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PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:15 pm 
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Media Roundup

Set List
if i had you
sure fire winners
wwfm acoustic
mad world
broken open
whole lotta love (stripped down)
music again
down the rabbit hole

Good mp3 Audio files courtesy Kair from ... 60c1ce7296

Concert vids

kaetsa's playlist ... 6189870F17

A sorted and titled version of @tinafea_pf's CD Quality DL folder (thanks, @terra_zephead!)

CoralMermaid wrote:
Adam's concert - from mid-WWFM to mid-Sleepwalker.
Includes Mad World, Broken Open & WLL
Recorded from jumbotron

Maple8188 wrote:
Fantasy Springs WWFM, Mad World and Broken Open 2010 02 27


Broken Open
Music Again


boys3gilrs0inSD wrote: ... 9qLdHYhLd8

Mad World
Broken Open

anthrogeekPF wrote:

bleedingjapanese wrote:

Broken Open
Music Again
Mad World

lekispop wrote:

saran131 wrote:

cos2mwiz wrote:

lambobsessed wrote:
To save you from having to keep track of all the videos, I've put up a playlist on my blog containing the single best video of each song which I'll keep updating: ... prung.html

MySpace Video Compilation ... =530049964

inkacajo wrote:
VooDoo (audio)
got this audio on my iphone at Fantasy Springs. This is one of the international unreleased track off of For Your Entertainment. Voodoo!

WLL mp3 d/l's

Can't Let You Go (pre-concert) - played over the sound system. (Paretial - audio only; hard to hear)


Great Slideshow ... 28ripJ.htm

Some pix




Proud Parents

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:20 pm 
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Recaps from here and there, courtesy of sleepysleepsleep...
sleepysleepsleep wrote:
A post-concert post by NoAnGel at Planet Fierce who attended the concert:
Okay, just a super-quick flailpost cuz I'm on my iPhone. First of all, the general consensus here is THUD!

We are sitting in SusanM and Adamland's room and trying to process the epic ess we just witnessed. And SusanM is uploading vids as fast as she can.

Just to quell "tame-gate," just have to say that this concert was INTENSE! The energy was huge, and Adam filled every inch of that hall with his presence. He looked fucking amazing- like a fierce tribal prince, and his voice was incredible!

WWL? Absolutely one of the best performances I've ever seen from Adam. Someone described it as a 7 minute orgasm, and ITA! Our heads exploded from it!

And Broken Open? People were literally crying.

I'll stop now, and post more tomorrow. But suffice it to say that Adam gave one fucking amazing performance tonight. And yes, it was different from RMT. And that's because Adam is a fucking genius, and gives us something completely different every time.

I love this man!

From ileanne at Planet Fierce:
Back from Indio!

I am you have never heard before.

He praised his band right after as apparently they had not practiced acoustic WLL. Adam said he practiced in his car. I have never heard his voice like this.

He appeared to be very emotional, especially at the beginning. It took a while for the band to come out and get started.

I am having trouble finding words to describe it and I do hope someone got video. This theatre is not very good if you are on the floor and at the back because the floor does not slant, so it thank goodness they had a couple of screens. The couple in front of me were making out had to swing from side to side to see.

Believe me folks, don't even hesitate if you have a chance to go and see an Adam concert. You will never regret it.

There was no encore and it was on for an hour and 15 minutes. The lady beside me, from Palm Springs, was surprised as she said they were always 90 minute shows here.

It was fine by me because it was a first class concert in every which way possible........costume, dancing.....oh boy! and above all THE VOICE.

(2nd post from ileanne)

Emotional, almost as if he was crying a bit. The crowd were going crazy and really noisy and I think he was taking it all in. He sang FYE first and his voice cracked a little.

The announcer just prior to them coming on had asked for a lot of noise (unnecessary with Adam fans) as this was Adams first solo sold out show.

I know some of you saw the u-stream and his many feathers and funny wiggly striped pants. His hair had feathers and glitter in it and his eye makeup was heavy.

He took the cape off for a while but put it back on for Fever, where he had the crowd screaming. He finished with DTRH.

