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Post your recaps or copy and paste recaps from other boards.

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I will surprise you

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GlamSnooky's Blog about the Portland Concert

Where to start? With Adam of course!

Remember the footage of girls screaming like maniacs for the Beatles? Um, that was me. I have never in my life felt this way or reacted this way for a musician. I was jumping up and down and screaming and biting my hand I was so excited when he finally came out. I was grinning like an idiot and practically in tears, like Sanjaya Girl. As I tweeted last night, my husband--who was seated up on the side--saw the entire arena come to its feet when he was about to appear. He commented to the Adam mom/daughter fans next to him "It's like the Beatles." Mom undertsood.

Fourth row center was such an awesome, awesome seat. I was so worried about signs and people standing blocking my view, but there were no signs in my way. And people stood, but I could see between them and some stayed in their chairs anyway. At most I lost knee-to-feet range on the performers, especially when they moved toward the back of the stage.

Framing the stage are four screens--two on each side. The top horizontal ones show the performer's face, and the tall narrow one usually shows their whole body. In Adam's case for Mad World, the cameraman showed just his body, which was funny and made me do a doubletake for the fraction of a second I took my eyes off of Adam. Nice close-up of his crotch, guys!

Each time a performer came on, the giant screens would show a number, the announcer would say, for instance, "Number Ten. MICHAEL," and the screens would spell out their name. The first six (first half performers) pretty much followed right on top of each other. Allison and Danny's--I can't remember if they were drawn out or not. Now, when Gokey finished his last song, some people were already standing. The stage went totally black. Anticipation could be felt in the air, crackling like electricity. People were making a lot of noise, and as my husband reported, those who weren't already on their feet quickly stood up. Mr. GlamSnooky (not having the kick-off order memorized like I do) then realized ADAM was about to come out from the sheer excitement in the air. He stood up along with the rest of his section.

Huge booming, thunderous notes and A-D-A-M spelled out across the screen in fire-and-brimstone red and yellow, with new video of Adam posing with a mic, like the picture on the cover of the program. Then the white strobe lights started, red lights danced across the stage, Whole Lotta Love began to play, and the CROWD WENT WILD!!!

He entered on the back of the darkened stage, strobe lights dancing like stars, and launched into Whole Lotta Love. For some reason, he mostly stayed on the upper tier of the stage, toward the back, for that song--I don't know why—maybe to interact with the band more. I silently screamed, "Come closer!" The coat--the COAT! So fierce! EPIC COAT. It was gorgeous. Blue washed over gun-metal gray, four sets of double tails (he never detached them), spikes and studs – so much detailing!! Must have cost a fortune. I love one fan's comment that it needs its own concert! And you all know what he was wearing underneath! The black tanktop and the lizard-skin pants. And his entire set was otherworldly. He really is a glittery alien from Planet fierce! For his set, the producers chose an otherworldly theme. Stars for “Starlight,” a green galaxy or “Mad World,” and the Bowie Medley started with a giant graphic of Mars looming behind him. The others had some cool graphics, too, but nothing as atmospheric as Adam's.

On “Whole Lotta Love,” you could instantly see how different he was from the other performers in the cocky, dramatic way he held long pauses, manipulated the mic stand (more on that in a bit!), and fed off of the crowd's energy. (I see nothing wrong with being "theatrical" if it means an awesome performance like Adam gives!) The audience was going insane—insane! The decibel level must have tripled, at least. I distinctly remember a few key movements. When he first sang “Way down inside,” he moved his hands....down.... It was so subtle, yet erotic, and just WOW. Another key moment for me was when the song slowed for “Way down inside...” – He stopped moving, stopped singing, and rolled the mic stand from one side to the other, then straddled it. Woah.... We're not in Kansas anymore, American Idol! He's the real deal, and this is no longer about a TV show. The strobe and red lights continued to flash around his spotlight, and burst of smoke emitted from the floor of the stage.

He came out onto the thrust for “Starlight.” He stood mostly at the mic, as you've seen in numerous other videos, while stars danced around him and he used his hands for expression. So emotive! I have really grown to love that song.

Then a stool appeared for “Mad World,” ground fog rolled out across the stage and a green galaxy formed behind him on the big screen. He sat for much of the song, and I did recall him touching his ear. I wondered if his ear piece was giving him trouble, but you couldn't tell it from his performance. Toward the end he stood a dramatic moment. I noticed some differences in his intonation here and there from his other performances. I love that he keeps changing things up!

The Bowie Medley. I love the song “Life on Mars,” so I was in heaven (well, Mars). He was still wearing the coat as a giant red Mars loomed behind him. Such a glittery alien! Then the song transitioned, and he removed his coat (it does seem it would be very heavy). Deafening screams filled the hall, and he hadn't even started to sing “Fame” yet! In between Fame and Let's Dance came another memorable performance moment. He paused and raised his arms up slowly, head thrown back. That's where my awesome outstretched arms picture came from. I was entranced, but I really wanted to capture it on film, so I forced myself not to just gawk but to snap pictures. I'm amazed I got two pictures, because when I rewatch now on other videos, I remember that moment lasting much longer!

His dancing was mostly in the “Let's Dance” portion of Bowie medley. I would describe it as a little "Zodiac Show-ish” – Sultry, sexy, HOT. Not enough! At the end, after he'd finished, he had his hand raised in the air, a golden light emanating from below washing over him, and he started to sink away on the stage platform! I couldn't believe it was already over! I freaked out and screamed "NOOOOOOOO, don't leave!!!!!" I was seriously pleading with him because I couldn't stand to see him exit! But it was uber-dramatic and hot, just the same.

Right after his entire set ended, I wanted to see it AGAIN! And really study it for nuance. No cameras, no worries, just watch. I'm so spoiled being able to do that on the TV! Thank goodness for pirated videos, I'd go crazy without them.

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I will surprise you

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GlamSnooky's Portland Concert Report, continued

I did manage to take some photos, using zoom and no flash and holding the camera very still. It was hard to be still and take pictures. My knees were shaking when Adam came outside earlier in the day. You don't really expect or anticipate how you're physical body will behave when your IDOL appears in front of you. It took me by surprise. I already described my Sanjaya Girl reaction when he actually came on stage--I was literally jumping up and down and squeeing like a complete fantard! Which is why I value these videos and links so much (though when I watch, I'm still squeeing, here alone in the house, and bouncing up and down in my computer chair!!).

The crowd continued to scream, well after he'd disappeared. Then it was time for Kris. The announcer said "Number One. KRIS." His name was spelled out in blue and white down the side signs. On the screen, his face floated in a sky-blue background, “heavenly” compared to Adam's hot and hell-inspired entrance. They definitely took more time spelling out Adam and Kris's names than the others.

While the worked-up crowd continued to scream, Kris rose from the platform in the stage, with his guitar. He had his head down and his hand on his guitar, and stood really, really still. For a really really long time. Really. I started to mutter, "Wake up, Kris. Is he alive?" (Hell, maybe you heard me on the cellcert!). I THINK he was waiting for the crowd to grow quiet, but it never happened. So he finally started to play and sing. After one of his songs, I don't remember which, he actually said, "Stop screaming" to the crowd. I got the feeling he was a little annoyed. I think he didn't expect the crowd to be that rambunctious, but by God, we'd just seen the Glittery Alien, what did he expect?

By his third song, a lot of people had settled down and sat down, and the atmosphere reflected his music a little better. To be perfectly honest, I barely remember Kris' performance. I felt like I'd been hit by an Adam Bomb. I sat down and tried to recover. I think I sent you guys a tweet or two. I tried to catch my breath and will my legs to grow steady and my heart to stop pounding. And I prepared for my last sight of him in the finale group number. I couldn't even yell for Kris, voice was shot after Adam. Sorry, Kris! But I wouldn't even have attended if Adam hadn't been in the cast.

My husband was more pulled together, and did pay attention to Kris. He was impressed, especially since he usually derided Kris as “boring.” Kris did rock out his second to last number, something he never successfully did on the show.

How did Adam compare in the group number!? I couldn't take my eyes off of him, so all I can say is he was the center of it! Best!! BEST BEST BEST. He's so tall and charismatic. For Don't Stop Believin', they came out two by two from the back (pianists came up first, from the floor). I was just waiting for Adam and Kris. And you know when they're standing side by side, Adam pulls the attention. Kris looks like the rock star's little brother, hanging out hoping some of his fabulousness will rub off.

The BACK of his vest in the final group number is covered in glittery rhinestones. There are some on the front of the vest at the shoulders -- you should see the back!! I really believe Adam's glittery fabulousness lifted the entire group's style significantly. I don't recall much in the way of wardrobe in Season 5 when I went, or at Kelly and Clay's concert. But they all had a touch of glam about them. Gokey had a cool leather coat with detailing, and he was wearing chains on his jeans. This may be a third way Gokes was trying to imitate Adam, but they were all a much higher level of fierce.

A few miscellaneous notes:

One thing I would have liked – one complaint – the band was awfully loud compared to the singers. I missed hearing the nuances of Adam's voice. I believe it was because I was in the fourth row. Sitting farther away, you're not as close to the band so you get the sound from the speaker mix more. Nevertheless, the loud band probably made the others sound better. My husband, who remember originally didn't want to come because he thought only Adam was worth it, was impressed by all of them, even Sarver. Megan not so much – she really is the weakest singer, loud band or not. Sarver we agree has been practicing. Or getting vocal training. Same with the rest. Matt was dancing around the piano!

Gokes was good, too. He tried to copy Adam again in two ways – removing his coat halfway through his set and dancing with his mic stand. It was cute, But Adam is going to be a superstar. It's so obvious – that truth filled the arena with its obviousness.
When Adam appeared, both on this video and before the concert on a video commercial for the CD, people SCREAMED. The volume level skyrocketed. I knew then I was among friends!

At intermission, they played a video about the American Idol Experience at DisneyWorld. Allison and Gokey narrated a couple of parts (maybe others, not sure), but toward the end, Adam began narrating it, describing how it works. He narrated more than the rest combined. And Kris didn't narrate at all. There was a very short clip of Kris visiting Disneyworld as the American Idol. Gokey's line reading was fairly stilted, and of course our MUP was perfect and spot on. No doubt that's why he got the lion's share of the narration.

I saw no evidence of "tour colors" anywhere. Just isolated people here or there who I thought might be dressing for a particular person. Most people were in street clothes. Some T-shirts for the idols. No one dressed up (this is Oregon, and we're really laid back here, though. Probably different elsewhere.) There were two girls waiting by the bus drive with us who had on what looked like prom dresses, one green and one white. With high heels and wide skirts. Very interesting fashion choice.

The cellcert gal, Amy, from was right beside me, my new best friend in Adam love! Some of the screams you heard had to be ME, especially when MUP came out! Isn't that weird? It's almost like I was right there with you! I almost (only almost, not really!) regret having to be at the first concert because I didn't get to share the live fun with you all. I can't wait to live it vicariously through all of you again as you attend!

Thank god my husband remembered how to use the camcorder! He was such a stand-up guy the entire day as we waited to meet the idols. I thought he'd be bored, but he stuck right by my side, helped plan strategy, made food and drink and sharpie runs, and did his best to support my fangirling. He was a superstar. He would even have been willing to stick around after the concert with me to try again to meet Adam, but I knew he would be really tired (2 hour drive home) so I said we didn't need to do that. Glad I made that decision, too, because the crowd outside was HUGE, probably 15 to 20 times the people who were there that afternoon, and that's a conservative estimate. No way would I have gotten to see Adam then.

Biggest disappointment for me was almost-but-not-quite meeting Adam. We were still on the highway by the time I got a twitter that the buses had pulled in, around 12:00. We were an hour from Portland. I figured I'd miss it. But about five minutes to town, tweets told me they were still waiting. Naturally that's when I started freaking out, thinking we'd be late. Then they didn't come out until about 2 p.m. They started coming out in batches of three.But the staff was already telling Megan she had to go back in in a matter of minutes when Adam and Kris finally appeared. The crowd went insane. Both headed for the right side of the crowd, and I was in the center, patiently waiting while I jumped up and down like a dork. Unfortunately, a lot of people crushed into the corner where Adam started, and he was only out there five minutes before the guards called him back. So sad! : ( Maybe I'll get my chance another day. In a way, I'm almost relieved because I had no idea what to say to him!

Maybe it's time to mail that fan letter...

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amberwaves wrote:

Cute backstage story/pics - from someone who went to middle school with Adam...

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CadillacJackie's Quick Recap - Vancouver Concert July 8, 2009
I just got back from the concert and while things are fresh in my mind I just want to write down a few things for the media thread.

Michael Sarver is still moving up the likeability scale – he voice was good – he engaged the audience and he was a strong start for the group – he had the crowd going and by the time he was done his set, the crowd was raring to go.

Unfortunately all momentum was lost when M. Joy came out. She looked pretty – but that’ s about it. Her pitchy vocals carried through the whole arena – everyone was polite to her but seemed happy that she had a short set.

Scott was really strong – his vocals were ‘on’ and he played really well. The crowd was really behind him. He also talked to the audience – the old “high five that was heard around the world” joke – but it went over well and everyone seemed to like him.

Lil was excellent. ‘nuf said. She also spoke a little to the audience – enough to see that she was gaining some confidence.. She looked really good – sexy and sweet – and she seemed to really enjoy herself. The audience (in our section) really liked her – there were lots of nods and comments about how she was much better ‘live’ than on the show.
Anoop’s first song ‘always on my mind’ was really good – but his other songs were only average. He played to the audience and the people up close seemed to enjoy him, but overall, he lost the crowd a little. Despite that, he seems to have a really strong fan base and even though I didn’t think this was his strongest performance, he seems to be a crowd fave.
Matt started out strong – he entered the stage to roaring applause – as if the audience had been waiting forever for him – and he started singing, then gyrating, then playing the piano – his vocals were strong and the audience was just about to go crazy and then he switched songs and that was it. Everyone calmed down, then sat down and all hope for a “we love Matt” exit was gone. Although everyone really liked ‘georgia’ – and he sang it beautifully – it was really the wrong time to play that song – seriously, after his first song the crowd was escalating…one more killer fast song and he would’ve been a shining star.
The group number started off with a Lil and Megan duet which sucked big time. The rest of the group number was good – kinda reminded me of Jersey boys with the guys all lined up across the stage singing & dancing. It was cute. The girls eventually joined them.. but voice-wise, megan and lil don’t sound very good together. The highlight was Sarver’s Suspicious Minds (go figure).

Next up was Allison. With all respect to Ally-cats and other Allison lovers I didn’t care for her live performance. No doubt the journalists will call her a ‘rock star’ but I don’t see it. Her performance is much more animated live that it was on TV and I don’t think that does it justice. ‘cry baby’ is not a ‘run around the stage ‘ kinda song. Her vocals are harsh and she was moving around – didn’t look like choreography – she just looked – well, like a 16-yr old.
To me, she just looked like some kid trying to be a rock star – my friends and I used to do that too. Sure she has a killer voice, but that can’t carry her for even the 3 songs she did. After the concert my 17-yr old nephew said he thought her Pink song was her best – but why would she do Pink when there’s already Pink? Let’s face it, Allison can never be Pink – so what’s she going for? Pink lite? Anyway, I see that most of the journalists think she’s doing great – but they seem to have forgotten or have never seen real rocker chicks perform – Allison is no Benetar, Blondie, Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Nicks, Anne Wilson – or even Alanis Morissette, or Pink. She just doesn’t have the depth – her concert performance shows just how far she still has to go. I like her less after seeing her live.

Gokey was OK – there was a pretty strong we-love-Gokey contingent in the crowd – his PYT was pretty good – but the rest was as we’ve seen – just OK mostly unpolished. There’s more but I’m getting tired so I’ll have to add to this part later.

Adam was spectacular – once Gokey was done the crowd got to their feet – not just the people in the front – the entire stadium – and everyone stayed up for his entire set. It was energy ignited and the crowd was totally with him all the way – even cheering ‘whoooo’ when he touched himself (I thought that was cute). Here are some key points.
1)There is no way to explain the majesty of that jacket. The pictures do not do it justice. It’s much bigger, brighter, better than it seems…
2)He touched himself a lot in WLL – much to the delight of the audience.
3)He said ‘baby’ and not ‘woman’ :-(
4)His vocals were impeccable – they soar thru the arena – you feel surrounded and it’s amazing and breathtaking at the same time.
5)That backdrop for life on Mars is ‘perfect’ – in fact, Adam’s light show was the best.
6)He wore the vest, not the tank
7)He’s loosening up on stage
8)Someone threw a bra on stage during slo ride
9)Everyone, even Adam, could engage the audience a little more – it’s the one area that seemed ‘cheesy’…

Kris was great – seriously great. And even though the audience basically sat down for his performance, last night was THE BEST I’ve ever heard him. He played the acoustic guitar, then the piano and wailed on the electric guitar (that part was fun) and the crowd loved him and he was great….but like everyone else, he had trouble talking to the audience…Now when I read the reviews I wonder if those writers were even listening – Kris gets good reception – not the same as Adam, but almost as loud – and good response to his music, which I really liked. He was so much better than I expected. I don’t remember his voice being so crystal clear – and ‘hey jude’ which I thought was a lame choice – ended up being really good – everyone knows the words so it’s a good sing-a-long. The audience was into it, which was the point, I guess.

