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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:20 pm 

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Save posts from here or grab them from other boards before they disappear forev.

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This exchange is worth preserving, imo. From TOB Knoll regarding Demogate:

Silencefound responding to Kristard over HiFi-gate:
Well my conspiracy/knollish theory of why some people are making a bigger deal out of it is because they hope that Adam loses his recording contract with RCA and is unable to release an album this fall. They want him to go away and not be competition for their favorite.

The Kristard laments:
I want him to go away but not because of any competition thing. I'm just tired of him. Too much drama over nothing. I don't see why he would lose his recording contract with RCA though since they can sign whoever they want and then drop him when his album has Blake Lewis kind of results.

So, your max time from for media exposure is about a month at most? Wow, that's short. Me? I start to tire of someone when they stop being interesting. So far I find Adam to be extremely interesting and very entertaining.

Sane person upthread:
Any contract he had, would have obviously been with Wiltshire, and since they did not consult with him before selling out to HiFi, he's a non-entity in the deal at this point. Thus, no contract, no harm, no foul from day 1.

I kinda feel like people are making this into a bigger deal than it is for some reason and I can't figure out why.

The erstwhile Chunkymunky replies:
Adam is the man of the moment since Kris isn't very controversial. I think people are concerned that the lack of success of this album could affect the reception of Adam's album with RCA.

Because "people" (Kristards) are "concerned" (hoping) that Demogate will torpedo Adam's RCA release.

Silencefound moves in to rebut the random Blake comparison.

Silencefound: How much did Blake sell total? I didn't follow him or his album.

I have Blake's album but unfortunately not enough other people were interested enough in it for him for his label to keep him, I guess. He even had some of the same team that Adam is working with (David Hodges, Ryan Tedder). I thought his album was pretty good but despite his popularity resulting from his unique performances on AI he wasn't able to maintain that interest up to his album release date. I guess the AI audience just wasn't receptive to his electro-pop-funk sound.

Kaetsa helpfully corrects the record.

Blake's Producers and Writers:
Louis Biancaniello
Ryan Tedder
Sam Watters
Blake Lewis
Irving Berlin
Kristal Oliver
Steph Jones
Josh Hoge
Wasalu Muhammad Jaco
Lupe Fiasco
Sam Hollander
Dave Katz
Evan "Kidd" Bogart
David Ryan Harris
Sean Hurley
The Runaways: Louis Biancaniello
Wayne Wilkins
Rico Love
Dave Katz
S*A*M & Sluggo
Chris Richardson
Jonathan Rotem
Alex Gregg
Louis Biancaniello
Mike Elizondo
Dave Katz

What we suspect from news and twitters on Adam's album so far:
Lauren Christy
Desmond Child
The Sophomores
- Jared Scharff
- Ross Golan
David Hodges
Mitch Allan
Kara DioGuardi
Alisan Porter
Ely Rise
Greg Wells
Ryan Tedder
Sam Sparro
Linda Perry
Aimee Mayo
Jesse Rogg
Not to much overlap that I can see and their voices and what they both did on the show are not similar.
Just Saying. :)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:28 am 
Media Maven

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Buderschnookie wrote:
Another great post by FifthHouseSun just hit MJ's- I like the way s/he explains all this mess.

17. FifthHouseSun Jun 25th, 2009 at 1:11 pm

We’re still Inside Baseball. HiFi trying to get the mainstream to care. Because free media is their only promotional plan. And they’re trying to punch some cracks in the game’s big power player that no one know existed until now: The Internet Coalesced Fanbase. Tens of thousands of fans not buying, on purpose, was unexpected. Having them on the ramparts yelling: “Don’t buy that junk” is, as noted earlier, a new move in consumerism.

Not understanding this new power group, HiFi still needs to budge them. Look, Adam makes money, they’ll like that. Leak some writer splits. Presto, slide to other internet sleaze slot: TMZ. Who’s motto is: if it makes page hits, do it. (Adding US Weekly, and their number seeking “exclusive”. Gets a little more mainstream replay. But to fanbase, HiFi brand already part of the story. And not in a good way. Further, on the day before Tour Twitterama? Fanbase otherwise occupied.

Other HiFi attempts at fanbase cracking, while hoping to turn this into some mainstream story, are the “Adam’s a liar” meme. With Heckler’s “David Goliath” angle. Their hopes may be that the info hungry fans will follow the beckoning lures of a semi-mystery to discuss it. (Do not rule out sock puppets on the forums, not this one, but the more colorful ones, pushing the “Adam lied” and “he has to clarify” theme.)

But as others have noted, calling their hero a liar not really a proven way to get devotees to love your label and buy your product. So the most they can hope from that feint, is the fanbase (possibly enhanced by puppet plants) will twitter assault some statement from RCA or Adam. Which will get plenty mainstream attention. And free PR starts again.

Highly unlikely, period, but especially when they’re rolling out all day Tour push. Unless Monte Pittman decides to commit career-ending suicide waging war on his friend who could still use him on all his albums for the next decade, including all those B-side co-writer royalty possibilities, and that may be what all those Madonna shout-outs were reminding, a statement ain’t gonna come.

Does any of this matter to most of the music buying public? No. But the maybe even 15, to who knows could be 30, percent of potential Lambert purchasers to whom it matters deeply are the people who make you a star. Who drive the demand by playing it over and over for their friends. And for HiFi, move it up the iTunes list fast enough for you to get funding to release the next one.

We’re still back to something changed from “Want” to now. Because:

- If you own clean rights to Kiss and Tell, you mortgage your mother’s house, do a decent remix with a promotable producer, take the videos off YouTube, and either slap it on iTunes or get paid not to. It’s really only pale Paula Abdul, not the real Sam Sparro, but it’s exercise tape peppy, with global summer dance club potential. And the scenario would have worked: Fluff Perez into “World Premiering”, say Madonna ten times, Ryan re-tweets. Money comes. Maybe there is a Brazen/Fonzarelli glitch in that.

- “Want” is drekky demo. Fans even recognize that. So they can live without it and support their guy at same time. Adam can rightly disavow, fans rally. K&T, while by no means a great song, harder to do all that.

Something changed. Dec 29 issue date post could be an accounting year end thing, or some coded hint in the bargaining. Like pay enough, we’ll hold off with these new stuff. Release date could very well be what’s being negotiated now.

Citizen Vein isn’t world class rock. Without Adam it’s dime-a-dozen, with some decent singing and guitar, but going nowhere. Yet, it has no essential Adam Lambert aspect to it. His voice is not the showcase. And it’s not family friendly. Maybe that’s part of the HiFi “pay me off” threat. Or RCA may be delighted it’s out there continuing to street cred away the Idol cutesy.

The Pittman silence points to trying not to hurt Adam and everyone but we popcorn munchers knows what’s going on. The irony being that we popcorn munchers now have new clout. Such a service the fanbase did in the not buying Want. Huge impact. Defanged the story’s potential entirely. Which kept HiFi from getting the only publicity it could afford: You.

Now they’re trying to rile you up to get RCA to misstep. Relax. Enjoy Tour Day. if you want to get upset about somthing try Iran or Mark Sanford. Adam’s fine. Talented, shining, and still a very kind and nice man. In a cesspool, scum laced business.

Best scenario for Adam: this continues to stay Inside Baseball. Mainstream media yawns as Want fades. Coalesced Fanbase already have all have this CV stuff for free anyway. No body cares. And one of these new tracks RCA is spending so much money with name brand headliners to create is so unstoppable, they have to release it soon. And if on Dec 29, Adam’s old friends make a little cash, with or without On With the Show release, or Monte Pittman now featured on guitar in Adam’s tour band, fine.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:35 pm 
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From Buderschnookie, just too funny not to save :)

Totally false and I have an epiphany as soOn as i am sober enoguh to post it tpmorrow am( I have saved my thoughts )bOy have \i HAD A ROCKING EVENING WAY TOO MUCH VODKA N it is thursday of a fourday wekend so all bets are off but in a nutshell adam is heir to along line of rock glittergods video american idol whole finale old dvds marc bolan and roxy music brian eno and velvet goldmine takes the cake gd hepl me but itn is a real progrsssion.

I am such an asshoel.. but I swear to god it is areal thought
I know this is nonsensical but in a histiorial seense it is gol,d I am on to somehting here

forgive me I know I will regret this!!
haha[/archie] drunken posting for the win!

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Must be saved for future ref when bb's killing it in Asia.

Interesting post on TOB, lifted from MJ's from a fan in Asia:

Currently traveling in Asia , in the malls they normally play FM Radio or their own CD play list. Heard Adam’s Madworld so much. Also No Boundaries , Tracks of my Tears . Recently Whole Lotta Love was also on.

I do not mean to be disrespectful to the other finalists’ supporters but I have not heard any of the other kids songs on the radio here in Asia. We drive long ways for about 2 hours from place to place to get to appointments and so radio is always on. I was surprised how often Adam was played in Shanghai and in Shenzhen . Also in the Philippines and Vietnam as well. Sitting in one of the domestic airports, they had on a classical piece, I think it was Brahms, then all of a sudden, Whole Lotta Love came on. I laughed out loud. Everyone on the lounge was staring at me.

I meet many locals in various cities and over dinner you mention American Idol, and the response is always , they love Adam Lambert. The talk here is not about his being gay or how his sexuality is different. They talk of how different his music is. How different his voice is. They just love his dancing.

Note that is big in China and they are downloading Adam’s music from Amazon. I always thought Adam’s music was just in iTunes but found that recently you can also purchase from Amazon. They were even buying his song from the musical play , Ten Commandments . I was also told by the young kids in China that the Adam official site has now a link for those in Asia on how to buy his music through that site. Wow these kids are very resourceful. I thought they would be getting bootleg copies of the songs, but no, they are buying from legit sources because they say they love the artist and want to support. I think it is also because a lot of young people in China have disposable income, since their economy is not as bad as the rest of the world.

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Is one of us Isisdagmar on TOB? If so, I thought this post does a great job of summing up and dismissing the Adam vs. Kris debate. If she's not yet a member, we should recruit her.

"After sampling Adam's tour videos it confirms to me why he wasn't able to appeal to me, and perhaps a lot of others--all style, no substance. This 'rock star" act has got to get old sometimes"

This is the Kris thread so this will probably get deleted, but since we're discussing Adam and Kris:

You don't have to be low-key to be an artist or to keep people interested. Bowie doesn't get old. Freddy Mercury doesn't get old. Michael Jackson doesn't get old. It is very possible to be theatrical, crazy, and still be an artist with a complete, soul-deep connection with the music that fascinates and moves a crowd and can continue to do so. Obviously, for many people, Adam is that (not on the level of Bowie or MJ yet, of course, but in the same vein). He is style and substance combined--to many people, it feels like his music is pouring out of his soul (as corny as that sounds).

I love Kris, I really do. I am so excited to see him and hear him perform soon. But Adam personally moves me more. He uses his voice like an instrument to interpret a song in a way that I have rarely experienced. And that's fine--people connect to different artists for different reasons. I don't assume that Kris is inferior or that he'll fade out because I don't connect with him as much as I do Adam. YMMV, but I think they are both "real musicians" and artists.

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LaStupenda made this insightful observation over TOB

I'm reposting my post from TOB because it went over really well:

Adam can do it all, unlike most artists. He can:

Sit There Quietly And Sing Like An Angel With Just A Piano

or he can:

Be a Good Jewish Boy And Sing at a Temple

or he can:

Totally Upstage Val Kilmer and Tear the Roof off the Theatre in a Musical

or he can:

Do The Full On Pop Star Thing With Backup Dancers

or he can:

Be a Theatrical Emo Boy

or he can:

Channel His Inner Glam Tastic Gender Bending Drag Queen

or he can:

Have Sex With the Mic, the Air, the Audience

or he can:

Sing At A Cabaret, Do a Sing Along, Order Dessert, And Give the Small Audience a Hell Of A Show

Yup. Adam can do anything. He's a true artist and musician who IS going to be a star. I have no doubt.

Oh and did I mention that he has producers, songwriters and other singers beating down his door to work with him? Yeah, he'll be fine. More than fine after this AI tour.

Adam's artistry doesn't come from whatever instrument he's using as a prop like so many others. His artistry comes from his voice, the way he uses it, his thoughtfulness in his live performances, his songwriting, and his absolute dedication to his craft. THAT is what makes him an artist.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:07 am 
glitter princess

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From Dadalus, potentially Adam's dad - just in case this gets deleted:

Delurking to play this one.

What was his grade point average in high school?
low B ...math was always the killer, squeaked thru Algebra by a point with nightly tutoring at kitchen table. Curiously, did quite well in Geometry though.

Did he take debate or just drama?
Drama and Chorus. Neil took debate and did well. (Humorous Monologue was his strong suit. Did a great Whore of Mensa)

His brother says he doesn't sight read music so how does he learn new songs?
If he doesnt have perfect pitch, he's really close. He has no problem with harmonies and identifying keys/key changes. Kind of amazing that way actually.

What was he going to major in when he started college?
Theatre Arts at Cal State Fullerton. Left after a month. I think it was the basic math requirement that did it.

What's his shoe size? hehe
11 1/2

Has he ever read the Daily Kos website?
Not likely. Not really a political junkie at all. That would be Neil.

Has he seen the new Star Trek movie yet? we know Anoop went
I would guess no. Neil and I were big Next Generation fans way back when. Adam (like his Mom) was not really into it. Except he always dug the cool alien make-up.

Did he get back in touch with the guy that he saw outside one of the morning shows in New York
That one I dont know.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:44 am 
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Second Dadalus post:
July 10 @11:18am, Dadalus wrote:
Arm pit Hair- No worries. Thought it was funny.
Rolling stone cover- Wow. Just wow. And very proud as always.
Algebra V Geometry - I agree. But with Adam it was night and day. Hes very visual. Prefers a map to directions. Only other family member I can say "turn north" to without getting a WTF.
kid videos - theres quite a bit. all in a completely disorganized state and inconveniently trapped on VHS
leaving college - It was his decision. You have to want to be in college. Otherwise its a waste of time/money. (ed note: LaStupenda's question!)
other idols- They are all very nice people. Mostly met family members. Allen's are wonderful down the earth people, really liked Allisons sister, Matts girlfriend, his dad, and Megans Mom and brother were always very friendly. Anoops parents were also nice.
Sleepwear - when he visits its boxers and a T, otherwise i have no idea (ed note: amberwaves' question!)
Neil on TWOP - No
Adam on fanboards- Dont know. My guess would be very little if at all. His only portal right now is an Iphone.
San Diego - no moved here in 83, so half of my life.(ed note: GlamSnooky's question!)
Disco- its really only the 70s disco I have problems with and its kind of a Pavlovian thing. I like dance music. Cant say I like rap and shouty hip hop too much.
400 lb guard - Aaron is a great guy but I think he works for the show not the tour, they are separate entities

Ok I'm recloaking now. To be honest I mostly scan here for links and news items ( one stop shopping takes to all for that!), but I do enjoy some of the commentary. Its all very positive and loving, so thats a good thing. I'll be happy to return occasionally if theres a burning historical question, but I know less than most of you about whats happening now. Best to all.

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is dessert happening?

