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PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:06 am 
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Tampa Jingle Ball

getoverit wrote:
This is super late, but I’m never going to get caught up, so here goes, anyway. THREE OF US MUPPETS from South Florida were at the Tampa Jingle Ball on Sunday night: Adamamado, Boca Babe, and myself. I don’t see where the others have posted anything, so here’s my report:

We had been told we could get in early, at 5:00 (show to start at 6:30). So we arrived at that time, got into the 'special' Celeb club floor and were given all kinds of wrist bands and tags to wear. Then started exploring and lo and behold there was a sign "Meet Adam Lambert here"! Wow! Up to that point we didn't know whether to believe the advertising "Meet Adam!" But...the line had already formed and we walked and walked and walked to find the end of it! The pics elsewhere here several pages back don’t even give you a clue of what the crowd was like! Ha! We knew then that we should have gone over much earlier! So we're in line, chatting with the other fans and enjoying that. A security person from the venue came by and assured us that yes, we WOULD get a photo! Yayy! But time kept passing and we could hear the show had started. Finally someone came to tell us that Adam would arrive at 7:00 for the M/G but because of the very large crowd they would photograph us in groups of 10, not individually ) : AAwww.

Well, at 7:00 the line started moving - Adam was in an area up the stairs and in a corner and sure enough, they herded us in in groups of 10. Suddenly we could look through the curtains and see him standing there! Just so cute! - Emo hair and of course dressed in black. When it was our turn, you know I was just in a trance and not sure what was happening! As we walked up we were all greeting him, and I said 'We're so proud of you!' and he smiled that sweet smile and said "thank you" in that adorable way he does, just like in the interviews. (Melt) Okay, so photos were quickly snapped, and they were herding us off. Adamamado said she was able to put her hand on his back during the photo. (We are in photos 34 and 35 at the site posted earlier on - guess which ones we are! ( As they started herding us off, it was all so fast and naturally we were reluctant to leave. Several of us are hanging back and saying things like “you are awesome,” “you are so great,” "you are so fantastic," really original stuff but I swear your mind goes blank! He’s smiling and being so gracious. I managed to take his hand like to shake it and at that point a little voice inside is saying “you are HOLDING his hand!!!” It was like a handshake, but believe me, it was like a very FIRM handshake as I had to force myself to stop squeezing! They had told us NO AUTOGRAPHS but we saw lots of people getting them anyway, and we could have kicked ourselves that we didn’t get one! However, I have his autograph from one of the AI tour shows, and the chance to be in a photo with him was better, and worth the 5-hr drive from South Florida and overnight trip!

In our opinion (the 3 of us) this whole JB thing was a ploy to use Adam to sell tickets to something that would not have been well attended otherwise. We figured that 1/4 to 1/2 of the audience was there just to see Adam. But if you didn’t get the more expensive Celeb Club tickets, you wouldn’t have been able to get the photo op! It was a bit like false advertising that they marketed it that Adam was hosting the JB shows. Made it sound like he would come out between all the acts to introduce them, and you know, just seeing and hearing him talk is a treat even if he doesn’t sing! As it was, he came out on the stage for all of about 30 sec. halfway through the show and talked to the DJ. We heard that he made another very brief appearance before the last act, but by that time we’d left.

We really did feel that he was incredibly gracious and patient to put up with 104 fan photos! It had to have been terribly tedious for him! Note to BB – we love you for putting up with us and NEVER showing how annoying it must have been for you!!

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:57 pm 
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:01 pm 
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The Hotel Cafe
January 9, 2010
glitterbert wrote:
Need to be ready for lunch at noon, so I am keeping this short, but to debunk rumors of invasive fans, etc., I thought everyone was really respectful of Adam's space last night. Between sets a few people talked to him and took pics, but for the most part left him alone. When he tried to leave, that was a different story and he finally ducked behind the sound board and made his way to some room to wait out the crowd. I was surprised at how people held back. Really. We got there early for dinner so had a table. We were less than 10ft from him all night, so I had a pretty clear shot of his interactions and reactions to things etc. He seemed subdued, but happy, very supportive of his friends on stage.

Ferras (pronounced Fur-ross, which I didn't know) was practically sitting on my daughter's lap at one point. He was very friendly, chatty. He told us his pants cost $4.00. His set was filled with emotion, a bit dramatic with the drunk stuff as he didn't appear that way before of after the set. After his set he sat next to Adam. They were very cozy together, but as far as neck nuzzling that I read on another board. Not. They were simply trying to talk with each other and it was loud. I know I sound stalkerish with Adam did this and that, but he was right in my line of sight. It was hard not to see it all, and he is complelling, what can I say? It's a small venue. If you were up front at all, you were close to Adam.

Alisan was great, but she needs to enunciate more. Her riffs just soar with a style very similar to Adam's. Loved her set.

As for Aftermath. Seeing Ferras, Alisan and Ely perform it was a highlight for me. Did it sound great as singing--maybe not--but it didn't matter. They were so emotional about it and in the beginning you can hear one of them, forgot who, say something to the effect of "We don't sing the song, we just wrote it." I think maybe they were expecting that Adam would sing it with them. I tried to record it, just audio, but the reverb is bad, however, I do have someone asking Adam why he didn't sing, his response was, "I didn't feel like it." Then the signature Adam chuckle. He did throw his boot on stage a la Upright. It was endearing. When he went to put it back on his back side was right in front of us. Blue undies with a cream band. Yeah, TMI but I think I noticed some flashes going off, so someone will have a pic.

While Adam was at his table, people were respectful. Incredibly so. I repeat it because Adam fans have such a bad rap. We do it to each other here. Even the ones who scare me over at IDF just cheered and supported the performers. I thought it was a great crowd. As for the person who sat at his table uninvited, she was a bit much, but even as she did it, she didn't try to engage him or his friends in conversation, she just sat. That was the only intrusive thing I saw, later she did move her chair back. I didn't notice the interaction between her and Adam that might have led to that.

Okay, longer than I thought. I guess the celebs were there--my daughter recognized Lindsay, I was like "huh?" Anyway, the only person I recognized was Eden Espinosa and only because Adam was looking at his phone, then looked up waved a blew kisses to her. Scarlett and Lee Cherry shared his table for a time, too. Didn't see Cheeks or Cassidy, but I didn't move from my table.

I'm blathering. Sorry. Now, I'm off. And as my father would always gently point out "You certainly are, dear."

glitterbert wrote:
Piping up instead of shutting up, which I might regret, but when I said fans were respectful, they were--up until he was leaving--then they were all over him, and as I mentioned earlier, he ducked into some room. We saw the paps as we were walking out. A couple of girls in the video were waiting by the door, I don't think they were inside at all.

I am sorry people repeated everything he said and did. I didn't think about that aspect of his feeling invaded, though I should have. I haven't read much today so I'm not sure what was said. I did go back and edit a line out of my recap, the rest felt okay or was clarification of what others had said. If I'm deluded, tell me, I'll edit more. Sometimes when you are right in it you don't recognize the crazy; I don't want to be that person. It was fun and the show was great with or without Adam. His attendance though did add a twist to the night, certainly.

I think The Creepshow performers -- Alyssa Suede, Ely Rise, Ferras, Lukas Rossi, and Alisan Porter enjoyed a lot of love from the crowd. I was happy to be part of that.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:42 am 
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From IDF
(kashmir @ Jan 14th 2010, 12:56 AM)

I was at Oprah today, and he handled the chorus just like he did at the Gridlock event, where you could hear the backing track singing that computer part while he just did his "" Does that make sense?

Also, not to make anyone sad (Jooory huggy.gif ), but it's true.....Adam did mention being lonely sometimes. I'm not sure why that person said it was taken out of context, but it wasn't...he indeed says that. He also said he was really feeling sad in the beginning of December.

Oprah adored Adam, she hugged him numerous times. He was gorgeous, charming as always, and his voice was phenomenal today.

As far as SuBo, there is NO WAY they could equalize the segments to be the same length, hers was vastly shorter than Adam's. Also, when Oprah first greeted Susan, she hugged her (O hugged SuBo), but Susan did NOT hug Oprah back, she literally just stood there with her hands at her side while O hugged her. It was extremely uncomfortable, and IMO it set the mood for the rest of the interview. Susan is very hard to understand, and she has a weird sense of humor, the entire interview was painfully awkward. Oprah is a professional, and she still had a very hard time getting Susan to really talk, and then when she did I could hardly understand her. I'll bet the use subtitles for her when they show it next week. There were way more Adam fans in the audience than Susan's.

It's true about what everyone has said, when you're in Adam's presence you can just feel it....he radiates this light and energy unlike anyone I've ever been around before. He was so charming and loveable and sweet. My sister took me to this, she surprised me with tickets because she knows I adore him. She knew of Adam, but really nothing else. When we left today, she told me she was extremely impressed, thought his voice was beautiful, and said that she thought he was "gorgeous." She also said when he does his little moves and dancing on stage, he "exudes sex appeal." This is a woman who only likes country music and doesn't have a very open mind, if you know what I mean. She was most impressed with his interview, couldn't believe how composed he was, how humble and genuine he seemed, and how well-spoken he was. But she told me after this that she would definitely be listening to his whole album, and that when he tours, she'd like to go with me. She considers herself a fan now.

Woops, forgot to add this: My sister also couldn't believe how every time somebody came out to give Adam a sip of water, or to touch up his makeup, or whatever, Adam always thanked them before they walked away. Every. Single. Time. My sister works in television, and she said nobody thinks to thank these people, certainly not every time they come out to bring you a sip of water. She couldn't believe how gracious Adam was. I told her how Adam made sure to thank the band every night on Idol, and that this was normal behavior for him. She said it just proves to her that he really is just a good guy.

From AO

Back from Oprah: Adam was phenomenal!!!
So ecstatic right now! Can't even get over the excitement of seeing Adam on Oprah today!
My sister and I got AMAZING seats in the FOURTH row right in the middle!!! Directly in front of the stage!!!! Just one row behind Adams mom! Adam was literally 15 ft away! Like always he was SO beautiful, funny, charming and well spoken. He looked absolutely flawless, and didn't have a single hair out of place. Of course, his voice was STUNNING! Everyone was completely infatuated with him including Oprah! He got WAY more face time than SuBo.
We sang, we danced, we screamed! He sang Whataya Want From Me and it was hypnotizing! We also got an extra performance of If I Had You which is going to be posted online only. Again, I must mention...his voice is UNREAL live!!!!!!
Didn't think it was possible to love Adam any more than I already did...I was wrong! BEST DAY EVER!!!

Re: Back from Oprah: Adam was phenomenal!!!
Thanks guys! I definitely will be setting my DVR too!
Adam really is just a natural at interveiws! He is so comfortable with people and so witty! He smiled and joked with the audience while they played his segment videos! When the video mentioned his coming out in Rolling Stone He pretended to act shocked and mouthed to the audience OH MY cute!

Adamazing-Eyes: Adam got a Wonderful response from the audience. I really felt like they were playing him up way more. Mostly all Adam fans were seated in front and they played all his music before hand. There were a a lot of SuBo fans there but I think they were just not as vocal

Cookiebr8: Adams mom was beautiful and looked so proud!