And another interesting thing - Lots of idols wore sparkles – sarver’s jacket was sparkling, as was Scott’s. Lil had sparkes on – and when she took off her ‘long’ jacket, she showed her midriff. Allison wore sparkles and her hair was multi-colored.

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juju's Vancouver Recap (via IF)
(Note - juju is a teenage boy)

Whee! So, the tour was AMAAAZINGGG. So I’ll start with my morning.

So after I got all fabulous and hot (which meant changing my hair three freaking times and caking on my make up which eventually just got washed off) I went and got to the stadium at roughly 12pm. There was like, barely anyone there. I did see Jess so I waved but she didn’t see me, or my existence wasn’t important enough to be acknowledged LOL

So around 1:30 ish, 3 busses came. Every screamed and RANN to the first bus. Out came strangers! WHOO HOO! I just stood there and laughed. So I thought the other 2 were full of weirdos too so I stood there. Then I hear shrieking and out popped out Allison. So I scream like the little girl that I am on the inside and out came Matt, Danny, Krissy, Scott with his brother, Megan and my favourite, LIL!!!

Sweet baby Jesus, Lil is like SOOO amazing. I was like, the first official Canadian fan she interacted with!!! She got off and I screamed LIL!! HI!!!!!!! And she looked at me and yelled back HI!!!!!!!. Ugh. Women are such wonderful people. heart.gif

So then I overhear the security saying Adam would be arriving separately an hour later. Bitches!

So we sit there and wait for a good 5 hours in total. So only Sarver, Grosskey, mole-less Matt, Scott, Anoop came out. Danny had some dance off with Matt. I threw up. It was like “Oh hello you SYTYCD reject” Ugh. It was way too early for that kinda crap.

So by 6 o clock we got let in and we started freaking out in excitement. Then a long annoying train of Carrie Underwood, Daughtry videos came on. I screamed in annoyance because it was the same songs over and over again.

So whenever the Adam ads came on, the crowd wasn’t even FILLED and people went BALLISTIC.

So the lights went off around 7:10 and the crowd went wild……until Sarver came out. Like, woo hoo. Tubby McChubberpants. But I have to admit, except for the fact I got a nice shocking look at his beer belly, he was pretty darn amazing!

Then out came Megan. Holy Hippos was she hot! My friend and I…our hormones went loose. We just screamed MEGAN YOU’RE SO FREAKING HOT. TOUCH US. OMG MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad her singing sucked. Well, it wasn’t terrible but obviously it wasn’t very good. So she just ended up cawing at the end and left. Bye bye eye candy.

Then Scott came out! I loved Scott. He was SOO adorable. When he did a thousand miles, I almost cried. He was AMAAAAZINGGG. Love the boy.

Then out came Lil! Right off the bat she was like KABAMM! BOOTY SHAKING CHEST WIGGLING SEXY ACTION. So I was just screaming TOO STRONG FOR TOO LONG AND I CAN’T BE WITHOUT YOU BABYYY half the time and the other half, I was screaming “YOUR ASS IS HUGEEEEEEE” I don’t think she heard me. So when Single Ladies came on, half the crowd stood up and I started shaking my single ass. Obviously, I sucked. So if I keep trying to dance like that, I’m so gonna remain single forever.

Then Anooooooooooooooooooooooooop came out. It really sounded like people were booing LOL. He was really boring though. He did look cute. Maybe it was cause I was facing his back the whole time? He is SO unphotogenic though. Half the photos I took of him made him look like an elephant on crack. My Perogative was my favourite of his set.

Then Matt came out looking all sorts of sexy but bored me to hell. Sigh. The boy never gets it right for me.

Then during the intermission I just sat there, blah blah blah.
Then Allison came out and the crowd went WILD. Wind machine was blowing in her hair, she was rocking out in leather and everything. Needless to say, I made myself look like some little preteen girl screaming for the Backstreet Boys. Her set was AMAAAZINGGG. I got some stunning pictures of her.

Then…Danny Grosskey came out. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. I could feel the holiness pouring into the room. Not. So trying to be as rude and unsupportive as possible, I sit down and roll my eyes. Ugh. So then I started tweeting. Then his mildly inspirational speech came on. The bitch was the only thing separating me and Adam. Obviously, I was madly yelling at him.

When he left, the crowd went nuts in happiness obviously. Then a HUGEEE light show came on and everyone knew sex was about to come erupting onto the stage. Then Adam fiercely struts in and I lose my stupid composure and I go wild. I was all AADDDDAMMMMM I FREAKINGGG LOOVEEEE YOUUUUUU. You couldn’t even hear the music. The crowd was like, drowning it out. It was SO amazing. The smell of horny women and gay men was in the air! Then the unbelievable happened. The sexy whore walks up RIGHT in front of me, starts THRUSTING his hips and I almost pass out. My hormones are going wild, I’m delusional, and my body was screaming to be on top of his. After his does some AMAAAZZZINGG crotch grabs, the lights go out and a chair comes out and we knew Mad World was coming. The crowd goes even WILDER. His voice is SOOOO STUNNINNNGGG in real life. I didn’t even really listen to it though. I just kept yelling and yelling. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, he walks up to me AGAIN, makes EYE CONTACT with me, and SNARLS. I flatlined for a good 5 seconds.

Then STARLIGHT was on and he was magically and gracefully moving around the stage like a sexy little bunny. I was totally salivating. Then SLOWW RIDEEE. Him and Allison were amaaaazing. He gave her the cutest little intro! So when that was all done and over, the Bowie medley came on.

When he took of his jacket…I lost EVERY LAST SHRED of dignity I had. I was just, THROWING myself at the barricade SCREAMING his name, SCREAMING “TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF TOO!!!!!!!!” I can’t even remember what happened next. My brain was swimming around in thoughts of sex. When he finishes, he thanks the crowd and goes off.

Then…Kris comes out. Yay…. I actually sat down and started tweeting. Sorry baby but even my dog howls better than you sing sometimes. Sigh. Boring boring boring.

Then DON’T STOP BELIEVING. It was so amazing. Adam and that winner comes out and the crowd goes nuts again. Then, ADAM instead of Kris goes to thank the crowd, ENDS the song and is the only one stepping out of line LOL. Ok Kris, you may have the title but it’s clear who really won grin.gif

So afterwards, I got stuck there and everyone was running outside. So we waited for a good hour and Adam is the first to come out and there were only like…a few hundred people waiting but it was SO loud. Bitch looks so gorgeous. So when he comes near me, I nearly get squished and I throw myself at him and almost poked him in the face with my magazine and he signs it, and I scream. So I get everyone else’s autograph and the most magical thing happens.

I’m standing there after Adam went back in and this lady screams ADAM!!!!!!! And I’m like WHERE WHERE and she grabs me and she’s like ADAM WHY ARE YOU STILL OUT HERE. So I’m like ….I’m…not…Adam K and she told me she thought I was. So clearly, I am beyond flabbergasted and flattered and I told her she made my night.

Then I proceeded to go home and bragged all the way about my Adam encounters J Yay!

pictures here: ... ry20536287

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courtesy of amberwaves: Review (Adam section) from a fan on TOB:

Parts of the audience were on their feet for some of Matt, Allison and Danny, but when Adam came out it was mayhem. Almost everyone was up and screaming. I’m not sure any videos are showing it yet, but from my seat it seemed like the groping in Whole Lotta Love took on a new meaning in L.A. It’s wasn’t just slowly sending his hand down when he wanted to go “way down inside”; it was more like down and around and around, and then one time it was down even further. The mike stand also had a slightly longer stint as an extension of little Adam. There was incredible energy for the whole song; it may have been his best. The choreography was also crisper and fuller than what he’s done in the other cities. Starlight was wonderful – always my favorite of the night. The echo everyone is hearing in Mad World, however, is definitely intentional and adds something different and ethereal. Not everyone was singing but the audience enjoyed it. Slow Ride was the least exciting. I thought it might be better in person, but it wasn’t. Adam had a little difficulty tonight getting his jacket off which you’ll probably see in the videos. Something underwear-like was thrown onstage and I think he considered grabbing it, but then ignored it. Then he had a way gay moment pointing to his friends who were sitting around the 10th row and proclaimed “You better get up out of your seats, Bitches. Dance!” The front rows were not all up – gasp! Someone earlier, maybe Matt, said that they were expecting a cold, folded arm, L.A. audience, but he was listening backstage and was psyched that the audience was so warm to them. And I think the audience was great. I don’t know what was up with all the “important” people in the front sitting. The whole Bowie set was intense and perfect. I’m already groaning that we’ll have to wait so long to see his real show. It’s such a tease to only get these few songs.

[Note to self for future Adam tours – refrain from memorizing every last nuance in every last song and dance via youtube. I couldn’t help myself and became a bit of a youtube addict these past few weeks. If at all possible, when Adam’s record tour starts I’m going to try to have a little self control and see it first live. Tonight was spectacular but I wish I had that rush of seeing his performances for the first time.]

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Slightly different version from what I sent MJ:

Another random tidbit: I have seen the Top 10 perform before during the Motown Week dress rehearsal, so while quite different, I have an experience with them in person and had a vague idea of what to expect since I know what goes on TV doesn't necessarily feel the same in person.

Also, disclaimer: I mention the visuals that accompanied the Idols a lot in my review. I wasn't expecting that, but a lot of it really grabbed my attention since some of it was so random. I may have gotten a bit snarky at times as well.

Anyway, I got there quite early because I don't live far from The Staples Center and my mom is such an early bird (or maybe she felt I was already had enough champagne cocktails and she wanted to drag me away), so we had quite a long wait till Michael. I went and got a beer, while my mom bought an overpriced program and Adam photo. She offered to get me something Adam-related as well (I don't even think I could pull of that $35 shirt with his face on it in an ironic way), but I said no and informed her she can get me another overpriced beer later.

We go get our seats which were rather good (thanks, undercooked!). Much better than when I go to see the Clippers. Much, much better than when I go see the Lakers. So as we wait we are inundated with Carrie Underwood videos, one Daughtry video, and eventually one David Cook video. I guess they only promote former Idols that Fuller manages? Because honestly... that got old. Quickly. I don't think I need to hear any of those songs again. As we wait, there is a lot of random filler (and the realization that SYTYCD is on once I see all the adverts for it and I don't know who got kicked of), lots of random flashes of the current Top 10, and lots of screams for Adam.

10. Michael: He comes on. I kind of like the weird, machine-like intro. It's cheesy, but compared to some of the other intro pieces... I will take it. Did the Idols design these themselves? Anyway, he sounds good, but doesn't really have a great presence and is mainly performing to people taking their seats. The band sounded good on "Closer" and I danced. By myself.

9. Megan: What a weird intro piece and why does she look like a Barbie? She looked rather generic instead of the slightly bohemian look she had, so even her image was lost, which is a shame. Megan was my original favorite for her odd, quirky voice and style. She didn't live up to her audition (for me, for you), but I still think here is something to her voice if she just had some musical instincts about what she was doing. First song, fine, but her cover of Winehouse was AWFUL. Really, really painful to listen to. I went to go get another overpriced beer because I really couldn't take it, which is saying a lot since I actually voted for her during Group 2 semi-finals. A lot of people waiting in line with me had a similar reaction to Megan's singing that was filtered into the lobby. Finally, she did a CAW CAW and it was over. I really like singers whose voices can bother people, such as Bianca Casady, Joanna Newson, Scout Nibblett, and the retro-chanteuse thing could be a good fit for Megan, like Duffy and Amy Winehouse, but she needs a lot of work till she gets there. She needs to work on her ~artistry~ for her to pull off her voice.

8. Scott: I missed his intro piece and most of his set, but I loathe Keane, so it's not my thing, plus Scott was probably my least favorite on the show. I wanted to see him, but I thought since two people were in front of me at the concession stand, I would be helped quickly, but the first person seemed to be ordering the whole snack bar. Four cokes, three hot dogs, two nachos, a popcorn and a candy later, the person right in front of me gets their popcorn and I get my beer and go back to catch Scott's last song. Pleasant, but not really my thing. My mom said I didn't
miss much.

7. Lil: From the dress rehearsal way back when I noticed that Lil has a much better stage presence in person than you get from the TV show, and that still held true. I actually really enjoyed Lil live. She's fun, she's much better when she is in her own element, which may have been the problem on the show. The Single Ladies number, while enjoyable, didn't need the karaoke lyrics in the background. And to go all Paula, Lil looked really beautiful.

6. Anoop: Whoa, by far the worst intro piece. Laughably... odd? The clouds appear and so does Anoop's head! There is actual Anoop, and the clouds stay as well! It was really distracting for me. Actually, a lot of Anoop's visuals were very mid-90s Mac Screensaver-style. I don't know what that was about. I do think Anoop has a beautiful voice, but he really doesn't do much for me. Odd, because he is also really good looking (I can be shallow). Maybe it's because he does a style I am not too taken by. His speech about how he got there was rather sweet (and kind of like a mini-essay), and I do hope he gets the chance to perform in LA again as a singer, even if he isn't my thing. He finished his set with My Prerogative, which made me feel like I was about 8 again. I should have whipped out the Roger Rabbit, but I was confined to my small space. After that, he leaves the stage with a low, booming "Anoooop" which could sound like booing.

5. Matt: I really liked his intro piece and, I am shocked to say, I really liked Matt! I really think his nerves got to him on the show because he was really good live. He has good presence, mad piano skills, and was quite energized. Except for "Georgia on My Mind" I dislike both songs Matt did, yet I was actually into them and really into his set. Probably my second favorite of the night. Maybe the alcohol had just kicked in and I am way off, but I hope I am not. Or maybe my expectations for him were that low. His setlist was a bit disjointed though.

Medley: Fine, was not that into it. Didn't remember much as I was waiting for it to end, so I could go to the restroom without interrupting people.

4. Allison: She's good and has some potential, but I think I must have had too high expectations for her since I felt she was good, but not great. I can see her doing really well after Idol since her set kind of gave her a young Pink vibe.

3. Danny: I think Danny got quite a good reception (honestly, while his reception wasn't near Adam's, I thought it was better than the one Kris got). Really loud, lots of people standing and into it. He does work the stage, but in a way that doesn't do much for me. My mom said he had a "holy roller" thing going on and, honestly, it did feel like I was being preached at sometimes. Danny is most definitely not my thing musically, so when it comes to that I cannot be that objective as I dislike the Michael McDonald style singing. I even worked somewhere that had Michael McDonald on their playlist and I pitched a fit until they turned it off (I can be a brat, yes). So when it comes to music, Danny is not my thing, but he is clearly had people at The Staples Center. I vaguely remember some graphics with trees being associated with Danny. Was I imagining things? That was just weird. He dedicates "What Hurts the Most" to Laura Saltman for interviewing them all the time. What an odd dedication, but even with that -- she still won't love you like she loves Adam because her love for Adam is insane.

2. Adam: Speaking of insane love for Adam, Los Angeles had that, and so did I. What an entrance! His intro was my favorite and probably helped create the crazy atmosphere Adam walks into when he starts. Or maybe not since some people in the audience would just scream if they saw his eyes in the "Mixed Up" Ford video. I do have to agree that he does have pretty eyes though. Anyway, I stood up and danced during his set, but a lot of people did. I would say most of the arena was standing during a good portion of his set (many kept sitting down and standing up, and the place is huge, so I cannot see everything, even if I did do a look around. The floor seats were pretty much completely on their feet for him). During "Whole Lotta Love" it got really dark on Adam and you could see the light moving away from the lower half when he gets down with the mic. I guess if he doesn't tone it down, the lights will just go down? His voice is just insane at the end of this song as well! I cannot wait for a solo tour with original music, but I'd prefer it to be ballroom-style venues so you can actually dance and move around. My one nitpick about the set is I actually think "Slow Ride" does very little for it, even though I enjoyed it on the show and can understand including it as it is a crowd-pleaser. I think Adam's accompanying visuals were the most complimentary to his set (it enhanced his show and went with it, not distracted like some). Adam's set felt short (it seriously flew right by), but what are you going to do? The highlights for me were "Starlight" and the Bowie Medley. He sounded gorgeous on "Mad World" as well, but I think he was competing with a really crappy sound system and lots and lots of screaming (which did subside a bit during "Mad World"). His voice did a great job of cutting through that.

