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2013 Appearances and Concerts
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Author:  newland21 [ Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:00 am ]
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Author:  newland21 [ Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:02 am ]
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We Are Family Foundation Gala
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City
January 31, 2013
maeve94 wrote:
Here's my recap from last night -

Being in the cheap seats, the instructions were to arrive between 8:15 and 8:45 to be checked in and to be admitted in groups. I arrived at around 8, and there was an orderly line of about 60 people. I guess a lot of fans bought tables so they could attend the whole gala but I was surprised there wasn't a bigger crowd. Everyone was polite and not crazy and the venue people remarked about how nice the crowd was (do you think they had been led to believe otherwise?) The Hammerstein Ballroom is another of those old New York venues with a flat floor (in the old days, it was a supper club, like Webster Hall), boxes on two balcony levels on the sides, and a steep upper balcony. We climbed lots of stairs and took seats as we chose. I spotted a place in the fifth row, dead center, and plopped down. No one sat in front of me, so I had a clear view to the stage and to Adam's table on the floor. I estimate that there were 300 seats up there and about 100 people.

The gala was in progress, with the Global Teen Leaders being recognized, then the other honorees. I could see Adam clearly (the opera glasses, vestige of another life, were my companion). He sat with Sam and a table full of men. During the live auction he got up to have his photo taken with the high bidder, and as he strode across the floor in his high boots, the right amount of leather, and high hair, he looked every inch the star. Every inch. But I digress.

He returned to receive his award. Sam gave a very nice introduction. Adam's speech was sincere, recited without notes, just the right length, etc. When he took to the podium he looked up to the balcony and said "Hey Glamberts, how y'all doing". We screamed.

Then, the music. Let's Dance had mic issues, so Sam's opening verse was completely lost. Adam came through loud and clear, and the dancing was as much fun as the singing. Some upthread said they thought Sam was awkward - I thought exactly the opposite. He has a retro vibe/persona, and that was on display in his styling and presentation. He was a great singing/dancing partner for Adam. Shady was all it seems on the videos, plus more. Niles' live guitar was so crisp and sharp, Adam and Sam blended well and Adam's voice was sick. The sound was generally very good even though Adam fiddled with his earpiece. Trespassing was a stomping good time, and WWFM was a different song with that band.

I'm not a band wanker - Adam's current bad serves him fine and he seems to really like traveling with those folks, but hearing him with a huge, experienced group of musicians, horns, fine back up singers and a great rhythm section made me want that for him always. He is bigger than the band he's got, so with last night's band he got even more powerful.

After his set, the disco lights came on for a very fun stroll down CHIC memory lane. I understand there was some confusion over whether Adam came out for We Are Family, and there may now be photo evidence, but I did not see him on stage.

Opportunities like this, when Adam can perform with established artists, expose him to new fans and allow him to flex his vocal chops in different genres. Funk is great for not only his voice, but his body, as his dance moves were very fluid and natural, although there was one moment when he had his back to the audience and did some wavy arm thing that was pure Adam dork. It was a fun night, and satisfied my Adam craving for the moment. I'll take any reasonable chance I can to see him live.

Author:  newland21 [ Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:20 am ]
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Helsinki, Finland
March 22, 2013

legers wrote:
Back from a really fabulous concert. Adam was a joyboy for sure and I wish that I could go to one of his big singing parties every week :)

The crowd was huge, young and completely sent the love Adam's way. I hope this is exactly what his professional future holds for him.

There was definitely a sense of them all being demob happy and the bit where they started dismantling the drum set while he was still playing was hilarious.

I need to process for a bit, but I'm so glad I spent the damn money and went. It was a complete treat and I just love to hear him sing. Good luck to all of you seeing him Stateside :)

Author:  newland21 [ Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:11 pm ]
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Miami Gay Pride Day
April 14, 2013
Boca Babe wrote:
The performance was an interesting experience. :-)

Apparently Adam spent some time Sunday afternoon hanging out in the VIP tent, and was clearly visible by anyone going past. He was gone by the time we arrived (probably somewhere around 5pm - I wasn't wearing a watch, so I'm not sure). There were a lot of people milling around, but it didn't seem oppressively crowded. That changed by the time Adam hit the stage. There were three performances before Adam's...Crystal Waters (who was really good - you may have heard Adam give her a shoutout during "Naked Love"), and two other dance-pop artists I've never heard of, the name of the first of whom escapes me, and Sasha Gradiva. Sasha was fun, and had four seriously hot backup dancers, although I doubt I'd be able to pick out one of her songs if I were to hear it again. The first performer was def werking it with the dancing; the singing was pretty much beside the point. Between the performances, Lady Bunny played club music, and at varying points there were some random performances - a couple of dancers on stripper poles (we weren't near the stage area at that point, but from what we could see, it looked quite impressive. LOL!), a ballet dancer (male, in a tutu) in a clear plastic bubble, and - most impressive to me - a trapeze artist/aerialist/whatever he would properly be called - contorting himself in various interesting ways on and around a large ring suspended from the roof. My muscles were screaming just looking at him.