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:41 am 
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Ryan Rock My Town
February 12, 2010

maeve94 wrote:
Good morning - I was at the concert last night. I haven't fully processed the whole experience, although I feel as if I saw something truly amazing. It was interesting to see Adam and Kris on the same stage because it helped clarify for me why I am so taken with everything Adam does. Kris led the audience in a happy, wholesome, bland singalong. Adam PERFORMED. From the moment he walked on stage - and my jaw dropped when I saw him, with black lipstick and three pounds of glitter in his hair - the drama began. Everything he did - stunning vocals, sensuous movement, playful interaction with the band, a little audience banter - was an artistic creation. And while the things that were twitted about did happened (although the description of and reaction to the fan crotch grab is being exaggerated, IMO), and Adam was his bad self, in a live concert it was totally in context and he interpreted each song using his full toolbox full of talent. I was about eight feet from the stage, so saw all of this in glorious detail. I don't imagine I will ever have that chance again. It was almost too much to absorb - sensory overload but in the best possible way.

Hathor wrote:
OMG I go to bed on an Epic Flail and wake up to more controversy for Adam? WTF

First adam was not DRUNK. He was drinking after his set but before his set and during his set he was sober. He was a bit tipsy for Crazy. Just as an FYI Kris was also drinking up in the balcony. I saw him get two drinks.

As for the crotch grab I didn't really see it. My daughter did and she says it is much ta do about nothing. Quick and if Adam did not get all upset why the hell is anyone else?

People trying to bring BB down. Because once again last night Adam proved he is in another league. A very exclusive league of the rare singer who can also captivate and perform.

I will say Kris Allen has gotten much better. He is engaging now. A few songs I really liked. Before we Come Undone, Red Guitars were my favs. Allie good but a bit too frantic of a performer. Holiday my fav. Adam every song was its own story and he pulled you into that songs world. At some points I swear I wasn't breathing.

Why DTRH is not on the record beats me. It was MY FAV Performance of Adam's last night. He loved performing that song. My daughter said it should be the next single because she came to humor her old mother. When I said DTRH was not on the record she was like WHAT that Time For Miracles does not fit and shouldn't have been on the cd. I agree.

Now up in the balcony Adam was playing kissey face with a girl. It was like he had a table or two of friends there. BB was so in his element with his friends. Animated and dancing and just cracking his friends up.

But it was so weird. I mean people in the balcony were watching Kris, Adam appeared in the private section of the balcony and everyone turned and was watching BB and not the concert and taking pictures of ADAM.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:09 am 
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February 12, 2010

From halfie at PF (he's a dude) via Fez
I went to New York for a concert but I had an experience that left me somewhat speechless.*

*Until now

If you know me, you know this is not normal.

So, now I want to write a recap but even 20 hours after the show I am still struggling to find the best way to organize my thoughts from the day. As a result, this is likely to be very long. I’ll break it up into sections so you can read what you want and skip the parts you don’t. What you won’t be getting is a song-by-song review. The hardest question I had to answer after the show was which song featured the strongest vocals. I realized that I almost couldn’t answer that because it is so hard to take in each song critically when you are in the moment. The energy, the electricity of the crowd and the visual and auditory experience simply overloaded my capacity for retaining details.


I arrived at the theater at 1:00 just to say hi to some people in line that I knew were getting there early and to get a sense for how many people were lined up super-early. I’d estimate there were 20-30 at that point some of whom had gotten there as early as 10:00 or 11:00. While I admire the commitment of these fans, I wanted to get some lunch, have a few (okay quite a few) drinks and stay warm until closer until showtime. This strategy ended up working just fine for me as when we got in line at 5:00, we were “only” about 170 back and I was so happy with the view when we got inside the theater. I’d estimate I was 10-15 feet from the stage and, with so many women in the audience, this average-heighted man had superior sight-lines. (Sorry to whomever was behind me)!

I had lunch with Anna, the friend with whom I had coordinated to get the tickets. (Follow her on twitter, @accob, she’s a wonderful person). We had a nice, leisurely meal and had some very profound conversations as a result of our mutual fandom for Adam. One of the questions she asked, which is a very popular one, is what is it about me that makes me so comfortable with being a fan of Adam and not being intimidated by his sexuality, when so many heterosexual men seem to need to distance themselves from “gayness” in order to be comfortable in their own skin. Unfortunately, it is very hard to address this. I can’t get in other men’s heads and being comfortable with gay men is just part of who I am. Part of it goes back to having a friend come out to me in college. While I was always very progressive in my worldview, that experience definitely touched me deeply and gave me even more respect for the challenges that face people who have to deal with being marginalized as different. My basic life philosophy is this: if you spend the time getting to know a person, listening to them intently, and getting them to talk about what THEY are passionate about you will have many wonderful experiences that you would otherwise miss out on. It works for me.

After a few hours, we had the pleasure of having EmoElvisSpikeyMessy join us. I must say, fellow Fiercians, if you ever get a chance to spend time with Emo, you should do it. She is a total sweetheart, very funny and with a smile that lights up the room.

Eventually, we noticed a group of about 10 women sitting at a table near us and overheard one of them say the magic word: glitter. I went over and asked them, if by some small chance, they were here to see Adam tonight and I took the very loud squeeing that ensued as confirmation that they indeed were. Turns out they were a group of posters from AO. They were fun ladies, who will make another appearance later in our story.

Around 5:00, we decided to brave the cold and stake out our place in line.

The Line

I had nearly as much fun in line as I did at the show. I figured with two more hours to kill before the doors opened and needing to fight the cold, I’d do what I could to have a good time.

First I went back to visit the folks at the front of the line. A burly bouncer told me I had to move along because I was blocking the sidewalk. I resisted the urge to tell him that he blocked twice as much sidewalk as I did and, instead, was very polite. My theory in dealing with people who have jobs like his is to shower them with respect. It never hurts to be nice to people who could kick your ass, or far worse, deny you entry to an Adam Lambert concert.

I had also gone forward to get a headcount, so our group would know how many were in line ahead of us. While I was counting on the way back I amused myself by asking every twenty people or so, “You’re here for the Danny Gokey concert, right?” Most people thought it was funny, but I appreciated the occasional nasty look even more. People really need a sense of humor and, if they don’t have one, I’m going to work harder to force one on them. (Note: this never works, but it’s sure fun trying).

After reporting back our position in line, I went to the back of the line to see how many had lined up behind us. Roughly 20-30 people to our rear were the AO ladies from lunch. As I walked up, I heard a chorus of “RANDOM DUDE!” (this was apparently their nickname for me, as I would continue to find out throughout the evening). They insisted that I allow them to glitter my hair and I have to admit I didn’t resist very hard. For starters, it was an AFL concert and some glitter was just fine with me, thank you very much. Second, I have another theory in life: say “yes” to women. If you cross them, they can hurt you even worse than a burly bouncer.

As I continued to the back of the line, I decided to conduct a survey. I asked everyone who they were there to see. Of the roughly 50 people I spoke to, 46(!) of them said they were there for Adam. One was there for Allison and Adam. One was there for all three. One was there for Kris. And one just liked my hair. (Okay that must have been an Adam fan, too). Now, I’m no math whiz (ok, actually I am), but that means that 98% of the people I asked where there to see Adam. Impressive.

I went back to the front of the line, to report this news to the people who were there. My bouncer friend just gave me “the look” and I said, “Yes sir, I’ll leave.” I don’t think he liked my hair.

Finally, shortly before 7:00 we heard a cheer and we thought that meant that they had opened the doors, but it turned out it was Monte and Tommy arriving at the venue. Finally, around 30 minutes late, the line began to move. When we got to the front, our friend the bouncer stopped Anna and me (he had to keep the alley clear and the line was backed up ahead of us). He shot me a nasty look and said, “oh, this is the guy that kept blocking the side walk.” Then he broke into a huge smile and clapped me on the back, saying: “Hey, man, I hope you have a great time at the show, sorry I had to harass you – just doing my job).” I told him there were some women about 20 people back that may want to put glitter in his hair. He thanked me for the warning and sent us inside. AFL, here we come!

Inside the Ballroom

It still hadn’t sunk in that we were going to see Adam in this INSANELY small room where even the worst spot at the back was no more than 60-70 feet from the stage. I’d estimate that if you stood against the back row, it would be roughly equivalent to being in the 20th row of floor seats at a regular concert. In other words, this was gonna be siiiiiiiick!

I took the ladies' coats to the coat check for them (yes, I really am this awesome – suck it, ex-wife) and I saw some sequins flash out of the corner of my eye and heard another chorus: “RANDOM DUDE!” Those ladies were funny. Hi, AO gals, nice to see you again.

As I returned to our spot by the stage, the room was still filling up, but slowly, and I heard that Jim Cantiello, Lyndsey Parker and Michael Slezak were standing toward the back. I thought I’d go back and say hi and let Jim know I appreciate his humor and let Slezak and Parker know their interviews are da bomb. Well, I didn’t see the latter two, but I did have a nice chat with Jim and his wife, Jess. I told Jim that I thought he was one funny MF’er and that I know he gets a lot of shit from Adam fans who think he’s too sarcastic, but that THIS Adam fan really appreciates his writing and finds him funny. He was a super nice guy and must take some of his cues from Adam because while I was fanboying in his general direction, Jim said things like “awwww” and “thanks, man, that means a lot.”

So, I took a chance and said, “Hey Jim, I’m sure you know me from Twitter because I tweet you a lot and you’ve responded back a few times.”

Jim said, “Oh, that’s cool, what’s your user name?”

I said, “Halfie6.”

Jim got a very, very blank look on his face. I decided, at that moment, that I now hate Jim Cantiello. I’m going to block his lame ass and only follow @glambert696969. She’s way funnier anyway.


Allison came out and really put on a helluva great performance. I would have liked for her set to be a couple of songs longer because the girl really works the stage and her band is tight. It was a great way to start the day. I’m sure, by now, most of you have seen the videos and probably know about the song she got messed up on when she started in the wrong key. I’ve got to say, while that wasn’t the most professional moment, she handled it with so much self-deprecating humor that it made you love her. She’s got an infectious spirit. The look on her face when she started the song over and hit the lyric, “do I look stupid” and she realized the irony of that being the song she messed up on was priceless. Go, Allison!

There has never been a set change that seemed to take longer in the history of music. I’m sure it was a normal amount of time, but it seemed to stretch forever. I had been excited all day, but I can only say that in the few minutes before Adam came on, I must have stepped in some kind of time machine. I felt 30. And then 20. And then 15. There I was, just like I was going to my first rock concert ever. My heart was beating, my excitement was building and I just did not give a damn who saw me smiling like an idiot. This, frankly, was not a big deal, because everyone around me was going through the exact same thing. I didn’t have to ask them, I just knew.

LP came out first. “Longinueuuuuuuu!!!!!”
Monte was next. “Guitar Goddddddd!!!”
Tommy. “Tommmmmyyyyyyy!!!”

And then there he was. I immediately knew we were in for a treat as this was a look we hadn’t seen from Adam much before. Emo hair, but completely full of glitter. And dark lipstick that I don’t think I’d seen before. Our boy was ready to party.

