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PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:06 pm 
There's no comfort in comfort I need the edge

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From our beloved maeve94.

I've been considering whether to talk about this here. Seeing Buder's post linking this wonderful video convinced me that I should. Here goes - it's another one of my sappy moments.

Someone came out to me the other day. I had not seen this man since 1993. A young, talented, engaging and kind man, he left his job after becoming ill. He disappeared. It was a kinder and gentler time, so he was treated very well by our employer - we were colleagues - having continued health insurance and disability income on which to live. From time to time someone at work would talk with him about an administrative issue related to his benefits, but there was no personal connection.

Out of the blue he called me, to tell me how grateful he was for all that had been done for him, and to say that he wanted me to know he had not wasted the gift of time since his AIDS diagnosis. He explained his isolation by talking about his shame and embarrasment, and his desire not to have the firm seen in a bad light by his association with us. He told me of his first partner's death, of the friends he had lost, and how he had been a caregiver to many over the years. He's decided now, though, that he wants to give back in more public ways, moved by the recent suicides of gay teens. So he called to tell me "who he really was" and to get my "blessing" to tell his story to others, including in that history his affiliation with the firm.

By then end of the conversation we were both in tears. I was so moved that he made this difficult call, reaching across many years and a continent. But it was so uplifting and hopeful and REAL. I felt much more connected to his struggle than I would have without the Adam experience and the thoughts and feelings that we have all shared here. I've learned so much and have felt so deeply thanks to all of you. And I mean this not in a boastful way, but it was I who made sure he was taken care of by the firm during his illness - as part of my work role, but also as a caring human. I'm very grateful to have had that opportunity. Karma flows.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:35 am 
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via murly
murly wrote:
This was written by Q3 at Adamtopia about the "older fan" issue and I think it's great.
I have a confession…
“I am a middle aged adult, and I am an Adam fan."
9/28/10 by Q3

A brief note: I have started to write this article at least 10 times and always stopped. Why? Because I don’t really think I need to explain myself just because I am an “older” Adam fan. I also only wanted to speak only for myself and don’t want to say anything that is interpreted to be the opinion or life experience of any group of fans. But mostly, I avoided writing this because I did not want to dignify these “critics” and self-proclaimed experts with any recognition. But something pushed me over the line today.

This morning I read an article about Adam performing in front of over 20,000 fans in Singapore and how great he was. The review was glowing and, from what I have seen in the videos, well deserved. No one who has seen Adam live could really be surprised by the praise – he is spectacularly talented. I smiled as I noted that the reviewer did not describe Adam as “openly gay singer” or his fans as “older”.

Then I started to read the comments. The first few were nice and then there were a string of comments posted bashing Adam fans. One included a link to an article about Adam’s “middle aged fans”. Another commented about how Adam’s delusional older fans who were playing out sex fantasies, were as BSC as Clay fans and so on. In my head I knew that these were just haters and trolls trying to mock Adam fans. In my head I knew that they were trying to marginalizing Adam’s success by equating having “older fans” with being uncool. I took a deep breath. I did not comment, passed these comment by, and went on with my life.

All day, I kept thinking about those comments. I searched on Google and read review-after-review that contained some reference like this:

Michael Slezak Nokia GNT concert review 7/23/10: “Superficially, it’s a puzzling phenomenon: Openly gay male rocker drawing droves of adoring thirty- to fifty-something ladies who lazy marketing execs might expect to spend their Tuesday evenings sipping white-wine spritzers and listening to their local Lite-FM stations?”
Link: ... -tour-nyc/

One after another – I reread comments by reviewers about how strange it was to see older women, dressed up, having fun and being entranced by a young, openly gay man. Set aside the inherent sexism of the comments. What struck me was how broadly “older fans” were being described – as if we were all the same and had the same life experience. This is what finally pushed me to finally try and write about my feelings.

My life and who I am is unique. I make no attempt to speak for anyone else. I really do not know why other people became Adam fans.

I am an Adam fan because I love his voice, his style and his molten-hot stage presence. I respect his values and view of the world. But mostly I am an Adam fan because he is brave and confident – because he is willing to say, “Accept me or don't accept me but I will be who I am.”

Equally important, I am not an Adam fan because I am some sexually repressed middle aged woman looking for some safe thrills in a sexual fantasy with a gay singer. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s – in a time of free love and sexual experimentation, great drugs, and amazing music. I wasn’t repressed then, I am not repressed now. I do not need to liberate my inner 16-year old because I have never quite grown up.

I was raised on soul music, pop, rock, psychedelic, heavy metal, disco, new wave, punk and hip-hop. My taste in music was eclectic in the 70’s and it is eclectic now. I have literally been to thousands of concerts, and I have been lucky enough to see many great performers. I was dancing at rock concert when I was 15, and I plan to be dancing at concerts when I am 95. I know as much or more about current music and bands as most 20 year olds, and I have no desire to spend my time reliving “the classic rock period” or see the Rolling Stones 60th anniversary concert.

Even in the 80's I never drank a white wine spritzer, and I haven’t got an f’ing idea where to find a Lite FM Station on the radio. And I do not believe that merely because I am over 50 that I need to explain why I am an Adam Lambert fan.

I hope that someday Michael Slezak comes up to me and asks me why I am an Adam fan so I can calmly rely, “Why not? Is there some reason I shouldn’t be?”

Middle-Aged Adam Fans

PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:45 pm 
Media Maven

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FifthHouseSun's "Creativity" Interview w/ suz526 ... th-suz526/
Creativity in Action: Interview with Suz526
October 3, 2010

"Suz is there!"

Words that bring music to our ears. Literally.

Because we know soon – very soon – after a concert, Suz526 will be bringing us spectacular video. Artistry capturing artistry. Front row seats for us all. No matter where around the globe we spent concert night, we’ll be stageside soon.

Glam Nation Tour videos are the best publicity money could buy. Except money didn’t. Love did. Every concert attendee who posts high quality footage on YouTube helps further Adam Lambert’s reach.

These international tours did not sell out on 1 album and 3 music videos, alone. And no matter how popular AI is internationally – and technology has aided that, too – seeing and hearing Adam in full GNT glory simply makes people want more.

Priceless Pixelated PR

All products and services are boosted by Word-of-Mouth. (And click for Instant MBA on how biz works if you missed the first time.) There is no more vivid Word-of-Mouth than a great GNT video.

Friends pass along to the soon-to-be captivated. Newspapers and magazines even link fan vids to their reviews, thus giving Adam’s astonishing showmanship full exposure to hundreds of thousands who may remember him from AI and interested to see what he’s doing.

Internationally, YT videos have made it possible for a fan, anywhere, to experience the splendor. And one day, even record labels will enter the 21st Century and recognize concert videos don’t hurt ticket or album sales – just the opposite – vids boost sales. (And that live DVD and/or PPV might even appear.)

Creativity Q & A

In the wheel of the zodiac, the Fifth House rules Creativity. Also risk-taking.

To launch a new series of interviews on Creativity that will appear from time-to-time, is honored to have Video Goddess Suz526 as our first interviewee. Fifth House in action, Suz526 risks nightly, using her great Creativity, to bring wondrous fun to us all.
Creativity Explored: The Fifth House Interview with Suz526

FHS: What’s your video history? Have you been shooting videos a long time? Or did Adam spark or renew your interest?
SUZ526: Adam renewed an interest that had been dormant for some time. Although I filmed the typical “family events,” my interest in filming started when my children were young and I was involved in videotaping (VHS tapes!) amateur skating competitions at the local ice rink.

What was the first time you shot video of Adam in concert?
I went to the very first AI concert in Portland, Oregon. July 5, 2009. To see Adam. It had never occurred to me to bring a video camera.

Later, as I watched other people’s videos on YouTube – I realized I wanted to re-live the magical experience again and again. I talked to my son about it and he agreed to come to Oakland with me the following week and film.

So, your son filmed your first Adam videos?
Yes, he used a Flip Mino. He helped me set up a YT channel and uploaded the videos.

How long before you decided you wanted to shoot the vids yourself?
Almost immediately. I set out the next week for Staples Center in Los Angeles. July 16, 2009. My first videos! I filmed less than 10 seconds before I was approached by security. I was using a camcorder – which I later learned is a major “no-no”. So I got nothing at the Staples show.

I tried another AI tour show, again with the camcorder. Got all the way through. At the end of the Bowie medley, Ray confiscated my 32gig memory card! Lesson learned and not repeated! It became clear that filming Adam had to be a stealth operation.

So, armed with a Flip Mino, I headed to San Diego. I captured Adam’s entire 20 minute set – start to finish – and posted on YouTube – all by myself! I was hooked!

How did it feel?
Being caught on my first attempt didn’t feel so good. And although I saw what – in my opinion – was one of Adam’s most electrifying performances in LA, I came home empty-handed and disappointed that I couldn’t watch it again.

But my San Diego videotaping experience was pretty exciting. And I was learning about uploading, downloading, editing, and converting video. I must confess that the technical aspects of this venture are fascinating to me.

How did you like your first results?
At the time, I was thrilled to have filmed the entire set without ending up in jail. And proud to have my own YT channel. I was completely hooked on watching Adam’s YT AI Tour performances. And it felt so good to contribute to the efforts of sharing this extraordinary young man’s talent with the world. But I did – and still do –have concerns about the quality of the videos. How could/can I make them better?

Equipment wise, what cameras – or other devices – are you using most now for hardware? Why those choices?
I like my Canon Powershot SX20is. It may not be the best there is, but it works for me. My back-up is either a Lumix Z35, or Canon Powershot 210.

Is that the famed Rolando? Seen in the picture – now your avi – with Adam? Where was that taken?
Rolando had his picture taken with Adam at the 9/15 Atlanta Meet & Greet. Adam liked that Rolando had a name. I told Adam that Rolando enjoyed taking pictures of him.

How did Rolando get his name?
I was tweeting one night that I ought to give my camera a name. Some one suggested Rolando, and when I looked at him, I knew it was a perfect fit!

Interesting that your Cameras-of-Choice are still photography cameras that also shoot video. Do you think that helps fool security?
Possibly – but they definitely go after camcorders. I’m sure they know that videos are being shot – but the camcorders are terribly obvious.

Do you enjoy shooting still photographs as well?
Not really – my stills are very amateurish. There are so many great photographer out there.

Do you have “fallbacks” – equipment, or alternate seat locations, say – to use if Security busts you?
I pray a lot!!! Although I plan, and take extra cameras, it is always a crapshoot. The biggest issue has typically been the folks in front of me. You can’t predict who will sit where, how tall they’ll be, wearing hats, moving around – not just the normal flailing you want/expect, but the getting in and out to buy drinks, go to the restroom, etc.

What editing software do you like? Why?
iMovie – very user friendly and quick.

What kind of computer set-up do you use?
At home – an iMac. On the road – a MacBook Pro laptop.

If you could have anything you wanted, hardware, computer, and software wise, what would it be?
A Mac Pro 12-Core. Configured with all the goodies and with maximum storage!!!!

You’re known & revered for your speed. How do you get the vids posted so fast after concerts?
No special trick – I know it’s important to Adam fans and I just do it! Keep in mind, when I’m not at a concert, I’m also sitting and waiting for vids to come in myself. So I know what it’s like to wait! I am pretty focused and have a good computer – Yay, MacIntosh! The unknown factor is always the Internet speed where I am staying.

Recently, you’ve been carrying your own portable WiFi hotspot, right? For which we all thank you. Was iffy hotel internet part of deciding to do that? Or ability to upload from anywhere, and not have to go back to the hotel?

A little of both, but primarily the hotel internet speed. The internet card isn’t all that fast, but it’s definitely better than some of the hotels. One hotel though (can’t remember which one) was blazing fast. Vids were uploading faster than I could make the movies!

You’ve uploaded from cars, bar tables. For which, again, we all thank you. How was uploading vids from the bar OZ in New Orleans surrounded by scantily clad, dancing men?
That was hysterical – I’m standing at the front of the bar, watching people coming and going (Desparately Seeking Adam), men dancing on top of the bar – one memory I’ll never forget. Good times!

How do you decide which concerts you’ll attend?
Lots of factors: work commitments, travel costs – big cities are usually cheaper. Availability of staying with – or sharing costs – with friends and frequent flyer miles. But sometimes, there are concerts you expect will be epic and you just HAVE to be there – like the very first one in Wilkes Barre. I also suspected San Francisco would be epic. Same for New Orleans. And Puyallup.

