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PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 10:24 am 
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Newark, NJ August 9, 2009

ladygagaga wrote:
I was at the show last night as well. Amber and KayTang already gave fabulous reviews. Here is just a few points to add,

. Everyone sounds better live
. Anoop has a nice tone, Matt is at ease on stage
. Danny is a very good singer. Little speech is not that irritating. I hope he gives up on sexing things up, just wear a suit and sing inspriational songs, that's his market, he can make it there. He's got a lot of support in the audience.
. Adam is everything that people said. Yes everyone sounded great, still, when Adam is on stage, everyone before him felt like amateur. I don't know what it is about him, the seond he appeared on stage you feel he is a pro, and you just HAVE TO catch his every movement, even when you are so far away and he is just tiny, you still see him very clearly. It was really amazing. His voice combined with the performance just made him standout so much from the rest.
. Everyone came after him felt like amateur too. Kris was better than I thought but I wasn't blown away, because by that point I already knew everyone sounds better live. I used to think his problem is not only range but also he seems to need a bigger lung, I still hold that view. Besides, way too much instrument playing. There was a point there was 30 seconds left in the song, he left the piano, rushed to the band, put on a guitar and played for the rest of it, I just felt it was way too much. Dude, the guitarist in the band is capable of doing this alone. Can you just look at the audience for that 30 seconds? I sat in the back, I don't think I got a single eye contact from him, while everyone else has taken care of me. He is so in his own world. Now I understand there are performances where audiences feel they should not disturb the performers, but I was in freaking Carnegie Hall for that.
. At the end of the day, loved every one. It was a true celebration, really, lots of love in the air.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 10:27 am 
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WinkyDink wrote:
I was in the front-row last night. Talk about being spoiled for LIFE, people! Whew! Wow! OMG! Fill in your own preferred exclamation of astoundedness!

And friend (AWoP member/lurker) Deezer is the one who caught the white jock-strap, inside of which is written "Equal Opportunity". Bwahahahaha!

The barricades: Somehow I got to the front, even after hearing the last note of DSB. Got all the Idols' autographs for Deezer, awaiting you-know-whom. Took off shoes ('Nando said, "It is better to look good than to feel good"), got a tad wet, got squeezed/pushed a few times, but hey---I had nothing else to do. I think the young man next to me gave Danny something (a donation?) for SHF, as Danny thanked and hugged the guy. (Danny, BTW, is, it pains me to say, built nicely!). So, yes, I was disappointed, but I was glad to get to my car and change shoes! Timing is everything, and there will be, with hope, many more chances to "M&G" Adam!

As for the others: LOVE MATT!!

Could not see Kris at the piano AT ALL. WTH? I'm in ROW 1! So I sat. (It's called a rotating platform, AI.)

Megan remains beautiful and delusional.

Gokey's Salsa was cooler in person. Or maybe it was the $10 cup of wine.

Anoop was okay. But "coming back to the venue" as a solo artist? See "Megan: Delusional".

Allison was "A" for "Awesome"!! But 10 years younger than Adam, she could use tips on how to have a voice left at 27.

Michael was pretty good. Earnest, heart-felt, wife near-by (Megan had her son and mother/sister?, the Lamberts were representin', so the NYC-area stop-over was good for this bunch!).

Lil Rounds was excellent, with better moves than Megan (who walks across the stage just like a regulah poyson, no panache). Being old, I appreciated the lyrics posted for "Put a Ring on it" (is that the title?).

Scotty has, as the kidz say, mad piano skillz! Was it evil of me to think of asking him for a high-five at the barricades? Hee.

All in all, it was a good time had by most. And for those who are now whining/griping/huffing and puffing: well, I've got an acronym for you, but I'm a lady.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:16 pm 
and drawing lucky number one

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Philadelphia, PA - August 20, 2009


home of the soft pretzel
Philadelphia brand cream cheese
and a cheese steak 'wit' Image

Philadelphia, where Rocky Balboa laid his claim to fame,
welcomed the AI Production Tour last night and what a night it was.

The festivities began with 7 consecutive competitors. Their job was to entertain the audience waiting for the main event which would come later. No barnburners were witnessed during their sets but they did a fine job and warmed up the crowd.

Next to perform came the much hyped contender. It was obvious he had studied films of his opponent's moves and meditated on his deliverance. His presentation of such confirmed his amateur status. Truth be told he was just another lightweight in the field of challengers.. Suddenly, the crowd began to cheer and rise from their seats. They knew it was time, they knew who was next.

After what I observed, I don't know how I'm coherent enough to be typing these notes, but as one of the evening's reporters, I feel it is my obligation to bring to you my first hand account with the hope that those who follow after me will be prepared for what they are about to witness.

We sat in the dark, lights flashed all around us with explosions of sound as the band began to play. The screaming, if possible, intensified. Up he rose from the floor, in all his greatness. In true star fashion he bypassed the fighter's robe adorned instead in a magnificent spiked, rhinestone leather jacket with tails. He would later lose the jacket to reveal a hot bod in fightin form.

His set was eclectic, consisting of fan favs and classic tracks which he sang brilliantly. What an unbelievable range he possesses. Strong and powerful. When appropriate, tender and haunting. He played with his audience and invited us to join him. He danced and prowled and strutted across the stage. He was bendy and slinky, with bones that liquefy to allow his fluidity and solidify after each move befitting this amazing alien among us.

He sang with intense feeling, with passion, with glorious notes that filled the rafters. And when he stopped, I remembered to breathe. I survived but I'm not sure how the micstand did. He held it, he stroked it, he played with it. He was smoking hot. One intimation was so intense, I was sure the metal would melt. He engaged his crowd. He brought them into his world. And he was gone way too soon.

And Philadelphia, the city that loves you back, showed him the love last night.Image

Oh, there was one performer to follow. I believe the producers strategically designed this act as the breakfast buffet after the New Year's Eve celebration. And it was good thinking on their part. To release such a frenzied crowd into the night air after being inflamed by the magical one would have resulted in mass spontaneous combustion. It would have been criminal.

In summary, no one last night could compete with him. He’s in a class by himself. The whole time he's on the stage you can't take your eyes off him. He commands your attention. He's memorizing, tantalizing, hypnotizing, He teases and he taunts. He's a gentleman and a rebel. He’s an innovator not an imitator. He holds you firmly in his hand, and you hope he never lets go.

And reminiscent of that famous Philadelphian, Rocky Balboa, he rightfully could have called out.....


Some additional thoughts on the idols. They were better in person than on AI. They were polished and entertaining but I don't have any desire to see them again or buy their music. Matt was good, and had the crowd rocking. Allison was great! That girl has a huge future ahead of her if she is marketed correctly and can keep her head straight. She definitely reminded me of a young Janis Joplin. Danny has a good voice, but even with polishing, he comes across very awkward on stage.

Rehashing old history,***sigh***. how did Kris win??? I liked his guitar jam. A nice guy who can play the guitar and sing. I don't want to say a dime a dozen as it's obvious he has talent, but there is nothing special about him. Aside from my recap, I have to say what an amazing performer Adam is His voice is chill inducing. Words fail me when trying to describe how electrifying he is in person. I loved his 'to me' new move, taking off his jacket and flexing his left bicep. I'm a neck and an arm girl :)

In addition to the lap dance/faint ( tm CJ), my husband was treated to the woman behind him putting her boobs in his back all night when she was leaning forward to take pictures. At one point her boob went into his ear which caused his head to turn. She realized what she did and apologized. He, on the other hand, had no problem with it. So, aside from the show, he enjoyed his night immensely LOL! And, yes, he thought Adam was head and shoulders above the rest. A sweet young teen age girl was sitting to my left. She came by herself to the show She said her mom bought her the ticket. I don't think her her mom should have let her go alone. Anyway, I asked her who her favorite Idol was and she said Adam. I told her she had exquisite taste. Between the two of us, I don't know who screamed louder :) She was so cute the whole night and when she left she hugged me real tight.

Simon had it right, I do believe they found an international super star when they found him. And Paula had it right, but for me he already is iconic.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:48 pm 
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American Idols Tour - Philadelphia - Aug. 20, 2009

My Recap from last night's concert:

It was a blur.

No really, it was.

The day started on a high note. I got a last-minute front row seat! I was so excited! I already had 3 seats in section 5 FL with 3 of us going & I decided to keep them all just in case. Great decision as it turns out!

There was a Phillies game going on next to the Wachovia Ctr & it was gridlock going into Philly. Missed all of Michael's set & most of Megan's (sadly, because my son loves her). Trying to find our seats in the dark was a joke. We were taken to the wrong seats where there only two, not three. Thank god for that last minute ticket or we'd have been short a seat!

"Front Row" was not what I expected. People standing all around the barrier in front. I had an on-going battle with the security guard who kept chasing me back to my seat. And I kept returning the barrier. It's ADAM for fucks sakes! When he finally appeared it all went so fast. I kept wanting him to STOP so I could just look at him and absorb it all, but he just kept going. I had to keep telling myself I wasn't watching a video - this was the Real Adam Lambert in the flesh. (Flesh, sigh) Sexiest "Woman" ever. He should never go back to "Baby".

Sound bite impressions:

As most have said, they were all good. But would I want to watch an entire concert of any of them, or even buy their cd? No. A few songs, fine.

Matt got by far the biggest response of the first half. Floor on it's feet for HTH.

Kris surprised me. He was so active. Less boring & stronger voice than I expected. (For some reason I find it hard to admit that. LOL)

My ratings would be: ADAM.................Matt, Kris, Allison.

My DIL was an Adam fan prior to the concert. Not crazy though. Afterwards she said "Adam was freakin' awesome! I couldn't take my eyes off him. She was shocked by WLL (and LOVED it), but thought Starlight was an "odd song". This is one that has to grow on you. I now love it.

Adam definitely got the biggest crowd response by far (we all agreed - sitting in different areas). Kris was second. Few people left early. A few stragglers.

Adam's smile up close - adorable. Adam up close - PRICELESS!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:35 pm 
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Cleveleand, OH August 23, 2009

magnoliafan wrote:
I just got back from the Cleveland (or is that Cleavland, heh) show. I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything, but Adam was fantastic and I'm glad that I went, even if it was a bit lonely all by myself.

I did, however, have the pleasure of sitting next to a Matt fan and I realized that all of us in Adam land are enjoying an embarrassment of riches. We have interviews, articles, Brian May quotes, the rumored 2012 song masterpiece, and (most importantly) the promise of a CD in just a few short months. Meanwhile, those in the Giraud Squad are simply enjoying the tour and hoping to hell that their boy will get signed and that he won't disappear into some nameless piano bar come September. I'd never thought about things from that perspective before and it just made me ridiculously glad that Adam landed where he did and that he's not going to go away any time soon. Because the waiting/hoping game would absolutely suck.

Also? We're not the only pervs in the Idol universe. Apparently Matt has some famous sexy moves and his fans like to watch concert videos and drool. I don't exactly get it (though he's attractive enough, I guess), but it's nice to know that we're not alone. There's also apparently a lot of Kris hate among Matt's fans, caused by the whole "Kris stole Matt's schtick and Matt would have been signed already if Kris hadn't won" idea. I live in a very Adam-centric online world these days, so it was interesting to talk to someone coming from a completely different perspective.

Anyway, the crowd was insane tonight. Massive screams whenever Adam's picture appeared, but next to nothing all those times that they played Kris's Disney commercial. Weird. Screams also for Matt, Allison and Danny.

The concert itself? Umm, I don't really know. I enjoyed a number of overpriced beers, so I was a bit tipsy through most of the show and the whole thing was rather surreal as a result. Michael was hotter and more charismatic than I expected, while Megan was a bigger buzzkill (causing me to run for a potty break). Scott, Lil and Anoop were underwhelming, but I thought that they were smart for picking the well-known "Thousand Miles," "Single Ladies" and "My Prerogative" so that everyone could sing along. Their sets were kind of like being at a wedding with some really fun singers - enjoyable, but nothing that you'd buy a ticket to see. Matt, OTOH, was pretty great, but I may have been influenced by the superfan sitting next to me. He and (surprisingly) Sarver were the highlights of the first half for me. And the crowd f-ing loved Matt. I don't know if it's the proximity to Michigan or what, but I'd almost guess that he had more screams than either Kris or Danny.

I was a bit more sober for the second half, but Allison was still a blur for me. A cute little rock star wannabe blur. Then Danny came out and I found myself laughing almost uncontrollably while I grooved to "PYT." I just can't take him seriously. I will admit, however, that he looked quite hot in his shirtsleeves. I might regret typing that, but looking at him was unexpectedly enjoyable. Listening to him? Not so much. And he seriously needs to cut his last song short because that was like an endless freakin' nightmare. Talk about tuneless.

But up next? I think you know. I don't even know if I have words to describe what it was like to see Adam live. He's just so . . . Adam. He's almost absurdly charismatic and I found myself so drawn to him that I actually ran into the row in front of me a few times because I was unconsciously walking towards him. I also found it hard to clap and scream because I was too busy clasping my hands together and staring at him with my mouth open. WLL was insane and I noticed the woman in front of me turn to her husband in shock when Adam stroked the mic stand. Heh. Starlight and MW were a blur (a wonderful, awe-inspiring, "Is this guy for real?" blur) and SR was more fun that I'd expected. Someone threw a sparkly boa on stage and Allison picked it up and quickly threw it back, making Adam crack up. It's almost ridiculous how good it feels to see Adam laugh! He seemed to be in good spirits tonight and he grinned and laughed quite a few times.

And then? Bowie. Those five short minutes were just about the best thing that I've ever seen. And now I'm fully convinced that Adam is sex personified. I thought that videos of "Fame" were hot, but seeing it live? Jeeeeezus. He seriously needs to do something similar on his own tour, even if it means that I'll have to stalk him and go to every single one of the shows. Damn. Super slinky sex machine. I may have even growled. Unfortunately, the stupid stage took him away after that and I couldn't stare at him anymore.

Then I went home. Oh wait. Kris performed too. I'm meh on Kris, but I found him to be much more underwhelming than I'd expected. The crowd cheered like crazy (even though they didn't scream for him before the show started - maybe they were still pumped up from Adam's set?) and I found myself running to the bathroom again. I made it back to hear the Killers song for the first time (not my favorite - that soul/soldier line is pretty boring and repetitive) and then "Ain't No Sunshine." The faces that he made while playing piano were definitely in Dana Carvey "Chopping Broccoli" territory. Too damn funny. But "Hey Jude" was a great sing-along moment and I enjoyed looking around and seeing a sea of cell phones and glow sticks. I'd still lump him into the "wedding singer" category with the others though.