From mmalegria at IDF:
Next week there will be a DVD with all ... LOL

The guy from Http:// said he will make a HD DVD with the entire concert and party and interviews and that will be on his site in return for some donations

Concert Recap from Melisende at Planet Fierce:
Adam didn’t do many overtly sexy moves compared to New York. No sliding up and down the mic stand and only one crotch grab but he looked gorgeous with the blue feathers in his hair, the huge rings, the skin-tight pants and the exotic eye-make-up. Though he held back on the overtly sexual stuff, he didn’t hold back on the vocals and as you’ve all heard by now, the acoustic version of WLL alone, was worth making the trip for. It was like when the rock bands in the 70s would improvise while everyone was high and just grooving along to the vibe – except this time, the vocal riffing was of an exceptional standard. Then, when the beat started to kick in and Adam knelt on the floor it was like he was making love (using the polite term) to the entire audience and it culminated in one giant Adamgasm. To get the negatives out of the way, there were pitch problems in some of the numbers (Soaked and WWFM were quite flat, while Sleepwalker’s pitch was all over the place, and sometimes the sound was a little nasally – though I think that might be on purpose) but in the other songs, esp. FYE, Fever, Surefire Winners and Broken Open the vocals were stellar and soared into the stratosphere.

I teared up when he sang Broken Open as it’s my fave song and I was SO happy that he did it instead of Loaded Smile. It was magical and at one point I closed my eyes and just let his gorgeous voice wash over me. It was so personal and emotional and totally unforgettable.

The most popular song of the night was clearly Fever and the audience went crazy when he sang it. Fists were pumping the air, we were singing along and screaming ourselves hoarse. The record label seriously needs to think about making this the next single. The place went nuts when he sang it.

I would have loved a longer show and an encore and hope in the future that Adam does longer sets.

So much more, but it’s getting late so just wanted to say that I was sitting next to fans (one had flown in from Thailand) who had no idea about the two Vancouver shows or the Singapore show. They were even more surprised that the Vancouver shows were already sold out before most fans had heard about them. I told them they have to come to Boards like Planet Fierce if they want to have current Adam news. - esp. regarding concerts. Right now, it seems that Adam sells out a place with virtually no advertising. Only word of mouth and people finding out on fan sites.

BTW, Monte was talking to fans in front of the door to the parking garage when I left.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:02 am 
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My own personal recap of last night's amazing experience in Indio!


“I think masculinity is what you believe it to be. To me, masculinity is all my perception. I think that masculinity and femininity are old fashioned.” Johnny Weir, 2010.

Saturday, February 27, 2010, at a casino appropriately named Fantasy Springs, a resort oasis amid the desert conservatism ironically not too far from that churning cauldron of sin called Los Angeles, a single man both challenged and proved Johnny’s well-expressed take on what is masculine.

Masculinity is what you make it. And Adam Lambert makes a big deal of it. Of course, for some it was (and sadly may very well always be) impossible to find any masculinity underneath the feathers and ruffles, flowing fabrics and pants that fit like leggings. They didn’t see the broad chest beneath the multitude of silver necklaces dotted with turquoise and shiny things. They couldn’t look past the heavily made-up eyes, thickly colored with black liner and glitter to see the power and pure magnetic intensity in those eyes. Certainly they detected nothing masculine about a theatrical strut that put Tyra and Naomi to shame. (I, on the other hand, will forever have imprinted in my brain his turn on the ‘catwalk’ and the cackles it drew from the lovey-dovey gay couple next to me, along with their “I love it, I LOVE it!” exclamations. Check out the ‘Strut’ video and enjoy.)

(And the GLITTER! The fluttering hands! The make up on that bass player! OMG! The drummer isn’t wearing a shirt! But wait! Adam’s not wearing nail polish! Hey look! Even his earpieces are glittery like diamonds! Did he PLAN on that one feather to hang down all alone in front like that?!)

But for Adam fans the eye candy was both expected and very much appreciated. Adam threw some surprises in this---his first solo concert after being part of the generic, asexual world of American Idol television---to both his fans and to newcomers, but he ultimately did what he does best and, indeed, what he advertises himself to do best: he entertained.

