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 Post subject: Re: GlamNation Tour!
PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:28 am 
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6 Show Recap


SB1965 wrote:
Hey everyone, I'm back from my six shows. I just have to say that I loved being a groupie for those ten days, it was so much fun and I will do it again on his next tour.

I went to the two San Francisco shows, Thunder Valley, two Costa Mesa shows and Las Vegas. Great seats for all, but for Las Vegas. LV was GA and I'm just so dang short it was hard to see but for his encore I was able to get to the waterfront and was up close which was nice. Soooo many cute gay guys at the LV show dancing their butts off and singing, it was a great crowd. I saw where everyone was talking about the booing in LV. Yes it did happen but it was during the wait between Orianthi and Adam. It was a little longer wait than normal. Usually Adam comes on two hours after Allison starts so I knew (figured) he's be on at 1030 and also the same music plays before he comes on. Well, they played two other songs and it got to be 1040 and it was almost a 50 minute wait which was a long time. I knew that wasn't the norm, so I was wondering what was going on. Then people starting to boo, and I was like, "uh oh". Just after the booing started tho, the show started. Out of all the shows, this was my least fav. but I still had a GREAT time there. If you didn't know Adam or how he had been at his other shows, you wouldn't have known that he wasn't "spot on". His voice seemed a little tired, it cracked slightly a couple of times and some words were messed up a couple of times, but otherwise, it was fantastic. It's very hard to stand in sand for over two hours too, lol. My back was killing me.

I absolutely LOVED the two Costa Mesa shows. He was ON! OMG was he on those two nights. Dancing his butt off, his speaking voice was hoarse but his singing was out of this world! On the 27th I had 2nd row seats behind the pit. Adam's mom was four rows in front of me, along with Allison Porter and BF and Adam's other friends and Dadbert was sitting about four rows behind us. The only reason I found out about Eber, was because when the show was over and we were standing around, a guy came barrelling past us (he actually moved one of my friends out of his way), saying excuse me, excuse me. When I looked up it was Neil. He was trying to get to his dad to take him backstage. I must say, Eber is goooood looking, wow and Leila is gorgeous. Adam has some great genes right there. Neil's not too bad either, but I think Adam got more of the "good-looking genes. We also were in the hot dog line with Allison Porter and BF. The only bad thing was that the guy sitting next to me wanted me to sit down during the show and actually hit my leg with his cane!!! His wife yelled at him and told him to stop since everyone was standing, not only me. The crowd reaction to him was outrageous, they loved him, they sang along with him and they screammmmmed!! Before the show started the got the "wave" going also, which was fun. We go MW and WLL!! YAY! Oh and we got a tongue lick. There was lots of Tommy action in all six of my shows, lol. The only show witih no lick or kiss was the Las Vegas show.

On the 28th, more of the same. Wild crowd (drunk couples behind me that I wanted to kill tho). I had fifth row seats behind the pit for this night over to the side. Great seats too and again, Adam was ON!! I had two goals during my little vacay, and they were to have a picture taken with Adam and to touch him. Well, we decided to stay after the show this night because I figured I'd never be able to do that in Vegas. While we waited by the buses, there was tons of people, and security kept telling them to leave, go home, etc. Sheriffs came but to no avail. Some people left and as a result I was able to move up to the front of the barricades. I was able to meet Brooke, Terrance and Cassidy Haley (I got a hug and picture from him). FINALLY, around 1215 Adam came out and boy did they rush him. I was able to snap a quick picture and a 2 second video, lol. He came over to our side and my son held out the Japanese Rolling Stone for Adam to sign. While Adam was signing, I thought, well, this is my only chance, so my hand just went out and I was rubbing his arm while he signed for my son. Adam looked at me and smiled, lol. I don't know what kind of googly face I had going on, lol. He has a very hairy arm, but the main point is, I TOUCHED HIM!!! ACTUALLY RUBBED HIS ARM!!!!! AND OMG is he absolutely gorgeous!!! Wow!

The SF show (the second one) was one of the best shows I'd seen out of the six. All the shows were great, but there was something about the SF shows (especially the second one) and the two Costa Mesa shows. The energy was so high and wild and the crowds were just outrageous, especially in SF. Once again vocals were out of this world for both SF shows, we got a Adommy lick in both shows and lots of Tommy/Adam stuff happening. Adam just seemed so happy and on in SF. He was all smiley and joking and cursing lol. He really felt the love both nights but especially on the second night.

Thunder Valley was another great show. It was hot so we didn't wait in the sun all day to get seats. We were soooo lucky though because when we did get there, we walked right in and sat in the fifth row!!!!! People had been waiting all day in the heat to get good seats since this was a GA show, but with seats. I just couldn't sit in the heat all day, and those people were only a couple of rows in front of us thereabouts and we just walked right on in and sat down. Show was great, we only got Mad World as the encore that night so I guess he wasn't feeling it from the crowd? The crowd up front was great, don't know about the rest of the venue though. I heard Leila was at the TV show, sitting in the second row, but I didn't see her that night.

I have some GREAT pictures from the concerts that hopefully I'll get up soon.

I had such a great time, it was well worth the $. I would do it again. Only sad because my concerts are over, but so thankful an appreciative for what I was able to do and to see and that I was able to TOUCH ADAM!!!! Next year when he tours, I'm gonna do it again for a week!!

I was so happy to be able to meet Mary and everyone else. It was great putting a face with the name.

 Post subject: Re: GlamNation Tour!
PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:47 pm 
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August 3, 2010

Peridot wrote:
Mel P wrote:
Being four "rows" back and shaking my a**, even in the pathetic little old lady way that I was able to do, was so worth the next two days of lying on the couch in excruciating pain because I. SAW. ADAM. LAMBERT!!!!!

Nothing short of a six foot pine box would have prevented me from going to that concert.
Absofreakinlutely!!! :)

I was there tonight. I. SAW. ADAM. F. LAMBERT!!!!! I know this is said a lot but I have to say it again. He is so stunningly beautiful!

I can't do a major recap right now because I can barely see my keyboard. Just wanted to share a few things. From what I saw it was a very diverse crowd. Saw many men. Saw a lot of young fans. Pretty much every one from 8 to 80 had representative.:) Yes the venue was small but I didn't mind the venue itself. My sister has some health issues so she went up to the balcony and sat down. I was on the floor and close enough to see him sweat. ;)

The concert itself? I had the time of my life!! Amazing! We were packed in like sardines, people were touching me on all sides. I'm slightly claustrophobic... Once Adam started singing I didn't care. I have social anxiety disorder... Once Adam started singing I sang and I danced my ass off and I didn't care who saw me or what they thought. It may not seem like such a big thing, but for me that's HUGE.

Adam looked amazing! Adam sounded amazing! Adam is amazing! I really can't think of anything else to say. :)

 Post subject: Re: GlamNation Tour!
PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:35 am 
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July 24 2010 GlamNation Tour at Thunder Valley Casino, outside Sacramento CA.
At least the first half of this recap is just a lot about my personal prep and not of much interest, I know, but it was part of the experience for me, so it’s included. If you want to get right to the ‘good part,’ scroll about halfway through to the “Fianlly” Section. Hopefully my subtitles will help in weeding through all my wordiness.

The beginning. My Thunder Valley Adamventure all started when I realized that a business trip to California to attend a course coincided with one of BB’s shows in CA. I had a flight change in San Francisco and by simply traveling one day early I was able to work out an overnight that would allow me to go to the Sacramento Thunder Valley show and still be at my final destination in time. The same night that I realized this, I purchased a ticket and reserved a room at the venue. As things would evolve, I had second thoughts about the ticket in GA towards the back that I had gotten, and went to a broker to pay big bucks for a 5th row center seat. Best decision I ever made! Before long I’d hooked up with dreadnaught, Mary, and SB1965, who were also going to that show, and the planning started!

The Prep & Obstacles? My business trip to CA was to be four-weeks away from home, but honestly, I spent as much (if not more) time planning for the one-night in Thunder Valley as I did for the month-long trip! Shopping for and planning my outfit, even practicing my rhinestone eye makeup took up all my time! And, joyfully, another complication that last week before I traveled: two Florida shows were announced and the presales took place that week. Obviously, I got pretty distracted with securing tickets to the Hard Rock at Hollywood, and the Melbourne show. And then, in the last couple of days before I traveled, a tropical storm headed for South Florida. I wasn’t upset that we were under storm warnings, but that maybe my flight would be delayed and I wouldn’t get out of Florida for the GNT!! Never mind whether I might miss a day or two of my class--that was expendable! I know my priorities!

The Arrival/Scoping Things Out. But, it all worked out – the storm came in a day early and was gone in plenty of time for me to catch my flight without problems. When I arrived in San Francisco, dreadnaught had already arranged to meet me at the airport. She is such a doll, and we just hit it off immediately as though we were old friends and had known each other for years. We started the 2+ hour drive to Sacramento, chattering away about our BB and getting to know each other. We were meeting Mary at the TV Casino; she had arrived a short while before we did so she’d already had time to scout out the situation. As soon as we checked in and our bags were in our rooms I wanted to scope out the outdoor venue. Mary had said the stage was high up and this boded well for shorties dreadnaught and me! (Is it a character trait that Adamstans tend to be short?) We walked out to the stage area and peered through the fence. Yes! The stage was high, we’d be looking UP to see him, not on our tiptoes to see over people’s heads, and this meant another bonus – flat comfortable shoes would be fine! It was pretty hot outside, but we figured as the sun went down we’d be fine.

Glamming Up. So, back we went to our rooms to glam up for the show! The time had passed so fast and we still needed to have dinner, so I ended up rushing to get my eye makeup done. I’d hoped for sexy, carefully sculpted eyes, but I was just slapping the paint on. I still managed to paste on some rhinestones across my temple – something I’d been practicing on for a couple of weeks and was determined to do. BTW, I had found a crystal-and-feather necklace that was just the right touch for my outfit (IMHO!) Okay, so we had on the right ‘mount of leather and our black colored liner, and we headed down to one of the casino restaurants. The three of us got to know each other better over a leisurely meal, and then, in no particular rush, we headed outside for the show. The venue was primarily GA, but there were 5 rows up front of assigned seats, and that’s where dreadnaught and I were, right in the middle of the 5th row (yay!) (Did I mention that she and I had bought our seats independently, but ended up sitting right next to each other?!! Not quite as unusual as it might seem because we both went to the same vendor at right about the same time, but still…it was a serendipity thing.) Mary was in GA, but found SB1965 and also had good seats towards the front of their block of GA. The whole thing was well organized, BTW!

Allison. Anyway, as we stepped out of the casino we could hear music coming from the venue across the parking lot. Was that…? Didn’t that sound like….? Wasn’t it…Allison performing? The show was supposed to start at 8:30 and it wasn’t even 8:00 yet – but Allison had been added to the show and we hadn’t realized that they would start early to fit her act in!! (duh) So we missed all but about 2-3 of her songs. I was disappointed, as I’d have loved to see her full set, but on the other hand we hadn’t even expected to have her there anyway, so I wasn’t devastated. She looked great – surprisingly THIN! And her hair in the sunlight was a blazing RED! Seemed happy too, but honestly, the only thing I remember her performing was Heartbreaker – the rest was sort of a blur because we were busy getting to our seats and settling in as she performed.

Misc Tidbits. Our seats, by the way, were just little metal folding seats that were crammed exceedingly close. (Operative word there: little.) Naturally dreadnaught and I were sandwiched between two rather healthily broad women. Most of the show we were actually having to sort of slant sideways in order to fit! Our audience partner on my side was a lady who obviously knew a lot about BB, hinting that she had inside info, yet not being snobbish about it. But it wasn’t until the very end of the concert, as we were walking out, that she let us know she was a friend of the band, and was headed back to join them! (wtf?)
Other little environmental tidbits: hitting foreheads with palms moment: we were all safely in our seats then we realized we hadn’t gotten water – and we’re talking about a hot venue. But it looked too crazy to try to slip back out once we were seated. It worked out, though; a hardworking bar-type girl was coming around taking drink orders. Other palm-to-forehead moment: duh, we should have gone to the restroom before the break leading up to Adam! Naturally we didn’t want to take a chance on not getting back in time, (remember, this is an outdoor venue) and we assured ourselves that once he started singing we would completely forget bathroom issues, and sure enough, that was what happened!

Leila & Orianthi. I think it was sometime right before Orianthi started that a nice looking lady went by two rows up from us, moving to her seat. I commented to the lady next to me, gee, she sure looks like Adam’s mother. And the lady goes, “that IS Adam’s mother!” Wow, I was so thrilled to be seeing her so close. She looked so fit and tan, and obviously was really enjoying herself during Orianthi’s set, standing and rocking out. (I didn’t really watch her during Adam’s set, I think you know why). As for Orianthi, hmm, I will say that I was expecting worse. It wasn’t all as bad as some people have said. I’m not familiar with her music but I do appreciate her guitar skills. Maybe stage presence was a bit wooden? What struck me most was how very young she seemed and how very “Barbie-Doll Cute.”

Demographics. Most people comment on the audience demographics – I’d say this one was primarily Casino-Goer-Middle-Aged Couples. I saw NO cute young gay guys to inspire our BB, and this was a concern to me. Or maybe they just weren’t up front where we were. Also, I saw no cute young tweens either, just one or two youngish (young compared to me) gals. Not many people were glammed up either, for that matter. Maybe it was just the outdoor venue. I wouldn’t care except that I wanted BB to get sexy, hot vibes from our audience and it just didn’t seem like that kinda group. The other thing that had me concerned – (yes, I tend to fret) – was that I couldn’t imagine all these hubbies (or their fraus either for that matter) standing up for Adam. In fact, during Orianthe’s set, someone told the lady next to me to sit down! She was all WTF, and asked me if I planned to stand during Adam’s set. I told her Definitely, but then began to worry that this was going to be an issue for this audience. I shouldn’t have worried though – when the time came, EVERYone, hubbies and all, were on their feet!

