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PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:50 pm 
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ElephantYam wrote:
ok, i have to respond to this
no singer can sell by himself without a proper promotion

they have a point, but they're forgetting Kris isn't just any singer - he's the one that got the most votes on the number 1 show in America. You're supposed to build a big enough fan-base that will ensure good first week sales and good buzz(no matter the quality of your single).
Adam's been doing well without any promotion not only because he has a strong internet fan-base, but because already through the AI season he generated a lot of buzz and gained casual fans out of the idol bubble that are following his career, and with each news item he continues do so.
to sum up I made this:
As you can see, it's the awesomeness that's starts it all :D

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:37 am 
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From AO, by Islasands:
Now, at last, a major male transformative pop/rock singer takes centre stage. The only one of his kind in this generation!
FYE is THE most appropriate, edgy techno/pop entrance for Adam Lambert to make, as he ushers in a brand new take on transformative, liminal glam pop/rock. He is not so much bringing back the glam of yesteryear, as he is bringing forward the glam of today's pop/rock culture - and he is the only male artist bringing it to the scene.

Like a bower bird, he is adorning the sky-arch of his talent with shiny objects of song - and we are being drawn to his side, magnetised (in all ways) by their hue, vibrancy and rarity.

FYE is the first of these shining objects of song to capture our attention. And what sort of attention? It's the attention of arousal, pure and simple. This song is designed to activate the juices of procreation. It's a song for the hips, not the lips. It's for sexual dance not romantic imaginings. It's a song for the beat of blood in your veins, not the sighing of the heart.

Yes, the bower bird has other secrets and treasures to reveal, but for now, Adam is saying "I want you out of your seats and dancing, b****es". That's the deal. That's how it begins. Don your finery, ruffle up your feathers, get some fire in your groin and SHAKE your ass!

This man has stepped out of the idol box and out of the expectations of other people (including his fans) and is revelling in the freedom of youthful sexual energy and defiance.

He's gonna take our hearts, yes, that's a given. but first things first...

FYE is all about Adam "stickin' his thing" in the airwaves - taking control, showing his hand of desire, and declaring his mastery with all the ardour and audacity of a lover.

I'm on the dance floor with FYE, and I know with every fibre of my being that I'm gonna go home with this guy, and I'm gonna go all the way with him!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:56 am 
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In response to the blog post here...

Lorrin wrote:

November 1, 2009 at 1:07 am

I think I have been doing nothing BUT writing about the extraordinary beauty of Adam Lambert’s face since I first began writing on these threads, but I will just share a few thoughts and comments from weeks past with all of you again. The symmetry of his face was one of the first things I noticed about Adam, and that he was ‘equally as beautiful’ from both sides of his face in profile, which is not usual for most people. As an artist doing facial construction, looking at both sides of the face is essential, to notice the differences and peculiarities, to render each side of the face perfectly, and then, to bring the two sides together as one. I looked at Adam almost from the first time I saw him as having an extremely pronounced duality in his nature, which was so revealingly shown by his beautiful face. And I have also said before that human beings look for this male/female face in artistic expression to admire and emulate, and have done so since classical art was first produced. When we gaze at a rendering of the male, we are not looking for a ‘lumberjack of a guy’ to feast our eyes on, we are looking for the stunning beauty of a ‘David’, the androgynous glory of Leonardo’s feminized figures, brought forward into a modern interpretation. Somewhere in the human psyche is this longing for what is more beautiful than ourselves, and Adam Lambert provides us with this kind of beauty. I still say, no matter how outrageous and overtly sexual Adam is in his stage persona, he is also the ‘other’, the male who possesses just enough feminine beauty to captivate the world, and this kind of beauty IS otherworldly. Adam’s beauty supercedes that of other men because this duality is so pronounced, and because he understands so perfectly how to use it. And there is another thing, Adam Lambert’s eyes. Those eyes are so powerful, they could melt steel or put a hairline crack in a diamond. The beauty that Adam possesses is not by mistake or happenstance. He is a special being, created for a special purpose, and there is so much more to come from his creative and fertile imagination. When I was responding to a post made about my poem ‘Enigma’ delineating Adam’s fascinating ‘dark and light’, ‘revealed and unrevealed’ parts to his persona, I made these comments which are so similar to the topic of this thread:

“Take your hand and place it over the left side of Adam’s face in the picture above. See the hidden Adam of fire and deep passion, the ‘Lord of Love’, the Man of a Thousand Disguises. (The Male) Then take your hand and cover the right side of Adam’s face, and you will see the compassionate, deeply kind, loving man who looks out upon the world with piercing understanding and keenest intelligence. (The Female) You can see the love and warmth in his eyes, you can feel his affection for people. Adam is an extraordinary being, and we are privileged to have him here with us in such a tumultuous time in world events, when everything is so uncertain. Adam is a steadying presence in the midst of all of this, a voice of hope and encouragement. His very presence is a gift to us all…..he is like a living crystal of many facets whose beauty will only be enhanced by use and time. Gaze into both of those eyes in the picture above. Then pick up the living crystal who is Adam and tell me, what do you see as he gazes back at you?”

As we look at Adam, the ‘living crystal’, I think we will see ourselves revealed. We will recognize and perhaps even begin to love parts of ourselves that have remain hidden or dormant for many years. At the very least, we will find a happiness with just being who we are: alive, and free, enjoying life, and music, and Adam. Adam is going to stretch us to the very limits of our understanding and tolerance, and then, he will come back to earth for awhile, sit with us in his boyish, tousled way and talk with us about anything we want to talk about, and reassure us that he is human, too. This man we all love is not an ordinary man; he is man and boy, male and female, angel and master of magic, consoling friend and secret lover, all in one. He holds up the mirror image of his face to the world, first the yin, then the yang, shocking and delighting us to the core. And the tapestry that he is weaving with his golden, silver, black, and sapphire threads has only just begun, and just remember this, that in 20 years time, Adam will be just as gloriously handsome as he is now with silver streaking the swept-back sides of his beautiful head. By then, he will have shown us the farthest limits of all that he is, turned the world over and changed it forever, and become the ultimate legend of the generation to come.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:41 am 
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laynie wrote:
"He’s enormously talented, best talent ‘American Idol’ has had, but I think he killed his career because now the conversation is not about his talent but about his sexual preference. He's done. He doesn't really have a rock’n'roll voice. He should be the singer in Queen or be on Broadway, but mostly he should shut up about his sexual preferences".

"Gay fans of Adam Lambert are in for a shock"......"He claims he's proud to be gay, then why be photographed in sexy poses with a woman?"..."I just don't get it, I thought adam was gay. he sure doesn't act like a gay man".

"They are trying to complete a final product and we are all butting in at every step telling them how it should be done when we don't even know what they want the final product to be".


"To me it's always just been about singing. When all that social projection started being attached to me I was like, it is that deep? But people attached it on to my situation and in a way I felt honored and I also felt a little intimidated. I thought that was a lot of responsibility for me. And I was like, I just want to sing".


He's walking down a road less traveled
Trying to find his way somehow
Those carefree days and routine ways
Are an illusion to him now

He's walking down a road less traveled
Finding out along the way
That losing makes a strong impression
Winning comes with a price to pay

Cause each one takes a piece of him
And they're slicing up his parts
And he don't know how to please em' all
And he don't know where to start

There was the time he felt the heat
For a moment that he took
So he remembers not to forget
His life's an open book

When his pictures signed in friendship made their way onto the web
And the slurs that quickly followed put their message in his head
He chose silence, not responding but forgiving of the deed
To the one who should have acted, to renounce and intercede

He's blazing trails on roads less traveled
Hasn't been prepared or schooled
So he looks around for some higher ground
Amid the wise men and the fools

When they walked the line to display their sign
To condemn and to berate
He took a cue from their lord who knew
To preach love, cause God hates hate

Never hiding or denying
What could cripple from the past
Giving thanks for this beginning
And the journey in his grasp

But once again the tongues would wag
Rapt with anger and disgrace
Cause he played a part for the sake of art
'It’s not right, he should know his place!'

Cause each one takes a piece of him
And they're slicing up his parts
And he don't know how to please em' all
And he don't know where to start

He's walking down a road less traveled
And the wonder of it all
Encountering a stumble
Trying so hard not to fall

There'll be praise, there'll be rage on his new world’s stage
These few words I offer him
Look deep inside, just let it be
You fit right in your skin


PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:45 am 
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(courtesy of Buderschnookie) Boca Babe at TWoP:
With headphones on (loud - and screw popping eardrums after extended plays) I find that I pick up the subtle nuances (snarls, trills, teases on certain words) that Adam puts into his lyrics - the more I listen - the more I get blown away by his feel and passion for his art and music.


It always irritates me when I see people who denigrate the media attention and celebrity that Adam has achieved by scoffing that for others, it's "all about the music." As if Adam doesn't care about the music; as if celebrity and artistic achievement are mutually exclusive.

They are not.

Adam has been performing since childhood. Adam took voice lessons for over a decade to learn how to utilize the extraordinary instrument in his possession (note: not being an instrumentalist does not equal not being a musician). Adam has spent years polishing his many gifts with performances in many different kinds of venues, singing many different kinds of music. And it's all paying off for him now. To borrow a rather overused word from Kara DioGuardi, it is his artistry that made him such a phenomenon during AI - his extraordinary vocals, his charisma, and his attention to every aspect of his performance. By all appearances, all of that will be carrying over to his solo career...I cannot WAIT to see what he comes up with for the American Music Awards performance. I'm expecting nothing less than totally epic. I expect his detractors to sneer that it's all smoke and mirrors; that Adam uses the flash to distract from the fact that he really isn't "all that." As if singing the way Adam can sing, while dancing like Adam can dance, and enrapturing the audience like Adam can, is a simple thing to do, not worthy of admiration...and as if Adam is incapable of being compelling while also being understated and still (i.e. "Mad World").

Clearly, Adam loves music - not only his own, but a wide variety of others'. For years he's been struggling to make a living by doing what he loves to do - by making music. If playing the celebrity game makes it more likely that he'll be able to live that dream, then bb, go for it. And if he enjoys the trappings of fame, it doesn't mean he doesn't care about the gifts he has, in abundance, that made that fame possible.

And as for those others who are "all about the music," here's a bit of perspective. If you know their names without knowing them personally, it's a pretty damn safe bet they care about more than just the music. They can make music in their living rooms. They care about making a living with their music, and they care about sharing their music with as many other people as possible. Meaning they care about getting their names out there; having the resources to make the kind of music they want to make; having enough money to, at the very least, not need a "regular" job or to worry about where the rent money is coming from - while clearly hoping for more money than that. There's absolutely nothing wrong with any of that. But don't think they're on a higher moral plane, artistically speaking, than Adam because they may be less "showy," or less interested in being in the public eye when they aren't actively making music. Adam understands the necessity of being seen and getting his name out there, and he's a master of attracting that kind of attention, even if he doesn't always want it (and I'm sure he doesn't). That does not mean he's shallow.

Adam is all about the music. He has worked his ass off for years performing music. It is the cornerstone of his career. But he's allowed to enjoy stardom, too. And despite the inevitable difficulties and drawbacks, I think he will.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 8:04 am 
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courtesy of ella22 - brought over from DavidCOokOfficial:
The Six Worst Ways to Handle Criticism [of David Cook]
SEPTEMBER 25, 2008, 5:53 pm

OK, my title is a bit of a fib. This essay is really more

"The Six Worst Ways to Handle Criticism of Your Favorite Singer (or Other Favorite Anything). Plus, Six Hot Ways to Turn Criticism Into Opportunity!"

But since David released his single this week, and this site is my current favorite fandom, I had this theme in my thoughts.

Amidst plenty of love and excitement about our awesome hero, I already glimpsed some first negative review,s and some fans reacting, well, badly.

I work in website development and online marketing, and it always hurts my heart to see people who are passionate fans of a singer, a show, a writer or an actor react to criticism of their favorite in ways that make the situation worse.

So often, our response as fans to seeing our passion dissed is completely counterproductive to building the world we'd like to see--one where as many people as possible share our love, respect, and appreciation for a particular artist or creation.