At this point, my recall of the concert is blurry. Somehow, every single moment is indelibly burned in my memory, yet at the same time it’s all disjointed and disorganized. Plus, I’m sure you have all seen the videos, so there’s probably not much I can add about the songs themselves. So here are just some random thoughts.

The sound is amazing. Having Zac (@justcallmehorse), not just on keyboard, but (as I understand it) masterminding the mix, has really made these extraordinary musicians sound even better. When Adam talked about how the FYE performance at the AMAs was tough because it was a raw feed, you can really tell the difference here. When Adam would stop singing, the reverb and sustain on his last note would hold for a second or two, enhancing what we all already know is a pretty amazing vocalist.

The crowd went nuts. This had to be fun for Adam and the band. I know Gridlock was amazing, but it sounded like that setup allowed some of the cheering to go “vertical” and kept it from sounding as loud. The cheers in this room every time they were between songs was deafening. Just blew my mind how loud it was given the small crowd.

Adam was extra dirty at this concert. Again I’m sure you’ve seen the videos, but there was a Whole Lotta pelvic thrusting in this set. Plus there was one song where he was rubbing his crotch for so long, I thought he was going to have to go backstage for a short break. Of course there was the hysterical moment with the sound guy and the ear monitor. Adam joking about anal sex? That’s pure win and a pleasure to see after all the “nice-guy” Adam we got after the AMAs.

Really loved Adam’s little tousling of Tommy’s hair in Fever when he sang, “there he goes, my baby walks so slow”. Those guys sure know what their fans like. Every time Adam and Tommy got within three feet of each other, the crowd noise went up.

A note on the Glambulge violation during WLL. As soon as Adam got near the crowd and the women were rubbing his legs I thought to myself, “oh, no, someone is going to cross the line and touch his crotch.” Well, I was sure right about that (and then some). The woman (or women?) who starting rubbing him were trying to make a very happy memory. My first thought was that it was too bad that some of his fans can’t respect boundaries, but the other thing I distinctly noticed was that Adam let the “molestation” go on for several seconds longer than he needed to before brushing the hands away. Some folks thought he was just being polite. I think he was playing the showman. Adam loves to send mixed messages. How many times has he said in interviews he can be a little bi-curious? Whether Adam might have enjoyed that a little bit or just knew his audience was enjoying it is probably immaterial. But it was sure an intriguing moment that I’m guessing we will overanalyze in the coming days.

My favorite performance was Down the Rabbit Hole. That song is amazeballs live. And the crowd went crazy when the song started. How many artists have fans that get that worked up for a song that’s not even on their album? Monte’s shredding throughout the concert was impressive, as always, but watching his finger work on Sleepwalker is an otherworldly experience. I have no idea how he does that. It’s like watching a tape that has been sped up.

Let me just close by saying how much I understand the fainters. It was hot in there. And there was an emotionalism in the crowd that is hard to describe but was unmistakably present. Frankly, I’m surprised more people didn’t faint and, I think if it had been a 15-song set, he would have lost a few more. It should be illegal for Adam F. Lambert to perform in any venue with the temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kris’ Set

I was pretty impressed with Kris. I wasn’t expecting to like his set, but he and the band did a very good job. I truly enjoyed listening to him perform live, but I did feel sorry for him. First, during the opening 20 minutes of his performance, I was barely paying attention. I was so completely high off of Adam’s performance that my mind was racing and I was trying to get back the capacity for rational thought. Second, although Kris got a lot of polite support, and had a few of his core fans in attendance, the audience was just nowhere near as into him as they were for Adam. That had to be tough on the guy. He deserved better.

On twitter, Aloha suggested that Kris should have opened. In retrospect, I think that might be right. I understand why they didn’t go Allison, Kris and then Adam. Just switching them like that would have made it too obvious and been insulting to Kris. But why couldn’t they have gone Kris, Allison and then Adam? That way, Kris’ performance would have been highlighted like it should have been. I know this still could have been seen as “insulting” to have the champion as the opening act, but I do think it would have been worked out better.

Kris sure did do a lot of covers. He had a Heartless/Gangsta Paradise mashup and later, he did a Fearless/With or Without You mashup. (~ that's Falling Slowly/With or Without You~)He also did Come Together, Man in the Mirror and, of course, not to rehash covergate, but I guess you may or may not want to include LLWD. (Your mileage may vary).

My favorites from Kris were Written All Over Your Face, Red Guitar and the aforementioned Fearless/WOWY mashup. (~see above ;) ~)Cool set, OLFIP. (and yes, he was wearing plaid).


I think most of us assumed that they wouldn’t miss the chance to have all three do an encore since they were together and, when the house lights, didn’t come up after Kris closed his set that seemed just about assured. But I feared for a minute there that they were going to have a problem. After an initial loud burst of applause for Kris, things got very quiet in the ballroom. I had never before seen an encore happen when the room wasn’t applauding and I wondered if there was going to be a first time for everything. Then, thankfully, some enterprising fans up front started a rhythmic clap and that got people going again. It was a bit tepid, but at least there was some noise.

Kris and his band came back out to cheers. But then Monte walked on stage and the place just erupted again. This was another moment where I felt a little bit badly for Kris – that couldn’t have felt great for him.

I figured this either had to be Crazy or DSB and I’m sure glad it was the former rather than the latter. It was nice to hear Allison get her turn to on this song. Her gravelly, rocker voice sounded wonderful.

I really liked this performance, especially after the Ford Day videos that underwhelmed. Both guys were sick then and so tired after the tour. But with a full band plus Monte, the sound was rich and dynamic. Also, at Ford Day it seemed like Adam held back a bit, but he sure did not do that last night. He wailed, he danced, he grooved and he wailed some more. When Allison led the crowd in a chant of “Kradison” as they were leaving the stage it was pure adorableness, snuggled up with puppies and sprinkled with rainbows.

As I wrote on twitter, this performance of Crazy seemed like a passing of the baton to Adam. It was a moment that they shared together and you could see how much love was on that stage for each other. Hugs, smiles and silliness abounded. But even as a shared moment, Adam owned it. What we had was two VERY, VERY good American Idol contestants and one Bat-shit Crazy, genuine MF'ing rock star.

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February 13, 2010

Recap of the Unplugged taping from LJ via glammax

So I had a fucking AWESOME afternoon.

- Set list and number of times played:
1. Music Again (2)
2. Mad World (2)
3. WWFM (3, started 5 times or so?)
4. Broken Open (2)
5. Down the Rabbit Hole (2 but only bc we BEGGED him to sing it again)


Okay. Can't really manage, you know, narrative structure at the moment so Imma just throw down info in bullet points and hope I keep it chronological.

- Showed up at the studio at 3 only to be told the doors are at 4. Went for coffee with my "guest" krisdia and the newly met and instantly stanned mistresscurvy and her adorable gay friend R. Flailed in the diner, felt REALLY nervous for some reason, briefly considered the potential embarrassment if I passed out during the gig because OMG ADAM. OMG.

- Went back, stood in line for a while, made friends with another adorable dude who replied to something in our chitchat with a dramatic "WWFM?" to our collective groans; but we quickly decided it was the sort of thing Adam would totally say too / appreciate in a self-deprecating manner. THIS WILL COME UP LATER.

- Were finally showed in. The studio was TINY - stage just in the middle of the floor, three "walls" made of off-white curtains, a black baby grand on the left, bongos/cymbals in the back, a few bar stools and guitar stands w/acoustic guitars (please don't ask what kind, I WAS NOT PAYING ATTENTION), and a bar stool and mic stand in the front. Like, 15 FEET AWAY FROM ME. There were three long rows of chairs for the audience and we were shown to the last row, all the way on the right - our row was extended so where was nobody between our group and the stage. I doubt K and I were in any camera shots of the audience, but we were sitting right next to Longineu's gf and Lane (also relevant later). And on their way in, ADAM AND THE BAND WOULD PASS RIGHT BY US.

- The set director (or whatever he's called) had us record some applause, some laughter, some combos of the two, and an "awwww" - REALLY FUCKING RIDICULOUS SHIT. They also basically told us cell phones and cameras fuck with their tech and if they see anyone using them, they'd be kicked out on the spot. So SORRY, NO PICS OR AUDIO. Everything had to be TURNED OFF and put away. (Also relevant a bit later.)

- First, the band came out. Zach was on the piano this time too - black hoodie, casual, something about the guy makes me wanna offer him to go grab some beers; he was ROCKING OUT during the set. \o/ Monte looked kinda fierce (black nail polish, fun hair!) and, as always, like the kinda dude you just wanna HUG. LP wore mostly black, a bit of glitter in the hair, his tats are gorgeous; he looked a bit green from the hangover. Tommy was in black skinny leather pants, those ridiculous black platform boots, the silver-and-black striped knit shirt (or is it a sweater?), and a black hoodie - bb looked cold and SOOOO hungover! Oh, and eyeliner, silver nails, and messy-looking hair, a.k.a. even more adorable than usual. May I also say he's hella skinny AND sort of supernaturally pretty in person? Because damn, that's what gorgeous looks like. I was trying very hard not to stare, which was hard because 1) he was sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME on the right side of the stage, and 2) uh, it's TOMMY. I can hardly believe how much I adore the guy. Btw, he was drinking something hot (tea?) out of a paper cup and had 2 bottles of water on the little stand next to him. He also came in with his Blackberry in his pocket, then when the warmup started and they were told there was interference, he quickly turned it off (LMAO), then ended up dropping it on the floor and deciding to leave it there. AHAHA TECH ADDICT.

- They were kinda checking out the crowd: Monte mentioned we were "so quiet" (and he was right - only a few people were jamming to the music, which was a fucking SHAME!). The band got settled and started to play a few things: a different arrangement of "Music Again", what sounded like the beginning of "Broken Open" on the piano, something that also sounded like "Mad World" (and we got excited). Then they started to GOOF OFF and played the Death March, the Imperial March from Star Wars (!!!), the theme from Super Mario Bros. and SOME PANTERA GODDAMN. \o/ Oh, and Tommy started to play one of Monte's songs too (either "Rain Is Falling" or "Out of the Black" - sorry, can't remember which one) so they played a few chords of that too. Seriously, the band has GELLED TOGETHER REALLY WELL - they sound incredible. (Btw, whoever might think Adam picked the bass player for his band based on looks is an idiot: Tommy is fucking AMAZING on strings.) Throughout all the goofing around, they kept cracking up at each other and making me wanna flail. ALSO, TOMMY WAS SMILING A LOT TODAY, PEOPLE. IT WAS... WEIRD AND BEAUTIFUL. More on this later.


He wore a black t-shirt, that black sweater/cardigan thingie, the black-and-silver skinny pants, black boots, the silver feather necklace (he pointed out it was by Alexander McQueen), fingerless gloves and accessories/jewelry he wore the previous night. Hair down/emo with dark blue and green streaks in the back, standard black eyeliner, pink/natural lips, OMG GORGEOUS IN EVERY WAY FROM HEAD TO TOE. Seriously, he is STUNNING in person. Also thinner than expected. (OMG HAVE SOME CHEESE, BB!!!)