Overall, I came away thinking that Adam is the only one who made me forget that he was singing covers instead of his own material. Everyone else was varying degrees of karaoke. In other words, typical Idol fare plus one glaring example of "one of these things is not like the others."

Still worthy every penny though.

Okay, I'll admit that it stings a bit to hear that Adam came out to sign tonight. But I didn't want to miss Kris and DSB in order to get a good spot and then I saw a huge crowd once the show was over and I finally made it outside. So I probably wouldn't have gotten close enough to see him anyway. So no regrets . . . much.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:35 pm 
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lambski wrote:
LaStupenda wrote:
So some of my Twitter peeps are saying that Adam was booed tonight by the crowd and a girl flashed her boobs at him at the barricades.

I... don't even know what to think about all that.

I just got home from Gokey-land, and I believed I might have heard a few "boo's" in a couple of places, but there were HUGE screams for Adam also. If I had to compare Gokey, Adam and Kris - I would say Danny got the most screaming AFTER his set when he was done, but before and during you would not have been able to tell the difference between Adam's and Danny's. Adam got lots of screaming, esp. after MW. Kris - not much at all.

I thought the crowd was VERY tame - not much screaming pre-show at the pictures of Danny and Adam that were put up. A little, but not near what I thought there would be. Maybe the "boo-ers" were not liking Adam's mic action or whatever, who knows. It was not overly noticeable, I just barely heard it once or twice. Rude suckers.

My overall impression (sorry if this belongs in concert recap, I can move it), I felt that most of them did NOT connect very well with the audience or perform well on the stage, altho most had very good voices and sang well. I only got that performance vibe from Matt, Allison, Danny and Adam. Kris was strangely disconnected - adorable, but in his own world most of the time. And a little uncomfortable-acting.

As far as the boobs ... no info on that. By the way, it was pretty great - but sitting thru all the rest of them to see Adam (save Matt & Allison & - gasp - Danny) was TUFF. And I was certain that Adam would NOT be at the barricades because it was freakin' RAINING. Obviously an error in judgement. I am SO looking forward to next Wed - my only other show!

ETA: thanks, p.p.! I will copy it over there tomorrow.

lambski wrote:
ohbrother wrote:
Thanks for your recap, lambski. I'm sure you will think of more later and share with us. :) Anything wind up on stage? Did you see Pastor Rolex? Did Danny cry? Was anybody wearing a cheddarhead? (Can I say that? I love Milwaukee; I lived there for a few years.)

Let's see if I can add a little more info from Gokey-land:

Saw very little in the way of projectiles. Someone got a boa thrown up there and wore it, but it was before Adam and I can't for the life of me remember who it was (a guy tho).

Who's Pastor Rolex? I assume Gokey's pastor? Danny did a shout-out to his family and congregation members, and there was some screaming behind us, kind of where I perceived some of the slight "booing" (for Adam) to come from. And that's an unofficial and unsubstantiated inference of course. Didn't see Danny cry, not a bit. Or Sarver either. Too damn far away, even with the jumbotrons. Did see a lot of sweat on the jumbotrons when Danny was up there.

I saw NO cheddarheads, for those who might be interested. I did see MANY rather normal-looking middle-aged women with "I am a Gokey Girl" shirts on. My DH snickered a lot about that, and I gagged a little.

Other observations - Adam was as hot as blazes, Kris was not. Danny surprised me that he was not so bad (I didn't care for him on the show). Allison - I wanted to like her a lot, but during the first song it appeared like she was only singing parts of the verses and sentences, and the back-ups were filling in. Saving her voice for Cry Baby and Barracuda maybe? And I definitely enjoyed Matt Girard - he is a great performer too.

My last word on this and I will sink back into lurkdom - bring earplugs, just in case. THE SOUND WAS VERY, VERY LOUD, and I usually am good with that stuff. Headache today for me!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:35 pm 
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Playing catch up with some recaps...

Vancouver, Canada July 8, 2009
qoatg wrote:
Hey all, home from the Vancouver concert. Wow what an incredible night. The energy in the building when Adam came on was just indescribable....not to mention the noise/screams. I don't even know how to put into words what experiencing him live is like. His set felt like it was only about 2 minutes long after having to sit patiently through the other 8 opening 8 other idols. Whole Lotta Love was just pure sex from the first note. Starlight is *gorgeous* (no lie, the first thing my mom asked me after the show ended was "Can you get me that star song that Adam sang, it was great!" heee). I've never been a big Bowie fan, but I loved the medley....ok, maybe it had something to do with Adam's bare arms and dancing right in front of me. *g* Slow Ride with Alison was so much fun, his reaction to the red bra was hilarious (and after he twirled it over his head and threw it back into the crowd it ended up landing about two seats over from me). Hopefully once I can find some more coherence I'll write up a longer recap for the thread. I got some gorgeous pics (I think anyway) which are currently uploading - will post a link when they're done.

ETA: It is waaay past my bedtime, and I have way too many pictures to go through. Must sleep. Anyway - first batch is here: Vancouver gallery. (and fair warning if you click on the "original" size, they're, um, slightly huge. Bigger is always better right? *G*
~note: originally 3 pgs - now a complete gallery; see below~
qoatg wrote:
I've finally gotten through all my pictures from last night. I love burst mode.....until it comes time to actually go through the 450 odd photos I end up with. lol. Same album link as before, new Adam stuff starts around page 3 or 4 I think, and then the rest of the top 10 should be after that....although Smugmug was being a bench tonight so who knows what kind of order they're in.

Complete Vancouver album.

And's 1:30am again. Gah.

Oakland, CA July 11, 2009
SB1965 wrote:
OMG!!! I'm back from the Oakland show. It was soo good. Everyone sounded great. We got to the show around 430 and the parking lot was closed! BUT the guard was so sweet, he said go on in and we didn't even have to pay! We went straight to the buses where Danny came out, he was very nice and then Michael came out, also very nice.

I loved the show Adam was HAWTTT! I was so focused on taking pics that I felt like I really missed seeing part of the show. So tomorrow, I am in the 7th row and I'm going to just watch the show and not take pics. BUT I am sneaking in the videocamera tomorrow so I can at least get all of Adams part of the show. Adam sounded so good and so on tonight and my GOD he is absolutely gorgeous. All of them sounded great tonight, Allison, Danny and Kris, all of them. I was very impressed. adam was the best though!

We left at the end of Kris's third song so we could get to the bus line. We were right in front and met all of the idols except for Scott. Got everyones autographs and pics. My daughter took pics with Michael, Danny and Matt.
Adam was HAWT, I have total closeup pics of him. His makeup looked great, he looked great, he's tall, he's very skinny and he was wearing jeans, a white shirt and his snakeskin boots, I took a pic of his boots. I tried to get a pic of his nice butt but couldn't. Too many people in my way. He signed two of our Rolling Stones and another pic that I had printed out. He did say he had a horribe headache last night in Sacramento.

Kris's wife Katy was there, we took a few pics of her, she was really cute, Kris was really cute, he's very short, lol. Also, Adam's mom was there today too. She was standing at the top of the staircase before the show started when we were waiting at the busline.

I think that's about it for now. I'll get to work on the pics probably on monday, going to another show tomorrow!!
SB1965 wrote:
I met Adam again tonight!!!!!! he was wearing flip flops and had on black toenail polish. i took pics but won't be able to get them up til tomorrow or tuesday.

BUT, I have some pix here from the Oakland show yesterday. I'm posting a link to my flickr account. I hope this works. ... 376745416/

San Jose, CA July 12, 2009
SB1965 wrote:
Yes I met him again last night. I wasn't going to stay after the concert again because I had met them all in Oakland after the show, but my sister wanted to stay and I decided ok, that way I can avoid the traffic. Anyway, Adam did come around to us again, I got another RS signed and the Entertainment Weekly mag signed plus my sister got him to sign another picture. Also, I had nothing for the other idols to sign so they signed the back of Adams picture. Michael signed it I heart Adam.

I have FANTASTIC pictures from the San Jose show. I was in the 7th row and even I'm patting myself on the back. They are better than the Oakland pictures. As soon as i get off my ass and get in the shower I'm going to upload them so either today or tomorrow you'll get to see them.

I also want to say,that I really really really like Michael Sarver. I loved all his tweets, andwhen he came around last night I thanked him for being soooo supportive of Adam especially yesterday in regards to the protestors. He asked me if I saw where he tweeted about those protesters trying to give a big Texan crap and I said yes. He is 100% supportive of Adam and he is just a great guy all around. I wanted to give him props.

I can't wait to show all of you my pics from San Jose. I also got two pics of Adam's feet with the black toenail polish and one other GREAT picture from when he came out to sign plus all the concert ones!!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:36 pm 
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Greensboro, NC August 2, 2009
Glitterbug wrote:
I haven't written up my thoughts from the Greensboro concert because I was immediately stricken by some flu-ey thing upon returning home and I've been just lying around in bed ever since. I'll say that I figured Adam would get the loudest applause but that I had no idea how Adam-centric the G-boro crowd was going to be. Every time Adam's face flitted by the Jumbotron screen, there was pandemonium. Even when the mixed up faces commercial came on, people were screaming when Adam's eyeball was shown. Anoop got lots of hometown love and Gokey was popular, but Adam was far and away the favorite. Kris seemed to get less applause than Adam, Gokey and Anoop, and a lot of people started to leave during his set. There was a girl in front of me from ontd_ai who was a very audible Gokey hater, and despite the fact that I am definitely not a fan, I was a bit embarrassed to hear her yelling "douche" in the 5th row. People were turning around and glaring at her. I'm still a firm believer in being respectful and polite.

Still in a post-MUP haze. I was in the sixth row and rendered into a puddle of jelly by all that fierceness. I'll try to post more about the concert when I feel a little better. I will say that I enjoyed almost all the sets and was surprised by this!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:37 pm 
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Milwaukee, WI August 28, 2009
Buderschnookie wrote:
Awesome preshow, concert, and barricade recap from Elle on ontd_ai.
It is very long but made me feel as if I had been there which I really appreciated!
Adamcentric parts bolded.
I did fix some typos and remove references to friends names.

courtesy of Buderschnookie
So I went to the concert In Baltimore and didn't type up a review. Sorry. I was on vacation there and didn't really get the time until much later and I was this still relevant, idk. So if anyone wants to hear those stories (some really funny fan stories) let me know and I'll get to typing.

Anyway, after seeing the Baltimore concert my best friend called her godfather and asked for an early Christmas gift...a few hours later she and I had 2nd row seats to the concert in my hometown, Milwaukee.

I feel the need to defend my city a bit because I feel it's received a bit of bad press. Milwaukee is extremely liberal. We had a socialist mayor for like 40 years. We vote democrat in every election ever. We have one of the largest pride-fests in the country. The flamingly religious are the vast minority. I was miserable that our city got portrayed as this sort of northern-south. No. I promise you.

That being said, I was a bit nervous driving up to the barricades. Would it be awash in a sea of purple and bible thumpers? Would the few religious wackjobs come out and protest Adam's unhushable gay?

I was relieved when we walked up around noon and saw a fairly diverse crowd of stans. One family was attired in a rainbow of tour colors, each person representing a different idol. TONS of Adam love, I'd say the Adam Stans equalled the Gokey stans at this most hardcore of points. I eyeballed the barricades, looking for a likely place to stand. I spot two girls with "Kradam" signs and make my way over, suspecting they go here. They DO in fact, though they lurk only. Come play, bbs! The water is fine. Nevertheless, it was nice to be able to make jokes with someone who got them

About an hour after that, a "troop" of girls comes walking by. I took a pic of one of the "Gokey Scouts" but because I don't want people to think I am being unneccesarily cruel (the girl was pretty heavy - she was the only one I could get a clear shot at at the time) I won't post a pic of the scouts just yet.

Met an adorable Glamma who almost got hit by the idol tour bus. She was kind of wandering about in the middle of the road and someone had to run get her and bring her over. She wasn't like, crazy, she just didn't see what was going on and was really excited. She had these blue jewel-y earings and a brooch and this Adam t-shirt that was the Rolling Stone picture except DRAWN in gorgeous detail. She's 70, btw. I know cause she talked a lot, but she was really good company. She showed me a scrapbook she had made for Adam. I started cringing until I saw what was inside. She had done hand-drawings of him, and you guys, they were INCREDIBLE. Best fan art I have ever, ever seen. We are talking art-museum quality stuff. Turns out she is an Adam Bomb. One of her friends (relatives?) shows up. She was older, probably late forties, and you could tell she liked to party. She was all tits and glitter and fabulous. We had a blast with her, really. They asked where we hung out online because it was obvious that we did. You can always tell the people that stan online they ~know everything. We braced ourselves and said "ONTD_AI" and they started hooting and like, high fiving. "You guys are AWESOME. Way to ROCK DONORS CHOOSE!"

The glamma asked for my screen name and said she'd be reading. I told her to watch out because we are a bunch of foulmouthed bastard children who mock everything six ways from Sunday. Somehow, I think she could handle it. We spent the afternoon dancing around the fact that we all tinhat - no one wanting to admit to it IRL- and loving on Adam. SO NICE!

The first Idol comes out and it's Matt Giraud! When he gets to us, he sees [name deleted] and says "My British Love!" and gives her a big hug. He said it was nice to see me again, too, but I'm not as memorable.

The next one out was Megan, who looked kind of uncomfortable being out there. She did pause and take pics with anyone who wanted them, and looked absolutely gorgeous.

ALLISON! I was so shocked when she came out, but here she was, looking all adorable. She is delightfully unfiltered. Someone's mom said to her "Tell Adam to come out we're so excited to meet him." There is an awkward moment of silence as the crowd SHOOT DAGGERS AT HER. The mom realizes her mistake and says "But we're happy for you too!" with too much enthusiasm. Allison quirks her brow and says "Yeah. I'll tell him that. Just for you." She wasn't being bitchy, per se, more like "I see what you did there, and it's kind of dooshy."

I take a pic with her and she says "Oh my god I am sorry I put my armpit on you" and I said "No worries, hon." Someone else said "Haha, smelly fans, right!" And she said "that never came out of MY mouth. I'm the smelly one." LOL, Allison.

Anoop came out too! *unpopular opinion alert.* Anoop seems a bit standoffish. I told him I had met him in Baltimore and he said nice to see you again, but he wouldn't pause for any pics with anyone, even the people in the Carolina Blue Dawg Pound t shirts. :/ Maybe he had press or something.