So, without further ado, some unsolicited advice on how to respond effectively and creatively to criticism of Your Favorite Thing, avoiding heartache and bad karma, and possibly winning new fans in the very face of opposing opinion.

Don't Do These Things When You Encounter Criticism of Your Favorite Thing

(Hereafter, "Your Favorite Thing" will be abbreviated YFT)

1 Use outright insults
. I'm astonished how often I see fans call a critic "moron, jerk, b****, slimy, sleazy," and so on. Not only did you not influence the writer whose criticism got your goat, now you've alienated all the readers of that site who don't already love YFT. In other words, you've turned off other potential fans, instead of using the opportunity to win new eyeballs or ears.

2 Tell the writer he will be fired for offending the fans of YFT (he won't) or threaten to cancel your subscription (if you're that easily offended, chances are you don't really have a subscription to a diverse publication like Rolling Stone, EW, etc. and they know it). If it's a website: uh, you're reading for free anyway. You gonna take your hunk of free and go home?

3 Justify your love of YFT in completely transcendent terms: "utterly perfect, beautiful, pure of heart, angelic, touched you in your heart, spoke to your soul, beyond words." Experiences of deep inner meaning are wonderful, and they can indeed emerge from mundane creations like a favorite singer or writer. But the problem is that these are *deeply personal feelings.*

You can't cause someone else to experience them by insisting on how true they are *for you.* And claiming that anyone who disagrees with you is a heathen who's sullying something good and pure and sweet is doing nothing to bridge that gap.

Perhaps the best thing you can do for an artist or work you find deeply inspiring is share the news about their work (see below), and that won't happen if you alienate everyone reading your comment.

4 Borrow from the worst habits of the political world. Some of these are trivial but annoying: using stupid insults based on the writer's name (McDonald becomes McDouchey or whatever), accusing critics of being "jealous," accusing critics of "just trying to get hits" (duh, that's their job). Claiming that anyone who dislikes what you like "just doesn't get it," "fails to understand," is "ignorant" and so on.

Repeating your talking points over and over--"It's going to be so huge! Everyone else loves it" --in the face of people who don't like something is also ineffective, no matter how often you see it done on cable TV. Wishing doesn't make it so.

None of these bad habits is remotely convincing to others,and at the same time, they reduce your own credibility, which you're trying to build (see below). When a community of fans does this en masse, and becomes notorious for fits of hysteria every time their favorite is mocked (or even discussed with less than perfect praise), it actually *discredits* the poor artist. Fan swarms and piling on--those furious, badly-spelled outpourings popping up in dozens and dozens after a negative review--drive away other potential fans who don't want to be associated with such zealotry. It's a huge disservice to the very thing you love.

Also not cool? Stating that "real Americans" or "real fans of x" all like, or all hate, some particular thing (country music/Mel Gibson/Transformers/vampire teen romances, what have you)

They don't.

Know how I know? Because the US is a vast, multifarious and contradictory culture. There are devoted audiences for every flavor of creative work, good and bad. Other people's failure to share your taste is a big part of reality.

5 Strike back with overly-defensive responses to other commenters. In addition to people freaking out over the television columnist, music critic, or movie reviewer who didn't like Your Favorite Thing, the next worst habit of fans is attacking other people commenting on the same blog or discussion board.

I'm not saying you have to sit there silent. I love a good debate myself. Too much, maybe. But when you disagree, aim to do so politely. Try to list the good points of the thing you love, rather than just attack the skeptic, without trying to invalidate what they feel.

Handy phrases include: "Well, you certainly feel strongly, but to me . . ." "Whoa, you really didn't enjoy X. I had the opposite reaction, I loved it because . . ." and my favorite: "I'd like to politely disagree . . ." (it's direct).

Probably the worse unintentional attack is simply assuming the motive of the speaker you disagree with ("you must dislike this because you feel like x"). We all do it, but if we can stick to responding to the critic's actual words, and not what we assume about them, we're less likely to cause unintended bad feeling. Also handy for making a good impression? Moving on. Go back and forth no more than a few times--don't jam up the discussion by arguing the same points over and over.

Why bother with all this? Even if the other commenter's a Grade-A jerk. Because each discussion is a change to leave an impression about YFT, favorable or otherwise, on the invisible eyeballs of *other* audience members.

6 Trolling/fanwars. One of the most bizarre and counterproductive behaviors of internet fandom is people's habit of trying to rain on other folks' parade. If your favorite artist/show/author is zooming up the charts or glomming the critics awards--or more likely, experiencing modest success, celebrate where appropriate--but don't jump into people's conversations about some other artist's work to dis them and praise your guy. It's dislikable and petty, and again, merely contributes to the idea that fans of YFT are douchey.

The passive-aggressive variation of outright attacking your online peers is to claim that their disagreement is making *you* the victim, generally by randomly accuse community members of "hate." You know what's a fair accusation of hate? That would be when someone writes "OMG I hate hate hate the Jonas Brothers."

On the other hand, if people are using civil tones of discussion-- "Yeah, I don't dig it, it's not for me, I find it a turn-off, I couldn't finish it, it's too much like Daughtry [in-joke Smiling ]" --then jumping into the back and forth to accuse everyone of being "haters" who harbor a secret agenda against your fave and all decent people, puppies, and orphans is a great way to swing things your way. Not. It's another popular tool in the world of politics that mostly serves as an excellent way to turn people who don't dig YFT against it permanently

Six Handy Ways to Turn Criticism of Your Fave into Opportunity

When you read a negative review or comment of an artist or creation you love, instead of letting your blood boil, why not view it as a chance to change someone's mind? If not the critic's, then the minds of other readers of that web site. Here's a few tactics to try.

1 Provide other readers with the opportunity to check it for themselves. Courteously, of course.

Example: "Hey man, I'm sorry you feel that way. I have to admit, I love (YFT). If any of the rest of you haven't had a chance to (listen/watch it/read it), you might want to check out (link). If you don't like this [episode/cut/volume], have you seen this (link)?

2 Give some good context or examples that might cause other readers to give YFT a chance who haven't yet.

Example: "Some of the bands My Favorite Singer has mentioned admiring are Foo Fighters, Muse, and Switchfoot. And he's done some writing with the singers from Soundgarden, Our Lady Peace, and Collective Soul. His producer's the guy who worked with Green Day and My Chemical Romance. If you liked any of those, you might try this."

3 Share a little of your own self or story and what makes you kind of a neat fan to have. This is the opposite tack from the ad hominem attack where you bash someone for who they are--get them interested in who you are.

Tell 'em about why you love YFT even though: you're really old, you're really young, you're from overseas, you're from right next door, you played it at your wedding, you read it to your boss, you drunk dialed your ex and sang her the song, you're a scientist, you're a mom, etc.

We all know that preconceptions and narrow-mindedness can unfairly limit an artist's audience, but people rarely respond well to being called narrow-minded directly. Positive storytelling is a lot more effective in getting people to identify with you and overcoming stereotypes about "who likes what" than attacks.

4 Be as entertaining and positive as you can manage. Take the high road. Thank others for writing about YFT and for taking part in the discussion, even when you disagree. *Especially* when you disagree. If you're the lone voice from your corner, laugh about it. If you can defend your favorite by being funny, whether through self-mockery or just general clowning around, you can get your defense out there and still leave a good taste in everyone's mouth. It's often memorable, as well. Expressing yourself while being cool about it might slooooowly chip away at your critic's resistance, too.

5 Creativity trumps destruction. If you feel not enough people get how awesome YFT is, start your own blog, find a site about their field and write a review, or even just goof around and make a mixtape, fanvid, LOLpic, Top Ten list , tribute cake, CafePress t-shirt, cunning knitted hat . . . whatever. Tributes that come out of affection and enjoyment are the heart of fandom, whether or not they ever bring around a single other person to your fave. But, as a matter of fact, they often help expand the community of fans. People like cake (even critics).

6 Don't take it personally if you can't change people's minds (in the coaching work I've done, this is followed by: it's not about you, it's not about you, it's not about you). People all have their own stories and their own reasons for their tastes. Their opinion is their opinion. Their opinion is not coming to your house to steal your dinner.

If you're really down, or really angry, and you need to vent, it's obviously better to find a safe space to share that--you may well have your own fandom place where you are really in sync with everyone. When mad, heigh on over to your safe space. Those places are awesome. Way better to grumble there then on a site where people aren't into you. Everybody has their breaking or boiling point.

In summary, criticism of stuff you love--and people you admire--stings. It BURNS, sometimes. But don't let your affection for something turn to bitterness against others who won't play. If you can jijitsu the adverse viewpoints you encounter into a chance to spread the news about a great artist or creation, you're helping build a better space for what you love.

And it's about love, after all.

xoxoxoxo kaydeecee

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Planet Fierce response to Out Magazine's "Open Letter to Adam":

Planet Fierce OpEd
Response to "Open Letter to Adam"
11/17/09 12:14PM by rowenaaine

After reading Adam Lambert’s candid and revealing interview on the Out website (published in conjunction with their Out 100 print edition) I was disheartened to read an open letter to Adam from Out’s editor-in-chief, Aaron Hicklin, in Out Magazine.

In the letter, Hicklin calls out 19 Entertainment and RCA Records (Adam’s management team and record label respectively) for attempting to “neutralize” Adam’s sexuality and keep his appearances in LGBT publications toned down for fear of his appearing “too gay.” Hicklin expresses frustration that Out was denied a cover during Adam’s American Idol run, and not a little jealousy at the recent Details Magazine cover and photo spread. But further, he criticizes Adam’s management team for heavy-handedness in skewing perceptions in order to not lose potential record sales.

Today, Hicklin's letter is on the Out website, with supporting commentary by the female journalist who interviewed Adam, Shana Naomi Krochmal. I suspect we may never know both sides if 19/RCA ignores what amounts to a school yard challenge over which team gets bragging rights.

Is Hicklin telling the truth? I don’t know. I suspect we may never know if 19/RCA ignores what amounts to a school yard challenge over which team gets bragging rights.

But is Adam Lambert a prize over which sides need scuffle? That’s where I’m coming up empty.

From what I read in print publications and websites, there seem to be at least two factions in the war over Adam Lambert’s image. On the right, we have the conservative heterosexuals who fear that Adam is too gay for mainstream. On the left are members of the gay community, who accuse Adam of not being gay enough. Somewhere in the middle is Adam, his fanbase…and the truth.

I’d like to clarify and refute some of Aaron Hicklin’s claims. Others have already done so on blogs, forums, and the mother of all communication vehicles, twitter. But, indulge me.

Hicklin asserts that Adam and team (because the open letter seems to lump Adam in as one of the bad guys) refused an Out cover early on in the Idol competition.
Likely true. But not at all surprising or problematic. Why? Idol contestants are barred from communicating with the press during the show's run. Entertainment Weekly may have put Adam on their cover before the competition ended, but they used stock photos and existing quotes. No other magazine got a cover story early on except for Rolling Stone, which published their issue two weeks after the show’s conclusion. And based on Adam’s assertion that he is a musician that happens to be gay, rather than a gay that happens to be a musician, most would agree Rolling Stone was the best place for his “outing” after the show’s finale. That’s just good business. Sorry, Hicklin.

1 point to Team Lambert.

19 and RCA insisted that Adam not look “too gay” on the Out 100 cover.
I have a tough time buying this one. Adam’s album cover is one of the most androgynous-leaning-toward-feminine photos I’ve ever seen of a man. If management were worried, the cover would never have been approved. Surely if the cover of Adam’s own CD portrays him as obviously gay, it would have more effect on his record sales than the cover of a magazine normally only read by the LGBT community.

1 point to Team Lambert.