Fianlly!! Okay, so this recap has taken a life of its own and is ‘way too long and I am only now getting to the raison d’etre! Aaannnddd, now I find myself without words! My heart stood still. My soul lifted out of my body and hovered somewhere above my physical self. It did not seem possible that the big moment had arrived. Gotta say it, so…EPIC! His top-hatted, fringed silhouette appeared at the top of the stairs and we all paid homage to his glitter. Dreadnaught and I looked at each other and shared a thought: we can’t believe this is real. (Let me say here: Thank you, dreadnaught, for being my partner to share the awesomeness – you were a wonderful mirror for my amazement and joy.) How to describe the total experience, when I was numb most of the time? What follows is largely thanks to YouTubes that helped me fill in the blanks in my trance. So, here are the Highlights and Moments I can re-capture:

Random overall thoughts – He was Right.There! So Close! So Unbelievably Beautiful! The Eyes! Those Eyes that he used throughout the show to wow us and entertain us. He came center front and made Big Eyes at the audience and emoted with those Eyes shamelessly.
And Happy! Smiling so joyfully throughout.
Tommy – OMG, dark red lips! Hair that seemed longer and floppier than ever. Looking so beautiful himself this night.
Monte – Sooo talented! Shorter than I expected. Hair spiked. I wanted to hug him; I wanted to hug all of them!
Longineu and Cam – because of the lighting I couldn’t really see them, can’t offer anything.

The Set:
– Up on a stand lording his power over us, “I’m so possessed by your sexiness,” arms writhing.
DTRH – over quickly but showing us how happy he was to be on the stage performing.
It was sometime right at the beginning that we saw his little wardrobe malfunction – the lace on his pants wasn’t tied right and was dangling way down below the GB. Ohh, how hard it was to take your eyes off of it [“here I am!”] and you wanted to reach out and just pull!
RoF – magical; those snake arms! …like a chi-i-ld (gets me every time.) Sl-o-w descent down stairs, milking the moment.
The lights went out and when the lights came back the hat was gone and we could see the hair – oh, the Hair! Almost SILVER with Glitter! Beautiful and down, and flopping with his movements; I was thrilled with his look! He pranced down the stairs, put his arm around Tommy’s shoulder and launched into
Fever – No superpowered Tommy hotness this time, but a little head feinting at each other & Adam holding Tommy’s chin. (Was it toned down because Leila was right there?) Insane dancing! “You burn me up, burn me up…”
Sleepwalker – one of my very favorites, so my heart stopped a little. The walk down the stairs at the intro, I don’t know, was a bit choreographed (not the word I want, but not sure how to describe it, sort of a slow, slow, quick, quick movement?) I haven’t mentioned The Voice yet, so let me get that in before going further – How does he sound like that!? How unreal can he be? Is he of this world? Sleepwalker is the one that brings me to tears and his passion and fierceness just absorbed everything you had. Monte’s interlude on guitar – ah, to die for. The memory for me – his ferocious stomp across the stage at the end, and then the dazed look he gave us at the end.
WWFM – okay, the anticipation of that favorite phrase – ‘you’re doing it perfectly’ – is maybe getting cliché, but it is so cool to feel and hear the crowd swell to that moment and give their cheers, and to see his smile. It was worth so much to be a part of that.
Soaked – how I’d been anticipating this! It has become my favorite of the tour and I’d have flown across country and paid my exorbitant ticket price just to hear this one song in person. Started to calls of “Adam! We love you, Adam!” and accompanied by far too much audience noise throughout, yet he pulled you into his world so that it was just the two of you. I have no words that wouldn’t fall short in describing this masterpiece. Dreadnaught knew how I felt and gave me a shoulder to lean on when it was (sob) over.
Aftermath – Highlight was seeing those little piggy toes tapping and wiggling to the music! So adorbs! And the riffing, and that million dollar smile at the end!
SFW – time for a costume change and bare arms. Big energy, prancing, big smiles, and Fun! I think it was at this point that I noticed the lasers overhead. [Note to self: I won’t mind my future shows in Florida where I’ll be farther from the stage, because I’ll be able to appreciate the laser effect from afar.] Have I mentioned The Voice lately? Never forget, all this Adamawesomeness is presented in that unbelievably perfect Voice!
Strut – And now the beautiful striped tailcoat appears. And boy, did he STRUT for us! Putting so much spunk into his steps and all the time singing his lungs out. Simply flirting with us shamelessly. I mentioned before his hair – by now his hair had loosened up and was flopping around his face so deliciously. (Go find the YT’s if you don’t believe me!)
Music Again – geez, he was getting really playful by this time – did some of the cutest (and hokiest!) little dance steps here! Faced off with Tommy and told him, ‘you make me wanna listen to music again.’ Monte was up on the little tables on either side of the stage.
And before we know it, it’s time for
IIHY – Asks us his stock question ‘are you guys having fun?’ but we get it punctuated with a tongue stuck out and a laugh. He sees the peeps in the bleachers ‘way in the back, points, and goes ‘lookit that! Yeah! ha Ha.’ In the song he sings ‘if I had you’ and points at the audience, and we point right back at him. He has us jumping up and down with him, waving our arms above our heads, and he’s laughing at our group fun. His dance with Brooke, though, was a classic. As she thinking they are done and is starting back to the steps to sit down, he gets in front of her and …how to describe it?... puts his arms around her, pushes her back to the stage, and straddles her and just does the silliest dance … and cracks himself up.
And then, Mad World as our one and only encore. Sadz over this, yet not all that surprised with the make up of our audience. He seemed happy and like he was having fun, but, I guess that’s it – happy and fun, not hot and sexy. And as the last song, the fast version of MW seemed even faster, over so quickly.

And that was it, dazed, we filed out. Dreadnaught and I found Mary and went back to the room to catch our breath a little and talk about what had just happened. We went back downstairs to meet SB1965 and her daughter and friend, but soon we called it a night. Mary and I were sharing a room and I had to catch a plane out of San Fran the next morning, which meant a painfully early wake up call. Kind Mary, who could have been sleeping in, unselfishly got up and drove me back to the airport. {{{{{dreadnaught and Mary}}}}} thank you both so very much for your kindness and for being a part of that night. {{{{{SB1965}}}}} wish we’d had more time to talk and get to know each other!

And now it’s RL again until September, when I’ll get to see BB again in Florida twice more!

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 8:55 am 
and drawing lucky number one

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The Tower Theater - Upper Darby, PA - August 12, 2010

I'm back, I'm not caught up - I just got home and am pretty close to incoherent with my thoughts. But, I wanted to say how amazing Adam is. I have never seen anyone on a stage who moves me as he does and who performs so brilliantly. He is beautiful. His eyes, omg. His moves, he dances so fluidly. His voice, gorgeous. I have so much to say and I'm babbling like a loon and just keep saying to my husband, he is unbelievable, he is amazing, he is fabulous. In fact, I kept babbling that to Fez and newland and Winky after the concert. I will do a recap later about the evening, about the fabulous MUPpets I was with, about the beautiful boys in my row, one who gave me such a nice hug I can home with his glitter on my arms LOL, and his friend, who was dancing with Adam last night. Needless to say it was an evening I won't forget.


I'm still in awe of last night, so please excuse my babbling and the length of this post. I'm sure I will echo some of what Open2it and Winky have already told you. And, I'm sure I'm forgetting things so I'll post them another time.

My nails were done, my open toe sandals had a lower heal then my stripper heals, but had a bit of sparkle in the front and I was wearing my jeans and sleeveless black glitter top, which look like the sleeves and side of Adam's pants in this picture

I met up with Fez, her friend, and newland in town. Newland drove us to and from the venue- thank you so much! We joined Winky, Deezer, Open2it and her friend for dinner across from the venue. At one point a huge cheer arose outside as Adam emerged from the buses to go into the theater.

The show started with Allison. When her set began I felt the drums going through my body, and was a bit apprehensive about dealing with those uninvited body shocks for the whole night. However, it mellowed out and was not an issue going forward. She was great She brought such energy to her set and her voice is fabulous!

Orianthi was probably very good. I stayed in my seat for her first two songs and then decided to visit the merch table since the rest of her set, to me, sounded like every song she sang and it was too long. I purchased a tee shirt (see above picture) and a poster

I wanted a key ring, but they only had them available for Allison. I met up with Open2it and friend, and Fez and friend in the lobby and waited for Orianthi to finish before taking my cocktail with me back to my seat. Returning to my fabulous seat, which gave me a fabulous view of Adam and his fabulous 'hips' that Winky has already alluded to, I finally got to meet JazzRocks and her dil.

I had been a bit concerned about seeing so many empty seats in my row and in the theater. That fear was laid to rest as the time drew near for Adam to appear and every seat was soon filled. I had an aisle seat, so the late arrivals had to pass by me to get to their seats. I stopped one really beautiful boy (Will) with black hair and blue eyes as he entered my row to tell him how beautiful his eyes were. They were made up with subtle blue eye shadow and briefly touched with glitter. I told him he absolutely seemed like Adam's type and he needed to share my seat with me so Adam could see him and sing to him :) We began to chat and he told me his eye makeup was done by his friend's daughter. The friend was already sitting a few seats to my right. He also told me his friend, John, danced with Adam the night before and that he (the friend) had had Adam's hair in his mouth LOL. I think at that point, Winky or Deezer, asked me if I knew the guy I was talking to. I said, no, I just picked him up :) I then asked John to join us and we chatted in the aisle for a bit. He told me to find him on facebook, that he would friend me, and that he had some pictures from dancing at Woody's. Unfortunately, even though he spelled his name for me I haven't been able to locate him.

As Open2it mentioned, I, too, thought initially the band overpowered Adam's vocals. However, to me, it got better as the concert progressed including his acoustic set (of course) when the voice was allowed to shine. What's funny, IMO, if this were any other rock/pop concert, I'd be thinking wow, the band is really rocking out - but with Adam on stage, you don't want to miss one minute of his unparalleled vocals. It's like an additional gift you get from an Adam concert.

I found this on a twitterlist from last night - which leads me to believe the seating had a lot to do with the sound.

That venue was so perfect for his voice! You could hear every nuance of it. <333 about 8 hours ago via twidroid

The lasers were unreal. I felt like they were right over my head and if I reached up I could touch them. It was a brilliant use of lightening, bathing Adam in beautiful color.
Security was very tight. Only picture taking was allowed, but no filming. It seems that the stealth videographers were able to capture some if not all of Adam's set as evidenced by the YT links. Can't wait to see them and relive the night.

After the show, which ended too soon for me, Fez and friend, newland and I stopped for a late night snack and cocktail in town. At that point I ordered tea to ease my throat. I had cheered, and cheered, ahem, screamed, and sang, and danced the entire time Adam was on stage. And, I was not alone. I looked around me and it seemed everyone in the theater was on their feet from the first row to the last row in the balcony when Adam was on stage. I pointed out to Fez, her friend, and newland at the table, the glitter that was on my arms. Glitter that I didn't put there. It was either from the hug I got from the beautiful boy, or the fact that Adam is so magical, glitter just appears when you are in his presence. LOL!

Fez , newland, winky, deezer, open2it and JazzRocks, I couldn't wait to see you and hug you and tell you how great it was to finally meet you. I'm so glad I was able to do just that. What a beautiful, warm, and caring, group of women you are. Your presence was a major part of my most wonderful concert experience.

What more can I say about the concert itself that hasn't already been said so many times before. Words cannot adequately express seeing him live. He is the ultimate showman and performer. His energy level is through the roof. His vocals are exquisite, his presence commands your attention, and his spirit fills the theater and his audience, with love. The fact that he gives his all, night after night, is hard to believe. He's a complete experience, mind, body and soul. And he surely has me as a devotee to his brilliance.

Thanks again everyone for the good wishes sent my way

Knew I forgot stuff :)

When Adam came out to do 20CB, Tommy was wearing a boa - I thought of Maddie mentioning she wanted to see Adam in a boa for this song.

Adam was on fire last night.. as was the venue. I think Adam accidentally the air conditioning. I was so hot from dancing and partying, my bangs which I had blown straight out, curled back up. And, my curls which I let go free, reproduced on their own.

Since this was my only concert, I can't be sure, but I thought Adam spoke more last night before singing IIHY. He mentioned going to clubs in a city and I'm thinking he was alluding to the previous night in Philly.

SFW was not one of my fav songs from the CD, but I loved it live. He really kills on it vocally and performance wise. Same with Strut.

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August 12, 2010

open2it wrote:
BWAH!'re so cute! All smitten and whatnot... ;) So glad your Adam experience was so great for you! And Winky, I'm there with ya, sister, re: the hotness! Near the end of the concert I was sweating almost as much as I do on my exercise walks! Did Adam's hotness slay the air conditioning, too? heh

Some thoughts about the concert upon waking at a stupid hour, considering the late/early hour I got into bed:
1. The sound mix sucked bigtime from where my ears were hearing it. When Allison started I wondered about it since the bass was doing that thing the bass can do--you know, reverberate in one's spleen and other unnamed internal organs? This was my first time hearing Allison, although it wasn't my first Adam concert, so I thought the incredibly LOUD! sound was just her.

2. The sound mix sucked bigtime--then Orianthi came on and I got a bit worried because everything was so LOUD! and I wondered if the same thing would happen when Adam came on. My friend (not an AWoP woman) and I decided that it was time for a drink ;) and spent the rest of Orianthi's set in the lobby, chatting with Fez and friend and Laynie, and people watching.

