn: Update: $41,000 was surpassed this morning! Let's get this higher for tonight!
** RT@AllisonIraheta: Somebody captured my new band @HaloCircus's debut at The Troubadour. …. What do you think?

** "Shady" w @NileRodgers and @Sam_Sparro #WeAreFamily
** With the legend, @nilerodgers!
** Just posted a photo
** Pitch Perfection.
** I love NYC so much but this freezing outside, toasty dry inside contrast is really messin w me. Hahaha how do u east coasters deal

** Boys Night Out
** Luv for @edenespinosa !
** Red hot @sam_sparro
** @ZjU140 great meeting you guys too!!
** Just posted a photo
** check out my friends art!
** This is his FB Can't wait to hang my print of the OWL
** Twitter party?! [Transcript from @mmyy9 ... To see everything click on button at bottom w/the 50!]
** RT@nicolewinhoffer: happy birthday Bob Marley!!! bbkings #marleytribute #rastafarian #music #onelove
** Home sweet home!

From Others:

** David Arquette gives Adam Lambert an early birthday present by stripping down and doing a dance: Adam Lambert tu...
** PHOTOS: Adam Lambert Gets a Birthday Lap Dance from Famous Actor
Nile Rodgers
** I just returned home and found out Glamberts responded in numbers that crashed our site. I Love It! Sign...
** Of course I meant Sign @adamlamberts Birthday Card! All you site crashers out there! I have a jetlagged brain
** Correction you crashed it twice. Awesome! Sign @adamlamerts Birthday Card
** We'll have PayPal hooked up by tonight. We never expected this kind of response. WOW!
** OK! We hit $13,000! That was quick...we love you!

** Update: We just passed $18,000! We know you love the Paypal option now! So grateful for the support!
** Update: It's been a long have all been so generous! Before we take a nap, happy to share we reached $19,000!
** Good Morning! We woke up this morning to $20,000 donated so far for @adamlambert 's birthday! Thank U!!
** The messages that we are receiving for adamlambert 's birthday are so beautiful...the world loves him!
** Update: We just surpassed $28,000! AMAZING...Thank you!!
** "Whatyaya Want From Me" Lead Sheet pg 1. I'm playing it now and getting excited about @adamlambert w CHIC gig!
** Hey #Glamberts! @adamlambert has one big wish for his bday tomorrow:
** Guess which actor gave Adam Lambert a birthday strip tease
** @adamlambert Happy Birthday, Adam!!!
QueenRockBand [fan group not the band]
** Happy Birthday Adam Lambert!! - @AdamLambert ---> ... …
** Happy Fabulous 31st Birthday to @AdamLambert - who is donating his birthday. Tweeps, please follow the link ... iew/66447/ …

** @adamlambert We wish you a very Happy Birthday... Here's hoping you have the best birthday in this mad world!
** Update: WooHoo! $31,000 has been surpassed! Happy Birthday @adamlambert ! Thank yoU to EVERYONE! Time for a nap in NYC,
** Update: We have just surpassed $33,000! #HappyBirthdayAdamLambert
** Update: We just surpassed $36,000!! There is a lot of #HappyBirthdayAdamLambert love out there! Thank you!!
** I've got video to prove it (remember forever) haha! @LAMBERTLUST @newnownext @adamlambert
** @PerezHilton insert cat claw noise [David calling out PH on his lap dance wank]
** Happy birthday 2 my favorite person 2 vocal produce @adamlambert! You are the funniest, sweetest, most talented MF ever!Luv U boo!
** Dearest @adamlambert aka "AdLamb", Happy stinkin' Birthday! Keep tearin' shit up. You make the dirty thirties look good. Much love, CK
** Im pretty sure I just ate the whole cast of Finding Nemo #SushiOverload uugggghhhhh
** @adamlambert bout to hit that toilet
** @adamlambert Awww.... it won't be that depressing, Adam! Older and wiser! :D #HappyBdayAdamLambert
** @adamlambert Happy Birthday love! Xoxo
** @adamlambert Happy Birthday boss man!! Live it up!! Love you!!
** @adamlambert Happy birthday! x
** Happy birthday to the ageless and gorgeous @AdamLambert. May this new year of your life bring joy, yummy surprises, and giggles. xx
** @adamlambert Thank you @adamlambert! You are a really cool person and @wearefamilyfdtn is honored to honor you!
** #HappyBirthdayAdamLambert
** I love shady it's my favorite song < Just added a dope horn argmt
** Just a few hours to CHIC's 1st rehearsal on @AdamLambert Birthday - "Shady" Lead Sheet
** Dear @adamlambert Wishing you an incredible bday filled with great health, happiness, and love always. You are a an amazing #FRIEND Thx
** Dear @adamlambert From all of us at #FRIENDMOVEMENT HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)
** HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO! @adamlambert Here's a quick birthday tongue. Haha! Oh the scandals!
** Happy birthday to @Oprah Winfrey and @AdamLambert, from The #WorldAlmanac.
HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY, AdamLambert. You're 3-1derful, so we got you some GIFs (because they're free and we're broke)!
** For @adamlambert's bday we're collecting 31 reasons we love him! Tweet us your fave with #aolmusiclambert & watch for the post later today!
** @adamlambert happy birthday star boy!!!! I wish you a year ahead filled with love, good health, prosperity and amazing music!!! Xx
** @adamlambert Happy birthday handsome!!!! SING IT LOUD!!!!!!!!
** HAPPY BIRTHDAY @adamlambert!!! <3 <3 <3!!! XXX @phillipeblond
** @lyndseyparker Oh my word, @adamlambert and my little nephew share a bday. Hope my little guy grows up to be as awesome as you, Mr. Lambert!
** @adamlambert Happy Birthday my friend!!!
@adamlambert happy birthday dearheart. @TheOnlyDetox @TheVickyVox & I wrote a song for you too ;) ... [this video is hilarious and NSFW]
** Happy Birthday to one of our great supporters @adamlambert! Here's a look back at his special visit to @childrensatl ... t-to-choa/ …
** .@AdamLambert Happy Birthday DIVA! Lol! I'm MOST proud! I absolutely and always love, cherish and adore you!! :) xoxoP
** Awww! Thank you Adam! You fill up my heart! Have a FANTASTIC birthday! xoP RT @adamlambert: @PaulaAbdul thank you! You are a legend!!!
** What's that did you say? There's A Whole Lotta Love for Adam Lambert on his Bertday? ... ?query=wll … You're welcome ;)
** Happy Birthday adamlambert! 31!!!

** Who do YOU think wore this @Kokontozai hoodie better: @asvpxrocky or @adamlambert? WE CAN'T PICK!! *ducks for cover*
** @adamlambert @kokontozai @asvpxrocky AGREED. the craftsmanship on that embroidery is BANANAS. having major hoodie envy of you both.
** @nilerodgers and Chic are rehearsing with @adamlambert @sam_sparro on #Shady right now!!!! They are effing #awesome!!!!!! oh my God!
** @Anjeebaby here is a picture ;) @nilerodgers @adamlambert @sam_sparro @taylor_dayne @kathysledge
** Coolest day ever!!!! The singing thats about to go down tomorrow.... You are not ready!!!! @ @ Manhattan, NY
** Me and @nilerodgers @adamlambert adamlambert at rehearsal for WAFF Gala!! #shady
** Sing bitch!
** @adamlambert Ugh! why do I have to leave NY today!!!
** @adamlambert ~~ absolutely Amazing vocals @ rehearsal !! Love it! K xx!!
** @sam_sparro me and @adamlambert at a kickA$$ rehreasl today.
** Oh hey adamlambert at Su Casa standing at the door chtting w MarkusDoor

** First night in NYC consists of fireball, bravo Andy, Adam lambert, and Mac n cheese!!!!
** Two queens (adamlambert) and a butch (@cassiepetrey)! Pop star kisses!
** @adamlambert and his crew came in to Su Casa tonight, and I must say, they make my job a lot more enjoyable! Aquarius Power!
** And i met adamlambert. No big deal
** Our first and only comment about the Aura zine -
** Happy Yesterday Birthday to the awesomeness of @adamlambert and THANK YOU for letting me borrow AMAZING @TommyJoeRatliff
** @fureyyyy & adamlambert stories
** Video: for all the #Glamberts.. @NileRodgers at #soundcheck, @WeAreFamilyFdtn gala #whatayawantfromme...
** @MaxRyderNYC met Adam Lambert yesterday in NYC. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall ;) @jak3bass77 @Adam Lambert
** Sound check w @adamlambert was killing. He's a singing MF - There, I said it!
** Me kicking "Let's Dance" w @adamlambert and @sam_sparro
** Haha Rosie Perez is hosting and asked if she could be a glambert too and asked Adam how he gets his hair to not move
** Adam danced his ass off tonight. He was smiling so much on stage
** Honoree @adamlambert is hot hot hot.
** Wow, I have to cover @AdamLambert events more often. So much love!
** Miss Allie! I'm here to tell ya. @AdamLambert has gorgeous eyes in person. @allieiswired
** Speakers are all fawning over Adam!!!!!
** Every speaker tonight mentions Adam in some positive way, like dazzling! The global teen leaders are amazing & inspiring!!! #wearefamily
** Oh yes!!!! Just met @adamlambert and took a giant Polaroid with him! Dreams so come true!!! I'm so happy and the pic came out amazing!!!!!!!
** Got all of Adam on video, just won't be able to upload till I get home Monday....
** @glitzylady Amazing show. @AdamLambert got high praise from daughter's boyfriend who is trained opera singer. he said A's voice is AWESOME!.
** Just met a guy who is from Kenya and was so excited to see Adam. He said Adam is big in Kenya. #wearefamily
** Finally celebrating adamlambert birthday in NYC #nothinlikeoldfriends @ Dream Downtown

** @glitzylady Amazing show. @AdamLambert got high praise from daughter's boyfriend who is trained opera singer. he said A's voice is AWESOME!.
**Just met a guy who is from Kenya and was so excited to see Adam. He said Adam is big in Kenya. #wearefamily
** "Dinner is the new going out!" Haha great time with y'all tonight. Safe trip home @adamlambert & Happy Birthday @EdenEspinosa
** After last night's @WeAreFamilyFdtn Gala with @adamlambert, I am officially a Glambert! What a dude. Awesome voice & smile. (link to Simon’s organization, Global Tolerance)
** We have HD close up Gala performance vids! Discovered new software was needed to process vids from new camera. We're still working :)
** @CaroLambs One of the cool things that happened was all the staff there telling me how sweet and nice Adam is. He makes a good impression!
** Update: The tally is in! @adamlambert birthday raised $45,000! So grateful. You can still send messages til Feb 6
** Me & @AdamLambert after doing "Shady" LIVE together for the 1st time
**Join my instagram (just joined) to see the pic Lambert texted me the other day...posted only on my instagram.. (The photo in question)
** @thecharlbrown @adamlambert smokey tones bitch!
** Wonderful dinner, great conversation, lots of laughs and no drama! I love my friends old and new! @adamlambert @thecharlbrown
** 1) wait...... What? 2) smize @adamlambert
** @thecharlbrown @adamlambert Big head, Little head! LOL

** Our Special VIP guest @adamlambert!! @JustinLukeNYC @BoiParty
** @adamlambert saw and heard you 1st time at WAFF -downloaded Shady already! Blown away- thanks for stepping into our show!
** Was stunned how amazing @adamlambert was live! Over the moon type of great!! Def see him in concert!
** @sarahjameel @adamlambert You know I'm not easily impressed and he really did! Hella stage presence!
** @milestougeaux @adamlambert Adam is also mentioned in Don't Let Me Go. What can I say? I'm a fan too!
** #MichaelJackson & me w/ Andrea. I miss Michael. I was feeling sentimental after the #wearefamily gig w/ @AdamLambert

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Other Videos -
YT: Glamberts going to the Gala
Keek: Adam on ET, courtesy of Tuke18
YT: Happy Birthday, Adam Lambert! January 29 from FashionTV

Concert Videos -
Tmblr: Very short, but close up, clip of Shady
Vine: Another few seconds of Shady, Adam and Sam
Viddy: And another few seconds, Adam/Sam/Nile
Keek: 36 seconds of Shady
Viddy: Few seconds of Trespassing
Viddy: Another short close up clip of Shady
Keek: 35 Seconds of WWFM
Viddy: Several of the short vids in one place
YT: Full Trespassing from WeAreFamily

Other Videos –
YT: Adam saying Happy Chinese New Year (using a teleprompter)
Tmblr: Nile playing WWFM at soundcheck

Concert Videos -
YT: WAFF – Adam’s Entire Set (Jessica Bennett)
YT: Closeup snippets of WAFF performance
YT: WAFF – Trespassing (Virg1877)
YT: WAFF – Trespassing (EMandKAY2010)
YT: WAFF – Shady (Virg1877)
YT: WAFF – Shady, great quality (EMandKAY2010)
YT: WAFF – Shady (Dee TennisLover)
YT: WAFF – Shady (TALC)
YT: WAFF – Let’s Dance (Virg1877)
YT: WAFF – Let’s Dance (MetalurgicodeDiamant)
YT: WAFF – Let’s Dance (EowynForAdam
YT: WAFF – Whataya Want From Me (EMandKAY2010)

Interview Videos -
YT: WAFF Red Carpet Interview by Hollywood Life

Other Videos –
YT: WAFF red carpet video – 10 secs, no sound (amix ofthings
YT: WAFF – Adam Being Presented with Unity Award (Virg1877)
YT: WAFF – Adam being presented with Unity Award (Jessica Bennett)
YT: WAFF – Adam Being Presented with Unity Award (EowynForAdam)

Concert Videos -
YT: TALC's WWFM from WAFF gala
YT: TALC's Trespassing from WAFF gala
YT: TALC's Let's Dance from WAFF gala
YT: NJ LovinLambert's WAFF full set

Audio -
Mediafire: mp3 files for the Gala concert

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Birthday party picture collage
Surrounded by love
At Rasputin and Revolver ... and all the pictures
Time machine: Two years ago today this happened

Fire Eaters at Bootsy Bellows
Odd, Old Photo ... source unknown
Divas Photo Used in the MTVact Tweet
Adam and Sauli in the Car
From Adam Pictures: Photos from STK, 12/20/12

New boots? Is that a guy filming video?
From the Blond's Tumblr and a blowing out birthday candels gif

Sam, Nile, and Adam
Adam, Nile, Sam, Cathy Sledge, and Taylor Dayne
Adam, Sam and a CHIC member
Sing Bitch!
Sam, Nile, Adam

Out and about in NYC ... picture w/fan
"Two queens and a butch"
Mike Furey & Adam
Adam w/Jamie Hendrix
Adam arriving: - #1 Posing w/Fan ... - #2 Back View ... - #3 Up Close w/Fan ... - #4 Laughing ... - #5 Signing Booklet
Soundcheck at Rehearsal
Adam with Max Ryder
(for a quick change of subject) Riff’s Birthday Party
Some sneak peeks from soundcheck
Instagram source for sneak peeks
Several more pics from soundcheck, and from Red Carpet
Red Carpet pics worth weeping over
Program for Gala, and close up of Adam being interviewed
Red Carpet pics of Adam, Taylor Dayne, Nile; and just Adam
Gala floor full of people; Adam and Sam at center front table
Adam and Nile with Rosie Perez
Pic Adam’s driver took for his DD, and another RC
RC pic with two dudes
Another RC pic – Kate Pierson, Adam, Nile, Rosie Perez
Adam at podium receiving award
Adam with his award
On stage (Blue belt peeking out)
Adam on stage – group of 3 photos
Pro pics from RC at WeAreFamily Gala w/watermark
Happy Adam performing
The Trio on Stage! Adam/Nile/Sam
Two good quality pics of Adam on stage
Adam and Nile performing
Adam’s smile accepting his award (awww)
Pro pics w/o watermarks
SANG IT, boy!
Adam and old friend Charl Brown

Adam ~enjoying his performance during the WAFF gala
WAFF – Adam accepting his Unity Award
Closeup photo of Adam accepting his Unity Award
WAFF performance shot of Adam, Nile and Sam, and photo of Adam with an unidentified couple at Dream Downtown
WAFF photos – houari_b
WAFF photos – tuke18
WAFF photos – ... slideshow version
WAFF photos – Glamberter
Adam backstage at WAFF posing with a poster of himself
WinkyDink's post with links to pictures of Adam with legends
Adam reaching out to Jeni Stepanek
Posed WAFF red carpet photo of Adam and Jeni Stepanek
Another posed WAFF red carpet photo for Adam and Jeni Stepanek
Adam posing with mug during WAFF performance
Profile photo of Adam on WAFF red carpet
Photo of Nile Rodgers and Adam onstage at WAFF gala, posted by Gibson Guitar
From TALC's Shady video ... Go On and Roll It Out, I Dare You gif
Adam and Eden ... and Adam and Charl

Adam in action .. making a point ;)
Boys Night Out!
Adam getting into Sam's picture (and possibly his neck)
Adam out on Friday: cute fan boy #1 ... cute fan boy #2 ... and a gaggle of fan boys
Photo album from BoiParty Facebook: Penthaus Fridays at the Copa: Adam Lambert surprise appearance!
He called us gurl ... macro from @mindchnger
Facebook photo album from The Backstage Blogger ... 2013 WAFF Gala 2.0

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Atopia: Sauli's Hollywood 2/1 blog PARTY!! w/pictures and link to source

From PARTY blog: Sauli and his friends in new apartment

Family, Band and Crew

Riff Cherry turned 2 ...The other 1/29 birthday boy

** @adamlambert hope I was the 1st text! Happy Birthday! Love ya, man!
** @adamlambert Happy Birthday Ad! After 30 its routine. No fanfare. Fly somewhere, get some work done.
..Happy Birthday Gpop, @adamlambert!!! We Love you!!! Xoxo, Riff, Lee & Scarlett
** Happy birthday to the homie, the ace. One of my closest friends in the world @adamlambert! Love you much man. Enjoy your day, you rock!

Miles Tougeaux
** @adamlambert Hope you finally get to sing La Freak. It'll be a challenge doing it again after 25yrs & not in pajamas & jumping on a bed.

Miles Tougeaux
**@adamlambert Hey, a writer friend tells me you get a mention in a novel: Where You Are by J.H. Trumble


Sam without his pencil mustache
BulliesAgainstBullying: Website
CNN: Three Arrested in Deadly Brazil Nightclub Fire
TVGuide: Poll: Who’s the Best Idol Contestant Ever?
MyModernmet: FANTASTIC, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR website about art and photography!
Motown:The Musical: Upcoming Broadway show in which Charl Brown will play Smokey Robinson
NYTimes: As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow to a Trickle
JHTrumble: Author's website

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:30 pm 
Adam! As in Lambert!

Joined: Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:59 pm
Posts: 21806
Location: Right Here ... Namaste
Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: February 3 - 9, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Forbes: China, Are You Ready For A Super Bowl?

CNN: Jokesters, Advertisers Pounce on Super Bowl Power Outage ... Adam's tweet is included
NileRodgers: The World's Biggest Birthday Card
WAFF: Adam's Birthday Messages Posted Here

Yahoo News: Look who's on the front page of Yahoo this morning
Yahoo News: The Cost of Being an American Idol
MTV BuzzWorthy: Adam Lambert Poses With His Unity Award, Is All, 'This Is What A REAL Winner Looks Like' (PHOTO)

AfterElton: 5 Awesome Current Artists Who Need Grammys
Hollywood: ‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week Is Here: 10 Signs Your Favorite Contestant Is Doomed
Spin: Fall Out Boy Return to 'Save Rock and Roll' With New Single, Album, and Tour
Spin: Five Tracks That Predicted Fall Out Boy's 'My Songs' Makeover
CelebrityHauteSpot: Interview with Adam Lambert at the We Are Family Foundation Gala in NYC
Mix106.1: Vote for Adam and Sauli as fav celebrity couple

AWOP: Screen shot of China Amazon page – Trespassing #1
WAFF: Adam and his fans raised over $82K! Direct link to sign up for new account on Chinese Amazon ... and Direct link to Trespassing on Chinese Amazon
Twitlonger: Step-by-step screencaps for ordering on Chinese Amazon

Twitter: Screen shot of Nile's berty tweets to Adam
NileRodgers: Grow Up Already! ... includes picture of Adam and Nile from WAFF and Shady in playlist

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Thought I'd get some work done. What do u think? Looks natural huh.
** @beyonce just SLAYED THE WORLD w that show. Wow. Classy Sexy and Powerful. THE Diva.
** And feeling #destinysChild ! @KELLYROWLAND and Michelle! Bringin back memories of seeing you three live way back!! :) ya'll SNATCHED!

** Ugh I'm sick ;(
** Y'all too cute w the well wishes. :)
** RT @sutanamrull: ... r_embedded … Ok now here's my attempt at putting a vide…

** U-N-I-T-Y
** @TheOnlyDetox "...the new prescription drug for people that are gagging" hahaha
** Check out
** RT @WeAreFamilyFdtn: Update: We have 1535 Signatures for @adamlambert 's birthday card! We need a few more to break the record! #wearefamily
** RT@meganhilty: IT'S STAAAAAAARTING!!!!! #SmashSeason2

** RT@KeishaRenee: @whoisjohnnyrice @babygarza featuring myself and the fabulous @hellojonte Get it on iTunes March 5th…
** Have y'all heard the new single from @falloutboy ? Soooooo badass
** Ready for @americanidol Hollywood week!!
** Curtis Finch Jr! Sangin w sass! U funny! First one to really grab my attention. ;)
** There are a nice diverse grip of 'mo's this year. ;) progressive!

** @PapaPeachez living for you Mary. You sound like Nina Simone! Dare to be you and dare to be different. But PLAY BALL. ;)
** @shoshannastone handful [answering her question Grip?]
** @PapaPeachez Rooting 4 u Papa Precocious :)
** New @Pink video is really great. So genuine! Love that record too- "Just Give Me A Reason". SO inspiring.
** @keshasuxx new Deconstructed EP is so beautiful!! What a treat to hear her voice raw and emotional. Lovely singing. :)
** @vintagetrouble tearin it up!!! Yes!!
** Set it to Pink Floyd
** RT@AfterElton: Love you Blaine, but @adamlambert wore it better. #kurtrules

** Sickest tattoo EVER!
** @Its_smokey may wanna clear that w me @JustinHawkins !
** RT@TheEllenShow: I hope everyone stays safe on the East Coast during the blizzard. In other news, #Nemo is trending! That movie really is a classic.
** Hahah

** Music Cares Springsteen realness!
** @planetjedward good seeing u guys last night!
** @nataliakills - can't wait to hear your music u were tellin me about!

From Others:

** Meet, Adam's leather pants: ... ers-black/

** In Touch segment on Wendy Williams talked about @adamlambert's birthday fundraising & the famous @davidarquette lapdance (showed a pic) Yay!

** 2nd album Trespassing will be released in China on Feb.20
** Trespassing Chinese Version will have 15 songs and a Trespassing folder
** Sony China said that special Trespassing folder would be very beautiful
** @adamlambert never met so much love until I started writing about you. You have the best fans. GLAMBERTS, you ROCK ... /#comments
** \o/ MT CuckooBert: adamlambert #Trespassing album Chinese version is on for pre-order.#2 best seller now ... 12/photo/1
** Chinese version #Trespassing costs $7.60 US$. It offers overseas shipping. Mail to US only cost around $5.60.

** “@adamlambert: Have y'all heard the new single from @falloutboy ? Soooooo badass” Glad you dig, buddy.
** We figured you'd like it: RT @adamlambert Have y'all heard the new single from @falloutboy ? Soooooo badass

** Finally our Enhanced Let's Dance video is done & uploaded thanks to TALCVIDS, robininny, squeeni01, playwithunow
** @adamlambert 'grip'?
** Adam's tweet: It's the head of a Hiwatt 100 guitar amp. so they could be mic'ing it for recording or just using it to rehearse.

** I spoke to @adamlambert today and thanked him for "SHADY" LIVE! Big love to @sam_sparro #chic & #Glamberts too!
** @adamlambert @kathygriffin same table at MusiCares. A rainbow's above it. #musicares #theGrammys

** @adamlambert @kathygriffin same table at MusiCares. A rainbow's above it. #musicares #theGrammys
** @adamlambert Hang w CHIC-write mad dance-pop-funk, drop it like a crazy glue meteor that bonds the earth & Pied Piper us to the dance floor!
** You and @Sam_Sparro said it, "Free your mind and the rest will follow! The world is ready for anthemic classics that make us FEEL GOOD!
** Sorry I just had a great meal of Cuban food and I feel great. (To much Sofrito.) @Adamlambert is a rare vocalist he can lift the bar. SAYIN!
** @adamlambert You hit a high Ab like it was just another note. A quiver with an arsenal of musical weapons at your god given disposal-ROCK ON
** @adamlambert I'm just sayin' - Thanks for everything and you'll always have a friend at #Wearefamily and the #chic Organization. Peace
** @adamlambert Sorry about the rant. I just heard the clean mix of you killing "Shady." If I mix good music and food I get emotional. DUH!
14gelly [transcribing audio from RC interview]
** Oh now I got it, I put my headphones, he was asked what is he doing on Valentine's day and he's saying he's leaving the day after.
** He was also asked what he is doing during Grammy's night and he said he's going to open a bottle of wine make some food and watch it
** #friendsnfamily #grammys party with Adam Lambert #grammyrealness
** Adam Lambert is rocking his "Ray Of Light" VH1 Diva tunic at #friendsnfamily !
** Con Adam Lambert!!! Y estuvo tocando con Queen el verano pasado!!! :)
** Adam Lambert is HE-LARIOUS!
** Adam Awesome talking to you @AdamLambert
** @adamlambert F***ing awesome meeting you, you vocal beast!!! xxoo <33333
** roller disco whaaaa? w/ adam lambert lol RETWEET

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Concert Videos -
YT: Glammax's WAFF TALC video playlist
YT: Enhanced Shady by combining and enhancing the best audio w/better video
YT: Terra's total WAFF video playlist

Other video -
TMZ: Adam Lambert: Gay Bars Are the Meet Chicks
YT: And yet another Idol Contestant (Jesaiah Baer) going to Hollywood mentions Adam
AWOP: Law Mom's monthly collection of dance videos using Adam's music

Audio -
MediaFire: Let's Dance audio ... Shady audio ... WWFM audio

Concert Videos -
YT: Not so wayback machine ...Adam one year ago today at the showcase in Sweden

Interview Videos
YT: Exclusive Interview With Adam Lambert At The We Are Family Foundation Gala

Other Videos
YT: David Arquette on giving Adam a lapdance
YT: And yet another American Idol contestant who is a fan of Adam F. Lambert

Other Videos -
YT: Adam’s Pre-Idol Parking Garage Encounter with P!nk
Devenlane: Wayback Machine: 2011 Grammy Social Media Rock Star Summit .. Adam's interviews and panel participation

Other Videos
YT: From World TV Monitor: Adam Lambert at Friends 'N' Family pre Grammy party

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Pic from the Backstage Blogger album
This picture should come with a warning
Adam's Instagram: Thought I'd get some work done. What do u think? Looks natural huh. ... and here

Adam and Mike Furey
From Facebook: Photo Album from WAFF
From Flickr: Another WAFF Photo Album
Sam and Adam on WAFF Red Carpet
Adam, Sam and Nile Performing Shady at WAFF Gala
Wayback machine ... Adam and friends cicra Janury 2008

Hips gif
Werk it! Gif
Trespassing Chinese Version will have 15 songs and a Trespassing folder
Adam holding UNITY award, an instagram pic posted by Adam and a montage
Five More INROCK pictures in the February issue
One of the five pics from INROCK
One of the five pics from INROCK - Full size woah!
OMFG. His chest. GAH

Slide show of We Are Family Foundation event
Lots of pics from the We Are Family Foundation event here
Gif of Adam being adorable on the red carpet
HQ pics of Adam arriving at Bootsy Bellows
Pretty head shot from WAFF red carpet
New pic from the Bootsy Bellow group ... and Full size awesomeness

A gaggle of Adam gifs
Adam and Sam performing on WAFF night
Adam from WAFF night, "fingers"
Tons of pics from WAFF site
A pic spam selection of the best!
Adam tweeted pic ‘Set it to Pink Floyd’

Two photos of Adam and Allan Louis – in front of the computer, and at the pool!
Adam wails and Nile is YAY!
Alikat1323’s WAFF Photos

mini picspam w/new WAAF pictures
Pictures from Grammy Friends and Family Red Carpet
Adam Pictures album from FAF RC
Pictures w/Lyndsey Park and others from FAF RC and party ... both outfits ;)
More random pictures from FAF RC and party
From RC: lips baby lips
Another beautiful shot from RC
Adam and @nataliakills at Grammy FAF roller disco party
Adam posted this RC head shot on his instagram
Being goofy at the FAF roller disco party
RC gif
black & white Adam singing at the Vineyard concert ... and black & white picture from last year ... Hennessy Hotness?

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Family, Band and Crew

Twitter: Screenshot of Eber's Message on WAFF birthday card

** @adamlambert what exactly is a "grip of 'mo's'?


Myspace: Paul Bielatowicz is able to make his guitar sound almost like Emersons sync,piano, organ, key set up
TheBeatlesOnline: Paul McCartney uses a Hoffner
Out: Picture Perfect: Mike Furey and Dalton Flint
HuffPo: 6 Habits Of Remarkably Likable People
EOnline: Miley Cyrus blasts PH for being a dick and accusing her of cheating
Atopia: Recap of Grammy Social Media Rock Star Summit
Grammy: Videos from 2013 SMRSS
Twitter: Sia's music is not getting any love from Clive Davis
YT: From Law Mom's YT Channel: Coronado High School Cougarettes Dance Team - What Are Words

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 9:08 pm 
Adam! As in Lambert!

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Location: Right Here ... Namaste
Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: February 10-16, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Sunday Adam is going to appear on the Better Show on Friday

MTV Buzzworthy: Adam Lambert Covered Rihanna's "Stay", Slayed It, and Now We're Basically Dead
Fuse: Adam Lambert One Ups Rihanna with Brief "Stay" Cover: Who needs a Grammy when you're naturally Glammy?
HollywoodStyleScene: Nightcapper (Grammy Week Edition): Partying With Flo-rida, Avicii, Adam Lambert & Swizz Beatz

TowelRoad: Adam Lambert Teases Cover of Rihanna's 'Stay': VIDEO
Fuse: Be My Valentine: 30 Artists That Make Our Hearts Pound
WOWhd: Trespassing Asian Tour Edition
YesAsia: Trespassing (CD+DVD) (Asian Tour Edition) (Korea Version)

RCARecords: Adam Lambert Covers Rihanna’s “Stay”

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** RT@preciousweapons: too much fun last night with @adamlambert @MiaVonGlitz @DarrenCriss @mrhudson and many many more.... #CAA #GRAMMYS
** Excited to 4 the #GRAMMYs on TV tonight. Been a wild party weekend! So fun! Glad to have connected and re-connected w so many g8 peeps.
** OMG u guys I finally met Bill Kaulitz! It was brief but he was friendly and very cool. And TALL!
** @AndressaTHBR I didn't take a photo. But we laughed about our "copying each other feud"
** @MissKellyO You look hot on the carpet!!! that hair!!!!! :)

** Watching E! Red carpet... @carlyraejepsen 's dress is so SICK
** @JanelleMonae is so CHIC
** I want @NeYoCompound s jacket by Saint Laurent !
** @BonnieMcKee u look SO hot. Roman Goddess. Otherworldly
** @taylorswift13 looks so STUNNING
** The men look so classy this year!!
** RT@LanceBass: Grammy after party is about to go down!! Tune in to E! Right after the awards!
** I Love this song "STAY".!zdUgbab
** Yes JT! Great performance! And Miguel sounded amazing too. #vocals!
** I also really liked Elton and Ed Sheeran. Great harmonies!
** @rihanna - best she's ever sounded!! Wow. Full of such beautiful and haunting emotion.
** Discovering @mikkyekko thru this RiRi track is fuckin great! His records are gorgeous.
** @kelly_clarkson damn! SANG get face off!!!! Wow.
** That Marley / Sting tribute felt SO good.
** RT@JoJoistheway: WE ARE WATCHING MUSIC/THE INDUSTRY CHANGE BEFORE OUR EYES. Can't you feel it???? This is fantastic. #GRAMMYS2013
** Jack white!! Serious Rock!
** Carrie U is FLAWLESS
** @katyperry OMG ur serving body body!! Dayum.
** My best Best Dressed lady tonight @KELLYROWLAND
** What an inspiring #GrammyAwards ! :)
** RT@shoshannastone: ... … this is amazing #adamsingsstay
** @marysygiel it was a preview! It was rehearsal. More to come!