Hicklin claims that Adam’s sexuality was neutralized in the Details cover shoot.
Possibly. Certainly, the gay community could see it that way. What turned out to be a series of beautiful, artsy photographs caused some dismay; people saw Adam as manipulating his female fan base into having “hope” that he will someday participate in heterosexual activities. Others, and I’m in this camp, saw the photos as daring (for a gay man) and fun. Adam was playing with gender roles, looking hot, and stressing in the interview his absolute gayness. Looking closely at the pictures, he does not emotionally connect with the model: his eyes are closed in the shots. And the photo where he is supposedly “suckling a female breast” actually shows him with her thumb in his mouth, not her nipple. Details, unlike Out, is not an overtly LGBT publication; it is a men’s magazine – targeting “metrosexuals” though clearly with a heavy gay readership. It is not atypical for Details to have photographs of men with women. Adam could have (and would have, I’m sure) refused the shoot if he felt compromised. Lots of debate on either side but I’ll narrowly give this one to Hicklin.

1 point to Team Out.

Adam’s management team thwarted Out’s true purpose:
“If the Out 100 has a purpose it’s to challenge the kind of apartheid that lays down one rule for gay mags and one for all others. We think you probably feel the same way—you even say as much—so we don’t mean to diminish your achievements this year. That’s why you’re in this issue.”

Well, here’s where we fall down the slippery slope and into dangerous territory. Apartheid? Not the word I would have chosen. I’m a vocal supporter of gay rights and marriage equality, but never would I say that the struggle for those rights is akin to apartheid. Aaron, ever been to South Africa ? Your ignorance is showing. Stop being dramatic and focus.

What is your real complaint here? Rolling Stone got the big story, Details got the big photoshoot…and Out is left holding a group photo for their cover? You had a group photo for last year’s Out 100 as well. So, I’m not sure what the concern is. That 19/RCA didn’t want Adam to be the poster child for LGBT rights by being alone on the cover? I can’t argue with their thinking. Adam has said numerous times in countless interviews that he is not taking up the cause at this stage in his career. He feels his being proudly out is statement enough right now. I agree.

1 point to Team Lambert.

Most troubling is the Hicklin’s assertion that:
“You’re a pioneer, an out gay pop idol at the start of his career. Someone has to be first, and we’re all counting on you not to mess this up.”

And so at last we get to the crux of the matter. Hicklin, as editor-in-chief of one of the most visible LGBT publications in the US has arrogantly draped the mantle of Gay Rights over Adam’s broad shoulders. To hell with what Adam wants; it’s not about his career or his life, it’s all about what he can do for the gay community.

Well, I have yet to see the gay community stand up to unequivocally support Adam Lambert. Time after time I read assertions that they “voted for the other guy,” Michael Musto of the Village Voice being just one of the more vocal homosexuals in the entertainment industry to trumpet that – even tossing the remark into his lead-in to Hicklin’s letter. Blog after blog, comment after comment, I read gay men tear Adam down for his looks, his body type, his choice of clothing and makeup. Not much about the music, I’m afraid. That the most important thing Adam Lambert brings to the table gets swept aside in a debacle to see who can hurl the wittiest and cattiest insults is an egregious and, yes, bigoted, injustice.

1 Point to Team Lambert for even having to read Hicklin’s outlandish quote in print.

Mr. Hicklin, your letter does not vindicate you, your publication, or your cause; it makes you appear petty and bitter. And I'm at a loss for why it was necessary. I’m surprised that you would take this young man and his team to task just as your magazine hits the stands. Since when does a celebrity (and Adam *is* one, whether he chose it or not) get interviewed without certain stipulations from his management?

Surely you’ve considered that a great many Adam Lambert fans were planning to purchase this issue – that’s a whole new segment of the market that would read the magazine and perhaps learn more about homosexuality and the LGBT struggle for equality. You had a unique opportunity to show how we’re not so very different from one another after all. And instead, you squander that opportunity to launch a personal vendetta – to rage against the machine and burn the bridge between Out and 19 Entertainment. You’ve effectively alienated a portion of Adam Lambert’s fan base. You may have lost sales. And you put undo pressure on a young man that has said time and again that all he wants to do is make music. All this under the guise of “sacrificing the one for the many.”

This mentality (punish those that don’t conform to a hypothetical “ideal”) is part of why the LGBT struggle is not taken seriously by mainstream America . You do not need to eat your young nor throw your most visible proponents under the proverbial bus. I hope that your tasteless diatribe serves only to bring your hypocrisy to the forefront – garnering more compassion and support for Adam Lambert than your precious mantle of Gay Rights ever would.

Today, however, we all lose.
Team Lambert: 4
Team Out: 1
Progress: 0

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courtesy Buderschnookie via MJs

FifthHouseSun wrote:
11/23/2009 at 3:05 pm

Reality: No one, no matter how talented, and no matter how big their budget, can create and perfect a Broadway 2nd act closer production number with new band, new singers, and new dancers in 3 weeks.

Those quotes from the AP article reinforced how Adam was trying to do just that.

Can’t be done.

Jungle gym choreography was in direct conflict to showcasing dazzling vocals and stage-owning charisma from the start.

Adam wants it all, now. Wants to stage the wildest, craziest dress-up party possible, while rehearsing with a brand new band to sound rock-solid for too many TV appearances including a mini-concert in a Broadway theatre, while wedging in interviews, promos, and red carpet runs.

Can’t be done.

What can be done is to use his astounding talents to start building a foundation for long-term artistic exploration. One that will invite a big world of hearts and minds to climb aboard the thrilling connection to his astounding voice to take a ride through artistically exciting rabbit holes to places people never imagined they’d go. Dress-up and geisha sexy pony tails included. Start to build. Not try to do everything all at once.

All at once can’t be done.

Art takes time. Simulated blow jobs are not art. Bad singing is also not art. But everyone gets an off night. Trying to do too much, too fast, doesn’t increase the chances of great singing happening. Especially with new, apparently not very good, back-up singers.

Fabulous singing and a few, fresh, original wild images would have rattled the rafters louder, longer, and harder. And someone in his management should have known that from the get go. And kept saying: This is your debut, young Skywalker. Debut. Here’s how to dazzle now in this finite amount of time. And buy yourself another huge step up to wider, wilder, bigger art.

And you can never get good singing on a jungle gym if you only have a few weeks and what you care about the most is perfecting the imagery.

OTOH, if I hear too much more homophobic objection to a mere kiss, I, who have no use for the lazy, done a million times before by people with no talent, zotz of crotch-based cheap shots, am likely to volunteer to strap on a leash myself and join the fight.

“Artistic freedom” does indeed mean being able to explore how to creatively express alpha male sexuality from a gay perspective. Some where in the skills of a man who can so swaggeringly wear both that hunk of sleek handsome suit last night and the geisha erotic ponytail, combined with his mesmerizing voice, is artistry of newness and enchantment yet to come, that will take us on compelling explorations. It just didn’t happen last night. Last night was strategically unsound.

Last night, sadly, for those of us who love him, and those of us who at least welcome a real vocal talent in this bogus, auto-tuned world, was silver plate debut opportunities created by years of hard work, left unseized. This was his debut. Debuts have rules and opportunities. He treated this like a scene from his 2-year out world tour.

Quick, loud buzz is both addictive and easy. But it doesn’t last. Unless like those who can’t sing, you just keep amping up the hoopla.

Fortunately, this won’t matter long-term. Another fake singer or actor or celeb wannabe will do something way more OTT. And Adam will be flooding the TV airwaves with fabulous singing. (Please book Oprah now)

I just hope, soon, Adam will take the time to fully think through where he wants his artistry to grow. And get better, stronger, more strategic advisors. Some one has to help him know when artistic freedom is served more strongly by great singing than setting your hair on fire.

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11/27/2009 at 3:41 pm

I too am glad that this issue is finally being discussed. I actually think that Adam worked exordinarily hard to be a singer and entertainer who was gay, rather than either a gay singer or a singer who just happened to be gay. He has openly discussed his sexuality without being political and without falling back on the easy PR strategy “I’m gay and I do not want to discuss my private life”.

Adam has been walking on a tightrope for months. He’s been bashed by altra conservative Christians on one side and gay activitists on the other. He was the featured artist in this year’s Out 100 but also the subject of criticism and essentially called a “puppet” by the Editor-in-Chief in the same issue. What other Idol has had to deal with any of these kinds of pressures? What new artist has had to walk through such a minefield. No it wasn’t a great performance. It was a performance build on anger and frustration, that ended with two improvised acts: one a defining moment, the kiss, and the other an act of defiance, the raised finger [off camera but photographed].

ABC did what they needed to do to protect the network, Dick Clark Productions ducked the whole issue, but Adam stood behind his performance and did not apologize. That is why this is rapidly becoming a cultural milestone.

It wasn’t the performance or the West Coast edit, that made this an important story. It was that Adam stood up and sent a message to all his critics — “I am who I am and I will not apologize.” And on Monday morning, when most artists would have started to explain and blame others [eg Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction] or duck [eg Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction], Adam did not back down. With almost no support, he defended his right to live and express himself openly.

I have never been through anything like what Adam has been through and I am absolutely sure that I cannot imagine how much frustration, anger and even rage was unleased in that performance. But I do know one thing — every now and again a moment happens that starts out as something small and seemingly insignificant, but turns into something bigger. And IMHO maybe it was just time for a gay, singing, dancing ninja from Planet Fierce.

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Brought over from AO by lordez.
The Tree and the Apple- Eber Lambert talks about Adam.
DECEMBER 14, 2009, 2:23 pm

Eber Lambert spoke at a charity event sponsored by the LGBT center to raise money for local kids sports programs. Eber spoke as "Adam Lambert's dad" at True North Tavern in North Park- an old school hip, laid back urban part of San Diego.
He opened his speech explaining why he was there. The tavern was a sports bar and the event was a sports charity, and he said in his household only he and his dog Maggie watched sports. He said he coached kids soccer in Poway and boasted back to back 0-11 seasons with a team of misfits he called "Team Riddlin." So sports was not the reason he was there. He explained to anyone in the tavern that may not know Adam, why Adam was famous. First American Idol. He told the story of Adam calling him in September 2008 to tell him he's going to Hollywood week on American Idol, and he'd have to quit his job to be on the show. Eber responded, "You have to quit your job to go on a game show?" He said Adam had a good paying job and asked Adam how he would support himself for 9 months with no income. He said as father son conversations go it went downhill. His dad didn't know anything about the show before Adam was on it and was obviously skeptical.
He then talked about the AMAs. He said, "In addition to the Grammy's the Billboard music awards, the People's Choice Awards and The MTV Music awards, there is apparently something called the American Music Awards." Eber seems to have a refreshing disdain for pop culture. He went on that the AMAs had three hours of suggestive musical acts with bleeped out words, raunchy dancing, crotch grabbing, breaking whiskey bottles, smashing window with a mic stand and setting a piano on fire. "A family show." he joked. Then Adam took the stage to close the show and he pushed a male dancers face in his crotch, groped several women and the french kissed his band's bass player. (To which the tavern crowd cheered.) He said that Adam's performance lead to him being banned from several shows. He said if Adam had pulled out a fake gun and pretended to shoot his bass player dead, no one would have said a peep.
Eber then transitioned to relate the AMAs to the event that night. He explained how the schools that received the funds for their sports program from this event did not want it to be made obvious that the LGBT center was sponsoring the charity. He explained how the fliers for the event had to be amended seven times before the school would accept that the LGBT center's involvement was properly concealed. Obviously, there is a stigma. He then went on to point out how sports was an integral part of the civil rights movement with black athletes being the first to breakthrough the color barrier. He then pointed out that if you just go by statistics, of the 1700 professional football players, there should be several hundred gay players. He expressed hope that "professional athletes would come out of the closet and take some of the pressure off of gay pop stars." (Another round of cheers from the tavern.)
Eber told a cute story about Adam playing sports as a little kid. He put him in t-ball and soccer. He said his best memory of Adam playing soccer was seeing Adam and another kid in the grass, finding a caterpillar, while the other kids ran up and down the field. He also said Adam did score a goal once. He kicked the ball towards the goal and the 40 lb girl goalie caught it but he said to their family they counted it as a goal and couldn't be more proud. He said when Adam was 9 he started in musical theater and finally got a make up kit for the holidays rather than a football. He said that was a happy day all around.
Eber said he was often asked what it was like to raise a gay son. He explained how he always knew but was confirmed when he found gay porn sites on the family computer. He told his son it was okay to be curious but warned him not to let his brother know. He said Adam and Neil did not get along and created a seven year war in the household. With Adam being older and much larger, his dad told Adam not to give Neil the "gay bomb" to add to his arsenal. Eber said he forgot about the porn sites, but Adam never forgot his dad's reaction and he always knew that it was okay, his dad was okay with his being gay. Eber said he got advice from gay friends to not ask Adam about his sexuality and just let him come out in his own time, which he did at 19. He also said that Adam gave his parents an easy time in high school because all of his friends were Mormon girls from dance and theater. And it turned out Adam's sexuality was a good thing because the Mormon girls went wild their senior year.
Eber walks like Adam and has the same blue eyes, but unlike Adam, Eber does nothing to draw attention to himself. Eber is charming and calm and well spoken, but most of all Eber is humble. With his speech he made it seem like his open loving acceptance of his gay son was natural, not remarkable, and seemed surprised to be given any praise. But Eber Lambert is remarkable and Adam is so fortunate to be unconditionally loved and respected by his father. From this respect comes the basic principle that parents should be involved with their kid's lives, but not involve themselves. Eber personally was into sports so he probably was hoping his sons would be into sports. But he fully embraced that Adam liked music theater instead. And he didn't show any hesitation at his son being gay. It's simple and natural to openly love your children for who they are, but it is still so very remarkable.
So many kids are without the love and acceptance of their parents, especially their fathers. Gay kids and adults are often separated, physically or emotionally, from their families. The LA underground Adam flourished in is filled with heartbreaking stories of "weird" kids, rejected at home, refugees building their own sense of family amongst their kindred spirits. Adam's accepting father was the exception and I think it shows in Adam's success. Not just career wise but success at being centered, proud and confident, at being emotionally healthy. Eber only did what he was supposed to do- he loved his son. And the impacts of his being a loving father are now felt in the hearts of so many around the world.