Scott came out and signed. He didn't take pics either but I am guessing that's to stave off the awkward. He had a woman leading him around. I miss Todd. I touched his hand and I swear we made eye contact as we chatted for a minute. It was cool, he was really sweet.

Michael came out (at long last) and I start flailing. IDK how I got to be such a big Michael fan, ok? I missed the first half of the season, so really my first exposure to him was all the hate on this com. My opinion of him was pretty bad as a result. I started following him on twitter in case he said anything about any of the other idols. So I came around to him first as a person and second as a singer. He BLEW ME AWAY in Baltimore, both as a singer and as a person. I've always felt bad he doesn't get the same reception as the others, which is understandable, but nevertheless, I resolved to show him a lot of love. I spent the night before making him a scrapbook of reviews and pictures (what am I, his mother?) I would have never done anything like that for any of the other idols, but I just figured it was something he would appreciate, IDK. [name deleted] helped me out gathering the info and pictures and I cobbled it together as she was making her epic Kris sign. At the last minute I remember I have an orange fringy scarf-boa thing in my closet. Figuring what-the-hell-else am I going to do with an orange boa, I resolve to toss it, thinking it could be lulzy.

So when Michael gets to me, I tell him I was completely blown away in Baltimore. He says "By What?" and I said "By YOU silly!" And he sort of blushed and I showed him the book. It had "Good Times" on the cover and it was a burnt orange and masculine looking, not frilly. I don't scrapbook irl ,by the way, this is something I won't even do for my future children. So he flips through it and says "This is one of the most thoughtful things I've ever been given." He gives me a big ol papa bear hug and I get a picture. He also signs a pic I brought of him and asks how my name is spelled and personlized the autograph. It made me flail. Then [name deleted] reminds me to tell him about the boa and I say "Oh, I'm tossing something on stage for you so you better dance with it!" And he laughed and gave me a preview of the dance. HOT. THEN I said "...did you see my singing bubbletweet?" And his face lights up and he says "YEAH! You can sing! You were much better than a lot of the others I've gotten, I was like 'You Go Girl!" and I flailed everywhere and thanked him.

When he left he turned around and pointed to me. When he got inside he tweeted about meeting some amazing fans and I grinned like an idot for the rest of the afternoon.

No one else came out, so after a few hours we said goodbye to our buddies and headed inside. I took a picture of us for posterity's sake. We were dressed as girl Kradam by the way, with me rocking Adam's colors and [name deleted] owning Kris's Green Plaid.

After a few minutes, it became evident that we'd be sharing the area by the stage with none other than the Gokey Scouts. They look me up and down and their troop leader asks me who my favorite is. As if there was a doubt - I say "Adam." She makes an ick face at me, but some of them smile. She then asks if I like Danny at all and I said "He's got a great voice and it's because of him I started watching idol, so he'll always get love from me, but his voice isn't my style. I like tenors." This somewhat appeased most of them, who were friendly. I really wanted to win them over, though, because we'd be squeezed next to them all night and I know Adam would want us to get along. So I start talking about my friend [name deleted] who is the biggest Danny fan and I wish she could be here, and how I wanted to send her a Gokey Scout sash, and then I took group pictures of them, saying "SAAAAY GOKEEEEY!" Instead of "say cheese." They liked me after that, and told me about how they made friends with one of the sound guys at the hotel last night and he got them passes to the preshow meet and greet. They said that KRIS MATT AND ANOOP ASKED IF THEY COULD WEAR THEIR GOKEY SCOUT SASHES FOR DSB AND THEY WERE LIKE NO WE ARE THE GOKEY SCOUTS! WTAF this would have been hilarious.

This girl hated on Adam at first, that much was obvious, but she didn't do it to my face. And she went through a mystical transformation midway through Adam's set. More on that later.

Concert time.

So to put you back in the mood, I had just made "friends" with the troop of Gokey Scouts. The Troop leader had "ickd" at me when I said my fave was Adam but I was able to ply them with friendliness and compliments on their dazzling sashes. I forgot to mention that their sashes-

So the concert starts and I am a ball of panic because OMG Michael Sarver is coming on stage and my heart is already pounding to beat the band.
He got a lot of love from the Gokey Scouts. I don't know if they were reacting to my energy - cause I was screaming my ass off and dancing - but our combined flailing made him gravitate over to our side of the stage alot. We got lots of eye contact and pointing and dancing. I threw my orange scarf thing, which he didn't see till midway through closer. When he did see it he trotted over to it and smiled at me and put it on. BRB dying of cute. The funny thing is, he really didn't know how to work a boa, which didn't surprise me, it just made it more adorable. Like he was *trying* for me. So, aside from my inflated sense of self-importance, it was just a good time. He wore it, swirled it around a bit, and kind of pointed and fist pumped with it a few times.

I need to go on for a minute. Scroll if you don't care. His voice was amazing. Totally solid, not a missed note. His runs were fluid and diction solid. He's got such a nice, golden waves of grain sound. I hate country music and I am jazzed for his album because I know it will be awesome, and I know he'll get one. He also really worked the entire stage, making sure everyone got equal attention. He had great on-stage awareness. When he could sense the crowd's energy lessening, he stepped up his game with a dance or a shout out or an impressive run. It never felt forced, over agressive, or bitter. He just genuinely wanted everyone to have a good time.

Megan came on next. I was unable to stop taking pictures of her. In my other fandom, people call me "Bi" short for "Beyond Insane" and it's appropriate, ok? So she was a real treat. Much like in Baltimore, I was impressed with her voice. Yeah it's quirky, yeah, it can be pitchy, but I like it.

What I didn't like was her stage presence. Yes she is gorgeous, but she needs to give more of herself to the crowd. Part of me felt like she was up there going through the motions. Her attempts to fire up the crowd seemed kind of bitter to me. I decided FUCK IT I am going to go balls-crazy for Miss Megan Joy and I screamed like I was East Coast Drew. She saw me and SMILED and walked over to our corner and started dancing all hot. Or maybe that's what she always does but I felt special and you're reading my review so stfu.

Every other time she came on stage, she looked towards me as if drawing energy from my balls-crazy-goings. I've sung onstage and I know how it goes. Methinks she's had a rough go of it on tour and maybe has become a little bitter. I hope she gets more fans going nuts for her cause it brings her out of her shell. I have like a thousand more pictures of her, I will give the link at the end of the review.

Up next was Scott. I floved Scott's set in Baltimore, but not as much tonight. IDK, IDK, I wasn't feeling it. He seemed vocally tired. Still awesome though, just a little more unremarkable. As I sat there thinking that, I remembered that OMFG HE CAN'T FUCKING SEE AND HE'S PLAYING THE PIANO AMAZINGLY WELL.

Take that, self. Fuck you, self, and your fucking expectations. This guy has skills and you better recognise. I enjoyed him much more after that. Plus his high notes make me unf. I am such a sucker for high male voices. And low female voices. Maybe I am more like, Mid-Range Voice sexual than bi-sexual.

LIL. Her set might be better if I knew any of the songs besides "Single Ladies." They all feel kind of tuneless to me. Though the Gokey Scouts loved all over her and the crowd seemed to go wild for her. Whatev, apparently I do not have the same music tastes as the rest of my city. IDK. She looked gorgeous though. I still say her coat reminds me of a bedazzled 17th century British Naval officers jacket.

Lil can drop it, like I think she may have gone to a few clubs in her time, but the choreography was less than stellar, Esp on Single ladies. WHAT REALLY BOTHERED ME WAS THAT DURING SINGLE LADIES, SHE WOULD DROP MOST OF THE PHRASES. LIKE SHE WOULD SING "IF YOU LIKE IT THEN YOU-" AND THEN STOP. I KNOW IT'S A THING, BUT SHE ONLY ACTUALLY SANG "PUT A RING ON IT" LIKE ONCE IN THE ENTIRE SONG. EH?

LOL OOOPS. I just finished typing up my Matt review and I went to insert the pictures and realized I had Sarvered Anoop. Oh Anoop. I love his voice, just love it. Again with my high-male voice kink. What's so awesome is that you just don't expect to see it coming from him.
It's like a huge dick on a short guy. Anyway, he did less awkward hip trusting than he did in Baltimore, which I was fine with because I don't think it suits him. He did some nice shakin' it and I appreciated that. He didn't like our side of the stage v much.

Actually Anoop is a front and center man. He didn't seem to work the sides very much which was too bad. I tried like fuck to take a bunch of Anoop pics bc of all our beloved Anoop stans but it was like the back of his head over and over. Also, I would expect better diction from a choir boy. At one point I swear he sung "And we both are Luthern." But I completely admit that could have been because he just spread himself around and I lost my mind.

Matt's opening vid comes on and HOW ABOUT SOME LOVE FOR HIS OPENING VID? It is so fucking cute, all those scrolly matt's dancing and saying bullshit and blowing kisses. He's like a piano-playing tasmanian devil. So he comes out and he's RIGHT THE FUCK IN FRONT OF ME singing "Hard to Handle."

My fave part about this is that he totally saw that it was us on stage. During the "Hey little thing let me light your candle cause mama, I'm sure hard to handle now get's around" he was right on the corner by us and I was pointing up at him and singing the lyrics and he like, bent down low and pointed back and me and we sang that whole line together, shaking our heads and making faces.

IT WAS SO FUCKING EPIC I ALMOST DIED. I ALMOST THOUGHT I HAD BLACKED OUT DUE TO HIS TIGHT ASS PANTS VISUALLY ASPHYXIATING MY MIND BUT THEN [name deleted] LOOKED AT ME AND WAS LIKE OMG THAT WAS SO FUCKING AMAZING THAT JUST HAPPENED. TY BABY FOR SEEING IT. YOU GUYS WORDS WILL NEVER DESCRIBE THAT MOMENT ACCURATELY. YES I just bolded my whole Matt paragraph. Read it. I was not a Matt Stan but I will sure as fuck buy his record and go see him live whenever possible. You guys, he must have gotten so much bachelorette-party-at-the-dueling-piano-bar-ass you don't even know. I don't know whether or not to feel happy for him or midly squicked but I know it happened.


So, I spend all intermission keeping our place by the wall, since the front row gokey scouts had 4th row gokey scout fiends (lol, typo. I 'll keep it) and FUCK if I was going to give up our primo spot for anybody. So during intermission I got to chat with them some more. While their fearless leader was off attempting to ...blow Jamar or whatever it is Gokey Scouts do during intermission, a few of them came up to me and admitted to really liking Adam, which was cool. I think the only one that really hated him was The Troop Leader. I halfway thought about offering to switch spots with them during Danny's set, but didn't because I'm a cold hearted snake. No, really it was cause I wanted to take awesome pics for [name deleted] b/c our seats were so badass and my camera has a really good zoom. Blah Blah more intermission shit, whatever, you don't care, on to Allison.

DID ANYONE GET MY ALL-IS-ON, FEEL IT FEEL IT FEEL IT Tweet and actually get the reference? If so, four for you. If not, Homestarrunner, people! Anyway, so Allison is just overwhelming. It's so easy to forget she's just a kid. I had a blast zooming in on her and filling the frame with her crazy hair and lips.

Hi can you see I enjoyed taking pictures of her just a bit? I have so so many more of hers. Vocally, I thought So what was the weakest, cause she kind of just shouted it. But it worked. Cry Baby blew me away. This girl is a genuine star. I don't know how her vocal chords work, but it's nigh inhuman. Kudos to her for recognizing at such a young age the style of music she should be singing. I grew up an Alto myself, and spent a good few years bemoaning the fact that I couldn't sing like Sarah Brightman. More of her.

Right after Cry Baby the Gokey Scouts start chanting for DANNY and I am like STFU BITCHES SHE HAS TO BREAK YOUR MIND WITH BARRACUDA YET YOU STFU RTFN.
More pics of Allison to ease my butthurt.

After Allison, The Troop Leader asks me if I'll switch places so her Daisy Scouts or what the fuck ever junior members can come make heart hands closer to the stage. I sigh and say "REALLY OK BUT ONLY IF YOU SWITCH RIGHT THE FUCK BACK FOR ADAM." They all agree and I make way for ducklings Gokey Scouts. It was probably better than I wasn't in the front, really. Because I can cheer, I can heart hands, but I cannot flail for Gokey. I can be Milwaukee-Proud and show him the love he deserves, but I cannot put on the epic pouring of my emotion and affection that these girls were willing to put out there. Because I switched, I didn't get very many good pictures of Danny. I did get this lulzy one of him.

{name deleted], I am so sorry bb. But I thought about it and thought that maybe you would want me to give my place up for people that wanted a really epic Danny-Experience. In a way, I felt like I was giving up my place for you. I would have given ANYTHING for you to be there last night. I really encourage people to go to a hometown concert. Even though Danny ain't my bag, it was heartwarming to see him seeing everyone go nuts for him. He was overcome. He wiped his eyes. He hearthanded all over. He sang his heart out. He shimmied his awkward white Polish Milwaukee boy ass off. I was proud of him. We all were. Except [name deleted] who DOESN'T LIKE HIM THAT MUCH. She'll blast me for saying that but it's true. I only say it to make you guys feel like it was tit-for-tat with the few people that hated Adam. And vocally he was fantastic. I am not a gravely-voiced baritone fan, but for those of you that are into that kind of thing try listening to him with open hearts. I think his biggest issue is that his voice isn't contemporary. It belongs in the Yacht Rock era.

OK OK ONTO THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY YEAR. It's been an awful year for me bbs, I lost my job, my gay best friend and mentor, and my self esteem in one fell swoop. Adam has made that blow a little more bearable by proving that 27 isn't too late to accomplish your dreams. Cliche but true. OK ENOUGH OF MY EMO BULLSHIT. I dragged the gokesters out of my spot (they were flailing and shaking and crying and had completely forgotten what was about to happen.

Adam was beyond words. Just. Fuck. I wanted to take pictures but at the same time I wanted to soak him up like a bounty paper towel. I am not ashamed to admit that as big of a freakshow as the Gokesters were, I was worse. I held my head in my hands and convulsed. I screamed my face off. Several times in his set, I had the urge to pray to gods that haven't even been invented yet. Adam from 3 feet away is something that has to be experienced to be believed. Best. Christmas gift. EVER. I am so, so, so, fucking fortunate. [name deleted], you have no idea how epic you are. So many times I am the one with all the glory and you are the one with all the pain but you are the fucking wind beneath my wings. Our friendship is so perfect that I can honestly understand how two people can be as close as Kradam and not be fucking. Though if you want to start fucking that would be hot. You guys, I have so many pictures it's impossible for me to even sort through them all. But I'll try.