1. Kris: Kris comes on and starts with "Heartless" and I really enjoyed his version on the show. However, I already have a nitpick -- the random heart that appears every time Kris sings "heart" was very distracting to me. Plus, the words Heartless on the side were kind of pointless as we know what song it is. A lot of people did sit down during Kris' set (including the floor seats since I saw those clearly from where I was), and yes, people did leave. There wasn't a mass exodus or anything, but there were more people leaving than I figured there would be. I'm not saying this to start anything, but I have seen random debates about people making it up/saying it wasn't happening/exaggerating/whatever and from my point of view, after "Heartless" there more people leaving than I thought would, as I was looking around. It's not necessarily an affront to Kris, but I do think it is rude to leave mid-song, mainly because there are people still there that want to see Kris and you are distracting them. Anyway, I enjoyed Kris live (probably my third favorite after Adam and Matt). It was quite "soft rock" though. I was expecting something a bit more acoustic, but even though I hate that Matchbox 20 song (well, I dislike them, really), I think Kris did it well. I think the lowpoint of his set is actually "Hey Jude" since I found it to just be boring. I was the only one in my area singing along and swaying, but I kept singing the wrong words (either he is doing a shortened version or it has been awhile since I heard it), so I gave up. The Idols joined him. It went to "Don't Stop Believing" (minus Megan) which brought home the cheese, and it was over.

Overall, I enjoyed it, especially for what it was. I was pleasantly surprised by Matt (he's amazing on the piano), really liked Kris, enjoyed Lil and was a bit disappointed with Allison (even though I liked her). However, as I went for Adam, I will probably likely only go see Adam live again. I did what was suggested and was able to leave my concert-going, show-loving, music snobbery aside and take the show in for what it is, so I did enjoy it.

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You're doing it perfectly

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Here's my recap of the Ontario concert, posted this morning on the main thread:

Hi everyone!. I can’t believe I’m up already. I haven’t read past page 65, but I thought I’d start my recap now.

I left the house at 9:30 and got to Citizens Business Bank Arena at 1:30, after a quick stop for lunch. There were maybe 100 people lined up at the fence, and another 100 eventually lined up behind me. At about 2:30 three buses came down the loading dock ramp and we saw the Idols get out and go inside. Adam was wearing a rhinestone covered baseball cap that caught the sunlight, presumably as a signal to Planet Fierce. He waved but did not come out. :(

Between 2:30 and 5:00, various Idols trickled out one or two at a time. Matt was first, then Anoop and Michael. Anoop was very aloof and refused to pose for pictures but Michael was extremely friendly and took his time with everyone and took lots of pictures. My nickname for him as now “tweetie pie.” Then Allison and Danny came out. They both kind of rushed and didn’t get through the line but promised they’d be back after a meeting. They were very affectionate with one another, though Danny once almost knocked her down when they fooled around and she was left rubbing her arm. Only Danny came back and took lots of pictures. He was very sweet with a girl standing near me who made a huge collage and asked him to sign her glasses. He was surprised no one had ever asked him to do that before.

Last were Matt again and Kris. Kris was as sweet and good-natured as you would expect. By this time we had been out in the 100 degree sun for over three hours. I was beet red and my makeup was sweated off. I took a picture with Kris and told him I looked a lot fresher when I left the house this morning and he laughed.

We were very disappointed that Adam didn’t come out, but he was probably busy due to having three straight concert days. I met the coolest Adam fans in line. Behind me were three sisters and their mom. The girls had matching homemade Adam shirt and signs. The oldest was 14 and a huge fan who really knows her stuff. She had a Sharpie Eye of Horus on her wrist since March. Behind her was a cute 13 year old girl whose Glambert number was 4 away from the other girl. It was so adorable to watch the two girls squee together. In front of me was a couple who also drove in from LV, and in front of them was another Glambert with her kids. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to talk about Adam in person with other fans who were dedicated enough to risk heatstroke for him.

Inside the venue, my seat was amazing. I sat next to a nice couple who had seen the show at Staples, too. He was a normal fan, she was like us. The place looked sold out, but it’s pretty small, especially compared to Staples. The majority of the crowd were Adam fans, of course, but there were plenty of people cheering for others.

Then I got to meet the lovely Mary. She’s awesome, guys! You meet the best people online, I swear. We talked like old friends; it was great.

Here’s my take on the performers. Michael did a very good job opening the show. He was engaging with the audience, worked the stage, and sang quite well. He’s not one I would buy a ticket to see, obviously, but he was entertaining and that’s all I can ask for. Megan was Megan. I really, really dislike her voice, always have. I thought her audition was a joke, seriously, like William Hung, and was shocked when they put her through. And kept putting her through. Anyway, not my cuppa.

Scott sang better than he did on the show. He was still a little boring, but he had a few moments that got the crowd going. Lil was great. Really great. Why oh why could she not be this good on the show? The audience was very responsive to her and so was I.

Anoop was the biggest disappointment. First off, when they showed his picture on the big screen, with clouds behind him, the guy next to me laughed. It was pretty laughable. He was dull. I know his voice is technically good, but he does nothing interesting with it and his movements on stage were awkward. Next.

Matt was mixed. The first two songs were good, especially Georgia, but You Found Me was irrelevant. If Kris was allowed to change a song, maybe Matt can, too. Do it, Matt. The group song sucked.

I hung out with Mary at intermission, eating overpriced pretzels and chatting about non-Adam stuff. I hope to see you again sometime, hon.

Allison was as awesome as you expect. She is completely comfortable on stage and sounded like a rock star. Danny sounded pretty good. He seemed to have a large following and got huge applause. He doesn’t make me tingle, though, like...

Adam. In the seconds before he came out, I literally couldn’t breathe. I thought I was going to pass out. My heart was pounding. We all stood, and when Adam came out it was pandemonium. There he was, in the flesh. Unreal. It doesn’t matter how many youtube vids you see, IT IS NOT THE SAME. Girl next to me was pouty about “baby.” At the end of Whole Lotta Love I felt like I just lost my virginity.

Starlight. Okay, I don’t know if it was where I was sitting in relation to the speakers or what but the sound was a little odd. There was some reverb that made Adam’s voice sound Mickey Mouse-ish in a few places. It was annoying. Same with Mad World. This was not an issue with any other singers. Maybe it had to do with the frequency of Adam’s high notes? Still incredibly beautiful, though. BTW, these two songs felt like they lasted 10 seconds total.

Slow Ride was fun as usual. I always fear for Allison having to hug the jacket. Then the Bowie medley, my personal favorite. Honestly, for the first time I felt that Adam seemed a little tired, physically and even vocally. He did not hit all of the high notes, as I am sure the entire internet will note for DSB. I figure he is pacing himself with three consecutive shows. He still did a lot of crazy stuff, so I know it’s not that he couldn’t do it.

Did I mention how beautiful he looked? Do I need to? I love how his sexiness is so playful. Damn, he’s good.

I confess I did not pay attention to Heartless because I was looking at my Adam pictures. I will try to open a Photobucket account and get them up today but it may have to be Monday. I did get the impression that the crowd for Kris was almost as loud as for Adam. Certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. I think he sounded good; I don’t remember.

Like I said, Adam did not sing the guitar part at the end of DSB, but he did some cool improvising, which is what he does, so good.

Then it was over and I got in the car and drive straight home until 2:00 am. I am anxious to read other reviews. I haven’t yet, so what you see here is my opinion without any outside influence. I honestly do not feel it was Adam’s best show vocally, but Adam at 98% is still better than everyone else alive today.

Was it worth 7 hours in the car and 3 ½ in the sweltering heat? What do you think? ;)

ETA: I am an idiot. I meant 99.8% . But I was wrong anyway. I think I was the one who tired.

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Ontario, California 17 July 2009

Oh, where to begin...

I was one of those folks who was not going to spend my money on that silly AI tour; I was just going to wait for Adam's solo tour. Then as time grew closer and we caught the little glimpses of Adam's set: Bowie!!??, MUSE!!??, I caved. Then it was going to be "Oh, just any old ticket is fine, I'll bring my binoculars" to "MUST HAVE GREAT SEAT!" Ontario is a little farther away than LA and Staples, but I decided the easier access and the smaller venue (11K vs 19K) would make it worth it. I found an 8th row ticket on ebay for only $10 over face (which was $90 after you added all the fees!), and I was off. (Off my rocker, that is.) I was now going to drive 460 miles round trip in one day for 20 minutes of performance by Adam Lambert, with an additional bonus 30 minutes of Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta.

I was really excited to hear that Law Mom would be there too, since see was doing something similarly nuts, and I love meeting online friends IRL.

Traffic was bonkers. I grew up in LA, so I know what Friday afternoon means on the freeways, but jeeeeeez. I left my house at 1:20pm and got to the parking lot at 6:30! OUCH! (For reference, the ride home took 3h 20m vs. 5h 10m.) As it turned out my floor seat was almost directly below Law Mom's seat, so I walked down her section and found her. No surprise to anyone here, she is charming and adorable and my only regret is that we didn't get more time to chat!

Show started about twenty minutes late...not bad by rock concert standards, I guess. I'll do a quick bullet point run through.

~Michael: Better than on TV. One thing about him, I believe he realizes that this is the pinnacle of his musical career, and is truly grateful and happy just to be there. Everyone who has met him says he is one of the absolute nicest of all the idols. Musically, there a million guys just like him or better, but he looked like he was having fun, and didn't make my ears bleed.

~Megan: Megan was the only one who was worse than on the show, and I didn't think that was possible. Off key and uninteresting. I won't even give her "quirkey." She only got as far as she did because Simon has a hard-on for pretty blondes, but there had to be at least a few hundred other pretty blondes who auditioned who can sing better than her. And I think her tattoo is fugly! SO THERE! :-P

~Scott: Wow. Much improved. Two very nice songs with very nice vocals. The stage banter was not so entertaining, but maybe that's because I heard it on YT too many times already. Enjoyed it.

~Lil: Another "wow, much much better" award. R&B divas are not my thing, but she looked much more comfortable and sounded better than she ever did on TV. (And I am officially the last person in the universe I guess to hear the Single Ladies song. I had heard of it, just never heard it.)

~Anoop: I don't get the Anoop love. Never have. He's not bad, or anything, he just bores the crap out of me. Nothing about him live changed my mind. Nice guy, nice voice, but nothing special. He made a comment in his stage banter about coming back and playing here as a headliner in a year and a half. I will predict right now that that's not going to happen. Sorry dawg.

~Matt: He did a great job on the Black Crowes cover. He looked like he had gotten rid of the bitchface and the attitude that made me not a fan during the show. Enjoyed it, and would see him if someone bought me a ticket, but wouldn't buy a ticket to see him solo or his album, most likely.


~Alison: Loved her. She has real star quality. "So What" and "Cry" were awesome. "Barracuda" wasn't such a great choice. I think if she had done "Crazy On You" she could have brought the house down.

~Danny: Well, shoot me now! I actually liked Danny's set. The guy has a nice voice, he just needs to find his niche. Where that will be, I have no clue. I witnessed no mic humping, thank God. The inspirational preaching, I could have done without, but honestly, it wasn't as bad as I had been led to believe. And as I was walking to my car after the show, I realized I was humming "What Hurts the Most." WTF, mind? Oh well, I've gotten past the fan warring and the hate in a big way lately. Danny is another one whom I've heard is unfailingly kind and polite to fans, so there you go.

~Adam: Well, obviously, this was my reason for going to the show, so this will be the longest, because I'm AAA (All About Adam).
Everyone stood and the energy started to build as soon as Danny left the stage. The cheering started with the explosion and graphics, and the screaming started when his silhouette appeared.
Adam was in fine form in WWL. (Tonight was a "Baby" night, for those keeping track.) Great great vocal, and he included some little runs and rifs that we hadn't heard before. He's definitely getting more comfortable and loosening up as the tour goes on. Moderate grabbing on the crotch-o-meter scale and one mic stand stroke. (I don't think he ever reach Oakland levels again, unless it's the last night of the tour!) I'm fond of him cupping his ear and doing grabby hands for cheers at the's sort of endearing. I miss the backdoor man line though.

I love the song "Starlight." I watched it though my binoculars and it's amazing just to watch his facial expressions and hand movements convey so much emotion alone, while he's just standing there at the microphone. And my god, the voice. The whole song is done in head voice, and it's just so high and beautiful.

"Mad World" was a haunting as always, although honestly, it's getting a little long in the tooth for me. I love how he has changed the ending very slightly, doing a little descending run at the end, instead of holding the final note steady.

"Slow Ride" was a special moment on TV, but it loses something on repeat. (Adam introduced her as his "kid" sister this time.) I had fun watching Adam's facial expressions through my binoculars.

The Bowie Medley is my favorite part of the set. He starts out looking for all the world like he's doing musical theatre during "Life on Mars?" (GREAT SONG CHOICE!) then goes into club scene Fame. The jacket removal is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen, no lie. He's a human slinky for the whole song. He changed up the vocals a bit on this one too, in the descending "fame, fame, fame... part. "Let's Dance" is really an Adam song. It's a cover, but it's all Adam's. At the end, when he extended him arm in the air as the stage descended, he had this almost dazed look on his face. It was hard to describe. But then right before the lights went out, he transformed back into Adam with this HUGE grin and said "I love you, Ontario!" And yes, the feeling was mutual.

Another comment about Adam. Someone on TOB who went to the dress rehearsal at one of the shows was saying she was surprised at how feminine he seemed at times. I got a glimpse of that too last night. There were moments where he had this soft femininity, not in a "sissy" or "pansy" way, but in a way that frankly added to his beauty. Adam is very clearly a gay man, that's part of who he is, and it's what makes him who he is, if that makes any sense. I am totally enamored about so much about the man. His stage presence is unparalleled. I wouldn't care if he made a whole CD of Weird Al covers, I would buy it to hear his voice and I would pay top dollar to see him sing them live. The boy has "it," whatever "it" is. I can't wait to see his future.

~Kris: First of all, I didn't see anyone leaving before or during Kris's set. Seriously, no one.

The timing for Kris is hard, just due to their different styles. But you know what? He held his own and he did just fine. Depending on what he does, I may or may not buy his CD, but I would absolutely love to see Kris live in a small club setting. The Matchbox20 cover was his best song of the set. If he could go with that style of music, he could do very well, I think.

One funny note on "Hey Jude." I had a clear view to the stage side staircase, and as the first Na na na nas started, I could see Alison coming up the stairs. Right before she got to the top, she obviously got yanked down. She had starting coming up too early. It was amusing.

DSB was a lot of fun. They sounded much better than at that rehearsal tape that was so awful! Adam and Kris do seem to have a lot of fun together. I do not doubt that they really are friends. The one interesting thing that I noted is that Adam has toned down the glory note at the very end: He doesn't go all the way up for the high, high one. I wonder why that is, because he certainly can get it. Maybe not to draw attention to himself? No idea.

The crowd was pretty much all for the top 3. Adam got a few extra screams, but not significantly more than Kris or Danny. IMHO, the top four are the only ones who have any real shot at a BIG career. I don't see any JHud's in the bottom six.

So yeah, even for Adam's set alone, I got my money's worth, but the rest wasn't a total waste of time either. And I got to meet Law Mom, yay!

See you all at the solo tour!

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ella22 wrote:
Straight male recap from IDF : Adam parts only, I did not approve the spelling in this post, LOL

Adam: My expectations of the guy (they were high before the concert) were floored. The man is crazy. The fans were dieing, DIEING. Only in MW was there not ridiculous screaming. WLL was stunning. That is probably my favorite. His vocals were on tonight. He added a couple high notes that were out of this world. SL was great too. Couldn't hear too well because I think the fans were recovering from their multiple orgasms after WLL. MW was beautiful and somehow it came out perfectly over the somewhat crappy sound system (couldn't hear singer that well). SR was great as usual. Those two have crazy chemistry together. Again, he hit notes he has never hit before (I know because I listen to all of his concerts). He got thrown a blue boa, which he twirled in the air for a good 5 seconds and thew back, except he missed and it went behind him on stage When he took his jacket in Bowie Medley, that was just too funny to watch. His dancing is comical. I love it. Just so you guys know, I am a straight male who finds this guy fascinating (my girlfriend who came with me tonight btw thinks I am silly for obsession over Adam, haha). Screeming was absolutely nuts. You guys have not heard this type of screaming before, i guarantee it. It was beatles/Elvis screaming. The entire hall (which was PACKED BY THE WALL) let out their lungs. This guy is magic.