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from Buderschnookie:
JazzRocks wrote:
Sometimes when I have a sane, non-addicted moment I think that our expectations were just ridiculously high for this poor guy. Emmys! Academy Awards! Number one hits worldwide! Movie roles! etc. etc. We were enabled by some pretty big names in the industry (Hello, Brian May?), but mostly I think we (meaning, of course, I) mistakenly believed that AI represents a truer sampling of the music-buying public than it really does.
I knew when all those high expectations were bandied about that it was unrealistic. I knew because I've been there before in S4. Deja vu all over again yanno? But I kept falling down the rabbit hole and telling myself "this is different. This WILL happen because he's that good!" I still feel that way. Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it. LOL

From wayback, but here's what I think.
I still don't feel as if our expectations were/are unrealistic.
Here are the facts- we have a once in a generation voice that has been trained and forged in the fires of regular practice. We have off the charts charisma and the ability to charm the pants off everyone he meets. We have ridiculous amounts of good looks, sexiness, and ability to use both physically. He is in touch with fashion and has the ability to wear it well. He has a stage presence, understands stagecraft like lighting and mood, and the ability to always draw your eye. He is well branded. He has a touching backstory and an interesting family. He has high visibility as the press loves him. He has higher ups of all sorts excited- he brings excitement to everything he touches. His work ethic is near flawless and he has focus and determination. One of his greatest qualities is the ability to let negative people and press roll off his back and keep his eyes on the prize. He is a dear, sweet, really decent man with just the right amount of wit and snark to hold his own. He has balls enough to withstand show business.
So no, I still don't feel as if our expectations were/are unrealistic.
I still feel that he will see all the success one could even want (which after hearing Whitney on Oprah the other day is not as much as you would think) and that he will assume his rightful place in entertainment.
World domination. Destiny.

What we neglected to factor in was a time line.
We perhaps did not realize just how hard he would have to fight to realize his goals.
He is going to fight and claw every inch of the way but he is going to succeed, too.
The only thing remotely pollyanna-ish about our expectations was that his success would be instant, or easy. I believed that he would step out onstage that first time and everything would fall into place- how could it not? Just listen to him, look at him.

No. It will take some time.
How long is anybody's guess and even largely immaterial but I still do think it will happen.
And when it does I think it will be all the sweeter for having been a bit more difficult than I/we anticipated.
We've not fallen down any rabbit hole at all- we are just ahead of the pack. People will come around and those that insist on hating will be even further exposed as the agenda carrying trolls that they are.

I don't care about people who don't care for his style of performing- there will always be those, otherwise he wouldn't be Adam. But I do expect them to, perhaps grudgingly, admit that while he isn't to their taste the boy can sing.
I wait for the day that the first thing that comes to mind when someone hears his name is "Boy, can he ever sing".
I expect all the rest to be in the second paragraph.
And it will be.

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from ... nt-page-1/
Lorrin says:
December 17, 2009 at 1:10 am

From the superb vocals on ‘The View’ soundstage with its starry backdrop, to the drop-dead ecstasy of black leather and cut-to-falsetto wizardry of his late-night appearance on Conan, to this utterly astounding full-bore, Master Of The Underground Cabaret performance of ‘Whataya Want From Me’ on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Adam continues to reveal his complete mastery of his perfect voice, and the enormous scope of his superb theatrical ability. The fantastic progression from Rocker, to beautiful Black-Leather Bad Boy, to the ‘ amuseur élégant club-parisien’ with the shockingly sexy spats and fabulous grey suit, is a tour-de-force of performance art, a stereo-opticon viewer’s delight of seeing Adam in first one perfect vision of himself to the next. This current performance of his on the reality dance show seals for all time the fact that Adam Lambert cannot be equalled as a multi-talented performer in the media arts. His Harlequinesque single tear painted beneath his beautiful eye, the raw silver-grey of his perfectly-fitted suit, and the effortless glissade of his voice wreaking havoc with the deepest emotions of his audiences, all come together to stir the heart, and mind, and soul, and imagination to the greatest degree possible. These three performances alone should cement forever his peerless command of the stage, his voice, his beauty, and the fierce love of anyone and everyone who wanders helplessly within the radius of his matchless power.

As a child born in the 80’s, Adam absorbed all of the best of every musical genre of the entire spectrum of modern musical history, internalized all of it, re-grouped the catalog, added his own sonic tweaks, re-translated it all for the modern ear, appropriated every possible artistic, architectural, and sartorial bit of design and engineering splendor to the whole creation, and turned around to face the audience, and wove a spell so powerful that it is nearly impossible to resist. He is an extraordinary showman, but he is also far, far more. He is a tragedian actor of the first order, a supernaturally gifted singer, a devilishly talented dancer, a devastatingly beautiful man with universal attraction and appeal, and the most charming, winsome, and disarmingly attractive man walking among us on this planet. And, he is one step BEYOND us, which makes him the icon and trend-setting legend of his time. He has already seen and is living the future, because all that he is, IS the future. He has taken and synthesized from all the art forms of all the ages, the best and most potent vignettes to add to his magician’s bag of the last word in performance art. He has distilled the whole into a perfectly poised and balanced scintilla of pure delight mixed with a kick of phenomenal sexual prowess and power. The ‘Master Of Ceremonies’ is he, with his daring, fascinating change-ups, his unpredictability only adding to the heightened sense of excitement, his sensuality enhanced to the maximum by his beautifully-tailored suits, black swept-back hair, fiercely powerful glance, and barely restrained physicality. He is matchless, without an equal, standing completely alone, breaking through to a new world we have only just glimpsed with him. Adam could light the sun with his glance, and turn and light the world with his beauty. From this time on, he will take hold of his unequalled power, and turn the world upside-down with his peerless gift. From his black velvet bag hanging from his glittering belt he will reach in and pull out your heart’s desire, be sure of it…for Adam Mitchel Lambert IS the brilliant master of subconscious imagery and unspoken desire, and the uncontested King of the hidden world of the heart.

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SCROLL ALERT: Fianlly! here are some of my thoughts about the in-ear monitors. If this is too OT and belongs somewhere else, or should just be PM’ed to the people who asked about it, let me know. It also ended up really long!

In an ideal world, people would be able to hear themselves and who they're playing with on stage like they're jammin' in their basement. Unfortunately, it's nothing like this on a big stage with a high-powered rock band. What the audience hears is mostly from the PA system which faces them. The performers on stage don't really get much of a sense of what is going out front to the audience since they are behind those speakers, but it is adding a load of sound to the room. There is a sound engineer (front of house guy) out there usually in the middle of the floor section at a big board who decides what the audience will hear, tweaking the levels throughout the show. What is on stage sonically is a massive amount of sound from monitors (speakers), and amplifiers for some of the instruments. There are side-fill monitors on either side of the stage
facing the players, guitar and bass amps, and wedges (box shaped speakers on the floor tilting up). Plus there are live drums adding sound.

To be able to play in time and in tune and to be in control of your tone without forcing or straining, you MUST be able to hear yourself clearly. Each person on stage has to hear themselves more than anyone else, while still hearing key parts enough to be with the ensemble. So each person needs their own monitoring source and their own mix. Many people opt for wedge monitors on the stage, but their ears are then also open to everything else on stage so their own mix has to be incredibly loud the be heard over the other loud stuff going on. This adds to the amount of stage sound, so the next guy has to make his even louder to hear it over the other one, and so on. When I say loud, I mean LOUD, sometimes painfully so. The in-ear monitors are good because in addition to monitoring they function as really good earplugs. They are made of solid hard plastic formed from molds made from your ears, going inside the ear canal and filling up the large area outside of the ear canal. This is the part that’s visible when someone’s wearing them. When they fit well they make a seal, really blocking out what seems like almost all of the exterior sound. This is a little weird at times like when you can’t hear applause, or anything interesting going on that’s not in your mix, but since they block out so much stage and room sound, the listening volume can be much lower, and better for your hearing. (They retail for as much as $800-$1000) The cumulative effect of being exposed to loud environments is severe- the ears can really get fatigued by this kind of stage volume night after night, week after week. The in-ears can also be better for lead singers since they are plugged into a wireless pack (usually clipped onto a belt or back pocket) making it easier for them to move around the stage without affecting their monitoring.

In the wings just off stage at another audio board full of lights and dials is the MVP of the night- the monitor mixing engineer, responsible for each performer’s personal mix. They can literally make or break the performance. Make. Or. Break. This person is busy- the needs will change from song to song and performance to performance (and sometimes within a song!), and they have to be in constant communication with all of the performers. Sometimes you will see a performer motioning or trying to say something to someone off stage- this is usually to the monitor guy. This is who Adam was talking to (I think) in that video of the AMA rehearsal, when saying how good the sound was. Sometimes there are certain microphones on stage that go directly to this person for emergency changes in the mix during the show. When using the in-ears you are completely at their mercy because you ONLY hear exactly what is dialed into your mix. When this isn’t working, and you can’t interrupt the performance to get them to adjust it (like the lead singer), you’ll see the performer pull one or both of the in-ears partially or fully out. It’s got to be pretty awful for them to do this, since they are trading their personal mix for the random noise on stage. The monitor mixer can also change the tone of what you hear, adding reverb for example, and how the tone is really affects the comfort level of the performer and can keep them from unintentionally forcing. Imagine how free and fun and effortless it is to sing in the shower compared to other dryer, more dead acoustical spaces, and you can understand how important this is.

Deciding what to have piped in to your in-ears (or other monitoring source) is crucial. At first it’s tempting to have a lot of stuff like you would hear on a record, or in the audience at a concert. This is fun in theory only. In reality it adds up to sonic clutter, disguising and complicating the basics of pitch and time (rhythm) needed to be with the band, and masking your own sound. I’ve even been in situations where I sadly had to turn the lead singer way down in my mix because their open mic was picking up surrounding sounds, like a drum sound that was delayed when the drummer was a far distance from the singer’s mic, competing with and confusing the real-time drums in my mix. Sometimes another voice or instrument is sonically similar in range or tone, and if it’s too high in your mix it makes it harder to discern what you are actually doing- you might hear something a little out of tune and try to adjust it only to hear what you thought was you not move. This is not only disorienting, but also frustrating and disheartening- even though you can’t hear yourself very well, chances are the thousands in the audience just heard you go all out of tune really loudly, since they’re hearing a completely different mix. It’s also common to have some band members out of your mix on purpose even though you love their playing and you’re all on stage making music together because it’s just too much.