** RT@sutanamrull: @DavideLaffe @adamlambert @samsparro and his boo. An absolute blast! Must do it again soon!

** Valentine Homies. Love to You ALL!

** RT@JustinTuckerrr: "Better Than I Know Myself" by the one and only @adamlambert #NowPlaying #Amazeballs
** I got Seoul but I'm not a Soldier
** RT@voiceworkstk: @adamlambert definitely are an #AmericanNomad! ;)
** RT @thecharlbrown: Congrats to my friends @BethDitt0 & @GossipMusic on the new video for Get A Job!! #lovingit! #brilliant!! ...
** B-side from Trespassing....
** I just decided that this brief tour is to be called the "WE ARE GLAMILY TOUR"
** Just a fabulous and funky family affair. #weareglamily
** “@glossaryofpearl: @adamlambert you are fucking tacky” hahah I know- its part of my look. Where have u been? Lol
** “@spreckles: @adamlambert Glamily sounds like its moist tho” after 20 min onstage, we ARE moist. Lol high energy set list.
** RT@IloSudella: @adamlambert WE ARE GLAMILY! I GOT ALL MAH GLAMBERTS WIFF ME! ;)

** Omg this is SOOO badass! Better Than I Know My Madness mash-up:
** Bisexual: Not Such a Dirty Word via @HuffPostGay Very true!
** RT@shoshannastone: LOVE! @adamlambert vs @britneyspears :)))))
** @DeDeDinah_0749 cuz I have friends that are Bi. Its true that some are confused but I think thats due to society not comfortable with it {in reply to the totally rude @adamlambert And you would know because...........?}
** @meganhilty loving your new song!!! Can't wait to hear the album.
** @brokenenglishx but that's not ALL bisexual people. That's one. And there are plenty of unfaithful straight and gay people too. {in reply to a tweet about a family member ... which Adam misunderstood}
** RT@princepuja: Silver Ankh Chain Rosary now up in the puja Shop! $32. #pujajewelry #jewelry #Egyptian #Ankh #rosary #necklace
** @princepuja Oooh I want one!!!
** @princepuja come to S Korea?! Lol {in reply to @adamlambert Done! Now we just need to hang out! :):):)}
** @meganhilty of course!!! {in reply to @adamlambert thanks friend!!! Xoxoxo}
** @RuPaul @lohanthony it's true! The kids got Moxie. {in reply to @RuPaul: Lawyer? @LOHANTHONY One day U will run the entertaintment industry. TRUST}
** I know it's been out a while, but damn this @BrunoMars album is so good!

From Others:

** Adam lambert & my friend Zaydoon @ the Grammy party
** adamlambert all warm and #cozy on a #cold #grammys #Night. #AdamLambert @adamlambert

** Dear @adamlambert - @chelseaclinton is hosting @TedxTeen :The Audacity of Hope You & Glamberts help us do this work
** @adamlambert STAY keek under MOST VIEWED today I Love this song "STAY".!zdUgbab >21000 views
** Nightcapper (Grammy Week): Partying w/ @official_Flo @Avicii @AdamLambert @TherealSwizzz @CoutureZen @shellshows ... y-edition/

** Everybody's talking about @Rihanna's new single #Stay feat. @mikkyekko but @adamlambert is singing about it
** Adam Lambert spent some time with the top 40, along with today's L.A. photoshoots for top40! #idol
** Look who I found in Hollywood! Super nice guy! #idol #teamjimmy
** @adamlambert thanks for being so awesome to us last night!
** Nice to meet you @Adamlambert ! Be watching for me at "Hollywood Week" tomorrow!! #americanidol #happygirl

** Saw @adamlambert tonight!!! Wow he was sooo sweet!! Thanx Adam!! #music #fun #adamlambert #wow
** Thanks to everyone that came down to @therageweho for Fat Tuesday last night especially @adamlambert Don't forget next week, Disney Night!
** @AdamLambert We love Ru, you love Ru -Will Ru be our Valentine? #DragRace
** Last minute mess fun evita_la with @adamlambert ! i adore him ;) #evitala #nights #instafun #picoftheday…
** @adamlambert you are a wonderful piece of perfection

** Yo @adamlambert - Just saying hello - If you're in town hit me up - Reflecting on a great night
** My new friend :-) it was sooo nice running into @adamlambert Such a nice guy!

Carina @_ninni
** The Adam Lambert clip from The Better Show for DL (1024x576p, 27.5 MB, MP4) -

** @adamlambert I heard you like @muse so I mashed you two!! :) … (actually it's because the songs sound good together)
** @adamlambert I made this mashup!! OMG thank you so much for tweeting it!! Glad you like it :):)
** Thanks for the RT and the sweet message @adamlambert :) Made my day! Keep making incredible music.

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Other Videos -
Keek: Adam's short "STAY".

Downloads -
Dropbox: Stay.mp4 video
Dropbox: Stay.mp3 audio

Other Videos -
YT: From @tattoojo: 3.5 Min Adam Lambert 'Stay" Keek Loop
YT: Berty Idol Contestant Juliana Chahayad

Other Videos –
CBS: Craig Ferguson show, at 11:00 mark “I voted for Adam Lambert like 100 times…”
Photobucket: 27-second version of Craig Ferguson voting for Adam
YT: ”Sauli’s Gift to Adam,” (Fan video, but adorable)
Photobucket: ’The Always Glamorous Adam Lambert’ on The Better TV Show Promo

Other Videos – Adam Segment on Better TV
YT: Adam Segment on Better TV

Audio -
YT: Muse vs. Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Madness
mediafire: MP3 for Better Than I Know Madness

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Picture Adam posted on his Chinese website
Adam at the CAA Grammy party ... and Another from the CAA Grammy Party!
So Pretty at CAA Grammy Party! ... and Another from the CAA Grammy Party
"I don't care if he swings the other way, he's a babe."
Adam at Grammy Friends and Family party

Group Picture from Friends and Family

Adam with AI contestants ... Josh ... and Jimmy Smith ... and David Oliver Willis ... and Rachel Hale

Adam out for the night
Adam with Anderson Brooks; and with a random couple
Adam and Raja being steamy

The Adam & Sauli Valentine Portrait
VH1 Valentine Gallery of Adorable Celebrity Couples, with Pic of Adam and Sauli
Adam “running into” Paul Jolley
From BTIKM video shoot? 'Cockatoo' profile

Screencap of Adam favoriting Sauli’s photos on Instagram

Adam and Terrance out in LA this week
Screen shop of Adam's DM to fan boy
Two pictures of key necklace Hans Haverson gave to Adam for his birthday ... Instagram view w/comments

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Atopia: Sauli's 2/12 Greetings! blog w/link to original and pictures
Atopia: Sauli's 2/15 Happy Valentine's Day!! blog w/link to original and pictures
Atopia: Sauli in Hollywood 2/14 Soon to Finland and new pictures blog w/pictures (WOW!) and link to original
Atopia: Sauli in Hollywood 2/15 Photoshoot 2 blog w/pictures (WOW! AGAIN) and link to original

Picture of Sauli with former Idols out in LA
New photo shoot
Photo of Sauli showing exactly what he thinks of crays, trolls and relationship doom fappers!

Family, Band and Crew

** So glad I was able to get everything I needed!! Now I'm gonna wash, pack and learn these new songs!! Super excited to be heading out again!!
** It's such a pleasure and easy to work for @adamlambert not just cause he's one of my best friends but because he can sing!! Gosh. It's crazy

** Seoul! @RickJordanDrums @TommyJoeRatliff @LoveMrSpencer @KeishaRenee @ashleydzerigian @rainonme83 @whoisjohnnyrice @adamlambert. Here we go!

** Hi Seoul!!!
** Loyalty is sexy.


YT: Jack White, Freedom at 21 ... and Grammy Red Carpet Interview
AWOP: Lyrics for Stay thanks to maddie
AWOP: Murly's Kitten with Heart
YT: The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done [prompted by Adam’s punny lyric tweet]

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: February 17 - 23, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

AWOP: Press links: Adam's South Korea Stay cover from Boca Babe via MJs ;)
Facebook: Announcement of Cancellation of Manila Concert
Tumblr: Alexandergold on Stay
Atopia: A Korean Bert's Account of the Concert
TheTribesofArt: On the Making of the Starlit Birthday Gift Key Necklace

SugarScape: Adam Lambert covers Rihanna's 'Stay' in Tokyo...and it's totes emosh – Watch

AfterElton: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: Glitter Rocket to Asia

SonyMusicMail: "Cuckoo" being released as a single in Finland; Win tickets to Adam's Helsinki Concert!

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Seoul! What an amaaaaaazing audience. Singing along so fabulously to all the songs!! We had so much fun with you!
** RT @brianlondon: Rhythm n Booze baby!! @RickJordanDrums @ashleydzerigian @TommyJoeRatliff @brianlondon
** RT @LoveMrSpencer: tommyjoescissorhands's photo amazing show in #seoul tonight. The crowd was hype! #fun!
** @nrhgardner lemme know if u find a link!!! [Referring to the Beyonce documentary on HBO)
** RT@whoisjohnnyrice: We Are Glam!!! @lovemrspencer and I be4 the show! Hard work never looked so good! #love #bestie #beat…
** Seoul, Korea

** RT@KeishaRenee: Us doing what we love and do best!! @ashleydzerigian adamlambert #repost
** Just posted a photo
** RT@DrBrianMay: @TommyJoeRatliff -- hey Tommy ! You make a great job of it ! Bri [Referring to Dragon Attack]
** Special thanks to @Skinsandstones and all the fans who chipped in for the ferocious skeleton key necklace!! I LOVE it!!!
** RT@TommyJoeRatliff: Me and @adamlambert in Seoul.
** Just posted a photo
** New set my team and I created! So graphic!
** Check @preciousweapons new cut! … dreamy!!

** Thanks for a great first night in Tokyo!
** - DELETED - I'm so glad everyone is enjoying the Seoul performance of STAY. I felt even more connected to the emotion tonight. Anyone have a video?
** - DELTED - the TOKYO performance Of STAY? (Saw seoul) And yes I watch things back to get better. #alwayspushin
** Oye! Security was just doin the job they must have THOUGHT I wanted them to do. I will try and get them to chill out for the next two nights
** On the flip side, it was nice to have your undivided attention. Connected eye to eye, ear to ear, heart to heart- w no technology tween us.
** Found this though! … Love me some TALC!
** Here is STAY / UNDERNEATH from our first night in Tokyo! Enjoy!
** And for those who didn't catch it from Seoul, here is STAY (a bit closer up) ;)
** And let me say- @rihanna and @mikkyekko 's album recording and Grammy performance of STAY were so gorgeous and inspirational!
** Team @kelly_clarkson

** SCAT ... … …
** Fringe Festival
** @rihanna happy birthday!!
** Sad bout Manila. Wanted to play show but due to the non-fulfillment of contractual obligations of the local promoter, we had to cancel it.
** In other words- out of my control... ;(
** ... [Chokehold Toyko Day 2]

** @addimaree amazing! Heard her sing an acoustic set in a radio station in Canada. It was super early and she sounded flawless. So Talented. [Response to question about his thoughts on Emeli Sande]
** @misshellirrific hahah zero body piercings. [There was a picture in the blue suit which prompted this question ...bwah]
** @MikailaGlambert prob just get more ear holes!
** @JustAFanAL I already saw it! It was really good. She had some very good insight into the music biz. I identified w her take on things. [More comments about Emeli Sande]
** RT@TommyJoeRatliff: Me and @whoisjohnnyrice before the 2nd Tokyo show. Ebony and Ivory... #weareaglamily
** Thank u Tokyo for an amazing run!
** brianlondon's photo

** Just posted a photo
** RT@TommyJoeRatliff; Last Tokyo show @adamlambert
** Pokemon plane
** @korolevMTV not sure but I saw it as i was leaving Tokyo...
** @KeishaRenee You Saw it too!!!
** RT@SaeHee_Ahn: @adamlambert ur profile pic gorgeous! do u know it? this fan art from Adam Lambert Korean fan cafe!
** @keisharenee and I before the show.
** @whoisjohnnyrice and I getting muggy
** @meganhilty's recording of Robyn's Dancing On My Own from Smash is SOOO gorgeous. Yes! On repeat.
** RT@meganhilty: @adamlambert thanks friend!! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

** Thank u Kanazawa !!!
** Just posted a photo

From Others:

** Adam live UNDERNEATH !!!!!!!!!!
** @lohablondie he sang stay, underneath, and dragon attack
** And we sang NCOE out loud before the last song :3 I think they liked it!
** Oh I forgot to tell ya, someone was holding a picket sayin 'Adam Why are you so sexy' and he found out and read that lol
** I thought Chokehold ended, but he suddenly opened his kissable lips and "uhh ooooh ummm" xD So I have a 49 seconds vids of it.
** Thanking @hanshaveron and all the fans for making the 170 diamond and sapphire skeleton key for @adamlambert's...
** @adamlambert loves his glamily.
** psychosm1212: adamlambert "Dragon Attack". …TommyJoeRatliff - NICE !!! Might be a great single for ADAM ! Bri

** .@adamlambert, it's great that you covered @rihanna's "Stay", but we were hoping you'd recreate the music video as well
** Finally the video of our time with Adam Lambert recording at the AOL Studios w/ a little cameo by our star...

** Yup it's official. He Loved it when we finished him..wait that sounds weird -] Fan talking about the ending of Broken English
** I’ve got full audio of the show, can’t guarantee the quality but will UL when I’m back home
** WOW. Watch @adamlambert's cover @Rihanna's song #Stay feat. @MikkyEkko. What do you think?
** @adamlambert @kelly_clarkson Team Chutzpah

** lol apparently underneath is now nice underwear
** INROCK is interviewing Adam today
** I don't know how it's possible but Adam was more amazing and awesome and relaxed and sexy and adorable than yesterday!!!
** Audience was so enthusiastic and so responsive, the atmosphere was wonderful!! Adam looked so happy and adorable!! And STELLAR VOCALS ofc!!
** Oh and there was a lyric fail at the beginning of Shady which was all kinds of adorbs with him giggling about himself<333 #WAG #TokyoDay2
** Billboard now counts YouTube views in Hot 100 ... #Glamily: I REALLY wanna watch #Trespassing's lyric vid now! Do you?

** He intro his fringe by singing working at the Carwash lol

C_Watz [AI contestant]
** @adamlambert coolest dude ever!!

** @adamlambert Cool photo - love the top hat.

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

South Korea Concert Videos -
YT: 17 seconds of Dragon Attack
Youku: 40 seconds of Trespassing
YT: 22 seconds of FYE Outlaws of Love
YT: 30 seconds of Adam humming/moaning
Youku: Full Trespassing ...shaky video but GREAT audio
YT: Stay
Youku: Good quality Stay and Underneath
YT: WWFM ... the audience is so cute signing
YT: Stay/Underneath
Youku: Dragon Attack/Shady
YT: Underneath
YT: Broken English
YT: HD video of Stay
YT: Front and center close video/audio of the reggae OOL
YT: Chokehold
YT: The Entire Concert!
YT: Music Again
YT: Stay Great Video per Maddie
YT: Stay Great Audio per Maddie
YT: Kaetsa's Seoul Playlist
Adamholic: All the Videos Gathered Here

Other Videos -
YT: Time Machine - Come Home from Upright Caberet

Audio -
Soundcloud: South Korea version of Stay

Mediafire: Stay/Underneath video Stay Underneath Unedited both together

Concert Videos -
YT: Enhanced Version of Stay from Korea

Other Videos -
Vimeo: Behind the Scenes Look at AOL Sessions

Concert Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert "Stay" "Underneath" in Tokyo 19th Feb, 2013
keek: 30 seconds of FYE and 30 seconds of DA from @monalee62
YT: OOL - Tokyo Day1
YT: Stay&Underneath Tokyo Day1
YT: FYE - Tokyo Day1
YT: Dragon Attack - Tokyo Day1

Other Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert on ZIP!

Audio -
mediafire: mp3 for Stay and Underneath/Tokyo
mediafire: Full audio of the concert

Concert Videos -
YT: Stay/Underneath Tokyo show #2
YT: Tokyo show #2 videos
YT: Tokyo show #2 vids being added to Tokyo show #1 vids here
YT: Nice vid of performance of FYE and Fever
YT: IIHY, NL and Cuckoo
YT: More vids from same person that provided IIHY, NL and Cuckoo

Concert Videos -
YT: FYE, Carwash, Fever @ Tokyo2 w/special mentions for 5:58-6:04 & 6:30-6:34
YT: From South Korea, Most Fun Cuckoo Ever, with audience singing along
YT: Tokyo3: Stay/Underneath. OMG ...the BEST version of Underneath so far!!!
YT: Tokyo3: Dragon Attack/Shady
YT: Tokyo3: Singing Carwash after band intros
YT: Tokyo3: Chokehold
YT Tokyo3: Up close HD version of Stay
YT: Tokyo3: Pop That Lock
YT: Tokyo3; OOL
YT: Tokyo3: Cuckoo with choreo
YT: Tokyo3: Fever ... campy cabaret fun (Terence & Adam)
YT: Tokyo3: 15 minute up close vid of Dragon Attack/Shady – note 5:40 and 13:30

Concert Videos -
YT: "Fever" - Tokyo 3 enhanced video (thebelltollsformeliz)

Other Videos –
YT: Sony Global tweeted Adam's "Trespassing" Lyric Video!

Kanazawa, Japan Concert Videos -
YT: Stay/Underneath .... From this YT Channel
YT: Broken English ... and Chokehold ... and Fever... From this YT Channel
YT: Chokehold/Broken English ... and Stay/Underneath ... and Dragon Attack/Shady ... From this YT Channel
YT: Kanazawa playlist from bayoulady1's YT Channel
YT: Live stream ... Part 1 ... and Part 2 ... and Part 3

Other Videos -
YT: Adam's New Year greetings to Chinese Glamberts

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Seoul - The crowd waiting to get in.
Seoul - The ultra decorated Trespassing set.
Seoul - The set with Adam in action. ...and here's another action in a suit photo
From suit to Hippie shaman leather fringed rock god.
Seoul Setlist
Devenlane's South Korea pictures
Screencaps ... One ... and Two ... and Three
Terrance kissed his boo on the cheek during Fever
Werk Bitch
Getty professional pictures of the beginning of the show before the 1st costume change
Beautiful Man
That moment when Adam ended Broken English where he wanted but the SK berts kept singing
Oh My
Seoul Gif
HQ Pics with no watermark
The reason I hold on is cause I need this hole gone
Is glitter making a come back
Glitter in his hair
Beautiful Dork

Pictures from Arrival at Narita Airport
Performance Photo Ashley, Adam and Keisha
Photo of the Set That Goes with Adam's Tweet Above
Gorgeous Close-Up
Picture Accompanying Adam's Cuckoo Tweet

Pics from Tokyo Show
Pic spam!! - Tokyo Show
Started show wearing blue suit ... wearing the key necklace again… Stay/Underneath…Taken by the tech guys
Hot ass slutty bitch gif
Wow gawd gorgeous and buttpack attack gif
Adam with two Japanese celebrity sisters ... like the Kardashians over there
Photo by S.Korea glambert
A screencap of Adam on TV in Japan
Another picture from behind the stage from the tech guy
Not just blue pants, blue suit!

Pics from Tokyo show #2
Blue suit pic
Showing off his fringe sleeves :)
Out shopping, poses for cute pic with fan
Performance gif ... back and arm porn (nice posture Adam!)
More concert pics

AFL gettin’ sexy/slutty with Tommy’s guitar plus pictures from from Tokyo 3rd concert
Carwash fringe!
Great Tokyo pics ... Here ... and Here ... and Here!
Adam all emotional
Life is a Cabaret, Old Chum
Adam and maddie say Good Night, bbs

Adam photo from Tokyo 3
Photos of Adam's post-show appearance at Vanity Restaurant, Tokyo
Adam's New Twitter Avi
Photos from Tokyo 3
Photos of Adam with (and without) Keisha, and with Johnny
Adam finishes "Hot Stuff" with a flourish during Divas concert
Top Hat Adam, Looking Beautiful

Kanazawa, Japan concert pic spam
Adam's top hat picture ... and top hat gif spam
illuxxia photobucket Adam gif album

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Atopia: Sauli's Hollywood 2/20 blog ALMOST IN FINLAND ;) w/pictures and link to original

Family, Band and Crew

** Tokyo! We meet again!

** oh yeah Pick U Up -Adam Lambert #SongsThatWillNeverGetOld


WhoSay: Kelly Clarkson's reaction to information in Clive Davis book
Cracked: 5 Things Record Labels Don't Want You to Know They Do
YT: Vin Diesel's take on Stay

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: February 24 - March 2, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Twitlonger: 163 Entertainment Adam Lambert Exclusive Interview: The Love of Music Makes Me Forge Ahead Fearlessly

AfterElton: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: The Bondage Banana

AdamOfficial: Explanation of Chinese endorsement

Twitlonger: Translation of newest Chinese interview (…Not an Idol but a Hippie)
Zone: All Adam content on major Chinese website

Mercedes-Benz Arena: Write up on Adam's Shanghai concert
Adam Performances: Lambosessed's index/table of contents for ALL of Adam's performances/dates starting in high school!

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Just posted a photo
** Train Scenery - Japan. En route to Nagoya.
** @WilmaLie1 I'm in Nagoya, Japan... So no. [response to whether he would be watching Oscars]
** Thank you Nagoya!!! Great energy from the audience tonight! :)

** Woah! Fabulous! … [New David Bowie video]
** Contrary opinions have become so unfashionable. When did this happen?
** I prefer folks with their own, individual point of view and the balls to verbalize it.
** RT@Shonya_GLAMBERT: @adamlambert NOT going with the flow is looked down on nowadays instead of it being admired
** RT@amlcrazy: @adamlambert it's gotten to the point l keep my opinions to myself, if someone disagrees you become the scum of the earth... #sadtimes
** Thank u Osaka! Amazing energy! Y'all are so adorable!!
** RT@ashleydzerigian: Love in the elevator! @keisharenee @rickjordandrums @adamlambert @whoisjohnnyrice @tommyjoeratliff @lovemysp...
** RT@188cm14h: @adamlambert Thank you for the fantastic time! Adam Lambert - 2013
** RT@RonnieKroell: @adamlambert I just did my part to prevent bullying by donating $10. Just text "BFF" to 20222 ! Proceeds benefit @friendmovement1 Please RT!

** Laughter is the Language Barrier Lube. #thingslearnedinjapan
** ANGELA MILLER [current Idol contestant ... he also posted her picture on his instagram]

** If you're ever hungry for great comfort food while in Osaka- try Bistro New Orleans! AMAAAAAZING flavor and service! Thanks CC
** RT@carrbert: @Finnberts Sauli is getting his own lifestyle TV program! Filming will begin in LA & it will be broadcasted on FOX in Finland! @adamlambert
** With Raja a Couple weeks ago at Evita
** “@FierceCougar29: I just heard Trespassing at Taco Bell :3 I was dancing while I was eating my taco :D @adamlambert” I've made it!
** I was really into 7 Layer Burritos in high school. Lol

From Others:

** Hanging out with Adam Lambert and his backing band at Shooters. Living in a small city has its benefits. Got tickets!

** Adam Fucking Lambert in Osaka!!!!! Fuuuuuuuuuck!!!
** Frenzy Osaka!! Kids!!! Adam Lambert!!!
** On the streets of Osaka!!!
** Awwww!!!Thank u @adamlambert u so kind<333
** #HumpDay With @AdamLambert: The Bondage Banana

** ... 03.shtml... @adamlambert got a net game Endorsement. he is the third one . other two are MaggieQ and Dwayne Wade @shoshannastone
Angiekmiller [Current Idol contestant responding to Adam's shout out!]
** @adamlambert ADAM LAMBERT =)
** @adamlambert - THANK U ALL SO MUCH - great time and a great vibe!!! Hope to c u soon!
** @adamlambert-it was grrreat having u and the crew!Everything about BNO u all brought-great times and a great vibe!c u all soon! THANKS!!!

** Official Weibo: Adam Lambert has officially accepted Shenda Game's invitation to be newest spokesperson game's official launch China March 6

** @kms15423 @lovesummer22 he can put his hand to anything and make it special. Lots more to discover in different ways as he makes more albums
** You guys talk about Adam Lambert a lot. Good ! He's fabulous. We do keep in touch and we do talk about possible future collaborations.
** One thing which might stop us 'being Queen live' right now is my knee damage refusing to heal. Not sure I'd want to be Queen sitting down.
** The nice thing about Queen is that NOBODY has ever got away with telling us what to do - or not to do! That still holds. Bri
** Heart of Moscow. HUGE advert. Saw two today @adamlambert #WAG

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Kanazawa, Japan Concert Videos -
YT: Up close Fever from Kanazawa
YT: W.A.G. Tour Video Collection.
YT: Pop that Lock from Kanazawa
YT: IIHY/NL/Cuckoo from Kanazawa

Concert Videos -
YT: Nagoya Broken English ... Stay/Underneath ... Fever ... IIHY, NL, Cuckoo ... Chokehold
YT: Riddle's Playlist - All Videos Including Queenbert
YT: Another Broken English
YT: Music Again from Riddle's Playlist
YT: Playlist from Riddle 601b - Nagoya Only

Concert Videos -
YT: Osaka 2013 videos
YT: Adam Lambert IIHY in Osaka 2012
YT: Adam Lambert WWFM in Osaka 2013
YT: Adam plays our Trespassing Banana!
YT: Adam Lambert Stay/Underneath Osaka Feb 26 2013
YT: Partial Shady
YT: Chokehold Osaka - one of his ear monitors broke
YT: Broken English – Osaka
YT: Osaka videos from Riddle
YT: Adam Lambert - Trespassing in Osaka, Japan 2013-02-26
YT: Stay/Underneath Osaka
YT: Full HD Close vid 'IIHY & Naked Love & Cuckoo 2013 Feb 26th Osaka
YT: All Osaka videos here

Other Videos -
Vine: Love in the elevator
YT: Adam Lambert - Welcome to Japan 2013 ... fan art set to By The Rules

Downloads -
SendSpace: From ScorpioBert: HQ mp3 of Stay/Underneath from Osaka

Concert Videos -
YT: Several videos from Japan
YT: Entire Adam/Queen London 3 Concert July 14, 2012
YT: Osaka Fever (wherein there is a threesome chain)

Other Videos –
v.ku6: Adam got the endorsement and shows off his cue card skills

Other Videos –
Youku: Video of Adam's airport arrival in China

Concert Videos -
AdamPerformances: Lambosessed's picks for WAG: Seoul ... Tokyo 1 ... Tokyo 2 ... Tokyo 3... Kanazawa ... Nagoya ... Osaka

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Amazing new picture from South Korea. ... and another one [source has been deleted]
Pictures from Kanazawa
Look how happy he is
Click on the plus sign
Calling grammafan ... and one more
Adam is missing his boyfriend
Slow motion awesome gif
Head bob gif

Lovely Nagoya Pics and Links to More .... Here ... and Here
Many Fine Concert Photos from missy5around
Sweaty Pic
Smile at the End of Broken English in Nagoya
Gif from the End of Broken English
Photos from Seoul Photographer by Glambert ... photographer deleted FB album
One of THOSE Photos
Photos from the Cabaret Section of the Show

Great view of audience watching Adam
Adam's screenshots from the Vine elevator video & Going bananas gif
This picture does things to me... and bigger version!
Adam in his blue suit w/the boys ... and Adam and Terrance being naughty
Wow! ... and Wow bigger!
Aww from one of the Meet and Greets and LOL Banana
Terrance appreciating Adam's ass!
From @1115_ondera ... Lots of Great Pics Here
From @100e ... Lots of Terrance/Adam Pics Here

Nice close-up of recent Adam-with-Melvin look
At Osaka tattoo parlor with fan
Smiling during Osaka performance
Playing ‘where’s the microphone?’ with Terrance
Out clubbing in Osaka
On the street with young female fan
Adam and entourage going back to hotel after clubbing

Scan from Shanghai article
Kardam doll with fashionable Bondage Banana
Threesome gif = Johnny > Adam > Terrance (from Osaka Fever)

Pap photos of Adam's arrival in China
Airport photos - fan group photo (with welcome banner!) and Adam posing with a fan
Link to (possibly professional) photos from Osaka concert
"Cabaret Adam" concert photos
Vintage "tophat!Adam", from Adam's Instagram

New thread celebratory gif spam ... and more here! ...and two more
New old gorgeous silver hair picture ... and With the other dude cropped out
Adam emoting in his heart shirt
Concert poster in the heart of Moscow

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Atopia: Translation of 2/28 Seiska Magazine article on Sauli ... MY DREAM WILL COME TRUE! w/scans of article
Atopia: Translation of Sauli's 3/1 TV interview w/video imbedded
Atopia: Translation of Sauli and Katri's 3/1 IS-Tutka w/video imbedded

AWOP: Summary of Sauli's TV interview w/link to twitter account of person doing summary

** If you missed Sauli, it is recorded. He comes out at 14 minutes.

YT: Sieska Magazine video ... Sauli in Lapland, on a husky ride, snowboarding…
YT: Sauli's TV interview w/subtitles

From Sauli

** Power Park! :)

Family, Band and Crew

** It's a frenzy in Osaka!!! Party! Boyz Boyz boyz!!

** I just got Racial Profiled by Japanese Under Cover Cops! Hahaha. Werk it! #trouble #gag #memories #shady

** A View of Shanghai, China at Night. This is so sexy. I wish my view was like this! Lol. Thanks…


YT: "Joey Tribbiani" hawks men's lipstick on Japanese television

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:11 am 
Adam! As in Lambert!

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Location: Right Here ... Namaste
Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: March 3 - 9, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Xwwb: Chinese Review--google translation indicates they liked him ... and the translation
ET.21cn: New article with lots of pictures ... and the translation

MTV Buzzworthy: Adam Lambert Slays Shanghai in a Bright Blue Suit, Which No One is Mad At, Obviously

Twitter: Scan of newspaper cover w/picture of Adam ... and Scan of the article
Billboard: "American Idol" alums' biggest Hot 100 hits ever - and untold stories behind songs - Adam is #22, #56, and #93
Twitlonger: Translation from @hcluless: Lambert Held Beckoning Concert in Shanghai, Flirted with Same-Sex Stagemates

Twitlonger: Translation of excellent Shanghai concert review
AsiaOne: The Fearless Mr. Glambert
AfterElton: March 6’s Hump Day: Aura of Attitude

straitstimes: Adam’s Concert Gets MDA’s Advisory 16 Rating Church venue Receives Complaint of Adam’s Singapore Gig Adam Doesn’t Sacrifice Baby Goats ”Going Glambert” Singapore interview
straitstimes: Scan of article: ”Show’s about love, acceptance: Lambert” ... this is readable!
MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Takes The Best Bathroom Mirror Selfies!

TodayOnline: Unexpurgated Interview With Adam Lambert (Singapore Press Conference)
Miami Beach Pride: Adam Lambert Headlining Miami Beach Pride Parade and Festival
Jakarta Globe: Adam Lambert Coming to Jakarta A Proven Star
Miami Herald: Adam Lambert to Headline Miami Beach Gay Pride
MSN SG: Adam Lambert flaunts both style and substance at Singapore show
Yahoo!Entertainment SG: Adam Lambert: The only lifestyle I’m promoting is one of love, friendship, music and joy

Atopia: Asian fan recap of being filmed and meeting Adam in Singapore originally posted on instagram
Atopia: MeRadio.SG review of Singapore show w/picture and tweet with direct link to review
GeoCities: All the Adam Kardam Dolls!
Twitter: Click on @kardamdoll's media for doll pictures

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Shanghai was lovely! See you all again soon!
** @helloblaine exactly! {Responding to @helloblaine: The trouble that singing @adamlambert songs to boys can get you into...} ... and subsequent flail
** Hong Kong!!
** Just downloaded a bunch of new music!! There's some great new bands and songs!!

** RT@4evrmomof4: News video coverage @adamlambert Hong Kong show. ... 24013.html

** Just posted a photo
** @brianlondon HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
** Late night shenanigans w @lovemrspencer
** SHOUT in Hong Kong
** RT@WERKbitch1875: @adamlambert here's a better sound... <3 :)
** @nilerodgers bring it on! :) {Responding to @nilerodgers: I'm with my CHIC fam and it's almost time for the funk to commence}

** @MissKellyO Thinking of ya - hope your feeling better. :)
** Fan Art! So good!!!
** Thank u SINGAPORE!!! ;) we had fun.

** Happy Birthday @Popjustice!
** Watching Idol from Indonesia. This Devin boy is a Star. And Burnell! Super original and grounded. Excited.
** Great talent this year! Candice, Angie and Kree are givin me goosebumps
** Universal Studios - Singapore. 3d time!

From Others:

** At press conference ,he was asked to use one word describing divas,Kesha is Funny ,Katy is adorable,Rihanna is sexy @adamlambert
** And he recorded a vid for Chinese idol season 1
** Only Adam could find a symbol that represents gays, Egyptian symbolism, and water

** Hey @Pantone, let's just call this @AdamLambert blue:
** from aeg, adam wore t
wo different cartoon socks, no shoes, walked around outside rest room after concert, bc he is very happy and excited
** you know, he was late for the press conference, but smiling all the time and very sweet, so no one complained
** .@lynnglam at least 7000, aeg didn't tell me the number, but she said no one of Aeg had expected this huge crowd, her boss is very happy
** @Kyo_jp the aeg staff told me she cant believe Adam is so handsome, far more beyond her expectation
** @Kyo_jp and on the stage, it seems there are stars in his eyes, so beautiful, everyone said he was
sweet, nice gorgeous

**List of a shit ton of links to pictures from Shanghai show
** Whoa! Our junior reporters met @adamlambert backstage. Good show!
** In the beginning he wasn't happy w/ the sound.. After opening medley, went to the sound engineer at the side & spoke to him w/ arm action.

** So much fun w/these bad bitches @adamlambert @lovemrspencer @whoisjohnnyrice @jbhudson #badgirlsclub @…
** @adamlambert Sorry that I'm never in LA when you're there. Keep killing it in Asia, CHIC's holding the disco funk down in Europe. 1 luv
** Getting hair done and overheard that Adam lambert is coming here too. Oh my
** Omg Adam lambert washed his hair next to me in the salon #secretlystarstruck

** just met Adam @universial studio. Ask 4 pic, staff said no time. Adam said yes! So lucky!!!
** Omggggggg Adam Lambert just came out of Shrek 4D!!! STAR STRUCK :) My day is made. @adamlambert
#tbt @adamlambert [pic of Nikka Costa & Adam]

** I just got filmed by American Idol videographers for this season's American Idol!
** (1/3) Adam Lambert: "Someone asked me in an Interview "Are you promoting a certain lifestyle?""
** (2/3) Adam Lambert: "The only lifestyle I am promoting is one of love and friendship, joy and fashion."
** (3/3) Adam Lambert: "Whoever wants to be part of that lifestyle, then yeah, we accept you." He said this during his concert's interlude
** Made them stand up and do butt dances lololol
** All VIPs standing now
** Heard one of the vips was a member of parliament?!
** I have vid when Adam scolded the boring front row VVIP yeahhhh lol ILUSFM @adamlambert <3<3
** We are very proud to announce our headline performer for Miami Beach Gay Pride 2013: Adam Lambert!!
** "turn him into a beautiful construction worker. not a real one who actually, like, constructs things, a porn one. with a deformed neck."