Strutting onstage dressed in his flamboyant best, he lit into that signature bad-boy song “For Your Entertainment” and totally…did nothing outrageous! No kidding. He sang the hell out of the song, but hardly pranced and danced, nay!---he hardly moved! Not one crotch rub of either sex! Not one tongue-lapping kiss! Not one salacious gyration at all. I think he was giving everyone time to appreciate his fashion statement…and what a statement it was!

Dressed in black of course, the first thing I noticed was that his pants, though form fitting, were NOT excessively tight in the crotch area. What? No suggestive mega-zipper? No reason for us to don protective eyewear? I’m appalled, I tell you! Next, I watched the flowing fabric of his….uh…various jacket-like thingies. The feathers flew around his neck and after a while, he let the outer garment fall and we could see all his gorgeous necklaces and gemstones and…peacock feather? And then, of course, there was his very heavily made-up face---lots of jewel-toned colors on his eyes with gobs of glitter and rhinestones. He also had some blue and green weaves in his hair and they hung down the sides of his face at times as he began to move more with each song. I thought he looked FABulous! Certainly more ‘glam’ than I’d ever seen him since his nights on the Zodiac stage.

His first songs were fist-pumping, on-your-feet (at least for the part of the audience my seat was in) fast ones and I certainly had my multiple silver bracelets clanging in the air along with the rest of them. Vocally, he was truly amazing and I remember thinking, “How long can he keep up this pace?” Soaring up the scale and down, he seemed ready to just keep on going, but then he treated himself (and us) to a softer acoustic set. He surprised us again with a different-tempo, acoustic Mad World, which I really loved and then kept me interested in the oft-played single, WWFM, by giving it the acoustic treatment, too.

But I was really, simply captivated with his first live performance of Broken Open. I’d been waiting to see/hear him do this song and he delivered big time. So personal, so revealing so…broken open. I loved watching his eyes during this song and listened for the little tugs and breaks in his voice that made the words even more honest. Beautiful. Since the woman in front of me never sat down during the whole concert---even during the acoustic, soft songs---I was leaning to the side during this song and almost fell on the man next to me when I jumped up at the end to yell and clap. (Although I was close to tears a couple of times, I had to control myself since my unusually heavy eye makeup was NOT waterproof!)

I can’t even go into the jammin’, slammin’, downright epic acoustic Whole Lotta Love. I leave that to each of you individually—go watch a video or two of this, maybe even just LISTEN to it without watching for a private aural orgasmic experience (Adam’s version of Seven Minutes in Heaven?), and then make your own comparisons to legendary performers, find your own superlatives to attach to this unplugged and unscripted Adam. Singular.

You’ve seen the wardrobe change---the weird thing was the awkward pause in the action before he reappeared in his pimp hat and more feathers and ruffles. He simply disappeared after one song---the audience wasn’t sure what was happening, and the band didn’t seem to have a clue, either. A couple of times Tommy raised his arms, “Rock On!” style, and got the appropriate response from us. There were some looks and smiles between the band members and at one point Tommy and Monte met in the middle of the stage to tap their drink cups together in a toast, but basically we were all wondering WTF?

Then…there he was---resplendent in a couture that could only be called…Lambert. (I predict not too long from now, these words will be heard on the Red Carpet: “Who are you wearing tonight?” “Lambert”.) And he strutted and he pranced. And he twirled and he swayed, and his wrists were flying all over the place and his facial expressions were to die for and he KILLED us with Fever. He was amazing. And how about his theatrics expressing how very HOT the “Fever” was? My god, he was giving new meaning to ‘flamboyant” and ‘fierce’ and the crowd was eating it up with glittery spoons!

And, god, that smile. When he’s singing he’s so in character—fierce and growling and stalking and campy and in charge and so very masculine and powerful. He exudes confidence when he’s in his element of ‘entertainer extraordinaire’. But then the crowd roars and raises their arms and yells his name, and the noise overwhelms, and he stands there looking out at it all---taking it all in---and he flashes that breathtaking smile and then he’s suddenly like a little boy again. His face is an open book---excitement, love and appreciation, maybe even surprise still. That smile just has to wipe away any fear that some in the audience might still have—for whatever reasons---of that ‘fierce’ stage persona; and it shows us the genuine, sweet hopeful young man who is always under all that glam and glitter.