It’s really a strange and artificial way to listen and play, and the only way to learn how to do it is by trial and error in actual performance. Sound checks can go on for hours and are all well and good, but in my experience they often have NOTHING to do with the performance. I’m not entirely sure why this is, but I have a few theories. One reason is that at soundcheck, the theater/venue is empty, and what level sounds right in an empty room is lower that what is needed when it is packed with sound-absorbing bodies. When that has to be changed, it affects what’s needed on stage, and as soon as one thing is different, and each person starts asking for adjustments, it affects every other person who then has to adjust their own, and so on. Another thing I’ve noticed (and I’m guilty of it myself!) is that there is a vast difference in the adrenoline level of the soundcheck and actual performance. We are human, and even if you consciously try your to play at the soundcheck exactly how it will be in the concert, you can’t. So the performance tends to have people playing bigger and louder and more intensely, requiring changes in monitoring, and how you play. Another thing that can be different in performance from sound check, and even change within a song, are the random technical glitches that will have one instrument or voice all of a sudden get much louder or softer for no apparent reason. This can be disruptive if it’s painfully loud, or all of a sudden is louder than your own sound, or if you suddenly can’t hear something you are depending on. Another potential area for disaster is the wireless signal that can have interference and make awful static noise or even worse go in and out. When there are tv broadcast signals nearby this can be really bad.

All of these constantly changing variables make it necessary to have the monitor person ready and able to make changes in the mix during the performance. The best of the best ones get to know what generally works for you and evesdrop on your mix while the show is going on so they can tweek it without you even needing to ask for an adjustment. Unfortunately, many of them don’t do this either because they aren’t sure what you like, or are busy helping someone else at a moment you would like an an adjustment. Sometimes you can fix something, and then the situation will change and even that new setting isn’t working anymore. You have to decide if what you don’t like is something you can deal with or if it’s worth stopping what you’re doing to get it fixed. Often for a lead singer (especially when just singing one song on live tv) stopping is not really an option. You just have to deal and look like you’re having a grand old time while doing so. So partially or completely removing the monitor from your ear is really the only control you can exercise in this situation. While touring, bands travel with their own guy who hopefully can really get to know what you need, but it’s likely that Adam has not had this consistency at all of these different places he’s been performing. To me Adam seemed really comfortable on the recent performances maybe starting with the Conan show. He wasn’t pulling out the monitors, and his singing has been more clear, in tune, and musically more adventurous and well executed. He just seems more in control which is easy when the monitoring is good. The Leno performance seemed really comfy and sounded great. In performances that were not his best where he was obviously having a rough time hearing himself and pulling out a monitor, he never gave bad sound as an excuse. The only time he did this was after the AMA show, where he mentioned having sound issues, after feeling great about it in rehearsal. IMO the vocal indiscretions in that performance seemed like a classic example of what happens when a vocalist can’t hear well. When it's hard to hear (with or without in-ears), it can be from difficult to devastating. When everything is just right, they can put you in the zone, letting you feel free to just make the music. Hope this answers your questions!

ETA: I think one of the problems on the AMA's was the back up vocals. They were dreadful (not an editorial comment on the vocal abilities of his band members-they were probably not hearing well either) and this had to have affected Adam if he had them in his ears at all. I'm not sure where I started to notice the backing tracks from the record being used in performance, but everything was way better when they did this. I would bet that the guys are lip-synching the back up vocals in performance now. Not to burst any bubbles, but this is done ALOT with back-up vocals and certain instrumentals to insure a good live performance, most often on live or taped tv stuff, less often in a full concert. It's purely for technical reasons, not because these people aren't capable of great playing/singing.

ETA 2: Here's something I'd like to add here which is in a later post:

Most of the time it's ok or people wouldn't use them, it's not always difficult. I was trying to explain how it's kinda complicated and what could be happening when people say they're having a problem, or when they are seen pulling the monitors out. Knowing what to ask for in your mix that is helpful to you and dealing with whatever pops up improves with experience too.

additional info:

skipper wrote:
northernlight wrote:
Skipper, thank you very much for the ear monitor post...I have a question...what would the differences be, if any, between touring with a band and touring using a new orchestra in every city (some artists do both during their careers as live performers) as far as the ear monitor situation is concerned. Just curious. And thank you again for the post!

Depends on the sonic situation and band. Pretty much all of them will travel with all or some key rhythm section members (drums, bass, guitar, maybe keyboard) to make sure there's a solid foundation. The other parts can be filled in with local players if the parts are less crucial. I've played as a fill in for people where the regular band members are doing their usual monitoring, but there isn't time or resources to set that up for the new people. Sometimes the extras will get a little speaker for a monitor, sometimes not, especially when it is big sections of people playing. For smaller jazz or rock groups it's more important to have good monitoring for everyone. Every extra piece of equipment (and extra person!) has to be paid for, transported and set up in each place. It's just a question of money and logistics-if the budget and schedule allowed they would be happiest bringing the whole band around with them all the time.


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OK, I have this huge SECRET that I’ve been keeping for two weeks, and I was dying to tell everyone, but I couldn't, for professional reasons. But now I can FIANLLY reveal it:


Yes, I did! It was a phone interview, and it lasted only 15 minutes, but it was glorious. It happened on January 14th, the day after the Oprah taping. His assistant called me at home at 7 pm. When the phone rang, I was so nervous I could barely breathe. For the first 30 seconds, I had no idea what I was doing. But then, everything fell into place, and we talked, and we laughed, and it was so easy and so delicious I couldn’t believe it. He was as delightful as I thought he would be!!!! (TM Oprah) Best of all, I think I managed not to gush over him (much, anyway)!

The interview was for Serafina, which is a Sunday magazine of one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil. Unfortunately, the article is only one page long. I do think it works, though: the idea is to present Adam to the brazilian readers, who never heard of him and probably never watched American Idol. The focus is on how controversial he is, plus talented, plus hot... Here’s the scan. Thanks for the help, CJ!!!

I still haven’t translated the whole article, but you can have a taste here. It begins like this...

What king am I?
Black hair, eyeliner, leather jacket, black nail polish. The guy on the picture, with his emo-punk look, is the new phenomenon in American pop music. The 28 year old singer appeared in a lot of the Best of 2009 lists (Time magazine included him in the 10 personalities of the year; he was 10th in the Sexiest Men Alive list of People; and he was the third most important male artist of the year, according to MTV). With a voice of incredible range (many compared him to Freddie Mercury), a strong sex appeal and a natural talent to create controversy, he has been called the male version of Lady Gaga, or the love child of Elvis and Madonna.

Also, you can read the transcript of the interview here. Thanks to Fez for proof-reading it. Enjoy...

Thank you for taking your time to talk to me. I understand you’ve been really busy lately.
Oh, it’s my pleasure.

You realize you have lots of fans here in Brazil.
I’ve seen it on Twitter, I’ve seen tweets coming in from people from Brazil and I’m like: “What! I can’t wait to go, I wanna go visit!” I’m so excited to come there.

You should come to Mardi Gras, in February. It’s fabulous, lots of people covered in glitter and feathers, dancing and partying. It’s amazing, you should come!
Sounds like my kind of party! When in February is it?

From 12 to 16th of Februay. What do you know about Brazil?
I don’t know a lot, no!

American Idol is not very popular here. Not a lot of people watch it. Do you think it’s a good platform for young artists in United States?
Definitely. I think there’s no other program like that here in the States where you’ve got that many people being exposed to. It’s very difficult to make it in the music industry nowadays because there’s so much to choose from. And so, the fact that I had so many people watching me thankfully allowed to make a record that they’re waiting for, you know? That’s amazing.

But doing well on the program doesn’t guarantee your success, right?
Yeah, but it definitely gives you a fair shot, a fair chance. I’m only trying to do the best that I can, and see if that works, you know?

How would you present yourself to the Brazilians who have never heard your music?
I think the music video and the song speak for themselves. The music video for FYE is very theatrical, sexy, and it’s like underground club scene, and it’s all about dancing late at night and I think people will enjoy it.

Some people compare you to Lady Gaga, do you like the comparison?
Oh, I think it’s a great compliment. She’s a good musician, she’s creative, she likes theatrics. We’re from the same family, yeah.

Do you think Fever will ever be a single?

Yeah, I actually think it could be. We’re looking at it as a possibility. A very very strong possibility.

Some people think that because you sing “There he goes”, that it could be a problem, that some people would refuse to play the song.
Maybe in United States, but I have a feeling that in the rest of the world, no one will care. (laughs)

I’m sure in Brazil no one will care.
I think I live in the most conservative country that we really have to worry about.

I think you do. It’s like, all that AMAs controversy, what was that all about?
I don’t know, I think people get scared of things they are not used to seeing. It was all meant to be in good fun, you know, theatrical, silly and crazy. I think people took me too seriously.

Like you are a threat to good costumes or something.

Yeah! I don’t know why it’s threatening, it’s not that big of a deal. But that’s the thing about my country. People get more scared by two men kissing than they do by a bunch of people walking around with guns. I mean, that’s how we live. (laughs)

But do you worry about that? Are you concerned that homophobia might be a problem, that people won’t play some of your songs because of that?

Well, it’s a slow and steady progress. I think it’s definitely an issue, but I try to not worry too much about it, just try to be myself. If people like it, then they like it, if they don’t like it, then they don’t like it. (laughs) It’s more important to me to be truthful to who I am than for me to try to please everybody. You can’t please everybody.

Some people even suggested, oh, he should change the lyrics of “Fever” to a “she”.
Actually, it’s funny, Lady Gaga and I talked about that, when we were recording the song. She said, “What do you think?”. “Well, I like it.” And she said, “I like it too. Of course, there are gonna be people who are going to have issues with it.” And I said, “Yeah”, and she said, “Do you care?”, I said, “No. Let’s do it!”.

Do you think that will be a problem only in USA?
Mostly in the United States. You know, ultimately, it is what it is.

Talking about the AMAs, some people said, oh, he just likes to be the center of attention. He just kissed his bass player because he likes to create controversy and get coverage by the media, and that’s been done before, so what’s new.
Of course I like to be the center of attention, why do you think I do this for a living? (laughs). It has been done before, but it’s never been done by a boy! With another boy! I didn’t think about it at the time, but now looking at it in hindsight, perhaps it’s proving a point.

Yes. You didn’t think the reaction was going to be that strong.
No, not at all. My intention was not to upset anybody, obviously. I didn’t think it was going to be as controversial. Because that’s the thing, because for me, with my friends, the types of parties and clubs and areas that I go to, something like that is not...people are not scared of that where I come from. There are places here in United States where that is very very scary. But I don’t live in those places, and I don’t know those types of people...

Thank God!
Yeah, thank God! So in a way, I kind of took if for granted.

You talk a lot about doing glam rock, glam pop. What’s glam to you?.
Glam, back in the seventies, was people like David Bowie, and T. Rex, and Sweet. Glam is rock’n’roll, but it’s dressed up, it’s being very flamboyant with your style, and your manners, and your persona. Using make up and fancy clothing. In think nowadays there are a lot of female artists that embody that spirit. People like Lady Gaga, Kate Perry, that kind of over the top theatrical over -the-top performer. I try to bring that spirit back to my music.

But, like you said, there’s no male artist doing that. So is there space for it, do you think?
Yeah, that’s kind of what I was going for, something that we don’t have right now. Back in the seventies and eighties we had artists like David Bowie, and Prince, and Boy George, and Adam Ant, and even Michael Jackson at times, that were giving you high fashion, very glamorous make up and hair, we just don’t have those figures right now. And I love that style, I think it’s so different, and I think that teenagers and kids and adults of all kind need to see that as an option, you know?

People need entertainment and that’s what you intend to do.
Yeah, I’m here for your entertainment and that’s part of the beauty of entertainment as escapism. If you have your life, and you have worries, and stresses, it’s nice to be able to throw in your CD or your video and kind of forget about your problems for a minute.