Of course, living in SoCal – the ones that are close to me are “no-brainers.” If I can drive – I’ll be there! But the amazing thing about Adam – as you know – is that he makes every concert unique!

How do you choose where to sit? Are there any “usually so” aspects about location? Like closer “usually’ produces better pics, and further away “usually” produces better audio? Or is each venue completely different?

Pretty much “luck of the draw” – dictated by what I can get on Ticketmaster. And you’re right, no two venues are the same. I can sit in the same spot in two different venues and the results can be totally different. I just try to figure out how to make it work wherever I’m sitting. That’s why I don’t film the opening acts – I’m pretty much trying to figure out logistics.

Do you have helpers/assistants at every concert?
Nope – I work solo! Although I often go with friends, we don’t always sit together. And they have been very generous in swapping seats so I can get the best video/ audio. In Puyallup, a wonderful woman I didn’t even know, gave me her closer, more unobstructed seat. She wanted to do it for the benefit of everyone.

During the concert, I’m completely concentrated on tracking Adam, working around the audience cheering, his moving, pulling focus, getting the best quality. However, back at the hotel room, it’s another story! Lots of fun and chatter while I’m uploading!

Creatively, what do you enjoy the most, shooting or editing?

If I had control of the situation, I would say filming. But I don’t have control so the filming is very reactive. By now, I know pretty much where Adam will move on the stage, but what I don’t know is what the people in front of me will do so I am
constantly having to adapt/readjust.

I do love the editing, though – it’s pretty routine for the concert vids. But when a creative idea strikes – I can spend hours editing!

What’s the most personally rewarding part of videography in Lambertaria?
Knowing that I’m helping fans who don’t have the opportunity to “see” Adam through the lens of my camera. Some of the messages that are posted are very poignant and touch me deeply.

What’s the most frustrating part?
Getting to the venue and finding that I have an obstructed view!

Are you considering more “Original Story” videos with GNT footage like your popular amusingly sub-titled and sound-tracked compilations of the past. And the recent “We’ve Got Lambert”?
I might. I often get asked about making a DVD of a specific concert and I always tell folks no. I want to explain that it worries me when I see other do it. It is a huge risk and has the potential of harming us all.

First, I do not have the copyright to Adam’s performances. I think Sony has been very generous to allow us to post these videos – it definitely has payback for them. However, the DVDs move into another whole category. And when money changes hand – even if it’s not requested – there are huge risks.

I changed the text on my video copy to give credit to the artistic/intellectual property owners. It’s the right thing to do.

When did you first discover Adam?
Early rounds of American Idol. I’m a long time AI watcher since season 2. Our end-of-year festivities at work always included an AI parody. I coordinated – and played Paula, amusingly. So I always watched AI to get ideas.

When did you upgrade from admirer to committed fan?
The night he “lost” Idol – I was outraged! And yes, I voted for him repeatedly the previous night.

What about him inspires your involvement?
Similar interests – musical theater, costumes, range of genres, fashion. But perhaps the one thing that I appreciated most was his kindness. I remember him always praising , supporting, and thanking others – very rare in such a competitive field.

Have you been this engaged with being a fan before?
Never – but then, I have never seen a talent like this before, either.

You’ve been watching Adam closely through the lens for a while now, have you noticed any changes?
Probably nuances – he has always been the consummate performer. It’s hard to imagine him getting any better, but somehow he always manages to do just that.

What part of the GNT concert do you enjoy filming the most?
Probably Fever, IIHY and the encore. Those seem to be the ones people want to see first. Although, the acoustic set – where he stays in one spot – is easiest to film.

Any songs that you find more challenging than others to capture?
It depends on where I’m sitting. My ideal spot would be the front row balcony, with no security issue and an unobstructed view of the stage. I tend to zoom in more to avoid heads in front of me – but folks at home miss the entire spectacle.

Too often I shortchange the band and dancers to focus on Adam. The band and dancers are most challenging to film, but they are truly an integral part of the show.

Do you ever just want to go to one of Adam’s concerts and simply watch, not take pictures or vids?
Taking videos is so ingrained now, that I probably couldn’t relax any other way.

It’s hard to explain, but when the music starts, I get into my groove and film. I typically have one eye on Adam (I really do watch him) and one eye looking though Rolando. Rolando’s zoom also serves as a pair of binoculars so I can see up closer than I would normally.

From his entire catalogue, including Idol, what’s are your top 3 Adam Lambert tunes, personally, and why?
Fever – how can you not love it? IIHY – ditto. And WLL at Fantasy Springs – what he did to this song that night was historic. I listened to it on repeat in my car radio for days – maybe weeks – afterwards

Emo or Elvis?
No preference – I wish I had as many options for my own hair!

If the camera genie granted you any camera you desired for concert vids, what would it be? Why?
Well, if there were no security issues and money was no object, I’d def go for a Canon H1S. But there would be NO WAY to sneak that baby in, and I’d be kicked out in a heartbeat!

How long do you think you’ll keep shooting Adam in concert?
As long as it’s still fun for me – one of the best parts of going to so many concerts is connecting with friends I’ve made along the way.

You met Adam recently, how was that experience?
Unbelievable – I was so unprepared for it that I really hadn’t planned anything to say. I wanted to tell him more about my commitment to education and Donor’s Choose. I was surprised at how thin he was. I mean, I’ve seen him on stage up close, but in person he is really skinny! But skinny in a good way!!

He is so breathtakingly beautiful, words do not do justice. And just as sweet and kind to everyone as you can imagine. And I will forever have my platform shoes with his signature!!!

Was there any aspect of his face and look up close that surprised you or seemed different after all this time shooting him?
Just more perfect than I could ever have imagined.

Did you want to get out your camera and work without restrictions?
Yes, I did! But they wouldn’t let us!

Is there anything you didn’t get to say to him that you would like him to know and say now?
Just my appreciation for being the kind of person he is. And his commitment to the kids who are “different”. I am truly grateful that he has championed public education.

Most people have no idea how much of their own money teachers spend
on classroom supplies. All of my donations to have funded musical instruments. My love of music started through the generosity of others when I was in elementary school – so I am happy to pay it back and forward.
We must add that Suz526's amazing generosity to create such wonderful videos has already payed it forward. She's created joy and happiness worldwide. And we are all enormously grateful. Thank you, Suz526 for everything!

And here is the very creative Rolando's recent Director's Cut of Glam Nation Highlights
Rolando's GlamNation Tour Recap (Director's Cut).mov

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I smile every time I think of how his stock must have risen within RCA since the nomination.

We can debate about whether or not the AMA performance was a help or a hindrance, but I don't think there can be any reasonable debate that Adam has knocked every single opportunity he's been given since then out of the park. He has been his charming, intelligent, articulate self in interview after interview, even in those tough days immediately post-AMAs, managing the delicate task of taking responsibility for making "on the fly" changes to the AMA performance without apologizing for doing anything wrong - and winning over some harsh critics, including a couple of the, I mean women...on "The View" who'd been calling for his head on a platter days earlier. His televised musical appearances were terrific. He triumphed on Oprah's show. He triumphed as both mentor and performer on his widely publicized return to AI. He worked his ass off on his domestic and international promo tours, somehow being as warm, enthusiastic and funny during the last interviews as he was during the first and leaving behind hordes of gushing fanbois and fangirls in the radio stations in his wake. He has headlined an international concert tour right out of the gate that not only outsold any remotely reasonable expectations, but garnered him an array of fantastic reviews and the reputation of being in the top tier of live performers out there today - all without missing one performance or giving less than his all to any of his audiences.

And now? Huge validation from the industry in the form of this nomination.

Yes, RCA has had to work hard for Adam. But RCA has also seen how hard Adam was willing to work. RCA has seen how gifted Adam is at self-promotion. RCA has seen that Adam was willing to take on significant, personal financial risk in order to do his headlining tour. RCA has seen the incredible devotion his fans have for Adam, and it has seen that fanbase continually expand. And, perhaps most importantly, RCA has seen the extraordinary talent. The showmanship. The charisma. The physical beauty. The amazing personality. And it's seeing that others in the industry see those things, too.

While it's unfortunate that RCA did not do some things differently, I'm grateful for what it HAS done for Adam. Like making the commitment to break him internationally. Like lobbying to get him a Grammy nomination in the category in which he had the greatest opportunity for success and that is meaningful in terms of his strength as a performer. Like getting FYE back out on the shelves with prime positioning. Like producing the upcoming GNT DVD. Like producing the acoustic EP in physical form at all, and maybe...just maybe...deciding to deal with the cost and logistics of getting it out to the stores after all. Like working to get him a performance slot on the Grammys.

I'd much rather Adam be in the position of RCA looking at him and saying, "Yeah, we should have done more" than "Yeah, we wasted a lot of effort on him and it didn't pay off." Ke$ha has been enough of a cash cow for RCA that its unsuccessful efforts to get her a Grammy nomination probably won't matter much; I'm not sure if it would have been the same for Adam. But now, he has the nomination, plus buzz, publicity and already a couple of rave reviews for the acoustic CD. And the DVD waiting in the wings. And his final LA concerts. All in all, a very nice set of circumstances under which to start work on Era #2.

I'm so damn happy for him.
Boca Babe, 12/04/10

edited to correct name of original poster~ newlie

ETA: Thank you!

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Buderschnookie wrote:
maeve94 wrote:
Loved your Atop post on the Hollywood Reporter article, and totally agree. Perhaps you can bring it here for others to enjoy?

Here goes (the discussion was the new tone displayed in the HR article about Idol facilitating what he alone brought to the plate in terms of hard work, talent, and preparation.
I think he was waiting for the right time to switch gears and that the timing is masterful).

I wrote:
The thing that strikes me about his Idol experience is that having been in the industry, living in LA, and surrounded by show biz friends for so long he knew well what the Idol stigma would be and how it could affect him.
He understood that by signing this "deal with the devil" he would be giving up a certain amount of autonomy and a larger than average amount of cash in exchange for the platform provided by being on the show.


There is no dealing with 19- you sign what they hand you or you don't go on.
He had to feel as if he had exhausted all his options prior to taking this step, which means that he wanted it very badly.

He put everything on the line.
Not only by quitting his job and committing to doing the show, but by walking out there every night and being 100% authentic.
Isn't it wonderful that apart from the magnificent voice simply being himself is what won him his following?
It would not have worked if he had tried to mold himself into an ideal Idol clone.
It was Adam that won me over, not Adam's voice, although the whole package is undeniably a factor.

I agree that Ring of Fire was the definite fork in the road with the followup of Tracks of My Tears cementing his direction.
Mad World was a pure cherry on top that validated to the audience what they had long before decided- Adam was meant to be, and will be, a star of the highest caliber.

But it will be only because he wanted it so badly and was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen.
I cry when I think of scorned Adam being rejected and made to feel as if he wasn't good enough or lacked characteristics necessary to appeal to mainstream USA. But the fact that he did face it, stared it down, wrestled it into submission, and emerged victorious makes his success all the sweeter and is again why I cry when I see him doing so well.

He earned this the hard way all by himself.
Idol gave him the visibility, but honestly, more than any other Idol I believe he will leave that show in the dust and someday be considered the high point of the entire series.
And more.

Pauler got it right- iconic is the proper word to use when describing Adam.
He is unlike anyone else ever, cannot be bound by genre, and as always will continue to forge a path the likes of which we have never seen.
He will influence music, fashion, human rights, and the basic day to day manner in which people treat other people.

He will influence our entire culture, and we will be better for having experienced him.
I am SO freaking thankful that I am front row for his journey.

Meant to comment on the confidence and bravery he showed during Idol.
How ironic is it that someone who many thought of as too much of a "fey gayboi" to succeed had the down and dirty balls to prove them all wrong.
His bravery astounds me.

Buderschnookie 12/5/10

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:49 am 
There's no comfort in comfort I need the edge

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From our amazing Susan L, or, as she might prefer, SFL. Posted on December 30th, 2010.

Susan L wrote:
Purist, I don't know if I would be able to keep my response to your friend entirely good natured! We discussed this briefly in LA, so this might all be a re-hash...