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From the 7/13/09 Adam Appreciation post at ontd_ai:

Adam Lambert. I love everything about him. Bare with me, this will be long. So if you don’t want to deal with it I suggest you skip over this, cause I’m going to appreciate the shit out of him. He’s my favorite person in the world ever. I love his hair. I love his beautiful blue eyes. I love his be-freckled lips. I love his perfectly sculpted nose. I love his gloriously contagious smile. His perfect gleaming white teeth. I love his perfectly shaped eyebrows. I love the blue and green in his jet black hair. I love his guyliner. I love his earrings, especially his gauges, they’re the perfect size. I love his ears. I love his mouth. I love his face, the way it’s shaped, how it looks, everything about it. His face was formed by angels. I could look at it all day, and sometimes I do. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, yet unbearably, irresistibly hot and sexy at the same time.
I love his arms, with his adorable freckles. I love his damn gingerpits. I love his chest. I love his torso. I love this neck. I love hands, and his finger, with their black nail polish. I love his long legs. I love his feet. I love his, also painted black, toes. I love his glambulge. I love his butt. I love his thighs. I love his body. I love every inch of it.
I love the way he moves, walks, talks, and most of all I love the way he sings. His voice can always make my day better. I listen to him everyday. I love everything about his voice, from his unbelievable glory notes to the softest tender note. He could sing anything and I would listen to him.
I love his ‘obscene’ dancing. His hip-thrusts. I love his micstand straddling and stroking. I love his stage presence. I love how he interacts with the crowd and the band. He’s not only an amazing singer, he’s a great performer.
I love that he is proud of who he is. He wouldn’t try to hide it. That’s just not him. I love how he can be open and be himself. That is why he’s a great role model.
I love his fashion sense. His clothing is always so hot. I love the way he wears his eye make up. I love his black nail polish. I love his necklaces, belts, bracelets, and rings. I love his tattoo. I love him in jeans, suits, or pretty much anything (or nothing that works just fine too). I love him in leather jackets, especially ones that have spikes, detachable tails, and are metallic blue.
I love his sense of humor. He’s so funny, some of his tweets are hilarious (the rest are kind of twats). He’s so funny in all his interviews. He interacts so well with other people, specifically Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta.
Allison is like a little sister to him, and it’s fricken adorable. He has her back, and is always there for her. He is best best friends with Kris. They are the best couple ever. KRADAMLOVE4EVERBENCHES. They are Kradam, and I fucking love it.

This is why I love Adam Lambert. This is the reason for my username. It may be completely stalkerish, and creepy, but IDGAF. I love him with all my heart. I FUCKING LOVE ADAM MITCHELL LAMBERT. (Yes, his middle name is Mitchell; I’m pretty sure of it, even with all the crap about it being ‘Anselm’ thrown around.)


PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:03 pm 
is dessert happening?

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quoted from user kabuki over at IDF
Adam singing “Beth.” Honestly, that’s when it became absolutely, fundamentally, unequivocally clear that Adam is a superstar. It all felt so magical. The camera glides over the audience. We see most if not all of them rising to their feet, cheering. Then in close on Adam. Looking absolutely gorgeous, all silver and black and glitter. Gloriously, unashamedly, awesomely Adam. He begins to sing “Beth” sweetly in the mid range of that beautiful, flawless voice. It’s effortless and natural and emotive. So many people are still standing, and all of them are mesmerized. Through the intermittent cheering, there’s a sort of hush over them, as well, a sort of awe that something is happening right in front of them, that something has become true.

It was a Moment unlike any ever on the show before. It wasn’t a Moment as we usually categorize them, the emotional zenith of a particular season or contestant’s journey, or an unexpected artistic breakthrough. It was a culmination. The annual doling out of titles became immaterial. It was Simon proving right. It was the Moment that answered an ambitious objective set forth eight years ago by the show’s creators. It was American Idol realizing that superstar, saying“World, here he is, the American superstar we’ve been searching 8 long years for. Mark him well, because this is only his beginning.” It was transcendent. I’ll never forget it.

Who cares if Adam lost the title?
He won the series.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:14 pm 

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Glamsnooky grabbed this from MJ's:

I'm stealing this post from MJs, because I enjoyed it.

Animated Jul 14th, 2009 at 9:42 pm

Something to note while waiting for concert updates:

Have some friends here in Asia who are in the movie biz and also teaching in film schools. Asked them to view the concert vidz . The good ones I got from MJ’s blog and asked for their comments on the singers. Got their emails back with comments, some pretty funny and some pretty insightful.

1. Sarver, Scott, Matt and Lil : collective comment : Too many out there better than this four . One asked – why did you ask us to watch their videos ?

2. Megan : Voice tone interesting. If she can act , will make a better movie personality than singer. Bad way to make her appear like Barbie. Should be dressed like Michelle Pfeiffer in Fabulous Baker Boys . She should sing Makin Whoopee. My friend sent link below.

3. Anoop : Young Will Smith. Smooth moves. Definitely charismatic.

4. Allison : Is she singing or mumbling ? One guy offered that she take acting classes to improve her diction.

5. Danny : Great vocal potential but rather low on charisma. Should be better to listen to than to watch.

6. Adam : Collective comments : This is our guy. If there is a charisma meter he would bust it . Even on just home made videos he is sizzling. Vocals - one of the guys developing an Indie film in Asia said – he should have Adam sing the movie theme. Now he is wondering if he can afford Adam.

7. Kris - they call him the Radio guy. No cinematic appeal though . One guy said that Kris needs to perform before a mirror so he can see how he comes across. He said Kris will benefit enrolling in acting classes.

Guys – above are collated comments from those here in HK/Asia involved in film schools, film production and indie cinema development and also language school development.

Thought this would be interesting as none of them really follow American Idol. I just wanted to see how non fans perceive Season 8.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:29 am 
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Mushishi wrote:
Bullshit like that from [Kris] fans turns me off more every day to even wanting to care about Kris as a person, much less as a singer or "musician".
A person's fans are not reflective of who they are.

You know what most Kris fans complain about with relation to Kradam? That it's really about Adam, and Kris is treated essentially as an objectified accessory for Adam whose marriage to his wife is reduced to a largely empty relationship, and that most fans of Kradam aren't actually fans of both in terms of their music. And Adam fans like to complain that it equalizes the two when Kris is simply not as good as Adam.

Frankly, I don't get the bitching. There are lots of reasons people enjoy the whole thing - they are fans of Adam who appreciate the fact that Kris isn't a homophobic douche; they're fans of Kris who appreciate how gracious Adam has been in being the runner-up; they find the whole idea of people who are seemingly different making a personal connection inspiring; they're fans of both who are happy for them that they are friends; or they simply think it's hot. Those, essentially, are the reasons for the whole thing - and it has nothing to do with "poor underdog Kris" as the primary motivator. I just don't think that the complaint that it is all about Kris is at all reflective of reality.

Personally, I thought that this post did the best job summarizing what is positive about their relationship.

From the linked blog: "Unapproved Road"
Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kris Allen has my vote … for the classiest man of faith on prime-time television.

Oh yeah, he won that Fox TV talent thing last month? Yeah, that one. But the real drama, the storyline that put some reality in “reality” TV for once, was and is his new friendship with the runner-up, Adam Lambert. The understated Mr. Allen probably wasn’t looking to change the world when he auditioned for American Idol – he apparently wasn’t even looking to win, God bless him – but I think he and Adam together will deserve some credit for having altered the cultural landscape. I’m well aware that the lion’s share of press has gone to Adam Lambert, not to mention the stratospheric numbers he’s generated on Google. Yet, if Kris hadn’t played the part he did, Adam’s story would have been quite different. And not nearly so powerful.

Adam Lambert is completely magnetic, and not only because of his astounding voice. He has charisma, he has star power; and he has what many "stars" do not: manners. Grace. Thoughtfulness. And did anyone else mention he's as beautiful as a screen goddess (hair and makeup by The Cure)? Oh, you probably noticed that.
I had never watched an American Idol episode in my life. But one of my Fave Fab Females started sending me cryptic notes and pictures: "You have to see this guy. Click here, and here, and here...And oh, wait ‘til you hear him sing 'Brigadoon!' " 'Scuse me, Brigadoon? Sure, and there's internet footage of Adam in an elegant suit, singing The Prayer at the Yitzhak Rabin Tribute concert; there's him upstaging Val Kilmer in The Ten Commandments; there's some extraordinary clips of him vamping some hard-rock burlesque surrounded by dancers of various sexes and persuasions... the boy is clearly a club creature, openly glam, proudly theatrical, but also well-trained and a serious professional.

So he struts into American Idol's carefully contrived world, and apparently blows it apart, one sector at a time.

Week after week, he kept showing up and wowing his audience, and probably drawing in more and more people like me, who otherwise would never watch. I don't know what American Idol usually looks like, but it was pretty thrilling by ANY standards to see the likes of Glambert in full-throated sex-machine howl on Whole Lotta Love -- and props to the band who also rode it hard -- in American prime time.
Yet, at the end of every Idol performance, he steps out of his hellcat prowl (or purr) and instantaneously becomes the boy next door. He's articulate and self-aware, shrewd about his career but spontaneous enough to gush about the cool outfits he gets to wear for work. The world is his oyster now, and he will be one to watch for the next few years (especially once he's off the Idol leash, after this year's tour).

Adam is a compelling personality because he appears so completely at ease in his own skin -- and in this world. He knows what he's good at; he knows what he has to work at, he's educated about his medium. His confidence -- however hard-won it might have been -- is ... well, kind of infectious. He treats everyone with respect and puts people at ease. In a word, he is likeable. Flamboyant, theatrical, goth, guyliner and all, he is genuinely likeable.
But he is more than just "nice." So much more. He doesn't speak in spiritualized terms, but he does speak with disciplined positivity and, I dare say, a certain sense of mission about acceptance and inclusion of difference. Given a new and vast platform, he's using it to encourage parents to applaud and support their children who are a little "different," who want to be creative. Send them to dance class, give them vocal training. "Artists are a little bit special, they need the support," he says.

Now, the (pink) elephant in the room is nudging me to mention the difference that all of America is talking about, and it ain't about practicing scales. But Adam has been more honest than any of the speculators or gossips, because all of us know of some poor boy who was taunted and tormented and called "gay," NOT because he yet had any carnal inclinations at all, but simply because he was different. Adam's is the most relevant message we could hope for, because he refuses to let anyone be reduced to labels and be filed coldly in some moralistic category.
And he may just be the most effective messenger we could want, a goth boy of the demi-monde who is perfectly comfortable with Middle America (read: American Idol); but one who respects that audience enough to offer them "something maybe they didn't know they wanted." Creativity is his message, more than cultural disruption. He isn’t Marilyn Manson – he wants not to bludgeon his audience, but to woo them.

But none of that fully explains why he's on my blog.
It’s true that audacious creativity and originality and self-awareness like Adam's does alone merit spiritual reflection. The creative process is a deeply spiritual process, even in those who would never call it that. So I'm not presuming anything about Adam's beliefs.
I do think he’s an old soul. Yet, prudently he has no pretensions to Deep Thoughts or Political Statements (in public), he says he just wants to sing, and be judged on his art. Of course he’s more sophisticated than that, and he knows full well that asking to be judged for his art alone IS his political statement.

Countless commentators wanted the Idol competition to be about more than just singing. With Danny Gokey rounding out the Top Three, many wanted to make it a tally of endorsements for, oh, shall we call it “lifestyles?” You know, Danny (and likewise Kris, the dark horse bringing up the rear), the card-carrying Christian versus Adam the flamboyant one who hasn’t said he’s gay.
Let us pause to decode that snapshot of American pop culture. In social shorthand, those characterizations imply juxtapositions, i.e. a Christian can’t be flamboyant, and the one who “looks gay” can’t (or wouldn’t) be Christian; or, the one is restrained, temperate, and “good,” the other is … not. (Alternatively, the one is open, creative, and "good" -- while the other is not!)
Whatever. Moving on now, to real three-dimensional people, and the reason Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are important to our spiritual health.

Now, it is American Idol after all, folks: it is a popularity contest. And in the end, maybe the guyliner was a little more than America could stomach in its new American idol. But the punchline in this story is that it wasn’t squeaky-clean Danny whose votes ousted Adam. The showdown finale was between Kris and Adam – tagged respectively, Christian and flamboyant, yes, but demolishing the rules of American hit television by refusing to stay in their boxes.

I know next to nothing about Kris Allen’s non-musical life, except that he’s married, he calls himself Christian and he’s done missionary work across the world. I heard about the exchanges among the other contestants that made reference to what is supposedly “godly” and right in relationships, but Kris’s name wasn’t part of that. I don’t know what kind of Christianity he practises, or how he envisions his God. I do know this: he declares himself Christian to the television audience – i.e. to the world; and he freely, publicly, verbally, and especially non-verbally, loves Adam Lambert like a brother.

The blogosphere of Idol fans --"prolific" hardly suffices -- have dedicated millions of keystrokes to the warm relationship between Adam and Kris.
I needn't reiterate what everyone from to the New York Times and Ryan Seacrest have had to say about the contrasts between the two men. There’s the obvious: LA glamboy, Arkansas country boy; but also their personalities could not be more distinct. Kris was self-effacing even in his moment of triumph, while Adam was eating the Idol soundstage for lunch with Feelin' Good and Whole Lotta Love. Meanwhile they were assigned as roommates in the mansion midway through the season, and they obviously clicked.
They’ve both spoken freely about becoming friends, and joked publicly about their differences. Online fans have dubbed their relationship a "bromance," which is charming and maybe not inaccurate; nonetheless it is flip and much shallower than the bond that is apparent between them.
In an interview the day after the finale, Adam departed from the usual breezy soundbytes required of him to emphasize what he felt was most important about the competition -- that the friendship and respect between himself and Kris might be an example for others in transcending difference, for the reward of becoming enriched by it. Both of them become animated when they talk about how much their new friendship has meant to them. Still, their words never exceed generalities.

But pictures do.

One blogger dedicated a whole .jpg- and .gif-stuffed page to the story of the “bromance,” which brings together all the images (collated from a hundred other sources online) that speak more eloquently than any interview. Kris really isn’t much of a talker anyway, and Adam is nothing if not deliberate and professional in his public comments. But body language is like soul-talk, direct and poetic. Certainly between Adam and Kris, it has been.

Watching them together, both before and after the results, we saw no wariness or distance between them (compared with, say, Danny’s cold, take-no-prisoners duet with Kris). And heck, didja see those hugs?? Sure, there’s a lot of hugging on Idol, and I take most of it as genuine: the 5 months of competition are grueling, especially for the finalists, and I’m sure many of them feel a bit like comrades-in-arms. Certainly Kris and Adam must have felt like that.

But their physical way with each other is more than social or circumstantial.

And let me make this abundantly, loudly, perfectly clear: I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ROMANTIC ATTRACTION. Kris obviously loves his adoring wife, and Adam is quite capable of feeling platonic love for other men, hey, just like regular folks. So let my words not be misconstrued in any way, shape or form. End of Disclaimer.

A brilliant (and hilariously insane) male blogger from the equally brilliant website Television Without Pity summed up the sub-cultural tremors we are feeling this way: And if that's the choice that America's handing us -- the choice between these two men who are soft, but manage to be anything but weak, and are the only two out of the whole Top Twelve you could say that about -- that's the best news I've heard in a long, long time.

Say amen, brother. It’s joyously evident that Kris has no qualms whatsoever about his trust in Adam, or about the message he’s sending to viewers. When they hugged, they hugged for real – there was none of the typical back-slapping not-too-close! hugs between men in public. To pick just one, there’s a telling moment in front of the press corps immediately after Kris’ win. Adam is patiently doing his post-episode 10-minute Q&A beside the Fox logo, when Kris comes around the corner into camera range and nearly tackles Adam with a broadside bear-hug. It’s spontaneous, genuine, and affectionate, for the world to see.

They’ve had each other’s backs. They’ve learned from each other, and they’ve advocated for each other. With and for each other they are respectful and generous. Open. Trusting. And loving.
Adam Lambert could not be happier for his friend, Kris Allen, American Idol 2009. And Kris Allen admires and celebrates the extraordinary gifts of his larger-than-life friend, Adam Lambert.

Kris Allen is my kind of Christian.

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Idol 2009: A Post-Game Analysis

Conventional wisdom holds that the most important factors influencing Idol voting are vocal talent, stage presence, personality, and appearance. The consensus among Idol observers was that Adam was clearly superior on the first two and at least even with Kris on the last two, leading many to assume he would coast to an easy victory. His defeat left many suffering from shock, bewilderment, and confusion. The media proclaimed it "the greatest upset in Idol history." Outraged bloggers attributed Adam's loss to rampant homophobia.

But those who find Adam's defeat shocking or bewildering fail to understand the complex dynamics of Idol voting. I believe that a proper understanding of these dynamics can fully explain why Kris Allen won without any reference to homophobia.

In addition to the conventional voting factors such as vocal talent that were noted above, there are numerous other factors that can have important effects on the voting. These factors don't come into play every week but, when they do, they can be decisive in determining who stays or goes home. And their effects can be highly variable and even contradictory, with some factors benefiting a particular finalist and others working against the same person. But the sing-off between Adam and Kris developed into something never before seen at an Idol finale: a "perfect storm" in which seven of these potentially powerful factors all worked to the benefit of the same person: Kris Allen.