My friends and I have talked about the ‘toned down’ aspect of this first solo Adam Lambert concert. Oh, Adam was definitely still ‘Adam’, but there was none of the pelvic thrusting, torso undulating, and microphone stand humping that even his American Idol tour set included. (What’s….er….’up’…with that?)Our conclusion considers such possibilities as the very conservative demographic of the geographical location, perhaps some agreement Adam had with the resort ownership itself, and maybe a desire to ‘pull it back’ some after recent controversies in order to bring his voice to the forefront again, etc.

Whatever the contributing factors to the very PG-13 rating of this Adam Lambert show, it was, in my opinion, a very conscious design of Adam’s to be that way. This first concert seem more controlled, more scripted, more ‘by-the-book’ than what I’ve seen before. I really think that he purposely kept the more graphic dance moves---those elements that have caused controversies on television and water-cooler conversations after other appearances---out of the show while upping the ante on the flamboyance, the costuming and makeup, perhaps to ‘balance’ it all out and still be ADAM.

Because whether he is exercising his right of expression by exercising that extremely masculine pelvis or tongue of his on stage, or expressing his preferences through his choices of what many would label feminine clothing, make up and fierce runway strut, Adam is always Adam. And oh, how I love that about this man! This is what he was meant to do. He’s here for our entertainment.

And that’s just all kinds of glittery fun.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:10 pm 
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Copied from Cre8 on IDF: (Post #1997)
After 13 hours in planes and cars I made it home about 2 a.m. last night. I haven't had time to read all the way through the thread so forgive me if I post something that's already covered but I wanted to post before I go back and watch the vids so it doesn't color my thoughts.

First of all, thank you to lifesabeach and jacci for being so wonderful in helping me make my first visit to California go as smoothly as possible. Jacci has the smartest, cutest son who was so sweet to let jacci, leothelion and me fangirl talk for hours over dinner! And lifesabeach is like a little L.A. pixie! I wanted to put her in my suitcase and take her home! And I found a new soulmate in leothelion!

Meeting Charles and his sweet family was a highlight for me. He is just as genuine in person as he is on the threads. Everyone else I only met for a greeting or two but it was an experience I will treasure always. What a wonderful group of people populate this board.

Now, my concert experience and thoughts:

First, it was all good for me! I was in heaven. The side seats were fabulous as I didn't have to try and see over anyone (good for a short person!). There was the most beautiful young man sitting in front of me (his hair was to die for...he let me touch it! lol). He said he is a huge Adam fan. Since he's gay, I offered to help him rush the stage to meet Adam but he said gazing at Adam was enough! He came from Florida with his dad to see Adam! I told him to park his butt on Twitter and if Adam gets one look at that hair/face it's on! I felt bad for him and his dad, though, because the three people sitting next to them complained the whole concert about "people not sitting down". They finally guilt-ed the dad into sitting but since I refused to sit down the boy stayed standing. Normally a calm, non-confrontational person...I finally snapped on the old biotch about halfway through the concert and told her if she thought this was a Lawrence Welk show then she got in the wrong ticket line and to give the complaining a rest! They left before the last song (good riddance). The people on both sides of me were Adam fans but didn't do a lot of standing. I think they really wanted everyone to sit down, also, but too bad! No one in my section even attempted to make noise to call him back onto stage at the end (so I screamed enough for all of them! No voice today!!).

Next, I had a perfect view of Adam's parents. His mom was a total fangirl with the rest of us. Clapping, hopping up and down at times, grinning and laughing with the lady next to her. His dad stood the whole time and had the most loving, proud smile on his face. I did happen to look at him when the set ended and he was visibly shocked that he crowd did not call Adam back. He kept looking around and seemed somewhat surprised that the sections were clearing out (the side section next to me started emptying out immediately, as did many of the folks around me). Then the lights came up and their whole row headed toward the stage. Beautiful people, every one of them!

Vocally...No need to beam me up, Scotty, because I'm already in outer space. That boy can wipe the floor with everyone vocally. All the songs were perfect. It was, by far, my favorite version of WWFM (I'm tired of the CD one-sorry) and DTRH made me happy for life. Then there's the epic WLL. I'm not even going to talk about it as it will disrupt my euphoric haze! lol Just wow!