Is your friend a person of color? This wouldn't matter to me as far as my argument goes, but I am interested if she is feeling a personal connection to the American civil rights struggle in particular. To me, her argument is one saddled with a misguided political correctness. IMO, we learn history, not to be able to win a game of Trivial Pursuit, but rather to be able to apply the experiences of human beings in the past and learn from them. How else can we improve and evolve?

For example, as a Jew, I feel that the lessons of the Holocaust should be universalized to give them meaning for eternity--otherwise they risk being tossed away as only pertaining to that particular moment in history. If the Holocaust is "only" about the 6 million victims, the human race will not learn what we need to about the extreme dangers of genocide resulting from racism, scapegoating and marginalization of minorities. Unfortunately, genocide has not only happened in Germany of the 1930's--and the lessons are still needed. If the American Civil Rights movement for equal rights for African Americans is to be isolated in history, we lose its potential to teach and inspire as we try to secure equal rights for all minorities in all societies. Would Martin Luther King Jr. want his message to only apply to blacks and whites in 1966 America? I doubt it. How tragic if we no longer looked to his writings and speeches to teach us today.

TheWomen's Suffrage Movement of late 19th century America derived much of it's rhetoric and personnel from the Abolitionist Movement preceding it. History repeated itself with the Civil Rights and Feminst Movements of the mid-late 20th century. These movements then inspired the equal rights movements of Native Americans, LGBT community, Asian Americans, the disabled, etc. etc. etc. These movements have a lot to gain from each other. It benefits us all to share the wisdom. It also benfits us to be able to empathize with the plights of others through our own experiences with discrimination. I personally find it disapointing when I read that African Americans voted disproportionately against gay marriage rights in California. I wonder if those voters had not been taught the history of miscegentation laws in the US that prevented the legal marriage between mixed race heterosexual couples, just one generation ago?

The struggle for equal rights for gays in the US military is almost identical to the struggles for racial integration of the military--"unit cohesion", "disease", and all kinds of pernicious arguments have been thrown about. It is important that we know that these harmful arguments have been made before. And that these arguments were based in prejudice and not in any kind of fact. And that it just IS NOT RIGHT to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.

One form of discrimination is not worse than another IMO. The results are so often the same-- dehumanization and the justification of both small, commonplace acts of discrimination as well as systematic, socially endorsed violence. Being wealthy or white does not necessarily protect you from the violence of discrimination if you were a Jew in 1930's Germany or a homosexual at any point in history----even today.

I'm sure I"m preaching to the choir... and I apologize for being both preachy and not all that articulate. Blame the one cocktail I had tonight (turns out a friend saw Adam's THS!)

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From our dear Maeve on Jan 3, 2011:


It’s been quiet in Adamland so I put into words some thoughts. Warning: potentially TL/DR. Scoll is your friend.

Several years ago an independent press published a book called “Not Exactly What I Had Planned”, a compilation of six word autobiographies of famous and regular people. The most well-known six word autobiography is attributed to Ernest Hemingway

"For Sale. Baby shoes. Never worn."

The idea behind it is that one can convey a world of information about one’s life with brevity. Each member of my family wrote their own six-word autobiography. Mine was

"Married. Two kids. Dog. It’s over."

And it felt a little bit like that. Not in a totally bad way, but with the resignation of a middle-aged woman whose life had settled into a routine with some moments of exhilaration often related to children’s experiences, or experiences with those children. That me was dutiful, responsible, sober, quiet and unassuming. Professionally accomplished. An Adult with a capital A.

I was struck by a line in Lambosessed’s review of the London show and have been thinking about it off and on for weeks now. She said, about Adam “…he was out of my reach in every sense”. We can recite the adjectives – beautiful, talented, creative, sexy, fun, smart, – that describe him. Things that for me, at this stage of life, are out of my reach. Or are they? I look at what has happened in the last two years. Personally, I’ve discovered newness and excitement, even a bit of creativity as I struggled to convey my concert experiences in recaps. A new openness to people, and ways of communicating (do I really have a Twitter?) and the joy of sharing a passion with like-minded people. I’ve seen incredible gestures of generosity, kindness and understanding among people in the GlamNation and friendship has been extended to me across many miles and even continents. I look for chances to dance, and to sing, to connect with others, and to experience joy. This gorgeous club kid with the voice of a generation may not change the world, although some think he will, but he has changed the world for me.

When I was a young Catholic school girl, I wore a cross around my neck. As a young woman, I wore a gold chain that my mother gave me for my sixteenth birthday. In my forties, while my DD struggled with some very serious emotional issues, I wore a heart-shaped pendant engraved with the word “courage” that was given to me by a dear friend. Now, I wear an infinity pendant. Each of those symbols meant something to me on a very deep level at the time.

So even if Adam is out of reach, as Lambosessed felt, he has reached me. I revised my six word autobiography for the new year

A singer has changed my life.

Thanks for reading – love you all.

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In retrospect many crossroads in life are easily apparent and it is very clear why things happened as they did or how they turned out to be the genesis of something larger.
But IMO it is exceedingly rare to experience a moment like that while being fully aware if its significance right as it plays out.
I think Beth was one of those moments.
Adam had one foot on the Idol stage and the other in stardom, and we actually got to witness his transition as he crossed over.
That you can feel such a powerful moment through a television screen just illustrates how overwhelming it must have been for the audience standing there watching him do it live.
And for him that is the type moment that people live for- it can redefine a person as in changing how he viewed himself.
Magical moment for sure.

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Not an AWoP'er, but still!
Maggie White

On Wednesday 27th April 2011, @OutlandoGirl said:

So, this is an open tweet to ALL of Adam’s RL friends and family. I’m not going to name them all, because I don’t want to forget someone and miss my chance for a real “connection” with them. But it includes everyone from Adam’s 5th grade teacher who I met at Puyallup (OMG, she touched my arm!!!!) to Adam’s mom who pushed him out of her vajayjay. So, here goes…


You are amazing. You are the most talented singer/dancer/writer/photographer/musician/actor/model/drag queen/mother/father/brother/ex-boyfriend/knitter/chewer/walker/breather I have ever seen. I am in awe of you. I love you sooooo much that I’m going to go to every one of your shows/parties/appearances/signings/debuts/photo shoots/video shoots/grocery shopping trips/meals out/excursions to the bathroom. The fact that Adam might be there too is totally immaterial. I really love YOU (but don’t mind me when I rush him for a photo, I mean, I might as well take advantage of the situation if he’s there, right??).

I am going to RT your Tweets like they are pearls of wisdom from God, because I think you’re just THAT amazing. Plus, maybe you will notice me and appreciate my efforts to spread your wisdom. On the same note, I’m going to Tweet you over and over about the same things because I know you’re just super busy and you’ll Tweet me back one day when you have a chance. I’m sure of it. But I need to make sure. So let me Tweet you again. And again. And I will gush, man, how I will gush. Because you are incredible/awesome/amazing/hysterical/sweet and the more I tell you, maybe the more you will be beholden to me, because I’m YOUR fan now, right??

I am going to pretend like we have “in” jokes and act like we are bffs because I’m sure you’re totally fine with my over familiarity. And the more I Tweet my false familiarity, the more jealous the other fans get. BONUS! You and I don’t have anything in common other than the fact that we both love Adam (squeeee!!) but I KNOW that we are kindred spirits because I support your music/art/photography/writing/dancing/knitting/eating/breathing. I don’t have your cell number or anything like I would for a REAL friend, but I’m sure that’s just an oversight on your part. So I will keep (s)talking to you on Twitter like we are thisclose.

I will take pictures of you at public events because it makes me feel closer to Adam. Not pictures WITH you (though I will do that too). No, I mean surreptitiously taking your photo while you are trying to enjoy yourself. I mean, if you didn’t want your photo taken, you wouldn’t be in public, right?? And, when I see you at events, I will totally invade your space and try to insinuate myself in your conversation (or, hey, even your life, because, you know, the more we become friends, the more likely it is that you will help me meet Adam or tell Adam how cool I am. But that’s not why I want to be friends with you, of course not!! I really LOVE your music/writing/acting/knitting/eating/breathing. But, you know, friends help each other out.)

Anyway, I just wanted to send you this letter to let you know what to expect from your new bff. I miss you so much!! I can’t wait to see you!!! <3 <3 <3

Love, Maggie

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From the amazing open2it, on November 29th, 2011.

Oh, JOY! What does Eber know that we don't about Adam possibly being coerced into singing a Christmas song, hmmmmmm? I'll join you, murly, doing whatever violent, anti-holiday-spirit action might be needed to make such a thing happen!

I can see it now: Adam, tall and respendent in some avant garde long black wool coat, a cashmere scarf wrapped sylishly around that bitable neck...His luscious hair blowing a bit in the cold night air so that pieces of it brush across his noble brow...those sinful lips shining from protective lip gloss, his eyes sparkling and surrounded by smudged leather boots wrapping up those dream-worthy legs that lead upward, upward to Nirvana...

....the music begins. His hands, covered in expensive, supple gloves, caress the microphone...He closes his eyes and opens his mouth....


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grammafan wrote:
Another thing that draws me to Adam is his realness. No, I don't have any first hand knowledge, but I am a (very) mature woman and have seen and experienced a lot. Those experiences, i believe, have provided me with a modicum of ability to see more than the surface offerings of a person. Not always, not infallibly, but way more than when I was in my twenties.

I believe he has proven the purity of his intentions. Certainly he could be sitting with many media consultants and saying, "Okay, how can I present myself as thoughtful, or caring, or introspective..." well, you get the drift. It could be planned and programmed.

But I don't believe that. I believe he has a deep and abiding core of life ethics that guides his choices and behaviors. I respect him so much for that.

I loved loved loved that his second tattoo was an infinity symbol that characterized for him the flow between his audience and himself. What a wonderful concept for a performer to have. Not unique, but heartfelt. I believe that he has a philosophical approach to his music that shows in every interview, in every performance. I think he is his art. His respect for the process, his focus on the way his audience will hear and experience his music. So respectful, so genuine. And also real in that he recognizes that in order to continue he has to be aware of the business side of the equation. Mature. I always feel that he is giving 110% of himself in every performance. I love that, it allows me to just feel the music, the words and that stunning voice. I know I am in good hands. I am actually amazed that he can do that over and over and over.

His approach to the handling of the Finnish fight. Again, holding true to that core, he immediately addressed to his fans his concern, his solution, his acceptance of the responsibility for his behavior. Unqualified acceptance. That is so rare in todays world of passive apologies, IMO. What an example for all of us. Practicing what he preaches. Building a relationship that matters.

The message of his songs, so thoughtful. Cleaving again to a belief system, a philosophy. Even the lighter songs. Light and dark merging (BTIKM). Fun (Music Again). His mission (FYE). His sexuality (OOL). Heat (Fever). Compassion (BO).

I guess I can just say I believe him. I believe he is who he portrays. It has held too true to be false, IMO. And what a lucky fan I am, because to be honest, he had me at the voice. But I can embrace him for so much more. Lucky me. Lucky us. And I honestly think that even if he did not sing, I would still find him enchanting.

Plus he is hot.

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One of my favorite posts ever, by our dearest open2it.

Okay....Look, you guys....I've never been accused of being succinct, so please....DO scroll at will. What follows is my attempt to capture my experience Thursday night.


I’m not going to go into all the logistical maneuvering I stumbled through in order to be at Adam’s Kimmel mini concert appearance. That’s interesting only to me, no doubt, although the poor AWoP women who hung with me in Hollywood had to hear riveting details as I worked through my money/travel issues in order to rationalize my being there! (Hugs to SB1965 and her two buddies, lisaloopner & Eric, boy3girls0 and glitterbert!) I’ll just cut to the quick:

Adam Lambert is a fucking star. He’s on a precipice. You can feel it in the air when he comes on stage. You can see it in his face—a face, by the way, that has never looked better, with a smile that has never seemed more genuine and reflective of an inner happiness and joy that you can’t help but feel when you look at him. He exudes confidence, a healthy ego and self-assurance, and you feel that he’s welcoming you into his wonderful world. He seems truly ecstatic to be there with you and he covers the entire stage to make sure every single person there feels that he’s delivering his party invitation personally.