You’ve got this fine instrument that some people call THE VOICE. And it’s been compared to Freddie Mercury and Steven Tyler. Anyway, I think you’re better than those two.

You are. How do you see it? Do you feel like it’s a gift, that you have to use well, or something you worked very long and hard to get to where you are right now?
I think a little bit of both. I definitely, early on, went, “Oh, I can sing! I don’t know how that happened!” (laughs) And I do think that it’s a gift, and I think that, for whatever reason, this is why I’m here. I’m here to do this. That’s my purpose. At the same time I have worked hard on it. I did take lessons when as a kid, for singing, and I’ve been singing for a long time, and learning a lot about my voice, and recording, learning how it sounds recorded. So yeah, it’s both.

2009 has been quite a year. Not so long ago, you were singing at small clubs, doing the Upright Cabaret show, now you are talking to Oprah. Do you wake up in the morning thinking, OMG, I can’t believe this is happening.
Yeah, I do. I think for a while there, like all last year, before this all started, I thought to myself, I want more out of my life, I want to do more, I want to challenge myself, I want to travel, I want something new. And...I got it! (laughs)

You got it!
I got a lot of it.

But it has a price, right?
Yeah. I mean, it’s entirely worth it, let’s put it that way, it’s worth every moment of it, I would never trade it. But there are’s a lot of work, you know? It’s a lot more work than people realize it is. And it can be a little bit lonely, because when you leave the house, and you are chased by paparazzi everywhere you go...Sometimes I don’t even wanna go out. I’m gonna stay home tonight because I don’t wanna deal with it. So it can be isolating.

You said this to RS: “Private lives don’t exist anymore for celebrities”.
Yeah, it’s hard on your private life. But, the way I look at it, I had my entire twenties to have a private life. (laughs)

Oh, don’t say that!.You said lots of times that this is a dream come true, but you certainly have more dreams. No that you’ve got this far, what is your wildest dream, what do you want to achieve? What else?
I think I just want longevity. I want to keep going. I want to be able keep doing it. So often in the music industry someone puts out an album and goes away, like, it doesn’t work, people don’t buy it, and they get dropped by the label, and they don’t have a way of making music anymore. So I think my big goal is, I just wanna to be able to keep doing it.

Are you planning a tour right now?
There’s definitely going to be a tour at some point. I’m not sure what the details are, we haven’t decided it yet.

But you have an idea. You told EW that you wanted to do a something more intimate.
Yeah, if it works, if I have my thing, I want to do a solo tour, in smaller venues and have it be like a very interactive, intimate experience, you know? 500 people, to a thousand people. And really put on a show that they can see every detail, and they can really appreciate it.

Do you have plans for movies? TV series? Do you have any invitations?

I would very much love to do movies or TV. No invitations yet, but there’s definitely some ideas floating around, so there’s interest. Let’s see what happens.

(His personal assistant says it’s over, I have to wrap it up)
Just one last thing, then: thank you for being such an inspiration for so many people, myself included.
Awwww, thank you, thank you very much, I appreciate that.

And hopefully I’ll see you soon here in Brazil.
Yeah, definitely, I can’t wait to go visit!

Thank you. Bye.

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RMGED Posts from AO
Full of snark and good info.

rmged wrote:
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Sunday, February 7, 2010 - 12:00
Re: RMGED conspiracy theories

Oh, brother! :)

This is hilarious, if sort of scary, but here are some answers (and non-answers) for the theories:

I was only ever a bubble boy for a couple of months in 1983.

You guys have no idea how hard it is to manage an official website. We're not here to deal in gossip, unconfirmed sightings, or being your guide to stalking Adam's every trip to the bathroom. We have to wait on dozens of people for approvals before posting every clip and news item you see here, and often have to chase a few people on Adam's staff who don't really understand the power of the web, and that you guys will find out about everything if we don't get you the info first. All I can promise you is that we're trying our best to make AO better at all times.

Having RMGED correlated to ARMAGEDDON made my year, but then I'm one of those music geeks who gets excited any time he sees 666 crop up in a soundscan report or receipt.

I run Adam's digital marketing campaign and I only MOD when time allows, so the only people 'higher up' that could take an interest and do more for this site are Adam himself and his mgmt company. I talk to them every week, but I'm vying for their attention along with my RCA colleagues in offline MKT, press, radio, etc. The boy is busy.

RMGED SR. was on the Grassy Knoll - I'm not THAT old.

I didn't vote for ANY of the Idol contestants - never have - not least because it might have been a conflict of interest, but I was pulling for Adam anyway, since I liked him best, and I knew was coming to RCA - not JIVE - about 1 month before the results. This isn't about being a fan for me - I have to come up with and deliver digital marketing opportunities for the artist I'm given, so I'd much rather have a unique, charismatic talent like Adam's to work with than a cookie cutter artist.

I don't condone waterboarding, except for right wingers and religious nazis.

I work about 20 RCA artists, from Aguilera to Foo Fighters, and I'm being 100% honest when I say that Adam is my favorite, and produces more content for his site than any of the rest.

Taylor Swift really can't sing, and I love how suddenly it's the Idols who are getting respect for having to sing without auto-tune and other studio trickery.

My only major alter ego beyond RCA is writing about music for a major music site, mostly extreme metal and non-commercial, obscure shit, but I did love The Darkness back in the day, and I really like Adam's record!

I am a good witch...warlock...whatever

What I put YOU GUYS THROUGH? Just cos I'm getting paid, it don't mean it's enough for what you guys put ME through. :)

I quit!


And hey now, think back to September when this joint was a troll fest. Hasn't it gotten better since we took a more visible role on the site?

Thanks for some good fun on Sunday morning, guys. I may have to block myself now.

rmged wrote:
Re: RMGED conspiracy theoriesRMGED conspiracy theories ***rmged has put his two cents in.

Fair enough, Moonchild, I just get frustrated when neither my artist or his MGMT company have provided a lick of info about a potential event to the people running his site, and I've seen too many such events evaporate with no explanation to the fans. Just saying, and hope this show really does happen and they give us the OK to announce it soon.

Two more mod posts at AO:

Yes, 19 is probably simply sleeping on the Fantasy Springs announcement (they do get distracted trying to manage AI AND their clients this time of year), but my defense for not posting it to the events section on AO stands until they send me confirmation. The Fantasy Springs site looks entirely legit, but then, wouldn't you do everything to look legit in order to sell tickets, whether something was confirmed or not? I had several instances on the recently announced Daughtry tour, where a few dates that were still being negotiated by 19/AEG/TM and certain venues were never confirmed, despite tickets going on sale and announcements being made in local papers, radio stations, etc - all of whom want to start selling their seats and collecting your money as quickly as possible. When those negotiations fell through, fans who were bitching to us about there not being official confirmation on Daughtry's site were left complaining about having to get refunds from the overly aggressive promoters. Again, I'm pretty certain this is not the case with the Fantasy Springs date, but I've seen a lot, lot worse happen in my time in this business.

Anyway, thanks again for the support and understanding - and the awesome thread - which certainly made this Sunday a lot more fun than expected.

That's fine gang, no point arguing Fantasy Springs further, I think the points are clear. RCA simply has no financial or business involvement in Adam's touring activities, so until 19 tells us it's confirmed, it won't be in the Events section here - sorry. If we post anything tour related without their confirmation and there are cancellations THEN it becomes OUR problem, whether we had anything to do with it or not. It's a business, and unfortunately things don't always make sense.

Having said that, of course I get you guys...well, most of you. I'm on this site every day, either posting something or watching the interaction from behind the scenes, and it's my job to understand Adam's consumer-base by balancing my music business experience with my music fan experience. Just like you guys, I'm first and foremost a music fan, or else I'd be just as happy marketing breakfast cereal or saran wrap...those products don't TALK BACK! :)

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via glammax ~ Halfie at PF:

Halfie Baked Thoughts
Daily Planet 2/21/10 by Halfie

I have a dream that
my four little children will one day live in a nation
where they will not be judged by the color of their skin
but by the content of their character.
Martin Luther King, Jr., 28 August 1963

One of the most jarring dissonances I observe between Adam Lambert fans and those who are not is how they react to Adam as a man. This often manifests in a comment that we have all seen directed to his female fans: “How can you find him sexy when he’s gay?” The women I know who appreciate Adam have mastered a catchall response; one I have seen used on Twitter, blogs and in person: “Sexy is sexy.”

For me the circumstances are different. While I can clearly see that Adam is a sexy man and I wholeheartedly understand why so many women fawn over him, I am not sexually attracted to him. Still, I find myself questioned about why I like Adam. Too often, these inquiries take the form of challenging either Adam’s manhood or my own.

“Oh, you like Adam Lambert? He was good on Idol but he looks like such a girl.”
“Is Adam turning you gay?”
“I see you’re listening to your boyfriend’s album again.”

As a confident person with a good sense of humor, I typically parry with a clever riposte. Yet, I admit it can become tiresome. Why should I feel like any less of a man for liking the work of a gay performer? More important, why should anyone presume that Adam Lambert is any less of a man just because he is a gay man?

If it’s true that sexy is sexy, then it’s just as true that manly is manly.

For too long, men have sought to establish their heterosexual bona fides by distancing themselves from gayness. Just this week, as I was boarding an airplane, I had to slide into an occupied row to let some people pass. As it happened, there was a delay and I stood there for a minute or two, with my waist only a few inches from a man who was seated before me. To lighten the mood I said, “You know, if they don’t clear the aisle soon, I’m going to have to buy you a drink.” His response was disappointing, if not predictable: “Oh, man, I don’t wanna even think about that. I’m looking left, I’m looking right; I’m trying to ignore it.”

I suppose it’s his loss if he can’t appreciate the humor of having a crotch unceremoniously thrust in his face on an airplane.

Dr. King’s call a generation ago still rings clear. Much progress has been won for our brothers and sisters of color, but even as the mountaintop draws nearer a challenging summit looms ahead. While never forgetting his original dream, I have a new hope for the years ahead. By the time today's children reach maturity, I am confident that society will redefine what it means to be manly.

Gone will be superficial things that create the illusion of manliness. Brawny men with muscles bigger than their minds will be out, replaced by men of strong character, inspiring talents and lofty intellect. Also gone will be men who tear others down just to enhance their own egos or those who disrespect people because they want to get them into bed or, more likely, because they can’t.

Being a man has nothing at all to do with how one looks and everything to do with how one acts. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, wear makeup or have a beard, speak in a deep baritone or a higher-pitched lilt. It doesn’t matter how you walk or how you talk or how you look.

Being a man is, at its core, what is always has been: acting with integrity, being loyal, loving those who love you, respecting others, leading when you need to lead and following when a better leader emerges.

Sexy is sexy.
Manly is manly.
And Adam Lambert is one of the manliest men around.

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From our lovely MadTex.

MadTex wrote:
spaceoddity wrote:
Would I be able to ask someone to explain the United States "gay" thing?
Oh, wow, do you have some time? A full explanation's going to take a while. In a nutshell, the U.S. is a very socially conservative country founded on Puritanical religious beliefs that have endured and entrenched themselves in our culture. The U.S. is not just scared of homosexuality; it is scared of sexuality. We don't see sex as a function of existence, like eating and sleeping, we conceptualize as a weakness of existence. And, at the most fundamental level, the U.S. is scared of pleasure for pleasure's goal (and this pertains to much more than sex). Ultimately, sex is interpreted to have a higher purpose, that of procreation. Anything beyond that is self-indulgent and weak. In the mainstream U.S., this definition is not so blatant, but it nonetheless exists in the subconscious minds of Americans eternally concerned with wanting to do the proper thing. It indirectly shapes our views on sex, and thereby sexuality. This basic belief buttresses both political and social decisions on the matter. We are reminded daily, perhaps even hourly, the appropriateness of sex, sexuality, and the human body through all forms of U.S. media and the governing strictures placed on them. Homosexual sex belies this fundamental belief. By definition, it cannot equal procreation. It is not generally seen as an extension of love and intimacy but as an act of salacious pleasure. There's a psychological, micro-level intertwined with cultural realm, as well, where people are basically uncomfortable with themselves as sexual beings. What creates this discomfort is multi-faceted and debatable, but nonetheless that sense of self impacts one's sense of others. (this is why we see so many closeted and anti-gay politicians, for example)

There's a dark, dirty, and long history of homosexual persecution here at the hands of our government. Up until very recently in the state of Texas, I could have been arrested for having sex with my own partner in my own home, should some neighbor think it necessary to report it. It sounds ludicrous just from a cost-benefit analysis, but there are actual cases and convictions on the books (many occurred more recently than you'd think).