3. The sound mix sucked bigtime--I was soooooo excited for Adam to come on. This was my friend's one and only concert--she's a casual Adam fan from Idol who hasn't been following him, although she bought his cd--and I wanted her to see all the amazing-ness I'd witnessed three times before. Unfortunately, this was the first show in which the sound mix was so unbalanced that Adam's voice seemed to struggle to stay center stage. The music was really overpoweringly loud! Adam seemed to agree in that I saw him looking and/or motioning to the sound guys to increase his own mic multiple times---My choice was for them to decrease the rest of the band's ouput, but the result would have been the same---a more aurally satisfying blend. This was the first of my Adam concerts in which I had my fingers in my ears during much of it! Pissed me off! Our ears were blown for a long time after we left the venue!

4. Adam was gorgeous! Beautiful! Adorable. Actually, my friend said on the way home, "You know, I don't really find Adam sexy at all (BTW...she's already forgiven me for the bitchslap I gave her at that point *g*), but I think he's totally adorable." And know what? When I thought back over the concert, I think 'adorable' is a good adjective. I've seen him ooze sex on that stage more times than this ole brain can count to, but last night he seemed to be more playful than smoldering, to me. Lots of smirks and grins and sideways eye glances and flips of the wrists and super-exaggerated gesticulating and....he just seemed super happy and---after coming back here and reading all about the "Case of His Wearing the Same Clothes and Being an Hour Late for a Radio Interview" picture investigation, I can only nod semi-knowingly as to the reason for his being so gay/happy up there! Heeee!

5. I continue to be amazed by what that man can do with his voice. At the beginning of the concert, I kinda shared that one tweeter's opinion that he seemed to be holding back a bit--just got that feeling by some of the run choices he made (and I wonder now if the unfortunate sound mixing contributed to this)---but then as the songs went on I forgot that particular concern. His voice is unique and I will never, never know how he is able to do what he does with it. Add to that how he dances and prances and struts and kicks all the while he's warbling and wailing perfectly on pitch every.single.note? Gah and thud.

There's always so much that can be reported after an Adam concert. The man might be sexier one night than another; he might be campier one night than another; he might choose TCB (is that an okay abbreviation for 20th Century Boy?) instead of WLL (sigh. I was a virgin for that song and really missed WLL!!); but he's always Adam Fucking Lambert and has SUCH stage presence, and THAT VOICE! and THAT SMILE! Hell, I'll just buy some heavy-duty earplugs for my next and last concert in Providence next week, just in case the sound guys haven't got their shit together by then!

Nothing....and I mean, NOT ONE THING should prevent someone from seeing and hearing this man LIVE on a stage if she has a chance. We're so lucky to experience him. A future legend.

And to make it all even better? I got to meet and spend some time with Fez (and friend) and laynie and newland and WinkyDink and deezer before and during the show! My friend lives in God's lost country over an hour from the venue so we didn't rejoin them after the concert but here's a shoutout to them all: "SOOOO glad to have met you!"

And a special shoutout to JazzRocks, from whom I got our incredible tix, and who was a delight as a seatmate at an Adam Lambert concert. She was dancing and grooving the whole time and even moved into the aisle to have more freedom to do it! You go, girl! I wanted to join you in that aisle!

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August 12, 2010

JazzRocks wrote:
Just a quick drive-by cause I have to do something about my throat before my "luncheon"! That's right - I can't talk!!!! All the jumping & bouncing had no effect...I'm good. But I have no voice!

Will write more later but I have to go do body maintenance stuff!

I LOVED meeting you guys! open4it - you were a wonderful seat mate. The seats were great, no?

Laynie - you are even NICER than I imagined you to be. Your one & only concert - I know it was really special!! And a million thanks for befriending that gorgeous twink!!

Winky - didn't get much chance to talk with you - tonight I hope???

Only a quick hello to newland (I so can't wait to see your pics!) and fez (OMG girl you're beautiful!).

GREAT night - I don't expect Musikfest to be as "raucous".

The man is UTTERLY FABULOUS!!!!!!!
The only downers - caught in traffic & missed Allison. (Orianthi sounded better than Borgata), poor girl passed out on sidewalk after concert - medics around. AND IMO the sound mix was bad - gorgeous voice overshadowed by band! Something needs to be done about that!

Still a night to remember forever!!!!!

WinkyDink wrote:

And the Tower Theatre was pretty warm, too! ;-)

That boy was RIGHT, I mean RIGHT, in front of me and Laynie (and Deezer!) with those hips!!!

ETA: No bus for me, maddie! Alas, I had to get home---in order to see Adam from the front-row TONIGHT! :-) :-) :-)
But during the show, Adam stood....make that, writhed, OFTEN in front of the center aisle!!

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August 12, 2010

Fez wrote:
Really quick check in from the hotel after I've had my coffee, I'll do bigger recap later.

1) It was FABULOUS meeting Laynie, Winky, Deezer, Newland, Open2it and very briefly, Jazzrocks! This fandom is wonderful, we had such a good time.

2) bb def got laid. He was so loose and playful, plus vocally ON FIRE

3) I didn't have the sound issues that others experienced, probably because we were toward the back.

4) The variety of people there was amazing. Sooooo many pretty boys. So.Many. Families with kids, cool hipsters, a pack of goth punks, grandmas: it was a melting pot.

5) People were going bugfucknuts during the new 70's/80's music preshow. Big singalongs, lots of dancing. So much fun.

6) The 20-somthing guy next to me was going crazy during the set. He and I were pumping our arms, shrieking. On the other side of me and my friend, two teen girls were spazzing and they were so cute. We had a great row.

That's the highlights from my tattered memory banks right now. More later.
More random thoughts from last night as I wait for my friend to finish getting ready so we can hit this cool looking Thai restaurant we saw near Rittenhouse Square . . .

1) I'm glad someone took a photo of the crowd near the buses. It was huge. Newland, Laynie, my friend and I weren't up for waiting forever for a glimpse, b/c that's what it would have been.

2) I can't stress how many hot gay boys were at that venue last night. A guy walked by me that looked right out of Rivendell elves mythology, he was so incredible to behold.

3) Adam def getting his alpha male on. You could just tell. He was going to his vocal limits and stalking the stage. He also was demanding that we appreciate him, which I thought was new and wholly engendered by the venue and the ~funsexytimes~ of the last 24 hours. We were happy to play along.

More later.

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laynie wrote:
newland, I put my review in the Glam Nation concert thread

Aww - thanks! And I have added all the rest of you Philly peeps!

JazzRocks wrote:
Only a quick hello to newland (I so can't wait to see your pics!)
Sadly - yes, you could.

Something went very very wrong in Philly. =(

Which pretty much summed up that whole day for me. (Lots of RL stuff happened before I ever got to the concert...)

I apologize in advance to those of you who cannot get to even one concert and would love to go even to one where the Sound Mix Sucked. (At least - from up close). Because this will sound ridiculous to you. But I am devastated over my Philly pictures. They were terrible for the most part, and since I essentially experience my concerts through the camera, if there are no pictures...there just isn't much of a concert memory. :(

But before I write my pity post, I will give the highlights of the day.

#1 Getting to meet and dine with fabulous MUPpets! laynie (navigatrix extraordinaire!), Fez (who is nothing like what I pictured *LoL*!), open2it (who lets me squee about other artists, too. ;) ), my old pals WinkyDink and Deezer, and Fez's and open2it's cool friends. =) It's interesting that while chatting after the show over drinks FoF (Friend of Fez) asked me my favorite concert, and I told her that the ones I remember as favorites have not much to do with the concert itself, but with the experience around the concert. If Glam Nation Philly was on that list, that would definitely be the case.

#2 I was gifted a fantastic seat 6 rows from the stage, leaving me with an also-pretty-fantastic seat 9 rows from the stage that no one else from our party could really make use of. So I went to the upper balcony, and found one young gal sitting in the back reading a book. I asked her if she was there by herself and when she said yes, I asked if she would like to move down to a good floor seat. She didn't freak out or look like she was talking to a crazy person - she just asked if someone had not been able to make it. I told her yes (that's how I got the gifted seat) and she said thanks she'd love to move. She said she was a more casual fan, but wanted to see Adam. I looked out at the stage from the balcony and said - well, from up here you'd get a really interesting view of the whole show. She laughed and said no, she'd rather move down - she actually had other friends in the floor seats. Well - I said - you should be able to find them easier afterwards now. When she got to the seat, her jaw sort of dropped. I told her to enjoy the show! I looked back at her a couple times once Allison came on and she mouthed "thank you" and I waved and smiled back. I didn't see her after, but I think she probably had a good time at the concert. =D

The wonderfulness of my seat makes the whole picture thing all the more tragic. I don't know what was going on with the lighting at the Tower. Maybe it was just something about where my seat was that I couldn't get enough ambient light, but I could not get my camera to focus to save my life.

Before the concert started I took "check shots" just to be sure the setting I was using was good. (It's the same setting I used in Baltimore - and all weekend at 3 other concerts, for that matter). They were fine. Then Alli's set started, and I noticed each time a burst finished the pix were blurry. I switched to shutter priority setting and set the lowest speed that is stable without a tripod - still not good. I switched back. I noticed during Allison's set there seemed to be a lot more red light than I remember and I though maybe that was the issue. In the end, almost nothing of hers was in focus. Sadly - I had more and better pix of Orianthe - even though I spent the better part of her set out in the lobby drinking wine (Wish I had seen you there open2it! But it sounds like you came out abut the time I wandered back in). Still - not a lot of great great photos.

But surely, I thought, it would get better with Adam. Lasers and light changes aside his set just has better lighting than the others. I took more check shots of his backdrops. They were fine. But then the concert started and - frustration! Blur after blur. For once I was using my big screen instead of my viewfinder, because I needed to hold the camera a little higher to get over the heads in front of me. So I was hoping it was maybe the screen pictures were looking blurry because I really need my glasses to see the screen. And the little green "focus" box kept showing up. But later, reviewing the pix with my glasses my heart just sank. Now - a lot of times pictures that don't look so great on the screen actually are good shots, but in my gut I knew I just really did not have a lot. (for photog folks - checking the shot info for some of the few shots that did come out - there are shutter speeds as low as 1/6 - that's 6, not 60 - so...)

I guess the silver lining is that since I used the screen to take the pix and held the camera up, I actually watched a lot of the concert with my bare eyes from under the camera. So I did get to see more of it than usual.

What I loved:
Aftermath. Fever. Strut. The Dance Break during Adam's first costume change. Bouncing-Tigger Adam during IIHY. The Sleepwalker coat, and the way Adam moves in it and it moves around him.

What I did not love:
The Sound Mix. The high pompadour hair. Being 0 for 4 on WLL. 20th Century Boy - which for me is a poor substitute for MW/WLL. Did not get any energy from that song at all. It was a blah ending to an exciting concert.

But the pix are most of what I really enjoy about the concerts. I took 857 photos (all 3 artists). I deleted 610 of them on first review. I've since deleted more. And some of the ones I kept are only to see if playing around with them in photoshop might produce something interesting. Almost every one I kept - and virtually every one I ended up posting - I had to adjust. It's so...frustrating. I seriously have rejects from my other concerts that are better than these - my "Best" of Philly. But I wanted to post some, because ... well. Because. I was there. And other people were there, and may find a photo that resonates a little for them. I'm not terribly proud of these, and don't particularly want them spread around. They are for you, AWoP.

So. Here are the my Philly photos. All whopping 28 of them.
(#7 especially cracks me up. It is not a "best" at all - it just looks like I spent some time with photoshop and the "neon" filter. But I didn't. It came out of the camera that way. HA!)

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WAEB M&G Luncheon - Bethlehem, PA
August 13, 2010


JazzRocks wrote:
Another drive-by posting - in between rushing from thing to thing! I promise a detailed report tomorrow!!

But I had to get this Breaking News out -

Me -"So many fans love PUU! Wil you ever sing it live?"
He - "We are discussing it. Yes."
Me - You mean on the GNT?"
He - "Yes"

More tomorrow.
PS - Don't rush to have lunch at the Black Forest Deli. Uck.
JazzRocks wrote:
A Short Recap of the WAEB M&G Luncheon
We were late! Well, not really. Got there at scheduled time (2pm), but everyone else was there & waiting. Anxious at all? After a welcome by the Promotions Director (Mandy) and the Program Director (Eric) we had a lunch “catered” by Black Forest Deli. The less said about the lunch the better. I’ll say this though – who wants to eat a bunch of spicy food before talking to (and maybe hugging) Adam Lambert? Macaroni salad – spicy. Cold meat sandwich – spicy. Even the potato chips were spicy. Lol
So Eric (PD) calls out “which of you is Barbara?” I say “Me”. He says “You email me a lot”. I say “Yes I do. Do you mind?” He says “No!”.
And then we waited. And waited. Congregated at the windows to watch for his Town car. Every time a car drove down the driveway some screamed “A car!!” Usually Alexander, a cute gay boy with glitter in his hair who said he couldn’t afford tickets to the Musikfest & wanted to go so badly. (They had a drawing later for 2 really good seats but he sadly did not win.)
While waiting they took us to the control room and we each had to do a short promo for the station – why we loved WAEB! I think I said “I’ve always loved jazz and I love WAEB for introducing me to Pop music. (an aside – HaHa) And for playing my requests for Adam Lambert!”
Finally someone saw the REAL car arrive and a few minutes later, there he was! Hair down! Leather jacket! Zebra boots! My pics aren't great & I couldn't get them to post. Will try again.
So we lined up for photos & signings. No one had much time with him & I asked Mandy if I could ask a question. She said “Boxers or briefs?” NO! About music.
My turn (and I hasten to add I cannot remember it all – went by in a flash):
I asked about PUU – already posted about that & I was happily surprised by his answer!
I had him sign my ticket from Tower as I had nothing else. I’m not a big autograph seeker. I said something like “the show last night was fabulous!” He said “Yeah the energy was great. Everyone seemed to be having fun last night!” And I said “You had a lot of fun last night too!” This could be taken 2 ways and he agreed – to both I guess.
Then I asked if I could have a hug and he said “Sure!” And I got one. I didn’t concentrate on his eyes as much as I wanted to – everything went so quickly. He looked immaculate. He gives the impression of being very particular about himself physically.
My DIL said he seemed smaller than she expected – he’s so big on the stage. (That’s charisma I said.) And she said he’s thinner than she expected. I thought the same.
He was so sweet and almost gentle. Then he was gone to do an interview which will be aired Tuesday on WAEB (B104) on the morning show.
A nice addendum – At Musikfest later someone yelled to me – it was Alexander, the glittery gay! A friend had gotten him a ticket!
JazzRocks wrote:
Hi Guys!