After his first song, by the distinct lack of screaming in my left ear I could tell that Troop Leader was not as enthused as I was. However, her troop was going wild.

"HE HAS A WOODY!" One of them yelled.
"THERE IS A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE" Another said, clearly losing her mind on all his candy.
"I WANT HIM TO GET ANOTHER WOODY." The first one reitterated.

Is there a Gokey Scout badge for saying "Woody" an uncomfortable number of times? Cause I will pin that fucking shit on her sash like im the fucking UP grandpa.

Adam chats us up, thanking us for voting for him and then he realizes that it's Danny's hometown and says "NO MATTER WHO YOU VOTED FOR." Seriously, though, he got a TON of love. The shrieks were deafening. Next up, a song by his favourite band MMEEEEEEWWWWS!

So lots of people have talked about Starlight sounded kind of strange. He pitches his voice really far forward - singers will get this and non singers you'll have to picture me scrunching my nose and rolling my hands forward in front of my mouth. I've sang along with him enough to figure out that we have breaks in similar spots, and my guess is that the begnning of Starlight is right on his break, and he's trying to keep it in his chest voice. I don't know. It's strange but it's gorgeous. It sounds alien and unearthy and I love it.

The lift brought up a stool and some water and the Team Leader was like "Oh, is he singing Mad World or something?" And was like YOU BET YOUR MF'ing GOKEY SCOUT SASH THIS IS MUTHERFUCKING MAD WORLD WHAT WERE YOU BORN BENEATH A ROCK OUT BEHIND SOME BULLSHIT CHEESE FACTORY? Actually I just said yes. OH GOD MAD WORLD LIVE. I cried. Literally cried. Does that man know how to control a phrase. All his phrasing sounds like taffy, he just pulls and pulls to the breaking point and then folds it all in again, only to stretch you out even further the next time.

So with Mad World over with, Adam brings Allison on stage and we get a two-for-one-value pack of fierceness. This number was so cute. AHHH FLOVE.

So I start losing my shit for the gabillionth time because BOWIE MF'ers. OH GOD. He was so bendy and glorious and his voice was perfect and his dancing was perfect and HE IS GOD. Pictures are better than words. I hope you guys don't mind I'm not writing too much about him, there's just not too much to say other than that he's God.

Oh! The Gokey scout, halfway through the Bowie and while Adam was mid-shimmy, mumbles to me.
"He has completely changed my mind about him" in this hushed, revered silence. SHE CHEERED LIKE MAD FOR THE REST OF HIS TIME ONSTAGE.

I guess I wasn't the only one excited for the bowie. Cue the "OMG ANOTHER WOOOOODDDDYYYY" behind me.

And then he was gone. I don't think I've ever felt loss any more profoundly. In this moment I am Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross. I am Romeo inside the Capulet Tomb. I am Ennis smelling Jack's sweaty flannel shirts.

But my grief was only contained to that moment, because the lift rose quickly and brought me a Kristopher Neil Allen! I love his video, by the way. It reminds me of Glinda in the bubble. SO much so that I half expect Kris to arrive wearing a frilly pink ball gown and tiara and tell me that the wicked witch is dead. Alas, that was not to be.

Instead he sang Heartless, which is just as good and far less absurd. [name deleted] camera died, so I resolved to view most of Kris's set through the lens, as I was only there through her generosity it felt fitting. The upside to that is that I have so many fucking good Kris pictures. You guys, I hate seeing people sit after Adam's set. Here is the thing though. Adam's set is like the most intense sex ever and Kris is the after-fuck cigarette and cuddle. The audience is just spent. You can't expect them to process anymore and then have Kris pour melted butter all over them and expect them to stand up. I stayed standing of course, cause he's mother fucking Kris Allen and I love him. Again, words don't do him justice. This guy is pure talent.

Let me take a moment to make a half-way intelligent observation about Adam and Kris. Adam moves the music, Kris is moved by the music. They both give highly sexualized performances, really, I don't think Kris gets enough credit for how sexy he is on stage. The difference is that Adam has the music bent over in front of him while Kris is laying on his back, shivering in ecstacy as the music takes him places he's never been. Adam makes you feel helpless to resist him, Kris makes you feel like you're responsible for taking him there.

I'll let [name deleted] tell you about her bra and her epic Kris poster, but all too soon it was time for Hey Jude. Adam comes out first of course and they do their pointing at each other thing. At one point they look at each other and there's a joke exchanged somewhere between Adam's arched eyebrows and Kris's grin. They share a moment and it's love blooming in all its tinhatty glory. I swooned. I am sorry I missed it with my camera, but at the same time I was thrilled I saw it with my eyes. Fuck that I saw it with my heart.

Are you guys sick of reading this yet? TOO FUCKING BAD I AM NOT DONE. DSB Happened. I got a Kradam dance shot around Matt Giraud.

And then we tore ass out of the arena to meet our pals the Adam Bombs, who were saving us a place in line. I was bummed they didn't want to see bb Kris, but was glad they got spots for us.

OK SO [name deleted] WAS OUT THERE STANDING IN THE POURING RAIN YOU GUYS, HOLDING OUR SPOTS FOR US. HOW FUCKING SWEET WAS THAT. AS AN ADDED BONUS SHE BRINGS US HER GRANDSON, WHO LOOKS LIKE ADAM WITHOUT TRYING. He's precious and fierce and we swapped phone numbers and are going to be friends now. He was convinced that the woman across from us, who was like 7' tall, was actually Chris Crocker. He made all sorts of funny jokes, and talking about how people saw him in the hallway and did double takes like OMG IS THAT- oh wait, no - and then got all disappointed. He also announced, rather loudly, that he thinks Kris Allen is gay. The younger Adam Bomb got all terrified people were going to be offended and was like "SHHHHH Don't you say that, just cause he loves Adam doesn't mean-" and [name deleted] goes "Oh, hunny, it's not the way he looks at Adam. It's the way he does everything else." I laughed really hard, but hope no one around got butthurt about it.

So we were worried that because it was raining they wouldn't come, but the rain tapered off and Megan came out and started making her rounds. SO CUTE. Then we saw Kris get on the bus to put down his guitar, with Adam on his heels. After a steamy post show make out session moment Kris came out. Much like a post-bathroom-stall-fuck, Adam came out a minute later so as not to be ~suspicious. I C U KRADAM. The crowd went fucking APE when Kris came out, but everyone went completely nuts when Adam did. The only thing I can compare it too is when the Packers won the super bowl and Brett Favre got back into town and did a victory thing at the stadium. That's how nuts people were. Everyone just wanted to be near him.

Kris got to me first. In my hand I had the group pic that I had everyone except Kris, Lil, Adam, and Allison sign in Baltimore. Beneath that I had my Kris-signed picture of Kris and Adam. When Kris got there, I handed him the group pic with the Adam one underneath. He signed it and looked up saying "Whose is this?" I said it was mine, but he had already looked underneath for some reason and saw the pic of he and Adam. I WISH I COULD DESCRIBE HIS FACE WHEN HE SAW THAT PICTURE IT LIGHT UP LIKE CHRISTMAS. Here's the pic, now signed by both Adam and Kris.

Adam was making his way around the ring and I have to say though that no one screamed in his face, no one shoved (except for one crazy who thought she could take down [name deleted]) and Adam took his time moving through the line. One little girl gushed, from the back of the crowd "ADAM! You are SO CUTE!" He looked up to where she was perched on her dad's shoulders and giggled, saying "Thank you!" He honestly blushed!

He came to me and signed my thing, not looking up until I said "Adam. You are beyond words." Which was the only thing I could even think to say. He looked me RIGHT IN THE EYES and said "Thank you" and I don't know, it was so genuine you guys! He moved on to [name deleted] and The Adam Bomb and he recognized the woman by her shirt - which was a copy of one of the pictures in the scrapbook she had made of her art. She had evidently given it to Megan to give to Adam and Adam had already looked through it. ADAM GUSHED ALL OVER HER YOU GUYS IT WAS SO PRECIOUS. HE SAID HOW TALENTED SHE WAS AND HOW HE WAS SO HAPPY TO HAVE THE BOOK. I NEARLY CRIED MY FUCKING EYES OUT HE MADE HER LIFE JUST THEN. She and the Adam Bomb talked to him for quite a bit which was awesome because I got to take lots of pictures.

One final story. As I walked up and down the line snapping more pictures, I chanced to overhear two men talking as their daughters flailed over Adam.
"Say what you want, he's an amazing person. Look at him, he's so genuine."
"Yeah, he's just incredibly nice. Look at him taking his time and giving each person a moment. That's a stand up guy right there."
"That makes this all worthwhile. You feel good about supporting someone who is such a good man."
"You should see my daughter's bedroom. He's all over the walls." The man said, laughing to himself. "I don't think she gets it." The other man laughed too and said.
"I don't think it matters."





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I brought my recap over from main, just in case anyone was interested - it kind of compares Milwaukee and Chicago:

~awww. Someone is always interested! ~ n

Trying to keep my eyes open here at work, after experiencing MUP in all his glory last night in Chicago! Apologies to glammax and MyJacket for not meeting up - we didn't walk into the arena till 6:55pm! Organizing 10 family members arriving for a concert is a near-impossible task!

All I have to say was ADAM WAS STELLAR, absolutely amazing. I went to Milwaukee, and there was seriously NO COMPARISON. I am sure he dialed it down a notch for the Gokey Girls, since it was Danny's home town. Very polite of bb, I would say.

The first half was very enjoyable, mainly because Sarver was as cute as a bug, Anoop sounded good, and Matt Girard ROCKS. I want to see that guy in concert. My non-Adam-fan friends are IN LOVE with him. And Megan - she did get booed from behind me somewhere. Rude a'holes - but she was pretty terrible, worse than Milwaukee.

Then Allison - who could be better if she would sing all the words to each sentence, instead of letting her back-up singers finish everything! And her little non-mic hand flapping is an extremely annoying mannerism - she needs to watch a video of herself and quit doing that, IMO. I couldn't concentrate on her singing - which was amazing but VERY rock-y. Danny - not so good as his home town show for me. Maybe because I was surprised I even liked him in Milwaukee.

I will be out of order here: I went to the ladies room during Kris's set. Adorable guy, but seemed even stiffer on stage than he was the other night. And has anyone noticed that when he is playing piano, he hunches his shoulders and hops up & down while he is banging the keys? Really distracting for me. I feel no connection at all from him to the audience - maybe it's just me, but I liked the guy on the show, and can NOT get into him AT ALL in concert.

BACK TO ADAM: deafening. The crowd before he came on was absolutely insanely loud. In Milwaukee, you could hear that the noise after Danny was for Danny, and then it changed to screaming for Adam but not quite as loud and prolonged. TOTALLY DIFFERENT in Chicago: loud screaming and noise for Danny, but literally through the roof anticipating Adam. Everyone who had been sitting throughout the arena stood up, and almost everyone stayed standing for the whole set. Screaming at everything he did. I have never heard that much screaming and sheer NOISE. Adam was WAY more animated than Milwaukee - absolutely impossible to take your eyes off of him!

I love him.

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Chicago, September 2, 2009 -- Allstate Arena, Rosemont

Baby!!!! Crazy vocals... He's rested, alright.

I noticed this immediately.

It sounded like Adam really held the last note of WLL for like FOREVER. Something to check when vids come in.

I'm glad you noticed this from the cellcast -- it was amazing.

I started off the concert with my earplugs in and didn't take them out until Danny's last song. Everybody sounded way better than I anticipated. All the guys doing modified mohawks need to stop immediately and grow their hair.

Michael, Lil -- they tried and were entertaining, but I don't what their place would be in the entertainment industry.
Megan -- Big venues are not for her. I can see her doing well in small, intimate club settings where she can rock her quirkiness.
Scott -- He's okay, nice voice -- but didn't do much for me (on show or in concert)
Anoop -- He sort of put me to sleep -- too smooth and easy listening for my taste. Again, I don't know if he will be able to find a place for himself in music.
Matt -- Enjoyed him very much and was surprised how entertaining he was. He does connect with the audience and gets the people on their feet.

Group number -- Beggin was great, other songs meh . . .

Allison -- Her hair is amazing and, of course, her voice. But -- So What annoyed the crap out of me because she wasn't singing the whole thing -- the back up singers were singing and she just came in whenever. Cry Baby and Barracuda were much better, but the end of the songs were strange IMO. I will be interested to see how her album comes out; I'm hoping by the time she's 20 she have matured into that voice and body and will use both better.

Danny -- Not a big fan of his persona but his voice sounded good live. I didn't connect to him which really isn't a surprise. I hate Gokey's fist/hand to chest/heart move; I find it exceptionally annoying.

The Adam Lambert Show -- The noise level was astounding, the air felt charged and there he was . . .WLL as I commented above was on fire. I really tried not to watch the jumbotron because I wanted to see how the performance felt -- and he was giving us the fever. Helium voice on Starlight and Mad World at the beginning of each song. I put my ear plugs back in to see if it helped -- it did not. Slow Ride was cute and Adam again did some vocal runs that were wonderful. The only things thrown were a beach ball -- oy it's Chicago what can I say, and something pink and long, maybe a scarf or feathery thing. And what can I say about the Bowie medley. Slinky, sexy, hot and the crowd was with him. And then he was gone--sigh, sob. Details--hair down (hate the term emo), woman (very drawn out and hot), and even from my seat he looked thin and fit. So bb those weights and whatever else you are doing are working.

Kris -- I enjoyed him more than I anticipated -- however, his music type not my jam (tm Adam). Maybe if he presented himself better visually -- btw I thought he looked lost behind the big-ass piano and looked better on the jumbotron. One of the recappers said something about Adam putting the music out there to entertain us and make us feel (sexy, horny, entertained, whatever) -- but Kris is putting the music out there but I don't know to what purpose. I don't like the guitar things where the players just get lost in the playing like in a trance; and that's sort of the feeling I got from Kris.

I stayed until the end -- DSB was cheestastic fun--no glory note that I heard.

So that was my first and last AI concert. I didn't stay for the barricades: too tired, hungry, and the parking lot was a effing zoo and even though somebody told me where to go it was time to go. Maybe if I wasn't by myself I would have stayed, but whatever. I'm feeling sad it's over and who knows when Adam will do his thing live. Hopefully next year.