Worth noting: I thought I'd be close to passing out by this time due to his sheer proximity, but it turns out Adam has a SERIOUS mellow vibe which he evidently shares with the room - a.k.a. within about a minute, I felt like I was simply hanging out in someone's house and a bunch of gorgeous, talented people just happened to be jamming to pass the time. Just totally comfy and enjoying myself, you know? It was AMAZING! Part of it is the band, of course, as they practically radiate "we're such nice guys" into the universe; but it's largely Adam. Everything about him is sort of effortless, comfortable, laid back and fun, and I do feel some sympathy for all the crazies who send him creepy Tweets and desperately want to be his BFFs - because come on, WHO DOESN'T? Overall impression: he is REALLY sweet, very professional (apologized to the studio staff/tech whenever they needed to repeat a song), very much on the ball (was specific about sound requirements for every song - no earpieces this time, just facing the speakers in the back!), and also quite funny and brassy and raunchy at times, but always and above all sort of... natural and genuine about everything he says and does. I have a hard time comprehending the notion that anyone could ever be offended by Adam because of the way he says/does stuff - like he owns it all completely, and it's an autonomous expression, not tailored to affect anyone else in any way but really and truly HIS, and you are welcome to react/respond as you wish. Does that make sense? I really, REALLY heart his entire attitude. Oh, he is such a magnificently different celebrity!!!


- Adam asked how we were doing and if anyone was at the concert the night before. Then he mentioned this was the "hangover" set, a.k.a. the vocal equivalent of a Bloody Mary. (Tommy was echoing the "punchlines" of Adam's jokes, esp. in the beginning, and I think he repeated the "hangover" part and was smirking throughout the whole thing = HOW SO PRESH OMG.) Then Adam said he was gonna take it easy today, it would be a different thing, he was going to bring it DOWN (lowered his voice on this, and it was just as hot as you can imagine) and also do some new stuff they haven't played live before. He joked that the setup in the studio required a hookah and an Afghan on the floor to sit on, take off one's shoes... then he said he'd actually keep his boots on because he needed a pedicure.

(At this point, Tommy jumped in and said/sang "pedicure on my toes-toes" and Adam laughed back at him and sang it back. OMG YOU GUYS, THEY HAVE THE MOST ADORABLE DYNAMIC IN THE WORLD. Seriously, I got a very strong impression that this is, basically, their relationship - Tommy is a sort of a pet/fanboy himself, but not in a frantic needy puppy way; more in a "so what if I'm a cat, I can be friendly when I want to" way. You know? He was chitchatting with Adam, who was in this instance focusing on the audience and the tech at the studio instead of on his band but always responded to Tommy in this really easy, happy, laid back way... I love these guys SO MUCH, I CAN'T EVEN. I love how they're turning certain sexual/gender identity notions on their head while also being the answer to the fandom's wildest dreams. Whatever their relationship might be, they have FANTASTIC chemistry.)

- Adam introduced his band from left to right (Zach, Monte, LP, Tommy). He was brief but warm with Zach and Monte, rambled for a bit about LP and how atmospheric his percussion sound would be for the day etc., and then - after a PAUSE - introduced Tommy and called him GLITTERBABY, to which Tommy did this super-quick little smile. (They are so LARPing Velvet Goldmine. heart )


- Adam messed up/totally forgot some of the lyrics in Music Again and, after the first attempt, told an audience member it happened because he was distracted by her feather earrings. :D He did this silly "Music Again, again?" thing with the tech a few times - oh, I love that someone so cool can also be so cheesy. :)

- He complimented a guy in the audience who wore eye makeup/glitter (and looked AWESOME, btw); the guy told him "I brought it" and blushed a bit, which was fabulous.

- "Mad World" was gorgeous. GORGEOUS. He sang parts of it with his eyes closed. It's very clear in live performances how much he connects to songs. AWW MY HEART.

- WWFM turned out to be a total pain in the ass, but omg, it was SO WORTH IT. Excellent, excellent arrangement, somehow even more ~personal than the previous performances of the song. IDK, I might be biased. Anyway, I think we had FIVE STARTS and three full performances of the song? And I enjoyed each abd every one.

- During one of the starts, Adam knocked over and spilled his tea (it was on a little stand by his bar stool) - and then just stared at it hilariously and shook his head a little. Everybody in the band cracked up at this, btw. We heard LP's gf laugh, and when K looked at her, she said this kinda stuff has been happening ALL DAY. Ahaha, poor Adam! He then asked if he could get another tea, or a straw so he could drink this one out of the carpet (which... LMAO OH BB, THE VISUALS). He also commented on the steam rising from the carpet as "fog machine" and joked how it was not in the budget, but there you go! He does the FUNNIEST voices, btw.

- At one point Adam actually said "this song is cursed"; on one of the attempted starts, a few bars in, the set director called cut - to which Adam turned to Monte and said "What a cock tease." LMAO! He followed that up by telling the audience: "Sorry, I have no filter; think I left it in LA." (We cheered at that, of course.)

- Between tries, Adam said to one of the techs (I think) "WWFM?" in a semi-dramatic voice, and then went "wah-waaah" AT HIMSELF as we laughed. It was hilarious, and the dude we met in the line had turned toward us and flailed about it. WE WERE SO RIGHT. \o/

- He asked if the whole cold-hot thing was making anyone else's body "go apeshit" (LMAO word choice) because his eyes kept watering. He also said he was a mess, which... c'mon. He wiped at the corner of his eye and then showed his finger saying he looks like he's crying copper. In between takes, he got his makeup freshened up RIGHT THERE ON THE STAGE. Lane and LPs gf just walked up and helped out, but Adam did his own eyeliner (which is sort of brain-stoppingly sexy to me for some reason). Then he had something in his eye and needed another minute. Throughout the set, he joked/imitated EMO CRYING and the one perfect tear that might drop at the right moment during in the right song... LMAO.

- Introduced "Broken Open" as one of the songs he wrote - well, co-wrote (his words). He seemed really excited to sing it live, finally. It's a beautiful song on the album, but live it's even more emotional; I was truly entranced by it, during both takes. Again, he sang parts of it with his eyes closed. heart

- After the slow/mellow of "Broken Open", Adam asked the crowd to chill, get into the music, sway/dance a little. Then he pointed out we were probably so quiet because HE COULD SEE US. LOL! Well, I did my dancing in the chair bit with no coaxing, I'm happy to say. It was a MAGNIFICENT set.

- And then, there was "Down the Rabbit Hole". GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH. And we got it twice!!!!!

He introduced "Down the Rabbit Hole" as a song he co-wrote, and said he hoped he could remember the lyrics because it was crazy and had the most random, non-sequitur lyrics he and his co-writer could think of (yes, he used "non-sequitur" - I STAN HIM SO). The song was inspired by the Burning Man and Alice in Wonderland and, haha, some other experiences. Then he said fans gave him the most hilarious misheard lyrics on Twitter, and I KNEW he'd bring up the Maybelline story - which he did! Then he put on the sass and said "I don't sing about Maybelline, gurl. I'm a MAC!" and that made me LOL.

- During the FIRST take, he gave the mic stand a handjob. The audience was finally getting bouncy, so we practically BEGGED to hear a repeat of the song - the VH1 folks were saying it sounded OK, but Adam didn't look ready to leave, the band was looking at us asking if we thought it sounded OK, Tommy even said "well, it's the last song" - and after hearing they still had 20 minutes in the studio, Adam asked if they could do it again. And oh, the beauty of repeated songs is that Adam gets more LOOSE with each try (not to mention that he NEVER sings a song the same way TWICE). This was no exception: he got even more acrobatic with phrasing, he was dancing on the bar stool, at one point (the "stripper heels" line) he touched his boot and then slid his hand all the way up his leg (so there was a little bit of crotch-grabbing action, albeit a mere shadow of Gridlock or last night) and, okay, I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH IT ALMOST HURTS OMG.

- At the end of the first take, someone in the audience said "That was the greatest experience of my life" to which Adam replied it would be an even greater experience to do what had inspired the song... reading Alice in Wonderland, of course. I HEART HIS SENSE OF HUMOR.

- Both times, Adam sang "it starts with HIS base" and looked/pointed at Tommy, so that seems to be the official updated line in the song. CLAM YOUR LYRIC, BB.

-... and omg, that was it!!! He thanked everybody for coming, said he hoped we had a good time, and then was led out. The band followed, everybody doing a little "bye" as they walked off stage (and jesus, I am still completely enamored of Tommy's li'l voice! BYE BB). OH - as Monte passed us by, he gave K a very friendly hand-on-the-shoulder squeeze! I AM TELLING YOU, MONTE SHOULD BE HUGGED EVERYWHERE HE GOES.

AND THAT WAS THE EPIC. We went to a bar, celebrated the occasion - and the fact that [info]mistresscurvy and her bf got MOVED TO THE FRONT ROW MID-SET (presumably bc the 2 blondes who sat there were, like, NOT MOVING and not reacting to the music at all, and also they probably wanted a boy up there somewhere too, haha) but you can read about that on her LJ or Twitter, whichever she's updated. (She's @mistresscurvy, btw.)



ETA: Ahaha, forgot this part - Adam pointed out that the previous night, he put glitter on LP's hair and LP was all like "DUDE, this is not gonna come out of the dreads" - and there was a little left, but Adam was all "...and see, you got it out!" HOMG SO PRESH. THESE GUYS. <3

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February 13, 2010

tarattimbs at HM via Fez

They let us in at 4. Pretty specific age group; good looking late teens and twenty somethings for the most part. 3 rows of seats, I was in third row but right in the center. Michelle Collins was sitting in front of me, so I chatted her up! Wants me to e-mail her so she can asks me q's about the show! She ended up having to get up and stand in back so ticketholders could sit in all the seats.

Set-up was a really small baby-grand, like a 1/4 grand piano lol. Doug played that. Acoustic guitar for monte, acoustic bass (!!!) for Tommy, bongos and stuff for LP.

They started out doing audience shots of us clapping, laughing, awwwing lol sooo awkward! Then the band came out and warmed up for the cameras. I heard Doug play one chord of Broken Open and I shit myself. I knew it was coming! They're all adorbs...but LP was confused about the crowd being so quite (we weren't sure exactly what to do lol) and was like WASSUP GUISE???? They were doodling around with some metal, some funeral marches, random shit, it was lovely.
Then Adam just breezes in! Sat on a stool the whole time. Bantered in between every song, he was still as comfortable and free as last night, and still seemed to have energy to spare. Kept talking about being hungover, but duuuuuuuude his voice, I mean ugh it was perfect, you'd never think he was hungover.

I'll talk about the songs, then give some banter highlights!

OH BTW HE LOOKED AMAZING emo hair, quite fluffy, smoky eyeshadow, that cardigan sweater thing that's kinda long with the holes in the bottom, shiny black shirt, lots of jewelery (including that silver leaf necklace that he informed us was Mcqueen :( ), mid-calf black boots, fingerless leather gloves of course!