** The promoter, @bigdaddyid said, Adam extended his stay in Jakarta one more day..wondering where are they going to go?!! :p

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Concert Videos -
Youku: 64 minute version of Shanghai concert
YT: 64 minute version Shanghai concert

Other Videos - TV news segment about concert

Concert Videos -
Tudou: HD Close-Up Shanghai Vids
Youko: Full Shanghai Concert in HD Courtesy of glam_alidol
HitFMFans: Another Version of the Above, with Pictures and a Set List
Youku: Stay and Underneath from Shanghai

Concert Videos -
YT: Partial video for TFM
YT: 2013.3.5 Adam Lambert HongKong concert covered Shout
YT: 2013.3.5 Adam Lambert Hongkong Concert – Fever
YT: 3.5 Adam Lambert Hong Hong concert Time For Miracles
YT: More videos from Hong Kong
YT: Adam playing with giant banana, kicking pink stuffed penis off the stage, and putting on eye of horus apron
YT: LOL!!! a cockatoo going cuckoo for Cuckoo [Brief Girl's note: Not a cockatoo, it’s a Red McCaw]
YT: bayoulady1 Hong Kong playlist
GoogleDocs: Found at Atopia: full 1 hour 25 minute Shanghai concert ... to watch or d/l

Concert Videos -
Youku: Shout in Hong Kong
YT: Shout in Hong Kong
Youku: Time for Miracles in Hong Kong
YT: New vids uploaded by glam_alidol: Dragon Attack and Shady from Hong Kong
YT: Enriched version of Osaka Dragon Attack/Shady
YT: Hong Kong playlist from ex-JadellEJ

Downloads -
Mediafire: Brand new refreshed audio from the first epic Fantasy Springs concert

Concert Videos -
YT: YT Channel for Glambert Pianist
YT: IIHY - Singapore (Glambert Pianist)
YT: Naked Love/Cuckoo - Singapore (Glambert Pianist)
YT: Shout - Singapore (Glambert Pianist)
YT: Time for Miracles - Singapore (Glambert Hikari)
YT: Dragon Attack - Singapore (Glambert Pianist)
YT: Trespassing - Singapore (HabbeeRachel)
YT: Shady - Singapore (Glambert Pianist)
YT: Fever - Singapore (Glambert Pianist)
YT: Is This Love - Singapore (Glambert Pianist)
YT: Adam Calling Out The Front Row VIPs and Introducing the Band (HabbeeRachel)
YT: bayoulady1's Singapore Playlist
YT: Multi-camera video of Shout - Hong Kong (thebelltollsformeliz)

Interview Videos -
YT: Singapore Press Conference

Other Videos –
YT: Adam at Shanghai Airport

Concert Videos -
YT: Singapore Dragon Attack/Shady by violetglitz [The shake dat ass gif comes from here]

Other videos -
YT: Adam Lambert #29 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists Special!
YT: Another Day in the Life of a Glambert

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

From the press conference ... and here ... and here
Shanghai Venue ... and Shanghai Crowd
Opening section ... and Emosh section
Adam does have a new tat
Sing Series! ... and Top Hat Series
Two Encores! ... and here
Shoeless Adam
Blowing a Kiss!
Top hat or not?
This Tweeter has Shanghai photos and many awesome Tweets!
New Tattoo = LUSUS NATURAE = Freak of Nature
With the backup singer
Wailing Series
Another series here ... and here
Look at his face!
All four outfits
Blue pants realness
Fast Blowing Kiss Gif
@ScorpioBert made an amazing compilation of pictures
Gold Pants
Katetsang photo
Lil Black photo ... and another one
Xiayan photo

Photos from Airport - Shanghai and/or Hong Hong
Airport Photo with Little Ones
Album of Amazing China Photos
Airport Escort
Getty Images from Shanghai
Seated gif
Rising Up Through the Stage gif
Adam-Pictures Has Returned

Adam's video game promo picture ... and Source
Adam at Shanghai Meet & Greet
Another from Meet and Greet
Outfit 1& 2
The boys dancing on the floor
UNF! & TFM gif
Click on the plus - another big UNF!
Apparently this is a Chinese bra or cami or apron? Gif
A WOW gif and an OMG picture
One more gif! Floor action!
Baby Melvin has arrived! High Hair YAY!!!!
Gif from Fever
Did Adam get two new tats on the same arm?
Just because he's hot!!

Arriving in Singapore; out and about at night in Hong Kong
FB Hong Kong photo album of first three songs ... official press pictures
Adam shopping in Hong Kong
Gif from Shout
Shanghai concert pics
Performance gif
Fever gif

Doing interviews in Singapore hotel + gif from Shanghai
Scan from Asia Press
Instagrams of Adam & gang enjoying Universal Studios
Fan Art! Adam, his Trespassing Banana and the WAG 2013 Tour List
Adam at the head of the Glamily table
Another Singapore press conference shot (AKA, the Greg Brady Shirt, or The Tony Manero Shirt)
Adam liked Sauli's new Hot! pictures on instagram :)

Adam makes two new friends at the Singapore M&G
Blue Suit & Blue Highlights Onstage in Singapore
Set of WAG Concert Photos - Concert Unknown
Singapore Concert Outfit #2 and .gifs from Press Conference
Singapore photo album
Adam partying with some pretty people in Singapore!
Original, quickly withdrawn, extremely lulzy poster promoting Adam's headlining gig at Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival
Classic photoshop - Adam the Fire Fighter
Adam circa 2009-ish in his bamboo shirt, and a distinct lack of buttons!

Montage of Adam partying with performers from Universal Studios Singapore show after Adam's concert
Adam shaking dat ass in Singapore (during Dragon Attack) with no fucks to give
Adam WAG doll w/his Trespassing Banana ... and Adam Diva Red Carpet doll w/kitty (a real live one)
Adam in 3D glasses at Universal Studios Singapore
Singapore FB photo album
Two gorgeous picture not sure which shows ...
Adam at Jakarta airport
Rack of Adam's stage clothes

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Hot Finn Alert


SongsTheMusical: Song for a New World with Nick Adam ... who Adam started following on twitter
CafePress: Make Custom Flip Flops
AWOP: 70's Disco Shirt! [Editor's note: they did come in women's sizes ... and I ~might have had several]

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: March 10-16, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Spinorbinmusic: Concert Review: Adam Lambert ‘LIVE’ in Singapore on March 8!
Socialitelife: Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of Week of 3/9/13 (Adam's pictures: one from Hong Kong and the 3D glasses)

RollingStone ID: Konser Adam Lambert di Jakarta
Twitter: Scans of Singapore newspapaer: So What He's Gay, Page 1...and Page 2
TodayOnline: Concert Review Adam Lambert w/pictures
SundayMorningPost: Scan of article by junior reporters: Wham Bam Glam ... and Concert Review
MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Has a Pair of Blue 3D Glasses, and He's Not Afraid to Wear Them

TicketMaster: Purchase tickets for San Diego County Fair

AfterElton: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: The Glambulge

Afisha: Review of Minsk concert (in Russian) with 62 concert photos! ... and Twitlonger with Google Translate version!

us.versace: Adam's "Couture" Golden Necklace ... and close up view
Heat: Russian article: Moscow review w/gossip, pictures, video ... and Google translation of the lulz

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Just posted a photo
** [Hot Breakfast interview video]
** RT@KeishaRenee: #repost Man if the only knew! That road isn't easy but with God it's worth it! #BeEncouraged
** RT@LoveMrSpencer: Raaawwwrrr! Turnin it up! #cuckoo @adamlambert #glamily #wag #trespassing
** Thank you Jakarta!! We had so much fun!!!!

** Amazing shotgun getaway to Bali the past few days. Lots of unexpected adventures! :) @whoisjohnnyrice @LoveMrSpencer @gunzandmoses !!

** @JessieJ looks so hot w a shaved head! [picture she tweeted ... 17df_7.jpg]
** Bali: Morning Swim
** Our Ride.
** Terrance and I givin' Deck Trade.
** Horse drawn taxi on Gili T Island
** More pics and vids from Bali getaway w the boys in between tour destinations. Missing that tropical sun in this snow!
** Btw- thank u to the lovely fans in Minsk last night- u gave us so much energy after a long journey! What a great show! Moscow tonight!!!!
** @tommyjoeratliff and I
** With locals at Reggae bar on Gili T. The band was SOOOOOO good.
** Bad Boys Club
** Vacation Pout
** Bad Boys Club
** Thank u MOSCOW!!! Sexy!'n

From Others:

** Shady!! Crowd singing louder than Adam. :/
** When Adam wiped his sweat,audience wanted the towel.Adam rub the towel to his tummy&tossed the towel to the audience

** I think im gonna die! did I just saw @adamlambert passin right by me just now!!!!!!
** Yes, its @adamlambert ... I cant believe my eyes and he actually touch me when I said hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gili Rocks!
** Aah okay, no wonder I saw you getting snorkeling gear around gili harbour RT @adamlambert: Thank you Jakarta!! We had so much fun!!!!
** @TitiSiregar ur welcome, and anyway he's so gorgeous in his beach outfit
** City Beat Special Report on @adamlambert Shanghai Concert. (in English) Pro vid & bilingual caption
** How David Bowie inspired @adamlambert that he didn't want to do DRAG, he wanted to do GLAM ... am-lambert
** Androgyny, "Young Americans," and the meaning of Bowie by @adamlambert
** so i morphed Sauli and Adam and got THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING EVER.
** Adam Lambert "@SDFair: Toyota Summer Concert Series @SDFair lineup released (enter to win tix on our Facebook page)! "

Facebook: Peta Johnston
** Yes Leit it is. How random. And Drew you are correct. I can't get over how nice he was and seemed so sincere and humble. He was shocked that we bought him and his posse a tequila shot
** he is a very talented young man with a nice heart and a huge personality. He is one of the most grounded celebrities I have had the pleasure to meet. I have met some with half his talent and twice his ego! I am in awe of him....
** Hey @adamlambert people want to see the video of the lap dance. What do you say?

** Some fans can't get into show intime coz of transport collapse - snow storm in Minsk #AdamInMinsk ((
** Fans wrote that Adam Lambert & band left #Minsk by train.
**Metro is closed in Minsk, transport collapsed, delays of flights ... 0120276992 … /(><)\
** After @adamlambert was on @AmericanIdol, every season since then has sucked....#noonecompares
** Woke up to my phone saying "@adamlambert sent you a message on Twitter", but I can't find it!!
** Sooo it did happen!! We meet again lol @adamlambert
** @adamlambert Thanks for following me buddy! Hope the tour is going well! See you soon!

** Shirtless Adam is like Bigfoot. All we get are second hand reports of sightings and distant, grainy pictures.
** #AdaminMoscow RT @DariaBatina: Adam is giving the interview to sony representatives.
** @devenlane reading their review, they expected him to talk about gay rights I think, and be like Madonna and Gaga. Also kissing band peeps

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Concert Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert Singapore Concert encore - Music Again
YT: Jakarta - 4 short clips playlist

Interview Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert Interview (HOT FM's HOT BREAKFAST)

Audio -
YT: Adam Lambert interview by Hong Kong's Young Post

Concert Videos -
YT: Jakarta Playlist from exJadellEJ
YT: Jakarta Playist from bayoulady1
YT: Music Again from Singapore
YT: Jakarta Playlist from glammerati
YT: Singapore Chokehold
YT: Jakarta Dragon Attack and Fever
YT: Jakarta Time for Miracles - Great Close Up Video

Concert Videos -
YT: ADAM LAMBERT Live in Jakarta 2013: IIHY / Naked Love / Cuckoo
YT: 2013-01-31 WAFF Celebration Gala 2.0 - Shady *Multicam* feat. Adam Lambert, Nile Rogers, Sam Sparro

Concert Videos -
YT: Videos from Singapore and Jakarta concert on Rhyden's channel

Interview Videos –
YT: Shanghai City Beat Interview and Concert clips

Other Videos –
YT: GlamBand arriving in Minsk Airport
LeTV: Chinese Music Billboard 25-minute vid

Concert Videos -
YT: TerraJ's multi-camera edit of Adam and Nile Rodgers performing "Trespassing" at the WAFF Gala
YT: AirinCat1's Minsk videos
YT: From Minsk: Yellow Heart Flash Mob!
YT: A Belarussian stan's Minsk videos
YT: bayoulady1's Minsk concert playlist

Other Videos -
Varsity: "Runnin" jazz routine by Columbine High School at NDA Nationals

Concert Videos -
YT: Video of Moscow ustream ... starts in middle of Chokehold and audio is A+++
YT: Moscow playlist from bayoulady1's YT channel
YT: Moscow WWFM from far with fabulous audio
YT: Moscow Fever also from far with fabulous audio
YT: Moscow concert videos by ex-JadellEJ

Other Videos -
YT: TheSpindleshay's AWESOME playlist of Adam Lambert - Best Live Performances
YT: TheSpindleshay's also AWESOME playlist of Adam Lambert - Best of WAG

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Jarkarta outfit #1 was blue suit ... and outfit #2 was this ... and outfit #3
Blue pants should be immortalized
Official poster for Adam's concert at Miami Pride

Hot Fever from Jakarta
Singapore Music Again
Blue Porn Pants
Series of Airport Photos
Beautiful Still from Time for Miracles Video

Scan of lineup for San Diego Fair: Toyota Summer Concert Series
His blessed face gif and beachy Adam
Sauli and Adam morphed for the THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING EVER by surefirelambert
Morphed picture of Adam and Sauli
Scan of Chinese article with a great picture

Pictures of Adam partying in Gili posted on facebook
Partying in Bali or Gili
AfterElton’s picture of the week
Gifs from Jakarta concert

Adam partying in Gili & most famous US/EU artist on Chinese music site
Adam and fans in Minsk Airport
Adam in his blue suit [Editor's note: thanks to maddie for trying to help my Atopia drama induced headache :)]

Adam and a pretty fangirl in Minsk
Blue-suited Adam kicks off the Minsk concert ... and Minsk Outfit #2
Loooong line of freezing cold berts waiting to get into the Minsk concert on a snowy evening
Minsk concert pics - Joy!Boy Adam and Cabaret!Adam
Adam asking you to "bring it on back" Chokehold gif
Adam wishes maxiford a Happy Birthday and gets flowers from his audience in Minsk
@MilaSinger's pro Minsk photo #1 ... photo #2 (w/yellow heart flash mob) #3 ... and photo #4 (audience shot!)
From Minsk concert review: B&W lulz ... Adam, Johnny & mic larceny! ... Blue-Suited Adam and Bundled-Up Brian

Part of Adam's Saturday instagram picspam: Vacation Pout
From Johnny's instagram: Adam laying in the sun (from far away-ish)
Pretty pictures from pre-concert interviews!
New Adam on the boat in Gili doll
HUGE Moscow crowd!
New/old pro pics from Adam + Queen in Moscow
Tounge action in Moscow
Adam getting his party on after Moscow show ...
Cuckoo in Moscow gif

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Atopia: Finnish interview 3/11 SAULI KOSKINEN WILL BE FOX TV’S STAR NEXT FALL w/picture and link to source
Atopia: Sauli's Hollywood 3/15 blog PPP and Aira w/pictures and link to source

Sauli with his (four-legged) best friend!

Family, Band and Crew

SocialCam: Belarus!! ... Keisha's video about the 30+ hour trip from Indonesia to Minsk
SocialCam: We Made It!!! ... Keisha's video about train ride from Minsk to Moscow
Vine: From @whoisjohnnyrice: Click on Johnny's media to watch his vine vids from the train and Moscow

** Brian is very unhappy with Malaysia Airlines


YT: Adam liked Brad Wannemacher's cover of Stay
Varsity: Game On Symphonic Mix jazz routine by LawMom's DD's dance team at NDA Nationals

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: March 17 - 23, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Twitlonger: Terra's translation of the finest points in the last InRock interview Berty fabulous review from Minsk

MTVBuzzworthy: Adam Lambert Poses with His "Bad Boys," AKA The World's Next Great (Fictional) Boy Band

EuropaPlus: VERY pretty pictures from Minsk (I think) ... interview, concert and M&G Lulzy Kiev review translation
MTV: From 2009: Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Gave Adam Lambert His Favorite Song, 'Pick U Up'

AfterElton: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: The Bad Boys Club
OSAC: Possible threat of violence against Adam, the band, and fans attending St. Petersburg concert

MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Reigns Supreme As The King Of Sexy (PHOTO)

Italehti: Finnish tabloid on Adam leaving the hotel ...and Google translate version (Sauli is a "world star"?)
AWOP: Our own legers checked in post Helsinki concert

RollingStone: Nile Rodgers: Daft Punk Collab 'Felt Unbelievably Natural' w/Adam mention and picture of Adam & Nile
Ilta-Sanomat: Scan of article on Helsinki concert ... and Pictures only [waiting for translation]

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** “@kdlang: Hey @adamlambert , @katyperry! Please RT to help empower the lives of Canadian LGBTQ youth! #CampfYrefly”
** Da Band- Moscow
** @_Fuuuuuuuuuck_ mad??!! What? Rumors! I loved the audience last night! What would I be mad about??
** @TrespassingAL hahah they're modeling. Lol models don't smile- they smize.
** RT @idolator: ICYMI: Madonna gave an epic #glaadawards speech last night on the Boy Scouts, Pussy Riot and @andersoncooper. Watch:
** @Nastya_Zorina_ hahaha what terrible behavior!!?? What are u guys talking about!?
** @shoshannastone yeah apparently I will have 14 liters avail at the venue tomorrow. Lol
** Hahahahahha @whoisjohnnyrice this is hilarious.

** Think about it...
** RT@heretohearyou: @RCAPromo Love how @adamlambert is like a musical goodwill ambassador to so many countries spreading fun, joy, love, and great music to all
** RT@jilly224: cuckoo - @adamlambert - dancing in my dorm room at midnight #sorrynotsorry
** keisha_renee87's photo
** One more Bali pic!
** Thank u KIEV!!! We were so giddy tonight!!!

** Na zdorovye!
** @PersianGlamDr happy new year!
** Just posted a photo


** Woohoo Helsinki!!!!
** @KatriUtula thanks doll!!

** Check out some badass rock and roll! These guys are the REAL DEAL!!! @vintagetrouble
** #Finnberts I hear you've been waiting out in the cold!? I admire ur commitment! Tonight will be worth it!
** I wish I had known earlier and maybe I coulda convinced you to wait INside!! Lol I love you guys!! Tough #finnberts
** RT@lerunchick: @adamlambert hey in Minsk Glamberts also were waiting at cold for a long hours... ... 99d8_7.jpg …
** RT@VampGirlPrague: @adamlambert @tommyjoeratliff full show gear :-) wristbands. rings . nails :-)
** Amazing show Helsinki!! Loved that wild energy!!! You guys were on fire!! Thank u for making the final night of We Are Glamily Tour a hit!
** RT@NataliaKills: PROBLEM out now... PROBLEM out now... ... d610561047

** @Popjustice @shoshannastone hahaha "less look at me". Note taken. Lol
** @Popjustice @shoshannastone shoulda woulda coulda. Lol I love u both.
** @Popjustice I just wish there was a subgenre called "SINGING" where we could be ranked and judged based on some talent meter.
** @Popjustice yet Pop will always somehow feel like a high school popularity contest. And I will always b the drama geek-Singing his face off
** @Popjustice then there's the philosophy saying: don't hate the player- hate the game. So popularity contest it is- let's all play the game.
** Game of thrones.
** Ok now I'm being a real nerd. *pries himself away from iPhone....
** @Popjustice I just want you to sign my yearbook.
** I want u all to sign my yearbook. So I feel validated. "KIT"
** Come to think of it- Facebook and Twitter are perma-yearbooks. We couldn't get enough graduations...
** @Popjustice u know I value and appreciate your opinions. :) no drama glamberts. #heel
** And thanks to all of YOU who made the Lil WAG Tour the success it was!!
** Twitter party transcript (from Atopia)
** Just posted a photo

From Others:

** Happy Ring of Fire day! 4 years since the point of no return from this Adam Lambert fandom!

** Love you @adamlambert its a shame your record label doesn't promote you right your album #Trespassing would've done better if they did.
** Glamberts, today I pretend that this is @adamlambert's new boy band project. MAN DO I WISH. ... lub-photo/ …

** I've listened to @adamlambert for this entire college road trip. It's the only way I'm surviving

** First Finnberts are in queue outside Hartwall Arena!!! -5 C at the moment, night expected to be -16 C #WAGHelsinki

** @adamlambert ur in helsinki too i hear. We need a triangle player/backup dancer tonight. Interested?
** Glamberts, I got to SCREAM TO THE WORLD HOW SEXY @adamlambert. Also, too be that microphone! Right?! ... one-photo/ … #adamlambert
** PHEW! @AdamLambert's still hotter than a house fire in July: (Sometimes it's good to just double check, you know?)
** Wohoo!! @adamlambert shout out for Indonesia: #XFactorID

** Tonight my 10 year old Noah & I are going to go #cuckoo w/ @adamlambert in #WAGHelsinki. Showing my boy what a REAL singer sounds like live
** OMG the setlist is so long!
** Setlist was just taped to stage ... It is long!!!
** Huge crowd,lots of hot guys in the crowd ;)
** I'll be trying to connect w Ustream till the end of show.
**Adam def is on fire tonight! awww
** rock version of Chokehold :) sounds sooo good!
** Broken English! Adam says this song is for Sauli)) so sweet
** Is this love? Oh you bet it is ... 21/photo/1
** He is bangin tonight ...fever.
** Helsinki get Kinky !
** Details? Loose. Happy dancing his Ass off
** There was a group of guys behind me who was belting ALL the songs at full power, with all the words.
** What he does, why he is so special, is bc: beyond the voice (!), his show makes crowds into happy, partying, loving ppl
** By the end of it, people were dancing, clapping, cheering, laughing, loving each other. Sorry guys, I have ~FEELS
** He was so free and playful, making jokes, improvising words to songs (Helsinki! Get kinky! LOL)
** You could tell how much his experience with Queen influenced and improved his live shows-e.g. having ppl repeat scales after him in Shady
** (just like he did with Another One Bites the Dust)
** All these people in the crowd had glow sticks. When lights went down there was a sea of colorful glowsticks reaching way back and to rafters
** He is so good at what he does. Truly commands the stage. Could barely take my eyes off of him for first medley of songs.
** I saw several people crying when the show ended tonight. Yes, it was that good.
** He threw his sweaty towel into the audience & a fight broke out. He said 'Don't fight, be nice. The towel is so fucking big you could (c)
** Cut it into pieces & share it ! '
** He sat on a little swivelly stool at one point & was just whizzing round on it & laughed like a little kid. I really love him <33333
** @ArtEleanor exciting things to come :) {in response to: @shoshannastone so sad that this is the end!!! Look,please what I made for WAG tour ;)}

** Adam, the band and Sauli took the afternoon flight to LA. Thanks for the info to @Libra_Fietje who spotted them at the airport.
** @adamlambert @saulikoskinen1 I've waited 2H15 at the airport for u but ur manager said u had already arrived ealier :'( T_T. #Sad #SoUnlucky
** @Popjustice Adam Lambert is one of the best people I've interviewed. He made his publicist gasp constantly
** @adamlambert Well you are excellent at the old singing business so that's okay. (And you're a better popstar than about 95% of them.)
** @shoshannastone @adamlambert Popstars are so sneaky these days Shoshanna
** @adamlambert @shoshannastone Hahaha, let me know if you need any more handy tips
** @eleanormorgan Yes he's definitely one of the rare ones you want to do again
** My craydar is non existent
** @Popjustice @adamlambert didn't expect that did you Peter pop. Ha ha ha ha.
** @Popjustice @adamlambert bet you wish you were talking sense

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Concert Videos -
YT: Music Again - Adam had problems with his sleeve and asked Keisha to help
YT: Very good Dragon Attack
YT: Is This Love
YT: Dragon Attack/Shady from Moscow

Other Videos -
YT: News report of Adam arriving in Kiev

Other Videos -
YT: Never Close Our Eyes special version GOAT SCREAM!

Concert Videos -
YT: VERY hot Dragon Attack/Shady (partial) from Kiev - Adam Lambert in Kiev 18/03/2013 Marina Kim
YT: bayoulady1's Kiev playlist

Other Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert in Pulkovo. 19.03.2013 part 1
YT: Adam arrived in sankt-peterburg. part 2
YT: Adam Lambert arrived in Sankt-peterburg.19.03.2013. part 3
YT: Adam Lambert arrived in Sankt-peterburg. 19.03.2013. part 4
YT: Adam Lambert arrived in Pulkovo. part 5
YT: Revisiting hot as hell fan video - Adam Lambert is sexy Diamond

Concert Videos -
YT: bayoulady1's St. Pete playlist ... vids will be added to as they come out.
YT: Close-up BTIKM with audience singing along
YT: Broken English perfection
YT: Gesturing to sound guy at 2:30 during Pop That Lock
AdamPerformances: Lambosessed’s St. Petersburg playlist

Other Videos –
YT: Adam leaving St Petersburg
YT: Adam’s Greeting to Indonesia’s X Factor
YT: Wayback Machine: Adam in Wicked - Dancing Through Life
YT: Wayback Machine: Adam in Wicked - As Long As You re Mine

Concert Videos -
YT: maggy97's Helsinki videos
YT: jadelle11's Helsinki videos
YT: lakupala's Helsinki videos
Papa: Hot Stuff - Helsinki
Papa: Fever - Helsinki
YT: Fever - Helsinki (jadelle11)
Papa: Are You Gonna Go My Way
YT: BTIKM - Helsinki (Themissmusicdreamer)
YT: BTIKM, closer - Helsinki (jadelle11)
YT:Playing on the spinning stool and intro speech to OOL - Helsinki (Ebba Walden)
YT: Chokehold - Helsinki (jadelle11)
YT: Broken English - Helsinki (jadelle11)
YT: NCOE - Helsinki (maggy97)

Audio -
YT: Audio of Adam dedicating BE to Sauli

Concert Videos -
YT: Broken English w/dedication to Sauli
YT: bayoulady1's Helsinki playlist
YT: KI55andTELL's Helsinki playlist
YT: Helsinki Opening/IIHY w/screaming, glow sticks, clapping, and LOVE

Downloads -
Sendspace: From @Scorpiobert: @aralidAT's AWESOME complete audio of Helsinki

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

One ... and Two ... and Three
Borrowed from FYE
Adam after his Moscow concert
Da Band
Blue Suit Realness w/suspicious folds:)
Is it me or is it hot in here?
Hahahahahha @whoisjohnnyrice this is hilarious
A beautiful shirt that is a gift for Adam from some Ukranian fans
Blue Suit Doll

Photo with Adam's Tweet
Cool Kiev Photo
Scan of DM Adam sent fan in response to tweet
Giddy in Kiev
Rose Petals in Kiev
Gallery of Photos from Kiev courtesy of Maya Maksimova on Twitter
Great Photo from Above Gallery
Concert Photos - Maya Maksimova
More Great Photos by Maya....Number 1... Number 2... and Number 3
Wayback Machine: Kanye/Adam Macro

Whoa look at Brian!!
Side view, tattoo on display
Amazing pictures from Moscow here
@Maya_Maksimova's concert pictures in her twitter media
Moscow afterparty pictures!!
With a fan at the airport and Adam’s new instagram avi

Adam with baby in Japan
Giddy/Bendy and Happy Adam Kiev gifs
Outfit #1 in St. Petersburg
Pics from St. Petersburg show
Good legs pic
Oldie but goodie; concert pics including Adam holding Trespassing bee :)

Sauli met Adam in St Pete & they took the train to Finland!
Adam & Sauli in good mood in Helsinki
Awesome professional photos from St Petersburg
Kissing gif from Wicked

Adam leaving hotel ... and Photos of Adam and Sauli leaving the hotel - including a solo shot of smug!Sauli
Two audience shots from Helsinki
Blurry photo from Naked Love
Second (clearer) photo from Naked Love
Outfit #2, Helsinki concert
Naughty boys - Fever
Another audience shot
Yet another shot of the (awesome) audience
Ah-MAZING closeup audience shot - featuring little yellow "Adam" hearts and yellow/black striped flags!
Fringe-Face!Adam ... and Fringe-Face!Adam with instagram filter (tweeted by Adam)
Sapphire-suited Joy!Boy Adam
Eyes Baby Eyes
Unfy!Adam in profile

Adam & Sauli leaving Helsinki hotel ... Adam waiving ... and Montage
Kinky in Helsinki gif
Adorable pictures of Adam w/fans at Moscow airport, and Adam w/Johnny and Terrance at M&G
Look at you Adam.... my pleasure!
High Hair in Helsinki

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!

Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Atopia: Translation of March 18 Tutka with mention of Friday concert w/video imbedded
Atopia: Translation of At the Clothes Closet – Finnish Elle feature on Sauli’s fashion style w/picture and link to source
Atopia: Translation of Finnish tabloid article on Sauli’s new TV show w/scans of article
Atopia: Sauli's Me Naiset magazine interview "I'VE NEVER ACCEPTED THE ROLE OF A WALLFLOWER" w/scans of article
Twitlonger: @moominbert's translation of Sauli's interview with Me Naiset magazine
YT: Sauli's appearance on Finnish TV cooking show

Smug!Sauli from Me Naiset magazine: Sauli’s I get to see AFL naked and you don’t look

Family, Band and Crew

SocialCam: Keisha's farewell to Helsinki and WAG Tour

** Sold out arena show in Helsinki...capacity: 11,000 @ Hartwall Areena
** @adamlambert once again, thanks for EVERYTHING! To be continued... :)
** I'm so bummed this short tour is done. I'm so lucky to get to play and perform with these people every night. Adam, TT, Trashley, BL, Johnny, Keisha, Reyna & Rick... Love you guys!
Keisha Renee
** USA we in here!! Just touched down!! And it feels soooo good!!


Website for Photographer Maya Maksimova
iTunes: Scott & Rivers recorded PUU in Japanese (#12 for preview)
AWOP: Discussion about the crays who hate Sauli
AWOP: Law Mom’s February Time to Dance to Adam's music links

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: March 24 - 30, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

PreppiesOfTheApocalypse: Video Analysis: Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment
Lifeball: Life Ball info ... and Information on the ball in Vienna on May 25

NY Times: Adam mention in concert review by the usually cold Jon Caramanica

AfterElton: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: Helsinki Gets Kinky

Facebook: Adam's official even notification: Pittsburgh Pride Festival 6/15/13
Eonline: Exclusive: News/American Idol Star Adam Lambert to be Honored by GLAAD
GLAAD: Official press release: Adam Lambert to be honored at 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in SF
Twitlonger: Announcement from crashed Pittsburgh Pride Site
AdamLambertFAns: End of #WAG Tour and on to Era #3

Showclix: Ticket link for Pittsburgh Pride events, featuring gorgeous Adam banner
GLAAD: Sign up for the livestream for the GLAAD Media Awards
Billboard: GLAAD Awards to Honor Adam Lambert
THR: Adam Lambert To Be Honored By GLAAD
Starpulse: Adam Lambert Lands Top GLAAD Honor

AdamPerformances: Lambossed's index of all Adam's performances alongside their dates
JustJared: Adam Lambert: GLAAD Media Awards Honoree keeps it fierce out with friends in Weho :)
SocialiteLife: Adam Lambert, His Faces, His Hunger & His Hotness Hit The Abbey For Lunch [PHOTOS]

TWITTER and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

FB: Yadam Rambert [privacy settings adjusted and this went away soon after]
** Vienna!!! What's good!

** RT@JustJared: John Legend: 'Who Do We Think We Are' - Listen Now!: Check out @johnlegend & @rickyrozay's new song right here!

** “@nilerodgers: Throwing quick shout outs to my boys @adamlambert &amp; @sam_sparro two very talented cool people!” Thank you NILE!!!!! ;)
** @ChakaKhan happy belated!!
** Happy Passover!
** RT@davidarquette: Thank you - is that redundant? @UnderwearExpert @bellesxxoo @adamlambert
** @davidarquette no, thank YOU sir.
** Home sweet home!!!

** @davidarquette unleash the beast!
** RT@AfterElton: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Helsinki Gets Kinky! We have Round Five of the Ultimate Adam Tournament
** Catching up on my shows!! Shameless and Californication... Such ballsy writing/acting.
** Obsessed

** #HappyBirthdaySauli @saulikoskinen1 28 today!! Everyone celebrate!!! Big year for Sauli!
** RT@glaad: GLAAD to honor @adamlambert at the #glaadawards in San Francisco 5/11! ... -francisco … #LGBT
** RT@PittsburghPG: . @AdamLambert will headline Pittsburgh's Pride in the Street concert ... rt-681246/

** @dorisa99 ;) {in response to @dorisa99: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !!! @adamlambert is using my edit for his AVI !!! OMG !!! he used my edit for halloween too !!!}
** @meganhilty happy birthday!!
** My twitter real ness has been shattered for all time by @cher all is done.