I almost forgot -- even though I knew AI is a family show, the amount of kids was unbelievable. So the family next to me had three kids with them and one was maybe 14 months old. But I can't give her a hard time because she was taking pictures with a fantastic camera with a zoom lens, and she was offering to email pictures to the people in our area. So I gave her my card and asked for Adam only. So hopefully soon I will have Chicago pictures to share. Thanks to the Idols for saying Chicago vs. Rosemont . . .as in We Love You Chicago, etc.

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Grand Rapids, MI September 6, 2009

twelvesomething wrote:
I'm 16 pages behind and have no idea if anyone's posted a recap from Grand Rapids, but here goes my mini-recap. I'd write more....but how many times and how many ways can you just say over and over again how wonderful someone is. Rhetorical question, I know....

With that said....let me tell you that I sort of love big ol' cheesefests and this concert was that in spades. Except for Adam. He was so far above everyone else in talent, showmanship, presentation, and visual, audio, and sexual appeal that the contrast was inescapable.

This was the Adam Lambert show, no doubt about it. And whoever upthread mentioned that Adam didn't get a good reception in Grand Rapids was misinformed! It was Adam all the way....I had Adam people all around me and the screaming for him was deafening. I brought earplugs and used them.

General impressions: Everyone performed his/her set with competence.....well, except Megan who couldn't find a key if her life depended on it and didn't belong on that stage. I kept thinking of all the other very good female singers who lost out to her who must be sitting home gnashing their teeth when she sings.

Even Danny was fun to watch....mostly because he's so completely oblivious to his own cheesiness. I was waiting for his goofy salsa routine. He delivered. The mic stand has my sympathies.

Matt was fantastic! He's a great performer live.....very engaging with the audience, lots of energy and confidence. I hope someone signs him soon.

I was terribly disappointed with Kris. He really brought nothing to the concert. I WANT to like him...partly because he's Adam's friend and partly because he seems like such a good guy. But that's just not enough. His set was dull, his presentation was boring, and I absolutely can't watch him while he's singing...something about the way his face and jaw always look he's's really off-putting to me.

And then there's Adam. Dear sweet, sexy Adam. I sat there in awe of him. Couldn't stop smiling this big goofy smile the whole time he was on stage. It was exhilarating just being in his presence. His glorious grand entrance had everyone at fever pitch waiting for him to appear. Why in the world did NO one else take the time to create an impressive entrance for themselves the way Adam did?

I was worried that Adam would tone down his performance since this was considered to be a Matt hometown crowd, but he let it all hang out, thank you Jesus. Didn't we get TWO woman(s) in WLL? That's how I remember it anyway... haven't seen any video yet.
The Bowie medley is always my favorite....I could watch him strut, swivel, and swayyy all night....I never tire of looking at him, ever.

And then he was gone. I knew it was coming, but I wasn't ready.

So then we began making our way to our car....passing by the barricades on the way. The crowd was already massive...about 5 deep and the line snaked around forever. We decided to linger awhile...just a bit to see if anyone would come out. Soon a couple of teens moved to a different spot and I moved up. Then a few more did. I moved up again. Now I'm just 3 deep. I'm short, though, and couldn't see around the tall teens in front who were bobbing and weaving and jumping up and down and screaming for Adam. And then mass hysteria! Adam's the first one other idols in tow yet. He makes his way down the line, slowly. I love that Adam seems so fully engaged with his fans as he makes his way down the line...never rushing, always trying to listen to what the person is saying to him and always seeming to make eye contact with the person, smiling sweetly throughout. In concert he's large-in-charge Adam, a taunting sex-god who sends women into frenzies. Now, walking the barricade line, he's the sweet and approachable cute guy with beautiful eyes and a killer smile who you just want to hug and take home with you. Just on a whim, I thrust my RS forward as he paused in front of the 3 rows of adoring teens in front of me. I really didn't expect him to even see it, but even though I couldn't see him do it, I felt a pressure on the magazine like someone was handling it. Sure enough, I got my signed RS! Yay me!

I love him!

Here's a few photos....nothing special, but I had fun taking them.



[img] ... 060163.jpg[/img]

The rest are here: ... 0&newest=1

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Reading, PA September 8, 2009
Wilkes-Barre, PA September 9, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009 10:14am

I am once again posting on the run, as I pack up and head for my next destination. Then I promise I'll get some recaps of Reading and Wilkes-Barre... cuz I think you will hate me if I don't...

Wilkes-Barre turned out to be kinda special 'cuz it was my last show and...something else. I will say that I was less about the pix in W-B because for once I wanted to watch. I took more longer view shots, since I had an awesome seat with no heads in the way - although being on the side made for a lot of profile...

Here are some teasers...








And then there was this thing that happened after...




This chic is definitely not as cute as the young girls' pictures posted upthread, but... (yes - you have to click for it!)

Adam is such a nice guy!

Adam now owns this
(with the words: "Happiness is... ... doing what you love to do!"). I have the other copy - signed. =)
(will scan when I get home this weekend...)

Friday, September 11, 2009 12:24 a.m.

Reading/Wilkes-Barre PA Two-fer Concert Recap - if you can call it that...
(No the M&G part is not done yet...)

Honestly – my 4 concerts have not played all that differently for me, and I really don’t know what to say that has not already been said. Overall, I think this is the best AI concert of the 6 years I have seen them. It is the only year I have gone – or even wanted to go – to more than one concert on the tour. I have been thoroughly entertained for about 2 ½ hours.

I find Michael endearing in his earnestness; I just don’t hear the vocal problems with Megan that others do, and I think her songs suit her voice well. (Maybe it helps that I am probably one of the few people who has never heard Amy Winehouse…). I think Scott does well on his numbers, I dance along with Lil. I think Anoop would have done better in a different year and think he has potential for the route he wants to go. He is long and lean and uses that to some advantage in the way he moves. He gets a lot of young girls very swooney, for sure. It took me a couple concerts to get into Matt, but now I appreciate the energy he brings, as well as the vocal stylings I did not particularly care for before. Plus – he always looks like he is having a blast on stage.

I continue to like Allison and her set, flaws and all – she is just a little dynamo!

I absolutely cannot get into Danny or his set. It doesn’t help that he starts off with PYT, which I find an abysmal song. After 4 times I realize I just can’t hear any nuance in the way Danny sings; he is all one level – screechy. With cheesy gestures on top of it. I do think he sings sincerely on the numbers that are not PYT, so that’s something. I spend most of Danny’s set trying to get that elusive “good” photo (which I think I finally accomplished in W-B), and wishing it was over.

Skipping Adam a minute…

I know I experience Kris’ set differently than most everyone here. I am totally mesmerized watching Kris sing. I see Kris become his music, and he sings it out from someplace deep within. He is not a powerful singer, but he is an emotional singer. I think Kris does not always get that emotion to connect across to the audience and I will leave it at that.

Coupla specific concert things to mention.

In Reading, Megan (in the group song) and Allison wore MFB buttons. No idea why. They are kinda distracting in the pictures. My friend with me in Reading is a Kris fan, and I thought Kris did amazingly well that night. I actually turned to her and said “Wow – Kris is on fire tonight!” In retrospect, maybe that was more fever than fire. :-/ (Big contrast with Wilkes-Barre, where his voice was rough and raw...)

In Wilkes-Barre, the spotlight operators were in the light scaffolds hanging high above the stage (probably around 40 feet) - just over the first few rows of audience. Just before the concert, we saw them climb up, then pull up the little rope ladders. And they spent the next 3 hours up there, because they did not come down for intermission...


In Wilkes-Barre, some folks behind me had a big “We Love Michael” sign – he saw it and grinned a mile wide. Later they threw him a dozen roses – loose! He did a good job gathering them up and taking them off the stage. Someone threw a rose on stage for Allison – she kept looking at it, but never did pick it up. When Danny came out and saw it, I wondered if he thought it was for him and was afraid he’d pick it up and try to do something a la Adam with it. LoL! He didn’t though. I never did see how it got off the stage – I think one of the stage hands took it on a pass-by.

Back to Adam…

Adam, Adam, Adam.


I will paraphrase what I said after Atlantic City – Adam is the very definition of performance art. Heavy on the Performance - and the Art. I wish I could remember details of the last two shows – or the first two for that matter – that makes each unique, but I can’t. I don’t know that it really makes any difference. I know when his intro starts the decibel level in the arena doubles. I know that Adam engages the audience from the first second and keeps them under some sort of spell until he disappears under the stage. And then the spell is broken and it’s like a huge exhalation of collectively held breath.

In Wilkes-Barre, I had a first row seat at the corner where the main stage and thrust stage meet, with a totally unobscured view. I do believe Adam recognized me at one point when he looked right at me. ;) (There is no point in trying to convince me otherwise!)

For most of the concert - and definitely for all of Adam's set - I hung at the fence and for the first time watched more through my eye lens and less through a camera lens, and reveled in the awesomeness that is Adam!

Reading and Wilkes-Barre PA galleries.


Glamsnooky wrote:
If you don't mind my asking, newland21, how'd you get the elusive Meet & Greet pass?
Since the M&G part of my recap is coming along so slowly, I'll answer this now.

Because of the timing of the correspondence, I had convinced myself it was related to the mysterious case of the Allison pictures mentioned here. (note: Allison's twitter pic has changed since that post, so ignore that picture!)

Now I find out it was something else entirely. I did a favor for an old friend about a week or so ago. Turns out she has a friend with connections to the W-B venue. She knew I was going to the concert there and arranged a very surprise "thank-you" for me. And I mean very. It was the day of the Reading concert when the final confirmation e-mail came in for the W-B concert the next day.

Time for Miracles, indeed... =)

Now I'm back to square one on the mystery of the Allison pix... ;)

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Friday, September 11, 2009 12:58pm

Wilkes-Barre M&G - Part 1

Up front let me apologize to my late-dinner companions in W-B for sort of talking around the fact that I got to the afternoon M&G as well as the evening. After they talked about their own experience, I just felt awkwardly embarrassed about everything. Please don't be mad, guys!

The Prep Work

I want to say that I had been planning to bring gifts to the PA shows anyway, and give them to…someone, somehow. I spent a lot of my Labor Day Weekend at my parents’ house working on gifts based on my pictures. I had pictures picked out for everyone. But there were printer problems and time eventually just worked against me; plus Adam’s Linus picture obviously took a lot more time to do. So in the end, I only had the ones I worked on first - for Kris (a framed picture), Allison (a keychain w/pictures) and Adam (the Linus picture).

Here is the story on Linus. I’ve always felt a little connection to Adam over Linus, because I also once played that part in a production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. I had long ago thought about how far Adam had come from playing Linus to being a rock star and knew I wanted to something around that concept. Originally (back in August) I thought I’d maybe find a Peanuts card with Linus and “decorate” the picture and even bought some fabric and stuff to make the “coat”. But I never could find a card, and work piled up and before I knew it my Baltimore and AC shows were upon me and…oh well.

When I decided to go to the Pennsylvania shows, I thought about doing the Linus picture again. Of course by this time I had concert pictures and I thought it would be much easier to just use the jacket pictures on a picture of Linus, sort of like paper-doll clothes. (HA! Little did I know!) I went back and forth, but as the dates came closer I decided to go for it. So I downloaded some different pix of Linus and then looked for pictures that had Adam in roughly the same poses and angles, and picked what looked like the best pose. And then I sized the photos the same. And then I cut the little jacket, belt and neck pieces out and pasted them over Linus. I had to do a little “tailoring” on that jacket, let me tell you! Adam is a bit more buff than Linus. =) I decided to use a picture that had the blanket because – well, it’s Linus! Plus, it kind of reminded me of the boas. =) Linus’ hand was in great position to draw in the microphone. I toyed with drawing in eyeliner or brows or eyeshadow, but that really detracted from the Linus look I thought, so I just drew in the hair.

I had been struggling over wording for the picture. “You’ve come a long way, baby” kept going through my mind, but I really did not want to use that. So I just pasted the picture onto card stock and left it blank for the time being. Originally I just had the one picture, but then at the last minute as I was leaving for PA I thought – why not make a copy for myself? I could get lucky. So I copied the card picture and also scanned it.

As I said before – I was in Reading when the final confirmation came about the M&G, and was I ever glad I had thought to make that copy! I was very nervous about finishing the card just right. I had brought along a silver Sharpie, and touched up the jacket spikes and grommets. And then somehow the “Happiness is…” song from the show popped into my head and – I had the right wording in no time! I had a little frame for Adam’s card and also slipped an extra photo in behind Linus. Then I wrote notes to go with the stuff for Adam and Kris and Allison, and put their gifts in envelopes. And then I finally took a breath and went to join my friends for the Reading concert, which was much more enjoyable for having finished my gift projects.

Off to Wilkes-Barre

The next morning I was very anxious to get on the road to Wilkes-Barre with plenty of time to spare just in case something happened. But the trip was quick and easy and I got an early check-in to the hotel and got to the venue an hour early and was perfectly content to just wait there… I had my e-mail, but I was still awfully glad when the tour rep came out and I saw my name on the list and she gave me my little badge. =) (Which, by the way, she almost forgot to date. But she caught that and took it back and put the date on it…).

I’ll say this - there is no real “M” in that pre-show session, and barely a “G”. =)

Let me be very clear – I am not complaining!!! I knew this all in advance. I just want to set expectations…

Matt G once referred to the afternoon M&G as a “sign and slide”. That is an understatement. But that’s what Ray calls it when he gives the instructions: The Idols are sitting behind banquet tables. They start a group photo around when you hit the first person (who I imagine is always Scott, now with Carol v. Todd) and they sl-i-i-i-de it down. We can speak to the idols but not touch or lean over the tables. We can take pics of them but not with them. We need to be walking and talking. We could have them sign ONE thing – either the group photo or an item we brought.

Thanks to Scarlett I knew all that, and I literally had 1 to 2 sentences planned to say to each person (I even wrote notes so I wouldn’t forget!) I had brought the special items for Adam and Kris to sign, and the gifts for Adam, Kris and Allison. I had my camera out and ready to go. Our M&G group was pretty small – under 20 – so I thought we might get a few extra minutes with everyone.


I was close to the end of the line (I tried to get the very end, but a rather determined group of girls staked it out and that was that.) As I walked in I got a shot of Matt and Anoop up at the end of the first table.