(1) The frontrunner effect

In Season 5, Chris Daughtry was widely assumed to be the likely winner. After his Top 4 performance, the judges praised him effusively. Simon said he gave the best performance of the night, and Paula said he would "sail through" to the Top 3. To almost everyone's surprise, he went home instead. Idol followers attribute his defeat to the fact that effusive praise sometimes has the opposite effect intended by the judges. By making Daughtry's supporters feel he was safe, the judges' praise reduced their motivation to vote.

At this year's Idol finale, the judges showered Adam with praise and Simon came close to saying he should win: "The whole idea about doing a show like this is [to] find a world-wide star. I genuinely believe we've found that with you, congratulations."

While these comments were thrilling to Adam's supporters, the effect on his votes was likely negative. By increasing the confidence of Adam supporters that he would win, their voting motivation was reduced. And Simon's dramatic proclamation may not have helped. When judges go beyond praise for a particular performance to imply or say outright that someone should advance in the competition, many viewers regard this as stepping over a line: they don't like judges telling them, in effect, who to vote for, and it can backfire on a finalist who receives this kind of endorsement.

(to be continued)

Idol 2009: A Post-Game Analysis (Part 2)

(2) The underdog effect

In Season 3, 16-year-old John Stevens became a favorite of (in Simon's words) "young girls and grandmothers" who voted devotedly for him every week even when he was giving badly off-key performances. The judges gave him some of the harshest criticism ever received by a finalist. But week after week he survived, finishing in sixth place ahead of better talents such as Jennifer Hudson. Idol followers attribute his survival in part to the fact that criticism sometimes has the opposite effect intended by the judges. By making John's supporters feel he was vulnerable, the judges' comments increased their motivation to vote.

At this year's Idol finale, the judges praised the first of Kris's three performances. But at the end of the show, their concluding comments were notably lukewarm. Trying to be polite, they told him he was deserving to be in finals. The intent of their comments seemed to be to communicate to viewers that Adam should be the winner. The effect of these comments was to cause Kris supporters to feel he was vulnerable, that the only way he could win was if they voted aggressively for him. By increasing voting motivation for Kris supporters, the judges' comments had the opposite of their intended effect.

(3) The vote shift effect

Each week after an Idol finalist is eliminated, some supporters of that finalist will stop voting, but many others shift their vote to another finalist. It's reasonable to assume that vote shifters most likely start voting for a finalist who is similar to their former favorite. After the elimination of Danny Gokey, his supporters seemed far more likely to shift their votes to Kris, whose musical style and personal attributes were more similar to Danny.

At Danny's elimination, Ryan announced that 88 million votes were cast and only 1 million votes separated Kris and Adam, a difference of little more that 1%. At the finale, Kris almost certainly inherited most of the Danny vote shifters. This factor alone could easily have accounted for Kris's victory.

(4) The small state effect

In Season 3, Hawaii native Jasmine Trias began the competition strongly, but off-pitch singing soon made her a prime candidate for elimination. But week after week she survived, finishing in third place ahead of better talents such as Jennifer Hudson and Latoya London. Idol followers attribute Jasmine's third place finish to strong support from her home state. Newspapers and TV and radio stations got behind a state-wide campaign to support their native daughter. There were many reports of how Hawaiians were voting feverishly for her. Contestants from larger states (such as Jennifer from Illinois and Latoya from California) did not receive the same kind of state-wide support. It appears to be something unique to small state contestants.

At this year's Idol finale, a similar voting effect took place in Arkansas, where local media had been running almost daily stories on native son Kris Allen. The state's three million residents no doubt voted tirelessly and overwhelmingly for their hometown boy. Adam did not have a similar advantage in his celebrity-jaded home state of California. Even in his hometown area of San Diego, local media coverage of Adam was subdued compared to what was happening in Arkansas.

(to be continued)

Idol 2009: A Post-Game Analysis (Part 3)

(5) The vote-against effect

Sometimes viewers will vote for a finalist not because they are a fan of that finalist but because they want to vote "against" some other finalist: viewers who strongly disapprove of A may vote for B simply to prevent A from advancing. This vote-against effect does not play much of a role in the early rounds of competition. Its effect is most obvious in the finale with just two remaining contestants.

After each weekly Idol performance show, the website surveys blogs and message boards to rate opinions about the performances. One of the figures the site compiles is a score that measures the degree of polarization in opinion about each finalist's performance. Kris's cumulative polarization score of 17.8 is lower than the average of previous final-two contestants. On the other hand, Adam's cumulative score of 23.1 makes him by far the most polarizing final-two contestant in Idol history.

Note that these scores are based on opinions of the contestants' performances, not on personal factors such as homophobia. These scores indicate that, to whatever extent a performance-based vote-against effect may have come into play, it is reasonable to assume that the "against Adam" votes for Kris exceeded the "against Kris" votes for Adam.

(6) The music preference effect

Several times each year on Idol, we hear a judge proclaim emphatically that Idol is a "singing competition." The comment is intended as a not-so-subtle instruction that viewers should vote for contestants with the most vocal talent. But most Idol viewers do not base their votes on who has the most vocal talent. And why should they? After all, each week Ryan Seacrest explicitly tells them to "vote for your favorites." And in the real world outside of Idol, they don't buy music based on which artists have the most talent. They "vote for their favorites" by buying the artists whose music appeals to them.

American Idol is known as a show featuring safe, middle of the road, mainstream pop music, and its viewers consist mostly of people who enjoy that kind of music. Those who enjoy the edgy, out there, over the top music and style that Adam specializes in are less likely to be Idol watchers. This put Adam at a disadvantage. Before the finale, this handicap was masked because Adam's multiple competitors were splitting the votes of viewers who prefer mainstream music. But when the competition was down to non-mainstream Adam versus mainstream Kris, Adam's handicap came fully into play. Many viewers voted for Kris because they preferred his music and style, even though they may have fully recognized Adam's superior vocal talent.

(to be continued)

Idol 2009: A Post-Game Analysis (Part 4)

(7) The Idol core values effect

In the world of politics, campaign managers speak of appealing to the "core values" of voters. Over its eight seasons, American Idol has also developed a set of core values that reflect a kind of mythical ideal of what viewers like to see in an Idol competitor. In this mythical ideal (which had its genesis in the story of Kelly Clarkson, the original Idol), the show discovers someone from a small town in the middle of the country, far from the world of Hollywood. Someone who displays the classic small town virtues of humility, modesty, and devotion to family and faith. Someone unpolished, who when we first see them may be a bit awkward or unsure of themselves. Someone who shows vulnerability, struggling at times during the competition, receiving criticism from the judges, but steadily improving. Someone whose talents emerge and who develops into a professional entertainer before our eyes.

With Adam and Kris, never before has an Idol finale featured competitors whose adherence to these core values was in such stark contrast. Adam came into the competition as a confident, self-assured, polished, professional entertainer. Someone who had been performing on stage since the age of ten, living in Los Angeles for the past six years and fully immersed in Hollywood culture. Someone whose lack of humility Simon praised ("Good, we don't want humble" Simon told him). Someone whose confidence and "swagger" (Simon's description, intended as a compliment) betrayed no trace of vulnerability. A skilled, professional actor who expertly played the role of an Idol competitor.

With Kris, we had someone starkly different. If you deliberately set out to find someone who embodied all the Idol core values, you could scarcely find a more perfect match. As Richard Rushield of the LA Times put it:

"Kris Allen, more than any winner since Carrie Underwood, brought the show back to its original promise, its central narrative...that a kid from the outskirts of nowhere, plucked from the masses...could take it all, live the fantasy, a world beyond his wildest dreams...In his quiet, powerful and unaffected way, [he] embodied it like a tailor made glove."

For some, this notion of Idol core values may be meaningless or even offensive. But there are millions of Idol viewers for whom these ideals play an important role in deciding which competitors appeal to them. For many, it came to this: that while Adam may have won their admiration for his talent, Kris, by so closely adhering to the Idol core values, was more successful at winning their hearts. And having captured their hearts, he captured their votes as well.



The dynamics of Idol voting are complex but rarely mysterious. I have tried to explain here the historic "perfect storm" of seven voting effects that all worked to Kris's benefit. I believe they fully account for his victory without any reference to homophobia.

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From TOB August 4, 2009:
Mushishi wrote:
I swear this is the only board I read about Adam that spends page after page after page analyzing his voice and register. It's like gibberish to most fans. C's and D's and B's--I don't understand any of it.

Can we please move ON??? Please find another topic.....

I don't plan on changing the subject, but I'd be happy to help out:

When we say E2 or G5 or whatever, we are referring to a note (the letter) and the octave of that note (the number). The higher the number, the higher the pitch of the note. Each octave has the same letters, from lowest to highest:

C - D - E - F - G - A - B

In addition, there are semi-tones between some of the notes that exist half-way between the full notes. These notes are sharp (#) or flat (b) forms of the other notes:

C - C#/Db - E - F - F#/Gb - G - G#/Ab - A - A#/Bb - B

So, C# and Db are the same note, as are F# and Gb or G# and Ab.

When we say that Adam can hit, say, G5, that means he can sing notes at a specific frequency that is described by "G5" in scientific pitch notation: 783.991 Hz (hertz).

So, for instance, the bolded shows Adam's confirmed range:

- C1 | C#1/Db1 | D1 | D#1/Eb1 | E1 | F1 | F#1/Gb1 | G1 | G#1/Ab1 | A1 | A#1/Bb1 | B1
- C2 | C#2/Db2 | D2 | D#2/Eb2 | E2 | F2 | F#2/Gb2 | G2 | G#2/Ab2 | A2 | A#2/Bb2 | B2
- C3 | C#3/Db3 | D3 | D#3/Eb3 | E3 | F3 | F#3/Gb3 | G3 | G#3/Ab3 | A3 | A#3/Bb3 | B3
- C4 | C#4/Db4 | D4 | D#4/Eb4 | E4 | F4 | F#4/Gb4 | G4 | G#4/Ab4 | A4 | A#4/Bb4 | B4
- C5 | C#5/Db5 | D5 | D#5/Eb5 | E5 | F5 | F#5/Gb5 | G5 | G#5/Ab5 | A5 | A#5/Bb5
| B5
- C6 | C#6/Db6 | D6 | D#5/Eb6 | E6 | F6 | F#6/Gb6 | G6 | G#5/Ab6 | A6 | A#6/Bb6 | B6
- C7 | C#7/Db7 | D7 | D#5/Eb7 | E7 | F7 | F#7/Gb7 | G7 | G#5/Ab7 | A7 | A#7/Bb7 | B7
- C8 | C#8/Db8 | D8 | D#5/Eb8 | E8 | F8 | F#8/Gb8 | G8 | G#5/Ab8 | A8 | A#8/Bb8 | B8

For comparison's sake, Maria Callas' range:

- C1 | C#1/Db1 | D1 | D#1/Eb1 | E1 | F1 | F#1/Gb1 | G1 | G#1/Ab1 | A1 | A#1/Bb1 | B1
- C2 | C#2/Db2 | D2 | D#2/Eb2 | E2 | F2 | F#2/Gb2 | G2 | G#2/Ab2 | A2 | A#2/Bb2 | B2
- C3 | C#3/Db3 | D3 | D#3/Eb3 | E3 | F3 | F#3/Gb3 | G3 | G#3/Ab3 | A3 | A#3/Bb3 | B3
- C4 | C#4/Db4 | D4 | D#4/Eb4 | E4 | F4 | F#4/Gb4 | G4 | G#4/Ab4 | A4 | A#4/Bb4 | B4
- C5 | C#5/Db5 | D5 | D#5/Eb5 | E5 | F5 | F#5/Gb5 | G5 | G#5/Ab5 | A5 | A#5/Bb5 | B5
- C6 | C#6/Db6 | D6 | D#5/Eb6 | E6
| F6 | F#6/Gb6 | G6 | G#5/Ab6 | A6 | A#6/Bb6 | B6
- C7 | C#7/Db7 | D7 | D#5/Eb7 | E7 | F7 | F#7/Gb7 | G7 | G#5/Ab7 | A7 | A#7/Bb7 | B7
- C8 | C#8/Db8 | D8 | D#5/Eb8 | E8 | F8 | F#8/Gb8 | G8 | G#5/Ab8 | A8 | A#8/Bb8 | B8

And Yma Sumac's:

- C1 | C#1/Db1 | D1 | D#1/Eb1 | E1 | F1 | F#1/Gb1 | G1 | G#1/Ab1 | A1 | A#1/Bb1 | B1
- C2 | C#2/Db2 | D2 | D#2/Eb2 | E2 | F2 | F#2/Gb2 | G2 | G#2/Ab2 | A2 | A#2/Bb2 | B2
- C3 | C#3/Db3 | D3 | D#3/Eb3 | E3 | F3 | F#3/Gb3 | G3 | G#3/Ab3 | A3 | A#3/Bb3 | B3
- C4 | C#4/Db4 | D4 | D#4/Eb4 | E4 | F4 | F#4/Gb4 | G4 | G#4/Ab4 | A4 | A#4/Bb4 | B4
- C5 | C#5/Db5 | D5 | D#5/Eb5 | E5 | F5 | F#5/Gb5 | G5 | G#5/Ab5 | A5 | A#5/Bb5 | B5
- C6 | C#6/Db6 | D6 | D#5/Eb6 | E6 | F6 | F#6/Gb6 | G6 | G#5/Ab6 | A6 | A#6/Bb6 | B6
- C7
| C#7/Db7 | D7 | D#5/Eb7 | E7 | F7 | F#7/Gb7 | G7 | G#5/Ab7 | A7 | A#7/Bb7 | B7
- C8 | C#8/Db8 | D8 | D#5/Eb8 | E8 | F8 | F#8/Gb8 | G8 | G#5/Ab8 | A8 | A#8/Bb8 | B8

Adam's range isn't just unusually large - it's also unusual in that it is completely connected (that is, he can scale up or down on his scale; some people can hit a, say, B2 - B4, and then can hit up to B5 with a scream - but they can't hit C5 - A#5/Bb5), that he has the ability to hit large parts of his range in multiple registers, and has a great deal of control over his dynamics (scaling up or down in volume, essentially); his range isn't nearly as unusual as the amount of control he has throughout his range.

The typical range for different voice types:


Countertenor: A male whose natural vocal range is equivalent to one of the female ranges
Tenor: C3 - C5
Baritone: G2 - F4
Bass: F2 - E4


Soprano: C4 - C6
Mezzo-Soprano: A3 - A5
Contralto: F3 - F5

So a person like Adam, who can hit notes from below the bottom of the normal Bass range to the very top of the normal soprano range (even if he can't hit those notes with the same power, dynamics, vibrato, etc. as a natural soprano or a natural bass), is very unusual, as is a person like Mariah Carey who could hit G#2 through G#7 at her peak, or Yma Sumac or Freddie Mercury or so forth.

Does that make more sense?

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TOB holdem

Someone else posted a contrast/comparison of Muse's Starlight to Adam's version and came up with something similar. Where Muse seems to be describing a journey away from everything they know and love towards the uncertain (fearful?) unknown, Adam's journey feels like more of one of excitement and adventure - a pioneer crossing the uncertain plain toward a vastness where fear may play a part, but is the price paid for something so exciting and epic. I really love the playfulness and joy that always finds its way through and becomes part of the fabric of the tale he's weaving for us with his voice and his mannerisms. He's an old-style story-teller, a weaver of legends and myths and exciting things still waiting to unfold, and therein lies the epic nature of his talent.

I'm really fascinated by the numerous reports of fans who describe Adam's voice and his impact upon them as completely different and unexpected compared to what they heard during the show and in YouTube videos. While I haven't heard him live, I will add my voice to those who have reported a very physical response to him (goosebumps, a hushed, excited sense of anticipation and excitation, etc.). I think his voice - especially his head voice, which is superb - literally resonates at a frequency that causes a true, not imaginary, physical sensation. It's so pure and so clear that it's like talking about energy in photons vs waves. There's a difference, and his is the harmonious wave that undulates right through the very cells of our biological selves. The rest; the words, his sensuality, his musical acutity, all of these things account for the sort of archetypal sense he conveys whether we always understand it or not. There are common themes, memories and responses shared in the human condition, and some people (Homer, Shakespeare, etc.) manage to tap into them. I think Adam does, too, partly on purpose (with his tremendous musical talent and insight into that self-same human condition - maybe that's his own experiences to date) and partly in a completely unconscious way, in the physical tone of his voice. Whatever is causing it, I think it's magical, and that's why I think so many are either screaming deliriously or almost mesmerised and still while he performs. Maybe everyone who has the IT factor has some sort of element like this in their makeup and talent, whether it's consciously recognized by the artist or the audience or just sub-consciously felt.