** @midnightminx19 hahha oh it was. {in response to @midnightminx19: @adamlambert you know I am a foodie, had to look up that corn u r eating! CHARRED CORN / chili guajillo, parmesan, cilantro 8 Sounds tasty!}
** @sutanamrull ;)
** @OneRepublic this LIGHT IT UP track is NUTS!!!!
** @OneRepublic now "CAN'T STOP"!! Soooooooo good.
** … @belindaofficial great tune!!!
** @belindaofficial a pleasure! {in response to @belindaofficial: @adamlambert how flattered am I???? thank you!!! xxxxx}

From Others:

vegas1024 [during The Voice]
** Adam could never be a judge on here. He'd push the button just to spin around lol

** @nilerodgers @adamlambert adore u both :)
** @adamlambert Hey :) remember berlin/Hair/Summer ... You just Met some Musicals Friends of mine in Vienna ... How small is the World
** Adam Lambert (@adamlambert) seen in an Alexander Mcqueen Black Dragonfly Print Shirt (@WorldMcQueen)

** Ok I had to trim it down haha @adamlambert
** Earlier this month, @adamlambert surprised fans in Moscow with a stellar cover of Tears of Fears' #Shout! Watch here:
** @adamlambert wow thank you so much for watching!! I play Debbie!! ;) I'm a big big fan! :) Lol
** my source told me its confirmed Adam would come to Macau on 4.18th
** Adam will perform two songs ,and walk red carpet

BHalfelven [tweet deleted, but information is accurate!]
** @adamlambert OMG!! Word just came from the Delta Foundation!! You're coming to Pittsburgh Pride!! SQUEEE!!!
FB: Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh
** Well Equal Magazine now know who the Pride in the Street 2013 performer is. PLEASE KEEP IT A SECRET AS YOU ARE IN THE KNOW! For the rest of you...tomorrow 5PM on 96.1 KISS - Pittsburgh!
** Big news! We're honoring @adamlambert at the #glaadawards in SF 5/11. Don't miss it!
** Don't miss seeing @adamlambert walk the red carpet at the #glaadawards 5/11. Sign up for the live stream
** .@adamlambert will receive the Davidson/Valentini Award at the 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards on 5/11! Full details -
** @UprightCabaret alum & friend @adamlambert will be honored at @glaad in San Francisco on 5/11! Support them!
NYCMax [GLAAD's entertainment media strategist]
** Big news! @glaad is honoring @adamlambert at the #glaadawards in SF 5/11. Don't miss it!

** #FF @adamlambert. We can't wait to honor him at the #glaadawards in San Francisco!
** Having the best nite deciphering life with @adamlambert #modeling

MrLaBryFYP [in response to Adam's Cher fanboying]
@adamlambert get it boy ;)
** here we see @adamlambert walking his pet #DORK thru #WeHo

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Other Videos -
YT: We Are Glamily Tour Highlight Slide Show
YT: Lifeball Promo Video

Audio -
Soundcloud: Sound check of Chokehold in Kiev
Mediafire: Download for Chokehold sound check
Wetransfer: Download link for Queen/Adam Day 3 London from @Scorpiobert

Concert Videos -
YT: TheSpindleshay's Best of WAG Playlist

Other Videos -
YT: Fan Video - Give it 2 Me Wild Thing - Adam Lambert

Audio -
Soundcloud: Edited Version of Kiev Sound check Courtesy of TheSpindleshay

Other Videos
mobli: David Arquette gives Adam a birthday lap dance
YT: The lap dance on YT!
YT: Adam and other nominees for Most Popular and Influential International Artist in China category at the China Music Awards

Other Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert mention on The Colbert Report 3/27/13

Concert Videos -
YT: Naked Love from Helsinki ... out of focus but AMAZING waving audience shots starting at 2:04
YT: New Chokehold from Kanazawa
YT: mia177mia's new REALLY CLOSE Never Close Our Eyes from Kanazawa
YT: mia177mia's new REALLY CLOSE Music Again from Kanazawa
YT: All of mia177mia's videos

Other -
YT: Adam in South Korean music competition TV commercial: SuperstarK5 global teaser

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Adam leaving the hotel ... and two
Adam at the airport
Screencap of Yadam Rambert's FB Life Ball post
Yadam Rambert's new FB profile picture

Adam's New Twitter Bio - Wheels Turning
Joi Boi in Helsinki
Photo by Catnipnhoney
Trespassing gif
Fringe and Tongue gif
Fever gif Featuring Terrance and Adam's Butt
Spinning Chair gif
Fabulous Helsinki Photo Set from allthatispink

Adam and his really high hair in Vienna w/German musical star
Adam partying @ Motto in Vienna
Screencap of Sauli and Ebert comments on Adams baby picture on FB
For your viewing pleasure gifs

Scan of Finnish tabloid article on Adam and Sauli at the after party
Cute lap dance gifs
Broken English gif
Shady gif

Official GLAAD poster for Adam's award evening
Wayback Machine: A hot GNT picture

GNT pic #pureporn) [TM open2it]
Set of photos from Singapore

Adam and Sutan getting papped in Weho
A GAH!!! producing gif
Adam walking his pet dork Sutan :)

Adam's got a boyfriend: Sauli Koskinen!!!
Sauli's super secret Facebook page ... and Pictures! Sauli's Instagram profile

Twitlonger: Translation of Sauli's 3/28 personal blog thanking fans for birthday wishes/gifts w/link to source
Atopia: Another translation of Sauli's 3/28 blog A DAY FOR GOOD - THANK YOU LETTER TO THE FANS! w/link to source
appelsiinipallo.blogspot: Sauli's Finnish Elle photo spread

** I can't believe, my little sister and my little brother are 28! We all 4 were children just a while ago

Family, Band and Crew

** @adamlambert Press calls you flamboyant singer instead of openly gay singer now. Next year I guessing it'll be impetuous. Or polychromatic.


Life Ball: Single from 2012
HuffPo: Paulina Porizkova's article ... "Life Ball 2012: The Viennese Experience"
MarieClaire UK: Article on Life Ball 2012 in Vienna
ThinkProgress: Jane Espenson and Brad Bell’s Marriage Equality Comedy ‘Husbands’ Moves To The CW

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Adam's Week in Briefs: March 31 - April 6, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

JustJared: Just Jared Adam Lambert: BodyFactory Easter Stop
NewNowNext: AT&T Offers Chance to Meet Adam Lambert, Fans Break Website

PRWeb: Press Release: Adam Lambert in new AT&T campaign for the Trevor Project later this month
Starcrush: Adam Lambert + Ren Honjo from ‘Nana’ – Celebrity Doppelgangers
Bedlam: Coming MAPRIL 2013!
JustJared: Adam Lambert: Pittsburgh Pride Festival Performer!
FashionMagazine247: Adam Lambert Rushes To Get His Meter Filled
SocialiteLife: 20 Fantabulous Adam Lambert gifs

AfterElton: Adam Lambert Hump Day: Adam’s Basket

UpScaleHype: Adam Lambert wears Premiata Studded Boots in West Hollywood

Twitter: Twitter page for #BecauseOfAdamLambert trend that last 10 hours!!!!
SFGN: Adam Lambert and Boyfriend Sauli Koskinen Split
Twitlonger: @citygirl36's transcription of Perez Hilton's column about the Adam/Sauli breakup
HuffPo: Adam Lambert Splits With Boyfriend Sauli Koskinen: Report

4Music: News: Adam Lambert splits from long-term partner [Sweet w/no vodkagate wank and no hitting on Adam lol]
LiesAngeles: How Much Do You “Glamberts” Love Adam Lambert???
SocialiteLife: Adam Lambert Spotted Sporting New Specs After Breakup News [PHOTOS]
Yahoo: No. 1 Trending Search Topic: Adam Lambert splits (over 244 hits and growing)

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Happy Ishtar!
** Happy Easter too! ;)
** @milestougeaux polychromatic!! I like that.
** RT@aaashhleigh: When Adam lambert stops at a light to take a selfie with me. ILY BABE

** @aaashhleigh breathe it out! ;)
** @aaashhleigh you're adorable btw
** ... yeah @brianfriedman !!!
** @brianfriedman @briansaysbfree get me some!! [Referring to the clothing line Brian Friedman is coming out with]

** @DrBrianMay :) chin up! [Dr. Brian is having a rough time of it lately]

** RT@BambolaBambina: Who Else Is Kinda Living For This Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. TI and Pharrell Video?!?!
** RT@SPINmagazine 3: Daft Punk drop first video in 'The Collaborators' series, featuring Giorgio Moroder and bits of the new album
**RT@idolator: Does @MileyCyrus and @SnoopDogg's "Ashtrays And Heartbreaks" sounds just a tad like a @Rihanna song to you?
** I'm feeling that @MileyCyrus @SnoopLion joint. Perf in the sunshine

** Love you all!! :)

** Hahah you guys- those glasses were a friends. And completely a joke. Lol they're so funny. Y'all take me too seriously.
** @sonsofmidnight
** @spencerliff great to meet you!
** Just posted a photo
** Just posted a photo

From Others:

** @adamlambert thanks for being so nice!! :):)
** Entire LIFE made. Brb (crying emoticons)
** When Ashleigh is screaming cuz Adam tweeted her and the hotel manager comes knocking at the door :):):):):)
** I think I saw Adam Lambert tonight on the way to get ice cream... Or just some people screaming and taking pics with a random dude in a car.

** Adam will appear on Chinese Idol Finale
** #TwoMillionFollowersForAdamLambert

** RT@Baking4fun: @adamlambert @DrBrianMay aww, cute. Hope you guys tour again someday :)
** Oh, @adamlambert where are you???? #idol

** Saw @adamlambert at the movie theatre Sunday and @julia_boyd and I are still bummed we didn't day hello ;( He was looking fabulous as always
** @adamlambert what beautiful humans #skybar #ichooseu @preciousweapons
** Can't wait to start drinking whisky and writing with my two favourite rock gods adamlambert @semipreciousweapons #ichooseu #jackdaniels #guitars #magic
** darling @adamlambert
** @adamlambert your Glamberts are blowing up my twitter #fanpower #mylipsneedmorespice
** Covering tonight #StarHollywoodRocks event by Star Magazine Adam Lambert, Paris Hilton, Hot Chelle Rae,etc expected to walk red carpet

** Is adam lambert the guy who invented the internet?
** Readers, our website crashed soon after publishing our exclusive with @adamlambert. We should be back up shortly.
** #BecauseOfAdamLambert our 2012 #VH1Divas show was PERFECT @adamlambert #Glamberts
wardrobeyou [She deleted the 2nd tweet and then totally deleted her account after Glamberts descended]
** Shooting today. No monkey, no @michaelbuble but Adam Lambert will be exciting!!
** @adamlambert You were awesome today! Everyone was complimenting on how amazing & professional you were. Don't forget to take the tape off!xo
** Yeah, so this Adam Lambert story (he's single now) destroyed our @soflagaynews site today. But we're back now.

** Had a great shoot with the amazing @adamlambert. To call this guy a professional is an understatement. An absolute pleasure.
** Thank you Adam Lambert for the photos. Pleasure speaking with you.
** By The way Glamberts....I told Adam His Fans will love the pics and he said "Aren't My Fans Great!"
** @adamlambert @sonsofmidnight thanks for the shoutout brother! Let us know if you're coming with to Malibu today
** Thanks for the love today #Glambert 's welcome aboard the midnight train! @adamlambert @sonsofmidnight
** @adamlambert thanks so much for the shoutout good sir! Let us know if youre up for the trek to Malibu - @mitchellglewis
** Thanks to all the #Glambert fans for showing us some love! Truly grateful thanks @adamlambert
** @adamlambert Had such a good time! Always a fun night at Bootsy:)

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Other Videos -
Twitter.yfrog: @aaashhleigh is Excite! after Adam RT'd her

Concert Videos -
YT: TheSpindleshay’s playlist for the Best of WAG

Concert Videos -
YT: Broken English - Helsinki .. full circle relationship realness!

Other Videos -
YT: Audio snipped from the Donors Choose online chat ... Adam's take on soul mates

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

New Doll
Adam and Eber twitter exchange
Brian posted this picture from Helsinki on his instagram

Stop Light Photo
Adam Signing Autograph for an LA Celebrity Stalker
Adam and Fan in an Interesting Blouse
Old Photos of Adam in Colorful Shirt, Number 1 ... Number 2 ... and Number 3

#TwoMillionFollowersForAdamLambert trending world wide
Pretty pic gif
A few random pretties thru the years
some of murly’s favs
Some new pics (Moscow?) w/links to larger size
Watcha wearing Adam? ... Adam tweeted Justify My Pants in 08/12 - I guess that’s what he’s wearing
A few new oldies
More fav pics!
From Idols S8 tour - Manchester WLL, Chicago after show & Chicago after dinner w/family probably in 2010
UNF chest! - A tweet from Dr. Bri and reply from Adam
Shorter, lighter hair & New/old pic by @Scorpiobert
Edited version of UNF chest!
Stars, they’re just like us, putting money in the parking meter
The new hairdo in HQ!!!

Good pic of new parking meter hair
Two funny parking meter macros
New pic from yesterday, good hair
Trespassing gif from Helsinki

Out and about in LA on Wednesday night ... and one more! ... and another

Very cute Adam ... from Lies Angeles
So freaking cute ... from SocialiteLife
New pictures Adam posted on his instagram from his Friday night out!
Wayback machine: Professor Lambert gif from 2009

RIP to the Adam's Got A Boyfriend section ... until next time ;)


YT: Nile Rodgers The Hitmaker BBC full documentary movie 2013
Sad kitty macro
KwanzaJones: Do you want to buy Adam's cheapy dorky glasses? Here's the place!
AWOP: Thanks to marthamcfall for this wonderful quote from Ellen Goodman
YT: From 2007: Wicked Wednesday - Eden Espinosa, Megan Hilty - For Good
YT: Sons Of Midnight - The Fire Acoustic [band's website tweeted by Adam]

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: April 7-13, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Dailymail: Adam Lambert splits with his Finnish host boyfriend Sauli Koskinen
USAToday: Oldish article on Miami Pride w/video of high-school show choir performing Lambert's Trespassing
Aleksandrakv.tumblr: AleksandraKv's Tumblr: My Musings on All Things Adam Lambert [Very OTT writing style #understatement]
USmagazine: Adam mentioned in article about police being called to Bootsy Bellows
Twitter: Some more break up conjecture and reading of tea leaves in hindsight

Facebook: ATT Live Proud Contest to meet Adam in Hollywood

StarCrush: Adam Lambert Style Breakdown: What’s Right, What’s Wrong, and How to Fix It
AFL: Live Proud Private Event information from Adam Lambert Fans
SFGN: Complete interview with South Florida Gay News

Zimbio: Adam Lambert Keeps Busy in Hollywood
AfterElton: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: Single Again
PRNewswire: Press release on AT&T “Live Proud” campaign
MiamiHerald: Adam Lambert headlines Sunday evening at Miami Beach Gay Pride festival
AWOP: Maeve’s breakup timeline

Sauli-Koskinen Tumblr: Interview with Seiski “Our breakup is true”
Hotspots: Interview: “Adam Lambert Headlines Miami Beach Gay Pride”
Wire: Interview: “Glam & Glory”
Twitter: Twitter exchange between Adam and PH in 2010
Genrelatino: Adam will receive key to the city at Gay Pride

Miami Herald: Scans of AFL/Miami Beach Gay Pride coverage, courtesy of getoverit
HuffPo UK: Upcoming Gay Pride Parades Around The World, featuring Miami Beach Gay Pride w/Adam mention
AWOP: blueyes2 shares some details about her convo w/Adam's "unca dave" David Mitchel

GuySpy: Pride Guyd: Miami Beach! (has nice stuff about Adam)
Celebrity-Gossip: Adam Lambert to Perform at Gay Pride Miami Beach Event (pictures from press conference)
Zimbio: Adam Lambert dressed in black leopard print at a press conference ...
JustJared: Adam Lambert: Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade Performer!
SocialiteLife: Adam Lambert Is All Smiles At Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade And Festival [PHOTOS]
GaySoFla: Adam Lambert Miami Beach Gay Pride Press Conference 2013

TWITTER and Facebook

Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

From Adam -
** @belindaofficial … gorgeous

RT@Liuzita 8: Hehe RT @Moimoisuomirock: "@adamlambert's "Cuckoo" is #1 @ Finnish radio NRJ TOP 10 (cont)
** RT@Pharrell: Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
** "Him?"
** We'll show you Turbulent!
** Sasha Allen: A Tribute To Whitney Houston SANG!

** @milestougeaux wasn't a euphemism! Lol.

** The new @paramore album is awesome! @yelyahwilliams has such a great voice!
** Go see @HaloCircus next week!

** MIAMI!!!!!!
** Miami!

From Others:

** @adamlambert i seent you at @RasputinLA! wanted to say hi but figured it'd be better sometime when i'm more sober. adore you. xo
** @sambark2012 he is signed to RCA still
** Dear Adam Lambert and Zac Efron, when you two are hangin' out at the same club in WeHo, please take pics together. KTHXBAI.
** Read this article that said Adam Lambert broke up with his boyfriend and I thought to myself "the dude from Maroon 5 is gay ?!?! "

** @adamlambert thank you...a little sweaty, but hey :).... hope you are having a great weekend...xx
** @adamlambert Ur Glamberts and I agree... u looked hot in my glasses! Why? Because ur more than fierce ur #vicious. xx kisses from Kwanza xx
** Celebrity Men’s Street Style: Wk April 1 with @KanyeWest, @ScottDisick, @AdamLambert & More ( ... -and-more/ …)
** Vote for your favorite celebrity humanitarian: Adam Lambert, Ian Somerhalder, Josh Hutcherson - vote here
** According to Urban Dictionary, "coffee" means sex, and "bagel" means a fat jewish kid... Well, if that's what Adam gave Sauli... ;)

** MetroNOW's Top 10 Potential New Partners for @adamlambert (including @DLanceBlack @chriscolfer @mikasounds
** @MetrosourceMag @adamlambert @chriscolfer @mikasounds I should be so lucky.
** MetroSource named me as 1 of 10 guys Adam Lambert should consider dating post breakup. Hate being some1's rebound but the boy sure can sing
** My mom, @TArnone, is crying tears of joy because @AdamLambert is single, and she honestly believes that he's going to date me next.
** Most Eligible Bachelor: Adam Lambert Back On Market

** I just got a beautiful email from @AdamLambert. It's was a nice note to read before I rest tonight. He's a real gentlemen.
** @adamlambert I just got your second letter. The 1st thing we'll do in Cali is the craziest thing we can think of. C u soon my true friend.
** MAdams Confusion @ #strippercircus @adamlambert @gayweho @whconfidential
** . @adamlambert came out of the ladies room and I went into the men's room. Whoops. #birthdaydinner #tortillarepublic
** According to the big fat liar @PerezHilton Mr. @adamlambert is dating model @MurraySwanby just because they took a picture together!
** I think the Big Fat Liar @PerezHilton is secretly In love with Our dear @AdamLambert
** I just got an email that says Adam Lambert will be given the key to the city at Miami Beach Gay Pride!! 1:30 pm ... performance at 8 p.m.
** MetroNOW's Top 10 Potential New Partners for @adamlambert --- It's an honor just to be nominated.

** Today I was blessed. i worked with the amazing @adamlambert what a lovely talented man.
** Wow you @adamlambert fans are amazing. #fansarethebest
** Oh @adamlambert is now fucking every guy he takes a photo with @PerezHilton? Really? This is great news *goes to wait in line
** Not EXACTLY what I said but OK : ) “@ProjectQAtlanta: Gay author @chrisricewriter says yeah, he'd shag”
** Adam Lambert has very loyal fans who are saying very nice things about me. Thanks, folks. : )
** All #MiamiBeachPride & @adamlambert fans! I have a fun opportunity for you coming soon! I'll announce at 7:30 EST tonight! #AdamLambert
** BREAKING - Just spoke with a top Pride official who says @adamlambert's show Sun will be "above + beyond" what was expected #MiamiBeachPride
** I wonder if we can invite @AdamLambert bowling when he comes for Pride. He went in London @deltafoundation
** HolyShit !!! I just met Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!
** @LScheltema I swear !!! He is so beautiful
** @BUSYBEE8 Miami he walked by I knew it was him ! I went right up and asked him! He asked my name
** @BUSYBEE8 I told him he rocked and I loved him. He had hat on . Black hat . Saggy pants
** @negeenah super sweet. Beautiful and not as tall as I thought

** @brandondevette Will you be videoing @adamlambert's concert? #MiamiBeachPride
** @mstj55 @adamlambert yes I will be. Route 7 Prod is the official prod co for #MiamiBeachPride
HAD TOO MUCH FUN AT MOVA! He will be doing a press conf. Later guys:)
** Adam Lambert!! Yeah! ... f0cbfadec1
** #AdamLambert says "I'm a single man" at press conference #miamibeachpride @soflagaynews @smargie75
** #AdamLambert no plan 2 perform on idol. Nothing 2 promote. Hopes 2 perform next season w/new music #miamibeachpride @soflagaynews @smargie75
** #AdamLambert says "this is the vacation I needed" #miamibeachpride press conference @soflagaynews
** #AdamLambert 3 words to describe your career? "Surreal, exciting, glam" @soflagaynews #miamibeachpride at press conf @smargie75
** What are you hiding Adam?
** you're gonna need a bigger pillow
** LOL! Did you lose your pants, Adam? ;)
** Hah! some folks are speculatin that your pants are overly burdened with gay pride. lol
** Thank god that's a pillow. I thought u gained weight and lost your sense of style :0

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Other Videos
YT: Chinese Idol promo video
SeiskaLive: Sauli’s “Hello Finland” video with possible Adam giggle at end

Interview Videos -
UStream: Miami Pride Press Conference ... and YT version of stream
YT: Official, clearer, longer version of press conference

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Adam Lambert gif tumblr
Hotness from last night ... and and another one with different people
A crazy hair picture!

"Him?" ... and "We'll Show You Turbulent!"

Lots of pretty pictures in Star Crush article
Oldie but a goodie: Hello… LEGS!
He’s a catch!

Adam on stage
Parking meter gif
Parking meter pics

Chia Pet Adam and friend at Stripper Circus… and another friend
With model Murray Swanby (subject of PH rumor) … and Just the important stuff
maddie found the Stripper Circus shirt when Adam wore on Idol

Club!Adam with fanboi
Chia Hair!Adam poses at Stripper Circus with qt couple

Adam out at the MOVA Block Party ... Miami Pic Spam
Gelly's Miami Pride 2013 photobucket album
Adam w/Crystal Waters and another with more boys; pictures from today's press conference
Today in Miami ... looking HOT! ... and Pro pictures from Getty
Close up of bracelet from Zimbio set of pictures
Adam unbuttoned! ... and Closer up version
Close ups from press conference ... and Another one ... and One more
Adam's hiding his gay pride? ... and Adam's instagram with comments
UNF ... LIPS :)
Another close up from last night

Family, Band and Crew

** @adamlambert ah. I was wondering what the "a coffee and bagel" euphemism meant but was afraid to ask.


Twitter: Underneath lyrics tattoo!
Wikipedia: James Duke Mason - Belinda Carlisle's son and Adam boyfriend candidate
AWOP: PSA from pjd re concert DVDs
AWOP: Murray Swanby picture
OUT: OUT Magazine Power List 2013
AWOP: Tommy Hilfiger ad featuring Adam-lookalike model
FarFetch: Moschino Chain Print Trouser Adam wore on Friday ... and YSL silk shirt he wore at press conference

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: April 14 - 20, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Corporationwiki: Adam Lambert on Corporation Wiki
Etsy: Puja's ankh necklace Adam is wearing today
PaulSmith: Nice thousand dollar outfit: Shirt ... and Pants

Popledge: Adam Lambert looking Like a god in gold for Miami Pride event
AWOP: Boca Babe's Miami Pride Recap
AWOP: getoverit's Miami Pride Recap

MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Continues His Neck Porn Streak With A Sexy Silver Chain! (PHOTO)
Self: Kelly Osbourne talking about hula-hooping with Adam

TheBacklot (AfterElton): Hump Day with Adam Lambert: Glamiami
Twitlonger: SFGN publisher Norm Kent’s “Adam Lambert’s GLAAD Award a Joke” editorial
Twitlonger: SFGN associate publisher Jason Parsley’s rebuttal to Norm Kent
Popcrush: Article on Jason Parsley’s rebuttal to Norm Kent

Twitlonger: Editor's comments: Whataya Want From Adam Lambert ... and direct link to SFGN article
MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: Adam Lambert is the Crown Prince of Glam at the CMA
Macau Daily Times: China Music Awards Brings Stars to Macau

StarCrush: Adam Lambert Bests Taylor Swift, PSY and Ke$ha to be Named China's Favorite Int'l Artist

StarCrush: Adam Lambert Teams Up With the Trevor Project + Offers Special VIP Concert to Contest Winners

TWITTER and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** PRIDE! A Deeper Love! PRIDE! a deeper love! Pride! OH OH OH OHwoah! #miamipride2013
** @AshtonMichaelLA that's right!!! :)
** Adam Lambert - Trespassing! Listen up! Dis be your new PRIDE ANTHEM
** RETWEET IF YOU FEEL PROUD!!! #trespassing #miamipride2013
** @PaulaAbdul thank you Paula! :) muah! {in response to @PaulaAbdul: .@AdamLambert CONGRATS on getting the Key to the City of #Miami :) I KNOW your performance tonight will be nothing short of phenomenal! xoP}
** I LOVE U MIAMI! #gaypride

** Glamiami
** This new @skylargrey track is a great slow burn.

** Don't hate the player, hate the game.
** So honored to have received the Chinese Music Award for Fav International Artist tonight!! Thank u Channel V! I had so much fun performing!

** @falloutboy loving the new album!
** Loving the @Jessie_Ware album too! What a beautiful voice u have!
** @ivylevan yes! It's been way too long! {in response to @ivylevan: @adamlambert miss you dearly twinsie <3} [Editor's note: all I can figure out is she is a singer]
** @milestougeaux and your middle name is FRANKLIN. how distinguished.
** HONG KONG Clubs are craaaazy on a Friday night!!!
** Omg this @daftpunk feat @Pharrell is SOOO my new jam. funk. Bam.
** And that's @nilerodgers on guitar!!! Sickning.

** Obsessed. #getlucky
** Say What?

From Others:

** @adamlambert I smell trouble ... READY.. Go! #miami
** adamlambert #adamlambert receiving the key to the city! #pride #Miami #jcn so hot!!!!
** @adamlambert condragulations on being honored w/ the Key to the city today @ #MiamiPride2013. Now you can legitimately Pop That Lock. #Werk
** I'm most proud! xoxoP RT @adamlambert RETWEET IF YOU FEEL PROUD!!!
#trespassing #miamipride2013
** .@adamlambert CONGRATS on getting the Key to the City of #Miami :) I KNOW your performance tonight will be nothing short of phenomenal! xoP
** To everyone celebrating #MiamiPride2013 w/ @adamlambert you FILL MY HEART! I send you all my love and support! xoP
** . @adamlambert was openly happy to be at Miami Beach Pride. That made 2 of us:
** T & J pulled hot guys on stage&did unmentionable fun things to them while Adam laughed in leopard print& blue glitter belt
** And so he went off into the night with a horde of guys screaming about how much they loved him following behind... #pride
** @adamlambert u are a beautiful soul and amazing singer we all love u #glamberts #glamily #jcn
** Hubby says he is SURE Adam looked right at him, but Im sure he was looking at me!
** @adamlambert was worth the wait.. What a perfect way to end pride . #starstruck
** Gay Pride news: Adam has an entourage of 7 people with him,not 17! It was a typo
error in The Miami Herald :)

** Adam Lambert - Miami Pride 4/14 TP/NL … PTL … WWFM … Thx to @Lynneville
** Adam at Miami Pride TP … NL … PTL … WWFM … by @yendiderz
Steven_Segar [The weekend homeboy!]
** Amazing weekend.. I had a great time with everyone! Have fun in china @adamlambert ;)

** Sharing a laugh with @adamlambert at #MiamiBeach Gay Pride!

** OK. From the mystery pap vid. Pap asked if it was OK to ask about relationship. He said "No. Why would you do that? i don't even know you?
** Pap: People want to know! A: I am single Pap: Happily single? A: That's it. There you go (in other words, not gonna answer you) Comment
** Boston: "I just heard. Awful." Pap: Is Boston a city you like performing in? A: Yes. Great people! Horrible tragedy. Not much else i can say
** Pap asks about Beibs doucheyness: A says "I don't even know what you are talking about" Pap persists & A says "I don't want to talk about it
** Then it shows him walking into Intern Flight terminal. If we had seen this 2 days ago, we'd have know he was walking from one terminal
** to the next! :) Oh, Pap asked about Miami. A said "Great event. lots of smiles"
** Adam Lambert fans, please do not mistake the view of our publisher with the view of SFGN as a whole.
** Our associate publisher @jeparsley, who interviewed Adam Lambert, is writing a rebuttal editorial at this very moment.

** That awkward moment when you find out that your cousin is dating Adam Lambert.
** Sorry everyone, it was a misunderstanding, my cousin is just really close to Adam Lambert, but they're not dating
** Adam did not like dancers' he decided to cancel dancers
** After Adam got off the car at Red Carpet, bystander A "Who's he?" Bystander B "Don't care, but finally someone good looking!" (from Weibo)
** Word to @adamlambert was great sharing the stage with you dude! Lotsa energy. #earningaliving (see photo below)
** ppl thought there was a sound issue cause everyone sounded off. He proved them wrong cause he is SPECTACULAR

** someone said Adam would go to Hongkong today, and he has interests in new tatoos
** ADAM LAMBERT 2 Tickets to Private,Very Intimate Show in Los Angeles @ebaygiving charity auction on #ebay @libertyhill
** @adamlambert , hey adam its AJ from miami your protector. Heres my email so we can stay in touch
** The night I choose to stay in & not party (which is almost everyday), my friends tell me, "Adam Lambert is hanging out w/ us tonight". FML.
** @courtneyact So AL is at SEVVA and my niece is going WILD:))) xxx
** Close to 40 million viewership. - American Idol, Adam Lambert enjoys Le Louis cake at SEVVA...@courtneyact
** @LambertizeMe @adamlambert obviously they're entitled to their opinion, but I think AL's mere presence IN our culture is revolutionary...
** @LambertizeMe @adamlambert ... When HAS their been someone like him? Unfair & ironic 2 try 2 take him down now, when he should be praised...
** @LambertizeMe @adamlambert ...for doing the most revolutionary thing anyone CAN, gay, bi or straight: 2 live THEIR truth w/ PRIDE and grace!
** Me and the @adamlambert great guy! What else can I say #amazing #night
nilerodgers [possibly relevant!]
** @sam_sparro I'll be in LA in few days. Coming to write but hooking up with @slash, @arthurbaker and some other folks to jam & hang

** Chillin' with @adamlambert! #goodlife #HK #2013
** @adamlambert TY for DM. I'm just the leader of ur official Chinese fans club.this is our official weibo We cooperate with Sony,Fanstang,Star media,Dragon TV and AEG to promo your music in China. bc Twitter and Youtube are blocked in China, I have to transmit the news between Chinese fans and other fans :)
** @adamlambert Saturday 20/4/13-saw u on Queens Road Central in Hong Kong outside H&M. I went up to u,asked for autograph-Love u Adam.xx
** @adamlambert Is that your head voice :-)
** @adamlambert Plenty

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Concert Videos -
Ustream: Miami Ustream

Other Videos -
Ustream: Stream for the Miami Pride parade
YT: Adam getting his key to the city
YT: Adam posted a vine video from his hotel window
Yfrog: Adam posted a yfog video of him, Terrance, and Johnny enjoying the parade

Concert Videos -
YT: bayoulady1's playlist for Miami

Other Videos
YT: Hula hooping w/Kelly O. Adam mention on E!News

Concert Videos -
YT: Adam performing Trespassing & Naked Love at CMA Another version of Adam performing at CMA

Interview Videos -
YT: On RC at CMA

Other Videos –
YT: Adam receiving the CMA award
Letv: Receiving his CMA award and saying I Love You in Chinese

Other Videos –
YT: Audience video of Adam's China Music Awards performance
YT: CMA Rehearsal Video, Part I
YT: CMA Rehearsal Video, Part II

Concert Videos -
YT: Fan filmed Trespassing at CMA ... and Naked Love
YT: From Terra: CMA best video and enhanced with better audio ;)

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Instagram comments that mistake the b&w pillow for pants
Adorable fan art
Adam Doll with pillow
The AT&T Live Proud booth w/Adam's picture
Picture of Adam at the parade
Waiting on the Key Ceremony: One ... and Two
Key Ceremony: One ... and Two ... and Three ... and Four
The contrast between us was painful macro
His Face
Spray Tan?
Adam was openly happy to be at Miami Beach Pride
Adam and Terrance ... and Adam, Terrance and Johnnie
Adam Pictures: Paps caught Adam at his hotel window
Photobucket album from Miami Pride
Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on stage with Adam
Hug Gif
Performance pictures: One ... and Two ... and Three ... and Four
Showing Off ;) ... and Bigger
Sing Adam!
Adam smiling during performance

Getty Images: Shots from Miami Performance
Adam Pictures: Miami Performance Pictures
Adam Pictures: Adam Watching the Parade at Miami Pride
Adam Pictures: Post-Performance Photos from Miami
Assorted Photos from Pride Party - Saturday?
Key Ceremony Photo Courtesy of Getoverit
Weekend Homeboy Steven Segar Pic 1 ... and Pic 2
Adam Singing Intensely
getoverit's Miami Pride Album
Bubble Macro
Selections from getoverit's Miami Pride Album

Some Miami pretty
Adam Pictures: Adam papped at LAX!
From Terrance's instagram … Michael Gongora Sharing a laugh with Adam at Miami Beach Gay Pride
At the Hong Kong Airport

Adam arriving at the Macau ferry landing
Out in Miami; sunglasses he was wearing in Miami
Pic from Miami key ceremony

Backstage in China, the purple triangles appear …and… Front and Center on RC in China
Adam watching Chinese dancers, with serious business face; and Smiley gif on RC
His cute face in montage, along with gorgeous still shot at CMA
Series of photos at CMA: accepting award and performing
Lots of nice RC pics... and two more
What a handsome gentleman (on RC)
"Bitch, please…" oldie but goodie
Performing, and RC poses
Adam Pictures: Red Carpet
Adam’s introduction, “World Superstar!”
A couple from Sunday’s Gay Pride day, and one of Adam with @babyboyent at CMA
Elegant gentleman … Love this look (RC in front of Chinese characters) ... and Want more in the purple triangles?