This is how they were sitting:

.....Anoop.....Michael.....Kris.....Adam.....Megan.....Allison.....Lil >> Exit

I said my bits to Scott, to Danny and got to Matt and was talking to him – and I looked up and there was absolutely no one else still in front of me, and Ray was looking at me and making a comment about talking and not walking and gesturing me to get moving. I thought they would keep the picture in front of them as each person walked through, but nope - that picture had already made it’s way to the end of the table and Allison was kind of laughing and saying “You pick it up down here!” I stood there totally confused, because I’m thinking if they’ve already signed that - was someone going to get mad if I asked Adam and Kris to sign something else? But I decided to go ahead because really – Ray had said we could ask and it wasn’t my fault the photo had been whooshed along without me. I looked to Anoop and Michael – next in line - with a sort of “I’m so sorry” look and moved to Kris. I figured I’d probably have a chance to talk to Anoop and Michael again later, but I knew it was not so certain with Adam and Kris and I definitely wanted to give them their gifts and have my stuff signed.

The only impression I had of Kris was that he looked exhausted. He was sort of hunched over the table and barely looked up. I couldn’t tell you what he was wearing – I had the impression of something blue. His hair was spikey the way it would be in the concert that night. I totally forgot the comment I was going to say to him and just asked if he would sign a picture I took and he said sure and while he was doing that I put his gift on the table and said “I made this for you” and he looked up as he passed the photo back and said thanks. I felt really awkward because obviously everyone could see I only had a few gifts and I was so wishing I’d gotten everyone’s pictures done and I really didn’t want to look at anyone else. I hope at least the people I had passed were dealing with the girls behind me. I thought Ray was probably over in the corner rolling his eyes at me, and tapping his foot and checking his watch but I so did not care because I was finally in front of Adam!

Really – it was very rushed and very much a blur at this point and I was so conscious of Ray and the tour folks waiting. And I had been trying to be attentive to each person I came to and not be always looking at Adam, and then I was trying to keep track of pictures and gifts. So as pitiful as it seems - the only thing I can tell you about Adam is he was wearing his baseball cap and his eyes were smiling!

I bounced up to him with a big smile and said “Adam!” and he laughed and said “Hey!” – and I launched into my bit about having played Linus also and he said “Cool!” (or something like that) and I said – “so in honor of that I made this little picture I hope you will sign for me.” And Adam says, “That is awesome!” (or something like that) and he seemed very excited about it. And I said something like “Good – because I made one for you, too!” and I put his gift on the table and was already moving on. I think Adam was still saying something – probably thanks - but I honestly don’t know.

Megan, Allison and Lil were left and I did not want to go without talking to them, so I stopped at Megan (who was so cute in curlers and glasses!) and told her I had listened to her interview about the tour clothes not necessarily being what she would choose, and I told her I thought she was a real trooper and that I enjoyed her concert set.

Allison is my middle name, so I shared that with Allison and asked her if she knew what the name meant. She didn’t so I told her the Teutonic version means “Warrior’ and it was a great name and I gave her my gift.

Poor Lil seemed almost an afterthought squished at the end of the table, but I think she is the one who actually handed me the group photo – I honestly have no idea how it ended up back in my hand. By that time I was practically being escorted out, so I just told Lil that I had really been enjoying “Single Ladies” and I’d be up and dancing to it that night.

And then Ray says something like “And out you go” and holds open the curtain and says to the tour rep – “can you just take her up, since everyone else is already gone?” and again I felt so … awkward. And just as the curtain was closing behind me I looked down and realized – I had not taken a single picture since that first one when I had walked in the room! And let me tell you – my camera lens is set to auto-retract if it’s not used for 5 minutes? It was still out. That’s how fast that was!

I wanted to go back in and take a picture of Adam but I was already being walked out, and I didn’t dare ask because I felt I had already been given a fair amount of time. The tour guy was very nice and almost apologetic and said usually there are so many more people and that is why it has to keep moving, but for whatever reason even with such a small crowd they were still moving it through very fast. I think having more people must actually allow a few more opportunities for pictures, because there are just that many more folks stopping even for a few moments and creating pockets of time where one is just…waiting. But that’s the breaks, and pictures were just not to be in Wilkes-Barre.

I was OK with it, truly, and just very happy to have delivered my gifts directly to Adam and Kris and Allison, and to have my signed Kris-pic and especially my signed Linus!

This is the picture I asked Kris to sign:

These are the pix in Allison's keychain:

One side

Other side

In between the other pix (in case she wants to switch one out)

This is the picture I put behind Linus in Adam's frame:
Heh. =)

(There is more to the story with Kris' gift picture, so I will save that for Part 2...)

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Saturday, September 12, 2009 10:45 a.m.

Wilkes-Barre Meet and Greet - Part 2

The Afterparty

After the pre-show M&G, I had about an hour and a half before the post-show passes were due to be at the box office. I had gone to the pre-show thing in black jeans and a t-shirt with my black converse all-stars and my ankh and peace/love neck chains. It had been my intention to get a little more Adamized for the after show M&G (Atlantic City peeps know the outfit, except substitute the black jeans for the leather pants.) But as I sat there thinking about it, I just decided not to. I knew there was a good possibility Adam would not be there anyway, and if that was the case I thought it might seem a little…not really rude, but I don’t know, just not right to be dressed so obviously for someone else and talking to some of the other guys. I mean – it’s not like that is my normal style. So in the end, all I did was add one necklace – my lightning bolt. (Remember this for later…)

I got my pass at the box office at the appointed time – no problem. The instructions were to put it on after the concert and someone from the venue would tell me where to wait. I tend to worry incessantly about stuff like that, so at intermission I approached a very nice lady usher who had helped me find my seat, and asked if she was one of the people who could point me in the right direction. She wasn’t, but she said she would find out and come to tell me – which she did, so I was feeling very relieved for the last half of the concert.

I have to add that right after Allison’s set started a venue guy came out and handed three backstage passes to these three young girls next to me and they started jumping up and down and shrieking at the top of their lungs – right as Allison was singing next to them. I mean – OK – I get you are excited, but…sheesh! That’s some kinda loud if you can drown out the band and the singer without the aid of a microphone! I assumed they had won the Ford Fusion text message thingy for back stage passes…but – more later.

After the concert we went to our appointed place, and folks noticed there were two colors of badges and wondered what the difference was. Mystery solved when someone came out and asked for all the people with red badges to follow him. So then I realized it was a two M&G night, and figured really no chance Adam would stick around for all that. While we were waiting our turn a young woman was brought over to the tour rep who actually had gotten the Ford Fusion text message that she had won backstage passes – she showed the message and the tour rep told the escort guy to take her and her friends right down with the first group. So of course then I wondered what the heck was with the three screamers, because if they had won, why were they still with the green badge group? Ah well – not that I cared so much. I just didn’t want some kind of crazy happening in my session. Or heaven forbid Adam wasn’t there - I could only imagine! Shortly after that two more ladies who claimed to have won via Ford Fusion text message were brought over to tour rep – but oops! Cannot “find” the messages telling them they’d won. Oh – so sorry, says tour rep, who, to her credit, actually looked apologetic, even though I'm sure she knew the deal. No messages, no back stage. Hmm. These gals had a mounted poster of the 2012 movie with them and asked Ray if he would take it back to get it signed. Ray declined, and they wandered off. Now of course I don’t know the truth, but they acted a whole lot more like ladies who had been caught trying to scam their way backstage than ladies who may have accidentally deleted the text message giving them the passes to be there. Just sayin’.

Finally – our group is called to go downstairs! We walk in the room and YAY! The first person we can see at the far side of the room is Adam! With a long line of folks waiting to see him, of course. He and his line basically took up one half of the room – with everyone else in the other half. I look to my right and see Danny with a big crowd of folks around him, Matt, Michael and Anoop with smaller crowds, Allison getting her picture taken with someone – and at the far end of the room Kris is all by himself, having just finished with a group. So I beeline over to him and pull out something I want him to sign and start talking – and some lady with her kid just interrupts. I’m like – Oh! OK…and back off to wait. So she starts talking and I hear a phrase I ended up hearing many times over that evening from many people…”Do you remember me/us/ her?” That question got so many positive responses I was like – WTF? Am I the only one here who hasn’t been to a M&G before? Now I realize people can be remembered from other meetings – barricades or something. But seriously – what are the chances? All I know is there seemed to be a whole lotta “recognizing” in that room!

So anyway – back to Kris. The lady-with-kid finishes and moves over to the Adam line, so I start again. (Note: Some of you are going to know the person I’m talking about next, and this is a surprise for her so – PLEASE do not spill it!). I had another copy of the picture I’d asked Kris to sign for me and I explain I had attended Reading with a friend who was a big fan of his – and she goes by the name Jude. So would he mind personalizing the picture “Hey Jude!” and signing it? So he’s like “Of course!” - and that’s what he does. Hee! (Jude did not even know that song was in Kris’ set and about fell over when he started, so I only wish I could be there when she gets this!)

Anyway – I’m debating asking Kris to personalize the picture he had signed for me earlier, but first I just ask if he’s feeling well; I say he looks sort of tired and I could hear his voice was rough during the concert. He looks sheepish and says he isn’t really feeling so hot – that he’s had the flu. My jaw drops because this is already the second M&G of the night. He looks at me very - I don't know how to describe it - resignedly? and says in the quietest voice, "but the show must go on, right?" To me he looks like he wants to cry. I want to say "WTF?! The show might have to go on, but what the hell are you doing here?" I don't. But I also just don’t feel right asking anything else of him, so I make some lame comment and some other folks come up and I move on.

Allison is gone by then. Matt and Danny still have lots of peeps; and always assume a line for Adam! But Michael and Anoop are free and I really wanted to get back to them after skipping them in the afternoon. So I talk to Michael and tell him how as an Army vet I really appreciated when he tweeted about the trip to Walter Reed Army Hospital. He repeats again how moving that experience had been for him, and says he is still in touch with one of the guys he met that day and I tell him I think that’s awesome. Then I ask him a question I had tweeted him (but never got a reply). I ask who the two back-up singers are – that they are very good and no one ever mentions them. He tells me their names are Angie and (I think) Antonio (? Jessie?) and yes – they are great. He said he is planning to take a moment at each of the remaining concerts to thank all the folks who go unrecognized. He had started that night with the road crew, and is going to thank the back-up singers, the tour management crew, etc. I tell him that was really nice of him to do that.

I move on to Anoop and joke with him about the Dorton Arena (where he’ll be performing at the North Carolina State Fair in October). I say that’s the only venue I’d ever been in where the sections are designated by crops. That when I’d been there I’d sat in “Cotton row 3” or something. He laughs and says “I know – they have like “Soy Beans” and stuff.” I wish him luck. I mean to ask him if he’d worked out his set list or what he was doing for musical accompaniment, but it slips my mind. For whatever reason, I don’t think to find anyone to take a picture of me with Michael or Anoop, and by the time I do think about it, they are both gone out to the bus lines.

I see someone taking a picture with Kris and ask if she would take one of me with Kris. Now, I have a terrible problem with my eyes blinking when a flash is used, and as a result inevitably, they are closed in pictures. So I ask Kris if he would mind something a little different - if he’d mind doing the standard pose facing away from the camera, but then sort of looking back. He looks at me like I was nuts, but turns around and says – “You mean like this?” But he doesn’t do the arm around or anything so I’m like, “Well, sorta, but…” (and I don’t want to put my arm around him since he didn’t first) “…OK look over your shoulder back at the camera.” And I do the same to show him what I mean. And he starts laughing and says, “Well this feels .. awkward!” (In that sardonic kinda way kids do today). And I start laughing, too and say “Well never mind – I don’t want you to feel awkward.” And we both start to turn back and the lady with the camera snaps a picture right about then.

Then she asks why I didn’t want the normal shot and I explain about my eyes and she says let me try something. So we take the normal arm-around-waist pose and she says – oh – it worked - it looks good! And I thank her and Kris and move on. And I check the picture. Nuh-uh! One of my eyes is closed. So I’m glad I have the first shot. =)

So I get on line for Adam. But then I remember something and go back to Kris as he’s gathering up stuff to go. “Hey – it’s me again!” “Hey,” he says. “Do you remember me from this afternoon?” And he says “Yeah of course, I remember you” in a way that makes me think he mentally added “Sorta” to that sentence. But I plow ahead and ask if he’s had time to open his gift. Well, he stops dead what he’s doing and looks up at me and it’s like something clicks and I think at that point he really does remember. He sort of lights up and says, “Yes – yes I did! Thank you! Thank you so much!” And then he puts out his hand and says “I am so glad to meet you!” (I think I blushed!) I shake his hand and there are about a dozen things going through my head I wanted to say. But all I manage to get out is “It was a pleasure to meet you, too.” And then Kris is gone.

This is the picture I gave Kris…
…but I think it might have been the note accompanying it (which was about him making music) that he was reacting to…

FINALLY I am in Adam’s line to stay. This time there is plenty of “wait” time to take some photos. I already posted most of them. Here is one more:


Let me tell you - Adam is absolutely the epitome of professional and polite. Whatever fatigue or mood he may have felt, whatever his real thoughts might have been, no one would ever know from anything he did or said. Adam was gracious and accomodating, patient and kind to every person who went up to him. He made a point to say something complimentary to each person. I just can't say enough about how impressed I was with his interactions with the fans. For that alone, I think Adam deserves every good, exciting wonderful thing that is happening for him.

In my “Concert Kit” messenger bag I had been carrying a Rolling Stone around since Baltimore, and since Atlantic City had added some copies of photos I took. I know I can get more than one thing signed this time, but I don’t want to pull out like a dozen things, so I finally decide on a picture I took at the Baltimore show. I had a few copies, so I could get some signed for my nieces, who also attended that show. And since the photo has a dark background, and I am all about being prepared, I take out my silver Sharpie…

It’s finally my turn and Adam speaks to me first, which surprises me (in a good way!) –

“Well hi there!” he says with a big ol’ smile, sounding for all the world like he remembers me! “Well hi!” I say with a smile back. “Yeah, it’s me – Linus!” And he kind of grins.