IMO being 'discovered' is problematic even for the greatest talents. Do you know how many poorly written books get published every year because the author's name is known, vs the number of excellent written ones by a first-timer? The odds are astronomically in favor of the already established artist in this day and age. The entertainment industry has tried to devise a system and a formula to figure out who will be popular; reality shows are the vehicle, and audience response is the matrix measured. The problem is that great talents rarely ever fit formulaic molds, and a given audience is never representative of 'the world', nor even of a nations 'average', and even if it is, what you get is often average, and not superb as a result. Some of the greatest talents of our history would never make it through the AI system. Can you imagine Roy Orbison or Aretha Franklin making it into the top 10? The show is scripted to bring in a country, a glam-girl, a rocker, a folksinger, an R&B, etc. and all of them have to meet the packaging standards of the pop industry. Although there have been some exceptions, clearly the producers would rather not veer too far off the formulaic path laid out. Agents and talent scouts are coldly calculating, which doesn't mean they can't have a visceral response to a talent and act on that, but it does probably mean they are jaded to that response, and learn to make their decisions like actuarials instead. They want the sure thing, and in the world of movies that's a sequel, not something brand new and unheard of. A good example is 'Rocky' - an Oscar-winning movie that really deserved the praise it received, but had little to no resemblence (in the ways that really mattered and made the original 'art') to the numerous sequels that followed.

I think Adam was indeed in the right place at the right time, but he was bigger than the show itself. Second place turns out to a pretty good place to be when your talent is so far beyond the boundaries of middle America alone.

Yes, his performance is comprised of a lot of elements together. Making the visual purely about his crotch is to ignore all those other elements. A performer like him employs synergy, where the individual components of his performance taken together make the performance greater than the sum of his parts. His crotch alone is (no pun intended) just one part of a much bigger whole.

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Many many thanks to ella22!

August 12, 2009

ella22 wrote:
Okay guys - I compiled all the questions and answers from the TwitterParty!!!


Thank you guys soo much!! I'm goin to bed, but let's do this more!!! I had fun!! Goodnight! Muah!
6 minutes ago from TwitterFon

QUESTION: Are you going to be working with Slash in the future? PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE! That would be so WOW!!!!!!!!
ANSWER: @Glitter__Fairy we gave talked about it. I hope so... :) we both want to. It's a matter of "when"

QUESTION: When can we expect your first single/music video?
ANSWER: @oqueovi 1st single in October most likely... Album in Nov!!! I hope u guys love it.

QUESTION: would you ever collaborate with katy perry if you got the chance?
ANSWER: @ffaaiitthh123 of course I would. I'm a huge fan and we are friends!

QUESTION: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Christian Bale, or Ewan McGregor? Velvet Goldmine FTW!
ANSWER: @jmanzel JRM

QUESTION: @adamlambert What are your thoughts on the rumors on Lady Gaga being a man?
ANSWER: @MeganSantiago Gaga is probably just f*ing w everyone. She understands how ridiculous the rumor mill and tabloids are. She's funny

QUESTION: How do you decide between "Woman" and "Baby" in Whole Lotta Love? Randomly??
ANSWER: @slytherinss baby is more universal. I don't discriminate. :)

QUESTION: What was your first job?
ANSWER: @JSmith92 Starbucks!

QUESTION If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
ANSWER@LiaFreude wish I could fly!

QUESTION You can only wear one color for the rest of your life...what color would it be?
ANSWER @AnonymousGlam :Black. Classic, glamorous and flattering.

ANSWER; @sharoninny noooooo. Rumors are hilarious

QUESTION: @adamlambert would you ever do a collab on an outfit with @csiriano (christian siriano?) it would be freaking badass.
ANSWER: @alphabets oooh good IDEA he IS fierce

QUESTION: @adamlambert What's your favorite book?
ANSWER@ShilohBeazel : The Amazing Adventures of Kavlier and Clay by M Chambon. Won a Pulitzer. Also Glamoramma by Ellis.

QUESTION: @adamlambert what do you think of david archuleta? he's another idol runner-up who is quite fierce in my book. LOL
ANSWER @shereeny : he has a beautiful voice. I think he is very talented.

QUESTION: @adamlambert how do u deal with the paparatzi and all the rumors and people who r just jack asses to U ?
ANSWER:@Egan1995 : gotta just deal with it. It sucks but I try not to take it personally. I try not to waste my energy on such b.s.

QUESTION: I am an AQUARIUS born on JANUARY 29 just like U! Oprah shares our Bday, too! @adamlambert We share an astral connection!!!
ANSWER: @CoralMermaid : Cool!!! Do u know your rising and moon signs? That's the fun stuff! I'm a Libra Rising and an Aries Moon.

ANSWER: @fnkychnkymnky I made my own ringtone outta "New In Town" by Little Boots. Siiick new Uk electroPop artist

QUESTION: Who was the last person you texted
ANSWER: @insomniac19 : Drake :)

QUESTION: Since we already know your definition of SEXY. What is your biggest turn off or pet peeve??
ANSWER: @beautifulsoul29 : IGNORANCE

ANSWER: @slytherins : yes I do!!!! They are badass

QUESTION: So we've heard about your epic UV makeup for your album cover shoot, can you give us any more clues about it?
ANSWER: @AustinBUGirl : what? Uv makeup? News to me.

QUESTION:What's your favorite Muse song? :)
ANSWER: @charmingnotion : also love Time is Running out
@charmingnotion : SuperMassiveBlackhole is Siiiiiiiick. Also am obsessed w the vocal breakdown in Knights of Cydonia. Gives me chills

QUESTION: What is your favorite song to sing in your setlist?
ANSWER: @rlmoonyk : I love them all. I love the Zeppelin tune, but also have a blast dancin to Fame

QUESTION: If someone managed to get a can of glitter on stage could you possibly replicate the epic Velvet Goldmine scene?
ANSWER: @youlackcolor : id love to but it would be really disrespectful to kris who performs after me and the crew who'd have to clean up....

QUESTION: What is your favorite Queen song?
ANSWER:@Snaps4Hollywood :favorite Queen song is Another One Bites the Dust or We Will Rock You. Oh and bohemian rhapsody is pretty sick too

QUESTION:How old were you when you had your first kiss??
ANSWER: @Glambert3618 : had my first kiss when I was 14. It was with an 18 yr old fierce black girl from Compton. Learned how really makeout!
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Two topics from MJ's

First topic regards multiple genres and album classifications
Q3 Aug 16th, 2009 at 7:02 pm
Adam is versitle but he always sounds like Adam. I really don’t see this as an issue. He has said he wants to fuse genres and specifically included rock on this list. Also, Glam is Rock. Metal and NuMetal are Rock. Electro Dance Music has a Rock beat, Alternative Music is Rock. And so on.

The songs he’s done so far range from Goth/Melodic Metal (Ring of Fire) to Hard Rock (WLL) to Classic Rock (Satisfaction) to Alternative Rock (Starlight) to Alternative Pop (Mad World) to Torch Pop (IICHY) to Blues (My Change is Gonna Come) to Musical Theater (Is Anybody Listening) to Classical/Operatic (Brigadoon) to Electro/Dance to……… I think I have found every genre EXCEPT Country or Western.

Here’s a sample the genres where Adam is currently classified:

AOL Music -
Influenced by: Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury
Genre: Rock & Alternative

Wiki -
Genre(s): Neo-glam, Alternative rock, Experimental rock

AllMusic -
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Alternative Pop/ Rock, Pop Idol, Musical Theater

Genre: Pop

Q3 -
Genre: Out-of-the-Box, with a theatrical edge

To quote Adam from early June:

Adam revealed that, while he would hate it if his music was easily categorized, he could describe his album as ideally a “rock-pop-electronic-dance thing.”

“My view of the record industry is that it’s a little too specific lately. The labels tend to try to put one box around every artist and keep them in one genre. We don’t have to go about it that way. Obviously, we want the album to have a cohesive sound. But I think it can kind of be a collection of different styles with me at the center of it [as] the common thread. I don’t want to do one specific genre. I’m more about fusion.” the 27-year-old singer was telling the media a couple of days ago about his plans for the future.

I remember reading on this blog that this was foolish and that Adam would be forced into a genre. Well as the album process has moved forward prodcers, songwriters and RCA executives who are working with Adam has also said it would be a multi-genre fusion album. So, my bet is, it will be.

dhunken Aug 16th, 2009 at 8:54 pm
Q3- I agree with you only adding Experimental Rock to the description. which is describe as: a type of music based on rock which experiments with the basic elements of the genre, and/or which pushes the boundaries of common composition and performance technique. Performers may also attempt to individualize their music with unconventional time signatures, instrumental tunings, compositional styles, lyrical techniques, elements of other musical genres, singing styles, instrumental effects or custom-made experimental musical instruments. Sounds like Adam and basically how he describes his upcoming album to me. I think this description should deflate all the ,is he rock or not debate but I am sure it won’t.

Q3 Aug 17th, 2009 at 12:17 am
I agree with your comment overal but think a better label is Prog Rock/Pop. Prog Rock/Pop is at its core rock fusion with roots in the Progressive rock of the late 1960s and early 1970s and still really pushes rock’s technical and compositional boundaries. The music goes beyond the standard rock verse-chorus-based song structures, and incorporated elements drawn from psycedelic, classical, jazz, and world music. It’s been mashed up with Folktronica and Synthpop in the UK and electonica in Ireland, France, the Med and Russia. Like the rock musicians of the 60’s and early 70’s, the new Prog Rock artists do not seem to build up barriers to musical influences and are willing to combine all kinds of elements to make an emotional statement.

Prog Rock is a lot more popular in Europe, Asia and Russia than in North America but it has been on the edge of breaking thru for a long time.

NOTE: I only put myself on the list because any of us could do as good a job as iTunes does with genre classification.

JMHO “Alternative Rock” has moved so far from it’s punk roots and become corporate, mainstream and boring (Killers, The Fray, and so on) that it feels like it is time for something new to break thru. I sure hope so.

Second topic regards perceptions that his low key performances were more heartfelt and emotionally connected
isisdagmar Aug 16th, 2009 at 8:21 pm

It’s fine to be only a fan of Adam’s lower-key performances like Mad World, but it seems like sometimes (relative) simplicity is correlated with connection, which I don’t agree with, and I think that’s where a lot of the disagreement about Adam comes from. To me, Adam’s range is like Kris’s instruments. Kris didn’t use his instruments just because he knew that people liked them and instruments were what he was known for–he used instruments because that’s what felt natural to him, that’s what he feels serves that particular song the most, that’s what comes from his heart.

Similarly, Adam’s voice is his instrument, and his range is part of that. So, when he goes lower-key, that’s what feels right to him for that song. And when he uses his range, he’s not just using it because he knows people like it–he’s using it because that what feels natural to him, that’s what he feels serves that particular song the most, that’s what comes from his heart.

That’s why many people found “rangier” performances like WLL, ACIGC, just as emotionally powerful and involving as the quieter ones, because with those songs, he used his voice and his range to enhance the meaning of the song and because that was what felt right to him. Even something like the note at the end of Feeling Good–that song is about joy and rapture, and that note was strange and startling and pure vocal exaltation, and it completely made the song. And then you have a performance like ACIGC, which I think was the most emotionally intense performance of the season–it felt like he was throwing his soul on the floor (I remember that after that performance Slezak started dreaming of a Fantasia/Adam duet, and that’s what it felt like–one of those gospel, diva-style performances where everything is ripped out of the singer). But that performance style is obviously a lot less universally pleasing to people’s ears, so it makes sense that people would be more divided about it.

Kris has talked about putting more glory notes in songs than he would naturally be inclined to do because it was something that judges and viewers liked, and I’m sure Adam did the same, but they made it work most of the time because for them, whether they were using their instruments or not, putting high notes in or not, it was all about the music (and I think that’s why they did so well).

As for expectations: Who knows. Adam has hype, Kris won, and both set really high standards for themselves on the show. I love them both, so hopefully both will do well enough to make second albums–that’s all I really want, and anything else is just a great bonus.

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is dessert happening?

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Fifth House Sun’s American Idol Tour Hartford Recap

Necessary background: Professionally, I am basically a strategist. I counsel global corporations and artsy non-profits alike on building relationships with their customers. This includes every creative and business aspect of all things marketing.

Watching American Idol has involved professional due diligence for me. With AI being the number one show on, albeit, ever-declining television, gotta keep in touch. Especially with the AI social media case case study potential. (Like their uniquely advantageous Twitterability.) So, every season. I fast-forward through some episodes. Stop for the singers I like. Voted once for Fantasia. Haven’t been personally interested since Daughtry got the surprise boot.

This year, first couple times I finished watching Adam Lambert, I realized that, involuntarily, I had actually been smiling the whole time. By Rock Week, I was thinking that now I fully understood not just Elvis but Dionysus. How could that much multi-octave insanity of talent, that much awareness of how to harness and channel magnetic creative energy, that much apparently, sweet nice guy, be wrapped up in so much sheer, raw sex appeal? That was a question from both the cool marketer and the, now, had to admit it, unrepentant fangirl. Both of us well knew, this doesn’t happen on a regular basis anywhere. But really not on network television. So, move over Slash, I’m watching.

Post season, I was not going to the tour. Really, not going. But so many of you here kept saying: Go. And get the good seats. So I finally clicked on mj’s ticket links until I found a reachable show that would sell me a primo spot single. Cut to Sunday night, left pod, front row, and find me, the intrigued marketing adviser and, gotta admit it, excited fangirl. We both had a great time.

Overall, Hartford – where I had never been before – proved an outstanding audience. (“HOT tonight!” – Kris Allen). Knowing it’s a reciprocity – that good audiences feed good performance – I tried to take my front row obligations seriously. The upside of front row seating: I could practically touch them. And no one between me and observing their energy. Downside: the performers can see me, too. And my entire row. And probably the whole pod. And I was next to two sitting lumps waiting for the second half, and some cranky little kids who didn’t really want to be there. Knowing a silent front row could squelch the whole pod, and ripple downer funk across the arena, I partied even when I was not inspired to do so. Smiled, bounced on command to my feet, clapped to the beat, waved my cell-phone and woo-hooed. I like to think it helped.

Here’s my very humbly presented opinion of what followed. Short on repeat details you know by now. And long on what, I hope, is some fresh take. I have so enjoyed reading everyone’s experiences from their personal POV. I offer this in thanks, hoping you find something enjoyable in mine:

Michael – If I was placing a “long-shot” bet on any of the Season 8 bottom six, I’d be tempted to go “Sarver as Country Star.” I said long-shot, but marketing-wise, he’s a Country dream. Handsome (though start hitting the gym, big guy). Former oil rigger, former bad boy, found God, gorgeous family, genuine Texas twang, writes a song a day, and really important: loves to give good fan service. That’s Country. And you can still stir in the soul. Free advice: learn to smile through a whole set. And not urge everyone to “get pumped up” right before the music slows down. The audience enjoyed him. He probably would like to be taught how to engage them better. Get to Nashville, Michael.

Megan - The new, Mr. T level of gold chains, surprisingly, helped tone down the Bordello Barbie Action Figure criminal wardrobe choice. There is a quirk to love somewhere in her voice. But most of her set didn’t showcase it. She smiles big, but there’s no real warmth or reason why, it’s just there. She walks all around the stage like someone told her not to just stand there, with no idea how to push her energy out into an audience. She powers without color. Marketing wise,:Total rethink required. Does she really want to be a singer? If so, she should have fought for a non-Pamela Anderson, seriously hip wardrobe. (And the new DSB empire T-shirt, in traditional Adam Lambert charcoal & white acid wash, was better.) And fought even harder for an engaging, buzz-building, quirkable song that would sell her every night: here’s who I am. She’s bombshell beautiful, which is a dangerous invitation to exploitation in Hollywood. She has to take care. Pod section murmured lots of “look at her hair” about the Shirley-Temple-Gets-A-Rat-Comb Poodle Nest and no “gee, she was great.” Still, I liked her more than I would have considered possible during the season. And it seemed much of the arena felt the same way.