I honestly don't know the reason for the hour delay. Apparently the meme is that it was sound issues, but I don't know the source for the contention and certainly can't verify it. There's no doubt in my mind that the set was cut short by time constraints - after the brief fireworks display, there was an almost immediate effort to get everyone the hell off the beach, probably to commence the cleanup (which was going to be a massive undertaking, OMG). Lady Bunny kept going offstage, probably checking to see if Adam was ready. Or she was trying to reach her peeps to renegotiate her contract for the extra time she had to work! I admit I sweated a bit around the 45 minute mark when I saw Adam's manager go onstage to talk to somebody - figuring something was wrong, and he was not happy. But I don't know what, if anything, came of it.

Once Adam was finally out on stage, he tore it up as per usual. I've never been to a GA concert for Adam, and the seats for my two GNT concerts were decent but not overly close, so seeing him perform from pretty close up was amazing. I was expecting something a bit more OTT in his costuming, but of course he looked great. Of course he sounded great. Of course he seemed as happy as ever to be up on stage, performing. I'm just sorry he didn't have a bit more time to show everyone in that crowd just what he could do. The crowd reaction, however, seemed very positive, so hopefully it was still a win for him.

Author:  newland21 [ Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:15 pm ]
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Miami Gay Pride Day
April 14, 2013
getoverit wrote:
I have not read the posts from yesterday or today. I did quickly scroll through last night and saw that there are comments and photos from Gay Pride. I decided to write my recap without reading so that I can give a truly personal perspective of the day, how it seemed to me. I have lots of photos, some pretty nice. I'll figure out how to link them here later. This is TLTR. Sorry, please feel free to scroll - I'm going to hit SUBMIT and move on.

My recap and thoughts on Adam’s Gay Pride Day (4-14-13)

As an older straight lady, Gay Pride was a totally new adventure. Not a bad one. Interesting and full of amusing sights. The day turned out to be a perfect Miami beach day. Note that it rained the day before and the day after. (Even storm warnings the day after!) Go figure. Must be Adam Magic!

But on to the day itself. As soon as I heard about the Key to the City presentation I made up my mind to be there. I’m still suffering from jetlag from my recent trip, but dragged myself out of bed to get to Miami Beach in time. Parking was a nightmare (I had to park blocks away) but the general laidback atmosphere of the day worked for me. Schedules were just a general guideline. I had located the stage by about 1:20. The parade was still going on, so I figured I hadn’t missed anything yet. I found a tiny stage blasting out music, and I knew I was in the right place because of the group of Glamberts camped out in front of it, some with lawn chairs! LOL! The yellow & black or bright blues, the Adam jewelry and pins, the ‘appropriate’ hair (eta:Nail) polishes, and gray hair *cough, cough*, etc. were in bold display. SHE. I was actually glad I had only worn my pendant and no other identifying tokens or colors.

I quickly learned that the ceremony time had been pushed to 2:00. Now the vigil of standing in the sun… the first of several vigils that day… began. Finally the Gay Pride committee entered the stage. (where’s Adam?) All sorts of GP speeches ensued. (alright already, where’s Adam). The MC several times worked Adam’s name into his speech, and each time a cheer went up from the crowd. He kept emphasizing that the presence of Adam Lambert this year just illustrated the importance that Miami's Gay Pride event has taken on. Then someone spotted Adam behind the barrier and the restlessness increased with lots of pointing and tippy-toe standing. I couldn’t see him (I’m short) but I raised my camera and was able to grab a couple of good photos.

And then finally Adam came onto the stage. Should I say a god came onto the stage, because suddenly there appeared a tall vision in crisp white among all those ordinary mortals. He might as well have been in white robes for the impact it made and the way he stood out. Perfectly cool and gee-orious; the entire time flashing his beautiful smile. I was snapping photos like crazy. Highlights I’ll mention:

At one point Adam said, “I don’t know just what this key opens…” (someone said “Our hearts”) and the one lady (short, in colorful outfit, too lazy to find her name) jumped in to joke, “I know what it opens, but I don’t think it’s what you want.” “OOOh!” and laffs from everyone. I was able to snap a beautiful photo of Adam’s “OOOh” mouth! ;D

I’m not sure anyone much noticed, but I saw Adam put the key next to his own key tattoo, comparing it. I wasn’t able to grab a photo of that, unfortunately, but it was really cute.