Did a bunch of random talking about nothing inparticular, but I'll get to that later.
We knew Music Again was first, the band played through about half of it before Adam emerged. I was boppin one else really was. Most people didn't move much until the last song. Oh well...we were all into it but some people just don't seem to feel the need to ugh

MUSIC AGAIN (twice): Lots of fun acoustic, sounds cute with the addition of piano. Same tempo. Vocals weren't as big as normal, but it still had a lot of energy. Kept it low key in the melody, went down on "eyes baby eyes" instead of up. Guitar solo sounded great on acoustic! When Adam comes back in after that, he just like blarrgghed the lyrics it was hilarious! But finished the song nonetheless, and then they did it all over again! Every time he repeated a song, there was a new feel to it.
HIGHLIGHT: he got all French for "raison d'etre," so silly.

MAD WORLD (once...I think...maybe twice? idk i think once lol): Totally new arrangement. Not piano based, reealllly guitar based. It was the jam. Just a great, somewhat ethereal acoustic jam. HIS VOICE omgggg such a cool contrast to the band, he did it all in head voice, had his eyes closed half the time. He was soo into it; for this and every song he seemed to be so involved in the lyrics. New riffs, plus the classic ones we love (i.e. neerrrrvous) I had the chills the whole time.
It's funny, I was kind of hoping for a new cover, and was surprised at how excited I actually was to hear this again. Soooo glad he did it! But seriously don't remember if he did it once or twice!
HIGHLIGHT: I loved on tour when he would sometimes keep it in his head voice on "look right throughhh mayyyy" instead of belting, and of course he did exactly that today since the whole thing was really mellow. It was gorgeous, I think that's when the chills started

SIDENOTE I JUST THOUGHT OF: UNF Adam requesting changes in the monitor volume between every song. He's so in control. No ear plugs, but actual speakers in front of him, he was calling them the wedges lol

ALSO: he sat on a stool the whole time, dunno if I mentioned that. He was like "I'm so comfy! I'm gonna sit here the whole time."

WWFM (twice...with 5 false starts lol): He had already cracked us up a billion times prior to this, but the beginning(s) of this song were some of the funniest moments. They had to start the song 5 times, all for various reasons. Best one: right as Adam breathed to come in on his entrance, his tea knocked over ( it was on a towel
on a little table or whatever) so he just breathed in and was about to sing, and saw it and cracked up. Reinforcements had to come in. That was already his second tea. After the song he was like ummmm can I get a new tea? Or should I just suck the suck it off the floor with a straw? lolll Then some lewd comment about sucking it through carpet. LOVE HIM.
After another song start fail, he called Monte a cock tease. SERSIOUSLY, LOVE HIM.
Ok but the song tho: Most of it was in head voice so it was a really different feel and SO GORGEOUS. Cool melodic changes in the second verse inparticular. No other details really necessary just that you are all gonna need the MP3 of this, best WWFM ever no fucking question.
HIGHLIGHT: You know in the bridge on the recording when his voice is kinda distant, singing along to the synth solo before he goes "I won't let you down"? Well he sang that part today...but in the beautiful half voice he was using for most of it UNF. I dunno it was a highlight for me. /music nerd

SIDENOTE: His eyes are laser beams. Whenever he'd stare at a spot, or whenever he made eye contact with me, I dunno the contrast of the dark eye shadow just made his eyes really piercing lol I sound like a creep but SRSLY U GUISE......oh nevermind /glambert

BROKEN OPEN (twice omgggg I'm so glad he did it twiceeeeee): THIS. WAS. FUCKING. AMAZING. Before he sang it he was like yayyyy here's one that I wrote and that we've never performed before! Arrangement was great, that cool familiar piano intro with those chords, but so different and awesome with the guitars. Some of the tiny adlibs he did in this song melted me into a pool of abdul. Like...I would shudder and so would the girl in front of me and then we would acknowledge it and crack up. I was afraid they weren't gonna do it twice, just because it was so awesome but yesss they did it again and it was somehow soooo much more intense the second time, they've gotta use that one on tv!
HIGHLIGHT: His presence. He just put so much meaning into those lyrics, even beyond his vocals. Every look and movement seemed so...profound idk idk. It's amazing how he was sooooo silly in between songs and then he just goes into this zone where all that matters is the song.

~more to come?~

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February 13, 2010

mistresscurvy@LJ wrote:
Posted on 2010.02.14 at 15:03

Okay kids. This thing is the definition of tl;dr. If you're not either a huge Adam fan or a really, really big fan of sharing someone else's obsessive fannish glee, I'd recommend scrolling past. I say this as a public service. Also, a mild disclaimer about the order of banter/commentary that I recount here: I think I accurately remember when he said what correctly, but the timeline may be a little off. Being that close to him sort of melted my brain.

So my adorable, fabulous 23 year old gay boy bff won tickets to the VH1 Acoustic sessions yesterday and I was his plus one. I would owe him for the rest of my life if it weren't for the fact that he only knew about the casting call because I called him immediately and was like YOU NEED TO ENTER THIS NOW, except that he actually WON which means that I do totally owe him forever. I wasn't that surprised that they picked him, because he's a) a boy; b) adorable; c) Latino, which meant he was one of maybe three non-white people in the audience (FAIL, VH1); and d) COMPLETELY Adam's type. We met up with [info]no_detective and [info]krisdia, both of whom are fabulous benches and it was so awesome getting to hang out with them. It was also good being in a slightly larger group because it meant that I was a bit distracted while waiting to get in and so breathing was less difficult. R. and I had basically spent the previous two days alternating which one of us was totally losing our shit over how excited we were.

So the four of us are standing in line and the guy who checked us in walks by and says we're letting you in by groups, at which point R. shoves his face in my neck and is like HO SHIT, I totally hooked up with that guy at some point. I start laughing at him and ask him where/when, and he was like ...I was really drunk? Gay New York is small, peeps.

The line was mostly made up of women, but there were definitely some cute gay boys there, including one who dressed a little like Adam in that rocker way, with tons of jewelry and black nails and black leather boots and jacket and metal spikes, and another who was dressed pretty normally but was wearing very Adam makeup - sparkly eyes with liner and full glossy lips. He looked very pretty.

We finally got let into the studio after standing outside in the freezing wind for what felt like forever and were seated in the back row next to the two gay guys. There were three rows of folding chairs - the first two rows had like 12 seats each, and then the back row had 16, so there was a little tail of four seats sticking out in House Right - that's where me, R., [info]no_detective and [info]krisdia sat. The close up cameraperson was set up right in front of us, which is why there weren't seats there. Michelle Collins of VH1's Best Week Ever was sitting right in front of the gay guy to my left, but she actually asked the dude R. hooked up with if she could just stand in the back, which was a good thing because the guy next to me was bitchy as HELL about the fact that MC is literally an Amazon - girl is tall. Also remarkably pretty in person.

A couple more audience members are let in, and R. leans over to me and identifies two more guys there that he's fucked, so at this point out of a room containing about 20 men total (including all the techs, half of whom are clearly straight), R. has a running tally of 3 men down for the count. He then says whatever, girl, that camera in front of us is going to be all up in your large tits, at which point the guy to my left said did he just say you have lunch tits, because if so that's kind of clever since they look like they'd be great to munch on. I have to say that while the people I actually sleep with definitely appreciate my rack, no one talks about my chest in quite the way that my gay male friends (and newly made acquaintances, apparently) do. ANYWAY.

The stage set is with a baby grand far stage right, acoustic guitar a little stage left of the piano, bongos and crash cymbals upstage center, acoustic bass stage left, and a stool with a mic stand in front of it downstage center - it's the same basic location setup they always use. Also, there are floor wedge monitors for Adam - he didn't use an ear piece.

The stage manager came out, thanked us for coming, said that this isn't storytellers, it's unplugged, so there won't be a Q&A, told us to have lots of energy and to respond physically to the tracks, AND THEN WE HAD CLAPPING REHEARSAL which they filmed with a camera right in our faces, OH MY GOD, it was the funniest thing ever. We had to do huge applause, then applause that was a little bit more than a golf clap but with no vocalizations, laughter into applause, AWWWWWing, and seriously by the end of it you just feel like utterly crazy people.

AND THEN. The BAND walks in, all adorable and bouncy (except for LP, who definitely looked the most actively hungover out of the group, he was clearly hurting), they all look like punk rockers who happened to wander in and found acoustic instruments and were like, yeah, we can rock these. Monte said I recognize a couple of you from last night to the crowd. He was in a great mood.

They warmed up with and set levels to parts of Music Again, Broken Open and Mad World, and THEN they started rocking out Imperial March from Star Wars, Tommy did the bass line from one of the Super Mario Bros. theme, and then they messed around on some Pantera and one of Monte's songs. One of things I love about the band (aside from the fact that they all genuinely seem like awesome, nice people) is that they are huge DORKS. It's like people forget that rock band guys are one step away from marching band guys on the evolutionary scale, and they share a lot of the same youth experiences and influences. I LOVE THEM. Also, the band totally loves each other, OMG.

One last thing? Tommy really is a fucking great musician, no but for reals, guys. He's pretty as pretty can be (especially in person), that can't be denied, but he was fucking badass on bass yesterday, and I could actually tell how good he is much more clearly on the acoustic arrangements. Bitch knows what he's doing. Also, hysterically, the gay guy to my left leans over to me while Tommy is warming up and says, I totally think that guy is fucking Adam, the lucky bitch. He's the guy we all hate, BIG SIGH. I nearly died laughing.

At one point while they were messing around, I noticed that Roger and Lane were both in the studio, at which point I was like, he's coming in any moment, OMG, CAN'T BREATHE AGAIN.

Adam comes in, is totally chill, bright, beautiful, utterly impossible to look away from, and says, in that way he does, hey guys *beaming smile*. He talks about being crazy last night, and how now he going to do something totally different and bring it DOWN, which he says in a total sex voice. Says he wants to take off his boots but that he won't because he doesn't have a pedicure, AT WHICH POINT Tommy busts out with Ke$ha and speak-sings "Pedicure on my toes, toes," Adam echos back "Toes, toes" to him, they grin like huge dorks at each other, and the rest of the band is like WAT. I could not stop laughing. Adam then says something about wanting a hookah and afghan to complete the vibe, says we can bust out lighters, he wouldn't mind, although maybe the techs would.

His energy is delicious. When I say that he's impossible to look away from, that's really what it felt like. I kept trying to watch the band during parts of the performances, but every time I looked away from him it was like a tracker beam of energy drew my focus back to his eyes. Also, it is totally not fair that someone can look (and SOUND, oh my god) that good while being that hungover. He had that sort of jittery energy in his body that you get the day after a major drinkfest - that was really the only big indication he was hungover (that and he was even more of a goofball with no filter than he normally is). He had emo hair, light (for Adam) eye makeup - eyeliner and some shadow, but not a lot of sparkle, pink (unbelievably perfect and pretty) lips. He was wearing those tight shiny black jeans with silver accents, black t-shirt, black hoodie sweater, plain black leather boots, silver leaf necklace and one other necklace, forget which one, black leather fingerless gloves, tons of silver bracelets.