Adam and some big dessert in Hong Kong
Facebook photo album: Adam Lambert Chinese Music Awards by apajiang
Performance pic montage from China Music Awards
Smiling!Adam after performing at China Music Awards
Screen cap of Adam's "Thank You" message on Weibo
Adam poses in elevator with fan
Facebook photo album: Adam Lambert Press Conference at Miami Beach Gay Pride
Adam partying in Hong Kong, Part I ... and Part II
Large photo of Adam holding the CMA trophy
Crazy in da club!... and Pretty in da club;)
Frustrated!Adam during CMA rehearsal
Photos from Adam's night out at Stripper Circus 04/10/13, Part I ... and Part II
Key Ceremony in Miami Beach ... gif series borrowed from Adamtopia

Stars in his ears
Adam and new friend ... he is Head of Artist Services @Twitmusic!!!!
Giving good face montages: from CMA performance and Stripper Circus
Say What? ... instagram w/comments
Adam leaving for Shanghai w/fans at HK airport

Family, Band and Crew

Soundcloud: Keisha Renee covering Prince's "I Would Die 4 U"

** @adamlambert Steams from China always have your vocal way high in the mix with almost no reverb. Good thing you sing on key. Just sayin...
** @surefirelambert He would have been Erica if he was a girl {in response to surefirelambert: @milestougeaux if Adam wasn't named Adam, what was another name you would've named him?}
** @adamlambert even worse: my name would have been Tina Louise if I had been female. And this was pre-Gilligans Island. Imagine the horror. {in response to @adamlambert: @milestougeaux and your middle name is FRANKLIN. how distinguished.}


1stdibs: 1960s Emilio Pucci Silk Tunic & Pant Set
Adam causes a reaction in cats
AWOP: Law Mom's March 2013 collection of dance videos using Adam's music
Twitter: Screenshot: Fox News closed-captioning proclaims bombing suspect "Zooey Deschanel" is in custody
AWOP: Hathor's account of lockdown conditions in Boston and surrounding areas
AWOP: Totally's account of DS's experience @ MIT campus
HuffPo: Local Fox Anchors Interview Ryan Lochte, Collapse Into Laughing Fits (VIDEO)
Yahoo: Cupcake's DD's friend running past the bombers during the marathon!

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Location: Right Here ... Namaste
Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: April 21 - 27, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

MTV Buzzworthy: Adam Lambert's "Then and Now" Photo Proves That Glam Doesn't Age

StarCrush: Adam Lambert Posts Definitive Proof That He May Very Well Be Immortal [PHOTO]
Twitlonger: From SFGN: Letters to the Editor Adam's Fans Fight Back
SocialiteLife: Adam Lambert Voted Celebrity Humanitarian Of The Year!
TheBacklot: Diva By Diva: Eight Songs Adam Lambert Must Cover
Atopia: Story from CMA's on how wonderfully Adam handled cancelling the dancers

Wednesday Translation of China Daily article regarding Chinese Idol / American Idol
TheBacklot: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: China Doll
USAToday: Nice Adam mention in relation to current AI contestants

Pinterest: Pinterest page featuring Adam on the cover of magazines worldwide
BedlamFanzine: Link to Bedlam website here and teaser video ... and teaser on YouTube

EW: Pop Weekly: Who Should Judge American Idol? (hint: EW thinks Adam should be one of them!)
StarCrush: Adam Lambert Featured In PSA for the Trevor Project 'Live Proud' Campaign [VIDEO]
Facebook: AT&T Live Proud Facebook Page w/Adam's PSA video

Shanghai Daily: For 'Chinese Idol' fans' entertainment: Interview with Adam Lambert
AWOP: Wayback Machine: Adrianne Curry berting on twitter in September 2009

TWITTER and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** 9 years ago! Woah. (That's some bad yellow bleach)
** Fan Art

** Growls
** playlist: @SnoopLion "So Long", @Jessie_Ware "Swan Song", @robinthicke "Blurred Lines", @falloutboy "Young Volcanos" @HAIMtheband "falling"

** @sam_sparro siiiiiiickning [Sam's cover of Daft Punk's Get Lucky]

** Just watched @AmericanIdol having missed the past 5-6 weeks... And the girls are good, but @AngieAI12 gives me chills when she sings #star
** @MichaelSlezakTV WOW WOW WOW! CHILLZ. Ok those 2 are my favs. @CandiceAI12 covers THE CURE ... …”
** Happy Birthday @DanielleStori !!!
** Happy Birthday @KeishaRenee !

** I’ve teamed up w/ @ATT, @TrevorProject. For each person who RT this AT&T will donate 50¢, max 50k to @TrevorProject #attliveproud
** My styling has always been this way.

** @E_L_James thanks!! Ever hear this tune? Reminds me of a certain book...
** @E_L_James
** @AllisonIraheta happy birthday!!!
** Back in Japan...

From Others:

** from the producer, Adam 's rehearsal is awesome today ! Guess he will sing which song tomorrow ? :P
** @glam_alialdol Is it a different song than he usually sings on these shows?
** @DancyGeorgia yes {in response to @DancyGeorgia: @glam_alialdol Is it a different song than he usually sings on these shows?}
** the other show is 80 talk show. Adam really likes this show, so even he doesnt has much time , he said he could recorded it tomorow evening
** so one song on Chinese Idol opening show, one on 80 talk show
** the first song he did rehearsal with cappella version , amazing vocie ( told by staffs )
** another song with local band
** Adam Lambert Joins Forces With AT+T and the Trevor Project
** @adamlambert how bout this one from 2001 backstage before 'rock the boat' bumper lol

** @glam_alidol which 2 songs is he singing bb? just got online..catching up rn :DDD
** @marwinlambert mad world ,pop that lock
** @devenlane @marwinlambert one for ci ,one for 80
** Just met @adamlambert in hotel in Shanghai! What a taaaaaaallll and lovely guy!!! #americanidol
** Just met adamlambert in shanghai! What a lovely boy! ... 57/photo/1
** @adamlambert does not age: Share your secrets, Glam!
** Glamberts! Here's proof that @adamlambert NEVER AGES. Also, we want his secret. ... ung-photo/ …
** "@cwm122: ove to hear you team up with @adamlambert on new music! Any chance ? :)” Adam & I are very much in contact.Bri

** @adamlambert Hey Adam, you are on a huge screen in San Francisco Westpoint mall today, promo for your @glaad award!
** @heretohearyou @adamlambert wow - i LOVED that performance of #MadWorld. Then again, i've never heard Adam NOT sound great. #MissingAdam

** It's #hump day with @adamlambert. Peeps these #pics:

** @adamlambert Oh Adam, if you missed the last 5-6 weeks, take 120 seconds and watch this: @CandiceAI12 covers THE CURE ... …
** @adamlambert @CandiceAI12 Loving you in glasses, BTW, sir.
** Chinese TV new: @AdamLambert surprise appearance at Chinese Idol audition

** It's pretty cool that @adamlambert is chilling where I'm spinning
** @adamlambert #tranbidextrous #freshprinceofdontcare living ... 24/photo/1
** #armwrestle #win #tranbidextrous #freshprinceofdontcare @adamlambert @rhealitre
** Hanging with @adamlambert & @sutanamrull @sbe_events for #guysgonewild! @adamlambert #rupaulsdragrace…
** #IMissTheDaysWhen @AdamLambert could rip a pillow w/ the strength of 10 divas. *sigh* ;) xoP
E_L_James [Fifty Shades author!]
** Love this song... and vid... And have for since it came out... js...

** @adamlambert Breath play... #HardLimit ;) {she deleted tweet ... this is screencap}
** @adamlambert Fab! Thank you for sharing.
** There may be some flailing in West London happening right now...
** @Savage7289 Being tweeted by sexy young men... {in response to why she is flailing}
** @flavilla11 #IWasBeingCheeky ;) @adamlambert {in response to explanation this was emotional vs. physical chokehold}

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Other Videos -
YT: Another fan video from CMA
YT: Video of Adam signing for fans in Shangai

Audio -
Soundcloud: Adam's rehearsal from CMA

Other Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert Voice Technology Analysis
YT: Fan Vid of Pop That Lock on 80's Talkshow

Concert Videos -
YT: Adam LAMBERT - Live in Minsk (Belarus) 2013, FULL

Other Videos -
YT: Video from news report on CI ... Adam singing MW
YoKu: Here is 2+ minutes of MW filmed on the down low!!!
YT: Chinese Idol Opening Ceremony Live - Mad World

Audio -
Soundcloud: Adam Lambert - Chinese Idol opening ceremony - Mad World live

Other Videos -
YT: Segment on Chinese TV on Adam's China Idol (China Dream) appearance
YT: CMA Rehearsal_Adam singing without a microphone

Other Videos -
YT: Seven interview clips (and performances) from FYE AOL Sessions (new/old) ... and Same playlist in different format

Other Videos -
YT: Adam's AWESOME PSA for AT&T Live Proud Campaign

Other Videos -
YT: Wayback Machine: AFL mention on Newlywed Game at 10:00 mark by Adrianne Curry

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Gif made from a series of CMA RC stills
Arriving in Shanghai
maddie's first Big, Hot, and Hard macro
Adam rehearsing for his Chinese Idol appearance
Then (9 years ago) and now!
Fan Art
New/old pic found on Twitter
Adam and Amber Strauser backstage in 2001 (on the cruise ship?)

Photos from taping of Chinese Idol
Adam Backstage at Chinese Idol
Series of Photos from 80's Talkshow
Photo from thesmithlen tweet above
Photo Montage from 80's Talkshow
Photo from williamlee521 tweet above
Adam with 80's Talkshow Co-Host
Adam at Chinese Idol Wearing His Upholstery Look
Reprise of the Say What Photo Because, Why Not?
2 gifs of Adam poppin' that lock :) #werkbitch ....
Photo Set from 80's Talkshow
Wayback machine: gif from S8 disco group number

Adam from Chinese Idol Audition and from interviews
Adam on a balcony in Shanghai
Picture from airport and another picture from the other night in Hong Kong
Very pretty head shot w/tongue ;)
Pic to go with being voted the Celebrity Humanitarian Of The Year!

Screen caps from China; Nice new pics
Adam Pictures: Chinese photoshoot
Montage of new pics
Gif from China
Really big, nice pic from China

Looking like a Superstar with the manager of the Shanghai hotel
Gif spam of Smiles
With a contestant at Chinese Idol audition
Mic and glasses with androgynous Adam

B&W photo of Adam and Sutan
Original source of the photoshopped photo of Adam at the microphone
Montages of screencaps from Live Proud PSA
Crotch shot screencap from Live Proud PSA, courtesy of Guess Who!
Live Proud PSA gifs
AWOP post with links to @_ninni's 12 Live Proud PSA gifs
Queenbert - Adam and Brian May Performance Photo

Adam with the Chinese Idol judges
Back in Japan ...


BroadwayWorld: Reviews for Motown: The Musical" (featuring Adam's friend Charl Brown as Smokey Robinson)
Murly's Retirement Plan
IdolForums: Article about Psy being invited to work on a song with Brian May's remake album)
AWOP: Firecracker's preferred sites to make gifs
TechCrunch: AOL Is Shutting Down AOL Music And Firing Staff Who Are Live-Tweeting The Bloodbath

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: April 28 - May 4, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Celebrity-Gossip: Adam Lambert Hits Up Bootsy Bellow
Socialite Life: Adam Lambert Parties At Bootsy Bellows Along With Chris Evans, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet & More!
On Top Mag: Gavin Newsom, Adam Lambert, San Francisco Giants To Be Honored At GLAAD Awards
Just Jared: Adam Lambert: Retweet Me for the Trevor Project!
Ebay: Complete list of charity auctions

The Home Planet: It Has Begun, Insert High Pitched Squealy Noise Here
MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting - Adam Lambert's Glam is Glowing
Nile Rogers: Some Talented People - Adam Mention and Photo

BEDLAM: Bedlam Fanzine link from Issuu

The Backlot: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: Flashback
Glaad: Win a trip to see Adam at the Glaad Awards

BEDLAM: Corrected fanzine from Issuu ... and version powered by Uberflip ... and pdf version
AdamLambertFans: Reminder: Adam Lambert Fans website link
THR: 'American Idol' Finale: Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson Approached to Perform
Twitlonger: Adam’s album nominated for Hungary’s most important music award, the Fonogram

Universal Orlando: Universal Studios Orlando Summer Concert Series: Adam Lambert June 29th!
Miami Herald: Universal Orlando Resort Unveils More Powerhouse Acts Performing Live at 2013 Summer Concert Series

Pittsburgh Pride: Equal Magazine May/June 2013: Adam on cover, pages 58 and 70 ... page 58 ... and page 70

TWITTER and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** @thecharlbrown congrats on your Tony Nomination!!

** RT@GinnyBlackmore: Follow back and kisses for spotting the ACTUAL tears in the video ... obile=true
** RT@JeffreeStar: crazy kids <3@adamlambert @mynxiiwhite

** … @JanelleMonae @ErykahBadu this vid is dope!

** Brooke and I clapping in tandem.
** ... @iamkelis ooooh that groove!


From Others:

** RT @JacobEpstein: @nilerodgers did I just see you at Sunset Marquis? I could've sworn! < Yes, I had dinner w @adamlambert >
** @adamlambert um I was just walking behind you and I have to say....I loved your boots
** Great night tonight with great people like the greatest guy ever @AdamLambert He's the real thing. Love. My bro. G
** My man Adam @ Saint Felix Hollywood ... 0ee7_7.jpg
** #olivierawards Great to meet Idina Menzel & chat to Brian May about working with Adam Lambert 'that was a real joy..'
** @adamlambert So nice seeing you last night at the party! Your Mom is adorable. #Hollywood

** @nilerodgers So great to see you man. Thanks for letting me hang. You and @Avicii and @adamlambert were killin' it.
** WICKED Producer Affirms 'There Will be a Movie' ... e-20130425
Kiran Sharma
KING last night with Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert :) Santa Monica, CA @weareking @nilerodgers @adamlambert @KIKITsofia
** RT@katherinekim113: so apparently they @nilerodgers and @adamlambert is working together? :)) <3
** @weareking Last night was fun. That's what the record making used to be like. Maybe we can take the good from the past and leave the bad? xx
** Had a great time meeting and hanging with @nilerodgers & adamlambert last night! Lots of fun :)
** @nilerodgers impromptu recordings are always the best!! honored to have been a part of the process :)
** WERK! @SJRaphael, @adamlambert and @NICKIMINAJ just got shouted out on #DragRace!
** PHOTO: UGH, @adamlambert, save some leftover glam for the poor, glamless mortals bereft of glam! ... pan-photo/
** Glamberts!! @adamlambert is so sexy he GLOWS! ... pan-photo/
** Shout-out to @adamlambert fans for helping make @LibertyHill online auction such a success. You rock!! Give us a follow to see what's next.
** Question of the day 'Is he going to make another album with maroon 5'. Oh dear. Different surname means different person.

** Thanks @adamlambert we've come a long way from our days on Tour in Troisdorf Gemany lol xoxo
** @adamlambert #DWTS

** Man, @MissyElliott @Sharaya_J @KatGraham AND @adamlambert ALL at @ChoreoCarnival LA!! This is insane!
** Adam Lambert is genius. #Love him! @ Avalon Hollywood
** Adam lambert in the house
** HUGE QUEENS @adamlambert @JeffreeStar #Evita
** We can't thank you all enough for making last night so.... magical!! @MissyElliott @adamlambert @industryvoice @ChoreoCarnival @TheSAgency
** @adamlambert everywhere in our #studmuffinnyc #spikesweats! Get yours here #GLAMBERTS
** @adamlambert my art teacher said your face is the PERFECTION of men's face in beauty and drawing !!!XD
** Ran into Adam Lambert last night.. No big deal! Ahhhh I'm in love with him!!! I have wanted to get my pic with him for years!! Dreams come true!!
** @adamlambert Nice meeting you last night! Thanks so much for taking a picture with me;) ... 27/photo/1
** Well, I guess we kind of look alike... ;) Met the incredible @adamlambert tonight. Great to meet you bro!
** @MrsSOsbourne What are your thoughts on Adam Lambert? #TalkLiveChat
** @Kathryn17 I ADORE Adam Lambert! #TalkLiveChat

** Adam only gave the Chinese magazine 5 minutes for photoshoot because he's not satisfied with his look that day. They had him sat on a chair
** and after a few minutes he asked 'want to stand up?' Turns out Adam wanted the photographer to stand up so his pix won't look too fat. ;)
** Again, he's an absolute pro! This is truly a great cause. Much love to all my LGBTQ friends and family! @adamlambert
** @adamlambert thank you my love! We appreciate that. :-) big love for YOU.
** 'American Idol' Finale: Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson Approached to Perform ... ert-451070 << @adamlambert!!

Dr. Brian May
** Wow from me too Never saw this - Bri {in response to @saforaglambert: @DrBrianMay @adamlambert Wow ! Beautiful shot !}
** Seems like the @adamlambert concert is going to be the hot ticket this summer @UniversalORL ... ries-2013/

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Other Videos -
Youku: New MW video from China

Other Videos -
Telly: Adam and Brooke at DWTS
YT: HQ video of DTWS .. Adam at 2:22 and 4:16
YT: The 3-4 seconds Adam was on in slow motion and now 27 seconds:)

Other Videos
YT: Nice compilation of clips showcasing Adam's acoustic performances

Interview Videos -
YT: New HQ version of the Miami Pride interview/press conference

Other Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert giving autographs @ Maxidrom, Moscow, May 28th 2011

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Adam with @PauleyP
Adam's Night out and Sauli is there
Another photo from Adam's night out ... and another ... and one more
New pro pics from CMA ... example
Adam with @monikasantucci at Saint Felix Hollywood
Adam Lambert Leaves Bootsy Bellows
Adam with @Joey2cool
Bid for two tickets to a Private, Very Intimate Show of Adam Lambert in LA

Adam and Nile in the Studio with KING
Adam Plays Basketball Like Jason Collins - Not gif
From Nile: The uber talented Adam Lambert studying the lyrics before singing the soundproofing off the walls

Naked Love promo CD sent to Hong Kong radio station
Screencap of Adam w/Brooke in DWTS audience

Night out ... and more pictures!
Gif of toddler Adam
Another pic from evening out ... and more pictures! ... and one more!
Adam and Neil, then and now
StudMuffin montage of Adam wearing their spiked shorts

Adam wasn’t happy w/his look the day of this Chinese photoshoot: Photo 1 ... and Photo 2
Photo from Tues (4/30) night
Melvin Advisory System (tm Chunky Monkey)

Adam and Brian May Performance Photo [probably photoshopped]
Adam and Brooke Wendle in the DwtS audience, "clapping in tandem"
ClubKid!Adam picspam, courtesy of maddie!

Adam at Elton John's party last summer in the UK ... and Picture from photographer's site
AFL for every day of the week
Platinum realness picture from INROCK and old Idol era picture from mall hair salon in Indonesia
Repeat gif: Adam accepting the key to the city at Miami Pride

Family, Band and Crew

Grammafan where are you? Here is a Terrance present from maeve94!

** @dinahhmite @adamlambert @vegas1024 @binkleywtf we made him play the traditional TG game once, he didn't do that bad! [FYI: TG = Thanksgiving]
** @KKovtun1202 haha he's never even done one of my cover suggestions #zeroinfluence {in response to a fan's request for him to make Adam get busy on third album}

** @adamlambert Clerk bitch you don't gotta stress this...


Instagram: From Danielle's instagram: Sauli wearing glove (Adam's?) w/Danielle and others Saturday night in a taxi
Rolling Stone: Avicii Working with Nile Rogers, Mike Shinoda and Mac Davis on New Album
Rolling Stone: 25 DJ's Who Rule the World ... Aviccii listed
YT: Aviccii - Levels ... and Avicii vs. Nicky Romero - I Could Be the One ... and Leona Lewis/Avicii - Collide
Liberty Hill: Info on the charity sponsoring Adam's private concert auction
E!Online: American Idol Backstage Scoop: Harry Connick, Jr. Confirms He's Been Approached About Being a Judge
Access Hollywood: From the AWOP AI thread ... Laura Saltman's epic article: The Trouble with Nicki Minaj

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: May 5 - 11, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Blogspot: Devenlane's blog on Adam's Upright Cabaret performance of Dust in The Wind

THR: "American Idol" Finale: Adam Lambert and Angie Miller to Duet

Unrealitytv: Mel B will present American Idol’s Adam Lambert with GLAAD Media Award!

AWOP: Love over Glamour section from 2013 Life Ball's official website ... Source
Facebook: Beat 4 Feet Music's post on Love Over Glamour ... Adam got a writing credit!!!
The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: The GIF That Keeps Giving

Shields Gazette: Adam’s opening act for Pittsburgh Gay Pride: X-Factor winner Joe McElderry
Facebook: Adam’s official announcement of Idol covering his Journey since S8

nu-wproject: Set Design: 1001 Nights by Markus Morianz (a/k/a Adam's Natural Habitat) for Life Ball 2013
Adam Lambert Fans: Fan club post about Adam Lambert Day
The Backlot: American Idol Top 3 Eliminations - 20 Observations (with Adam mention at #11)

Twitlonger: Translation of voiceover and Adam in "Seitenblicke" report about Adam and 'Love Wins Over Glamour'
AWOP: From Boca Babe: A post from MJ's on fake relationships, beards, Chris/Darren/Mia and Adam/Sauli

TWITTER and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** @JessicaESanchez Don't Come Around ! So good!
** Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

** Win a trip for two to see me at the #glaadawards in San Francisco 5/11 - donate $10 to @GLAAD at

** DISCONNECT is a REALLY great movie. So thought provoking. A must see for this generation!
** RT@davidarquette: Check out this wild kick starter campaign from one of my favorite artist Alex Grey ... experience
** @evanrachelwood say it!! Some folks won't ever understand the nuances and individualism of sexuality. An uphill battle wages on. {responding to several tweets from @evanrachelwood about sexuality}

** Early bird
** … @sutanamrull how fun!!

** @OfficialMelB @glaad so excited!!!! {in response to @OfficialMelB: Can't wait to present @AdamLambert with a @GLAAD Media Award this Saturday!!! Going to be a fun weekend}
** RT@DangerousMuse: Day 2: "Red" EP is #25 on iTunes' electronic albums chart!!! Let's get to #1! Can't do it without you. Download here:
** Glamberts! Tune in to American Idol tonight @ 8pm EST on FOX to get an exclusive look into Adam's journey since American Idol!
** RT@AmericanIdol: RT if you're a #Glambert! Good catching up with @adamlambert on #idol.

** @darrencriss & Mia and I #chateau
** [Adam's package from Idol]
** @XAmbassadors this album is SICK!

** @nrhgardner meeting of the minds. And voices.
** Thank you @glaad for honoring me at the #glaadwards. Text GLAAD to 80888 to donate $10 to support GLAAD's work

From Others:

** Gonna try something NEW tomorrow - #Music @FatboySlim #blog #Prince @Avicii @adamlambert #WillSmith Daft Punk
** @adamlambert thank you so much!! ;)

** Chillin with my home slice @adamlambert last night in Weho. Miss him!
** Mel B to present Adam Lambert at #glaadawards in San Francisco ... -francisco … @officialmelb @adamlambert #LGBT

** #HappyAdamLambertDay on 4th anniversary of Adam Lambert Day May 8 TT on Twitter - WClock: ... T10&p1=137

** Love you bitch!@adamlambert
** Adam Lambert presents the life ball song "Love Wins Over Glamour" on the 25th of may! #lifeball #adamlambert
** omg last years official lifeball song had an EPIC production, imagine, I think we will see something EPIC as this!!!! ... VVKr8#t=0s
** Does Hallmark make a card yet for #HappyAdamLambertDay?
** #HappyAdamLambertDay!!! <3 @phillipeblond
twoffice [Twitter headquarters]
** hey @adamlambert - you should stop by Twitter HQ on Friday for our LGBTQ Happy Hour!
BGMSF [Works at Twitter]
** @twoffice @adamlambert YES! PLEASE COME BY!

** Hey @adamlambert we went2 hs 2gether & were in sum plays My students want me 2 tell u hi! They luv knowing that i knew you! #teachersrock
** Wonder what @adamlambert has been up too? Tune in to @AmericanIdol tonight at 8pm on @FOXTV to find out!
** @AdamLambert looks great and fit and grateful! #idol
** RT if you're a #Glambert! Good catching up with @AdamLambert on #idol.
** Omg! Ok so Adam Lambert is seriously the hottest man on Earth :)

** Adam Lambert pics tonight!
** Trespassing #4 in Amazon Movers & Shakers
** @adamlambert thanks homie! Lotta blood sweat and tears poured into that thing.{in response to @adamlambert: @XAmbassadors this album is SICK!} [their official website:]
Facebook: Patti Dell Tibble
** Sitting next to Adam Lambert at the restaurant in Santa Monica

** wow, back to no.1 on amazons movers and shakers for @adamlambert after his American Idol segment :)))
** @ElizaLouly @adamlambert he's a talented guy and a good friend X {in response to "What do you think about Adam Lambert?"}
** Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love - Adam Lambert
** As many of you know, the amazing Adam Lambert is in town! Here he is performing a David Bowie medley....
** Today we will interview Adam Lambert on the red carpet at the GLAAD media awards in San Francisco!! We are looking... ... 7587760622
** Getting feedback on my album from my buddy @adamlambert Dude has some wise words.
** Lots of attention from the Glamberts today. Ha!
** @adamlambert So good to get honest advice. Stoked.
** A little birdie volunteer at the event (yay @VicStiX ) said Adam's intro is at 8:53 PM
Susie Fierce
** OMG!! He's so ridic perfect. Stopping to talk w everyone w riveted eye contact and genuine smile and conversation.
** #glaadawards Mother's Day edition: @adamlambert and mom
** Congrats Golden Gate Award recipient @GavinNewsom, wife Jennifer, @adamlambert's mom and Adam #glaadawards
** It's a tie for the #glaadawards Outstanding Music Artist: @adamlambert "Trespassing" and @frank_ocean "Channel Orange"
autowin [somebody connected to Autostraddle]
** Totally met Adam Lambert and he was so nice and made eye contact and omg #glaadawards
** Congratulations @adamlambert for receiving the Davidson/Valentini Award @glaad #glaad media awards
** Looking at #LifeBall stylebilble, how INTRIGUED I am by the Kali theme, @AdamLambert! Where have I seen that b4? hmm?
** And..@adamlambert is at our table, cute, sweet, funny. @ShaneBitney asks if we r at the right table. I ask if there is anything in my teeth
** Omg !!! Freaking out !!! Ummm I'm sitting at a dinner table with Adam Lambert & & Mel B.!!! I'm such a fan !!!! I'm maintaining my cool though!!!lol!! #glaadawards @Glaad
** That time @a_ex interviewed @adamlambert at the #glaadawards Oookaaaaayyyy ... 71/photo/1
** Boozing and bronzing with the awesome @adamlambert @fansofGlambert
** Had so much fun last night with @AlexSagz @adamlambert and all. Beyond!
** Me and adamlambert #lgbt
** Yeah that's Adam Lambert! #GlaadAwards

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Concert Videos -
YT: PTL in Helsinki
YT: Upright Cabaret Dust in the Wind
YT: Upright Cabaret Crazy with lyric fails and all the shoes being thrown at him

Other Videos –
YT: Fuse picks Top 5 albums by Idol Alums – Trespassing #3!
YT: Adam’s package on Idol (low quality)

Download –
sendspace: HQ version of Adam’s package on Idol

Other Videos –
YT: Official American Idol Video - Adam Lambert Where Are They Now segment
YT: Chinese Idol interview
YT: Pap video - Adam arriving at the Chateau Marmont with Darren Criss's girlfriend, Mia
YT: Pap video - Adam leaving the Chateau Marmont with Darren
YT: 2009 Young Hollywood Awards - Adam on the Red Carpet
YT: 2009 Young Hollywood Awards - Kara DioGuardi's intro and Adam's acceptance speech
YT: 2009 Young Hollywood Awards - Adam being presented with a Hamilton wristwatch (that will never be seen again)
YT: Awesome "Trespassing" fan video from December 2012

Other Videos -
TVTHEK: Video of Adam singing/being interviewed/being adorable and producers discussing Love Over Glamour
YT: HQ rip of above video:)
YT: Full Glaad RC video ... Adam starts at 39:09
YT: Adam waiving/saying hi to Glamberts and dealing with a creepy stalker type at 1:14
YT: Just the Adam part form the Glaad RC

Download -
sendspace: Adam Lambert - Love Wins Over Glamour Snippet & Interview video from LaStupenda
mediafire: Devenlane's file for Love Wins Over Glamour snippet/interview video and gifs

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Original size of Pic 2 from last week's Briefs ... Adam on bike pretty nekkid at Burning Man
Wayback: Full Pic of shorts at Burning Man in 2006 ... and Adam in black shorts with Brad
Site with all the old Burning Man Photos
@glam_alidol posted this picture from CMA
Wayback: Art4Life Crazy gif
Some recent concert pictures but also MANY from Queenbert on this instagram
Indy Clowes Hall GNT pictures
Hot little number is from PTL in Helsinki .. and next is Hand to Hair
Wayback: Kiss & Tell gif with Johnny and Terrance
Wayback: Upright Cabaret Dust In The Wind smiley Adam gif ... and Dust In The Wind picture

Adam and Todrick Hall
Cinco de WeHo Photos
Anderson Brook and Adam on instagram w/comments
Adam with and without Fan

Seen on the streets of Pittsburgh ... Pride Poster
Happy Birthday gift to glitterbert from maddie ... something hot from Fantasy Springs last summer

Confetti celebration for Happy Adam Lambert Day (from NNN Trespassing performance)
#HappyAdamLambertDay made it to #2 in twitter world-wide trends

Adam as Ali Baba – Fan Art by yani
Adam as bare chested Ali Baba - Fan Art from @purplegirlll
CHEST! From Adam’s Idol package
Screenshots from the Idol package ... #1, ... and #2, ... and #3

Adorable gif from Adam's American Idol WATN? Segment
Adam hanging out with Darren Criss and his girlfriend: Photo Set #1 ... and Adam Pictures: Set #2
Adam, a bespectacled Darren Criss and Darren's girlfriend Mia
New ADAM LAMBERT Art by Elisha Blackman (a fan) - Adam and Leila

Trespassing #1 on Amazon's Movers & Shakers list
Celebrities and their moms on the red carpet ... Adam & Leila #14
Montage of Smiling!Adam! pictures
4 gifs of Adorable!Adam from Love Wins Over Glamour interview video
Adam and recording artist Nick Gardner ... when and where unknown :)
Adam and Leila on Glaad RC ... and Instagram w/comments
Adam being interviewed on the Glaad RC ... and one more (very pretty!)
Wayback: Adam painted blue and looking very appropriate for Life Ball
side by side: Kali theme from Life Ball and Adam/Brad's old picture
Adam at Glaad event (another pretty picture)
Adam, Leila, Lt. Gov. Newsom and his wife
Adam and Jen Tyrrell and her wife

Family, Band and Crew

** Happy Adam Lambert Day!!! Glamberts let make him feel soooooo special today!! Even tho he already is!! <3<3 Love ya boo @adamlambert


YT: Angie Miller Performs in Hollywood: Solo Round Hollywood Week
Rolling Stone: Rihanna in Brooklyn - Versatile and Withering
The Wrap: Insider: 'American Idol' to Axe All 4 Judges as Part of Massive Makeover (Exclusive)
JarettSays [tweeted on Thursday]
** Randy Jackson confirms to E! that he's leaving American Idol #ThankGod #BetterLateThanNever
Wikipedia: Adam now following Paul Hepworth producer extraordinaire for Adele, Sam Sparro and more
murly's hugging kitties pic!
E!Online: American Idol Sources Confirm All Four Judges Are Gone
Facebook: Nick Gardner Official

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Adam! As in Lambert!

Joined: Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:59 pm
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Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: May 12 - 18, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Autostraddle: 2013 GLAAD Awards San Francisco: Our Starry Starry Night with Adam Lambert ...
YahooMusic: Adam Lambert Honored at GLAAD Media Awards by our girl Lindsey Parker
MTVBuzzworthy: "AW" Alert; Adam Lambert Took His Mom to the GLAAD Awards for Mothers Day

SocialiteLife: Adam Lambert Being Paparazzi Shy
The Daily Beast: Men in Makeup Throughout Time (PHOTOS) ... Adam #10
AWOP: Wayback machine: maeve94's Kradison concert recap
Blogspot: Wayback Machine: Devenlan's Kradison concert post ... and Lambosessed's Adam, Rock My World! post

The Backlot: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: Glaad-Handed
style.mtv: Adam Lambert, Ashley Benson, And More Sport Head-To-Toe Monochrome At Young Hollywood Party
AWOP: Wayback machine: maeve94's recap of going to GMA on Trespassing's release day

Twitpic: Article from Singapore Teen Mag: Interview Scan #1 ... and Interview Scan #2 ... and Concert Review
THR: Deets on Idol Finale plans
Idola: Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert, PSY To Perform On ‘American Idol’ Finale
EW: EW Ranking all 12 Finale Match Ups (Kradam = #1)
O Music Awards: Vote for Glamberts for best Fan Army FTW here
THR: Adam Tops 5 Best Moments in AI Finale

THR: 'American Idol' Season 12 Finale: Adam Lambert Tops 5 Best Moments
NY Times: AI Finale Review - Candice Glover Prevails But American Idol Is Losing Its Spark
Popstar: Adam Lambert Duets with Angie Miller For American Idol Finale
Christian Science Monitor: American Idol Recap - America Crowns Its Next Idol
NewNowNext: Adam Lambert Won The “American Idol” Finale, Yet Again: WATCH
Christianpost: Angie Miller & Adam Lambert Perform Flawless "Titanium" on 'American Idol' Finale (VIDEO)
The Backlot: Adam Lambert and Angie Miller Offer Steely Vocals with Titanium
AWOP: Kudos on the "Titanium" performance from a friend of open2it
Facebook: Compilation of the press for the "Titanium" performance
Yahoo!Music: Adam Lambert Talks EDM, Daft Punk, Nicki Minaj and Idol Judging Rumors
THR: Adam Lambert: 'American Idol' Judge?
The Home Planet: But Wait, There's More!
Twitter: Lots of happy-making AI finale-related tweets from @AdamImpresses!