Would be nice if it weren't so blurry! Don't know why!
MyJacket wrote:
Jazzrocks, I'm not sure if I did your photo any good, but I tried to "tighten" it up a bit.

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Musikfest Review - Warning - NOT all happy, happy.........
My overall impression? It sucked. I paid $$$ to join ArtsQuest so I could get decent seats. And it seemed as though they were, at least, decent. But in actuality if you weren't in the first few rows you couldn't see a damn thing unless you looked at the crappy jumbo trons.

It was packed! (So happy for Adam!!!) But the set-up was a mess imo. I won't go into details because I don't want to waste time writing about the venue. It's the last year there and that's a good thing!

Hefty guy a few seats away immediately announced he was there for the blond guitarist. I said we had seen her the previous night and she was in fact good. And she was. Although during her set I tried (for the 3rd time) to get to the front of the merchandise booth & final made it. Got the orange T shirt. They only had L left & I know it's too big. Adam made mucho bucks here. It was packed. (Another good thing)

Bad thing - the wait between Ori & Adam was excruciatingly long. People were getting pissed & some started booing. Hefty guy was mad. Said "he's not that good that he can take this long to come out." I said "Yeah, it IS long. But he IS that good." Truth is, I was getting upset myself. This HAS to change. It is going to turn off a significant number of people. IMO of course.

During Adam's set Mr. Hefty sat the entire time (the whole place was standing his entire set) and didn't applaud once. This one guy doesn't matter, but if Moser was there I cringe to think of what he wrote. I've been too scared to look in the paper.** Read it - he LIKED it!

The Good (no make that Great) - the sound was amazing! 100X better than The Tower! And Adam was just fabulous! On fire in fact.
One nice note: the cute gay guy we met at the Lunch M&G (who was unemployed & didn't have a ticket) was there! He yelled to me & said a friend got him a ticket. He was so happy!

This sounds strange, but I feel as though I don't know what is going on in Adam Land because I've been away from here so long. And yet the entire time I've BEEN with Adam. Weird. ;D

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August 14, 2010

MaggieMay wrote:
Ummm St John (Montreal) one of our best crowds yet!!!!! Beautiful faces. :) so diverse!! Thank u skater- lookin boys for smiling so pretty at me'. Lol another shot of Tequila!!!

Montreal Recap:
Oh Adam you are so precious. First off it's St. Jean not St. John. And yes, this crowd showed bb a Whole Lot of Love. The screams were deafening from start to finish from, as he said, a very diverse audience. It was a mixture of young, old and in between, fat, skinny, black, white, brown, yellow and red. It was a sea of beautiful faces and from my DH's extimation, at least over 10,000 people there.

And what a fabulous concert it was. His voice tonight was Outstanding and Sublime.

The temperature at this outdoor venue cooled down abit just after 8pm and it was a perfect evening, maybe not so much for my poor aching feet as I hated waiting around for 3 hours til Adam came on, but for him I would sacrifice limb and maybe a few toes.

Soaked......... God. I've seen the videos but nothing prepared me for the real deal in person. I may not have had the best view from where I was standing but that voice told it's own love story.

As most of you already know, this concert goes by so quickly and I made the most of it by dancing my fool head off, waving my arms back and forth with everybody else and singing along to all of his songs. I didn't care who heard me or watched me because I had the time of my life.

Adam bb, You give good concert.
Oh lordy, it's 2:30 am.
I'm spent. My feet hurt but my heart overflows with Adam's message of love.

Allison was ok and Orianthi busted my eardrums. If I ever bump into her in a dark alley, I'm gonna beat the crap of out her.

clovispoint wrote:
Was at St Jean day of my life...about to faceplant into bed even if Adam is just blocks away at Unity :)

Yes there were balloons. Before the concert they were playing Bolero on the sound system while about 50 gorgeous multicoloured hot air balloons rose into the sky and sailed that point I thought: this, Quebec, is why I can never quit you.

Adam would have seen people to the was mobbed...they screamed like banshees. This was heartland Quebec...mixed crowd but tons of teens and can they scream.

We the crowd were hot, sweaty, squashed by strangers, feet aching, wishing Ori would finish...just the usual pre Adam stuff. The hardcore folks in the front (mostly young gothy kid types) waited standing for at least 7 hours.

When I got there I was getting off a local town bus and saw one of the tour buses go by (those buses are now in my DNA)...I was able to follow it...into a parking one else was doing anything so I jumped up and down, waved my arms, blew welcome to Quebec or at least the parking lot...only saw Longineu as he got out to palaver with the gate people. Hope the others got a good laugh
out of my capers.

Shared a taxi to the town bus terminal to catch the last bus back to town with two women from Yugoslavia...we roared away about Adam and Tommy, etc. Instant connection.

PS. I think Adam really IS the Gay Messiah. JMO.
clovispoint wrote:
Few more thoughts from St Jean:

The ticket ticketmaster, stubhub, presale password computer angst, no reseller inflation...just 20 dollars at the site gate (no line) and in you go. I'm not much of a plan ahead person and this really suited me. Their website said cheerfully "tickets unlimited." Of course they have huge fields and they can handle big crowds.

I don't know about the jumbotrons at other places but I loved these during the moments I glanced at them. Great camera work on two giant screens. Adam looked so gorgeous and could see the intensity just pouring off him. Wow does he ever bring it every time.

And yes the crowd charging was fantastic.

Because it was opening night some officials and politicians, including a Canadian senator, made little speeches. They seemed thrilled. I thought: you pols are talking to this giant crowd which is here to see a Weho club kid unknown as of 20 months ago.
In a French article they call Adam the "grosse prise internationale" (big prize) of the festival. Good on Quebec and good on him.

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Philadelphia(Upper Darby) and Bethlehem, PA
August 13 & 14, 2010

WinkyDink wrote:
I'm weak at recaps, but a few things demand posting:

Tower: It was MOST pleasing to meet JazzRocks, Fez, and open2it, and friends, plus chatting with MUPPoet Laureate laynie and newland21 again! (Deezer, you go without saying!) I loved everything about this concert (well maybe not the temperature! When I got home, DH asked if I had been crying, 'cuz my eye make-up had run!), especially my center-aisle seat (laynie, JazzRocks, and I shared that dancing area!) and Adam's vocals! I didn't notice any sound problems; maybe it's my old ears! Merch: Bought the 4-pack of magnets/$10.00. If I hadn't had to get home to "Musikfest-town" at a reasonable hour, I'd have waited to see Adam and joined the aforementioned MUPpets for that drink!

Musikfest: JazzRocks, here's the good news: This was finis for RiverPlace as a venue; that flatland IS pretty poor. Otherwise, Holy Hannah, that boy was a Wild Child! His struts and undulations are mesmerizing! Adam's voice is other-worldly. We ALMOST got a perfect crowd for "Soaked", but some screamers toward the end broke the spell a mite.
Deezer and I paid for the Garden Dinner, and, while the food itself was a disappointment, the tent's AC and the restrooms were welcome! Did I mention our Open Bar? Heh. We met there a woman who was unhappy at not hearing WLL; we think it's because this is Adam's return to the East, and he wanted to give us something new. Merch: New! Buttons!!
HUGE thank-you to Suz526 and others for the videos!! (P.S. Security prevented anyone from standing at the stage barricade prior to Adam's performance.)
We didn't wait here afterwards for Adam because, even though I had all night, there was no real place for him (the buses were behind a fence), and he probably was in the police-escorted car that passed us (most likely to our airport for Adam to get to Montreal).
I did give a shout-out to Tyler Grady and got a wave for that. :-)
ETA: I sat near the man who co-sponsored Adam's concert, as a BIRTHDAY GIFT to his wife!!

Next stop: Staten Island!

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August 16, 2010

antique1959 wrote:
Few quick thoughts while I wait to get out of the parking garage... He just gets better and betterer!!! It was simply fabulous, again! The husband of the couple behind me let out a big whoop everytime Adam hit a glory note. His wife's only disappointment was no MW. BTW, TCB was fine!!

There was a lesbian couple to my left that only knew him from AI and has seen/heard nothing since. They loved the show!

Bitch that didn't like my blackberry finally gave up and stood up with the REST OF US!

Only complaint I heard was an elderly lady, using a walker saying "it was too loud, I can't hear now." LOL

And, as I was walking to the car there was a pair of twinks in front of me discussing Adam's pants:)

Oh, and the depths of hell could not be hotter than this place was. I was worried about the Casino Ballroom on Saturday but at least they have doors they open for cross-ventilation.

I almost dread Saturday because it will be my third and last show unless I win the lottery or something! I'm excited too, because my daughter gets back from three months in Europe tomorrow and she's going to the show on Saturday!
haremgirld wrote:
The only somewhat coherent comment I can make about the concert right now is.....I feel like I was rode hard and put away wet!!!

Damn, it was hot in there tonight. But did I let that stop me from dancing like a fool........HELLS NO!! ;)
haremgirld wrote:
In case anyone is's a link to some of the photos I took tonite. I only loaded my faves.

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August 16, 2010
Hathor wrote:
Just home now. OH MY GAWD, I am so glad I went. The small venue was perfect. My seats werew awesome. I could see the sweat beads on BB and man it was like the hounds of hell were breathing fire on us.

Ok so my friend who knows nothing about Adam except from AI came with me. We arrived early had a bite and then decided to sit on the wall outside the venue. I must admit, I am glad that I lacked the time to really glam up. This crowd was mostly casually dressed and initially I was worried as the crowd was mostly older than I am and I am up there. I was doing the mommy thing will they like BB, will they cheer and clap and dance and boy oh boy did they.

I want to skip reviews of Allison and Orianthi.

Allison has lost her voice. Her range is shot and she just yells. Orianthi is not a singer. That is all.

Except for a few moments people sat and politely clapped, until it was time for BB. The up and dancing in the isles and it became one big happy love fest. I think it is Adam's energy that is being felt and people are just filled with joy and love.

My daughter has performed at the Capital Center many times and the ushers were running around taking pictures of the crowd and videos because never had they seen the dancing and singing before a show started. My friend was getting a kick out of this as well.

As soon as BB hit the stairs my friend said OH MY GOD he is beautiful, strikingly beautiful. I just said I know.

Adam was perfection and the biggest difference is how playful he was with the audience and almost chatty compared to Foxwoods. I was to far away at Foxwoods to see BB's expressions. Sitting closer and seeing them burst my heart I tell you. When Adam was done soaking in the love and audulation his entire being would smile such a glorious devine bright smile. He twinkled from it.

The timing of the show is also better and quicker. It was cool being in the lazers vs above them. I still can not tell you what is flashed on the back drop. My friend said did I see something and like Foxwoods ummmmm no. It is like I get tunnel vision.

Soaked again was utter perfection. SFW always my fav, Strut was my friends.

Leaving was awesome because people were just talking out loud. One woman said it is like Elvis and Freddy Mercury decided to have a love child and they created Adam and sent him to earth. Then an at least 80 year old women said honey I saw Elvis and at times Adam looks so much like Adam it is uncanny.

Men were saying to there wives that yes they were glad they had gone. Young girls were all twitterpatted and saying Adam is the most beautiful guy alive.

My friend cracked me up when she said never in my life have I wished I was a male let alone a gay male, I do now.

But I need to get to bed.

What a fabulous night, hounds of hell hot and all. BB in a small venue is to die for.

Oh and pray for a cool day with a breeze Saturday because the Casino can get more hot, much more hot than the Capital Center Antique.

Often people pass out from the heat.

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August 17, 2010

Totally wrote:
open2it and I just got back from the concert and YES - he really did do everything that has been reported (although I haven't read EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE that has been reported). The Tommy make-out session during the band introductions was hot. And to be honest, I didn't really know what the heck he was doing when he kept sticking his head and other various body parts into this same part of the front row, but now it makes sense.

Adam, you sexy, naughty, naughty boy. You are so much fun! :)

We had a lot of fun at the concert, and this one was better for me than Foxwoods just because I could see his face. We had pretty good standing spots with good views. He is just gorgeous and amazing. I never tire of seeing him - live, in video, in pictures, anywhere.