Scott - Tastefully Liberace glittery jacket: interesting and stylish. Rest of set: earnest and boring. Most notes in tune. Others not. Marketing wise: Stick to home studio indie recordings, build your niche for e-delivery.

Lil - Apparently her hair grew a foot overnight. And in scratchy, brambley ways. Why? Her hair looked lovely before. When Lil hits the right spots of a song, she’s wonderful. But it feels like this happens by random chance. There is no phrasing intelligence. So many words just run together. She scooters all over the stage like she’s chasing something. So much energy going out, but not enough understanding of how to entice the audience in. We pod people were polite, but bored in many sections. (But I still beamed up the big smile. Yeah, Lil.) Marketing-wise: Please go listen to every Gladys Knight and Carla Thomas record and figure out how to live inside a song and how and why phrasing matters.

Anoop - There are many people of taste who like Anoop. But he still feels like the very best voice in the very best glee club IMVHO. Some round beautiful tones. Some lovely technique. All waiting for passion and risk-taking. There he is, “spreading his love around” in what is supposed to be his Bobby Brown thrust-o-rama moment, right above me, and all I can think is maybe he wants to go to law school. (But, still on front row duty, hooting and clapping.) The arena liked saying his “Nooooop” nick name. But he doesn’t grab that advantage and reciprocate the familiarity. Would he ever reveal his raw soul in a song? Marketing wise: Not sure he wants to be marketed. Those Mr. Magoo glasses and his completely ignoring whatever was tossed on stage didn’t say: I’m on fire for this business, it’s all I want, let me in. Gotta have that to even try. Maybe it wasn’t his hottest night.

Matt - This was the first singer whose applause felt like it was more explicitly in reaction to his performance. And not just because it was fun to be there, seeing someone from the show. Especially when he played the piano. His piano is more alive and distinct then his singing. And he’s mightily enjoyable. But, still, I have no more idea after his set who he is, artistically, than before. Free marketing advice: Start using this golden opportunity more wisely, Mattie. Define yourself. What do you have they can’t get any where else? And why aren’t you breaking all the rules and bubble-tweeting some musical clues to that uniqueness instead of generic “Yo, ya’ll” jokes. Sneak leak some links to places where even the non-dedicated fan can find something enticing and build your buzz. Same to every possible biz contact you’ve been granted. Be relentless. Be clear. Do something.

The group number was like the first half, fun, but not spectacular. And why Lil and Megan sang their career-ending duet more than twice without fixing – or killing it it by refusing to do it again – is a mystery.

Before second half, have to insert just a little further background disclosure. To help you understand my unbridled enthusiasm when it appears.

Back when television mattered, I made many commercials. (And recorded many a jingle.) Auditioning thousands of people. Often needing to see hundreds for a certain role Finding remarkable talent of any kind is rare. Genetically-endowed super ability – like singing and sports prowess – rarer still. The reason so many actors and models go from commercials to stardom is because of this rarity. It’s easy to spot that “golden something” in an instant. And almost impossible to find. Ten thousand people in Hartford – likely to have little marketing background – seemed to spot a whole lotta bigtime “something” during the second half.

Allison - I viewed “So What” as I descended from the top-of-the-arena bathroom break. Bandzilla was brutal up there. Back in the pod, earplugs replaced (which strangely makes the voices clearer, and Bandzilla defanged) Allison did not fail to impress. And happily, her rich voice did not feel in imminent danger of ruining her vocal cords, which was something I had felt during the season. Marketing-wise: Rock on. But find appropriate material. (Not “Barracuda”.) Young, sassy, independent, loving life lyrics. That will allow believable emotional connection. And please show your face more. Whirlwind hair is not long-term brand identity. I’m five feet away and I never saw her eyes.

Danny – More than any other idol, to me, Danny looks exactly like he did on TV. But immensely more likable. Has interesting moments in a song. He soars on particular phrases - “What hurts the most” for example. But didn’t feel like he had precisely planned his true course all the way each tune. And he’s getting hoarse. And pitchy in places. Marketing-wise: Got to be Inspirational. Doesn’t have to be explicitly Christian, but he likes, and needs, a message. He is not a pop star. He is a praise leader. But the songs have to put the message in the hook and be foolproof in their unfolding, unless he’s willing to be trained. In that genre, he could be a star. If he takes care of his voice.

Adam – When Adam’s countdown starts, pretty much nine-tenths of the stadium is rolling their anticipation into individual, eager, “please be fabulous” loops. Adam strides out, grabs the mic, and threads his mastery through each loop, gathering them, commandingly, but oh so respectfully, all into him. And then he sings.

Literally, the air changes. There is a molecular change to the fabric of the stadium. This tired old basketball hall shimmers like a new shiny night club. It’s smaller, almost intimate. The audience is his. But more importantly, he is ours. Unlike old, stud muffin Rock’n Roll, Adam is not trolling for the cute one in the third row to come service the man later. He’s going to serve our desires. He’s called himself an entertainer, often, in interviews. And that’s what he is. A voice of incredulous ability with one goal: Give each of us, personally, a joyously great time.

Adam was everything I expected. With a few surprises. The lightness and radiant joy was unexpected. His physicality is incompletely conveyed in the tour videos. All that pelvic stroking to the beat of the bassline, back and forth, never missing the groove, is certainly compelling. But live, it’s actually just like a good bass: Anchoring, essential, but not the main focus. His face and magnetic expressions are much more prominent. And the voice is spell-binding, even when he’s ramping up the potenetcy of one of Rock’s stud muffinest throbbers. His voice paints the crevices of the arena and penetrates every rapt member of the audience.

He’s tall, and grounded as a dancer, forcefully present in his entire body, using all of it. His physicality is head to toe, most especially in his artful feet. He’s not just hips and belt buckles. He’s a storyteller. Every note choice, every hand gesture, every sway of his strong shoulders, every twinkling tap of his fancy feet has a purpose. He knows that performance is completely about energy exchange. He’s said it many times in interviews. His radiant pleasure of being there with you, giving his clever, open, and unchecked all, shrinks the space down to a cocoon of performer and personal audience. There is no empty space on the stage no matter where he’s standing.

People all around me are delerious with joy. Fortunately, most of the pod screamers hold off until between songs. Which cannot be said for the rest of the arena. My main reaction is quite familiar: I just can’t stop smiling.

Maybe it’s the Elvis hair, maybe it’s the new wailing and intricacies and pockets of expression he’s gifting tonight, maybe it was the all new footwork, maybe it was the fabulous “I wanna be your back door man”, but I am surprised at his robust masculinity for every song, not just WLL. Even prancing with the boa. He stalked, grinned, shook the swaggering jacket like it had tail feathers. And mostly, thoroughly and continually, he was so happy. The lightness and excitement of his sheer delight in being with us was perhaps the biggest surprise of all.

Marketing-wise: If 19 and RCA screw this up, they need to go into shoe sales. Just make sure his album is original, not imitative, and you can hear him sing.

Kris – Many of you may have become aware, post season, that Kristopher Allen is a sly dog. If this were the Wild West, and he sweethearted his way newly into town, all shy glances and wide-open preacher boy smile, he would – probably – not steal your horses and ride your women. But it would not be because he didn’t know how.

Kris astonished me in performance. Didn’t matter that I had already been clued to the potential complexities under those interchangable plaid shirts by his just-behind-the-back-beat answers in interviews. Watch him get questioned. There is a nano lick before he answers. It’s not taking a breath, it’s leaving an almost imperceptible space in the expected rhythm of reply. Forcing you, the listener, to lean forward. Watch Brad Pitt and George Clooney together and you’ll feel the same pacing, luring you in. All calm, dry awareness. Like a pilot announcing massive turbulence wrapped around a rapier sense of humor.

It doesn’t matter that Kris isn’t performing his own songs during his set, he makes it his own music. And apparently he takes music very seriously. It tears out of him. Like the only time he’s willing to reveal himself, his eyes closed it’s so personal. Just like his interview answers, you lean in as close as you can, listening for every word.

The man can sing. Really sing. Lower register heaven. His unedited, ever-moving face a non-stop commitment to his belief in the power of music. Off stage, he may look like a boy band dreamboat. Onstage he’s a grown man, all passion and slow-burning fire. And I was totally unprepared for the sexy. Especially ten feet away. Kris has a much more complete relationship with that piano bench than Adam does with the mic stand. Loved every song. He can completely control an arena. The crowd was with him all the way. Everyone sang on Hey Jude. And what a panther rock god growl, Mr. Allen. Hard to believe he just turned 24.

Marketing-wise: Will weep if they la-la him up and take the power and edge off his music. Or tart him into over-produced white-boy-wall-of-fuzz sound. If they don’t, then long, long success ahead of him. Maybe not for everyone, but to a much wider audience than power-voting tweens.

Had a fabulous time. Want to see Adam and Kris singing right in front of me as often as possible. Feel lucky to have had the experience. It was just one night. And while it’s true if you’ve haven’t been really wrong, you haven’t been trying, in no way can my humble opinion, or anyone’s, be spot on in assessing 10 out of 10. And, of course, as always, YMMV. One of the best things about blogs, especially mj’s, is celebrating the diversity of perspective and opinion. Who knows what the future will bring for this first Twitter Generation season of Idol. It’s completely up to each of them to create their own professional lives. So good luck to all of them. And most of all, thanks to mj, and all of you for all the blogging fun.

And a followup post-
You’re in London, lived in LA, not a leap to assume you go to the theatre. As do I, often. And many people in the NE. And some lucky spots with regional greatness. Rest of America, not so much. When you’ve experienced an actor walk on stage and the entire atmosphere shifts, just by their standing there, you understand the power of energy. Adam brings that energetic shift experience to television. And so strikingly to the tour. In both cases, some people are having their first and/or most intense experience of that power by enjoying him. And the AI setting makes the energetic contrasts between contestants even sharper.

What’s most remarkable to me is that he’s managed to build an adoring base of female fans who get worked up over him as a sex symbol, fully equipped with the knowledge that he’s gay. I believe that’s a first in the world of pop icons.

Again, IMHO, Adam’s popularity and the complete “Who cares” aspect of his being gay– which is really evident at the concert — is a cultural watershed moment that observers who consider themselves too cool for America’s most popular TV show are missing. And the aspect I’m tracking the most carefully. Especially from a political POV. This is a very big deal. This has never happened. Ever. Not just in music. But in our collective cultural experience. Rock Hudson was just 50 years ago.

This is the first wave of what every political consultant knows to be true: homophobia is, literally, going to eventually die. Young people do not care. (And at the concert a whole lotta “young at heart’s” really did not care.) Sure hate of every misguided stripe will always be with us. But in America, seriously, Adam Lambert — and the adorable Kradam bromance included — has demonstrated a change has already come.

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is dessert happening?

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Awesome preshow, concert, and barricade recap from Elle on ontd_ai.
It is very long but made me feel as if I had been there which I really appreciated!
Adamcentric parts bolded.
I did fix some typos and remove references to friends names.

So I went to the concert In Baltimore and didn't type up a review. Sorry. I was on vacation there and didn't really get the time until much later and I was this still relevant, idk. So if anyone wants to hear those stories (some really funny fan stories) let me know and I'll get to typing.

Anyway, after seeing the Baltimore concert my best friend called her godfather and asked for an early Christmas gift...a few hours later she and I had 2nd row seats to the concert in my hometown, Milwaukee.

I feel the need to defend my city a bit because I feel it's received a bit of bad press. Milwaukee is extremely liberal. We had a socialist mayor for like 40 years. We vote democrat in every election ever. We have one of the largest pride-fests in the country. The flamingly religious are the vast minority. I was miserable that our city got portrayed as this sort of northern-south. No. I promise you.

That being said, I was a bit nervous driving up to the barricades. Would it be awash in a sea of purple and bible thumpers? Would the few religious wackjobs come out and protest Adam's unhushable gay?

I was relieved when we walked up around noon and saw a fairly diverse crowd of stans. One family was attired in a rainbow of tour colors, each person representing a different idol. TONS of Adam love, I'd say the Adam Stans equalled the Gokey stans at this most hardcore of points. I eyeballed the barricades, looking for a likely place to stand. I spot two girls with "Kradam" signs and make my way over, suspecting they go here. They DO in fact, though they lurk only. Come play, bbs! The water is fine. Nevertheless, it was nice to be able to make jokes with someone who got them

About an hour after that, a "troop" of girls comes walking by. I took a pic of one of the "Gokey Scouts" but because I don't want people to think I am being unneccesarily cruel (the girl was pretty heavy - she was the only one I could get a clear shot at at the time) I won't post a pic of the scouts just yet.

Met an adorable Glamma who almost got hit by the idol tour bus. She was kind of wandering about in the middle of the road and someone had to run get her and bring her over. She wasn't like, crazy, she just didn't see what was going on and was really excited. She had these blue jewel-y earings and a brooch and this Adam t-shirt that was the Rolling Stone picture except DRAWN in gorgeous detail. She's 70, btw. I know cause she talked a lot, but she was really good company. She showed me a scrapbook she had made for Adam. I started cringing until I saw what was inside. She had done hand-drawings of him, and you guys, they were INCREDIBLE. Best fan art I have ever, ever seen. We are talking art-museum quality stuff. Turns out she is an Adam Bomb. One of her friends (relatives?) shows up. She was older, probably late forties, and you could tell she liked to party. She was all tits and glitter and fabulous. We had a blast with her, really. They asked where we hung out online because it was obvious that we did. You can always tell the people that stan online they ~know everything. We braced ourselves and said "ONTD_AI" and they started hooting and like, high fiving. "You guys are AWESOME. Way to ROCK DONORS CHOOSE!"

The glamma asked for my screen name and said she'd be reading. I told her to watch out because we are a bunch of foulmouthed bastard children who mock everything six ways from Sunday. Somehow, I think she could handle it. We spent the afternoon dancing around the fact that we all tinhat - no one wanting to admit to it IRL- and loving on Adam. SO NICE!

The first Idol comes out and it's Matt Giraud! When he gets to us, he sees [name deleted] and says "My British Love!" and gives her a big hug. He said it was nice to see me again, too, but I'm not as memorable.

The next one out was Megan, who looked kind of uncomfortable being out there. She did pause and take pics with anyone who wanted them, and looked absolutely gorgeous.

ALLISON! I was so shocked when she came out, but here she was, looking all adorable. She is delightfully unfiltered. Someone's mom said to her "Tell Adam to come out we're so excited to meet him." There is an awkward moment of silence as the crowd SHOOT DAGGERS AT HER. The mom realizes her mistake and says "But we're happy for you too!" with too much enthusiasm. Allison quirks her brow and says "Yeah. I'll tell him that. Just for you." She wasn't being bitchy, per se, more like "I see what you did there, and it's kind of dooshy."

I take a pic with her and she says "Oh my god I am sorry I put my armpit on you" and I said "No worries, hon." Someone else said "Haha, smelly fans, right!" And she said "that never came out of MY mouth. I'm the smelly one." LOL, Allison.

Anoop came out too! *unpopular opinion alert.* Anoop seems a bit standoffish. I told him I had met him in Baltimore and he said nice to see you again, but he wouldn't pause for any pics with anyone, even the people in the Carolina Blue Dawg Pound t shirts. :/ Maybe he had press or something.

Scott came out and signed. He didn't take pics either but I am guessing that's to stave off the awkward. He had a woman leading him around. I miss Todd. I touched his hand and I swear we made eye contact as we chatted for a minute. It was cool, he was really sweet.

Michael came out (at long last) and I start flailing. IDK how I got to be such a big Michael fan, ok? I missed the first half of the season, so really my first exposure to him was all the hate on this com. My opinion of him was pretty bad as a result. I started following him on twitter in case he said anything about any of the other idols. So I came around to him first as a person and second as a singer. He BLEW ME AWAY in Baltimore, both as a singer and as a person. I've always felt bad he doesn't get the same reception as the others, which is understandable, but nevertheless, I resolved to show him a lot of love. I spent the night before making him a scrapbook of reviews and pictures (what am I, his mother?) I would have never done anything like that for any of the other idols, but I just figured it was something he would appreciate, IDK. [name deleted] helped me out gathering the info and pictures and I cobbled it together as she was making her epic Kris sign. At the last minute I remember I have an orange fringy scarf-boa thing in my closet. Figuring what-the-hell-else am I going to do with an orange boa, I resolve to toss it, thinking it could be lulzy.