SisterEurope, thanks for linking that article. It mentions a book by Michael Signorile, Queer in America, that's worth a read if anyone's interested in learning more about how the celebrity closet game works. It's a little dated in terms of celebrities, but I suspect not much has changed behind the scenes. I had to read it in college for a gay and lesbian politics course. It's a good and accessible read. The Celluloid Closet's interesting, too. More older Hollywood than current stuff. The movie version is not good, though. I suggest the book (can't remember the author).

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from planet fierce posted by rihannsu january 4 2010

Note: OP = MJ's Idol blog
> I am so glad that my first deep dive into fandom came before Adam Lambert although it was only 2005 and I was VERY late to the party. Being a fan of this particular artist has been the very best training imaginable to deal with the nature of Adam's particular brand of insanity. This artist is OTT in his own special way, has the charisma and media charm that Adam has and is both intensely LOVED and HATED. In many ways Adam reminds me so much of him and yet most people would be mystified at the comparison. I am speaking of the incomparable Bono of U2. I see in Adam the same kind of artistic genius that Bono has. The ability to instinctively make the right move at the right time. So many times in U2's career they have made decisions that made no sense whatsoever but turned out to be exactly the right thing to do. Let me tell you right now that the angsting and flailing in Adam world is but a paltry thing compared to a U2 fan site leading up to an album
> release. And if you think the bashing on the OP was bad just join one of the online U2 fandoms and observe the bashing of both Bono and the band that occurs WITHIN the fandom. Not outside trolls coming in to hate on them, but longtime intense U2 fans. They make the Adam haters look like pussies (excuse my french). If you take out the homophobic aspect the Adam haters have nothing on the typical U2 fan much less the dedicated Bono haters.
> What this has done for me is give an incredible perspective for viewing Adam's potential future because after all U2 is the biggest band in the world and Bono arguably the best known Rock Star in the world both in and out of the Music industry and still with all that visibility and attention during the height of the Vertigo tour in the US I found that only about 1 out of 10 of my clients had even the vaguest notion of who he was. So when these idiots in the Idol bubble claim that no one outside of Idol knows who Adam is I don't worry about it because lots of people don't know who Bono is either. But the industry and media do and one of the things that has most contributed to U2's vast success beyond the fans themselves has been the absolute love affair that the media has with Bono. Adam is starting his career with the kind of media love that took Bono years to develop. Bono won the media over one interview at a time over quite a few years but Adam has
> been able through the Idol machine to condense that into a single year.
> Just as a bit of an interesting side note I don't think anyone in the music industry wants to be the one to bypass the next Bono, MJ, Bowie, Freddie or Elvis and you can bet they see the potential. Also of interest is the fact that when Clive Davis found out that the Rock n Roll Hall of fame U2 exhibit contained a rejection letter from Arista records he called up Jim Henke to find out who's signature was on that letter. You can bet your bottom dollar that Sony is not going to let their own potential U2 slip away.
> There is something else that Adam has in common with Bono and that is the capacity for love. Adam much like Bono wants to love the world. They both perform with their entire being. When onstage they give themselves away totally to the performance. They invest every bit of their energy into their performance and they get that love back from their fans. They also are quite generous about sharing that outpouring from the fans with their collaborators. The thing is that this requires an investment by the fans. U2 fandom is widely acknowledged to be different from most fandoms out there. It is almost like a secret society. You are either in or you are out. For those who don't "get" U2 there is no explaining it. The same goes for Adam.
> I believe it is because to really "get it" you have to surrender yourself to it. The lyrics of FYE as a metaphor for the relationship with the audience is perfect. When we trust and surrender or submit we experience something that mere observers don't. As good as any U2 song is, it is nothing compared to what it becomes when shared with the U2 audience. I don't see this kind of difference with other artists. But I see it with Adam. As good as any of his studio recordings from AI or his album itself are the difference when that same song is performed live is incredible. It has nothing to do with how the music is arranged or what notes are sung but has everything to do with the exchange of energy that happens between the audience and the performer. Adam like Bono has the ability to take in the energy around him and transform and direct it in the way that he wishes and it becomes something more.
> Sorry if I kind of rambled on here but the point is that visionary artists like Bono and Adam can't really be suppressed. I think once they've gained a platform there is pretty much no stopping them because they are relentless. Adam has his platform, his foot in the door and while it may be a harrowing roller coaster of a ride I can't see him disappearing in any way shape or form. I am looking forward to the next 30+ years of his career as I am looking forward to U2's next 30. I don't see Bono stopping anytime soon and I'm sure Adam won't either.

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A Date to Remember: Neil Lambert (negativeneil) and Brad Bell (gocheeksgo) (04.26.10)

relive the romance, laughs and drama via twitter:

negativeneil: Interview hour with @gocheeksgo is a go.
gocheeksgo: Always a lively conversation when talking with @negativeneil. We're wrapped! Now to get drunk
gocheeksgo: - The life of @negativeneil is fascinating. He washes his OWN dishes! Can you imagine?
[a couple of hours later]
negativeneil: Oh God @gocheeksgo brought me to a musical. What a douche.
gocheeksgo: Ok @negativeneil, ur right. Aparrently the word "concert" means something diff in NYC. At least I got u in free.
gocheeksgo: @negativeneil AND played wingman for your employment. Quit yer bitchin.
negativeneil: @gocheeksgo think of the worst musical. It's that one.
negativeneil: @GoCheeksGo you can make these claims to my face: you're three feet away from it.
gocheeksgo: @negativeneil I prefer doing it in a public forum. I like to do lots of things in public places. Speaking of which ...have another drink. ;)
negativeneil: @GoCheeksGo that explains the last time I had your bail. PS: I get drunk no matter what we do. It's the way I get by #talibkweli
gocheeksgo: Ok this "concert" just featured the lyrics "Who played Angel to your Buffy?" Completely redeeming.
gocheeksgo: That would explain why you can't keep it up. RT @negativeneil I get drunk no matter what we do.
gocheeksgo: And by keep it up, I mean the party spirit. You know. You can't hang. That's all I'm sayin. (PS ...check & mate.)
negativeneil: @GoCheeksGo God willing. I <3 Jesus I <3 God I <3 Jesus I <3 God
gocheeksgo: Not even G-d can help you now, Neil. Welcome to Cheekdom. - RT @negativeneil God willing. I <3 Jesus I <3 God I <3 Jesus I <3 God
negativeneil: Not an adequate rebuttal. I'll grant you one free comeback for being the current loser.
gocheeksgo: One attacks the response when one has no response. Shall we let the people decide @negativeneil?
negativeneil: @GoCheeksGo my previous statement stands
gocheeksgo: Presently sandwiched between two Capricorns in a cab.
negativeneil: I'm on the gayest rollercoaster in the universe and I cannot get off. All puns intended.
gocheeksgo: I. Win. ;) @negativeneil
[a few hours later]
gocheeksgo: Singing "Don't Stop Believing" to @negativeneil. ...tho I think he stopped believing long ago.[about 30 minutes ago]
gocheeksgo: At a diner. Bout to put @negativeneil on the subway home. All in all a great night. Oh... and I won. :D xoxo
negativeneil: I've been arrested for falling asleep on the train. Oops. Well, not arrested, but detained.
Gocheeksgo:@negativeneil Well sweetheart, don't drop the soap. You've had enough tonight already, I'm sure. Do you need me to make a call? 12:50 AM Apr 27th via web
Negativeneil: here's the thing: don't fall asleep on trains in New York. It costs $50 and about an hour of your time depending upon when you wake up.
The End!

PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 12:18 am 
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Intro for Adam at the KISS 108 Concert - Boston May 22, 2010
Listen carefully. Every once in a great while, and we’re talking generations, somebody explodes on the national stage and changes everything. Somebody appears on television and people say “I have never seen anything like this.” And you all here tonight are gonna see him live. Ladies and gentelmen. What a thrill it is to welcome him to Kiss Concert 2010…ADAM LAMBERT!

PostPosted: Fri May 28, 2010 8:33 pm 
There's no comfort in comfort I need the edge

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From the awesome Cadillacjackie, reviewing the concert above...


PostPosted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:58 pm 
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Sheri Richey (Artist Supporter)

Friend of the rainbow community
Celebrate our differences

Artist support
* Aug. 1st, 2010 at 4:57 PM


Several people have asked me why I gift music, CDs, and tickets to artists’ concerts. Here is my explanation. Making it in the arts, defined by being able to support yourself by performing your art, is hard to do in this day and age. With music piracy, downloading programs left and right and youtube, people could have an entire iPod filled with music and never pay anything for it. It’s stealing, plain and simple.

I grew up in a musical family with 4 kids. My father taught music, and we struggled. Although I wanted to perform music for a living, my father encouraged me to do something else, so I went into medicine, and have worked hard to be financially independent. Now that I have the means, I want to be able to help struggling talented young people who make the world a better place with their art.

I’ve been criticized by some for uploading videos of concerts to youtube myself. That is a fair point. I have also enjoyed many other vidders talents to see concerts that I could never attend. My critics were right, so I decided to make it right with the artists. So every time someone watches a good quality video that I have uploaded, I make sure to buy that song or gift it to someone else. People who could never afford to see great music can see it, and the artists still get paid for their work. If I’ve enjoyed a concert by watching someone else’s vids because I couldn’t take time off to see the concert myself, I buy a concert ticket for that artist’s concert and gift it to someone else, so the artist gets paid for giving me that entertainment. Call me crazy, but it lets me sleep at night knowing that I have helped further a career.

I’ve often wondered why artists don’t make DVDs available for their work, so that those abroad can enjoy it and they can get their cut. I now understand about getting rights for contributors to the concert, venue, etc., so I better understand the reasons that this doesn’t happen more often. Maybe in the future, the artists will be able to figure out how to make this profitable for everyone in this changing music scene. But for right now, I will just continue to enjoy videos made by myself and others, and give back to the artists by buying the music involved. Thanks for making it to the end of this diatribe, and rest assured that if you watch a video I uploaded on Artistsupporter channel on youtube, the artist will benefit from it.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:29 pm 
There's no comfort in comfort I need the edge

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From our dear Buderschnookie. For me, this is THE. BEST. POST. EVER.

buderschnookie wrote:
All righty then....

Meet and Greet
We were told when we purchased our VIP Glitz packages to be at the venue two hours before the doors opened, which meant 5pm, so we had scheduled the hotel shuttle to transport us at that time.
The day before the M&G ALF told us to be there at 5:30, but as our shuttle has already been scheduled there was no changing it. I had a moment in the hotel to knock back a shot while chatting up some new Glammy friends, then the shuttle honked and several of us piled in. We made friends along the way and arrived at the Victory Theater around 5pm.

There was a tiny vestibule just inside the theater at the will call window and we all gathered there to wait for something to happen. The place had no air conditioning and with 25 adrenaline fueled Glamberts we soon managed to ratchet up the temperature another few notches. We chatted around trying to put faces to ALF names, to Twitter names, AO, PF- everyone was someone somewhere and for the life of me I can't remember any of them, although I will never forget the faces. Crazy win a date with Adam Julie was one of our group.
We sweated.
We pulled out our precious VIP receipts and fanned ourselves, walked outside to try and find some air then came back in because the indoor humidity was a tad less than outside. It was 95 fucking degrees.
We sweated some more.
I glammed myself to just this side of ridiculous only to sweat it all away before being admitted to The Royal Presence?