Final song, he hit the glory note, perfectly. It was beautiful. About the hat, I am not a fan either. He wore it just for the "Na, na na" from Kris's song, but took it off for DSB. During DSB, something was thrown on the stage (bra or underwear) but I couldn't see)

Overall great night. I had the nosebleed seats, but I was in the third row of the nosebleed section so it was just fine. I could see his sex on stage just perfectly. I brought my girlfriend who thinks Adam sounds good but not really a fan before the show. She definitely likes him now. We were laughing so much during the Bowie medley when Adam started thrusting the audience and whatnot. My mom loved Adam as much as I did.

I know someone said they thought all the idols were good. I kinda agree, but there was no life in the room until Allison came on. I got tired a couple of the sets (Meagan and Anoop come to mind). I went to see Adam, and I got what I paid for. This guy is gold, for those of you who havn't seen him live. As long as he is managed well, he will be worldwide famous before you can blink.

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ChileRelleno wrote:

Just back from the concert. Adam was AMAZING! My friend (who hadn't watched AI at all this season and hadn't heard any of them - including Adam) was totally bowled over by his voice and performance. The place went NUTS for Adam when he took the stage. From my vantage point (the first elevated section next to the side stage), it looked like 99.99% of the audience stood for his whole set. The applause and screams were insane - definitely the loudest of the night.

Kris got a good reception as well, but I think Adam's was louder. :) More people sat during Kris' set, for sure.

Waited at the autograph line after the show - Adam (again) had the biggest reception and crowd crush. I was too far back from the barricades to get his autograph, but did see him through the sea of people in front of me. A kind acquaintance (who was standing next to the barricade) got his autograph for me. Yeah! (At least I *think* that scribble is his autograph! *g*)

All in all, a great night! I heard no negative comments about Adam during the concert or while waiting outside during the two hours after the show. The crowd was showing him the love!

I got to the concert about 30 minutes late, so don't know if there were any protesters before the show. I didn't see any going in. Definitely didn't see any after the show.

MadTex wrote:
I've just returned from the Dallas concert, and it was amazing, incredible, ethereal. . .[insert spectacular synonym here.] Three days of vocal rest did wonders for all the Idols, as the ones who were starting to sound strained didn’t sound so at all tonight. It was definitely an Adam crowd, with Kris being the next popular (in terms of screams). During the screen footage before the show, the only time the audience screamed was when Adam's face appeared. The band was too loud during most of the first half of the show; it was hard to hear the vocals, especially with Michael. He had a decent response, being from TX, and it looked like he probably had a good size group of family and friends in the first few rows (they were the only ones standing during his set and were all wearing white. Is that his tour color? idk). I think my expectations were so low for some of them that I was pleasantly surprised at how well many sounded, though the first 5 definitely had at least 1 song each that sounded, eh, not so good. Anoop and Matt were much better than on the show. If Matt had sounded like he did tonight on the show, he wouldn’t have needed all the saving. He was pretty showy at the piano, too.

Allison rocked the stage. Gone was the weird hand flippy thing she did on Conan, and she actually sang the word “Barracuda.” Her diction was much, much better live. (in SR, "right" sounded like "right" and not "pain," which is what I always heard). The crowd was into her. Danny got a better response than I expected, but I think Dallas probably has a good amount of his target audience. His preachy moment didn't seem so bad, and was a little touching, if not rather ironic.

Then the countdown for Adam started, and the entire audience, except for the section I was sitting in, was on their feet. I don’t know how I got in the ‘you-must-stay-seated-or-fellow-audience-members-will-hit-you section,' but I did. (Our seats were not good; first row of upper balcony, but there was a clear shot of the stage and the screen.) Since I’m tall and sat in the front row, I decided to remove my heels while I stood out of respect for those behind me. But, soon after I stood up, a woman seated behind me shoved me (not a tap, a forceful shove). Oh, it's on now! Back on went the heels, which make me 6'3", and I stood and danced for Adam’s entire set. Adam even told us to get on our feet and dance (no "bitches," though.) It was an Elvis hair night (which I started to suspect after every guy but Scott had their hair styled in a slicked-back, faux-hawk reminiscent of Adam at YHA. coincidence or comeraderie?). He looked beautiful, and I’m now totally won over by Elvis hair. (it looks amazing on him in person) I was so mesmerized and enamored by Adam’s voice that I have trouble remembering the nuances and performance choices of his set. I think this might be the first concert where I haven't sung along with the artist. I didn't want my own vocals to skew what I heard, though I didn"t even realize I was silent until halfway through Adam's set. There are no words to describe his vocals. What others have described is absolutely true. His voice fills the arena and hits you in your soul. His singing gave me goosebumps. WLL might have been a bit more restrained in terms of sexual moves, but I'm going to have to refer to youtubes for confirmation (Adam's dancing doesn't always make it onto the screen, and with my very far away seats and low lighting, it was hard to tell). The mic stand received some nice stroking, and he did the newer vocal run at the end. I honestly can't remember if he sang "baby' or "woman." How did I miss this?! Starlight was exquisite; it was here I noticed the brighter tone of Adam’s voice as compared to the show and recordings. MW was beautiful and understated. I fell in love with it all over again. I really enjoyed Slow Ride. Adam and Allison actually did some more provocative dancing (back-to-back) at the beginning of the number than I'd ever seen. Adam went for glory notes. The Bowie Medley was my favoritve. Stunning!

Kris' set was very good, and the production did a good job of shortening the stage with a curtain to give it a more intimate feel. Ain't No Sunshine was his best performance, imo. It really was wonderful. I didn’t think the Killers song suited him too well; again the band was too loud and overpowered his singing (it seemed like they had fixed this problem by the time Matt came on, but it crept back in). Better than NB any day of the week and twice on Sunday, though. And, they kept the hole in the stage closed during Hey Jude, so I wasn't worried he was going to accidentally hop into the hole. DSB was fun; Adam and Kris both did the kneeling "proposal.' Adam didn't go for the ascending high notes at the end, but opted for 1 high note instead (not the highest we've heard him sing in DSB, but not lowered like in Glendale). And, the denim vest actually looks incredible from the stage. It's just not a close-up piece, I guess.

I have to say, I understand fully what was said upthread about the obvious production differences between the other Idols and Adam and Kris. Kris' staging was low-key and intimate, but fitting. The dropping of the curtain and exposing the band behind it during ANS was very effective. Adam's was spectacular and engaged the entire stage. The others pretty much just got the screen images behind them. It made me think of that Glendale reviewer. . .if you’re going to call something "cheesetastic," it sure as hell should have been the male and female bathroom sign people dancing through fields of neon pink and green during Megan’s set. I mean, what the hell was that about?

I brought my RS, and went to the autograph signing. I waited close to 2 hours after the finale before the first Idol came out. Adam came out 8th. I was at the very end of the line, which turned out to be the spot to be if you’re waiting for Adam (a 13 yr. old boy "super fan" kept saying that Adam always starts at the back of the line because sometimes all the Idols don’t get to make it through the entire line, and he wants to make sure the people at the end don’t miss out entirely. The boy had several web links on his iphone he offered as evidence for those who questioned him. As I said, "super fan"). Adam had a handler (Kris had the same one) who moved him along quickly. He didn’t stop to chat, other than to ask people to move back because they were smooshing a 6 yr. old girl. He was very concerned for her. I was amazed at how beautiful he is in person. The cameras don't do him justice, and I wasn't expecting that. Usually celebs are more disappointing in person. His eyes are so bright. I was really glad I was at the end of the line, because less than 10 minutes later, the handler announced they all had to go and ushered the last 3 in (Adam, Kris, and Sarver). Kris and Sarver had just come out and only got to a handful of people. Needless to say, people were not happy. The little 6 yr. old girl was sobbing in her dad's arms because she didn’t get to meet Kris. Sarver heard her crying and turned back around (avoiding the handler) and went over to talk to her. It was sweet.

Well, that ended up longer than I anticipated! I wish I could see another show because I feel like I needed one show just to take in Adam’s vocals and another to take in the entire performance. And this was after watching all the previous concerts multiple times on youtube. I guess I know for his solo concerts, now.

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Memphis 7/26/09
morethanidsrv wrote:
I think those that have seen Adam live will agree with me when I say, go see him live if you can. The videos just don't do him justice. There is nothing like seeing and hearing him live. I mean nothing. I went to the show in Memphis last night and here are some of my thoughts.

When Adam's set started the crowd went crazy. When he walked out for WLL, I thought I'd pass out. I couldn't believe I was actually that close to him. There he was in real life. There were seconds during WLL that I couldn't hear him clearly because of the screaming and I had an excellent seat, very close to the stage. The crowd was that loud. It was pure love. I'm going to be honest, the crowd's response to him made me a little emotional. He had us eating out the palms of his hands. I screamed and jumped to the point that I had to tell myself to calm down a little. I was a little overwhelmed watching him I'll admit. I couldn't believe the number of people in that huge place that stood for his entire set. Even when he sat for Mad World the crowd was standing. His voice is one of the best I've heard in my life. I mean that. Every note was just perfect. Starlight and MW were just angelic. Oh and he had his Elvis hairdo. Gosh he's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good looking. He's really beautiful. Oh, that jacket is beautiful also.

This is where I wish I had my original post, because during my Adam high at 3am, after more than a three hour drive home from the concert, I talked about each act up to and after Adam. I was very surprised at what I thought of each act.

Yay, this post made it, although it's not even half the size of my original one. Yes, I'm still ticked about losing that post. I spent a lot of time on it this morning with no sleep.

morethanidsrv wrote:
I'm getting worried for Adam's voice. Hope is is not recording today.

If Adam's voice wasn't 100% last night, he's not human. His voice couldn't have sound better.

Oh, forgot to tell you all that I sat with Lil's family last night. Her daughters are adorable. One of her family members almost beat me screaming for Adam, his ENTIRE set. Her family was on their feet for him.

morethanidsrv wrote:
reviewer wrote:
Mad World had people sitting to enjoy it and swaying their hands.

I'm sure there were some that sat for MW, but I was in section 104, row c, the left side of the stage and as far as I could see people were standing for MW. Not that it makes a difference, because the crowd was really into Adam, period.

I hate when people lie. Reviewers must remember that others attend the concerts and can verify how the audience reacts to a performer. Well let me put it this way. The crowd, including Kris' fans, was very polite during Kris' set, because they sat during most of his set and allowed him to play without too much commotion to ruin his concentration. They did wave their phones and glo sticks while sitting. Whereas the crowd was very rude to Adam, by standing and screaming during his entire set. How did he ever get through it? That's what he gets for being the runner up...a rowdy crowd.

That crowd went ballistic for Adam. There's no denying it.

morethanidsrv wrote:
I started watching AI during the final four rock week, so I hadn't watched the other top ten perform(not even on youtube) except on finale night. At first I didn't want to see anyone but Adam but decided once I got to the show yesterday, that I'd watch everyone. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I tried to put aside anything I'd read or heard about them while listening.

I enjoyed Michael Sarver.

Megan was okay, her set was my least favorite. She's pretty though.

I LOVED Scott's first song. I was really impressed how well he sang, especially that song. I'd never heard it before and sought it out on youtube today. I also found him to be very funny. I really like this guy. I would definitely buy his CD.

Lil Rounds was impressive. I enjoyed her set and was on my feet for single ladies. Her family was great and as entertaining as she was.

Anoop can sing. He tried to sexy it on my side of the stage for a second, but I just don't find him sexy.

Matt was very impressive. This guy can sing. He put on a great performance. Some of his after song cheers were as loud as Kris' from where I sat. The crowd loved him.

Three out of top four not named Adam:

I enjoyed Allison more than I thought I would. Her energy was great. Barricuda was my favorite from her set. I loved this performance. I think her voice fits this song perfectly. I wondered after Cry Baby if she could pull Barricuda off. I guess she has that raspy, losing your voice sound. She was great.

One of the biggest surprises of the night for me was how much I enjoyed Danny's set. There, I said it. I enjoyed his set much more than Kris'. I had the same thought about his and Allison's voice sounding like they were going to go out in spots, but that may just be how they both sound naturally. I believe that Kris had louder cheers at the beginning of his set, but during and after each song, the cheers for Danny were noticeably louder. Danny needs to work on stamina. He did sound like he was getting out of breath during PYT. Also, I didn't like him straddling the mic. That was an ewwww moment for me.

I was looking for Kris' reception to be the biggest of the night since we were next door to Arkansas, but after Adams set, I knew that would be hard to pull off. He did get a big applause but Adam's was insane. Kris is cute and he has a good voice, but he was literally out sang by a few of the other idols not named Adam. He does seem like a nice guy. He and Adam did some kind of dance at the front of the stage during DSB. They were cute and it was nice to see their interaction.

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Tampa 7/28/09

courtesy ella22 -

from ontd poster

I left the Tampa show at about 12:30 tonight and see there is already quite a bit of news on here. I am trying to sort out rumors from facts. Here's what I know from being there....

We waited for Adam in the hot sun this afternoon for 2 hours along with about 200 people and saw the buses arrive. Adam got off the bus with Allison after a good long while. The whole afternoon Matt was the only idol that came out for signing. We were told that they were doing alot of meet and greets inside today.

Tonite there were about 3000 people waiting for the idols after the show. All of the idols came out for signing after the show except for Adam. We got to speak to several of them - none looked shook up and all seemed to act normal about signing.

A management person from the St Pete Times said that Adam would not be coming out for signing any more at shows because of a previous incident where someone assaulted him. I got the impression it was a grab - no weapons were mentioned. He did not say whether this happened at Tampa or some previous show previous to Tampa. He said that at the moment Adam had already left the building and was safely at the hotel so no need to wait any longer.

I could not see all the shirts in the front row but I did NOT see any anti-Adam shirts before the show started all day or during the show (I had Floor seats). The crowd was very rowdy but in a fun way tonight in TAMPA. Only one incident - down front on the floor I saw security try and keep people from clogging the aisles when they were moving up front to take photos - one of the women who moved up got a little heated and loudly shouted at security while Adam was performing because they were moving her back. Finally they called for backup and physically helped her leave - that was the only problem I noticed from my location before and during the Tampa show.

The Tampa show was incredible - Adam was one hot smexy mess with enough bumping and grinding for all. Watching him live in concert is an awesome experience. He did get a red leather whip thrown on stage and he picked it up and after hitting himself while hitting those FAME high notes, saved it onstage for later. He also picked up a pair of handcuffs and kept them instead of throwing them into the audience.

from IDF
OMG! I was AT the show and I had to read here to find out some of what happened! Seriously, it was THAT NUTS inside the arena when Adam was on stage that I missed half this stuff! I thought the red thing was a bra (apparently it was a whip) and I heard him mumble comments a few times but couldn't understand what he said because there was soooo much screaming. It was also hard to see because everyone stood up for the entire set. I think it was honesly one of the most Adam-centric audiences so far. There were even long pauses between his songs because people were just screaming and clapping so much he couldn't start the next song. I DON'T HAVE WORDS TO ADEQUATELY DESCRIBE IT...IT WAS THAT NUTS!!!! DEAFENING AND SUSTAINED SCREAMS + CLAPPING + TONS OF GLOW STICKS WAVING THE ENTIRE TIME HE WAS ON + MULTIPLE ITEMS THROWN ON STAGE...I think he actually only picked up a few things-I think alot more were on the stage. Basically, the audience lost its collective mind!!!!
I didn't see anyone with nasty t-shirts but I was in the back of the floor section so I didn't see people in the front. I did see a lot of people wearing black with glitter and blue stripes in their hair.
The tweet about Kris needing Adam to help him out (or something to that effect) may have been referring to the fact most people were sitting during Kris's set and during Hey Jude...the majority of people didn't stand up until Adam (and the other 8) came out at the end of it and honestly my sense was that the energy in the place just picked up whenever Adam was on could literally feel it.
Outside the crowd was rather was literally a couple thousand people and they were getting very rowdy. I did have the thought that there could be a riot when they started chanting "Adam, Adam" because there were soooo many people screaming it (we're talking lines 8 people deep around a very large circualr barricade + people sitting on walls +people screaming from the parking lot adjacent to the arena) and it was ALL about ADAM. Frankly the security people looked a little worried themselves and that's when they finally told people he wasn't coming out. The only reason I myself heard from security was "it's a long story".
I do hope that Adam knows how much the audience LOVED him...I work at a theme park in Orlando and deal with celebs frequently and honestly the reaction to Adam tonight was unlike anything I've ever seen. It breaks my heart that he didn't get to have any kind of interactionh with fans to be told or hear that. I really hope he could hear, see or feel some of it from the stage because this crowd LOVED him! Like that newspaper reviewer said, the audience loved others too but like the article pointed out. it was NOTHING CLOSE to what Adam received.
I'm guessing the reaction in Miami will be similar.