Masterclass Lady: Angie Miller And Adam Lambert Perform A Haunting Version Of Titanium
Adamwiiki: Terra's AI Finale blog post w/links to downloads

TWITTER and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** @OfficialMelB thanks again!! #glaadawards
** Mom and I at the #glaadawards both rockin Alexander McQueen on the carpet.
** Happy Mothers Day!!
** ... #glaadawards speech

** Wow!! Nearly 2 MILLION followers! I love you all!!!! Thank you for your unending support. Without my fans; I'd be NOWHERE.

** @leecherry HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE!!!
** I Love doing covers. Right @mdmolinari ??

** #throwback
** #throwback
** Make sure to catch me singing w @AngieAI12 on #AmericanIdol tonight!!

** What a gorgeous night!!
** @AngieAI12 is a STAR. she is ready. She's fully realized talent who is about to do great things!!!
** @angieAI12 and I givin drama
** msamberpriley bite it!
** For those who missed it : @AngieAI12 and I singing Titanium.
** @milestougeaux hahahahhah {in response to @milestougeaux: @adamlambert Nice job last night. Good call not to switch outfits with Jesse J}

From Others:

** .@AdamLambert, @officialMelB, GLAAD's Wilson Cruz @wcruz73 backstage at the #glaadawards
** #MothersDay photo with the Lamberts -Total Sweethearts!
** Adam Lambert, #superstar!
** In person @adamlambert was a peach and revealed the total theatre geek he used to be... we talked Kurt Hummel. @MrRPMurphy you listening?
** @adamlambert awesome to see you! Thanks for being ridiculously awesome ;)
** Had an incredible evening at #glaadawards in San Fran w/ @wcruz73,@AdamLambert. I wore my @TieTheKnotOrg bow tie :)
** My baby @AngieAI12 duets with @adamlambert this week! ...

** Forgot how much I love hanging out and working with adamlambert . So much fun and looking forward to way more.
** @adamlambert is such an amazing talent with an enjoyable and humble personality to match! #BreathOfFreshAir
** Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Pitbull, Boys II Men, JLo, Adam Lambert!!!!!! LETS GO!!!
** Congrats @adamlambert on #glaadawards recognizing 1st @billboard No1 album by out gay act—proud to do my pt last yr ( )
** Glamberts!! @adamlambert took his mom to the GLAAD awards! Clearly she's where he gets his smize! #GLADDawards ... rds-photo/ …
** So right now,I'm just watching @adamlambert 's performances and interviews on youtube and I don think I hv enough words 2 describe his depth
** Congratulations to @adamlambert as he received a @glaad award this past weekend!
** .@adamlambert is about to hit 2 millions followers on @twitter!! Join the Glambert family here: Glamberts
** @adamlambert I saw your ad for AT&T Live Proud an was finally able to come out to my parents. Just wanted to say thank you.

Facebook: Jay Plowman
** I just love Adam Lambert! Because of him I finally got the courage to come out 1 year ago in June 2012 after the Sacramento Gay Parade, of course mom was like what took so long :) [Screencap]
** Adam Lambert was a little shy in Hollywood last night. But still cute. ... hy-05-2013

** Uhm, excuse me (taps @adamlambert on the shoulder) can we trade faces please?! You are too effing flawless #smh... ... 255c3924b9
** @gradam1 @adamlambert Not even a chance you'll hear it leak from me. You just gotta wait another 40 hours or so. LOL #YouCanDoIt
** LOVE all the head-to-toe monochrome looks from last night's @NylonMag party! ... hollywood/ @adamlambert
** @adamlambert amazing mtg u last night! LUV all you're doing 4 #charity & that you've worked w my #favorite #nonprofit @charitywater #winning
** Could #AdamLambert become a sub for a future "Elvis-like" movie? Just wondering!
** Local reporter interviewed Angie Miller after AI tonight. When asked about singing w/Adam she said, "it's going to be AMAZING!" \o/ #Excited
AngieAI12 [turns out this was probably about the JJ duet]
** And I also must tell you... You guys are gunna DIE when you see the artist I'm singing with tomorrow at the Finale!! Definitely watch!!

** Randomly dreamed about Queen
** @baking4fun lol. That wasn’t the drea
** @baking4fun I’m sure they will. Right place, right time.
** @shoshannastone I dream of that tour again someday too! *wishes*
** @shoshannastone ah well. Still hope they play again together someday.!
** @adamlambert is gonna let us have it tonight!! #SINGADAM
Candice Glover
** On the way to Nokia Theater for rehearsal day #2. Finally meeting my celeb duet partner. Girls Love Beyoncé on repeat = a good morning
** She's so beautiful and down to earth :) #soexcited
** @baking4fun Rumour is that Adam is singing a duet with Angie Miller.
** #idolspoilers Angela Miller & Adam Lambert will be performing "Titanium" by David Guetta & Sia
** My hair idol realadamlambert #idolfinale
** Yep, @adamlambert remains one of the most generous duet partners ever. That was LOVELY, @AngieAI12! #idol
** Adam I still lurve u #idolfinale
** He's an actual artist, not a pop/rock package. He lets a song be itself, and a duet partner be his/herself. He loves music. Not fame.
** Oh my. (nerd alert). That song sung by Adam Lambert and Angie Miller was the best thing I've ever heard on Idol.
** Here's @adamlambert in the press room! "If they called me to judge, I'd say 'Where do I sign?'"
** Adam Lambert backstage at #idolfinale saying he's back in the studio making music (And he'd love to be a judge!)
** Heyyyy Glamberts, got good news. I got a one-on-one Adam Lambert interview after all. Video up soon!
** Ok I lied. I love @adamlambert more. Than pretty much most people.
** Wonderful to see Adam Lambert on Idol again, like catching up with an an old friend. I'd love to meet him some day.

** wasn't that @adamlambert @AngieAI12 duet amazing? Loved working that arrangement out with them last week.
** @milkofparadise wasn't that @adamlambert @AngieAI12 duet amazing? Loved working that arrangement out with them last week.
** OMG watching @adamlambert on #AmericanIdol right now! Love you boo!
** @adamlambert Incredible performance on #idolfinale. Nailed it!
** Wow *_* Adam Lambert. What I would do to youuu.
** 3RD OF ALL, 4 years later, I am still a hot mess embarrassment around my S8 faves. I can't help it. I mean:
** @adamlambert awww Adam! Love you <3 thank you!!!
Michael Sarver
** Btw @adamlambert killed last night. Representing Season 8 well!!:) crazy good harmonies with @angieai12.
Avicii [possibly OT)
** One of the collaborations with @nilerodgers is sounding better each flight! Love working on planes!
nilerodgers [ditto]
** @Avicii Hey Tim, I just came back to my room and heard the rough mix. It's INSANE! Music is life my brother!

** Highlight for me on @AmericanIdol was @AngieAI12 and @adamlambert is singing Titanium. That was all kinds of awesome.
** Absolutely LOVED singing with and getting to know @adamlambert!! Such a genuine, great guy!!! #trueartist
** If Adam Lambert and Angie Miller started dating they'd be like the perfect couple omg
** I just found out Adam Lambert is 31, so ignore my last tweet...
** Okay here's a fun pic from our late night session with adamlambert and @angieai12 when we were working…
** @Audsidol Awww thanks - it was a total collaboration between Adam & Angie and me. And we had the best time working it out.
** @adamisamazing Had the greatest time - felt like we never stopped making music over the years. Made me happy to hear that voice again.
** @FoxVegas @AngieAI12 @adamlambert And nobody else could have carried it off like them. Just simple orchestration and two perfect voices.
** @tuke18 @AngieAI12 @adamlambert we had the greatest time. LOTS of laughs and even more great music went on.
** AI asking about Adam's judgeship in IG, FB and twitter???
** Spotted @adamlambert at the Getty just now. Now @Alex_j_walsh & I know where all the cool people in LA are on Sat nights!

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Other Videos -
YT: Video - Mel B's intro and Adam's awesome acceptance speech!
YT: Official Glaad video of Adam's speech

Downloads - The previous longer official Glaad video w/intro by Mel B and Adam's speech (from Scorpiobert)

Other Videos -
YT: Preview of Adam on The '80's Talk Show

Other Videos
YouKU: Pop That Lock from 80s Show in China
YT: Pap video of Adam, Carmit, Markus and another guy getting into the car leaving Nylon party

AI Duet Videos -
telly: Duet with Angie at Idol Finale
Daily Motion: HQ full vid of Angie’s performance
YT: HQ YT version of Adam/Angie performance

Interview Videos -
YT: Pre-show interview with Pia & Jim

Other Videos –
vine: Adam on Idol Finale RC!
vine: Another on RC
vine: Adam in press room

Download –
wetransfer: Download for HQ video of full Angie/Adam/Jessie J performance
mediafire: MP3 download of vid of full Angie/Adam/Jessie J performance Another MP3 version of duet

Audio – Link to China Voice CD on iTunes

Interview Videos -
YT: Adam being interviewed in the press room at the Idol finale

Other Videos –
YT: Official American Idol video of "Titanium"
YT: Adam as Fiyero singing "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked
YT: Post Idol after party Pap Video #1 ... and Pap Video #2 ... and Pap Video #3 ... and Pap Video #4

Downloads - "Titanium" mp3 by Scorpiobert
mediafire: Another "Titanium" mp3, by TerraJ ripped from the official video

Interview Videos -
Yahoo Music: Lindsey Parker's interview with Adam ... full size screen version
YT: From HollywireTV: Adam Lambert -- Next 'American Idol' Judge!?

Other Videos -
Sina: Partial MW from Chinese Idol
YT: Full MW!
YT: Another full MW plus interview

Downloads -
Mega: From LaStudenda: Titanium duet 44MBps video, uncompressed DTS audio, no watermarks

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Adam, Mel B, and Wilson Cruz backstage at the #glaadawards
Adam and Lisaloopner's Eric
Joseph Rocha w/Adam and Leila
Adam and Marcus Lovingood
Adam and Paul Katami
Adam, Leila and Shane Bitney
Pretty! Adam with wings on the Glaad podium ...
Gif of Adam mouthing the word Fuck during his speech
Adam and SB1965
Tumblr with 4 gifs of Adam from his speech
From SB1965 ... one ... and Two ... and Three
From the official Glaad page ... and Many more

SB1965's Facebook photo albumfrom GLAAD Awards
Adam and Michael Orland at Idol rehearsals ... and Adam with Lazaro
Adam's Twitter Page - 2,000,000 Followers
Black Lipstick Adam from February 2010

Adam Pictures: Papped after seeing Gatsby with Markus (Adam is not in mood ;)
Adam all covered up ... from his instagram
Adam REALLY wearing makeup ... Kradison concert February 2010
Great new wallpaper from Essell and link to more

Out at Nylon Young Hollywood party
Adam Pictures: Leaving Nylon party an Bootsy Bellows ... and At the Nylon party ... and A few of the pictures
Full-size pic from night out last night
Old/new pic of Adam and Marcus from 2008
Cute Photoshop
Screen caps from cute pap video from last night

HQ from 80’s Talk Show #1 ... and #2
gif of Adam pointing at paps from back seat of car
Adam tweeted this #throwback on instagram ... and instagram with comments
#throwback from 2009 “Look at this fucking contestant”; and Adam’s face currently plastered on San Diego buses!
Eber’s #throwback: Adam with prez George & 1st lady Barbara backstage at Brigadoon
Another #throwback tweed by Adam ... epic classic Lee Cherry picture ... and instagram w/comments
Adam on the Idol Finale RC
In the Idol audience
Ryan with his ‘hair idol’
Adam dreamy profile during duet
Very sweet pic of Angie & Adam
Adam with stars, overlay over duet
Adam Pictures: 20 pictures of Adam on Idol finale RC
Adam in press room @ Idol finale
Close Up Post by FierceCougar29
Adam backstage at Idol finale
Another cute pic of Adam/Angie [cough] #luckybitch and Adam introducing Jessie J
Lilybop2012's screencaps from Titanium duet on AI finale

Adam with Angie's mom Tana at Idol after party ... and Four pretty people - Tana, Adam, Angie and Leila
Photos from the AI finale ... featuring this adorable photo of Adam and Angie hugging, post-performance
Adam Pictures: AI Finale Performance Pics ... featuring this pic of Adam and Angie smiling as they bask in applause
Jim Cantiello is a swooning "hot mess embarrassment" while he and Pia Toscano do their RC interview w/Adam
gif of Adam being presh during "Titanium" performance
Adam Pictures: After the Idol after party ... featuring this gorgeous full-sized photo of Adam texting!
Adam and Angie "givin drama" in black and white
Presh photo of Adam with fan ... sammykaz123: AWWW "My life is complete "
Adam and Amber Riley at the Idol after party, biting it!
Adam's new Twitter Adam using Twitter! #literalAdamisliteral ... Goes well with his new bio
New cover photo for Adam's sooper-sekrit personal Facebook page

Adam and Angie givin drama ... but this time in color
Beautiful screencap from Chinese Idol ... and Series of 3 pictures ... click to make bigger
Adam Pictures: Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's
gif of Adam texting/tweeting from pap video and (scroll down) Adam/Michael/Angie tweeted by Michael
Lilybop2012's gifs and screencaps from Chinese Idol ... and here is one
Adam w/press and AI asked if he would make a good judge (DOH!!!) ... and AI instagram w/comments
Lillybop2012's gifs and screencaps from the after Idol pap vids
Lillybop2012's gifs and screencaps from the Idol press conference

Family, Band and Crew

Terrance w/Leila and other FOA's in the AI audience
Leila and Angie's mom Tana at the Idol after party

** @adamlambert #olderschool
** We at The American Idol Finale Gooin oufff to support my boy realadamlambert do his thang! Hey now!…
** My bestie @adamlambert just killed it with Angie!! It was amazing. Love that dude. My #idol!
** I wanna slap every person that cheers and screams for that Psy guy.

** @adamlambert Nice job last night. Good call not to switch outfits with Jesse J


NY Times: RuPaul had an interesting take on gay rights progress in this video interview
Buzzfeed: What It's Like When A Label Won't Release Your Album
YT: George Michael and Aretha singing “I Knew You Were Waiting.”
zap2it: Wed’s Idol Finale topped by another show, a First
US Magazine: Beyonce Defies Doctors’ Orders at Belgium Concert
** #idolspoilers Angela Miller & Jessie J. will be performing "Domino"
YT: Madilyn Bailey's acoustic cover of "Titanium"
YT: Adam probably saw this Danish band Quardron Saturday night at the Getty in LA

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Adam's Week in Briefs: May 19 - 25, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Masterclass Lady: Another article from Masterclass Lady
Morgan Richter: Video Analysis: Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You”

Starcrush: Adam Lambert Wants to Judge American Idol - And If They're Smart They'll Hire Him - with video

Off World Entertainment: Adam being honored at 3rd Annual LA LGBT Heritage Month Opening ... and screencap
MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Would Be The Best Dad! (PHOTO)
NewNowNext: Adam Lambert Would Make The Cutest Daddy Ever

Popdust: Kelly, Clay, Adam, and J-Hud All Under Consideration for 2014 “Idol” Judges
Vulture:Fox Is Considering a Plan to Have Former American Idols Judge Next Season
TVLine: Report: American Idol Mulling All-Alumni Judges' Panel — Crazy-Good or Just Crazy?
Idolator Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson Being Considered As ‘American Idol’ Judges: Report
Starcrush: ‘American Idol’ Eyeing Alumni Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson + Jennifer Hudson for Judges’ Table
MasterClass Lady: Sources Claim Idol Alumni As Judges Is Almost A Reality
The BackLot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Journey Home
E!Online: American Idol Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and More Alumns Being Considered as New Judges?
The Daily Beast: ‘American Idol’ May Have a Brilliant Plan to Bring Contestants Back as Judges
MTV: Angie Miller discusses Adam

THR: Kelly Clarkson Will Not Judge Season 13 (incl. mention of Adam)

Socialistent: Life Ball Twitter "Wall"
Socialistent: Adam Lambert's Life Ball Twitter "Wall"
Life Ball: Official Life Ball Website
Ustream: Livestream for Life Ball
E!Online: Jennifer Hudson Signs On As American Idol Judge (reports Adam is still under discussion for the panel)
The Backlot: The Backlot Briefs (featuring a couple of pics of Adam arriving in Vienna)
Facebook: Official Life Ball page

USA Today: Brian Masnfield: Why signing 'Idol' alums as judges is a bad idea
AWOP: Love Wins Over Glamour Lyrics thanks to Kathryn17 (IDF)
Reuters: Revelers brave cold to fight AIDS at Vienna ball (Adam listed as highlight)
AWOP: Translation of LWOG review (not loving it) and link to article

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Just posted a photo
** @sutanamrull and I all smized out

** @MDMOLINARI Happy Birthday!
** @cher happy birthday!!!

** @iamx this song!!!! Love!
** #loseyourselftodance Daft Punk @nilerodgers @Pharrell HOLY SHIT THIS IS SIIIIIIIICK
** RT@VH1: Our thoughts and prayers are with #Oklahoma! Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10! It's that easy. @redcrossokc
** @30SECONDSTOMARS new album is pretty badass too. ;) #LoveLustFaithDreams

** text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate ten bucks to disaster relief. #Oklahoma

** Good morning!!!

** Fixin to land #lifeball
** Thrilled to be a part of Life Ball! The theme is 1001 Nights and I am playing "Ali Baba" singing a song written exclusively for the event!
** Still in cant believe I got to do this last year! ... @QueenWillRock #dreamscometrue

From Others:

** Great to see @adamlambert during the #idolfinale! He rocked Titanium with @AngieAI12! #Glambert
** Leopard and luster with @adamlambert at the clurb last nite #disco
** moving into the new condo today and the rest of this week! met my neighbor, Mr Adam Lambert :). this is gunna be funnnn!!
** @adamlambert great to meet you today at lunch xo

** So Jlo is rocking the feathered sleeves previously worn by @adamlambert and Blaine on @gleeonfox with footwear by Kinky Boots #BBMA
** OK, y'all, who looked fiercer in fuzzy sleeves by @TheBlondsNY: @JLo or @AdamLambert? TOUGH:
** Photo: “Bitch Stole My Look” with @AdamLambert, @MattBellamy, @JLO and @DarrenCriss!!!! HAHAHAHA
** @borababe1 I have no idea who the judges will be but let it be known that I think @adamlambert would make a great judge #season13
** RT if you want Adam Lambert in the season 4 PrettyLittleLiars Halloween episode!!
** Awww...Adam's ATT/LiveProud has the entire inside back cover of OUT. =)))

** “@adamlambert: @IAMX this song!!!! Love!
Kind words sir! I am humbled X
Facebook: Outside Voices
** Thursday, May 30 from 6pm-9pm. Outside Voices performs with Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles in front of LA City Hall to kick off LGBT Heritage Month! Hosted by Mayor Villaraigosa, honoring Adam Lambert, Rodney Scott and Mia Yamamoto. Join us for FREE at this family-friendly festival! ... and screencap
** RT @adamlambert: #loseyourselftodance Daft Punk @nilerodgers @Pharrell HOLY SHIT THIS IS SIIIIIIIICK {Thanks Adam, that means a lot to me}
** Ha! This is what happens to my site stats whenever I write about Adam Lambert. Do not underestimate the Glamberts.
** See also: the jump in my website statistics when I first wrote about Lambert back in March. Wow. ... 48/photo/1

** I like this! “@instinctmag: Are @adamlambert & Others Being Considered For All-Alumni 'Idol' Judging Panel?? ... ging-panel
** No pressure @adamlambert. This pic of you and a toddler makes this Glambert want you to start a family now-ish: ... ers-photo/
Facebook: Jochen Chiropractic & Wellness Center
** Singers perform better with Chiropractic! Adam Lambert tuned up after American Idol last week. (w/Angie Miller) Check it out!!

Facebook: Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh
** Interesting fact about Pride in the Street with Adam Lambert: As of today we have people coming from 30 states, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and as far away as Japan! We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful City! (This is based of sales at
** The lead singer of queen @adamlambert
** Friday arrival in Vienna: "the Life Ball Boeing 777 from New York w/special guests such as Eva Longoria,Carmen Electra,singer Adam Lambert"
** Super excited to go to @lifeball to walk for @cavalli and see @adamlambert! Going to the airport now!
** Randomly sitting next to @adamlambert on a plane all day = fun! ... 52/photo/1
** How does this happen?! RT @BravoAndy Randomly sitting next to @adamlambert on a plane all day = fun!
Instagram: bravoandy
** Nothing wrong w/ spending the day on a plane sitting next to @AdamLambert! We bonded in the air. And napped.
Instagram: normandmcfall
** Marry him. A pretty blue-eyed Jew. Imagine the babies.

Facebook: City of Los Angeles Heritage Month Celebrations
** On May 30th and 31st, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the City of Los Angeles and Christopher Street West/ LA Pride will honor Adam Lambert with the HOPE OF LOS ANGELES Award. ...(continues)
** First time doing an interview on a plane! @adamlambert thanks for the chat:)
** Watch for it Monday - RT @sangita_patel First time doing an interview on a plane! @adamlambert thanks for the chat:)
** Thanks you for more than 1.000 !!! tweets in 1 hour! Please retweet our @adamlambert Wall: #lifeball #glambert xo xo
** @whoisjohnnyrice @adamlambert yessssss!!!! Live girl live'

AvoYermagyan [Stylist for Adam's FAULT shoot]
** Ready to deboard the @lifeball plane with @adamlambert & kick-off this year's celebration of 1001 Nights in Vienna!
** picture at a party in #Vienna with #Adam #Lambert He's hella cool
** Late night tweet: but I've just met @adamlambert , another artist that I admire. It was a pleasure to have that chat with you! #lifeball
** Just met Adam Lambert! He was soo kind and he said he knows us from Adam Lambert Hungary! I got a hug!! I love you!!
** Met @adamlambert in Vienna again! So happy right now!! He hugged me! Omfg!
** Wow, what a friendly and polite guy ... #AdamLambert #lifeball #AKG #support
** For all of you #AdamLambert fans ... #lifeball #backstage
** Wow, since I posted a picture from #AdamLambert rehearsing at Vienna #lifeball my mobile does not stop to vibrate the retweets #loveIt
** At #Lifeball in Vienna having a kiki with @adamlambert!! WHAT?!?! Amazing.
** @adamlambert where for art thy! I have been looking for you everywhere! #LifeBall!!!!
** What's this?@THR says @IAMJHUD is in talks judge @AmericanIdol possibly with @adamlambert (FINALLY) But no @kelly_clarkson per her rep.
** it's pretty insane how these #glamberts adore their hero. looking forward to his performance tonight at #lifeball
** @AlexMuehlbacher same here :) never heard of him before.
** love myself an obsessed, yet polite fandom. #glamberts you are awesome!
** @jollife Even I am getting excited and I didn't even know him 2 days ago
** HA!!! @adamlambert fuck! Turbans ROCK!!!! #namaste hurry home...I'm bored
** Happy Glamberts?
** @terra_zephead Adam got himself on this show,he has friends,that are HIV+ and wanted necessarily to be a part of it !! :)
** All the @marcosquared Vienna can take at #lifeball with thevickyvox @theonlydetox realadamlambert & me

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Other Videos -
Kankanews: Chinese Idol recorded stream w/Adam starting at 22:32
YT: Chinese Idol
YT: Complete Chinese Idol Video
YT: MW on Chinese Idol
YT: 80's Talk Show
YT: Amazing HQ video of Adam as a judge for Chinese Idol

Downloads -
Mega: HQ Titanium link

Audio -
Soundcloud: Fan audio from 80's Talk Show that has more than was aired

Other Videos
YT: Another Day in the Life of a Glambert: Allison and Slade go on a picnic

Concert Videos -
YT: Adam tweeted Queenbert London - Somebody to Love from 1st night

Interview Videos -
YT: Preview of ET Canada's Life Ball coverage, including Adam's interview on the Life Ball party plane

Other Videos –
YT: Fan video of the 80s Talk Show appearance
YT: Life Ball rehearsal vid with "Love Wins Over Glamour" playing

Interview Videos -
YT: Preview of ET Canada interview airing Monday
YT: Adam's Life Ball Red Carpet interview

Other Videos -
mediafire: TV report from airport RC ... watch or download
YT: Ripped from ustream: Adam Lambert - Life Ball 2013 - Love Wins Over Glamour
TVthek: Complete Life Ball show

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

@Scorpiobert made this amazing montage ... and montage again in full color
Immortality Becomes Him
Glammax's Adam Hugging it Out Album
Adam last night waiting for Quardron at The Getty ... and Instagram with comments
Hot Bitch
Chinese Idol collage
Adam on Chinese Idol photo
@adamlambert --- Just posted a photo
@adamlambert --- @sutanamrull and I all smized out
Cropped version of Adam and Riff
New/old pic by Lee Cherry
Adam on the Idol RC ... and very large version

Sutan and Adam - Blurry but Beautiful

From AI's instagram ... Adam and Angie singing Titanium

Leila’s birthday
Adam with a chiropractor
Nice, big close-up from … somewhere

Program from Adam’s Cruise Days
Gif: Adam excited about being a judge
realadamlambert: Look who was next to me on da plane to NYC! @bravoandy !!! ... and instagram w/comments

Instagram w/comments - Adam on Life Ball plane, "fixin to land"
Adam and Sangita Patel of ET Canada on Life Ball plane
Adam poses on the airport red carpet, looking smug and spectacular - Photo 1 .. and Photo 2
Adam being escorted down the red carpet by a smitten flight attendant - Facebook page with comments
Closeup of Adam's gorgeous face, posing on the airport red carpet
Adam Pictures: Airport red carpet pictures ... including this one in which he's posing with two flight attendants
Another gorgeous red carpet pic ... source is article in German from Life Ball blog
Adam being interviewed on the airport red carpet
Picture of Indonesia!Adam on TV doing XFactor promo
Instagram w/comments - Adam at Life Ball pre-party
Adam after interview with Michael Pilhach at Life Ball pre-party
Intagram w/comments - Adam with porn star Pierre Fitch at Life Ball pre-party
Instagram w/comments - Adam with Greg Cira at Life Ball pre-party

Instagram w/comments - Adam with Avo Yermagyan on plane
Adam w/DashaunWesley at party
Adam from TV report ... gifs from airport RC
Eastern European berts met Adam .... #1 ... and #2
Adam getting his party on ... and Another
Adam all decked out as Ali Baba ... and Another picture
Adam and Jack Mackenroth having a kiki at the partee
Pro picture from party
From Friday night Life Ball party ...ARM PORN links from LaStupenda;) ... and one more!!!
@Scorpiobert's version of Unfy arm pictures .... #1 ... and #2
In costume! Adam and some thieves ... and another! ... and a large version of Adam w/thieves
From Life Ball's facebook .. Adam rehearsing the day he arrived
Screencaps from Adam's Life Ball RC interview
Ali Baba is hot!
Adam and his thieves ... and another!!
Ali Baba looking all hot after (?) performance ... and Another!
HQ professional performance pictures .... #1 ... and #2 floorberting w/his spirit animal wolf shadow!
Instagram w/comments - Ali Baba and the drag queens
Adam dancing at finale of Life Ball
OPEN SESAME!!! and Adam SANGING and Adam in his hammer pants on RC
Gif of Adam busting a move at the end of Life Ball
The many faces of Ali Baba ;) From @CoralMermaid!
Beautiful picture from RC and Adam backstage with Amanda Lepore
Adam, Kelly O, Fergie and others at the Voguing Ball for AIDS Research ... and another picture

Family, Band and Crew

** @adamlambert Live Honey!! Slay the Night!!! Live!


Cherry Multimedia: Lee Cherry did some work for/with Quadron ... and another
thebeatdfw: Bo Bice when asked about his previous criticism when Nicki was late to a live show
Savannah Phillips: Adam's new neighbor
Ryan Adames: Met Adam at lunch ... and hot picture of him
YT: Daft Punk - Lose Yourself To Dance using old Soul Train footage
Blog.AL: 2010 interview with Taylor Hicks from Birmingham News
THR: 'American Idol' Alum Allison Iraheta is Married
AWOP: Law Mom's Monthly Recap of Dance Routines to Adam Songs
Yahoo Music: Kid Rock Makes Waves at Billboard Award with Barbed "Lip-synching" Comment
AWOP: Some clarification from pjd on Life Ball jet schedule w/link to German article
Yorkdispatch: Couple in stabbing incident over American Idol
Music.Yahoo: Reality Rocks: Allison Iraheta is married
The Daily Beast: American Idol isn’t Dead … Yet
HuffPo: Brad wrote an article, “Fine-tuning the Image of Gays in Hollywood: An Open Letter to Amy Pascal”
Photo of Roberto Cavalli jacket AFL might like
WITWIAL on Austria Airlines?
Adam-inspired fan tattoo..."Underneath"
Hubworld: Story about Jennifer Hudson being a mentor on "Majors and Minors"
Atopia: Translation of Sauli's Hollywood Blog 5/25 ... he was at Leila's birthday celebration
Adam's 40 thieves rehearsing
USMagazine: From April: Fergie to Host Voguing Balls for AIDS Research (last one at Life Ball)

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Location: Right Here ... Namaste
Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: May 26 - June 1, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Atopia: Very detailed description and explanation of how the Life Ball coat is the SW coat re-purposed
Yahoo: Lindsey Parker on LWOG and Life Ball appearance

Adam Lambert Fans: Life Ball Post

WatchListNews: New press release on Adam's Trevor Project PSA
Towleroad: Adam Lambert and a Pack of Shirtless 'Thieves' at Vienna's Life Ball ... and screencap of 1st comment
MTV Style: Adam Lambert Channels An 'Ali Baba Superstar' On Red Carpet And Stage At 2013 Life Ball

The Backlot: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: Ali Baba Superstar (pictures and videos!)
billboard: Pharrell Williams' Top 40 Return: 10 Songs That Prefaced His Pop Comeback w/Trespassing and Kickin' In on list!

socialitelife: Adam Lambert is All Smiles at Chateau Marmont, 5/29/13
Starcrush: Adam Lambert Writes a Wry Love Note to America After Adam Levine’s ‘Voice’ Commentary
Twitlonger: Hungarian Glambert meets Adam in Vienna

People: Poll: Who Should Judge American Idol (hint: Vote For Adam!) ... screen shot of interim results
Adam Lambert Fans: Coverage of both City of Hope Award presentations
Wendy Show: Another who should judge poll from Wendy Williams ... and screen shot of interim results
Queerty: Adam Lambert Wants to Judge You, America

NewNowNext: Adam Lambert Wants To Join “American Idol” As A Judge, And That Needs To Happen
GuardianLV: AI Poll ... Adam comes in second to Clay (LOL) [Lambert spelling error alert]

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** #lifeball Ali Baba Superstar
** #lifeball [Adam deleted the instagram picture but not the tweet]

** RT @AvoYermagyan: Dripping in jewels with @adamlambert at @lifeball's "1001 Nights" celebration in Vienna!
** fergie put on a Voguing Ball! I got to help judge along w @MissKellyO @Dsquared2 Fatima, @BoomBox_Project
** Red Carpet in jacket by Mugler, pants by Les Hommes
** gracious hostess fergie
** Life Ball song was written specifically 4 this 1 time only costume ball & charity event. It's life was short but will live on via YouTube.
** Late into the LifeBall cocktail party...
** LIFE BALL bam!

** Great watching @XAmbassadors and @zakwatersmusic play at @theVIPERroom last night! Thanks for great music!
** I love this country!

** Throwback! eltonjohndotcom's Oscar party a couple yrs back. Look at pretty katyperry in the back.
** Classic @leecherry shot from waaaay back. Maybe '03? #throwback
** #throwback Detail cover. I loved this photoshoot. Super classic Hollywood iconography.
** More from Details. #throwback you see lots of homoerotic setups in fashion photography. Here we went…
** More from the Details shoot. Fashion photography often goes homoerotic. We went HETEROEROTIC. Irony…
** Last #throwback : Matthew Rolston's Rolling Stone shoot. ;) not quite as controversial.
** Wham
** And my Ma!

** Receiving Los Angeles' City of Hope Award from Mayor @villaraigosa this evening. What an honor!
** Mayor @villaraigosa and I LGBT Heritage Month City Of Hope Award
** Got to catch @Imaginedragons last night at the Palladium! Great energy. [included a video link that doesn't work]
** Happy Birthday @AZEALIABANKS! So good to meet you in Vienna last weekend!