The first song they did was Music Again - delightful, funniest 'raison d'etre' of all time, he was totally camping it up, love it, R. and I are dancing in our seats and mouthing along the words. The rest of the audience is much more reserved, especially down front. AND THEN Adam totally lost his words BIG TIME during the "But I'm so sick of living for other people" section after the guitar solo, literally just started singing nonsense words, it was hysterical. Adam looks at a girl in front row and says 'hey, YOU know the words,' totally makes fun of himself. He starts joking around with Monte while the techs reset, says it's time for Music Again Again, they both repeat that like five times, are totally adorable.

Adam says he got distracted by the girl's earrings, compliments her on them. Someone else says I like your jewelry, he says thanks, pretty much immediately says I like YOUR jewelry back to her. He started playing with his silver leaf necklace and tells us it's by McQueen, we all gasp/awww, he says yeah, it's so sad, and then gets this look on his face like OKAY, moving on from death now, please.

He totally nails the second take, camps it up again on raison d'etre, I cannot wait to see this moment on film.

In between MA and Mad World, he intros the band, says something like 'isn't the band fantastic', and we all cheer. He introduces Zach, then Monte, then LP, then Tommy - and there was a bit of a pause before Tommy, he said something like 'And Tommy is on the bass' while looking at him, and then keeps pointing at him and turns to us and says 'glitterbaby.'

Side note on shipping: I am totally ship neutral when it comes to RL Adam; for fic I basically ship him and whoever good writers want to pair him with, I will read him paired with practically anybody if the writer/story is good enough. And for RL Adam I honestly don't care who he dates/fucks/makes out with so long as they make him happy - if I happen to find the guy attractive, that's a nice bonus, but whatever, it's not actually about my personal taste in guys. But what is clear, regardless of what may or may not be going on offstage, is that Adam really gets along with and likes his band and that he has a particular connection with Monte and Tommy. And it is so much fun getting to watch them banter and enjoy each other's company, for serious. Okay, side note DONE.

Adam then talks about being out late last night and says that this is the hangover show, the vocal equivalent of a bloody Mary. He also says that this session is different than what he usually does, and he likes it.

Adam gives a shout out to 'the young one in the back with the glitter,' the gay guy two peeps down from me. The guy says back something like 'Well, I had to bring it' and is sort of adorably nervous and thrilled at the same time. Adam says 'it looks good,' gay guy does an admirable job of not losing his shit in response.

Adam and the stage manager ask the crowd to loosen up - the front row in particular were just...not responsive. I think they were mesmerized by his beauty, which was understandable, but for serious, they weren't giving Adam ANYTHING in the way of energy or feedback. Adam asked if we were stiff because he could see us so clearly. Honestly, a lot of the audience just weren't giving him much to work with, which totally baffled me, not gonna lie. R. and I continue to dance in our seats and mouth along all the words and interact with each other - not annoyingly, but just the way you do at a concert. I do not understand how you can listen to him and not physically react. It may be acoustic, but it's still fucking Adam Lambert.

He then sang Mad World which was totally glorious and made me love the song again. He did it twice, nothing funny/weird really happened during the takes, I think they just did two to be safe.

One of the girls in the front row tells him he's beautiful or gorgeous or some such, he says thanks and immediately turns around and tells her that she's gorgeous, too - it's totally his way of deflecting admiration of him, but it also brings up his whole empowerment 'own your own beauty/life experience, dammit - I know you think I'm amazing, and that's awesome, and thank you, but you're amazing, too, and I am not the best thing about your life. Create your own life' thing. This will come up again.

AND THEN. The stage manager comes up front and says we're shifting some of the seating, and the dude that R. hooked up with comes up to me and R. At first we both think we're getting moved to the back so they can seat Adam's friends or something, and then he's like, you guys have awesome energy, we want to move you to the front, keep giving Adam that energy. R. and I look at each other and are both like !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how much of the reason we got moved was because the guy recognized R., or the fact that R. is adorable and I'm not ugly, or if it was really just based on the fact that we were actively having a good time, but WHATEVER. If the hookup helped, this was totally worth a good drunken blow job. Gay guy next to me calls us lucky bitches, and R. and I successfully avoid flailing like crazy people in the middle of the shoot while we move down front directly in front of Adam. The close up camera is now directly to my right, which means that every time Adam plays to that camera it's like he's looking at my right shoulder. The venue was small enough that he made eye contact with everyone occasionally, even those in the back, but this was a totally different level. I was literally unable to look away from him for the rest of the concert except for when R. and I would occasionally interact with each other. I have no idea what the fuck the band was doing for the rest of the show, Tommy could have been blowing LP behind the drum kit for all I knew.

And now we had the Epic Fail of WWFM. Adam makes an awful, fabulous WWFM pun and then wawn waws himself, we all groan/laugh. They had four fucked up takes before they got a full cut of the song. The monitors were weird one time so Adam stopped them, the next take Monte gets stopped by the techs for an unknown reason three bars in. Adam turns around to Monte and says 'such a cock tease' and then he seems to realize he just said that in front of all of us and apologizes for not having a filter this weekend, we coo at him and are like BABY KEEP GOING WITH THAT. The next take Adam knocks over his tea, and Monte and Tommy start laughing at him, he's totally adorable. Adam says the song is cursed and then comments about getting his fog because of the steam that was rising from the floor where the tea fell, says he wanted a fog machine originally but he couldn't have it - it wasn't in the BUDGET, totally camp and faux bitchy, it was hysterical. He asks for more tea, please (he is so unrelentingly polite), AND THEN makes some comment like 'or you can get me a straw and I can suck it up through the carpet,' and the audience is like UM.

OH! At some point he said that something was 'totes' and then said totes again and laughed and I about lost my mind with glee, but I cannot for the life of me remember what he was responding to - I think he was talking with Monte or maybe Tommy about something? I wish I could remember! [info]no_detective and [info]krisdia, any idea?

On the fifth try, they finally get through WWFM and then they do it again. It's so so good, makes me love the song.

Adam makes comment about liking the stool, I'm not even gonna stand up!, he is a campy campy campy MF. He is just on it. Intros Broken Open as being a song that has never been done live before, audience buzzes with delirious joy. He says it's one of the one he wrote, and then amends that as 'co-wrote' and then waves his hand around and says whatever! in this big fake drama moment. Seriously, I could not love him more. Broken Open is an unbelievable vocal, does it twice, arrangement is haunting and perfect and lovely. Zach is great on keys.

Adam says that LP yelled at him about getting glitter in his dreads last night because it'll never come out, and Adam says but see, it's mostly come out, at which point LP shook his head and glitter was airborne. LP was very srs bsns the whole shoot - he was definitely the least interactive of the band.

in between Broken Open and Down the Rabbit Hole Adam makes some comment about now that we brought it down (using his sex voice again), it's time for something totally different. Talks about writing on this next track and how the lyrics were totally this crazy word association game and laughs about the twitter party when people had no idea what the lyrics were. He says it's Burning Man inspired, 'certain experiences' inspired, Lewis Carroll inspired. Adam brings up Make believe/Maybelline Twitter mix-up, then says "girl, I wear Mac" really bitchy and laughs at himself.

Okay, the miming during DTRH was out of control, and he sounded INCREDIBLE. During the 'melts in your face, not in your Armor All' line he flexed his bicep while singing 'Armor All', which makes no sense at all, but he was also clearly singing 'Armor All' so IDEK. There was a leg sex move during 'stripper moves' line. Utterly hysterical when he calls us hos and gigalos. He mimed doing a handjob on the mic during kaleidoscopes line and was totally looking directly at R. while doing it. R. responded TOTALLY INVOLUNTARILY by spreading his legs and palming his own crotch before he remembered that WE WERE BEING FILMED, at which point he had to cross his legs. I know we hear more from the fangirls than we do from the gay boys about the impact of Adam's Adamness, but trust me, it is fucking potent for the boys, too. Adam was totally riding the mic stand while he sat on the stool. It was intensely sexual for an acoustic performance, is all I'm saying. Completely insane during the 'who are you's' at the end.

Girl in audience says after the first take that seeing that was the best experience of her life. He tells her, not unkindly, that she should go out and have the type of experience the song is about, and that THAT would really be the best. He then clarifies that he means experiencing 'Lewis Carroll'. Incredibly cheeky about the blatant drug references.

Brief tangent: There's a really interesting whole message from Adam about 'don't live through me, you can love me and my music, but live your own lives, I'm not living this way for you to get to experience it, it's not the same thing.' It's an easy message to dismiss, since of course he has this crazy life, he's the glittery alien from planet fierce and is gorgeous and unbelievably self-assured, but he created that shit, and I think he genuinely wants to see other people create their equivalent crazy selves - not to be copies of him, but to fully live out their own self-expression, whatever that looks like. It'll be different for everyone, but I really think what he's saying is, don't live vicariously through me, please. It's actually bad for both of us. ANYWAY.

After the first take of DTRH, the stage manager says that the take looks good from the booth, Zach comments that they have twenty minutes left, we all basically beg them to let them do it one more time, Tommy says 'last song' and the stage manager finally come back and say okay, one more time. They do it again, crazy crazy crazy again, but crazy different - he really never sings something the same way twice. During second take he goes crazy on the disco rodeo line, whoops and mimes lassoing something. This time he pointed directly at R. during the 'who are you' section.

At the end of the second take, he thanked us again, and then just sat there, took a sip of tea, and then clearly remembered that it was now over, and was all, actually no, really, THANK YOU, and then got off stage in a flash. No opportunity for meet and greet or autographs, but really, THAT WAS OKAY.

His talent is so large, you guys. It is impossible for me to really imagine him doing anything else with his life - I don't really believe the whole thing that some people are 'born' to do one thing and only one thing, but I have to say that Adam just belongs on stage performing for people, because it's clear that he loves it, and he brings something to performing that I've never encountered before. He is literally mesmerizing. When we left the studio it felt like this crazy, unreal dream. I am so glad we're going to get video of the tracks, not just because he and the band sounded fucking amazing, but also because there's a part of me that still kind of can't believe that happened, and it'll be nice to see evidence. Also, I was really, really happy with the set list, especially because aside from WWFM there wasn't another overlap between these takes and the AOL sessions, which means we get the most of Adam doing live performances that have great tech and sound quality.

...And that was my Saturday.

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HUM CD Signing (Australia)
Marlaploise wrote:
OK guys I'm back from the in store appearance , my brain has turned to mush so not sure how much of it I can actually remember, it went by so fast. He was everything people have said when they have met him , absolutely stunningly gorgeous , so nice and charming.
I went with my gay male friend we had a few seconds to talk to him , mainly about the rings he was wearing and how amazing he is. I asked him what time he was performing at the party , he said around 7 am , I thought "fuck" thinking thats going to be looong night for me and then I almost died when I realised I said "fuck" out loud.
Anyway he signed our Cds , we had our photo taken and we shook hands *twice* *FLAIL*

There was a competition and the winner got to introduce him on stage & ask him questions . A guy with bright red hair won.
1st question do you have a boyfriend ? No then jokingly said "I have lots" I think someone in the crowd yelled out "here he is"
2nd question what was the inspiration for voodoo?? he laughed and said "a past boyfriend" so I guess thats confirmation that it was about Drake. also said he wanted to write a song that was sexy ,mysterious, mystical.
And third question was about what he thinks of Australia.
I didn't take many photos and I am a computer idiot so have no idea how to upload them but I'm sure they will be turning up all over soon.Ok as I was writing this I noticed has posted a photo so no need to describe what he was wearing.
Now I need to get something to eat and go have an afternoon nap to get ready for the party tonight. OMG I still can't believe I met ADAM !!!!