I go up with my photos and I start to speak and Adam goes – “I like your lightning bolt by the way!” Meaning the necklace (the one I almost didn’t put on!) Now that really cracks me up because of course the only reason I have it is I saw Adam wearing one in a picture someplace, and when I was looking for stuff to wear to Atlantic City I saw this one in Garage and picked it up to sort of complete my outfit. So yeah – I’m guessing Adam does like the lightning bolt! But I don’t go through all that – I just say thank you. =)

So anyway – I show him the pictures and say I was hoping he would sign three – one for me and one for each of my nieces and he’s like – Sure! And he starts, but he says “Ooh – let me use your silver [Sharpie]!” So he takes that and starts to sign. I do tell him my nieces’ names and am hoping he will personalize, but things are moving fast again and Ray is behind Adam giving me the eye again so I just decide to leave it alone. I do mention I’d taken the photo and Adam says it’s a beautiful photo. (eee!) Adam gives the pix and pen to Ray who sets them on the table (carefully I must say – with each photo laid out separately) for me to pick up after my picture with Adam.
This is the picture I asked Adam to sign:
(There might have been better ones, but I like this because the colors are vibrant and I love that Adam is looking up with a smile, as if he’s looking to the future and seeing a bright way ahead.)

The lady behind me has agreed to take my picture with Adam so I hand over my camera. I had already decided not to ask for the reverse photo because – did I mention “moving fast” and “Ray”? ;-)

So Adam takes the standard pose – arm over shoulder because of course my waist is down by Adam’s hip somewhere since he’s over a foot taller than me – and…we wait. And the camera lady looks at me and is like – "Where do I look?" Oh geez! I always use the small viewfinder, because I need glasses if I use the larger screen, but I guess nowadays most people are just used to that big screen. So I’m like – “Hold on – let me switch it.” And I break and go over and hit the button and go back to the pose with Adam and …we wait. “Oh wow!” says camera lady “That’s really close-up.” And she starts fiddling with the zoom. And I just know Ray is behind me ready to strangle me or something. And I am totally not looking at Adam who I’m convinced must be wishing this would end soon… And I don’t know what the hold-up is now but time jut seemed to hang there, so I say “ Or – we could just stay like this, I don’t mind so much.” And she finally says “Ready?” and Snap! And Fuck me! – even though I turned off the damn flash I just know I blinked. “Oh nice shot!” she says as she gives me back the camera and I said to her quietly “I think my eyes were shut.” I hope I remembered to say thank you to everyone before I moved on past Adam to the table to pick up my photos and pen. I’m not sure, and of course Adam is already with Camera lady and her friend.

So I sit down at the table and look at the photo and say sort of to myself. “Damn – they are totally closed.” And I sit thinking I will wait until the line is all done and maybe ask for a redo. But a couple people later Ray halts the line and looks at me and says – "Did you want to take your picture over?" Oh terrific! I think Ray must be getting nervous with me sitting there and figures this was the best way to get me gone, but I say – “Oh yes! Thank you so much!” And Adam motions me over and takes the pose again. This time Ray takes the camera and he looks at me and says – “Are you sure it’s set this time?” Oh dandy – it was set last time! Just not what the lady was used to. I am telling you – by now I’m thinking Ray is marking me as a candidate for “The List”! But I manage to smile and say yes and he takes the picture (this one), and it comes out fine and this time I gather my stuff and hustle on out of Ray’s line of sight!

Danny was still in the room, but I really didn’t have anything more to say to him beyond what I had that afternoon (I congratulated him on getting signed). So I went over to Matt, who was also still in the room and continued the conversation I’d had with him from the afternoon, talking to him about a little venue near where I live (the Ram’s Head) that I thought would be a great place for him to play. He explained it had to be requested through his management (19M/CAA), and I told him I’d check with the Ram’s Head and see how they do it, because they’ve hosted a fair number of other “Idol” vets there. I didn’t get a picture with Matt, but I did take a couple of him…

Here is Happy Matt!

We end the conversation and I look over to where Adam is still meeting fans, and they are just about done. And it dawns on me I never said anything to him about, which I had intended to do! So I think maybe I can just say something real quick after the last people. So they get to Ray and they want a group photo and he is totally happy – “Great! Group photo, and then that’s it!” So they finish and Ray is totally rushing Adam out with “And now it’s time to get on the bus!” They are heading out the other end of the room from me, so short of running after them or screaming across the room – neither of which I think I can do without looking like a total nutcase maniac – my words are left unsaid…

I wait in the room a few more minutes just sort of looking around and taking it in, then I head on out, already running through the whole thing in my head, and hoping I can remember it all when it comes time to tell the story…

The Afterwards

After an experience like that, a euphoric glow tends to settle in for a while, and I relive all the good things. But the pendulum always swings. And being stopped dead for hours on the drive the next day certainly did give time for all the self-recriminations to set in.

Was I really as upbeat and chatty as I remembered, or did I actually come off like a total idiot?
Maybe I should have asked Kris to add my name to my picture; maybe I should have asked Adam to sign the RS… Why did I let this one opportunity to do that go by?
Why oh why didn’t I think to offer Kris and Adam the extra pictures I had of the ones they signed?
Why did I let my time with Adam become all about me and forget to mention Or ask any other questions i'd tought about?
Why didn’t I say any of the dozens of clever things that occurred to me 5 minutes after I left the venue?

As fun and exciting as the whole experience was, these – and a dozen others - are the questions that I’m stuck with… At least until I know Jude’s picture has been delivered, or until my nieces open their gifts this Christmas. Until that pendulum swings back to center and a little glow returns.

The reality is that all those people – even Ray - most likely forgot about me the second they left the room.

But if I’m really lucky, and if the glue holds and all the little jacket pieces stay on, maybe Adam will look at that Linus picture a bit down the road and remember the fan who gave it to him…

In the meantime, I’m waiting for the pendulum to come back to center. =)

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Following orders from Newland and bringing this over from main:

Grand Rapids Recap

I've spent literally the entire day catching up on the board....something like 30+ pages, and I've got probably 15 tabs open now to interviews and videos and pictures to still go through. Can you say embarassment of riches being an Adam fan? MyJacket your Chicago pics are gorgeous!!! And Newland omg so excited and happy for you!!! Hey....if I've met you, and you've met Adam, does that mean I've got like 1 degree of separation from the MUP? *G*

maddie wrote:
Wow, I found the new pictures by Qoatg on IDF! There are breathtaking, as usual. Where are you, darling?

Hee...scooped by IDF on my own photos, that's kinda funny. I've been trying to come up with some kind of recap that isn't tl;dr and completely boring. Likely failed on that but here goes: Grand Rapids was a great show and just a great fun weekend in general. I'd been stalking ticketbastard and broker sites for weeks trying to (a) find a place that would sell a single seat (since I have no real life concert buddies) and (b) that was a good enough seat to justify a cross country weekend trip. I lurk at ONTD_AI and they'd set up a ticket buying/selling thread and I was lucky enough to hook up with a poster who'd bought a pair of 2nd row in one of the side pod sections and needed someone to take the second one off her hands. So thanks to abusing_sarcasm I had a great seat for the show. I met up with her and 3 others from ONTD_AI for barricade stalking at about noon on Sunday, and we had a fun time getting sweaty and sunburnt waiting for the idols. The buses pulled in around 2:00 as usual, and we got to see everyone unloading and heading into the arena.


Eventually Michael, Matt, Scott and Alison came out to sign. I've really warmed up to Michael as the tour has gone on and he was very handsome and sweet in person. Called everyone either ma'am or darlin. Matt seemed so pumped to be "home" and the crowd was very appreciative of him (both outside and at the show later. I'd say it was mostly an Adam/Matt/Kris crowd overall by the screams). I don't think Alison had been planning on signing, but her mom was out there and kind of wrangled her into it. She flew through the crowd really fast, but was very nice. There was a little girl there with her mom, maybe 10 years old, who was a huuuuge Alison fan. They were getting worried that Alison might not make it to our corner of the barricades, so we encouraged her to run across to the other side to try and catch her. When they came back the little girl had gotten her cell phone signed and was on cloud 9. So cute. And then Alison did make it over to our side and she got another pic signed. We gave up on anyone else coming out by about 4:00 and headed off for a quick dinner before going back to the arena for the show. Found out later on that night that Kris had eventually come out around 6:00, which I thought was interesting...don't remember hearing about them being out that late before.

For the actual show, our seats ended up being on the opposite side from where I'd expected.....stage right instead of stage all my youtube research of camera angles on Adam's set kinda went out the window. lol It was interesting for me to compare how everyone's changed/grown now that they're this far into the tour compared to the Vancouver show when they were still really getting used to being in venues that big, and their sets. Pretty much everyone was giving shoutouts to hometown boy Matt, which kept the energy in the arena pumped. I think Sarver does a good job opening the show, he played to the crowd and moved around the stage well. Noticed he has a different jacket from when the tour started. I like Megan's set more than some wish they'd let her get out of that barbie doll get up and into something that's more her though...why can Michael get a new jacket and she can't change clothes? I don't think it suits her songs either. She is beautiful though, and I like her shorter hair cut. Scott is sort of forgettable to me, although I do like that Bend & Break song he does. Lil sounded like she was struggling for breath at some points, and it's kind of annoying that she doesn't finish singing the lines in Single Ladies. I think Anoop has a beautiful voice, but he seemed kind of disconnected to me, but maybe it was just a function of where we were sitting. I was much more impressed with Matt than I had been in Vancouver. I'm sure the hometown crowd had a lot to do with it, but he had fantastic energy, was all over the stage for Hard to Handle, and even Georgia and You Found Me felt more energetic somehow. I like how much more fun they're having in the group songs now compared to the beginning - actually looking at each other and interacting instead of just going through the choreography.

Side note - Van Andel Arena is the most strangely constructed arena I've ever been to. We could only get on and off the floor section by one entrace at the very back (ie opposite end from the stage) and so needless to say, intermission was a stampede and then once you got out into the walkways, it was a ridiculous mash-up of people in line for bathrooms, people in line for concessions, people in line for merchandise and people just randomly standing around causing backups. Also found it strange that there was only one set of main doors to get in and out of the arena itself. How is that not a fire hazard? Anyway, we made it back in time for Alison. I like her, but I found her set a bit one-note and repetitive this time around. And she was doing the same thing as Lil, not finishing the lines in So What. No denying she's talented though. Danny.....well, the less said about Danny the better really. His little speech was thankfully much shorter than in Vancouver though. Skipping ahead one, I really liked Kris more this time around. Scrapping No Boundaries was a very good decision and I think he does a good job with ATTTID. And it was nice to be able to actually see him playing the piano this time around (same goes for Scott) because of where our seats were. And then there was.....


I'd told myself I was going to take less pictures, pay more attention to Adam's set so I could actually remember it, but yea, that didn't happen. lol I'm not as thrilled with them as I was with my Vancouver ones. Apparently I forgot my camera had a zoom lens so I ended up with tons of mid-range shots and very few closeups. :( Some really neat smoky effects ones though, and I love the ones from the end of Slow Ride with Alison. As for the actual set....I don't even know how to put it into words. WLL is just sex from opening note to closing. We got "woman" and "back door man" and crazy long drawn out notes I can't even describe. I don't know how he's not completely worn out after just that song. I haven't been keeping up with the videos, so the vocal changeups on Starlight were unexpected and new to me. That's my favourite song in his set. Mad World is always beautiful. I love how much fun he has with Alison on Slow Ride - that was a big change for me from Vancouver. They were always having fun, but now they're interacting so much more and playing with/to each other. Loved it. And Bowie....well, Bowie was the one spot where I did actually stop taking pictures for a bit and just enjoyed it. Boy sure can dance...those hips are just......

We'd decided beforehand that we weren't leaving just to try and get a good spot at the barricades, but we booked it out of there after the last note of DSB (while most everyone else on the floor looked at us like crazy people as we ran past) and ended up with a not bad spot. Adam was first out and it was insane. Screaming and pushing and not my favourite experience ever. I extracted myself from the spot I was getting crushed in and moved further down the line. Ended up with an autograph scribble and a couple of good pics. He was out there for what felt like ages though. Went right to the very end of the barricades which covered the entire width of the parking lot behind the arena.


I'd say atleast half the crowd of people that had been waiting left after Adam was done signing, so it was much less crazy for everyone else. Got autograph scribbles from everyone except Anoop (who I never saw come out). They were all very sweet, Megan and Lil are gorgeous up close. Michael was trying very hard to be diplomatic and get through to a couple of Matt fans who were acting very put out and entitled about him not coming out to the barricades in his hometown. When I left at midnight Danny was still out running back and forth trying to get to everyone before they dragged him off to the bus.

If anyone's still reading this epic, link to whole Grand Rapids album is here: Grand Rapids

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Monday, September 14, 2009. Syracuse, NY

We live an hour away, and as my daughter anxiously informs me (because she’s been to a Jonas Bros concert, so now she knows everything about concert-going . . . cute, honey) we need to get there early if we’re to have a hope in hell of getting a tee-shirt or concert program. So off we go. Luckily, it’s a beautiful day in central New York, sunny in the ‘70’s, and perfect driving weather. I think about the Idols rolling into Syracuse, and what Adam thinks about it.

Because let’s be honest. Syracuse is a depressing place. It’s a former industrial hub that has seen better days. Now the aging grand dames from the Robber Baron era are crack houses or converted group homes. Downtown Syracuse is both depressing and scary. The freeway cuts right through it and from the underpass you can see the rust and crumbled cement from road salt and excessive snowplowing.

IdolsLive! is being shown in the War Memorial arena which holds 7,000. All 7,000 of us are on the sidewalk out front because they aren’t opening the doors until 6 p.m. I see the buses and a horde of fans engulfing them. Someone has set up an Adam For Kids photo booth across the street in a tiny greenbelt area, where you can get your photo with a life-sized Adam. I’m hoping the money is going to the Donor’s Choice initiative (REMINDER: LAST WEEK TO DONATE!). A camera crew is braving the crowd on the sidewalk, interviewing a woman in her 70’s wearing a Grandma for Adam tee-shirt. There are Glamberts everywhere. Cutest of all: two tiny twin girls of about eight all blinged out and holding homemade I LUV ADAM signs. I’m surprised at all the Adam love, because this is Gokey country (more on that later), but I feel right at home in my Urban Outfitters tank encrusted with silver bugle beads, silver cuff bracelets, and massive silvery rings. Glitter is everywhere you look.

When they finally open the doors and we funnel in, it’s a crazed rush at the souvenir booth. Of course we have to get a tee-shirt. A concert program, of course. But the War Memorial is not set up to handle the madness. It’s a couple of tables wedged behind the turnstiles, with four women valiantly trying to handle the demand. It feels like a semi-annual sale at Filenes, and the prices are about as high. We demolish a $100 getting our treasures, and I hope that some of the money reaches the Idols.