So when Michael gets to me, I tell him I was completely blown away in Baltimore. He says "By What?" and I said "By YOU silly!" And he sort of blushed and I showed him the book. It had "Good Times" on the cover and it was a burnt orange and masculine looking, not frilly. I don't scrapbook irl ,by the way, this is something I won't even do for my future children. So he flips through it and says "This is one of the most thoughtful things I've ever been given." He gives me a big ol papa bear hug and I get a picture. He also signs a pic I brought of him and asks how my name is spelled and personlized the autograph. It made me flail. Then [name deleted] reminds me to tell him about the boa and I say "Oh, I'm tossing something on stage for you so you better dance with it!" And he laughed and gave me a preview of the dance. HOT. THEN I said "...did you see my singing bubbletweet?" And his face lights up and he says "YEAH! You can sing! You were much better than a lot of the others I've gotten, I was like 'You Go Girl!" and I flailed everywhere and thanked him.

When he left he turned around and pointed to me. When he got inside he tweeted about meeting some amazing fans and I grinned like an idot for the rest of the afternoon.

No one else came out, so after a few hours we said goodbye to our buddies and headed inside. I took a picture of us for posterity's sake. We were dressed as girl Kradam by the way, with me rocking Adam's colors and [name deleted] owning Kris's Green Plaid.

After a few minutes, it became evident that we'd be sharing the area by the stage with none other than the Gokey Scouts. They look me up and down and their troop leader asks me who my favorite is. As if there was a doubt - I say "Adam." She makes an ick face at me, but some of them smile. She then asks if I like Danny at all and I said "He's got a great voice and it's because of him I started watching idol, so he'll always get love from me, but his voice isn't my style. I like tenors." This somewhat appeased most of them, who were friendly. I really wanted to win them over, though, because we'd be squeezed next to them all night and I know Adam would want us to get along. So I start talking about my friend [name deleted] who is the biggest Danny fan and I wish she could be here, and how I wanted to send her a Gokey Scout sash, and then I took group pictures of them, saying "SAAAAY GOKEEEEY!" Instead of "say cheese." They liked me after that, and told me about how they made friends with one of the sound guys at the hotel last night and he got them passes to the preshow meet and greet. They said that KRIS MATT AND ANOOP ASKED IF THEY COULD WEAR THEIR GOKEY SCOUT SASHES FOR DSB AND THEY WERE LIKE NO WE ARE THE GOKEY SCOUTS! WTAF this would have been hilarious.

This girl hated on Adam at first, that much was obvious, but she didn't do it to my face. And she went through a mystical transformation midway through Adam's set. More on that later.

Concert time.

So to put you back in the mood, I had just made "friends" with the troop of Gokey Scouts. The Troop leader had "ickd" at me when I said my fave was Adam but I was able to ply them with friendliness and compliments on their dazzling sashes. I forgot to mention that their sashes-

So the concert starts and I am a ball of panic because OMG Michael Sarver is coming on stage and my heart is already pounding to beat the band.
He got a lot of love from the Gokey Scouts. I don't know if they were reacting to my energy - cause I was screaming my ass off and dancing - but our combined flailing made him gravitate over to our side of the stage alot. We got lots of eye contact and pointing and dancing. I threw my orange scarf thing, which he didn't see till midway through closer. When he did see it he trotted over to it and smiled at me and put it on. BRB dying of cute. The funny thing is, he really didn't know how to work a boa, which didn't surprise me, it just made it more adorable. Like he was *trying* for me. So, aside from my inflated sense of self-importance, it was just a good time. He wore it, swirled it around a bit, and kind of pointed and fist pumped with it a few times.

I need to go on for a minute. Scroll if you don't care. His voice was amazing. Totally solid, not a missed note. His runs were fluid and diction solid. He's got such a nice, golden waves of grain sound. I hate country music and I am jazzed for his album because I know it will be awesome, and I know he'll get one. He also really worked the entire stage, making sure everyone got equal attention. He had great on-stage awareness. When he could sense the crowd's energy lessening, he stepped up his game with a dance or a shout out or an impressive run. It never felt forced, over agressive, or bitter. He just genuinely wanted everyone to have a good time.

Megan came on next. I was unable to stop taking pictures of her. In my other fandom, people call me "Bi" short for "Beyond Insane" and it's appropriate, ok? So she was a real treat. Much like in Baltimore, I was impressed with her voice. Yeah it's quirky, yeah, it can be pitchy, but I like it.

What I didn't like was her stage presence. Yes she is gorgeous, but she needs to give more of herself to the crowd. Part of me felt like she was up there going through the motions. Her attempts to fire up the crowd seemed kind of bitter to me. I decided FUCK IT I am going to go balls-crazy for Miss Megan Joy and I screamed like I was East Coast Drew. She saw me and SMILED and walked over to our corner and started dancing all hot. Or maybe that's what she always does but I felt special and you're reading my review so stfu.

Every other time she came on stage, she looked towards me as if drawing energy from my balls-crazy-goings. I've sung onstage and I know how it goes. Methinks she's had a rough go of it on tour and maybe has become a little bitter. I hope she gets more fans going nuts for her cause it brings her out of her shell. I have like a thousand more pictures of her, I will give the link at the end of the review.

Up next was Scott. I floved Scott's set in Baltimore, but not as much tonight. IDK, IDK, I wasn't feeling it. He seemed vocally tired. Still awesome though, just a little more unremarkable. As I sat there thinking that, I remembered that OMFG HE CAN'T FUCKING SEE AND HE'S PLAYING THE PIANO AMAZINGLY WELL.

Take that, self. Fuck you, self, and your fucking expectations. This guy has skills and you better recognise. I enjoyed him much more after that. Plus his high notes make me unf. I am such a sucker for high male voices. And low female voices. Maybe I am more like, Mid-Range Voice sexual than bi-sexual.

LIL. Her set might be better if I knew any of the songs besides "Single Ladies." They all feel kind of tuneless to me. Though the Gokey Scouts loved all over her and the crowd seemed to go wild for her. Whatev, apparently I do not have the same music tastes as the rest of my city. IDK. She looked gorgeous though. I still say her coat reminds me of a bedazzled 17th century British Naval officers jacket.

Lil can drop it, like I think she may have gone to a few clubs in her time, but the choreography was less than stellar, Esp on Single ladies. WHAT REALLY BOTHERED ME WAS THAT DURING SINGLE LADIES, SHE WOULD DROP MOST OF THE PHRASES. LIKE SHE WOULD SING "IF YOU LIKE IT THEN YOU-" AND THEN STOP. I KNOW IT'S A THING, BUT SHE ONLY ACTUALLY SANG "PUT A RING ON IT" LIKE ONCE IN THE ENTIRE SONG. EH?

LOL OOOPS. I just finished typing up my Matt review and I went to insert the pictures and realized I had Sarvered Anoop. Oh Anoop. I love his voice, just love it. Again with my high-male voice kink. What's so awesome is that you just don't expect to see it coming from him.
It's like a huge dick on a short guy. Anyway, he did less awkward hip trusting than he did in Baltimore, which I was fine with because I don't think it suits him. He did some nice shakin' it and I appreciated that. He didn't like our side of the stage v much.

Actually Anoop is a front and center man. He didn't seem to work the sides very much which was too bad. I tried like fuck to take a bunch of Anoop pics bc of all our beloved Anoop stans but it was like the back of his head over and over. Also, I would expect better diction from a choir boy. At one point I swear he sung "And we both are Luthern." But I completely admit that could have been because he just spread himself around and I lost my mind.

Matt's opening vid comes on and HOW ABOUT SOME LOVE FOR HIS OPENING VID? It is so fucking cute, all those scrolly matt's dancing and saying bullshit and blowing kisses. He's like a piano-playing tasmanian devil. So he comes out and he's RIGHT THE FUCK IN FRONT OF ME singing "Hard to Handle."

My fave part about this is that he totally saw that it was us on stage. During the "Hey little thing let me light your candle cause mama, I'm sure hard to handle now get's around" he was right on the corner by us and I was pointing up at him and singing the lyrics and he like, bent down low and pointed back and me and we sang that whole line together, shaking our heads and making faces.

IT WAS SO FUCKING EPIC I ALMOST DIED. I ALMOST THOUGHT I HAD BLACKED OUT DUE TO HIS TIGHT ASS PANTS VISUALLY ASPHYXIATING MY MIND BUT THEN [name deleted] LOOKED AT ME AND WAS LIKE OMG THAT WAS SO FUCKING AMAZING THAT JUST HAPPENED. TY BABY FOR SEEING IT. YOU GUYS WORDS WILL NEVER DESCRIBE THAT MOMENT ACCURATELY. YES I just bolded my whole Matt paragraph. Read it. I was not a Matt Stan but I will sure as fuck buy his record and go see him live whenever possible. You guys, he must have gotten so much bachelorette-party-at-the-dueling-piano-bar-ass you don't even know. I don't know whether or not to feel happy for him or midly squicked but I know it happened.


So, I spend all intermission keeping our place by the wall, since the front row gokey scouts had 4th row gokey scout fiends (lol, typo. I 'll keep it) and FUCK if I was going to give up our primo spot for anybody. So during intermission I got to chat with them some more. While their fearless leader was off attempting to ...blow Jamar or whatever it is Gokey Scouts do during intermission, a few of them came up to me and admitted to really liking Adam, which was cool. I think the only one that really hated him was The Troop Leader. I halfway thought about offering to switch spots with them during Danny's set, but didn't because I'm a cold hearted snake. No, really it was cause I wanted to take awesome pics for [name deleted] b/c our seats were so badass and my camera has a really good zoom. Blah Blah more intermission shit, whatever, you don't care, on to Allison.

DID ANYONE GET MY ALL-IS-ON, FEEL IT FEEL IT FEEL IT Tweet and actually get the reference? If so, four for you. If not, Homestarrunner, people! Anyway, so Allison is just overwhelming. It's so easy to forget she's just a kid. I had a blast zooming in on her and filling the frame with her crazy hair and lips.

Hi can you see I enjoyed taking pictures of her just a bit? I have so so many more of hers. Vocally, I thought So what was the weakest, cause she kind of just shouted it. But it worked. Cry Baby blew me away. This girl is a genuine star. I don't know how her vocal chords work, but it's nigh inhuman. Kudos to her for recognizing at such a young age the style of music she should be singing. I grew up an Alto myself, and spent a good few years bemoaning the fact that I couldn't sing like Sarah Brightman. More of her.

Right after Cry Baby the Gokey Scouts start chanting for DANNY and I am like STFU BITCHES SHE HAS TO BREAK YOUR MIND WITH BARRACUDA YET YOU STFU RTFN.
More pics of Allison to ease my butthurt.

After Allison, The Troop Leader asks me if I'll switch places so her Daisy Scouts or what the fuck ever junior members can come make heart hands closer to the stage. I sigh and say "REALLY OK BUT ONLY IF YOU SWITCH RIGHT THE FUCK BACK FOR ADAM." They all agree and I make way for ducklings Gokey Scouts. It was probably better than I wasn't in the front, really. Because I can cheer, I can heart hands, but I cannot flail for Gokey. I can be Milwaukee-Proud and show him the love he deserves, but I cannot put on the epic pouring of my emotion and affection that these girls were willing to put out there. Because I switched, I didn't get very many good pictures of Danny. I did get this lulzy one of him.

{name deleted], I am so sorry bb. But I thought about it and thought that maybe you would want me to give my place up for people that wanted a really epic Danny-Experience. In a way, I felt like I was giving up my place for you. I would have given ANYTHING for you to be there last night. I really encourage people to go to a hometown concert. Even though Danny ain't my bag, it was heartwarming to see him seeing everyone go nuts for him. He was overcome. He wiped his eyes. He hearthanded all over. He sang his heart out. He shimmied his awkward white Polish Milwaukee boy ass off. I was proud of him. We all were. Except [name deleted] who DOESN'T LIKE HIM THAT MUCH. She'll blast me for saying that but it's true. I only say it to make you guys feel like it was tit-for-tat with the few people that hated Adam. And vocally he was fantastic. I am not a gravely-voiced baritone fan, but for those of you that are into that kind of thing try listening to him with open hearts. I think his biggest issue is that his voice isn't contemporary. It belongs in the Yacht Rock era.

OK OK ONTO THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY YEAR. It's been an awful year for me bbs, I lost my job, my gay best friend and mentor, and my self esteem in one fell swoop. Adam has made that blow a little more bearable by proving that 27 isn't too late to accomplish your dreams. Cliche but true. OK ENOUGH OF MY EMO BULLSHIT. I dragged the gokesters out of my spot (they were flailing and shaking and crying and had completely forgotten what was about to happen.

Adam was beyond words. Just. Fuck. I wanted to take pictures but at the same time I wanted to soak him up like a bounty paper towel. I am not ashamed to admit that as big of a freakshow as the Gokesters were, I was worse. I held my head in my hands and convulsed. I screamed my face off. Several times in his set, I had the urge to pray to gods that haven't even been invented yet. Adam from 3 feet away is something that has to be experienced to be believed. Best. Christmas gift. EVER. I am so, so, so, fucking fortunate. [name deleted], you have no idea how epic you are. So many times I am the one with all the glory and you are the one with all the pain but you are the fucking wind beneath my wings. Our friendship is so perfect that I can honestly understand how two people can be as close as Kradam and not be fucking. Though if you want to start fucking that would be hot. You guys, I have so many pictures it's impossible for me to even sort through them all. But I'll try.

After his first song, by the distinct lack of screaming in my left ear I could tell that Troop Leader was not as enthused as I was. However, her troop was going wild.

"HE HAS A WOODY!" One of them yelled.
"THERE IS A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE" Another said, clearly losing her mind on all his candy.
"I WANT HIM TO GET ANOTHER WOODY." The first one reitterated.

Is there a Gokey Scout badge for saying "Woody" an uncomfortable number of times? Cause I will pin that fucking shit on her sash like im the fucking UP grandpa.

Adam chats us up, thanking us for voting for him and then he realizes that it's Danny's hometown and says "NO MATTER WHO YOU VOTED FOR." Seriously, though, he got a TON of love. The shrieks were deafening. Next up, a song by his favourite band MMEEEEEEWWWWS!

So lots of people have talked about Starlight sounded kind of strange. He pitches his voice really far forward - singers will get this and non singers you'll have to picture me scrunching my nose and rolling my hands forward in front of my mouth. I've sang along with him enough to figure out that we have breaks in similar spots, and my guess is that the begnning of Starlight is right on his break, and he's trying to keep it in his chest voice. I don't know. It's strange but it's gorgeous. It sounds alien and unearthy and I love it.

The lift brought up a stool and some water and the Team Leader was like "Oh, is he singing Mad World or something?" And was like YOU BET YOUR MF'ing GOKEY SCOUT SASH THIS IS MUTHERFUCKING MAD WORLD WHAT WERE YOU BORN BENEATH A ROCK OUT BEHIND SOME BULLSHIT CHEESE FACTORY? Actually I just said yes. OH GOD MAD WORLD LIVE. I cried. Literally cried. Does that man know how to control a phrase. All his phrasing sounds like taffy, he just pulls and pulls to the breaking point and then folds it all in again, only to stretch you out even further the next time.

So with Mad World over with, Adam brings Allison on stage and we get a two-for-one-value pack of fierceness. This number was so cute. AHHH FLOVE.

So I start losing my shit for the gabillionth time because BOWIE MF'ers. OH GOD. He was so bendy and glorious and his voice was perfect and his dancing was perfect and HE IS GOD. Pictures are better than words. I hope you guys don't mind I'm not writing too much about him, there's just not too much to say other than that he's God.

Oh! The Gokey scout, halfway through the Bowie and while Adam was mid-shimmy, mumbles to me.
"He has completely changed my mind about him" in this hushed, revered silence. SHE CHEERED LIKE MAD FOR THE REST OF HIS TIME ONSTAGE.

I guess I wasn't the only one excited for the bowie. Cue the "OMG ANOTHER WOOOOODDDDYYYY" behind me.