Sainty wrote:
Hi everyone,

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Just got back from the signing at Hum records. What a bizzare surreal experience it was. Please excuse all spelling and gramatical errors because I still feel a bit spaced out.

We got there about an hour early and there was probably about 100 people already in the line. It was very hot and the wait seemed to last for ever. Finally a big black car showed up and people started screaming and running up the front, my daughter and husband included. They got a couple of snaps of Adam which I'll try and post if I can work out how to. My husband talked to a few of the people at the front of the queue (they were probably the most dressed up glitter wise) and said that they were American and nice. It took about an hour for us to move the 50 metres to the front of the store and finally get out of the sun, only to notice that the queue inside seemed just as long. We were very excited to see that Adam was talking to everyone and letting people take photos with him. Finally we inched our way to the front and were next in line. The called us up and Adam shook my hand (hee hee) and asked my name. I told him my name and that my daughter was a huge fan and he asked if we would like the cd signed to both of us which was very nice. Actually at about this stage my mind seems to have frozen a bit and my husband tells me I did a lot of giggling like a schoolgirl - embarrassing. The lady at the store took a photo of all of us which unfortunately turned out blury. Then it was all over, on our way out we noticed that the cue was still out the door and about 50 metres down the street.

Ooh Marlaploise I just noticed you were there too, wasn't it wonderful? Adam is so sweet, he took time with everyone was friendly and didn't seem to mind how long it all took.

Marlaploise wrote:
Sainty I was about 15 people from the front so I got in and out of there fairly quickly, I got there around 8.30 but it was well worth the 3+ hours waiting in the sun. Yes it felt bizarre & surreal, it took awhile to sink in that he was there "in the flesh" and not on my computer or TV screen. He was adorable & sweet to everyone.
I think I did a lot of giggling like a schoolgirl as well, the more I think about it the more embarrassed I get, especially when my friend told Adam how much I loved him when I was trying to downplay my obsession :) Oh and when he was signing the CD you could see he was having to think about how to spell my name so I started spelling it for him and then I thought to myself shut up its not that hard to spell .. great now I sound patronising. By that stage I thought it would be better if I shut up and let my friend do all the talking. At least I didn't blurt out what I usually say to the computer screen when I see a pic or watch a video of him , I 've been known to say either you're so pretty or you make my lady parts tingle. Oh well hopefully because I was at the beginning of the queue by the time he'd finished he would have forgotten all about me.
I'd love to know how many people were there today .
I'm insanely jealous of you Americans & Canadians , we only get him for a few days, its going to be a loooong time before we get him back here Down Under.

Sainty wrote:
catzmadam wrote:
Sainty I am so thrilled for you that you got to meet BB! I know how hot the Australian sun can be so you all deserve a medal for standing in that queue for such a long time - truly you do! But what a reward at the end eh!

Hopefully one day I too can do the same :)

The funny thing is Catzmadam, that yesterday it was raining all day and this morning was overcast so I took my umbrella. Turned out to be a good thing because a lot of people were using them for shade. And the reward was definitely worth it, I still break out in inane giggles when I think about meeting Adam.
I hope Adam does get to go to New Zealand, it is a beautiful place to visit.

By that stage I thought it would be better if I shut up and let my friend do all the talking. At least I didn't blurt out what I usually say to the computer screen when I see a pic or watch a video of him , I 've been known to say either you're so pretty or you make my lady parts tingle. Oh well hopefully because I was at the beginning of the queue by the time he'd finished he would have forgotten all about me.
I'd love to know how many people were there today .

LOL Marla. I'd love to know how many people were there as well. There were definitely more than I thought there would be and a variety of different types of people as well. Have fun at the Mardi Gras tonight.

Adam signing
bloodykisses4eva wrote:
Adam Lambert (american idol runner up) has finally come to Australia! and had an instore signing on the 6/3/10 @ HUM on oxford. At the end of the video, you will hear a girl call out "bye adam" that was peatyn,and adam replied "bye sweetie!". and everyone was like naaaw! lol enjoy,,, : ) ps. my sister filmed this..

courtesy Sainty:
Crowd waiting:

Adam arriving:

Adam arriving:

photo from Jerilin via IDF

from vv80 PB:

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Sydney (Australia) Mardi Gras
March 6, 2010

Marlaploise wrote:
OMFG !!!! I'm back from Mardi Gras. I have no words.... that had to be the most EPIC 5 mins of my life. He is one sexy MOFO!!!
That bedazzled codpiece , the tights which showed off his amazing ass , the bedazzled codpiece, the glittery naked chest, the bedazzled codpiece..........Ok I think you can pretty much guess what I was looking at for most of that performance.
He sounded great as well, my friend who has not really listened to him sing before said she thought he had a great voice and would come & see him if/when he tours.
Great reaction from the crowd too.
Tried to take some photos but I was so distracted by the sexy that instead of pressing the photo button I kept on pressing the off button on the camera. The ones I did manage to take were mostly blurry but I have posted a couple of photos on the AWOP photobucket default album but my brain has turned to mush, I'm tired and I 'm a technology idiot and I can't work out how to get them to show up here.

Marlaploise's pic

Adam Lambert FYE Mardi Gras 2010

Marlaploise wrote:
For those who were asking yesterday the Mardi Gras stage was basically a raised platform in the middle of a large pavillion so he had to constantly move around the stage to face all the crowd . When I arrived I wasn't sure where to stand but I was lucky in that he seemed to favour my side of the stage. And I may be hopelessly biased but he really did sound good live.
I've never been to Mardi Gras before so I don't really know what the pimp spot is but the room was way less crowded than earlier in the evening.

Haven't seen the Sunrise performance yet as I'm at work. We went to see him at the studio this morning , standing outside looking through the glass windows. It was only a small crowd, about 20 of us. I don't watch the show much but as far as I know they generally dont have a sit down interview, normally only have a quick chat with the artist before or after he performs.
It was sweet of him to come outside at all as he could have left through the underground carpark, he signed a few autographs but was then ushered away by his minders.

I may have only spent a few minutes with him over the past 3 days but that was enough to know that he really is a beautiful person inside & out.

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Singapore March 12, 2010
Sony Music Showcase

almondglaze wrote:
From AO:
Mercury50 wrote:
Re: Monterrific from twitter –
a gold record in front of a packed crowd in a country you never imagined going to
And I was there to witness it - oh my ra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very emotional!!!! That was the first time I had seen Adam and he was spectacular - both voice and looks. I am even more hooked than I was before. And I flew all the way back to Singapore from the UK just for this - going back to uk to continue my vacation on Sunday . Worth every single little penny!!!!!!!!!! Off to autograph signing tomorrow. yay!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sleepysleepsleep wrote:
Music showcase recap by ennaoj on IDF
I'm BACK from the showcase!!! w00twave.gif w00twave.gif w00twave.gif
lets see what happened.

hmm everyone seemed to reach super duper early. The showcase started pretty late and Adam stood behind the door and waved to us for a while. And then on came the fireworks! (random) but they were awesome and it just shows that Singapore considers Adam a mega superstar!!!

after a long long time a waiting we were finally ushered in. Adam picked 5 fans who got to go up on stage and answer questions. They got a poster thing. AND A HUG! Everytime someone hugged adam the audience would just go crazy LOL.

Thennn the host and Adam talked a bit, about eating chilli crab and coming back to Singapore soon! *fingers crossed* Then Glenn (the host) taught Adam how to speak Singlish.

Singlish, by the way, is sort of an english slang that singaporeans speak hahahah.

So he made adam speak singlish and it was SO ADORABLE!! Especially when he learnt how to say thankyou (kam sia) Because then everytime we cheered he'd say kamsia! PRECIOUS OHGOD.

Okay moving on. It was meant to be a 3 song set but he sang Music again, Whataya want from me, Sleepwalker, Broken Open, Mad world.

Then he left the stage ):


so he came back! and sang down the rabbit hole!!!!!!!!!

okay I'm still flailing from his awesomeness. haha.gif
hope this post wasn't too long!

Music showcase recap by adamspore on IDF
Just came back heart.gif

WOW flowers.gif

The show was fantastic

Love Adam adamlick.gif he's so incredible , sounds great , looks great too heart.gif

In short :

The host Mr Glenn Ong keep calling adam as a big big superstar flowers.gif yay thumbsup.gif

Full house , about 1500 people I think original.gif

Adam sang six song , MA , WWFM , SW , BO , MW and DTRH Adam dance a little during DTRH , yes , we are lucky yes.gif

After Adam sang Mad World , the whole theatre gave him a standing O original.gif feel extremely happy because all those VIP was the first to do so thumbsup.gif

Adam was presented a gold record by Sony flowers.gif

The whole crowd went crazy for Adam , we are nuts and I love it , yes , we love Adam heart.gif

Thank you Adam for coming to Singapore , hope to see you soon yes.gif

JazzRocks wrote:
Here's a translation of a recap from the Singapore concert (from PF). "Dang Dang" is what they call Adam! So cute.
Crazy Rock Night in Singapore

I LOVE YOU DANG DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all, I don’t have Dang Dang’s picture because it’s not allowed! So I didn’t take any. But someone took shaky, blurry cell phone pics; you just have to wait for them.
The first surprise today for me is that Adam’s popularity is much much bigger than I realized!! Big proportion of fans and teens and we are quite crazy!!! Basically most people wear black clothing and black nail polishes. Some sport very glam looks. There are people from England, Malaysia and Japan. Why do I know they are from Japan? Because they are wearing Kimonos. Also, there were all colors of people (race)!
Oh, oh, and the second surprise is the big number of male fans. There were male fans who are heavily made up and wearing netting clothing. Most of the males are teen fans. Lots of good looking guys there. There are also 30 and 40ish middle age male fans too. There are also pairs of male fans. (wink, wink) and some tween (12ish) fans dressed in very rock garbs.
This is how we enter the venue: As soon as the doors open we ran into the main street. We ran and scream….. We were absolutely high spirited. There were TV cameras and I hope they didn’t capture my image; I must look like a lunatic. Many workers asked us to calm down but we just screamed something like “Oh, MY GOD!” and we scared them away. Once we get there we realized we still have to wait outside the concert hall. Outside there were lots of giant posters of Dang Dang and big red carpet like background boards.
There were lots of press waiting too. We waited for a long while and when the doors opened we creamed. Many fans were interviewed. Teens are very excitable (including me) and many of them were shouting “Adam, marry me!” The event workers had a lot of requirement for us to follow; so we shouted at them: “Whataya Want from Us?” They didn’t understand so we told them to go ask Adam. HE taught us that phrase!