Stage Stuff...not really into the tiny costume change. While I love the change of looks, it was really sort of an awkward time on stage while Adam went off stage to get his hat, etc. They either need to come up with some filler instrumental solos or something cuz those guys didn't seem to really have the "banter ability" to fill empty space. It just felt awkward to me and I think that's when Adam "lost" some of the audience's frenzy. Now, please don't shout at me but I'm going to put in my opinion here that won't make everyone happy...I heard several comments about how he should not try so hard at looking gay, that he should cater his looks more to his fan base, and the gal next to me said she didn't realize he was so "flamboyantly out". So here are my thoughts after reflection...I don't think he's trying to look gay or straight. I think it's just his point of reference that he's calling on. For that last 7-8 years his experiences are in the gay underground where everything does have a tendency to be over the top and flamboyant therefore that's what he references. I think he needs to seek more outside opinions: for example, the time when he wanted flames coming from his head and his friends talked him out of trying it. That was good advice for that moment from people that knew reaching a wider audience range was important. Or not...he can sing in a Hefty bag for all I care! I do understand where those folks are coming from, though, because they want him to take advantage of the type fan he has (and it was obvious from the crowd that he does not have a huge gay community following). I hope that paragraph made sense...I'm jet lagged.

Random thoughts. I was disappointed in how fast they ran through the songs and there was very little banter with the audience. I felt like they were just trying to get the show over. That said to say... it was still everything and more that I ever wanted to see! He couldn't do a bad job at his job if he tried! The man looks amazing and sings like the rock god his is labeled. I can barely tell you what the band members look like because I couldn't take my eyes off of Adam (except to look at LP, who was hot without a shirt...the Indian theme was working for them all-well, maybe not the poncho! lol). I just can't get over how great Adam sounds live. It makes me want to see him live again and again. I walked out of there in a daze! It was so great to be a part of the whole adventure.

Ok, stick a fork in me...I'm done. Going to watch vids now!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:04 pm 
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Rockstar Weekly
Over-The-Top gushing - oops, I mean Review - about the Fantasy Springs Concert

Adam Lambert Conjures Mystical Reverie at Fantasy Springs
By Lori Atkinson-Leung

Great music should carry you somewhere beyond yourself, to places recollected and imagined. Adam Lambert’s first solo concert at the Fantasy Springs Resort in Indio, California was like riding such a sonic wave into memory and fantasy. Under laser beams pulsing emerald to the beat of the electro-hip For Your Entertainment - title track to his Gold record - Lambert shimmered onto the stage from inky shadows to rock both night and spirit to life. Stalking the stage and yowling his primal call to dance, he glittered majestically from his diamond-flecked hair, rivers of silver chains and a glorious halter necklace trimmed with sapphire jewels. Yet, draped in what he described as his “witchy clothes” – gossamer exhalations of fabrics - his raven locks woven with feathers of azure and peacock trailing over shoulders and hip, Lambert appeared to have loosened his glossy fashion edginess to an exotic earthiness.

An avian-like creature exuding mysticism, he opened heart, mind and instrument to convey thirteen lyrical messages to the enthralled listeners of loving fans, friends and family. A proficient ensemble also delivered the musical fiesta, consisting of Rock-God guitarist Monte Pittman clad in a fringed poncho, drummer Longineu Parsons baring tattoos, bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff tossing a fluffy platinum-blond do, and Zac Baird tickling keyboards and synths. Doug Anderson skillfully engineered the sound. The packed auditorium felt transformed into an expansive desert where bodies swayed freely. Toes no longer aware of shoes dug into shifting sands well traversed by generations of the Cahuilla peoples, by explorers and tourists, and even quite possibly by the one known as the Lizard King.

Hotly anticipated new single If I Had You, the flashy Sure Fire Winners and pulsing Strut set feet among the 3,500-strong crowd at the sold-out extravaganza pounding the floor, accented by their deafening whoops, whistles, and cheers.