From Others:

** All the @marcosquared Vienna can take at #lifeball with thevickyvox @theonlydetox realadamlambert & me
** @adamlambert Glad we got to hang for a bit at @lifeball !! You looked Amaze!! See ya soon :)#lifeball #lifeball2013
** The Gorgeous Adam Lambert and I!!! #amfar #lifeball #gorgeousworldentertainment #epictrip
** ... ueen.php/6 [5 Singers Who Could Replace Freddie Mercury In Queen]

** @shoshannastone Who designed the long black jacket with the leather sleeves Adam wore on airport red carpet please? And his AliBaba threads?
** @SweetOnPeacexx red carpet was a mugler coat and the costume was by Marco Marco
** @lori_alexis it was strictly for life ball - never to be worn again! It was a special evening
** #lifeball Adam looking mostly like Adam on the red carpet dressed in a mugler coat ... 48/photo/1
** #lifeball Adam in a costume by Marco Marco as Ali Baba as he performs the Lifeball song written for the event
** @SweetOnPeacexx red carpet was a mugler coat and the costume was by Marco Marco
** @adamlambert great meeting u. I'm still not sure how to come back to your comment ;-) xxxx
**@adamlambert would love to make u an outfit x

** Adam Lambert slayed a new song at Vienna's Life Ball (apparently it was a one-time only performance though) ...
** If you haven't seen @adamlambert's Ali Baba-inspired #LifeBall outfits yet, you haven't lived:
** Excited for my shoot tomorrow with @adamlambert for the Elvis tribute book Shades of Elvis Adams going to rock Elvis's glasses

** @adamlambert good seeing you tonight homie!! Catch you next time
** Yes! We coordinated our outfits tonight. Awesome night @theVIPERroom @xambassadorsnyc and @adamlambert
** “@Brett_Elizabeth: Why I have songs from Beauty and The Beast stuck in my head….” I sang “kill the beast” to @adamlambert last night. So …
Facebook: Marco Marco
** Adam Lambert rocking a custom embellished Marco Marco look while performing Life Ball in Vienna, Austria!
** We hear you loud and clear, #Glamberts. @adamlambert aka #BestVoiceInTheUniverse

** Gr8t shoot with @adamlambert yesterday 4 Elvis tribute book out late 2013 A L was a pleasure to wrk with behind pic
** @adamlambert Hey Adam! We want to give you a first look at @LennyKravitz's #MasterClass. Can you follow us so we can DM you?
** .@NICKIMINAJ @MariahCarey out at @AmericanIdol ... @adamlambert & @IAMJHUD come on down!!!! @omgInsider friends, who do you want?
** FYI when I contacted the mayors office last week I was told Adam would be receiving his award both at the ceremony tonight and 2morrow in CH
** My beautiful @adamlambert with the super hot Model Jason Medina at the LGBT HERITAGE Month 2013 Opening Ceremony

** President of LA City Council gives @adamlambert mad props & wants a pic w/ Adam #fan #americanidol LA Pride Month #giveback #diversity
** AHAHA Councilmembers Wesson and Buscaino just told Adam Lambert he can't leave before they get pics with him. #isthisreallife?? #toofunny
** Mayor #Villaraigosa with @adamlambert at the #LACityCouncil #LGBT #HeritageMonth celebration this morning. #lapride
** It was very cool meeting @adamlambert today in City Council.
** @LATimescitybeat #mydayinla meeting @adamlambert in City Council.
** Anyone else in our fair city get a #mydayinla pic with @adamlambert? Send it my way so we can compare.
** @LAFDFIRECHIEF @adamlambert Just another day on the job, chief? ;-)

** Oooh lookie! Adam's gonna be on Fashion Police again for Joan's b'day! June 10th!

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos

Concert Videos -
YT: HQ video for LWOG
YT: HD PTL from the 80's Talk Show - Made by Terra

Interview Videos -
Vimeo: Life Ball Cocktail 2013 pre-party interviews ... Adam at 1:35!

Downloads -
Mega: LaStupenda's Buddy's HD downloads of Life Ball
Sendspace: here
Soundcloud: Good mp3 of LWOG without the dialogue

Interview Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert at Life Ball Cocktail 2013 - Interview
YT: Short Interview from Life Ball on Turkish TV Channel
YT: Adam Lambert Life Ball Full Plane Interview
YT: ET Canada Life Ball Adam Lambert Pt. 2

Other Videos -
YT: Angie Miller American Idol Exit Interview - Talks about Adam
YT: Adam Lambert ET Canada Preview

Other Videos -
Heute: Anna Netrebko, Russian opera singer, dancing her ass off during Adam singing LWOG
YT: Ali Baba and some thieves dancing (at :58) while Willam/Vicky/Detox perform Boy is a Bottom

Other Videos -
ustream: Recorded ustream of LGBT Award presentation 5/30/13 ... Mayor intro at 17:00; Adam at 20:26

Other Videos -
YT: Audio of Adam's City of Hope Award acceptance speech w/photos
YT: Audio of Adam's City of Hope Award acceptance speech w/photos and including the Mayor's intro!
YT: Adam, Leila and Danielle at Imagine Dragons concert, Pap Video #1 ... Pap Video #2 ... and Pap Video #3
YT: Short CBS local news segment on the awards ceremony at City Hall
YT: Herb Wesson, President of the L.A. City Council, earns his Glambert number with four minutes of hardcore berting!
YT: Adam receiving the City of Hope Award at City Hall 05/31/13

Other Videos -
LACity: Entire City Council meeting w/awards
YT: LA City Council: Adam is presented w/Hope Award
YT: LA City Council: Herb Wesson gets berty
YT: 23 seconds of Adam photobombing Herb Wesson :)

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Ali Baba and the drag queens from @williambelli's instagram
Life Ball Adam full view ... and Life Ball Adam's face side view ... and Life Ball Adam's face partial front view ... from these Life Ball photos
HD gifs from Lilypbop2012
At the airport, leaving for home?
@hectorfonseca and Adam
@gorgeousjack and the gorgeous Adam!
Rehearsal pic
Adam grabs his crotch gif
Adam Pictures: 16 fabulous HQ pics from Life Ball
Interview gif
Huge Lifeball Coat Pic ... Click
AI S8 ... Magic Show gif
Adam with Barbara Eden
From Adam's instagram: Ali Baba Superstar ... and #lifeball
Adam at the airport
Adam at Life Ball RC ... and here
Another UNF picture
Pretty happy Adam
Adam's Eyes
Adam Life Ball 2013
From pre-party interview: Adam Lambert---Rockstar! picture ... and gif

Adam and Avo Yermagyan
Adam Kills with His Eyes ... and Forty Thieves Lay Dead
Screencaps from Turkish Interview
Adam at Fergie's Vogueing fundraiser
Totally Sober gif
Adam Kisses Us Goodnight

Pretty smiling Adam on Vogueing contest panel
New! ... 529 pictures from Queen/AFL London #3 ... including Adam w/Roger sitting on stairs!
From same fan ... 83 pictures from 2010 Amsterdam GNT show
Adam and Elvis ... and Another!

Out last night; another Adam/Elvis montage
Cool Adam-as-Ali-Baba fan art

From Gossip Center: Several pictures of Adam out on 5/29 ... and Adan looking FINE!
Adam Pictures: Adam at Chateau Marmont 5/29/13
Close Up from Chateau Marmont night – looking so good!
3/4 length shot from Chateau Marmont night
From photoshoot for Elvis tribute book
Another Hot photo of natural AFL
Crop of Elvis tribute photoshoot
Papped in car ... that Face!!! ... and Cropped version of That Face in car ... and Even more cropped Face in car
Ginormous version of Face in car, AKA I-know-what-you-want
Scrolling further down, Page from program for LGBT 2013 Mayor’s Awards
Most beautiful Adam with facial hair ever
Adam at LGBT award ceremony 5-30-13
Danielle & Adam at LGBT awards (from Danielle’s instagram)
Adam with @okayauco
The "Reserved for Adam Lambert” sign, plus Adam getting his Hope of Los Angeles award

Screenshot of transcript of Adam's award acceptance speech at opening ceremony
Adam tweets his place setting at the 3rd Annual LGBT Month opening ceremonies
Adam receiving City of Hope Award from L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa - Photo 1 and Photo 2
Adam and Mayor posing with his award; Adam making acceptance speech; and Adam just sitting looking gorgeous
Adam poses with young fangirl at Imagine Dragons concert
Tweeted by Mayor's Office - Mayor Villaraigosa posing with Adam at City Hall Friday morning
Devilish, dashing Adam!
Adam poses with LAFD Chief at City Hall - Photo #1 ... and Photo #2
Adam making his acceptance speech at City Hall
Adam and his #1 LA City Council Fanboi, Herb Wesson
Winky dared us to click on this pic!
Gorgeous photoshop - Ali Baba!Adam accompanied by a tiger almost as regal-looking as he!

Adam's City Council day montage
Adam photobombing Herb Wesson ... 3 screencaps and a gif
Picture from NNN article w/caption: He will cut you…
Jon Viscott's FB photo album of LGBT Heritage Month opening ceremony ... and City Council awards presentation
At the JustJared Summer Kickoff from Markus's instagram
Adam, Danielle, and Bridger Clements (?) at the JustJared Summer Kickoff from Daneille's instagram


** Amazon has a genius plan to make money off of fan fiction
MarcoMarco: Marco Marco collection tumblr
FarFetch: Adam's Mugler Jacket

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: June 2 - 8, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Twitlonger: @nolechica's RT from @MIX1051 on Adam's 6/29 show at Universal Studios

People: The People Poll: Who Should Judge American Idol Seasoon 13
JustJared: Adam Lambert Hammer Time at Just Jared's Summer Kick-Off Party Presented by McDonalds
UpscaleHype: Celebrity Mens Street Style: Week of May 27th with Ryan Reynolds, Scott Disick and Adam Lambert

HuffPo: Gay Voices: Adam Lambert Joins AT&T And The Trevor Project For LGBT Pride Month (VIDEO)
TheWrap: Mention in ... 'American Idol' Chaos: Producers Nigel Lythgoe, Ken Warwick Out (Exclusive)
Queerty: Celebrities Give Bullies The Middle Finger In New Anti-Bullying Ad Campaign
GlamoreMag: Adam mentions in this Life Ball recap

The Backlot: Hump Day with Adam Lambert: Glitter Potpourri
MTV: Selfless Snaps: Adam Lambert Says F-You, and You Should, too
Billboard: 25 Great Gay Moments in Music
FrontiersLA: LGBT Heritage Month Kicks Off

Twitlonger: AWOP’s purist is running a "radiothon" between Adam and Jedward [Update: Adam didn't win!)
AWOP: Rerun: maeve94’s break-up timeline from April 4
Idolator: ’American Idol’ Mass Exodus
Twitter: screencaps of deleted tweets about Adam possibly being in studio ... #1 … and #2 ... and #3

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** sarahhudsonxx's photo

** RT@HaloCircus: The first official live video from Halo Circus. ...
** I wanna be your sledgehammer.
** @WendyWilliams How YOU Doin? ;)
** @friendmovement1: The New F Word - Giving Bullying The Bird #THENEWFWORD #FRIENDMOVEMENT…
** @BrunoMars Thoughts and energy to you and your family .

** Introducing the Dame - EP by Ivy Levan !! Check it.
** I wanna be your sledgehammer.

** @gracepotter this album is SOOOO good! Yumm
** Stick em Up! @EVITALosAngeles

** @ThatGirl_V you LIVED last night diva!

** Saw @ivylevan perform last night! What a voice! What a star!!
** “@BRETTALANNELSON: @adamlambert MOOGLER! ;)” hahaha so CHIC [Editor's note: IMO this has something to do w/designer Thierry Mugler and/or Ivy Levan. Adam/Ivy apparently share Brett as a stylist!]

** mdmolinari's photo

From Others:

** Found @adamlambert in my old CLO South Bay "Evita" program! #rainbowhigh #adamlambert
** Tomorrow, June 3rd, E! News will exclusively debut #THENEWFWORD campaign featuring LeAnn Rimes, Tim Gunn, Adam Lambert
** It's hammer time! @realadamlambert @McDonalds #justjaredsummerkickoff #myqpflavor

** Into it tonight @adamlambert
** @adamlambert We hope you had a great time at the Summer Kick Off party on Saturday! Did you try out any of the carnival games? #myQPflavor
** @adamlambert Great picture. Hope you enjoyed the party!
** @adamlambert in Toronto Canada on October 03, 2013? Check out Q Ball - Canada's National LGBT Human Rights program:
** @adamlambert Thank you for being a #FRIEND #THENEWFWORD is all about self-empowerment, rising above fear, and diffusing bullying! :)

** @adamlambert Awwwww you're the effin greatest! Will I see you Thursday?! Hope so!
Facebook: Life Ball
** Screencap of post clarifying LWOG will not be released for digital download ... echoing Adam's tweet about living on YT
** @1045CHUMFM just called @adamlambert the fan fav for American Idol judging \o/

** @adamlambert good meeting you tonight at @evitalosangeles
ohnonotjussi [both tweets deleted]
** Me and @brandonsammons getting ready to rock in the studio with realadamlambert today
** @adamlambert Rock and roll!!!!

** @adamlambert Thank u honey pie!! It was such a pleasure meeting u. You're gorge by the way :D
MyShariaMoor (About A Goy)
** Just heard @adamlambert new album "Tresspassing." As a guy w/9500+ albums in his iTunes, this cat is as amazing a talent as M. Jackson was
** Screencap of fun tweets from today!

** Ep release @ivylevan was tha bomb! And nice to see @adamlambert support her!
** @AdamLambert Introducing The Dame @IvyLevan @TheSayersClub
** Send me our wind blown cheek bones from tonight! Love you to pieces! @adamlambert
** @adamlambert awwwww *squeal* YOU!!!!
** Oh ladies ladies, lovely ladies. He doesn't arrange his face or his clothes to turn YOU on. lol
** They just showed a commercial of @adamlambert coming on @e_FashionPolice on Monday :)

** Adam Lambert <3
** The Adam to my Eve @adamlambert (photo by: @FilipProgram)
** @adamlambert Don't know where you are in the world but I hope ur well. I was at a CAA party last night and a ton of folks were sending love
** Have just been asked if one of our artists who isn't in a relationship got married. So random. One is getting married. Not that one though.
** @leecherry describe riff, scarlett and adam in one word each :)
** @YostinaYacob perfect, diva, mensch

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Other Videos -
Devenlane: Wayback: Adam's American Idol Confessionals
YT: Wayback: Adam's Canadian Manicure

Downloads -
Tumblr: Lambertlust's Pre-Idol Pack Download

Audio -
Soundcloud: Naked Love Johnny Labs Remix

Other Videos -
YT: Adam and Sutan at Evita’s

Other Videos –
YT: Soundcheck for WLL @ Costa Mesa on 7/27/10

Other Videos -
YT: Wayback: Soundcheck for FYE at St. Agathe 7/29/11
YT: From @glam_alidol: Stalker Sarah's vine of Adam ... and Adam's new vine
YT: New views from LA City Council: Mayor introducing Adam, Adam accepting award, and Herb Wesson berting :)
Vine: Adam's new vine singing Blurred Lines ;)
YT: PopCandiesTv: Adam Lambert enters Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Wayback: Adam in "Evita" program!
Adam and Mayor of LA at City Council gif
From JustJared: It's hammer time!

Adam and Chris Crocker
Suummer Kick Off: Adam and Chord Overstreet
Sassy Prom: #1 ... and #2 ... and #3 w/Another/VERY tall person ... and #4
Hammerbert vs. Lumberbert
Objectification? Hell yes!!!
Adam, Friends and Water Bottle Summer Kick Off ... and Another featuring Bridger Clements and no water bottle ;)
Album of Photos from JustJared's Summer Kick Off Party
From EOnline: Adam's Friend Movement Poster
Gossip Center: Adam Lambert's WeHo Fuel Up aka Adam Gets Gas
Zimbo: Adam Lambert Gets Gas in Hollywood
Screencaps of info on (new?) songs Adams has written ... #1 ... and #2

Adam Pimpbert ... his new FB cover picture
Very fierce ... Happy Anniversary GNT montage
NSFW gif from WAG!
Lots of Adam in this FB album from LGBT Heritage Month opening

Two pics from Tuesday night out ... and Another
From Tye Blue's FB: Tye, Adam, Sutan at da club

Adam & Jedward in 2010 ... and in 2013
@ThatGirl_V performing, Adam, Bridger, Sutan are on left
iTune’s GayPride page
Adam's deleted pictures: With his boys in Gili ... "Cocked Hat" ... Adam/Sauli fake strangling ... Crotch/Mic close-up
At Costa Mesa amphitheater! “UNF” is right! ... and source! [Thursday Briefs girl squee: I was there!!!!]
From Billboard Q&A a year ago (Those Pants!)

Adam introducing Ivy Levan at her EP release party @ The Sayers Club
Instagram from snakechurch: At my friends ridiculously well decorated pad ... (Adam's the friend)
snakechurch (Dusty Paik) with Adam at his 28th birthday party
Adam with Ivy Levan at her EP release party

Adam and Ivy Levan from her instagram
Adam's vine in gif form ;)
Adam papped Friday night by Lies Angeles ... and Adam Pictures: All the Bootsy Bellows pap pictures from Friday
Adam and Markus at Bootsy's last night


NYtimes: Article about Stalker Sarah
Cougarpalooza: Wikipedia's Definition .. and Date A Cougar's Definition
THR: American Idol Summer Tour: Ticket Resales Down 347 Percent from 2012
YT: Friend Movement YT Channel
HuffPo: New! David Bowie/Freddie Mercury singing Under Pressure w/no backing track!
AWOP: Chosen by getoverit as Thursday's quote of the day ;)
Sauli tweeted this photo of him w/Ivy Levan at her EP release party

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Location: Right Here ... Namaste
Since maddie is working like crazy and getting ready to accept her award in Spain, this week is from the Wayback Machine!

Adam reminds us we don't need no GPS ... Image

But first it is time for some Wayback Machine Clean Shaven Realness ... subtitled He's So Pretty!

Image Image Image

And (of course) Adam gets the last word .... or three ;)

Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: June 9 - 15, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

AutoEvolution: Adam Lambert Sings with Queen, Can't Afford New BMW
JustJared: Adam Lambert: Tune in to Fashion Police Tonight

THR: Adam Lambert Wins a Dream Date With Joan Rivers on 'Fashion Police'
ALF: Adam on "Fashion Police"
Post-Gazette: Interview w/George Dvorsky who performed w/Adam in Brigadoon (sweet comments!)
CBS Pittsburgh: Idol Finalist Adam Lambert Gets Serious On The Afternoon News

The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Shady Business
TribLive: Lambert to lead latest growth of Pittsburgh Pridefest

WWD: The Scoop on LA’s Chicest Dance Party name checks Adam as partier!
Post-Gazette: Flamboyant Star Adam Lambert Lends His Voice to Pittsburgh's Pride in the Street

HuffPo: LGBT Milestones In Pop Culture ... Adam's interview on 20/20 is #17 in section at end of article
Joy 94.9: Katie speaks to Marisa from Sao Paula on air ... translated to purist and maddie chat! Kickin In video included
Charity:Water: Projects funded by Adam's 29th Birthday fundraising campaign .... few of the project pictures

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Happy PRIDE West Hollywood!
** Hacked tweet: Shed 20 lbs of weight off your belly in only 2 weeks

** RT@kathygriffin: What do you think @adamlambert and I should do after prom?
** @milestougeaux hahahahhah daaaaad! {in response to @milestougeaux: @kathygriffin @adamlambert well just don't go back to his parents house with friends and get drunk in the pool. Just sayin}
** Tune in to see me tonight on @e_FashionPolice #HappyBirthdayJoan
** keisha_renee87's photo

** Raja sauce
** Happy Birthday @sutanamrull!

** @NancySinatra aww I wish you had said HI! ;) {in response to Nancy's tweets about seeing Adam by his car but not wanting to disturb him}

** RT@MTVstyle: What has two thumbs and is SO excited about @KatyPerry's @VogueMagazine cover?!
** Hahha @toddyrockstar did it again! [Funny take off of Mean Girls]
** Band practice ya'll.
** Band JAMZ

** Mornin Pittsburgh
** This remix is SOOO sticky. Luv luv luv. @samsparro ...
** Oh shit not the right twitter name... @sam_sparro
** @vintagetrouble so good!!!

From Others:

** Photo: @adamlambert and I late night modeling ;)

Kathy Griffin
** What do you think @adamlambert and I should do after prom?
** Just another day at work for KG with @adamlambert at @e_FashionPolice
** So excited to have @adamlambert on the @KDKARadio Afternoon News Tomorrow!! #Glambert #excited #bucketlist
** “@milestougeaux: @kathygriffin well just don't go back to his parents & get drunk. Just sayin” lol. Popstar parents ;)
** Tonight on a special @e_FashionPolice, (10:30pm) Adam Lambert, Gilbert Gottfried & Darius Morris play The Mating Game
** @adamlambert dishes on all the latest Hollywood fashion tonight on @e_FashionPolice! Tune in at 10:30PM EST
** Wow. Adam Lambert can rock a mustache. Looks good on him...just saying.
** @adamlambert you had me at "I'd take you home and tuck you in"
** adamlambert is on fashion police and is ubber sexy!!
** @adamlambert looking great on #fashionpolice! #facialhair #hot
** My dad while watching @e_FashionPolice "@adamlambert is a damn good looking guy!" #ilovemydad

** Adam Lambert will be interviewed LIVE on NewsRadio Kdka this afternoon at 3:30 PM about his performance at Pride...
** WATCH: @adamlambert Wins a Dream Date With @Joan_Rivers and It’s Adorable [VIDEO] ... ream-date/
** LOOK: @AdamLambert, Tim Gunn and other stars give bullying the middle finger

** Happy birthday @sutanamrull last night at #evita with my gorgeous friends realadamlambert tommyjoescissorhands #iloveus not sure who the other 2 are lol

** Guess who I saw in the parking lot standing by his car. @adamlambert Really wanted to meet him.Didn't want to invade his private space.
** Yes he is & looking fabulous, slender with great haircut. I just know he needs a grandma and I'm good at that! @melirose89
** Now I wish so too. I will next time. xoxo @adamlambert {in response to Adam's tweet to her}
** @NancySinatra you should have introduced yourself he would have gotten a kick out of it. Cheers!
** I've had one meal in four days, and I'm counting down the hours till my stage date with @adamlambert *breathe* I can do this.
** Love it! #PittsburghPride RT angel0051: Liberty Ave is lined with signs :)
** Been at the Airport 7 hours, 3 canceled flights, horrible weather & I'm hungry...Um going home. See u 2moro Pittsburgh

** I feel pretty stupid. Apparently @adamlambert was sitting behind me on my plane and I had no clue.
** Please tell me that was Adam lambert that I just saw... :D
** That was fucking Adam Lambert! Holy fuck!
** Pretty sure I just walked passed @adamlambert :D
** Just remember we are paying Adam lambert 200k to come to pride tomorrow the next time you overdraw your account
** ... -gallery-1 … amazing to see the results of supporting charity. Look what you did Glamberts @adamlambert

** @adamlambert Hi Adam. I met you tonight at Shiloh Grille. I must say you are much cuter in real. :-)
** Of course! Since he 1st auditioned for Idol. Slam dunk! @cyntrow @adamlambert
** Adam has a special quality that is timeless, the stuff of which legends are made. @leslie_meeks @cyntrow @adamlambert
** Tough question. Broken Open, maybe. He is a fine poet. @glambertkitten @barbls23 @adamlambert @leslie_meeks @cyntrow
** When you love someone as much as you all seem to love @adamlambert you have to protect him. Keep him in The Light always. [This tweet was sent 1/2 later than the others]
** Ready @adamlambert?!? #Pride #Pittsburgh is ready for you!!!
** @adamlambert @RyanAmadorMusic such an amazing night. Great show, everyone!
** Adam was in a show with this girl, he remember her right away
** My date. Thank you @adamlambert
** Hee hee ;) RT blakkrrox: icu thrusting to all the cute bois.. icu lol
** Glittery Woman in the crowd dancing w/me said "Whoo girl that song was so hot I just about done peed my pants, my, my! "@adamlambert #Fever
** @IAmBlondacus Nice quiet day ... Wife's in PA with Adam Lambert ;-)

Video, Audio, and Download LINKS

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Other Videos -
vimeo: Adam E! Fashion Police

Audio -
Soundcloud: Adam's interview on KDKA ... and Another version w/intro

Other Videos -
YT: YT version of Adam's Raja Sauce vine
YT: PopCandiesTV ... Adam and friends leaving club w/Adam hiding in backseat

Other Videos –
Vimeo: New HQ version of Adam’s Fashion Police segment

Other Videos -
YT: Adam's Band Practice vine

Concert Videos -
YT: Pittsburgh soundcheck: Shady
YT: Pittsburgh soundcheck: Music Again
YT: Pittsburgh soundcheck: Shout
YT: From bayoulady1: Naked Love & Cuckoo ... and Shady and band intro

Other Videos -
YT: Adam's Mornin Pittsburgh vine
Vine: From soundcheck: Free Your Mind ... Shady ... Freaks like us ... Music Again
Vine: Another clip from Shady soundcheck
YT: Adam signing for fans after Pittsburgh soundcheck
YT: Another video of Adam w/fans after soundcheck starring the ubiquitous couple from AZ
Vine: Adam w/glamberts after soundcheck
Vine: Adam w/cute fan boys after soundcheck
Vine: Adam leaves soundcheck area and waives
Vine: Music Again ... and Fever ... and WWFM ... Trespassing

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Sutan and Adam late night modeling tumblr version ... and instagram version
Wayback: Adam during AI at his hometown visit

Adam/Kathy Griffin prom picture
Adam and KG's assistant
Adam and Co. At Evita June 4
Joan Rivers and the Three Bachelors
FB Album: Photos from Evita June 4
Adam and Sutan at Evita
Adam Pictures: 6/13 Heading into Office Building in WeHo ... and Exits Office Building in WeHo ... and pretty picture ;)
Fashion Police Screencaps - No. 1 ... and No. 2 - with Neck Porn ... and No. 3 Embarrassed Adam ... and No. 4 Lip Curl

Adam outside his car ... gif created from pap pictures

Adam at Raja's b'day ... instagram from @nojusthenry
gif from Raja Sauce vine
Raja b'day instagrams from Adam ... "None of my Concern" ... and "Secrets in our Hair"
Shady Business picture from The Backlot Hump Day with Adam Lambert
Terrance instagram picture w/Raja, Adam, Tommy and 2 unknown dudes
Another uber cute/smexy picture of Adam with random guy
New/old picture from Adam's birthday

Throwback Thursday from Johnny Weir ...he and Adam in 2010
Beauty Blast, AFL w/ Raja … and Beauty Blast, AFL w/ Raja and Terrance
Fashion Police gif: Adam laughing at Joan’s Kelly Preston joke!
Fashion Police gif: Adam reacting to Gilbert's Michael Douglas/CZJ oral sex joke w/SHE & “OMG!”
2 pics: FRECKLES! and a cool T-Shirt from on-line store
Signs lining Liberty Ave for Pittsburgh Pride

Fan made montage of Adam and his friends
Screencap from Band Practice vine
Screencap from Band JAMZ vine ... and one more

Out in a Pittsburgh club w/drag queens #1 ... and #2 ... and #3
Screencaps and gif from Good Morning Pittsburgh vine .... Adam adorkable in full morning naked freckle mode ;)
Ryan Manley's hotel gym pictures w/Adam on FB ... "uhhhhhhhhmmm just met adam mother fucking Lambert!!!"
Adam during soundcheck
Adam w/young boy after soundcheck
Adam and woman he knew from theater days
Adam w/Max Clayton after soundcheck
Adam's vest and pants going up on stage ;) and Adam on stage!
Performing! ... and More ... and Another ... and More!
Singing! ... and Emoting .. and Adam and Ashley ;)
More emoting! .. and being all sexy
Adam and the band!
Blurry but fabulous ...Adam presenting himself to the audience!
Adam w/Pride concert staff


YT: From Australian advertising campaign launched by PFLAG - What R U having?
Billboard: American Idol Names Per Blankens as New Executive Producer
Bridger Clements Upside Down
EOnline: News: American Idol Hires New Boss to Replace Nigel Lythgoe
YT: Beauty and the Beat by Todrick Hall

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:07 pm 
Adam! As in Lambert!

Joined: Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:59 pm
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Location: Right Here ... Namaste
Next week maddie will be back and we resume our regularly scheduled Sunday morning programming. But in the meantime ...

Its time to go Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: June 16 - 22, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

MTV UK: Queen's Brian May Confirms PSY Collaboration ... (Queen and Adam are discussing an "event")

Broadway: Adam Lambert Parties Like It's 1987 with Kate Rockwell and Justin Matthew Sargent at Rock of Ages
FadedYouthBlog: Adam Lambert Checks Out World War Z Premiere

USWeekly: Screen cap from 6/24 issue with ~info about Idol
JustJared: Adam Lambert: 'World War Z' NYC Premiere!
SocialiteLife: Adam Lambert Looking Tall, Dark & Handsome At ‘World War Z’ Premiere
BroadwayWorld: Photo Flash: Brad Pitt, Adam Lambert & More Attend WORLD WAR Z New York Premiere
Pittsburgh Legistar: June 15 has been declared Adam Lambert Day in Pittsburgh
MidStateFair: Adam is playing California Mid State Fair 7/19
ALF: Fan club ticket pre-sale tomorrow
Twitlonger: Info on the fair from @OutlandoGirl

RevolutionaryGayMag: 20 Greatest Gay Pop Culture References (Adam is #5)
The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Number Four With a Bullet
Upscale Hype: Adam Lambert Wears Dita Legends Mach One Sunglasses at World War Z NY Premiere
Just Jared: Adam Lambert and Zachary Quinto: Madonna's After Party
DYmania: Donning David Yurman: Madonna, Adam Lambert, and Keifer Thompson
Adam Official: Possibly erroneous report Adam will be performing at 7/1 Friend Movement Benefit

Broadway: Adam Lambert Enjoys a Kinky Afternoon in the Land of Lola w/photo gallery
ALF: Info on auction for celebrity-designed Shred of Hope t-shirts for charity (the Ali Forney Center)
Ebay: Adam’s bidding page on eBay for Shred of Hope charity auction
Ebay: Shred of Hope bidding page, high to low

PaperMag: Scenes from the Cuckoo-Crazy Life Ball Plane (Adam at :20 of video plus picture)

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** PITTSBURGH! I had SO much fun!!!! Thank you all for being so amazing today! Great ENERGY all around. ;)
** Pittsburgh Nugget. (I.e. one of my favorite gifts ever given to me by a fan - thank u!!)
** Happy Fathers Day @milestougeaux !!
** Just posted a photo
** RT@ashleydzerigian: @tommyjoeratliff @brianlondon #bubblebutt!fMUzcab

** Walkin the mean streets of New York
** RT@THR.@adamlambert to Reprise Queen Performance, Says Brian May ... nce-569918

** OMG BOOM BOOM ROOM IS BOUT TO GO AAWF [deleted later here is screencap]
** At the WORLD WAR Z premier last night. Film was A+ Was on the edge of my seat!
** RT@BillyMagnussen: Zombie of a time last night with @nekazang @charlesthorp @adamlambert @thecharlbrown #wwz #boomboomawff
** RT@BillyMagnussen: No good. @adamlambert @thecharlbrown ... 56/photo/1
** RT@BillyMagnussen: @adamlambert @ShaneKidd86 ... 91/photo/1

** Had a great time seeing @MotownMusical last night on Broadway starring my dear friend @thecharlbrown!
** Dropped by Madonna's #MDNA tour DVD premiere after-party...The Queen of Pop stayed late into the evening just kickin it w everyone. #surreal
** @KinkyBootsBway was SOOOOO great!!!! Go see it!!!

** @PippinMusical was so fantastic last night. So moving and inspiring! Thank you to a fantastic cast!
** Join me in Making It Work for The New F Word on Indiegogo ... o-campaign

From Others:

** RT@ScarlettCherry: ...Happy Fathers Day to the best Gpop around. <3 We love you, @adamlambert <3 xoxo, the Fam
** @adamlambert thanks Ad and also thanks to the well wishers across outer Glamnia
** @IAmBlondacus Nice quiet day ... Wife's in PA with Adam Lambert ;-)
** When you love someone as much as you all seem to love @adamlambert you have to protect him. Keep him in The Light always.
** @adamlambert @RyanAmadorMusic such an amazing night. Great show, everyone!
** Adam is on my plane to NEW YORK !
** To go to NYC tomorrow or not....
** Great to have Wicked alum @adamlambert in the audience tonight. @RockOfAges
** The ladies of @RockOfAges and @adamlambert backstage!
** Adam Lambert is definitely sitting in front of us at rock of ages #fangirling
** @adamlambert is at the show tonight! Super nice guy!!
** @adamlambert so great meeting you tonight!! Thanks for playing with us here @RockOfAges!!
** @adamlambert you met my bf ryan in pittsburgh at the wyndham in the hotel gym ty for being awesome to him you made his day trust me ty again
** Still not over the fact that @Tin_Penguin and I saw Adam Lambert last night. Seriously, he's even more amazing live than you would think.