But what about his clothes, you ask? His hair? Was he wearing his medges? I honestly can’t remember the boots. The first thing I noticed was that his tight black leather pants didn’t seem to have a visible zipper. This observation, of course, demanded further study before confirmation, so I made sure that I gave this particular area of his couture my closest attention throughout the concert. (It’s true: no zipper—a fact that makes me squirmy imagining him getting into and out of those pants.) The leather jacket and pants were the hottest of hot, and I thought that they looked very Skingraft-y, but I don’t know. I do know that he was long, lean and fit, and totally glamorous and hot in a very chic and edgy way. Beautiful.

(Ongoing study of the zipper question at this time was complicated by another hypothesis: commando? gawd Post-concert discussion had the majority of those offering opinions leaning towards ‘yes’. gawd)

But honestly, that voice. The VOICE. He seemed to be in the mood to not only strut his physical stuff, but to impress with his vocal prowess as well. Let’s examine said vocal prowess:

During “Broken English” (which has slithered/skyrocketed from languishing as my next-to-least liked snippet to now vibrating sexily in my top four) after the ‘bridge of aaaaahs’ near the end, he seems to want to mess with the scripted notes by shattering some new ceilings of human ability. He was sooooo into that song, as I’m sure you’ve gathered from watching the videos a few thousand times. He warned us during the song’s intro. He TOLD us that he was now going to delve into the ‘sex-ay’…and I remember thinking, “Huh? Sex-ay and Broken English? Huh?” Because folks, lemme tell ya that I’d never associated that song with sex other than my knowing it was referring to his relationship with Sauli—a relationship that never fails to bring sex to mind. But the song itself being sexy?

Uh. Yeah. At least it was Thursday night and will be, Universe willing, every fucking time he performs this song. Hell, just knowing he’ll perform this one song will be worth whatever ticket price he charges and all the expenses involved in attending the concert!

And yes—he did flick the tip of his unfettered penis when he sang the words, “just the tip” during BE. Yes, he did. I was so shocked that I had to look back at the area where Adam’s family and friends were sitting up on a small raised stage to see what, if any, reaction his mother and father were showing. But I can’t report on that because as soon as I turned my head away from Adam I came to my senses and whipped it back to where my eyes could see what else he might do to his body. He didn’t disappoint, did he? His hands just seemed to repeatedly gravitate to his crotch, and nobody—least of all, moi--was complaining.

You’ve no doubt watched all the vids, so I’ll not bore you with a song-by-song deconstruction, but let me mention "Naked Love". This is the song that, from the snippets, sat at the bottom of my “like” list. And although I can appreciate it more after hearing it live, I didn’t get gobsmacked by its wonderfulness the way I did by BE. The best part of this song for me was Adam’s obvious joy of performing it, especially his excitement from the audience singing along with him on the “Oh-oh-oh…ohohohoh—ooooh oh oh, Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Go on—look at the end of the song again a few times. He’s almost giddy with happiness as he leads us and encourages us to join the singing party. He laughs and laughs and it’s so fucking REAL and he’s so fucking PRESENT and in the moment and he LOVES it all so much—the singing and performing and that infinity send/return with the audience of love and gratitude and JOY. It’s infectious and delightful and warm and fuzzy and hot and sweaty and soooo, sooooo good!

If I had to say anything non-berty about the concert, I’d say that while listening to things there, I sometimes thought the mix of Adam’s voice and the background voices was uneven and/or the background parts weren’t always quite “right” to my ears. (And listening to the videos, I still think so.) Of course, the crowd was yelling so loudly during some of Adam’s wails that it was tough to always hear HIM, but that’s part of the buzz of being there, you know?

The band? I thought Isaac kicked ass on drums and Ashley looked like a beautiful alien (per glitterbert or boys3) with those wild, shiny gold tights. Tommy did just fine on guitar, although I’m not musically trained enough to give any real critique of his skills. He dyed his hair a reddish color, which was a little change, but one thing he didn’t change was his head bobbing/swinging. So bizarre. He reminds me of those little dog figurines people set in front of the back window behind their car back seat that bob their heads with the motion of the car! :D (But his post-concert tweet made me kinda fall in love with him *g*) Love the “VaJayJays”—they’re really into the whole gig and do their own dancing thing, along with some choreographed moves (although I hope the harmonies tighten up a bit) The musical director/keyboard player seems like a cool dude. He’s into the music when he plays and I was surprised to see that he too provided background vocals. (I actually think that it was his vocal part that sometimes sounded a bit off to me, but I could be totally wrong here.) All in all, the band sounded pretty damned fine for their first real outing and I have no doubt that they’ll only get better.

But I must end this tome by coming back to Adam Fucking Lambert. I cannot think of another current celebrity in any genre—film, stage, music, television, etc.---that is the ‘complete package” that he is. He is unquestionably a vocalist beyond compare. Yes, I’m a fan, but I’m so confident of this that unless someone can actually produce a challenger and put them in a song-for-song contest that proves otherwise, I’ll continue to stand by that statement. He can sing with heartbreaking, soft sweetness and then, in a breath of a second, blast notes that make you shudder in all the best ways. He can make a vocal run trickle effortlessly through octaves and can infuse such feeling in every.single.note that his voice feels like nubile fingers fluttering over your naked skin in the dark. That voice can make you want to cry out--if for no other reason than as a physical release of all the FEELING it creates in you. It's almost too much, too much. But then when the last note is done, you know it wasn’t enough. You'll always need more.

And his body language when he sings. Everything in concert, everything the way it should be. He’s telling us a story, not only with the words, but also with his eyes, his sneers and sideways glances, those eyebrow lifts and sly grins. And I’ll beat the dead horse: his smile is uniquely powerful. He kills me dead with it every time. And Thursday night that smile seemed to be almost bursting with genuine love and appreciation, and every time he flashed it I felt blessed.

He warned us that he's on a mission with his body language in “Trespassing” when he sang “walk that walk like you don’t give a fuck”; he stroked us with it in “Broken English” as he teased us into hotter fantasies still; and he put an exclamation on that warning in the very last song, “Cuckoo” when he thrust his crotch forward and held it there in profile, singing, “I’m cocked and I’m ready to go!” And although I was, at that moment, more ready to come than go, I do believe he was telling the truth.

He IS ready to go. On to even bigger stardom and recognition. We’ve always understood the magic. After seeing and hearing Adam so beautifully debut ‘his baby’—Trespassing and Era 2---with such confidence, excitement and obvious pride and love, I can’t help but believe that it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world understands it, too.

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From our dearest Buder. If this doesn't make you cry, you're not human.

Buderschnookie wrote:
Perhaps tl;dr

On January 22, 1846 my great great grandmother Clarinda married her beau Zachariah.
They built a very modest home deep in a holler called Greasy Creek in the rugged mountains of south eastern Kentucky. Clarinda brought with her a cutting from a rosebush that was growing at her childhood home. Her mother Hannah had carried that rosebush by wagon when she and her husband came to Kentucky from Virginia through the Cumberland Gap back in 1822.

Clarinda and Zachariah lived difficult lives as did all mountain people in Appalachia. They were quite poor and lived on what little they could farm on a rugged mountainside. The land is literally vertical and there was no flat space in which to plant a proper garden so they had patches here and there where the sun occasionally peeked through. They raised a pig each year and had some chickens- nothing so luxurious as a cow or fresh milk.
None of their first three children lived longer than 6 months.
Their fourth pregnancy gave them twin boys who both died of "the fever" at two years of age.
Their sixth child lived to be five.
Thankfully, their seventh, eighth, and ninth children survived and went on to live full, long lives.
The eighth was my great grandmother Adelaide.

In December of 1861 Zachariah enlisted in the Confederate Army, Company A 34th Battalion of the Virginia Cavalry and went off to war.
During his absence Clarinda and the three living children survived as best they could.
Zachariah made it home for good in December of 1865.

Though the horrors of the Civil War were officially over, times were still terribly tough- random Yankee bushwackers had come through Greasy Creek several times during the war and killed all the livestock, burned all the crops, and salted much of the land so no crops could grow.
Clarinda and Zachariah set out to do the best they could in getting their life back on track and providing for their children. Through all of this Clarinda managed to keep her little rose bush alive, and while food must have been in very short supply and the work endless I like to imagine that she had a few moments of joy tending her roses.
Sadly, things did not go well.
In October of 1867 after a very poor harvest season, Zachariah went to his cousin's house to beg for some corn to feed his family.
His cousin shot him dead on the front porch.
He was 41 years old.
The cousin said that Zachariah was stealing corn.
The cousin had also served in the Union Army and Zachariah was one of many former rebel soldiers he murdered in the decade following the end of the war.

Clarinda lived alone until 1906 when she died at age 78.
Her rosebush endured.

In 2007 my mother took her last hike up that mountain at Greasy Creek to see the old places. Nothing much was left- only a few local historians can even find the graves of these people- the land is tough going and full of underbrush.
The rosebush was still there but appeared to be in a decline and my mother worried terribly about what to do in order to save it.

In 2008 she arranged for yet another pilgrimage up that mountain- she was unable to make it all the way in but the younger relatives managed to complete her task which was to bring back cuttings of Clarinda's rose. The cuttings were entrusted to a local Pike County rose grower who managed to grow several of them long enough to survive transport to various relatives who wanted them.
Last fall in September of 2011 three of these rosebushes were planted on my property.

I have blooms.
Simple little rosebushes- not fancy floribundas or enormous blooming tea roses- just simple little shrub roses with modest flowers.
But to me they represent so much more- I love my mountain people ancestors.
I am in awe of the enormous and never ending struggles they faced and that they found the will to keep working and enjoying their lives. They teach me that life, no matter the pain and tragedy, is very much worth living.
They had very simple pleasures like a shady porch, a tall glass of something cool, and perhaps if they were lucky some roses in the yard to look at.

I sat on my own porch this morning with a glass of lemonade beside me and looked at my roses while I thought about Clarinda and her strength of character.
We are strong, powerful women.
All of us.
We make homes and we make families and we remember those that came before us and we raise those who will live on.
Future generations will someday be telling these stories about us and wondering how we managed to get through some of the bad patches we faced.
We manage it because that is what women do.


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Confused but happy!

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Boca Babe's post right after the 9/2013 iHeartRadio show

Aww, I wish I were artistic. That's beautiful. FWIW, laynie, the only way I've found to get around those SQL errors is to manually retype the tweets. Annoying, but it works.

I have to confess that when this iHeart gig was announced, I wasn't nearly as enthusiastic as I should have been. It was immediately after Adam announced his split with RCA, and I remember being disappointed that the "big announcement" being touted by Billboard was another Adam/Queen gig. Not that I had anything against Adam/Queen gigs - far from it - but the speculation had been that the announcement would be a new label deal, and I was a bit bummed that it was not. I was feeling a bit insecure on Adam's behalf, and wanted the announcement to be something more directly beneficial to his career. What I didn't realize was that was exactly what I'd gotten.

So many elements that go into an artist's commercial success or failure are outside of his or her control. If level of talent were more directly correlated with level of success, the show business landscape would look considerably different. It still pains me when I read or watch comments from Adam, or interviews with him, prior to and immediately following the release of "Trespassing". He was so rightfully proud of that album, and so excited for its release and #1 debut, that its ultimate fate in the marketplace (not to mention Adam's ultimate fate with the label) feels even more unfair and unforgivable.

But the part within Adam's control - his work on the album - remains a rousing success. In the same way, the way he impressed Brian May, Roger Taylor and Nile Rodgers - three legends in the music industry - that was within Adam's control. And he succeeded so well that it inspired these men to repeatedly seek out opportunities to work with him again. With Nile, it has resulted in a collaboration with a white-hot current artist that may well get his voice back on the radio waves. And with Brian and Roger, it has resulted in a collaboration with an iconic band comprising a watershed EMA performance, a series of sold out concerts in Europe, and now an opportunity to demonstrate exactly what the fuck he is made of in front of a huge arena audience of demographically desirable fans, internet watchers all over the world, fellow performers, and industry heavyweights. Nobody worked to give Adam those opportunities. He made them for himself.

I hope he's feeling very, very proud tonight.

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From the amazing and lovely Maeve.

maeve94 wrote:
Since it's a slow day...this is a completely OT post that doesn't even use the word Adam. I haven't done this in a long time as this has been a year of action rather than reflection, but I had to get this out of my system. Scroll is your friend, and mods should feel free to remove this if it violate rules. The catharsis was in the writing.