His dancers were at the right of the stage dancing to the music being played, and waving and blowing kisses to the crowd. Right after the presentation ended Adam walked over to them and danced briefly (missed chance at a photo of that quick moment.)

He exited on the right side of the stage and went into the trailer there. It was obvious there would be nothing more of interest, and the sun was hot, so I went around to the right side intending to find shade and something to eat. Good move on my part! There #OMG# he was, just a few feet away in front of me, being ushered onto a cart that was going to take him away! I was right up against the cart on the opposite side from him. He never really looked my way, so I did the next best thing, made myself busy snapping more photos. I was so very close, just the width of the cart away. You could tell he was primarily intent on his departure. In the photos I got, if you zoom in you can see his natural hair color on the back of his head because his hair was cut very short there. And so off he went, waving goodbye, the cart weaving into the beach crowd.

As I turned to walk away I bumped right into Johnny and Terrance! What to say? I blurted to Johnny, "I can't wait to see you dance tonight!" Wanted to ask for a photo, but at the same time didn't want to intrude. Johnny did give me a hug though, before they walked away!

Personal time – I found food at the booths and a shady place to sit and enjoy it. (A nice Cuban-style pork and rice with plantains dish – yummy.) Everyone was just doing their thing, sitting picnic style on the grass or on the low stone walls. Many with coolers. I found a shady place on the grass and set myself to my iPhone communications. Reached Boca Babe, who was on her way and I passed time until her arrival, when I walked over to our meeting place at a nearby hotel. She came in with friends and friends of friends who were staying at the hotel. Excellent opportunity for A/C and a pit stop (avoiding the rows of porta-potties on the beach! Yay!)

A group of six of us went back to the beach to scope out the scene. (This was about 4:00, 4 more hours till his show.) We killed time until the actual show. The crowd was really building right in front of the stage. (Much music and dancing going on.) At first we were saying we’d be content to just see the stage from off to the side, but somehow, we began moving forward. By the time the actual performances started we were pretty much front and center close to the stage. At first I counted the crowd as being 6 people deep between us and the front stage, but as the night went on people kept oozing around to where it was just a merged glob of heads and impossible to count the depth. Nevertheless, I felt pretty darned close considering that the die-hard Glamberts had more or less staked a claim to the closest spots. Behind me and all around were the true Gay Pride folks – gays and other dancing and gyrating to the music - most of them in bikinis or swim trucks and for sure half naked and happy. We were happy too, enjoying the music and the ambience, even if our poor feet were begging for pity. It was beginning to feel like a

Finally, the acts began. I believe there were 3 opening acts if you don’t count the trapeze and/or ballet fillers (it’s all a blur to me). The first act was gag-me terrible. She’s blessed that I don’t remember her name. The second (forgot the name but a Madonna Wannabe ETA: it was Sasha Gradiva. sounded better than she looked) and third (Crystal Waters) acts were actually good and got the crowd fired up and even more in a party mood. Umm, very sexy male dancers with both acts and not hard to kill time with. Think of Terrance and Johnny multiplied. So yes, we were all happy and dancey and in a party mood and Ready for the Show!!!

Now, I’m afraid, came the bad part, at least for me. We waited. And waited. And checked our watches. The DJ was blasting music, desperately trying to keep the momentum going. But for my part, and I do believe for several of us, the spirit was dying to the point that we just did.not.want another non-Adam song. Each new song was just a sign that he wasn’t coming on stage yet. He was supposed to start at 8:00 and we are all used to his being late, but this surely was a record.

In the meantime, the crowd behind me was becoming intolerable. I won’t go into detail but more than once someone actually boldly planted themselves in front of me. As I was fending those trespassers (hee) off, the crowd behind was pressing and pushing. A couple of times I thought I was going to fall. A thought went through my mind that this could evolve into one of those crowd-crush situations where people get trampled. I sure didn’t want to be one of those trampled people!! It was almost that bad. And I’m sorry, but I do have my issues with my personal space being invaded. Therefore, this was miserable because I was being pressed and jostled constantly by those naked dancing bodies, bodies oblivious to other people’s space. #Stoptouchingme! Somehow there was a pocket of space between me and Boca’s group; I was at the back so I was the one in misery. By the time this event was over I virtually ran back to my car, so in need of Lack of Body Contact!