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My recap of the Sunrise, Florida show on 7/29/09, also posted on the main board:

Just got back from the concert.


Anyone who has the opportunity to go to the show and is on the fence about it. GO. You'll want to be able to say you saw a SUPERSTAR during his first national tour.

That Michael Sarver is one helluva showman. ;-)

In all's like a game of "Which One of These Is Not Like the Others?" There are nine (well, let's make it 8 - Megan, lovely as she is, has absolutely no business on that stage IMO) competent-to-very-good performers. Then there's Adam. No comparison, different league, all everyone has been saying all along. It's all true. He really throws the show off balance - just as he did during AI - just by being so damn superior at what he does. Anyone who says he's having vocal difficulties is, to put it bluntly, full of crap. Beautiful vocals, all around. WLL was as fierce and sexy as anyone could ever want, "Starlight" was just ethereally beautiful, as was MW (count me as one who thought she'd heard enough of that song. Still made me shiver hearing him sing it live tonight). I'm rather over "Slow Ride", but he and Allison were obviously having a great time with it, and they both sounded great. No "gifts" during the Bowie medley (I'd have been surprised if the SE Florida crowd had done anything like that), but he was slinky (the boy moves like he doesn't have a bone in his body), sexy, and theatrical in the very best way. I am not typically a "screamer" at concerts - I tend to be reserved, and it just isn't my style - but I screamed for Adam. Loudly, repeatedly, and happily. As everyone says, the set just flies by. Worth every penny I paid, just to see him.

As for the concert overall, if you've been a fan of AI Season 8, you'll have a great time. Everybody (again, with the arguable exception of Megan) sounded better than they did on the show, and definitely looked to be having a lot more fun. I was particularly impressed with Matt Giraud - as a matter of fact, his "Hard to Handle" may have been my favorite non-Adam song of the evening. He was lively, charming and was obviously having a blast. I was a little disappointed in Allison's "So What" - I love both Allison and the song, but somehow the two didn't quite gel for me. And I'm worried about her voice holding up, although she sounded fine tonight. The rest of her set was great, however, and she's a total dynamo onstage - best stage presence next to Adam's (and practically impossible to photograph without a good camera and reasonably good skills as a photographer, both of which I lack. She was all over the place, all the time.). Danny was...well, he was Danny, with everything that goes with it. His vocals were good, his preaching was not, and his final song was just about as boring as you'd expect from the cellcerts. But to be fair, by that point I was in an "Adam is NEXT!!!!!" frenzy, so I'm not sure that anything he could have done would have made me happy.

As for The Other Guy...honestly, if Adam were taken out of the equation, I wouldn't have a problem with him as the American Idol. His set wasn't particularly my cup of tea, but he performed well, and got a very positive, if more restrained, reaction from the crowd. Getting rid of NB was a good move, but I can't say I cared for the Killers song all that much more. "Heartless" has never been a knockout for me, and tonight didn't change that. "Ain't No Sunshine" was lovely, "Bright Lights" was very well done (but I enjoy that song anyway, so he was halfway there with me before he even opened his mouth), and "Hey Jude", while not my favorite song, did get people out of their seats and singing along. But it got better when the other Idols came onstage, because ADAM was back! I didn't notice any new Kradam hijinks during DSB, but I was busy trying to get photos, so I may have missed something. I haven't looked at my photos yet, but I'm not anticipating anything too great - the camera is so damn slow that in the time between I pressed the shutter and the photo actually got taken, the person had inevitably moved. Sugar and spice fared much better than I, photo-wise.

Some general observations. If it wasn't a sellout, it was damn close. I wouldn't say the crowd was dead, but according to sugar and spice it definitely lacked the OTT enthusiasm of the Tampa audience. Our seats were AWESOME - 7th row on the floor, almost dead center. The only negative aspect to that is that the proximity meant I felt compelled to take advantage of it by trying to get photos, and I know I missed out on some things as a consequence. I sat next to a woman in her mid-50s, who was attending with her 19 year old daughter. Both of them were Glamberts, and left during "Heartless" to get to the barricades. :-) Actually, from the conversations I heard, we were surrounded by Glamberts. Why am I not surprised?

BTW, I think it's safe to say that if you want a reasonable chance of successfully interacting with the Idols at the barricades, you'd better leave before the concert is over. Given the stalker concerns, and the resulting likelihood that Adam would not sign at the barricades, sugar and spice and I stayed for the whole show. By the time we got out, the crowds at the barricades were massive. We briefly considered trying our luck anyway, but ultimately decided against it. If Adam did come out and sign, well, such is life.

And finally, I'd like to say that sugar and spice was an awesome person to share the concert with - having her there with me made it so much more fun - and we're hoping for a repeat when Adam heads out on his real tour!

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Part 1 (Tampa)

Tuesday July 28, 2009: I woke up early as usual because even when I'm off work I can't sleep in not to mention I was stoked for the concert and sleep just wasn't in the cards for me once my eyes popped open.

First things first I HAD to paint my nails black. I'd been trying for a week but kept screwing them up. I got them perfect! didn't even get polish on my skin (which I always do) and I thought "this is gonna be a GREAT DAY! next I had to take something to Quest Diagnostic for my daughter who is being tested for Cron's disease...note to self you have to wait to drop shit off (and I mean that literally people LOL)....

anyway, I wait for almost 20 minutes to drop off the "sample" and I'm already running late to pick up my friend so we can go stalk the venue... I drop off the "sample" the nurse looks at me like a tard cuz it's been two weeks since they gave us the test and it's only supposed to take three days.... I say "hey what could I do? it's not like I can poop for her and she only went three times in two weeks...that's why she's doing these tests in the first place"

So I come out of the lab happy as a clam because FINALLY I'm on my way... I get in my car, turn on my Ipod, I'm happy because it's playing Feelin Good (studio version) and away I go. Well I'm backing out and this very strange man is standing in the parking lot pointing at me and I'm like "WTF dude, do I know you?" He's freakin me out so I panic a little and BAM... I run into a car behind me. NICE! I accidently her headlight and front bumper.... He was apparently pointing at her trying to tell me to stop.. DUH... She was very nice we traded info..well really I just gave her my insurance card and told her to file the claim cuz I had to go... The funny part is my immediate thought wasn't "oh shit I just hit someone" it was "thank god the concert is still 6 hours away and this won't mess up my night"

I pick up my friend we head over...I'm confused cuz I paid $10 to park in the $5 lot by getting the parking with my original tickets... what the hell? oh well... whatever.... We park and hang for a bit by the entrance where the buses will come in but I keep expecting Satan to show up cuz it's JUST that HOT outside. I'm fair skinned, I don't want skin cancer, so we decide to be bold and go eat lunch and forgo the bus stalking.

We have hooters grilled cheese sandwiches YUM.... hate hooters though cuz I always feel like those girls are pickin their wedge before they bring me my food and that's just nasty... okay, I grossed myself out.. nice...

it's getting to be about that time and we have to find someplace to get ready so we trek to the mall. I find the most AWESOME pair of jeans... we're talkin sisterhood of the travelin pants jeans... they say size 8 but I know I'm a size 10 and damn if the dont' FIT perfectly, in length and in waist which never happens... so of course I MUST get them even if they are almost $30 and I didn't plan on buying jeans... go to the register and HOLY SHIT... they are on sale and I get them for $16!!! HELL YEAH...

We go the venue and it's time for the show....

So we are in sec 130 row 7.. it's right off the floor and the seats are pretty good... we're surrounded by Adam fans of course. Everyone loves my Freckle Sexual shirt and I have to explain it to a few people but once I do we've formed a freckle sexual club because everyone wants to lick the freckle on Adam's bottom lip but I'll cut a bitch before they jump in front of me in line... just sayin.

We're sitting in front of this really sweet looking old lady, her daughter and her grand-daughter who is 8. Gramma and grand daughter are glamberts... mom is just the driver apparently. We strike up a conversation due to my over effusive Adam talk to anyone and everyone who will listen. We chat about his RS issue. She thinks it was brilliant. She loves that he's out and proud (she's at least in her 60s btw) and she had very dirty thoughts about him LOL... At one point we're talking about sex tapes or something and she very matter factly says "Adam said he doesn't have one" then she adds "damn it" BWAH! granny wants a sex tape from Adam... love it.

There are three more older ladies (probably 60s at least) two rows up... very cute and funny and glamberty. Buttons and pins and sparkles oh my... they show up in my sunrise story too so let's just say it must be nice to be retired with disposible income... and now I'm wondering if they aren't Adam's stalker LOL...j/k....

Here we go...

Michael: Decent voice, kind of stiff, with practice he's make a very good lounge singer

Megan: beautiful. Had birds nest on her head and ugly hot pink satin dress. They put her into the stepford wife machine and spit out something that I don't even recognize as the quirky, indie girl I saw on idol. Her voice is pretty but limited.

Scott: Voice better in person than on show. Still think blind people should wear sunglasses cuz it freaks me out when they are "looking" at me but I know they can't see me...

Lil: good energy, better than on the show but still feels like she's trying too hard to find herself in other artists.

Anoop: well the fact that I had to come back to do his because I forgot sums up his set. NEXT!

Matt: HOLY SHIZ!! HOT. Talented. off the chain. The show officially started with Matt IMO. they could gut the bottom 5 and have one hell of a great show. Matt's piano playing is off the hook. I can see why BB said Matt's talent intimidated him. Matt SHOULD be signed LONG before Chokey!

Group performance: actually entertaining and fun surprisingly.

Allison: Love her! my only complaint is she's such a spaz that it's almost impossible to get a picture of her. Her voice is raw and I'm not sure that bodes well for a lifetime of singing. She clearly needs to be taught how to bring the growl without grinding her chords into pieces.

Gokey: I looked through what few pictures I had.... he bores me and he preached at me... get off the stage bitch.



So.. everything you guys said was TRUE..

the crowds sceamed everytime his face appeared. There were more shirts and signs for Adam than anyone else.. it felt like Planet Fierce and we were just waiting for a our leader!

The countdown begins and my heartbeat quickens. I'm not sure I'll stay upright but I'm determined to do my best. Adam's package is the best out of all of them in my biased opinion. His pictures are fabulous.

Opening strains of WLL start and as I've admitted already I began to cry. NOt like Boo HOO cry but my eyes teared up and spilled water out of them... It was such a surreal moment and something that I had been waiting for and talking about for weeks now... yes, I'm making excuses for my fantardiness... sue me...

anyway, I dry my eyes and focus on the performance. HOT. He never fails to make me feel like I've just been fucked when he performs WLL and I mean that in a good way. The song is so down and dirty that it redfines family friendly on the AI stage. Side note...if AI is worried about Family Friendly they should perhaps stop serving BOOZE so these people can get smashed at the concert. I'm sorry if you have to drink your way through the show perhaps you're in the wrong place.

There is hips thrusting, mic stand abusing and just overall smexy goodness. Love it.

Then he does starlight (which I got on video if anyone can explain to me how to convert to a wav file I'll download it to youtube. SL is my favorite song in his set. It's so spacey sounding (I want to say etherial but I'm sure I'm spelling it wrong LOL)>...

okay... so for Starlight I decide to video tape but I'm seriously swaying like I might pass out so my friend takes the camera from me and tapes it for me (again how do I convert from my memory card cuz it's such a pretty video IMO).... All I can do is stand there with my hands covering my mouth so I don't scream and totally ruin the moment. It was mesmerizing. His voice is beyond amazing on that song. Like it washes over you and you're just taken to a whole new level of ecstacy. whew...

Then he did Mad World. I love mad world but not as much as the girl standing next to me. Right before he started she said "I wish he'd do Mad World" and I just looked at her knowingly and the song starts and she loses her shit right there. I thought I was gonna have to catch HER this time. talk about fangirl flailing....

Adam then stops for a second to thank all of us "sparkly beautiful people" and at that moment I thought he must be talking directly to me because I AM sparkly...I bought glitter bitches and it's all over my eyes and I KNOW he can see that from the stage.... side note... that stuff doesn't come off easily and going to work the next day with glitter on your face illicits some odd looks LOL..

He introduces Allison and it's time for us to take a slow ride on the G rated Sex train. He's a bit less flaunty but still you can tell he he's all about the sex. Even toned down that boy oozes sex. He does roll his hips suggestively which is always enough to send the girls (and boys) into fits of screaming hysteria. I like the way these two interact together. They have great chemistry and clearly adore each other. A glittery sparkly bra got tossed on stage and of course Allison points it out to BB and he goes and picks it up, and twirls it and flings it back to the adoring audience. I think he's touched more bras on this tour than he ever thought he would in a lifetime and he seems to be enjoying every minute of it.


HOLY SHIT..I'd watched the Bowie Medley but I was NOT prepared for what it was like to actually WATCH him swirl and circle those hips, pump the air and basically fuck me stupid from 200 feet away. He was ON FIRE and so was the crowd. Shit was flying on stage at break neck speed. Bras, panties and flowers galore.

When he picked up the whip I thought it was a thong and was surprised then he slaps his thigh with it twice and then whips his own ass and I was like OMG ME NEXT ME NEXT BB!! My friend Amy is beside me and all she can say is OH MY...OH MY GOD.... for let's dance the voice, the moves, everything was just amazing. This boy knows how to perform. He knows what the crowd wants and he gives it to them and even more...

When he finishes and starts to sink into the stage your screaming in your head (and out your mouth if you're me and the thousands of other people in the arena) NOOOO DON"T GOOOOOO! the stage goes dark and....

Suddenly there's Kris standing inthe middle of the stage with uber tight pants on holding his guitar and sorry, I love Kris but I just want to shove him off stage and beg Adam to come back on....and I think pretty much everyone else felt the same way.

In Tampa we only stayed through Heartless because we wanted to get to the barricades and honestly my Friend wasn't impressed with Kris at all. She wondered why, if he has an entire band behind him he comes out with an acoustic guitar and "pretends" (her words not mine) to play. She points out that the guitar isn't even mic'd so whatever...

Barricades are NUTS....we're standing next to this lady who I almost decked cuz she was drunk and really pissing me off. There are kids and from my vantage point hundreds of people all chanting ADAM ADAM ADAM.... it was crazy making... it was disappointing that he didn't come out but I got a kick ass show and that's all I could ask for....

Part 2
now onto Sunrise.....this review will be short and sweet...

Anyway.. Sunrise...

Highlights of my trip:
I start my drive at 2:30 p.m. figuring I have plenty of time cuz it's a straight shot all 75 south and I'll get there with time to spare.... only NOT... I'm probably the only person in the world who can get lost going straight... but I did's embarassing how directionally impaired I am.... I need to apply for disability and just never leave my house except with a guide...

Alligator Alley doesn't have gas stations... didn't know this.... scared the shit out of myself cuz I almost ran out of gas.... also... Sunrise or whatever that surrounding area is called doesn't have a gas station on every corner like they do down here in St. Pete... WTF?

I find gas....after some nice man took pity on me and practically got him my car and drove me there himself (really he just went 10 miles out of his way so I could follow him but same difference).... then I find the venue....

Parking is $20? the hell you say? So the sisterhood of the traveling pants pants are CHEAPER than it was for me to PARK? homey say what? good thing I had extra money....

I get inside and find my seat and there is Boca... she is SO adorable! I have a picture of us but not posting unless she says okay... and disclaimer I photograph way fatter than I look in person.... (in my own mind anyway LOL)....

The seats are AWESOME..... I text my friend Amy (the one from the Tampa show) who loaned me a phone in case I got lost (see everyone knows my impairment and plans accordingly)... my text reads: "OMG I'm so close to the stage he could totally poke me in the eye with his dick when he gyrates" LOL

The lil old ladies from Tampa are there.. I spot them and run over to say hi... it's like old home week..we laugh, we hug... they tell me they are going to Charlotte this weekend... I officially hate old people cuz I'm not one and want to go....

The 8 before Adam are the same... except tonight Megan's hair is straight and she looks great... still hate the hot pink getup they put her in... but whatever.

Adam.... oh adam.... just amazing. You'd think after all the youtubes and having just seen him the night before I'd be kinda like "okay..yeah... cool" HELL NO... I was screaming my head off.... he was extra bendy during the Bowie Medley.. got video... HELP ME PEOPLE need to convert and download! it's EPIC!

This time I stayed through Kris and he was really good. But it is a little of a let down following Adam poor kid. He gets really into his music and he's fun to watch... However, perhaps they could get him a "baby" piano cuz you can barely see him behind the piano cuz he's so tiny....

DSB is all kinds of fun and I got pictures....lots and lots of pictures.... and then it's over....