The Wave

I am a devoted follower of HONY, a photographer whose stunning portraits of everyday New Yorkers, accompanied by their thoughtful answers to his questions, are a daily reminder that despite vast differences in experience and circumstance, the essential shared humanity is there if you seek it. This recent HONY portrait spoke volumes to me

"If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?"
"When a wave comes, go deep."
"I think I’m going to need an explanation for that one."
"There’s three things you can do when life sends a wave at you. You can run from it, but then it’s going to catch up and knock you down. You can also fall back on your ego and try to stand your ground, but then it’s still going to clobber you. Or you can use it as an opportunity to go deep, and transform yourself to match the circumstances. And that’s how you get through the wave.”

The wave came for me this year. It goes by many names: illness, cancer, lymphoma, and my own bloodless descriptor - “my husband is sick”. There was no fighting this wave. Wishing it away, pretending I wasn’t terrified, and trying to carry on as if nothing had changed were not possible. Like the woman in the portrait, I had to transform myself to match the circumstances. There were practical parts – make the appointments, fill the prescriptions, take over household things that were not on my side of the ledger. Then there was the new role of caregiver to a husband whose mantra in life is “fine or dead”. That stoic attitude forced me to parse his every word and watch his every gesture to see how he felt, whether he was in pain, sick from chemo, scared of the next step. Finally, there was the emotional toll of dread inhabiting every part of my life where previously I had looked back with satisfaction and forward with hope.

Slowly, the transformation took place. I accepted the new roles and only let the terror show in very safe places. including in the company of some dear friends here. The petty annoyances and boredom of a long marriage were forgotten as my husband displayed incredible bravery and fortitude through this ordeal reminding me why I fell head over heels for him years ago. I held my tongue where previously I might have eye rolled or heaved a sigh of annoyance. That’s a good change, in our relationship and in life. We are kinder to one another, as the prospect of loss – of health, vitality, companionship, security – looms large in our lives.

The wave is still coming, but it’s gentler now, lapping the shore rather than crashing over our heads. Everything that happens changes us. None of us got to where we are without being hit by waves time and time again. Go deep.

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Another incredible post by the lovely open2it. God bless you, sweetheart!!!

open2it wrote:
WARNING...This is a shamefully long, self-indulgent post. Feel free to scroll, read a little and lose interest and move on or whatever--no offense taken! But it's bursting out of me and so...

I guess that is the way life is - birth and death, sadness and happiness, tragedy and celebration. And we all share both parts of our lives with each other here. I think it's wonderful this thread is here and that we all are here to comfort each other in times of difficulty and sadness and to celebrate with each other in times of happiness. (Totally)

I've waited until this last night here in the redwoods along the almost painfully beautiful Northern California coast to write and post this. I sit here now at the window seat with a Bailey's Irish Creme next to me, listening to Joni Mitchell's "Court & Spark" cd and trying not to feel sad that I will be going home tomorrow and re-entering a world that for this past year has been anything but beautiful.

You all know that I'm grieving and you all have helped me through this early stage of my grief by offering your long-distance love and support and by being here--by being part of this place in the virtual world that sometimes seems more real and comprehensible than the one I navigate daily with my feet on the ground.

This weekend away by myself in a peaceful place has meant so much to me. You know, for this calendar year it seems as though I have done little else than 'take care of things'--from my mother's declining health and all the 'business' that entailed--hospice, social security and Medi-Cal, mortuary and death certificate, dividing her 'effects' among Goodwill, the trash and boxes in my garage that might never be opened again--to finding a place to put all my feelings about her death. But a month before doing those things, being that dutiful and grieving daughter, I was also hit with the news of my husband's grim diagnosis-and the mixed blessing of finally finding a job. I had a job now, but wished I didn't-I needed to process this new impending loss of my husband and then the actual one of my mother. I needed to be free to 'take care of things'.

But of course Kenny wasn't dying at first, or at least that's what the doctors led us to think. He was getting on a transplant list and this kind of thing went on all the time. Even here in California where the wait list is among the longest, if not the longest, in the country--surely, we had time to climb that scale of mathematically constructed worthiness to be the next in line for a donor liver, right?

It didn't work that way. Kenny continued to work and continued to worsen, not matter how meticulous and disciplined he was in following doctors' orders-restricting his sodium and fluids, doing everything 'right'. And I continued to be diligent about nagging doctors and calling health insurance numbers and monitoring and managing the ever-changing prescriptions and dosages. We both kept doing it all through his chemo treatments for the liver cancer that the Stanford doctor had told in the beginning that we should hope he didn't develop. He said it was a common consequence of END STAGE liver disease. For months we continued to oil the revolving door of our local emergency room whenever Stanford called us about yet another grave imbalance of sodium, potassium, white cell counts or other functions his diseased liver couldn't do anymore & that medicine just couldn't do instead. We kept on through two daughters' graduations, one high school and one college.

Until it just didn't matter anymore what he did. What we did. And while I watched him change into a physcially unrecognizable man, I experienced the changes his illness created in him, too. He was different. He had no energy, no spark. He didn't go to Carrie's softball games or he had to leave early. (Never in the 14 years he was involved with her games did he volunteer NOT to go to a game.) He fell asleep over his computer because he wanted to keep working at his job-although his doctors, his colleagues who knew about his disease and I begged him to file for disability earlier than he did so that he could focus totally on 'getting better'. This unfailingly patient man had no patience and he easily snapped at me. In the 33 years we were together, we hardly ever snapped at each other. Or if we did it was after a disagreement had brewed and escalated to the 'snapping' stage. But he was different now. And he knew it, too. And that made him even sadder.

Let's leap ahead to the end. Every one of us has a story or more about the loss of a loved one. Details rarely matter to anyone but the one who lived them. Kenny is gone. I lost my companion of 33 years and my daughters lost their dad. His brothers lost a brother and best friend. His friends have been truly affected by his loss. He was that kind of friend to everyone. When we had our Celebration of LIfe day a couple of weeks ago and person after person from different circles of his life went to the microphone to talk about Kenny, I was struck by the SAMEness of their impression of him, their experience of knowing him. Friends from his work, the softball community that he was such a big part of, girls who'd had him as a coach, people who'd simply known him, from whatever context they'd known Kenny-all had the same story, the same description of who he was. And he WAS that-a man with such a strong sense of self, of such character, of inner strength, kindness, encouragement, generosity, compassion and humor-that everyone who knew him knew the SAME man. It was a beautiful day and so many wonderful people shared it with me. Kenny's DENTIST came! His MECHANIC came! The Stanford liver specialist and the transplant surgeon came!

The transplant surgeon (whose name is Amy and who played softball at Yale!) had told me that the morning before Kenny died, just a couple of hours before he had to be intubated & assisted by a respirator and therefore would no longer be aware or able to interact, they were just having a regular conversation--his 'number' was 42 on a scale of 6 to 40, but he was still Kenny--still smiling and wanting to talk. She said the entire ICU staff were in awe and shock at his attitude and ability to still be interacting with them all with dignity & personality. She said she and Kenny talked about softball and that she asked him what Carrie's best pitch was. She said he took his oxygen mask off, smiled and answered, "She has a wicked rise ball" and then put the mask back on.

She called me a few days after the celebration to tell me the news. The autopsy showed that he actually had cancer along his spine and other places, that the cancer had-unknown to them and their many scans and tests-metastisized extensively. That even had he received a liver, the immunosuppressant drugs given to post-transplant patients would've created a wonderland for the cancer to grow, not only unchecked but assisted, and that his final few weeks would've been very, very horrible. She said that he must've been sick for a long time. And she said this: "When I was at the celebration and listened to all those people talking about Kenny, about his character and his personality--his optimism and determination--and I thought of him in that ICU, I was struck by how consistently he lived his life to the very end. He died the way he lived--he was truly a strong, wonderful man throughout it all. We all here wanted so much to be able to save him."

I am still grieving, of course. But my weekend here at this house among the redwoods with no neighbors in sight-nothing really in sight but the forest floor, the tall redwoods, the ocean in the distance and the sky-have helped me turn a corner, I think. Yesterday I had a two-hour massage therapy session. The therapist came to me and set up the table near the huge floor-to-ceiling windows with that view I described above. She is a holistic therapist who uses imagery and energy guidance as she massages. She knew about my reason for being here and was so receiving, so open and giving that the therapy became more than just making my physical body feel better. During that long session, I let go of some things that I'd held onto for a while. I cried and hurt, lost it and then breathed, cried again. And after it was over I was stronger.

When I woke up this morning, I felt different. I was rested and was ready to get up There was a different feeling about doing ordinary things-making coffee, having a bite to eat on the deck. I paid more attention to the waves, the seals, a hawk, a woodpecker and the wind rustling the leaves. I got a smug satisfaction from building a beautiful fire to stare into as I sipped more coffee inside. I could think about Kenny and smile, not break into tears. I've spent this last day reading, snoozing in the window seat, watching some of Adam's concert videos, writing a bit, and just enjoying the utter silence. I've done these things every day since being here, but today I could enjoy them more.

Tomorrow I leave. I'll actually get into the car for the first time since I parked it here Thursday evening. I'll drive down and walk on the beach. I'll stop at the little town on the way out and have breakfast at a place a friend recommended. I'll maybe pick the longer way home that will take me along a little road to a family winery for a tasting. Maybe I'll stop by to see a friend and former colleague from my former job who lives on the way. I don't know exactly what I'll do on my last day away from the real world. And that feels good.

I've learned a lot in these days since Kenny died. I've learned that as much as my daughters and I love and are there for each other, we grieve differently. I cannot look to them to be my grief partners--we are not grieving the same way, nor can we, actually. I had to LEARN that, though. How could Alex be so stoic and 'grown up' about all of this? Why wasn't Carrie SHOWING her sadness, her heartbreak? How could she be going on with her social life, her softball, her silliness and social butterfly-ness as though life was normal? Why didn't she cry? Won't all those repressed feelings break through some day in a devastatingly tragic way? Wouldn't it be healthier if she cried it out (like I have been doing) or talked about things (the way I need to do). Shouldn't it be obvious to anyone around her that HER FATHER DIED?

I've learned that she is dealing with this unspeakable loss by just that--not speaking about it. It's too hard for her to articulate the feelings now--maybe it would make them too real, would make his death real. Maybe just because of her own make up or maybe just due to developmental timetables, it doesn't matter. I just need to make sure that my daughters and I know that if and when any of us needs to grieve, the others will 'allow' us to do so the way we need to. That-and helping us all redefine our family and my own way is my job now.

And nice to realize this grew out of AFL's life message. (getoverit)
Thank you all for always being here to read my ramblings and support me through this monumentally important time in my life. Eventually, I will be able to see this new chapter with some optimism and maybe even some excitement. It is an entirely new life, this 'widow' status. Within 5 and a half months I've lost my daughter status and my wife status. I'm still a mother, of course, but my daughters don't need me as they used to. They are young women themselves and so we will move forward together but with our paths more parallel than melded, and at times diverging until they cross more infrequently as we all move ahead with our lives.

And now I shall get everything packed and cleaned up and ready tonight so that I don't have to waste any of my last day here doing those things. Then I shall get another little glass of Bailey's, get nekkid and soak in the hot tub on the deck...and look at the stars. I'm pretty sure one of them is Kenny peeking at me and smiling. ;)

Forgot this--this is a picture taken of the Memory Board I made of Kenny's life for the Celebration. A couple of pics had fallen but still it's pretty awesome! Image

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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Here are maddie's posts from right after seeing Adam :)

maddie wrote:

I spent all that time with my ears glued to the door of the theatre, listening to the soundcheck. His voice!!! His wailing!!! His laugh!!! The way he talks to everyone with his gentle yet firm commands! I lost my virginity while having the most religious experience of my life!!! I closed my eyes and got out of my body! I died, went to heaven and back again!!!

And OMG the new song!!! Wait until you hear it. It's out of this world!!!! The way he wails the lyrics, goes up and down, and back again!!! I was crying listening to it. Everybody was screaming, OMG NEW SONG!!!! And then someone said, it's Jimmy Hendrix!!! When he finished, we burst into aplause and hugged each other. Some people came to me saying, "Are you Marisa from Twitter??? OMG you're adorable!" We hugged, we talked, we celebrated. It was amazing.