I've got work early in the morning, so I'll let open2it be the eloquent one - she's much better at it than I am. But - what a voice! What a smile! What a beautiful man!

open2it wrote:
OOOh! I was there with Totally! And
1. Yes! He DID make out with Tommy during the band intro and Tommy was all for it. Adam had to go back to get a towel to wipe his mouth and then he said something about Tommy's lipstick getting all over his mouth while he wiped some smeared lipstick off Tommy's face. Then Tommy kinda prowled toward him while playing his bass and Adam kept backing up and Tommy kept going forward until Adam said something like "okay, okay..." and laughed and moved on.
2. No, it was not just a 'kiss'---they had a MOMENT, a quickie makeout session. Hot, hot, HOT! I swear, Tommy likes girls but he really does WANT Adam's mouth.
3. He was giving all his love to one side of the stage. First he walked out on some small platform into the crowd there and reached for the grasping hands. But he also seemed to freely let those hands reach for more than just his HANDS--I didn't have an unobstructed view---Totally and I were at the opposite side of the floor---but I can't imagine that he was standing there for that long without some of those eager fingers and hands doing more than just reaching, IYKWIM....
4. My memory has him going back over to that side twice---and getting down into the faces twice and--I think, kissing somebody twice. Now it might have been two different people or the same person twice---I don't know. I know that I DID think I saw him with his hand around the neck of a blonde dude the second time. After he got back onto the stage, the dude leaned his head back and shook it, his mouth open as if to say, "WTF just happened to me? Holy shit!", etc. The place was going NUTS!
5. He was very stingy with his love on our side of the crowd. All his looks and winks and smirks and arm reaching and finger pointing kept going back to that group where he ended up doing the tongue diving. Somebody had caught his eye.
6. The vest--I guess while he had his hand around the dude's neck, the dude grabbed onto his vest. WHen Adam stood back up he grabbed the front of his vest and said, "You ripped (?) my vest!" He was smiling, singing and all the while, working the buttons and trying to get the vest to stay closed. Unfortunately, I didn't see one inch of chest. He was very, very quick to keep it closed.
7. At the end he blew kisses to the crowd, then blew more kisses back to that section and said "I love you!"---of course, he loves us all. But he REALLY loved that one section--or maybe just one guy in that one section? ;)

Totally and I talked in the car on the way home and both thought that for the first part of the concert Adam seemed kind of not feeling it---I thought he seemed tired and that his voice seemed not as strong. I got a 'going through the motions' feeling and I'd never felt that before (This was my fifth concert). But then he and the show picked up and as you've read above, he seemed to be 'feeling' it before it was all over! But he definitely seemed to be having issues with the sound guys. There seemed to be more long pauses between songs than usual (not talking just about the usual breaks for costume changes)..and he went over to talk to those engineer types more than once or twice. He played lots with his earpiece and flicked them out of his ears completely a couple of times.

This was a weird crowd to me. We had GA tix but it was a completely different vibe from the Warfield crowd. I swear I was about to bitchslap the two women next to me who talked through just about every freaking song and in between them, too! And it seemed as though the whole room was talking during SOAKED!!!!!! I wanted to scream "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Not sure what the deal was, but it was just different.

WHen he started the encore with Mad World, I got sooooo excited because I thought maybe he'd do WLL, too----but alas! I guess the lyrics of 20th Cent. Boy were more apropos of his plans (tongue diving) than WLL? Heh.

He's such a showman. And that smile. God. I swear, I could just stand there and watch him smile at me instead of sing and feel like I got my money's worth. Beautiful man.

ADAM FUCKING LAMBERT! He's not a rock star, he's a ROCK GOD! (t/m Kara)
And after seeing videos...
open2it wrote:
HOly shit. We couldn't actually SEE what he was doing from where we were standing. OMG. He looks like he' if he's having...he seems to be experiencing some intense....that is, the looks on his's as though he's in the middle of receiving an excellent....


Could someone help me out here, please? faints

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August 21, 2010

Hathor wrote:
What A MAD HOUSE. This venue had to take the cake for the craziest cluster fuck.

No organization so people around 5 started pushing and shoving. I thought I was going to die. It was mostly the teens and twenty somethings cutting in and pushing us older gals who had waited all damn day.

The dang secuirty guards were scared shit.

Fights broke out as new arrivals tried to cut in front of those of us who had been waiting in line all day.

People were passing out, ambluances called, police and fire trucks.

Some people who were bus stalking got locked in a pen kinda like a holding cell.

Leaving there must have been 500 people at the buses. Absolute INSANITY.

No general Admission for me ever.

Adam was INCREDIBLE tonight. He was very theatrical and chatty.

Of all the shows I have been to at the Casino, this one riviled the Jethro Tull concert, that caused the Casino to stop having bands for years.
Hathor wrote:
We had a great table dead center about 25 feet back. These tables are on a high riser.

The stage was reall small. But Adam had to rises on either side of the stage and he kept getting on top and that was incredible as was the lying and thrusting on the floor. Oh and Adam talked about kissing people in the audience and he wanted people next to each other to kiss and this complete stranger kissed me. Never been kissed by another woman before.

My daughters were shocked. LOL

Oh and Brooke quickly simulated oral sex on BB.

Wild Night for sure.

antique1959 wrote:
Hathor wrote:
What A MAD HOUSE. This venue had to take the cake for the craziest cluster fuck.

ITA!!! It was fun going with my daughter, though, who has pooh-poohed my Adam affection. Quotes from DD tonight "I'm buying this Orianti girl's CD tomorrow!". "Mom, I am liking Adam". "Mom, I am REALLY liking Adam." "Mom, who knew he was so good?" ( and a whole lot of other people). And finally, "Mom, I sure am glad you dressed your age and didn't try to get all glittery for Adam, that's just embarrassing" HAHAHAHA!!!

We had ended up with two extra tickets, so I sold them at face value, on Craig's List to a 40-something couple who really wanted to see him, but not having seen or heard him since Idol, didn't realize that they needed tickets early. It turned out to be a lot of fun, because we stood in line several hours with them, and they picked my brain about all things Adam, and didn't look at me like I was a crazy stalker freak.

We laughed about Shasha tweeting about someone mistaking Adam for Neil, remember? Well, I have you one better. A woman in front of us in line was telling my new friends that Adam had "Shaved one side of his head and bleached his hair blonde". Um...huh? I spoke up and said, Yes he shaved one side, but he didn't bleach it. She said "Oh, yes, yes he did, my friend has a picture". My new found friend said she sure hoped it wasn't so, she didn't think he'd look good blond....I said I'll believe it when I see it, take it from me, he didn't. So the woman in front got her friend's camera and turned back around and shows us a picture.....and I said, "That's not Adam, that's Tommy". To which my DD said, "And my mom is kinda an expert, so she's probably right...." HA! The woman then asked several other people who confirmed that I was, in fact, right. ROFL!!

And finally, I heard that SUZ526 was there, so that means video should be forthcoming!

edited because my grammar skills fly out the window at 1 AM

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August 23, 2010

mickeybordentwo wrote:
I had a great time at the Albany concert, but I'll only mention a few things here.

This was my StubHub concert, and I was in Row D, orchestra. In Albany, D isn't the fourth letter of the alphabet, so I was in the 8th or 10th row. Still, it was my only orchestra seat for the 3 1/4 concerts I attended, and it was a very different experience.

The audience was much much younger than any of the other concerts (Wilkes Barre/Foxwoods/radio station) I'd been to. There were 3 men and 6 women in my row, but I'd say that wasn't representative of the actual ratio, which was 8 kerzillion women to 1 man. That one man, the tall guy with the big build and enormous head, was, of course, standing 2 rows ahead of me. I could attend a convention of midgets and have The Incredible Hulk standing two rows ahead of me.

My view was only blocked when Adam was center stage or stage left, which was 89.3% of the time. When Adam sang/danced/stood right in front of me, I could see him great.

I don't know when the entr'acte got changed to a giant dance party (I don't remember it that way at Foxwoods), but it was a lot of fun. It also kind of killed the need for an opening act, although I must say Allison was considerably more tolerable if one knew there'd be no Orianthi following.

I had a much stronger sense of backing tracks with this concert than the others, which may have had to do with the sound mix, or maybe just my greater awareness of them. Next go round, Adam should have singers as well as dancers (or singing dancers).

This concert also felt much more like a singalong,. I remember feeling sad that at the radio concert, the one Adam song people knew was a ballad. This time people really seemed to know the songs, and everyone sang along with IIHY with full knowlege of the lyrics. All of which added to the party atmosphere.

I've written books in the amount of time Adam paused mid-Soaked. That Adore Me moment could stand some editing.

I like Adam's hair. It reminds me of Veronica Lake.

There were a lot of people at the merchandise stand.

M&M Pretzels (which I bought at a Thruway restop) leave a very salty aftertaste.

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August 24, 2010


maeve94 wrote:
Hello Friends,
Just back from a truly (dare I say it?) epic day in which I met Adam Lambert.
The Set Up While I was away last week I got an email from Donors Choose saying that staff from Donors Choose were organizing a meet-up before the concert and asked whether I would be going. There was no mention of Adam, just an opportunity to connect with the folks at the charity. I replied, saying I was interested and asked for the details. I heard nothing further.
The Frenzy This morning, I idly sent an email to follow up. Turns out I was inadvertently left off the list, and got an immediate reply with details of a meet and greet with Adam. Each person could bring one item to be signed, and could have a photo with Adam. We were instructed to keep this stricly confidential (but as you can see I had to squee to Mel P - thanks for the fun post!) So after I debated whether I could really do this - way out of my comfort zone - and figured out what to wear, I headed off to a restaurant about ten minutes from the St. George theater.
The Event The founder of Donors Choose made a lovely presentation about the organization, and then about the impact that Adam's fans have had on their fundraising efforts. He said that Adam fans had donated almost $500K (not sure if this is the total or just Glam A Classroom but very impressive in any case) and that although they have worked with celebrities before, none has led to this level of support. Adam was due to arrive at 5:30, but was running late and entered around 6:30. The organizers had lined us up alphabetically in advance of his arrival, so it all ran very smoothly. There were about 40 people, all very nice.
My Turn I practiced my two sentences all day. I wanted to focus on him, be in control of all of my mental and physical functions, and try to stay in the moment. Two out of three ain't bad. I walked up, shook his hand and said "Hi, I'm Molly" and he said "Hi, Molly". I then said "thank you for everything - we're having such a fun summer with you" and he said "thanks". Then he asked if I'd like to have a picture, and posed with his arm around me. At this point I had an out of body experience. I just couldn't believe what was happening. I asked him if he would sign my RS, he said sure, but then the silver pen he tried to use didn't work, and he tossed it on the table behind him. During this event I found that I was staring at his earlobe - he was turned sideways and it was where my eyes fell. Then I thanked him again, and that was that.
My Impressions Adam is breathtakingly beautiful. It was wonderful to watch him interact with people. He has a very calming presence - almost like peaceful aura - and is very sweet, as so many who have met him before have said. It's hard to believe that sweet person can turn into such a fierce performer. The vibe he gave off was not hawt or sexy, but rather open and kind. He is very special.

Sorry if this is TL, just wanted to get it down while it's still fresh. I'll save the recap of the show for tomorrow. Short version - he was in good voice, it was pg-rated, and although the crowd was enthusiastic, we were seated behind some fans who screamed loudly at inappropriate times. It wasn't my favorite show.

And here is my silly comment on the day - in some weird way I feel fulfilled. This crazy journey I've been on for more than a year had this great and unexpected moment that made me really happy.

maeve94 wrote:
Recap from St. George Theater - Part I
August 24, 2010

Fresh from the M&G induced high, I joined up with DH, DD, nds575, ysadam, poohch, and others without AWoP names to head for our seats. We had mostly single tickets; only nds and I sat next to one another. We were in the first row of the mezzanine on the far right side. Suz was seated next to us, at the wall, when another dedicated fan switched seats with her so she could film from the center. Another selfless act for the greater good. The sound was great, although Alison was hoarse and rapsy. Her voice seemed shot.

Adam gave a very "practiced" performance - the dancing was very crisp, the vocals were as good as always although not wild as they sometime are (I like wild...) he was moderately chatty. Antics were PG-13 (I prefer filty...) IMO, this was more like a staged theater concert and not very spontaneous. The crowd responded well - almost too well. There was so much screaming throughout his songs with no regard for the mood he was trying to convey, especially in the acoustic section. The reactions struck me as immature, in a strange way.

This was my first non-GA show, and there really was a difference. Adam feed offs that club-like energy to fuel his performance. I never thought I would miss the GA experience, but I'm ready to go back to the pit.

I had been considering Atlanta, but have decided that I will be content to make last night my final concert of GNT US Leg #1. Yesterday was such an epic day for me - ending this summer of love on a very high note.
maeve94 wrote:
Recap from St. George Theater - Part II - Mr. Maeve Goes to a Concert (tm Mel P)
August 24, 2010

OK peeps, he's never done this before, so be easy.

Well, what can I say? Many things about the evening were striking.

First, the the sheer magnetic force of Adam as performer. Alison was fine, but the contrast is not helpful for her. When Adam walks on the stage, he is absolutely in command - all eyes riveted, and he is simply in control - clearly in his natural element The performance is all very theatrical and planned, but, he is so naturally theatrical, that it simply does not seem rehearsed - it just seems right. Every gesture, every step is foreceful, and perfect. It's a very interesting cross - not exactly rock (in the classic sense) not exactly musical theatre, but a unique performance. Loved the New Orleans death imagery - particularly the video of the drive through the cemetery with the dissolving headstones.
And the voice. Range, richness, depth, just beautiful. Magic. I liked mostly all of it - but the speeded up "Mad World" doesn't seem to fit the words of the song, although maybe that's because of the vivid memory of his Idol performance.
And he can dance! Much lighter on his feet than I would have expected for a big person.

Crowd was intersting - more diverse and more middle America than I expected - and I wasn't even the oldest guy there! My section (middle balcony) was slow to get up and dance -seemed strange when everyone else was.

Given that my house has been 24/7 Adam Lambert focused for some time, it was very nice to be a part of it and see more of the famous "people from the board" in the flesh. Thank you, Maeve and friends.
maeve94 wrote:
Recap from St. George Theater - Part III - Lil Maeve
(completing the threecap - tm Laynie)
August 24, 2010

(note from mom - it's long, so if you don't have the patience skip to paragraph 4)

After taking a four-story high, bright orange boat (the Ferry) across New York Harbor, arriving in the wild and exotic kingdom of Staten Island, and befriending a steak-loving cab driver named Lonnie, I finally arrived (with my dear mother, Maeve94) at the St. George Theater. It's this grand old thing with faux-Grecian statues in the alcoves where the side spotlights are, ornately decorated, peeling gold-leafed designs on the walls and roof, a high cathedralline ceiling, and a massive block of speakers suspended over the stage. Perfect for a steampunk-loving teenager who likes to rock out.

I was sitting alone (due to the superpowers of the ticket ninjas, we had 9 seats, spread out around the theater), but quickly befriended the man sitting next to me and his daughter, a soon-to-be sophomore from Westchester who was impressed with my fancy blue glowstick. The dad and I bonded over a mutual love of Arcade Fire and our Manhattan upbringings, while the daughter and I bonded over our ability to squeal louder than anyone else in our box.