I’m surprised that the War Memorial is rather intimate as far as arenas go, meaning small. Like Syracuse, it’s also seen better days. The six stall bathroom in the women’s restroom immediately lost two of their toilets from clogging. So now I realize I’d better not drink anything, because there is only one bathroom per floor. It’s that type of place. I’m sure the backstage area is a shitbox for the Idols, and I think about Adam putting on his makeup with the help of a sputtering flourescent light. Hopefully he’s hearing the shrieking when his picture flashes on the jumbotron screens. I’ve heard about this phenomenon, and it’s fun to realize that Syracuse is no different from the rest of the country when it comes to Adam insanity. We’re in the mezzanine section but the view to the stage is fantastic, and I’m able to observe the floor seats and the rest of the arena.

Sarver kicks it off. He sounds great, super earnest, you can feel him begging us to love him. We do. We cheer and whoop. He’s happy, burbling on about thanking people, and I realize that the sound system is echoey, bouncing around the War Memorial’s aging hulk and off the bodies of doughy Upstaters. I’m also surprised that I’m liking Megan’s set. She kills the Adele song, but the lame graphics on the Winehouse number are almost insulting. She totters off thankfully. Scott rises from the floor wearing a Mr. Collins-ish clerical collar and we cheer ourselves silly. It’s about now that the Idols are realizing that we are being screaming idiots for them, and they all remark on what a great crowd Syracuse is.

Lil is sounding terrific tonight. We sing the uh-ohs on the Single Ladies number, and Lil’s movements get more energetic. Anoop comes out, and the “NOOOOOOP” about deafens him. It emboldens him to get sex-aaay with the hips, but he also just had a haircut and looks about 15. Fail. Still, the teenyboppers swoon. When Matt blasts the arena with Hard to Handle, I feel like the concert now started. The energy level noticeably rises, and it was pretty high to begin with. He asks us to take out our cellphones during Georgia, and hundreds of lights immediately float among the stands. We sing the Fray song with him, nearly drowning him out with LOST AND INSECUUUUURREEE. He’s happy, thanking us profusely for being a great crowd.

Bringing down the energy: Lil and Megan’s duet. It’s the one sour note of the night. Their voices do not mesh AT ALL. They know it too. Still they soldier on. We get to the guys number and the teenyboppers scream again in relief.

When Allison’s set starts, I realize that there’s something wrong with the sound system. The echoes are more pronounced and the band is now drowning out Allison. Still, she rocks her guitar and feels authentic as a badass rocker-chick. We lose our minds for her. Unfortunately, she must’ve gotten a charge of adrenaline, because for her next numbers she runs around the stage like a dervish and compromises her vocals.

Gokey’s PYT cranks up the cheering. The PYT’s sound like an android is singing them, and I can’t tell if the backing track is pre-recorded or if the sound system is really starting to fail and the backup singers are out of tune. The arena doesn’t care. It’s Gokey country and people are screaming their lungs out. He’s screaming his lungs out too. He rocks the gun show, and his beefy arms draw shrieks of ecstasy from the mostly female crowd. I wonder if he’s getting the flu, because sweat is pouring off him and his shirt is saturated. Still, he powers it out. Each song gets progressively louder, and it feels like he’s clubbing them to death with his voice. His inspirational speech feels like forever because now I’m realizing that there is only one song standing between me and Adam.

Then, it goes dark. The waiting seems like an eternity. People cheer, expecting Adam any second. But we wait in darkness. The screaming takes on a frantic edge because SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS ADAM? An explosion signals that we are about to get our minds blown. The arena loses its collective shit. I’ve been to plenty of concerts in my younger days, and I’ve never heard an animal shriek like that. The screaming for the other Idols pales in comparison. We are in a full-blown frenzy. The chugging guitars start and Adam walks out and we empty ourselves blasting him with our voices. The whiteout on the scrim behind him breaks into a Black Hole of Awesomeness, and neo-Elvis starts to bend us to his will.

As others have said before, there is no comparison between Adam and the other Idols. There is no comparison between Adam and any other performer I’ve ever seen live. His voice fills the arena and you can’t take your eyes off him. He’s rocking the Elvis hair tonight, and it’s evident he’s in a good mood because he’s extra saucy with the crowd. He drops it old school stage left and kicks his leg out. He fondles the mikestand while fumes from the mothership or the depths of Hell curl around him. He pauses like forever to make us wait if it’s a woman or baby night, and when he sings, I’m still not sure, the anticipation blew out my brain’s circuits. He tells us to keep it cooling, but we can’t, the stadium has just jacked up about 40 degrees and everyone’s sweating and screaming and clutching their hair. The vocal runs are crazy and we are crazed listening to him. He spins and gyrates and gives us every trick to make us keep our eyes on him. We do. We’re going insane.

Starlight begins, and now the sound system is really starting to crack up from the abuse. It’s helium Adam, and one of those squeals that you get when someone flicks a switch and the system protests cuts across his “hoooooold you in myyyy arms.” No one gives a shit, the floor is entirely on its feet for the first time. When the piano riff signals Mad World, the arena sighs in ecstasy. I realize my jaw has been loose for half the song because it’s incredible. The screen behind him breaks into the universe with stars and planets and it’s the first time in the show that the visuals aren’t cheesy. I realize that Adam must have had a hand in designing his visuals because it’s enhancing rather than distracting from his performance. It’s also sophisticated and appropriate for the space traveler theme he’s evoking. Again, we lose our minds screaming our love for him when it ends.

Mini HBIC comes out for her duet, and it’s her best performance. Adam controls the pace and adds to the vocal runs. Allison gets extra handsy with him, stroking his leg at one point. I don’t blame her, if I only had one more performance with him, I’d plaster myself all over him too. There’s shit all over the stage, boas, panties, whips. Adam toys with a riding crop that catches his eye, but ignores the boas. By now it’s a thousand degrees hotter in there, he must be dying to get the coat off.

Life on Mars is incredible. When he hits the last note, a shiver runs through me, followed by a shudder because the jacket is off and I realize that the bicep curls and pullups are paying off. Dude is ripped after 51 shows, and he’s in another good mood. He toys with us, popping his hips, getting extra nasty. Someone throws a hat on stage, and he puts it on, laughing and singing. It’s adorable and fierce at the same time. Now he’s bored with the hat and it Frisbees out into the crowd. He follows with a Shakira booty shimmy and we are keeling over from screaming. I laugh when he pets his hair to make sure the hat didn’t cause any disarray. It’s over too quickly and when he begins to sink into the floor, he treats us with a last insane vocal run. The joint’s in absolute mayhem.

Kris comes on, and he has to wait a long time to get us to calm down. We do, and he begins his set. He gets plenty of love as well, but halfway through Anal Sunshine, the arena finally comes down from the Adam high. It’s unfortunate that it coincides with Kris’s set, but the laws of physics are undeniable. What goes up must come down. We get it back in time for Hey Jude and treat him to some lusty na-na-na-na’s.

DSB, and the entire arena sings with the Idols in the finale number. Syracuse loves to singalong. Kradam pops up and we go crazy again. The Kradam dance is extra fun, Kris has finally caught on what Adam has been trying to teach him all summer and they are in sync. We sing and clap and wave our arms. The Jacket of Fug looks amazing from the peanut gallery. It’s then I realize that Adam knows exactly what he’s doing. Even if it seems whack at first, he’s doing what’s necessary to ensure that every element is in place for a good show. He is a creature of the stage and it reassures the audience that they can relax and not worry about crappy singing or awkward movements. They can have a good time, safe in Adam’s hands.

I head home happily. I know that Lambert is going to be a superstar and I’ve just seen the first of many amazing Adam shows coming our way.

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Manchester,New Hampshire. Tuesday, September 15,2009, Verizon Wireless Arena

Am running on almost no sleep and just completed a four hour drive home but am going to try to give my impressions of Manchester while they are still fresh. I have attended many AI concerts over the years in a variety of locations. But I seem to enjoy Manchester the best because the crowds always treat the idols well. People come to have a good time. Last night the crowd appreciation was amped up beyond what I have seen in the past. Not sure whether it is this group of idols who have inspired people more than normal. Or is it the economy that makes people let go to forget their economic woes and make the best of diminishing disposable income, combination thereof? I have no idea. It felt like a celebration and party right from the beginning and continued throughout the entire concert. All ages represented. Lots of young males--many of them Adam fans. Very few people specifically dressed in idol attire. Looked like the variety of dress that a non AI concert would have. A few signs but none directly in front of my daughter and I (we are both short), lots of rainbow colored glow sticks all over the arena. Beautiful to see when the lights were off. Close to a sellout crowd. A few seats were open in the nosebleeds but the rest of the arena was full. We were seated in Floor Section 1 on the center stage side of our row about 10-12 feet from the stage. There was almost no distance between the front rows and the stage itself. We had a terrific closeup view of the entire concert. The acoustics were very good in our section although bandzilla was overpowering sometimes. Nothing new for AI I guess.

The idols themselves were in high spirits. Very upbeat yet somewhat wistful about the last concert. I felt that each of them came out determined to give this last audience the very best performance they were capable of giving. And I think they did. I was also very impressed with how hard each of them tried to connect with people and how happy they were when the audience loved them back. That was one of the best parts of last night. I know it sounds sappy but it really was very moving.

The performances:

Michael: He has such a tough job as the opener but the crowd responded well to him. His stage presence is very improved and he seemed relaxed and happy. First song was his best. Really put his heart into his performances. I enjoyed him.

Megan: Ah Megan. Such a pretty girl but the new hairdo does her no favors. What were they thinking when they did that to her. At least she didn't have to wear the pink barbie outfit. She did ok with her first song and then she murdered Winehouse. Oh my, not good at all. But she did get a very nice response from the crowd including the guy sitting next to me who snapped picture after picture for her entire set while his wife glared. He pretended not to notice.

Scott: Doesn't do it for me but he sang mostly in tune and was actually not too corny with his Simon and Ryan jokes. Crowd around me laughed spontaneously at his Simon impersonation. He reminds me of Bruce Hornsby but unfortunately not quite the same league.

Lil: Has lots of enthusiasm and works the stage quite well. Overall I think she got a very good response. The people around me seemed to like Single Ladies the best.

Anoop: Thought he was the best that I have ever seen/heard him. He does not work the stage well but vocally he was excellent. His banter was very natural and unforced. I was pleasantly surprised. Didn't see any of the arrogance or standoffishness that I have read about in some reviews. The crowd loved him. He got a huge response. He really appreciated it and I was very happy for him. You could tell that it meant a lot to him.

Matt: Wow, what a ball of energy he is. Never saw that from him on TV. I enjoyed his set. Wasn't blown away but he was very good. Matt was the best of the first half IMO but I think Anoop won the clapometer for the biggest crowd response.

Group Sing: Thought the guys were the best. The Megan and Lil duet should have been scrapped. Megan is the weak link. I don't think she sang one note in tune and was very screechy. Sarver's Suspicious Minds was the best part for me.

Allison: As soon as she appeared, the floor section crowd and many in the upper tiers of the arena were on their feet. The noise level was in the stratosphere. Lots of Allison fans. She launched into So What. Crowd loved it. People were dancing and swaying. Girl sold it. Cry Baby was terrific. Very bluesy Joplinesque rock ballad. She sounded great for most of it. Only flaw I heard was a vocal crack right at the end. Thought she did well with Barracuda also. Have heard Ann Wilson sing that live several times and Allison did it justice. Very strong vocally and her stage movements were under control. Very impressive. If Jive handles her correctly, she could be a big star. She has "it" in spades. Sings flat out every song. I hope she has vocal coaches working with her all the time to protect her voice because she does not hold back.

Danny: Lots and lots of Danny fans in the house. Huge amount of crowd response to him. Danny works the stage far better than I expected he would. Until he made the mic stand move. My daughter and I literally laughed out loud. A group of 4 ladies sitting directly in front of us were swooning over his mic stand moves. I thought one of them was going to fall over she was so excited. These ladies also loved his salsa dancing so I guess he really is playing to his fanbase. Vocally he has a very powerful voice which I guess appeals to quite a large number of people. I thought Maria Maria was his weakest performance.

Adam: What can I say except that I was totally blown away. He is in a class of his own. The arena exploded when he came on stage. There were two young male Adam fans sitting to one side of us and they watched with open mouths. I watched with open mouth. I know people don't like the super Elvis hair but it works on stage. The rhinestones, the glitter, the hair, the makeup, it all works. And the voice. Hearing it in person I fully understand why Brian May and MeatLoaf are Adam stans. Remarkable instrument. Adam deserves every accolade he is given and he deserved every bit of praise from the AI judges. It was not pimping. It was simply stating fact. His range, the skill, the nuance is incredible. SlowRide with Allison was adorable. They are terrific together. As much as I want AI to be a footnote in Adam's career, I do hope that he and Allison will be able to do something together in the future. They bring out the best in eachother.

Kris: Cute and tiny in person. He was very energetic last night and did his best to put on a good show. He received a very good crowd response. Matt, Anoop and Michael wearing boas and messing with Kris was adorable. Well done guys. Kris' set does not have the muscle or variety that Allison, Danny, Adam, or Matt's sets have so it is tough for him to keep the excitement level up. He occasionally sounded a bit hoarse and worn out which is understandable given his illness and hectic schedule. He is going to need some very catchy tunes to keep an audience interested for a full solo concert but he gave it all he had and I guess you can't ask for more than that.

DSB: A total celebration of Season 8. Silly string, roses, underwear, a rubber chicken, Sarver putting the boa on Adam, Adam covered in silly string. tiny Kris in Adam's big ole jacket. Great ending. The audience stayed to see it all. Best AI concert I have ever attended. Very feel good ending to a roller coaster season.

Re: the jewelry and glove throwing: I really don't think that Adam planned the jewelry and glove throwing in advance. It appeared to be totally spontaneous. He would start to leave the stage and then come back and throw stuff to fans. He was very emotional last night IMO. We rarely see him let his guard down but last night I think he had a ton of emotions bubbling up and he simply did not want the night to end. Adam has such an expressive face. You could see part of him feeling how surreal the changes in his life have been, part of him feeling total gratitude and love for the fans who have supported him and another part was saying, wowza, I have the chance to be the solo star that I have always dreamed of being. All of that came together for him and he wanted to show his appreciation to his fans in a personal way. I was touched almost to the point of tears. Will never forget the look on his face. He deserves every success that comes his way.


Sorry to ramble with stream of consciousness type writing but it was a great night and I wanted to share as many details as possible.

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