Oh, and Rob the manager agreed to take the magazine with my Adam interview to him, plus a picture for Adam to sign. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I can't believe all this is happening...

Now I must really change and go to the concert. Just two hours and 40 minutes!!!!

I promise a longer and very detailed report of this day soon. After I die and go to heaven again.

See you soon, babies!!! Love you with all my heart!!!

maddie wrote:
Oh, bbs. Oh my heart. You have no idea. I'm crying while writing this. I just don't know how I'm gonna explain this, and at the same time I feel like I could write a book about this. About Adam. The gloriousness, the awesomeness, the beauty, the poetry, the light, everything that makes Adam who he is.

You know when we say he's not real? It's the opposite. He's the most REAL person I've ever seen, if that makes sense. It's like he can't help being who he is. It just comes naturally to him. But it shouldn't, because what he is is IMPOSSIBLE. No one can be that masculine, with all the maleness, that strenght, that commanding figure. It's like he's what MEN are supposed to be. And his body, OMG, I could write sonets about that body. I could also do other things, but maybe we should talk about that later, LOL!!! Anyway, I'm losing my focus. What I'm saying is that he has that force that says: you will trust me and do what I say, because I know just what I'm doing. And at the same time, the way he moves, the way he dances, the way he laughs and throws his head back, the way his hand moves, it has a grace, a lightness, a fluidity that could be described as feminine as well. It shouldn't be possible, but is is. And it's that apparent contradiction that makes him so unique, and so fascinating, and SO FUCKING SEXY. He shouldn't exist, and yet he exists.

The same could be said about his voice. I mean, he's pure rock'n'roll. He has a pulse, a rhythm, a strenght, an agressiveness, that's pure rock'n'rol maleness. When he goes down, you feel it in your soul (and other parts as well!). It's so visceral, so true, so HIM. And then, when he goes up, he's like this angel, this cherubin, just flying high, so high you'll never be able to reach him, and yet you do. Your ears pick up and you're up there with him, drinking in his beauty, his light, his poetry...

It's not that he's too perfect. I mean, he is, but that's not the point. The point is: it's efortless to him. He just can't help being this perfect creature, this man that can command crowds and yet laughs and makes jokes like a little boy. This man that rolls his body like he's ready to make you scream, and then laughs it off like he's your best friend, and really, you should know better.

Bbs, I was right in front of him the whole time. I could touch him if the security guys would let me. I almost did. But he looked at me many, many times, and he gave the mike to me and my friends to sing, and he danced in front of me, and it was GLORIOUS. Sometimes I would just be quiet and take it all in, like Boca said. Sometimes I would scream like a lunatic. Sometimes I just stared at him and thought, no one can be that beautiful, it should not be allowed. And then, when he sang Chokehold, I just started to cry. No, sob. Then this German girl I just met (and is now one of my best friends, an ex-virgin linke me) held me in my arms while I cried so more. And then we hugged. And it was OK. And the he was singing LMD and Kicking in, and everytning was right with the world.

Now it's time to celebrante with all my new friends. I will get back here to tell you the story when I can. For now, just know that I'm so grateful to be alive, and to be here, and to have done all I did. Love you guys. See you soon.

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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And here are maddie's recaps!!!

maddie wrote:
Hi, bbs, here we go. Those are the first two parts of my recap. Still not sure what I'm going to do about the third part. I mean, so many people liked that instant recap I did right after the concert, maybe I should leave it like that. And yet, there are so many things I would like to say, about how Nile is right, and the whole world is wrong, and even Adam doesn't really understand the greatness of it all, because the best is yet to come and I've seen it, but not really... Or about how Adam is the most handsome man ever, and the pictures and videos will never do him any justice, because his beauty comes from somewhere else...

I will think about it and get back to you, OK? Enjoy... or scroll down like crazy!


It took me two seconds to realize Manuela, the Portuguese fan I met on Twitter, was going to be my new best friend. She was this ray of light, this sweet, funny, clever person, who loved and respected Adam just like I did. It was love at first sight. On the way to the Winstar Hotel, I found out two things: 1. I can drive an automatic car, no problem at all!; 2. I can’t drive in the middle of Texas without getting completely lost – many times, LOL! Every time I made a wrong turn, the GPS woman would say: “Recalculating...recalculating”. Until we were so utterly lost that she just gave up and got completely silent. ”OMG we killed the GPS!”, Manu said, laughing hes ass off. Good thing she was such a good sport about this, because it took us three hours to get there, when it should have been one hour and a half!!! And then, when we approached the hotel, there was this glorious luminous panel with Adam’s face on it. We screamed, we hugged, we celebrated. We had gotten there, fianlly.

Later that night, I had my first “Glambert” experience. I was crossing the lobby when I saw Tommy. As my heart threaned to leave my chest, I thought: “OMG ADAM!!!” But I looked in every direction, and he wasn’t there – just Tommy, Ashely, Rick, Brian and Rob, the manager. I must have missed Adam by seconds! Anyway, I just kept on my way to my room, like I didn’t know who they were, but Rick must have felt something, because he just gave me this little smile that said: “I know who you are and I know what you want, bb!”. LOL, he got me instantly. Smart guy.


It shouldn’t be this hard. But it was. Afterwards, my body was so exausted and my muscles so sore, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breath, I could barely walk. And yet there I was, ready to do it all over again!

It all started with a tweet. Someone said Brian was on his way to soundcheck. Then another someone saw Ashley. I told Manuela and Linda (her friend, who had just joined us): “We have to go now!!!” What I meant is that we had to go to the box office, to collect our tickets and try to hear the soundcheck.

When we got there, the place was filled with Glamberts. I met amazing Audsidol, who gave me the best gift ever: my front row ticket. The hug I gave her wasn't nearly enough to show how grateful I was... I also met lots of people Twitter - including Michaela, a sweet German girl that was also losing her virginity to Adam that same day. So many new friends! We screamed, we hugged, we laughed, we took lots pictures. No sign of the soundcheck yet.

When Rob approached the theater, Manuela came up with the idea: what if I gave him my magazine (the one with the Adam interview), and asked him to give it to Adam, so he could sign? I did just that. He was very sweet and said: “Is this for Adam, or for him to sign?” I had to think fast: “Oh, the magazine is for Adam, but can I ask him to sign something else?” “Sure”, he said, “Give it to me when I get back, in five minutes”. I ran to my room and brought the picture I had printed just for the occasion. When Rob got back, I gave the magazine and the picture to him - along with a note from the German fan. We girls have to help each other, right?

Meanwhile, the soundcheck was starting. Someone had already heard IIHY when I got to one of the doors of the theatre. They were closed, of course, but if you put your ears just in the right spot, in the gap between the two parts, you could hear it perfectly. First the drums, than the guitar, and then.... ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAY ME DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I thought I was gonna die. Everything everyone ever told me about his voice was true, and not, because it was so much more!!! The purity of it, the thickness, the lightness, the strength, the wait it carried through the doors and through my skin, right into my soul... And then the song ended, and he started speaking, and I was floored. OMG it’s really him! His fucking voice! So sweet, and yet so commanding! “That keyboard is not good. Go back there once again. No, that other part. We gotta get it exactly right.” And on and on he went, and I wanted to scream, HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE!!! Then he did IIHY, WWFM, Cuckoo, Shady, and so many others, and every time he was perfect, doing crazy improvs, laughing and asking for little things that only he could hear...

Two hours went by, and I never left that spot, even though my neck hurt like crazy. Other people came and went, were gone for lunch and back, and I was there the whole time. Lucky me, because suddenly I heard this bluesy sound, a guitar weeping, Adam’s voice came on and “OMG NEW SONG!!!!”. At my little scream, lots of people ran to the doors, trying to listen. What is this? What is this? I glued my ear to the door, desperate. Something about a girl, a house, and anyway, what does it matter when he’s waling like that, his voice going up and down, caressing the guitar with little strokes, licking the microphone all over and making me see stars... When it ended, we all burst with applause. Afterwards, this sweet blond lady came to me and asked: “Are you the girl from Brazil? OMG, you’re adorable!”

At some point, a security guy told us to leave the doors alone, and I decided it was OK. I had heard all the songs at least once, some of them two or three times, some of them a capella (the revamped Mad World, parts of LMD, the Hendrix song...) and I felt completely and utterly f****, LOL! Time to go back to my room, breathe for a while and prepare myself for the next round. ;)

maddie wrote:
He is, Maxiford. So much, makes me tear up just thinking about it.

Here it goes, the last three parts of my HUGE recap. I've edited it a thousand times, and it's still ginormous. Hope you enjoy it. But feel free to ignore me. I love you anyway...


When I got back to my room, I had this crazy sensation. OMG, is there a concert yet for me to watch? I mean, I felt so complete and satisfied, and I hadn’t even layed my eyes on him... Oh, bbs, how I wish someone had recorded that soundcheck... Of course he’s amazing when he’s performing, but the soundcheck is a completely different beast. The way he takes each song by its throat and makes it his bitch, I can’t even... Take LMD, for instance: I think he spent a whole hour just going on about two different parts. He would say what he wanted, then he would SING what he wanted (making this adorable little noises with his mouth), and then say “No, let’s do it again, we’ve got to get it right!” And then he would sing that part a cappella, improvising the hell out of it, and where are all those notes coming from??? Same thing with Mad World, over and over again. Remember how we all wanted him to sing MW a capella on Idol? There it was, so glorious, yet so different: the way he would shout some lines, and then whisper the words. You had to be there, listening through that door. And I was. How lucky can a girl be, really???

Anyway, I still had a concert to watch, so I put my best dress on and got down to the theatre as fast as I could. When I fianlly got to my seat, I was a little neeeeervous. I knew I was in the front row, in the left side. What I didn’t know was that there would be a black curtain in front of me. The stage ended before it reached the left section! I would never be able to get close to him! I told myself that it was OK, because everyone would get up and the seats wouldn’t matter anyway. #realness

The second the lights were off, everyone in my section went to the ropes that separated us to the center section (yes, there were ropes, even though we were ALL in the VIP section – don’t ask...). It would be great to just stay there – what a great view of the stage! But then one girl said, “Go ahead, under the rope!”. I hesitated for a second or two, until I realised that everyone in the center section was standing anyway, and two other people were already passing under the rope. I thought “What the hell?” and went for it. The minute I crossed the hope, I felt a grip around my arm – one of the security guys had reached for me! I went ahead anyway, and eventually he let go of me, thank God! Guess there were just too many glamberts, LOL!!! NO TRESPASSING YEAH MY ASS!!!!

Maybe it was time for miracles, because now there was no one between me and the stage. And then Adam appeared, looking like a New Year’s Dream, complete with champagne, fireworks, eternal happiness and the best sex you ever had, all tied up in a elegant black-and-white package. I think I spent all of IIHY too stunned to really think. Adam was up there and it was just too much for my brain to process. I remember looking at his face and thinking, OMG he’s so beautiful, his skin is so soft, his cheekbones are so strong, his nose is so masculine, his eyelashes are so long, and maybe if I look really hard I can see ther color of his eyes?? I also remember thinking his face was more angular than I thought it would be, and much more expressive than I could ever imagine. In a moment he was smiling, then doing his stankface, then giving us the sexy eyes, and OMG, what is he singing?

Not sure how, but suddenly he was singing Naked Love, and I reminded myself to breath and try to pay attention. Focus, Marisa, focus! OK, clothes first. The pants were not tight, but they fitted him like a velvet glove. The white shirt was glorious, and so was the glittery jacket. His body: OMG so strong, so broad, so male!!!! How could anyone in the whole world not WANT him??? Not possible. But look, he’s dancing, and it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before! His movements are so fluid, so gentle, his hands look so soft.... How can someone be so strong and so delicate at the same time? Again, not possible.

“Walk that walk like you don’t give a fuck”, and yeah, Cuckoo had started and I was still in a daze. “Are you guys having fun?” OMG YES!!!!! And then he was laughing, and throwing his head back, I thought I was going to faint. Because his laugh is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard, and the way he moves his head is so infectious, you think you might die with happiness. I heard him say something about champagne and then Pop that Lock started. And then it was all about me, because, well, he was popping my lock tonight! I looked to my right and noticed that my German friend, Michaela – the girl who was also seeing Adam for the first time that night – was right beside me. We held hands and smiled at each other.