But back to the concert – at 8:58 – exactly 58 minutes past his scheduled performance time, the DJ announced Adam. I don’t know but surely this was a record for his being late. ?? When he did come on stage he marched straight front and center and stood there very straight and tall. He looked so serious that as he brought the mic to his mouth it crossed my mind that he was going to announce that for some reason the show wasn’t going to happen. My moment of sheer terror was replaced when he launched straight into Trespassing. [Surreal period of time begins here.] He looked so fierce, so perfect, that in looking back, I’m still not quite sure I was there. Trespassing was followed by Naked Love (the boys stripped off their shirts), and Pop That Lock. His voice perfect and notes of beauty came out of his mouth. At this point they walked to the back of the stage (BTW, it was the tiniest stage ever.) WTF? Is it over? Adam walks back to the front and says a few words about Gay Pride and being out and proud. And one more song. (WTF? ONE more?) We get Whataya Want from Me. The crowd sings along (as we did for each song), and raises their arms at the “you’re doing it perfectly” line. As he’s singing the last lines, fireworks go off. Adam smiles and finishes the song. And is gone.

I hate to complain, or be an entitled fan, but 4 songs? Only 4? Are you kidding me? He performed for 20 minutes, not 30. A bit of disbelief washes over the crowd. I say a hasty goodbye to Boca and her friends and head to my car several blocks away. Feet are numb but thank god functioning still. At home feed my animals that have been alone and neglected all day, and jump into the shower to wash off the sweat from other happy people! Body contact is one thing, but I’ve had enough of unknown bodies! LOL. Woke up the next morning with very sunburned arms and face. Imagine that! Was yesterday real?

Author:  newland21 [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:20 am ]
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Pittsburgh Gay Pride Day
June 15, 2013
Boca Babe wrote:
This will be quick, because I really don't like typing long posts on my iPad.

Short version - it was, as always, a thrill to see Adam live - he sounded great, and from what I could tell, he looked great and happy. Downside was the concert was billed as ninety minutes and it was nowhere near that. Unlike at Miami Pride, I don't think it was cut for time, as earlier in the evening it was announced that Adam would be on in two hours, which was pretty close to the mark.

My friend and I were reasonably close to the front - if you look at the first pic on a previous page (the one showing the front row Glamberts), we were just below the purple balloons suspended above the audience. However, for much of the time Adam (or anyone else, for that matter) was onstage, I couldn't really see him, partially due to some tall and rather inconsiderate people who pushed their way in front once the concert began (yeah, GA concerts are not my favorite thing - LOL!). It took about three songs before I saw Adam's pants! And at no point did I have a full body view of him. But the atmosphere made up for a lot of the negatives. The crowd was enthusiastic and showed Adam a lot of love. We struck up a conversation with a couple of lovely young gay men who were standing just behind us, neither of whom had seen Adam perform live before, and were excited at the prospect of doing so. Wish I could have gotten their reactions afterward, but we got separated by all the people shoving their way to the front and I couldn't find them afterward. :-(

Favorite overheard comment of the night:

Adam (referring to losing his place in the set list): "I don't read good."
Young gay man in audience: "Who cares? You're hot."

Author:  newland21 [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:26 am ]
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Universal Studios Orlando, FL
June 29, 2013
getoverit wrote:
That was the best Adam show I've been to, EVER! Think pjd and Boca would agree. will write more later.

Boca Babe wrote:
getoverit is right - the concert was amazing. Adam was, of course, in fantastic voice, and he was more playful than I think I've ever seen him. He spoke to the crowd a lot more than he did in Pittsburgh (I wouldn't be surprised if time issues may have been a factor in that), and looked to be having just as much fun as the audience. Between the video screens and a pretty good position in the crowd, I can't complain about visibility problems this time.

getoverit wrote:
Warning: This is way too long – I got carried away a bit and too wordy. So scroll scroll scroll unless you want to hear the sound of fangirl flailing.

Wow! The Universal Studios concert! I imagine everything I have to say about it has already been said here by someone else, but I’ll put down a few thoughts and impressions without reading all that first. My personal unadulterated thoughts follow.

First of all, it was wonderful to make a new AWOP friend in person by meeting pjd! And always fun to get together with my Florida concert buddy, Boca Babe! Boca and I met up with pjd just outside the barricades surrounding the open venue about 4:30.