We didn't wait by the barricades because by the time we got out there it was six people deep and I knew the chances of Adam coming out were slim to none so we left.

soooo in conclusion here is my Adam adventures in nutshell

Tickets: $476.00
Parking $30.00
various "gear" $60
Program, tshirt and picture $67
hitting some lady and killing her headlight: estimate of damage not in but let's go with $600
speeding ticket on the way home from sunrise $238.00
new camera which is going back to pay for ticket $240.00

Seeing BB twice in two days and having the time of my life? PRICELESS!! I'd do every bit of it again... including the headlight and ticket... cuz BB is worth it....

oh and on a final note... I drive all the way home...get here around 2:15 am... and waiting for me on my doorstep is my tour program and Adam picture which I had ordered back in July 3, 2008.... and I know ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!!!

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(This is also in the main thread, copying here to keep things organized.)

Hi all, back from the Tampa show. Adam owes me 2 new complete sets of ears. I hope my hearing is operational again soon.

Anyway, that is neither here nor there! First, let me just say that I had an AWESOME time and Adam was stupendous. I actually thought I might end up getting there late because I had to wait on my son who had a new job orientation at 2 p.m. today. But we made it on time thankfully.

So, I was there with a friend, my son, and my son's girlfriend (who did NOT like Adam and came away from the concert liking Adam). We sat next to some super awesome Adam fans and I invited them here. I also sat next to a non-Adam fan on my other side who I not invite here. It was kinda funny because when we sat down, the Adam fans said, "OH! Adam fans!" ....and the non-Adam fan sat down next to me and said, "Oh......Adam fans." (Do you hear the difference through my typing?)

Does anyone want to hear about the 8 opening acts that came before Adam? OH! Yes, I must comment on Megan's hair DEAR LORD! She looked like the Bride of Frankenstein. For real. I hope that surely someone snapped a photo for posterity. I was in such a hurry that I forgot my camera tonight so I wasn't able to capture the atrocity that was her hair. My friend mentioned it might have been the "Florida humidity." Um, no. (Megan, if you are reading, sorry, no offense, but just horrendous!) She didn't sound very good either I'm sorry to say.

But to backtrack, I enjoyed Michael somewhat, he got the crowd up and bopping around.

I actually thought that Scott sounded MUCH better live than on the show. I was totally indifferent to him on the show. I enjoyed his songs tonight.

Lil was fine. Anoop was boring to me, and I spent some time looking around at the crowd. I was amazed to see the entire arena was filled to the brim. TO THE BRIM. That's 3 levels. In fact I heard that it was sold out completely. That place holds quite a lot of people.

Well let's see...okay Matt next. He was fun actually. But honestly by this point I just wanted the opening acts to disappear.

Allison was good, very energetic, sounded fine to me. Danny was unbearably long and looked much skinnier in person. I was actually jumping up and down in excitement for MUP toward the end of Danny's set. People probably thought I was being very enthusiastic for Gokey.

Then Danny finally left and the deafening roar started. There had been cheering for the other contestants but the yelling for Adam was eardrum-shattering.

Okay I'll be honest here, I don't really even know what happened because it seemed like it all lasted like 5 seconds and like I was in a fugue state or something. Seriously! Random thoughts though....EVERYONE stood up that I could see from where I was in the 8th row. Everyone was LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD (me too). Stuff flew onto the stage constantly....bras (I think), whip, handcuffs, lots more underwear. Just stuff constantly flying it seemed like. Previously the only thing I noticed flying onto the stage was a rose for someone....Gokey? Not sure. MUP sounded amazing. He is a STAR. We knew that...I know. I saw him blow a kiss, but not sure to who, I couldn't see.

I'm sorry I can't speak more coherently about our Adam but's almost surreal really. I am glad I will always get to say that I attended the first concert of Adam Lambert, even if it was an AI tour. If anyone is on the fence about going....just go.

Kris's set was....fine. EVERYONE sat down in the rows in front of me for the very first time the entire night. He did get lots of cheers but nothing like Adam. I noticed some people leaving.

Those are my random thoughts about tonight, hope they make sense!

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Recap from Baltimore, MD 8/5/09

Back from Baltimore. My ears have not popped yet after the screaming teenagers behind me temporarily deafened me. Ended up behind a tall guy who stood a lot and took pictures with his hands raised over his head the entire time, plus apparently the only girl on the floor with a freakin' sign. Haven't looked at my pix yet - but have a bad feeling as I had to dodge the two mentioned.
eta: as i posted later - pix came out fine.

Venue definitely not a sell out. Maybe 60%?

First 6: Liked everyone - even Megan (seemed to have an on night.) Niece1's SigOther was quite pleased! She has glitter on her tattoos. Niece2's Hubby liked Michael - thought he was sincere and down to earth. Niece2 liked that he really worked the stage. Scott - way better than on the show - I enjoyed him. Nieces thought Lil was sassy. (I really enjoyed her set, too.) Anoop got a ton of love. Niece 1 thought he looked hot. Wanted to like him more - he gestures too much for my taste. Matt ... good but not up to the hype I've been hearing. Maybe an off night? Top 6 group number - OK. Scott and Matt best.

Alison - rocked! Was afraid I would not like her set, but loved it! Gokey - not as bad as I thought he'd be, but way too much of him. So bored by the end (but audience lovin' it and singing along.)

Adam - PANDEMONIUM! (but see ears/popping; tall guy& sign/dodging.) Elvis hair - not fond. Belt buckle is very glittery - missing the crystal pendant. Most of audience on their feet all the way through. Nieces and sig others all blown away! Talk of the car on the ride home. Adam is one hella entertainer!

Kris - (scroll if you are not a fan) I thought his set rocked, too! FLOVED it. Plenty people up and dancing 1st two songs - sat for Ain't No Sunshine, singing along to Bright Lights and up and singing for Hey Jude. The kid is just having a great time on stage and was a joy to watch. Some people sat? Some people left? Pfft - good for me - the clearest view of the stage I had all night.

DSB - total audience participation! (Actually - the audience sang along on pretty much everything except Adam's numbers - they just watched and listened to him!) I was blocked by tall guy and sign girl again.

Oh and one more thing - that thing people report about some of the songs (e.g. Starlight) sounding freakishly high? In full effect where I sat tonight (7th row center). Adam sounded like he was on helium. I noticed later in a couple of Kris' songs as well. Weird!

Overall great high energy concert - and a good time was had by all! Which makes me one relieved aunt. =)

Looking forward to doing this again with friends - too stressful with family!

eta: oh and they did have signing out by the buses - which forced anyone wanting to bypass and get to the garage to walk in the street with the frickin' traffic. Good for the waiting hordes, I guess (and there were a lots o' folks) - really bad for the pedestrians. 8/

Baltimore pictures: ... 3748_XGPXj

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Atlantic City, NJ August 7, 2009

Once upon a time I used to give fantastic concert recaps, but it seems lately I am reduced to bullet points! Maybe it's a time thing. Or maybe it's just part of aging and being impatient with writing... I don't know, but I'm not sure this is going to be any more coherent than Baltimore, after all. =D

First, I have to say that when I start doing multi-concerts, a lot of the fun come from meeting up with board peeps. In AC I reconnected with my long-time concert bud WinkyDink (who just may have tipped me over to trying for the Reading, PA concert!), and finally got to put a face and voice to Deezer (whose name I have known for a long time). And - I got to meet new people! FTR, jerseytrash is so NOT (trash, I mean). She is fantastic and funny. You'da thought we'd known each other for years if you'd heard us chit chatting. And Scarlett (with her adorable hubby) is totally fabulous! She is warm and cool at the same time and her model pix don't even do her justice! Really - if the concert had sucked, I would have still enjoyed the tme for meeting up with some great folks.

However, the concert did not suck. =)

I was so puzzled last night when I was reading the Idol comments about how tough the crowd was, because energy-wise, I thought last night was twice as super-charged as Baltimore. It's true that a lot of people sat a lot (yes - even for Adam; I took the time to look back during every set to see what was going on.) But even from their seats people were singing along and waving arms/glowsticks/cell phones. I think part of the thing may be that from the stage, with that much light on the stage, a performer can probably only distinctly see a few rows out. And the earpieces block out extraneous noise. So if people are enthusiastic in their seats, the people on stage can't really tell what they are doing at all. (although they may see the glowy stuff.) That's speculation, of course, but it makes sense to me.

A word about the venue - I really liked Boardwalk Hall. It seems to have the same number of seats as 1st Mariner, but everything just seemed...closer. I imagine because it is not primarily a sports arena. I was a little concerned about my seat - it was 2d row, but all the way over to the left of the floor. But it turned out to be great - it was really barely off the side corner of the thrust stage, and we were able to wander pretty freely out and around up to the stage area. So my views were very unobstructed, which is always a big deal because I am 5 foot nuttin' (me and jerseyt - con.nek.shun!)

So anyway - the concert.

Hell - what do I know? I watch concerts through a viewfinder (the little one - I cannot use the screen; that would require I have my glasses on. Not to mention using more battery power!). I'm so glad when there is good video so I can see what I missed. (Which apparently includes all these distracting backgrounds - I am focused on the performer du temps, and have no idea what is behind them!) I go by what I hear. What I heard was enthusiastic support for everyone! I will say, that it is likely that over the course of 20 shows, everyone has just gotten more used to the routine and some of the awkward moments and bad notes of early reports have just worked themselves out. Or I'm oblivious. But I don't think so.

Michael does a good job opening the show, covers the stage well and the audience seems to relate to him. Megan - in the two shows I've seen, she has been on with her singing and I have really enjoyed both her numbers. They really do seem to suit her voice. I think Scott is great on his numbers. (Funny thing - in reviewing my pictures from last night - I had a much better angle for Scott, and apparently I took advantage of this by snapping continuously. I have s-o-o many pictures of Scott. Sitting at a piano. BWAH! He does have awesome detail on his jacket sleeve, though - a sequined fleur-de-lis. *g*). My girl Lil - yeah, MMV a little from Scarlett and jerseyt. Maybe 'cuz I'm a single lady. HEE! Anyway... she probably is the most "kareoke" of the bunch, but I think she performs with great enthusiasm and gets a lot of energy going in the crowd as a whole. I don't know that I've heard the "running out of breath" thing that has been reported, but in the chorus of single ladies she picks kind of an odd spot in the repeat lines to stop singing and let the audience fill in, and maybe it seems like she can't finish the phrases?

So - Anooooooooop! I liked him much better last night in AC than I did in Baltimore. I did not notice so many cheesy gestures. A funny thing to watch - I mentioned the staff let people wander kinda freely into the open spaces? For Anoop a whole crowd of folks just came running up the aisle in front of the stage to get pictures. Seriously! I hope Anoop noticed. I smiled - I thought it was sweet. I also enjoyed Matt's set way better last night. Maybe I was just cranky in B-more!

I paid more attention to the first group number this time. And again - I thought everyone did a great job with it. Scott and Matt totally do steal it on the pianos, though!

Have I mentioned yet how nice it is to have an AI tour NOT hosted by PopTarts? No endless time-wasting crap before the show or during the intermission. No pictures with Mr. PopTart or t-shirt canons or stupid Guitar-hero battles stretching the intermission out to 40 freakin' minutes. Just a few Idol videos, a promo for SYTYCD, a promo for the Idol experience at Disney and... lights out!

Up on Allison! Girl is a rock chick, pure and simple. She is energy personified and poured into her numbers. She is young and raw yet and maybe doesn't get the nuance of a more seasoned performer *coughadamcough*, but she is something to watch on stage. Well, for me anyway!

Danny. ~sigh~ I keep trying. He certainly is enjoying himself on stage. I wish I enjoyed him as much as he does. I think part of it is, I don't much care for his set. I think he does OK with PYT, but I don't really like the song much. Maria Maria - eh. And everything else just goes on too long for me. Country stuff - not my thing. And My Wish is just end.less. But I am in a minority, because he had great response from the crowd. Lots of dancing and singing with him, lots of cheers. So good for Danny. I agree with - was it Scarlett? - he really needed AI and I think he will do well for his time there. And if they really are going to ask him to go country, those are probably good choices for his set, because he can guage the audience response to it - which seems to be very positive.

ScarlettStVitus wrote:
ADAM: Amazing, of course... I really don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said. Maybe newland21 or jerseytrash can give you their impressions on his set.
Well - I can't add much either! It really has all been said.

Adam is performance art.

ScarlettStVitus wrote:
Kris: I enjoyed Kris. From what I could hear the cheers for Kris were about the same as for Adam. Newland21 or jerseytrash might have a different opinion/experience in their section. People stood for Adam’s entire set and for Heartless, but a lot of people started sitting down during Kris’ second and third songs. We stayed standing...
I did not have a different experience regarding the cheering for Kris. It seemed just about as loud. And I guess on the sitting - Kris' third song is Ain't no Sunhine on the piano. It really is not a "standing" song (Though Scarlet was certainly not the only one who remained standing.) It is a beautiful heartfelt rendition that sort of invites people to sit and listen. To me - it is not an energy "drain", but it definitely is a different kind of energy. So to anyone who wants to stay on that kind of performance "high" - no question, that song is going to bring you down from it. In that regard, it may not be a great choice for this concert. But Kris puts his heart and soul into it - I have no doubt he is singing it to Katy every night.

I think Kris builds the energy again with Bright Lights, which starts at the piano, but ends in an electric guitar jam. Kris just loves that guitar and I love watching him when he is playing it - he does the cutest moves. He is seriously as bouncy as Tigger when he is jamming on the guitar!

Hey Jude may be the biggest cheesefest ever - but I will tell you for the most part the whole frickin' audience embraces the cheese! I looked back at a mass of waving lights, and heard 10,000 people singing along. It's an AI concert for pete's sake - it's the definition of cheese!

So - to end quickly (because they are about to kick me out of my hotel room!) - no question that Adam's re-arrival at the end of HJ ratchets the energy back up - just in time for Don't Stop Believin' to create a fitting feel-good ending to the night. The bubbles are a nice touch. *g*

All I know - is I left the concert all happy. And that works for me!

(hmm - I guess it ended up more than bullet points! Still not sure about the coherence...)

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Atlantic City recap from jerseytrash

First I just want to say how totally awesome it was to meet newland21 and Scarlett and although it was brief - WinkyDink. I know a lot of people dont like their worlds colliding but I love it!

About the tough AC crowd: This was my very first AI Tour concert ever so I dont really know what to compare it to. I was sitting 6th row dead center (and yes, I had bubble residue) it was a very mixed age crowd - some really young kids and then mostly people in their 40's and up (although there was a very cool Adam girl who sat behind me - she was prolly in her late 20's, early 30's - we bonded over being there solo.) Everyone in my section was very friendly and we quickly established that most of us were there for Adam. I'm not sure whether it's because Adam fans are easily spotted (wearing black or looking rocker-ish) but I think this was a heavily Adam/Kris crowd which isn't all that surprising because you have to be pretty effing dedicated to brave the Atlantic City Expressway in the summer on a Friday afternoon.

Now I want to say that the show overall was about 100 x's better than I expected. I have a pretty good ear and there wasn't a single bum note the whole night - which honestly surprised me given the early vids. And not that I'm sticking up for my hometown paper (the AC Press) but I do kind of get the reviewer's lame analogy/metaphor. The early vids coming out everyone EXCEPT Adam kinda sucked. The tour is half over - and no one "sucked" last night IMO. They all filled the stage and sounded pretty good. The only one who I had a strong negative reaction to was Lil. I didnt like her set at. all. I was actually offended by it. I didn't realize it before but all her covers are songs that were originally sung by current black female artists and her singing them felt gratuitous to me. And a little racist. YMMV.

About the standing: People stood to dance and the only ones who sang really danceable songs were Danny and Adam. Yes, I admit it, I stood and danced to Gokey - but the band sounded great, his singing wasn't annoying and the girl in front of me was taller (easy I'm only 5 ft), I didn't really have to look at him too much and get pissed about all the stuff he bit off of Adam. I had fun.

Adam - what can I say that hasn't already been said and better? He's stunning. His voice fills the room and your head in a way that can't be articulated. He definately sang "Baby". His stroking of the mic stand on WLL is seriously one of the hottest things I've ever seen live. And now I will say something very controversial: I also can't wait for the tour to be over because Adam, of all the Idols, will benefit most from being outside the Idol bubble. It's that whole "growth" meme from the show all over again. The others (especially Kris) are benefitting from the touring experience and are frankly, improving. Adam - starts out singing and performing phenomenally and stays phenomenal so every nuance is over analyzed to death and when he doesn't redo the identical peak moment show-to-show, there's criticism.