“It’s getting hot in here, don’t you think?” Hell yeah! Watching Fever live has always been one of my dreams, and there he was, wailing like nobody’s business, not once, but twice, and is is possible to die and go to heaven just like that? I felt like laughing and screaming and whimpering at the same time, because, really? When his voice does things like that, I just don’t know anything anymore.


Maybe it was the piano at the begining, or the fact that it was the first slow song of the night, or just my brain catching up, but when he started singing Chockehold, I lost it. I looked at him up there, so much emotion in his face, in his voice, in his hands, and I just started to cry. Little tears at first, and then I was sobbing, and I looked for my German friend, and she saw me, and just held me in her arms while I cried my eyes out. So many emotions going through my head: how I dreamed about this very moment, how I feared it might never happen, how my family problems almost stopped me from going, how my friends (online and offline) cheered me up, how I fianlly got here. And how Adam made it all possible.

By the time he finished the song, I was myself again. Right in time for hearing one of my favorite songs ever: Mad World. How much do I love that he reinvented that song yet again for us? And that the new version KICKS ASS??? Rock’n’roll, bitches!!! After throwing us to the floor with his lower register, he takes us by the hand and lifts us up. At then we’re floating, floating, because he’s singing Outlaws of Love and his voice is the most sublime sound you’ve ever heard. Why, Adam, why you do that to us???

“This is a new song, from the Avicii album...” He starts to dance and then procceeds to take off his jacket!!! His tattoed arm is a thing of beauty, and I’m drooling when I realize he is coming in our direction. And then he starts to dance right IN FRONT OF ME, and how does he do that with his legs? “Lower!”, he says. He’s trying to teach us how to do some new step or something, I don’t even know anymore, because, really? Can anyone please remind me how to breath again? Kicking in is next and it’s so perfect I could die right now. HONEY ARE YOU UP THERE? Yes, bb. And I may never come down again.

When he starts talking about Jimmi Hendrix, we all scream like crazy, because we know what’s coming... I feel like I’m on the soundcheck again, only with visuals this time, and the song is as magnificent as I remembered it. His voice sings circles around the rest of the band, and then he’s going all the way up and then back down, and for the hundredieth time this night I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It’s like Adam isn’t even in control. His voice just takes on a life of its own, because it knows what to do, and it can never be wrong...

Then there's Queen, and Dragon Attack is as sexy as I thought it would be. Shady comes up and he forgets the lyrics, asks us to sing for him, and his microphone is just a few inches from my mouth, and OMG I’m gonna sing this, but the security guys are keeping us from getting to the mike, and Adam just realizes this, or just changes his mind, and then he's back atsinging again. Still, that was the closest he got to us, and I can still see his eyes right in front of me. I don’t think I even have a heart anymore.

And then it’s all over in a second. He comes back for AYGGMY, and I know it’s problably the last song, and I keep telling myself it’s OK, because the joy and the happiness and the love I have in my heart are not going anywhere. As he kisses us goodbye, I feel so incredily grateful for everything I wanna scream. THANK YOU ADAM, THANK YOU UNIVERSE, THANK YOU EVERYONE. I LOVE YOU ALL.


As I seat there looking at an empty stage, something that’s been on my mind the whole concert just becomes really clear. Nile Rodgers was right. In fact, he’s the only one who got it right. Adam IS a genius. Like, Michael Jackson-genius. Elvis Presley-genius. I mean, he is not just a great singer, or an amazing performer, or a hell of a entertainer. He’s one of those artists that are born once in a hundred years. He has a gift. He can see things no one else can, do things no one else can, hear things no one else can. It’s like he has the music inside of him. All music. Everytime he tries something new, all he has to do is go inside and pick what he wants, because it’s all there. It’s amazing, and it’s almost too much. There’s so much music, so much joy, so much love, so much sexiness inside of him, that sometimes he just has to laugh it off. He knows it’s ridiculous, because no one can be like that, and yet he is.

Right now, he could be singing operas, doing musicals, improvising in exclusive jazz clubs. Because we’re the luckiest bitches in the world, he chose pop music. And because we’re so fucking lucky, he’s growing right in front of us. I don’t hink we have seen half of what Adam can do. Hell, I don’t think Adam has seem half of what Adam can do. The best is yet to come, and I’ve seen it, because it’s already there, inside of him. I’m not saying it will be easy, because it never is. I’m not sure the world will ever undertand how special and unique he really is. But it doesn’t matter. Because now I’ve seen the light. I know what Adam really is about. And now I can never forget.


PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:55 am 
My therapist says it's a harmless, stress-relieving fantasy--and I believe her

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And Maddie's misty memories:

maddie wrote:
You know, today, as I was coming back from work, I got a little sad, because I tried to go back to my memories of the Winstar concert - and I realized they were not there anymore. Not so clear, anyway. Just faint images, like a dream long forgotten, not something you experienced in real life. And then I thought: "Oh, no, I'm forgetting already! I don't want to forget!"

But then it hit me: OK, I prepared myself for this. I know what to do. Just go back to your list, Marisa! So I started talking to myself.

* Remember how you thought you loved his elegant look, even though the pants were not tight?
* Remember how his face was really angular, not full, like you thought it would be?
* Remember how his expression changed every two seconds, and you couldn't believe he was REAL?
* Remember how his skin was not perfect, but his face looked so soft you felt like you were touching it?
* Remember how his eyelashes were so long, you wondered if he had mascara on?
* Remember how his body looked incredibly strong, and yet when he moved, it seemed he was weightless?
* Remember how he threw his head back when he laughed, and you thought it was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
* Remember how you looked at his tattoed arm and thought you might faint?
* Remember how he look straight at you in LMD, and your heart just stopped?
* Remember how it seemed like his voice was not coming from his mouth, but from some divine place, where only angels could live?

And then I remembered. :)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:17 pm 
There's no comfort in comfort I need the edge

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Buder's post about the demise of TWoP.

OMG, that Home Planet eulogy was priceless, and I did see a comment of mine in there about tuning in purely to watch him eat a bowl of Cheerios!
I stand by that one still- he could make anything interesting.

I was first Cearbhaill, then was banned and posted for a while as the completely untraceable Caerbhaill (that fooled 'em!), then I was Buderschnookie, BooBooKitty, JustABubba, BillyBobJoeBill, then I gave up trying to think of names and was random keyboard swipe ibhde10, then I think dimwitty was there for a while along with McKenLyn. Too many forums, too many ID's, lol.
My posting style clearly did/does not fit TWoP standards- about the only forums I ever post on any more are Sleepy Hollow and Walking Dead with an occasional Drag Race or Project Runway.

I have two names left at TWoP and one has warning points already so I shall tread lightly until the end. The key is to read for a few days to figure out the mods schedule a bit so that whatever evil you post stays up the maximum amount of time, and hope no one reports you.
I have to wonder how devoted the modding will be as things wind down. I know if I were modding I'd let things go toward the end- let the kids play, haha.

The end of an era- for me that was where the Legend of Adam had it's birth- so much sharing of finds those first few months, like when we discovered the Cabaret and Zodiac footage.
Lord, that was exciting.

We are picture takers in my family- everything is documented and tucked away for posterity.
Every flower that blooms and cat that yawns is neatly filed by month and year in it's respective folder.
My year "2009" has two folders under "Home"- June and July.
All that is in there are photos of a birds nest, eggs, and then babies that were raised on my patio, and only then because I had to fence them off to keep my dogs from chomping them.
That's all.
I did not photograph one flower or pet the entire year.
No house projects or repairs, no family gatherings, nothing.

I found Adam very early, before the Idol audition aired, just by following rumors and leads from The Pink Place about possible contenders.
He consumed my entire year- there was simply So.Much.Stuff!.
It's a little funny and a little sad how badly I neglected my life in 2009.
I remember looking up from Youtube, noticing that husband would be home soon, and racing around the house to brush my hair and look as if I had been productive during the day. I remember flinging kibble (the horror!) at my dogs because I had neglected to defrost their standard biologically appropriate raw fare. I remember watching tour videos all night and crawling into bed to pretend to be asleep when husband got up so he wouldn't know I was up all night lusting after Adam. I remember biting my tongue to not babble about Adam the moment he walked in the door- what man wants to hear "Adam kicked a dildo!!" when he walks in from a hard days work?
The weeds in my yard must have been horrendous.
I don't know- I don't even remember.

And TWoP was a big part of all that- it served as sort of the genesis of the "Camaraderie of the Glamberts" that has grown to what it is today.
Of course by the summer we were gathered here where we could speak freely and for that I am eternally grateful. We brought with us spelling and grammar and the habit of reading before you post, etc. All good habits that I appreciate tremendously and a wonderful legacy. We still don't see much text speak or 'repetitive redundancy' here, thankfully.
But butthurt was large in those days and TWoP was where we watched it happen. The Kris fans in the Adam forum thinking how clever they were in their criticism, the Adam fans in the Kris thread doing the same- it was a study in semantics the way everyone crafted their replies oh so carefully. It was ugly and yet still fascinating.

I'll be sad to see it taken down- it really was one for the record books.
It's like learning that your high school will be demolished- no longer relevant but still, you hate to see it go as the experiences there will be with you forever.
RIP little message board!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:20 pm 
There's no comfort in comfort I need the edge

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Boca Babe's post about the end of TWoP.

Boca Babe wrote:
All these reminiscences of TWoP are making me smile. I started posting there fairly early in Season 8. My two main screen names were Boca Babe (shocking, I know) and TabbyMom (that was actually the longer lived of the two). I've had at least two or three others that were pretty short-lived, including my first which lasted a for a grand total of two posts. :-) I think my most recent banning was actually accidental - it was communicated to me as a suspension, but the ban hammer was lowered instead! And of course once you were banned, there was no possible recourse other than creating a new screen name and starting all over again.

Adam wasn't my first venture into fandom, but it was the first one that took place entirely during the internet age - and that made the experience different in so many ways. The object of my first fandom obsession was Alan Alda, and started when I was probably 11 or so. It was a largely solitary experience, spent looking for mentions in monthly gossip magazines and celebrity gossip columns and - as the years went on - doing research in the library looking for old newspaper and magazine articles. As that obsession waned in the early 80s, it was replaced (rather amusingly, if one thinks about it) with Tim Curry circa RHPS. For the first time, stanning became both an individual and a social phenomenon for me. I still did the solitary research thing (aided and abetted this time by a first class university library), but also participated in the fun during RHPS screenings. And, even more significantly, for the first time I met fellow fans online, via Prodigy (does anyone remember Prodigy?), listservs, Usenet newsgroups and, slightly later, on AOL. It was also the first time I met up in person with fans I met online - one of whom is actually the friend who bought tickets to Pittsburgh Pride and informed me that I was going to be traveling up to attend with her. :-) Tim remained "my favourite obsession" until Adam took his place in 2009. And that obsession bloomed, in part, due to taking part in discussions on TWoP. Even after pointerspoint thankfully took it upon herself to start this community and some kind soul sent me a private message with an invitation to join (I regret that I can no longer recall who it was, except that I don't think she has posted here in a long time), I still didn't completely abandon TWoP. For a good long time, there were a lot of good discussions to be had - even amongst the not-infrequent troll invasions and board shutdowns by tyrannical mods who were apparently incensed at having to actually, you know, moderate discussions, as if they were getting paid to do it or something. Oh, wait...

But I digress. The last time the Mod Du Jour shut down the Adam thread, IMO it never recovered. It was shut down for a ridiculously long period of time, for an equally ridiculous reason which escapes me now - and by the time it reopened, hardly anybody cared anymore. Participation was already waning due to posters moving on to friendlier online real estate - either fan boards or Twitter - and that shutdown was the final straw for most. I would go months without checking in, and when I did, the board would have hardly moved. It was a sad shadow of what it used to be. However, I suspect I'll spend a good amount of time between now and May 31st revisiting old threads there before they vanish for good. I'll always be grateful to TWoP, for making the early days of the Adam fandom such fun - and, more importantly, for being the conduit that led me here.

As others have said, it's truly the end of an era.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 7:24 am 
Adam! As in Lambert!

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Four parts of awesomeness .... maddie's QAL 2014 recap!