Since I spent all day today, Sunday, either at the park, or driving home, I haven’t checked other posts at all today. But I am praying for lots of good YTs because this was a concert I want a record of! As I say, I’ll jot down my impressions and hope not too much of it is duplicative. You know, just scroll… What I will say, no matter how duplicative it is, is this: how GREAT this concert was! Hands down, for me, it was the best Adam show I’ve been to. What a joy to see him so “on.” He was joyful, happy, laughing, relaxed, engaged with the audience, and of course as always, sanging his face off!

That general statement behind, here’s how it went for me:

For the first time ever I got to see and hear a soundcheck!!! I was thrilled over this *big silly grin on face*. I mean, there he was, in front of the world being boss man Adam and doing his thing and randomly piping out beautiful notes. I was in heaven. Boca and I had just happened by the stage as it was starting, so we sat ourselves down and had an unobstructed view of his mini-concert. (It was right after this that we located pjd).

And BTW, there was no way we were going to camp out in line before the park even opened. Boca and I didn’t even arrive at the park until after noon. As for stories that a huge crowd was camped out – that’s an exaggeration. There were people in line, but not THAT massive a group. And when they did open the entrance to let the early birds in first, it was only enough people to maybe fill across the front of the stage by about 2 deep. And really, folks! As other people were let in, (around 4 hours before the show) for the first hour or so only maybe the front third of the audience area was filled. Boca, pjd, and I were there in that front third, without any camping out necessary at all. We’d been prepared to settle for being in the back of the audience, but we actually were fairly close.

I’ve seen what has been said about how mixed the audience was, and want to say it is absolutely true and it was a wonderful sight to see. Young, old, children, teens, adults and seniors. Families and couples – and it was not the husband being dragged along, no, it seemed like couples happily attending together. I would say it was because of the Universal park venue, but many of these people were in place like we were, about 3 hours before the show started.

A before-the-show observation: I’ve been to one other GA show and a few seated ones. For this one, as time neared for the show to start and the TALL people moved in and inserted themselves in front of us shorties (why is that a rule of some sort?) and as the standing and crunching together started, I told myself – ‘this is it. I am never, ever, ever going to another GA show again.’ … And then the show started. … Relatively on time, even. … And that glorious person came out on stage and took our hearts into his hands for the next (hour? I don’t know, time stood still) and by the time he’d let go, I knew that being there had been worth every second of GA standing, every shoulder-nudge with the crowd, every tiptoe-standing peek. Folks, it was that good!

I don’t even know how many songs he sang, but so so many personal favorites. FYE, Shady, Is This Love, oh, every song on his playlist was a thrill and I kept thinking how thankful I was to be hearing them at last live.

By now you must know the details. How he came out looking ‘cool’ in his leather vest, but after 3 songs had to shed the hot vest to get ‘cool.’ His getting down on the floor and putting his face into the little fan there – saying that Universal had the ‘wimpiest’ fans! His constant good-natured complaining about how hot it was (I don’t know if he heard us in the audience saying, “It’s Florida!!” duh) His playfulness. His happily coming down into the audience several times (oh, how I wished I’d forced my way to the front!!) (And no, there was no crowd surfing.) The smile on his face! The crowd was loving him, and he was loving the crowd. It was just a big mosh pit of singin’ along happy people.

The hip wiggles and thrusts! (Lord, I can’t wait to see those YTs!!!) His performance? Not flawless – a few lyric fails occurred – but only Adam and his Glamberts noticed – the rest of the audience would never have noticed a thing. But the voice? Yes, that was indeed flawless. There were so many moments I literally caught my breath and had chills. When it was over, we walked out awestruck by what had just happened. Big smiles everywhere.

Am I exaggerating? Am I over-the-top full of BS? Well, I’m obviously pleased (understatement) and maybe gushing a bit too much. Sorry. All I can say is, I know he’s done other concerts where he’s connected with the audience but this was the first time for me to be at one of them. This will hold me for a while.


Author:  newland21 [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:33 am ]
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San Diego County Fair
July 2, 2013
boys3girls0 wrote:
HE.WAS.AWESOME!!!!! OMFG, his voice was perfection on every single note! He was adorably ChattyBert between songs and got a great reception from the crowd. This was by far the longest show I've ever seen him perform. We were in the terrace box seats, right in front of the pillars at the top of the crowd shot on the jumbotrons. There was an entire section behind the pillars plus one or two tiers above depending on demand. On my level, it was filled end to end.