And then he was gone. I don't think I've ever felt loss any more profoundly. In this moment I am Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross. I am Romeo inside the Capulet Tomb. I am Ennis smelling Jack's sweaty flannel shirts.

But my grief was only contained to that moment, because the lift rose quickly and brought me a Kristopher Neil Allen! I love his video, by the way. It reminds me of Glinda in the bubble. SO much so that I half expect Kris to arrive wearing a frilly pink ball gown and tiara and tell me that the wicked witch is dead. Alas, that was not to be.

Instead he sang Heartless, which is just as good and far less absurd. [name deleted] camera died, so I resolved to view most of Kris's set through the lens, as I was only there through her generosity it felt fitting. The upside to that is that I have so many fucking good Kris pictures. You guys, I hate seeing people sit after Adam's set. Here is the thing though. Adam's set is like the most intense sex ever and Kris is the after-fuck cigarette and cuddle. The audience is just spent. You can't expect them to process anymore and then have Kris pour melted butter all over them and expect them to stand up. I stayed standing of course, cause he's mother fucking Kris Allen and I love him. Again, words don't do him justice. This guy is pure talent.

Let me take a moment to make a half-way intelligent observation about Adam and Kris. Adam moves the music, Kris is moved by the music. They both give highly sexualized performances, really, I don't think Kris gets enough credit for how sexy he is on stage. The difference is that Adam has the music bent over in front of him while Kris is laying on his back, shivering in ecstacy as the music takes him places he's never been. Adam makes you feel helpless to resist him, Kris makes you feel like you're responsible for taking him there.

I'll let [name deleted] tell you about her bra and her epic Kris poster, but all too soon it was time for Hey Jude. Adam comes out first of course and they do their pointing at each other thing. At one point they look at each other and there's a joke exchanged somewhere between Adam's arched eyebrows and Kris's grin. They share a moment and it's love blooming in all its tinhatty glory. I swooned. I am sorry I missed it with my camera, but at the same time I was thrilled I saw it with my eyes. Fuck that I saw it with my heart.

Are you guys sick of reading this yet? TOO FUCKING BAD I AM NOT DONE. DSB Happened. I got a Kradam dance shot around Matt Giraud.

And then we tore ass out of the arena to meet our pals the Adam Bombs, who were saving us a place in line. I was bummed they didn't want to see bb Kris, but was glad they got spots for us.

OK SO [name deleted] WAS OUT THERE STANDING IN THE POURING RAIN YOU GUYS, HOLDING OUR SPOTS FOR US. HOW FUCKING SWEET WAS THAT. AS AN ADDED BONUS SHE BRINGS US HER GRANDSON, WHO LOOKS LIKE ADAM WITHOUT TRYING. He's precious and fierce and we swapped phone numbers and are going to be friends now. He was convinced that the woman across from us, who was like 7' tall, was actually Chris Crocker. He made all sorts of funny jokes, and talking about how people saw him in the hallway and did double takes like OMG IS THAT- oh wait, no - and then got all disappointed. He also announced, rather loudly, that he thinks Kris Allen is gay. The younger Adam Bomb got all terrified people were going to be offended and was like "SHHHHH Don't you say that, just cause he loves Adam doesn't mean-" and [name deleted] goes "Oh, hunny, it's not the way he looks at Adam. It's the way he does everything else." I laughed really hard, but hope no one around got butthurt about it.

So we were worried that because it was raining they wouldn't come, but the rain tapered off and Megan came out and started making her rounds. SO CUTE. Then we saw Kris get on the bus to put down his guitar, with Adam on his heels. After a steamy post show make out session moment Kris came out. Much like a post-bathroom-stall-fuck, Adam came out a minute later so as not to be ~suspicious. I C U KRADAM. The crowd went fucking APE when Kris came out, but everyone went completely nuts when Adam did. The only thing I can compare it too is when the Packers won the super bowl and Brett Favre got back into town and did a victory thing at the stadium. That's how nuts people were. Everyone just wanted to be near him.

Kris got to me first. In my hand I had the group pic that I had everyone except Kris, Lil, Adam, and Allison sign in Baltimore. Beneath that I had my Kris-signed picture of Kris and Adam. When Kris got there, I handed him the group pic with the Adam one underneath. He signed it and looked up saying "Whose is this?" I said it was mine, but he had already looked underneath for some reason and saw the pic of he and Adam. I WISH I COULD DESCRIBE HIS FACE WHEN HE SAW THAT PICTURE IT LIGHT UP LIKE CHRISTMAS. Here's the pic, now signed by both Adam and Kris.

Adam was making his way around the ring and I have to say though that no one screamed in his face, no one shoved (except for one crazy who thought she could take down [name deleted]) and Adam took his time moving through the line. One little girl gushed, from the back of the crowd "ADAM! You are SO CUTE!" He looked up to where she was perched on her dad's shoulders and giggled, saying "Thank you!" He honestly blushed!

He came to me and signed my thing, not looking up until I said "Adam. You are beyond words." Which was the only thing I could even think to say. He looked me RIGHT IN THE EYES and said "Thank you" and I don't know, it was so genuine you guys! He moved on to [name deleted] and The Adam Bomb and he recognized the woman by her shirt - which was a copy of one of the pictures in the scrapbook she had made of her art. She had evidently given it to Megan to give to Adam and Adam had already looked through it. ADAM GUSHED ALL OVER HER YOU GUYS IT WAS SO PRECIOUS. HE SAID HOW TALENTED SHE WAS AND HOW HE WAS SO HAPPY TO HAVE THE BOOK. I NEARLY CRIED MY FUCKING EYES OUT HE MADE HER LIFE JUST THEN. She and the Adam Bomb talked to him for quite a bit which was awesome because I got to take lots of pictures.

One final story. As I walked up and down the line snapping more pictures, I chanced to overhear two men talking as their daughters flailed over Adam.
"Say what you want, he's an amazing person. Look at him, he's so genuine."
"Yeah, he's just incredibly nice. Look at him taking his time and giving each person a moment. That's a stand up guy right there."
"That makes this all worthwhile. You feel good about supporting someone who is such a good man."
"You should see my daughter's bedroom. He's all over the walls." The man said, laughing to himself. "I don't think she gets it." The other man laughed too and said.
"I don't think it matters."





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Amy’s American Idol Tour Kansas City, MO Recap
Published August 31st, 2009
From MJs -- only the Adam Parts if you want to read the rest go here: ... -recap.htm

Let me preface this recap by saying that I am a complete, total, “why yes, the sun does rise and set on his ass,” Adam girl. Think of the most over-the-top fantard you can imagine. Then triple that. That’s me. My friends going to the concert with me talked about bringing a defibrillator along just to resuscitate me after his set. I don’t think they were kidding. So I have an obvious bias toward Adam which makes it difficult for me to be anything other than a flailing, slobbering fool when it comes to his performance. He could have come out dressed as Little Bo Peep and sung a medley of songs from “The Sound of Music” while dancing the polka and I would still have said he was better than the second coming of Jesus, Elvis, and Freddie Mercury combined.

Having said that, my love of Adam doesn’t result in an automatic bias against the other Idols. I don’t think my loving Adam with the intensity of 1,000 fiery suns means that I have to dislike everyone else. Margaritas may be my favorite drink and nothing else comes close to hitting the spot like one, but I still enjoy martinis and wine and the occasional shot. God, I sound like an alcoholic… Anyway, my point is, I hoped and expected that everyone was going to be great and put on a fabulous show and I went into it primed for a good time.

We (four girl friends and me—all of us in our 30s and thrilled about a night away from the kiddos) arrived downtown around 4:00. While walking to a restaurant across from the arena, we happened to see Danny out signing autographs across the street. At that point we saw no sign of the WBC protesters.

Around six o’clock we headed back over to the arena, and again saw no protesters. I’m not sure where they were. There is a smaller entrance on the east side of the arena and I thought perhaps they were there, but the KC Star said they were across Grand, which is where we came from. All I know is I am glad I didn’t see them. I’ve learned over the years that it’s worthless to engage them, but it would have put a damper on my evening just to see their hateful, nasty signs. And my four margaritas might have gotten the best of me and I would have been hauled away while beating Phelps with my five-inch stilettos (off-topic note to self: don’t ever wear five-inch heels to a concert again).

Our seats were third row on the floor, right side of the stage (if you’re in the audience). Fabulous seats! We had Adam fans in front of us, Kris and Adam fans behind us, and Danny and Adam fans next to us. As soon as we sat down I did a preemptive apology to all those around me for the fact that I was going to go batshit insane when Adam hit the stage. They all laughed and said it was okay, but frankly, I think I scared them.

Before the show started I took the chance to look around the arena and I would say the average crowd age was probably mid-40s. There were more men than I expected in the crowd. I saw many older women, including a group who had to be in their 70s or 80s–all of them sporting Adam t-shirts. The only Idol-specific shirts I saw were Adam or Glambert shirts, none for any of the other Idols. There were kids at the concert, but not as many as I would have thought, although there was a family of four in front of us who looked like they were in hell the entire night. Not exactly sure why they stayed. Before the show we chatted with two gay guys who were Allison fans. They didn’t like Kris (no reason given) and didn’t like Adam because he didn’t officially come out while on American Idol. Sigh.

I was going to try and keep this short, but you can see how that turned out. Sorry for the verbal vomit ahead.
Adam: If this gives you any clue to what I’m about to say, my heart rate just spiked when I typed in Adam’s name. Me = pathetic. The crowd went nuts when the countdown for Adam started. Absolutely nuts. And the second he came out, total pandemonium. Here’s what was weird…during Danny’s set a few of us were saying how we were cold (the weather in KC has been totally schizophrenic this summer and it was in the 50s last night instead of the usual 80s or 90s). The second Adam hit the stage, I swear the temperature in the arena went up thirty degrees. Sweat was pouring off of me (nice visual, I know…sorry) and I saw people fanning themselves with their programs, wiping sweat off their faces, pulling their hair up off their necks. It was the wildest thing. Adam makes the world hotter; it’s a fact.

First the technical stuff. I did not hear any helium effect during Adam’s set. Neither did two of my friends. But my other two friends did hear it during “Starlight.” So I guess it does depend on your ears. Also, during his set someone threw a white and black boa and two bras (one of which might have been mine….ahem), but he didn’t pick anything up. Clearone, have you gotten to him?!

Now for the emotional reaction: I don’t really know what to say about Adam beyond the fact that I was totally mesmerized by him. You literally cannot take your eyes off him. He’s like a magnet—a tall, glittery, beautiful magnet. He is this amazing combination of slinky-hipped, androgynous beauty and forceful, take-charge Alpha male, all topped off with a voice that has the power to take you out of yourself to another place. The minutes go by and you don’t even know what you’re doing or what’s happening to you; you are just floating along in this universe that he created right there in front of you. It is sort of like being abducted by a glittery alien, come to think of it.

When Adam disappeared into the stage it was like I came back to my body with a huge thud, sweaty and shaky (my legs were literally wobbling) and on the verge of tears. Which is sort of embarrassing to admit, but it’s also the truth. His set went by in what felt like the blink of an eye and I wanted to scream, “No! Come back out and do it again. It wasn’t ENOUGH!” But I think therein lies Adam’s power…because it’s never going to be enough, not even when he’s headlining his own tours. He has that indefinable “thing” that makes someone a superstar–it goes beyond his incredible voice and his beautiful face and his electric moves; it’s just an innate part of him. I only hope he’s ready for what’s coming towards him because Adam’s type of fame can be a scary thing to navigate.
After waiting a little longer, a black limo pulled out and drove away with Adam inside. We didn’t see Adam get in the limo, but a group of four guys who were standing there told us they saw him get in the car. They were bummed because they’d been waiting specifically for him (as were we all, boys, as were we all). By this point it was 11:30, so we packed it in and came on home.

For anyone who hasn’t gone to the concert yet, I highly recommend getting a ticket. It’s worth it. It’s a fun, fun night and there really isn’t a dull moment (or if there is, it passes quickly). And if nothing else, you can look back and say you saw Adam Lambert on his very first concert tour. I know for me, it’s going to be the first of many

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From the blog of Johanna Spinks, award winner portrait artist.

Adam Lambert was robbed of the finalist crown on American Idol this week. I have casually watched this program over the years HOWEVER this season this man's incredible talent inspired me and my art. He kept me transfixed. And I found myself thinking about him when I was painting.

Oh.. to have that much talent, confidence and charisma. To make it look so effortless and hit the right note every time. Easy to overlook that this guy has been perfecting his art for a very long time for one still so young. I have never rewound a portion of AI to see a performer do his TV song again, I have never called in to 'multiple vote', phone at the ready, I have never purchased a performer's AI songs from Itunes. I have never danced around the living room wildly.

I DID all four with Mr. Glambert. Giddy fool of a fan that I am for him. I admit I have developed a big crush for the retro Elvis 'black-ink hair' looks, obvious intelligence and sparkly eye-linered charm, a crush which has not diminished despite his obvious preference NOT for middle-aged women, or maybe women at all. Who cares?

Shock-rock Lambert's rediculous loss to puppy-dog clean-cut crooner Kris Allen (also talented but not in such an obvious megawatt "IT" factor way) relates I feel to the art world in general.

I share with you, my blog art friends, the things I have learned from Adam Lambert through our long distance relationship, judged albeit from my couch potato stance while he swishayed superbly across my TV screen. And I do thank you Glambert for the inspiration. Rock on and get that DVD out fast for me to paint to.

    Just because you SHOULD win, doesn't mean you will.

    Being the best or the most talented doesn't always guarantee you first place. Politics, discrimination and pettiness against others often do.

    Practice your craft, your scales, to be the absolute best you can be. Years spent painting, years spent singing, years spent snorkling, will make you proficient no matter what. Maybe not a star, but proficient. And who wants to be a star at snorkling anyway?

    Learn to talk intelligently about you craft. Be informed. Be prepared. Be rehearsed. Be giving.

    Learn to be non-defensive and down-right clever and witty about your position especially when asked tough questions (about your sexuality?) you would rather not answer.

    Learn to flash a beautiful smile.

    Learn a side skill to add to your main one. Lambert could sing AND dance!

    Give credit to - and love your family.

    Learn to put eyeliner on really well. Save the sparkles for special nights.

    When you find a good hairstylist, keep them for years and give them credit on TV.

    Develop your style and flaunt it. Be bold. Be original. Who cares what people think? (hmm..unless you are trying to win AI. We know those red and blue states do care. Arkansas called in 30 percent of the votes!)

    Always be a gracious looser no matter what. Don't talk behind people's backs. Word always gets back.

    Always remember pictures (and most certainly paintings) can come back to haunt you.

    Always remember your reputation proceeds you when those old pictures appear. I was told by a mutual friend who had worked with Adam pre-fame that he really is as genuine and nice as he appeared on TV.

    Class acts always win no matter what. No need for a title or trophy.

Lastly, I am constantly surprised by who reads this blog. If you are out there Mr. Lambert, or one of his pals reads this, give me a call. There is much we have to discuss including my need to paint you ASAP. And I may need a few tips on eyeliner.

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Adam! As in Lambert!

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From Idol Forums posted 9/5/09 - Post 210

Requested Recap from St. Louis Concert & After Party - I Met Adam AGAIN!

Sorry in advance, this is soooo long but I promise it's worth it. Ok, so I won't go into details on recapping the entire concert since this review is pretty late. I saw the concert for the first time in Tulsa, OK so this was my second time. Really, the first concert was a complete blur and I barely remember it! I was so busy tweeting and recording it that I barely watched it. This time I really wanted to fully absorb Adam's performance, and OMG was it insanely fantastic!! He has really changed up things vocally and performance wise since Tulsa, but they were equally amazing concerts. There was the usual screaming anytime a piece of him came on the screen before and during intermission. The other idols, well actually only Kris and Danny, got some love but it was definitely the craziest for bb! If I'm being fair actually, Danny got quite a bit of screaming.

WLL was much more sexually charged (yeah!) devil.gif in St. Louis and people were screaming their heads off. We got the crazy new side attack on the mic stand that he is doing and ALOT more stroking of it. I was there with my mom and my good friend and they were both like (shocked gif).