3 parts on this page and 4th part on next ;) Will c/p later ...

PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:09 pm 
My therapist says it's a harmless, stress-relieving fantasy--and I believe her

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Maddie's awesome symmetrical post on Adam's Idol judge appearance:

maddie wrote:

OK, I've had some wine and I'm a little Budershnookied, so just bear with me for a little while. Earlier today, I was talking about confidence. This is what prompted it.

Being on stage with Queen and remembering the most important things about music and performance are the most timeless things: it transcends trend and popularity contests. It is more about truth, emotion, honesty and the connection with the audience, the music and the moment. [The Queen tour] has been good for me on a confidence level. It's made me feel like I'm on the right path, and humbled at the same time. I am stepping into a position that used to be occupied by the greatest frontman of all time. Trying to live to that legacy has been challenging and rewarding.

I love this so much you have no idea. It touches me on a very deep level that I can't even begin to undertand myself, let alone explain. It's about history, and heritage, and what the old can bring to the young, and what the young can bring to the old.

Let's just say, for the sake of clarity, that I love the perfect symmetry of this:
- Adam is helping Queen be Queen.
- Queen is helping Adam be Adam.

The Universe can be so pure and perfect sometimes. Everything just fits. Thank God for that!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:16 am 
There's no comfort in comfort I need the edge

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The lovely Legers wrote two recaps, one for Newcastle and one for Manchester. Here they are, in all their glory.

legers wrote:
I'm on the train home to Edinburgh so I thought I'd use the time to reflect on the epic Newcastle show.

- As you know, there were severe weather warnings, so I was anxious that trains would get cancelled. Fortunately, mid afternoon, I spilled boiling water over one of my arms and at that moment I knew I was going to make it. The terrible thing had already happened and this the meant the journey was going to be fine - and it was :) The scarring was worth it.

- when I arrived at my hotel, the nice receptionist asked my why I was visiting. When I told her Queen & Adam Lambert, he said that everybody checking in today was going too - is Adam Lambert any good? I said, ' you don't really want to ask me that because there's a queue behind me and there'll be a riot by the time I finish'. I think he was lucky that I was able to exert that degree of control. By the time I go to the concert, I'd moved into full Adamstan mode.

- the next 90 minutes were spent helping my daughter with job applications. I reckon this is now my 3rd job. Good news is that she has a job interview on Thursday. Please, please, please, let her get it so I can go back to having just 2 jobs.

- after 30 seconds of primping, I'm off! Never mind- Adam will never see me looking like a scarecrow. How wrong I was.

- as I walked to the venue, I walked under 4 bridges over the Tyne river. It was lovely. It was also really quiet. Where is everyone?

- they were all in a massive queue on the other side of the venue. They must have been frozen. Luckily, I'd splashed out on a VIP ticket, swanned in, picked up my pack and found my - oh my God - my seat!!!!!!!!! I'm just next to one of the high side platforms on the right hand side. I have a great view of the stage, the walkway, everything. I have to text everyone I know to tell them about MY SEAT. I'm sure they were very happy for me.

- unfortunately for the people on my right hand side, I had the last good view in my row. Their view was blocked by equipment and the platform. They were not happy. I tried to cheer them up with stories of Adam's fabulousness but it wasn't cutting the mustard. They also thought Marc Martel would be a better fit. So maybe it was karma.

- People on my left hand side were party people and super excited to see the show. The wife was in lust with Adam and spent quite a bit of the concert squeezing my injured arm shouting 'He's gorgeous', 'Over here, Adam' and 'Hello Baby!!!'. They were big Queen fans and knew all the words to all the songs. I thought the guy would die of happiness when they did Tie your Mother Down and Stone Cold Crazy.

- the show was just great. The crowd was loud and enthusiastic. Adam remembered were he was - geographically speaking. Brian led us in a rendition of Fog on the Tyne which is really the Geordie Anthem. I might have shed a tear at that point. The glitter ball and laser show was glorious. The only distraction was that the live screen was out of sync with the actual music. It didn't matter to me because I could see every wrinkle on their faces, but it might have been a bit odd from a distance.

- and then Adam sang 'Save Me' on the platform just above me. It was just beautiful. His voice, his voice. He did that thing where everyone thinks he has looked at them directly and I thought maybe I should have spent more that 30 seconds of primping. He must be wondering why I seem to have been unable to even find a hairbrush. In reality, he was probably thinking, 'why are the 4 people on my right looking so grumpy and sitting down?'

- another great thing about MY SEAT was that you could see the band entering and exiting the stage from backstage. Adam had his minder with him - the silver haired guy whose name I've forgotten. At the end of the show, before the encore, Adam waited for Brian to come off stage and high fived and hugged him, with the world's biggest grin. The woman next to me clutched my arm again and said 'awwww'. I clutched her back.

- from my seat, you could also see just how hard the crew work. It takes a village and all that. But it's a really professional village.

- I still remain amazed that Brian and Roger have the physical stamina for this show. It is full on for the 2 plus hours. Incredible really.

- on my way out, the crowd was loud in their appreciation of the show. As I was queuing, someone said (insert Geordie accent) 'Well, you couldn't have asked for more than that, man!'. His companion said morosely, ' Yes I know, I tried. But all the tickets to the other shows are sold out'. Welcome to the fandom mister. It's be prepared or be disappointed.

- as I floated back to my hotel clutching my lithograph and tour t-shirt, I pondered on whether by show number 7, I would be bored. No way, baby. But no time to enjoy the afterglow. I've returned to 9 emails from my daughter. Ok then.

- so Glasgow tonight. This time with a group of friends. Honestly, I can hardly wait.

legers wrote:
Reflections from the road trip

I'm way too behind to recap all the concerts so this is a jumble of thoughts around a recap of Manchester

1. The train from Leeds to Manchester was full of Queen fans - many of whom appeared to be friends through long established Queen fandoms. These were dedicated fans - many of whom had already bought their tickets to the Freddie party in Montreux in the autumn. The couple behind me had been to the Leeds show and were reading out a variety of positive online comments. When we arrived at Halifax, they were hailed by folk getting onto the train. Had last night's concert been any good? 'No' (sad face and long pause). 'It was bloody fantastic!' The group cheered :)

2. I spend the afternoon doing all the things I haven't had time for during my road trip including reassuring my parents that I was still alive. My mother remains puzzled that I would want to see the same show if they sing the same songs every time. However, she has kept every newspaper review for me that she has come across. It's things like that that remind you that your parents love you no matter how daft they think you are.

3. My son texts me to thank me for taking him and his girlfriend to the Leeds show. They loved it and still find themselves bursting into Queen songs at random moments during the day. He tells me that his face still hurts from smiling. I know what he means. And I think we smile for all sorts of reasons. There's the inherent joyousness of the show and of Adam himself. There's the thread of ludicrousness that runs through it and hints at Spinal Tap (I mean this as a compliment). There is the admiration for their collective mad skills and their determination to give us a SHOW. And there's the happiness that the music lives on and that we are here to witness it. 5 shows on, I'm only sorry that I only have 2 left to go.

4. My accommodation has a washer/dryer - hurrah!

5. The Manchester Arena is huge. I mean huge. When I exit my accommodation I don't need to ask which way to go because the people in the streets are moving in one direction only. Pied Piper like I follow them.

6. I've had all sorts of seat locations on this tour of British arenas. My London seat was high up in the Gods with a great view over the arena floor. Watching all those people moving in sync to Radio GaGa was actually pretty moving. QAL have full mastery over their subjects. The Leeds seat was unexpectedly great because of the arena design. My Row R seat turned out to be second row with the thrust just below us and I got to see Killer Queen close up. I was also sat next to the originator of another major American Adam fan board. She was not as I imagined except in the 'no shortage of opinions' department.

7. I know you already know this, but Adam is one of those people who is beautiful from every angle, and you find yourself a bit in awe of that. I can't imagine many gatherings where the room wouldn't fall silent as he entered. In Manchester, I was for the first time seated both directly opposite the stage and at some distance. From there you could see over the whole arena and experience the full audio visuals. The laser show really is spectacular.

8. At Manchester I suddenly realised that I hadn't heard any 'well I love Queen but I don't know about this Adam Lambert chap' voices. I think the tide has genuinely turned in the UK. The reviews and the voices of those who have attended have been so strong that as you enter the arena you can feel the hyper anticipation in the crowd. They are ready to be wowed. And wowed they are! I can tell you that listening to 20,000 plus people singing along, both sends shivers up your spine and puts joy in your heart. No wonder Brian looks like he could cry and would be happy if he never had to leave the stage.

9. I followed the board discussion about the length of Brian's solo. I personally enjoy it because a) I know that it makes him happy and that's good enough for me b) I enjoy that he has no f*cks to give. He knows that some people find it too long but he is playing to the die hard Queen fans and anyone else can f*ck off and get a drink c) it seems to me to be no bad thing for people to miss Adam. I think it reminds them of how he owns the stage.

10. I still feel I may spontaneously combust when I hear Adam sing Save Me. The a capella part is so beautiful I could cry. I'd happily listen to all of it done that way. It really is the saddest song in the world. An anthem to bereft people everywhere.

11. The concert whizzes by. Bohemian Rapsody is greeted with almost religious fervour from the crowd and they erupt when QAL return to do the encore. Having been to the Vegas shows where the crowd was really enthusiastic, it's hard to describe how this is qualitatively different - much more intense. Part of it is the British love affair with Queen. We love the bombastic, campy nature of them. They are National Treasures entwined into our collective psyche. But a large part of it is our gratitude that Adam has taken such good care of the Queen legacy and has added to it. These guys are going out with a bang and not a whimper. I'm looking forward to new Adam music but I'll be forever grateful for the opportunity to see him breathe new life into live Queen.

12. Naturally, with Adam being the bad weather god, this trip has covered every kind of miserable climactic conditions. So far I've returned from concerts wet like a drowned rat, as a living Frosty the Snowman and buffeted from high winds. Fascinatingly, everyone emerges from the concerts on such a high, no one seems to mind. Our grinning faces keep us warm.

13. So off to Birmingham today to spend the day with a friend. She doesn't get my Adam-love at all so I will spend this time reining it in and stamping out any mentionitis. But tomorrow I will be free to Bert at will. Save me indeed.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:30 am 
Adam! As in Lambert!

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Per maeve94's request, here are quotes I pulled out of Jacob's S8 Idol recaps and posted:

Okay maddie - it is all YOUR FAULT that I'm reading Jacobs's Idol recaps once again ;)

"He's like if Ziggy Stardust and Cyndi Lauper had a very magical, very gay baby with an unbelievable range and the ability to shoot glitter and cocaine and entire battalions of Pussycat Dolls out of his hoo-hah."

"Is Adam Lambert the Peter Sarsgaard of this show and can turn everybody gay even your boyfriend?"

"And the fact that it's a note-for-note, shot-for-shot reiteration of last night is more than anything comforting, because it means that this is an act and not a psychotic sex break, and he's capable of turning it on and off."

"But the best way to say it, and I think you will know what I mean when I say this, is that Adam Lambert makes me feel like a young girl who has just discovered gay boys, and wants more than anything to see them kiss each other."

"He screeches out some kind of artsy orgasm and nearly pulls his shirt up over his head, and then just starts wailing like some forgotten homosexual Greek myth about sailors that never come home. It's... Totally awesome."

"Adam Lambert is the ambassador from Planet Glitter Sex Parasite ..."

"Adam Lambert sings like an angel! I was so distracted by him waving his penis around and scaring little kids with it that I didn't even really know that."

"Ryan says something that makes Adam laugh about how he needs to loosen up, and then tries to climb inside his jacket."

"He's pretty much just too good for this show, and the judges know that, and so does the audience, and it's sort of nice."

"That little moment where his eyes clear and he smiles, that's become my favorite part of the show each week, because you remember you're allowed to breathe and that all of this is just pretend. It was painfully short. I just remembered why I like him so much."

"Mostly, I'm just happy in 2009 to see a gay man sing about giving you every inch of his love without apologizing for it in the slightest. It gives me Obama type feelings."

"I like how sometimes even Adam seems shocked by the sounds coming out of him, and does a little Betty Boop move with his eyes wide to indicate that he's not entirely in control."

And in Terra's wiki are ld/l inks to Jacob's S8 recaps in two different formats:

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