I recognized hometown visit streaker girl immediately, although it helped that she wore the same white shorts and turquoise bra. He was so good natured about it. Earlier, he mentioned that he was raised in nearby Rancho Penasquitos and then started to mention one of its nicknames Rancho Skinyourpenis, but he stopped partway through. :)

My friend LOVED him, my boys LOVED him, and my 75-year-old mom LOVED LOVED LOVED him!


glitterbert wrote:
Last night was great fun. I had 3rd row tix but sold them and sat in the Terrace, which was further back, but stage level. The Terrace seats are at shared tables, and the others there weren't Bert's, just there to enjoy the fun, and they really seemed to--except when he started talking equality, then they exchanged glances and didn't clap--but whatever, we're still spinning in the right direction. I got a split of champagne and toasted you all!

Back to the show, if you listened, you know he was in fine, fine voice. Damn that boy can sang! He was playful and chatty and cute as only Adam can be. Loved We Will Rock You Mashed with Dragon Attack; it adds a new vitality. It's all been said and I have no new superlatives. He just is. It's more than enough. I'd say, it's plenty.

Re black and yellow attire, this was my convo with the valet as I left for the concert:

Me: At the end of the driveway, do I go left?
Valet: Yes, left and you'll come to a big parking lot, trams are there.
Me: Thanks (walking away)
Valet: Hey, are you going to the concert?
Me: Yes!
Valet: Where's your black and yellow?
Me: Um . . . I'm an outlier.
Valet: Good for you! Thumbs up!

It was funny at the time, maybe doesn't translate, but in light of Adams comments, it warmed my little heart.

The streaker didn't jump on the stage, that would have been impossible, it's much too high. She came from the side, and I'm guessing had some insider help to accomplish that. I'm sure it was a fun moment, but somehow I totally missed seeing her. Was I Looking at twitter, trying to get a pic, surveying the crowd? Big WTF moment for me. Still baffled at how I could have missed it. When Adam commented, I thought he was just talking about someone in the crowd. :/

That's about it. Saw Ma & Pa Lambert, Sutan. The Terrace was great for surveying the crowd. Missed boys3, but found SB1965 afterward for a brief chat.

Adam gives good song, good face, good pants, good times. Still in love.

Author:  newland21 [ Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:38 am ]
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AT&T Live Proud
Hollywood Playhouse
July 3, 2013
glitterbert wrote:
WinkyDink wrote:

ETA: This doesn't seem to have been that exclusive an event, when I'm seeing popular fan names on Twitter as attendees (Coral Mermaid, aliekat, e.g.).

I don't remember the original intent regarding the exclusivity of this event, but by the middle of last week, tickets were free and easily available through the KIIS VIP Club. In a few easy steps you had your tickets -- Sign up or sign in; answer one trivia question for 500 points; use those points on a 4-pk of tickets. Two hours later there was an email saying you won. It wasn’t a contest for a chance at tickets. Everyone who entered got tickets. There were still some available yesterday. (For the record I used my real birthday and KIIS didn't implode.)

I rarely mix RL and Adam life, but I invited a friend who likes to dance and needed a night out. Much to our surprise we ran into a mutual friend who is an AT&T exec. He had two extra VIP tickets, and suddenly we were in like Flynn! Up to the lounge, free food and drinks! We had so much fun, and I do think my secret Adam life is now fully exposed. I saw Eric (who looked gorgeous!), we chatted briefly and missed lisaloopner together. We didn't meet Adam and all that VIP bit, just enjoyed a little special treatment and got the gift bag (ours had no money), and a good viewing spot.

I saw none of the FOA mentioned other than his immediate family. I may see pics later and realize I did see them, but I didn't recognize them last night. I usually spend a lot of time surveying the crowd, but we were tightly packed, and it was dark. Plus, I think the more intimate setting kept me focused on Adam.

He came out before the show and chatted about the Trevor Project and the Live Proud campaign. The $50,000 check was presented, and it was noted that the money raised would not have happened without Glamnation support. I wish they had announced the names of the contest winners or brought them on stage. I think it would have added gravitas to their campaign and their message of living proud(ly). But that’s just me and a little quibble.

The show was great! The stage was small and cramped, so he did what he does best – sing his face off. Stadiums are nice, but the energy of a club setting really suits him. I loved the immediacy of it. The crowd was diverse and accepting. Adam fans were just part of the mix. Not predominant, and not noteworthy. Like Adam encourages, we all just partied together. My RL friend danced her ass off and kept saying how much she liked him. Win!

Loved, loved, loved it. Best Adam time in a long time!

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