If you're not interested in hearing anything positive about Kris, just skip the rest of my post:

Again, Kris benefitted from my low expectations. :) I felt like the Heartless segui from Adam's set worked musically and overall he was much more dynamic than I ever thought he would be. Plu he sang good. The Killers' song in particular really benefitted from the MFB and the lead guitarist. On a negative note, two songs - one with him at the piano which I honestly didn't recognize; I still couldn't tell you what song it was and Hey Jude were very eh for me. Hey Jude just felt like an energy drain for the end of his set. It felt too old fashioned and karaoke.

DSB was funner - they all sounded good - even Megan. Adam didn't sing the crazy high end note but I totally understand - he has North Jersey and NY coming up. Smart guy - saving his voice.

All in all, I had a totally Adamazing day!

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Newark, NJ August 9, 2009

Copy and paste my own re-cap from the main forum:

I hope my re-cap make sense but here go nothing.

First off, I love Newark and I mentioned before I lived here for 4.5 years during my college years. I got lost a bit with driving (didn't I not just make 5 million wrong turns amberwaves) but we got there. The whole week I checked weather and it was supposed to be gorgeous. I didn't realize the impending doom was coming until this morning when I woke up and it was raining outside. My plan was to leave home early, take a train up to NYC, walk around and meet up with amberwaves, well rain happened and I decided to stay in and drive up instead. I went to this concert with my 2 younger sisters and one of them was our photographer tonight and I will figure a place to post photos. We got to Newark and picked up amberwaves at Newark Penn Station. Before I got her, we were trying to figure out how to get to the Penn Station and we drove pass Prudential Center and we saw their buses. I got a bit freak out and kept telling my sisters, "Dude, those are totally there buses! Dude, buses! They are here! OMG the buses". Yeah, I was nut even before I step my feet in the venue!

Then we got to our parking space which was really a good space and handy because it was right across the street from the barricades. When we walked toward the venue we were discussing whether those barricades we saw were the actual barricades. I told amberwaves and my sisters that I saw Adam's picture at barricades and this should be the place. We got our confirmation when we got to the door and amberwaves asked a security guy about it. She also got us into restroom too! LOL, my sisters and I really needed to go, it was a bit of a drive from Lambertville to Newark, a bit over an hour because traffic was bad. It is Sunday and people were trying to get back into the city and everything. Before we went in, crowd went nut and then we saw Danny, Scott and Todd (Scott's brother) walking from somewhere and went into a door toward backstage. Danny was holding his hand out and swiped people hands that were there cheering him on and ran toward the door. I called out to Scott. I have an epic story about Scott and Todd story at the barricades. I will tell at the end of this recap.

Anyway we got in and saw our seats and I think we were pretty content with our seat Floor B ROW 19(right amberwaves?). I really don't care if anyone read this re-cap and totally called us out because they know my seat. Actually, I think I do a little, oh well. I think we were being pretty tame, I think. Then we went to get food. Oh, people were so right, whenever Adam's face came up on the jumbotron, it accompanied by loud scream and cheer; mind you these clips were on loop both before the show and during intermission, yet they still scream consistently! Only for him. Love is love! So after we downed our food my sister spot awesomeness about 5 rows in front of us, yep you got it, NEIL "SUPER BRO" LAMBERT! My sister was like, "Is that Neil?" and I turned around and saw his face and I was like, "Oh my God! It's Neil!" Then I informed amberwaves who was testing her camera. We took pictures and he was totally looking at us strangely according to my sister (I think I had my flash on so that gave it away a little). Probably thinking either, "Why are they taking pictures of me?" or "Those pictures better not end up on internet somewhere." or "Damn, strange people!" You saw amberwaves's picture of him but I won't post mine up only because I feel like family members should not be having their pictures taken in this manner, it was a bit paparazzi and stalker-ish. I took picture of him without his consent you know, so I feel a bit shameful of it. It was on an impulse, sorry Neil! You are quite irresistible from time to time. I might even erase mine, I am pondering about it. Though sadly we didn't spot Leila and Neil kind of gone away somewhere. He was talking to few people. He was not sitting there for sure and that's probably why we didn't see Leila. Then we saw crews climbing this rope ladder up toward the light and my sister and I were like, "Ummm, are we at Cirque du Soleil?"

And on with the show! Ok, to me they were all really good from where I was standing/sitting. Totally on their top form and I am not being nice, I am being pretty realistic. I think they are all extremely decent live.

I have heard that Michael Sarver has been pretty good so far and yeah, he was really good. I mean we only heard him sung like what? 3 times before he went out, so I think he did pretty good. Most improved I would say.

Megan was on par. I think she sound exactly like how she was on the show. She was decent and I think she looks great too.

Scott did really well. Though I knew he was good but I think he is a great musician. I think he didn't get enough credit for that. He can rock that piano!

Lil was great. Love the dance. She was really into it. The singing was totally on too. Her songs fit her really well.

Anoop was really nice. His set is a bit mellow I feel. He got a nice voice as well.

Matt shouldn't finished 5, I think he is much more talented than Danny in term of music wise. His set was so perfect for him. He sound great and I hope he got sign.

I love the first group performance! They were amazing! I really enjoy it. I love men in plain white button down, black tie and black suit! Simple, classic, elegant and look great on all of them. Lil and Megan were great as well.

Allison! Wow that girl was rocking the night! I can't believe she is 17 sometime. I really enjoy "So What". Her set is my second fav after Adam. I am sorry but I like to be rocking when I am at concert.

Danny has good voice. His set is 5 on my list. I know he can sing but I want more from him in term of being different. I feel like whatever he is exploring is not fitting him well. He needs to find his style and go with it. I really don't want to say this at all but those dance moves and routines are like coming from Adam's playbook. I know imitation is a form of sincerity but I want Danny to be himself and excel on his own term. I kind of want him to do well so he can be happy with himself.

Obviously, Adam was amazing and not only that he performed like there is no tomorrow, he totally improvising too. I love it that he is keeping everything fresh and staying in the moment. I can't really list what he did but the way he sang certain words in certain songs a bit different from what I have heard. I didn't watch that many but I think tonight is definitely different. "Whole Lotta Love" was just plain fun and sexy! The vocal was powerful. The dance and gyrating were so fluid; it was amazing. I love it! "Starlight" was gorgeous! The hand movement and go with the lyric was great! Beautiful vocal! But you know after watching GMA version, I am torn which I like better. I like both a lot though. What is there to be said about "Mad World" that hasn't been said. Yet, watching it for the 5,000,000th time and still feel like something new? He is sure as hell know how to switch it up. I don't remember exactly where but there were parts that he sang differently. The way he sang some of the words were totally new to me. "Slow Ride" was fun! A lot of articles of clothing indeed! They were both so entertaining! One part Allison picked up that jock strap and say, "EW!" LOL, funny! He was swinging bras and throwing them back, it was fun! The only song I am not familiar with from Bowie medley was "Life on Mars?" but I know "Fame" and "Let's Dance" pretty well. I love it! The sexy dance and striping off the leather jacket were HOT! Seriously, I have never scream that loud before and I do scream a lot in real life! I am anticipating shortage of voice tomorrow. Oh, I think he hair didn't get enough moose/gel tonight because boy it was flying and flipping the whole time, but I love it! Did I mentioned that he was amazing to behold in real life even if 19 rows back? Yeah, I am totally going to follow his career like white on rice!

Kris was as expected which is exactly good. Let me put this out there; yes, vocally he is not as strong as Adam but he doesn't need to be. He is excellent the way he his and I am glad for that. I have no preference on music so I have great appreciation for his work as well. So yes, I like his set a lot too. He sound great live as well.

I LOVE "DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'", it was fun and they were great! LOVE OUR BOY LAST NOTE!

I don't know if this is true but I think there were few people with different wardrobe tonight.

Bottom line, they were all great in there own way and with their own thing. I know few people here only like Adam but for me I like him the best. Just because I enjoy someone work, it doesn't shut the door for me to appreciate others. If I was crazy about Adam before, I need to be sent to mental institute to get some treatment for this incurable obsession. This concert cemented my fate! Oh, and by the way, I am strongly contemplating on going to Philly show on Aug. 20th.

So after the show, I went out and I was preparing to not be up front at the barricades but I went down farther and guess what, there were some spot down the line. I was behind this group of young girls but then they left because they couldn't wait I guess. I got really lucky there I am telling you. There was no way I could have got upfront coming out after everything was over. I was with my little sister then my photographer sister who went back to the car came back to the barricades. Even before any of the idols were out, rain was coming already softly. My little sister had to run back to get umbrella. We got our tour program for autograph. I have the RS and EW with me but as much as I love Adam, he is not signing that 2 magazines! I like to keep them clean that why got the tour program.

Michael was first to be out. He did the first run thru and then started to sign from other end. He signed program and I told him, "Thank you for the great show, you were awesome tonight" and I totally look him in the eyes and said that and he said "Thank you" like he was really sincere that I thanked him. Then Megan came out with her little boy. I told her she was great and he little boy is really cute and she smiled and say thank. Just so everyone know, I was totally channeling Adam tonight. All of the idols the I saw at the barricades, I totally look at them and the eyes and thank them. I think I got my message across that I appreciate all of them for giving such a great show.

Then Lil came out with her husband behind her (I think that was her husband). Again said the same thing and I really like her sparkly golden eye make up! Someone is rubbing glittery off on people around him ;) Then Scott and Todd came around and epic happened. I kept yelling Todd name, LOL! And he was smiling. When they got to us I was like thanking Scott for the show and I told him, "I love that bubble tweet you guys did! You were both so cute!" I said that when he was signing someone next to me. Mind you he is partially blind, he and Todd totally look back at me with this huge smile on their face and Scott said, "I love it, I watch it like 4 times!" They were so cute. I was like, "You were all awesome in that bubble tweet!"

Then Allison came around. She was taking picture with everyone who asked her, I told her, "Aww, you are so sweet!" and she gave me this cute smile and I asked her to sign my program and she kind of like grimace look but I think it was probably because my program was starting to get wet, not because she didn't want to sign or else she wouldn't be out there. But she signed though. I totally understand her though. Then epic happened! There was a loud scream for Allison and then I turned around and saw MICHAEL "SAVE THE ROCKER" SLEZAK! I was like, "OMG, that's Micheal Slezak from Entertainment Weekly!" People around me were totally clueless. He was smiling but he kept on walking. I think he was just there for Allison, just like me who was there for Adam!

Then impending doom! It started to get raining heavier then Danny came around and he was just doing run thru hand touching and didn't sign, "Because it was too wet." Yeah, I understand. Then Matt and Kris came around and did the same thing. Poor Kris was drench! Look like a really cute wet puppy! Then security came and said "No one else was coming out!" I was like, "Yep, fuck my life!" Then down the rain came, like it wasn't enough that I didn't even get a glimpse of Adam but I got wet. LOL, oh well! I was sad and dissapointed but I wasn't expected anything and it was raining really hard. I totally understand though. This is one of the reason why I want to go to Philly show.

Then I met up with amberwaves at my car to found that Anoop was out there as well(he was the only other that I didn't see beside Adam at the barricades) and that Michael stopped signing half way and was holding his eyes. I really hope that it was not a brawl because I think he is really nice. Everyone was nice. Then we dropped amberwaves off. My sister found the last epic of the night, Adam's epic tweets! You go boy! Put those crazy fans in their place! I feel like his tweets are process of elimination of nasty fans! I totally support him and love him more for that. As I said before, concert ticket is for concert not barricades showcase! Those fans (they are totally not true fans if they act like that) are down right ungrateful and seriously, entitlement is getting old. Just because you vote for him, it doesn't mean you own him and he doesn't owe you anything. He only owe you a great show that you paid you ticket for. And he put more than 110% on his performance. He is a human just like the rest of us. His family and friends always always always come first to him no matter what! Mine comes first to me and I am sure for the rest of other people too.

Well, it is 5:30 am, I need to go to bed. I am taking off work tomorrow so, thank goodness! This re-cap is as coherent as it came be at this time, sorry :(

By the way, is there anyway that my re-cap will only stay here on this board and no other place? This is totally for you all here who can't be there.

ETA: HOLY SHIT!!! I didn't mean for this to be this long! Sorry!

ETA: 2 things I forgot: only Adam who got every section stand up and stand up the whole set because most of the time the upper section were sitting down and right after we dropped off amberwaves, we drove pass the venue again and their buses were still there and we saw someone walk into the one of the buses. It was raining really hard and we were stopping on the red light so I could tell who that was. It looked like they have 3 buses.

ETA: Oh and amberwaves, we are totally doing this again sweetie! It was so much fun hanging out with you in Newark.

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Newark, August 9th Recap:

As for the concert itself, I will make this quick. As I said, KayTang999 and her sisters rock. It was fan-flipping-tastic to be at the concert with someone who doesn't think its weird to tweet and obsess and go out to the barricades. I urge you all to do this - we are for sure doing this for the solo tour! Hugs and kisses, KayTang999 - thanks for the ticket, the ride, and the fab company!

So - before I get started, there wasn't anyone whose voice I found unpleasant at all. I don't think I heard a bum note.

Michael - definitely was surprised at the quality of his voice. I think he is just happy to be there. His wife was in the audience and he pointed her out, which was pretty cute.

Megan - She was there. She sang. I didn't want to stab pointy objects at anything. To me, this is an accomplishment.

Lil - She definitely has improved her stage presence, I am just not a fan of her style and her vibrato annoys the crap outta me.

Anoop - I was looking forward to him, and his set was a little boring but his voice has a really nice tone.

MATT! - I am seriously his newest fan. He surprised me and was for sure the first one to wake up and really connect with the crowd. I was super impressed with his voice, his piano playing, his dancing, and also his banter with the crowd.

Allison - I know some have mentioned that her voice is showing strain but I really didn't hear that. She had a TON of energy and all of her big movements totally worked in the venue. I actually think her voice sounded better in this arena than in the show...definitely still like her.

Gokey - I chose this time to take a bathroom break and buy a program. The venue decided to pipe in his set while I was in the bathroom. Not fun. I had hoped the bathroom trip and the program buying would kill more time than it did but it didnt and I made it back for the preaching. I don't know if its Danny, his set, or just the fact that I knew what came next that made it seem excruciatingly long but geez I wish Adams felt like it lasted that long.

I honestly was just awestruck for much of it. The thing I noticed is how different his voice sounds live. Its insane, like a totally different voice than in the videos or even in the show. Its like his voice is so big that it needs to be in a huge arena for the acoustics, it was so clear and pure and I was marveling over it. I now understand what the phrase "does not do it justice"
WLL - definitely not toned down at all. He was snarly and sexy.
Starlight - This was really where I was in awe of his voice, even though I always am. I think that song really does a fantastic job of showing his range and style.
Mad World - I might be the only one left, but I will never tire of that song. It definitely calmed the crowd down after they were whipped into a frenzy. I noticed that he even changed this up, things seemed a bit more enunciated than usual but in a good way.
Slow ride - Adam and Alli definitely have a lot of fun with this song. Yeah, it does the least to show off bbs vocals but he has a great time and thats ok with me. We noticed some improv at one point, he said something like "sing it for me girl" and they both got into the stuff thrown on stage. It was hilarious.
Bowie Medley - I felt violated in a good way even from my seat - It was like that one night that Kara mentioned that he was sleazy and she felt dirty and she didnt know what to expect but in a good way and she liked it? Anyone remember? It was like that for me.

Cant comment on Kris because I left...

As I said, it was a fab night. I wasn't upset at all that Adam didn't come to the barricades - I only wanted a signature and to say one thing to him "Thank you for keeping us guessing and for being you".

One day!


ANYWAYS - I am glad you all liked my twats...I had fun with them :) And YES, I had a fantastic time at the concert even with the drama.

So my plan the whole show was to leave right after Adam to get a good spot at the barricades. When I got out there, people had started lining up but I got a spot right at the door they came out of. I was talking to some people out there and the drama started getting to me early on. There were multiple people who were whining to security that they left the show early, which means they should get more priority to meet the Idols/ get autographs.

Excuse me? Every single fucking person out there at the time left the show early. That was your CHOICE and you don't get priority or a fucking medal for it.

Then came the parents starting fights to get their kids up in front. One guy offered security $50 to get his daughters priority and the guy refused. They almost asked the parents to leave but the kids basically resolved it and said their parents were insane.

I was standing with a couple that is on, I think, their 6th show and is going to a bunch more. We chatted and I passed on the site name to the wife. As you guys saw in my tweets, there were a TON of people out there. I think 3k, maybe more. It was NUTS and like 10 deep waiting. It was an overwhelming Adam crowd and people kept saying things like that Adam HAD to come out, and, being the diplomat I just kept saying...lets not get our hopes up - it will be great if he does but he might not since he had family there. Some people had the balls to say he could see his family any time he wanted. I actually had this exchange with one loony toon:

LT - How can he NOT come out? Its his fans!
Me - His family is his family, you can't say he shouldn't spend time with them
LT - But his FANS are the ones who will make him rich and famous
Me - And his family will keep him sane when his fans drive him nuts

After this was when people started chanting for Adam and singing Mad World. Was kind of like a kumbaya...