Today Dang Dang sang Broken Open, WWfM, happy version of MW, and……Rabbit Hole! I fogot what other songs he sang because I was too excited. Sorry! Rabbit Hole is SO GOOD.
When Dang Dang appeared on stage the screams will scare you to death! I was scared. Of course I creamed along and then I cried! I bawled! I tried to control myself and tried very hard to stop; but I can’t. I cried and I got panda eyes (original text: my eyes turned black.)
What does handsome means? What does sculptured means? Just look at Adam. I did not exaggerate. He must lose weight while doing global promotion. There’s no excess flesh on his face anymore. He looked striking.
Today he wore the variegated color Dior pants and his legs looked a lot thinner than the pictures. He have to stop losing weight. You’ll believe me if you look at him in person. At least the legs can’t be any thinner now. He wore a very glam leather jacket and white gloves. Of course he has eye make up on and he walked with pronounced inward pointed feet. Quite pronounced. I found it very funny.
Dang Dang’s voice is like from the heavens. When he sang the whole place was extremely quiet and hushed. His voice is sooo enjoyable to listen to!!!! We sang along at WWfM.
The host asked lots of Dang Dang trivia and we all knew the answers. It felt really good that we all have such deep knowledge about him. There were five lucky fans who got to go on stage. They got to hug him and were given his posters. They were quizzed about Dang Dang and of course they all answered correctly. There was a young boy (13ish) among the five lucky fans who was especially cute. He was too shy to look at Adam and when the host asked him to look at Dang Dang he only stole a shy glance…..
At the end we all shouted “encore!” and it was very high spirited. So Dang Dang reappear to sing the happy version of MW. We all twisted (dance) along with Dang Dang and his inward pointed feet. We twisted along in that heavenly voice and witness the gold certificate. We were all very high. There are far more people who love him than I imagined. And far crazier too.
Ps: the drummer gege (older brother, intimate title for a man) is very handsome and gentlemanly too. He bowed with his hand on his heart! So charming!
Uncle Soy Sauce (her nickname for Monte, origin unknown by me) was very cute too. Looks like an onion. He looked at Dang Dang with a paternal gleam…..
Pps: I love you, I love you, I love you, Dang Dang!!!!!!!
I love you very much, I love you so so much, I love you to death!!!!!!!!

Law Mom wrote:
From, quoting AO:

Also, Adam’s got himself a Chinese nickname already. Yup, you made it boy. What that name is you ask? Dang dang. Explanation, as given on AO: “It is the character for “contemporary” or “modern” doubled. The trendiest kind of nickname for young Chinese people right now is one character doubled, which is what this is. It originates from the standard English to Chinese translation of “Adam”, which is Ya Dang. To make his nickname, his Chinese fans dropped the first character and doubled the second one.”

 Post subject: Re: Special Appearances
PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:48 pm 
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Music Showcase

nds575 wrote:
Universal Studios SG concert recap from Terra via PF:

Here's my Twitter recap. Pls read in reverse order.

HAHA he did get some fireworks for sure! RT @FifthHouseSun: @terra_zephead Pyro adjacent! 3 minutes ago via TweetDeck

@alongcame_polly I'm 100% sure they intend to do that 4 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to alongcame_polly

I htink i'll compile and post my recap into HM. Sorry i prefer to tweet than write essays :P 5 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Oh, i actually got to see lots of pretty fireworks at around 8 PM!!! I think they're rehearsing for some shows and the skies were ablaze! <3 6 minutes ago via TweetDeck

And he's the first performer to ever have performed in that theatre!! 7 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Oh and i think it's really sweet and full circle that he was playing at the Panteges Theatre in Universal, albeit Singapore version 7 minutes ago via TweetDeck

The horrifiic green thing at the bottom of the 2nd pic is I <3 U Adam sign that they gave us 13 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Here's me at Universal. Not putting other photos up cos my friend is in some of them 14 minutes ago via TweetDeck

@pjd65 but i think receiving the plaque was really nice tho 19 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to pjd65

@pjd65 i don't think he was surprised by the gold because he wld have known how well he was selling anyways 19 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to pjd65

And i'm pretty sure it's well on its way to platinum thanks to SonySg's "efforts" 22 minutes ago via TweetDeck

In singapore, 6000 copies is gold, 12000 is platinum. THe album prob already hit gold before the deluxe album was released 23 minutes ago via TweetDeck

I used the sign to fan myself because I think someone forgot to turn on the airconditioning upstairs lol 24 minutes ago via TweetDeck

@FifthHouseSun he was smiling and really happy from what i could tell from the distance 25 minutes ago via TweetDeck in reply to FifthHouseSun

So much 2nd hand embarrassment 26 minutes ago via TweetDeck

oh btw, when entering Universal Studios, we were each 'gifted' with some stupid Glambert sign that says "I <3 U Adam" 26 minutes ago via TweetDeck

couldn't get any pics of him at all no thanks to Resorts World/ Universal Studios/SonySg 27 minutes ago via TweetDeck

ok i'm going to try upload a pic of me at Universal Studios lol 28 minutes ago via TweetDeck

I'm not going to even bother queuing. I'll prob just go there tomorrow to get some pictures and that's it 29 minutes ago via TweetDeck

I'm never going to forgive Sony Sg for setting up the signing at Bugis. That place is a mad house even on normal weekends 29 minutes ago via TweetDeck

trip down to that potentially hazardous zone at Bugis Junction. OMG i think they need security there and crowd control tomorrow 30 minutes ago via TweetDeck

My only regret i haven't actually been able to see how Adam looks IRL because i was too fucking far away. So i guess i have to make the (c) 31 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Questions? :P 32 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Ok that's the end of my recap! 32 minutes ago via TweetDeck

But thank you stans from the US in my feed who can appreciate talent :P xoxox 33 minutes ago via TweetDeck

shame on you America LOL 34 minutes ago via TweetDeck

And srsly, you know i'm not an idol fan and never will be, but how did this guy lose idol again? 35 minutes ago via TweetDeck

but other than that, you have to be there to experience it. All the radio recordings you've heard from Oz etc, do no justice 35 minutes ago via TweetDeck

I think the closest that the live recordings come to recording his voice adequetely would be the WLL and Broken Open recordings from FS 36 minutes ago via TweetDeck

the gorgeousness of his voice has to be experienced when you're physically there. The recordings do no justice 37 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Serriously I've heard most of the performance on videos and audio and i know it's probably ad naseum but 38 minutes ago via TweetDeck

To those stupid idol bloggers who say that he's about screeching etc etc. sorry about your life; sorry about your lack of musicality 39 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Yes pls let;s make that happen babe! RT @mian: Oh unfortunately I did not get to meet @terra_zephead but that shall happen tomorrow! 40 minutes ago via TweetDeck

I hope he never returns to theatre except for maybe one-off productions because that voice demands a global audience 42 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Anyways, omg. he's fucking amazing live. Even if you never bought his CD; you have to see him perform live 43 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Ooops lol i just realised that I put @Chrisss right at the beginning of my tweets and you might have missed some of them as a result 44 minutes ago via TweetDeck

I think this song is a pure testament to how fantastic the band is at improvisation and live jamming 45 minutes ago via TweetDeck

The build up into the song, really felt like he was taking you into a journey down to insanity and weirdness, you get the gist about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

@Chrisss and I loved it. (It was absolutely presh and adorbs lol) But more importantly the singing was immaculate about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

I'm sure if you'e seen the VH1 perfomrance of Down the Rabbit Hold you'll have an idea of what i mean, but this was like 3x the 'dancing' about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

and oh my god. The build up in the song was so dramatic. He was dancing on his seat, if that were possible about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

(much of how Zep used to turn their 'mistakes' into really nice moments of brilliance) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

But he reacted really quickly and improvised -- essentially turning the mistake into something fresh and interesting. (it reminds me so) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

It turned out to be my favourite song from the set!!! \0/ He almost messed up a line near the beginning cos his riffing ended a lil late(c) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

and Adam said that they were winging it because they had never performed this version live before about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

I never expeccted them to play this song because I had assumed they would need a piano + Zach for this about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

So fianlly they got him back and they started playing my favourite acoustic song of all, Down the Rabbit Hole!!!!!! about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

screaming and squeeing for encore was at ridiculous levels from where i was seated. i thought i was going to go deaf about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

So he left the stage and I was just expecting the concert to end because i had assumed we were only getting 3 and now we had 5. But the (c) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

i was just thinking l ike, omg can he hit that note at the end and he never failed to live toexpectations about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

And omg the final section for that song. He completely belted it out and it was glorious about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

It was perfect. Had the crowd squeeing. I'm glad he chose to perform this because it's easily recognisable to even the non stans. (c) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

Moving on to Mad World. This was the rendition whose ending we were scorned from the Marble Bar at Sydney Hilten about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

I was too far to see it clearly though. (I am hating sony for this) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

(Oh side note, regarding the clothes, I _think_ he was wearing the glittery jacket from Grammys + Dior jeans from the Vevo performance about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

@Chrisss and I LOVED especially the ending section acapella section of Broken Open. It was haunting about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

Broken Open was amaaaazing. The sound mix was a little off; instrumentals were a little too loud but that's a minor quibble. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

non-stans I suspect this might be one of the most easily "digestable" songs of the repertoire about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

hear him sing it live. His vocals were immaculate in this song and it was so emotional. I know we all like the BSC side of Adam but for (c) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

OMG, Sleepwalker was so amazing live. I think this song has to be at least the 4th single. I think this will be a monster when peeps (c) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

and @Chrisss was instrumental in helping me confirm the winning number for the CD when i made the mad dash to the CD store at 8:30PM on Wed about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

I squeed a little when they started playing the intro chords for Sleepwalker because that was @Chrisss's favourite song in the album (c) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

I actually kinda guessed the set for the first 5 songs because those were the songs he played for VH1 & Australia about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

The set list was Music Again, Whataya Want From Me, Sleepwalker, Broken Open, Mad World, Down the Rabbit Hole (encore) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

was invited to come and perform and they opened the set with a dance set to a mashup of Fever and FYE!!!! about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

oh oh, b4 the deets on the performance, I was really happy that the dance school whose YouTube FYE vid was unceremoniously taken down(c) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

(btw, I hate tween girls who go to concerts and scream during an acoustic set. hello do i come to hear you sing or Adam?) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

It was an acoustic set but it felt like a full rock concert as @Chrisss will attest about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

But the agony and wait was all worth it. Because omg that voice!!!!!!!!!! about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

now that i've gotten that out of my system. On the plus side, i think this sponsorships made his visit a lot cheaper & budget friendly :P about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

and there was the usual corporate sponsorship plugins throughout the event, "We'd like to thank Starhub, Resorts World blah blha" about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck


so we were left with overhanging views of the performance, while 'invited guests' who were not necessarily fans were seated downstairs about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

theatre. The ground floor with remaining 1000 seats were for VIP ticket winners and corporates about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

After all that fan fuckery about winning 500 tickets to an "intimate" concert, they squashed all those 500 fans onto the 2nd lvl of (c) about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

first let me rant a little about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

*my life* about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

OMG best fucking live singer i have heard in m lfe about 1 hours ago via TweetDeck

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