Starlight was beautiful, although it did have that odd helium effect that I've heard people mention. The sound mixers have got some sort of effect on his voice during the song and it's quite noticeable especially at the beginning. It went away about 1/3 of the way through the song and I was really glad - he doesn't need ANY enhancements vocally because his voice is just gorgeous as it is.

Mad World nearly made me cry - he was soooo emotionally connected to the song and it felt like he was living through the lyrics as he was singing them. I thought I would be sick of it since he has performed it so many times, but honestly each time you hear him sing it - especially live - it just grabs your heart & soul. Stunning.

Slow Ride was alot of fun - he got a bra and something else I couldn't quite make out (I think panties LOL!) but he ignored them. He and Alli are just adorable and playful together, he was copying her quirky little arm movements and it was so cute. Their voices are just awesome together and they did the sweet little hug at the end. Even though the song is really repetitive, it's so fun to watch and listen to how they change it up to keep it fresh.

Bowie Medley - OH. DEAR. GOD. Really there are not enough words for it. It may have been a bit toned down compared to some of his part shows, but it was still GLORIOUS. Alot more hip and pelvis action than Tulsa saw, that's for sure. He was in incredible voice too! I love the interaction with the backup singers and bass player during Let's Dance - you can see that he is trying to get them to laugh. The crowd went ape$hit when he took his jacket off and almost everyone was standing up. Actually almost everyone stood through his whole set - not so at all with anyone else. It was kind of a dull crowd for the most part. If you are going to a concert, have fun and dance! Anyway, I digress...

After Party: Well, I'm still in shock to be honest. I was fortunate enough to meet him in Tulsa and I couldn't believe I might be meeting him again. I arranged this trip for my mom for her birthday since she couldn't go to the Tulsa show. I knew there was a 50/50 chance he might not be at the after party, so I was pretty nervous all day. It was an amazing weekend and concert so we all would have been happy either way. When we got into the room, he was there and I swear I nearly crumbled to the floor! I am not someone who has ever had connections, nor this kind of luck, and I was about to squeal in delight when I saw him. There were alot more people at the party and honestly about 2/3 were lined up already to see him. Only he, Danny, Matt and Scott were in there - which made it even more incredible that he was there considering how few of them were. Kris was holding his own party and I didn't see any of the girls or Anoop. Michael was actually in the room for a few minutes but no one was talking to him - I felt terrible about that and we discussed going to him first, but I was scared Adam would be taken away before we got to him. They took him away really quickly in Tulsa. Michael was really nice when we met him in Tulsa and I did want to say hello again.

Back to Adam! We were about 15 people deep waiting for him. My friend Kelli talked to him first and had him sign my Entertainment Weekly magazine - they took a picture together and it was pretty quick because she didn't really know what to say. Then my mom talked to him - it was completely adorable because she was doing her whole mom thing, pointing to him where to sign and calling him sweetie when he tried to sign the wrong page. I didn't catch all of their conversation but she gave him a card (hmmm....suspiciously she wouldn't tell me what it said - I'm praying to god she didn't really ask him to marry me fear.gif - like she was joking about. She's knows his preference, but she likes to freak me out by saying stuff like that.) She did tell him that he was her birthday present - again, thank god she didn't ask him to put a bow on like she joked mom was in rare form I tell ya! But he was so sweet and asked her if her birthday was that day, and she said no it was yesterday and he gave her a huge smile and wished her a happy birthday. Their pictures together are adorable, but she has threatened my life if I post them haha.gif

So it is my turn to talk to him, and I hand him 2 Rolling Stone's to sign and just sort of stare at him for a second before my brain starts working. He was wearing the grayish jeans with the hole in the thigh (yes, I noticed!) and the gray Legends Never Die shirt. His makeup was flawless! He looked so stunningly beautiful - he is the most incredible combination of manly hotness and feminine prettiness. I immediately started blushing, cuz that's what I do around sex gods, and then I try to start talking. In Tulsa, I was so nervous that I kept repeating how amazing he was - seriously, I said it like 5 times - it was so embarrassing. Thankfully, something clicked and I became coherent this time. I thanked him for signing my magazines and told him that last time I met him, I was too busy accessorizing before the concert and I forgot to bring the magazines with me. He started giggling (which wouldn't be the first time he did it) and said "I was admiring your shirt when you were waiting." Queue heart failure. I thanked him and told him I embellished it myself and he said "I LOVE IT! The peacock feather and the glitter - I LOVE IT!" (My shirt was a white vneck t-shirt with a black peacock feather printed on it that started at my shoulder and went down across the front. It was boring so I took black, blue and turquoise glitter paint and traced some of the feathers to make it sparkle.) I told him how I had glitter all over me from it and he giggled again. NOTE: He is a very affectionate person - he kept touching me on the arm or back or shoulder the whole time we were talking. And I kept petting him too, LOL! Then we talked about meeting at the Tulsa after party and he said "Yes, I remember you!" He said some more words, but by this point I was basically incoherent. Because not only had he noticed my shirt, but he remembered who I was!!! I'm certain he was sincere about that because I talked to him about Upright Cabaret in Tulsa and he doesn't just BS people. Amazingly enough, I kept talking and told him that last time I met him, I also forgot to tell him how awesome his set was and how much I loved the Bowie medley. He got super enthusiastic when I mentioned Bowie and thanked me. Again, he said more than this but I was only taking in about 1 of every 3 words he said given the fact that I was basically in shock. I told him how excited I was about his cd and he got all giddy again and said "It's coming in November!" I told him I knew, and he said "On November 24th!" I said "Really!?! I can't wait - I'll be buying it that day and everyone I know is going to be getting it for Christmas!" I got even more freaked out thinking I had just gotten some awesome inside info, because he hadn't officially announced that date yet. I didn't want to post it all over the place in case it changed, and it wasn't my place to tell, but then I saw someone else's recap from the Kansas City show and they spilled it. Then I told him I had a question and had been wondering why no one had asked him in an interview yet, and that was what his vocal range was. He said, "You know, I really don't know. I would guess maybe 3 octaves, I'm not sure." I'm kind of not surprised he didn't know, since he doesn't play an instrument. I think most vocalists know what their range is in steps, not octaves. Being a musician myself, I think his estimate is conservative and his range is closer to 4 octaves. We talked a little more and then I asked for a picture. He was completely adorable and sweet and genuine and I feel in more in love. He might be the most selfless, beautiful man I've ever met.

After we talked to Adam, we talked to the others and took pictures. Matt Giruad was really funny, and he remembered me also. We talked about his piano playing because I was giving him a hard time at the Tulsa party for never having taken lessons, when I've taken them since I was 7. I told him how I had read that he likes to play the pianos at some of the hotel bars and that there was a vacant one at the Sheraton calling his name. He got kind of funny about it for a second, almost like holy crap - how do they know about that hotel - but then he got interested like he wanted to go find it. My spidey senses were tingling and I still wonder if they were staying there. It was directly across from the venue and it was a super nice hotel. We even saw 2 little girls dressed in Adam shirts and carrying an Adam poster in the hotel parking garage looking around. I never saw any of them in the hotel though. So Matt kept asking if the piano was really unattended and that he might have to come by and check it out. We had drinks in the bar afterwards and never saw him though!

Once everyone started to leave, we were looking back through the pics on my mom's camera and noticed that my picture with Adam didn't turn out. So we waited for everyone to finish talking to him and approached him again. I apologized and asked if we could have a re-do quickly and he was all smiley and said "Hey sure, come here!" I don't know what came over me, but I asked him if we could do a hug picture and he said "yes, of course!" You guys, whoa. I just don't even know. He is the PERFECT hugger. Prepare to $hit bricks - he was RUBBING MY BACK while we were hugging!!!!!! And I practically had my head on his shoulder. I nearly cried in delight. He's so cuddly and warm. I'm still on cloud 9!! I thanked him again, blushing and grinning like and idiot and we left.

Here are a couple pics - I'm resizing them all now because they are giant so I'll keep posting them. My friend has pictures also that I haven't gotten yet, so I'll post those at some point also. Her camera is better than the one my mom was using. I can't believe I'm posting mine because I look awful, I'm horribly unphotogenic and I swear I look better in person! Oh well, Adam is in them so they can't be that bad! haha.gif Thanks so much for reading this, I know it's stupid long but it was really fun to re-live it again. I will never forget that night!


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Adam! As in Lambert!

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From ontd_ai, Transcript of Adam's 9/12/09 Twitter Party

@Daina_91880 Do you ever regret being so candid in the RS interview? Any backlash? Nope. No regrets. no backlash that i was aware of.

@falloutgrlxlx: are you feeling better? what about the other idols? Naw still sick. Fever's gone but throat feels raw. :(

@danyglambertgal: whats your fave scented candle? Red Currant by Votivo. The sexiest smell!!!!

@xxLexii: Do you like the band Paramore? YEs. Haley can sing her face off. I think shes really beautiful too.

@KUAngel:What book are you reading now? "A New Earth" Ekhart Tolle. Really adjusts your perspective. Companion to "Power of Now"

@shilohsrock: Have you ever thought of doing your make-up more dramatically? umm is that even possible? ha. Its pretty overthetop as it is.

@joshuastardust: song that always makes you emotional? "Eclipse" by Robyn. "I Dont Believe You" by P!nk and ""Come Home" by One Republic

@annchsc04: what do you think about Ellen being the new idol judge? Luv her-she'll be a GREAT addition to the show. Gonna miss Paula though.

@tracie312 What will happen to Skingraft jacket after the tour? Thinkin bout auctioning it off for charity. Should I have it cleaned 1st? :)

@LOLOMGWHAT Batman or Superman? Batman fo sho. Him and Robin are real hot together. haha

@XNikki_luvX LAdy Gaga or Katy Perry? There is NO WAY i could pick one. They are so different. I think they're both Sexy, badass bitches.

@juliaaaxquadsss: will you send me a happy bday tweet (: Happy birthday girl!!

@jollyrancher482 if you couldve picked one more song to sing on tour what would it be? Prob woulda done RING OF FIRE

@notagroupie Did you get the boots you posted the picture of? Nope... been a lil busy. Someone wanna give them to me as a gift? Size 11 HA!

@Pacomarj Is the 2012 song your single or will you have a separate single? My first single will be from my album. 2012 song is for the film.

@luvsFOB Are you a fan of fall out boy? Whats your favorite song? "This Aint a Scene..."

@jennyfur91 are u a true romantic or a synic? I'm a litttle bit of both. I fight to hold on to my romantic side though. Makes me happier.

@BarbP11 @ Have you decided on a title for your album? not yet... What do you think i should call it? :)

@iAdamGlambert Johnny Depp Or Orlando Bloom ? def Depp. Can't wait to see Burton's Wonderland

@rezanakaasle: define love please. : I think that if you can define it, its not really love.

@xoswimmonkeyox: r u done with meet and greats for the rest of the tour? No! I just dont want to get anyone sick & i need to rest the voice.

@sf_bert: Fav Bob Marley song? hard one.. Exodus, Jammin, and One Love are all dope.

@theglamkimmy what r ur thoughts on the tour coming to an end? I'll def miss the rest of the idols. they've become like family. ...cont: i will also miss performing for the fans who got me to where i am today, but im VERY excited to record the rest of my debut album.

@directmydesire: what’s your fave IAMX song or album? Kiss and Swallow

@Racheld90 Wats your favorite song by Christina aguilera? Dirty is hot. Id love to sing w Christina someday. If she'd let me :)

@AwesomeGal1967 WHO IS YOUR FAV NFL TEAM? LOL You actually think i watch football? not so much....

@spastikartistry Are you considering backup dancers on your solo tour? HELL yeah!!! I would LOVE that. I wanna dance a bit too!

@lily0313 would you ever get another tattoo? Def would. Wanna get more on the same arm... browsing art lately...Havent found the right thing

@traceyzat Will there be any ballads/love songs on your album? Of course!

@Sonnysday: Mars or Venus? VENUS FOR SURE. My moon's ruled by mars and my rising by venus, but i prefer the rule of venus in those i love.

@ilyMandyXx how do you figure out your rising and moon signs? Google NATAL CHART. Need to know Birth time, place and date.

@SallyStitches If u could have been born in any other decade which would you choose? 50's: teen 4 summer of love 1969,then party in the 70's

@ErinMary72 Shouldn't you be in bed, sick boy? ;) I am. :) and im gettin sleepy. Goodnight friends!!!

@AriesWomanMarie the Summer of Love was '67 my dear. Oh. woops. right you are...

night night!!! :)

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There's no comfort in comfort I need the edge

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From ontd_ai.

2009-09-12 11:07 pm UTC

I've noticed that in a lot of Adam's interviews, he tends to emphasize similar points. Ideas that are important to him. Things that he stands for. A lot of celebrities just cycle through the usual series of inane questions mindlessly so the interviewer will stop talking and they can go on their way, but Adam doesn't. He knows what he wants to say and what he wants people to hear. There's meaning behind his words, you can tell by the way he engages who ever he's speaking to. It's surprising and rare.

And no matter how many times I hear him say that he wants to be an inspiration for every kid who's ever felt left off to the sidelines of society, it will never cease to hit me personally. Because he wouldn't keep saying it if it wasn't true. So many celebrities just like to listen to themselves talk. They say whatever will make a good impression in the public eye and further their own agenda. I don't believe 90% of what comes out of their mouths. It's all bad acting and false sincerity.

But I believe Adam. For the first time, I believe that there's a person in the national spotlight that I can actually connect to, relate to, and identify that. I've never had that before. It's a bizarre feeling, but a good one.

Growing up, I was never even close to being considered "normal". I was emotional and dramatic and flat-out strange. Other kids didn't know what to make of me. I wore unusual clothes, experimented with different looks and identities nearly every day, and got attention in every single negative way possible. I went to an upper class high school where the only way to fit in was to have money, connections, and to be stereotypically popular. I was poor and weird and I wore makeup and dyed my hair strange colors and I never, ever hid the fact that I was gay. In fact, I never even "came out". It's just something that everybody knew. It always was. And I was ridiculed and singled out and picked on and beat up for all of these things, every single fucking day. Sometimes I didn't think it was worth it, trying to be an individual. I thought if maybe one day I wore the same clothes and pretended to have the same interests and be a carbon copy of everyone else, it might save me years of heartache and that defeated feeling that happens when you feel completely alone. But I didn't. Because I didn't want to sacrifice being myself.

I grew up, left high school, and I found music. I found someone who was music for me. We wrote hundreds of songs together, played shows, had an amazing band and I realized that I wasn't a half bad rock vocalist, and it made me feel alive and like I'd found some sense of purpose. Music made me believe in something. My friend brought music to me. I stopped feeling like I didn't fit in in the world.

And then I lost my friend to drugs and suicide, and the music stopped.

That was two years ago. And slowly, I started to sink back into feeling strange and unusual and alone, a rare creature in an ordinary world. I stopped writing songs. The band fell apart. I did nothing but throw myself into work and routine and monotony.

I didn't ever watch American Idol, and by absolute chance, I discovered Adam Lambert. He was singing on my TV in the middle of a crowded room of my friends, and I yelled SHUT THE FUCK UP at the top of my lungs because he was a beautiful man with a voice that gave me chills and charisma and presence commanding my attention. And he wasn't typical. He wasn't singing radio friendly pop-rock. He was edgy and weird and the complete opposite of what average people want their average kids to grow into. And even though I was nowhere near as talented or magnetic or beautiful, the first time I saw him perform I felt that sense of belonging again. I hadn't felt that in years.

And As I got to know more about him, I empathized and related and understood. He didn't think of himself as some untouchable rock god. He didn't have an endless and unbreakable ego. He'd gone through it too, and he never seemed to see himself as quite as beautiful as the rest of the world, no matter how much they tried to tell him otherwise. And he worked so hard. He set his mind toward what he wanted to be, who he wanted to become and he made it. He made people look. He made people stop. He demanded attention and he got it.

It's hard for me to explain in exact words just what it means to feel like you can't relate to anyone in the world, find some kind of light, and then lose it. But Adam Lambert has made me believe. He's made me realize that music is still what I want to do. He's made me understand that it's possible. And even moreso, there are so many people out there who feel like freaks and need this kind of positive influence even more than I do. And he's giving it to them. So #thankyouadam. For always being true to yourself. For Everything. For just being you. I hope some day you see yourself the way we see you. Because you deserve it more than anything else. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

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