Allison opened, with an energetic, if somewhat repetitive, set. Her performance was solid, though she seemed not to know what to do with the extra space on the stage -- she roved about curling and uncurling her body and lifting one leg as she sang, giving the distinct impression of an exotic, red-crested bird. An acoustic section of her set was well-done. I missed most of it due to a seating kerfuffle, but the parts I caught were full of vulnerability and heart (read: teenage melodrama. Don't hate.). She got the crowd going for her final song, in which she prompted us to shout "HEY!" every 45 seconds or so, and so managed to keep an ADD audience actively engaged. Though she is a competetent rocker chick, she seemed self-conscious and ill at ease on the stage, and the acoustic set served more to expose her humanity, when the point of rockstardom is to transcend normal human behavior and to free others via freeing yourself. Don't get me wrong, I love Allison, I just want to see her more relaxed and in control of the room. More badassery please.

[techies run around the stage preparing it for Adam's sparkly set. power to the techies!]

Adam began by descending the stairs at the back of the stage, crooning "Voodoo" while waving his arms theatrically around (in what I like to refer to as his "Raven Pimp" outfit.). He snapped the crowd to attention instantly. At one point he formed a walking quintet with his dancers, creating a roaming troupe of Renaissance sexy. After singing "Down the Rabbit Hole," he called out "Whoo are youuuuu?", a sound which rolled around the theather hauntingly and called to mind a sparkly owl in a gilded forest. Also, within the first 15 minutes of his show, he had already made out with Tommy and made suggestive motions at the rear of his male dancer. Unfortunately, such activities were not repeated later in the night. I chuckled at the tongue-in-cheek slideshow during "Fever", which was the most unique projection during the show (the projections all look pretty low-budget actually... I miss Gaga's black and white crowfeathers, haha!). "Aftermath" put his vocal range on display, though the centerpiece for me was "Ring of Fire" -- I can't resist the arabic intonations he pulls out when he sings it. During "Sleepwalker," Adam became a whirling beacon of frustration. He ended with "Mad World" as his only encore (for the seven millionth time. yawn.). Also, his show was full of lasery goodness. Sheets and veils of color draped across him and his band and played beautifully along the tricked out ceiling.

I liked the first half of the night better than the second, not for any reason that I can identify, but there it is. His show is full of things to watch which, for an easily-distracted Aquarius like myself, makes for a fun experience at all times. His dancing was fabulous (he half-tripped across the stage on his tiptoes at one point, throwing his head back like a prancing racehorse shaking out its mane), and his commanding presence took the room by the throat and would not let go. The themes of the show seemed to be love, mortality, and fame; I would have loved to see them connected more carefully, but I think he captured the struggle to balance those things admirably. The final message was "love must conquer all in order to attain true happiness," which is a true fact, but it's something we've been hearing since Cinderella and I'm pretty sure we've got it down. His interpretation is smashing, of course. I hope he makes more music soon -- with more songs, I think he could string together a more complex and thematically subtle show, although nothing about his performance was subtle -- hard to be when you're covered in glitter and singing like a vocal alien from Mars. He created a palpable energy and drove it up and up into a frenzy, occasionally throwing us a quick smirk as if saying "I'm worth it." Yes, Mr. Adam, you are indeed.

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August 24, 2010

WinkyDink wrote:
Buderschnookie, some of that ink must have travelled to that bold fan's brain!
Congratulations, maeve94! When it comes to love and acceptance, Adam talks the talk and walks the walk.
And congrats to you, as well, ToxicLED1309! TWO for Raleigh, eh? Maybe there's a former AI'er you could take....HA!

Well, I fianlly met MY AI Idol at Staten Island, so there! :-P
It was a chance meeting, outside the St. George restrooms. He was gracious to all who asked for a picture, and gave us hugs. Was I wrong to tell him I loved him?
Because, 'tis true, Normund Gentle stole my heart.
Yes, Nick Mitchell was there! :-)

So was Erica. Hard to miss.

The St. George is a neo-Renaissance-y fabulosity, but were I to go again (i.e., if Adam ever returns), and even though I could see swell from 6th row on the left, I'd opt for one of the elevated areas. I also would go early enough not to need Valet Parking, the denouement of which lasted longer---I kid you not---than Adam's set.

The Good: Hello? Who is the objet de board?! ("Great" doesn't work here, you understand.)
The Bad: I'll bell that cat~~DNW just one encore song. Not with no Orianthi.
The Ugly: The ridiculous screamers and whistlers!

You know why RoF has only a back-drop for Adam? 'Cuz real fire would be jellus!

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August 27, 2010

WinkyDink wrote:
Brevity's being the soul of wit, here is my Roanoke recaplet:
Driving time: 8 hours, Pennsy to old Virginny.
Cost of broker ticket: $250.00.
Getting a palm-to-palm hand-glide from Adam Lambert during "Music Again": Priceless!
1:12 exactly (I'm wearing a big ring!): ... 78&index=2

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Raleigh was amazing. Took my son (8) and we got to meet Adam before the show. Adam was so sweet to him. :-) And my son loved the show.

One of my pics - gallery link below:

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Indianapolis, IN August 31, 2010 & Evansville, IN September 1, 2010

My Indy recap ...

Hi from Indianapolis and the hotel computer .....concert was just EPIC :) Highlights ...

-gave our 2nd tier tickets (we upgraded to Row B dead center which is really the 4th row) to two fans in the back of the 3rd tier. They were thrilled.
-you ain't kidding you will see me and MyJacket on Vevo. The camera guy was panning the crowd at times and we were in his sight line :)
-the pre-show dance party is just a hoot.
-so nice to see guy fans and hear them yelling for Adam.
-Adam was just fabulous -- looked divine, sounded out of this world. And yes, the summer of air conditioned hair is continuing .....but what was left just had a life of it's own --- moved, flopped, stood straight up. At one point in MA (or maybe it was TCB lol) Adam and Tommy did a hair shake face off. It was just hilarious.
-IMO the "nasty boy" parts in person were so funny. It's all a great fun time for Adam, Tommy, Monte el all. And they are just loving every minute.
-Adam giving great face -- he did a few things I can't even describe. And then he just laughs at himself ...also, in the Brooke intro Adam's microphone came into contact with something it shouldn't have and they both laughed...but of course it went so fast I'll have to see it on video.

He was so into the show, radiating the happy, more banter and interacting with the band than early in the tour -- and yes maybe it was playing for the camera -- but we gave him WLL and TCB is a great encore. But a big boo to being in the 4th row and not being able see stage writhing. Too many people and we are too damn short!!!!

We decided not to stay after the concert so, of course, Adam came out to sign.

Our Glam Nation road trip continues on to Evansville and meeting Buder. We changed the hotel and are now staying in town by the venue where there are pre and post parties scheduled. If my feet hold out (debatable) Imma hoping to get a glimpse of Adam after the show.

Time for more coffee and more sleep ...


Now for Evansville ...early morning 9/2 :)

Hi from Evansville ....

we went
he sang
Buder got two hugs
and met some cray-cray

more tales from the fan front later :)

After some reflection and sleeping in my own bed ...

In Evansville I caught everything and soaked it all in. We were sitting in Row A in the balcony on the Monte side. LOL we thought it was going to the "hair" side, but Adam decided to flip is hair to the other side :) Since MyJacket and I missed lots of stage action in Indy because everybody was standing, I was thrilled to see the stage from above but still close to catch everything. The woman and her husband in the two seat row in front of us were fans (normal fans :) and she said to me in her very cute southern accent ....I think he is so talented and I think he's going to be bigger than Elvis which got a big high five from me. Oh, and if you saw the video of the cute blond guy dancing his ass off in Evansville -- he is her hair dresser. Hilarious!

What can I say about Adam and the show that hasn't been said by me or anybody else? It still stuns me ...the transformation to his exaggerated performance self, the voice, the smile. Oh, I know ... the dancing. He was VERY dancey ...I could see his feet (YEAH!!!!!!) and because I could I found myself watching him dance and his feet (lol). But there was no stage writhing or Adam on his knees ....but the voice live is a gift from God. I am thrilled I was able to see him four times and each concert had special touches for me.

Now for the cray .... the unanswerable question -- what is about this guy that makes women go BSC? And the guys, and the little kids ...I noticed many more kids at Evansville. So cute and makes me so happy. IMO the fans that would make you a little nervous on the obsession scale were older and from AO. The fans I've meet before from Hoopla are younger (soo happy we have a mix of ages here in MUPPet land). Saw several tattoos of Adam's signature (scribble graphs mostly) on arms (where he signed last year). Collections of Adam charm bracelets, necklaces, rings, autographs, etc. Everybody was basically sweet and we all love talking about BB many times have you seen him, what shows, have you met him etc. Heard YOU WERE AT MILWAUKEE several times lol! Every body was there to have a great time at the concert, party after, and talk about how wonderful Adam Fucking Lambert is.

BUT there were the ladies WHO KNEW THINGS because they have an in with somebody (btw just from interacting with this somebody on a fan level on multiple occasions). There were the ladies who had entourages and IMO wanted to have an important place in the fandom. These two groups make me skerred because IMO they will be the first to bale if Adam does anything that pissed them off. How could he do, say, what ever THAT ...I'm your bestest fan blah, blah, blah. That is why all the younger teens and the normal fans are soooo important IMO of course.

So my Glam Nation tour is over ...and here is my advice. Don't be driving on a long boring country road with lots of corn and farm implements blasting and singing IIHY. You will get a speeding ticket:)

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kaetsa wrote:
I loved catching up and reading all the caddie comments from Saturday! Y'all are wonderful. I love the ustreams. It amazes me that I sit and listen (I don't usually watch, only glance at the stream occasionally) night after night and this same show still gives me so much enjoyment. To be able to pay a little of that back and provide others that same bit of joy was my motivation.

A big giant THANK YOU and HUG to Princess who helped me set up the Ustream app and let me test it on her to make sure it worked. She even had me speak to test the sound. Although I later realized she only wanted to hear my sweet Southern accent. :)

I took video too. They're not HD and they won't receive many hits but it's something I like to do. A few of you have questioned why people take videos. I'm not sure why others do, but I love taking video of something that I enjoy watching. It enhances the experience for me. I only glance at the small screen much like you glance at your speedometer as you drive. Sometimes I look a bit longer and play with the zoom. It's a fun thing for me to do.

I left for Raleigh around 4. A little later than I had intended to but I was waiting for my new tickets from StubHub to arrive in my email. I had the bb dd text her sister around 5:30 to see if she had any friends that would like our old tickets. She called me around 5:45 that she did and they would meet us there. It ended up being her 25 yo friend, the friend's Mom, and her 16 yo brother. I met them after the show and they were lovely, sweet people. And Adam had new fans. :) The 25 yo friend already liked Adam but the Mom and brother didn't really know him. The only complaint, and it wasn't really a complaint but more of an observation, was from the friend's Mom that the sound volume was designed more for an arena than a smaller theater. She also admitted she hadn't been to a concert in years, so maybe this was normal now. I don't know why the 25 yo didn't already have tickets since my oldest dd said she was already a fan. I'll need to ask her about that. I know that the only promotion for Adam's show in Charlotte was to give away a few Adam/Jordan Sparks combo tickets and ask the person receiving the tickets who they were looking forward to seeing the most.


Our old seats vs our new seats. You see why I did that now, right? I bought the old seats during the presale. Tickets were all priced the same, but it was the first four seats together that were offered. This is the first time I've used stubhub. It's the first time I cared enough about seat position at a concert to check.

The bb dd and her bf and I arrived around 6:30 and had dinner with my oldest dd and her dh at Gravy. It was downtown about half a mile from the Progressive Center. We still managed to get lost in the half mile and she called her friend that was meeting us there to give us directions. Getting lost within a half mile of the venue isn't as funny without knowing that my oldest dd spent 5.5 years getting her degrees at NCSU in Raleigh before moving to Durham last August.

We entered right after Allison started. It seems I was always destined during this tour to not see the very beginning. I'm alright with that. There's been a lot of discussion about Allison and why she isn't doing better. Part of the problem is that she doesn't hold your attention. She has the stage to herself and I'm there to focus on her but yet I find myself spacing and looking around at the audience or playing with my phone. When you're changing radio stations you usually stop on a station that has a song that catches your attention. Once you're listening to the station, you usually continue listening unless a song that annoys you or too many commercials make you scan again. Right now, Allie's music wouldn't stop me from continuing to scan, but it also wouldn't cause me to switch stations. She needs to have something that grabs us and makes us pay attention.

During the break between Adam and Allison, people danced and sang. It was a dance party. Well Sweet Caroline stopped it for a few minutes, but luckily it came back with the next few songs. People were screaming while they tested the spot lights, lol. It was a very good crowd. I would say about a third or more of the audience were men. All ages. The whole audience was all ages with no age holding a majority. I didn't see glitter or Adamlike clothing, but maybe the glittery people were down front. I didn't see much glitter or Adamlike clothing in Charlotte and I was able to see more of the crowd in Charlotte. Maybe NC just sucks on the glitter and dress up. Idk.

Now I knew Raleigh would have MW for an encore. I believe I posted that some pages back. MW fit Raleigh. When we would move the dd into the dorms the first few years and then move her from apartment to apartment the last few years, I always felt like I should have my "dress clothes" on. Jeans just don't feel right in Raleigh. Khakis are the new jeans there. Like the radio analogy about Allison's music, maybe this only makes sense in my mind. :)

Adam. I don't understand how someone can sing night after night and sound the way he does. Raleigh was his 58th show plus 3 radio concerts since the beginning of June. Wango Tango, the 4th radio show was in May. There's nothing I can say that most of you haven't already said and way more eloquently than I ever could. I have to search for my adjectives, while some of you have them floating around you as you seamlessly pluck them from the air to glitter up your sentences. :) Bottom line - His voice is beautiful and I enjoyed every single song even Soaked. He amazes me and it's been a while since anyone's been able to do that for me. I hate to borrow from my Charlotte review but I don't see any words floating around here. He was perfect. His singing, the dancing, the mood created....just perfect.