Following with a constellation of ballads and acoustic renditions of original tracks and two famous covers he had performed on American Idol, Adam’s vocal interpretations straddled the place where the sun’s sizzle yields to the starry-eyed calm of an indigo sky. Soaked was a powerful lament of optimistic despair, lending a dramatic lead-in to an acoustic version of hot single Whataya Want From Me. Lambert forged a strong connection to the assembled throng as evidenced when the lines “I’m a freak” and “thanks for loving me…’cause you’re doing it perfectly” drew thrilled cries to the air. The lyrics were accessorized by Baird’s piano notes trickling along like a canyon’s brook. Lambert then delved into Mad World, the haunting melody made even more ethereal complemented by Pittman and Ratliff’s thoughtful strums, along with Parsons’ palmed thumps on the djembe.

Adam LambertThe crowd had barely drifted back to the cooling sand when Broken Open was breathed into life with crystalline vocals pure and raw, while Ratliff’s gentle strums on classic guitar pulsed perfectly with Lambert’s bell-like instrumentation. The tune co-penned by the singer which speaks of laying oneself bare to love in order to find comfort tugged tears to the corners of many an eye.

In the most stunning moment of the night, Lambert abandoned himself to passion’s fire with an acoustic blues-rock interpretation of Whole Lotta Love; lithely unraveling the driving beat and frenetic energy of the song into a seven-minute sensual burn. Kneeling, surrounded by a turquoise bliss of chunky bass lines, sitar-like twangs and languid drumbeats, Lambert reached into his inner depths, drawing out a primal query of desire from his soul; a powerful, spiritual offering of love and sex. Electrically-charged emotions flowing, man and music melded seamlessly as he arose, licking heated cries up to the stars, torso rippling fluidly. Stretching out the pace of the song to render breathing space to the band’s sultry vibe, he warbled with lingering intensity, vocal echoes reverberating in the air as if he stood beneath the Palm Canyon walls. Lambert then bore down with fevered thrust into a cascade of lilting moans, while the absorbed crowd’s screams of pleasure swelled and receded around him. Throating desire to the darkened sand, he slipped back to his knees, fervent wails surging forth in waves. Then, spent and satiated, he caressed the sonic dream to its end with a naked whisper tenderly laid to rest beside a final wistful guitar twang. As the elated crowd roused themselves from the spell, Adam confided the mesmeric compilation had been sparsely conceptualized and virtually unrehearsed. The thunderous response to this conveyed to the gifted chameleon that he and his band had successfully coaxed a funky, impromptu enchantment of raw love as oral art out of the iconic Zeppelin tune. Lambert’s unique artistic integrity from that performance ought to educate critics who dismiss him as merely a “reality star” devoid of lasting substance.

The shamanistic vocalist pulsed things back up into throbbing tempo with the robust Music Again before launching into Sleepwalker, the hauntingly beautiful melody tinged by nightmarish heartache.

Adam LambertStrutting back to the stage in a jaunty fedora and garbed in a vest densely collared with quivering obsidian plumes, Lambert dialed up the prowl and preen to stomp into Fever. Like a desert vixen, the singer’s every feather, bauble and limb pranced and fluttered to the track penned by the brilliant Lady Gaga, while the crowd lost themselves to the wildly campy vibe, dancing blisters to the surface of skin. The heat even overwhelmed Lambert, who fanned himself dramatically at the close of the hedonistic tune.

The finale brought loose-limbed funk from Lambert’s deliciously weird Down The Rabbit Hole, whereby he succumbed to cyclonic gyration and twist before imparting a final entreat towards self-reflection. “Who Are You?” he boomed out to all 3,500-plus minds of those gathered before him, including his eldest fan, 89-year-old Isabel Paquette. On this note, he closed a most successful show, having conveyed true rock and roll artistry and versatility by capably playing to the participants in his journey, a group comprised of both genders of virtually every age.

Like the smoldering embers of a lingering fire, Adam Lambert wrapped his listeners with emotion, magnetizing them to his voice and granting them passage to fantasy through his sonic art. Isabel’s face as she was wheeled out of the auditorium radiated a mingling of joy and glitter she would savour for the rest of her life. Adam had led her, along with everyone else, to the spaces inside ourselves where memory of what is most beautiful in life mingles with wonder at what future elation's we may stumble upon in the lush oases of music, art and love.

Adam Lambert
Fantasy Springs Resort
Indio, CA
February 27, 2010

RockStar Weekly

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