Anyways, all of the other idols came out. It had started to drizzle so things were rushed a bit but they were all very nice. I got all of them to sign the cover of my program aside from Michael (as I mentioned earlier). Oh! Megan brought her son out for a few minutes - he was adorable and her sister was there too, the ugly gene does not exist in their family tree. I also had Scotts brother sign my program - I told him he was famous too and he thought that was funny - unfortunately, when he was signing my program he wasn't helping Scott and Scott signed some girls 3x by accident. Hee.

After the last of the Idols came out, it started raining a bit harder and everyone was screaming and chanting for Adam. Someone from security came out and told us no one else was coming out and I have never seen such insanity. People kept saying that he HAD to come out or they wouldn't leave - they were angry and pissed off, etc - that he shouldn't have let us wait outside the whole time if he wasnt going to come out.

Well you know what? I chose to leave the show early. I chose to stand out by the barricades sandwiched by tween girls and BSC fans. I chose to have my feet near bleeding because I wore heeled boots to the show. The entire time, I knew there was a chance of Adam not coming out but in NO WAY did I feel like he "owed me" a damn thing. He gave a kickass performance and I had a blast. Him coming out at the end of the night would have been the cherry on top of the sundae but damn, did I enjoy that sundae! I am SO PISSED that people made negative comments. Its things like this that make me agree these post show signings need to stop. UGH.

Not sure if I articulated all of that the way it is in my head but hopefully you get the picture...

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My Meet and Greet and Concert Recaps for Atlantic City (August 7):


Ok, I’m gonna talk about everyone but I’ll bold the Adam parts so you can skip the rest if you want. We got to the Meet and Greet at 3:45 and got our passes. They led us back around 4:05. There was a lot of security, including the guy who looks like Willie Nelson (Anoop later told me his name was Ray I think). There were about 50 people in our Meet and Greet. We chatted with a few of them while waiting. Everyone picked us out to be Adam fans. Apparently we are just that obvious.

They’re very strict on what you can and can’t do at the pre-show M&G. You are allowed to take photos of the Idols, but not with the Idols. You can only have one thing signed by each Idol. You cannot stand and chat for a long time and hold up the line. They seriously speed everyone along. :(

I’ll tell you what we were wearing since it seems somewhat relevant…haha. I was wearing black stretch jeans, a black ruffly skin.graft top, a gasoline glamour necklace, a bondage belt, and my “rock n roll Frankenstein boots” (I posted boot pics awhile back). Mr. St. Vitus was wearing a cool graphic tee, black stretch bondage pants, a turntable necklace and a weird metal necklace, and some tall boots. Right when we walked in, I caught Adam’s eye. He looked at us several times while we were waiting in line. :) He looks almost exactly the same in person as he does on TV/in pictures. He is GORGEOUS. He has amazing eyes, amazing everything really….heh. He had Elvis hair today, btw.

Ok, so I really wanted to say something nice to all the Idols as we walked down the line, but they really rush you so I didn’t get to.

Scott: Scott and Todd were first at the table. Scott was really sweet. I didn’t really say anything interesting to him. I wasn’t a big fan of his music. Hubby and I just introduced ourselves and said we enjoyed him on the show.

Allison: She’s adorable and tiny and she was wearing fierce purple eyeshadow. I told her I loved her eyeshadow. She said thanks and made some cute face.

Adam: He really does look directly in your eyes when he speaks to you. It’s not intimidating at all though…I can’t really explain it. He’s so beautiful in person. He’s thin but has broad shoulders. His face is gorgeous. Just very classically handsome, especially without any makeup on. I said hi and I think I had the biggest smile ever on my face. He said hi to both my husband and I. He told me he liked my shirt said to Allison “don’t you have that shirt?” He told hubby he loved his necklace. I said “speaking of necklaces, I wanted to thank you so much for wearing the one I sent you on the cover of Rolling Stone.” He said “OHHH, I LOVE that necklace! Thank you so much!!” Sooo sweet….EEEEE. Then I gave him sugar and spice's DVD and The MUPpet House Celebrity quote book. I told him the DVD was a gift from my friend (sugar and spice’s real name) and that the book was a gift from an online forum that I’m on. I told him it’s a collection of celebrity quotes about him. He looked seriously touched and he said “Awwww, that’s so awesome! Thank you so much…that’s really sweet!” Soooo YAY! for the quote book! I hope he has time to look through it, because it looks really great! Glamsnooky did an AMAZING job *claps for Glamsnooky* He signed my Rolling Stone “Shelli – You Rock! Adam Lambert.” He somehow knew how to spell my name and that’s a fairly unusual spelling. Also, I didn’t tell him my name, so he must have been paying attention when I introduced myself to Allison. :) He’s observant…hehe. I told him that we were really looking forward to the show and he asked where we were sitting. I told him we’d be on his left in the third row. He said he’d look for us. I said “ohhh, you should…you’d love my outfit for the show. It’s got leather and feathers!!” He said “oh, that sounds great!” he looked at hubby and said something like “It’s so great to dress up, isn’t it?!” Mr. St. Vitus agreed that it was. At that point, apparently I had talked to long so they started yelling to get moving.

Megan: I told Megan that I have a 13 month old and that she’s inspiring to me. And that she’s gorgeous.

Anoop: I told him that I was really looking forward to the show and that I love his version of “You were always on my mind.”

Kris: I told him that I loved his version of “Falling Slowly.” He said Thank You.

Michael: I told Michael that we were from Texas (told him my hometown, which is near Jasper). I gave him a little pin that says “Howdy from Texas.” Told him I wish I could have brought him some Bluebell Ice Cream, but I couldn’t figure out how to transport it on the airplane. He talked about longing for Bluebell Ice Cream and missing Texas.

Danny: I told Danny I was really looking forward to the show. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Matt: We were seriously being rushed once we got to Matt. I just said hello and something about him being awesome.

Lil: Just told her I was looking forward to the show and that she’s inspiring as a mom.

It was really surreal. I know other people may have different opinions, but they all looked exactly the same in person as they do on TV. No surprises to me. No one was skinnier/fatter/cuter/uglier/etc.

I’ll post a recap of the concert and the post show M&G in a little while (Adam wasn’t at the post show M&G, FYI…I figure he was tired from being on GMA this morning).


I’m really not wanting to give a full recap, to be quite honest. I’ll just post my general impressions. You guys can ask questions about this and the meet and greet if you want.

Michael: I enjoyed him. I sang along. His voice sounded good live. I’m probably biased or something because we bonded over Texas. LOL.

Megan: She sounded better live than she did on the show. I actually liked her. I’m sorry though, but that dress looks trashy up close (IMO), and the background stuff they used for her was ridiculous and somewhat distracting.

Scott: Scott sounded pretty decent. I’m just not a fan.

Lil: I really didn’t like Lil’s set. I just don’t think she’s capable of singing the big songs she picked out. She sounded passable on the first two songs, but sounded terrible on Single Ladies IMO.

Anoop: I actually enjoyed Anoop. His voice sounds great live. Willie Nelson look-a-like security guy was on our side during the show, so I kept thinking he should jump in during “You Were Always on My Mind.” Heh

Matt: Matt was pretty good. We left halfway through his set though because I wanted to beat the intermission rush to the bathroom. Also, I was feeling a bit light headed because I needed something to eat and it was pretty damn hot in the venue.

1st group song: missed it. Wasn’t really paying attention, but I could kind of here it in the bathroom.

Allison: Love her. She was great live. I loved all of her songs. She does do that strange dinosaur-flaily-hand-thing. It’s a little distracting.

Danny: I enjoyed PYT. The salsa dancing could have been dispensed with, the jacket taking off could have been dispensed with. If there was microphone humpage I must have (thankfully) missed it. The crown seemed to like Danny pretty well

ADAM: Amazing, of course. His voice is absolutely unbelievable live. He is the best live performer I’ve heard and I go to tons of shows. There were many, many bras and things thrown on stage. He threw two of them back. I saw at least 2 white ones, a black and white striped one and a pink one. There was also some underwear and some unidentified object. I was seriously getting worried that he would trip on all the crap on the stage. I really don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said. Maybe newland21 or jerseytrash can give you their impressions on his set. It was amazing and went by waaaay too fast. Oh, at some point while he was on our side of the stage, Hubby swears he looked right at me and pointed but I couldn’t tell and I doubt it.

Kris: I enjoyed Kris. From what I could hear the cheers for Kris were about the same as for Adam. Newland21 or jerseytrash might have a different opinion/experience in their section. People stood for Adam’s entire set and for Heartless, but a lot of people started sitting down during Kris’ second and third songs. We stayed standing. The people behind us probably hated us. I’m 6’2 in my boots and hubby is probably 6’5 in his. Oops….heh.

DSB: Was good. Sounds better live than on any recordings I heard. Bubbles come down in the middle section and I was thankful they didn’t come down in our section because I saw many people with bubble residue in their hair after the embarrassing! ;)

Oh, one more thing: David Cook was at the show. He was sitting right behind us kind roped off, but where he could still see the show. I didn't get any pictures or anything, but he was there. I was wondering if he'd be backstage after the show but he wasn't.


Here's a really quick summary of the after show experience. Feel free to ask questions. I didn't really type this out in full sentences, so it might not make sense. None of it has to do with Adam, so I didn't spend a lot of time on it.

Michael – He wore the Texas pin. I'm not sure if he wore it for the show, but he was wearing it after. He was very sweet...he was like "Look! I'm wearing your pin!" hehe. We talked a little bit more about hometowns etc.
Anoop – told him that the willie nelson looking security guy needed to get on stage with him when he sung "You were always on my mind." he laughed and said that his name is Ray and that he is awesome.
Megan – just asked for a pic. She seemed kind of shy or something.
Lil – asked for a pic. She fangirled over my boots a little bit.
Allison – is adorable. She loved my outfit. :) told her about sff. She laughed at how I made her look short in the pic
Kris – remembered our names from the earlier meet and greet. Laughed about how short he is compared to me. I told him I was totally cheating and showed him my 8 inch boots. His eyes got big...LOL. He was behind us on the way out and he said something like "oh good! I can hide behind you guys and no one will see me!" Total cute sweetheart.
Matt – was totally cool! He switched hats with some girl in front of me. Told him I loved his bubbletweets and he said thanks…told me to tweet him and he’d tweet me back. Said he loved our style. Told him we were going out to a club in AC and asked if they ever get to go out after the show. He said no, they usually just leave immediately for the next city. He seemed disappointed that they don’t get to go out.
Scott - was nice. I told him it was really nice to meet him and stuff. Took a picture with them but the camera kept not wanting to work. It was kind of awkward…haha.
Danny – was really nice. Seriously. And he seemed sincere…I can’t explain it. He told us he really loved our style as well and said he really had wanted to tell us at the earlier m and g but he didn’t have a chance. I told him that my Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses always remind me of him because they say "D G" on the side and we laughed. He talked a little about his new glasses line he’s gonna do, but not in a douchey salesman type way.

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Newark, NJ August 8, 2009

mickeybordentwo wrote:
I took a course in music history in college, and the professor played the violin to demonstrate various things to us as the course went along.

Then, for some reason or another, he played an Isaac Stern recording, and it was like the light bulb went on for all of us (the professor included). That was what the violin was really about.

It was like that last night. The only time during the first half of the concert that I felt as though I were in the presence of professionals was when Matt played the piano. Everyone and everything else seemed amateurish (and not necessarily high quality amateurish). That includes costumes, hair, and sound quality (there was a strong tinny sound).

Allison had the same problem with "Cry Baby" that Matt had with "Georgia." Singing iconic songs only reminds people of how far from greatness you are. Both Matt and Allison have genuine talent, but neither one brought life experience (or for lack of a better term, soul) to the stage.

I find Danny singularly unattractive, but I can stand looking at him, which makes him an improvement over Taylor Hicks for me. But although I like his voice, I mostly thought what a great televangelist he could be.

Then came Adam and everything everybody has said about what it's like to hear him live is absolutely true. Even the tinny sound system sounded good.

He owned the audience. He owned the stage. Hell, he owned the better half of New Jersey.

I love Idol concerts.They're goofy and charming and fun, and generally have some very talented young singers.

This year's concert had fewer talented people, and considerably less goofy charm (last year, at one of the concerts, Jason talked about whatever book it was he was reading). Atlantic City must have been really bad, because the Idolettes frequently told us, with an almost desperate sincerity, how good we were (I'm unaccustomed to being reviewed by the performers). I missed the Poptarts and David Cook's lengthy ramblings and Michael and Carly's assured professionalism.

But Adam was the best thing I've ever seen on an Idol stage. It isn't just his voice, extraordinary though that is. Clay has a great voice, Carrie has a great voice, Kim Locke has a great voice, Elliott has a great voice. Heck, Paris has a great voice. Idol is very good at finding and promoting people with great voices.

But Adam has the great voice, the stage awareness, and the star quality. No, make that STAR QUALITY.

He could screw up. The people around him could screw up. Gigantic mistakes could be made. But it's going to take all that to keep him from genuine stardom.

I can't wait for his solo tour, even though I'll stay to the very last song and not get a 20 minute headstart on traffic, which was the second most thrilling thing of the evening for me!

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Recap of August 9th Newark show, slightly modified and expanded from main thread post:

My seats were towards the back of the arena on an upper tier, which I expected to be not so bad since I was in the first row, after all, but in actuality they kinda sucked...

Michael: I've really warmed up to Michael recently. He had a nice voice and good energy onstage, though his set was short.

Megan: Thought she looked beautiful and sounded pretty good too, but WTF was up with the background for "Tears Dry on Their Own"? It was ridiculous and distracting.

Lil: Probably my least favorite set, but it still wasn't necessarily bad. Just not for me, I guess...

Scott: His voice has a really great tone live; it's very smooth and pure. That random jokes were a little confusing to me though. I remember thinking "why is Scott trying to do stand-up comedy here?", but it didn't detract from his set. I liked "A Thousand Miles" in particular.

Anoop: His mellow songs were good, but "My Prerogative" was definitely my favorite--love his somewhat silly moves! haha. He also said something along the lines of "hopefully, I'll be doing something similar to this in a year, but on my own tour" Um...okay. Right.

Matt: HOLY AMAZING! Matt came off a million times better than he did on the show, seriously. He had so much energy, and his piano playing is FANTASTIC! I really can't believe he's self-taught! His voice was nice too--great falsetto.

Allison: I actually didn't love her set. Thought the band was a little too loud and she sounded a little shouty at times. And could she please enunciate a little better for the people in the back? But I did like how energetic she was. Just wish I could understand her better, lol.

Danny: As much as I don't like his personality, Danny has an amazing voice. I actually really enjoyed PYT, for example. But the salsa moves and jacket removal were ridiculous and I think I snorted a little, hah. The Adam anticipation was painful, though!

ADAM: The Voice is seriously out of this world good. I was glued to a pair of binoculars for most of his set because I didn't trust those screens (btw is Adam the only person who has another set of screens on the sides of the stage?), but I felt his magic all the same.
WLL was particularly exciting, I think because there's so much suspense involved. Hair? (Elvis!) Baby or woman? (Babe-ay!) BACKDOOR MAN?) (YES x2!)
I'll admit that I've been a Muse fan for a while and when I heard tour version Starlight on YT, I think I secretly preferred the original. That is no longer!!! The variations he does with the melody are gorgeous and impossibly perfect.
Mad World was also very good, but hasn't changed much from the show, so although I love it, I don't really have anything else to say about it...
Slow Ride: Damn! Didn't notice that when Adam said "Finally!", he was holding a jockstrap! Also Allison picked something up [edit: another jockstrap! haha] and said "Awww!". Just thought that was cute/funny.
Bowie Medley was good, but I was kind of upset that I couldn't stand up and really get into it (first-row-seats are still NO-GOOD-SEATS when they're high up).

Kris: almost forgot him! heh...
I actually disagree with those who said that he made NO EFFORT to dress up for the show. I thought the skinny jeans were great, and plaid has kind of become is signature look, so I'll say it worked for me. He kind of bounces around onstage as he sings. It's cute. Voice, eh, not bad, but I much prefer Adam.

Also, there was no upwards ascension on the last note of DSB :/
Overall, still had a good time. But for future reference, don't be cheap if you can help it--SPEND THE MONEY ON FLOOR SEATS, SERIOUSLY. I felt sooo far away from up high, and I could barely see anything without binoculars. lol.

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