The oldest dd told me here favorites were Fever and Strut and that those two songs were more similar to what she liked in music. She doesn't like Idol at all and is one of those music snobs we've talked about. She also listens to NPR radio and will even download podcasts when she visits to listen to on the way back home. It again makes me wonder how well Fever would have done if radio would play the song. *Sigh* Someday. I do understand the value of small steps.

The bb dd's bf told me this was his first concert since coming to America. I found that information very cool.

Thank you all again for making my Adam experience, not only the shows, so much better by being able to share it with you.

Playlist -
GNT58-08-28-10-RaleighNC-Memorial ... 6359C6B1CB

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pictures can be seen at LJ entry, here:
Welcome To My World of Glitter and Cray
Aug. 31st, 2010 at 4:59 PM

As most of you all know already, the concert in Raleigh was supposed to be (is, I mean, is) my last GlamNation concert. It was one of the ones that was added to the tour towards the end, well after I had already made plans to go to NYC and Myrtle Beach. Of course, as the venue is literally a ten minute drive from my dorm at school, once I found out about the show I couldn't NOT go. Plus with the surprise addition of the Foxwoods show back in June, I figured five would be a good round number of shows to stop at (so HUSH, all of you who are trying to convince me to go to NOLA. Evil, evil people.)

At any rate, the original plan when the tickets went on sale back in July was for me to go with my mom, as the venue was seated and not GA. My younger sister had been my concert buddy for Myrtle Beach (a GA show), but my mom had ended up buying a ticket on StubHub to that show at the last minute, so as we got closer to the Raleigh date, she decided she didn't need to see another GNT show. Instead, I decided to bring along my roommate, who is an amazing, amazing person who doesn't get out much and has only been to one other concert in her life (the Goo Goo Dolls, that I took her to back in April). She was ECSTATIC when I asked her. She knew of Adam and his music of course (it would be nearly impossible to live with me and not be at least aware of him), but had never seemed to take a particular interest in any of his songs or anything. Thus, I viewed this as a challenge.

I'd had no luck getting tickets through Ticketbastard when they went on sale, so I had SH'd us some really excellent tickets, the third row of Section H, which was the second section back from the stage, directly in the center. We were pumped. Then, I heard about this contest.

@Pyro_Isis had linked to it on Twitter. It was a radio station contest that they were doing through their Facebook all day on the Wednesday before the show (which was on Saturday). The station wasn't one I'd ever heard of, it was based out of New Bern, which is about a 2 hour drive from where I live. They were giving out five pairs of tickets and five pairs of meet and greet passes. I bookmarked the page and figured I'd give it a shot when I got out of class on Wednesday.

By the time I'd gotten a chance to check their page that day, they were gearing up for their fourth trivia question. I was pleased to see that @Pyro_Isis had already answered one of the questions correctly and won. I pulled up the station's online player just in time to hear that the next one would be posted at 3:30. The questions were all ridiculously easy for stans like me. "What is Adam's younger brother's name? What season of American Idol did Adam compete on?" So I was pretty confident. At 3:25 I started refreshing the page like a madwoman and my Macbook, my glorious, wonderful Macbook, chose that day to not be a bitch about refreshing. It was loading the pages as quickly as I could tap my finger. Then, at 3:30, a new status appeared with "Name the title and artists of one of the two songs that Adam sang at his American Idol audition." My heart was pounding as I typed "Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen" because surely, SURELY that was the easiest question they had asked all day. I hit submit and two responses identical to mine popped up immediately underneath me. But I was first. I didn't want to refresh the page, afraid that they would somehow shuffle and I would be third, but I made myself. I was still first.

I laughed out loud to myself. I was shaking. I refreshed again and another ten responses popped up. Finally, I shoved the laptop in my roommate's face and said "Read this and tell me I'm not dreaming." (I was having an overly-dramatic moment, okay?)

She read it and said "I don't get it. What did you win?" And I said "Oh, nothing. Just two passes to meet Adam on Saturday." I thought her eyes were going to bug out of her head.

The thing is, I don't WIN things. Nobody in my family wins things. I mean, we win races and shit like that, but when it comes down to pure luck and having everything go your way, that never happens to us. But on the rare, RARE occasion when it does, we win BIG. My mom is the most unlucky person I know, but two years ago she won a football gambling game that she and my dad play - twice in a row. She won close to $2000. My dad, the last time he won something, he won a bass boat that was worth $40,000. Winning these passes was my equivalent to a $40,000 bass boat.

Anyways, the passes were going to be at willcall at the venue, but if I wanted the tickets, I would have to drive all the way to New Bern before 5 PM on Friday. Originally I was just going to leave the tickets, until I found out that they were considerably better than the ones we had, in the first section nearest the stage on Tommy's side. I called my mom and for some reason that still completely escapes me, she agreed to let me skip my last class of the day on Friday and drove me two hours there and back to pick up the tickets. My mom NEVER does stuff like that but I'm pretty sure she was more excited about this than I was.

The three days leading up to the show, I thought my roommate was gonna pass out from excitement every time she mentioned it. I was excited, but I was surprisingly calm about it. The thing is, I would have been perfectly content to never meet Adam in my lifetime. It was like I was almost afraid to ruin the ~illusion of him (that's not really what I mean but I can't figure how to phrase it correctly). I have LOADS of things that I wish I could say to Adam, thanking him for everything he's done for me, all the friends and the good times he's given me, but there was no possible way that I could even begin to cover it all in a minute-long meet-and-greet.

Meanwhile, I was busy trying to decide what to do with my two extra tickets. I'm sure I could have easily sold them, but I didn't really want to have to worry about meeting up with a buyer on the day of the concert. I eventually went to one of my best friends Melissa, who is an incredibly casual fan (again, this is entirely my fault). Like, casual in the way that the only songs she knew were WWFM, IIHY and Fever (her favorite). The longer our conversation went on, the more excited she got (she was going to take our other friend Stef along). This girl is one of the most outgoing people I know, but her music scene runs along the lines of country concerts in outdoor amphitheaters where you sit on the grass and drink beer and sway.

Melissa: "The only non-country concert I've ever been to was the Jonas Brothers."

Me: "Oh. Honey."

I woke up way too early on the day of the show. Like absurdly so. I laid around and read Harry Potter the whole day, not daring to touch anything remotely fic-like, lest Adam smell it on me or something (I was paranoid at this point). Eventually, the roomie and I ventured out for some Mexican food before picking up the other two and going back to our dorm to glam up. I was done absurdly early, having had apparently too much practice working with glitter this summer. The rest of them took forever and I just nervously stomped around in my heels. We got pictures (which I can't seem to extract from my mom's demon camera at the moment) and then we were off.

We got there rather early, around 6. Melissa and Stef took off for a McDonalds while the roommate and I tried fruitlessly to get into the venue. We finally ended up asking the lady with the windchimes from Sasha's birthday video and she told us that they didn't open the doors until 6:30. WELL THEN, lady on the phone who led me to believe I could pick up my passes at any time that day. *Z-snap*

So we wandered around until I eventually spotted @Pyro_Isis sitting at a table by the fountain. We sat down with her and were soon joined by three other people that I didn't know. When the doors finally opened, we all got in line for the box office, where I fianlly spotted @happys_harpy and @linernoire (I'm using twitter names here cause I can never remember people's LJ names or how to do the user tags properly) in line. We all got our passes and just... loitered. Eventually I realized that we were going to be waiting long enough for us to buy merch. I got both of the mini-posters and the hoodie, spending a grand total of $85. Somebody hold me. Roommate got the makeup mirror and bought me the giant motorcycle poster. I'm not exceptionally fond of that picture, I think his face looks weird, but I LOVE the style of the ADAM LAMBERT'S GLAMNATION TOUR at the top.

Finally some dude came by and screeched "Anybody with a meet-and-greet pass follow me!" and we did. Into the freaking DUNGEONS. It was this teeeeeeeny little bland room directly off-stage. It was big enough for the tiny staircase in the far corner that went up to the stage, two tables, a chair, and the ten of us who fit into the room along the wall. There was a black curtain on the wall nearest the staircase that served as the backdrop. The rest of the line went out the door and down the hall. My roommate and I were standing directly in the doorway, and we both had the immense pleasure of being directly in Brooke's way right as we walked into the room. Later on, Terrance and Jeni brushed by us, heading up the stairs to the stage. Terrance waved. He's much shorter than I expected.

The whole time we were in there waiting (which was a while, because it's Adam we're talking about here), there were two older ladies who the M&G guy said were friends of Eber's. They had video cameras and spent the entire time asking up stupid questions and getting really in our faces. There were also two teenage girls in front of @happys_harpy and @linernoire that would. not. shut. up. They were actually kind of cute at first, with their flailing, but eventually it was just annoying.

And then, from the stage, in walks the man himself. Actually, Neil came in first, lugging a chair that he set up directly in the middle of the room, effectively taking up the remainder of the space in there all for himself. Typical Neil. Adam was behind him, in black jeans, the black-and-tan shirt with the tree and flip flops. FLIP FLOPS. Gah.

As Neil was getting situated on the chair, he and Adam were joking around about stuff that I either couldn't hear or can't remember. At one point, Neil said something to Adam and he pulled a face like this D: with his tongue out and Neil snapped a picture of it. I was distracted while the first couple went up to talk to him, busy lol'ing with @linernoire about whether or not Neil had asked permission to take that picture. (I will admit to only you who read this that I may or may not also have been checking out Neil's package. SHUT UP, it was right at eye-level and his jeans were particularly nice that day. Let's just say that it seems to run in the family.)

It quickly began to get quite foggy in the room, cause they were obviously running some of the machines on stage and it was all coming in through the door. I remember turning to @linernoire at one point and asking "Is it getting foggy in here or am I about to pass out?" At any rate, eventually it was @happys_harpy and @linernoire's turns. Adam joked around with them a bit about @happys_harpy being a top donor and then pretending not to know who told him such information while Ashleigh and I laughed. Then it was my turn. I hadn't bothered to plan out anything to say, cause I would've forgotten it. I walked up, shook his hand and introduced myself, looked him in the eye long enough to register the adorable lack of makeup and then Neil was like I AM. TAKING. THE PICTURE and Adam was like "Wat oh okay let's do this first then" and then we cuddled and then I held out my Japanese Rolling Stone for him to sign. For some reason he decided to sign directly where my thumb was and his sharpie drew on me and his A is all funky looking.



Then I asked him for a hug, and told him that I'd heard they were legendary and he laughed and obliged and then I thanked him and got out of the way. My roommate had been amazing and told me that she had no desire to get anything signed by him, so I could just give her something else I wanted signed. We had originally decided on the booklet of the UK version of FYE, but mid-M&G we switched it to my new incense mini-poster, which is my favorite.


Our picture came out really, really fabulously and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. :D :D :D (I finally managed to resize it properly to fit this page.)


I've also saved our passes to add to a scrapbook that I'm making at the end of the tour. :D


Afterwards, we just kinda hung around for a bit, finding our seats and buying a giant chocolate chip cookie. A 30-something dude in an AWESOMELY SHINY black and blue shirt came over and asked us about our M&G passes (which we were still wearing on our pants) and he ended up gushing to us for ten minutes about Adam's stage presence and voice. Then we tried taking some experimental pictures of the crew onstage and a security guard came over and told us that if she saw up holding the camera up for an extended amount of time, she would have to take it. I assured her that I didn't even know how to take video with it (which is the sad truth) and that she had nothing to worry about.

Alli's set didn't start til later than I expected, I think they were running a bit behind. But the Entire. Fucking. Place was on it's feet for Holiday. A lot of them sat back down for Scars, Still Breathing and No One Else but my roommate and I stood the entire time, even when we were the only two in our section at one point. She was ecstatic about the awesome reception, you could tell. She got everybody back up for DWTP and the place was just rocking out. She told us that we were the audience she's been waiting for all tour and that we kicked ass. Which we TOTALLY did. It was my first time seeing her extended set and gah, I love her sfm. Beat Me Up and No One Else were just absolutely amazing. My roommate fell head over heels in love with Don't Waste The Pretty and listened to it almost nonstop all day on Sunday.

Then we waited. A lot. Eventually I realized that nobody was going to take the two seats next to us (they were the tickets that @Pyro_Isis won through the station as well that she didn't pick up) so we had Stef and Melissa come down and sit with us for Adam. It was pretty chill at first, with @glitter_music playing some Stevie and then some Footloose, but for some reason, as soon as I Gotta Feeling came on, it was like everybody stood up in one swoop to dance. And I mean DANCE. Here's a twitvid I took of it (the girl singing on the left is the non-stan Stef, the redhead on my right is my roommate):

Okay the embedding isn't working, so here's the link:

It really just was awesome. There was an older couple directly in front of us and the wife was just going to TOWN while her husband either sat or stood up very reluctantly. You can see her arms flailing in the video. During the Don't Stop Believin' singalong that followed, even the lighting guys got in on it, flashing the onstage lights like strobes at a rave. For Billie Jean, the music was cranked up to 11. By the time we got to Dancing Queen, we had started serenading people. The four of us sang the "You can dance, you can jii-iiive" part to the dancing lady in front of us, before rushing back to the section behind us to serenade a dude with bleached-blond tips who was going to town all by himself.

Now, the actual show (Dear God DO I EVER SHUT UP THIS IS TAKING FOREVER). There's really nothing that could be said about it that hasn't already. He was on fire for Fever, if slightly tame with the antics with Tommy, he was practically INVENTING notes in Sleepwalker and I legitimately teared up for the first time during Aftermath. We didn't get TCB, but I had expected and prepared for that. Despite that, I was still disappointed. (Then I had to deal with a lady on Twitter who took my "Boo. No TCB? :(" tweet waaaay out of context and condescendingly explained to me that Adam's voice was more important than my "little wants" and that he decides what he can and can't do. But that's another story.)