By 5:30pm someone had the bright idea to try and go through one more set of doors and like lemmings we all followed, and by God I could feel manufactured air and it was lovely. There was a water fountain, a restroom, and a set of stairs for a few lucky ones to sit on.
Our relief was short lived however, as a crotchety old venue lady came by mumbling something about rules and forced us all back out into the sweaty vestibule.
Again we wandered aimlessly around the 30 square feet of oven, again walked outside in search of air to breathe, then again came back in because outside was Africa Hot and inside was merely Measley Hell Hot.

Then a guy- we'll call him Kevin right now, although shortly we will call him The Border Collie- stuck his head out and asked if we were there for the Meet and Greet. He said to hang tight, make sure we had ID and our receipt handy, and he'd be back in a few minutes or so.
It is now nearing 6pm- we've been sweating for an hour.
We sweat some more, and at this point I am feeling really smart to have eaten that banana before coming as I knew I'd need potassium. Take a note, peeps.

At around 6:15 Kevin does come back, and one by one we file past him holding our paperwork, now admitted through that first set of doors we tried to get through earlier. We are checked off a master list and are handed the first of our goodies- the VIP lanyard and laminated pass- woo-hoo!! We are stylin' now, and the poor, sweaty, unfortunate non-VIP'ers look at us through the glass like five year olds at a candy counter.
It is a tad less hot, but still sweaty, and by now the standing around is beginning to get annoying.
So we sweat some more.
We sweat for a really long time- probably another 25 minutes, it felt like an eternity.
Then our faithful Border Collie returns and herds us all up one flight of stairs to a different area of sweating- a long hallway where Neil appears to be in conversation with someone as he fiddles with a camera.
This new room does have a bar, but I am worrying about having to juggle a drink, my autograph item, my VIP t-shirt and other goodies, so I pass on the drink. I make friends with more people, and everyone is out of their mind nervous and I am not.
I am generally not excitable over things like this and remain calm, although I'm beginning to think how silly I would feel if I passed out. I find a bench along a wall and sit and people watch.
Neil is attracting NO attention and personally I think it aggrieved him mightily.

At around 6:45pm Neil and the Border Collie come back and herd us by groups into an elevator- I ride in the one with Neil and he is reasonably chatty. We stop and walk out into yet another room to.... you guessed it- wait and sweat.
We are told to form a line and suddenly everyone gets shy and no one wants to be at the front of the line to go first- mass exodus to the rear of the room. There are precious few people in front of me and at this point I think someone has to grow a pair so I stand there in line.
Neil plays with the camera focusing on a spot in front of a window while we sheep mumble amongst ourselves at what a silly backdrop for our special picture with Adam that will be, so I kind of loudly ask if we can be in front of a wall instead. But by then he was focused and ready, so window it was.
At that point, 7pm, we see someone vaguely Adam-like approaching from down a hallway- he enters the room and walks over to his spot, which I will call Exhibit A.

It's Adam, but it is a human Adam- a sort of man-boy who looked much younger than I would have ever thought and not at all a Glittery Alien. He was a young guy in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops- a guy that aside from the first layer of stage makeup and a wacked out hairdo you wouldn't look twice at. Slight of build, almost seeming small. It was at that point that the absurdity of the situation began to cross my mind.

Now- it is a great thing, a Meet and Greet. It was totally worth my money, I would do it again in a heartbeat (and am), and he was awesome. But I am old enough to remember carnival freak shows where you paid your money and walked through a murky maze to peek through a hole in the wall to look at unusual humans, and I remember the thrill of seeing something wondrous accompanied by the kind of skeeved out feeling in your stomach of it not quite being right to view someone in that particular context.
I am by no means comparing Adam to a freak show so don't twist my words- I am just saying that a touch of that same skeevy feeling danced across my mind as I stood in line to meet and have my picture taken next to Exhibit A. And I will admit that it did occur to me that being there probably wouldn't have been at the top of his list if it had been up to him. He has a great game face, no doubt about it, but I used game face for 35 years and know it when I see it. That was game face.

When the Border Collie barked once to signify it was my turn I walked up to Adam, extended my hand and God help the poor bastard but I babbled- I babbled like a schoolgirl. I will try and convey the jist of it as best I can remember because honestly it is such a blur to me- I will be regular text and blue will be Adam's replies. There aren't that many of them because the poor guy couldn't get a word in edgewise.
Anyway, I remember making it a point to look directly into his eyes and continued to as I began speaking:
"Hi, I'm Buderschnookie!"
"Oh OK, hi!"
(shaking hands now)
"I wrote the most popular blog on your new fan club website, it's been number one for over a week now"
"Oh, cool!"
"We were told that we were not allowed to give you gifts, but I brought a copy of what I wrote and was hoping that you might find a moment to read it?"
"Wow, OK, sure"
(He takes the envelope from my hands, puts it in his pocket! It has 'by Buderschnookie' on it! Woo Hoo!)
"It's all about how some of the press write about a segment of your fanbase and how we as older fans feel about that and you"
"Aww, that's sweet"
(he hugs me, I have no idea why, I did not ask for it)
I hold up the photo I have brought to be signed and while he is signing it he says nobody ever brings that photo and of course I have to babble some more about me-
"I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the LA Times and they actually printed it"
And he hugs me again, and God help me my mouth is up against his ear and I fucking keep talking about the goddam photographer who took that damn photo and how he wrote me an email and I love the picture because it looks like he (Adam) has a secret.
I mean, God Almighty, I could have snuggled in, sniffed deeply, closed my eyes and savored it, but no I had to keep talking and making it all about me.
The we separate and arrange ourselves in photographic mode with his arm around me and Neil says "Ready? 3..2..1.. snap."
When he lets go and it was time for me to leave I turned and uttered the ultimate in articulate compliments-
"Thanks for singing so good".
"Oh, thank you. Bye"

Thanks for singing so good?
Are you kidding me?
No even grammatically correct, much less anywhere near the magnitude of what I wanted to convey.
As I exit the room I am given a choice of t-shirt sizes, then I take the elevator back down and I am done.

This will be considerably shorter, as we have all seen the videos, many well turned phrases have been written about his awesome-icity, and they are all correct.
I will say that his voice is far better in person than in recordings. It is richer, carries more resonance, and I heard more low tones than I ever thought possible. He is probably singing in a lower key than the recordings, but I never noticed it all that much on the Youtubes but in person it was a marked difference.
The most overwhelming aspect of the whole show is that he is huge on that stage- his presence fills the room. He has totally mastered the art of communicating with the crowd because he looked directly at me while singing at least 15 times, and I'll bet everyone in there felt the same way. Massive charisma, the Carriage of a King, really.

And this is where things got really interesting for me.
The degree of difference between the two Adams was just immense.
Who can do that?

The fact that I saw him first as a human person, then later as the stage persona caused some sort of huge disconnect that I am only now beginning to reconcile. For me as a fan, as a member of the audience I recognize that his voice really is the voice of a generation- something so rare and so finely honed that it simply delights the mind- we all know this.
But as large as that talent is, in my mind it is absolutely dwarfed by his stagecraft- the way he is able to walk on a stage, put on that persona, and dominate a room was just magnificent.
That that man-boy human person is able to transform into that manly hunk of raging bull boggles my mind. I saw two totally and completely different Adams- and the thoughts I have about each one are a complete 180º from the thoughts I have about the other.
It threw me for a loop.

He was bigger than I thought he would be, and he was smaller than I thought he would be.
That's the most enduring impression I got.

And for me, to take this massively talented voice and to add to that the ability to absolutely transform himself onstage- it augments his talent in every direction, in every way, to a place I can barely comprehend.
In a nutshell I believe that I have learned that all my obsessive fandom, my lust, my glambulge and hand and neck fetishes (hell, all his body parts) and fantasies- all this is directed at Stage Adam. This creature that he becomes is so much larger than life that I am compelled to want always more, more, more. There will never be enough of him.

I also think that Exhibit A man-boy Adam shouldn't be the object of my addiction- he deserves some space to himself and I think he has precious little and is holding on to what is left pretty tightly. I really found the thought of him being on display so I could come look at him to be a little weird.
I will probably still follow every move, but in my mind I will maybe not want to pry into his personal life as much- I now know that I can back off a tad and yet still be a crazy good fan.

I am glad it took me 5 hours to drive home because I needed that time to think. I was oddly emotional all the way home- my 5 star iPod playlist caused more than one set of tears. Flashes from the past, Freddie, Elvis- crazy lady was crazy driving home in tears. I was tired, emotionally and physically, and know that always puts me on the edge of tears. But above that I just felt strange- as if something had shifted in my core. Something in my World View has been altered- don't know if it was Adam, the show itself, being surrounded by so much cray-cray, or what, but something changed in me. I don't yet know quite what I mean by that, but I was affected.

I had a wonderful time- both glammax and MyJacket were exactly the right level of crazy for me. It was a really memmorable trip and aside from being a bit overwhelmed I would not change a thing.
I am not always the most demonstrative person and I want to again thank both of them for including me and making this such a great adventure.

17 days until my Hard Rock show and my second Meet and Greet.
I do think this is a good way for Adam's fans to meet him in a controlled environment and have reconciled myself to accepting that for him it is part of the gig.
But I swear a little part of Exhibit A man boy wanted to be somewhere else.

He needs a vacation.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:48 pm 
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And...another one.

buderschnookie wrote:
I think I sort of believe that there are Three Tiers of Crazy when it comes to Adam fans.
I would like to believe that I am Tier One, as are glammax and MyJacket and most of the rest of us here. We follow Adam very closely, we know way too much, but by and large manage to carry on normal lives. We may often think he is lust worthy and lulzy, but we can also talk about him in the context of his being a relatively normal person.

Tier Two is the fan whose entire life has been eclipsed by Adam- they have rearranged their work and sleep schedule, they are competing with other Adam fans for who can go to the most shows and thus be a better fan, and it is impossible to have a discussion with them about anything without it being Adam related within two sentences. He really is the center of their world in a real life, daily basis. He is stage Adam all the time and they totally do not seem to draw a distinction between The Show and his real life. They don't much seem to even consider how all this looks and feels from his point of view- they are 100% OMG OMG OMG.

Tier Three is everything Tier Two is, but these people have an agenda. They need to feel part of Adam's inner circle, and be even more extra special than any other fan- they envision themselves as High Priestesses of The Glam Nation. They are literally followed around by a trail of acolytes who bask in the Importance of their Priestess. These people, as glammax so succinctly put it, know things. They can't divulge the source of course, or break the alleged confidence, but we are instructed to take their word as truth merely because it is uttered by sacrosanct lips.

These people really scared me- it is not surprising to me that they reminded me of the Vestal Virgins, because to them Adam is like a religion with Adam as the one true God.

They made me feel normal and very, very sane.

~and WinkyDink adds:
WinkyDink wrote:
Tier 3 Fans have made it their mission to know PEOPLE, also: Band people; relatives of Band people; FoA; et alii; and, ultimately, Adam. They use Twitter, FB, and websites (e.g., axestatic) to communicate to Team Adam WITHOUT PAUSE. They ask OTHER fans to $upport them in their endeavors, especially in some purchase that they will selflessly deliver on behalf of "the group".
Tier 4 are those of Tier 3 known by Team Adam by name.
~edit by newlie

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ToxicLED - on Twitter (Twitlonger)
On Sunday 19th September 2010, @ToxicLED said:

One day, when he's a MF'ing worldwide SUPERSTAR, I'm going to be able to look back and tell people, "I saw him in a tiny little underground venue in NYC. I saw him with, at most, 2000 other people in a House of Blues. I saw him on a tour where he played slaughterhouses and circus tents and county fairs. I saw him when the majority of the world only knew of him as 'that gay guy who lost American Idol'."

One day, I'm going to tell these stories of this summer to my kids, and they're undoubtedly going to think I'm insane. My friends and family already think that. But you guys were here with me through all of this: in the concert posts, on Twitter and sitting on the filthy ground next to me in line for seven hours. And YOU know that, as a stan, nights like tonight are the ultimate validation. We're not crazy.* He really IS this amazing.

And we were here from the very start. We got to see it ALL.

*this is actually still debatable

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