** @adamlambert going to bed happy
** Rocking the World War Z red carpet with my buddy @adamlambert @ Times Square
** . @adamlambert fans you asked for it - here is a photo of Adam at the WWZ red carpet in NYC
** Fun way to end the night. @MelBrooks @adamlambert and Joe Pesci all walking into the restaurant as I walked out. #random

DamonLindelof [Screenwriter of WWZ]
** Adam Lambert just told me he didn't like the ending of World War Z. AND IT WAS AWESOME BECAUSE ADAM LAMBERT!!!
** @DamonLindelof Adam Lambert wears capri's and you cant trust anyone who wears capri's. So I'm still seeing WWZ #donttrustmenincapris
** Night just got real with @BillyMagnussen @Kiddville @adamlambert @ArtanGjoni & crew at @LilCharliesNYC.
** To the boom boom [Adam is in the vine]
** @adamlambert boom boom did not go awwwwffff. Boo.
** .@adamlambert: "U can't rush music, u can't rush art." What he told @omgInsider at @WorldWarZMovie prem. last nite Mum on @AmericanIdol.
** OK @baking4fun we hit @adamlambert w/r u doing idol? he says 'u know what I know.' Says he hasn't been asked & didn't answer would he 'mum'
** @4evrmomof4 mum - not really saying. He looks great
** Best night @ the World Wa
r Z NYC premiere w/ my buddy @adamlambert & my girls @azizahrowen #bradpitt #madoxjoliepitt
Facebook: Susan Trombetti
** Turns out Adam Lambert and I share the same birthday. He was too much fun!! — at Catch Rooftop. ... 129&type=1

** Adam Lambert Season 8 Runner-Up came to Motown and saw my show and I got to meet him. He said I was AMAZING and...
** #Madonna knows how to throw a party, good scene with @Questlove @ZacharyQuinto @AdamLambert @TheCharlBrown @GreggBello @iamsamlim at Harlow.
** Would YOU like to see @adamlambert as an #Idol judge? We caught up with him at #WorldWarZ ->
** @adamlambert thanks for taking a pic with Hank Aaron's granddaughter. You're awesome
** Hot days call for haute jewelry as Madonna, Adam Lambert, and Keifer Thompson all don David Yurman ... -adam.html
** Me and @adamlambert last night at the after party look at him his a sweet guy <3 ;):D
Daryl_Roth [Kinky Boots producer]
** “@adamlambert: @KinkyBootsBway was SOOOOO great!!!! Go see it!!!”wonderful to meet you thanks for being so gracious

Facebook: Peter G. Kriss
** Such a great night of supporting my Broadway Bares team, running into one of my besties Eric Stretch, and making friends with Adam Lambert and some Project Runway peeps. Thank gaaaaawd I didn't fall into the trap of "I'm too tired to go out!" ... 7999805286
Facebook: Industry Bar
** Some tremendous talents were in attendance tonight for the Sherry Vine Show... ... =1&theater
** @adam_events He is not performing, but we can't confirm or deny if @adamlambert will be in attendance as we do not know his schedule.
** @adamlambert Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for coming!
** @adamlambert @PippinMusical Thanks for coming last night, my man. It was a pleasure meeting you. ;)
** With @adamlambert at @IndustryNYC! No flash we need a do over!! Love you Adam!!! #adamlambert #theglamazons #letsdoashowtogether #adamlambertisbeautiful #weloveadamlambert…
** @adamlambert So great to meet you yesterday!! We love you!! XOXO

** @adamlambert Hey! I never got an Adam Eye of Horus T-Shirt! Tell merch to revive it before this Errol Flynn thing becomes permanent.
** Still dying that alex was taking to adam lambert for like 30 min lastnight hahaha
** @adamlambert Hey Adam, how are you doing? My life is crazy. If you can hit me up on Tuesday I'll be in Paris. I need to speak to you.
** @adamlambert thank you so much for coming to my video premiere last night. Adore u x

** @adamlambert Were you at Penthaus Friday @ the Copacabana in NYC tonight?
DannyBluMusic ["NYC-based industrial pop artist" info here]
** Gunna be in the same room with @adamlambert tomorrow... I hope the universe can handle all of the eyeliner
chynnajoy [she works in a NYC coffee shop]
** Met @adamlambert today at work :)
** @adamlambert Loved your pride concert! Didn't watch American Idol but I went and bought both your CDs the next day! #inlove
JaxsonTaylor [he's an interior designer info here]
** @adamlambert Great meeting you this evening!
** Intermission Adam Lambert

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Concert Videos -
YT: Professional video of Naked Love/Cuckoo
YT: Professional video of Shout
YT: YT Playlist
YT: Another Pittsburgh Pride Playlist

Interview Videos -
YT: Wayback: US interview (I like the top)

Other Videos -
YT: TALC's spectacular quality soundcheck video part 1
YT: Not so wayback: Dragon Attack from London #2 show

Concert Videos -
YT: Pittsburgh Pride Playlist
YT: Full Set from Pittsburgh Pride

Other Videos -
YT: Pittsburgh Soundcheck from TALC part 2
YT: Pittsburgh Souncheck: Full 21 Minute Video

Interview Videos -
YT: Adam's RC interview from OMG!Insider's FB page

Concert Videos -
YT: Multiscreen edit of TSMGO from London Queen/AFL 7/12 show

Interview Videos -
YT: From 2012: Adam on VH1 Tuner mentioning possibility of future move to NYC

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Blurry but killer photo
Adam and the Pittsburgh Pride in the Street staff
Unf - Adam at Pride
Adam posted on instagram and tweeted this picture
Pittsburgh Pride Mic ... and Pittsburgh Pride Snarl
Another instagram picture tweeted by Adam
Adam at Pittsburgh Pride from TALC
Belly Gif ... and Thigh Gif ... and Dancing Gif
Adam and the ladies of Rock of Ages

Pittsburgh Pride Hot Trespassing gif Number 1 ... and Number 2 ... and Number 3
Adam's Bare Midriff Performs at Pittsburgh Pride
Thighs Baby Thighs
Rock of Ages Photo Gallery
Premiere!Adam! ... candid with Charl Brown ... and Adam Alone ... and Gigantic Close Up
Getty Images: World War Z Premier pictures w/watermarks
Adam Pictures: World War Z Premier pictures without watermarks
Raja's Birthday Party
More beautiful closeups: Number 1... and Number 2 ... and Number 3
Smiling!Adam! on the red carpet

World War Z Red Carpet realness #1... and #2 ... and #3 ... and #4
Adam and the Broadway boys #1 ... and #2
177 Pittsburgh Pride photos ... and a sample
Adam, Charl, and some Broadway babes ;)
WWZ Red Carpet gif and picture: Adam on the right while some other guy is being interviewed :)
And the reason is Adam Lambert (fan art)
Adam at Catch Rooftop w/fan
Screencap from The Backlot: Adam is #4 on 100 Hottest Men list
Adam backstage at Motown

Vintage Adam pic accompanying Revolutionary Gay Mag article..."Put on your red shoes and dance the blues..."
Picspam from backstage at Motown: The Musical
From Charl Brown's Instagram ... summing up his night and includes two pictures of Adam!
Adam and fan @amycoira at Madonna's Afterparty

At Sherry Vine Show
Adam with The Glamazons
Once is not enough: Adam ROCKIN’ his stallion pants gif
Adam's visit to Kinky Boots in pictures ;)

Adam at Marquee from sdotjohn's instagram
Adam w/fan at Marquee, Zavon Zand's event, and old picture of Adam and Zavon Zand
Alikat1323's SmugMug album of Pittsburgh pictures ... and Adam doing what he does best! Sang boy!!!
Adam at Marquee ... and Adam another another guy at Marquee ... from This FB photo album
Adam and Zavon Zand last night
More than just eyes .... Adam's smize baby smize!
Adam w/two lucky ladies from last night

Adam on Life Ball plane from Paper Mag article


NY Gay Cities: New York City Pride
HuffPo: Cher To Headline NYC's Pride Dance On The Pier
YT: Official video from recording of Kinky Boots cast album
YT: Journey performing “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’” – note to Adam: please add these pants to your wardrobe
AWOP: Law Mom's list of dances to Adam’s music for May 2013

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Location: Right Here ... Namaste
Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: June 23-29, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

SocialiteLife: Adam Lambert Rocks the Star Spangled Banner

BroadwayWorld: BROADWAY BARES 23 Raises Record-Breaking $1.4 Million! w/nice Adam mention

ModernSalon: Adam provides some hair inspiration!
The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Star Spangled Lambert
BroadwayWorld: Adam Lambert & More React to Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

ebay: Final (and Top) bid $2,550 for Shred of Hope Shredder T-Shirt
Out: DOMA’s Done: The Best Celeb Twitter Reactions
The Backlot: After Elton Puzzler: Snake charmer
BroadwayWorld: Photo Coverage from BROADWAY BARES 23 .. includes a picture of Adam!

Queerty: Adam mention in ... Cher And Andy Cohen Christen Q Thursdays at Marquee New York
LambertNow: A little treasure hunt ... finding Adam's necklaces
AWOP: Info on Orlando show from Universal site and Orlando Informer

Guardian UK: Adam is #61 in Guardian's list of The 100 most influential LGBT people of 2013
AWOP: From IDF via @mmadamimadamm ... recaps of Adam in Orlando

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Dear friends!! @edenespinosa and the Jenn Rias
** Intermission

** Broadway Bares!!
** @charlbrown!!! [Adam had the wrong @ name for Charl]
** Such a treat to sing at Broadway Bares last night!

** Dad teaching how to walk in boots.
** @ivylevan continues the saga in this video!
** 4 yrs ago today... @rollingstone cover!
** @nilerodgers hey man!!! How's France??

** Down w DOMA! Something to be very proud of this upcoming July 4th. We are making beautiful progress for Equality! #proud
** Check out .@BonnieMcKee'a new smash! And look for me in this video! ...
** What up to all my brothers and sisters partying tonight in celebration of our victory!!!! #Pride!!!

** RT@BonnieMcKee: Download my new single #AmericanGirl for FREE at or !! AMERICAAAA!!!!

** If I Could Turn Back Time
** Share your #LiveProud moment for a chance to see my VIP concert. Proud to be on a team w/ @ATT! Rules/details @

** [goofy vine that Adam deleted ... but the ninjas got it first]
** brianlondon's video u shameless boyz
** Thank you Universal Studios Orlando! I had a great, sweaty time tonight! What a GREAT audience!!

From Others:

** So excited for #broadwaybares2013 tomorrow!! Can't believe that it's finally here...going to be a long, but extremely fun and exciting day
** Just walked upstairs to @adamlambert doing sound just stopped dead in my tracks
** In line for broadway bares tonight but I feel like I am at idol haha just saw Constantine and also Adam Lambert
**Adam Lambert fans who r tweeting me he arrived hours before the show went in stayed for a few mins and left don't know if he is coming back
** That's all I know I saw him come and go adam lambert fans had gray tshirt on
** And the show's director is the Kinky Boots director!!

** Special guest for midnight, @adamlambert, is blowing the roof off @Roselandballrm with the national anthem! #BwayBares2013
** Oh and btw, I heard Adam Lambert belt his face off in rehearsal and it was epicsauce. I wanted his boots. And his life. #bwaybares2013
** @MalsDoxy Really? He belted "The Star Spangled Banner" so hard, I thought my manvagina exploded. I might be third trimester already.
** Adam sings!!! What!!!!#broadwaybares
** @adamlambert you killed tonight. You have the gift!! X
** Adam lambert just showed up. @rachelanne_ is dying
** Adam Lambert just sang the national anthem. Hoooooly shit.
** You are amazing @adamlambert #broadwaybares #killedit
** @adamlambert Best rendition of Star Spangled Banner I have heard since Whitney Houston sang it at 1991 Super Bowl!! Wow, blew me away!
** Seeing all my FAV people at #Bwaybares2013 for @bcefa - @adamlambert @theebillyporter @JudithLight @zbinx and more! best night of year
** Amazing Broadway Bares! Adam fricking Lambert sang the Anthem A Capella. Wow!!!
hollisst [investor from Kinky Boots!!!!]
** So I just told Adam Lambert he did an amazing job tonight. Never heard him sing live before. Fantastic vocals. #bwaybares2013
** @adamlambert is THE BOMB!
** @IdoliciousIlana I was standing next to @adamlambert but he was busy chatting with @BravoAndy so I didn't bother them. #starstruck
jammyprod [director/choreographer of Kinky Boots Jerry Mitchell]
** @adamlambert Thank YOU again!! More please! x,j
** @adamlambert DUDE, who do you think you are belting 5th octave E vowels on 'free' and following it up with high Fs? YOU'RE RIDICULOUS!!!
** Adam Lambert sings The Star Spangled Banner at Broadway Bares, leaves all his clothes on while slaying
** Saw @adamlambert sing at Broadway Bares last night. Takes a lot to impress that crowd, but he hit notes that wowed longtime Broadway singers

** Wow! I am a winner of the #ATTLiveProud contest!!! Just got the call @ATT Hollywood & @adamlambert here I come! :-)
** “@remavineyard: @LoveMrSpencer No words!” my boy is every got damn thing! Sang! @adamlambert <3
** Hmmm so the producers new to idol also produced vh1 divas concert...
** OMG!! These 2 new Idol producers were Ex Prodcuers of DIVAS 2012! Woo-Hoo! #winning
** Oh sexayyy @adamlambert see ya soon honey booboo! #enroute #NYC
** @adamlambert Hey just sent you DM. BTW- Your Star Spangled Banner was absolutely off the charts SICK!
** Ready "Glamberts?"! See Adam Lambert this Saturday at Universal Orlando! We have a few Rooms and Suites...

** BOOM BOOM! avec @johnchandlerr @adamlambert
** Great night @ Boom Boom Room w/ @johnchandlerr @adamlambert @bananatessa @MattyD0804 @natepinsley Now-beach tmrw! #6hrsleep #ivedoneworse
** Oh hey adamlambert :) @ Boom Boom Room
** Adam Lambert is all over the new Bonnie McKee video... ... 2455287072 #newmusic #hailtothepop
** President Obama, Adam Lambert, Leonardo DiCaprio and more take to Twitter to show support for the #DOMA strike-down:
** I LOVE YOU ADAM! Thank you! RT @adamlambert: Check out .@BonnieMcKee'a new smash! And look for me in this video!
** Just been sampling the many tweets coming in re Adam in Bonnie's video and his tweet re DOMA. LOT of public profile mileage guys.
** Adam Lambert - # New Views in past 24 hrs: American Idol - 2,400; BTIKM - 7,500; FYE - 15,900; IIHY - 13,950; NCOE - 15,400; WWFM - 16,500

** Ran into the amazing @adamlambert today! Thank you for being so nice and saying hi!!! You made my day! ... 00/photo/1
** Got such a nice response from the 1st pic, thought I'd better share another with @adamlambert #bestdayofmylife
** Walking with @adamlambert #bestdayofmylife
** @adamlambert just wanted to personally thank you for participating in SHRED of HOPE. It meant the world to the kids. Literally. Xo
** From @lenadunham to @adamlambert, the best Twitter responses to the SCOTUS decisions yesterday. ... ons-pelosi
** @adamlambert it was great meeting you at #bwaybares2013 , and again @Bamboo_52 tonight

** @adamlambert was extra cute at @Industry bar tonight :]
** Nice seeing u all tonight :) @cher @adamlambert @BravoAndy
** Vaguely remember helping @adamlambert cut line and pee tonight @marquee so cute. Message me boo. Lets go on a datesies!!!! Wink ;)
** I'm the idiot that thought the drag queen Cher was the real Cher for like 10 min while unbeknownst to me the real Cher was standing next 2me
** @adamlambert thanks for taking a pic with us last night at marquee! You're even sweeter and cuter in person xo
** Also, Adam Lambert is flawless and literally no gay man in NYC could ever.
** @tanabanana13 to babe cher is MAD. PRETTY. Also, so is Adam Lambert, like tv does not do them justice at ALL.

** GLAAD's @OmarSharifJr named to World Pride Power List along with @TheEllenShow and @adamlambert ... llins-chaz
** I literally just ran into Adam Lambert. With my body. And he gave me a hug. And I feel uncomfortable.
** he smelled beautiful though so there's that
** People are already lining up for Adam Lambert at @UniversalORL @UUOPodcast ... qox4I6lfF8
** Cannot believe I'm seeing one of my role models perform tonight, @adamlambert you are going to kill it tonight :)
** The @adamlambert fans at @UniversalORL are a tenacious group indeed - it'll be worth it
** I've seen many shows at @UniversalORL, never seen anything like the #AdamInvasion - u outta RT this to tell the world
** Conversation between fanboys - one at Universal and one not
** rain stopped, sun is out & temperature is great. Place filling up. Perfect evening for Adam. :)
** @TALCvids The gay boys are representing tonight ;)
** Lovely audience filling up Universal's Music Plaza for @adamlambert's show- all ages, genders, families, teens.
** Teen girls behind us "OMG he's so hot!"
** Such huge cheers from crowd with Adam's lovely words about equality! #loveislove #ool
** While walking out of Universal, overheard soo many conversations "awesome" "so worth it" "incredible". : D
** @chunkeymonkey81 we heard him do OOL at sound check and Pop that Lock and a few others he did not do at Pitts
** Forreal though.. Adam Lambert is fantastic live.
** the sign language interpreters are really getting into it!
** Adam Lambert going nuts in Orlando! Making jokes, crowd surfing, dancing. Best show of his I've seen!
** Adam Lambert BRINGING IT in Orlando! @adamlambert ... 28/photo/1
** Just saw Adam lambert at Taco Bell after his concert
** So tonight I twerked with a massive group of black Americans at Universal and saw Adam Lambert live. Today was a magical day.
** @adamlambert OMG thank you so much for holding my hand and singing to me tonight!! #popthatlock #bestnightofmylife

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Broadway Bares Videos -
Instagram: Broadway Bares #1 ... and #2 ... and #3 ... and #4
YT: All Broadway Bares instagram vids on YT
YT: Adam singing SSB ... and one w/better audio ... and the closeup version Adam tweeted

Other Videos -
YT: Wayback Machine: Burning Man SSB

Downloads -
Mediafire: Broadway Bares SSB performance

Other Videos -
YT: Adam Lambert and friends after World War Z Premiere Vine 1 ... and Vine 2
YT: From Boy Culture: ADAM LAMBERT Makes Surprise Appearance at BROADWAY BARES 23
YT: Psy new Hite DryFinish-D Ad using Adam's IIHY

Other Videos -
YT: Bonnie McKee's video for her song "American Girl", featuring a star-filled cast of thousands including our own AFL!

Universal Orlando Videos -
Vine: Soundcheck IIHY
Instagram: Soundcheck IIHY
YT: Soundcheck WWFM
Instagram: Concert IIHY ... and NCOE
ustream: Recorded stream video
YT: Bayoulady1's Universal Orlando playlist

Interview Videos -
YT: Wayback Machine: 6/29/09 Adam being interviewed by Hollywood Outbreak prior to Idols Live tour
YT: Baby loves Adam Lambert (Only thing that stops him crying)

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Broadway Bares Montage
With Broadway Bares Peeps Number 1 ... and Number 2 with Some Very Cute Guys

At Broadway Bares-Adam w/Jerry Mitchell, director/choreographer of Kinky Boots
BB Adam in his dad's big boots :) ... and Adam's big boots from the IIHY video

Adam with @ABoyFromIpanema at NYC's Boom Boom Room
Adam with manchic at the Boom Boom Room
Gifspam of Adorkable!Adam from Bonnie McKee's "American Girl" video
Bigger and Better Tummyporn gif from "Trespassing" @ Pittsburgh Pride
All of Adorkable!Adam's appearances in the "American Girl" video in one gif

With SnowWhitePlus7, plus 7-photo montage from Bonnie McKee YT
2nd pic with SnowWhitePlus7 ... and 3rd pic, walking with SnowWhitePlus7
From Broadway Bares
He’s Sexy and He Knows It
terrancespencer’s caption: #tbt the bestie and I @realadamlambert I love this shot

New pictures from Broadway Bares after party ... #1 ... and #2
Picture from last night in NYC and a new/old picture from Life Ball
Adam and Andy aka Cobert :) ... and source
Set of pictures from Pride party at Bamboo 52 ... 2 of Adam
Supposedly Adam on balcony near Andy and Cher ... but not even close!

New Adam Ali Baba doll w/no facial hair ... and with facial hair ... and More pictures ... and hand-embroidered back
Adam's new cover picture from private FB w/Neil's comment "you look like a scary dentist."
New/old picture from Life Ball
Adam is hot ... on stage in Orlando ... and More from Orlando
The LARGE crowd at Universal in Orlando for Adam
Collage of Adam in Orlando ... his hair did not hold up to the humidity
All sweaty before his hair fell ;) Le sigh ....
Adam in audience ... holding a fan's hand and singing to her
More from Orlando ... #1 ... and #2


Maddie and the guy from Air France before she receives her award!
NYT: Perhaps Adam is auditioning for this (the costume sure looks familiar ;)
Playbill: Info on Broadway Bares
ReelTimeVideo: Broadway Bares usually has a DVD every year
SupremeCourt: DOMA is unconstitutional!
YT: Pun times with grammafan - Janis Joplin's "Me & Bobby McGee" (with apologies to Adam and Bonnie McKee!)
Eric M's winning entry for A&T Live Proud contest
The Wrap: 'American Idol' Adding MTV Video, Movie Awards Duo to Producing Team (Exclusive)
Paybill: Schedule of Upcoming Broadway Shows
DJRicardoNYC: Odyssey Magazine Pride Party on 6/27 at Bamboo 52

 Post subject: Re: Weekend MUPdate
PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:59 pm 
Adam! As in Lambert!

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Location: Right Here ... Namaste
........................................ Image

Image Image Image Image Image

Adam's Week in Briefs: June 30 - July 6, 2013

Keep track of Adam's schedule with Adam Lambert Events

News, Reviews, Blogs, Print/Online Interviews, and Things of Note

Twitlonger: More from IDF from somebody who was there via @mmadamimadamm
AWOP: Getoverit's concert review/recap
Twitlonger: Another IDF recap

Adam Lambert Aura: Pre-Order AURA First Issue
AdamLambertFans: Orlando Concert Post

AWOP: boys3girls0's Del Mar recap, with crowd photo
AWOP: glitterbert's Del Mar recap
Adam-Lambert: Summer Sonic recap, featuring Adam's message urging the wearing of yellow and black
The Backlot: Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Sunshine State
Windy City Media Group: Sherri Saum of 'The Fosters' thinks Adam is a doll!
Yahoo! Music: Adam Lambert's Idol Season 8 Streaker Returns!
AWOP: Set list for Del Mar via Atopia
Twitlonger: Links to gifs from Kickin In and Fever at Del Mar from @_ninni

Fashionmagazine247: Adam’s night out at Muse after party July 3 (changed to black T-shirt)
AWOP: glitterbert's AT&T Live Proud show recap Lyndsey Parker article w/interview ... Adam Lambert Talks “Post-Gay Reality” at Live Proud Event
Justjared: Just Jared on AT&T Live Proud concert
Starcrush: Adam Lambert Is Pretty Much Being Stalked by a Streaker, and He Totally Loves It
GossipCenter: Adam Lambert's Night Out at Muse (After Party)

RumorFix: Adam Lambert: I Want My Own Gay Wedding Eventually — Exclusive
Greg In Hollywood: Adam Lambert dazzles as headliner at concert for Trevor Project and AT&T’s Live Proud Campaign
Twitlonger: Cute little recap from the Live Proud show from @scorptwitr

LaWeekly: Adam Lambert Honors The Trevor Project in Hollywood

Twitter and Facebook

Albert Mada aka Yadam Rambert aka Lucas Morel’s (aka you know who) super secret Facebook page

From Adam:

** Jr Glambert!
** Werk dat Shirt!
** It’s easy to donate to @TrevorProject. @ATT will donate 50¢ to @TrevorProject for each person who RT this tweet. (max 50k) #attliveproud

** Some rhymes for ur hearts.
** Finale!
** Orland oh

** @OhFerras @OLIGEE1 I like Turnt. {in response to @OhFerras: And "turnt" “@OLIGEE1: Is it time to retire the term, "twerking"? Please.”}
**RT@BootsyBellows: Retweet! RT @MDMOLINARI: Our Instagram is back!!! Show the love! Tell the family! @mdmolinari #bootsybellows
** @NataliaKills loving "Saturday Night"! Great single! Them lyrics!? Sick!
** nataliakills and I on Just Another Saturday Night...
** @AnRodion nope. Some cool looking witchy shit... {in response to @AnRodion: @adamlambert do you know what is written on your clothes?}

** @CrazyGlambert17 oh don't worry, he's had PLENTY. ;) {in response to @CrazyGlambert17: Hahah finally his own moment of glory! Right @adamlambert ? :D} ... and Screencap
** @angiemiller aww;) that was a blast. {in response to @angiemiller: .@adamlambert I still watch this back and get chills! You sounded sooo good!! Love and miss you =) ...}
** Just posted a photo
** Taxi Cab Confessions - NYC
** hellojonte's video This is NUts!!

** Get into some patriotic spirit w @BonnieMcKee's #AmericanGirl !!!
** We Will Rock You!
** “.@MKSOfficial: Just discovered Kickin' In @adamlambert @pharrell LOVE! x” thank you Ladies!!!
** Live Proud
** Independence
** 4th of July

From Others:

** There was a merch booth at concert today. About damn time! And it was constantly busy, peeps buying CD's, tshirts, posters \o/
** If you're curious about attendance numbers at the @adamlambert concert, I'm afraid I don't know. @UniversalORL doesn't release estimates.
** Best I can tell you is that there were this many people at @UniversalORL to see @adamlambert >
** Driving back home today from Adam Lambert’s fantastic concert at Universal Orlando last night, I kept (cont)

** @adamlambert 's Live Proud campaign was successful. The Trevor Project will recieve a $50k from AT&T.

** The people at the desk of the Del Mar Hilton are wondering why tonight is sold out! Silly people! #adamlambert
** SUCCESS! Thanks to all of YOU, we've reached our #LiveProud goal. @ATT will donate $50k to Trevor!
** @adamlambert cute!!!! That was a fun Saturday Night indeed! come to NY, i'll show you a better one! xoxo
** @NataliaKills @adamlambert Good to see two of our fave FAULT cover stars getting along! Cool threads too guys, kudos! x
** Sound check.. A little bit of We Will Rock You
** ON THIS DAY IN QUEEN HISTORY 3 July:… + 2012 #Queen & @adamlambert #IWantToBreakFree, Moscow ...
** Oh, and sound guy is right behind us. He said first time for @adamlambert. Said so impressed by his sound check!
** Lol "like a family reunion. With bees. Did I tell you to wear stripes or something?"
** Girl in a bikini top ran across stage gave Adam a high five. "don't tackle her security. She had a camera strapped to her head or something"
** Hometown visit girl ran onstage!
** She had a camera on her head!!!
** We love Adam
** End of Trespassing:show AWESOME ending sitting laying down posing GOD ILH AHHHHHHHH
** Aww overheard presh little girl (about 8) say, "That was a great concert!" <3333
** Listening to the people behind me gush about @adamlambert makes me so happy :')

vegas 1024
** It's qt someone thinks it would have had its biggest moment on stage tho. oh lord I need to get off this line of thought. It's way too early
** Special event with Adam Lambert performing live tonight. The AT&T Live Proud Finale Event from…
** Sound check with @adamlambert! #attliveproud #glambert4life
** In news that I am sure shocks absolutely no one, I am headed to @adamlambert's #liveproud gig at @playhousehw. Tweets, squeeing to follow.
** Wow, $50k is going to TrevorProject thanks in large part to adamlambert and #glamnation! ... 12/photo/1

** A signed Trespassing CD, a signed portrait, money, candy, & a thank you letter 4 me & guest. [re AT&T Live Proud contest winner's VIP gift bag contents]
** @Cruzin_mtn_bert I just happened 2 C him after, he was really sweet & said some Adam collab 2 come :) @missnisha6849. [“him” being Sam Sparro]

Video, Audio, and Download Links

Let's have a Keeky ... Adam's Keek videos
Adam's Vine videos

Orlando Concert Videos -
YT: Broken English from a distance
YT: Universal Studios Orlando Playlist from Bayoulady
YT: Outlaws of Love
YT: Kickin In from LynnevillePF
YT: LynnevillePF Videos
YT: Pop that Lock from LynnevilePF
YT: Lots of videos here
YT: IIHY, NL, Cuckoo from Jesha84
YT: Videos from Jesha84
YT: New lyrics to the beginning of BE
YT: Shout
YT: Soundcheck IIHY video from LynnevillePF
YT: 6:10 (especially 7:10) to the end
YT: 4:33 laser eyes
YT: Videos from Jerry DeBurger
YT: Entire concert ... during FYE at 56:37 Adam's head seems to be out of the shot
YT: another playlist from ex-JadellEJ
YT: Trespassing

Concert Videos -
YT: Orlando Trespassing Courtesy of TALC
YT: Orlando Playlist from Yendider's Channel

Del Mar Videos -
YT: Soundcheck: Purple Haze/AYGGMY ... and PH/AYGGMY/Dragon Attack ... and Kickin In

Del Mar Concert Videos -
YT: Purple Haze/AYYGMY @ Del Mar (edi5289)
YT: Fever @ Del Mar (TALCvids)
YT: Kickin In @ Del Mar (TALCvids)
YT: Dragon Attack/WWRY @ Del Mar (TheRealkittychan)
YT: Chatty Adam @ Del Mar (Marinka Pytsli)
YT: Bayoulady's Del Mar Playlist

Other Videos –
YT: KFMB TV News 8 San Diego Report on Del Mar concert

Audio -
Soundcloud: ButterKnife's complete audio of Del Mar concert (download available)

Concert Videos –
YT: ButterKnife's full set video from 7/2/13 Del Mar show
YT: Bayoulady's AT&T Live Proud 7/3/13 Playlist

Interview Videos –
YT: Adam on DOMA, Streaker, and Queen, from AT&T Live Proud Red/Orange Carpet

Other Videos –
YT: San Diego Hometown Streaker girl's adventure via camera strapped to her head
YT: Adam Arrives for AT&T Live Proud Performance at Playhouse in Hollywood
YT: Adam committing charmicide with the media at Playhouse in Hollywood
YT: Arriving at Muse After Party & covering his face “I’m sweaty”
Vine: Adam's 4th of July Party Vine featuring Sam Sparro
Instagram: Sam and Adam having a good time w/singing by Adam ... and YT version
Vine: Farmer Adam doing Vogue at Sam’s party ... and YT version

Downloads –
soundcloud: Del Mar 7/2/13 Full-Set Audio in 320kbps Mp3
mega: Del Mar 7/2/13 Full-Set Audio in 96kHZ/16bit WAV (1.8G)

Other Videos -
Vine: Adam's vine from Bonnie McKee's party ... and YT version

Concert Videos -
YT: TALC's Live Proud Purple Haze/AYGGMY ... Adam hits the last beat on the drum

Interview Videos -
AOL: Adam Lambert At AT&T Live Proud Event In Hollywood (he's single!)

Photos, Gifs, Macros, and Fan Art

Pictures! Adam's Instagram profile

Vest ..and No Vest
The Crowd
From Maddie to Open2it and Totally
Floppy hair still looks great
Butt grab
Lots of photos here
But this one is special:)
Adam's face in the electric fan!
Whacked-Hair Adam!
Fall down the rabbit-hole.......lots of pictures!
Adam loves his fan picture
Gifs of Adam and the fan ... and here ... and here ... and here ... and here
Jr Glambert!
Werk dat Shirt!
Adam and a lucky girl ... and another
Today is the anniversary of the Queen+AFL Kiev show ... and here

Orlando Legs Up
Orlando from Adam's instagram
from tumblr ... Orlando gifs ... and More Orlando gifs
Large Version of Orlando Hair gif
Orlando Dragon Attack gifs featuring Arms Number 1 ... and Number 2
Orlando Group Photo posted by Tommy
Orlando FYE gifs ... Number 1 ... and Number 2 - Caution for Extreme Hotness
Orlando Legs Up gif
Orlando - Hair Gives Up
Orlando - Adam and Ashley

Del Mar photos from Sara Krinitz Photography ... and Group of shots from her instagram
Adam and Ashley in action at Del Mar
Del Mar soundcheck pictures: hugging date, singing, happy
Del Mar gifs: 1 from Cuckoo and 2 from Trespassing
2 pictures from Del Mar M&G
Concert pictures .. and Another

Lilzy's Del Mar concert photos
Offstsage picture of Adam and band
Photos from StreakerGirl's Headcam, performance pics and Adam's end-of-show pose
Performance photos of Adam sitting on the edge of the stage at Del Mar
Revised "Moment of Glory" macro, incorporating Adam's response
Un-macroed version of the Moment of Glory pic
Divas photo with similar boots and Bouncy gif
gifspam of lulzy dancing during Kickin In, and photo from Chinese Music Awards featuring The Boots
Another Del Mar concert gif
Energized!Adam gif from Del Mar
New picture from Life Ball ... kingheartthrob w/Adam Lambert and Kelly Osbourne
gif of Leila and friends dancing to 'Is This Love' at Del Mar
Adam shows us his tongue (tweeted and posted on Instagram by Adam)
Taxi Cab Confessions - NYC (tweeted and posted on Instagram by Adam)
Adam at soundcheck for Live Proud concert (tweeted by ATT)
Adam being interviewed on the orange carpet for the Live Proud event (tweeted by THR's Idol Worship)

He went from this (buttoned up) … to this (opened)
Via FB: Adam Lambert @ AT&T Live Proud Event
Montage: Early in AT&T Live Proud show, shirt all buttoned up
Nicely UN-buttoned shirt, ...and BIGGER version here
Adam Pictures: AT&T Live Proud Concert pics
Two Instagrams Adam posted from AT&T Live Proud
Smiling Adam with mic, ... and BIGGER version here
Adam Pictures: AT&T Live Proud Red/orange Carpet pics
Adam’s night out at Muse after-party (changed to black T-shirt) (scroll down a bit)
Very Open Shirt (Belly!) from AT&T Live Proud show... and NIPPLE!
Farmer Adam doing Vogue at Sam’s party ... and Farmer Adam – Then & Now! ... and Farmer Adam closeup
Farmer Adam Doll!
Montage of Farmer Adam Vogue screencaps
Adam & Friends at Sam’s party

Ginormous and awesome shot of Adam at Live Proud concert
Floorbert at end of Del Mar show
New set of Del Mar pictures
Adam and friend Marlon at club on the 4th

Live Proud show pictures from LA Weekly
Adam reacting to Hometown Girl running across the stage! ... and Source
Group of 3 shots of Adam singing at Live Proud show
Chest!!! gifs from Live Proud and eyes baby eyes from Orlando


AWOP: Go here to watch maddie receive her award in Spain
RealTime: Pre-sale for Broadway Bares 2013 DVD

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