We bade farewell to Melissa and Stef, who thanked me quite sincerely for inviting them. They had had a BLAST dancing and singing, even without knowing most of the words. Their reactions to Fever were priceless.

Then my roommate and I rushed out to the already-packed barricades, where I finally managed to find @happys_harpy and @linernoire again. They had given Tommy a purple boa earlier that day and were hoping to talk to him to remind him to wear it in NOLA since he hadn't that day. LP came out for a moment, Monte was out for the briefest of seconds and then there was a wait. We kinda just hung out near the back, eventually collapsing to the ground when our be-heeled feet could take it no longer. We then proceeded to do what @Dawnmyst calls "lazy-stalking", which is where you sit on the ground and judge who has come out to sign based on the volume and duration of the screams. :P

We stood up when the screams got really excited, assuming it was Tommy, but it was Adam. I got kinda caught up in the rush towards the barricade gate (which was a really short section of gate, there was not much room there at all), but wriggled out in order to give people who hadn't gotten anything signed a chance. Good karma, yes?

So Adam worked the line and as soon as he got back to the bus we were shooed by security who told us to clear the driveway cause they were leaving. After a couple of rounds of shooing, my roommate and I finally left to go take some pictures by the gorgeous fountain in front of the venue (which I would, again, have handy if I knew how to work my mom's camera). There was some momentary confusion when @happys_harpy tweeted me to come back, that Tommy had motioned for them to wait from the bus, but the security guards eventually won out and we left for good.

Now, I've been to a lot of GNT shows this summer. More than I had ever planned to go to. I've also been to a lot of non-GNT shows this summer. By the time the FYE remix played in the theater on Saturday, I already knew that this was going to be my favorite concert experience of the whole summer. As awesome as my GA shows were, we were too preoccupied with having enough room to breathe to worry about dance-partying and the balconies at Foxwoods were just lame. I don't "rate" my concerts based just on the show, because everything that happens before and after is just as unpredictable and just as wonderful as anything Adam does onstage. The meet and greet, the dance party, bringing three unsuspecting girls into my crazy, wonderful, glammed up world... I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Here's where I get mushy. If you've made it this far in this monstrous recap... it's probably because you're one of the people I met this summer who feels obligated. :P I can't even put into words how special you have all made this summer for me. I'm 18 years old and I've:

-flown to New York City by myself to meet up and live with a stranger I'd never met before in my life
-struck up immediate friendships with people from all over the country that I met sitting on the disgusting streets of Times Square (and colored dinosaurs and fairy princesses with them)
-spontaneously driven from NYC to Connecticut in a rental car with a strange man that I'd only met that weekend, with free tickets to my third show in a row (then proceeding to sleep on the floor of his hotel room)
-waited in line, in the heat, for hours and hours on three separate occasions to get as close to the stage as possible
-suffered through elbows to the ribs, countless people standing on my feet, ladies hitting me with folding chairs and handbags, unnaturally tall people, and back pain of monumental amounts on the same three separate occasions
-let five people close to me get a glimpse into my world of glitter and cray
-spent hundreds of dollars on tickets, makeup, food, coloring books, t-shirts, posters, hoodies, EPs, fan clubs, hotel rooms, gas, taxis, trains and planes.

Now... how long until I get to do it all over again?

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Buderschnookie wrote:
All righty then....

Meet and Greet
We were told when we purchased our VIP Glitz packages to be at the venue two hours before the doors opened, which meant 5pm, so we had scheduled the hotel shuttle to transport us at that time.
The day before the M&G ALF told us to be there at 5:30, but as our shuttle has already been scheduled there was no changing it. I had a moment in the hotel to knock back a shot while chatting up some new Glammy friends, then the shuttle honked and several of us piled in. We made friends along the way and arrived at the Victory Theater around 5pm.

There was a tiny vestibule just inside the theater at the will call window and we all gathered there to wait for something to happen. The place had no air conditioning and with 25 adrenaline fueled Glamberts we soon managed to ratchet up the temperature another few notches. We chatted around trying to put faces to ALF names, to Twitter names, AO, PF- everyone was someone somewhere and for the life of me I can't remember any of them, although I will never forget the faces. Crazy win a date with Adam Julie was one of our group.
We sweated.
We pulled out our precious VIP receipts and fanned ourselves, walked outside to try and find some air then came back in because the indoor humidity was a tad less than outside. It was 95 fucking degrees.
We sweated some more.
I glammed myself to just this side of ridiculous only to sweat it all away before being admitted to The Royal Presence?

By 5:30pm someone had the bright idea to try and go through one more set of doors and like lemmings we all followed, and by God I could feel manufactured air and it was lovely. There was a water fountain, a restroom, and a set of stairs for a few lucky ones to sit on.
Our relief was short lived however, as a crotchety old venue lady came by mumbling something about rules and forced us all back out into the sweaty vestibule.
Again we wandered aimlessly around the 30 square feet of oven, again walked outside in search of air to breathe, then again came back in because outside was Africa Hot and inside was merely Measley Hell Hot.

Then a guy- we'll call him Kevin right now, although shortly we will call him The Border Collie- stuck his head out and asked if we were there for the Meet and Greet. He said to hang tight, make sure we had ID and our receipt handy, and he'd be back in a few minutes or so.
It is now nearing 6pm- we've been sweating for an hour.
We sweat some more, and at this point I am feeling really smart to have eaten that banana before coming as I knew I'd need potassium. Take a note, peeps.

At around 6:15 Kevin does come back, and one by one we file past him holding our paperwork, now admitted through that first set of doors we tried to get through earlier. We are checked off a master list and are handed the first of our goodies- the VIP lanyard and laminated pass- woo-hoo!! We are stylin' now, and the poor, sweaty, unfortunate non-VIP'ers look at us through the glass like five year olds at a candy counter.
It is a tad less hot, but still sweaty, and by now the standing around is beginning to get annoying.
So we sweat some more.
We sweat for a really long time- probably another 25 minutes, it felt like an eternity.
Then our faithful Border Collie returns and herds us all up one flight of stairs to a different area of sweating- a long hallway where Neil appears to be in conversation with someone as he fiddles with a camera.
This new room does have a bar, but I am worrying about having to juggle a drink, my autograph item, my VIP t-shirt and other goodies, so I pass on the drink. I make friends with more people, and everyone is out of their mind nervous and I am not.
I am generally not excitable over things like this and remain calm, although I'm beginning to think how silly I would feel if I passed out. I find a bench along a wall and sit and people watch.
Neil is attracting NO attention and personally I think it aggrieved him mightily.

At around 6:45pm Neil and the Border Collie come back and herd us by groups into an elevator- I ride in the one with Neil and he is reasonably chatty. We stop and walk out into yet another room to.... you guessed it- wait and sweat.
We are told to form a line and suddenly everyone gets shy and no one wants to be at the front of the line to go first- mass exodus to the rear of the room. There are precious few people in front of me and at this point I think someone has to grow a pair so I stand there in line.
Neil plays with the camera focusing on a spot in front of a window while we sheep mumble amongst ourselves at what a silly backdrop for our special picture with Adam that will be, so I kind of loudly ask if we can be in front of a wall instead. But by then he was focused and ready, so window it was.
At that point, 7pm, we see someone vaguely Adam-like approaching from down a hallway- he enters the room and walks over to his spot, which I will call Exhibit A.

It's Adam, but it is a human Adam- a sort of man-boy who looked much younger than I would have ever thought and not at all a Glittery Alien. He was a young guy in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops- a guy that aside from the first layer of stage makeup and a wacked out hairdo you wouldn't look twice at. Slight of build, almost seeming small. It was at that point that the absurdity of the situation began to cross my mind.

Now- it is a great thing, a Meet and Greet. It was totally worth my money, I would do it again in a heartbeat (and am), and he was awesome. But I am old enough to remember carnival freak shows where you paid your money and walked through a murky maze to peek through a hole in the wall to look at unusual humans, and I remember the thrill of seeing something wondrous accompanied by the kind of skeeved out feeling in your stomach of it not quite being right to view someone in that particular context.
I am by no means comparing Adam to a freak show so don't twist my words- I am just saying that a touch of that same skeevy feeling danced across my mind as I stood in line to meet and have my picture taken next to Exhibit A. And I will admit that it did occur to me that being there probably wouldn't have been at the top of his list if it had been up to him. He has a great game face, no doubt about it, but I used game face for 35 years and know it when I see it. That was game face.

When the Border Collie barked once to signify it was my turn I walked up to Adam, extended my hand and God help the poor bastard but I babbled- I babbled like a schoolgirl. I will try and convey the jist of it as best I can remember because honestly it is such a blur to me- I will be regular text and blue will be Adam's replies. There aren't that many of them because the poor guy couldn't get a word in edgewise.
Anyway, I remember making it a point to look directly into his eyes and continued to as I began speaking:
"Hi, I'm Buderschnookie!"
"Oh OK, hi!"
(shaking hands now)
"I wrote the most popular blog on your new fan club website, it's been number one for over a week now"
"Oh, cool!"
"We were told that we were not allowed to give you gifts, but I brought a copy of what I wrote and was hoping that you might find a moment to read it?"
"Wow, OK, sure"
(He takes the envelope from my hands, puts it in his pocket! It has 'by Buderschnookie' on it! Woo Hoo!)
"It's all about how some of the press write about a segment of your fanbase and how we as older fans feel about that and you"
"Aww, that's sweet"
(he hugs me, I have no idea why, I did not ask for it)
I hold up the photo I have brought to be signed and while he is signing it he says nobody ever brings that photo and of course I have to babble some more about me-
"I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the LA Times and they actually printed it"
And he hugs me again, and God help me my mouth is up against his ear and I fucking keep talking about the goddam photographer who took that damn photo and how he wrote me an email and I love the picture because it looks like he (Adam) has a secret.
I mean, God Almighty, I could have snuggled in, sniffed deeply, closed my eyes and savored it, but no I had to keep talking and making it all about me.
The we separate and arrange ourselves in photographic mode with his arm around me and Neil says "Ready? 3..2..1.. snap."
When he lets go and it was time for me to leave I turned and uttered the ultimate in articulate compliments-
"Thanks for singing so good".
"Oh, thank you. Bye"

Thanks for singing so good?
Are you kidding me?
No even grammatically correct, much less anywhere near the magnitude of what I wanted to convey.
As I exit the room I am given a choice of t-shirt sizes, then I take the elevator back down and I am done.

This will be considerably shorter, as we have all seen the videos, many well turned phrases have been written about his awesome-icity, and they are all correct.
I will say that his voice is far better in person than in recordings. It is richer, carries more resonance, and I heard more low tones than I ever thought possible. He is probably singing in a lower key than the recordings, but I never noticed it all that much on the Youtubes but in person it was a marked difference.
The most overwhelming aspect of the whole show is that he is huge on that stage- his presence fills the room. He has totally mastered the art of communicating with the crowd because he looked directly at me while singing at least 15 times, and I'll bet everyone in there felt the same way. Massive charisma, the Carriage of a King, really.

And this is where things got really interesting for me.
The degree of difference between the two Adams was just immense.
Who can do that?

The fact that I saw him first as a human person, then later as the stage persona caused some sort of huge disconnect that I am only now beginning to reconcile. For me as a fan, as a member of the audience I recognize that his voice really is the voice of a generation- something so rare and so finely honed that it simply delights the mind- we all know this.
But as large as that talent is, in my mind it is absolutely dwarfed by his stagecraft- the way he is able to walk on a stage, put on that persona, and dominate a room was just magnificent.
That that man-boy human person is able to transform into that manly hunk of raging bull boggles my mind. I saw two totally and completely different Adams- and the thoughts I have about each one are a complete 180º from the thoughts I have about the other.
It threw me for a loop.

He was bigger than I thought he would be, and he was smaller than I thought he would be.
That's the most enduring impression I got.

And for me, to take this massively talented voice and to add to that the ability to absolutely transform himself onstage- it augments his talent in every direction, in every way, to a place I can barely comprehend.
In a nutshell I believe that I have learned that all my obsessive fandom, my lust, my glambulge and hand and neck fetishes (hell, all his body parts) and fantasies- all this is directed at Stage Adam. This creature that he becomes is so much larger than life that I am compelled to want always more, more, more. There will never be enough of him.

I also think that Exhibit A man-boy Adam shouldn't be the object of my addiction- he deserves some space to himself and I think he has precious little and is holding on to what is left pretty tightly. I really found the thought of him being on display so I could come look at him to be a little weird.
I will probably still follow every move, but in my mind I will maybe not want to pry into his personal life as much- I now know that I can back off a tad and yet still be a crazy good fan.

I am glad it took me 5 hours to drive home because I needed that time to think. I was oddly emotional all the way home- my 5 star iPod playlist caused more than one set of tears. Flashes from the past, Freddie, Elvis- crazy lady was crazy driving home in tears. I was tired, emotionally and physically, and know that always puts me on the edge of tears. But above that I just felt strange- as if something had shifted in my core. Something in my World View has been altered- don't know if it was Adam, the show itself, being surrounded by so much cray-cray, or what, but something changed in me. I don't yet know quite what I mean by that, but I was affected.

I had a wonderful time- both glammax and MyJacket were exactly the right level of crazy for me. It was a really memmorable trip and aside from being a bit overwhelmed I would not change a thing.
I am not always the most demonstrative person and I want to again thank both of them for including me and making this such a great adventure.

17 days until my Hard Rock show and my second Meet and Greet.
I do think this is a good way for Adam's fans to meet him in a controlled environment and have reconciled myself to accepting that for him it is part of the gig.
But I swear a little part of Exhibit A man boy wanted to be somewhere else.

He needs a vacation.

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